Wednesday, March 5, 2014

PQ Majority Government Harper's Sweetest Dream

With the federal Conservative party's fortunes decidedly on the decline and the Liberals of Justin Trudeau in ascension, a PQ majority victory would be a fortuitous turn of events, a political godsend of monumental proportion for Stephen Harper who under those circumstances would likely be returned to power with his own majority government.

Should the PQ win its majority, (by no means a done deal) one can only imagine the insufferable bravado and Canada bashing that will come out of Marois and her gang of pit bulls, a government which will elevate the art of confrontation to the nth degree, anxious to create havoc between itself and Ottawa in a cynical attempt to massage Quebecers' eternal persecution complex.

Like it or not, dealing with a separatist government in Quebec will become the federal government's most important preoccupation and who exactly Canadians will want to fulfill the role of negotiator clearly works in Harper's favour.

I can't imagine many Canadians choosing Justin Trudeau or Thomas Mulcair as their designated negotiator, a frightful notion akin to sending England's Neville Chamberlin to negotiate with Hitler, a naïve appeaser who promised 'peace in our time' only to be hoodwinked, plunging Europe into the Second World War.
Nope, Justin is a lightweight and Mulcair, well a political opportunist with a base in Quebec that he needs to defend.
One can only imagine Justin getting negotiated out of his shorts  because of his naive inexperience, while Mulcair would give away the farm to Quebec in order to keep the province in Canada at any and all costs.

With conciliation and appeasement, no longer on the menu as far as the majority of Canadians in the ROC are concerned, it's likely they will turn to the toughest and biggest sonovabitch they can muster to represent them in  the expected political death match and the experienced and nasty Harper, no friend of Quebec to begin with, the logical choice.

As for the coming election I remain flabbergasted that the CAQ and the Liberals couldn't get together to form a coalition government in the face of the PQ dissolution of the National Assembly.

In fighting an election from way behind, both Couillard and Legault displayed a remarkable lack of political savvy.

Utter foolhardiness, to this observer's view.

And so as the old biblical proverb goes "Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall" so too are the Liberals and the CAQ, too proud to compromise and in the process, consign themselves to an uncertain future.
A LIB/CAQ coalition government would ensure at least another year of breathing room, one in which they could pass a less draconian version of the Charter of Values, thus robbing the PQ of its one sure election plank.

I'll let readers comment on the election announcement and upon my return next week to Quebec, delve into some nuts and bolts.....


  1. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsWednesday, March 5, 2014 at 2:02:00 PM EST

    In the past, I never would have considered Harper as a voting option, but with the man being who he is, there's no doubt he'll have no temptation to avoid all pandering to Quebec.

    Harper is the steel-willed parent who is ready to give his Quebec Bieber son a vicious backhand and set his ass set straight.

    1. In some countries what the quebec premier is trying to do would start a civil war or she would have been arrested an executed for treason.

  2. Sur la ligne de départ, Legault perd une députée

    1. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsWednesday, March 5, 2014 at 2:12:00 PM EST

      Sur la ligne de départ, Lisée perd sa porte-guele


    2. Pas important,12 personnes sont en ligne pour ce poste.

  3. I see only two possible outcomes for this election, and they both involve the Parti Quebecois in power.

    The most likely scenario is a PQ majority. Though if support for the CAQ doesn't diminished, then there's the possibility of another PQ minority which puts us back to where we started. Looking at what happened with the ADQ however, I imagine the CAQ is headed towards the same oblivion and those seats will go back to the PQ. If there's one thing I can predict, it's how predictable Quebec voters are after 40 years of the same results...over and over and over again. However this turns out, mark my words, we're headed for dark times.

    Of course an even darker scenario is Trudeau or Mulcair combined with a PQ majority. That would be burning the candle from both ends. Would definitely prefer Harper in power with the PQ at the helm, I would just hope he'd be tougher on putting Quebec in its place.

    1. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsWednesday, March 5, 2014 at 2:40:00 PM EST

      I do partially agree with your point, Apple.

      In this election, I see the end of the CAQ to the benefit of the PQ & PLQ.

      Let's face it, people from both sides flirted with the CAQ option in the last election, but now that there's so much more on the line, I think many voters have no interest in "swing-voting" - what they want are absolutes.

      The PQ has 37% of intentions vs 35% for the PLQ. The CAQ dissolution has the power to swing the option in favor of the Liberals.

      The seppies on this blog might want to tread lightly with the arrogant gloating. With only 2% more than the PLQ, they're not in the "safe zone" they might hope to be, and there's more than a month to go - so much can change it's not funny.

      My only hope is that enough pressure is applied to get the PQ to enter into the debates more than once. Marois doesn't stand a chance in facing both Couillard and Legault at the same time.

    2. ABOSA -

      The problem I see is too many voters (particularly the Francophone majority, looking at poll numbers) are being blindsided by the Charter of Values as an election issue. In 1976 the PQ vowed to abolish "the evil presence of English", and on that issue, Quebecers gave them a majority. Now in 2014 the PQ vows to abolish "the evil presence of ethnics". Isn't this just the same thing, getting into power harnessing that specter of fear?

      Bill 101 was phase one. Bill 60 is phase two (and if that weren't enough we have Bill 14, to bring Bill 101 closer to its origins and roots: Bill 1)

      And it might only be a 2% difference in the popular vote, but as you know, it elections are won or lost by regions. You can have one party even more popular than another, yet the less popular party can win by a landslide. Provincial governments in Quebec are NOT decided by the island of Montreal, it's all the far off and isolated regions of Quebec that hold our fate. Those regions where people are most isolated and ignorant.

    3. The most important thing is what percentage of the Montreal population is willing to take up arms to defend Montreal.

      Seppies refuse to fight. They are cowards. We need to escalate to a level they cannot handle.

      Ukraine is nothing but ethnic tension as well. Just like Quebec. They are going to split up into 2 different groups.

      Quebec will split up into 2 also. Montreal and Quebec.

    4. You keep mentioning only Montreal - Montreal, by itself, does not keep the borders of Canada intact. This is what international law is: No countries' contiguous border is allowed to be broken up in cases such as this.

    5. cutie,

      Laws can be changed or ignored.

      Putin ignores laws to enter Ukraine. Seppies want to change the definition of human rights.

      Don;t let concepts like "law" get int the way.

      The lawyers can make tens of million making up the paperwork after the fact. They are vultures on society.

      politicians are lawyers. They make laws. they make money then defending us against said laws. IT's just a massive conflct of interest and money grab.

      Morality matters not to these people. That's the only real law.

    6. Cutie, I forgot you live in Gatineau.

      All right thinking people can join Canada. Not sure if your area has enough "enlightened" Francophones.

      We arn;t like Quebecers. We accept all people that respect others.

    7. Well as I said, I'm not sure how things stand right now but we voted 87% No in 1995 and I know that I don't run into many separatist francophones here (only one so far) that told me to speak french (young girl - maybe 20 or so). Other than that, we seem to get along fine in both languages. When I'm out anywhere, the servers all speak english to me and don't seem to mind although I don't know if that says much. We have all kinds of nationalities that live here also and they don't seem to have any problems so when the referendum is held I am presuming that we will be over 70% or more because it is a federal district. Again though we are part of the contiguous border that will keep Canada as part of the country so our vote has to be considered when partitioning happens. I feel, after reading all your comments on here over the past 18 months or so, we are much more like Montreal that we are the ROQ also.

    8. Cutie,

      Other languages don;t bother you because you are normal balanced person.

      Basically you arn;t a retarded ignorant francophone.

      Francophones are clearly different from most humans. they havn;t evolved as far as a society.

      They are still stuck on thinking that the rest of the world realzed was backwards and destructive hundreds of years ago.

    9. After reading the comments from most separatists on this blog and the comments section of some of the french language newspapers, all I see is hate and discomfort with things that I find quite normal and don't give a second thought to such as the way someone dresses or if they are speaking other than french or english. Never bothered me my whole life; just never thought about it. I do know that what someone wears doesn't mean a damn thing - gee Col Russell Williams dressed nicely even when not in uniform and I never for a second thought he would turn out to be a rapist and murderer. I fail to see the connection I guess.

      The separatists seem like a teenage gang that must support each other, cover for each other and agree with each other. They never assert themselves as individuals or seek self-assurance or self-confidence. I just don't get it - no individuality whatsoever. Must be something in the water.

    10. @cutie003

      " I do know that what someone wears doesn't mean a damn thing..."

      you think a sikh turban has no meaning?!? you haven't done the necessary reading i'm afraid. you're not qualified to have this discussion mate.

    11. Cebeuq, you keep conflating “francophones”, “Quebecers” and “seppies” all the time. There are plenty of “normal, balanced” francophones who respect others, who aren’t in the least bothered by other languages, who are not “retarded and ignorant” and who hate the PQ with a passion. Likewise, there are also plenty of anglophones who gladly take advantage of Montreal’s advanced French fine-dining scene and find it is one of the best things about living here.

      Your constant hate-on is getting tiresome and embarrassing. At least make a minimal effort to distinguish who it is exactly that you are targeting with your barbs, please. The terms are not interchangeable.

    12. R.S.: i don't in any way, shape or form claim to be a mind reader, but I'm willing to give Cebuq the benefit of many, many doubts. A majority vote for the separatist government,will be on ALL Francophones because it is they who vote, by a country mile, for that festering element.

      I totally agree with everything Apple IIGS writes. As far as I'm concerned, his is the voice of reason on this blog. Should the PQ win (and if the truth be known, I hope they do win big to put this separatist issue front and center once and for all) I put this one, at this moment, squarely on the back and shoulders of one John James "Goldilocks" Charest because, as premier, he had an ample majority on more than one occasion and ample time to redraw the election map to balance the size of the different constituencies. In 1994, both the bold separatist government and the light separatist government tied with 44.7% of the popular vote, but there was a clear winner in the election. I'll let readers research who won and by how many constituencies.

      R.S., based on what Cebuq wrote above, I for one exculpate him of any of your perceived wrongdoing.

      No matter who you vote for in this election, no matter who you consider the lesser of three evils, you'll still wind up with evil. Like the Oh-oh-it's-Marioooooooooooooo ADQ who had their time in the limelight before disappearing into oblivion forever, Legault and his short-lived idea are heading for exactly the same graveyard, and their funeral will be on April 7, 2014.

      After that date it's your funeral, Quebec!

    13. R.S

      Lets revist something that Jonny Kay just published yesterday.

      "" It goes without saying that not all Quebecers are xenophobes. But if they are willing to re-elect, in majority form, a government that builds its popularity at the expense of turbaned nine-year-old soccor players hijabbed nurses, and yarmulke-wearing doctors, well that says something doesn’t it?""

      I'm not interested in distinguishing anymore.

      Francophpnes en masse vote for this crap.

      The ones that don;t are cowards that are afraid to stand up for human right to their racist brothers.

      Splitting that camp isn;t important. They made their beds.

      If Francophones want recognition for being somethign other then what we see over and over and over and over for decades, they should do something about it except vote for the PQ and this idiocy over and over.

      It's the same problem Muslims have. Not all muslims are terrotists, but few muslims are wiling to confront the ugly parts of their religion to do anything about it.

      Guilt and association through silence and acceptance.

    14. You know perfectly well that the system is stacked against true democracy. The Magdalen Islands’ 21,000 voters elect one MNA, just as Ville St. Laurent’s 130,000 voters do. This is an utter and total electoral sham, something that is unacceptable in any other civilized country.

      If you’re a francophone in Ville St. Laurent, revolted by the PQ, and you vote against this PQ crap, what more can you do? It’s not their fault that their vote counts for far less than one in the boonies.

      It is disgusting.

    15. R.S.: Didn't I spell that out two comments above yours?

  4. Libs, CAQ, QS agree to English debate.

    1. Au point où ils en sont,ils sont même prêts à le faire en chinois :)

    2. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsWednesday, March 5, 2014 at 2:41:00 PM EST

      Marois knows she's not up to the measure.

      Honestly, if she refuses an English debate, the other parties should send out the grand F-U and debate without the PQ.

    3. They should totally hold a debate without her.

      They are pussies tho. They don;t have the balls. They all started as Quebecers.

    4. Yes, far too many pussies in this province. There should not be one francophone allowed in any negotiations with quebec upon leaving confederation. They have too much vested interest and that includes Justin. Not one judge on the Supreme Court should be allowed to make any ruling regarding quebec also. Half the problems we have here are because there are far too many closet separatists among the ruling class in Canada. When negotiations to leave Canada begin, out with all of them. If they wish to remain as Canadians, fine, pick which passport they intend to carry unto death but no way should they be allowed in on partition and negotiations. That will have to be the first priority the day after the referendum!

    5. A debate without the PQ would be most interesting! It would show how extremely contemptuous they are of anglophones, even while pequistes like Marois tells bald-faced lies about having “great respect” for the “important” anglophone community and PQ minister Hébert says that the anglo exodus never happened.

      Don Macpherson spelled it out very clearly that it is the PQ strategists’ lack of confidence in Marois that is behind the debate proposal, to “limit the risk of errors by Pauline Marois”.

    6. Having taken my special lady to Quebec City about ten years ago, we opted to take the tour of the National Assembly, a very fine edifice indeed. In R.S.'s last sentance, click on the Don Macpherson article described in red print above.

      You will notice in the photo there is the letter C wreathed above Marois's head. According to our tour guide, that C stands for Canada. Did you know that, fellow readers? The wreathed C is also in the Red Room across from the blue debating chamber over each of the two doors leading to the discussion tables where the likes of Hugo Shebbeare and Irwin Rapoport addressed the Bill 14 Committee and told them what a sham of a law it would have been had it passed.

    7. Now that you mention it, it’s interesting to note how during the debate over Duplessis’ allegedly-secular crucifix above the Speaker’s Chair in the National Assembly, just above it one can see Queen Victoria’s Royal Coat of Arms also embedded in it, and yet no one objects to that, perhaps since it has the British slogans “Dieu et mon droit” and “Honi soit qui mal y pense” embedded in it.

      Assembly’s coat of arms affirms divine right of the monarch
      No move to remove a sculpture affirming British rule

      In passing, the green walls of the lower house of the National Assembly were only painted blue in 1978, supposedly to accommodate television.

  5. Bizarre que Legault se vante d'être le plus près des Péquistes à propos de la charte des valeurs.

  6. For sure our best bet is Harper for negotiations with this stupid province. I would rather they get a kick in the ass outta Canada than let one of those other suck ups give away every damn thing they want. Harper will be pressured to look after the Maritimes in all this and therefore not so willing to give up Montreal and portions of land that keep the country together. It would put him in a tough spot but he is still the best one to handle it.

    1. Actually, I fear for the Maritimes, but I do believe an easement would have to be made for free passage between Ontario and the Maritimes. With any luck, Quebec will be stupid enough to try and call the St. Lawrence Seaway its own because then the American military will roll in like oranges and let Quebec have it. The Americans have a stake in the Seaway.

      In a separate Quebec, I can easily see a battle for partition, and I can even see the Americans licking their chops and drooling if for no other reason than to weaken the separate Quebec government to help itself to Quebec's natural resources.

  7. No, it doesn't matter who's in power in Ottawa - the decision is Quebec's. And, once we get past the emotionalism and rhetoric there is very little left to actually negotiate. Sure, Harper would get past the emotionalism quicker, the results will be the same. Canadians won't vote in a federal election on the issue of Quebec, they'll vote on their own issues, as people always do. Canadians know they don't need a "tough" negotiator because, as Rene Levesque said, we're reasonable people.

    But what we may finally be able to deal with is that the "issue of Quebec" is not, and has never been, 'Quebec vs. Canada' or 'Francophone vs. Anglophone (or Allophone),' but is really 'Francophone vs. Francophone.'

    The rest of us have always been on the sidelines.

    - Jay

    1. FROM ED
      Sorry Jay, youi got that wrong!
      Until Rene Levesque spoke up '76 there was no vs. We all got along. From thence it has been French vs. English until September 2012 and after that has been Francophone vs. Anglophones and Allophones who amount to the same thing because they are all talking English.
      Francos have never been divided. They always followed one leader weather it's the Catholic Church, Rene Levesque
      or Pauline Marois. Eisenhower said in his memoirs he regrets letting De Gaulle lead the parade when they Liberated Paris. The French crowned him and followed him all the way completely ignoring the English armies that had saved them. Frenchman are still convinced they won the war with De Gaulle leading them. Tell them he was holed up in England for the duration, they will call you a liar. If Francos are finally thinking differently it's only within the last few months and both sides are weighing what is best for them, not the province. Ed

    2. Quebec real battle is socialism vs free market economy.

      It's just that francophones as a group don;t like freedom of choice. Requires thinking for yourself and making your own decisions.

      They prefer the safety of socialism and being told what to do.

    3. Don't agree at all! It is not TOTALLY up to quebec - this is a country that has laid out how negotiations will begin and it is the law of the country that must be followed and I don't care what the separatists say. They will have no choice but to follow the LAW of the land or they will not be allowed to perform as a country in things like the UN or any other world organization because they will be considered rogue as they are to this point in time. Yes, it is francophone separatist vs francophone federalist but that does not mean they can do as they like and Harper would be the toughest about obeying the LAW. Federalists are not on the sidelines: separatists are exactly what they are: rebellious fools and can't be allowed to break contiguous borders of a country at will. That is against the LAW and so is 50+1 as laid down by the Supreme Court of Canada. If laws are so useless, why do we have any at all?

    4. "Until Rene Levesque spoke up '76 there was no vs. We all got along."

      No, sorry, we're going to have to disagree. In 1972 Rene Levesque and the PQ got 30% of the popular vote (and only six seats, which was another issue) and that could not have happened if everything was fine. And it means that it was much more than 30% of the Francophone vote.

      BUT, changes were made. Later in 1972 I started high school at one of the first French immersion programs and they have only increased since then. Since then Anglophones have done 1 of 2 things - moved out or learned French. The Anglophone community has done everything that has been asked of it over the last 40 years.

      And that's why today when the very small requests from the Anglophone community - a Facebook page? Some signs in a mall on the west island? The word pasta on a menu? - aren't accepted it isn't the Anglophone community that is alienated, it is the federalist-Francophone community. Someday the separatists will realize this and that will be enough to end this whole thing.

      And then, if the few Anglophone (and Allophone) demands are met - which could happen easily and Francophones wouldn't even notice - then you may have a place where everyone gets along.

      - Jay

    5. Jay,

      Seriously. Francophone Quebecers make shitty neighbors.

      They are the insane person next door that won;t stay out of your life and keep telling you want to do, how you should live etc.

      We need to start treating seppies as badly as they treat others.

      Kick them when they are down. Refuse them medical care if they don;t speak english etc.

      Be just like a seppie. Human beings (except Francophones) generally want to get along with each other.

      Francophones are the exception that proves the rule. Most people like to get along. Francophones don;t.

      They never tire of petty games and harassing people around them.

      I'm sitting in the USA on vacation writing this. In the first 5 minutes it's obvious you have left the francophone "homeland".

      People are nice and friendly.

      People say hi to each other etc.

      Francophone people and culture culture are damaged. We need to stop them from polluting the rest of the world with their hatred and catholic dogma.

    6. Actually things were stirring all the way back in 1966. Quebec's two nationalist parties, Rassemblement pour l'independance nationale and Ralliement national, didn't get any seats but won 9% of the popular vote (over 200,000 ballets casted for them). Then just a year later, France's prime minister Charles de Gaulle (an idiot of a man) gave a nationalist speech supporting separatists and ending it by shouting the infamous "Vive le Quebec libre!" from the balcony of city hall. Wouldn't be surprised if that was the spark that ignited the flame.

      Those two parties above merged into the Parti Quebecois under Rene Levesque, and in 1970 won 7 seats, with close to 25% of the popular vote. It should be no surprise that just months later the FLQ kidnapped and murdered Pierre Laporte. And all during this time the PQ continually kept spouting their nationalist crap which no doubt gave rise to the October crisis where the army had to be called in.

      The seeds were planted in the mid 60's...things began to grow in the 1970 and of course, by 1976, we were marking the beginning of the end for Quebec and Montreal.

    7. FROM ED
      Yes jay there was an election but people still got along warmly. It was not until Rene's plea in 76 that people began to listen French immersion was a sign of amity not diversive. It was reaching by Anglos to the French side of the family. Frenchmen voted in 72 because there was finally a French party to vote for., not because English was an enemy. It was in 76 that I started to feel a cold air sensation creeping into our lives. It was the year before my wife died and I remember discussing how our Franco friends were no longer coming out to parties and
      keep in mind that voting for Liberals does not make a Franco Federalist. Most are simply voting for good government. people returned the Liberals because they felt comfortable with them. The rhetoric of some PQ leaders frightened some French who did not appreciate change. Ed

    8. "I'm sitting in the USA on vacation writing this. In the first 5 minutes it's obvious you have left the francophone "homeland""

      Vous avez un excellent sens de l'observation...Un surdoué?

    9. What about all the francophones whose ancestors came here in the 19th or 20th centuries and don’t have any of the victim complex that some of the “pure laines” have? What about the many people (like me and Apparatchik and others) who are half-French/half-English? Which half should we choose not to be the “shitty neighbour”?

      But what we may finally be able to deal with is that the "issue of Quebec" is not, and has never been, 'Quebec vs. Canada' or 'Francophone vs. Anglophone (or Allophone),' but is really 'Francophone vs. Francophone.' The rest of us have always been on the sidelines.

      That is right on. My francophone relatives have friends who are separatists and it’s like there is a cone of silence that descends whenever they get together. I even get shushed if I dare say anything upsetting that might be overheard when they are visiting. Likewise, they do the same.

    10. By AnecTOTE


      I get what you are saying and really appreciate, like most here, your contributions to provide clarity and insight, you are invaluable. One of the reason why, at the very beginning, I kept coming back to this blog was to read commentary by you and CHIK, besides others and Editor of course.

      I appreciate how difficult it must be to hold steadfast to your beliefs being between a rock and a hard place with members of your Family. I face and have faced my own fair share of antagonism with members of my immediate family who believed nationalists were entitled. To this day, when we get on the subject, it is a tug of war, because I no longer hold back. My entire adult life, I was shushed and told not to rock the boat, for the sake of peace, and this is wrong. Just like Canada has sacrificed its citizen's Rights and Freedoms for the sake of National Unity. This is wrong and it needs to be denounced. Seriously what example do we provide the younger generation who is watching if we do not call out Injustice and absolute wrongs? There comes a time in our lives when we need to get a backbone. This fight is between soft nationalist and seppies, and deciding what it is they want finally. The rest of us are just plain tied of the nonsense and want out.

    11. R.S. has clearly stated he is in some kind of rundown because his heritage is split. It seems when both sides of the political spectrum get together in his world, the pink elephant in the room is ignored. Then again, the pink elephant in the room has been for the most part ignored by the feds since 1976.

      I think this time, with a majority for the separatist government, the pink elephant will be on a rampage in a china shop and therefore absolutely cannot be ignored. No doubt this would be gravy for Harper.

    12. Um, everybody’s heritage is split, unless they’re inbred. Besides, being French and English means being quintessentially Canadian, doesn't it?

      What does it even mean to be in a rundown? Is your “special lady” also Jewish? Half of Quebecers have Irish blood. Who here can claim to be purebred (whatever that means)? Who cares?

    13. R.S.: What I mean by being in a rundown is you are caught in the middle of the fight because both sides of your heritage are the warring factions. You're far from the first. I remember the 1980 Referendum especially when families under the same roof voted differently. I'm sure it was the same in 1995 even though the question was so vague it totally defied human logic.

      Yes, my life partner is also Jewish. What about it?

    14. By AnecTOTE

      I forgot to mention something to you, you should have been around on Christmas Eve, when I passed out copies of the Canadian Charter of Right and Freedoms the the young ones. To say it got heated would be the understatement of the year. I damn nearly threw everyone out of my house, well...I thought about it, while I kept making more espresso and served up more cannoli. Lol

  8. FROM ED
    I happen to know that Dr. Couillard has extended the idea to Mr. Legault who offered that the Liberals should join his party with him as leader. He thinks that because he has business experience he would better advance Quebec's economy. He still doesn't get that a separatist leader with a party of ex separatists would destroy the whole vision of Federalism. We can only hope that enough CAQ members will see the handwriting on the wall and cross the floor to save their jobs. Ed

    1. Separatist Bold vs Separatist Lite vs Separatist Ultra-Lite!



    No business coming to Quebec. Seppies don;t need or deserve it.

    No opportunities except getting paid $5/hr to troll on anglo blogs for 450 seppies.

    Asia imports Canadians and foriegners ten thousand at a time to teach english to their kids, adults etc.

    Meanwhile in Quebec it's the opposite. It's no wonder the future belongs to Asia not to Quebecers.

    Better get focused on masturbating and navel gazing about francophonie.

    Having Trudeau negotiate with seppies would be a total disaster. Only Harper is capable of cutting them off properly.

    The goal is to make sure Quebec is totally damaged on the other side. Not to be nice.

    Harper understands he's negotiating with mentally ill people like nazi's.

    He's not going to roll over like a Liberal/NDP. Muclaire would sell Canada out for $0.50. He's a Quebecer.

    The most important thing is.



    The trolls in this board all live in 450. 450 isn;t part of Quebec. We don;t care what they say or think. 450 seppies have no right to tell Montreal what to do anymore. Their govt is illegitimate.

    The 450 Quebecer has no legal right to Montreal anymore.

    Ignore the law. Just like the FTQ, politicians or students.

    1. Vous êtes incapables de réunir 12 mangeurs de Donuts pour votre "projet"...Seulement que du vent :)

    2. 10 minutes is $1.

      Dont; forget to read up about how internet trolling is a mental illness.

      Common thread is mental illness for seppies.

      Back to Sherbrooke for you. We don;t care what you have to say. Your illegitimate govt matters not to Montrealers anymore.

      We are breaking away from your insanity.

      You can sit in Sherbrooke and rant about Francophonie for the rest of your life. We don;t care in Montreal.

      Your backwards logic and laws do not apply in Montreal.


      You can win the election send your "troops" into Montreal and see what happens.

      War measures act resurfaces real fast.

      Are you fondling your rosary beads right now?

      Don;t worry, you can still go back to the Catholic Church and even more backwards Quebec society.

    3. FROM ED
      Really Pierre, if Harper has such power in him, where is it now. Why has he not spoken out about the injustices being carried out in the country he leads. He should have spoke up when bill 14 was being shoved at us. He only cares about world wide acclaim. Quebec does not attract the attention of other countries enough to make him move on it. Trudeau has shown he has political guts. we need some of that right now. Ed

    4. Quebec is not Harpers problem right now.

      I agree that it would be good to see the feds stick their nose in Quebec.

      The Liberals have spent decades training people that only Quebecers should speak about Quebec. Harper is listening to idiotes that tell him if he interferes in Quebec it will help the PQ.

      Fuck that. The PQ is already there. That's lamb lobby Liberal thinking.

    5. Je suis d'accord avec Eddie,Trudeau contre les Péquistes.

    6. Montreal city-state here we come!

      "Les Montréalais" don't care who is in charge in the National Assembly in Quebec City. We want OUT, and we shall get out.

    7. @A.M

      Vous ne devriez pas vouloir nous quitter,nous avons plein de beaux projets pour vous.

    8. Montreal ville etat.

      You are on the money. We don;t care what crazy insanity Quebec is up to. Montreal in;t part of Quebec anymore.

      After the revolution we can write new laws.

      Lawyers are there for picking up the pieces after the fact.

      When civilizations are in revolt, lawyers opinion is immaterial.

      A lawyer will defend anything that is written down for money. They are whores without principle or morality.

    9. ED,

      Really Harper is the first person to stand up to the FTQ and cancel the union tax scam that has been going for decades.

      That's the same FTQ we hear about daily at the Charbonneau. The FTQ is just one scam after another.

      Harper hates Quebec. That's for sure. That's why he's our man.

      He's silently helping to dismantle and destroy Quebec society. That's enough for me to vote for.

    10. FROM ED
      Pierre, if Harper's the man to stand up to Quebec, why the hell isn't he doing it now. Not a word from him. While his subjects are being legislated against he is mum. What makes you think he would be any more help after he allows them to walk away with the election. He may enjoy playing games with Marois but it will do nothing for us, the people who would be hurting. A word about the transfer payments might wake people up. Get it in your head the ROC doesn't care about Quebec any more than he does. They have nothing for or against us. When the provincial finance ministers met inDecember there was nothing against the transfer money in fact they raised Quebec's portion.; Ed

    11. Well AnecTOTE another article straight to your heart. Enjoy:)

    12. Cutie,

      Kay grew up in the backwards politics of Montreal. He understands don;t leave a man behind.

      Like anybody with any ambition he had to leave Quebec.

    13. By AnecTOTE

      Thank you Cutie. It is what I have been saying all along, this is what I stand behind. As a democracy, we can no longer ignore Civil Liberties, trust when I tell you, the 'bordello' that we're about to unleash will also involve the Feds. No more sacrificing our Rights and Freedoms for Quebec. We don't give a rats ass if quebec holds a referendum or not, wins it or not, WE WANT OUT. We are entitled to our Rights and Freedoms as citizens of North America and there is no negotiating this any longer. If quebec can be exposed and embarrassed so can the FEDs. This time NO ONE will ignore us.

      Also the fact that this is hitting mainstream media is proof Montrealers are on the same page. WE ARE DONE.

    14. This whole discussion makes my blood run cold. You think "partition" of Montreal could be done peacefully? I see tens of thousands of separatists rioting in the street, attacking federal buildings. You think what has happened in Kiev and many other places couldn't happen here? I have no use for separatists, and I wish Quebec would shut the hell up, but let's not assume that it will be a case of "wayward sisters, depart in peace."...

    15. By AnecTOTE

      Then what will be will be. Aren't you tired of being manipulated, played, deceived and held for Ransom? Cause I sure am. When you have Economists and Banks talkin' special status for Montreal, it is because there are vested interests here still. $$$$$$$ talks and BS walks. Montreal as a city-state isn't a pie in the sky anymore, have you seen all the real estate going up in downtown Montreal? These investors and their backers are not about to let popo take a flame thrower to their investment and potential for fortune. They KNOW and understand they have a lot to lose, and the roq needs to back off Montreal. These people will have the last word.

      Repeat it till you believe it: Montréal ville état!! Many do already.

    16. "I see tens of thousands of separatists"

      Pas seulement des souverainistes et pas seulement des attaques de buildings.

    17. @montréal ville-état

      "Repeat it till you believe it: Montréal ville état!!"

      ah! that's the trick. you already abandoned reason as a strategy to reach your goal?

    18. @montral ville-état

      a dude evokes civil war and you answer "what will be will be". this means that you're ready to lauch your daughter in the hope she kills many french canadians and accept she may be killed for your cause. let's recall what your cause is: the right not to include a french translation to a commercial sign in quebec and the right to wear religious outfits when working in a government office. are you really that sick, or are you putting on a show?

    19. By AnecTOTE


      Yep she is completelyyyy ...sincerely insincere. Well what OTHER option does she have really, than to tirelessly defend the 'quebec' brand through deception and manipulation. Obviously, this is the way to go when you simply can't defend something with the truth.

    20. @ Anonymous Wednesday, March 5, 2014 at 9:11:00 PM EST

      Well, you certainly received some affinity for your comment on the National Post website:

      However, you don’t state why the partition of Quebec should be any more or less arduous or peaceful than the separation of Quebec itself would be. Both are undesirable, yet equally hypothetically achievable.

    21. It doesn;t matter is the partition of Montreal is peaceful.

      After hundreds of years of this nonsense it's time to remind Francophones who WON THE WAR.

      If that means taking up arms and fighting for human right and human decency again, then it must be done.

      Nobody expects francophones to fight for anything. Just as they were Hitler appeasers during the war, they will be the same now. Unwilling to fight for their own freedoms even.

      If Montreal and Quebec ends up half destroyed in the progcess, so be it.

      Germany rebuilt after the damage of Hitler and the war. The only way to get rid of Hitler was to have a war.

      The Catholic church even in 1939 talked about having Hitler murdered. Any parallels to Quebec?
      The only way to get rid of the seppies will be to have a war.

      Seems the same thing in Quebec.

      Like the german population that voted for Hitler, the entire francophone population is enthralled with evil ideas.

      The German population had to lise their right to vote and be re-educated over decades to get them back on track.

      Now of course the Germans understand and are embarassed as a nation by Hitler etc.

      Perhaps Francophones can get to the same point. It won;t be voluntarily of course. We will have to take over Quebec in the same way Germany was partitioned after WWII.

    22. Couldn't agree more AnecTOTE! We too are no longer willing to put up with these discriminatory bills and charters and WANT OUT OF THIS PROVINCE! If they have a right to leave, we have a right to leave them. Look at Ukraine this morning - referendum to be held to partition even though it is a sovereign (WHICH QUEBEC IS NOT) and the Ukraine is saying it would not be legal - we are in for a long battle either way and I prefer to fight to leave this province behind rather than fighting to remain a part of Canada any longer. Let the approx. 3.5M that are never happy get the hell out of our way!

  10. "Vous êtes incapables de réunir 12 mangeurs de Donuts pour votre "projet"...Seulement que du vent :)"

    What are you trying to accomplish here? How is it after 40 years of talk of separation you haven't figured out that Anglophones in Quebec are not your enemy? How is it you haven't seen that they have no connection to the ROC (the federal government has never passed a single law to protect them or to mitigate any of the language laws Quebec has passed) and certainly no connection to the USA. Anglophones in Quebec get almost no benefit from being part of Canada.

    At this point the smallest gesture to the Anglo community is probably all that's needed for you to end this thing once and for all and to win.

    The fact you can't figure this out is baffling.

    - Jay

    1. "How is it you haven't seen that they have no connection to the ROC"

      Évidemment,alors pourquoi est-ce un "Non" presque unanime et systématique de la part des anglo/allo-Québécois à chacun des référendum,normalelement les résultats devraient être environ 50/50,comme le reste de la province.

    2. My point is that by granting a few rights to this minority (rights? Sheesh, a Facebook page? It's so little...) will affect the 50/50 in the rest of the province and push it over the top for you.

      Look at that article in L'Actualite that was posted in the comments here the other day. The writer, a Francophone businessman, is pretty much coming out and saying he wants to be a separatist but things like "Pasta-gate" push him away from it.

      I work with federalist-Francophones and they could easily be swayed to separatism if it treated the people who have chosen to stay in their homes as fellow-citizens rather than enemies.

      Sure, if given a choice Allophones and Anglophones will vote to stay in Canada but in reality they have already "voted with their feet" and have chosen to be citizens of Quebec.

      But it's that big "50%" you could win over with the smallest of concessions....

      - Jay

    3. @jay

      "the federal government has never passed a single law to protect them or to mitigate any of the language laws Quebec has passed..."

      extremely false. clarity act is one, and bill 101 was abrogated big time by canada in the eighties. that's two. you need to do some reading.

      "Anglophones in Quebec are not your enemy?"

      please tell me what francophones should do with speeches like cebeuq's and cutie003's? here are excerpts:

      "Harper hates Quebec. That's for sure. That's why he's our man. He's silently helping to dismantle and destroy Quebec society. That's enough for me to vote for."

      "There should not be one francophone allowed in any negotiations with quebec upon leaving confederation."

      do you think such hate speech is so marginal that french canadians should not be bothered?

    4. The hate speech seems to go back and forth here quite freely. It's an issue, for sure, but that's life in the comments. Try to stay on top of it and look for signs it might actually turn into actions. Have you seen any?

      Is the Clarity Act really worth mentioning? Do you ever actually consider it?

      - Jay

    5. @jay

      "Have you seen any?"

      of course. bain. remember? cebeuq routinely laments about the dude's failure.

      so, do you still think there is no "anglophone enemy" in quebec? here's another one:

      "Basically you arn;t a retarded ignorant francophone. Francophones are clearly different from most humans. they havn;t evolved as far as a society."

      no bid deal? lonesome keyboard warrior? what percentage of quebec anglophones brew dark stuff like him?

      "Is the Clarity Act really worth mentioning?"

      it's a federal law meant to "protect" quebec federalists. and you wrote there had not been a single of them. so yes it's worth mentioning.

      "Do you ever actually consider it?"

      i don't think quebec separatists should consider it at all. actually, more canadian laws against their will are just more arguments to actually separate and escape those laws. but that's another argument alltogether.

    6. Yes, there are insane individuals. I was working security at McGill the night of Dec. 6. There is tragedy. And yes, people on comment boards try to use everything. You don't have to take the bait every time.

      The only constant is change, the only options we have is to make things better or worse. There are enough people trying to make things worse, we don't have to increase their ranks.

      Good night.

      - Jay

    7. @jay

      of course. i agree.


      jay thinks you're insane. what's your opinion about it?

    8. Clearly, you don’t understand what big words like “abrogate” mean. Unconstitutional bits were deemed unconstitutional, that’s all (exactly the same as will be done should the PQ’s proposed charter that blatantly violates Quebec’s own Charter of Rights and Freedom ever pass). Requiring clarity after the experience of the PQ’s referendum obfuscations is a perfectly normal and desirable thing as well.

      It’s getting hard to tell whether you’re just being churlish or sincerely insincere.

    9. By AnecTOTE

      I'd go with sincerely insincere, for 200, lol just like popo, the apple never fall too far from the tree.

  11. One of the first things the Western-backed fascists who took over Kiev did was to threaten the Russian-speaking population in the east of Ukraine. One thing they talked about was banning of the Russian language. Russia moved in immediately, mainly to protect itself from the EU and US front-men for London banksters and US corporations, but also to protect the Russian-speaking population in east Ukraine. Why hasn't Canada ever done this here? What kind of metrosexuals run this country?

    To the paid pequiste shills on this site I have 2 questions:

    1. Once separated, would Quebec align itself with BRIC and fight for a better world, or would it stay in the Anglo-Franco-American bloc? I think this one is easy. After all, wasn't Parizeau trained by London banskters? And where does AssAnt currently work? Where did he work before he plunged into Quebec politics?

    2. On the question of banning "Bonjour/Hi" that the PQ promised, if a vigilante tape records a conversation, how will he prove that the Hi was said in the context of service provision and not in a neutral setting, like on the street? Will conversations need to be videotaped now to prove the context? How do you secretly videotape a store clerk? With a camera hidden in your hat? To enforce this law, you will either need to go high tech, or ban English everywhere so you no proof of context will be required.

    1. Quite obviously, Montreal needs more Russian speakers...

    2. @adski

      you may already be aware of this point of view on ukraine events published on .

      1. why do you ask questions if you're already convinced you know the answer?
      2. what the pq dude meant when she said that bonjour hi needs to go is institutionalized bilingualism is the first step back towards anglicization and assimilation. now how to regain lost ground is a tough one as anglophone culture is a powerful current in north america. i'll leave it to you to suggest the best possible way to get clerks to say bonjour. and then switch to english when they realize their customer is a tourist.

    3. During the Sochi Olympics last month, adski clearly demonstrated demonstrated his homophobia on this blog and now he is clearly demonstrating his Russian bias with regards to the situation in Ukraine.

      Speaking a certain language most certainly does not give any former imperial power the right to invade another, no matter what their past history may be. Britain cannot invade English-speaking countries on the basis that they speak English or are ethnically English. Spain cannot invade Spanish-speaking countries on the basis that they speak Spanish or are ethnically Spanish. That Khrushchev was an ethnically-Ukrainian Soviet is neither here nor there in terms of the legitimacy of Crimea being part of Ukraine.

      His Bush-like, black-and-white BRIC vs. “Anglo-Franco-American bloc” is also a false dichotomy. I have always valued adski’s contributions but they seem to be getting increasingly shrill of late.

    4. Interesting article on vigile. Not everything on that site is crackpot stuff after all. I linked up to other links from there too. One is especially depressing because it talks about my country which now works zealously in the service of the beast. (voltairenet in general is an excellent source of news btw)

      "why do you ask questions if you're already convinced you know the answer?"

      And it's really sad that you want to carry out something really radical only in order to build something which would essentially be more of the same, something that would serve the beast just the same or even more prominently than it is doing now.

      I wouldn't mind a creating of a new country which would be an alternative or at least neutral, a third rail, a bystander. But to create something basically identical or worse is such a waste of time and energy.

      "suggest the best possible way to get clerks to say bonjour. and then switch to english when they realize their customer is a tourist."

      You want me to think of the ways in which a clerk would be able to box people in tourist vs. resident categories, and then adjust the language depending on which technocrat-defined category the customer fits into.

      I'm really sorry, but you were born in this province and passed through all the stages of culturization to now be able to accept the technocratic madness that passes for rationality in this province and is used to micromanage people's lives for the sake of a brighter future defined by central planners in Quebec City. So I'm afraid you'll have to do all the thinking on this one, because I was lucky enough to skip some of the acculturation steps and now I find it completely mad. So I'll let you handle this one.

      "Britain cannot invade English-speaking countries on the basis that they speak English or are ethnically English"

      England invades countries for a wide variety of reasons. Just in the past decade: Iraq, Afghanistan, the bombing of Libya, helping the French invade Mali.

      There Are Only 22 Countries in the World That the British Haven’t Invaded

      Re: homophobia

      To understand post-modern politics in our post-industrial societies in the west, it is imperative that people are able to make a distinction between powerful political forces behind some identities and the identities themselves. Just as there is a difference between bashing the PQ and francophobia, their is also a difference between taking on a very powerful LGBT lobby and homophobia.

    5. ‘Hollande adopted gay marriage to satisfy lobby that financed him’

      "Francois Hollande didn’t expect such vast public outcry when he signed the same-sex marriage law in order to satisfy the small lobby, which sponsored his campaign for French presidency, Bruno Vercken from La Manif Pour Tous movement told RT.
      Central Paris has witnessed violence on its streets over the weekend, a mass rally in protest at laws allowing same-sex marriage turned into clashes.
      Police cracked down on far-right activists who had joined the demonstration, arresting 350 people for refusing to disperse or occupying private property.
      Bruno Vercken, regional coordinator of the anti-gay marriage movement that took part in protests on Sunday, says that so many Frenchmen are speaking out against the same-sex marriage and adoption law because it violates the rights of the children."

    6. "Why a militarily powerful Russia is good for the world"

  12. Why don't we let those bigots go? Serioulsy, how many more years can you stand this BS. How many referendums?

    This situation will never change. New generations will come and the discourse will remain the same. Always paid by the ROC.

    No one can stand this BS anymore. Time to let them leave!

    Vive le Haiti-North libre.

    1. If your question is sincere, it’s because this is my home. My family has been here for centuries. When you say “them”, you’re talking about me. We don’t have to move elsewhere because of the intolerance of a bigoted, loudmouth minority.

    2. ""My family has been here for centuries. ""

      That's better then somebody that just arrived?

      No. You and the guy that arrived yesterday have the SAME RIGHTS.

      That's what a democracy is about.

      The fact "your family" have been here for however long is IRRELEVANT!

      That's Francophone seppie thinking.

    3. Come on now, you’re getting carried away. All I said is that we have no reason to leave our homes on account of an intolerant, loudmouth minority. Nothing else.

      Everything you just wrote above is fanciful projection. You’re twisting people’s words the way “student” likes to do. Please don’t sink to that level.

    4. I get the feeling of not wanting to leave.

      Just don't get why the inertia. Why you should start acting: mobilizing, getting voters, social networking etc... This is a good start. There are a lot of people in this blog that would like to do so.

      And since my family has not been here for centuries, I have no remorse leaving. And encourage all the others to do so if they feel as I do.

  13. I totally agree with Wingnut on this issue. Nothing will change until Quebec finally leaves and we negotiate the dissolution. As far as the editors topic of Harper....Yes , he is the guy to deal with Quebec. Mulclair would be way too Quebec centric and Trudeau would give them anything they want to maintain some sort of power. Either of these two choices is unacceptable. I rather agree with the editor in that in the event of a PQ majority, Canadians will gravitate to the party who will dish out the tough love and we all know who that would be. . Quite frankly, there will be no love in this time as most Canadians in the ROC have been educated on the pandering which has gone on for the past several decades, not too mention the graft and corruption in Quebec.

    Will be interesting.

    1. FROM ED
      Have you read what the EDITOR wrote. "Hartper's sweetest dream" Meaning Harper would love to have a PQ government to play games with. Playing games is not what we need. We need to get rid of the PQ, not entertain them at, our expense. If he would speak out during the campaign it could turn the tide. All he has to do is have the Minister of inter provincial affairs remind Quebcers that the ROC may not want to continue supporting racist policy makers against Federalist Canadians. Ed

    2. He Ed,

      That's where you all wrong. Harper has no love loss for Quebec. Politically, he s better without them as they dilute the federal vote by voting for silly Muclair or some other party like the BQ. You ever given a mm of thought to the fact the Harper and the Conservatives would like to see a Quebec separation. Politically, you get rid of 22% of the population that does not vote Conservative. Think about it for one minute. Also Harper and the feds cannot interfere with Provincial Politics. The last time they did was giving Charest 700 Million to reduce taxes to buy votes in Quebec and Charest utilized it for more government funded programs.

      Wake up. The ROC is fed up with Quebec and will definitely side with Harper should a majority PQ government be elected in Quebec.

      Racist policies seem to be a way of life in Quebec with a majority of people supporting the Charter of Quebec values. You might not agree but your only one teenie little voice.

      I hope the bitch gets here majority and within a year moves to referendum. Hopefully the vote will be OUI an th games can begin. Get the hell out of there while you still can.

    3. Do you realize that a majority government can be elected with a minority of the popular vote, according to our outdated electoral system?

      You are telling loyal Quebecers to get lost because a minority of them managed to use this outdated electoral system that we have to get elected. We’re fed up with the ROQ’s insecurity too, you know.

  14. On the last note depending upon how the polls look in the coming weeks. If I were an anglo or ethnic I would already be planning to vacate the province as your lives would become much more complicated in the event of a PQ majority. Why would you want to stay in a place with an economy in decay as well as the daily discrimination which will be served up in in ecstasy by the Pequistes.

    1. So what if life becomes more complicated? We’ve had PQ majorities before. There will be the inevitable legal challenges against the PQ’s obviously discriminatory, unconstitutional policies for years to come, just as there has always been. Why are you such a Nervous Nellie? Didn’t cowboys used to stand up and fight for what’s right?

    2. "So what if life becomes more complicated?"

      Is life not complicated enough without worrying about whether you can order you next Tim Hortons in English and/or French. Is business not complicated enough without worrying about the government extending Language legislation into your business? Maybe you have masochistic tendencies. Nervous Nellie, actually not my problem as I don't live in Quebec. The only issue for me is the ROC's continued financial support of a Province which makes bad choices.

  15. Jobs lost at Lasalle company, company closing. The new Quebec.

    1. Theo,

      Thats only 400 jobs lost.

      Our seppie brothers in the FTQ create that in a single Accurso contract. The FTQ can make 400 "no show" crane jobs in a blink of an eye.

      Besides "datamark" probably only hired people with an "education". That's code for people that are bilingual or have travelled outside Quebec.

      Good riddance to a company that is not committed to the Quebec social experiment.

      "CEO, Jeffrey Zunenshine" ? Look at that name! Is it a Jean-Francois?

      No, he is a dirty money grubbing jew, anglophone or immigrant.

      Quebec has no need for these jobs, cultures or people.

      In Quebec cousins marry.

      That's why Quebec is one of the best places in the world to research inbreeding among humans.

      It's also why Quebec will never move past where it is. You can;t fix stupid like that.


  16. FROM ED
    I beg you all. Please don't ;listen to the know nothings who suggest leaving your homes. They said the same thing when the PQ was elected for the first time and every time after. We will continue to live in comfort and security. there will be no majority and the opposition would shoot down dangerous bills if there was. Your rents will not increase because of the PQ, nor your utilities. There is no room to raise them any higher than they are now. If you love your homes stand by them and things will work out for you.
    My feelings are that after the debates when people see the truth we can make decisions about the future until then polls mean nothing. Ed

    1. And Coderre wants bars to stay open until 6 AM. Yippee! Actually Ed, hydro is going up 5% on April 1.

    2. FROM ED
      Right Theo and still the lowest in Canada. You can't make a point with shit details.
      EDITOR, Why do you say Marois would negotiate the pants off Justin Trudeau. Where have you been for the last 18 months. She has not been able to negotiate one functional or useful practice. Arte you saying Justin is stupider than that. Gimme a break. At least we know he would be more likely to take action.; Ed

    3. @ed S.R. wants me to deliver these to you. Bienvenu!

    4. ED: Who's living in comfort and security with a noose around our necks against our language and religion. "Anything to remain Canadian" does not work anymore; we are not willing to live with their proposed Bill 14 and their charter! We want out of quebec! If anyone can sell their home (which is very unlikely) they should do so before the real problems begin! No one is willing to move here let alone remain here under these circumstances except the separatists!

    5. FROM ED
      TO Cou Clou Couillard. I Don't bother looking at any clips. I deal with the reality that's actually occuring. I go by the news in the press and TV. Also sensible posts on blogs. I do not read what any troll says and most of what the alarmists like Cebeuq, Anectote and Cutie say.
      There is going to be no separation. there is going to be no partition. There will be no city state. there will be an election next month. The Liberals will win and calm the province with sound government..
      Cutie's rhetoric for example is telling people to sell their homes. She has no business doing that. What if people sell and find out that the election is won and everything is OK. How do they get their home back?
      Please folks, it's only 30 days. Sit back and wait until we know what we have to live with. Ed

    6. If you get a chance to sell for even a fair price (unlikely again) don't listen to Ed - this place is going to become a cinder box and the liberals will not be able to "save" this province from another 4-5 years of waiting for the PQ to come back into power with their agendas hanging on in the background. Alarmist my ass; simply stating where we are headed. The break between Canada and quebec will doom this province even under a liberal government; we all know that. No businesses, no new immigrants, anglos trying to sell, that's the next 4-5 years even with the liberals in power.

      Get their homes back my ass - once people leave here they never come back to this dead end province - why the hell would they? And by the way Ed - I have as much "business" putting my opinion on here as you do. Will you ever learn to stop telling people how to think, what to say and what to post? I guess not - can't teach we old dogs new tricks.

    7. Ed -

      "I deal with the reality that's actually occuring."
      "The Liberals will win and calm the province with sound government."

      That is not dealing with reality, that is drowning yourself in pure fantasy and denial.

      I'm sorry to tell you Ed, your so-called hero Couillard and his Liberal clown minions have less than a snowballs chance in hell of forming a majority government. If we encounter a large deal of vote splitting there's a very slight possibility they could form a minority government, but with the CAQ about to completely implode a la ADQ, we can pretty much rule that out.

      People are still angry with the Liberals over corruption, 18 months isn't long enough for people to forget. Couillard is too inexperienced and meek, and by partially agreeing with the Charter of Values rather than focusing only on the economy and nothing else, they've shot themselves in the foot.

      This election is about appealing to the dark side of the Quebecois. They're asking for a majority so they can rid the province those pesky ethnics (those, and I quote, "money grubbing Jews" you spoke of!), and ramp up pushing out les maudit anglais who haven't already left. Unfortunately the Francophone majority are supporting this idea with such vigor and enthusiasm that I see no outcome except a Parti Quebecois government. It's just a question of whether it will be another minority or a majority for the PQ.

      If the Liberals theoretically did get back in....hah, calm and sound government?! As usual, they would scramble to appease the Quebecois by trying to outdo the PQ. I can guarantee in that scenario they would push the Charter of Values, Bill 14 and anything else they can throw in to say, just to say... "See, see....if you vote for us again, we can stomp all over ethnics and anglos just as good as the PQ, actually even better!!. I'm beyond tired of this nonsense, so I'm rooting for a PQ majority and a quick referendum call. Let's finally put this to rest and let Quebec go its own way, and stop dragging down the rest of Canada.

      FYI, whoever is in power next month, it still makes absolute sense to sell your home, relocate your business, move your head office and getting the hell out of Quebec. There is NO government on the table to move Quebec in any direction except down...way, way down. Nope, not even a government who'll remain on a level plateau to give us a break and some time to breath. They all want to move in the same direction as the PQ.

      Sorry to burst your bubble Ed. Continue to dream and fantasize about a stable and functional Quebec for the next 32 days if you wish, but you will have to come face to face with reality when you wake up the morning of April 8th. We all will.

  17. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsWednesday, March 5, 2014 at 7:28:00 PM EST

    To borrow:

    "Second, notwithstanding the paragraph above, let’s not waste our breath lecturing Quebec about the economic fallout of separation. Like all sentimental nationalists, Quebec separatists see independence as a sort of magical elixir. Warning them about dollars and cents is like warning teenage poker players that all those cigars might eventually give them gum cancer."


    1. ridiculous condescendant attitude. fuel for separatists mate. if you think this is a clever passage you legitimize further french canadian's will to split away.

    2. I’m French-Canadian and don’t wish to split away. Please keep your vapid generalizations well away from me, thank you. Also, your “vendu” and “colonisé” bullshit. Cheers, mate!

  18. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsWednesday, March 5, 2014 at 7:36:00 PM EST

    At the end of the day, I believe the seps see this election as a last stand (not even of sorts - an absolute last stand).

    First of all, their PQ government is looking bright and shiny in the polls right now, but could realistically be usurped.

    In that case, the dream dies.

    Even if they win, sovereign is dragging it's foot like some zombie out of the Walking Dead.

    Further, let's say the sovereignist agenda actually gathered steam - the Montreal separatist movement is actually gaining steam.

    Bottom line: even in the best case scenario, the separatists get to have their wish - an independent Quebec...WITHOUT Montreal.

    [Eyes that burn like cigarettes]

  19. 'PQ Majority Government Harper's Sweetest Dream'

    Well you might be surprised how many people outside Kebec have just had enough of Kebec period.

    We have had enough of the anti-English language bigotry, hatred, intolerance a la bills 22, 178, 101…enough of the corruption, fraud, money laundering, sleaze, slime, forced bilingualism - (code fro French government jobs)only outside Kebec…the hydro scam, the equalization scam, the daycare scam, the dairy quota scam…its just goes on and on when dealing with the French, inside and outside Kebec…we are sick and tired of all of you.

    We really hope the PQ wins and you call another referendum.

    We have our ‘Kick Kebec out’ bumpers stickers ready to go…we will burn the swastika fleur de lees flag, film it, post on YouTube…you clowns have no idea what we are preparing for this time…

    Please give the PQ a majority, please. Separate, leave, scram, get lost…the sooner the better…

    1. "we will burn the swastika fleur de lees flag, film it, post on YouTube…"

      why would you do that?

    2. Take a good look student, this is a reflection of how you and others like you piss people off. That's the problem though you guys just don' get it.

      You can't keep taking cheap potshots at Anglos and calling them squareheads and shit and constantly making threats against an entire nation without the kind of bitterness you see coming from Jame Wolfe.

      Like you probably already read, you can also forget about any other love-ins like the one in 1995. Your constant bs has finally caught up to you.

    3. If anything, buses loaded with quebec flag burning people will come to Montreal next time. The ROC is fed up to the teeth with these crazy separatists demanding everything and contributing nothing to the economy or well being of the country as a whole. I don't blame them one bit. I live here and I'm sick of it. They will not be able to say that anyone "cheated" them out of their country this time around but they better have other free country observers here to witness vote counting this time. No more of their discounting No votes because they are crooks and thieves with a proven history of cheating, lying, stealing and corruption. As cebeuq says, part of separatist culture and quite acceptable to the majority of them. Areas that vote No remain Canadian; the rest screw off. We don't care what the idiots do anymore. No more money, no more trade, no more anything; live on their pancakes and syrup - none of us care any more. They have proven incapable of growing up - now is the time to kick them to the curb. They've had 40 years to grow and nothing has changed; if anything they are worse than ever.

    4. Cutie,

      Burning Quebec flags is a great idea.

      Maybe we can advertise on craigslist in Calgary for some locals to make some you tube video's and post it.

      The last time dozens of years ago there were some photo's of Canadians stepping on a Quebec flag. the seppies went ballistic.

      They love symbols. It's the only thing they understand. Facts and logic don;t work on the Francophone mind. We have hundreds of years of history to prove that.

      Finally Quebecers can get the message from the ROC.

      We are taking the historically anglo/Canadian parts of the province back, the rest of you idiots fuck off and go away.


    5. Right on Pierre Laporte...

      I agree 100%, 'We are taking the historically anglo/Canadian parts of the province back, the rest of you idiots fuck off and go away.'

  20. grow up ed, the only reason hydro rates are so low are because Canada subsidizes. Canadians are on to the scam and sure the hell are not going to let Justin trudeau speak or negotiate on our behalf.

  21. Let quebec go. It's not like quebec has anything to offer, for instance look at Montreal(not exactly a top destination or major city). Quebec city has nothing to offer. gays running rampant in the streets hitting each other in the head. wierdos that obsess over language and English culture dubbed into joual nonsense.

    1. Tiens un autre "canadian redneck" attardé comme on les aime...Hiiiii!Haann!

    2. please write another comment.

  22. Dear Editor, I see the No Dogs Nation is out in full force tonight. 58 comments in 7 hours. And the full moon is almost 2 weeks away. It must be election fever. Personally, I don't worry about the possibility of a PQ minority or majority. What is the point ? If you really get our system you understand that people vote for a wide range of reasons. Not everyone who will vote for the PQ wants to cleanse our day care centres of young women who freely choose to wear a hijab - or to separate Quebec from Canada. If the PQ win they will flounder around for 4 or 5 years. They will have no positive effect on the economy and they will further divide Quebec on ethno-cultural lines. They will not call a referendum because it would be unwinable given Quebec's continuing pathetic economic performance and, above all, because it is a fundamentally bad idea. But every possible achievement by the PQ will be achieved within a Quebec that is part of Canada.

    And Editor, please try and avoid historical analogies. Neville Chamberlain and Nazis are irrelevant to this discussion. And you have your history wrong, as usual. Chamberlain was not naive. He knew that Britain was not ready for war. Re-armament was just getting into high gear in '38. Chamberlain bought time for Britain which was exactly what they needed. It was a very near run thing in '39-'41 and the result might have been very different if the war had begun in '38. Skip the historical analogies. Its not your strong suit. (I blame the schools...)

    This is not war or an apprehension of war - it is a democracy in action, however imperfect it may be. If the winners don't do well we'll toss them out the next time.

    I also don't get your suggestion that Harper needs a "negotiator". Huh ? What's to negotiate? And your "coalition" ramble ! What !Just incomprehensible. Coalition is fiction. In our system, the party that gets the most seats governs. The losers go to the opposition benches and wait for the winners to defeat themselves. They don't get to take over the government.

    Don't worry, dear friends, just take a Valium

    1. By AnecTOTE

      Sandy I've shined my crown, wanna see? Lolololololololololo

      Hey if I sue the Feds for not protecting my Rights and Freedoms as a Canadian citizen, will you represent me? Lolololololololololol

    2. Dear Sandy
      You cannot be wronger about coalition governments.
      The NDP, Liberals and the BQ almost pulled it off, leaving Harper with the only option of shutting down Parliament by prorogation. Without that move, the opposition would most certainly defeated the government and taken over the reigns of government without an election.
      And you are completely wrong about the party with the most seats ruling. The party with the most seats gets first crack at ruling and still must face Parliament in a test of confidence.
      I suggest you read this;
      Introduction to Coalition Government in Canada

      Had Couiilard and Legault signed a coalition agreement and presented it to the Lt. Governor of Quebec, the Queen's representative would have had no choice but to allow the coalition to face the National Assembly for a vote of confidence in the event that the gvt resigned or was defeated in a motion of confidence.
      That is how our democracy works.

      As for Chamberlain, here's what Wikipedia says about him.
      "Chamberlain's reputation remains controversial among historians, with the initial high regard for him being entirely eroded by books such as Guilty Men, published in July 1940, which blamed Chamberlain and his associates for the Munich accord and for allegedly failing to prepare the country for war.

    3. Att. Sandy;
      Better get up early if you want to get one over on the EDITOR!

    4. Not everyone who will vote for the PQ wants to cleanse our day care centres of young women who freely choose to wear a hijab - or to separate Quebec from Canada.

      Look, not only do I not live in Montreal, I don't live in Quebec or Canada. I'm an American. And from what I've seen on-line, I'd think any Quebec voter who is not in favour of Quebec becoming independent, nor of legislation like the Charter of Values is kidding themselves if they vote for the PQ. You may think that it would be stupid for Marois to hold a referendum if she wins a majority, but I'd have to think if I was her that if a solid majority of Quebec voters voted her party into office, that they could win a referendum.

    5. @edward

      she can win a majority government with 37% of the vote. winning a referendum means 50% plus one. it's not so straightforward as you may think. but with pq at 37%, qs at 8%, on at 1% and if you assume a third of caq voters 5% are separatists you get roughly 50% of voters who are at least not allergical to the idea of quebec being different enough to justify doing its own thing.

      all french canadians are potential yes voters. that's around 80% of the population. many don't like marois for some reason, many have too low an opinion about themselves thanks bad medias and this blog's contributors, but ask anyone of them if they think an ontarian or a newfie is better positioned than a quebecker to make a decision about quebec he'll answer of course not. that's the germ of independance right there.

      add to this all quebec anglophones that somehow managed to figure out that quebec would do better if it didn't fight with roc all the time about everything and if it could administer and invest all its fiscal potential to suit its specific needs. that's not many yes votes but still these guys are amongst the best because it means they read something else than national post and gazette and are appreciative of the society they ended up being part of. i suspect jay might be one of those.

    6. Edward, it's great that you are dipping into the Quebec debate from afar. This is the web at its best. But you have to be careful about drawing too many conclusions from popular blogs. I can only respond that from my experience observing Quebec elections and chatting with my concitoyens there are a lot of folks who will support the PQ next month who don't want a referendum. Supporting the PQ does not equal separation. And the Charter, if it is ever enacted, will disappear from view into an uphill battle in our courts. It's a provocative idea but sooner or later jobs and the economy will trump identity politics, in this humble voter's opinion.

    7. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsThursday, March 6, 2014 at 6:55:00 AM EST


      I think I need to step in here to help clarify Student's (anti) points. You see, it's election time, so that means she's in heat and can't think straight (which is usually the case, but seppies are getting whipped into a frenzy right now). So here we go, the dissection:

      "if you assume a third of caq voters 5% are separatists"

      This is why separatists are constantly judged for their lack of effort with concern to the economy. They confuse figures such as 33% with 5%.

      "all french canadians are potential yes voters."

      And I guess that's why they refer to themselves as "French Canadians" right? I guess that we could also say that 80% of Americans are potential Republicans.

      "many don't like marois for some reason"

      Might have to do with the fact that she's a shameless opportunist, a backstabber, a liar, a thief and a coward (calling an election to avoid the Charbonneau Commission).

      "many have too low an opinion about themselves thanks bad medias and this blog's contributors"

      God forbid they should put on their "adult pants" and start taking responsibility for themselves instead of worrying what other people think about them - no? And yet on that same note, Student uses the term "newfie" which she knows is derogatory.

    8. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsThursday, March 6, 2014 at 7:07:00 AM EST


      Don't worry my friend, I'm not done yet. Student's been kind enough to grace me with a lot of source material here and as your Buster of Shit Arguments, I plan on delivering. Alright, let's carry through with the upper-cut, shall we:

      "add to this all quebec anglophones that somehow managed to figure out that quebec would do better if it didn't fight with roc"

      Very bizarre statement and on the surface if makes very little sense (which is quite common for Student), but my take is that she's trying to pin all of Quebec's woes on Anglo Canada. See Edward, that is a high art here in Separatistland. What you do is you sneak up behind a federalist, punch him in the back of the head, then when he turns around and starts chasing the separatist for doing so, he's labeled vicious and ruthless.

      "that's not many yes votes but still these guys are amongst the best because it means they read something else than national post and gazette and are appreciative of the society they ended up being part of."

      Separatists really hate any news outlet that calls them out on their shit. Let's face it - a Jewish man is causing absolutely no one ANY harm by wearing his Kippah, so therefore logic would dictate that there's nothing wrong with him wearing his cap.

      When a government steps in and deliberately demonizes said Jew to appease its bumpkin vote and suppresses his right to live as he wishes, and a newspaper calls it for what it is, separatists get very upset.

      Edward, I challenge you to run some of the French comments on sites like and the comments section of the Journal de Montreal. The hatred is just vile. And you're a target too, Ed. You should see what they say about Americans. They hate you guys with a passion and constantly refer to Anglo Canadians as "fake Americans".

      Two of the other trolls, S.R and Y.L constantly do it. Next time you see one of their comments containing the term "Americains" run it through Google Translate and you'll see what I mean.

    9. Their “fake American” bullshit is the equivalent of the “fake French” crap, except that they actually believe it. Dismal.

    10. My favorite is "Canada is a fake country". Another delusional statement by a certain segment of Quebec society.

    11. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsThursday, March 6, 2014 at 8:44:00 AM EST

      I wonder if anyone is going to take S.R's bait. :-)

    12. Les vrais Nations ont un seul drapeau,une langue commune mais surtout une culture identifiable.

      Le canada ne réuni aucune de ces conditions.

    13. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsThursday, March 6, 2014 at 8:51:00 AM EST

      I wonder if anyone is going to take S.R's bait. :-)

      I love it! He erases the original comment and places it below mine to ensure he gets a reaction.

      Cebeuq really hit it on the head with his article about troll mentalities.

    14. @Sandy @student

      As I mentioned before, I am an American and in my country the two-party system dominates not only at the federal level, but also state elections, which are the equivalent of provincial elections in Canada. So from my point of view, a party that gains a majority of seats in the state legislature has probably got a majority of votes from the state electorate. (That might not necessarily be a majority of the state's population since many people are not registered to vote.) I stand corrected now that I know that the PQ can form a majority government with only 37% of the vote. Everything else I wrote still stands. Any Quebecker (Anglo or Franco) who votes for the PQ but is against the policies that the PQ has ardently supported is foolish. I also think that Marois will use a majority government as a mandate to bring out a sovreignty or independence referendum. From her point of view, it will be a win-win situation. She'll be credited as the woman who led Quebec to independence, and if it fails she can blame the results on others (read Anglos and immigrants) and use this anger to rally her base and give her even more votes.

      @ ABoSA
      If I truly believed student was in heat like the biological term, I would learn more French, pretend to be a separatist sympathiser, and try to find her before she went out of season. As it stands now, I'll just watch from the sidelines in America.

    15. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsThursday, March 6, 2014 at 10:28:00 AM EST


      I actually copulated with a separatist once and she was terrible.

      One of the principle reasons they're separatists in the first place is because they don't know how to have fun and enjoy la vraie vie.

    16. @ Student

      "all french canadians are potential yes voters."

      In fact, all Quebec residents are potential yes voters. Under the right circumstances.

      - Jay

    17. "Les vrais Nations ont un seul drapeau,une langue commune mais surtout une culture identifiable."

      Except for Great Britain whose flag is actually the flags of three nations and where people speak Welsh and Gaelic as well as English.

      It's not easy to do, but it is the best future. Certainly better than 19th century nationalism and all the conflicts that go with it.

      Separating people isn't the future. We were right to celebrate when the Berlin Wall came down.

      - Jay

    18. "all Quebec residents are potential yes voters"

      C'est vrai ça. Même que je ne serais pas étonné que lors de la prochaine campagne référendaire il se forme un regroupement d'Anglos pour le OUI. Tout comme je ne serais pas étonné que le Congrès juif québécois (anciennement Congrès juif canadien, région du Québec) se prononce en faveur de l'indépendance.

    19. It might be surprising how small the concession would have to be to get Anglo votes for the Yes side. And the more talk there is in the ROC to just, "Let Quebec go," the easier it would be to get Anglos on side for the Yes vote.

      And small concessions to the minority might also help to get federalist-Francophones to vote Yes.

      But we still seem to be headed in the opposite direction.

      - Jay

  23. Dear Editor, it seems I touched a nerve. Your response just makes my earlier point. Please, don't try and fast track research into "what happened in history" in the vast junkyard of the web. The silly website you cite re coalition government is a prime example. It confuses Borden's union government with a "coalition". Gibberish. Borden formed the union government. It wasn't forced on him by a bunch of sore losers. He reached out to the opposition and invited them into government. Editor, skip the web for serious research. You have to read the books. I have a copy of Borden's biography if you want to borrow it. And re "the queen's representative would have had no choice...". More gibberish. If you recall the recent attempt by Dion and Layton to do just what you are suggesting you may also recall that the Governor General put an end to the loser's shenanigans by proroguing parliament at the governing party's request. Ms. Jean was advised by a first class constitutional lawyer, (and my former professor) Peter Hogg, and she did the right thing. That is what we call in my business - a precedent. Editor, forget coalitions. There has NEVER been a coalition government in Canada.

    And once again, Chamberlain is irrelevant to Quebec. No wonder you are confused about what happened if you rely on wikepedia. Good Grief ! Even the wikipedia article alludes to another version of the facts by stating " Chamberlain's reputation remains controversial..." and then cites a book written in 1940 ! First, why "controversial" ? Here is the answer hidden in a question - could Britain have gone to war, alone, in 1938 ? I get my history from books and articles - almost all written since 1940. Skip the history analogies editor. Just stick to the facts that we all know about circa 2014. There are plenty of excellent points to be made without flawed historical analogies and Godwin's law..

    And @Montreal ville etat, I might consider representing you if I were satisfied that you are mentally competent to instruct counsel. That hysterical lol does trouble me. And some free advice : its tough to sue the government for imaginary wrongs.

    1. love your last paragraph mate. well all of this latest comment really. but back to your conclusion i'd appreciate if you helped me shut montreal ville-etat more often. three lines every now and then should not be too heavy a toll for you. and i can hardly keep up.

    2. J'avoue que Sandy a un certain sens de l'humour et je reste ambivalent à son sujet.Une chose est certaine,c'est qu'il semble très intelligent.

    3. Student, I'm sorry to disappoint but if I am helping you I'm afraid its just a coincidence. I have no interest in shutting people up. I read all the comments on this blog with interest and I try to comment and respond with respect even when I disagree. I get the aliases confused sometimes but if Montreal ville etat is the former AnecTote I believe I have agreed with him in the past.

      Perhaps I just have less testosterone than you. But that's because I left my student days behind some decades ago. I do get a kick out of your contrarian comments but what would happen if you found a girlfriend ? We would all miss the feisty Student that we know so well. So stay celibate ! The Pope swears by it.

    4. Never mind myself.
      According to you, the Liberals, the BQ and the NDP had bad legal advice and could never have legally pulled off what they were attempting because it was beyond the scope of our democracy.
      Do you really expect us to believe you know more than their combined legal representation?
      Harper closed down Parliament in fear of exactly what the coalition parties were intending and yes he had the complicity of the Governor General, who acted partially and disgracefully.
      The cooling off period led to the coalitions collapse, but it was as legitimate an attempt at power as can be.

      Perhaps after defending Chamberlain, you would also like to rise in defence of Vidkun Quisling as well.
      Not a bad fellow after all, he tried his best!
      Oh and perhaps you could can make an argument for Stalin too!
      After all lawyers love to argue anything!

    5. @press 9

      "student est une femme..."

      since when do you take your info from sylvain raciste?!?

    6. @sandy mctire

      "Student, I'm sorry to disappoint but if I am helping you I'm afraid its just a coincidence. I have no interest in shutting people up."

      i am disppointed. i really did assume you had an interest in shutting hysteric mentally incompetent people up. sorry mate.

    7. @Student, your apology is accepted. Keep on blogging in the free world.

      @Editor, your misunderstanding of the possibility of "coalition" government has nothing to do with me. Don't shoot the messenger. Yes, Dion and Layton and Duceppe (how could I forget) definitely had bad advice on the constitutionality of their soft coup attempt. But not because I say so. The coalitionists failed. That is a fact. I didn't make it up. And the Governor General was not "complicit". With great respect, Editor, I know it is late, but that is an unfounded statement which further damages your credibility on this point. Ms. Jean was a conscientious GG who tried to do the right thing on many issues. She was also very well advised and she acted in accordance with that advice and many earlier precedents. Nice try, Stephan and Jack, but when you lose an lose.

      And how did we get from setting you on a straighter path about Chamberlain to me defending Quisling ? Crikey Editor ! Forget about the 1940s. Check the calendar. Let's stick to 2014. You are a man of the present...and the future, I hope.

    8. Read this article and call the PM , the then opposition leader Michael Ignatief, the CBC as well as the Editor all wrong while you are right.

      No stranger to Canada's system

      "Ignatieff noted that the party that wins the most seats gets to try to form a government.
      "If that is the Liberal Party, then I will be required to rapidly seek the confidence of the newly-elected Parliament," Ignatieff said in a statement released before the election writ was dropped. "If our government cannot win the support of the House, then Mr. Harper will be called on to form a government and face the same challenge. That is our constitution. It is the law of the land."
      That's the way things run in countries that have adopted the Westminster system, a democratic parliamentary system of government modeled on what's been in place in the United Kingdom for centuries.

      Under that system, if no party wins a majority of seats in an election, the party that wins the most seats gets an invitation from the monarch (the Governor-General in Canada) to form a government. That government gets to govern as long as it can rely on support from enough opposition members to get its legislation through the House of Commons.
      If that party can't secure enough support, the Governor-General has two choices: dissolve Parliament and call another election or invite the leader of the party that has won the second greatest number of seats to try to form a government.
      The leader of that party can then try to secure the confidence of the House by putting forth a legislative agenda that enough opposition members will support..."

    9. By AnecTOTE

      Sandy Sandy Sandy, and here I am thinking you're anything but an ambulance chaser, LOLOLOLOL ....kiddinggggggg. Well if you change your

      On a serious note, my idea to turn Montreal into a city state, may be radical, after all just look, seppies have become so scared shitless at the mere mention that, low and behold, they want to 'shut me down' over it. Lol. ...AS IF!
      Tyranny never ceases to amaze.

      If Montreal has any chance of surviving economically, it needs to disassociate itself as quickly as possible from the nasty roq and there is no time to waste, surely you see this? It cannot continue to be at the mercy of a province who treats it with abomination and disrespect, and has worked tirelessly to intentionally diminish and sabotage her. I'm only saying what everyone is thinking. Actually, I have to tell you, I am 'tickled pink' (lol) and completely exhilarated to see it is an idea that has taken off presently, and more than ever before. Montrealers are fast warming up to it because they dare to imagine a Montreal without quebec, and see it as a necessary thing and thus a good thing.

      @pinstripes aka energizer bunny aka Seppie Loser!!!! Lol
      You can keep chasing the wind behind me. Shut down THIS! Lol

    10. Editor... Michael who?

  24. The Editor redacted this comment:

    Anonymous Tuesday, March 4, 2014 at 1:28:00 AM EST
    @So I guess you consider Toronto to a victim of mongrelization... good thing you're taking steps to preserve the racial purity of Quebec.

    Die kaffer op sy plek!

    Posting as “Anonymous” didn’t help the poster but I wonder how many people understood the reference to the Afrikaans “Die kaffer op sy plek!” It surely went over the heads of most people.

    It means “The kaffir in his place!”, a slogan from the South African general election of 1948, meaning that South African blacks should “learn their place” in society.

    It seems obvious that this offensive phrase has been turned on its head, as it’s not so terribly different from what the pequistes are saying to minorities in 2014 and I wonder why it was it was redacted from this blog.

    Does anybody really believe that francophone Quebecers were ever treated like black South Africans under apartheid?

    Here we go! :)

  25. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsThursday, March 6, 2014 at 7:30:00 AM EST

    And the internal corrosion of the sovereignist camp begins only two days into the elections:

  26. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsThursday, March 6, 2014 at 7:38:00 AM EST

    Also worth noting:

    Check out the comment count for this article:

    And now check out the comment count on this one:

    Earlier, we saw Student scratching her head over why the people (and by this, we also mean separatists) don't like Marois.

  27. Comme Charest, Couillard promet 250 000 emplois

    Et comme Charest il sera expulsé...Les fausses promesses ne mènent nul part.

    1. Marois promise a wealthy Quebec by kicking foreign investors out of province with stupid laws.


  28. @ Student

    Assimilation is a fascinating subject (for me, anyway ;)). Of course, we understand the fear of losing a culture. In Canada we have been obsessed with simply defining culture for a long time. There’s always the joke that what makes a Canadian is the constant asking what makes a Canadian....

    But assimilation is not inevitable. Malcolm X said, “Every blue-eyed thing is an American the minute they get off the boat, we’ve been here four hundred years, we’re still waiting.” Maybe his wait is closer to the end now, but it’s certainly not over. America is far from post-racial.

    Between 1840 and 1930 about 900,000 Francophones moved to New England and became fully assimilated into American culture. Today it’s funny to hear them pronounce their names, “Ben-oit” with a hard ‘t’ and so on. Anyway, they didn’t ‘get off a boat’ but they certainly jumped past Malcolm X and his people to full assimilation.

    Also around 1840 when the famine hit Ireland a huge number of immigrants came to Montreal (those that survived - there are 6000 buried under the Black Rock by the Victoria Bridge). As always for the Irish, assimilation took a long time (No Dogs or Irish - what this blog is named for - was a common sign in England into the 1980s) but when assimilation did happen it was into the Anglo community. I’m not sure what the population of Montreal was between 1840 and 1900 or what the cultural breakdown was. The flag of Montreal has four symbols, one for each of the “founding” people - French, English, Irish and Scottish.

    So, Francophones went to America and became assimilated, Irish came to Montreal and became Anglos and Quebecois culture continued to grow.

    A couple of weeks ago I was at a conference in Montreal and I was talking to a woman who had a French name and yet who knew nothing about Quebec history. Turns out she was from Belgium and has only been in Quebec a couple of years and will be going home when her contract ended. Then she made a joke and said, “But I’m more welcomed here than you are.” She could certainly assimilate if she wanted to.

    I’m not sure what to make of all this, but I find it interesting. Could part of the issue here be not that other cultures are not assimilating quickly enough into Quebecois culture but that Francophones haven’t yet come to an agreement among themselves as to what level of assimilation is required?

    - Jay

    1. FROM ED
      Jay, you mention assimilation. It was happening naturally in Montreal. When I was young everybody spoke English. Everything ws done in English except for the outbacks and east end of Montreal. Ed
      At one time there was 1 dialects of English in London. When King James ordered te scholars to translate the Bible, they asked him, into which English he wanted his answer was, "Into the King's English of course." he knew that the most people understood him. The language became one naturally by assimilation. It was happening here. I curse Queen Victoria for allowing the French to keep their language. All the government leaders were against it but dumb bitch wouldn't listen. Ed

    2. "It was happening naturally in Montreal. When I was young everybody spoke English. Everything ws done in English except for the outbacks and east end of Montreal."

      Doesn't this seem contradictory? It couldn't have been both happening naturally and not happening at all (everything being entirely English).

      Two things need to be admitted: 1) changes needed to be made, and 2) changes were made.

      - Jay

  29. By AnecTOTE

    Time for Montreal to recognize she's made from a different cloth than the roq, mostly, it is time she's celebrated for her diversity, her multi-ethnicity, her multi-languages. Quebec has always made her feel like the black sheep of the family for decades, and has done everything in its power to destroy her. Final coup-de-grâce, the PQ has wagered war on her, since, she sports the most 'scarfs', mm.

    Besides behaving so villainous toward Montreal, the PQ has clearly demonstrated its utter incompetence by not addressing and managing the economy of the province as THE MAIN PRIORITY, bear in mind it has had 18months to show a pulse on this issue. One can only conclude that it was never serious about governing. Primarily, it indicates it hasn't understood the basic rule of governance: The House Finances must be in order BEFORE undertaking anything else. The PQ never even made an attempt to tackle the economy, other than to produce a flyer of late, thin enough to line a litter box. What is unacceptable and most appalling of this government, is it has acted in bad faith, introducing the charter for the wrong reasons, simply to divide and conquer. The mere fact that the PQ intentionally introduced an issue to slit the populace for selfish political/personal agendas renders it illegitimate. There should be a law against that. It is complete abuse of power and abuse of the privilege of power, the people entrusted it with. Furthermore, spending an additional 88million for an unwarranted election at this time, called only because the PQ THINKS it is favored in the polls to win a majority, is the epitome of negligence and imprudence. That money could have been put towards healthcare or infrastructure, but now it is being spent recklessly, irresponsibly. This government has exhibits a complete disregard and disrespect for the citizens of quebec, in a brash, callous and unapologetic way.

    Some advice...if you are a nationalist or have separatist inclinations you should consider voting for Mme David's party, QS, she too will provide you with the opportunity of a referendum if that is all that 'rocks your world', but without the ugly stigma of the charter and its racist baggage which, by now, has run considerable mileage worldwide.

    Ask yourself this: Do I want to be associated with the lewd legacy of racism and discrimination associated with the charter while I travel to parts unknown and declare I'm from quebec?

    As for Montreal, she has no need for this province. She will look after her own interests since she cannot trust anyone else to do so for her. Thus, It should be of little consequence to Montreal who comes to power, she needs to pursue her own independence, it is in a HER best interest.

    Montréal a choisi, d'être une ville-état.
    Merci et bonjour La visite

  30. Please, please, stop the constant comparisons between Quebec and the Nazis. It gets tiresome and is an easy shot for those without solid arguments. You're obviously much better than that. Your work doesn't need that.

    1. By. AnecTOTE

      Was that addressed to me? (You need an alias btw, blog rules), I never even mentioned the nazis, nor was I even thinking along those lines? Please revisit your interpretation.

    2. Minus "?" After "along those lines", should be a ". "
      Thank you

    3. And I'm really tired of not being able to call it what it is - which IS a form of nazism - Germany didn't start off by killing Jews in the beginning - it was a long process of hate propaganda - pitting neighbours against each other - creating an extreme divisive atmosphere - doesn't everyone get that? And the whole world shook their heads and said " no - nothing will come of this " - until something did. I'm certainly not saying the Quebecoise are out to kill us - but they are using the exact same techniques to get their base to hate anyone that isn't purlaine. And if we can't see that - and call it out for what is is - then we are doomed here.

    4. AND we have someone posting here with a FLQ avatar - wth? They may as well change it to Hitler really

    5. By AnecTOTE

      I do not want to discuss quebec anymore. I no longer want to waste one more minute of my time discussing the dearly departed...................these previous periods are the time I just took to mourn.

      My religion=Montréal ville état (Total Convert)

    6. Creating divisive atmosphere and pitting neighbours against each other are common political strategies you can find in most countries in the world, they're not particular to Nazism. In order to make a valid comparison you would have to find more common policies between Quebec and Nazi Germany. How many people have been murdered by Quebec governments in the last forty years, for example? How many wars have been started? Any concentration camps? Has democracy been abolished? Is there any militarization? Forced military training?

    7. By AnecTOTE

      "Just when I'm trying to get out, they drag me back in", lol


      Honestly, my original comment to this tread was devoid of any intention to connect Nazi Germany to quebec. But now that you mentioned it, one can see the similarities and that's where your precious quebec may well be headed. It is all too well documented how the nazis took their time, studying the lay of the land and kept pushing the envelope further each time to get closer to executing their agenda, (pun intended) re:Final Solution. It did not happen overnight, they tested and tested, people's patience, measuring both tolerance and intolerance around the world, to finally implement THEIR 'Final Solution'.

      Maybe this province has borrowed 40 years to do the exact same thing, can you confirm it hasn't? Can you assure everyone this is not what they have done?

      Your comment above is gratuitous and tad disingenuous. Should we feel lucky that all that you describe hasn't happened yet?

      To quote Contra: "and YOU want to make a country out of this"?

      Montrealers do not want to be associated with any of it. THEY OPT OUT.

  31. Sodage éclair :

    Seriez-vous d'accord avec l'aménagement d'un programme d'aide au départ pour les anglos démunis?


    1. Of course, it's funny to some people.

      But how will this kind of joke get you more support from the federalist-Francophones you need?

      - Jay

  32. Une fonction publique gelée sous la CAQ

    Ils veulent économiser sur le chauffage des immeubles gouvernementaux.

  33. FROM ED
    Sandy, I love reading your posts but I have to agree with EDITOR because as he proved he always has back up to prove his points.
    We must stick to reality. there will be no partition, no separation and no city state. These are dreamed up by people with teen age minds and egos who think they can create such things. You can tell the children by the teenage lols and wtf. Ed

    1. God I'm so glad most people don't pay any attention to what you post Ed - Dreamland full of lollipops and honey - you are so silly at times and live in a different world than most of us. We live in the real world Ed; partition is what is going to happen here whether you like it or not or refuse to believe it. You are the teenager among us with your ongoing denial of everything that is happening around you. The only thing you have posted that has the least bit of reality is to finally admit that Dr. Couillard does not represent the second coming but still won't admit that a TEMPORARY liberal government, even in a majority situation, is still a bandaid for the festering problems in quebec. Teenage stuff indeed. None of us here believe in the tooth fairy any longer and it's time you got over it too.

    2. FROM ED
      Have you noticed Cutie that the politicians,the ones that are in charge and have the power to change things are not talking about these things.? They are talking election and economy afterwards. There is not talk of any other political or geographic changes for this province. Harper would never allow it. Why can't you be satisfied with an election that will allow good government afterward? Ed

    3. Ed lives in the sunlit world of what he believes to be reality.
      But...there is, unseen by Ed, an underworld, a place that is just as real,
      but not as brightly lit... a Parti Quebecois majority.

      The Parti Quebecois is always there, waiting for us to enter - waiting to enter us.
      Until next election, try to enjoy the day light savings.

  34. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsThursday, March 6, 2014 at 12:06:00 PM EST

    Here is a glaring example of the dark side of immigration in Quebec: When we truly let the wrong ones in:

    "Elle avait dû démissionner deux mois plus tard, en novembre; il était devenu public qu'elle avait voté illégalement au référendum de 1980 - d'origine française elle n'était pas citoyenne canadienne."

    Nice team you have there, seppies - toute une gange de crosseurs!


      Look she's only been convicted of elections fraud. That's a mark of respect for seppies.

      ""She first entered politics in 1994, representing a Sherbrooke riding, until she had to step down when it was discovered that she had voted in the 1980 referendum, as well as federal and provincial elections, before becoming a Canadian citizen.


      This is exactly what people in Montreal should be doing. Find ways to stuff the ballet box.

      Seppies don;t fight fair. We need to start to use the same tactics as they do within the boundaries of Quebec.

      Corruption and election fraud is a Quebec cultural value.

      Stuff the ballot. Make up fake ID. Vote 10 times if you can. These are all standard Quebec seppie strategies.

      When all else fails, change the side of the ridings so your ignorant supporters votes are worth more than everybody else.

      Oh wait, Quebec already does that.

  35. By AnecTOTE


    Just a suggestion but you should consider posts for the next 32 days to focus solely in Montreal city-state. We should really be taking the time here to discuss it more closely. It is wasted time energy and and space to be discussing the PQ and the Liberals, and their election since both will be ineffectual to Montreal's needs and interests.

    Our objective and goal should be to brainstorm Montreal city-state! This should be the only language WE speak.

    Speak Montréal ville-état.

    1. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsThursday, March 6, 2014 at 12:26:00 PM EST

      @AnecTOTE - jsut to help the Editor out - and help the people of Quebec out, help me with this link.

      Let's catalog everything we can against the PQ and circulate this link on social media as much as possible: ‎

    2. @ABSA

      As a favor to you... It's airborne and enjoying cruising altitude.

      I re-iterate however that We do not want to discuss quebec any longer. Montréal ville-état is our sole purpose and focus moving forward.


  36. Interesting development in Crimea, part of Ukraine. The relevant part:

    The European Union’s envoy to Ukraine, Jan Tombinski, says Crimea cannot secede from Ukraine and join Russia on the basis of a referendum restricted just to Crimea. Citing article 73 of Ukraine's constitution, he says such a referendum would be illegal.

    It stipulates that the only way is the all-Ukrainian referendum," he noted. "So, in the light of the constitution in force in Ukraine, in its territorial integrity, including Crimea, this is against the stipulation of the constitution.”

    So, good luck in getting EU's support in the unlikely event of a success of Quebec-only separation referendum.

    1. Yet when the EU backed Kosovo's secession form Serbia, Serbia's constitution was all of a sudden irrelevant. You can obviously appreciate how arbitrary these things are.

      Border arrangements are a matter of politics and war first, written documents second. Borders were rearranged so many times in history, many times in the last 50 years, and several times in the last 20 years.

      The way it works is: if you play ball, go ahead, no problem, you have a new country. But if you're not aligned with us, then it's the "constitution", "international treaties", "agreements", the "rule of law", etc...

      Whatever the West decides on Crimea is at this point irrelevant. It's Russia's game over there. In the case of Quebec, Quebec has been doing an excellent job in the past 5 decades of sucking up to the US. The US likes Quebec and feels that Quebec would be a loyal ally. So most likely it will be allowed to secede if people vote Yes on a CLEAR question, unless Canada starts doing some serious a** kissing in Washington right now. It will boil down to who can kiss the Yankee a** harder, not what some "constitution" says.

    2. "The goal of every culture is to decay through over-civilization; the factors of decadence, -- luxury, skepticism, weariness and superstition, -- are constant. The civilization of one epoch becomes the manure of the next." - Cyril Connolly

      Decadence: Decline of the Western World

    3. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsThursday, March 6, 2014 at 2:43:00 PM EST

      "The US likes Quebec and feels that Quebec would be a loyal ally."

      Is that a fact now, Clyde?

    4. Yes, allies are important. Even more important for minorities to have strong allies. That's why Charles de Gaulle's, "Vivre le Quebec Libre," was so important, it meant Quebec had a strong ally in France.

      The minorities in Quebec need allies. Quebec itself could be that ally and that would make things a lot easier. Maybe someday...

      - Jay

  37. By AnecTOTE

    Wait, do I laugh now, or wait till she waters down the charter too? What a joke!!!!

    Naturally she has to water down the charter, maybe she will just remove the picture of the the guy wearing the kippah from the cardboard, that way Quebec City is sure to get its hockey team for that arena it's building. What a bunch of clowns.

    To those who are so sure it will be PQ majority, doesn't look like THEY'RE too sure, if they are pulling their pants down already. Just sayin'

  38. Je suis presque désolé pour les "libs"

    Référence : Le fil Twitter du Ministre Lisée

  39. By AnecTOTE

    Great letter and I agree. We all want to know more about the Blanchet-FTQ deal.

    1. You can;t take a professional person with an education like Couillard and get him to stand up and make up lies all day and night like regular politician.

      Politicians (like Marois) are snakes in the grass. They lie constantly without regret or worrying about things like credibility.

      There is nothing wrong with Couillard except as an educated person he's incapable of being a party leader in 2014.

      The Liberals need somebody that will spin as many if not more lies then the other political leaders.

      Quebec political leaders are not people with honesty or integrity. You can;t just take somebody like a doctor who can think and understand what he is saying and make them a politician leader in Quebec.

      The first speech he has to give promising the moon, he's gonna choke on it. Because he knows it's crap and it bothers him.

      Somebody like Pauline Poutine is not hindered by things like morals or logic.

    2. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsThursday, March 6, 2014 at 5:04:00 PM EST


      As usual, we tend to see eye-to-eye.

      Couillard might not be the flashiest leader, but I believe him to be one of the most honest.

      When he stated that he detests the PQ he meant it - this wasn't a soundbite stunt.

      I think that this campaign is being led by such an inauthentic, full-of-shit party (the PQ) that their opponents see no reason to drop any polite pretenses and just say it like they think it, and it just might work for them.

    3. Philippe Couillard et ses conflits d'intérêts