Friday, March 7, 2014

Quebec: Is It Time for a Dose of Tough Love?

"Tough love is an expression used when someone treats another person harshly or sternly with the intent to help them in the long run....

In most uses, there must be some actual love or feeling of affection behind the harsh or stern treatment to be defined as tough love. For example, genuinely concerned parents refusing to support their drug-addicted child financially until he or she enters drug rehabilitation would be said to be practising tough love. Athletic coaches who maintain strict rules and highly demanding training regimens, but who care about their players, coul
d also be said to be practising tough love."
Vacationing here in Florida I've been exposed to the local news and the different take Americans have on general societal principles, an interesting learning experience about how differently public life is ordered here, not better or worse, per se, but different.
Banging around the local channels is a story of an eighteen year-old high school student, Rachel Canning, who is suing her parents for support after she left home in a dispute.
Miss Canning claimed her parents threw her out in November 2013, when she turned 18, because they didn’t like her boyfriend. She said they refused to pay for her higher education, even after she received acceptance letters from several universities. In court filings, she alleged her parents were abusive, contributed to an eating disorder, and pushed her to get a basketball scholarship.
The Cannings, who have two other daughters, said they helped her through the eating disorder and paid for a private school where she would play less basketball than at a state-run school. Retired Lincoln Park police chief Sean Canning and his wife, Elizabeth, said their daughter voluntarily left home because she did not want to abide by reasonable household rules, such as being respectful, keeping a curfew, doing chores and ending a relationship with a boyfriend whom they believe is a bad influence.

“We love our child and miss her”, Mr Canning told New Jersey newspaper the Daily Record before the hearing. “It’s killing me and my wife. We have a child we want home. We’re not draconian and now we’re getting hauled into court. She’s demanding that we pay her bills but she doesn’t want to live at home and she’s saying: ‘I don’t want to live under your rules.’” Link
The judge threw out her request, but as is the norm in the litigious USA, the case is certainly headed for appeal. What else in new?
Incidentally the young lady isn't asking for chump change, she wants nearly $35k a year plus tuition.Yikes!

Somehow, I see an analogy here in this story between Canada's relationship with Quebec, where for forty years Canada has pandered to Quebec nationalism, caving in on myriad of issues both political and financial, in a sadly desperate effort to placate a recalcitrant province which wants the financial benefits of the Canadian home without the obligation to live by 'house rules.'

Now one manifestation of 'tough love' is that in many cases, it is characterized by an abrupt and monumental shift in parenting, from soft and indulgent to harsh and unwavering, literally overnight.
This after painful reflection and soul-searching by parents, leading them to the conclusion that their pandering over the years had the opposite desired effect and where a radical course change is all that is left in order to save the situation.
It happens when exhausted parents are at the end of their rope and see no other alternative, just like Rachel Canning parents who obviously reached their parenting limit, despite their obvious love for their daughter.

So readers, is 'tough love' where we are headed in Canada's relationship with Quebec?.......I think so.

Certainly federal politicians haven't given us any indication that this is the direction they are headed, but there are clear and meaningful indications that this is the case.

In the end, politicians take the lead from the public they represent and get in front of the gathering wave of public opinion.
While we haven't heard a peep about 'tough love' from any elected federal politician yet, it  will break out spontaneously, like a case of chicken pox, if and when Pauline wins her majority.

For a while now, the likes of Mario Beaulieu and company have been whining that Canadian media has undertaken a savage campaign of 'Quebec-bashing',  an unfair and racially motivated attack on Quebec.
Of course this isn't entirely true, not the bashing part, which actually is bang on, but rather the contention that the denigration is racially motivated, because it isn't.
The attacks on Quebec are strictly targeted at separatists and the Parti Quebecois, something Beaulieu understands, but attempts to spin, hoping to characterize the attacks as an affront to all Quebecers

But if Beaulieu is perturbed by the mild criticism of the past, he and his minion are in for a rude shock, one coming very soon should Pauline attain her majority government(not a sure thing by a long shot)
While we've been slowly working our way towards this new 'tough love' approach to Quebec relations, the dam finally burst with an article by Jonathan Kay in the National Post.

The no-holds-barred screed was ground-breaking because it pulled no punches and dealt directly with the  sovereignty issue from a Canadian standpoint.  A watershed moment or  'tipping point' in the more modern vernacular, it marked that from this day forward, the PQ and the separatists will no longer control the conversation and indeed the agenda.
While Ottawa has steadfastly refused to discuss sovereignty in any meaningful way, the Canadian media has finally put post-sovereignty borders and the question of partition itself (gasp!) clearly on the table.

Issues long settled in separatists' mind are now open for discussion, and the debate will blow apart the PQ's rose-tinted promise of an easy road to independence.

Michael Den Tandt; (National Post)
"As we head into a Quebec provincial election, with the separatist Parti Quebecois in a position to win a majority, this much can be taken as given; the response in the rest of Canada to any resulting new push for independence will be quite different from last time, or the time before that. There will be no candle in the window — no heartfelt plea from Main Street Ontario, imploring Quebecers to vote “Non.” If anything, the opposite could occur....

In the face of a third referendum, the political pressure from Main Street in the rest of Canada to push back — possibly even via a movement for a nationwide referendum on whether Quebec should be handed its hat, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out — would be impossible to ignore. Read more
Jonathan Kay; (National Post)
"During the 1995 referendum campaign, the federalist forces held a downtown Montreal rally that drew an estimated 100,000 participants. But as Michael Den Tandt reported in Wednesday’s edition of the National Post, such scenes are unlikely to be repeated this time around.... 

So how should our federal government respond if a referendum is called by a re-elected Parti Québécois? Here are four suggestions:
First, don’t act as if Quebec separation would be some kind of apocalypse. Acting as if Quebec’s departure from Canada is unthinkable destroys our bargaining position on a hundred different issues once the referendum fails. Indeed, such hysteria is a major reason Quebec has built up that annual $16.3-billion bribe.
Second, notwithstanding the paragraph above, let’s not waste our breath lecturing Quebec about the economic fallout of separation. Like all sentimental nationalists, Quebec separatists see independence as a sort of magical elixir. Warning them about dollars and cents is like warning teenage poker players that all those cigars might eventually give them gum cancer.
Third, make NDP leader Thomas Mulcair — and every other soft federalist — tell us clearly whether he or she respects Canadian law. Specifically, the Clarity Act, which defines a valid referendum result as one based on “a clear expression of the will of the population,” expressed through “a clear majority” of voters — as opposed to the bare-bones majority standard of 50%-plus-one, which the NDP has supported since the Jack Layton era.
Fourth, and this is the big one: Have the courage to tell Quebec, flat out, that if Canada is divisible, so is Quebec. And whatever clear voting standard is used to adjudicate the overall result of the province’s referendum will be the same result used to adjudicate the status of the province’s northern Cree regions, the Eastern Townships, and, most importantly, Montreal. Read more 
Them's fighting words, something Quebec has never heard before and as large a dose of 'tough love' as it comes, as unexpected and inconceivable to sovereigntists as were the newly found parenting skills to Rachel Canning.

The Conservatives are itching to get into the act and Maxime Bernier warned that while Ottawa will keep silent in the Quebec election debate, that if federalism becomes an issue, the Conservatives intend on speaking out.

But living in the past, most Quebecers still believe that Canada will bend over backwards to accommodate their enfant gâté act and that Ottawa will continue its forty year policy of appeasement.
Those days are gone and if Mario Beaulieu thinks the media has been overly harsh towards Quebec, he hasn't seen anything yet!

While the PQ and Quebec sovereigntists remain blithely unaware of the tectonic shift in the ground below their feet, there are some francophone journalists who very well read the writing on the wall and are sounding the alarm.

Benoît Aubin (Le Journal de Montreal)
"The ambiguity of a possible referendum is deeply ingrained in our political fibre and doesn't seem to bother Quebec.
But it is different on the other side of the Ottawa River. The National Post is already campaigning to press the Harper government to hold a referendum the day after the Quebec election, to force Quebec to choose, right now, once and for all, hoping that Quebec says yes, killing off bilingual cereal boxes, official bilingualism, equalization and transfers ... a beautiful and prosperous Canada purring along in English while Quebec chokes on poutine. Link{fr}
So it's gratifying to see that somebody in the French press recognizes the gathering storm!

The question isn't how sovereigntists react to this new political reality, but rather how the unpoliticized man and woman in the street will.
The nasty and unexpected debate over the 'day after' is something Quebecers never really expected, convinced by separatist leaders that the road to sovereignty is as simple as a YES vote, after which all would unfurl seamlessly.

This debate will be devastating.
As Mr. Aubin explains, Quebecers have been content in the past to have the referendum question kick around eternally, enjoying the annoyance it represents for Canada as much as a teenager enjoys sticking it to her parents by sporting a nose piercing or an outrageous punk hairdo.

From now on the sovereignty debate will be as painful and insufferable in Quebec as it has always been in Canada. For Quebec, wrestling with the newly emboldened Canada, will be something unexpected and unpleasant, like discovering rodent at the bottom of the box of cereal.
It changes everything.

Pauline Marois warned Quebecers that part of her sovereigntist plan was to goad Canada into endless squabbles that would raise the enmity between Quebec and Canada and push soft nationalists over the line.
She is going to get her wish, the fight is on, but she'll probably not get the result she anticipated.
In fact she and Quebec are going to get mauled like the foolhardy idiot wading into shark infested waters on a lark and she's going to take Quebecers along for the nasty ride.

And so separatists who spout nonsense and who sell fantasies are going to be rudely challenged firstly by bloggers, then journalists in the mainstream press and ultimately by federal politicians.
The childlike arguments and nonsensical assumptions about sovereignty are finally going to be demolished and for separatists, it isn't going to be a pleasant experience.

For those who believe that in response to a ferocious federalist attack, Quebecers will somehow stand up and grow a pair, don't count on it......but that is the stuff for another post.

Let me re-iterate my position, that is that I do not want Montreal separated from Quebec, but I do not want Quebec separated from Canada.
But given one, I'll accept the other and I think that is where the debate is going.

So let me begin countering separatist arguments, starting with a missive from the insufferable pseudo-intellectual Mathieu Bock-Coté who warns us that the deconstruction of the Ukraine is inevitable, obviously because it serves as an analogy to his separatist agenda.
"One thing is clear:  Toxic borders are bad. The western part of the country is inhabited by Ukrainians. The east of the country is inhabited by Russians. And in a world that sees relations between Western Europe and Russia as fragile, the country is torn. Ukrainians want to get closer to Europe, largely to protect themselves from Russia. Russians in Ukraine want to get closer to their mother country.
History catches up with us: old conflicts end up mostly reborn. Geopolitics has its laws which we are foolish to ignore. Basic lesson: an artificial country will eventually burst. We can not force people to live together who do not share the same identity references of civilization.
 Of course one can just smell the argument here, that Quebec is somehow in the same boat as Ukraine with it artificial borders holding back a frustrated and put upon people, well-deserving of independence.

But if Mr. Bock-Coté can make the analogy that Quebec is Ukraine, so too can the argument be made that an independent Quebec cannot force Montreal from seeking its own destiny, based on the very same argument that it does not share the same values or vision as the rest of Quebec.

Mr. Kay rightly argues that if Quebec breaks away from Canada, so too can Montreal from Quebec.
No doubt separatists like Bock-Coté will turn cartwheels to counter this notion, but the damaging debate itself is actually what we federalists desire.

For forty years separatist have controlled the debate, the hour of the referendum and the question, as well as the presumptions as to what an independent Quebec will look like.
Presenting the Canadian point of view that the breakup is not at all as separatists promise, is a useful and sobering exercise that just might convince Quebecers to abandon the self-destructive and childish path similar to that of sad sack Rachel Canning.


  1. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsFriday, March 7, 2014 at 2:18:00 PM EST

    How I would love to hear Bock-Coté try to argue the old Quebec-can-separate-but-Montreal-Can't notion.

    But then again, nothing coming from that man's pen ever surprises me.

    Seps, you're on noticed: It's curtains for your movement.

    1. I hope the PQ wins big, big, big and they separate. As a proud Ontarian, Barry Wilson, on his latest edition (commentary), Postscript, came up with some very disturbing numbers that bother me about Quebec's spoils more than ever. Click HERE to see for yourself. Transfer payments, of which equalization is the lion's share, added up to almost $18 billion. $18 billion!

      With a separate Quebec our federal debt could be back to nil within 35 years ceteris paribus. A Canada without Quebec fiscally could be a much, much richer country. To use a Rob Fordism, the gravy train would be long gone, sort of like the 26,000 jobs Quebec lost last month.

      I'm all for partition as long as those who want to remain are willing to adopt fiscal reform. We don't need partners who are going to drain our finances. How would Quebec far with $18 billion per year shaved from its unearned revenues.

      No, ABOSA, with any luck, the movement will succeed and we can have an $18 billion surplus in fiscal 2014-15. The 26,000 job loss per month will become the norm; in fact, it would be just the beginning. Let the crash-test dummies in the boonies of Lac St-Jean, the Saguenay and the Magdalen Islands choke on that.

    2. Totally agree: these bigots are draining not only federation resources but also confidence and patience.

      Not to mention that every indicator (labor market, unemployment, growth, etc). Would be much better with them.

      Time to separate! Canada needs your vote for the PQ in this next election!

  2. The first Federal politician that mentions the P Word (Partition) will be skewerd alive by the Quebec media machine. But the second and the third will instill the fear of God deep into the hearts and minds of those Separatists that have been wasting our time for the past 40 years. Deep down they know there is no independent Quebec without Montreal.

    1. That doesn't mean the seppies won't take what they can get.

  3. Everyone that reads this blog knows I agree with you Editor: Time to put up or shut up and accept partition of the province for those areas that want to remain Canadian, of course, including my own area. How they go about this, I would have to assume, would be by federal district or/and municipality which will give us the borders and corridors to ensure the survival of the country. We have nothing in common with the ROQ that wants to live under the bills and charters that the PQ use to "defend" the survival of french. Bill 101 is no longer acceptable to them, then they are no longer acceptable to us. New bilingual province in the making! Yeah!

    And just look what this debate is doing to us yet again:

    Plus we lost 27,000 jobs just this last month with these backward separatists threatening yet again to strangle businesses, tell people what to wear and close this island of francophones off from the rest of the world. They do such a disservice to their whole population, it's just sickening.

    Be sure to catch Barry Wilson's editorial and the others that are discussing the election on CTV News at noon from Montreal. Not sure if they will show it again at 6:00 but worthwhile watching.

    1. Oh I wouldn't worry about those job losses Cutie! Pauline had assured us that those losses are "normal" and has promised to create 115,000 by 2017! (part time jobs, not full time jobs I'm sure) Of course if 26,000 lost in a month is normal, multiple that by 12 months and then multiply that by 3 years add her 115,000 jobs she thinks she'll create and you have a grand net total of -821,000 jobs by 2017! Hmm that 115,00 jobs over 3 years sure is a drop in the bucket if she thinks losing 26,000 jobs in a month is normal.

      She also tried to put a positive spin on hydro rates saying, hey at least it's "only" 4.3% and not 5.4%, geeze thanks Pauline, what a joke.

    2. @whowazit

      I am sure maman Pauline will keep her promise to create new jobs - they'll be probably 'no-works' and 'no-shows'. You know... for her union friends.

    3. Those PQ are such spinners of BS that I have a hard time reading what she says most of the time. How can she possibly say that losing 26,000 in a month is normal? And her followers believe her? We must shake those losers loose. OMG - I can't even think how much it is going to cost me to heat my home this year (as I'm sure others are more than aware) and she shrugs off the economy like it's nothing to talk about "Quebec Values"! What is the matter with the population that vote for this nonsense? Boggles the mind where we are going!

    4. @cutie003

      "I can't even think how much it is going to cost me to heat my home this year..."

      you can't calculate 4%? why do you keep arguing on economics then? aren't things like debt, interest rates and gdp out of your reach?

    5. Unless you can accurately predict the temperature for the entire year it is impossible to know how much it will cost to heat a home regardless if you know that hydro rates will be increasing by 4.3%. It is even harder to predict as most homes use multiple heating sources depending on the weather such as wood or oil, both commodities who do not have stable prices.

      Best to stay out of economics and finance student, it just isn't your forte. That aside the turn of phrase "I can't even think/guess/predict/estimate..." is meant to demonstrate the large size of something, not an actual inability to estimate it. For example in "this book is so long I can't even guess how long it will take to read" the speaker is not actually unable to guess how long it will take, they are simply commenting on the excessive length. I understand that English is not your first language, as such perhaps it would be more appropriate for you to not rudely comment on things you don't understand. It may lead to less instances of you having egg on your face (I'll let you look that expression up).

    6. Donc elle ne pouvait pas prédire pour les années précédentes non plus.

      Conclusion : Commentairre inutile...encore.

    7. Actually Cutie, that Bloomberg report is off. They post Quebec's debt at CAD210 billion. Goldilocks left it at $252 billion, and these seppie nut jobs will bring it to $300 billion in no time. That's where Ontario is headed with this negligent government, but Ontario has 40% more people and many more affluent people.

    8. Poor dial 9, even after explaining the expression he still doesn't understand it. I'm starting to understand why after 2 lost referendums the separatists don't understand that most Quebecers are not onside with them. At least when the Coyote fails to catch the road runner, and fails to see the utility in trying over and over again it is entertaining...this is just sad. Though if they ever did catch him it would probably just as it did for the coyote!

      uhhh, what do we do now?

    9. No Cutie, please no more french in this country. Forget bilingualism. Else this same history will repeat itself in 50 yrs.

      We need an unilingual english-speaking country!

  4. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsFriday, March 7, 2014 at 2:56:00 PM EST

    Alright, Bock-Coté, may well be a knuckle-dragging anti-intellectual lumox, but here is prrof that our old friend, Michel Brûlé, is completely out of his fucking mind:

  5. Le Canada est à l'origine une confédération soit 2 peuples qui ont décidé de mettre certaines responsabilités en commun. Dans l'entente initiale le gouvernement Canadien n'avait même pas le droit de percevoir de l'impôt ou des taxes. Mais par la suite le Canada est devenu une fédération et ce sans jamais avoir eu l'accord d'aucun gouvernement Québecois. C'est la base même du problème politique entre le Québec et le Canada. La justification du droit à l'auto-détermination du droit à la souveraineté est très justifiable et légale. Seul une signature d'une quelconque constitution fédérative Canadienne par un gouvernement Québecois rendrait une séparation très difficile légalement.

    Une partition se justifierait comment par rue, par maison?C'est absurde, qui déciderait où sont les limites ? Comment une ville pourrait demander la séparation alors que c'est le gouvernement du Québec qui a le droit et le devoir de délimiter les villes ?

    Vous croyez au Québec dans le Canada, bravo je vous admire. Mais au lieu d'attaquer ceux qui ont une idée contraire à la vôtre, pourquoi vous n'envisageriez pas une solution pour que le Québec signe la constitution ? L'instabilité politique c'est les fédéralistes qui la nourissent parce-qu'après la souveraineté ou après la signature de la constitution Canadienne se sera enfin la stabilité politique. Si vous croyez au Canada forcez vous de convaincre les autres provinces d'accepter les demandes d'une majorité de Québecois au lieu d'attaquer les souverainistes, votre inaction et vos commentaire désobligeant ne font que renforcer la nécessité d'une souveraineté.

    1. Phillipe Couillard has stated several times he wants Quebec's signature on the constitution. We have an opportunity to elect him in 30 days. Will the "regions" of Quebec listen to him or to what Marois is saying? We shall see.

    2. "pourquoi vous n'envisageriez pas une solution pour que le Québec signe la constitution ?"

      I admit I don't really know the details about this (hey, if it didn't happen more than forty years ago, I don't know much about it ;)), but what do you think needs to happen for Quebec to join the rest of the country in signing the constitution?

      - Jay

    3. Anonymous, pardonne-moi de te contredire mais ce n'est pas deux peuples qui ont décidé de mettre certaines responsabilités en commun. C'est plutôt un peuple qui a décidé de faire les choses comme ça. Les francos ayant été militairement conquis, ils n'ont pas eu grand-chose à dire quant aux modalités de la confédération. Et c'est l'une des nombreuses raisons qui font en sorte que l'on n’aura aucune difficulté à se faire reconnaître par la communauté internationale après le prochain référendum.

      Tandis que les "anglos" résidants du Québec partisans du concept de cité-état, ils ne pourraient pas être reconnus par la communauté internationale puisque, entre autres, ils ne forment même pas une nation. Ils sont juste un ramassis de groupes ethniques qui squattent illégitimement la terre des Québécois.

    4. You people want to partition Canada which was partitioned to give you land to begin with, we will partition the borders of quebec. We've said it over and over but you don't believe it: quebec is NOT INDIVISIBLE and your politicians are outright lying to you when they say it is! BS. Follow the laws and constitution of Canada and you will not find yourselves in this pickle! You made your bed now lie in it! NO MORE BS FROM YOU! We've had it and you've been spoiled long enough. Grow to hell up! This is not your high school! This is a country and you will not be allowed to do as you wish!

    5. Le Québec est indivisible
      Des parties du Québec auraient-elles le droit de décider de demeurer au Canada?
      Aucune règle de droit international ne permet de retenir cette hypothèse. L'idée que l'on pourrait
      constituer, contre la volonté du Québec, des enclaves étrangères ou rattacher à un autre pays des parties
      de son territoire une fois le Québec devenu souverain est contredite par le droit international. Cela
      reviendrait en effet à modifier les frontières du Québec, ce qui est tout à fait contraire aux règles qui ont
      été appliquées à de nombreuses reprises dans des situations comparables.
      Le Québec deviendra un pays qui regroupera tous ses citoyens sur son territoire actuel ou il demeurera
      une province du Canada. Il ne peut pas y avoir de situation intermédiaire.
      Une municipalité ou un groupe de municipalités ne pourraient-elles pas emprunter la même voie?
      Français (3 sur 6) [2001-04-02 12:04:03]Cela est rigoureusement impossible.
      Les résolutions adoptées par certaines municipalités sur la partition du territoire québécois n'ont aucune
      valeur juridique. Les municipalités ou les villes sont des entités administratives qui existent par la
      volonté de l'Assemblée nationale et du gouvernement du Québec. Celles-ci n'ont aucun pouvoir leur
      permettant de décider de leur appartenance ou pas au Québec. L'État québécois exerce sa souveraineté
      sur l'ensemble de son territoire. Les frontières du Québec, rappelons-le, sont géographiques et non pas
      linguistiques ou ethniques.

    6. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsFriday, March 7, 2014 at 4:53:00 PM EST

      Nice - guess the blog got linked on some seppie.

      Now we're going to have to hear from sell-outs like "Mohammad" telling us that logic somehow does not apply to the separatist movement and that entitlements are to be expected and accepted.

    7. Désolé pour la division dans le texte d'orgie

      Le Québec est indivisible
      Des parties du Québec auraient-elles le droit de décider de demeurer au Canada?
      Aucune règle de droit international ne permet de retenir cette hypothèse. L'idée que l'on pourrait
      constituer, contre la volonté du Québec, des enclaves étrangères ou rattacher à un autre pays des parties
      de son territoire une fois le Québec devenu souverain est contredite par le droit international. Cela
      reviendrait en effet à modifier les frontières du Québec, ce qui est tout à fait contraire aux règles qui ont
      été appliquées à de nombreuses reprises dans des situations comparables.
      Le Québec deviendra un pays qui regroupera tous ses citoyens sur son territoire actuel ou il demeurera
      une province du Canada. Il ne peut pas y avoir de situation intermédiaire.
      Une municipalité ou un groupe de municipalités ne pourraient-elles pas emprunter la même voie?
      Français. Cela est rigoureusement impossible.
      Les résolutions adoptées par certaines municipalités sur la partition du territoire québécois n'ont aucune
      valeur juridique. Les municipalités ou les villes sont des entités administratives qui existent par la
      volonté de l'Assemblée nationale et du gouvernement du Québec. Celles-ci n'ont aucun pouvoir leur
      permettant de décider de leur appartenance ou pas au Québec. L'État québécois exerce sa souveraineté
      sur l'ensemble de son territoire. Les frontières du Québec, rappelons-le, sont géographiques et non pas
      linguistiques ou ethniques.

    8. International law states that quebec cannot break up the contiguous borders of a country and leaving Canada would do that - if you can break the laws of our constitution at will and the laws of the Supreme Court of Canada at will, we will break any laws that we want to also. You're at the wrong location at the wrong time man! We don't listen to separatist BS - for 40+ years you've been spitting this BS at us and we let you get away with it because it was just so much nonsense but no longer. You will do as you will and break every law you want but we're not supposed to? Fat chance and you're on the wrong blog. There are lot's of separatist blogs to spew this garbage - this is not one of them!

    9. Origine et non orgie! De petits problèmes d'auto-correcteur sur mon téléphone cellulaire!

    10. Mohammed,

      Let me entertain you for a while. So you mentioned that partitioned is contradicted by international laws? Which one? Also, you mentioned plenty of your opinions. However, please corroborate them. Quote some case laws or independent legal opinion to that effect.

      For a start, let me quote two precedents and please let me know why those precedents would not be applicable to Quebec from a legal point of view.

      United States ==> Virginia separated from the United States ==> West Virginia separated from Virginia and rejoined the United States.

      United Kingdom ==> Republic of Ireland separated from the United Kingdom ==> Northern Ireland separated from Republic of Ireland and rejoined the United Kingdom.

    11. We "are squatting illegally"! You little snot! We also built this province from shit to what it was before you freaks took it over and ruined it. Look at the problems you separatists have created here! Our homes and businesses are worth nothing, the place is falling apart, our hospital care is in shambles and, by the way, we also pay taxes which I'm willing to bet most of you are on welfare and/or EI and do not contribute piss all to the good of the economy! Go back to your bed in the basement and let the mature people talk about where and how we will get rid of you!

    12. And also, by the way, the natives were here long before any of the rest of us and their land belongs to them - your hydro electric plants are going to be in big trouble if you think you will drag them down with the rest of you in your quest to high jack this province. They aren't pussies like the rest of we Canadians that have let you get away with your BS for the past 40 years - they'll make sure that there isn't a light on in a house in quebec if you try taking their land away from Canada. You can bet your ass on that!

    13. @peggie 007

      Les droits fonciers des Premières Nations dans le Québec souverain

      Certains droits fonciers des Premières Nations dans le Québec souverain pourront être garantis par le droit international ou une entente particulière avec le Canada. Le Québec souverain pourra exiger la renégociation de traités avec les Premières Nations auxquels il aura adhéré à titre de province (p. ex. la Convention de la Baie James) ou auxquels il n’a pas adhéré, mais qui sont relatifs à des eaux ou à des îles qui feront désormais partie de son territoire (p. ex. le traité Canada-Nunavut sur les îles et les eaux au large du Nunavik). Le Canada ne sera plus partie à de telles ententes, et le Québec lui succédera.
      Il pourrait être dans l’intérêt du Québec de s’engager à rouvrir la Convention de la Baie James (elle a déjà été modifiée une quinzaine de fois depuis sa signature), particulièrement dans le cas des Premières Nations qui ont été exclues des avantages de la Convention même si elles fréquentaient ce territoire depuis des millénaires (les Algonquins, les Attikameks et les Innus). Ces Premières Nations sont toutes ou en grande partie francophones et pourraient jouer un rôle plus important et positif au moment de l’indépendance du Québec si leurs griefs légitimes étaient satisfaits.
      Pourquoi, par exemple, le Québec ne mettrait-il pas fin aux coupes forestières intensives dans le parc de La Vérendrye et ne confierait-il pas la gestion ou la cogestion du parc aux Algonquins? Pourquoi ne dédommagerait-il pas les Innus pour le développement du réseau hydroélectrique Manicouagan-Outardes dans la même mesure qu’il l’a fait pour les Cris à la Baie-James? Pourquoi ne faciliterait-il pas le retour des Malécites dans une réserve près de Cacouna pour remplacer celle dont ils ont été spoliés il y plus d’un siècle? De telles interventions éclairées seraient nettement dans l’intérêt bien compris du Québec.
      Outre le fait qu’ainsi de graves injustices pourront être remédiées, ce serait une bonne manière d’éviter que le Canada ou d’autres États tirent prétexte de la question autochtone pour refuser la reconnaissance du Québec ou pour faire pression sur lui. Les Premières Nations, comme en 1995, pourraient lors d’un prochain référendum acquérir momentanément une plus grande visibilité internationale et chercher plus activement à améliorer leur situation, ce qui est légitime. Dans le cas des Cris et des Inuit, s’ils sont à nouveau tentés par le partitionnisme comme en 1995, le Québec pourra rappeler avec plus de force et avec justesse que les avantages consentis par la Convention de la Baie- James et ses nombreuses conventions complémentaires, dont la Paix des Braves de 2001 et des ententes comparables pour les Inuit et les Naskapis, trouvent peu d’équivalents sur la planète.
      Il faudra toutefois éviter toute ambiguïté au sujet de la souveraineté dont les Premières Nations se réclament à l’occasion. Il ne peut s’agir que d’un droit à l’autonomie originaire, tel que le connaissent le droit international et le droit américain. Un tel droit signifie que l’autonomie est inhérente et ne dérive ni des lois fédérales ou québécoises, ni de la Constitution. Il ne confère pas un droit à la partition du Québec, ni un droit de veto à l’encontre de l’accession du Québec à la souveraineté au même titre que tout autre État. Cela est particulièrement vrai des territoires de la Convention de la Baie-James de 1975 et de la Convention du Nord-Est québécois de 1978:

    14. @ Y.L

      "Et c'est l'une des nombreuses raisons qui font en sorte que l'on n’aura aucune difficulté à se faire reconnaître par la communauté internationale après le prochain référendum."

      Tout à fait d'accord avec toi sur ce point.

    15. @ Jay

      "but what do you think needs to happen for Quebec to join the rest of the country in signing the constitution?"

    16. The correct answer is to have a government more concerned with it's citizens than thumbing it's nose at the federal government out of spite, or too spineless to make a decision some might not like.

    17. folks, we all know that Y.L and S.R are seppie cowards. We all know that they will shit themselves if someday they find themselves voting in referendum and will vote NON just like the last 2.

    18. I can't help wondering how someone with a name like "Mohammed" feels about the huge anti-Muslim sentiment of the PQ government and the majority of Quebecois.

      He says that partition is contradicted by international law, but what about the international laws on freedom of expression that Quebec has broken with its language laws, and the international laws on freedom of religion that it intends to break with the Charter of Values? Quebec has also violated the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and with Bill 60 it will even be breaking its own Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The separatists only pick and choose laws to suit their own purposes - ignoring those that don't.

      The boundaries of Quebec have already changed multiple times during its existence so they can be changed again. At the very least, Quebec should separate with no more land than it possessed prior to Confederation in 1867.

    19. @leobblouin 1 min
      "Les Québécois n'ont pas à s'excuser d'exister" #PaulineMarois #Qc2014

    20. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsSaturday, March 8, 2014 at 5:29:00 PM EST


      Please see my comment on Saturday, March 8, 2014 at 7:35:00 AM EST

      The "Mohammed" is just a white "pur-laine" shill trying to convey a spirit of acceptance from the PQ.

      Just visit Twitter and you'll see how many whiteys are bragging about the fact that they paid off a few race-traitors to sell the PQ hate laws.

      BTW, anyone here ever heard of the Sonderkommandos?

      Might want to think twice about PQ openess:

    21. Un point Goodwin pour toi

  6. I don't know about "tough love', editor. I'm not feeling any love at all. I know this probably unfairly tars you all with the same brush, but as a province, Quebec is a chronic whiner, always with its hand out, never showing any gratitude for what it receives already, yet always demanding more. If Quebec was a person, it would be an old jaded hooker, screwing the ROC for the money and not even bothering to pretend that it likes us. Marois, student, Press 9 et al want to separate? I'm all for it. If I could vote, I'd be marching with them in the "Yes" vote parade. Montreal and the north want to stay? Happy to have you, but no more special deals.

  7. Okay, I guess i have to go back to Montreal on 07 April and to vote. This is my position: Quebec will not be able to return to its former glory without a drastic measure. Status quo just makes the province in a limbo without any progress. So what does Quebec need? I say that Quebec needs to be deconstructed, needs to be crushed and from there rebuild with new perspective, new paradigm. Just like Marine recruits going through boot camp where they are pounded physically and mentally and then rebuilt as war-ready Marines.

    The precedence of my hypothesis is what happened to Germany and Japan. They were defeated soundly in WWII, totally humiliated, and from there they can rebuild by totally leaving the old ideology behind. The result is that Germany and Japan are now world economic leaders. I say that the Battle of Berlin and the drop of the nuclear bombs are the turning point in German and Japanese history.

    So when is Quebec's Battle of Berlin or Hiroshima? First Quebec needs to have its Pearl Harbor moment first. An illusion of victory that is only temporary which soon followed by years of hardship. Quebec's Pearl Harbor moment will be the time Quebec reaches its independence. That will soon be followed by economic hardship worse than anything even happens in Canadian or American history. When the economy is bad, when people is hungry, what do they do? They will turn against the government. Just look at Asia during 1998 economic crisis.

    For sure, there will be unrest. There will be violence, blood will be shed, lives will be turned upside-down. However, when the dust settles, people will realize that the way they did things were not right. Again, look at East and Southeast Asia in 1998. From there, people of Quebec can start rebuilding and can leave the separatist ideology behind.

    And how can Quebec get to the "Pearl Harbor moment"? By getting its independence. And so, ladies and gentlemen, if you care about Quebec, vote for PQ. Let them get majority and let them call the referendum. In the referendum, vote YES. Too bad I can not do any campaign for PQ here. However, I do support PQ in the social media. I will of course be critical of the PQ here, but in real life I will get as much colleagues and friends from Montreal as possible to vote PQ, just because I dislike PQ so much.

    1. Did you ever think some of the blood to be shed may be your family or friends Troy? Partition is a much better solution - they will soon realize the error of their ways when they lose Montreal and all the border towns from Pontiac to the NB border. These are all federalist areas and we want to get rid of them as much as you do! Less blood shed with partition and less havoc for those involved in what will be a huge mess.

    2. I think that we should also get the part of NB that belongs to us.

    3. Please, don't we have enough trouble? We may want to join NB so what then?

    4. German and Japanese peoples are hard wirking and not lazy like pure laine.

    5. "I will of course be critical of the PQ here, but in real life I will get as much colleagues and friends from Montreal as possible to vote PQ, just because I dislike PQ so much."

      Merci troy,nous prendrons grands soins de vos amis et collègues.

    6. Press 9,

      You are welcome. Just remember my name when the province burns.

    7. FROM ED
      Cutie, what makes you think a prtition woukd be without bloodshed. They partitioned India and it cost a million lives. people disrupted from the home they loved would be very angry and many vicious events would occur. Ed

    8. Your erroneous assumption is that the PQ will call a referendum if elected with a majority. Perhaps at one time when there were actually idealists in the party, but the PQ has become power hungry bottom feeders who will stoop to ADQ tactics to win more power, not to move towards sovereignty. They won't have winning numbers for it so they won't call one, we'll just be stuck with terrible governance for 4 years, thanks Troy!

    9. @whowhatzit

      "They won't have winning numbers for it so they won't call one..."

      how do you know? sounds like wishful thinking to me.

    10. Sounds like poll numbers to me, now thinking they'd call one, now that's wishful thinking. What's more humiliating than losing two times? Losing three times.

    11. @whowhatzi

      woooah! you already know future poll numbers?!? that's a cool superpower you have there mate.

    12. I know current poll numbers, and they're the best one can go off, not the wishful thinking you engage in. Welcome to the real world, holding your Rene Levesque doll tight, pretending the last two referendums weren't losses and hoping poll numbers will magically turn around is not a real good way to perceive reality.

    13. @whowhatzit

      "I know current poll numbers..."

      exactly. not future poll numbers. that was my point.

      "...and hoping poll numbers will magically turn around is not a real good way to perceive reality."

      i don't think it will be magic. i think reason will do the trick.

      it seems your whole argument here is guessing no more french canadians living in quebec could be convinced that they are good enough to take political control over their nation. so do you have some facts to back your guess up? or is it a wild one?

    14. Perfect analogy. Totally agree. They need to separate and rebuild for ashes. Although can't say lazy purelaines can't be even by a far far distance to the germans or japaneses. Good luck Haiti-Nord

      Let's vote for the Pq guys and give'em what they want!

  8. @Biz_loco_locass
    Un débat en anglais au Québec. Sérieux? Pour 8% de la population. Tant qu'à respecter les minorités, je propose un débat en algonquin.

    1. Only 20% of Canada speaks French as a first language, yet the Federal parties seem to be able to hold a debate in French. In fact more people are bilingual in Quebec (55.4%) than in the rest of Canada so if anything is makes more sense to have bilingual debates here more than anywhere else. So which is it princess, get rid of both minority debates, have both, or be a hypocrite and only want the one you speak?

    2. @whowhatzit

      don't quebec anglophones understand french?

    3. Don't ROC francophones understand English? Two-way street. I mean we know the real reason why Pauline Harper doesn't want to debate in French let alone English, an empty base fill crumble at the first sign of stress, and there's just nothing of substance there.

    4. @whowhatzi

      "Don't ROC francophones understand English?!

      many don't actually. you need to travel more.

    5. So what your saying is surrounded by a sea of English in the ROC Francophones are able to retain French, and not learn English? Hmm kind of sounds like you're saying language laws are not necessary in Quebec as small linguistic enclaves can survive just fine without them. You really need to stop making things up in order to support one argument, that goes completely against another one of your arguments. Logical consistency is something more competent people strive for, perhaps its time to review your conflicting nonsensical beliefs.

    6. @whowhatzit

      ups sorry. i thought you meant roq francophones, or francophones outside montreal.

      of course roc francophones understand english. but many in quebec don't. that's why you need a french debate for federal elections. also, canada is officialy bilingual. two reasons. is it enough for you mate?

    7. "Un débat en anglais au Québec. Sérieux? Pour 8% de la population. Tant qu'à respecter les minorités, je propose un débat en algonquin."

      There was a French language debate in the last provincial election in Ontario, where only 3 or 4 percent of the population is Francophone. But then, Ontario is more progressive than Quebec. Better to have a debate in Mandarin or Hindi there.

    8. Remember Quebec means meeting of two rivers in French not Iroquois.

  9. Re – Quebec election…

    Bring it on...

    Well you might be surprised how many people outside Quebec have just had enough of Quebec period.

    We have had enough of the anti-English language bigotry, hatred, intolerance a la bills 22, 178, 101…enough of the corruption, fraud, money laundering, sleaze, slime, forced bilingualism - (code for French government jobs) only outside Quebec…the hydro scam, the equalization scam, the daycare scam, the tuition scam, the dairy quota scam…its just goes on and on when dealing with the ‘french – metis’, inside and outside Quebec…we are sick and tired of all of you.

    We really hope the PQ wins and you call another referendum.

    We have our ‘Kick Quebec out’ bumpers stickers ready to go…we will burn the swastika fleur de lees flag, film it, post on YouTube…you clowns have no idea what we are preparing for this time…

    Please give the PQ a majority, please. Separate, leave, scram, get lost…the sooner the better…partition Quebec and let them go…please.

    1. I am a Quebecker and do not understand what all your hatred is about, especially seeing as you do not live here. It is not for you and your redneck haters (Albertan by any chance?) to tell us how to live anymore than we lecture you lot on things such as secularism, environmental control and compassion. We understand many Canadians are sick of the sovereignist myopia, but if the people of Quebec decide to go down that path, then so be it. Voting the tories in next time might just be the nail in the coffin.

    2. What do the tories have to do with anything. Once again, blaming other Canadians for your own province's shortcomings.

    3. @mike

      tories may have more to do with it than you seem to "think". an non-cooperative federal government pushes yes votes up. no doubt. also one plus one equals two.

    4. Well good thing Pauline and Harper have been getting along swimmingly then, coming to agreements on the EU trade deal, and the workers program, we saw more run ins with the Feds under the PLQ! I mean sure they put out statements about how they're not happy over x and y, but their heart is not really in it, it's all for show, not a very good one, they don't even bring up the issues more than once. Maybe Pauline will be buying a condo next to Harper in Mexico next? Gotta live close to your friends!

  10. I'm a Montrealer and I despise every aspect of Quebec separatists. I would welcome a federal referendum with joyful anticipation! No holds barred, though. No concessions. A land corridor to the Maritimes. Quebec's share of the federal debt. Montreal and all points west part of a new province or Ontario. Anything! Just be done with it once and for all. It's been 40 years of heartache and anxiety. No one should be subjected to this torture. There is a clear and simple solution GET TOUGH WITH QUEBEC AND DESTROY THE SEPARATIST MOVEMENT ONCE AND FOR ALL!

    1. @anonymous

      "I despise every aspect of Quebec separatists."

      you don't like freedom?

      "Quebec's share of the federal debt."

      of course. if quebec also keeps its share of federal assets.


      what means do you suggest?

    2. Freedom to behave like assholes?


    Partition du Québec: la réalité des choses

    La partition éventuelle du territoire québécois en cas de souveraineté
    est apparue dans le paysage politique à l'occasion de la tenue du
    référendum de 1995. Stratégie mise de l'avant pour faire peur, elle
    fut popularisée dans la communauté anglophone à la suite du célèbre
    sophisme de P.E. Trudeau: "Si le Canada est divisible, le Québec l'est
    aussi". Son fils, Justin, en fils-à-papa qui a bien appris sa leçon,
    l'a récemment répété sur les ondes de la télévision de Radio-Canada.
    Raisonnement erroné, uniquement destiné à effrayer, qui porte les
    germes d'une vision ethnique du Québec, il ne s'appuie sur aucune base
    juridique en droit international.

    Pour dissiper tout doute à ce sujet, le Gouvernement du Québec a
    publié en 1997 un document que nous reproduisons ci-dessous. Il est
    éloquent et mérite d'être connu de tous les Québécois et Québécoises.
    L'intégrité du territoire québécois n'a jamais soulevé de débat
    particulier, ni chez nous, ni ailleurs au Canada. Jusqu'à tout
    récemment, il était admis que si un jour les Québécoises et les
    Québécois décidaient, au terme d'un processus démocratique, d'accéder
    à la souveraineté, son territoire actuel lui serait acquis et il
    serait reconnu tel quel.

    Cette conviction était d'autant plus ancrée qu'elle reposait sur la
    réalité vécue par plusieurs dizaines de pays qui ont vu le jour depuis
    la création des Nations Unies en 1945. Puis, soudainement, une étrange
    réflexion s'est engagée au sujet du morcellement ou de la division du
    territoire d'un Québec souverain. Les frontières du Québec ne seraient
    plus délimitées sur une base géographique, mais en ayant recours à des
    considérations de nature ethnique ou linguistique. C'est la thèse de
    ceux qu'on appelle les «partitionnistes». Ce qui apparaissait au
    départ comme une idée saugrenue, une sorte d'utopie de désespérés,
    s'est répandu comme une rumeur et a grossi sous les effets de la
    désinformation et de la surenchère."


  12. "La prétention des partitionnistes ne repose pourtant sur aucune assise
    légale, sur aucun précédent historique. L'idée que des parties du
    territoire québécois puissent relever de l'administration fédérale ou
    de celle d'une province après l'accession du Québec à la souveraineté
    est contredite tant par le droit international que par la réalité
    observée au cours de l'histoire contemporaine.

    Alors, il nous faut revenir à plus de sérénité. Des citoyens de bonne
    foi peuvent se laisser entraîner dans une sorte de dérive irréfléchie
    qui sera inévitablement sans lendemain. Il y a des excès auxquels des
    hommes et des femmes responsables ne peuvent pas se livrer, qu'ils ne
    doivent pas non plus encourager.

    Le débat sur l'avenir du Québec doit faire appel à la raison, à la
    vérité, aux faits.
    On peut défendre ou combattre l'option de la souveraineté avec ferveur
    et passion certes, mais en préservant, par-dessus tout, les valeurs
    démocratiques qui nous sont chères. Quelle que soit l'issue du
    prochain référendum, les Québécoises et les Québécois continueront
    d'entretenir entre eux et avec leurs voisins canadiens des rapports
    civilisés, voire cordiaux. Devant cette thèse, il importe que le
    gouvernement du Québec rétablisse les faits, explique par la
    présentation de données objectives, reconnues internationalement,
    l'impossibilité de morceler le territoire québécois.

    Comme on le verra, l'affirmation voulant que si le territoire du
    Canada est divisible, le territoire du Québec l'est aussi, est un
    énoncé sans fondement juridique. Le Québec est un État, qui comprend
    un peuple distinct, des institutions politiques et un territoire
    précis; il existait bien avant que naisse la fédération canadienne
    dont il est membre. Il représente un des deux peuples qui ont créé
    cette fédération, dont les fondements, hélas, il y a lieu de le
    rappeler, ont déjà été modifiés sans son accord et en dépit de son
    opposition formelle.

    Le contenu de ce document ne présume aucunement de la décision que
    prendra au moment opportun le peuple québécois sur son propre avenir.
    Il vise tout simplement à rappeler les règles qui ont été appliquées
    de façon constante à l'époque contemporaine lorsque des peuples, comme
    le nôtre, ont décidé d'accéder à la souveraineté. Je souhaite que le
    rappel de ces données contribue à maintenir la qualité profondément
    démocratique du débat sur l'avenir politique du Québec.

    Jacques Brassard
    Ex-Ministre délégué aux Affaires
    intergouvernementales canadiennes"


    1. Le territoire du Québec souverain


    2. Blah blah blah. Facts on the ground will override everything, as they ALWAYS do.

      If Canada is divisible because one portion of the population does not consider itself part of that people, then Quebec will be divisible for the exact same reason.

      Also, Quebec is in for many nasty surprises if it separates. Here is a broad overview of what can be expected to happen:

      Part 1: Quebec will not be a part of NAFTA (free trade). It was signed by Mexico, Canada and the US - not by the states or provinces. And Canada is very unlikely to be accommodating to let Quebec in after 40 yrs of pissing them off, especially once they will be a competitor for goods, markets and talent. QC is no one's greatest export market.

      Part 2: Canada will foot QC with its portion of the debt. Quebec's debt-to-GDP will skyrocket above 100%, in the same area as Greece was when its economy crumbled. The difference is that Greece had Europe to help it. Quebec will have just put the finger to the country that was helping it.

      Part 3: In 2012 and the previous 2 yrs, Quebec paid $40 bil in taxes to Ottawa and Canada spent upwards of 58 bil in Quebec. This will end. So Quebec will start off with an $18 bil deficit (about 20% of its combined federal-provincial money budget). If 1.7 bil scares you now (about 4%), its getting a whole lot worse.

      Part 4: QC will have no choice but to increase taxes (and cut services) to try and bring the budget to some level of reason. For businesses seeing themselves having to sell their products at higher prices due to being out of NAFTA, and facing higher taxes from QC, the rest of Canada will be very attractive. There will be a flood of them leaving QC, likely helped by offers of tax credits by the neighbouring provinces who will see an once-in-a-lifetime chance to get quality immigrants and businesses, at very little cost

      Part 5: QC economy will sink as result, and people will quickly leave- and it will be the most mobile and talented. QC will be stuck with the idiots in the regions who swallow your lies and nonsense

      This is all in addition to the threat of partition, which will be pushed up the agenda by those who will want revenge for the crap QC has put everyone through for 40 yrs

      You guys have been lying to QCers for 40 years. You're trying to lead them to some imaginary fairytale land, but it will be an unmitigated nightmare.

    3. "If Canada is divisible because one portion of the population does not consider itself part of that people, then Quebec will be divisible for the exact same reason."

      Qui décidera des nouvelles frontières et comment?Mais surtout avant d'aller plus loin,avez-vous des exemples,des lois ou des précédents comme références.pour appuyer une telle affirmation?

    4. I love you people. First of all, you don't need a precedent. Facxts on the ground determine everything - look at your little province's student protest - wre they interested in law ? In the end, it did not matter - facts on the grouns determine everything.

      But you want precedents:

      Yugoslavia broke up because Slovenia split up. It became Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia,Crotia, Serbia and Kosovo (which was an "integral" part of Serbia....) Still split up. Facts on the ground determine the l
      laws my little friend in-denial.

      Look at Africa - borders cut everywhere where it suits people when it suits peole.

      As we speak, The Crimea is being split off from Ukraine.

      Again - Facts on the ground will override everything, as they ALWAYS do.

      I don't have to mention that Montreal is always considered 'different" than QC - that will be justification to pretend there is a legal basis - as it is in all precedents..... including the QC one.

      I notice you do not argue any of the economic facts. I guess they're just inconvenient truths.... so long as you hide them from your fellow Quebecers, it'll just be an issue to overcome - at their expense.

  13. I think the one thing everyone in Quebec can agree on, is that we're sick of running in circles. I feel like many French PQ supporters vote for them more to protect French culture on Canada's dime...but don't have the balls to actually separate. The ones who do (including the PQ), are either delusional about what would come next, or are in serious denial. Whether the PQ wins a majority, or have a minority, or even if the Liberals get re-elected...there needs to be a referendum. Everyone needs to move on, and Canada needs to call their bluff. I've had enough of the separatists, who whine/recount their misguided version of Canada's history (where they're the victims). We need to let them learn on their own, instead of trying to placate them. The tough love analogy is perfect. They can come on sites like this and write super long arguments all day long...about only recognizing some laws, some realities, etc.. The FLQ guy Y.L talking about how non French people are immigrants squatting on their's sad AND hilarious. If giving them a country, where they're free to go back to marrying their cousins and being a pure race, let's the rest of us evolve- I'm all for it. I love my French heritage, and what it's brought to Canada's table through cooperation and freedom of expression. That's Montreal, and Montreal belongs in Canada.

    1. "Y.L talking about how non French people are immigrants squatting on their land"

      Je faisais expressément référence aux communautés ethniques qui adoptent l'anglais comme langue d'usage. Comme les Irlandais, les Écossais, les Italiens, les Grecs, les Juifs, etc.

    2. History is not so clear. For the Scots who arrived as fur traders or the Irish who arrived in Montreal during the famine Quebec was so different from what came later.

      And what about those Irish and Scots and Greeks who now speak French and send their kids to French schools or at least French immersion schools - are they still squatters?

      - Jay

    3. lol it seems YL thinks that the scots and Irish only started speaking English when they crossed the Atlantic and came to Quebec. As to the other minorities perhaps you should look into how they were bared from entering the French Catholic school system so they had to be educated in the English Protestant school system as a reason for why they spoke English and not French? Quebec, a proud tradition of telling minorities where and where they cannot attend school. The kicker is they turn around and blame the minorities for not speaking French after not letting them attend the French system, genius.

    4. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsSaturday, March 8, 2014 at 1:33:00 PM EST


      I'm sorry to inform you, but all the trolls invading this blog are as uneducated as Y.L.

      None of them have ever ventured outside of Quebec and therefore, have little more to go on that what they heard on separatist radio, TV shows and blogs.

      To call them revisionists would be too kind - these guys peddle fast-food history, just making it all up as they go.

      Honestly, I sometimes actually really enjoy what I read here. If you ever find it too cold to head to the video store to rent a movie, just hit refresh a few times on the comments section and you'll eventually find Student telling us how Samuel De Champlain used to go camping with Thomas Jefferson (let's not let a 200-year discrepancy get in the way, shall we)? And then claim that Jefferson, the evil American Anglo stole his best ideas from the poor, misbegotten Champlain.

    5. "video store to rent a movie"

      Ça fait très 1990 :)

  14. Pour défendre la Charte de la laïcité dans certains quartiers multiethniques de Montréal, le Parti québécois (PQ) a choisi trois Maghrébines: la juive sépharade Évelyne Abitbol (Acadie) et les musulmanes Yasmina Chouakri (Anjou-Louis-Riel) et Leila Mahiout (Bourassa-Sauvé).

    1. @mohammed

      but anonymous buster of shit aruments and montréal ville-état wrote that "minorities" all hate parti québécois and the secularity charter. could it be that they were wrong?!?

    2. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsSaturday, March 8, 2014 at 7:35:00 AM EST

      *****BULLSHIT ALARM*******: "Mohammed" is just some dumb white seppie douchebag shilling as a Muslim. Check out social media - the cavemen are falling over themselves over the fact that there are three minorities pumping the charter.

      In other words, the unwashed masses that make up the PQ electoral base proudly feel like they've been given a "racism-pass" by these candidates. I did some checking and one of these women (Abitbol) just so happens to be formerly associated with... to guess? Radio-Canada.

      Anyhow, it's needless to say, this "Mohammed" was just set up to help pump the fourth statement of the 2014 PQ election slogan - nothing more, nothing less.

  15. Le PQ pourrait obtenir sa majorité avec 13 circonscriptions «serrées»

  16. where do i go to get off this seperatist boat? i have great medical here but if Marois wins again, i think i' go to her office and kill myself with a note saying "you made me do this!" (ok, a little overboard but still...)

  17. Harper vs. Marois is a showdown I'd actually pay to watch.

    Whereas I wouldn't pay to catch Trudeau vs. Marois, or Mulcoair vs. Marois.

    Guess that says a lot apropos of the last post.

    If people think of voting like choosing a Pay-TV channel, then Harper is in hands-down. He's the best Rocky/GSP/gladiator to watch.

    And politics is of course show business for ugly people.

    Would be great to see separatist Quebec gone. Guess they need to do their own thing and can't find fulfillment or happiness "in Canada". Being "in Canada" doesn't make a huge impression on me, although I see it does make quite a deal to separatists (from whatever given province, in this case Quebec). The idea or meme weighs heavily on these guys. Would hope Montréal and more would opt to stay in federation. Impossible to tell the future, though many bloggers claim to. A third referendum feels inevitable; get it over with..

  18. "where do i go to get off this seperatist boat?"

    Au canada?

  19. FROM ED
    EDITOR, don't be too sure about the Anglo press. Today at noon Mitsumi Takahashi talked with three well known Montreal radio hosts. Terry Di Monte, Aaron Rand and the other, whos's name escapes me briefly. The attitude on all three was that this election is about nothing and more of a pain than anything else. All three accepted the last poll as if it were gospel and Rand said, "they each have 40 percent, it's not going to make much difference either way."
    .I can't believe these three pundits don't understand the importance of this coming debate.
    Mitsumi could have questioned deeper but didn't bother. Probably because she could see they weren't worth the bother.
    Don MacPherson is catching on at last but Lapierre is a better stand up for English rights and speaks out clearly. With a little luck the Gazette might wake up to the fact that it is an English newspaper., and start supporting us. If the Gazette had the fire in it's belly that the French papers do for the other side we could win Montrealers with letters butb I've had so many imortantbpoints that never got printed.. Barry Wilson tells it like it is, nothing new to us on this blog thanks to you keeping us informed and talking. Anyway he is informing the hoi polloi and that's a good thing..
    I feel the election is in the bag. With both parties running even we know the next polls will be totally different after the debate(s).
    I firmly believe the election will be the end. The people who talk about city stateb are being laughed at by most media. It would take agreement of Quebec, Canada and the allow a separate entity among us. It's odd that the people on this blog that think partition and city state is possible or even needed call me dotty.
    Dr. Couillard knows the importance of the economy and says he will start it moving right away. You can bet Jean Charest has some friends lined up to put money here once the PQ is dead.
    Henri Gautrin our retiring member here in Verdun is very much in the middle of the campaign. He ran the campaigns for Charest every time and as Deputy house leader he had a marvelous record., always there when he should be.
    The poop I get from there is they don't care if Marois does not want an English debate. the only thing it would tell us is that she can't speak English and we already know that. The French debates will have translation so no one will be left out. In the French debate they can bring up the fact that she never showed the courage to learn another language. In a way I can identify with that. My parents never learned french and it is hard to pick up a new language when your brain no longer has the quickness of youth. .It will be a Liberal majority., much to the chagrin of Mr.Sauga.
    Denis Coderre was a hit on the CTV news tonight saying city hall will be green for St.Patrick's day and clowning around doing the weather. I think he will become extremely popular, a real Mayor of the people. Interesting that he comes to the English side. Ed

    1. Terry Di Monte from CHOM? I remember when they tried to broadcast bilingually in the 70s but the French stations complained to the CRTC that it gave them an unfair advantage - and it did, they could interview all the English-speaking Rock stars - so the CRTC forced them to be English-only.

      Maybe someday there will be more bilingualism in Montreal. Marc "Mais Oui" Denis, has a pretty good web page about this stuff.

      - Jay

    2. @ ED: The U.S. has would have absolutely nothing to say about Montreal's efforts to become a city-state or province; that would be an internal Canadian matter.

    3. FROM ED
      The U.S. couldminvolve the world court over Quebec's abuse records. Ed f Quebec is separatedd from Canada then canada has no more say. The world court decides countries. For example they would oppose an area of Israel separating to an Arab state knowing it would be trouble.They also have a control over their borders which is across the St.Lawrence river and the seaway. Ed

    4. ED,

      There is no such thing as anglo press in Quebec.

      How can you have "anglo press" when your editorials, articles are written by francophones?

      Any article published in the Gazette with a francophone name in the byline is simple propoganda.

      The Gazette was colonized by francophones years ago. The gazette foolishly thinks francophones will read it as long as they play the middle ground.

      What they don;t understan dis that francophones will never read the gazette no matter what it says, and anglophones are tired of reading articles about how we should "adapt" and forgive.

      It's just naked self interest.

      Terry Di Montte would be a beached whale without Francophone listenership.

      He's more interested in placating the hand that feeds him then anybody rights.

      Anybody that offers him a free buffet for life will get his vote.

  20. Here we go again.

    Anonymous makes a point that is countered by Anonymous. Then we have Anonymous vs Anonymous debate.

    Mr. Berlach, is there anything you can do?

    1. so what troy? if anonymous picks a name he'll still be anonymous. focus on the message troy.

  21. Le père de la Charte des droits et libertés en faveur de celle des valeurs

    Un autre appui important

    1. Let's try and only post news stories from within the past two months, no need to retread old and tired stories, also functional links would be a plus.

    2. Simplement un rappel et le lien fonctionne parfaitement.

    3. Thanks for fixing the link, the benefits of having a blogger account I suppose!

      Here's a reminder: separatists 0/2 on referendums; support for separation is at 33-40%; it's still a plan-less pipe dream; the charter before it was killed was still a non-nonsensical pointless hypocritical mess! You know, just so we remind people.

    4. Je n'ai rien changé au lien,impossible même avec Blogger.Vous avez mis vos lunettes?

    5. It's ok mon cher, no need to get all upset about the reminder, it was just a reminder!

  22. Editor, you sure know how to stir up No Dogs Nation.

    I agree that the tough love talk will become louder if the PQ gets a majority. And if that happens the new government may start planning a referendum. That's less likely if the provincial economy continues to perform so poorly, relative to its potential. And the deficit ? Well, there is a lot of concern about whether Quebec's deficit is structural. There is much evidence to support that conclusion and frankly, it gives me a chill down my spine. Unless Quebec starts to slash and burn government spending the situation will deteriorate. That remedy seems unlikely. So this humble citizen believes that the parlous state of Quebec's economy would prevent a PQ government from calling a referendum. In turn, that will make discussion about partition irrelevant. And the Harper government is not a Chretien government with a power base in Quebec. Harper will be much better prepared to explain the facts of life to the PQ than Chretien and Dion ever were. I have it on good authority that Harper has a team of people already looking at "plan B". And the strategy will be to vigorously cast doubt on the benefits of sovereignty vs. the benefits of staying in Canada. That is easy to do with most Quebecers except the romantic nationalists. Better to make the PQ decide against a referendum than to fight a referendum battle. I completely agree with the premise of the last blog. A PQ majority will be a gift to Harper.

    So that is, in part, why I say take a Valium folks - there will not be a referendum and all the chat about partition is just chat. But the Nation wants to talk about "Partition" so I will weaken for a moment and comment on partition. Personally, I don't think Montreal would be partitioned off. Too complicated, for reasons I won't bore you with. Among them is the question of whether Canada would want Montreal ? It will be a deflating balloon and a sinkhole for Canadian money. I suggest that 'thanks, but no thanks' would be the response of Canada to the entreaties of federalist Montrealers. Also, why not wait until the next referendum - about 5 years after separation - to determine if Montreal or what's left of Quebec wants to rejoin Canada. The federalists will not go away. If a pro federalist government were elected after a notional separation and the inevitable economic fallout what would stop them from asking Quebecers if they want to be part of Canada? The real problem for separatists is Confederation. Check the map of Quebec in 1867. Separatists don't get this. Like Press 9 and Y.L. they bleat about the territory of Quebec being indivisible and talk about "international law". At the risk of sounding dismissive, I respectfully suggest that the folks raising the omnipotence of international law, above, know jack about international law. One simple point - international law is almost devoid of remedies. It is replete with grand principles but try and get an injunction against Canada. What court would you go to ? How would you enforce a court order , if you could find a court to hear you ? Fugget about it, and take a long, hard look at the map of Quebec in 1867.


    Re: “What federalists should be saying to francophone Quebecers” (Opinion, Feb. 19)

    Peter G. White prefers dangling carrots before mules rather than using the stick, but telling separatists how much we care and how really good Canada is for them hasn’t worked very well in the past. Ditch the treacle. Bring out the tough love.

    Lesson one: If you divide Canada, you divide Quebec. Large areas of the province won’t accompany Premier Pauline Marois and friends on her adventure. That includes much of Greater Montreal and the native lands up north, the old Rupert’s Land, given by Canada to Quebec in 1912 to administer as a province, not as a separate nation.

    Lesson two: Without Montreal, Quebec’s real economic engine, Marois’s new country (stripped of equalization payments) will be even more impoverished than it already is as a province, a condition even Jacques Parizeau has come to regard with increasing trepidation.

    Lesson three: If Canada is divisible, so is Quebec. The Clarity Act nationalist hangers-on like Thomas Mulcair seek to repudiate, specifically calls for border negotiations in the event of a winning separatist referendum.

    Lesson four: Vive le vinaigre. More is gained by squarely discussing the pernicious effects of separatism than by avoiding the topic under the mistaken notion that one attracts more flies with honey than with vinegar.

    Lesson five: Never overestimate the attachment of the Quebec Liberal Party to Canada. Quebec Liberals believe 50 per cent plus 1 is enough to break up the country, don’t recognize that other Canadians have to agree to whatever is proposed (in the form of a constitutional amendment) and regard Quebec’s territory as indivisible while Canada’s is negotiable.

    Conclusion: Ottawa should avoid campaigning with the Quebec Liberal Party (likely leaders of the No campaign) should Philippe Couillard or his replacement continue to refuse to endorse the Clarity Act. Federal leaders should campaign as an affiliated committee, where they would be free to say what needs to be said. If they got no co-operation (or funding), they should run a parallel federally sponsored referendum.

    Keith Henderson
    Montreal West
    © Copyright (c) The Montreal Gazette

  24. Marois courtise Québec solidaire à Montréal

    La machine Péquiste s'est transformée en char d'assault

    1. " parce qu'il y a un grand parti qui peut faire avancer le Québec vers la souveraineté et qui peut la réaliser et ça reste ce grand parti, le Parti québécois"

      If that was the case Quebec would be closer to separating after the PQ being around for 50 years, not further away. It's always sad to see the PQ beg other separatist parties to drop out every election, first they break their own election rule, then they limit debates to one, and now they're trying to get rid of other parties, they certainly "love" democracy!

  25. Le tweet du jour

    Philippe Couillard est contredit par son candidat économiste vedette, Carlos Leitao: dans une note de la Banque Laurentienne à propos du budget Marois, M. Leitao et son équipe affirmaient en effet que «le deuxième budget du ministre des Finances Nicolas Marceau présente les bons coups à réaliser pour faire du Québec un endroit plus prospère».

    1. seems like couillard's main economy dude is a separatist.


  26. It’s humourous to see seppies getting all riled up about partition. In light of their own historical path, it makes no sense why they would even want to consider trying to keep enclaves within an ethnically-defined Quebec that clearly do not want to be there.

    Deux poids, deux mesures… as they say.

    1. By AnecTOTE


      My oh my, I am beside myself right now, in a good way of course...I've been away but retuning and reading the posts today, is truly music to my ears. Montreal city state is an idea that is absolutely soaring, you can't buy this kind of publicity! People are really getting on board, nevermind on this blog, but out there, it is incredible, it is all that was discussed by people I met with today. All I can say is..Tremendous!

      Impossible is nothing! Montréal ville-état is possible!

    2. If the separatists were actually for separation and not just for just engaging in what would become their national sport, wincing and moaning, they'd be completely for Montreal partitioning If they partition it, they might finally get their 51% (barely). Enjoy your new country minus the 25% of tax revenue that comes from the Fed and the 65% that comes from Montreal, You'll definitely be a distinct country from Canada then, think Mad Max wasteland with more snow.

  27. FROM ED
    EDITOR, enough talk about partition, we know it's not going to happen. There will be no partition of Canada or Quebec nor will there be any referendum.We will win the election big and after have just good government. Dr. Couillard will lead Quebec to sign the accord and Jean Charest will be active in helping put the economy on it's feet. The hand writing is on the screen, just read it. Already the Libs have moved from two points behind to running even. This shows already the direction the campaign is taking before it's even started.
    If anyone has a point they feel is important for Dr.Couillard to use during the debates, post it here. I will copy them and see that they get to Marc Olivier, Henri Gautrin's Parliamentary Assistant. Ed


    This Quebec general election looks like it will demonstrate clearly once again how different Montreal is from the rest of Quebec (ROQ). Most Montrealers are secure in their diversity, and simply want to get along by working together toward building a better future for everybody. But the Parti Québécois draws most of its support from the ROQ, where the population lacks the diversity of Montreal, and looks inward, based on language and cultural insecurity.

    The issues that most concern Montrealers are economic. They are not the same identity issues that seem to play into the insecurities of voters in the ROQ, and on which the PQ’s wedge politics now seeks to capitalize. Unfortunately, the current electoral-seat distribution in Quebec favours the ROQ, and allows its almost homogeneous Québécois population to decide elections at the expense of Montreal.

    If the PQ does manage to win a majority based on voting in the ROQ, it will be time to push politically to give Montreal the status that it needs to liberate itself from the regressive politics of the PQ and the insecurities of the ROQ. The talk has started. The time for action may be just around the corner.

    Andrew H. Heft
    © Copyright (c) The Montreal Gazette

  29. I for one am getting tired of the troll garbage on this blog. That is all.

    For fans of Quebecois music, Serge Fiori has released a new, eagerly-awaited solo CD on March 4. That's one good thing about Quebec, being exposed to music the ROC wouldn't usually hear.

    1. Me to theo - Editor: Please don't let the blog be overtaken by the trolls. As the election heats up, I can see where it will attract more of these separatists but really do we need so many commenting on here? It's very painful having to sift through them and now we have the new one that is eating up a lot of space. We want to be able to discuss where things are going without all the silly usual nonsense that they quote from their politicians about what we, as Canadians, are allowed to do and not do! Thank you.

    2. By AnecTOTE

      Dearest Cutie, can't you smell that? It's FEAR!

      They are running SCARED, crawling out of the woodwork and running for their lives!! Even though they have used, abused, mistreated, disrespected, ignored and sabotaged Montreal every time they got an opportunity, taking it for granted and never giving it the time of day, or it's due respect and acknowledgement, AND ALWAYS building up Quebec City as much as possible at Montreal's expense, these past 40 yrs, it completely irks them now to realize, that even after throwing all the money they have at THAT city, they still need THIS one, l'enfant terrible, the one they can't transform into their own image, the one that refuses to be robbed of ITS identity, the one who refuses to be broken in spite of the torture.

      They NEED Montreal. Montreal is fast realizing IT has all the power and the tables have turned.

      This is Montreal's declaration of Independence and she's Filippi' her enslavers the bird! NOW they are paying attention!

      Impossible is Nothing, Montréal ville état is possible!

    3. Yes, I know AnecTOTE but if too many of them invade this blog it then belongs to them and not us. That new guy is spouting the same trash as the politicians about what we can and can't do yet they spin it again only for what they want which is all of us and our territory. I'm with you, you know that: Get Montreal and our areas from the Pontiac to the NB border out of quebec and we will be just great - living again, thriving and growing! Grassroots will determine the outcome of this mess and I may not be around to see the end result but the people themselves will decide not a bunch of stupid politicians that ignore the law at will. New borders will be drawn at the will of the people. Even the guy from CJAD said on CTV News yesterday that he has never seen such mobilization of our communities, both anglophones and allophones, as he has seen in the last two weeks. People are finally getting their act together and this time they will not stop until the liberals are pressured into making changes that will benefit our communities for a change and not suck up to the separatists. All that nonsense has to stop - tough love for sure - we've had it with the PQ dragging us down into the gutter and making this place an unattractive place for everyone except pur laine francophones.

  30. A naughty moose:
    I have always wondered why the idea of partition never got more wind in its sails in the past. I am glad to finally see the media finally bringing this very possible fate up to the forefront. While on the topic of the day after, how will life change for Quebecers the day it does become an independent country? More precisely, what will be better? The sense of pride that francophones have their own country? What federal decisions or laws are holding this province back? What decisions can the great Marois make in an independent country that will make this province soar ? I guess it is a case of show me the money!!! The day the PQ can show me what exactly will change for the better, I will be the first in line to vote for separation. What happens after separation, can we have regular referendums to see if we can join back with Canada? (maybe alternate with Olympic years)
    One point the PQ never brings up is the fact that their approval for separation never climbed above 50%. Therefore you will have a country where the other 50% don't want to be there. Any foolhardy captain would recognize that those are odds for a mutiny.

    1. It sure is - been saying that forever. We will be fighting in the streets and partition is the best way out for the 49% of us that want nothing to do with the ROQ. As a province quebec is going nowhere fast and anyone that thinks it will do better with these clowns in total control is sick in the head. Those of us that reside in areas that want out of quebec will make our decision with the next referendum. Areas that vote NO get to remain with Canada. Checkerboard problems hopefully can be peacefully negotiated between Canada and quebec if the separatists don't want full out civil war. We shall see just how interested they are in maintaining a population within their borders that have no intention of remaining part of their backward society and they can spout all the trash they want to about "legalities" and such because they ignore Canadian Law at will. I don't want to be part of a society that is so insular that it cannot get along with anyone else. Montreal and our areas of quebec want to live in a modern society - they do not - tough - let them go!

  31. Harper s'active face à une possible majorité du PQ


  32. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsSaturday, March 8, 2014 at 7:40:00 AM EST

    There have been a few counter-arguments to the notion of a Montreal city-state, which I support, but here's further proof of it's necessity:

    As you'll see the Liberal strength lies in Quebec's two most urban areas.

    I really don't see how we can allow toothless bumpkins who's grand joy in life is drag-racing sur la rue principale deciding how a state is meant to be run.

  33. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsSaturday, March 8, 2014 at 8:02:00 AM EST

    Une «rigolothérapeute» chez les péquistes:

    ...Mme Desgagnés ajoute que «le rire aide également à rassembler les gens et crée la joie qui fait naître l'espoir.»

    She's right - we're collectively laughing at Pauline Marois and her minions right now. :-)

    Don't you love Team Marois: "artists", psyche hacks, failed actors, career chomeurs and drug dealers. Can't wait to see who they bring on next.

  34. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsSaturday, March 8, 2014 at 8:39:00 AM EST


    What are you doing to help the cause in this election?

    It's great to have a sounding board like this blog, but if all you're going to use it for is to bitch (which is what separatists do), there's not much good to it.


    1. What riding do you live in and what campaign ideas have you contributed to your candidate?

    2. Have you written to both the French / English press in your area?

    3. Are you cataloging the PQ's exploits and sending them to your candidate as material (in the spirit of this page):

    4. Have you tried to organize "election parties" where you regroup as many like-minded voters and commit to voting together on April 7th?

    5. Have you made plans to vote strategically if your preferred non-PQ option has no chance of winning? (for instance many federalists voted for Francoise David to help split the separatist vote in Gouin).

  35. Les milliers d' "alloglos" * qui ont quitté Montréal depuis 2012 facilitent grandement la mise en place de nos futurs projets.

    - Le Parti Québécois

    * allos/anglos

    1. Yes ABSA - FB is jumping and people are getting organized. Some of the things they are doing is offering their vehicles to drive people to and from the voting polls and one thing we're all in agreement on: Join the liberal party as they need the money for their campaign - $15.00 for a three year membership. I think it's $5.00 for a year. Anyway, this time around, people are lambasting the liberal's FB page and sending e-mails telling them this is the last time they will vote for them if they keep kissing up to the soft nationalists. They are not to give one inch ever again to this group of bigots and want him to pursue officially signing the constitution! Everyone seems to be upset, as I was, when he was floundering on the matter of the charter! Stand up - make a stand and stick by it! No more appeasing the separatists. Bill 101 is bad enough - no more is required nor acceptable and as a matter of fact a lot of people want it struck down as it is hindering quebec's growth!

      At least everyone is agreeing to get out and vote! That is the most important aspect of this election - to get the voter turnout to be as high as possible.

      If I notice anything else that stands out, I will post it here. Everyone reading this blog and does not want these misfits running our province into the ground for the next 4-5 years has to make a point to get out and vote them out of office. Hit the liberals with everything that bothers you about the way they conduct business in quebec. Let your opinion be known - this is the time and this is still somewhat of a democracy albeit not much of one!

    2. Mettez vos lunettes peggie

      Je ne suis pas a BS a :)

    3. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsSaturday, March 8, 2014 at 10:34:00 AM EST

      Very important point, Cutie.

      If you really want to be heard and tell the Libs they're on thin ice if they keep making concessions to soft nationalists, it takes time out of your personal life - time you'll have to sacrifice.

      With both the Liberals and the CAQ, their candidates must be put on the spot in front of crowds/audiences and told what the conditions will be.

      That's why I like what I see the CAQ doing the past couple of days: Legault is drawing a line in the sand and is willing to lose one segment of votes in favor of another. I like the fact that he's telling welfare scammers like S.R (who I have no doubt in my mind has figured out a way to scam 3 or 4 BS checks a month) to take a hike and open the door to lower taxes.

      Anyhow, put pressure on your candidates folks. They need to understand you can't please everyone.

      It's better the alienate every voter in the public union sector to get the votes of the private-sector middle class.

    4. @cutie003

      "$15.00 for a three year membership. I think it's $5.00 for a year."

      oh! so you can handle calculations after all. good for you mate.

      "...sending e-mails telling them this is the last time they will vote for them..."

      haha. liberal candidate must think it is quite funny when they read this.

      "and as a matter of fact a lot of people want it (bill 101) struck down..."

      how many people mate?

  36. Partition, Partition, Partition, get used to the words French language Nazi bigots… the natives own a lot of the land idiots…a corridor to the east coast…

    You will leave with about a 3rd of the province…and we will fight for our land…

    1. Yes, yes and yes! No more BS from these crazy people thinking they can walk away with everything they want! Had it up to you know where!

  37. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsSaturday, March 8, 2014 at 10:00:00 AM EST

    Of interest with regards to using the help of the Natives to A) separate Montreal from Quebec, B) establish a corridor linking Canada with its Maritime provinces:

    I wouldn't rule out negotiations with Maine on the state handing over a portion of its northern edge to establish the corridor in exchange for trade concessions. Most of that part of Maine is unpopulated anyhow. An "interzone" maybe?

  38. Couillard: plus de femmes dans les postes de direction

    Pauvre Philippe...Pourquoi il ne comprend rien à la politique?J'espère qu'il est plus doué lorsqu'il opère un patient.
    Son (meilleur) ami Porter devrait peut-être lui donner un coup de main.

  39. Conrad Black is my second-favourite ex-con writer (he's no Roger Caron, at least not yet) and in today's National Post he writes:

    "If the Quebec government would tear down the barricades it's nationalist political and media elites have erected opposite Canada, reassume the headship of all Quebecers and all French-Canadians, and thus set itself back at the head of about 30% of Canadians and resume it's position on behalf of of a co-governing founding people of Canada, which has, despite the sniggering and sabotage of the Quebec nationalists, become one of the world's most successful countries, the revolution in Canadian morale and élan and the ambience of Quebec would be electrifyingly positive."

    Maybe Roger Caron would have said, "If my gang and your gang team up we can run this fucking show." It's been a while since I read Caron's, "Go Boy." It's a good book.

    And it does pretty much spell out the federalist-Francophone position. I can see the appeal. These days it looks like alliances are very important and finding just the right level of "going it alone" is going to be very difficult. Quebec knows what it gets with Canada, it knows the level of interference in its affairs (almost none) and in it's culture (none at all). I can see why the Francophone vote is going to split and why, as Sandy says above, the federalist are not going to go away. It's going to be close.

    - Jay

    1. " knows the level of interference in its affairs (almost none)..."


      quebec tax payers send half of their taxes to ottawa. that's at least half of their affairs being interfered in. i use at least cause ottawa even uses money from other provinces to interfere even more in quebec.

      "and in it's culture (none at all)"

      as clueless a statement as the previous one. radio-canada is a federal thing. crtc as well. major federal interferences in quebec cultural affairs.

    2. We have a different definition of "interference" ;). Very close to half the population of Quebec still want to be part of Canada so they have the right to expect things from Ottawa.

      By the way, we don't like the CRTC in the rest of the country, either, but that's because we see it as controlled by a couple of big businesses and not by the government acting in our interests. There is something called "regulatory-capture" - there's even a Wikipedia page, I think - that is a big problem, not just with the CRTC but with every regulator. Of course, this is what I mean by the divide and conquer that goes on. Quebecor and Bell make a deal and the CRTC rubber stamps it - it's not a federalist vs. separatist issue, it's a big business vs. people issue.

      So, yes, there's lots of interference, but maybe not motivated by what you think it's motivated by.

      - Jay

    3. @jay

      to interfere means taking part. more than half of quebec's fiscal potential is interference by the federal government. it could be positive or negative interference. but it interferes nonetheless. far from "almost none".

      "So, yes, there's lots of interference, but maybe not motivated by what you think it's motivated by."

      télé québec is not allowed by crtc to run a newsroom. what is this motivated by?

    4. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsSaturday, March 8, 2014 at 3:11:00 PM EST

      "it could be positive or negative interference. but it interferes nonetheless. far from "almost none"."

      Separatist double (and triple) speak.

      They really do love this game, don't they?

      "I'm not saying that we are saying no to not holding a referendum but simply that we will hold a referendum, but when it's time, which is a time that we are not saying no to, but we're definitely thinking about a referendum."

      Prochaine question svp...

    5. @ Student

      "télé québec is not allowed by crtc to run a newsroom. what is this motivated by?"

      Likely by their competition. Seriously, the CRTC does what it's told.

      - Jay

    6. @ Student

      And we have TVO (TV Ontario) and it doesn't have a newsroom, either. Likely the CRTC gave the same bogus reasons for that, but the truth is the private broadcasters don't want the competition and the corporations don't want any news that their advertising dollars can't control. It really has nothing to do with politics.

      - Jay

    7. "ottawa even uses money from other provinces to interfere even more in quebec."

      Are you calling the 18 billion dollars Quebec receives in transfer payments every year from other provinces - to spend as it pleases - interference?

    8. @durham

      of course. here's the definition as you seemingly not know it.

      interere: to take part in the affairs of others.

  40. @ Press 9

    Thanks for the link to the Meech Lake Accord - I hadn't thought about that in a log time. Looking at it now it seems like we could be a lot closer to an agreement.

    Probably the only issue left for the ROC would be recognizing Quebec as a "Distinct Society" but even that might happen now if Quebec recognized the ROC as a "Real Country" and "Not America." We could be close to a deal, what do you think?

    - Jay

    1. Ed - I never said there would not be bloodshed with partitioning. I keep saying there WILL BE LESS bloodshed with partitioning. 50+1 is definitely a recipe for ALL OUT CIVIL WAR - partitioning will mean less people fighting. Do you understand now? And even if the liberals win a majority, this problem does not go away! Damn - how come everyone on this blog understands that but you? All it does for 4-5 years is put it on the back burner! Even if the liberals did a stupendous job with the economy, when the PQ gets elected they will make the financial success their platform for a new referendum! It just goes on and on and on. It has to end for the sake of this province and for the country dammit! Have a referendum to officially sign the damn constitution - that should be Dr. Couillard's first job as Premiere if he gets a majority! 50+1 and we get rid of the damn separatist "cause" and let's this province move on! If they insist on 50+1 to leave then all it should take is 50+1 to stay part of Canada. Then there would be no more of this hanging over our heads! God I'm so tired of all of it!

    2. @jay

      you need to ask roc if they want to sign on meech accord. not press 9. english provinces are the ones who killed it. ask cutie003 if canada should come back and say you know what quebec? you were right twenty years ago let's do the meech.

    3. Why on God's Green earth would the ROC sign off on the Meech Lake Accord which would have given Quebec more power than the other individual provinces (VETO power for instance). Thank goodness for Clyde Wells and Elijah Harper of Manitoba who thwarted this ill conceived legislation brought to us by whom, Anotherr Quebec politician with an Irish name. Even Trudeau (not one of my favorite people) was anti Meech as he knew the end consequences.

      As far as the Quebec election. I wish Marois well with her majority. This might finally be the issue that finally forces a show down between Quebec and Ottawa (ROC) . Believe me there is strong sentiment in the West to let Quebec go on here merry way as most people here are tired of the endless threats and extortions. Read love in this time. That ship sailed.

    4. If the ROC only needed 50%+1 to pass Meech today I think it would have a good chance. A lot would depend on how hard federalist-Francophones fought against it (a lot of English Canada would take their cue from them). At the time emotions ran very high, but the population of Canada has changed, even in only twenty years.

      It might take only one or two small concessions to the minority population of Quebec.

      - Jay

    5. @jay

      you got your answer mate. deadend. separation.

    6. @jay

      please explicit "small concessions".

    7. The word pasta on a menu? The occasional apostrophe on a sign? Bonjour/Hi in a store in downtown Montreal...

      And the only answer I've got is that we're still in a democracy and nothing is ever 100% - but we're still close to 50-50.

      - Jay

    8. @jay

      the word pasta is on the menu. many sign don't have an apostrophe. you get bonjour hi everywhere downtown montreal. the concessions are already done mate. but this blog still exists. seems like separatists need to concede more.

      if westerner's rant is representative of roc's mindset he won't accept anything that will recognize quebec as having something special when compared to all other provinces and therefore a special status, special powers, etc. that is he won't recognize quebec as a distinct society inside canada. he wants to force quebec not to be itself. of course this concession, as minimal as it seems to westerner, is impossible to conceive from a quebec french canadian point of view.

    9. FROM ED
      The last thing we need is Quebec being recognized as a distinct society. Canadians are fed up with Quebec being special. Couillard does not need a referendum to sign on. All he has to do is go to Ottawa and sign it, w hich he has already said he will do. Whether the other provinces would accept our entering now is moot. They will realize that this will give Quebec veto powers and the PQ's past record does not speak well for that. In my opinion we lived well without the accord and bullroney only invented it so he could claim that he united Canada, which we really were until him and Levesque came along. Wells and Harper were ready to sign the accord but when they saw Levesque holding back it made them realize what might be to come with Quebec having powers. If Rene had signed right away it would have been a done deal.
      Cutie, how could less bloodshed be better than none at all. A simple Lib win will end the PQ for good. For God's sake stop getting people fired up for nothing. Ed

    10. 30 million people, you're going to get a diversity of mindsets. The question is, does this represent 50%+1 or 50%-1?

      Which is what this whole discussion is about. We talk in absolute terms, but on almost every issue (in every jurisdiction) the split is almost always 50-50. So, when you say, "force Quebec not to be itself," that's based on an absolute definition of what Quebec is itself that only half the population share.

      I'm old-fashioned and believe in discussion and compromise but no one here is ever convincing anyone else of anything. I was only half-joking when I suggested a trade of "distinct society" for "real country." But we really do need something that will push a lot of people into one direction or the other, so that the issue isn't 50%+1, but a clear concensus (the way some institutions require a two-thirds majority for the bigger issues).

      - Jay

    11. @jay

      "force Quebec not to be itself," that's based on an absolute definition of what Quebec is itself that only half the population share."

      that's false. pretty much all french canadian agree that quebec is a distinct society. the concept is so obvious that roc canadians also agree, actually, but they won't admit it because they wrongly feel quebec's gain is their loss.

    12. "Canadians are fed up with Quebec being special."

      Why do you say that? Quebec has been 'special' for a long time now and the majority of Canadians really have no problem with it. Some emotional talk, sure, but it what way has the fact that Quebec is different affected life anywhere else?

      New Brunswick is special, too, it's officially bilingual. The territories are special, too. In fact, every region of Canada is special. Quebec has asked for it to be recognized, that's all.

      There is nothing going to happen in the foreseeable future that's will to make Quebec any more like the rest of the country than it is now - no level of government anywhere is asking for that.

      - Jay

    13. "that's false. pretty much all french canadian agree that quebec is a distinct society. the concept is so obvious that roc canadians also agree, actually, but they won't admit it because they wrongly feel quebec's gain is their loss."

      Well, I don't know why other people feel the way they do. Certainly there has been a push towards "equality" in all things for a long time so any mention of something else gets a reaction. Men and women are physically different but for the last century the push has been towards equality, not special status for one over the other.

      But the situation now between Quebec and Canada is different than between other provinces and Canada. Of course, it's actually different between each province and Canada. As we've seen, Saskatchewan went from a have-not province to a have province so the relationship between it and Ottawa no doubt changed. Ontario went the other way so no doubt there was a change there, too. So people may say they don't want a special status, they live with it every day. No two provinces are the same.

      Maybe people feel it's like a family with ten kids and the parents are picking one and saying that's their favourite.

      - Jay

    14. God Ed how is one election going to end the PQ for good? I'm really starting to think there is something seriously wrong with you. Did the doctor check to make sure you haven't had a small stroke or something? The election of the liberals will not end the PQ for good for heaven's sake. They may turf Miss Piggy out but then snake Lisee will probably take over or even worse bigot Drainville and the blackmail, instability, endless demands, and the separatists sucking the ROC of every cent it can get will remain. IT HAS TO STOP! ENOUGH! And if the liberals are getting inundated with calls and complaints, they damn well deserve it! Looks like Bain was right: the anglophone community are waking up but this time we also have the immigrants to quebec that are not at all happy because they see where this sick society is heading!

    15. And Ed as far as officially signing the constitution the people will demand that it be put to a referendum no matter what. Why do you keep insisting that everything is cured with the election of the liberals that does nothing except delay the inevitable? Couillard knows that he would probably be physically harmed if he did what you suggest and just go to Ottawa and sign it. The seppies know that they are really bound by the constitution whether they like it or not but use that as a weapon in every damn conversation on every blog or site you read. They also live in la la land.

    16. FROM ED
      Cutie if a ship sunk and you were in the life boat, you'd be drilling holes in then bottom for your own entertainment. Ed

    17. You didn't answer the question Ed - how is the election of the liberals going to be the end of the PQ? If you don't know, say that. You know damn well nothing will change until the year before the next election and the whole damn Groundhog Day is just going to live on and on and on and on into infinity! The liberals are not the lifeboat! Canada stepping in and ending this nightmare is the lifeboat! How it ends we shall see but this ferriswheel has to stop turning and I'm not giving up one more right for the sake of Canadian unity! None of that is worth it! We've done more than our fair share of appeasement and look where it's taken us! The more they get the more they want - Tough love is now overdue!

    18. FROM ED
      Cutie, the PQ will be decimated like the BLOC. Even the dullards in the outbacks will see that they are bad news by the time campaigning is done. Separation will never happen. Signing the accord could come in a few years when the ROC sees that we now have good government having time to prove itself. The polls project 0 seats for the CAQ which will all go to the Liberals. The PQ won't have the money or support to run again. The polls after the first debate will tell it all. Let's talk then. Ed

    19. "if westerner's rant is representative of roc's mindset he won't accept anything that will recognize quebec as having something special"

      What is so special about Quebec? Oh wait, I can think of about 18 billion things that make Quebec Distinct..

      No rant, only facts. Quebec can call or think of themselves as "distinct". Others in the ROC can think this as well depending upon their bias. I have no issue with this as it really doesn't amount to a hill of beans.

      But, with regards to Quebec having special status or powers exceeding that of the other provinces or territories. ...NOT ON.

    20. @westerner

      "What is so special about Quebec?"

      it's a french culture. hey that was easy.

    21. Ed - you're dreaming in some kind pipe smoke again - decimated indeed and by the way the Bloc will be returning with a bunch of seats come the next federal election. None of this will end until the feds put an end to it.

    22. "it's a french culture. hey that was easy."

      French, Scottish, Irish etc. In any event supposedly you hold out that Quebec is special because its French which is fine. What makes you think that because of being a French culture that you need special powers or treatment which greater than the other provinces are bestowed. Sounds to me like you think Quebec is superior to the other parts or territories of Canada. If you look at your debt clock, economy and level of corruption it should be obvious that Quebec is hardly a superior territory. As a matter of fact Quebec is the opposite from superior.

  41. Gaétan Barrette a voté Oui en 1995


    1. so he once thought that quebec could do better with all its fiscal revenue under its control, the ability to deal directly with other countries and the power to enact its own laws? so if he's a separatist that ran for caq and liberals, is that proof enough that he's in it for the power trip? houda-pepin, who backs most of pq's secularity charter, seems like a better candidate than barrette to represent la pinière people.

      it's the second liberal candidate to be outed as a separatist after it was shown that leitao was all praise over the latest separatist budget.

    2. @student

      Tweet de G.Barrette datant du 31 Août 2012

      "Cette élection sera le choix entre le rêve du PQ,les enveloppes brunes de vous savez qui et la réalité!Votons CAQ"

    3. @press 9

      why did they pick him up?!? basic incompetence from couillard, or what? or maybe they needed a doctor that had not been a bad health minister before, and he was the only one available.

    4. @student - why did they pick him up?!?

      Simple - they did a sondage and realized that despite the hypocrisy of picking him up, that he stands the best chance of defeating Houda-Pepin.

      Barrette's a profiteur and that shit's clear to everyone. But at the end of the day all signs point that he can keep the riding a plq one and that's it that's all.

    5. I'm speechless - Mathieu Bock-Côté just told sr to shut his fucking mouth. What?1?

    6. Bernie is just hurt that Gaétan has chosen to be with every major party in Quebec but the PQ Even he wouldn't stoop that low, and that's saying something!

  42. I think it's great having Press 9 and student/mate-boy sharing links and commenting on this blog. Go check out the OFFICIAL PQ youtube page and watch their latest video... proudly proclaiming Quebec has already separated from Canada. It was released on the eve of them calling an election 5 days ago, and only has 180 views! Funny cat videos get way more attention! Is it that people are sick and tired of their BS, or has the global phenomenon of social media not caught up with their voter base? I think they've been getting the message the past couple of days...since they've done a complete 180. Now they're backpedaling on being open and honest about a majority victory = a referendum.

    1. Gaétan is a fu***** fat seppie smh

  43. FROM ED
    Cutie, my God your a hard head. I have an in with the Liberal campaign machine as you must know if you read my posts. They are having trouble with the damned partition that you and others keep bringing up. The party has no intention of dividing Quebec but they are getting emails and calls from voters saying that if they are going to divide Quebec they will vote PQ because at least the PQ will keep the province intact. You and Anectote with your bloody partitioning dreams are like a couple of kids playing with fire. For God's sake grow up little girls people are going to be hurt by you acting like a couple of know it all pundits. Ed

    1. We've been running in circles for almost 40 years, with the threat of separation choking everyone. What good would it do THIS TIME, to placate swing voters/continue with the Seps extortion? The point is, going down the same road hasn't gotten us anywhere...and there's no way voting PQ would keep the province intact.

    2. I know people that are going to vote PQ just because they are so sick of all this - they want a referendum and then to partition because of those very circles you are talking about. Sorry Ed - this is how things are going to go from now on - no more kissing the A$$'s of the seppies so people are telling Couillard that unless things change, this is what's going to go down. I have to admit that if it brings some kind of resolution to all this shit, I'm all for it. STOP TELLING PEOPLE WHAT TO SAY AND WHAT TO DO! THIS IS NOT YOUR BLOG NOR DO YOU HAVE ONE THAN ONE VOTE JUST LIKE THE REST OF US! You don't like the idea of partition because of where you live in Laval and say that it's separatist but we'll be able to assist people like you move once we get rid of quebec! That's it - no more bills, charters, strangleholds, threats, money, nothing is going to stop people from getting out of this place if there is a referendum - the grass roots are going to talk this time and no more appeasement to these separatists. They want more control - NO MORE CONTROL OVER ANYTHING FOR QUEBEC AND NO MORE POWER TO QUEBEC - They're in or they're out!

    3. You'll love this AnecTOTE and even Ed can take heart: lol


  44. If you're in with the Liberal campaign machine, I'm on your email list...and haven't been sold on the whole 'partionist dreams' either. Still, these guys you're calling out are private Quebec/Canadian citizens...with less basic rights than the rest of Canada. Regardless of who believes what, every one in Canada is either publicly or privately fed up. Sorry they're throwing a wrench in your game plan, but trying to keep it business as usual on the merry-go-round just won't work anymore. Not only that, but I would bet these bloggers are Liberal. Not many Federalist Anglo Quebeckers are trying to intentionally hurt the Liberals, I'm sure. The Family photos are cute, but all their other emails are donation requests. I'll open up my wallet when you engage with our reality. Our team is losing, and we're supposed to be the country in this relationship. We're letting the bilingualism of Canada slide into us versus them. Neither side agrees, the hate gets worse, and we continue a generation of lost opportunities on all sides. The weakness of the PQ, is that all they've ever offered is the dream. OK...for many ethnic groups, the dream of a homogenous homeland has been a just that. You need to do everyone in Canada a favor, and wake the separatists up. What would happen SHOULD a referendum occur. Let's remind ourselves that we're the country in this relationship, show that we're serious about their concerns, and encourage an honest and open dialogue looking into legalities first, then addressing the needs of the Natives, debt, borders, trade, currency, etc..

  45. FROM ED
    Again the blog has become a waste of time. Between trolls and trollers plus so many anonymous posters added to indivisuals posting under different titles it's become impossible to make sense Ed

  46. From FB: Please take some action everyone - your help is needed to get rid of the PQ.

    VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR THE ELECTION CAMPAIGN: With an election having been called there is a great need for volunteers among all of the parties. Perfectly bilingual volunteers are especially needed to call up voters in close ridings. This is NOT an invitation for the many here who support the Parti Quebecois or any other separatist party. If you would like to volunteer for a political party please send me an email at murlev@gmail com and I will put you in touch with an organization that directs volunteers to various political parties.

    1. Cutie,

      I'll probably donate to both the Libs and the CAQ.

      Anybody that fights the PQ is worth donating to.

      Choosing who to vote for is a secondary issue.

    2. And so Miss Piggy says on the 6:00 news that her first priority is the charter, next Bill 14, next separation. Not a word about the economy and these rubes will vote for her. Just f---ing unbelievable. Guess you're right - the only way out for this province is to burn it to the ground and start to hell over. Wait for the whining when they have no more credit and nothing to eat. Then and only then will they learn that you can't live on dreams. Dumb asses.

  47. Le PQ largue le projet de loi de citoyenneté et propose un centre sur l'intégrisme

    Le Parti québécois (PQ) largue son projet de loi sur la citoyenneté et reprend une idée de Fatima Houda-Pepin pour lutter contre l'intégrisme.

    Quel coup de maître!

    1. So do they have any numbers on honor crimes and fundamentalism being a problem or being on the increase before building a centre to fight it? Or will they be proposing a centre for Chimeras and jabberwockies next week? The only fundamentalist movement in Quebec that committed crimes of late was the FLQ, so is the centre going to be dedicated to fighting extreme separatists?

  48. I'm responsible for a couple of the anonymous comments, and apologize. I was much younger in '95, and the referendum question is something I now have to live with as an adult, which is new and frustrating. I'll take a break and maybe sign up for a permanent account later... but wanted to share some COOL news I read today. A Quebec jeweler named Henry Seth Taylor invented the 4 wheel automobile, BEFORE Karl Benz. Regardless of his language, that's pretty cool!

    1. You dpn;t need to signup. Just use "name/url" and put whatever you want.

      You don;t want the seppies tracking you down and murdering you after the vote.

      Sorry, you'll be kidnapped and die by strangulation in SR trunk. Nobody will know anything.

    2. La campagne libérale vous fait souffrir n'est-ce pas ?

      Encore un petit mois et tout sera terminé :)

    3. ABSA,

      You know the only threats that count are made against seppies.

      Inspector Clouseau from the SQ will be on it, as soon as he finished paying himself and his friends from the "confidential informant" slush fund.

  49. "Quebec: Is It Time for a Dose of Tough Love"

    Pour ça il faudrait que nous voulions être aimés par le C*****.

  50. I have a question for this forum. Can this article be considered "francophobe"? It is a French (of France) article written in French language. If it was written on The Times or Washington Post, for sure Quebec separatist groups would call it francophobe.

    The ironically funniest part of the article is this:

    Le racisme anti-français n’existe qu’au Québec, pas dans les autres provinces. Pourquoi ? Parce que les québécois considèrent souvent les français comme arrogants, prétentieux et donneurs de leçons, ce qui n’est pas toujours faux. Cela dit, les français installés au Québec ne sont pas en reste : Ils considèrent le plus souvent les québécois comme incultes, superficiels et ultra-matérialistes, ce qui n’est pas faux non plus.

    1. As you more than likely already know, the Editor wrote a post about that article last August. A number of French immigrants are feeling scammed after coming here. Even though the article was written in 2009, people are still commenting on it.

      Can the French be francophobic? I suppose that since a homosexual can be homophobic (as a recent example, this anti-gay former Republican senator in the U.S. who just came out), I would say probably yes, it’s possible, but that the article isn’t.

      Nevertheless, this article provides a valuable, eye-opening analysis as a counterweight to the optimistic blahblah that the Quebec government foists upon potential immigrants. The immigration ministry is not even actively informing potential newcomers from the favoured francophone Maghreb about the ramifications of the proposed charter of secularism when they consider coming here.

      No wonder there are many immigrants who return home disillusioned with Quebec.

  51. Dear Friends,
    We are making our way home by automobile from sunny Florida and I write this from an extremely clean and nice hotel room in Virginia that costs $89, including free in-room wi-fi and breakfast!
    I'll be home tomorrow night and will offer a blog piece on Tuesday which is already taking form in my mind.

    At any rate, please be advised that we are approaching 200 comments after which you will have to load comments over the 200 threshold manually by clicking on 'load more' button.

    I understand that most all of you realize this, but you cannot believe the amount of email I get from frustrated commenters who wonder why I won't publish their comments.