Here are the rules for commenting, most of them you are already familiar with.
  • You may comment in English or French as in the past.
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  • You may not choose a screen name of any personality alive or dead. Be creative.
  •  You may express varying degrees of rage and anger, but gratuitous personal insults and ad hominem attacks are not allowed.
  • While rage and anger is allowed, racism, xenophobia, anglophobia, francophobia are not, but Quebec-bashing and Canadian-bashing is part of the discussion.
  • Try to avoid one-liners at all costs. Most are just tedious.
  • Readers with  opposing views are encouraged to contribute to the discussion and should be offered respect if they make their arguments respectfully and cogently.  
  • This is a blog about the Anglo and Ethnic condition in Quebec. For those against us, please don't bother with tiresome quotes from Pierre Falardeau  or Pierre Bourgault or other assorted separatist luminaries. Save the  "VIVE LE QUEBEC LIBRE!" quotes for We aren't interested and it won't be published.
  • Spelling, syntax and grammar monitors are not permitted. If you see an error, grin and bear it. This is a blog of ideas and anyways it's hard to be perfect at 4AM or typing on those nasty little keyboards on smartphones. RESIST THE URGE!  The only exception is errors that fall in the main blog piece. If you come across an error, I WOULD appreciate a polite email so that I can make a correction.