Monday, January 8, 2018

How Netflix Will Destroy Quebec Culture

There's a scene near the end of the movie Dirty Dancing, where the ageing owner of the fictional Catskill resort, waxes nostalgically about old times and the imminent changes ahead.
You and me, Tito...
It's that it all seems to be ending.
You think kids want to come with their parents
and take fox-trot lessons? 

Trips to Europe, that's what the kids want. 
Twenty-two countries in three days. 
It feels like it's all slipping away.
I can't help feeling that Quebec is undergoing such a transformation, where the old rules of established Francophone culture and conventions are being uprooted, led by, believe it or not,  the likes of streaming services like Netflix.

Anglo Canadiens are mystified at the uproar in Quebec over the Netflix deal which Ottawa made whereby the company would be left to its own devices for a $500 million dollar investment in Canadian film productions.
But in Quebec, the deal is Earth-shattering because it represents a frontal assault on the entrenched establishment of the Quebec francophone entertainment industry controlled by a few players who have a monopoly on delivering what amounts to French culture to a captive audience.

Up to recently, francophone entertainment consumers had a very restricted diet of locally produced francophone content on Radio Canada and TVA, as well as dubbed American programming also provided by these players. The small and moribund Quebec film industry is a disaster with all the excellent Quebec francophone directors following their Canadian anglophone counterparts down to Hollywood where success operates on a different level. In 2017, of all the films rated by the Régie du cinéma du Québec, only 11% were French, while 80% were English. Yikes!

What is true, is that Quebec francophone television and film is as bad as Canadian television and film, but being prisoners of language, most Quebecers are forced to make do, while Anglophones look to American produced movies and TV shows on network and cable television, as well as emerging services like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu.
Checking the ratings a few weeks ago, the top-rated Canadian English drama TV show was the "Indian Detective" which attracted 1.2 million viewers, while on the francophone side "District 31" pulled in 1.4 million viewers.
Considering that there are more than three times as many Anglophones as compared to francophones in Canada, it tells us that francophones are largely trapped by the language barrier, which is why Quebec television shows have ratings that tower over English shows produced in Canada.
And by the way, both the above shows are dreadful.

I laugh when out-of-touch sycophants like Mitch Garber lecture Anglophones that they should embrace francophone culture by listening to fossils like Robert Charlebois, an artist who peaked in the sixties and someone few if any francophones under thirty ever heard of.
“We are poorer for not knowing Martin Matte and Robert Charlebois.” -Mitch Garber
By the way, Charlebois' hit song back in 1968 featured this line;

"Alors chu reparti sur Québecair, Transworld, Northern, Eastern, Western, pis Pan American!
A song about six airlines that don't exist anymore. Is that somehow relevant today?

As for Martin Matte, his humour is very tribal, targetted exclusively for Quebec white, pur laine francophones and a fast talker at that, one that only the most fluent of fluent anglophones could understand.
I'm reminded of a trip to a Las Vegas convention where a few company employees and I went to a show by American Black comedian Jimmy Walker (Dy-no-mite!!!) After the show, we all remarked on how funny it was, all except the one francophone who admitted he couldn't understand a damn thing and I would classify him as being completely bilingual.

Sorry Mister Garber, French TV, which is the major media component and driver of francophone culture, is amateurish at best, but good or bad, francophones have embraced it because they had few options, and like their anglophones counterparts, only an extreme level of bilingualism can afford one the luxury of being entertained in another language.
The effect of this overwhelming exposure to local content is pronounced. Dramas take place locally and storylines reflect modern Quebec life with actors who speak the same dialect and act similarly.
It is a subtle and effective driver and moulder of insular local culture. Francophones don't necessarily watch these shows for the local flavour, but rather because it was the only game in town, but the effect is there.

And so why Netflix so dangerous?

First financially, local players have made a fortune on the backs of viewers and subsidies by Canadian taxpayers which over-contribute to the francophone side, a neat little scam that has made local Quebec production so lucrative. While generally receiving about 40% of federal subsidies for entertainment, you can imagine the rage at the Netflix deal which promises a paltry $25 million in French production against $475 million in English. The entrenched francophone media cartel wanted Netflix to contribute to the Canadian media fund from which they could grab up to 40% for local French productions.
In effect, they are demanding that an English American online content provider subsidize Quebec French productions, something that Netflix scoffed at. So Netflix got exactly what it wanted, Ottawa powerless to put up a real fight.
Quebec is powerless as well because there's not much to threaten Netflix with, short of banning the service by erecting a 'Poutine Wall.'
The manufactured debate over the fact that Netflix doesn't collect the provincial sales tax is but a red herring, meant to whip up opposition in a callous and underhanded manipulative effort to undermine its encroachment on the hitherto protected territory.
And come on, have you ever hear of a consumer lobby group demanding to pay more taxes?
Even if Quebec does impose the provincial sales tax on Netflix, it will be a trifle and I can't imagine 1% of customers cancelling their service in reaction.

But the real threat to Quebec culture is the programming that Netflix provides and this at affordable prices,  providing subscribers with the latest English programming with subtitles and more importantly, Netflix's original program which is dubbed into French. Netflix also provides a French language interface so unilingual francophones can manoeuvre through the myriad choice of programming with ease.
By the way, the dubbing that Netflix provides on its own exclusive programming is far superior to anything done in Quebec with production budgets and standards that dwarf anything Quebec media can muster. Read a fascinating account of the effort Netflix puts into dubbing. How Netflix translated “Stranger Things”
Alas, this dubbing is in Parisien French meant to cater to a worldwide audience, something that infuriates Quebec language militants to no end, exposing Quebecers to a different "French" experience as well as costing dubbing jobs in Quebec.
Aside from all this are the stories themselves, which no longer feature Quebec locales or story lines, and which are, to say the least, more compelling. The vaunted Quebec star system is complety bypassed, another nail in the coffin of Quebec culture.

As the famed Eddie Cantor warned America in a song issued after World War One about returning American soldiers;

"How ya gonna keep 'em down on the farm
After they've seen Paree'
How ya gonna keep 'em away from Broadway
Jazzin around and paintin' the town
How ya gonna keep 'em away from harm, that's a mystery
They'll never want to see a rake or plough
And who the deuce can parleyvous a cow?
How ya gonna keep 'em down on the farm
After they've seen Paree"
The truth is that Quebec media cannot compete with Netflix where it's original programming is more compelling than local content and which lifts Quebec francophone viewers into the major leagues. The result will transform even those unilingual francophones living in the boonies into becoming more cosmopolitan and worldly, freed from the shackles of insular local content.

For many years Quebec culture and language militants have scoffed at English Canada for being engulfed by the international anglo culture led by America. These people cherished Quebec's cultural individualness but Netflix, for better or worse, will lead francophone Quebec down that same garden path and as Max Kellerman warned us...'it's all slipping away.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Trudeau's Ethics Violation- Much Ado About Nothing

Regular readers will note that I'm not a big Justin Trudeau fan, in fact, I despise his very essence.
A phoney dilettant who lectures us with alt.liberal canned jargon with a smug superior attitude that breathes contempt for anyone who disagrees with his radical beliefs.

Trudeau is a Prime Minister without moral scruples, spending money that he doesn't have by burdening future generations with a debt load they never approved or bargained for.
In this respect, he's a chip off the old block, his father was another big spender who mortgaged Canada's future by spending money the country didn't have.

All this said I cannot hide a certain incredulity over the manufactured brouhaha over his vacation on what has become known as 'billionaire's island' a trip now found in breach of Parliamentary ethical standards.
Nobody seems to take Trudeau to task for raiding your grandchildren's legacy by borrowing billions upon billions and making them the guarantor of that debt, yet a mooched vacation is a big deal.

Usually, defecit spending is explained by a pressing need to end an economic recession or perhaps to finance a war. Such is not the case with young Justin who is borrowing and blowing billions upon billions of dollars just to keep his government popular.
Of course, his supporters tend to explain away or ignore this national theft because it is convenient, but what Trudeau and the Liberals are doing is unconscionable. It is taxation without representation because while we voted for him and his government, the unborn future generations who will be saddled with his debt certainly did not.
Deficit spending is hard for the average Canadian to oppose because the average Canadian is easily bribed with his or her own money and even more excited about being bribed with their grandchildren's money.
Since it is the holiday season let us make a Christmas analogy where we compare two fathers who treat the family finances differently.
Both families are facing a financially tough situation and the first father gathers the family around the dinner table and tells them that they will have to live with a less extravagant Christmas, where every family member will be limited to one modestly-priced present. The father explains that the family finances dictate that prudence be the rule and the future financial well-being of the family demands discipline.
The second father sees things differently and even though his family is as financially strapped as the first, he goes out and blows thousands and thousands of dollars on expensive and lavish Christmas gifts.
The children are thrilled and the father is a hero.
What the children don't know is that the deadbeat dad has taken out loans to pay for his largesse and that those loans were taken in the children's' name, unbeknownst and without their permission. It is they who will have to assume the debt once they grow up and join the workforce.
Justin Trudeau is that deadbeat dad and we should be outraged at his spendthrift behaviour, but alas we are not because we are infatuated with the Trudeau persona which blinds too many of us.

As for his ethics violation or even that of his finance minister, Bill Morneau, these are trifling distractions, small potatoes that the opposition seized upon because idiot Canadians cannot comprehend the real damage that Trudeau and company are wreaking on the finances of this country.

As for Trudeau's vacation on the island of a billionaire Arab benefactor, I couldn't care less. It is a trifle.
And by the way, what's a Prime Minister to do?
There is a Prime Ministerial retreat in Harrington Lake, but it hardly counts as a winter getaway. The Prime Minister cannot book a week at Club Med or a Carnival cruise.
Contrary to popular belief, Trudeau is not a gazillionaire as is his finance minister. The mooched vacation actually saved the government of Canada a considerable amount of money, the Aga Khan picked up most of the expenses.
As for special treatment, the Aga Khan doesn't need Canada's money, he is very rich. Any money given to his charities by Canadians is just that, what?

The opposition is playing a dirty game because they cannot make a real case against Trudeau, something that they should be able to do without employing cheap distractions.

I've come to conclude that Canadians voters are just as stupid as American voters and issues don't matter, while personality does.

For those of you enraged by Justin's trip to billionaire's island last year, take solace in that the Trudeau clan will no doubt be spending a very cold and local Christmas vacation this year. That's punishment enough for his trivial ethics violation.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Muslims and Jews Targeted Falsely by Quebec Network

Fake news happens when reporters and or news organizations want a story to be true so badly that they throw journalistic standards out the window.

This week saw Quebec's largest independent network TVA, publish quite prominently, two stories that were completely untrue, stories that fed into the latent racism that marks Quebec society.

The first story, is that of a mosque in Côte-des- Neiges in Montreal, that was falsely accused of asking a construction company which was doing work in the street in front of the mosque if it could curtail the presence of women on the job site on Fridays during prayers.
You've probably heard about that fiasco and the network's tepid reaction to the revelation that the story was completely false, a figment of imagination of two construction workers whose word the dimwit TVA reporter took at face value without verification.
The reporter confronted the mosque officials and told them that the contract for the work had a clause banning women from the site, a complete lie that the reporter made up or one that she had been fed. If she was told this by a source,  she should have realized that it couldn't be true because the contract was between the city and the contractor, one which the mosque had nothing to do with, nor any input in its terms.
After the leaders of the mosque denied ever making such a demand, they asked for proof that such a clause actually existed, to which the dummy reporter, Marie-Pier Cloutier, told them she'd be back with the contract which according to her, would show in "black and white" the interdiction on women, which of course never happened. The city later confirmed that no such clause existed. The very idea that the city would include such a clause in a contract is ludicrous and the moron reporter, should have known this.
You'd think editors and bosses back at the ranch would smell a rat, but this story was too good to be true and thus they ran with banner headlines and video splashed across its media empire. Politicians, including our Premier, commented on how wrong this incident was and a militant anti-Muslim group announced a demonstration in front of the mosque to protest.

Credit the CCQ, the Commission overseeing the construction industry which undertook a lightning fast investigation after complaints from the mosque. In short order, the CCQ announced that the whole affair was a complete 100% fabrication.
TVA first defended its reporting but later reluctantly admitted that they were suckered and published what amounted to fake news. That being said, the network issued a 'clarification' buried at the bottom of its web page which wasn't really much of an apology.
And by the way, even after the story was debunked, the planned demonstration against the mosque still went ahead with one protester telling a reporter that the story was probably true, but covered up.

The mosque received the requisite number of threats and was forced to put up a banner proclaiming that it supports women's rights. Police were required to provide security and this Friday's prayers were sparsely attended for good reason.

And that's not the only fake news coming out of TVA.
Earlier in the week, it reported that an SAQ outlet, (the government-run liquor monopoly) had left its Christmas tree holiday tree, unadorned in one of its locations because it did not want to offend the area's large Hassidic community.
"Pro-active unreasonable accommodations" was the outraged opinions offered by the network which reported the story without checking the sources. Let us remember that TVA is a large network with huge resources.
It turns out the tree wasn't decorated because it was too scrawny and couldn't hold decorations. When a customer asked why the tree wasn't decorated, an annoyed store clerk trolled the complainer by telling her the made up story about offending Jews. The outraged customer contacted TVA to complain and the network shamefully ran the story without ever checking the validity of the claim with the SAQ.
When the network realized that it had published another fake news story, they actually blamed the employee for the fiasco and playfully commented that they had been 'had' with a clever play on words.
 "FAIT PASSER UN SAPIN" is a French phrase which translates as 'getting stuck with a fir (Xmas) tree.' which means having been fooled.

At any rate, all this happens because Quebecers want these stories to be true, in order to validate their prejudice.
Quebec's TVA network suffers from the same disease that has befallen American networks like CNN, ABC and CNBC whose opposition to Donald Trump is so bitter that they publish any negative tidbit they can without applying proper journalistic standards, leading to the same embarrassing retractions as has befallen TVA.

TVA says they are reviewing their journalistic practices in light of the fiascoes, but it probably is just a smokescreen and when the smoke clears it will be business as usual, publishing real and dubious stories that make minorities look bad.
Because the public loves it. It feeds the xenophobia and anti-English sentiment that rages throughout the province.

Monday, December 11, 2017

For Liberals... The Trump Phenomenon Explained

It amuses me more than just a little to see Liberals throwing their hands up in the air in abject horror, exasperation and utter bewilderment at the ongoing saga of the Donald Trump presidency.
For those Liberals who took a small measure of solace in the misguided hope that Trump would somehow moderate his campaign rhetoric and morph into something more 'presidential' once he attained the office, it is as if their worst fears were realized and to their consternation Trump has perhaps gotten even more arrogant, dishonest and bizarre.
For Liberals, it is not only Trump's policies that have them unnerved, but his personal conduct and reputation that have them blowing smoke out of their ears, utterly confused as to how even staunch conservatives could ever vote for such a repugnant character.

But conservative voters did vote for Trump and most still support him.
This remains the most confusing element for Liberals to understand and most attribute Trump's unlikely and surprising support to the uninformed and simplistic beliefs of the great unwashed.

Just a few days ago Chris Matthews of CNBC displayed the most arrogant Liberal rage against southern evangelicals, typical of the Liberal disdain for those who hold religious views or conservative values.
"Don't think this isn't related to Alabama next week. It is related," Matthews said. "Because it’s the Christian Evangelicals down there with their crazy ideas about Israel which is, I don't know, mythical. They don't understand the situation over there, how tricky it is ethnically and tribally," he added. "They don't care because it's a religious belief. "
According to Liberals, only the deeply religious, the stupid and the naive could possibly support Trump while conceding that unfortunately, America has too many religious, stupid and naive voters.

And so Liberals continue to scratch their heads and wonder how on Earth any thinking person could vote or continue to support Donald Trump. Those on CNN and CNBC pontificate ad nauseum, citing Trump's gaffs and lies in order to attack and denigrate his conservative agenda.

To understand how big the Trump presidential victory was, between the Black, Hispanic and Muslim vote, which accounted for 32% of the electorate, Trump received just 25% support meaning that out of the remaining 68% of the electorate, he had to win 2/3 of their votes to become president.
So I guess that the Liberals are right, there are quite a lot of deeply religious, stupid and naive White Americans.

With pious claims of impartiality, CNN, CNBC and the like, mercilessly trample and denigrate Trump, his associates, his policies and his agenda, all the while its Liberal commentators and Liberal supporters are furious that most of the country pays them no never-mind.

The latest merciless attacks by  CNN on Judge Roy Moore, the Alabama state judge who is the Republican nominee in the upcoming December 12, 2017, Senate special election, has bordered on the hysterical and the obscene.
If  Liberals hate Trump, Moore has values and ideas that make Trump look like a Liberal card-carrying member of the ACLU. There can be no candidate, short of a neo-nazi or KKK member that can generate more Liberal hysteria and hair-pulling.

I watched the latest screed on CNN Sunday morning where the ever-smug ultra-Liberal Michael Smerconish checked off, one by one, the alleged transgressions of the Republican candidate, allegations that happened thirty years ago that purport that Moore had a penchant for dating young and underaged girls, sometimes against their will.
An incredulous Smerconish implored his guest to explain just how on Earth anyone could vote for the judge in the face of such overwhelming evidence of lechery and moral turpitude. Smerconish's obvious pain and exasperation was for me a delicious serving of schadenfreude.

Let me attempt to explain to Smerconish and other Liberals exactly why conservatives vote for Trump and the even less lovable Judge Roy Moore.

Let us return to a mythical high school where a certain freshman named Wally is a poor student who is bullied unmercifully by his peers for his bumpkin ways, his deeply religious affiliation, and his goofy attire and demeanour.  The bullies not only beat him up in the bathroom, dunking his head in the toilet and delivering painful wedgies, they steal his lunch money on a daily basis and make his life generally intolerable. Although he complains to authorities, the system doesn't seem able to cope and finally out of frustration and inner rage he decides to do something himself.
He lets it be known that he's looking to pay a senior to remedy the situation and receives two replies.
The first is from a honours student named Randy who is a champion of the debating team and comes from a great family. His reputation is impeccable and he promises to do right by Wally, explaining that he will confront the bullies and convince them through reason to let up or at least reduce the pain. He promises to do his best but warns Wally to be realistic in his expectations.
Wally is dutifully unimpressed.
The second respondent is Rocco, a nasty thug who has been suspended twice, once for grabbing a girls breasts in class and the second for unleashing a frightful foul-mouthed tirade against a teacher who gave him a failing grade. He was expelled from his last school for beating up a fellow student and for telling damaging lies and denigrating teachers and students who cross him.
He explains to Wally that his methods are simple, he will beat the living daylights out of the leader of the bullies and in the unlikely event that the bullying continues he will escalate the violence.
He promises unequivocably that the bullying will end. Period.

Wally ponders who to hire.
Rocco may be disreputable and he may break a few bones along the way, but his brutish methods sound like a winning formula and so, morals aside, the decision is easy. Wally doesn't care if Rocco is uncouth and violent, or if he is a sexual predator. He doesn't care if Rocco breaks the rules and a few legs along the way and he certainly isn't perturbed by Rocco's nasty reputation. He hires Rocco.

When word gets out that Wally has hired Rocco, the teachers and fellow students implore him to reconsider, citing Rocco's nasty and dangerous reputation.
How can you hire a guy who treats women like that?
How can you hire a guy who resorts to violence?
How can you hire a liar?
How can you put your faith in such an untrustworthy goon?

These entreaties of course fall on  Wally's deaf ears.
Wally cares little about those who complain about Rocco, because they are the ones who have let Wally down in the past. Their opinions are of no importance. In fact the more they howl about how nasty Rocco is and how uncomfortable he makes them, the happier Wally is.

And so well-ensconced and financially secure Liberals need to understand that America is full of Wallys who aren't doing as well and are none too happy about it. Donald Trump is their chosen deliverer and his misdeeds are of no import, his nastiness, lack of morals and dubious character are exactly what they desire in a leader who will defend their interests against the hitherto ruling class that has ignored their interests.

Voters are selfish.
If the choice is between someone of good reputation but who doesn't reflect the platform that voters desire, then the candidate who does, even with a checkered past or dubious reputation will get their vote.
This is the lesson of the 2016 presidential election.

So Smerconish and Mathews and the rest of the Liberal Press corps of CNN and CNBC can trash talk Trump all they want, supporters don't give a flying fig.

Donald Trump may appear rash and stupid, his hyperbole naked and embarrassing, to Liberals, that is.
But his branding of CNN, the New York Times, MSNBC as purveyors of 'fake news' was brilliant and not altogether untrue. These media outlets have been working overtime to bring down his presidency with skewered reporting and false stories rushed to air or print with too little or no editorial oversight.
Read: CNN error extends run of journalistic mishaps
Read: 7 Times CNN Botched The News In 2017

Trump has brilliantly rendered the Liberal media irrelevant to his constituency and as hard as this media tries to bring down his presidency, the people that it needs to convince, that is the Trump supporters, have tuned them out.

And that is why Trump endures.

Liberals may hate Trump's agenda but that is the agenda that America voted for.
This reality enrages Liberals who refuse to accept the results of the presidential election, choosing to believe that the unseen hand of Russia's Vladimir Putin somehow put his thumb on the electoral scale in favour of Trump and thus rigged the election. It is an ongoing fantasy propagated by the Liberal media in order to delegitimize Trump and assuage the very real pain and angst his presidency has inflicted upon the delicate Liberal soul.

And so Trump said he'd recognize Jeruselum as Israel's capital and he did so last week over the howls of disbelief by a Liberal media that actually believe the fiction that Mideast peace negotiations will be affected when the reality is that there are no peace negotiations.
Trump withdrew from the Paris climate accord exactly as he said he would, sending climate activists into a catatonic state. Too bad.
Trump said he'd re-negotiate the NAFTA free trade agreement and despite Canada's contention that the treaty isn't unfair, our Prime Minister is offering untold concessions because he has no choice. If NAFTA survives, the United States will win some impressive concessions. Too bad for Canada, good for the USA.
Trump will build a wall across the Mexican border because he promised he would and the Liberal media's will continue to peddle the fiction that the project is unrealistic and too expensive despite security walls existing in over sixty-five countries, including poor countries like India which has built a 2,500-mile fence across its border with Bangladesh. Read: How 65 countries have erected fences on their borders
The illegal alien situation will begin to be addressed under Trump, despite the Liberal's endorsement of the status quo where illegals work as indentured servants, depressing salaries of lower class Americans and continuing America's fine tradition of slavery.

Too bad for the Liberals.
The meek of America have finally inherited the USA power structure.

In closing, I'd like to comment on the Trump character assassination that pervades the Liberal media.
Trump is certainly no angel, but consider;
In constantly painting Trump as a misogynist and a liar, the Liberal media forget that their presidential idols, Bill Clinton and John F Kennedy were infinitely worse scoundrels. Cheaters who lied to the world about their reckless and serial infidelities and this while serving in the White house, employing secret service assets to hide their sex addiction, counting on the Liberal media to defend them.

Perhaps the nastiest trait that Liberals manifest is their unflinching belief that they have all the answers and that those who offer a different scenario are seriously retarded.
Look to the American colleges and universities that are thrashing free expression because views other than the that offered by the Liberal ruling caste cannot be tolerated.
This attitude continues in the Liberal media which cannot fathom or accept a president who isn't a Liberal and one who ignores their entitled pronouncements and demands.

Their pain is palpable and real. This comeuppance is a continuing gift to those who cannot stomach Liberal arrogance and watching them suffer is a particularly pleasant gift this holiday season.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Anglo Betrayal...Et Tu, Couillard?

To all those politicians who claim that it's no big deal for the Quebec National Assembly to produce a unanimous motion decrying bilingual greetings, I wish them to imagine Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario, rising in Parliament to decry the fact that too much French is used on the streets and in the stores and restaurants of Ottawa and should, therefore, be discouraged through parliamentary motion because it is an 'irritant.'
Ridiculous, you say..??

I laugh when I hear quislings like Geoff Kelly, Liberal MNA of a predominantly Montreal riding of Jacques-Cartier, characterize the affair as “a tempest in a teapot.”


Of course, Kelley would like to downplay his betrayal because quite simply, he sold out his constituency along with other Liberal MNAs who represent predominantly Anglo ridings.

For some turncoats, it is to be expected, like the always backstabbing, pretend francophone Kathleen Weil who does a rather effective impression of the infamous Rachel Dolezal, the white women who pretended to be black in order to secure a job with a Black organization.
Like the unfortunate Dolezal, Weil fails to understand that try as she might pretend to be francophone, she will always be considered nothing more than one of 'Les Autres' by the pur et dur.

But for me, the most disappointing turncoat is David Birnbaum, the MNA for the heavily Anglo and Jewish riding of Darcy McGee who also voted for the motion, an act that reminds me of the KAPOs, those Jewish turncoats who brutally supervised fellow prisoners as warders for their Nazi overlords in the concentration camps spread across Eastern Europe in World War Two.

Too much?......I think not.
In Birnbaum, the spirit of self-preservation is more important than the collective good of his constituency and like the Kapos, I bet he'll claim that by siding with the enemy, he can best mitigate the damage to the community by playing both sides.

I wonder whether Mitchell Brownstein, the Mayor of Cote Saint-Luc, Hampstead mayor William Steinberg and federal MNA Anthony Housefather, all members of the tribe and voted in by their largely Jewish and Anglo constituencies will condemn Birnbaum for his insulting betrayal.
Somehow I am betting they will all stay silent, pooh-poohing the affair, too afraid to rock the boat and jeopardize the cozy and incestuous relationship they enjoy with the Liberal party.

And so finally, the Quebec Liberal party, despite its entreaties of love and respect for the anglophone community has laid bare its utter cynicism, throwing us under the bus without much of a fight at the first sign of trouble.
"I would rather people, even an English-speaking Quebecer, just said Bonjour,” Couillard said.
For the Government of Quebec, to call the use of English an 'irritant' is beyond the pale, perhaps a Freudian slip that usually occurs while under the influence or in the heat of a familial argument. The ease at which the slur rolled was made and the non-existent pushback by any politican lays bare the reality of the enmity to which English is held in the National Assembly by ALL PARTIES.

I hope this monumental faux pas comes back to bite the Liberals in the ass, but I remain unconvinced as Anglos have always sighed, put water in their wine and voted Liberal anyways, as the better of all evils.
Nothing would please me more than for the Anglos to finally say enough is enough, that platitudes and false entreaties of respect and love won't cut it anymore.
For us, it isn't a case of "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me," because let's be honest, we have been lied to and deceived on an ongoing basis by the Liberals who snicker at our stupidity and gullibility behind our backs.
The Bonjour-Hi affair isn't a trifle, it is, in fact, the latest manifestation by Quebec politicians and their compliant media accomplices to erase the face of English in Quebec while pretending that they respect and value the Anglo presence.
The sad fact is that they want to render us invisible in order to foster the myth that Montreal is a French city, instead of what it really is-- bilingual.
As so the powers that be, want us to be like the Christians in ancient Rome who were forced to practice their religion in secret, underground and out of sight. The reality is that the Quebec Liberals and all the other political parties view us as interlopers who represent a threat, one that must be constantly checked and contained lest we propagate like a plague of household cockroaches.

The Bonjour-Hi parliamentary motion is a continuation of the ongoing effort to eradicate anglophones and English in Quebec, nothing less.

The Premier can blather on about how trivial this affair might be and that Anglos should take the affair in context, but who has a thinner linguistic skin than these same politicians who went collectively apeshit over a pronouncement of a low-level shoe store manager who inadvertently insulted the French majority by expressing himself majorally in English during a news conference.

Holding such primal anti-English views is par for the course in Quebec, where nasty and racist anti-English public pronouncements by those in high places goes without any public reproach because it generally reflects the common Francophone Quebecers views and attitudes.
Being offended by Bonjour-Hi is really about being offended by Anglophones and the English language. Wanting Bonjour-Hi to disappear is wanting the Anglos to disappear, short and simple.
“First thing you have to say, I think, is ‘bonjour.’ It’s about respect, it’s easy to understand.” Pascal Beribé of the PQ
Readers, I am tired of being lectured and hectored about respect by cheap separatist politicians and language fanatics who heap scorn and disrespect on the English, while demanding that we demonstrate undeserved respect on the basis of numbers.
I wonder how separatists would react to being lectured by federal politicians that they owe respect to the Canadian majority and the Canadian cultural mosaic based on nothing more than the numbers. Ha!

Does it matter who we vote for in the next election?
Not on the basis of language, where the other parties are no better than the Liberals.
So who to vote for?

I am reminded of a long-gone family member, an uncle who lived in Philadelphia, a cigar-chomping grouchy old codger who always crowed about voting against the sitting President, Republican or Democrat. According to his logic, all politicians are bums and deserve to be tossed out, even if it means replacing losers with losers.
That attitude may seem to make no real sense, but funny, to me it makes perfect sense.
I will never vote for Phillipe Couillard, David Birnbaum or any Quebec Liberal party candidate.

It's time for a new batch of losers.