Friday, October 15, 2021

Threat of Montreal Partition Driving Quebec Language Militants Mad

I told you before that a partition movement for the island of Montreal, whether ultimately successful or not is the only strategy that can lead to any sort of satisfactory outcome for minority communities in Quebec.

All the good intentions and lobbying by Anglo and ethnic community leaders intended to attenuate the precepts of Bill 96 are doomed to failure because for French-language militants and the CAQ government itself, punishing our communities, either for political gain or sport, is more important than the phony and unneeded protection of the French language that the law would purportedly provide.
The more we howl and complain the more they enjoy inflicting the pain, like a demon child sadistically roasting ants with a magnifying glass.
Too graphic?
How about a snarly Mexican bandito gleefully shooting bullets around the feet of his prisoner shouting.."Dance! Dance!"
Get the picture.

They are not indifferent to our pain and suffering, they are in fact revelling in it. That is what we are up against and the sooner we accept this reality, the sooner we can pivot..

This last week something happened that I've been waiting impatiently for.
A political voice has spoken the unspeakable in public, firing the first real and effective salvo in protecting and defending our linguistic rights.

For all those organizing a futile lobbying effort to soften the harsh elements of Bill 96, it is time to embrace the reality that polite dissent will not be effective. We need to embrace a different tact, and as the old saying goes...the best defence is a good offence.

Balarama Holness: Daring to go where no man has gone before.
Longshot Mayoral candidate Balarma Holness finally brooched the subject of Montreal seeking its own path in the language debate, rocking the political status quo, sending French language militants into an apoplectic rage-fest.

Balarma Holness said he’d ask the Office de consultation publique de Montréal to hold a one-year consultation on the status of English and French in the city’s public and private institutions. During the hearings, he would also consult Montrealers on whether they wanted the city to hold a referendum on language. The outcome of that referendum, which would not be held during his first mandate, would determine whether French remains Montreal’s only official language, he said — even if the mayor of Montreal does not actually have the power to declare the city bilingual.
“The National Assembly will not determine the character and the nature of the city of Montreal. Montrealers will determine that,” he declared.
“If Montrealers want to hold a referendum … we will do so and we will be asking both the provincial and federal governments to respect the democratic willingness of Montrealers,” he added.
Should citizens want bilingual status for Montreal, Bill 96, overhauling Quebec’s French language Charter, would not apply to the city, he said. Montreal Gazette
“In 2018, Holness argued that if Quebec became a country, Montreal would have the right to separate from it. He even pleaded for the organization of a Montreal referendum to allow the separation of the metropolis. Holness is what we call a partitionist” Journal de Montreal {fr}
Now if I was a consultant for the other side I'd advise them to ignore Mr. Holness because he has little chance of winning and almost no profile in the French community.
His missive on special status or partition would go largely unnoticed.

BUT of course, rabid protectors of the faith could not resist engaging and unloaded a barrage of hate and criticism via the francophone media that was so vitriolic it spawned a campaign of hate against Mr. Holness that included death threats and hate mail so bad that he reported it to the police.

Here's one such fan mail;
" In the name of proud Quebecers, I am telling you that you are an effing dirty nigger. A bastard immigrant who needs to be killed. Do us a favour Dolarama, kill yourself, otherwise ask someone to shoot you. Dammed shitty nigger, fuck you motherfucker" 

While this hateful reaction is unacceptable, it does demonstrate the fear we can strike into the hearts of our tormentors. 

I promised you in many previous posts that this would happen, that the mere mention by someone of substance the possibility of Montreal going its own way would spark the reaction we need to bring our issues front and center and force a real debate.
It would eliminate the free ride the CAQ is enjoying in bashing our community.

Here are a few samples of the furious reaction in the French media.

Those who believed in a credible 3rd voice for Montreal will be disappointed. Balarama Holness has just made a totally irresponsible decision by promising to hold a referendum on the linguistic status of Montreal. 
He is playing with fire. 
As if we needed an open war between French and English in Montreal on the status of French city or bilingual of the metropolis when French is already faltering. What a lack of judgment! ELSIE LEFEBVRE 
I most enjoyed the ugly screed written by ethnocentric Mathieu Bock-Coté who went apeshit over the pronouncement made by Mr. Holness, reminding readers that he is a black activist who had the temerity to complain that the person named by the government to combat racism "wasn't the right colour."

Mr. Bock-Coté likes to label those who oppose his views on Quebec society as "White Rhodesians," but since Mr. Holness is Black he had to settle on 'neo-Rhodesian'
Like many of Mr. Coté's posts, this one was quickly scrubbed of the slur, but not before being published.

Please understand and forgive me for insisting: I am not talking here of all those who reclaim “diversity”, but rather a radical multiculturalist movement that instrumentalizes the reference to diversity in order to reject our people. in our own country.

This agenda will find an ever greater echo in the years to come. It expresses a real contempt for Quebeckers, who are presented as a bunch of rednecks, hicks, filthy, intolerant people behind the times regarding modern diversity. This ethnic supremacism is hidden behind the banner of diversity and inclusion.” Journal du Montreal

Another famous Anglophobe, Normand Lister in a sarcastic piece, hits the nail on the head with this observation:

.... the other reason for the Anglos to vote overwhelmingly for Balarama is that they could them intimidate the Legault government, which is already uncomfortable in regards to  language reform.” Link{fr} 

In a radio interview, Jean-François Lisée warned that the movement to free Montreal from the clutches of an inconsiderate Quebec government is serious and may already enjoy 30-40% support on the island of Montreal. 

That's much more support than Brexit enjoyed in the infancy of the movement.

Let us be inspired by the American Declaration of Independence which in part states;

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.
Let us therefore declare;

That the adoption of Bill 96 requires the island of Montreal be afforded 'special status' vis-a-vis the law and failing such, a referendum will be organized to seek sovereignty from Quebec with the goal of becoming the eleventh Canadian province
If our leaders and journalists adopt this confrontational line we can achieve much more than by grovelling.
Of course, the idea of a referendum will be rejected out of hand by the CAQ and the media, but given the manifest support on the island, politicians will have to deal with it.

More importantly is the man in the street, especially in the rest of the province,  who will be frightened over a looming political referendum that just might go the other way.
Possibly losing the island of Montreal over Bill 96 seems a poor bargain not to be chanced when a compromise is there to be had.

For them, blowing off Bill 96 seems infinitely preferable to the scenario described above.
Politicians will pay heed and likely do an about-face.

I am reminded about other famous about-faces including the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini who was forced to accept a cease-fire with Iraq after stating he never would with the words,  “I drink this chalice of poison.

To which I say to Mr. Legault...bottoms up.

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Systemic Racism: For Premier Legault and Apologist media, Denial is Not a River in Egypt

The old adage that tells us that a photo is worth a thousand words can well be updated today to say that a video is worth a thousand photos.
Such is the case with a Facebook video that has nothing less than rocked the foundations of Quebec society and propelled the entire province into much-needed reflection and introspection on racism, especially institutionalized racism where companies, organizations, government offices, our law enforcement,  health, and social institutions discriminate against minorities in a systematic and pervasive manner.

The short video in question was shot by a native woman in a hospital in Joliette who was not only treated with abject contempt but actually died of neglect at the hands of doctors and nurses who assumed that she was simply impaired (like so many unfortunate native patients) rather than facing a very major health crisis.
After hearing damning and devastating evidence, the coroner's inquest into Joyce Echaquan's death concluded rightly that institutional racism contributed to her demise, a notion that old school politicians and nationalist journalists have refused to accept out of hand.

The idea that racism pervades Quebec institutions was roundly rejected by no less than the Premier, the leader of the Bloc Quebecois, the leader of the PQ, and a lapdog French nationalist media who proclaimed that while racism existed in Quebec, it isn't widespread or institutionalized.

I don’t agree when we say there’s a system,” says Premier Legault, refusing to recognize systemic racism exists in Quebec,

Bloc Québécois leader Yves-François Blanchet : While “there are individuals that are racist,” “one should avoid saying that all individuals in that particular group are racist.

The new leader of the Parti Québécois Paul St-Pierre Plamondon says he prefers the term institutional racism over systemic racism because it puts the focus on concretely solving the problem where it exists and not just blaming a system.

As for the nationalist media, the outrage was palpable, where the idea that Quebec faces an existential crisis over racism is a vile and malevolent construct, conceived by enemies of the Quebec 'nation.'

Richard Martineau in Le Journal du Montreal "
The worst part is that during this time, all these good little Quebecers who dream of seeing François Legault admit that there is indeed "systemic racism" in Quebec say absolutely nothing about the federal Indian law!  ...
Fortunately, our PM stands up to them and refuses to give in to their blackmail."

Mathieu Bock-Coté in Le Journal du Montreal
"The grand Liberal-Solidaire coalition, the 'PLQS,' this week sought to use the commemoration of the tragic death of Joyce Echaquan in an odious way to force François Legault to bend his knees to the theory of systemic racism.

Raymond Parent in Le Journal du Montreal
"I can understand the premier of Quebec's reluctance  to recognize systemic discrimination and I would tend to adopt the same posture if I were in his shoes.

He must consider all the legal impacts that such recognition may have on our political and social choices.
Plus, it's hard to strike up a dialogue with someone who asks you to be on your knees at the start."

Now before you go off on Quebecers as inherently and unrepentantly racist, it's interesting to note that despite the government's denial and the media's general support for the notion that Quebec doesn't suffer from institutional and systemic racism, the majority of Quebecers aren't buying it.
In a poll conducted last week, more than two-thirds of Quebecers believe the opposite of what the government and the media are spoon-feeding them, that is that institutional racism is a serious problem here in Quebec.

As I said, the sad video of the racist treatment of  Joyce Echaquan at the hands of hospital staff is burned into our collective conscience and all the hand-wringing and excuses won't make it go away.  Nobody who viewed the video can un-see it and only the cold-hearted and truly racist cannot help but feeling a little shame and a lot of anger.
The coroner who wrote the damning report highlighted that without the video, the death due to racism, like so many other cases, would go unnoticed and unreported.
Such is the power of video evidence.

At the inquiry, those hurling the abuse were defensive and unapologetic. They were tired and perhaps the video was taken out of context....blah..blah..blah.
No remorse or apology, just excuses, and denial. It's a shameful analogy for the  Quebec establishment.

Years ago, I wrote about a qualified Muslim candidate who was tired of submitting his resume without ever getting an interview. He resubmitted his candidature with an identical C/V, but with a French name instead of his clearly Arab name.
You can guess the result. The C/V with the Arab name was rejected and the identical C/V with a French name was offered an interview.
This in a government office and the very definition of is institutional racism.
The candidate sued and settled out of court for an undisclosed sum, but never received an apology and for the office involved it was back to business as usual.

But the winds of change are blowing and in reaction to the poll and because of the public pressure. those denying institutional racism are changing their tune. 

The new talking point is that perhaps Quebec does suffer from institutional racism but no more so than the rest of Canada.

At least it's a positive step forward and the hard conversation has been opened up.
The public has made it clear that Premier's position is not one they share and that he's going to have to change his tune to remain relevant. 

That said, there remains a deep and knee-jerk defensiveness in the old guard to anybody or anything that challenges the idea of Quebec as a less-than-perfect society.

 In his latest article in  Le Journal du Montreal, Joseph Facal goes off pas a peu près on natives in a rageful and hateful rant, one that I've not seen in a while.

I've done my best to translate for those who have no French, but for those who want to capture the nuance of the original, click on the link

Autochtones: une récupération qui donne la nausée

Aboriginal people, as one of my best readers put it, didn’t have it easy in Canada.
But am I the only one who found that this necessary awareness quickly turned into a vulgar display of  ignorance, pretension and hypocrisy?

The Aboriginal cause has become, for many, the new way to show off one's political-correctness and virtue-signalling, especially when it does not require any sacrifice.  The Prime Minister of Canada improvises a public holiday, sheds crocodile tears and puts feathers on his head. Lightweight teachers who can't write a sentence without making ten mistakes want to "indigenize" their lesson plans and look with suspicion at their colleagues who refuse drink the Kool-aid. Others, hand on heart, want to hire an indigenous teacher, just one, even if it means lowering the criteria, just to say to themselves that they have helped to right a historic wrong. Still others are paid to convince us that indigenous traditional knowledge should be equated with experimental science, as if herbs cured cancer. At Radio-Blablabla, at Le Devoir, in all the media, young journalists display moral certitude proportional to their ignorance.
We accept the bullshit about Montreal, supposedly un-ceded territory, a claim demolished by any non-militant historian, considering it was the site where the Great Peace Treaty of 1701 was signed, precisely because it was seen as relatively neutral. Wrinkled journalists, who refuse to grow old and relive May 68, lecture their flock while well installed in the bourgeois comfort of Outremont. The students, also wanting to make history, are looking for a cause that is not too compelling. And so they are going to insult Legault as “ti-mononcle”, wear an orange sweater, light a candle, put a “Solidarity with Joyce” on their Facebook page, “decolonize” the libraries and sing Imagine.
The burden will be borne and the conscience appeased.
The big, big, big crusade of all these small, medium and large hypocrites is that François Legault must recognize the “systemic” character of racism. We haven't read two books, but we  are convinced, yes, ma'am, that they were  truly "genocided", not "culturally", no, "genocided" period.
What, you deny it? Shame !
The smartest have understood that there is a new profitable avenue here: jobs, media visibility, grants, dissertations and theses, etc. Everything is spectacle, everything is display, everything is recycling, everything is small steps towards great professions of faith.
But all this hypocrisy and drama is just
business for the most part.
Almost all of the posers from the entertainment industry are
first and foremost concerned with self-promotion.
The truth, the real truth, in many indigenous communities, is less glowing: under-education, drug addiction, despair, domestic violence, billions spent who-knows-where, illegal trafficking of all kinds, etc. We prefer not to look at it too closely. It might mar the romantic images.
Our society recycles everything. The important thing is that the misfortune of some can become the "business" of others.

That's quite a blast and leaves me wondering what is the point of the article is.
Why exactly did Mr. Facal write the article?

Is it somehow an explanation as to why Natives should be treated harshly, discriminated against, and left to die in our hospitals?

Friday, September 24, 2021

Quebec Premier Channels Donald Trump in Pedalling the Big Lie about Language

Premier Legault Pedals the Big Lie
It's one thing when dedicated sovereigntists and language nationalists peddle the big lie that in Quebec the French language is in mortal danger, it is to be expected.

But when the Premier of the province embraces the populist trope it crosses into risky territory where reality is divorced from fact and where dangerous and out-of-control consequences result.

Everybody expects dedicated nationalists to scream bloody murder over language, it is the only issue, albeit manufactured, that they have remaining.
When the only tool in the belt is a hammer, everything looks like a nail and so we are bombarded with fantastical stories of language gloom and doom, spun by con artists extraordinaire, bullshitters and flimflam artists who would make Donald Trump blush with envy at their inventiveness.

Speaking of Trump, over these last months we've watched in stunning incredulity at the dismal saga of his cynical and dishonest campaign to overturn the results of the election over manufactured and nonsensical claims of voter fraud.
We sit in our armchairs and ask ourselves how stupid his followers must be to believe such utter tripe,  without ever making the connection that the exact same situation is occurring here in Quebec, where another manufactured and phony controversy has been cooked up by devious sovereigntists and language militants and now, sadly adopted by our Premier in a naked and cynical attempt to wrest more power for Quebec from Ottawa and more specifically to consolidate his hold on power as Premier. 

Mr. Legault executes to a tee the propaganda strategy invented by the Nazis and perfected in the modern era by Mr. Trump.

That is to tell the big lie, blame a certain identifiable minority, use the complicit media to whip up anger and dissent in the faithful.
So the comparison to the Nazis is not so outrageous as our Premier would pretend when he admonished a prominent hitherto media darling lawyer Anne-France Goldwater'who made such a reference.

Another chapter from this populist playbook is to portray the Quebec nation as a poor victim of the evil Canadian media, painted as merciless Quebec-bashers ad nauseam by the sovereigntist media. The pseudo-intellectual Mathieu Bock-Coté is a typical example of the pot calling the kettle black where he somehow misses the irony when he describes in an article these Canadian bashers as 'White Rhodesians.'
This phoney hypersensitivity to criticism is particularly galling considering the insults and mud flung at Canadians and Quebec's minorities on a daily basis by these Quebec's nationalist media thugs.

And so we in Quebec are living a political fantasy no different than the "Stop the Steal" nonsense that continues to grip America. While it may be easy for us to dismiss the American movement and its adherents as ignorant fools, it isn't so easy to admit we are gripped by the same type of political fantasy woven by cynics with similar ulterior motives. 

Here in Quebec, we have our own version of this big lie fantasy which I will dub... "Stop the Language Steal," a fantasy unsupported by statistics and facts.

While we are bombarded with cries of impending language extinction a la Chicken Little, there is nobody of credibility that can point to statistics that actually support the claim.

There is however one fantastic scholarly rebuttal of this language nonsense, an article written in French by Etienne Cardin-Trudeaua doctoral student of political science at the University of Toronto.
If you have French, please read the fascinating account HERE{fr}.  

"The media bubble linked to the decline of French in Quebec is almost artificially created by a whirlwind of rehashed news and columns written by people with an interest in fanning the flames of identity nationalism. "

"This entire media fracas and political fuss is focussed mainly on the back of two trends: the decline of French as a mother tongue and as a language spoken at home. For mother tongue, the decline predicted by Statistics Canada is 78.9 to 70.1% by 2036. For language spoken at home, the decline is expected from 81.6 to 74.4%. The federal body released these projections in 2017.

What we are rarely presented with is the background to these numbers. Notably, the similar decline predicted for English in the rest of Canada.

Thus, English as a mother tongue in the rest of Canada would drop from 74% to 66% by 2036. If we take the language most often spoken at home, the expected drop is from 85.2 to 80 , 1%.

Two things, therefore, appear obvious: first, the proportion in the rest of Canada of people speaking English most often at home is similar to the proportion of Quebecers speaking French most often at home. In 2036, there would even be a greater proportion of people with French as their mother tongue in Quebec than of people with English as their mother tongue in the rest of Canada.What we are rarely presented with is the background to these numbers. Notably, the similar decline predicted for English in the rest of Canada.

In other words, if French is in danger of disappearing in Quebec because of the decline of French as the first language spoken at home in Quebec, a similar fate must await the English language in Canada where the decline of English as a first spoken language at home is more precipitous.
Ha! What utter nonsense!

Mr. Cardin-Trudeau's devastating take-down of the 'French is in danger' fantasy, is replete with data, context and analysis that is hard to refute.

So how have the language conspiracy peddlers reacted to the article?
To date, I've read no rebuttal to this scholarly work, nor have I seen any interviews on television or radio with the author. I dare say that the article is so toxic to the language fanatics that like a Chernobyl three-head fish, nobody dares touch it.

Like those media types in America who push the discredited theory of an election steal, when faced with tangible evidence of contradictory facts, they choose to ignore it, hoping that those they are attempting to deceive will remain oblivious to the truth. 

Every time you hear a Quebec politician or a media type complain about the decline of the French language understand that it is merely a device.

For the Premier, it is an attempt to sow fear amongst voters that they are in mortal language danger and that only he can deliver them from evil.

The nationalist media pedalling the nonsense of language doom is nothing more than a jaded attempt to drum up hatred of Canada, anglos, ethnics and immigrants to drum up support for sovereignty.

Here in Quebec, we actually face a bigger challenge over the big lie of the decline of the French language than the danger faced by Americans over the fraudulent claims of an election steal.

For every lie spun on FOX, Newsmax, OneAmerica New and conspiracy-based talk radio there are countervailing voices on CNN, MSNBC, NPR and mainstream news sources.

Here in Quebec, there is sadly nobody in our political class, either federal or provincial or in the media willing to oppose the big lie.

It is important for all of us to openly and vociferously deny that French is in Danger fantasy because to ignore it is to give it credence and oxygen and provides our political opponents with a victory based on fraud and deceit.

Friday, August 27, 2021

Liberal MP Anthony Housefather's Dirty Little Secret

 Liberal MP Anthony Housefather  is taking full advantage of the sympathy and publicity generated by a campaign poster that was defaced with a failed version of the Nazi swastika.

The incident says more to the intelligence author of the graffiti vandalizer who is either dyslexic or otherwise unable to correctly draw the hated symbol which today has morphed from a symbol of a bygone Nazi regime to an antisemitic symbol,  

We all condemn the hateful graffiti, there isn't a politician in Canada who would offer a free speech defence.

But that being said I cannot help but that Mr. Housefather's condemnation is hollow, a case of "do as I say, not as I do."

Mr. Housefather's dirty little secret is that he was a campaign poster vandalizer himself back as a youth and that in his last campaign, his own volunteer was caught removing opposition campaign signs.

"A volunteer helping out with the re-election campaign of Quebec Liberal Anthony Housefather was caught disposing of Conservative literature out on the campaign trail.
The incident was witnessed by a Conservative volunteer who happened to be canvassing the same apartment building in Côte Saint-Luc, Que., on Sept. 25. 
Documents shared with CBC News show that the witness claims Housefather was campaigning with several volunteers at the time of the incident.

But worse than that,  Housefather's own past behaviour makes his condemnation look like the pot calling the kettle back.

Here is the story as I've been reliably told and have verified as likely true

"Did you know that, in a strange but very possible way, the only reason Anthony Housefather is an MP today is because of the kindness of one {redacted} (yes, THAT {redacted}; we used to be best friends)? Let me explain.{redacted} and I worked on the "No" side in the 1992 Charlottetown Referendum campaign. We were putting up posters around NDG/Cote St. Luc for several hours and an MUCTC bus driver came along in his bus, saw us, and informed us that he saw a young male taking down our posters. He said that if we liked, he would act as a witness to identify the young man if we wanted to press charges. Well, you guessed it: that young man -- whom we then searched out and came upon -- was none other than one Anthony Housefather, then attending undergraduate McGill. We not only confronted him but saw him engaged in the dastardly deed as well. I then discussed with {redacted} whether he wanted to press charges (I, like the bus driver, was willing to) and he declined. I daresay that if {redacted} wanted to proceed with the charges, it is very possible that (1) Housefather would have been convicted; and (2) because of the conviction, he wouldn't have been accepted into McGill Law School; and (3) he never would have become mayor or MP. So in a very weird way, Housefather may have {redacted} to thank for his political career."


Next time Housefather complains about defaced posters, I dare any reporter to ask him to react to the above story.
Although this incident happened years ago, it is Housefather's claim of victimization by the latest poster defacement that opens him up to a discussion of his same prior bad acts.

I wonder if anyone has the guts to put the question to him......

Monday, August 2, 2021

We Need More Covid-19 cases....Not Less!

I don't often write about issues other than the Anglo and Ethnic experience in Quebec, but the fear and misinformation spread by the media and our government over the threat of a supposedly deadly fourth wave of Covid-19 has me seeing red once again because it defies the most basic scientific and statistical analysis.

A fourth wave will be statistically mild compared to what we've been through and the faster it comes and goes, the better.

That's right, I'll repeat that.
We need more Covid cases right now so that we can largely be done with the pandemic.

Let us remember and consider that sanitary measures including lock-downs, mask-wearing and social distancing were put in place to 'flatten the curve,' not to eliminate the virus which was an impossibility.
Those measures successfully ensured that our health system wasn't overloaded whilst we were waiting on the vaccine.
But now our situation has evolved and is vastly different. Our hospitals are empty of Covid patients and most of us are vaccinated. In another month we'll be at a point where everyone who intends to be fully vaccinated will be and new vaccinations will stagnate.
Waiting will serve no useful purpose and in fact, continuing sanitary measures will be counter-productive.
It will be time to let the virus loose on the vaccine 'refusenicks' in order that they acquire their immunity through exposure even if it means suffering through the disease. A modern and updated  "Chicken Pox Party" for the un-vaccinated will help speed us through the pandemic.

Before the chickenpox vaccine, parents held these pox parties for their children as catching the virus was almost inevitable.

“So if your cousin or neighbour had it, you went to their house to catch it and get it over with”.

Admit it.
How many of us who took the socially-responsible decision to vaccinate are secretly hoping that the idiot refusenicks get Covid quickly, if not for anything else but just desserts. 

And perhaps a quick spike in Covid cases among the unvaccinated will convince some that they should get the vaccine.
It's a route we need to take because protecting the un-vaccinated through continuing wide sanitary measures will just prolong our agony. The highly transmissible 'Delta" variant will get the refusniks sooner or later, so better for us all if it is sooner. A quick month or two spike in cases will allow us to achieve a very high level of resistance allowing us to return to normal.
Yes, there will be some cases of breakthrough cases in those fully vaccinated but it will happen no matter what, sooner or later.
There will be pain no matter so it's better to get it over with.

At any rate......

How is it that a mere civilian like myself has the audacity to make a claim with confidence that my solution is better than what the government and its panel of experts recommend?
Well, I pride myself on statistical analysis. I possess no special insight except a keen and inquisitive mind, unshackled by a political agenda willing to go where the science and statistics take me.
And by the way, I've been right before where Health Canada was dead wrong.
I wrote a blog piece on Covid-19 way back at the beginning of the pandemic which in retrospect was nothing less than prescient, based only on data collated from widely available information coming out of China.

Yup, 16 months ago on March 13, 2020, right at the beginning of the pandemic, I wrote this piece.

The Government is Handling Covid-19 All Wrong...

The gist of which is summarized in this passage;

But there is another path, one that would allow us to manage the outbreak and preserve our  hospitals to reasonably cope with the outbreak.

We must immediately impose a self-quarantine on everybody over 65 years old and those in vulnerable health categories.

Seniors would be obliged to go into home self-quarantine where they would be forced to ride out the storm. Senior residences would be put on lock down with no visitors and employees would be restricted to working in just one senior residence, reducing contamination from one home to another

By all means, read the whole article and tell me I wasn't right then and Health Canada wrong.
How many thousands of lives would have been saved had the government listened to me and not Health Canada?

 Bravado aside, I guess I deserve the right to say 'I told you so" and am now telling you once again that our pandemic measures are fatally flawed.

I understand that political considerations were at play, but the prevailing opinion at the time based on the convenient canard of "evolving science" pedalled by Health Canada, could not have been wronger.

" In January, (2020) for example, leading Canadian federal politicians and health officials told us cases of coronavirus would be rare in Canada, that border closures were wrong-headed and unnecessary, and that there was generally no need for private citizens to wear face masks in public." Edmonton Journal

To this day Dr. Theresa Tam refuses to take responsibility for the horrific advice that cost thousands of lives. In fact, she has doubled down on her stupidity. It is a catastrophic case of hubris over reality that Canadians paid for dearly in lost lives. It's clear Dr. Tam was resorting to the old device of 'Fake it 'til you make it"
Instead of telling Canadians the truth, that is that Health Canada didn't have any real answers, she made up a response that was tragically disastrous.
It is an amazing thing that she hasn't lost her job and continues to offer Canadians gratuitous advice after being so criminally wrong.
Fool me once.....

And so we come to the fourth wave of covid which is now running rampant in the USA, a situation which we are warned will happen here if we are not super diligent.

But we are not in America and our situation is different. Canadians will soon achieve a rate of vaccination that dwarfs that of America. We have suffered fewer cases and fatalities during the pre-vaccine period because we as a nation embraced the sensible sanitary measure when they were vital in keeping cases low when it counted.
The only failure was that of our government and Health Canada which failed to keep covid out of the retirement homes with disastrous effect.

So to paraphrase Prince Harry who put it so succinctly....
"We are on a different path than our American brothers"

Let us consider the evolving situation;
There will be no 'herd immunity,"  the concept that tells us that if enough of us are vaccinated, the disease will peter out.
Unfortunately, the new and emerging variants have put paid to that idea.
The Covid virus has proven resilient and resourceful through its many new iterations especially like the current "Delta" variant which is running amok, more virulent and easier to spread. Scientists reluctantly agree that this makes the idea of herd immunity unlikely because the percentage of those who need to be vaccinated is at a threshold higher than we can hope to achieve, largely thanks to the idiot vaccine 'refusniks' who number about 15% of us.
Read this article in New York Times.

Reaching ‘Herd Immunity Is Unlikely

The sooner the un-vaccinated refuseniks get sick, the faster we'll be over the pandemic. In fact, the failure of these people to vaccinate is effectively holding us hostage to the virus. 
Those in Canada over sixty years old have a vaccine rate of something like 90+ percent and so letting the virus loose on the un-vaccinated will make many sick but will result in few deaths and hospitalizations because refusenicks are mostly young and healthy.  

The last argument for maintaining sanitary measures is the fact that children under twelve haven't been vaccinated but again the statistics tell us it isn't really necessary.

For these children, Covid represents a negligible risk.
There have been 7,888 cases of COVID-19 in patients under the age of 20 in Canada, according to Public Health Agency of Canada data last updated Monday night. Of those thousands of young infected patients, only one has died. CTV NEWS

A child involved in a car accident has a 1 in 100 chance of dying.
A child who contracts Covid-19 has a 1 in 10,000 chance of dying. (In fact, the number is vastly higher because most infected children are asymptomatic and don't even know they had the virus.)

At any rate, extrapolating data from Health Canada, during that same 18 months period of the Covid-19 pandemic, tells us that somewhere in the neighbourhood of 50 children under 12 years old died in road accidents. Transport Canada.

Should we ban children from driving in cars?

Those who argue that children can be a vector for transmission are correct, but so, I maintain that that is a good thing because we need to encourage the fourth and hopefully final wave.

Those who are immuno-compromised will be able to hide out during this wave which should not last more than a month or two after which we will largely be done.

It isn't a perfect solution but the best option we have.

Takeaway.... Bring on the fourth wave now,