How to Comment on This Blog

I will be enforcing a new policy for the comments section which will eliminate anonymous posting.

I have a life as well, and weeding out a bunch of crappy and hurtful comments all day long, is not what I signed up for.

You will not be required to give up you anonymity.
Just use a screen name and stick to it.

Even if you don't comment very often, please use an alias, when you do. It takes just a moment to personalize your comment with an 'alias' or 'handle'.
It does not affect your anonymity!
Here's how;

It's that easy!
The comments section remains an integral part of this blog and I am told over and over again, that much of the appeal of NoDogsOrAnglophones lies in the reader forum.
I ask you politely to make your comments count. Use your opportunity to be heard by so many readers, judiciously.
Many of you are doing so already and I'm very proud of the well-thought out missives offering up a wide body of opinion. Keep it up!

Please help make this blog stronger by using this forum to make your point respectfully and articulately. 
In the end, the insult is forgotten or dismissed, but a good idea, comment, observation or opinion is something of value.
I look forward to your cooperation.

If you have any questions about comments or this new policy please use the comment section to let me know.

Some Commenting rules.

  • No gratuitous insults.
  • Comments in English or French , but no other language.
  • Only one screen name person and don't change it whimsically.
  • No long separatist quotations, we are a blog about the English and Anglo experience in Quebec.
  • All opinions welcome, as long as they are presented respectfully.
  • No grammar cops or spelling monitors, we are here for ideas.
  • Avoid Internet slang and acronym, write plain English or French.
  • Be respectful, even when you don't agree with another opinion.