Making Your Voice Heard

Here are some useful email address where you can make news organizations aware of articles of interest concerning Quebec.

Most of the time the most useful thing to do is to email a link to a local story that might be of interest to these news organizations.

Also be polite and avoid ranting or poor language. Try to maintain a reasonable posture if you want to be heard. 

The goal is not to 'Bash' Quebec, but rather to make the government and language radicals accountable. 
Somehow it seems they are more responsive to one 60 Minutes interview than they are to all the editorials in the Montreal Gazette combined. 
Make no mistake, the interview with Mordechai Richler remains one of the most important reasons that French language militants mind their P's and Q's (haha!) 

I don't know if the story of the Montreal metro ticket agent and his sign informing clients that French rules in Quebec will ever air in the USA, but if it did, you can be sure the STM would take some real action over the embarrassment.

Here are some links:

60 Minutes:

Fox's At Large:

Dateline NBC:

Fox News Tips:

Rock Center on NBC:

The email addresses are clickable, or you can copy & paste the addresses into your own mail program.

If you wish to contribute other links please email me at HERE

Thanks to all contributors.


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  2. For a somewhat different "take" on the subject of Quebec separatism, you might care to have a look at

  3. On the following blog we have the 60 Minute video mentioned above, Parizeau's infamous post referendum speech, plus links to newspaper stories. If you have links to stories that you feel should appear upon the blog, please put them upon a comment upon that blog. Please feel forward the blog far and wide as the separatists absolutely abhor being embarrassed.

  4. A boycott of Fairview Pointe Claire has commenced and will be publicized in a community newspaper:
    Just sent to Fairview (Marketing):


    We went to Deco Decouvert (DD) earlier looking for an espresso maker. We turned the tags over, figuring that they would be English on the other side. They were not.
    We (four) will be going to New Hampshire in March to ski. We will bring along shopping lists and spend up to $800 each. On sales taxes alone we could save $496, to say nothing about the fact that clothing/shoes are far less in the US. We will purchase an espresso maker, and even if the cost is the same as at DD we will be saving 15.5% in taxes.
    Here, for your interest is a blog that explains where to shop
    We will hike in NH in the fall and in the summer we will vacation in Maine and pass through NH. I look forward to saving as much as $1,500/yr by shopping in NH and please rest assured that I will forward the blog and my story to as many people in the West Island as possible!

  5. Well I think since Pauline marois wants to separate she should give up her Canadian passport along with the Canadian money if she or other people where not so stupide or brainwashed change the Canadian money to fleur de lyss after all you can not be an independent state of quebec you French people so seek with that being said Canadian passport and Canadian money GIVE THAT UP then you can talk about being independent BUT NOT UNDER BRITISH CANADA MONEY OR PASSPORT

  6. As frustrated as we federalists are why not get under these separatists? why doesn't someone start a political party to take federalist quebec out of quebec?If they feel they can screw canada why can't federalists do as they do?I am 100 present sure this party would gain steam if someone responsible and believable would do this.I am one that would support a party like this.I wish i could do it myself but I have no political experience at all. It wouldn't matter what language you speak, all that would matter is that you are not a quebec separatist.