Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sovereignists Flee Vigile.net

As I said yesterday, the hate and racism published on an ongoing basis on Vigile.net is not representative of Quebeckers- Anglophones, Francophones, federalists or sovereignists.

Once the issue came to light, many sovereignists who were largely unaware of the situation withdrew their support rather quickly.
Here is what one of my favourite francophone bloggers had to say;
"As a sovereignist, I cannot morally, support a site that publishes, such antisemitism! Coudonc, Is there no moderator who reads the texts, before putting them online,...??" Le Québec de demain
Unfortunately there is a moderator and he is one of them...

While people like myself and others in the blogosphere have been sounding the alarm for quite some time, it was in fact an article in a mainstream Montreal French newspaper, La Presse, which really set off alarms.
In spite of the fact that some PQ members have contributed to the financing of Vigile.net, in light of events, the party moved quickly to disassociate itself from the website:
"MP Agnes Maltais and the Parti Quebecois dissociate themselves from the anti-Semitic remarks found in some texts submitted to the site Vigile.net. Since its founding, the Parti Quebecois has always opposed all forms of discrimination against any community whatsoever and will continue on this path." PQ Website
 Bernard Drainville of the PQ , a previous donor, also tweeted his disapproval.

Other PQ members are keeping discreetly quiet, a bit like the Pittsburgh Penguin team-mates of Matt Cooke, who delivered another unacceptable head-shot in a NHL game on Saturday. It's hard to condemn your own.

When scandal hits, it's often prudent to follow a policy of discreet silence and let the clamour die down or fade. That's what good publicists and crisis management consultants advise. Sometimes, the hardest thing you can do to defend yourself is nothing. That's why defence attorneys always tell their clients to shut up. Remember the recent scandal at the English Montreal School Board over wasting money by paying for its employees to attend a conference in Hawaii. They promised to address the issue after the school break, but we haven't heard from them since.
Does anyone care? We live in a short attention span universe.

FLQ terrorist Rhéal Mathieu
But silence is not the 'la vrai nature' of Bernard Frappier whose website struck back with a vengeance against those who had the impertinence to denounce its excesses.

The website published, a further onslaught of anti-Jewish articles and offered readers a series of ad hominum attacks, against all those deemed as enemies.

On Sunday, FLQ terrorist Rhéal Mathieu published his views on Vigile.net regarding past foibles of certain members of  the Canada-Israel Committee, including Luciano Del Negro, who he accuses of certain youthful indiscretions. LINK{FR}
Who is Rhéal Mathieu?
"In 1967, Rhéal Mathieu pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to nine years in prison for his part in an FLQ bombing that claimed two lives. He served his sentence and obtained a pardon for that crime, but he never shed what a Crown prosecutor later called an “obsession” with the intertwined issues of Quebec independence and the French language. In 2001, he was convicted of attempting to firebomb three Second Cup cafés in Montreal to protest the chain’s English name." National Post

Oh the the hypocrisy!
An unrepentant terrorist lecturing others on their past! Only on Vigile.net!!!!
Read my blog post about this odious character- Terrorist Inspires RRQ Intimidation Campaign

Journalist Joseph Facal of the Journal de Montreal was also given the Vigile.net treatment after writing to Bernard Frappier asking him to remove articles written by himself, published and archived on the website without his permission.
"Last Friday, I was advised that this site housed a large number of supposedly hateful texts towards certain minorities, including Jews. As always in such cases, I proceeded with  caution and I decided to check myself.....
.......My initial discomfort was quickly transformed into deep trouble. When I checked, there were indeed many texts containing the most odious stereotypes about Jews.... Friday I sent a two line email to the webmaster, Bernard Frappier, asking, very politely, to remove all items bearing my signature. In my email, I refrain from any condemnation of those who leave their texts on this site. They can do what they want. What does the good Mr. Frappier do? He published my email on his site, knowing full well the reaction it would engender. Having been copiously insulted in my life, I have acquired a tough outer shell of reinforced titanium! The insults and innuendo are nevertheless very revealing of the mindset of those uttering them. Obviously, to them, I'm "yellow," "manipulated," "intimidated," lacking "guts," an agent of the great Zionist conspiracy and so on. It never occurred to them to realize, that with full knowledge of the facts, I didn't want to be associated with anyone who thinks, writes, encourages, condones or tolerates such remarks. Freedom of expression is not total. My point is simply that many of these texts are beyond the bounds of moral acceptability.. Read the whole article in French.
Even after the exchange of emails vigile.net continued to publish Mr. Facal's articles and in response one of the principles in the antisemitic affair, Robert Barberis-Gervais, decided to give Mr. Facal  the royal treatment.
"And now the scab of the Journal de Montreal, which one of my friends nicknamed "Jackal", sailed into the anti-Vigil fray. The sovereignist side of Vigil bothers these pseudo independentists like Francois Legault and the 'Jackal.' Now they are sending a message to Bernard Frappier and everyone at Vigil in favour of censorship and self-censorship. In addition to trying to discredit a site, its webmaster and its authors they are calling them antisemitic. For the Parti Quebecois who is considering whether to continue funding Vigile (by the way, if Bernard Drainville doesn't sends his $500 to Vigil next year,, I will no longer send my $400 to the PQ,  I'll send it to Vigile). That's what we did with Yves Michaud. It's the same "pattern", the same effective approach.

This demonstrates the power of the Jewish lobby." LINK{FR}
Once again the sad obsession with Jews manifests itself in that last line.
And so we are to believe that the "Jackal' (a play on the name "Facal) gave in to pressure brought forth by the 'Jewish Lobby'......how embarrassingly sad!

If you read French click on the link and read the utter depravity of a mind twisted by hate.
I'm sure Mr. Facal is rolling his eyes in utter astonishment at his characterization.

I for one hope this  goes on for quite a while, the more the merrier. Every new attack on Jews and on those offering condemnation ostracizes Vigile.net even more.
Another month of this and only the nut-bars will remain!

If any one line will send a chill down the backs of mainstream sovereignists, it is this one offered by the writer above.
"..... I have news for you. Vigile.net website is on the vanguard of the values​​, principles and ideas promoted by the Quebec sovereignty movement" 
If so, Heaven help us all!!


  1. One of your quotes refers to Bernard Drainville's annual donation to Vigile.net as being "his $500".

    This should read "our $500". It came from riding funds. Generous fellow that M. Drainville. With other people's money.

  2. The separatists abandon vigile when it suits them and, like boomerangs, come right back when the heat is off.

    While many francophones don't support vigile, they do support their acrimonious and evil spirited language laws that call for the elimination of English. Only the Constitution calls for marginal protection of English. French can predominate on signs with 10cm letters, so why can't English or Chinese letters be 9cm. French will still predominate.

    After the way Bill 104 was answered to by the PLQ, I consider that party to be as evil in their fight against English as any separatist government.

    Quebec's language laws are bit by bit turning Quebec into an evil xenophobic empire, and this is why we need a federal party to combat their barbaric response to Bill 104. As if allowing one single child who should have been protected under Bill 101's own provisions in Sections 81 and 85.1 to allow him to go to English school, his family had to break up so this challenged child could get the English schooling he needs in the State of Delaware.

    Maybe there were no guns or bullets à la Mommar Kadafi, but these laws were and are used as a weapon against an enemy whose only crime is French is not their mother tongue. What Jean Charest did was barbaric and nothing less, genteel on the surface, but with a pretty barbaric undertone nonetheless. This makes Quebec a pretty vile place if you're not of the majority's ilk!

  3. Luciano Del Negro was with the extremist left just like the FLQ ?!

    Well, well !

    And now the jewish lobby is with the extremist right !

    Who are the real racists ?

  4. Maudite bande d'enfants de chiennes de la reine!
    Vous m'écouerer au plus haut point!
    FUCK les anglos Canadiens race de BASTARDS!

    Toujours à écraser les francophones et les comparer à ce que vous êtes vous mêmes!!

    Votre machine de peur est en marche,
    ya plus rien a dire à part FUCK YOU BASTARDS!


    1. Who pissed in your poutine? Did someone not get their direct deposit cheque de BS ?
      Find a rock and crawl under it.

  5. I suspect many people visit Vigile for the same reason I do:
    On a daily basis, the site re-publishes just about everything that gets written on "la question nationale québécoise", all in one convenient spot. In fact, it not only re-publishes pro-sovereignty articles, but anti too.
    So it's a useful tool for anyone who wants to keep informed on the debates. Much better than if you confine yourself to either The Gazette,
    La Presse or Le Devoir, which will each give you a one-sided view.

    This said, I rarely if ever paid attention to the texts originally published by Vigile's contributors.
    Once, maybe 1-2 years ago, I wrote to give them hell on their overly biased coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian question. (I could have done the same regarding their depiction of the USA as a "fascist evil empire", but thought it wouldn't do much...)

    In any case, I was surprised to discover the extent of the antisemitism recently uncovered.

    I guess I'll keep visiting the site, for the reasons expressed above.
    I now wish someone else would create a similar one: Someone more mentally balanced.


  6. Anglos are just a bunch of fucking parasites.

  7. To the commenters at the following times:
    MARCH 22, 2011 2:38 PM
    MARCH 22, 2011 3:51 PM
    It would be really brave of you to show your faces publicly so we can understand who you are for the the reports to the authorities, in the same way we have reported Louis Préfontaine's repetitive incitements to hate our community in QC: http://www.sqlservercentral.com/blogs/hugo/archive/2010/07/19/how-to-deal-with-quebec-s-extremists-expose-their-malfeasance-publically.aspx (updated with full comments, even those from PQ founders that left the party)

    Anyone can see how it is the man himself who is quite racist, as you both are, in the same way.
    If Vigile.net has been marked as a racist site, it is surely in part due to this infamous xenophobes' contributions and to those who follow his Losership.

  8. Quebec society (outside the 514/450) is still as racist as the deep south. The anti-jewish views on Vigile is nothing new. These folks lack any outside connections and have little to no exposure with people that don't look and speak like them. The Champagne socialists in the Plateau and Outremont always claim Quebec nationalism is a civic nationalism and not an ethnic one but if you scratch a little beneath the surface, it's plain for all to see.


    The above post has been republished on Vigile.net (http://www.vigile.net/Sovereignists-Flee-Vigile-net) and so we can expect a few comments like Anonymous@12:35

    I decided to post it because it was a general demonstration of rage and not a personal attack.
    I've received a few nasty comments which I have not published.

  10. Hugo:

    Unfortunately when you have a government that tolerates, and virtually promotes and encourages suppression of those who are not within the confines of that «pur laine» majority in Quebec, those two comments you point out above are the end result.

    What Quebec has done seemingly better than anyone else I can think of is use the law as a much more genteel means of ethnic cleansing, at least on the surface.

    The former Yugoslavia, and several African nations, especially Arab speaking nations of late, exercise much more conspicuous means of oppression, and what started in Tunisia at long last set off a chain reaction in Egypt, Yemen, Libya. Others may follow.

    I wouldn't be surprised if eventually something will give in Quebec, just not yet. Premier John James "Goldilocks" Charest has seemingly forgotten all about his former life in federal politics and has become as impudent as the separatists, often these days with equal or even greater belligerence than the Parti Québécois ever displayed.

    If this is how the federalists are behaving, what can we expect of the hard boiled separatists of the world. Those two eggheads above are really not that atypical, are they?

    What the rest of Canada needs is a federal party that is just as belligerent towards Quebec as Quebec has become towards the Real Canada. The tables need to be turned on the bully.

  11. Dear Editor,

    Great job. When you get the comments like the ones at 2:38 and 3:51 then you know you're striking a cord. I love how the answere by French Canadians to accusations of racicsm is pure racist nonsense without any discernible opinion other than "I hate anglophones". They help to prove your point. BTW, how are Anglos parasites? We're not the ones suckingin 8 billion in transfer payments and then biting the hands that feed you. That is quit close to the literal definition of parasite.

    To Raman, thanks for speaking up but actions speak louder than words. Set up an RSS feed about Quebec Nationalism then you won't have to support the racists at Vigil.net

    Go Habs Go!

  12. Thanks to Vigile I was directed to your blog. I'll check in again because you have something constructive to say, and a good sense of irony. I read Vigile regularly for reasons similar to Raman's. It's one stop shopping for the wacky fringe of the sovereignty movement. I expect your blog will soon be added to their "Quebec bashing" hall of fame. Sure, Vigile is just a rather pathetic nest of aging or retired true believers who invariably look at Quebec through the wrong end of the telescope. And yes, many of the Vigilistes are in serious need of a good analyst. But I hope Bernard Frappier doesn't change a thing. For any federalist Quebecois Vigile is extremely reassuring. Its contributors can't understand why sovereignty is stalled. They should look in the mirror more often. But we know they won't. Cheers !

  13. @Editeur

    Pourquoi nous Québécois ne pouvons publier des noms comme "sale bloke" ou "tête carrée" et vous laissz passer "French-can*****"?Je crois que c'est deux poids deux mesures sur ce blogue.

  14. Some of the comments above are truly ridiculous: Associating the anti-Semitic writings of a few contributors to Vigile -- including Mr. Frappier's -- to all of the Quebec separatist movement, or worse to all of Quebec society, as some happily do here... That's simple paranoid hysteria.

    Maybe I should remind you of parkavenuegazette, Howard Galganov, The Suburban, Jane Wong, Diane Francis, Barbara Kay, Andrew Coyne... (the list could go on for quite a while) and make the case that "all" Anglo-Canadians are French-bashers?


  15. Francophone nation of Québec (and of rest of Canada), first founder of what would become Canada, have VERY LEGITIMATE reasons to be very angry, and to apply self-defence since they are being fought to anihilation.
    This is what you witness on sites like Vigile.net.
    We have the right to defend ourselves.

  16. @ BlueWhiteRed

    2 points :

    1) I do not “support” Vigile. I don’t send them cash, and it’s an ad-free site: So my clicking on its links doesn’t give them anything.

    2) The “Quebec lives on Canadian handouts” line is utterly misleading, as I suspect you actually know. On a per capita basis, Quebec is far from being the biggest benefactor of those transfers, as the way you put it suggests (and as all anti-Quebec commentators make sure they paint it.) Also, just btw, those transfers come from a federal program. They are not a Quebec invention, or the result of us threatening to separate.
    It’s simply amazing how many times such simple, basic facts have to be corrected when talking with Anglo-federalist. It gets very tiring.
    In any case, I’ll be leaving now. I’ve read enough Quebec-bashing for today. If anything, right now I’m more pissed at Vigile for giving you all a chance to have this massive orgy, than for any real damage their hateful texts will surely fail to cause to the Jewish community.
    Anti-Semitism is wrong; Quebec-bashing is no less.


  17. @ BlueWhiteRed said...

    ''BTW, how are Anglos parasites? We're not the ones suckingin 8 billion in transfer payments and then biting the hands that feed you. That is quit close to the literal definition of parasite.''

    Quebec, only last year, sent almost 50 billions in taxes to Ottawa...

    The real parasite is not the one you think!!

    ''To say that Quebec “receives the most money — nearly 50% of total equalization” misses the point. The reason Quebec gets the larger portion of this federal program (which, by the way, is enshrined in the Constitution) is that it has a larger population than other recipients. The equalization formula applies to Quebec in exactly the same manner as it applies to other provinces. In fact, per capita, the province receives less than most other provinces.''

    André Pratte


  18. "Pilule said...
    Francophone nation of Québec (and of rest of Canada), first founder of what would become Canada, have VERY LEGITIMATE reasons to be very angry, and to apply self-defence since they are being fought to anihilation.
    This is what you witness on sites like Vigile.net.
    We have the right to defend ourselves.

    MARCH 22, 2011 7:10 "

    Defend yourselves from what exactly? Canada has two official languages that are protected by law. Hell, even Canadian taxpayers subsidize a province's own political party with a sovereignist agenda. How many countries you know that have that? In my opinion, French isn't taking a dive, bilingualism is just on it's way up. Why? It's called evolution. European countries have been doing it for years, some of them have 3-4 languages being spoken. Bilinguism won't make the French community weaker, it'll make it stronger.

  19. "Bilinguism won't make the english community weaker, it'll make it stronger"

  20. @ Pilule. Who exactly is "fighting" you. I don't see the federal government bombing any citizens ala Libya. Sorry Dancing With the Stars isn't translated into French. On the other hand the Quebec government and supporters of Bill 101 try to segregate society by creating artificial language barriers. I don't see any legitimate reasons for being anti-Semitic or anti-Anglo, and that's because there aren't any.

    @ Anonymous 7:46pm. Next time you quote something as fact make sure its not an opinion. Here you go http://www.fin.gc.ca/fedprov/mtp-eng.asp. Quebec and the maritimes get all the dough.

    @ Raman. I'm not racist. I agreed that I don't like the racism on this site. Not agreeing with separatism is not Quebec bashing. I thought you were intelligent but duck and run when you don't like hearing the truth will suit you well.

    @ AngloBuster. If you are French and live in Canada, (and yes Quebec is, and in all likelihood will remain, part of Canada) then you are French Canadian. I'm sorry you feel so much hatred against the country you live in. It must be hard to live with such hate in your sole. However, as the French Canadians on the site like to point out, you are free to leave. You are the only person who has ever felt the term French Canadian to be derogatory. Now, I don't recall ever hearing anyone being called a "pepper" on this site because that in fact is derogatory and not allowed by the Editor.

  21. de Robert Barberis-Gervais:
    Ph.D., a enseigné la théologie au Loyola College pendant deux ans. A été congédié parce qu'il était séparatiste et parce qu'il demandait à ses étudiants pourquoi l'Union Jack trônait dans la chapelle catholique des Jésuites du Loyola collège. A lu la Bible au complet deux fois et a bien aimé surtout les prophètes, les psaumes de David et le Nouveau Testament. Italien d'origine, se dit sémite de culture et catholique romain de religion. A écrit plus de 430 textes sur Vigile et publié six livres. Considère qu'il a un talent moyen d'essayiste. Presque spécialiste de Molière, Montaigne, Mme de La Fayette, Julien Gracq, Marguerite Yourcenar, Gaston Miron, Germaine Guèvremont, Mgr Félix-Antoine Savard, entre autres.

    Qui êtes-vous nodogsoranglophones? Pourquoi rester anonyme? J'aime bien la traduction de mon texte sur la Palestine et le Québec. J'aime beaucoup votre style: vous êtes un écrivain.
    Mon commentaire se trouve sur une bonne bouteille de vin australien le Settler's Cove Chardonnay 2009 que je vous recommande. On peut lire sur la bouteille:

    "Fresh and round on the palate, this straw-coloured Chardonnay is typical of the Australian heartland. Its bouquet conjures up tropical fruits and toasted almonds. Long on the palate, fresh and fruity, it owes its woody highlights to its oak-cask aging. It goes well with grilled poultry and whit fish in sauces, as well as mild cheeses like Camembert and St-Paulin. Best if served between 10 to 12 degrees C.


  22. Raman: “Anti-Semitism is wrong; Quebec-bashing is no less.”

    Semites=an ethnic group. Quebec=a political construct naturally inclined to seek prestige and act on its interests, at the expense of other political constructs in its field of gravitation.

    Quebec bashing is perfectly acceptable then, as is Israel bashing (which is not anti-semitism), when, say, Israel raids a humanitarian aid flotilla, or razes a Palestinian village to the ground.

    So, if my personal interests are compromised at the expense of Quebec interests, you bet your ass I’ll bash Quebec-the-political-entity to the best of my ability.

    Raman: “The “Quebec lives on Canadian handouts” line is utterly misleading, as I suspect you actually know.”

    If you claim that Quebec does not benefit from the transfer payment scheme, then cite a few reasons for which a province with 80% of francophone population who so desire recognition, statehood and a seat in the UN would stick around in a federation where it feels so uncomfortable with, and where a simple referendum and a 50+1% decision is required to secede. (no war necessary in this case)

    If you claim that Quebec gets the money, but not the amount that we cite, then it’s irrelevant. To me, it’d be getting too much if it were getting a penny from the rest of the country. That it is not a penny amount but a figure that goes into billions of dollars is just hard to bear.

    Pilule: “We have the right to defend ourselves.”

    Notice that the state of Israel uses exactly the same line of reasoning. Bush used a similar defense when he invaded Iraq (“right to defend the American people against WMDs and possible annihilation”)

    It is very important to realize that in modern day politics, words like “defending ourselves” or “defending our rights” have become euphemisms for “furthering our interests” or “seeking privilege”.

  23. @ RBG, if you are the real RBG, (which you probably are not, most people aren't as full of themselves as the paragraph would suggest).

    The reson we are all anonymous on this site (except for Hugo) is because of Rhéal Mathieu, the RRQ and the like. These people not only threaten violence but have a history of murder. I think you are more likely a member of the RRQ looking to enact some revenge.

    Having a dgree or liking fine wine doesn't make "you're" statements less racist. Here's a suggestion, go buy a bottle of your favorite wine and stop being a racist.

  24. "Maudite bande d'enfants de chiennes de la reine!
    Vous m'écouerer au plus haut point!
    FUCK les anglos Canadiens race de BASTARDS!

    Toujours à écraser les francophones et les comparer à ce que vous êtes vous mêmes!!

    Votre machine de peur est en marche,
    ya plus rien a dire à part FUCK YOU BASTARDS!


    Empty insults + racism + allot of capital letters + needless swearing + a lack of general sense. You, sir, are the king

    "Anglos are just a bunch of fucking parasites."

    The irony is so self-evident in this one. I won't even bother pointing it out.

    "Pourquoi nous Québécois ne pouvons publier des noms comme "sale bloke" ou "tête carrée" et vous laissz passer "French-can*****"?Je crois que c'est deux poids deux mesures sur ce blogue."

    Because French-CANADIAN is not a racial slur, but a real naion of people ranging from all over Canada to 40% (about) of Quebec's French-speaking population. Sale bloke and tete carre however are just plain racial slurs just like (although to a lesser degree than) ni**er.

    "Some of the comments above are truly ridiculous: Associating the anti-Semitic writings of a few contributors to Vigile -- including Mr. Frappier's -- to all of the Quebec separatist movement, or worse to all of Quebec society, as some happily do here... That's simple paranoid hysteria."

    Nobody here states or implies that the anti-jew posts on vigile are representative of ALL Quebeckers or seperatists. You have implied that implication yourself. In fact the editor even makes a point of writing it in the first two lines of the article.

    "Maybe I should remind you of parkavenuegazette, Howard Galganov, The Suburban, Jane Wong, Diane Francis, Barbara Kay, Andrew Coyne... (the list could go on for quite a while) and make the case that "all" Anglo-Canadians are French-bashers?"

    That's already what is being done. As soon as you disagree with the seperatist mentality you're labelled a French basher (for anglos), a traitor (for francos) or an "other" (for allos). People confuse disagreeing with seperatists and French-bashing too easily (or purpously).

    "Francophone nation of Québec (and of rest of Canada), first founder of what would become Canada, have VERY LEGITIMATE reasons to be very angry, and to apply self-defence since they are being fought to anihilation."

    Very true, but the methods of defence have gone just a little too far.

    "This is what you witness on sites like Vigile.net."

    Correction: This is what you witness on sites like Vigile.net is disguised as.

    "We have the right to defend ourselves"

    Quebec is French now. The time of "defend ourselves" is over.

    @ Raman @ 7:11
    Refer to BlueWhiteRed @ 10:49

    "Anti-Semitism is wrong; Quebec-bashing is no less"

    Love how you left out Anglo-bashing. There are litterally death threats posted on this site by disgruntled seperatists. Would be a shame if you suddenly abandonned a biased opinion and became objective.

    "Quebec, only last year, sent almost 50 billions in taxes to Ottawa..."

    Lol of course it did. Proof?

    "''To say that Quebec “receives the most money — nearly 50% of total equalization” misses the point. The reason Quebec gets the larger portion of this federal program (which, by the way, is enshrined in the Constitution) is that it has a larger population than other recipients. The equalization formula applies to Quebec in exactly the same manner as it applies to other provinces. In fact, per capita, the province receives less than most other provinces.''

    André Pratte


    Refer to BlueWhiteRed @ 10:49

    refer to BlueWhiteRed @ 9:14

  25. Lettre ouverte au député libéral Lawrence S. Bergman

    Robert Barberis-Gervais

    Monsieur le député de D’Arcy-McGee,

    le 17 mars dernier, Telbec a publié le communiqué suivant : Propos antisémites sur Vigile.net MONTRÉAL, le 17 mars /CNW Telbec/ -

    Les Comités Québec-Israël et Canada-Israël se réjouissent de la réaction officielle du Parti québécois, qui s’est clairement dissocié des propos antisémites trouvés sur le site internet Vigile.net. La communauté juive du Québec et de Canada sait depuis longtemps que de tels propos vont à l’encontre des valeurs, principes et idées défendues par le mouvement souverainiste québécois.

    En lisant ce communiqué, j’ai immédiatement pensé à vous, M. Bergman.

    Au nom des valeurs, principes et idées défendues par la communauté juive, je vous demande d’imiter votre ancien collègue André Boulerice et de reconnaître votre erreur. Au nom du parti libéral du Québec, vous êtes le co-proposeur avec André Boulerice d’une motion de blâme contre Yves Michaud.

    Suite à la publication d’un livre de Gaston Deschênes sur l’affaire Michaud, vous n’êtes pas sans savoir que 51 députés du Parti québécois qui ont voté la motion de blâme ont reconnu leur erreur et se sont excusés auprès de Monsieur Michaud. André Boulerice a même expliqué avoir été manipulé et a dit regretter d’avoir été avec vous le proposeur de cette motion de blâme votée à l’unanimité par des députés qui n’avaient pas lu les propos d’Yves Michaud tenus devant la Commission Larose ni donné la chance à M. Michaud de s’expliquer et de se défendre, ce qui est un grave déni d’un droit naturel.


    M. le député du comté de D’Arcy McGee, je vous demande, au nom des valeurs de la communauté juive dont se réclament les Comités Canada-Israël et Québec Israël, d’être le premier député libéral a reconnaître son erreur et à s’excuser auprès de monsieur Yves Michaud.

    Allez au-delà de la partisanerie et montrez que vous êtes un homme de principe.

    Pour que vous soyez informé sur celui qui vous le demande, sachez que je suis accusé faussement d’avoir tenu des propos antisémites par Richard Marceau, porte-parole du Comité Canada-Israël : c’est dans un article signé par le journaliste de La Presse Noël-Denis Bellavance, 17 mars dernier, dans un "remake" de l’affaire Robin Philpot.

    On me reproche d’avoir comparé les Québécois aux Palestiniens et on essaie de faire croire que ce sont des propos antisémites pour me nuire parce que quelques-uns des 430 textes que Vigile a publiés dérangent les partisans corrompus du statu quo.

    Monsieur le député, veuillez expliquer à vos amis, que j’ai trouvé des ressemblances entre le mépris de certains Juifs de Montréal (voir, à titre d’exemple : "Y a-t-il des Juifs racistes à Montréal" qui raconte que, dans un restaurant, quatre clients Juifs fortunés ont refusé d’être servis par Isabelle parce qu’elle était Québécoise française) et le mépris de certains leaders israéliens à l’égard des Palestiniens car ces leaders, à mon avis, se comportent comme si les Palestiniens n’avaient aucun droit. Ce qui est cocasse, c’est qu’on me dit qu’on ne peut pas comparer les Québécois aux Palestiniens, parce que les Palestiniens sont dans une situation bien pire que les Québécois, ce qui est évidemment vrai. Je pose alors la question : qui est responsable de la situation des Palestiniens ? Qui a construit les murs autour de la bande de Gaza ?

    Monsieur le député, soyez fidèle aux valeurs de la communauté juive et soyez le premier député libéral à démontrer que vous avez une conscience et que vous êtes capable de dépasser la partisanerie libérale qui aveugle votre chef qui, malheureusement, n’a pas beaucoup de principes, qui n’a que des intérêts partisans. Et 70% de la population québécoise est de cet avis.

    Admettez que vous avez fait une erreur en 2000 en proposant la motion de blâme contre Yves Michaud.

    Robert Barberis-Gervais, Vieux-Longueuil, 22 mars 2011

  26. à Blue White Red,
    j'ai fait ce court portrait pour que vous sachiez que vous ne vous adressez pas à un illettré. Si c'est être plein de soi-même que d'informer les loustics que j'ai un doctorat en lettres et que j'ai une certaine culture, et bien allez vous faire cuire un oeuf.
    Quant à votre accusation de racisme, je vous dis merde. Comme vous avez manqué de jugement en m'accusant (comme d'autres minables imbéciles) d'avoir un ego démesuré, je ne vois pas pourquoi vous auriez plus de jugement en me traitant de raciste.

    Vous méritez un bon coup de pied au cul. Comme je viens du bas de la ville de Montréal, je vais garder pour moi les autres épithètes que votre attitude m'inspire comme celle de trou-de-cul par exemple. Je suis sûr que ce texte sera refusé. Nodogsoranglophones s'arroge le droit de me traiter d'idiot et de parano. Je lui dis aussi merde.

    robert barberis-gervais

  27. 'un bon coup de pied au cul' - threats of violence, nice, thanks for the street-level approach. Personally, I keep the physical to the Rugby field buddy!
    ...now back to the subject at hand. A spirit of tolerance, à la Guy Favreau est requis SVP!

    How to Counter Intolerance, Adapted from UNESCO's Recommendations (belated March 21st post on the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination):

    How to Counter Intolerance, Adapted from UNESCO’s Recommendations

    1. The Battle Against Intolerance Requires Law
    Every Political Entity needs to reinforce Human Rights, and punish crimes motivated by hate against minorities, whether they be committed by individuals working for the state, private organisations or by individuals in their own public activities. The rule of law must be respected, and certainly by government itself, if an effective stance against intolerance is taken.

    2. Countering Intolerance Means Education
    Laws are necessary, but insufficient when it means countering intolerance by means of individual attitudes. Often intolerance is due to fear and ignorance, or the unknown, of other cultures, nations, religions. Intolerance is also intimately related to exaggerated sentiments of one’s own self-worth, personal pride, sense of belonging to a nation or religion. These notions are taught from a young age or reinforced by systems and mass media. This is why an accent must be made through more education and better support from institutions with respect to human rights, so that one is constantly made aware of the nuances of intolerance. We need to make serious efforts to educate the younger generation to help them with their understanding of Human Rights, and to ensure respect for the diversity and differences between people. The goal is to encourage curiosity at school and at home with receptiveness and openness to the world’s cultural diversity, as well as in their own community, as a stepping stone for the rest of their lives. Furthermore, on a regular basis, a review of what constitutes intolerance should be pursued at all stages in life – even in the workplace.

  28. 3. The Battle Against Intolerance Requires the Free Flow of Information/Unrestricted Access
    Intolerance is extremely dangerous when it is exploited to serve political ambitions across a territory of an individual or group of individuals. Those who incite hatred often start by using widely-held opinions/generalisations to develop false arguments, to play with statistics with the goal of mass public manipulation and to push prejudice. The most effective way to limit the influence of those who propagate such mis-information is to put in place measures that favour and encourage freedom of the press and pluralism, so that readers can make the distinction themselves between facts and opinions.
    Although in my experience, taking those people on directly and publicly can be effective also.

    4. The Fight Against Intolerance Requires that Individuals are Conscious of the Reality that it Exists Everywhere.
    To be able to fight intolerance, we have to be conscious how it exists in the way people interact with each other, and the vicious circle of mistrust that can show itself by verbal or physical violence within all levels of society – even by Political Leadership. Each one of us should start by asking ourselves: ‘Am I tolerant? Do I use stereotypes when speaking of a group of people? Do I state that since they are different from me, that they are bad? Do I blame others for my problems?’

    5. The Battle Against Discrimination Requires Localised Solutions
    Fighting global problems start at the local and individual level, just in the same way charity starts at home. Confronted with an escalation of intolerance around us, we should not wait for institutions, nor goverment organisations to take action – since they do so too little and too late. We are all an integral part of the solution, and we should not feel powerless because we possess individually an enormous capacity of resistance to discrimination, as long as we realise how easy it is for a society to convince itself it is immune to racism, especially if it has been subject to, or a recipient of, such bad behaviour itself in prior generations, discrimination because it has a difference with a majority of persons within a specific country or territory. Any discrimination breeds contempt, even if it is in the form of reverse discrimination against a minority within a minority, since rights are not divisible.
    At times also, it may appear to be discriminatory or stereotyping to identify those within a specific group who use fear of loss of something, to falsely justify a greater degree of lawlessness and absence of the respect for Human Rights, despite the universality of such rights.

    The goal, in the end, is to promote the elimination of any forms of discrimination.

    Example: In Quebec, a group of Immigrant Doctors made a film, with the support of the National Film Board of Canada, called Doctors without Residence (Médecins sans résidence).
    Philippe Allard, Liberal Party Candidate for Laurier Ste-Marie commented: Quelle situation frustrante tant pour ces médecins que pour les patients québécois ! Fo Niemi explique très bien la discrimination systémique. Le coût de cette discrimination systémique sur le système de santé québécois est énorme
    What a frustrating situation as much for the Doctors as for the Patients! Fo Niemi clearly explains how systematic discrimination costs the entire Health System of Quebec enormously.

    The Medical College Board of Quebec denied discrimination, but was found in 2010 by the Quebec Human Rights Commission to be completely excluding immigrants and minorities from participating in the medical profession in the province, despite an enormous lack of doctors per resident.

  29. To robert barberis-gervais @ 5:05P"
    "Y a-t-il des Juifs racistes à Montréal" (A post written by the above)
    "....which says that in a restaurant, four wealthy Jews refused to be served by Isabelle because she was a French Quebecker)"

    100% BULLSHIT!
    Another wonderful chapter in the "Speak White" folklore of zany separatists.

    If Jews refused to eat in restaurants with francophone waitstaffs, they wouldn't eat out very often. If they didn't shop in stores with francophone clerks, they couldn't buy much!

    I once was treated to a meal by a supplier, in a kosher Chinese restaurant(I assume run by Jews) on Decarie in Montreal (close to the mythical restaurant of the lovely Isabelle) and the waiter was (gasp!) Chinese!
    As Adam Sandler sang "Not a Jew!"

    Your story is utter BS. Totally and sadly....

    You intimate falsely that Jews think so little of francophones that they refuse be served by them.

    I must question your sanity. Really. You story is as phoney as a Rene Levesque dollar.

    Even slave owners in the south allowed themselves to be served by Blacks.

    Do you know how ridiculous you sound?

    Do you wonder why people call you a racist?

    Readers---anyone care to join in?

  30. To the Editor

    If you refuse reality (REALITY), I cannot discuss with you. Je vous ai raconté une histoire vécue par ma voisine de Longueuil et vous la rejetez du revers de la main. Ces quatre juifs riches que j'ai décrits sont des racistes. Que ça vous plaise ou non.

    Je ne vois pas l'intérêt de continuer cette fausse discussion. Vos Bullshit ne sont pas des arguments fort convainquants.

    Dommage, j'étais en train de retrouver les vertus du bilinguisme comme je l'ai vécu en 1967-68 au Loyola college.

    Shalom yeladim.

    Je vais vous régaler de mon absence. Vous pensiez avoir pris un poisson. Continuez à vous complaire dans votre sectarisme et votre fascisme.

    Robert Barberis-Gervais

  31. To Robert Barberis-Gervais @ 8:53 PM

    Next time you re-tell the story of the lovely 'Isabelle,'perhaps you should change her name to 'Evangeline,' and she should be a virgin too. It somehow fits better.

    If your neighbour told the story, he is a liar and you are a complete idiot for believing it and a fool for repeating it.

    Ask your neighbour if the four rich Jews have hook noses and did they try drink her blood?

    Bon Débarras.

  32. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  33. @ RBG

    Yes some Jews are racist, that is a fact. Some French Canadians are also racist. Fact. Every group that has ever existed has prejudiced elements.

    I agree with the Editor that your story sounds completely implausible. However, let's say for arguments sake that once upon a time some Jews were mean to a French Canadian. So what? French Canadians never refuse to be served in English? Oh no, I forgot, that is OK here because it is state sanctioned racism under 101.

    Your story does not excuse any of what you have written about the entire Jewish community (sorry, what the real RGB wrote). A few bad apples shouldn't spoil the bunch. Just because you write anti-Semitic things on a blog doesn't make all French Canadiens racist (and yes I can make the distinction between anti-Israel and anti-Semitic, you just happen to be both, a tragedy despite your supposed education). 

    Just because some Anglos here write racist things about French canadians doesn't make all of English Canada racists. I'm not.

    Saying that you are allowed to talk trash about the Jewish community because once upon a time 4 Jews refused to be served by a French Canadian makes you sound like an idiot and a fraud. By your logic, Jews are much more worthy of hating all Spaniards and Germans forever.

    And BTW I also have several degrees. A BSc and an MD CM. That doesn't make what I say right. But my opinion that bill 101 is racist and wrong doesn't make me a racist towards French Canadians, that is a political opinion. Stating in text for all to read that the Jewish lobby and rich Jews try to control governments cannot be understood as anything other than racism. I'm sorry you fail to see the distinction.

    You are, despite all your best rationalizations a racist.

    Oh, and about your pension for violence (one more reason I think you're not the real RGB). You should probably seek out an anger management class.

  34. Congratulations Editor. Your blog and the full unexpurgated Robert Barberis-Gervais vs No Dogs correspondence is now available in the latest Vigile posting by RBG. You are his afternoon delight. After polishing off Lawrence Bergman with an "open letter" this am RBG turned to his next target. Unfortunately, you gave him an opening by not publishing all of his thrilling repartee with you. Enjoy your 15 minutes of Vigile fame for you will soon be relegated to their (very large) Anglo trash heap. Well, you have been warned! You see, RBG is a retired teacher with time on his hands who takes himself very seriously. So he is going to teach you, dear editor. Even some of his fellow Vigilistes find him a little, er...pompous...but hey! you be the judge. I can hardly wait for the comments on RBG's excoriation of NoDogs that Bernard will select to publish. As Slim Pickens put it so well from the cockpit of his nuclear armed bomber, hurtling across Russia : " it's toe to toe sluggin' with the ...[your choice]".

  35. Would anyone here claiming that Quebec is racist, xenophobic, fascist and what not please, PLEASE give me the pleasure of taking a few Canadian History lessons!

    Anyone here ever heard of Lord Durham? I think you all should.

    And if bilinguism is SO F***ING GREAT, then why aren't there any more anglos speaking French that there is right now? In Québec, despite what many of you think, nearly half of the French population (if not more) is bilingual at some level. Why aren't there more anglo-canadians learning to speak French, since French is ALSO apparently an official language from coast-to-coast in Canada, according to some here?

    Oh, how it is easy to see the straw in the franco's eye while being completely blind about the 40 foot steel H-beam in one's own eye.

    The way I see it, there are certains people in here who want to make absolutely no effort to learn to know the other community they live with, and then blame said community for this state of things. I couldn't find a better example of hypocrisy if I were to look for one.

    This blog is nothing but a joke. Really.



    1. FROM ED
      Hey Adam, You're completely ignoring the fact that maybe we don't want to speak French. ENGISH IS OUR LANGUAGE. We are not obliged to speak it just because French people feel that we should to please them. This is 2013, we want to be in accord with the whole world not just a handful of people who refuse to assimilate with what practically every country feels is the best language for openness and world wide communication. My God man, even muslim terrorists, the Taliban for example use English to communicate their cause. The English in Quebec have done a wonderful job by more than meeting their tormentors half way. 91% now speak french and will use it when needed. Otherwise we make no apology for speaking the language we were born with. You need to get yur facts straight. Ed

  36. "This blog is nothing but a joke. Really"

    Tout a fait Adam et vous n'avez pris aucun détour pour l'exprimer.Quoi dire de plus sinon Bravo mon frère!

  37. To Adam Richard - Expert en Sécurité des TI

    I'm not offended by your comment, just by your need to sign your name with an advertisement?

  38. @ AR
    Falling into the classic "he hit me first" nonsense argument we are taught to ignore in kindergarten. Don't bring out stuff that happened generations ago as an excuse to be a racist today. Doesn't work. I'm sure if you tried harder (not even that hard) you could find racism going on today against French Canadians. But unfortunately that still doesn't excuse vengeful racism. For those who know me on this blog knowI repeatedly ask the question "should all Jews hate Spaniards and Germans until the end of time?" because that is exactly the argument you are making.

    Most Canadians can say "bonjour" and that is about equal to the "level" of bilingualism of most non-Montreal French Canadians you are talking about. Most Canadians are bilingual, they just don't speak French. Now let me ask you this. Would you be happier if all Canadians were forced to learn French and English? I would, bilingualism promotes intelligence. But I know most hard core French Canadians would find it insulting to have to learn English. The fact that more French Canadians speak English and fewer ROCers speak French is a matter of evolution and world economics. I don't want to destroy French culture or rid North America of French. I just want the right to send my child to English school and not be considered a second class citizen because I'm not Pure Laine (I can speak French and I'm still "Autre" as per most around here).

  39. To Adam Richard - Expert en Shit:

    People don't speak French in other provinces because it's not really needed. Spanish would be a much more useful language to learn. We should get rid of official bilingualism across Canada, just as Quebec eliminated official bilingualism in the 1970's.

  40. Yo Adam, check the calendar on your computer. It's 2011, not 1911. And Lord Durham, who was not a Canadian, has been dead for 171 years! Napoleon Bonaparte predeceased him by 19 years. Both are about equally relevant to Quebec in the 21st century. Say, what is it with the souvrainiste obsession with Radical Jack ? Is it some kind of code or are we talking cult/secret society here? Can I buy a code breaker's ring and get in on the secret? Adam, since you are a computer geek I know this will be breaking news for you - but we got responsible government, and franco-quebecois were NOT assimilated. As a card carrying anglo Quebecer I can assure you that I don't think my french speaking fellow citizens are necessarily xenophobic etc, as you suggest in your delightful little rant. I don't generalize because it leads to certain error.(free advice, Adam)But I have noticed after long and careful study that there are SOME wacky, xenophobic, anglophobic individuals who populate certain websites. In fact, I know there are very few of them and they have a miniscule readership and/or influence, just like their anglo nutbar counterparts. Yet it's impossible to ignore the simple fact that there is a very high concentration of these narrow, brittle ethnic nationalists writing regularly on blogs like Vigile. They are lonely and in constant need of reassurance, so they have to talk to each other. Just talk - no action is required, as evidenced by Vigile's call to demonstrate in front of the National Assembly on Feb 19. About 20 people showed up. Now that's influence for you. Forget the occasional anti-semitic piece. That's small beer. You should read what they say, regularly, about people like me. That is, just one of their fellow citizens who is a member of the wrong ethnic group. And I've never met any of them, or Lord Durham, yet they are experts on me, and what I think, and how I behave and, especially, how I SHOULD behave. I wonder... is it possible that such incredible knowledge and telepathic power come with the official Lord Durham code ring? (I gotta get one!) Check Vigile out, Adam, you may find a new home. Many of those folks are also obsessed by the (very)late Lord Durham. And like NoDogs - Vigile is also nothing but a joke, really. That's exactly why I read it. And good luck with your history lessons. When you get up to 2011, please drop in again.

  41. Ano @ March 24 6:24am
    Couldn't have said it better myself.

  42. Pour un site qui est déserté, c'est bizarre que le financement n'a jamais été aussi bon avec autant de donateurs différents!

    La jalousie est la reine de tout les vices.

    Stefan Allinger