Friday, December 17, 2010

Terrorist Inspires RRQ Intimidation Campaign

Today the word 'terrorist' is bandied about flippantly to describe just about anybody who uses force of arms in any context at all and ranges from the extreme to the benign.

Recently in Quebec, Marc Lepine the serial killer in the École Polytechnique massacre, was described as a terrorist instead of the deranged and disturbed killer that he was. Un acte terroriste antiféministe, 

Colonel James Angus, at the opposite end of the scale of violence was described as a terrorist for his decidedly angry rants against Francophones.  
Canada is often described by nationalists as a 'terrorist' state.Canada - un État terroriste.

In Quebec, everyone seems to fit the label of terrorist, except the actual few who fit the definition, like FLQ members who actually perpetrated over 300 acts terrorism, including over two hundred bombings.

One such a man  is  Rhéal Mathieu, a FLQ member who in 1967 was sentenced to nine years in prison for terrorist activities including murder. Because of his unrepentant attitude, he served the whole sentence before being released.
After seemingly having been rehabilitated, he was given a pardon for his 'youthful indiscretions' but in the year 2001 he was again convicted and served time for being involved in the terrorist fire-bombing of the three Second Cup coffee shops over language issues, this time under the guise of another terrorist group, the Brigade d'auto-défense du français (BAF)  Read an interesting article describing Mr. Mathieu

Mr. Mathieu is also a prolific contributor to where he continues to spout his radical agenda.

In light of the recent letter campaign, aimed to intimidate large Quebec Liberal Party donors, Mr. Mathieu proudly recounts how in 1998 he undertook another letter campaign, eerily similar to the one waged by the RRQ. Link fr

The 1998 letter-bombing campaign consisted of a group of militants hand delivering letters to Westmount addresses.
In Mr. Mathieus own words on;
"In support of the letter campaign that the RRQ sent to Liberal party donors, I am reminded of a similar gesture made by the MLNQ (Mouvement de Liberation National du Quebec) on 17 May 1998. This date was the 35th anniversary of 'Operation Mailbox' in Westmount, led by the Front de Liberation du Quebec (FLQ) ,on  May 17, 1963: 10 bombs, 5 blasts, a Canadian army officer severely wounded."
And so this letter campaign conducted by the MNLQ was to commemorate and honour the 1963 terrorist attack.  Hmm...
"The MLNQ therefore decided to use this anniversary, to place in the mailbox of virtually every citizen of Westmount, a circular which you will find the text in the attached file ."
Click to Download the letter (French
 The letter, written in French, also sported the familiar 'Patriote" bearing arms, as you can clearly see in the attached copy .
The letter chastised the city of  Westmount and particularly Mayor Peter Trent for passing a resolution in favour of partition in the event of Quebec sovereignty.

"Indeed, you must think  about what you do when Quebec becomes a sovereign state. You should think carefully before acting, because if your city tries to partition, it is likely that your life will become hell. Your situation could be similar to that of American hostages in the embassy in Tehran, or at best, that of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip ."

It's pretty clear that today's RRQ letter bombing campaign aimed at Liberal donors is nothing more than a repeat of the 1998 action in Westmount.

If you don't remember the 1998 incident, don't worry, time has proven how event-changing the action really was- zero.
The same can be said for the current letter-bombing campaign, its no big deal.

Like the 1998 action, it is essentially a masturbatory effort meant to titillate and thrill those in the radical separatist movement. As for changing minds either in Westmount or among Liberal donors, the effect will be almost negligible.

If you are worried that the RRQ, an organization that has devilishly hinted at violence, but cleverly  never taken that step, now boasts a real terrorist among its ranks, don't be concerned.

The organization remains under strict watch by security services especially the Surete du Quebec who has no doubt placed many agents within its membership. I dare say that when Patrick Bourgeois orders take-out, the Surete listeners are commenting among themselves over his choice.

There's little doubt that there's nothing the RRQ can plan, or do, that the forces of order don't know about. The first whiff of real violence will trigger an arrest wave unseen since the October Crisis.

The RRQ is painfully aware of this fact and limits itself to bellicose roaring that can be safely ignored.

In his article Mr. Mathieu proclaims his letter-bombing campaign a stunning success. Why, I don't know, Westmount never did reverse its partition resolution.

Perhaps he measures success in the ability to deliver a letter. If that's the case, he could have been just as successful using the post office, just like the RRQ.

He categorized  the Westmount Anglos as 'paper tigers' but the reality is that the term more appropriately describes the RRQ, an organization full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

They are without a doubt a bunch of modern chikenshit pseudo-revolutionaries, nothing like militants of the past. They haven't got the stones.

The RRQ today is nothing more than weekend revolutionaries, who discuss independence over $5 lattes in coffee shops and Internet forums.
The sad part is that they are given so much play by the press, they are nothing.

Ignore them and they will talk only to themselves.

In fact, the next time they make a threat of violence, its time to face them down, the promise of confrontation more frightening to them than to the police.

To them I say;

Come on down, let's rumble!


  1. Well if ever these "freedom fighters" decide to put their words into action, I'll be the first to sign up to form "our own" resistance. I highly doubt it would ever get to that point and I have to admit that fighting fire with fire wouldn't be the most mature thing to do, but I'm not one to turn the other cheek. Enough with this crap!

  2. Mississauga Guy said...

    Maybe what is needed here is a bit of that old McCarthyism from the 1950s to point out these subversives, label them, berate them and make sure they're looked upon for what they are--the dung of society.

    Then again, Quebec seems to be the home to the criminal element, like Carla Homolka, Paul Rose, the assassin of Pierre Laporte, and even René Lévesque got away with vehicular homicide after running over a vagrant in a drunken state.

  3. Rhéal Mathieu has been expelled of the RRQ November 8, 2008. He was not radical enough.

  4. Thanks for the heads-up. I've made the correction

  5. "Then again, Quebec seems to be the home to the criminal element, like Carla Homolka..."

    Et le colonel Russell Williams.

  6. True enough, the RBQ are impotent, self-indulgent goslings, who deserve to be ignored (and monitored). However, I contend that the RBQ (et al) are not irrelevant nothings. They are the carrier pigeons who deliver the symbolic and cathartic messages of hope for the nationalist Quebecois. They speak for the silent Quebecois majority. They fan the embers of war and keep the fear and hatred alive. The Quebecois media validate and give voice to these twittering racist morons. Their livid nationalist dogma leaches into the minds and souls of the Quebecois and their self-aggrandizing politicians. They are societal pathogens. Their words and deeds stain Quebecois society and leave the indelible mark of intolerance and xenophobia on the whole agonizing province.

  7. InSmoke said


    Vous êtes un poète doublé d'un dramaturge.Bravo!

  8. @ In flames

    If the RRQ speaks for the majority of the Quebecois, then I've lost all hopes in cleaning up Quebec's mess....

    Anglo Montrealer

  9. Non, je ne dis pas Bravo à cette insulte. Ne le dites pas non plus. Les minorités ont droit à leur liberté !

    Le premier des droits de l'homme c'est la liberté individuelle, la liberté de la propriété (intellectuelle comme la langue), la liberté de la pensée, et la liberté du travail.

    La langue française n'est pas une maladie, pour ces charlatans à lobotomie !

  10. Quebec is a distinctive society, a nation and has its different law system, schools and universities, churches etc... They have protective language laws as well !



  11. "If the RRQ speaks for the majority of the Quebecois, then I've lost all hopes in cleaning up Quebec's mess...."

    There is no overt support for the RRQ, but there is no denunciation of it either. With the silent approval of Quebec majority, the RRQ operates with relative impunity. And the silence of the majority on the issue will naturally lead to generalizations about the whole population of Quebec. The Quebecois should therefore not be surprised about all the "Quebec bashing" for as long as this state of affairs persists. "Quebec bashing" is more of a reaction than an action.

  12. .."then I've lost all hopes in cleaning up Quebec's mess...."

    who is a mess ?

    The question is to be or not to be.(of course you think you are God)

  13. @adski

    Quand vous naissez dans une arène de lutte,la dernière chose que vous trouvez choquant d'y voir,ce sont des lutteurs.

  14. @ Adski,

    If Quebec's majority silently approve of this, then what can we say about the stereotypes regarding Quebec Francophones? I'd like to think that they oppose groups such as the RRQ but when you put in that perspective, it's hard to dismiss other possibilities....

    Anglo Montrealer

  15. RRQ= Radically Retarded Quebecois

  16. I didn’t mean the RRQ literally speak for all Quebecois. Obviously that’s not the case. The RBQ probably has heard very little direct support from Francophones. But there is such a thing as tacit support, and that’s the point I wanted to make. Commentor adski understands the concept and the unavoidable consequences of the persistent lack of criticism. Outsiders often see the lack of condemnation as silent approval, and with good reason. It’s not like these Franco-supremacist groups lack visible supporters all together, because they don’t. Furthermore, they actively portray themselves as concerned and courageous patriots representing ‘the people’ with wide-spread support.
    And then there’s the Francophone media who supposedly report on issues of importance to the Quebecois majority. In a manner of speaking, the media do represent the majority by way of the issues they choose to focus on and support. The Francophone media provide a means of expression for separatist propaganda. Many Francophone media outlets are openly separatist, like Le Devoir.
    It’s my belief that Francophones are not immune to the separatist dogma ala FLQ, RRQ, MLNQ, SJBS, PQ, and the BLOQ, whether they agree or not. Propaganda is insidious and it works, if repeated often enough (which it has). People don’t live their lives in a vacuum. The continual Anglos bashing rhetoric these zealous groups spew doesn’t just evaporate. The Anglos bashing insults accumulate. Each one builds on the last, until people become inured. Once the propaganda has reached this level of saturation, every subsequent racist distortion finds a welcome home in the population’s subconscious.
    So Anglo Montrealer, I would say you should give up hope all hopes in cleaning up Quebec's mess; it’s too late.

  17. Many of the Francophones who comment on here, refer to criticisms of Quebec society as insults. It’s like they’re oblivious to everything that’s going on in Quebec and have nothing to question or answer for. They dismiss the legitimately negative observations that individuals have as spiteful Quebec bashing. Isn’t this reaction hypocritical, when you consider the torrent of Anglos bashing that comes out of groups like the RRQ? Anglos bashing in Quebec is a well funded, highly organized, and tolerated activity. Quebec bashers can’t even compete, there is no comparison. Isn't labeling all critiques as Quebec bashing, just a ruse to avoid self-examination? Like another poster said, Quebec bashing is a reaction, not an action.

  18. InFlames, I think I see where you're goin with your post. Does this mean that the majority of Quebec Francophones subconsciously wish that all Anglophones would move out of the province, that Canada is a terror state etc....?

    Anglo Montrealer

  19. Anglo Montrealer,

    I can’t speak for Francophones (especially at this sleepless hour), but my sense is that the situation is complicated and thorny. I think the majority of Francophones want Anglos to stay, BUT they do not want to hear any dissention regarding the language laws and how they are applied, and to a lesser degree, any disagreement about national autonomy and all that business. In other words, compliant Anglos, who are willing to renounce their historical identity and Canadians rights, are welcome to stay. You know the mantra, take 101 or 401, the choice is yours. It also helps to accept paternalistic condescension and a future of uncertainty. The Quebecois like to claim that they treat their Anglophones minority very well, compared to how other ‘countries’ in the world treat their minority groups. Nonetheless, seppie politicians don’t mind publicly debating ways to further curtail the rights of the ‘the others”, so it can get confusing. The Quebecois took away Anglos rights once before, so why not again? Only time will tell. In the mean time best behave and keep a low profile, lest you waken the wrath.

    I doubt most Quebecois think Canada is a terror state, for real. But whether or not they believe such a thing is not the point. Any one saying that is exaggerating for affect, and trying to create a clear and present danger where none exists. Spreading propaganda saying Canada is a terror state perpetuates an atmosphere of mistrust and doubt, even if the accusation is hard to believe. That’s all the seppies want, fear. They aim high and shoot low while everyone is still looking up. Do most Quebecois mistrust Canada? I reckon so, dude!

  20. "Well if ever these "freedom fighters" decide to put their words into action, I'll be the first to sign up to form "our own" resistance."

    Great idea. Several years ago some supporters of the RRQ showed up at the Saint Patrick's Day Parade in Montreal. They planned to march in the parade with their stupid flags and protest the so-called excessive presence of English. But they were roughed up by bystanders and never did get to march.

    It is high time for Anglos and other minorities in Quebec to stand up for their rights and stop allowing themselves to be harassed by creeps like the RRQ.

  21. Once again, some people do the mistake to put the RRQ in the dangerous terrorist list and they didnt event kill someone since its creation...its far away to be the FLQ.Very far.Yes they are radicals people, but not partisan of mass murderer actions ((for now)). And its well know that the majority of their members prefer ((no violent)) actions than killing a lots of people to proof something.

    For the MLNQ, this organisation is dead now, its only Raymond Villeneuve alone with his anger and some beers...not much. He selfdestruct his own organisation in the past by opening the door to rigth wing extremists and play the little dictator inside the group. So everyone leave the organisation and they go found the JPQ (( kinda the ancestor of the RRQ))

    For Rheal Mathieu...he is a lunatic and a lone guneman. He isnt a member of the RRQ...he even try to kicked the RRQ out of the independantist movement via the SSJB a couple months ago and he is well know to stealed the projects of other people and claimed it to be his own projects. He is a hypocrit and a manipulator.

    With all his past and present actions,he is more dangerous than the RRQ and the jPQ combined...

  22. Mississauga Guy to InFlames:

    My compliments on your last two posts, Dec 17 @ 9:26PM and then the 18th @ 2:45AM. Both postings are logical, cogent arguments. I left Quebec because I was not prepared to be a compliant little lamb in the fascist state AKA Quebec. I chose to pay my provincial taxes in a much more deserving and much more progressive jurisdiction.

    What irks me now is Ontario, notwithstanding its recent setbacks in this recent recession, is still the largest net contributor to equalization payments of which Quebec gets the lion's share.

    It is for this reason I'm trying to put out in public the idea of creating a federal political party that puts the needs of Quebec behind the rest of Canada. Why should the rest of us allow Quebec to endlessly thumb its collective nose at us by igoring minority rights for the sake of its "endangered" majority when that majority is in no way, shape or form endangered. If French speakers in Quebec are resilient as they have been speaking French for hundreds of years, nothing, BUT NOTHING, will change that next week, next year, next decade and next century!

    In addition, the silence expressed by Québécois «pur laine» is deafening. I have yet to hear ANY criticism over Bill 103/115/whatever, nothing in the French media criticizing the child in Quebec with his American mother who had to take her son to Delaware when the Quebec government chose to ignore its own humanitarian provisions in Sections 81 and 85 of Bill 101.

    The only conclusions to be drawn from all this silence is (1) The Quebec majority doesn't give a damn about the minorities, or (2) The majority supports these people and the stringent laws against the minorities.

    If either of the above are not true, those who disagree with what is being done by the tyranny of the majority within that majority better start speaking up...and soon!

  23. "...against the minorities..."!!!???

    350,000,000 d'anglos.Une minorité?En ce cas qui est majoritaire?Désolé pour la dame dont vous évoquez le drame humanitaire mais nos droit collectifs ont priorités.

  24. Mississauga Guy to the myopic jerk Anon @ 9:08AM...

    I was discussing the minority IN QUEBEC, not the number of Anglophones in North America altogether.

    Nevertheless, you're living proof of what I believe the vast majority of what you Québécois «pur laine» are: Angry, vindictive, vengeful, sour grape, sore loser BIGOTS! Of course, the majority in Quebec is too embarrassed or in denial to acknowledge the fact the worst of the duping they got was at the hands of their church encouraging their parishioners to aim low and their pork barrel politicians who said vote for me or your constituency gets nothing.

    Of course, looking for scapegoats like the English, the Jews the Greeks and the Italians (the latter three for usurping Jacques Parasite's one shot at the Quebec kingdom, and he specifically pointed his finger as those three groups making up the "ethnic vote") is easy as well.

    My Jewish grandparents came to Canada (Quebec) with next to nothing. My paternal grandparents, with my then 8-year-old father and two younger children in tow came to Montreal with little more than a couple of suitcases and the clothes on their backs in 1926 from Poland. Seven years later my father had to quit school to help support his family and gave my grandfather practically all his earnings in the effort. In 1939, he enlisted--didn't wait to be drafted at the age of 21. He gave YOUR country six long years of his life. My grandparents worked in factories manufacturing various goods for the war effort. What did your father and grandfather do? Chicken out like most of your yellow-bellied people?

    It wasn't BRITAIN'S WAR, it was a WORLD WAR! Your precious France was captured and occupied. While there was a French Resistance movement, there were enough thugs in the police and other chicken chested bastards who were only too happy to be the flunkies to the Nazis. They helped turn in Jews and others the Nazis saw as undesirables.

    While THAT was going on in France, your precious Lionel Groulx, amongst other clergymen, was busy dissing the English and the Jews at home in the press and on radio.

    So your answer to the fact your church and schools were teaching trash and drivel while the English schools, public and private, were teaching the "3 Rs" and other essential subjects to progress in the world was it was "THEIR" fault?

    Your churches and schools were too busy promoting big families AKA «la révanche des berceaux» and being the "small bread of society" while the minorities were starting businesses, going to school and having manageable-sized families. So while your politicians and churches were keeping your people ignorant and pregant, ours were moving up in the world. Who's fault is THAT, you jerk?

    Your people were made inferior by YOUR OWN LEADERS, and now you're still decades behind the times, and you need your scapegoats to make yourselves THINK you're superior.

    Your not! You're still a collective of bitter ignoramuses, you're regressing with your persecution of your minorities, and until you learn to embrace your place on this continent as the minority, you'll never get rich (you son of a bitch!).

    We're superior because we WORKED for it. You're inferior because you continue to drink bitter water and wallow in your self pity. Reform, improve, or get used to it and eat your collective hearts out!

  25. @Mississaussage

    Vous me semblez tout a fait hargneux.Aucun regret de vous avoir expulsé dans l'ombre de la tour du CN.

  26. "Mississaussage" Guy to the Anonymous imbecile of 8:04PM...

    I'm not expelled. I like paying less tax and getting MUCH more in the way of services for my tax dollar. If I have to go to an emergency room in a hospital here, at worst it take four hours (still too long) to be served for broken bones or muscle sprains. In Montreal, it can take 24 hours. 4 vs's a no-brainer.

    You should own a house with a thousand rooms and in every one of them you should have a malady!

    BTW, boerewors is a wonderful beef sausisse made here by a South African butcher. At least there is more to life in Ontario than just La Belle Fermière, Habitant and Lafleur!

  27. "...I like paying less tax and getting MUCH more in the way of services for my tax dollar."

    Êtes-vous bien certain d'avoir un cerveau et non une calculatrice dans la boîte crânienne?
    Votre vie ne semble qu'être chiffres,statistiques,compétition et rancune.Pauvre bougre.