Wednesday, January 19, 2011

When Racism Goes Mainstream

To varying degrees the scourge racism exists across the country and no one province or territory can claim that they are immune from hate.
That being said, Canadians realize that racism is not politically correct and dare not express these sentiments in print, on television and over the radio waves, unless they are eager to suffer the  fate of the late aboriginal leader David Ahenakew, whose life was destroyed after he made some racist public remarks about Jews, a few years back. Charged with promoting hate he was put through a long and debilitating judicial ringer which no doubt contributed to his death.

In Canada, making negative statements in public about identifiable groups is pretty much verbotten. Amazingly, making positive statements about identifiable groups is also pretty much frowned upon, that's how sensitive to race we've become.
Making statements like 'Blacks are better athletes than whites" makes people uncomfortable because of the slippery slope it infers. If you can make good generalizations about a group, then you can make bad ones too, so we generally frown on these comments.

Somehow all these rules don't seem to apply to Quebec where negative stereotyping is a national provincial pastime. Publicly discussing the foibles of particular groups, be they religious, ethnic or language based, is somehow not seen as racist at all.

There is a great divide when it comes to attitudes over race in Quebec and the Rest of Canada.

Over the last couple of months I've posted a bunch of stuff on the subject and if you haven't seen it, I think you'll find the stories interesting.

Latent Racism in Quebec a Sad Reality

Here's a video of Radio-Canada bashing immigrants who can't speak enough French. The video is, as is freely admitted by the commentator, unscientific and unrepresentative of the immigrant community but it makes for good TV.
 These type of stereo-typical portrayals are de riguer on Quebec TV, even on networks funded by taxpayers.
And you thought the role of the CBC/Radio Canada was to foster understanding among Canadians!


Today, an egregious story of overt racism continues to play out in the mainstream press, not in the obscure pages of or some other extremist web site.
That story is the panicked perception in the French media, that immigrants, aligned with the dreaded English community are taking over the island of Montreal.

Talk of 're-conquering' Montreal by francophones is a subject that is splashed across mainstream media with the underlying theme that ethnics and Anglos are an evil presence to be rid of, like vermin.
"We must work to develop policies to keep Montreal francophones from leaving the island and create conditions for more Francophones to return." Pierre Curzi - PQ
That francophone writers bemoan the fact that the island of Montreal is lost to the 'heathens' doesn't seem to strike anyone here as the least bit racist.  Not at all.

When commentators tell us that there are not enough native francophones on the island of Montreal, what they are trying to say politely is that there are too many Anglos, Blacks, Jews, Greeks, Italians, Chinese, Indians, Latinos, Hispanics, Africans and Arabs. etc.

The same story is now being repeated in Laval.  Le Mouvement Laval français was created to stop the spread of 'insipid multiculturalism.' Link 

Could you imagine a Toronto newspaper calling openly for more Whites to move into predominantly Black neighbourhoods in order to restore the demographic superiority of Whites?

Could you imagine an Ottawa newspaper calling openly for more Anglos to move into predominantly French neighbourhoods in order to restore the demographic superiority of the English?

In Quebec, under the guise of protecting French language and culture, the most racist and hurtful notions can be bandied about and this in the mainstream press.


  1. Small comment on the last few seconds of your clip.

    « D’après l’organisme, ce pourcentage a fort peu varié d’année en année »

    This translates as

    “According to the organization (the OQLF), this percentage has varied little from year to year.”

    I thought you might want to set the record straight on that.

  2. So here we have blatant racism and witchhunting the minorities who have trouble with French on the French CBC, but Don Cherry made a crack about too many "Europeans and Frnech Guys (read «pur laine» French Quebeckers) wearing eye visors and getting threats from the English CBC.

    At times I have problems with my French at work, so I ask someone who is a littler stronger at it to take a call here and there, about 1% of my calls. No big deal.

    Recently though, some A.H. on the phone was moaning under his breath, clearly mind you, about having to endure «quelq'un qui ne parle pas français». I assure you I wasn't speaking Afrikaans to the s.o.b.! I admit that kind can get under my skin on a foggy morning! For the sake of my job, I'll wait until the phone light goes off before I retort for that pig to mange sa merde lentement et avec soin.

    Don Cherry almost got indicted by the kangaroo Commissioner of Official Languages. That whole affirmative action committee can "gain kacken oifen yum" as far as I'm concerned. Ask the Goldblooms or Max Yalden, if he's still alive, for a translation of THAT one!

    As you can read, I'm NOT in a happy place after having witnessed that dreck on our taxpayer supported network. The French can get away with everything and the English, even outside Quebec, can get away with nothing.

    Once again, it's high time we create a primarily English party serving ALL Canadians outside Quebec and the minority constituencies within Quebec with high non-pur laine concentrations of voters. How about it folks? Your silence is deafening, and your demise will be of your own making. Anglophones in Quebec are as much to blame as anyone else because you then get what you deserve...the YouTube piece above and all the other vomitous excrement they dump on you!

  3. What do you want the Average Anglo-Montrealer and the Anglo-Quebec community as a whole to do? The so-called Anglo elite are in-bed with the Quebec Nationalists. They intentionally come together to shut out any public dissent. Anybody who dares speak out is labeled an extremist.. not by any Racist Quebec nationalist, but by the english community leadership..the Harold Chorny's , Thomas Mulcair's Kathleen Weil's , etc, etc These people conspired against honorable people like William Johnson and Howard Galganov. They muzzled Schnurmacher to the point that he's a shadow of what he once was.... The Anglo elites are the worst of Collaborators

  4. Never thought I'd see "Galganov" and "honourable" in the same sentence...

    Mulcair, though, just gets on my fracking nerves.

  5. You know what? Not to tolerate other culture / race / religion / whatever is not only rampant in French Quebecer media, but apparently also the official policy of PQ.

    Please notice that Louise Beaudoin said:

    "Religious freedom exists but there are other values."

    "Multiculturalism may be a Canadian value. But it is not a Quebec one."

    "We did not agree with (Supreme Court) decision. We can disagree with the Supreme Court."

  6. Just more double standard in our Country. The francos (Quebecois) can do as they wish but any criticism sent their way is met by cries of discrimination and Quebec bashing. We have french language programs across the country and they (the Quebecois) have anti english legislation enacted by government. The truth be known french will never be widely utilized in the ROC. Why, there is absolutely no need. Why will there alwasy be english in Montreal and or Quebec. Because, in simple fact it is a requirement in order to get along plus no restrict job opportunities elsewhere. For those that wish to check on the demise of the french language in the ROC just check the census records from 01 - 06. Its gone and it ain't coming back any time soon much to the dismay of federal politicians such as Yves Grodin and civil servants such as Grahame Fraser (official language commissioner).

    These people should just face the facts that its done and know amount of OLA Bullshit or reverse discrimination against unilinguals (both franco and anglo) is going to amount to a hill of beans. As I have said before the OLA is a total waste of money (an lots of it) and has resulted in no meaningful results in the 40 years it has been in existence. Of course, the politicos and bureaucrats will try and tell you otherwise. But of course this is only self interest on their parts. Likely one of the reasons the ROC has achieved a lot of success and Quebec is such a failure....we are not plagued by the dogma of the language issue as is clearly evident on this blog.

    And so the double standard and reverse discrimination agains the anglo majority of Canada continues...and so will the freebies and special programs continue for the welfare province of Quebec. Unless, of course, political victory with a majority government can be achieved without any support in Quebec. Only then will the polticians tell Quebec and the french to take a hike.

    Disgusting really. Just as disgusting as some Quebecois on the Beach in Playa the other day I witessed. A guy and a girl (not at all bad looking) came late and there were no chairs available. The beach guys were accomodating and fit a couple if between the others which was ok by me..(they were right next to me). Then, of course, several of their friends just happened by and spread themselves all over the place making it extremely uncomfortable for those on all sides. Then, to make matters worse they started in the habitual loud "joual" and turned up a Ghetto blaster very loud. One of the beach waiters suggested they turn it down at which point they told him...what, the people don't want to have fun. I finally left as did some others as by this time. I am sure this was their intent from the start. And you wonder why people dislike the Quebecois. Rude, ignorant, loud and obnoxious would is just for starters. Wouldn't worry about this incident but of course I have seen in many times before from Florida to Aruba.

  7. “In Quebec, under the guise of protecting French language and culture, the most racist and hurtful notions can be bandied about and this in the mainstream press.”

    Ah, the power of euphemisms. A clever euphemism can be used to justify and sanitize just about anything. The Holocaust of the Jews = just a “Final Solution”. Burning a heretic by the Inquisition = just an auto-da-fe (act of faith). Aborting a fetus = just being “pro-choice” or “pro women rights”. Razing a Palestinian village to the ground = just Israel’s right to “protect itself”. Legislating against language X = just “protecting” language Y (as we’re told, 101 is not anti-English, it’s “pro-French”).

    It’s so easy to come up with these. Then it’s all a matter of drilling it into people’s heads, which doesn’t seem too difficult either. Especially if you keep a large chunk of your population dependent on the mommy state (gouvernemaman) and under-educated (or un-educated).

  8. Dear Editor,

    You talk a lot about Québec racism towards Anglophones. I would like to know if you have some facts or statistics concerning Francophone(s) who assaults an Anglophone just because is anglo ?

    For our part we have cases where a group of Anglos (English-canadians in fact) assaults a Francophone just because is franco. The last case is Kevin Parent (which is also an anglo).

  9. Anon @ 8:16AM, you're right about too many elite being compliant sheep, mostly because they figure this is how to follow the money.

    When the late Izzy Asper took over the Gazette within the last decade, they FIRED Schnurmacher from continuing his column because this is how Asper wanted it--he sought more ad and subscription revenues from the francophones. Fool!

    When Gord Sinclair was alive, CJAD has a lively after-lunch program called Free-for-All with himself, Tommy Shnurmacher, Andrew Carter and Melanie King. I used to come into Montreal about every 2-3 months in those days and all I'd hear is their moaning about how the Quebec government doesn't care about the minorities.

    Every time I came in it was the same topic. It's as if I never left Montreal. At the same time, they negatively admonished Howard Galganov. Inexplicable how he was the closest thing the English language community had to a crusader, and he was given nothing but bad press.

    Interestingly, in his blog, Galganov has written about Jews who complied with the Nazis as weak appeasers, and look what happened to THEM in the end--they were sent to the camps and exterminated, just like the rest of Hitler's undesirables. There is no appeasing these people.

    I don't know what Bourassa said to Charles Bronfman when he came out with Bill 22 back in 1974. Bronfman declared he was ready to take his money and himself out of Quebec, but somehow Bou-bou talked him out of it. Here it is going on 37 years later and I'm still curious how Bou-bou talked him out of it. It's only too bad Bronfman didn't ignore him as I think it would have prevented the Bill 101 strike 3 years later, not to mention a mass exodus of mass capital from "Rhodesia" on the Mountain!

  10. Le cas de Kevin parent n'est pas un bon cas du était saoul et il est tobmber face a face a une bande de gars saoul......shit hit the fan. C'est meme pas une question de combat linguistique ici..

    Fin de l'histoire.

    Cette histoire est une tempete dans une verre d'eau.

  11. Je suis d'accord avec toi Math. Tout devient un combat linguistique pour certains. Au moins toi, tu sembles faire du sens.

    Je pense que tu sais comme moi Math ceci:

    Le français et la spiritualité humaine.

    Les grandes traditions de spiritualité humaine
    représentent la meilleure chance pour l’esprit humain lui-même de durer, alors protéger une langue fait du sens. Si les autres ne le veulent pas, c'est qu'ils bannissent les droits légitimes des autres.

    Les intérêts des minorités

    Il ne faut pas interpréter le souci
    de déférer aux intérêts des minorités comme un comportement politique conformiste ou
    une forme de servilité envers des intérêts spéciaux. Ce sont des besoins de vivre que les gens ont. Ceux qui s'y opposent sont les racistes.

    Il ne faut pas non plus réduire la
    portée de cette politique en prenant des mesures de façade ou en faisant des concessions à
    court terme. Bien au contraire, il doit exister un engagement véritable de protéger
    l’identité des minorités nationales et de créer les conditions favorables à la promotion de
    cette identité.

    Les autres pays et leur intérêt langagier et culturel.

    Bien qu’aucun pays ne soit irréprochable en matière de droits des minorités, un pays
    comme le Canada, par exemple, a fait de grands efforts pour mettre en oeuvre une
    législation destinée à promouvoir de bonnes relations au sein de sa population québécoise..

    La définition de l'Etat-Nation;les A U T R E S.

    Finalement, la définition traditionnelle
    de l’Etat-nation selon laquelle un groupe national distinct correspondait à une unité
    territoriale n’a jamais été exactement respectée en pratique.

    Cependant des cultures majoritaires ou dominantes dans les différents pays du
    monde cherchent encore à imposer leur identité aux autres groupes avec lesquels elles
    partagent un territoire. Remarquons que la langue anglaise au Canada n'est pas un Superstrat, langue qui prend possession d'une autre pour l'écraser. (AQ 1774)

    Règles générales de multiethnicité qui sont méconnues sur ce blog.

    Les tentatives faites pour imposer une identité culturelle unique dans des environnements
    multiethniques sont souvent menées au détriment des droits des minorités. Pour éviter la
    marginalisation, souvent les minorités s’efforcent plus vigoureusement de préserver et
    protéger leur identité. Le durcissement de forces antagonistes — assimilation d’un côté et
    préservation d’une identité minoritaire de l’autre — peut engendrer une intolérance
    accrue et, dans les pires cas, un conflit ethnique armé. En de tels cas, et afin de prévenir toute escalade, la protection et la promotion des droits des minorités deviennent
    essentielles. Ce qui peut être fait. Le conflit ethnique n’est pas inévitable dans les Etats pluriethniques.

    Alors avant de lancer une pierre et de devenir un Arsène Lupin en chômage, tachez de connaître certaines règles de base. Et si vous ne comprenez pas, utilisez vos dictios.

  12. Math, tu te trompes. Dans le cas de Kevin Parent, il s'agit bien d'un groupe d'une dizaine d'Anglos qui l'ont agressé à coups de poing et de pied parce qu'il est Québécois.

    On peut aussi soulever le cas d'un groupe de jeunes Québécois qui, il y a 2 ou 3 ans, festoyaient le 24 juin dans un parc de Gatineau et qui ont été assaillis par un groupe d'Anglos. Et il y a d'autres cas, trop rarement rapportés par les médias, mais qui circulent oralement au sein de la population québécoise. On peut presque dire que cela fait partie de l'inconscient collectif.

    Donc pour résumer, le phénomène du Franco qui agresse un Anglo n'existe pas, malheureusement. Par contre, le phénomène de l'Anglo qui agresse un Franco existe. Au même titre qu'existe aussi le phénomène du WASP américain qui agresse un Noir.

    Cela démontre bien que le peuple québécois est de nature pacifique et préfère éviter les affrontements militaires. Tandis que le peuple anglais nord-américain est bel et bien anglo-saxon, c'est-à-dire violent.

  13. "Cette histoire est une tempete dans une verre d'eau."

    Ou de scotch.

  14. To the Mississauga Guy,

    "Once again, it's high time we create a primarily English party serving ALL Canadians outside Quebec and the minority constituencies within Quebec with high non-pur laine concentrations of voters. How about it folks?"

    This is a fantastic idea whose time has come, but creating and organizing such a party takes many people and a great deal of work. What steps do you propose to get started?

  15. "On peut aussi soulever le cas d'un groupe de jeunes Québécois qui, il y a 2 ou 3 ans, festoyaient le 24 juin dans un parc de Gatineau et qui ont été assaillis par un groupe d'Anglos. Et il y a d'autres cas, trop rarement rapportés par les médias, mais qui circulent oralement au sein de la population québécoise. On peut presque dire que cela fait partie de l'inconscient collectif.

    Donc pour résumer, le phénomène du Franco qui agresse un Anglo n'existe pas, malheureusement. Par contre, le phénomène de l'Anglo qui agresse un Franco existe. Au même titre qu'existe aussi le phénomène du WASP américain qui agresse un Noir."

    Are you seriously that delusional?

  16. To Mathieu:

    "Donc pour résumer, le phénomène du Franco qui agresse un Anglo n'existe pas, malheureusement. Par contre, le phénomène de l'Anglo qui agresse un Franco existe. Cela démontre bien que le peuple québécois est de nature pacifique et préfère éviter les affrontements militaires."

    Bullsh#t! You're just reinforcing the editors' articles concerning Quebecois racism. Don't you realize the garbage you are writing?

    One of my Anglophone cousins made the almost fatal mistake of attending a Fete National concert on Mount Royal while wearing a T-shirt with a Canada flag on it. He was only 8 years old at the time, so he wasn't aware of the delicate sensibilities of the Quebecois. A group of adults assaulted him and tore the shirt off his back - brave bunch that they were.

    Another cousin was spending time in a bar in Old Montreal with some English speaking friends. When he went outside to his car to get something, a Francophone customer followed him outside and sucker punched him from behind, knocking out most of his front teeth.

    I also know of a group of Anglos from Ottawa who were attacked by a much larger group of Francophones (more than 2 to 1) when they were visiting Gatineau.

    Note that all of these incidents involve cowardice on the part of the Quebecois. In a fair fight they rarely win.

  17. Mississauga you will have to get out of your mind the expression you galvanize so much:
    pure laine. Yes, pure laine. Hitler was against the Jews, like you are against the Pure Laine. Let the pure laine be Mississauga. You live on another planet, can't you see that ?

    And before you treat everybody of crazy around you, you who "is so smart"

    1, what do you know, really know on the definition of pure laine ? or de souche ? Careful before you answer declare your sources;

    2. are you gonna put some boats together and deport all of the Quebecois ? think twice before you write, and go back to history were this was done, read, digest and see how Canada reacted on the Acadians;

    3. do you know were do they come from? reveal your sources.

    4. do you know who the language joual evolved? declare your sources when you will release your arguments.

    5.can you support and back up the history of the Quebecois de souche; again we don't want your opinion, we can make our own opinion, we are asking you to speak with facts which you can present;

    Honesty is important for a debate, if you fabricate history, wish cruelty to another race, and destruction without any reason but hatred I believe you are wrong.

    If the Anglosphones of this site are in accordance with me, I am ready to ask others to give me the definition and stop participating with the "bashers" of this site, in the name of humanity.

  18. To Mathieu,

    ‘Cela démontre bien que le peuple québécois est de nature pacifique et préfère éviter les affrontements militaires. Tandis que le peuple anglais nord-américain est bel et bien anglo-saxon, c'est-à-dire violent.’

    If you say so buddy, I’m sure you have evidence to support your absurd generalization. Right?

    Can we assume from your comment that the peaceful and passive Quebecois are well represented by the FLQ, Pierre Falardeau, Major” Serge Provost, Milice Patriotique Québécois, Reseau de Resistance du Quebec, Jeunes Patriotes du Québec, Saint-Jean-Baptiste Society and other militant nationalist groups?

    Can we also conclude that you condone the actions of militant Quebecois nationalists as reported in the world news regarding Quebec separatist groups threatening violence over plans for the for the 250th anniversary and re-enactment of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham at Quebec City?

    History is full of episodes of violence perpetrated by the Quebecois. Read a little more before you post such uninformed, misleading, self-aggrandizing nonsense.

  19. "What steps do you propose to get started?"

    1-Trouvez un leader charismatique qui n'a pas peur d'aller au bat.(Tommy et Jack sont déja occupés)

    2-Trouvez un nom pour votre formation.

    3-Ralliez les ethnies autour d'une idée centrale Ex: Québec,terre d'accueil fasciste ou les droits humains sont bafoués au quotidien.

    4-Faites-vous des amis au sein des médias Québécois.

  20. @Mathieu...

    TOute la frontiere de l'outaouais, gatineau et j'en passe sont des zones de combat entre franco vs anglo de l'ontario.ET personne en parle parceque c'est pas une nouvelle en soi..nobodies cares about routine.

    MAIIIIIIIIIIS Y autant des franco qui casse la gueule a des anglo et vise versa la-bas...y a pas vraiment un groupe plus salaud que l'autre.

    Non la seule egaliter qui existe dans ce coin de pays est celle des coup de poing au visages....y en a pas un groupe qui en fait plus que l'autre la-dessus.

    Pour finir, les jeunes dont tu parle...un d'entre eux portait un chandail du la pas aider disons. S'afficher politiquement ca toujours des prochaine fois au moin, il sera pas surpris si sa reproduit.

  21. The racism and language debate will end when every Quebecois had in hand a different passport. Good riddance to the bigots with language laws are clearly designed to eliminate through social engineering the anglo minority in Quebec. As to the idiots talking about the franco tranquility. What about the two organizations (RRQ and MMF) who threatened violence against those planning on attending the re-enacment of the plains a couple of years ago. Eventually causing the cancellation of the event --- which cost Quebec City about 10 million in tourist revenue. Amazes me how the Quebecois always shoot themselves in the foot and then expect the ROC to bail them out with prequation. Morons. Violence, anyone remember the FLQ. Anyone remember the violence created outside Ruby Foos when Galganov was in town. Cowards show up in a group as in all cases Quebecois are usually ok one on one due their insecurities. Put a group of them together where there the fight is in the favor look out.

    Disgusting people, really.

  22. To Anon @ 2:48PM: PART 1

    I acknowledge your five points, but I'm not going to substantiate the terms «pur laine» and «veuille souche». I've done more than ample reading on the subject by people like Reed Scowen, Mordechai Richler and yes, one of your ilk, Michel Gratton who writes rather eloquently in TWO languages, amongst others.

    I've been writing on this blog for almost a year now and I've clearly stated that you haven't a clue who I am. I always identify myself and if you read enough, you MAY realize that I am not against [to cut and paste your words above] against the Pure Laine.

    As for Joual and other assorted slang, again I'm not going to waste my time. I work here in Mississauga in a milieu with French speakers from all over Africa plus one pleasant fellow from Quebec City who is fluently bilingual [his father is an ESL teacher in the Quebec City area] and he is of Haitian origin (also lived many years in the U.S.). These African colleagues of mine are often intrigued by the attitudes of Québécois and the Joual lingo/Quebec speak/whatever.

    Your own government is very dissatisfied with the level of French spoken, right up to the university level. What does THAT say about the quality of French in Quebec?

    Anyway, I am not "against" you and your ilk for the sole reason you are of old stock. You were born and raised in Quebec, and so was I. What I object to, like the other 300,000 or so of us who left are the vindictive ways your collectivity has sought heart hardened revenge against those not of your ilk.

    It was not the minorities who made you all an underclass for 200 years, it was a combination of your leaders, namely your government in tandem with the Roman Catholic church. Your Church screwed you all royally, and after 200 years, your collectivity at long last revolted in what you call «la revolution tranquille».

    During that time, the local priests were making sure your ancestors down to your grandparents were doing their part of manufacturing wall-to-wall babies to perpetuate Catholicism and your "race". In addition to aggressive procreation, The Church vehemently encouraged and admonished the value of being the "small bread" of society, barely able to feed yourselves while depositing your last sous in the collection basket of your friendly neighbourhood parish. The priest would knock on your door Friday afternoon to make sure there was no meat cooking in the kitchen and the Madamme of the house was regularly knocked up (and probably knocked up the ones where le Monsieur was derilict in his procreative duties). My late mother was from small town Quebec, so don't try and tell me otherwise.

  23. To Anon @ 2:48PM: PART 2

    All the while, the immigrants and the English were living the Protestant work ethic of work hard and prosper, and not having more children than they could adequately support.

    The Jews built their own hospitals, houses of worship (synagogues), parochial schools, community centers and other establishments providing the goods and services they needed because heaven knows, nobody else gave enough of a damn to do so.

    Similarly, the Italians and Greeks came to Quebec, worked hard and prospered with manageable sized families. The sky was the limit and nobody tried to suppress their ambitions and stay perpetually in the lower classes to be subservient to their Church. In these cultures, the house of worship is a place to practice faith, indeed help the less fortunate but not be oppressed and suppressed servant congregants.

    I put this on a parallel with the Germans post-World War I. The Treaty of Versailles economically crippled the German people and economy until they became nationalistic and looked for scapegoats to blame for their plight and sorrows in the 1920s and 30s. It took an egg basket and eventually a shopping cart full of deutchmarks to buy a loaf of bread, until a monster emerged.

  24. Finally, PART 3

    I'm NOT putting Quebec on exactly that plane, far from it! Then again, the collective mean spirit of the government fully supported by its people too eerily resembles the patterns of Germany in the 1930s. Scapegoats are sought and targeted and rights are revoked by law and/or the direction and open rhetoric. It's just too déjà vu to ignore...

    I'm OK with Quebecers staying right where they are, but learn to live and let live. I'm no longer tolerating the "Canada at all costs" song by prior governments and the cliché of Stephane Dion's father of "hold a knife to Canada's throat" to get everything Quebec wants, or else...

    Quebec had this leverage for almost 50 years, but now the game is over, and I think this federal party concept is a means for the majority (that being English) take back our country. I'm OK with Quebec staying, but as an equal partner in confederation--no more distinct society, no more transfer payments far in excess of those going to the rest of Canada, but as an equal partner. Quebec has about 22% of the population, so it's entitled to 22% of the bounty from the federal system, give or take a few percentage points--NOT blatant demands.

    If Quebec can live with that, so can I. If Quebec can live with a pluralistic society of live and let live, so can I. The status quo is absolutely NOT acceptable, and if your ilk cannot live as an equal partner, I can live with your leaving and going it on your own, but if you choose to leave, it's a one way trip with no chance of return.

    If the minorites want back into Canada, I'm OK with that, too, but only them, and if that means partition of Quebec, I can live with that, but can YOU? You can use our currency, but would you want to have your own nation without its own monetary policy? The Czech Republic and Slovakia separated amicably, and tried to run on a common currency...for 39 days before Slovakia had no choice but to have its own currency. You can always come up with a currency and peg it to the Canadian or U.S. dollar. The Bahamas have been doing that for decades.

    Quebec, however, is so debtridden that I don't think that would be to your benefit. Canada would be better off because we wouldn't have YOU to feed out of our trough. We can produce our own dairy products without you, and half your dairy production would die almost immediately. All your federal government workers would disappear and no, Quebec would not be able to absorb them. Too much duplication is redundant and would have an even worse drain on your already failing economy. To pay out RREGOP for your current government employees, you'd have to devalue your currency just to ensure they get paid under contract. They'd get the dollars, but they wouldn't be worth 100¢ Canadian, far from it!

    So, Mr. Anon @ 2:48PM, what is YOUR take on all this? I'm not against you at all! You just have to be willing to accept your fair share, that's all. No more, no less!

  25. To Ano@ January 19, 2011 2:48 PM

    ‘And before you treat everybody of crazy around you, you who "is so smart"’

    I don’t understand the point of your post or the challenge you toss out to Mississauga Guy. What a waste of time that would be to respond to your provocation.

    I’ve read enough of Mississauga Guy’s post to understand that he is certainly aware of Canadian history, including the origins of the ‘Quebecois’ people. We all know the history; where you come from, the Acadians, the joual, pure lain de souch. We get it. We’re all well informed. We can all look up the facts. No big deal. That's what the internet is for? No more secrets, no more Quebecois propaganda, no more false victimization.

    Your obsession with the past is not important to Canadians. Canadians have evolved and moved on. We do not define ourselves based on past injustices. It cannot be said enough, ‘You lost the war’. Quebec does not exclusively belongs to you. Quebec belongs to Canada and all Canadians. Like it or not, you are Canadian. Take a look at your passport, if you have one. Yes, that’s right, even a joual speaking Quebecois is considered to be Canadian.

    You say honesty is important. Well start with yourself. Your past is not our future. Canadians are not going to reverse history for you or hand you the keys to the kingdom just because you are troubled and angry about the past. Certain chapters of your history were painful; we understand and have made many concessions over the years to acknowledge that and to make amends. If you are as knowledgeable about the past as you imply, you would know this, and perhaps realize we are expecting too much.

    Never forget, the war is over and you lost. Canadians do not want to fight another war, just because you haven’t accepted reality. You are Canadian and must work within that reality. To get the respect you so dearly crave, you must show respect. It’s simple to understand, no?

  26. I can't believe some people are bringing the Kevin Parent example up. He claims he was beaten up for speaking French in QUEBEC CITY. Now the only reason tourists would be going to Quebec City is to see a Quebecois and French European setting. TO actually go to QUEBEC city to beat up french speakers would be suicidal and very unlikely, probably a LIE.

  27. "Cowards show up in a group as in all cases Quebecois are usually ok one on one due their insecurities. Put a group of them together where there the fight is in the favor look out."

    Funny, i usually find the anglos nice one on one too.

    But then again, your kind doesnt miss an occasion to spit your execrable racism behind a keyboard.

    Im sure none of you cowards would ever dare to say 1/20 of all the racist shit you write here in front of a francophone.

    Its certainly not the heirs of those who deported the acadians and forced the indians into the apartheid-like reserve system that will give us lessons about courage or political violence.

  28. Dear Editor,

    I know the idea of this exercise is to encourage dialog.... But why do you allow comments en Francais.... Similar blogers on the other side of the linguistic divide would not honour the same principle.....

  29. Funny we have visitors that basically call the editor a racist, at least he is factual wiht something that occurred this century, quebecoua's antecedent for intolerance goes a long way, putting down individual freedoms has been their motto for a long time. Look Bruchesi, look how the free masons were treated, look the intolerance with anything that is not their norm. The collective in their allways has to be above individual freedoms.

  30. "...But why do you allow comments en Francais..."

    Parce que Monsieur l'Éditeur sait pertinemment que tous les anglos sur son blogue sont bilingues,contrairement aux Québécois qui sont tous unilingues.

  31. Eyewitness, thanks for the compliment and for giving it to Anon @ 2:48PM. I don't consider myself an historian at all, but I've read a plenitude of books on the subject area, so I'm at least well informed.

    The most intriguing of the lot I have read (so far) is the one by Michel Gratton entitled French Canadians: An Outsider's Inside Look at Quebec, ISBN 1-55013-438-8. It's long out of print, but can be found on used book sites.

    Gratton writes about life a stone's throw from the Quebec border in the Ottawa ghetto suburb of Vanier even before it was called Vanier.

    One of the most chilling parts of the book was when he started to attend seminary school in the Ottawa Riverside town of Papineauville, on the Quebec side of the River.

    He faced horrific ridicule not only from fellow students, but from the borthers of the school as well. He was referred to as a «vendu», a sell-out because he was a Franco Ontarian--he was NOT «pur laine» and therefore he was inferior for that reason.

    About the time Gratton's book was released, I belonged to a professional networking group in Toronto and one pleasant fellow I met was a Franco Ontarian from North Bay. He told me of his being in fistfights with his neighbours on the other side of the river banks over whether he was the genuine article or not.

    Seems Quebeckers have trouble accepting people who speak their own language but are born on "foreign" soil. Who's the racist? Hmmm?

  32. TO ANO @ JANUARY 19, 2011 2:48 PM

    I’m sitting here trying to parse the point of your list of grade school questions, I think it goes something like this:

    1. You are ‘pure laine’ Quebecois. You think you deserve special rights no one else has because you are Quebecois. You also think you should have an extra mega right that gives you the super power to deny other Canadians their rights.

    2. You think Canadians (especially those from Mississauga) don’t know enough about ancient Acadian and Quebecois history (Le Grande Hermine, Le Petite Hermine, Le Émérillon, Georges, and St. Brieux, Filles du Roi, Nouvelle-France, La Rébellion des Patriotes, Révolution tranquille etc.) and culture (joual and whatever), because if they did know more about it, they too would think you deserve special rights etc.

    3. You think the entire territory of Quebec is rightfully yours (point final) because the French arrived in N.A. before the British (that’s it that’s all). Forget about the locals who lived here before you, the original size of Lower Canada versus the size of Quebec today, the Plains of Abraham, and your French ancestors who sold you for sugar.

    You sure do have a distinct point of view, I’ll give you that. Not too sure how many sober minded people are going to agree with you.

    1. Interesting point that so many French Canadians don't know that their own French king in the past sold them out. Gave up the territory in Canada for land in the U.S.
      The French still living in Canada are the survivors of a massive campaign to exterminate them during the war with the British. It's history people so no need to sugar coat it however it's interesting to note that they lost the war and were not victorious but yet still continue to think the land is theirs. Try separating and see how tolerant the English will be - I tell you it will be civil war and I know where I will put my bets.

  33. If Quebec is against multiculturism and Canada is for it doesn't that put the Bloc Quebecois in a conflict of interest.
    It's also discrimination based on Race,language and national origins.

  34. You are wrong. People who want to keep their culture and language have to make a choice. You are not aware of that. You don't have to protect English, you are used to be a big majority. Sorry, Quebec is not your toilet seat, and we have enough of your humour.

    Does English Canada makes distinctions ? Yes, they are against the French, because they have no f*** principals. Get it !

  35. Blatant racism my ass, Montreal is a French-speaking city and Quebec is a French-speaking province. It is quite obvious that, surrounded by a mass of hostile English-speaking (North) Americans, French speakers will be concerned to ensure that immigrants speak and serve customers in French.

    It is manifestly NOT racist to do so. If you want to live in English, go to the ROC or the US, Quebec is French, just as England is English, France French and Italy Italian. We have a legal and moral right to protect our language and culture and will continue doing so, whatever clowns like you think.

    If you want real racism, take a look at how French-speakers are still treated in certain parts of New Brunswick, where French is steadily being eviscerated. Bilingualism merely means assimilation to braindead American/Canadian culture. No thanks bud. We value our culture, our history and our language far too much for that.

    1. This mindset simply proves the author's point.
      Thanks for that mate ;-p

  36. The only reason Quebec has so many french(inferior language ) speakers is because they were told to have many children ..those days are OVER ..immigrants dont want to speak french

    1. That is bullshit. They speak it because they consider it another language. I find this so laughable. I have heard many locals say they speak three languages, French, their own version of French and then English. I come from NL where we have many local dialects but we are not so uneducated to say that it is another language. What has happened is that the locals cut off from their maternal culture changed their French to suit themselves and now try to sell us the idea that it's real French. Real French is clearly defined by the French Language Academy and has been defined since the 1600's. That being said I accept it if the locals think it's another language, fine but don't shovel me shit. I speak three languages, one of them Japanese, have been educated and have traveled the world and the lack of education in this province blows my mind. And immigrants have no choice but to speak French if they want to survive here, they do but you simply cannot legislate what languages are spoken in the home that is pure silliness. The first generation speaks with an accent but their children become Canadian and speak whatever language they have been learning in school. The ignorance of immigration in Quebec is staggering but hey what does one expect from a culture that encourages their children to be uneducated about anything not French.

  37. I came to Quebec with my partner and in the beginning I was so excited to finally have the opportunity to learn French as I think all smart Canadians want. I loved the idea that my country was bilingual and so progressively open. However being an Anglophone in Sherbrooke has been an eye opening experience for me and it has changed how I feel about speaking French. I no longer feel that pride in bilingualism. I feel disappointed that the French here seem to hate me and are suspicious of me, thinking I am some violent neanderthal. I've never experience racism before until I moved here and frankly as much as I love my partner if he doesn't agree to move with me soon I am outta here. The locals are massively undereducated with even the refugees from camps in third world countries complaining that the locals know little of what lies outside of Quebec. Nothing wrong with learning your own culture but you could throw in some world knowledge and a little less hate against anglophones as not all of us are the monsters your education system makes us out to be. French people are not as tolerant as they tell themselves and they don't recycle as much as their environmental image would suggest. They are insecure as a culture due to this never ending crap of having to protect their massively 'gutterized' version of French of which continues to baffle me as I speak standard French. French is not in decline in France with my France French friends thinking the French Canadians are well lets say they don't care for them or their politics. My experience in Quebec makes me feel differently now and I am so glad I wasn't brought up here with all the insecurity and ignorance that goes long with a less then stellar education. And if I admit this openly here I would get death threats.