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French versus English Volume 17

Gilles Duceppe misleads Scots?
Gilles Duceppe continued the current edition of his "Idiot Abroad" tour, speaking to a classroom of students at the University of Edinburgh, in Scotland.
The prestigious event might have lasted longer than 50 minutes, but as the teacher explained,
the classroom would have to be relinquished for the next class.
 HA! HA! Very prestigious.
During the Q&A , after the speech, Gilles Duceppe got asked some tough questions on language.

A couple of Quebec students studying abroad at the university, decided to torment Duceppe.  One student wrapped in a Canadian flag and another wearing a Montreal Canadiens hockey shirt asked the politician why English education in Quebec  is restricted.
Instead of backing up that policy of Bill 101, the weasel told the questioner that French students could go to English Cegeps and universities, without mentioning that his party wants to change all this.  

You can watch the whole tedious classroom lecture in which Mr. Duceppe lays out his plan for Quebec's  quest for 'sovereigning' (sic)   LINK

You can read an embarrassing  news report about the incident here LINK fr

Question to readers..... How come Duceppe is never confronted like this in Canada?

Gilles Proulx's racist rant on TV
Gilles Proulx is another longtime anglo basher in the fine mould of Pierre Falardeau who has a nasty and condescending tone. Another ageing and frustrated separatist, he loses it on Mario Dumont's nightly TV show, when discussing the possibility of converting Cegeps to teach bilingually. Suffice to say that he is opposed to such an idea.
He goes nuts and refers to Anglophones as "tête carré " a slur equivalent to calling francophones "Frogs" or "Peppers." He uses the term four times during the segment as well as calling the Italian community  "Voyous," the same term that Pierre-Karl Péladeau is suing over. Then he complains that the Italians play Mafia music in their restaurants and before finishing up,  he disparages the Greek community because although they speak French, they speak English to each other.
There's no subtitles but you can catch the drift, even if you don't speak French. Mario Dumont, never called him out on the slurs, but La Presse columnist  Marc Cassivi did so in an article entitled  "Le racisme à deux vitesses," where the writer points out the double standard over racial insults. LINK

Interestingly, I viewed the closed captioning, the subtitles provided for the deaf and the person doing the translation refused to put the word 'tête carré' on the screen, all four times. Hah!

Pauline Marois meets the Governor General
It must have felt like a trip to the principle's office when Pauline Marois, the separatist leader of the opposition Parti Quebecois greeted the Governor-General David Johnston in her National Assembly office!
The tete-a-tete was a courtesy call, one that Madame Marois didn't want memorialized and so she barred photographers from snapping pictures.
 The visit fell exactly on the fifteenth anniversary of the famous "Unity Rally" the federalist love-in that occurred three days before the 1995 referendum.
Not lost on Madame Marois is the fact that the Governor-General was then the co-president of the NO committee!
PQ directer of communications,  Pascal Monette, pooh-poohed the whole affair and characterized it as no big deal, telling reporters that it is normal to meet 'foreign' dignitaries...SWEET!

Quebeckers mourn the loss of Internet address
The Canadian organization that is charged with managing the 1.5 million  '.ca Internet addresses  (CIRA) has announced it will no longer register the '"
The blow to proud Quebeckers who want some reference to their province in their Internet domain name has inspired them to apply to the international organization that controls these things, to add a new appellation- ".québec" complete with accent.  Link

Bilingualism good for the brain
"A growing body of research shows that regularly speaking two languages comes with certain types of improved mental performance....
Being able to use two languages and never knowing which one you're going to use right now rewires your brain," says Ellen Bialystok of York University in Toronto, whose work Diamond cited repeatedly in the article." LINK
Asked to comment, a certain French language militant admitted that this may be true, but asserts that there's no proof that this second language must be English!

ADISC- Don't apply if you're English
"Founded in 1978 to defend the interests of its members and promote the development of the music industry in Quebec, the Quebec Association of the music industry, entertainment and video (ADISQ) is a nonprofit professional association." ADISC website
So says the unilingually French web site which fails to tell Quebeckers, that if they are anglophone they are to be treated as second class citizens.
Like the JUNOS, this organization hands out prizes, called Félix, each year to celebrate the best Quebec musical and video artists, the best that is, if you sing in French. 
Anglos, and everyone else is not eligible for 'artist of the year.' So the likes of Bobby Banzini, clearly the best this year, is not eligible. 
The organization defends itself by pointing out that it does offer a prize for the best English album of the year, but it remains firm that artists eligible for 'artist of the year' must sing in French.

Diane Pinet, Bobby Barzini's agent, wondered out loud how Francophones would feel if French artists were to be banned from competing at the JUNO awards. LINK

By the way the ADISQ web site sports the HERITAGE CANADA  logo at the bottom of the page indicating that Ottawa underwrites a portion of it's activities. LINK

Luc Plamadon unloads on English
On the day that the aging composer was to receive an award from SOCAN, (Société canadienne des auteurs et compositeurs de musique,) the Canadian organization that collects royalties for artists, Plamandon gave a nasty interview in the Journal de Montreal where he delighted in trashing English and Anglophones rather cruelly, giving value to the old adage that 'there's no whore like an old whore.'

For those who don't know who he is, Plamondon is a prolific francophone composer whose most famous piece is the rock opera, STARMANIA. If you don't know what STARMANIA is, don't worry, it's no TOMMY or HAIR. It's a rather tedious, cheaply staged musical whose only claim to fame is that it is written and sung in French.

At any rate, the nasty old fart, delighted in telling the Journal de Montreal how much he dislikes English and Anglophones. He recounted how, on the eve of a revival of STARMANIA,  staged at Montreal's Place des Arts theatre, he threw a last minute hissy fit, demanding that the simultaneous translation screens that offered English subtitles be removed.
"I wasn't going to kneel down before the three board members of the l'Opera de Monreal,  who didn't speak French" Plamondon en croisade
He then went on to complain that the ritzy fundraisers held around the city were run bilingually;
"I ask myself, why are we obliged to give speeches in both languages?" Plamondon en croisade
Err.... Perhaps it's because it's the Anglophones that give the bulk of the money?

He voiced his support for the ADISQ decision to bar Quebeckers who sing in English from being eligible for "Artist of the Year' award. (See above article)
He then went on to complain about the Festival d’été de Québec, because of its policy in bringing in top name talent like the Black-Eyed Peas or Santana.  "They don't need government funds to survive" Another falsehood.
The reality is that the Festival makes money on these 'marquee' artists, because it is they who are the major attractions that generate tickets sales and bring in the tourists. Quebecois talent serve as opening acts for the real shows. When Quebecois talent perform alone at the festival, crowds are a fraction of what the big names perform to. At any rate, Quebecois talent can be seen for nothing at the free shows paid for by the government each year at the multitude of St. Jean Baptiste concerts, so why pay.
Read a piece about the success of Quebec's Festival d’été and their refusal to cave into language militants LINK

Who earns more, Francophone or Anglophone Quebeckers?
The very stupid and public debate between Jack Jedwab and Charles Castonguay over who earns more, Francophone or Anglophone Quebeckers fails to capture the most salient point. Both earn less than the average Canadian family and both are left with much less after Quebec's confiscatory taxes are factored in.
"An average Quebec family earned $77,738 this year and paid $33,310 in taxes, representing 42.8% of its income. An average Canadian family earned $ 92.754, or 19.3% more than us, with a lower tax rate.
More worrisome still: the average Quebec family earned $16 less in 2010 than in 2009, while the average Canadian family earned $1816 more."Republiques de /Bananes, Author Serge Rouleau

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Mississauga Guy said...

    ...the band played on and the beat goes on! Now lemme sleep...

  2. This province is a joke. Proulx, I dare you to talk like that directly to the face of a greek and an italian and see what happens to you....

  3. Mississauga Guy to Anglo Montrealer...

    You and I had some unfinished business going back to the blog two days ago, on November 17th. I just finished posting s two-part diddy for you there, and for other "proud Anglo Montrealers" to chew on and digest making anyting further I'd have to write on the aforementioned Pepsi and Jos Louis bigots of this Volume 17 as bland as unflavoured and unsweetened oatmeal.

    I assure Editor and my dear fellow readers anything written today in this blog will pale in comparison to what I just wrote back to Anglo Montrealer on the blog of two days ago. Enjoy!

  4. While it is quite amusing to watch Proulx almost spit out his dentures, it makes you wonder why does (almost) no one call morons like him to task for spewing ignorant crap like that? Why are têtes carrés and immigrants (like Italians who, according to Proulx, like to play omertà music in their restaurants) fair game, and yet God help anyone who dares to criticize the pure laine.

  5. @Editor

    Great post. You’re back from the land of bashing the Left and hunting for somewhat elusive “Islamists” to the land where you truly shine – exposing the pettiness and the lies of Quebec nationalists.

    Re: Duceppe’s clip

    First off, what a disaster. A man who aspires to be a premier of an independent country is reduced to giving a lecture in some freshman poli sci class at the U of Edinburgh. He doesn’t even get a university-wide lecture in the evening, where all the faculty can attend, but is reduced to giving a talk to a bunch of undergrad students.

    Second, what a lame and evasive answer. He is lucky that this was the last question of the lecture, and that his audience consisted of a bunch of easy-to-bully kids. Because his answer fell way short, and a rebuttal would have been more than necessary.

    (Also note how he chooses to raise his voice to drown out the question. Standard technique for those who have no argument.)

    Duceppe: “Quebeckers could go to anglophone Cegep”

    True, but how does he respond to Curzi’s proposals? From now on, every time Duceppe uses English Cegeps as an argument for the openness of the Quebecois society to English, he must also articulate his opposition to Curzi’s ideas re: Cegeps. Without it, his argument falls flat, courtesy of Pierre C.

    Duceppe: “3 universities in English subsidized by Quebec”

    The “subsidized by Quebec” is a gross oversimplification. For sure, they’re not completely subsidized, and not subsidized as much as Francophone universities.

    Duceppe: “There is more bilingual people in Quebec”

    Not as many as there should be, given the demographic reality. Many are bilingual based solely on Stat Can SELF-ASSESMENT forms. Many are bilingual but speak atrocious English comparable to that of Duceppe, which might be good enough to watch a show on English tv, but a huge handicap in obtaining employment outside of Quebec. And those who are fully bilingual are so NOT with the blessing of the PQ, or not even with the PQ as an impartial bystander, but DESPITE the best and ongoing efforts of the PQ to keep Quebec unilingual French.

    Duceppe: “English is the lingua franca of the modern times”

    Correct, but irrelevant to the question.

    Duceppe: “We have to speak English, there is no problem with that?”

    Errr? No problem with that? Not according to everything Duceppe and his entourage stand for…

    Everything he says after – sidetrack.

  6. Nah i disagree, with adski puttint the leftist nationalist clique du plateau on the grill is never a bad thing. Keep firing on shining the light on the dubious character that occuppy the public space in quebec without never to have to answer on their past or what they truly stand for.

  7. As Soupdragon and the Editor point out, these racist xenophobic wingnuts repeatedly spew this crap and no one from the mainstream takes them to task for it. This leads us to the obvious conclusion that they are just sitting there in silent agreement. Apart, perhaps, from Nazi Germany, has there ever in human history, been a democratic society that is so in favour of limiting their right to freedom of speech?

  8. Great blog day.

    When it rains, it pours.

    1 - ADISQ...If this is their policy, then Heritage Canada funding must end.

    2 - Gilles Proulx... I usually try to catch Dumont's show, but I missed that one. Proulx looks like he's fit to be tied. I would say that a complaint should be filled at the CRTC about what Proulx said. But, if they stop saying this sort of stuff, then the rest of the world (thank you youtube) would be deprived of seeing what is really going on in Quebec.

    3 - Gilles Duceppe... Well he demonstrates how well English is taught in Quebec just by speaking it. Or at least trying to speak it. Whatever the hell is coming out of his mouth. Ha! Ha! Ha!

    4 - Luc Plamondon? Who? Oh another one with a grant from the government under the heading "Culture"

    Great fun today on your site. Just crazy ass shit.


    Here's some lovely Celine-worthy schmaltz from Plamondon, the kind of stuff ADISC no doubt loves...thank heavens groups like Malajube and Karkwa have followed Jean Leloup away from this classic Quebecois musical dross

  10. Vive le Québec ! Un pays à construire ! Appliquons la Loi 101 à toutes les institutions communes non réservées à la minorité anglophone historique !

  11. Editor,

    Why did you let that gibberish at 15:43 pass? It does not any value to the discussion.

  12. To Troy @ November 19, 2010 4:31 PM

    Todays story must have bothered quite a few people like the commenter you are referring to. I received over a dozen Vive le Quebec! type messages and thought I'd print one for flavour.

    I did not receive one message actually defending any of the idiots referred to in today's post!

  13. All the more reason for Quebeckers to unite and vote out Duceppe, and replace him with my lucid friend Philippe Allard, the Liberal Party of Canada (not PLQ-LPQ!!!) Candidate speaking at Dawson's open mike with Iggy on Monday 22nd November, 10am - I will be there to support him for those of you who are interested, peu importe votre langue vous parlez, aidez-nous à mettre dehors Gilles 'perdant' Duceppe. Read up the translation, which I did voluntarily and with great pleasure, of Allard's Top Twenty Misses over the past twenty years of Losership: (1200+ reads in just over a month, and five stars).
    Well done Editor, the truth is coming out like a tidal wave, I can see an end to the Tyranny in Quebec coming our way - thy pendulum has swung in the other direction, and it will deal a devastating blow to QC's extremists who have taken advantage of the power vacuum since the flight of wealth from the province and Anglo Exodus. Il nous faut rebatir la province ensemble mes amis, il est grand temps.

  14. Duceppe is a clown and, like every clown, makes for great entertainment.

    The kid with the Canada flag draped around his shoulder is the son of a very influential Canadian businessman and holder of the Order of Canada prize. Good to see a proud francophone federalist abroad!

    -- Marco

  15. Mississauga Guy said...

    Finally saw the Gilles Proulx YouTube clip. I suppose it makes for your typical journalistic sensationalism which sadly, has taken over good, altruistic journalism.

    It would almost match that episode of All in the Family from decades ago when Archie Bunker went on TV to counteract a regular who states his opinions on TV by suggesting airplane passengers should be armed when entering a plane and have to return the arms after the flight to deter hijackings. At least Archie Bunker was just a fictional TV character.

    This Proulx guy is for real? I don't know who to blame more for allowing this ignoramus on the airwaves: Mario Dumont for entertaining him, or the broadcaster that carries the show.

    I actually hope I run into that small-minded S.O.B. one day just so I can take the sharpest corner of my maudit heenglish square-'ead to gouge his eyes out with it!

  16. The shame with Proulx is that he is great with Canadian/Quebec history with no revisionism. He'll oft admonish francophones for not knowing their history or learning a leftist/separatist-tinged version.
    He also is a great traveller who can make you imagine what he's seen around the world.
    Alas all this is tarnished when he goes on his anti-anything-but-french tirades as seen in the video.

  17. To Troy: Stop crying poor little lamb of god !

  18. A few more points, after watching the full clip of Duceppe’s lecture:

    1. His English is inadequate and annoying, and is not suitable for any kind of public speaking
    2. It is highly inappropriate of any public speaker (let lone someone aspiring to be a statesman) to READ the ENTIRE speech from the notes while slouching and looking down at the notes the whole time, and without facing the audience at all.
    3. In a hardly 25 minute speech he couldn’t avoid going in circles and repeating himself, sometimes several times - for example, he repeated FOUR times that Quebec didn’t ratify the 1982 constitution and that Canada failed to “accommodate” Quebec
    4. He did not elaborate on what Quebec demands are and what it really means to “accommodate” Quebec – that in fact most of the demands are abstract enough so as to make them un-fulfillable and ensure that this circus goes on forever, and that all the concrete and quantifiable demands are simply preposterous
    5. In the part of his speech where he talked hypothetically about a role an independent Quebec would play on the international scene, he proved that his entire political philosophy is either totally cynical, or totally delusional
    6. Talking about going from 30% for the Oui in 1980 to 49% in 1995, he did not elaborate on the dubious circumstances under which the 49% was obtained, nor admitted that the upswing between 1980-1995 is no kind of a trend, as the % could go up or down, and in this case it has in fact gone down
    7. Telling the gentleman draped in the Canadian flag: “be quiet” was totally inappropriate. Saying “please, let me finish” is ok, but “be quiet” is indicative of complete condescension and lack of manners
    8. In the course of answering a question about restrictions that Francos and Allos face in regards to access to English educational institutions – he resorted to the old trick from the PQiste handbook – “if other countries do it, why can’t Quebec” (in his examples, he arbitrarily used Italy and Sweden – but it could be any country-the PQiste handbook leaves some freedom there). He however failed to mention that in Italy or Sweden English schools simply do NOT exist, whereas in Quebec there is an existing (real and tangible) system of English schools, with teachers, students and school boards. All of this means that an immigrant to Sweden or Italy is not able to send his kids to English schools for purely PRACTICAL reasons (these schools simply do not exist), whereas in Quebec it is a completely IDEOLOGICAL issue (i.e. based on an arbitrary and subjective opinion, and NOT on any practical constraints).
    9. He failed to mention that in Sweden or Italy, the need for English might not be as pressing as it is in Quebec due to demography
    10. He said that in Quebec, as anywhere else in the world, there are private English schools that are open to everyone. He did not say (as in the case of cegeps), that this private system is under constant political assault and will be a likely target shall the PQ be elected to the government.

  19. Ho hum….just another day in Quebec where racism is socially acceptable when the target is someone who’s mother tongue is English. On any given day, editor can cast the No Dogs or Anglophones net into the Quebecois mainstream and return with an unhealthy catch of xenophobic bottom feeders. Personally, I’m grateful for the role this blog plays in documenting the regularity and magnitude of the racism against Anglophones and Allophones in Quebec and for exposing the truth about Quebec society.

  20. Thank you adski, I like the analysis. And yet again, thank you to the Master Editor here.
    One thing about Sweden very different from herer: they are about two-thirds bilingual (Deltell made the point franco-majority is only 1/3 bilingual in QC), and in SE they listen to English media with subtitles, they don't want to keep people in over-dubbed land (dans une bulle).
    Very good point about there being an English School system already - as usual Gilles 'perdant' Duceppe and his followers prove point 11 of our Top 20 ways in which the Bloc is a nuisance to Quebecker's interests! It's all clear to us, and not QC bashing b/c it reflects the reality, that to him we simply do not exist or should not exist in QC, only 'historically'. No wonder his nutcase followers like Louis Préfontaine blog openly about l'épuration de nos institutions étrangers! Taking the 'Nation within a United Canada' to mean QC belongs to them, and them only.
    BTW Liberal Candidate Philippe Allard mentioned this magical mystery tour in Scotland (retirement safe-haven in Scotland with some fellow anglophobic nationalists, perhaps mon cher Gilles?) today during the open mike with Iggy at Dawson. It was awesome - if any of you wish to watch it, just listen to yours truly cheering mon ami Phil on 'Go Phil Go!'
    Les vrais lucides vont reprendre le Quebec, c'est la prochaine vague (thanks Goldberg!):
    See it all on

  21. "Vive le Québec ! Un pays (qui se contruit depuis 400 ans)! Appliquons la Loi 101 à toutes les institutions communes non réservées à la minorité anglophone historique. Les Anglophones du Québec sont bilingues et à leur place. Ils ne nous montent pas sur la tête comme dans le reste du Canada. Pour préserver leur langue anglaise, ILS feraient pire, croyez-moi. Alors nous étions ici avant eux, et nous y restons. L'épuration économique du Québec fait partie de son histoire, ils en sont capables, la critique des autres, ils l'ignoreront. Ce que les anglophones d'aujourd'hui ne comprennent pas c'est que nous sommes sous "leurs bombes" depuis la conquête. Il est grand temps pour la monarchie de se retirer du Québec, les autres pourront se régaler s'ils le désirent. Peut-être que ceci est trop sophistiqué pour l'ensemble de la population, mais le Québec devrait choisir sa monarchie, puis qu'ils sont si différents et s'appartiennent. Oui, ils s'appartiennent. Le seul lien qui les retiennent ne deviendra qu'un lien négociable entre deux gouvernements séparés à un continent.

  22. The British made a tremendous mistake after they defeated the French in Quebec in 1763. They allowed the French colonists to stay and to retain their language, religion and legal system. They should have deported all of the French colonists instead, as they had done with most of the Acadians. Then there would be no problems with Quebec today.

  23. 2:50, Dumont/Proulx clip:

    Dumont: “Quand ils donnent leur CV, les jeunes italophones, ou espagnol, ou vitnamienne, c’est ecrit: parle 3 langues, parle vietnamienne, francais, anglais. Jeune francophone donne son CV, je parle francais et je parle anglais comme patoffle...”

    Proulx: “Je suis d’accord avec toi. Est-ce on a fait du francais la langue de travail au Quebec? No. Et il faut…”

    Dumont: “Il faut. Il faut.”

    So the solution is: instead of getting Francphones to catch up with everyone else, we we’ll hold everyone else back. What a twisted and demented logic.

  24. Puis qu'adski est une donneur de coup de pied (soccer) et qu'il prétend connaître l'histoire internationale, je me demande pourquoi s'en prend-il tend à une langue qui a évolué dans un contexte autre que celui de la France et autre que le sien. Quant à l'autre anonyme, (quidam) ce vaurien qui ne parle et n'écrit que l'anglais est d'une xénophobie qui déroge de la civilisation normale. Peut-être une lobotomie pourrait le guérir.... Enfin, la déclaration des Droits de l'Homme est une document fondamental qui énonce un ensemble de droits naturels individuels et collectifs et les conditions de leur mise en œuvre. Les gens disent des choses absolument idiotes, illogiques, désopilantes, sur votre site monsieur l'Éditeur. Les gens de race noire ne se font pas insulter de la sorte.