Thursday, November 18, 2010

More Quebec Corruption- Yawn!

Pretty soon Quebec newspapers will have to start running stories about Quebec mayors who are honest, as the old "man bites dog' journalistic expression goes. That's how depressingly routine stories about the dishonest ones are!

The latest bombshell surrounds Laval's Gilles Vaillancourt. The mayor of Quebec's second largest city was accused in no uncertain terms of offering illegal campaign contributions.
"Bloc Québécois MP Serge Ménard and Liberal MNA Vincent Auclair both publicly alleged Tuesday that Laval Mayor Gilles Vaillancourt offered them envelopes of cash – in 1993 in Mr. Ménard’s case and 2002 for Mr. Auclair." LINK
Do I look like a crook?
As usual in these cases, the mayor is brazening it out, denying it all. He's also refusing to step aside temporarily to clear his name.

I'll remind readers that in a column I wrote last week, Quebec Towns Swimming in Cesspool of Corruption, that I mentioned Laval as a city where dubious governance issues swirled around the latest big ticket construction project.

To say that Quebeckers are fed up with corruption is an understatement. The people of the fair city of Laval, who voted massively for the mayor, giving him a 100% majority on town council last election, now want him out.
In a quicky poll published in the Journal de Montreal 57% have said that they have lost confidence in the mayor and believe by a margin of 3 to 1 that Menard and Auclair are telling the truth.

La Presse's chief editorialist, Andre Pratte has finally said in print what everyone knows, that the Maclean's article was essentially true, Quebec is the most corrupt province. 
He also added a laundry list of accusations;
  • The process of awarding public works contracts is discredited; 
  • The system of financing political parties engenders nothing but suspicion.
  • The reputation of the FTQ, the various construction contractors and engineering firms is tainted.
  • The cynicism towards the political class is bigger than ever.
  • The Premier's credibility is in tatters. Link
This from a writer who is accused by nationalists of being a Liberal Party apologist!

Wait I'm not finished!!
Remember last week when I was one of the first to write publicaly that  Jacques Duchesneau, who was hired by the Premier to clean up corruption mess, was himself under investigation.
Here's what I said;
"At any rate, rumour has it that Duchesneau is on the outs with the Premier over some sort of alleged skeleton in his closet, that has recently started to rattle rather loudly." LINK
Today it's been announced that he's under investigation for allegedly receiving donations through fake or borrowed names in his mayoral run twelve years ago. The use of these 'prête-noms' circumvents limits that individuals can donate.
Too bad, I've known and worked with Jacques and think he was bamboozled by over-zealous by staff. His team was slapped together rather quickly. The brother of very, very, rich Quebecker was involved with the fund-raising. Although rich he wasn't very experienced and was typical of those involved in the ex-police chief's campaign.
Jacques himself was never very hands on and delegated all the real work, while concentrating on hob-nobbing, shaking hands and climbing the fame ladder. It's really a case of him taking the fall for his underlings.

Yet another, bombshell!
The QFL, the 600,000 member union that has also been opposing an inquiry into the construction industry has caved; 
"As fresh allegations of corruption continue to surface in Quebec, the province's largest union in the construction industry called Wednesday for a public inquiry, leaving Premier Jean Charest's government the only one resisting calls for a public probe.

It's an about-face for the Quebec Federation of Labour, which is opposed to a broad inquiry into the mounting allegations of mob infiltration in construction contracting, shady party financing and cronyism.

"We are asking the government to hold a public inquiry, we think the time has come for that," QFL president Michel Arsenault told a news conference Wednesday." LINK

And so the Premier is finally cornered. Damned if he does, damned if he doesn't.

Calling an inquiry will be fatal. Not calling one, probably fatal. What would you choose?

Construction types have already sent the message through the grapevine, that if the Premier calls an inquiry they're going to bleed all over him. Ouch!

It doesn't matter what's true or not, we've already seen in the Bastarache commission that lying under oath is a no-brainer for politicians.

At that august inquiry, Premier Charest and the ex-justice minister, Marc Bellemare, both swore to tell the truth and then contradicted each other over the most basic of facts, whether or not they met on a certain Saturday night.
Somebody's lying, it's either Tweedledee or Tweedledum,. (My money's on Bellemare being the liar, he and his wife both look shifty!)
Besides, I don't think that Jean Charest would have called an inquiry if he was guilty. The ominous warning that Bellemare alleges the Premier gave him (not to discuss the money and judges) just doesn't jive with the Premier's mannerisms. In real life Charest would have gotten someone else to give the warning.

In the Laval affair, we can be fairly certain of one thing, either Vallaincourt or Menard is a liar. No use putting it politely. I'll leave it to readers to guess who I think is the liar.

And so we can be fairly certain that in any construction inquiry, people will lie their asses off, oath or no oath. It seems that public inquiries no longer have the gravitas they once enjoyed. Have we already forgotten the ridiculous testimony offered in the Fredy Villanueva inquiry whereby one of the gangsters told one nose stretcher after another with nary an admonition by the  judge. 

Unless you're Guy Lafleur, you can tell the biggest lie without any sanction.

So instead of wasting time with inquiries that may ultimately prove nothing, perhaps I can offer a better solution.

Let's create a television game show called "Qui Dit Vrai?" (Who's telling the Truth)
We can get the ever lovely Julie Snyder (as long as her husband doesn't participate) to be host of the show where opponents will face off against each other.
  • Charest versus Bellemare
  • Vallaincourt versus Menard
  • Tony Accurso versus'em..
Each contestant would take a lie detector test, live on air and be asked the essential questions that the public would like resolved.
"Did money influence the appointments of judges?"
"Did you lie about that meeting?"
"Did you offer an envelope of money?" etc. etc.

The lie detector tester would then make an oral report to a panel of three judges (any recommendations?) who would then vote as to who they believed told the truth.
The public, of course, would vote as well and the two scores would be combined and unveiled on a results show the next day. Need I go on?

If one of the antagonists refused the invitation to appear, the other will be deemed to have told the truth by default.
Loto-Quebec could create a betting line and allow the public to wager on the outcome, like they do on professional sports!

A TV show would be just as much fun as an inquiry and a helluva lot cheaper!

As an insurance policy against more corruption on city councils, how about this idea!


  1. Isn't this like the third or fourth big scandal to come out of Quebec since the Maclean's article was published? Denial denial denial....

  2. Unbelievable that the people would just accept this type of graft and corruption. And to think we are enabling these activities with funds from the ROC!!

  3. Julie Snyder is not married to Pierre Karl Peladeau - or anybody else.

  4. It's all real, and very sad too. And if you try and go after one of them, and give proof, you might fall on a Septard Judge, who only rejects your evidence, and then invents the truth: when can we have an end to the revisionist history? Until we purge them all from the top down...and citizens have to do it because the 'system' is completely rotten.

  5. To Troy @ November 18, 2010 11:18 AM

    You are being pedantic.
    Haven't you heard? Living together in Quebec makes you married. So says the court!

    Common law = Married
    partner = husband/wife

  6. Mississauga Guy said...

    And yet another reason for Canada to divest itself from Quebec weighs in...

    That's all folks! ...for today. To write anthing else at this point is long redundant.

  7. Strange not many retractation from the RDouI and other nationalist media, that McClean's was actually correct and bang on :) the silence is deafening.

  8. Pure Scum run Kebec and has for decades...just a racist scum hole, that is what Kebec has become.

    Forget about Quebec folks, you should be more concerned about the billions they funnel out of Ottawa yearly. Yes money funnelled into Quebec and all other French communities across the country all in the name of this phony French hiring bilingual quota…its costing/wasting billions yearly. This is the real scam not being exposed.These same people (scum) are all over Ottawa, a real mess.

    Liberal, Tory same old story.

  9. Editor,

    That case is still on appeal. Only after the verdict is final will I acknowledge that a lawful wedding does not make any difference.

  10. They deserve the billions they funnel out of Ottawa, they have more to spend, to endure the Anglos, it is our share.