Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Quebec's Most Popular Politician- Ugh!......

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, according to a survey conducted by the Leger Marketing company, Amir Khadir is Quebec's most popular politician. LINK

With a 45% approval rating, he scored the highest number of any noted politician in Quebec.

Now before I go on, it would be remiss not to comment on the sad state of affairs wherein not one politician received even the lowest of passing grades.
If this was high school, every single politician in the survey would have to be left behind.

I guess the survey is no surprise, Khadir is an earnest looking fellow whose calm and rationale demeanour, coupled with a simplistic message, and most importantly, no track record to defend, appeals to those dreaming of a Shangri-la Quebec, where everyone is honest, well-fed and where a five-day work week means one day paid as overtime.
A world where rich people and other Canadians pay for everything and where the meek dictate how the money is collected and spent. A world where the provincial deficit disappears over time instead of being passed down to future generations and where the Montreal Canadiens compete each year in the Stanley Cup finals against the mythical Quebec Nordiques, both teams boasting twenty francophones on each team. A place where Quebeckers celebrate their uniqueness by driving around in electric cars on potholed, yet billboard free streets.
A province where every home is heated with environmentally clean electricity, provided free to all but the rich, who will bear the responsibility for the entire bill.

This is Amir Khadir.
Salesman extraordinaire, one who makes the salesmanship talents  of the Music Man or Bernie Madoff seem amateurish, by comparison.

I give him his due, no politician is better at pedalling bullshit and distorting reality than Khadir. So well has he hidden his true self, that the majority of supporters are either unaware or pooh-pooh charges that he is an unrepentant pinko of the first order.
Protected by a fawning press, otherwise known as 'La Clique de Plateau,' he easily tosses aside legitimate questions about his true beliefs and agenda for a socialist worker's paradise.

Nobody ever questions the good doctor, save a precious few like Eric Duhaime, who like the legendary Emile Zola's shouts of J'ACCUSE goes largely unnoticed.

The real Amir Khadir is far from his public personna, a 9/11 Truther who believes (along with his communist family, including the lovely Nima Machouf) that Israel and the United States bombed the World Trade Center, he now however prefers to keep these opinions to himself, lest he open himself up to ridicule. Link

A testament to his slickness is his recent non-condemnation of the Reseau de Resistance's intimidation campaign against large Liberal Party donors. See my post.

When asked to react, Khadir smoothly replied that he wouldn't support a National Assembly motion to condemn the RRQ for it's actions, because it wouldn't be fair, given that the RRQ wouldn't be given a chance to defend itself in the National Assembly and that the august body shouldn't be a court of law.
He then reminded all of the Michaud Affair,  to underscore the unfairness of these types of condemnations and even submitted his own motion asking the Parliament to revoke that censure, passed over a decade ago, in regard to Mr Michaud's supposed antisemitic utterings.

Very smooth...

But his high principles of fairness hasn't stopped Khadir from proposing his own motions of censure, when it served his purpose;
 "....We proposed a motion condemning unequivocally the action of the Israeli government's deadly raid against a flotilla of peace. We then asked Quebec to suspend the agreement, signed in 2007, which provides Israel with considerable commercial benefits."- Amir Khadir  LINK
And so Mr. Khadir's principles are more flexible than he'd have us believe.

I didn't expect Mr. Khadir to reject the RRQ's campaign of intimidation, such acts are right up his alley, but he should have been called out on his phony excuse.

What could we expect if Mr. Khadir ever achieved power?

Just look to the current situation in the Plateau Mont-Royal, a district in Montreal where Mr. Khadir's pinko friends have taken over.

The potty-mouthed Borough Mayor Luc Ferrandez has taken to hurling expletives at dissenting citizens in Council meetings, those who have the audacity to question the dubious decisions taken by social experimenters, bent on destroying the lives of merchants, shoppers and seniors in search of  a socialist/granola Garden of Eden. LINK

While the borough apparatchiks debate grander projects of socialist import, the concept of fixing giant holes in the street with exposed broken pipes for weeks on end is beyond the scope of the current council. LINK  

Watching these clowns operate in just one district of Montreal should sends chills down the spine of taxpayers, who alone bear the burden of the socialist folly.

Should Mr. Khadir and the Communist Quebec Solidaire ever win a measure of power, one could only imagine the meltdown. No doubt their first order of business would be to nationalize Westmount mansions à la Doctor Zhivago, in order to turn the palaces over to the proletariat.

Perhaps we should draft an outsider as a counter-foil, perhaps someone like Tony Accurso, who could form a new political party.
He's a man who has proven he can get things done and his savoir-faire and iron fist would keep those pesky unions and lazy bureaucrats on their toes.
No doubt that his party would be corrupt, but it would still be a lot cheaper than a clownish communist regime.

To all the buffoons (yes there are a lot of them) who support Amir Khadir and his Communist band of merry comrades, all I can say is, be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.....


  1. From BobIsNotUruncle:
    Thanks for expressing what i felt opening the gazette this morning, Khadir the snake oil sales man is what i thought. i fear ur last line in ur text will be what we are heading for. La clique du plateau is full on with his agenda.

  2. Lay off Fernandez he will be the next mayor of Montreal and angloman you'll notice that his team even let's blokes play. Trying to increase the quality of life for Plateau residents isnt "pinko" its the future.As for Khadr .....your right on..... I especially loved an interview he did at his obviously million dollar home. Thats my kind of communism!

  3. From BobIsNotUruncle:
    to ano 1:22.
    I grew up with ferrandez, i would not let him manage my clipboard, enjoy while it lasts.
    And yes Kadhir is pinko :)

  4. "Perhaps we should draft an outsider as a counter-foil, perhaps someone like Tony Accurso, who could form a new political party."

    Outsider? How much inside can one man get? He already controls a political party!

  5. Stéphane Laporte uses the same poll (I believe) here:
    Now what is even more interesting (or downright scary) is the last column. 20% and more do not KNOW some of these politicians? jesus Christ, I can understand not being popular but do these polled live in a friggin' cave????

  6. If Curzi is next PM I'm scared

  7. Yeah, Curzi is one crazy, dangerous sonofabitch.