Friday, July 30, 2010

Amir Khadir Has a Lot to Hide

Amir Khadir is the only member of the Quebec Parliament representing the separatist Quebec Solidaire political party, which is distinguished from the Parti Quebecois by being much more left wing, extreme and militant.

The flamboyant Khadir got himself elected in just about the only riding he could, Montreal's Mercier riding which is arguably the most pro-sovereignist and militant riding in Quebec.

Since then, he has been working quite successfully to raise his profile and popularity by purporting to stand up to the 'big guys' and opposing just about anything the Quebec, Canadian or American government does or says.
Ever since he symbolically threw a shoe at a photo of President George Bush, at a rally in front of the U.S. consulate in Montreal, his popularity has skyrocketed. LINK

Recently he pulled off another coup by going to Toronto and posting part of the bail for Jaggi Singh, Canada's most notorious anarchist, who was arrested at the G20 conference.

It was a masterful coup, based on perceptions that Quebeckers were targeted at the G20 protests by Toronto police because they were French. This narrative has been successfully sold as fact by Quebec militants and anarchists seeking to engender popular support.

Mr Khadir put forward the position that he provided Mr. Singh's bail, not because he shares his ideals, but in order to defend democracy and the right to dissent. According to Khadir, it was also a gesture of solidarity with those Quebeckers who were targeted by Toronto police, another notion that went down well with the receptive Quebec audience.

But here's the part Mr. Khadir left out..

It seems that  Mr. Singh and Amir Khadir are actually friends, a fact that Khadir wasn't keen to emphasize.  In an interview after his release, Singh mentioned that he considered Kadir a friend and that he had previously gone to demonstrations with Mr. Khadir's daughter.   LINK

By the way it isn't the first time that Khadir posted bail for someone of  dubious distinction.  It is alleged that Khadir and his wife put up bail for Adil Charkaoui, accused by CSIS of being an islamist sleeper agent. Link

It seems that in an effort to become more acceptable to a wider audience, there's a lot Amir Khadir isn't mentioning. He has been re-inventing and re-packaging himself as less extreme and has deemphasized his links to radical anarchists, communists and islamo-religious extremists.

That effort has been blown apart by journalist  Éric Duhaime, who this week and last week wrote two  blockbuster exposes entitled "Khadir at Home with Communists" and "Friends of Amir." Both these articles are in French and if you can read the language, please do so, it will be worth the effort.

Amir learned dissent early, his parents being radicals themselves. He first met his future wife Nima Machouf as a child at the various radical demonstrations that both their parents dragged them to, on a regular basis.

His father is an ageing communist, who reminds me of the over the hill stoner comedian 'Cheech," living in a 1970's fantasy and regurgitating material that is sadly out of date.  Jafar Khadir is a sad character living in the past, who parrots ideas that have long since been discredited, even in Russia and China.  He was a long-time member of the executive council of the Quebec Communist Party and still keeps actively involved.
Jafar has militated on a variety of radical causes and back in 2002 was stopped at the US border, where he was held for eight hours and ultimately refused entry with the warning not to come back.  Link

The Khadir family hosts the annual "Camp de formation" of the Communist Party of Quebec at their summer chalet on the slopes of Mont Pinnacle near Frelighsburg in the Eastern Townships where Jafar  hosts a weekend of speeches, workshops and comraderie. Last year Amir attended and engaged  in those hearty discussions that faithful communist 'comrades' adore. While Amir may not be a card carrying member of the party, he is a sympathetic follower and friend and ideologically in tune.

This year's edition took place last weekend and I will write about it next week. Don't miss the piece, you'll laugh your ass off.

At any rate Mr. Khadir and his wife are "Truthers" who believe that Israel and the United States conspired to blow up the World Trade Centre on 9/11. His hatred of Israel is only matched by his friend Jaggi Singh and he recently tried unsuccessfully to enter a motion of condemnation of Israel in Quebec's Parliament.

For many years, Amir was an active supporter of the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI), which is classified as a terrorist organization in the United States, Europe and Canada. When his brother Omid was arrested in 2003 in Paris during a police operation against the French base of WIPO, Amir intervened to secure his release by putting pressure on the Minister of the Interior, Nicolas Sarkozy, without specifying that it was his brother who was under arrest.

Although an active leader in the Iranian community in Montreal, Amir has strangely suffered a case of lockjaw in relation to the sad events unfolding in Iran today. While blasting Israel for the deaths of nine Gaza blockade busters, he remains strangely quiet about the dozens of deaths of his countrymen at the hands of the Iranian government while protesting a rigged fixed presidential election and who continue to bravely militate for real democracy in Iran. One can only speculate as to what his silence means.

Khadir also remains silent on the two devastating articles written about him by Mr. Duhaime, hoping that the story about his past and his dubious connections will somehow die in the summer heat. Not helping the story die, is an article written in defence of Mr Khafir, by Gabriel Proulx who just happens to be a member of the executive council of the Quebec Communist Party. Link

For Mr. Khadir, the connection to the Quebec Communist Party and Quebec solidaire is best left unmentioned and up until now, Quebeckers remain largely oblivious.

The QS was born out of the PCQ and the communist party retains special status with all members automatically enrolled as Quebec solidaire members.

The communists have stopped running candidates in the last provincial election and now stand for Parliament under the QS banner. The president of the Communist party, André Parizeau and Executive committee member, Francis Gagnon-Bergmann and Jocelyn Parent were all candidates for Quebec Solidaire in the last election. During the election members of the PCQ  worked closely in support of the Quebec Solidaire party.  Wikipedia

As for Khadir, it's strictly a case of 'don't ask, don't tell"


  1. To me, he's a dangerous politician and I'm both shamed and worried by the attention he gets in the media, who all seem to find him so cute and nice.

  2. Do some research on communist bloggers and you are going to find out that Guillemette and cie have found themselves their new target: shoot the messenger as usual: Eric Duhaime of the ADQ.

  3. En avant pour un Québec indépendant !

  4. Typical communist unilingual Québécois who promotes mediocrity and welfare! Just get rid of them and restore the glorious British Empire!

  5. At first your ridiculous and defamatory article made me throw up in my mouth a little, and then I thought...if they hate us so much, we must be doing something right!

    So I want to thank you for encouraging us to build a more progressive Quebec. Rest assured that you will have more and more material for your little blog as we will never give up.


    In solidarity,

    Sibel Ataogul,
    Québec Solidaire

    1. The States don't like you either ...big title for a little party jerk

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  6. If you accept that someone having name that sounds Arabic is not necessarily an Islamic terrorist and being leftist does not necessarily mean being totalitarian communist, the probability of an Islamo-Soviet dictatorship conspiracy over Québec drops to zero.

  7. Wow, not a very nice fellow. Guess those in Mercier are not very good judges of character. On the other hand, maybe we should support little Amir...he might just get Quebec out of Canada which would be a good thing.

  8. I had to move across the pond and become a citizen of a foreign country for one reason only – my own country has the misfortune of being in Eastern Europe, and therefore fell in the communist zone after WW2. Seeing what this system did/does to societies and individuals, it boggles my mind that there are people in western democracies that still advocate this system. It is a terrible system that drains people of initiative and creativity, makes them unproductive and passive. It numbs the mind and kills the soul.

    There is no alternative to liberal democracy. Yes, democracy is a bad system in which an easily manipulable mob gets to elect cynical officials (Khadir, Marois, Duceppe included), but as Churchill said, everything else that has been tried turned out to be much worse.

    "Freedom has many difficulties and democracy is not perfect, but we have never had to put a wall up to keep our people in, to prevent them from leaving us."-JFK, 26 June 1963, West Berlin

  9. We like this guy : brillant, honest and so generous.


  10. 'At first your ridiculous and defamatory article made me throw up in my mouth a little, and then I thought...if they hate us so much, we must be doing something right! So I want to thank you for encouraging us to build a more progressive Quebec. Rest assured that you will have more and more material for your little blog as we will never give up. Ever. In solidarity, Sibel Ataogul, Québec Solidaire'

    You’re drama gave me a laugh, thanks for that Yours is a typically overwrought and effusive response to criticism. Indeed, your response reveals the strategy that is commonly employed by your sort; that is to agitate and intimidate, patronize, push and press social boundaries, distort common truths, dismiss reality, endorse radical and extreme political and social behavior, preclude equal rights, and behave in such a disagreeable manner that the rest of Canada wants to throw up and throw you out. Most folks are wise to you tactics, in that you want to make people angry with you and your social engineering project, so it becomes easier to maintain the ‘us against them’ divide. The trouble is Canadians are financing or mortgaging your ‘more progressive Quebec’ so in a manner of speaking we own you, much like the bank is the ultimate owner of your house until your debt is paid. You’ve got nothing but vague dreams in sacred blue without Candian tax dollars. Eventually Canadians will be so exhausted by your offence attitude and behavior that they won’t care if you leave. Face it fervent one, your carrying a mortgage you can’t afford, and you will never own the house you live in. You’re separatist cause and so called socially progressive policies are a sham and a disgrace.

  11. Quebec, Quebec, Quebec, please just go away. Go far away. Leave. Separate. Secede. Take your share of the federal debt with you too. Take your precious French language with you too (may I never hear it again on channels 12 & 13 when I use the TV remote). Take all the mediocre politicians you have given us too. But give us back all the transfer and equalization payment-shakedowns we waste on you. Oh and goodbye to official bilingualisn too. The Toronto guy.

  12. To expand on Adski's comment: the Berlin wall wasn't put up to stop all the westerners who were clamouring to get in to join the utopian communist society. As it's so painfully obvious to anyone with a brain (which explains why it isn't at all obvious to communists), communism would be the perfect system if human nature is left out of the equation. If the communists really want to become part of a truly functioning socialist society, they should step outside and join the nearest anthill or beehive. I.e. bugoff.

  13. Amir Khadir is a respected physician and an outspoken defender of human rights, and he and his wife Nima Machouf have been unambiguous in their denunciantions of Iran's human-rights abuses. This piece smacks of McCarthyism -- guilt by association. It is not for nothing that Amir Khadir is consistently voted one of the most popular and top-performing members of Quebec's National Assembly. He tackles issues no other party has the courage to take on. Amir won strong support not only from sovereignists but also from progressive federalists in the last provincial election, and when I last checked it was not a crime to be friends with Jaggi Singh or to have relatives who are communists. Amir Khadir should be judged on his professional and political record, not on who his friends or relatives are. We in Mercier riding are proud to have him as our MNA. -- Alex Norris, city councillor, Mile End district, Montreal

  14. @ Diogenes

    The Berlin Wall was put up for exactly the same reason as barbed wire fences at the borders of formerly communist countries that bordered western democratic countries. The purpose was to keep the easterners in, not to keep the westerners out. The westerners had no intention of coming in anyways. So the walls and fences were always put up by the communist countries, not the democratic ones.

    To me, Bill 101 is such as invisible wall that has been put up to prevent Francophones (i.e. “our own people”) and immigrants from crossing over to the wrong side. Even is the other side is more appealing and offers more prospects. Curzi is talking about English being 5 times more appealing and of many Quebeckers gravitating towards it.

    So he’s plugging the English language, a rational person might ask. Nothing further from the truth. He is actually trying to save people from the trend that they are choosing for themselves. Because he knows best.

  15. Alex Norris: "This piece smacks of McCarthyism"


    McCarthyism was an aberration, just like communism and Bill 101.

    This piece actually exposes Khadir for who really is.

  16. ‘...if they hate us so much, we must be doing something right’

    Sounds like the words of an insane person or someone who is hopelessly abusive. Let’s substitute subjects to illustrate my point. For example, let’s suppose the words you wrote were used like this in an angry exchange between spouses:
    ‘If she/he hates me so much, I must be doing something right.’

    Take your pick sweetie, your either insane, abusive or both. And you work for a legal firm. I pity your employer and your unsuspecting clients. Whatever misfortune your delusions bring upon you, you will deserve it.

  17. adski,

    "So the walls and fences were always put up by the communist countries, not the democratic ones."

    You are then saying that the United States is a communist country? It builds walls and fences on its border too, you know.

  18. "Troy said...

    "So the walls and fences were always put up by the communist countries, not the democratic ones."

    You are then saying that the United States is a communist country? It builds walls and fences on its border too, you know."

    Okay Troy, let me just delve into your logic for a brief moment. The Berlin Wall was set up initially under the pretense of being an "anti-fascist" wall to keep subversive influence from western Germany out of the east. This of course was the line played by the GDR communist party to justify the wall's existence (when really it was used to keep people in, especially those with technical degrees which were funded by the state.

    They realized, however, that better prospects for them and their families lied in the west and they began leaving in droves). Hence the dark symbolism of the wall: a monument to restriction of freedom and of the dominance of the party.

    Compare this to the Border wall in the US (a wall which, at least operationally speaking, is not an even complete wall. It is broken at many points to funnel in illegal immigrants at certain points where they are easer to apprehend). As this economist article clearly puts into perspective, , the issue is of people entering the country illegally. Though of course, bigotry always comes into play with such issues. As the articles states, it is an issue of federal vs state authority to prosecute these illegals. In the US, this responsability falls on the Feds. Hence, all this houplah is a legal issue which will be decided in courts.

    Now, looking back at these 2 stories, we can see that there is literally nothing in common between the underlying issues in either of them other than that each had a "wall" of some sort involved. And by this measure, you judge that they are the same?!? Both had wall? then they are the same!! The depth of your analysis is astounding!

    In summary, don't post comments which do not possess anything even close to approaching an actual reflective thought within them.

  19. My first reaction after reading your piece was how can someone blather without any sort of informed knowledge of the people in the riding or their political opinions?..
    Ok where to begin..,
    First, if you look at dr. Khadir's poll by poll results, you'll notice that he got his biggest numbers on the western sector of Mercier riding. That's where all the Anglos and us ethnics live.
    No, I am not a supporter of Quebec sovereignty and would never vote 'Oui' in a referendum but I do share dr khadir's social values. BTW, the western sectors are the more interesting parts at every level as we vote NDP federally and for Projet Montreal municipally. Fact is, in the last municipal the left swept every seat including that of the borough mayor. Why?..Cause people are just fed-up with hard right-wing policies. I did not volunteer and/or work in the last campaign for dr. Khadir. But he's breath of fresh air, and so far not only can he count on my vote, but will also send a small donation for his candidacy, and he can count on me for him to volunteer on his behalf door-to-door.

    Fidel Fuentes

  20. This article is pure slander. No Dogs, I was interested in reading you before, but the more time passes, the more bigot ans simplistic is your view of things here.

    From what I see yours is just another crazy right wing blog

    Heureusement, bien des anglophones québécois sont plus modérés et réfléchis dans leurs opinions.


    (erase this comment, just want you to be aware of another English hate crime)

  22. Bon, here I come, les analystes de salons avec leur fiel et leur venim !Vive l'Acadie libre !

  23. «Chacun porte son âge, sa pierre et ses outils pour bâtir son village, sa ville ou son pays.»
    — Gilles Vigneault

  24. There must be a lot of inbreeding in Natashquan, where Gilles Vigneault was born.

  25. Maybe the same than Kinsella in Alberta or Kearney (Ontario).

  26. Monsieur Khadir fait chier les anglos...Vive Monsieur Khadir et vive un Québec hors du Canada.Canada sans saveur et sans goût qui, pitoyablement,n'est qu'une médiocres copie des pires red neck amerlocs avec leur pick-ups et leur soif eternellement innassouvie de pétrole et d'argent.Une culture de calculateurs et de pensées mercantiles a outrance.Oui! vivement un Québec souverain avec nos propres valeurs et sa propre culture,ce que les Canadians n'ont pas et n'auront jamais tant qu'ils auront l'original voisin Américain.

    1. t'es mur pour aller vivre dans les pays arabes mon ami.... bye bye et fly au plus sacrant


    2. Amir Khadir est un ami des terroristes musulmans et des terroristes sépératistes. Si le Québec sort du Canada, je donnerais 100% de mon soutien d'un coup militaire pour retirer Khadir et ses amis communistes et terroristes de Québec solidaire et les remplacer par un chef propre de droite comme Pinochet au Chili ou comme Donald Trump mais plus à droite. Vous êtes un anarchiste comme antifa ou Daesh et vous voulez que nous arrêtons d'utiliser nos ressources naturelles qu'on a, car vous voulez qu'on retourne à un état sauvage comme la terre était avant ques les humains ont même découvri le feu. Votre intélligence est d'un niveau plus bas qu'un singe, car votre propre fonction est de servir les plus intelligents, et non voler de leur argent par l'assedic et des autres programes pour ceux avec un intélligence inférieur. Vive le Darwinisme social, ou les plus productifs ont le pouvoir et les idiots servient ses supérieurs. Car je vous montre, je connais l'anglais et le français, mais vous ne probablement savez même pas un mot des anglais. Va te faire chier dans ton espèce de bidonville et laissez les Anglophones qui travaillent fort pour que leur argent soit voleé par les criminelles au pouvoir.

  27. To Anonymous at 10:01 PM,

    I wouldn't brag about your repellant, so-called 'distinct' culture, with its despotic language laws, inferior work ethic, sense of self-entitlement and rotten teeth.

  28. Most 'traditional' Quebec music and dance was stolen from early Irish and Scottish settlers in Quebec.

  29. What I meant to say in the 4:29 PM comment was that most 'traditional' QUEBECOIS music and dance was stolen from early Irish and Scottish settlers in Quebec.

  30. To anonymous August 3, 2010 5:11 PM We say inspire not stole. If i follow your logic, Canadians stole their names, their national anthem and why not the maple syrup ! And i forgot, we stole the use of tomato at the Peruvian and many more ! C'est bon ! il existe une musique traditionnelle québécoise qui bien qu'inspirée des réels irlandais et d'ajouts écossais (lesquels ?) reste unique et proprement québécoise, ne vous en plaise ! You stole country music from United States :)

  31. This is a lot of nonsense spewed by a paranoid right-winger. It is full of the typical assumptions and leading one-liners used by gutter, red-neck writers. The accusations are ridiculous at the very least. Who wrote this crap? It is unsigned and, presumably, nobody would want to take credit for ranting and whining about nothing.

  32. I used to enjoy reading this blog from time to time, as I'm an anglophone Montrealer and have gotten fed up over the years with the zealotry of the anti-English laws. But this blog over time has revealed more and more of a reactionary hard-right bias, and this is really the last straw for me.

    Slandering a respected community leader like Amir Khadir and his family is not only ridiculous, but offensive in the extreme. Furthermore, as other posters have said, contrary to what you may think, it is *not* a crime to be a communist, socialist, or social democrat. This is the 21st century. We're not living in the 1950s anymore. The Red Scare ended a very long time ago.

    Bigots like you give anglophone Montrealers a bad name. I find it deeply saddening and disturbing that virtually every anti-sovereigntist anglophone I encounter who is vocal about opposition to the language laws turns out to be a hate-filled right-wing bigot who is vehemently opposed to the left.

    This is unfortunate because I know there are many anglophones out there such as myself who are critical of the language laws who are progressive, and unabashedly supportive of social democrats like Amir Khadir. Leftist anglophones don't seem to be particularly vocal about opposition to the language laws, myself included, and perhaps that's because we want to improve the state of coexistence rather than create more problems.

    The fact that you use the term "communist" as a derogatory term to lambast and slander people who support social democracy and progressive politics is indicative of your extreme bias. This is straight out of the Fox News school of pseudo-journalistic commentary.

    Contrary to what you may have deluded yourself into, Marxism is still very much alive and well, and not at all "discredited." I've seen you refer to communism as being "widely discredited" in more than a couple of posts and either you ignorant of world politics, or just being deliberately dense. The fact is that Marxist-oriented parties have been steadily making huge gains in several European countries, as well as in Latin America. Ever heard of Hugo Chavez?

    At any rate, considering how much you hate leftists, perhaps you should consider moving down south to the States. You'll have to forgo the big cities though, like New York and Boston and San Francisco and Chicago, because they are all filled with "communists" and "socialists" and all those horrible leftists that you hate so much. Oh, and I guess you might not much care for the current US president, who is considered the ultimate "communist" and "socialist" by your fellow comrades at Fox News.

    But you'll fit right in with the local yokels in such great states as Alabama and Arkansas. They barely have any allophones there, and lest you forget, a great many allophones in Quebec are very much progressive and leftist. I guess you don't like them either. Anyway, neither the francophones or the allophones or progressive anglophones will miss you.

  33. To the person who wrote a commentary blasting me for this post, I wish to inform him that the post ended up in Google's brand new Spam box and when I pressed 'not Spam' it disappeared.
    Although highly critical of myself, I do as a policy, print all manner of dissent, so if you still have the post lying around, re-submit it and I promise to do a better job publishing it. Sorry, for the inconvenience.

    By the way, I was just having a bit of fun and which was slander? It may have been insulting, but which fact was untrue?

  34. For one thing, most of the stuff you write here has no reliable references to back them up.

    In some instances, you write incomplete information which suggest a distorted picture of Mr Khadir political and religious leanings. When you write, for example, that Dr Khadir is a member of the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran, you omit the very important fact that this organization is working toward the overthrow of the Iranian theocratic regime. When you mention Dr Khadir's silence about the deaths caused by the regime in Iran (which to me is not a fact, only what you chose to believe), you're suggesting that he might agree with the Iranian regime. This is disgustingly dishonest

    I agree with the previous anonymous commenter, you're just another right-wing blog peddling red-scare nightmares. I'm done wasting my time reading you.

  35. the said truth about amir khadir about his dubious past and extremism. Amir and his friends are violently anti-american and anti-israel. Thank for reporting the truth about amir khadir and his friends.

  36. I would like readers to note that the Gazette has, over the past two years that I have been watching, self-censored itself may times. This article, mentioned in an above comment: is now: Sorry, this story is not available.
    I wonder if this is the primarily Francophone management that is deciding to gloss over the reality by hiding links that show the 'real' QC? Not like we need more proof....

    That school in Laval, was given a one year reprieve to change its curriculum because of the QC Govt anglophobes stating it was 'too English'-it wass typical draconian high-handedness that happened - sorry to tangent here from Amir's antics, but knowing that he is a Septard also, I am sure he would approve keeping QC walking down an isolationist path for his Leftist derive....

  37. "You’re drama gave me a laugh, thanks for that Yours is a typically overwrought and effusive response to criticism".

    They let you have internet in your asylum?
    Free tip you malcontent inbred: the reason why Canada does 'not' (contrary to what you might believe in your comical head) want Quebec to separate is because isn't in Canada's economic interest to do so.

    Please get a working brain before you start to write or just blow it off either way won't make a difference for the rest of the non-cretin population.

    'K, thanks bye.

  38. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  39. Wow, les couteaux volent bas! I guess this was to be expected... what puzzles me is how come being left-winged is always automatically associated with extreme communism like the regimes that were in Eastern Europe, whereas being right-winged is perceived just an acceptable endorsement of capitalism and democracy?? Should I remind everyone that there have been extreme right regimes, most notably the Nazis (which are conveniently left out and forgotten, since they lost the war) or Pinochet's (coup d'état organized by the American gvt)??? So if you say Khadir's political views are akin to Eastern Europe communism, then one can also say that the right-winged parties are akin to Hitler's regime!
    I don't believe either is true. What I mean by this is PLEASE stop talking like Khadir's a communist dictator! He is the only opposition to the other parties who all share the same view and economic intrests - he's the only one who speaks for a large part of the population who is not represented by any of the other parties. And pleas stop being so pretentious as to claim to be intellectually superior to this part of the population who support him! Freedom of expression (even for Khadir) and fair representation: that IS real democracy! Thank you for your attention.


  40. You are a frigging nut bar, and you should avoid political commentary because you obviously don't know your ass from a hole in the ground.
    I am an anglophone montrealler who voted for Amir before QS existed, and this because I listened to what he had to say. I am almost sorry I clicked on the bloody link to your insipid, watered down Tea-Partyish blog.

  41. Those idiots who voted for Amir deserve what he has to offer. Defence of his views come from those who lack character.

  42. I hate communism and totalitarianism, but I love Amir Khadir, he is sincier in everything he does and it shows.

  43. Having worked with many MDs - outside of their own field of medicine - generally speaking - they do not make good politicians or financial wizards. USA is smart not to allow him over their border...any extremists like him should have their immigration status scrutinized. LA

  44. Why does this surprise anyone?
    It has been my experience that the separatists want a communist style government, and society.
    They want government to run everything, and to own everything.
    They like telling people how to live, what to think, and especially what they can't do.