Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Post-Election ...Winners and Losers

YGRECK's political cartoon, best of the year so far....
As you can imagine, there are some very obvious winners and losers emerging from this week's Quebec general election, Pauline Marois and Philippe Couillard in particular.
But let's go through a much wider list as well and take a look at who and what institutions took a hit and who and what institutions lucked out rather providentially.

Pauline Marois- Loser
YGRECK's brilliant cartoon says it all, a battered and bruised Pauline Marois joins the club of ex-separatist leaders, known sarcastically in Quebec as the 'Mother-in-Laws' for their rather obnoxious penchant for meddling and undercutting the current PQ leader, whomever she or he may be at the time.
What can I say that hasn't been said ad naseum about Pauline's self-inflicted downfall, but the pain of her deeply personal and humiliating political demise is being unfairly piled upon by the nasty PQ elite who have scapegoated her for the election debacle.
It's a longtime PQ tradition of exiling leaders in the most humiliating and demeaning fashion and Pauline hadn't even announced her resignation as party leader before the trio of jackals, Drainville, Lisée and Péladeau, were politicking on stage to replace her.

Make no mistake, Pauline just loved being Premier and it wasn't her idea to hold an election, she could have easily held on for at least another year, year and a half.
For Marois the ordeal is over, for Blanchet, perhaps it's just starting
She was pushed into the election by caucus hardliners and PQ strategists and has paid the price for their error in judgment.
But somehow, I feel no sympathy.

Claude Blanchet- Loser
Pauline's hubby has a reputation for being 'litigious', as the lawyers like to politely describe someone who sues at the drop of a hat.
Blanchet has sued and threatened lawsuits over these last years in an attempt to keep discussion of his alleged checkered business affairs out of the press.
He has sued the Montreal Gazette over a story about his amazing feat of building his chateau on agricultural land through alleged deception and chicanery. More recently, he threatened a lawsuit against, the independent sovereigntist website.
Ex-PQ cabinet minister Richard Le Hir, who after the death of the founder took over as chief editor, penned two articles recently, warning that Blanchet's baggage would come back to bite the PQ come election time.
Blanchet was having none of that and true to form, sicced his lawyers on the website, demanding that the stories be removed., already in the midst of an expensive slapp suit, just could not afford to contest another costly legal battle thus acquiesced to the bully and removed the articles.
I'm no fan of, but am sympathetic to their situation, it is clearly a case of a rich person using their wealth and the threat of expensive litigation as a weapon instead of a remedy.

At any rate, there's only so much water you can bail out of a sinking boat when the water is rushing in from multiple breeches. Blanchet has recently taken a serious body blow from testimony given at the Charbonneau Commission over the infamous 'deal or no deal' affair where it was alleged by a witness that in exchange for a loan, Blanchet promised to lobby his wife Pauline, the then opposition leader, on behalf of the FTQ, Quebec largest and most powerful union.
For Blanchet, there's no suing or otherwise intimidating the Charbonneau Commission or its witnesses into silence, that strategy is out the window and so his reputation is clearly up for public examination.

Montreal's La Presse newspaper landed perhaps the lowest blow of all,  an attack piece some might argue was politically motivated. The newspaper is the property of the Demarais clan, avowed federalists and sworn enemy of the sovereignty movement.
In the final week of the election, the paper featured a story, a two page spread that described how Blanchet might have illegally accepted contributions for Pauline's successful leadership bid for the PQ.
The story was based on a sworn statement from a contributor who admitted to illegally employing a ruse to circumvent political contribution limits and giving the money to Blanchet in his hand in what he described as a quid pro quo for political access.
For Blanchet, there's no suing La Presse either, it seems that the newspaper is committed to defending the story, the very fact that they published it in the heat of the election, a clear message that the newspaper was ready, willing and able to defend itself.

How this all turns out for Blanchet remains to be seen. Because of Pauline's demise and resignation, it's possible that the media will pass on further attacks on Blanchet, but if I had to bet money, I'd say that the story is just too tempting and the oily Blanchet, just too juicy a target to pass up. 

No doubt at all, Pauline Marois and Claude Blanchet are indeed 'The Biggest Losers'

Philippe Couillard- Winner
The Right Stuff...Throwing mud while appearing innocent.
Okay, you don't need me to state the obvious, but I'd like to point out that Couillard deserves as much credit for the Liberal victory as did Pauline for the PQ's election loss.
Politicians across Canada should take note about how to run a disciplined and focused campaign. Political handlers I've talked to are all gushing at the incredible and masterful campaign, proving that election campaigns can be won on strategy, with form over substance, a valid and successful strategy.
Couillard focused not on promises, but cleverly shone the spotlight on the PQ's weak spot, sovereignty and the possibility of another referendum, an anathema to the majority of all Quebec voters.
He hammered away on the theme, sticking to the script while remaining calm and statesmanlike.

The one thing that the media seized upon as a gaffe was no error at all.
In a debate with the other leaders, Couillard mentioned that bilingualism was important, even for factory workers and the PQ and separatist media went ballistic, believing that he made a major misstep, promoting the bogeyman of rampant bilingualism.
But over two-thirds of francophones are actually in favour of the Charest promise to install an English immersion course for all francophone students in grade six, where a semester would be taught almost entirely in English.
While the PQ and the separatist media howled, the issue lasted a news cycle or two and died because there was no traction.

While Pauline and the PQ made one unpopular and ridiculous promise or policy pronouncement after the other, Couillard displayed a self-disciplined reserve and sang-froid, not seen in a Canadian politician in a generation, saying and offering nothing, when saying and offering was the right thing to do. Steady as she goes!
Couillard wisely surrendered the spotlight to the embarrassingly inept Pauline, who twirled around the political dance floor like a left-footed klutz.

By accident or design, Couillard gave politicians across this country a lesson in electioneering, a reminder that going negative against an opponent is always the best strategy, especially when you can pull it off without seeming like a bastard or opportunist.

Stephen Harper - Loser
While the press widely touted the PQ defeat as a victory for federalism, not all parties and leaders in Ottawa share equally in the good fortune.
For the Conservatives and Stephen Harper a PQ victory, whether minority or majority would have without a doubt assured a Conservative victory in the next federal general election as Canadians in the ROC sought out the biggest SOB to defend their interests against the enemy PQ separatist government in Quebec. And we all know that who that SOB of choice is.
Hands down Harper loses the most with the PQ defeat.

Justin Trudeau- Winner
The touchy-feely federal Liberal leader is the politician who is by far, the biggest winner in all this. His anti-separatist stance and multicultural values message has won the day and those Canadians and Quebecers who see a vital and renewed role for Quebec in a united Canada will see Justin and the Liberals as the leader and party which most-closely represents their values.

Thomas Mulcair- Loser
The NDP and Thomas Mulcair have everything to lose in the Quebec sweepstakes because they have the most seats in the province.
The status quo was working quite nicely for them and thus, a Liberal victory can impact upon them much harder than the Conservatives, who have but a handful of MPs. The Liberal victory provincially cannot but help the federal Liberals as well, all to the detriment of Mulcair and the NDP.

Denis Coderre- Winner
Montreal's newly elected mayor got major props in the federalist camp by openly siding with the Liberals in the provincial election. Coderre threatened to sue on behalf of its citizens in opposition to the PQ's proposed Charter of Values, a body blow that the PQ had difficulty absorbing. Usually mayors stay neutral in an effort not to poison the well, just in case they choose the wrong side, but Coderre was unequivocal in his hostility towards the Parti Quebecois and with good reason.
Whatever platitudes the PQ mouthed in public, federalist Montreal has always been a sworn enemy of any PQ government and always paid the price for its Federalist/Anglo/Ethnic/Bilingual status.
A big sigh of relief for Coderre who can now rightfully expect to enjoy the spoils of victory.

Ousted PQ cabinet ministers - Losers
There's only one thing worse than being voted out of office as a cabinet minister, that's being voted out and having your party fall into opposition.
It means that there's no patronage job coming your way to ease the pain as is the norm in our 'jobs for the boys' political heritage.
You might remember that when the PQ won the election eighteen moths ago, the first order of business was to find jobs for the faithful, including the most famous, Nicolas Girard, a PQ stalwart defeat by Françoise David who was named president of the AMT, a government commuter rail agency with nary a drop of experience in the industry.

Some of the defeated PQ ministers will land on their feet, the defeated health minister Réjean Hébert, can go back to being a doctor, (I'm sure he'll have no problem getting a PREM) but after the defeat, he admitted being extremely distraught.
The ousted Minister of Justice Bernard St. Arnaud, can return to his law practice, but it's a huge comedown, the limousines and the power hard to give up after such a short stint.
For ex-Radio-Canada reporter, outgoing higher education minister Pierre Duchesne, there's probably no soft landing, not unless PKP gives him a job in his media empire.
Yves-François Blanchet defeated minister of durable something or other, hasn't got much to fall back on either, he comes from the arts community and has flitted from job  to job before being elected. It's another hard fall.
For all of the defeated ministers, the Humpty-Dumpty fall means that that it's downhill from here.

Defeated Liberal candidates - Winners
Two days after the election , Philippe Couillard gathered his elected caucus in Quebec city, INCLUDING those Liberal candidates defeated in the election, a clear sign that he recognizes their contributions.
Say it with me readers...... 'Coming up... JOB FOR THE BOYS!'

Jewish General and Montreal General Hospitals - Winners
These two hospitals were on the PQ hit list, a determined effort to cut down their influence and power.
The defeated Health minister was bent on taking apart the fine oncology departments by shifting money from these cancer centres to hospitals in the 450 region.
So real was the threat, that junior oncologists and radiation oncologists in those two hospitals were sending out C/Vs, in the eventually that their jobs were made redundant.

Both hospitals would have also been devastated by strict enforcement of the Charter of Values, the workforce in both institutions decidedly representative of the Montreal reality.
That fact was actually considered a 'plus' by PQ hardliners.

McGill University & English cegeps - Winners
If there's any one public institution that sovereigntist hardliners detest, it is McGill University. The very idea that Quebec's finest university is English, galling to the nth degree. Defeated higher education minister Pierre Duchesne was working on a plan that would give additional money to universities that took in affirmative action other words, more dummies, decidedly not McGill's style.
As for the English cegeps, the PQ plan to apply Bill 101 to the selection of students would bar enrolment to Franco and Allos, a disastrous situation not for the Anglos, but for the others. The English cegeps are the only schools in the entire network that has daunting entrance requirements, all predicated on demand. 

Gaspé region- Loser
Backing the wrong horse by voting in a PQ MNA may prove costly for the region.
While Couillard is not known as a vengeful fellow, he won't bend over backwards to shovel buckets of money to a bunch of ingrates and he'll have the backing of most Quebecers in dealing a dish of humble pie to those in the peninsula who have sucked off taxpayers generosity for generations.

Îles-de-la-Madeleine- Winner
Watch out for the reality of politics whereby backing the winning horse by voting in a Liberal MNA pays off big time for this island of three-month a year fishermen.

They may not be more hard working then the indolents in the Gaspé, but they are certainly more politically attuned, dumping the incumbent PQ MNA for the winning team.

Les 'Janettes' Losers
This ad hoc group of women from the artistic community was put together by PKP's ex, Julie Snyder, who was inspired by Janette Bertrand's impassioned defence of the Charter of Values.
The Janettes  became a force in the Charter drive till the fateful day when the leader opened her mouth and complained about fictional rich Muslim students from McGill university, taking over her building's swimming pool, like a barbarian horde.
POOF! That was it.

The women who supported the original letter published in the media, all added 'Janette' as their adopted middle name in honour of their leader, something that I'm sure they are cringing about right now

So let me remind them all of their folly, and put it out there for posterity...

  • Janette Bertrand, author, actress, TV personality
  • Abla "Janette" Farhoud, feminist writer
  • Brigitte "Janette" Poupart, stage directer
  • Chantal "Janette" Renaud, scriptwriter
  • Denise "Janette" Filiatrault, actress, Stage directer
  • Denise "Janette" Robert, directer
  • Djemila "Janette"Benhabib, writer
  • Édith "Janette" Cochrane, actress
  • Evelyne "Janette" Rompré, actress
  • Isabelle"Janette" Le Pain, teacher, author
  • Joëlle "Janette"' Morin, actress/activist
  • Julie "Janette"  Snyder, (Leader of the pack) TV host and producer
  • Louise "Janette"' Mailloux, professor of philosophy
  • Marie-Anne "Janette" Alepin, actress and producer
  • Michelle "Janette" Blanc, author and speaker
  • Naïma  "Janette"Lamghoupi
  • Rakia "Janette" Fourati, Secular rights activist
  • Rivkah "Janette"  Katz, studant
  • Stéphanie "Janette" Crête-Blais, actress
  • Valérie "Janette" Vennes, social worker

Elections Quebec- Loser

Now readers, I've deliberately left out many other  WINNERS and LOSERS, hoping that you'll contribute in the comments section.
So get to work and nominate some of your favourites!....
See you in the comments section..


  1. Mr. Berlach,

    Please allow me to step away from politics and election just for once.

    Yesterday the Toronto Maple Leafs was officially eliminated from this year Stanley Cup playoff contention, making the Canadiens the sole Canadian-based team to compete in the said playoff. Many analyst say that Canada deserves more NHL team, based on how the sport is very popular here and therefore more teams here are economically quite viable. I want to offer my analysis on the contrary.

    I think Canadian teams are so complacent with their popularity, they are not competitive on the ice. The number of Canadian teams in the NHL varies between 6 to 8, let us just put 20% as their statistical weight (6/30). With 20% weight, statistically Canadian teams should have won 4 Championships in the last 20 seasons. They just won one, Canadiens in 1993. As well, there should have been 8 appearances in the Finals instead of just 6. This season is a good example of how inept Canadian teams are. With 7/30 teams, there should be 3-4 teams in the playoff.

    Therefore, for the sake of the sport itself, maybe having a team in Canada is not a good idea after all. Having a team in Quebec City is particularly not a bad idea, but maybe it is another topic for another time.

    1. I was watching an OTR interview by Michael Landsberg with Mike Milbury when the ex-GM was asked which Canadian team would he agree to head if he was offered the job.
      Too much pressure, was his answer, a recipe for failure.
      Canadian teams make decisions based on making the playoffs and that's all and so with sights set so low, they almost all fail.
      Canadian teams have collectively the worst farm systems in the league and move front office personell so fast that everyone worries to produce. THIS YEAR.
      Look at the benefits of the Red wings scouting system in Sweden to understand that success is long-term. In Canada, blowing up a team is not an option and so one step above mediocrity is acceptable.
      The HABS are no better run than the rest of the CDN teams, just luckier.
      Carey Price, PK, Gallagher and Patches. All luck.
      Even in MTL the desperation is palpable. How else can one explain tying up big $$$ with losers like " Brière.
      What stands as a metaphor for the way CDN operate... Calgary trading loser Bourque to MTL for loser Cammalleri .
      Troy, I've been lucky enough to have season tickets for the last 35 odd years and can say unequivocally that hockey in Canada has deteriorated because of fan expectation.

    2. My last paragraph should read:

      " Therefore, for the sake of the sport itself, maybe having additional team(s) in Canada is not a good idea after all. Having a team in Quebec City is particularly not a good idea, but maybe it is another topic for another time."

    3. Mr. Berlach,

      Pardon my hockey ignorance, I only know the sport since I move here. But why are Canadian teams so badly managed? What essentially separate Canadian teams with the like of Chicago, Pittsburgh or those Californian teams? Edmonton Oilers, for example. That team managed to land first overall picks for three years in a row. Yet, it still unable to lift itself off the basement.

    4. Milbury is one of the biggest tragedies in the history of the GM position. Anything he says has zero credibility.

    5. Yes, anywhere would be too much pressure for Millbury. Does anyone think Steve Yzerman would find the pressure too much?...

    6. Let's face it. Canadian hockey teams don't have be the best. They can satisfice in building a team because, except for the CFL, hockey is the only game in town. In the U.S., their entertainment dollars can be put into professional or college football and/or basketball, baseball (where available) or hockey, and college hockey is popular in the snowbelt, too. With Calvillo gone now, football will deteriorate in Montreal and so hockey is the only pro game in town. Toronto is the exception with baseball and basketball. The rest? The Americans must put an entertaining product on the ice or their entertainment dollars will be allocated to other sports.

      Canadian hockey tickets tend to be the most expensive because it's the only game in town, or the CFL is a distant second, with perhaps the exception of Regina where there is nothing else. With PKP now in politics, the return of the Nordiques is put off if not eliminated for sometime to come.

      Toronto doesn't have to try too hard because every game is a sell-out, win or lose; Montreal isn't far behind, and now losing in Montreal is acceptable. It never used to be that way hence the substandard product appearing on Canadian ice.

    7. Marty st;louis is a whiner. If the habs don't win the cup the I hope tampa does so he can do some more whining.

    8. Having teams owned by companies that operate in industries protected from foreign competition probably isn't helping, either. If Bell and Rogers had to compete head-to-head with the best companies in the world maybe they would get better, who knows, but they sure seem complacent now.

  2. Question on YGRECK's cartoon, why does Gilles Duceppe wear PQ apron? Has he ever been a PQ MNA?

    1. He ran for the leadership for one day in 2007 lol.

    2. Because the Bloc


  3. After Pauline, I'd say Drainville was the biggest loser. His performance at the PQ headquarters was cringe-inducing. Clutching his head as if he'd been dealt a blow; the increasingly hysterical rant, one that prompted Nicole Léger to put her arm around him to keep him from bursting into tears; his childish "On veut un pays!" playground chant tepidly taken up by the others on stage who hadn't worked themselves up into such a frenzy; it didn't add up to a pretty picture. He had doubtless counted on returning to sneering at the opponents of his Charter at the ridiculous non-hearings until it was forced through by a PQ majority. Sorry, Bernie, it was not to be!

    1. He is one of the most repulsive people I've ever watched and I really have no idea why I feel that way - there is just something about the guy that makes me want to gag.

    2. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsThursday, April 10, 2014 at 8:26:00 AM EDT


      What else is there to say, the man is slime.

      Worst part is, he really isn't intelligent - he really isn't. If he were, his motives and deceit wouldn't be so very clear.

      While I find them all to be despicable, Drainville just oozes of sleaze.

      To tell you the truth however, I hope he becomes next PQ leader - just as I hoped for Marois to become leader. Because I knew what would happen if la Dame de Creton took over. Same will happen with Bernie at the helm...the ship will completely sink to the bottom under his stewardship.

    3. Even Lisee disagreed with him on the Charter.

      From CJAD:

      It's not quite a day late and a dollar short, but it's close.

      La Presse columnist Denis Lessard writes in today's edition that in his heart the former Minister Responsible for Anglophone Relations Jean-François Lisée was against most of the provisions of the Charter of Values which would have prohibited government employees from wearing religious symbols on the job.

      Lessard says there was a high degree of tension on the issue between Lisée and the architect of the bill, Minister responsible for Democratic Institutions Bernard Drainville.

      He also says that there were members of the caucus who considered the bill indefensible if challenged in court.

      During the campaign Pauline Marois made it clear that if the Charter was struck down in a Supreme Court challenge she would not hesitate to invoke the notwithstanding clause to have it upheld.

      Liberal leader Philippe Couillard says he will reveal the legal opinion obtained by the PQ once his government is in place.

    4. Yes, it would be great if he won the leadership of the party - we can't be the only people that are turned off by him - I was surprised that he was able to retain his seat during the election. Deserved to be placed in the trash can along with Miss Piggy but the separatists still backed him - yuck.

  4. It will be interesting to see what Couillard does specifically for Montreal. We need to get the rusty engine of the economy going here first, and not sure the "special status" alone that Coderre keeps talking about will do the trick. It will be a start no doubt, but unless they take dramatic measures, it will take a real long time to get back on track...time I am not too sure we have, in terms of the mounting debt. I have to keep mentioning how destructive the language laws have been to this city, but something tells me, that acknowledgment will take a long time, but it needs to happen sooner than later so that we can understand that the way out is to make Montreal exempt from these. But, primarily we want to see politicians start believing again in this city, and show us concrete resolutions toward rebuilding. I am not imagining things when a say that there has been a concerted effort for decades now, to sabotage Montreal, and by the looks of it, we kicked out the PQ in the nick of time, considering the former PQ health minister intended to re-allocate funds from Montreal hospitals elsewhere in the province. I think we need designated independent Monitors for this city, at this point to stay on top of city hall, to ensure that everyone looks after Montreal interests, sorry but I no longer trust the municipal admins to do it. The main task/objective of these ind. Monitors: to ensure no further sabotage befalls this city by provincial governments coming to power going forward. I am not over it, I would still like to see Montreal become a city state, THAT would be the surest way Montreal can look after its interests.

  5. Aside from politics - WINNERS: Best Buy - Future Shop - Walmart - The Gap - Old Navy
    Icing on an already sweet cake!

    1. Also winner: Winners. Pun is certainly intended.

    2. I guess the OQLF will go back to only picking on the little guys who can't fight back against the OQLF's overstepping of the law.

    3. here is a respected columnist who thinks, just like you, that bill 101 should be updated: .

  6. Fatima Houda-Pepin: LOSER. She left the Liberal Party, ran as an independent, and lost her seat; so no "job for the girl" for her. What's even worse for her, Couillard just announced he will be presenting soon his very own (watered down) version of the Charte de laicite......... so basically she went through all that trouble for nothing.

    1. a woman refused to cave in and go against her principles in order to keep her job as a member of a money laudering outfit and you think she's a loser?!? mate you have no morals. go get some.

    2. Your corrupt buddies in the PQ have admitted that they had no unanimity regarding supporting their failure of a charter, but they still presented a united face in the name of party loyalty, something that the loser woman who benefited purely from her party lacked and she lost big time for nothing, when she could have made a difference. Time for you to go get yourself some morals, mate.

  7. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsThursday, April 10, 2014 at 6:09:00 AM EDT

    Losers: S.R, Student, Y.L and the others

    They were absent from this blog for much of the campaign (guess why), but once the victory was in the bag, they were back in a flash to poo-poo our much-deserved victory.

    It got so childish that Student stooped so low as to blame the PQ loss on their opponents. As if separatists are the only ones who don't understand that that's what they're supposed to do. You don't stand still in a fight - you throw punches until you or your opponent drops to the ground.

    I'd also like to extend this 'loser' prize to the equally moribund nitwits on Twitter who threw a litany of insults at their fellow Francophone Quebeckers, accusing them of being worthless, cowardly sheep, unable to think for themselves.

    Seppies, if Marois can bring herself to call Couillard and congratulate him, the least you can do is acknowledge that the majority of Quebeckers willingly tossed the PQ out of office.

    1. "flash to poo-poo our much-deserved victory."

      L'UPAC will tarnish it soon enough.

    2. "Losers: S.R, Student, Y.L and the others"
      True, but they were losers before and during the campaign, so really they've just become bigger losers. With the PQ out of power, I wonder if their cheques will continue to clear? student may need to look for a summer job this year.

    3. Macdonlads is hiring I hear

  8. As far as I'm concerned you can throw the three stooges in the pile of Losers, regardless of the fact that they won their seats. They have antiquated ideas, (no morals or principles), and those ideas have kept this province back 40yrs, not to mention, substantially damaged Montreal. On the upside we lost fake Tom Hagen as our Anglo Minister, good we are the winners! Imagine that, assigning someone to us, like we had to be "handled", like we needed some kind of "ambassador" to interact with us, in our own province. I found it personally offensive. Go fly a kite already.

  9. François Legault - Winner.
    With more MNA than ever before and a chaotic PQ fort at least a year, François Legault, leader of the Coalition Avenir Québec, suffered from polarisation of the vote, yet gathered only 2% less votes than the PQ for a gain of 3 MNAs. As he said himself, he has to take on the duty to assume the Unofficial Opposition of her Majesty, meaning the CAQ will work hard to be present in the news.

    CAQ's team contains newbies as well as really experienced members and competent MNA like Sylvie Roy (singlehandedly responsible for the Commission Charbonneau), Nathalie Roy (critic of her party in the Charter Debate), Eric Caire, Mario Laframboise...

    CAQ is definitely a winner of this election. We gave them 4 years to prove us they are worthy to replace Liberals as well as Pequistes and form the next goverenment.

    1. "With more MNA than ever before..."

      Huh? The Liberals have had more than 70 seats quite often in the past.

  10. Rest of Canada - Losers
    Compared to Marois, Couillard will look positively friendly, so the transfer payments will keep flowing and we, in the ROC, will keep paying, and paying, and paying. It will be worse if Trudeau and the federal Liberals get into power as they'll be throwing all sorts of new money at Quebec in an effort to rent the provinces love. The beat goes endlessly on.

    1. Bang on!!! The rest of the country will continue to go further into debt because of Quebec…the billions funnelled into Quebec every year through equalization, subsidies, grants and all sorts of other scams set up during the Trudeau years and continues to this day…

      If the public only knew now much fraud, corruption, money laundering was going on from Ottawa to Quebec, they would be shocked. It will never be exposed because so many people are on the take in government…

      A sad day for Canada indeed… 4 more years of going broke…and Quebec laughing all the way to the bank.

    2. I agree Diogenes!!

      It was the exact conclusion I came to after I read the article. The money will continue to flow and Quebeckers will continue to mock english Canadians, just look at Gilles Duceppe and the shit he was shoveling on CTV on election night. 20 more years and we will be paying half their operating budget but according to them they don't need our money and Quebec is a rich country. I prefer that there never be a quebec PM again and I would be fine with that.

    3. James Wolfe's comments are refreshing. He seems to be one of the few not to regard this week's Liberal majority as the wonderful victory others portray it as. It isn't.

    4. Diogenes writes:

      "It will be worse if Trudeau and the federal Liberals get into power as they'll be throwing all sorts of new money at Quebec in an effort to rent the provinces love."

      Of course. And let's not forget that Couillard is on record as saying he will vigorously defend Bill 101.

      As long as the hate law/race law Bill 101 is on the books, we don't have a country. At least not one I am either proud of or want to be a part of.

      The sooner Quebec separates and Canada disintegrates, the better.

    5. My eyes cannot roll back far enough for your conspiracy talk to make sense. You folks really need to learn how to interpret political statements.

      Or are you still thinking that the anglophone vote matters?


  11. Whenever I hear Chantal Renaud's name, I think of this song she sang a long time ago. It's actually pretty good (and some of it is in English):

    1. I guess the OQLF wasn't around at that time.

    2. Sometimes I wonder how things would have gone if the movements towards making Montreal bilingual had been more successful. When places like CHOM FM tried to broadcast bilingually they were stopped. There are many more examples.

    3. @ Jay: If memory serves, the main opposition to CHOM's bilingual broadcasts came from French stations, not English ones. The French stations feared loss of advertising revenue, and complained to the CRTC. CHOM eventually abandoned bilingual broadcasts -- which basically consisted of the DJs repeating their shtick in English and French, anyway. I don't recall any lengthy French-only programs on CHOM.
      Of course, the French stations could have competed by broadcasting partly in English, but I guess that didn't occur to them. Also, I don't recall any angry backlash from anglos; anyone who didn't wish to hear bilingual programming could just turn the dial.

  12. Scotland - winner. They now can study the identity politics of the PQ to use as an example of what NOT to do to achieve independence.

    1. As opposed to Quebec, They deserve it.

    2. @john johnson

      why does scotish nation deserves a country more than french canadian nation?!?

    3. Because the Scots are not behaving like fascists towards minorities living within their jurisdiction.

    4. Scottish nationalists are also honest about their intentions. They will be asking a clear referendum question, unlike the Pequistes who tried to trick citizens into voting 'YES' to separation with two ambiguous, convoluted questions.

    5. @durham

      ?!? who's a fascist mate? are you refering to cutie003 and montreal ville état who think that quebec separatists should be jailed because of their political opinion? but these two are not french canadians if i remember well. is there another reason, a valid one, why you think scot nation deserve a country more than french canadian nation?

    6. @durham

      "They will be asking a clear referendum question..."

      so you think political independance deserverdness comes down to how clear the referendum question is?!? that's an odd criteria mate. but i'm glad to learn that you'll consider that french canadian nation deserves a country if the next question is similar to the scottish question. i wonder if other angryphones agree with us here durham. cutie003? diogenes? apple iigs?

    7. @student.

      That's a b.s argument mate. by jove, would the other faggyphones like press 9, y.l, s.r. and the terrorist mohammed agree? What do you think mate?

  13. Astute analysis. I think when you break it down, the politics of fear and divisiveness will always seem wanting in the face of level-headed honesty. I have to say, I have not been the biggest fan of Quebec but I was not expecting this and I take it as a hopeful sign. Bonne chance, Monsieur Couillard!

  14. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsThursday, April 10, 2014 at 3:13:00 PM EDT

    Sad news: Jim Flaherty has passed:

  15. Jim Flaherty 1949-2014.
    Born in Lachine, Quebec, he graduated Loyola College and earned a hockey scholarship to Princeton. Jim always wore a green tie as a reminder of his Irish roots. RIP

    1. Another ex-Montrealer..never knew. Its incredible how many succesful anglos are from Monrtreal..I keep discovering new ones.
      Sad to see how many bright people left this city..what this city could have been if all these people had stayed..pretty sad.

    2. I believe his Mom still lives on Broadway St in Lachine. He was a good guy.

  16. LOSER: Canada

    Look at the popular vote by party. The Liberals only got 41% of the vote. CAQ (quasi-separatist), PQ (hardcore separatist), and QS (hardcore separtist) got over 55% of the popular vote.

    And since 95-99% of the non-francophones vote en bloc for the Liberals, that means that virtually have of that 41% for the Liberals are votes by non-francophones (as they make up 20% of the population). So only 1 out of 4 francophones voted for a federalist party; 3 of 4 voted for a separatist or quasi-separatist party.

    If you think that anything but "it's only a matter of time" is the message to be derived from this election, I've got some swampland in Florida for sale.

    With only a 7 seat majority, I'd give this government about 2 years before the next election. One or two will die, resign, or sit as independents; there will be bi-elections. You are all just buying time.

    1. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsThursday, April 10, 2014 at 6:01:00 PM EDT

      "With only a 7 seat majority, I'd give this government about 2 years before the next election. One or two will die, resign, or sit as independents; there will be bi-elections. You are all just buying time."

      Cynical and wrong.

      The PQ are already turning on each other and I've previously predicted that the leadership race in itself will result in at least one leadership hopeful packing his bags after losing. For all we know, it could even be two.

      Let's keep in mind that the 3 principal candidates are in their fifties and even in the event of a win would not take power until their sixites, which means the losers of the race are likely to quit. So right there that's one or two PQ members gone.

      Much as I disliked Marois, she had a way of controlling the factions inside of her party. Now that she's gone, you can count on the SPQ Libre maybe splitting off as well. If the PQ were smart, they'd hand off the power to Alexandre Cloutier.

      He's young, well-educated, very bilingual, and as a lawyer, he's got an edge on the others in terms of understanding policy.

      As for the CAQ, one member cited he'd jump ship to Liberal over certain terms.

      I only see the Liberals gaining more power in their four years. How that power plays out in the next election is up in the air. I'd rather not think of another election right now.

    2. Lets see the 9 years before the liberals made bill 115 that closed using a year of private school to access public schools, they cut 1 billion from English school boards and replace 70 people at the OLF that had left. They also only support the bilingualism in Bill 101......yep things are looking better.

    3. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsThursday, April 10, 2014 at 6:29:00 PM EDT


      Philippe Couillard is far more intelligent than Jean Charest.

      While Charest was very charismatic, quick on his feet and a steady debater, Couillard is a bit duller, sure, but very astute.

      Charest was a master calculator, always backing off when the heat got jacked up. Couillard, despite a couple of Philippe-flops, is more ready to meet the challenges head-on.

      Also - it's important to note that Couillard was rich BEFORE going into office. ;-)

    4. "With only a 7 seat majority, I'd give this government about 2 years before the next election. One or two will die, resign, or sit as independents; there will be bi-elections. You are all just buying time."

      Up to 11 could be arrested on Monday.

    5. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsThursday, April 10, 2014 at 6:48:00 PM EDT

      @Momo (the fake Muslim)

      No one will be arrested tomorrow and you will look like a fucking fool (but I'm sure you're quite used to that).

    6. Seems like the editor got rid of your shitty francophone rant. Busted?

    7. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsThursday, April 10, 2014 at 7:00:00 PM EDT


      "Seems like the editor got rid of your shitty francophone rant. Busted?"

      No idea what you're talking, but congrats on exposing yourself, Student.

      Congrats on also finding the shift key. How to capital letters feel?

    8. ABSA: "if the PQ were smart, they'd hand off the power to Alexandre Cloutier.

      He's young, well-educated, very bilingual, and as a lawyer, he's got an edge on the others in terms of understanding policy."

      I saw him in the news once right after the PQ got elected. He came of as one nasty, angry and extremely arrogant seppie!

    9. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsThursday, April 10, 2014 at 8:51:00 PM EDT


      Yes, indeed - but sadly enough, he really is their best shot. I know, it's sad.

    10. @a bs argument

      "As for the CAQ, one member cited he'd jump ship to Liberal over certain terms."

      of course, that's probably why he's inviting pq mna's to jump ship to his. you're not making sense mate.

      "it's important to note that Couillard was rich BEFORE going into office."

      he's not rich. he's worth 600000$ according to what he unveiled. for a brain surgeon, at his age, it's not much. this can mean two things. either he's terrible at managing his own little budget, or he's hiding money somewhere. which one do you think it is mate?

    11. There are a couple of reasons not to like the CAQ but them being a separatist party isn't one of them:

      lol a PQ-er mocking someone for not being rich enough, Pauline and PKP sure left their mark on the party.

    12. Just about everything @Tony said is wrong.

      Seriously, anyone who thinks the CAQ is a separatist party doesn't know what the fuck they are talking about.
      Ditto anyone who says that people who vote QS support separation. Even their own MNAs like Amir Khadir don't support separation. @Tony must have missed the interview he did with CTV where he said the only reason to vote yes in a referendum would be to renegotiate the fiscal alliance with Canada.

      You can also look through the election and poll results to see that 25-30% of anglos and allos DO NOT vote for the Liberal party.

      It is long past time for anglos to wake up, take off the blinders, and actually look at what people in this province think and do.


    13. @student
      You weren't paying attention to the fiscal figures. He had $600,000 in an offshore account when he worked in Saudi Arabia.

      His actual assets are closer to $700,000, and his wife has that much in assets as well, giving their household worth of about 1.3 million.

      Considering he's got 5 kids and an ex-wife that seems reasonable


    14. @kevin

      oh close to 700000$ and not 600000$. big difference. sorry mate. anyways, considering a brain surgeon is on 500000$ a year minimum i still have to assume that he lied when he claimed that's all he's got. or he hasn't got a clue how to manage a budget.

    15. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsFriday, April 11, 2014 at 11:24:00 AM EDT

      Don't bother with this twit, Kevin.

      1) She doesn't understand money

      2) She doesn't have any money

      3) Couillard'ss personal finances aren't actually her business to begin with

    16. @a bs argument

      "Couillard'ss personal finances aren't actually her business to begin with."

      so why did couillard ask for all premier candidates to disclose their wealth then?

    17. Anonymous writes:

      "Just about everything @Tony said is wrong.

      "Seriously, anyone who thinks the CAQ is a separatist party doesn't know what the fuck they are talking about."

      I didn't say the CAQ was "separatist." Please reread what I said: "quasi-separatist", a label I would have no problem pinning on the Liberal Party of Quebec as well.

      Anonymous also writes:

      "You can also look through the election and poll results to see that 25-30% of anglos and allos DO NOT vote for the Liberal party."

      I think it's about 3% of anglos who don't vote Liberal and about 10% of allos who don't vote Liberal.

      All one has to do is look at the results for D'Arcy McGee, the Quebec riding with the highest anglophone population (in terms of percentage) in the province: the Liberals got over 92% of the vote. I suggest that there is a direct correlation between percentage of non-francophones in a riding and the percentage of the riding that voted Liberal.

      Where did you get your 25-30% figure?

    18. @student
      His income is listed as about $250,000 per year.
      Thanks for confirming -- yet again -- that you cannot read


    19. @student
      Hang on a sec. Do you really think Couillard is taking home half a million each year in pay?
      Because that would mean he'd have to earn a cool million before taxes (over $150k you're taxed at 50%).

      You're also forgetting that doctors have to pay for everything out of their fees. Secretaries. Operating room expenses. Equipment. office space.

      Please, please, be a student of the world.


  17. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsThursday, April 10, 2014 at 6:17:00 PM EDT

    Dear Seppies,

    Now it's our turn: Quebec language police dealt blow as court rules major retailers don’t have to change their storefront signs

    What's S.R's line again? Oh yeah..

    Hé hé!

    BTW, I've spent my time in France (a REAL French-speaking nation) and they never forced any of the Anglo multinationals to go against their branded trademarks, so if that's the case, I see no reason why Quebec should.

    This is going to be an awesome four years.

    I'm already starting the forget the last 18 months.

    1. For my part, I've spent my time in the UK (a REAL English-speaking nation).

    2. "This is going to be an awesome four years."

      Yes, four years of a government on record as committed to enforcing Bill 101, the race law/hate law.

      Quite a government you've got there to enjoy.

    3. I've spent my time in France (a REAL French-speaking nation)

      Lâchez la drogue...

      Nation :
      1 groupe social établi sur un territoire défini et présentant une unité historique, politique et culturelle

    4. Why don't you go back?

    5. L'Angleterre est le pays de la vraie langue anglaise...Pas du globish.

      Et les "liberals" sont un concentré de crosseurs professionnels.

    6. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsThursday, April 10, 2014 at 7:14:00 PM EDT

      @Tony - See my previous comments and spark another bowl.

      @Stuhammed - save me the selective rhetoric and tell me what your passport says. (Trick question! If your passport ain't Canadian, then you shouldn't even be here telling us what to think, feel or say. However, you are Student, which makes you a Canadian and therefore your passport say C-A-N-A-D-A).

    7. Alright, by using your logic, I guess that Inuits, Algonquins, Iroquois, Scots, Catalans etc. aren't nations...

      It's actually your rhetoric that is selective

    8. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsThursday, April 10, 2014 at 7:26:00 PM EDT

      Too easy:

      Inuits, Algonquins, Iroquois = first nations. They were here before everyone else and got swindled by both the English and French. My recommendation to you - tread lightly on this one, Fake Muslim.

      Scots - we'll see THIS year if they form a formal nation of their own or not (referendum is in the fall). Ever been to Edinburgh Momo? I have.

      Catalans - Nothing like the Basques. With the pace at which the EU continues to fluctuate, I really don't see it happening. Have you been to Barcelona Momo? I have.

      Geez, why am I asking the fake Muslim known as Stuhammed if (s)he's ever left Quebec? Already know that one.

    9. Qu'est qu'une "formal nation" et une "non-formal nation"?

    10. quebec will be a nation when Montreal will be a city state, now shut the hell up. And btw, Montreal has every reason to want to become a city state since it has been battered and bruised at the hands of this province which has constantly sought to marginalized it. Quebec, on the other hand has been pandered to, coddled and spoiled by Canada, still collects huge transfer payments and complains. You're a bunch of bloody ingrates and the Roc has gotten freaked sick of your sorry asses. Now shut the hell up, cause , the Liberals have saved your dumb behinds, AGAIN.

    11. "quebec will be a nation when Montreal will be a city state, now shut the hell up"

      Que vous aimez ça ou non, le Québec est une nation.

    12. And Montreal is a city state...AND?

    13. "And Montreal is a city state...AND? (CAPS LOCK BECAUSE I'M MAD!!!!)"


    14. s.r., (fake momo), whoever you happen to be today, (no wonder you're so f...up, in terms of identity, lol), if you haven't heard, there is an initiative to provide Montreal with special status. From there we shall leap to city state status, especially once Montrealers realize how much they've been screwed over by every provincial government that till now has presided in Quebec City. No quebec premier has ever shown this city any love or gratitude but they've always too ready to sacrifice it to improve conditions in other favored cities. I will keep reminding everyone that time and time again we've been exploited to benefit someone else. This hasn't yet crept into Montrealer's consciousness, but it will and when it does, your freakin' heads will spin from the outrage that will be expressed.

    15. initiative = not concrete

      If you want something more concrete :
      "À la veille du dépôt par le Bloc québécois d'une motion reconnaissant le Québec comme nation, le premier ministre Stephen Harper a coupé l'herbe sous le pied du parti souverainiste. Le premier ministre a présenté aux Communes sa propre motion reconnaissant que les « Québécois forment une nation au sein d'un Canada uni. »

    16. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsThursday, April 10, 2014 at 8:44:00 PM EDT

      Ah yes, I remember that. Thank you FakeMuslim/Stuhammed for pointing out that Stephen Harper cut the sovereignist's grass and told them how it was going to be.

      I never forgot that and it seems you haven't either.

      Would you like a cookie?

    17. Non, parlez moi plutôt de la différence entre "formal nation" et une "non-formal nation"?

    18. You're not a nation.

      The people of this province spoke loudly on Monday. They are fully aware of the fact that they're already part of a nation, THE NATION OF CANADA! ! Now, if you don't freakin" like it, we have Sea Ports and Airports...GET LOST!

    19. Non le Québec est une nation, même votre PM Harper l'a avoué. Je ne vois pas en quoi votre opinion est plus crédible que la sienne.

      Pour ce qui est de se faire couper l'herbe, disons que c'est le propre des partis d'opposition

    20. Remember now..Sea ports, Airports! Don't let the door hit ya where the good lawd split ya, lol

    21. Hahaha les soi-disant tolérants qui veulent m'expulser du pays où je suis né et où j'ai grandi à cause de mes opinions politiques.

      How cute...

    22. It has nothing to do with tolerance. YOU don't want to be here, you reject Canada, so you need to go...c'est assez simple?

    23. "It has nothing to do with tolerance. YOU don't want to be here, you reject Canada, so you need to go...c'est assez simple?"

      Personne ne me fera partir de chez moi et certainement pas une folle furieuse comme vous qui crie sa rage, sa haine et son intolérance à coup de lettres majuscules.

    24. Oh ohhhhhh, somebody is touchy tonight? Understandable, you're still distraught over what happen Monday night, I haven't officially offered my condolences yet, sympathies, LOLOLOLOLOL, opps sorry didn't mean to laugh. LOL.
      Really tho, you needn't take out your sense of inadequacy on us. It's the incompetence of the PQ that caused you all to fall flat on your faces. Also, It is a bit sad, s.r, "that you, want to stay in a country that makes you so miserable", sound familiar? Lolololololol.

      I would suggest you go back to France, we have Sea Ports and we have Airports, lol. Mmm, C'est vrai, they'd rather have anyone but YOU seppies, with your shitty slang Joual, making them look bad and giving them a bad name, who can blame them. LOL

    25. @antoinette mercurio

      "with your shitty slang Joual..."

      you have claimed many times that bill 101 is not useful anymore because you are a huge defender of the french language in montreal. so what is it mate? are you a proud francophile or just another quebec bashing freak like you prove to be here?

    26. "It has nothing to do with tolerance"

      "shitty slang Joual" "I would suggest you go back to France"

      Wow... Et vous vous considérer comme une personne tolérante?

      Et, c'est quand même ironique que vous parliez de "shitty slang joual" (faut être vraiment désespéree...) avec la façon dont vous écrivez.

    27. @student : Bien joué, elle promouvoit le bilinguisme, mais considère le français québécois comme du "shitty slang joual"

      Décidément, elle s'enfonce dans ses contradictions...

    28. s.r, or Mohammed or whatever, lol (so sad)...Truth hurts eh? Suck it up! LOL

    29. Hey pinstripes,...I know you are so desperate for me to be this Antoinette person, but you keep this up, and she'll really have cause to sue your sorry ass, for slander, lol....I love that you want me to be her so bad tho, it elated me that you feel so tortured and desperate.

      I am a defender of the French Language just not a sorry sad marginal imitation, like joual.

    30. Which truth?

      Que tout ce que vous venez d'écrire vous seriez incapable de nous le dire en face-à-face?

    31. @montreal ville état

      why don't you answer the question? i'm sure your fan would like to know if you are such a francophile as you claimed before or if you are a level 0 quebec basher that thinks quebec french is shitty.

    32. Look here, Mohammed wrote:

      Non le Québec est une nation, même votre PM Harper l'a avoué.

      However, it itself quoted this from SRC:

      Le premier ministre a présenté aux Communes sa propre motion reconnaissant que les "Québécois forment une nation au sein d'un Canada uni."

      So no. Stephen Harper never ever stated that Quebec is a nation. Nobody in the Parliament except the one from the Bloc ever did.

      Is it not ironic to be refuted by one's own quote?

    33. Quelle belle preuve de mauvaise foi de votre part...

      "Sa propre motion reconnaissant que les "Québécois forment une nation au sein d'un Canada uni."

      C'est écrit noir sur blanc. Les Québécois forment une nation.

      En passant, nation ne veut pas dire pays indépendant, mais peuple avec une histoire commune et une culture spécifique.

    34. @troy

      troy why are you even arguing this? mohammed posted the actual definition of nation up there. can't you read?!? by jove do we have to start every argument from scratch with you troy?

    35. Congrats to the francophone nation for being recognized as one of the literally thousands of nations within Canada, you sure are special, I hope you sent Harper a thank you card to show your appreciation lol.

    36. @student
      Since @Mohammed first falsely claimed that Quebec had been recognized as a nation, yes, every argument has to go back to basic truths.

      Which is why separation is dead after 45 years of struggle. You folks continually spin lie after lie instead of stating simple, basic truths, and then wonder why your movement has been rejected by the majority of citizens


    37. Oh brother. This repeated insistence of a word that's bounced around all too gratuitously by them, clearly indicates and confirms seppie sense of insurmountable inadequacy and so so ingrained, it's a chronic condition, lost cause. Allow me to remind you again....You are not Special.

    38. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsFriday, April 11, 2014 at 8:16:00 AM EDT

      I hereby declare that Quebec is it's own fucking PLANET.

      Happy now?

  18. The SSJB (Bealieu clown) strikes again!!!

    1. Please stop using Videotron/Quebecor/PKP services and products.

    2. I'm just showing their bias...

    3. Russell Copeman
      "I wish to completely dissociate myself from and denounce recent comments made by Loyola Councillor Jeremy Searle. #CDNNDG #polmtl #polqc"


    4. The real winner in all this are beards.

    5. I think its too early to say who the winners and losers are..none of us know how things will play out over the next 4 years. I can make some guesses like all of you but who knows. I suspect that the Liberals will disapoint as they have always done..pretty high chance of that. I think the CAQ was a big winner out of this..more seats than last election..Legault on fire at the end..another week and they might have won more.
      But its clear to me there is real desire for change especially among the francophones..the CAQ should benefit from this in 4 years. I am really tired of them being labelled as a seperatist party..they are a party that wants to fix Quebec. The Liberals have been as responsible for the decline of quebec as has been the PQ..more debt, more incompetence, more corruption..bravo everyone for continuing to believe in fairy tales..

    6. @Complicated : Le compte de fée pourrait prendre fin très rapidement avec les révélations de l'UPAC lundi.

    7. + Un gouvernement majoritaire dont 60% des Québécois n'ont pas voulu.

    8. 80% des francophones n'ont pas voté PLQ

    9. " Un gouvernement majoritaire dont 60% des Québécois n'ont pas voulu."
      Welcome to the first past the poll multiple party system, it's nothing new and there was an awful less whining about it from you lot when it brought the PQ into power.

    10. Dois-je comprendre que tous les gouvernements péquistes avec moins de 50% du vote étaient illégitime?

  19. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsThursday, April 10, 2014 at 8:48:00 PM EDT


    The whole gang is now back. We have Student and Mohammed (same person = Stuhammed) and S.R's just dropped in for a visit too.

    So, champions, how do you feel?

    25% of the vote. That's what you got.

    Your charter is dead.

    We don't need to tolerate your racist crap for at least four years - sooooo, how do you all feel? :-)

    1. J'attend toujours votre théorie sur les "formal nations" et les "non-formal nations"?

    2. Stuhammed - lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

    3. @a bs argument

      "how do you feel?"

      not bad. it's a bit sad that lots of people voted for a money laundering outfit, but hey, life goes on mate.

      the good thing is only 30% of french canadians voted for liberals. my guess is half of them were victims of couillard fake referendum scare tactics; they wouldn't have voted for the liberals if support was over 50% for independance. their stance is not crazy at all. they want the next referendum to be a winner. their mistake was actually to believe pq would hold one without needed popular support. and the other half is yours: assimilated canadian nationalists. lost souls. so at least 85% of quebec french canadians are nationalists. not bad. now with a new leader and four years to explain to people that they are intelligent enough to take care of themselves i think 2018 could see a pq sweep.

      i see two issues though. 200000 immigrants that will likely vote for the money laundering outfit and same money laundering outfit that'll keep on pilling up debt in order not to lose the only argument left to convince insecure french canadians that they need canada to keep them afloat.

    4. Yeah..mmmm let's see now, money launderers or Fascist nazi's that introduce racist charters to further subjugate people's Rights and Freedoms. Personally I rather have money stolen from me...which I know, I can always make back.
      When Rights and Freedoms are stolen...they are stolen we'll go with (A).

    5. HA... HA... HA... HA... HA...!!

      so at least 85% of quebec french canadians are nationalists.

      It is very easy to pull numbers from one's ass if one does not actually have the responsibility to prove or to verify them, is it not?

      French Canadians comprise 78% of Quebec population. If 85% of them are "nationalist" - let us just call them separatist, shall we? - then 78% * 85% = 66.3% of Quebec population is separatists. If that really be the case, why not just call the referendum right there right now? With 66.3% on the "Yes" side, the referendum would surely be clearly legitimate.

      No sane politician will let go an opportunity to achieve something with 66.3% support of the population on her side.

    6. @troy

      i don't agree that all quebec nationalists are separatists today. many of them are scared by you and other liers who tell them they couldn't make it on their own. of course when they will grasp the simple notion that they are as good as the spanish, japanese and finnish, support for independance will skyrocket amongst them, and easily hit the required threshold. do you understand now troy?

    7. @montreal ville état

      "Fascist nazi's that introduce racist charters to further subjugate people's Rights and Freedoms."

      so you think the right to wear a religious turban when working for a secular government is more important than having 30% of your roadwork taxes funneled to the mafia?

      also, you don't seem to realize that calling pq government "fascist nazi" is a great insult to jews? it trivializes their suffering. it is a form of antisemitism. are you an antisemite montreal ville-état?

    8. Troy, I couldn't help myself...I just had to screw with their heads a little tonight. Look at how worked up they've gotten! It's delish...LOLOLOLOLOL

    9. @troy

      you think it's delusional to think that many quebec nationalists wouldn't vote yes tomorrow out of fear that quebec couldn't cope economicaly?!? your equation nationalist = separatist is abusive troy, whether you like it or not. it will become true though if next pq manages to overcome federalist propaganda. won't be easy as desmarais owns most quebec newspapers and canadian crtc still blocks télé-québec from running a newsroom.

    10. "Look at how worked up they've gotten! It's delish...LOLOLOLOLOL"

      Si ça peut vous rend heureuse...

      Par contre, on sent bien toute votre rage derrière votre clavier.

      Mais bon, vous n'en êtes pas à une contradiction près...

    11. Yes, the debt of 258billion $$$ that this province is carrying is propaganda.
      And yes of course, beyond a shadow of a doubt, quebec is economically viable EVEN with its debt of 258billion $$$. Lol.

      This is true defending of the broke-ass quebec brand it's best! LOL

      Go energizer bunnyyyyy

    12. Ah s.r. the "rage" I feel comes from understanding the incomparable damage those of your ilk have done to my city. It is that realization that haunts me presently and I am resolved to spread the word, so that those of your ilk can never have the power to destroy her further. It is a rage that many others are also coming to terms with as well. Once it sinks in, you'll have no peace, kinda like the peace you give Canada. Smiles!

    13. @student

      You really live in a fantasy world.
      A PQ MNA vulture owns the most-read newspapers in the province and the most-watched TV stations in the province.

      The PQ are just as corrupt as the Liberals and pretending otherwise is foolish. The wonderful thing about the Charbonneau commission is we are uprooting and eliminating this corruption.

      You continually misunderstand your opponents and non-supporters. It's not hard to do when Lisée, MBC, and other intellectual leaders in your movement keep lying to you and telling you that Quebecers are just *afraid* of separation, and telling you that they won't hold a referendum until they can win.

      The past 18 months were yet another example of how the PQ operate: create crisis, use it to fan the flames of ethnic nationalist support, hope to win majority.

      Enough. Quebecers are no longer interested. Quebecers do not like crises. They do not like hearing people will lose their jobs. They do not like people who refuse to deliver honest answers to simple questions.

      Your movement is dead because it's been lying for decades, both to itself and to citizens.

      Until you recognize this you'll never get anywhere.


    14. @Student

      "I don't agree that all quebec nationalists are separatists today. many of them are scared by you and other liers who tell them they couldn't make it on their own."

      If you really believe this, then you need to counter the arguments with specific details - people are scared by two things; change and the unknown. You're offering a lot of change (if separation didn't mean things would change there would be no point in doing it) but leaving far too much still unknown.

      People now need to know the specifics of how things will change. The main areas under federal jurisdiction that people interect with daily are banking and telecommunications - how will these change? Will Canadian banks become "foreign-owned" and have to operate the same as class 2 (or 3) banks and close almost all their branches? Or will Quebec allow foreign-owned banks to operate and will Citibank and Bank of America move in? Will mortgage rates go up? Will interest rates go up? Will Bell and Rogers and Telus become "foreign-owned" companies like Verizon and AT&T and will people have fewer choices?

      Quebecor, of course, would become foreign-owned in Canada and lose the contract it was just given in place of Verizon.

      These things will get worked out, of course (and probably become more expensive in Quebec) but it is time to talk about these issues as part of separation. This is what impacts people far more than a seat on the United Nations. Not talking about these things is why there is so much fear, not because of any "scare-mongering" from the Liberals or the National Post.

      Quebec is a more mature society than it was in the 1960s and it's moved beyond vague, heartwarming ideas of nationalism and into the practical day-to-day details - the boring stuff of adult life. Until separatists address these things it's unlikely they will ever be able to sell the idea. And possibly they are worried that by talking about these things in detail will make the idea an even tougher sell.

    15. @jay

      i agree pq should move into the specifics like you suggest. actually it's exactly what they promised to do: a "white book" on quebec's future. will it be a republic or federation? how would election go, proportional representation? what would be nationalized and what not? how to adapt bill 101 to new political reality? telecom and banking was also on the list of things to figure out. then when this is done, and only if polls would garantee a win, would pq have held a referendum to confirm the whole thing. that's far from the fantasmagorical super quick losing referendum that couillard depicted every chance he had, isn't it jay? did you also fall into this gross trap jay?

    16. No, I'm too old for that kind of trap. I've seen too many politicians come and go. I will wait until I see this white paper and decide then. I've waited forty years already, I have about another twenty based on my family history, so let's get this show on the road, as they say ;).

      If the PQ can make the new republic (a federation that's much different than we have now would be a very difficult thing to sell to the ROC so why take the extra step of needing to do that, having another referendum in he rest of the country, etc.?) appealing to more than just Francophones who do not feel a part of Canada they should have a referendum. No one wants to be governed by - or have major decisions made by - polling companies. Waiting for polls is starting to sound insincere.

      Separatists need to take control of the discussion and make whatever a guy like Coulliard says irrelevant. The PQ have the most powerful media magnate in Quebec with them, this should be easy.

    17. @jay

      "I will wait until I see this white paper and decide then."

      that's the spirit. i'll do that too!

    18. 45 years of a fucking movement and they still haven't figure out what will happen on day 1 after a vote.


  20. Time to stop blaming Canada now Student - those days of Canada doing their utmost to keep Quebec are lonnnng over - most of Canada would prefer Quebec to separate. In fact if Canada held a referendum I'm pretty sure your dream would come true - just like that.
    It's time to admit - no matter how difficult it is - that the reason Quebec is still part of this glorious Country - is because Quebeckers CHOOSE to be .....................except for a low percentage of ingrates that it..
    The tide has changed.

    1. "Time to stop blaming Canada now Student"

      where did i blame canada mate? can you provide a quote so our community can understand what you are arguing about?

    2. " whether you like it or not. it will become true though if next pq manages to overcome federalist propaganda. won't be easy as desmarais owns most quebec newspapers and canadian crtc still blocks télé-québec from running a newsroom. "

      Federalist propaganda = blaming Canada - time to blame French Canadians for the way the vote turns out now lol

  21. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsFriday, April 11, 2014 at 5:59:00 AM EDT

    Can't believe what I missed while I was away.

    It never ceases to fascinate me how delusional and maniacal separatists like Stuhammed happen to be.

    They really can't simply admit to losing the fight and lumping their loss.

    No - either the vote was stolen, there was a proliferation of Aquatic Muslims from Ontario, Ottawa tainted the drinking water supply, Quebeckers were brainwashed or are just "scared".

    God forbid that perfectly normal, astute Francophone voters simply decided that the PQ platform was not their cup of tea.

    Also, props to Troy for the masterful way in which he called Stuhammed out on her bullshit regarding the percentage of nationalists/separatists or whatever the mot du jour she's using to describe her dying movement.

    1. @a bs argument

      "God forbid that perfectly normal, astute Francophone voters simply decided that the PQ platform was not their cup of tea."

      you can't be serious mate. tide turned when couillard started hammering his fake loosing referendum scarecrow. nothing to do with pq platform. haven't you followed quebec affairs lately mate?

    2. No, the tide turned when Marois said Quebec would have a seat on the Bank of Canada and people realized that after forty years there's still no realistic plan. So, yes, Coulliard hammered that but he wouldn't have been able to if it wasn't there. Why give him such an easy target?

      Someday the PQ will have to deal with the world as it is today not as it was decades ago.

    3. "you can't be serious mate. tide turned when couillard started hammering his fake loosing referendum scarecrow. nothing to do with pq platform"

      Not part of the platform? Sovereignty by way of a referendum is the #1 objective of the party.

      From the PQ's program:
      1.1 Réaliser la souveraineté du Québec
      Aspirant à la liberté politique, le Parti Québécois a pour objectif premier de réaliser la souveraineté du Québec à la suite d’une consultation de la population par référendum tenu au moment jugé approprié par le gouvernement.

    4. @am

      what part of "tenu au moment jugé approprié" don't you understand?

    5. Since that time will never arrive, there's no reason to ever vote for the PQ ever again, by Jove!
      Do you finally understand now, mate?

  22. From Bystander:

    Off topic but very interesting.

    Quebec language police must tolerate English brand names, can’t force retailers to add French, judge says

    Jean-Paul Perreault, president of the language-defence group Impératif français, urged people to boycott companies that “lead a costly and merciless legal battle against Quebecers.”

    Major retailers win against Quebec language watchdog

  23. Quite a few people blame PKP's comment for the failure of PQ. I am not very surprised with the results. I think without PKP, PQ would still lose the election. Polls have always favored PQ and indeed it was a PQ's mistake to call the election based on the polls. When it comes to the reality, people always vote for their money. Remember the last election, while most of people were fed up with the corruption, PLQ still managed to get as most votes as PQ. Thinking about the result of the Bloc in the federal election, I can see a slow but sure dead for the separatist movement in Quebec.

    1. Anonymous writes:

      "Thinking about the result of the Bloc in the federal election, I can see a slow but sure dead for the separatist movement in Quebec."

      I see the exact opposite. Not only is separatism alive and well, it is stronger than it has ever been.

      The Bloc in the last federal election was defeated by the NDP, who won on the back of the Sherbrooke Declaration, which is a blueprint for a UDI by Quebec.

      This past week, the PQ lost yet still garnered 25% of the popular vote and the QS got about 8%: that's a solid 33% hard separatist vote. On top of that was a 23% soft nationalist/separatist vote for the CAQ.

      And all this happened at a time of:

      1) much unhappiness with the way the minority Marois government had ruled; and

      2) following a humiliation-free period by the ROC.

      Recall that the 1995 referendum (in which 60% of francophones voted "yes") came as a result of the failed Meech Lake and Charlottetown Accords, perceived as a "humiliation" to Quebec. We didn't have ANY of that in the past 10 years or so, as Canada has been, like the toady it is, been walking on egg shells as it pertains to Quebec. Yet there is still a solid hard 33% of the total Quebec population (read 40% of all francophones) for separation. So those numbers are incredibly high.

      One small, tiny misstep by Canada and just wait: those numbers will shoot up. And, of course, this present Liberal government can be as pure as the driven snow, the electorate will find something to be unhappy about and 2 or 3 years, the PQ will get in again...and if the separatist forces get their act together and the CAQ folds up, then it is curtains for Canada.

      This week's election results were the worst possible news for Canadian Unity.

  24. The PQ lost because of the PQ.
    Nobody wanted an election but the PQ.
    The opposition parties didn't want one.
    The peopel didn't want one.
    The PQ infrienginge on their own Fixed Date Law because they were being governed by opinion polls and run a campaign about nothing.

    Well the PQ lost and lost bad. It is their own fault, no one else.

    Nex time you decide to disolve the National Assemble to launch an election; just be sure to have an actual campaign about something... just saying