Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Liberal Sweeps to Power....PQ Left Reeling

It was a thrilling night for most Anglos and Ethnics, the Liberal majority victory only made that much sweeter by the implosion of the PQ and the demise of Pauline Marois.

This blog is and always has been about the Anglo, Ethnic and minority experience in Quebec, and so it was for us, an unabashedly prideful and happy experience that we have lived over the past day.

That is not to say that I'm unsympathetic to those who lost their 'election' yesterday.  As I said in yesterday's column, it is the painful flip side of the democratic process, something all voters in western democracies learn to live with at one time or another.
Like everyone, I've lost my share of elections and can say without reservation, winning is better than losing.

Now I'm not going to offer a long blog piece today, I haven't the strength right now.

I rather wanted to allow a platform where readers can offer their reactions to the election and voice a few opinions on what was and what might be.

Last night's LIVE BLOG event was a success, registering thousands of clicks, already making the 24 hours starting at 8:00PM last night (finishing tonight at 8;00PM) , the most clicked upon blog piece I've ever offered!

But the comments are past the 200 mark and it's time for a post-election platform.

By the way, I sort of liked the old comment system of non-embedded threads, it was somehow more readable and I'm considering going back to the system in the future.

At any rate, here are the subjects I'm going to ruminate on in future posts and let's have your initial reactions now;

First the Liberals
They've got a wealth of talent in the cabinet. The economic team is particularly strong with three or even four possible finance ministers.
Jacques Daoust, representing Verdun, used to head up the Quebec government's investment agency.
Carlos Leitao  from Robert-Baldwin  riding was a Laurentian Bank of Canada economist.
Martin Coiteux of Nelligan riding was a Bank of Canada economist.
All these talented men represent  Montreal  and anglo ridings to boot.

Will the rotund and opinionated Gaétan Barrette become health minister?

Will the Liberals go ahead with a watered-down Charter or chuck the whole thing? 

The Liberals have expanded their power in Montreal, but have made up ground in the regions. They are now a 'national' party.

The Parti Quebecois
Who is to blame for the stunning collapse? Was it really the campaign blunders or something more substantial?

How long before the infighting starts over leadership or has it started already?

Who will in fact win the leadership and does it really matter considering that it's four years to the next election?

Is Quebec INDEPENDENCE dead, on life support or in a natural hiatus?

Why the big rebound in the last week? 
If the campaign lasted another week, the party could indeed have become the official opposition.
Is the three party split working for or against our democracy.

I'm interested in your opinions, I'll be back with something more substantial in a day or two.

Summing up yesterday's events, I'll leave you with Martha Stewart's famous  catchphrase to describe how I feel:
......"It's a good thing."


  1. "Will the Liberals go ahead with a watered-down Charter or chuck the whole thing? "

    Few people voted for the Liberals so they can screw us on the back end.

    This is the moment when Liberals have to decide if they will revert to being traditional Liberals with corruption, payoffs and PQ lite harassment.

    Hopefully the party can understand that it's not time to reassure knuckle dragging francophones.

    It's time to reassure EVERYBODY ELSE.

    The Liberals should be dismantling some part of the PQ idiocy to show the population that they are on our side.

    Not bringing in yet more francophone language law stupidity.

    Break off part of Bill 101 and flush it. That's how Couliiard can bring the population together. Not by doing what the toothless endlessly insecure francophones want.

    1. I think that Couillard having commented on the "B" word and still have been able ...not only to win..but win with a landslide...speaks volumes of the fact that people in this province are ready for the B word. The more you know, and especially the more languages you know, the more you stand to become successful in Life...it ain't rocket science. The PQ have played the Language-fear-card long enough, intelligent people no longer buy into it.

  2. Quebec election - A very sad day for Canada.

    Why you might ask?

    Well it’s pretty simple. Fact - Nothing will change in Quebec. The racist, bigoted, xenophobic anti – English language policies (bill 101…) will still be law. The province is broke, almost 200 billion in debt, it will remain a have not province, and in turn will continue to milk the rest of the country dry financially through the equalization payments, subsides, grants scam…all sorts of big government , high debt, high taxes, socialist nonsense.

    Quebec will continue to offer its citizens things that the rest of the country can NOT afford, such as $7 a day daycare, subsided hydro rates – 40% less then the rest of the country, a dairy quota – monopoly over the entire country, the lowest university tuition fees in the country – 50% less then the rest of the country…and on and on and on…

    That’s right folks, you, English speaking Canadians outside Quebec fund, subsidize all of this through your taxes, like it or not. But it gets better, not only do you fund all of these things that you can’t get outside Quebec, but you are also discriminated against when working for your own government, police force, hospitals…anything publically funded. Again, you might ask, what the hell are you talking about? Well we have a government forced bilingual (code for french) policy only outside Quebec, that’s right, Quebec is a french only province by law (bill 101…) yet the rest of the country has to function as an officially bilingual country when it comes to all government jobs. In other words and you can go check for yourself, francophones are grossly over represented in all government jobs and they are NOT fluently bilingual.

    The country is in deep, deep trouble, just go look at all the debt mounting federally and provincially, all across the country.

    So if you think having the liberals in power in Quebec is going to change anything, well you are not too bright, not too bright at all. Simply put you are brain dead if you think anything will change in Quebec, brain dead, like most uninformed Canadians.

    1. Spark one, dude. Chill.
      It's a good day.
      Also, most "uninformed Canadians" think exactly what you state, at one time or another. So, who is "uninformed"?
      It's ok to bliss out and be happy today

    2. peace out dude...lollllllllllll

    3. Very eloquently stated, JW. Like I wrote on the live blog, everybody categorized as les autres can breathe easier for the next four years. To answer the Editor's question, the separation question has merely ebbed, not disappeared. That issue won't be settled when my grandchildren's great grandchildren come along, unless we force the issue, and I for one am still in favour of that (place collective groan here!). I know many readers will react adversely to my last sentence.

      Like JW wrote above, I'm fed up with overcompensating French Quebec. I must confess they have done a good job of showing the rest of us how "special" they are and Lucien Bouchard did a masterful job of labeling the rest of us as English Canada. (If you read this paragraph carefully, you can see where I compensated for that moniker).

      Separatism is not dead. It will resurrect in some manner. Perhaps this was the last breath of the Old Guard (perhaps, but I somehow doubt it) and as the generations removed from eyewitnessing the Quiet Revolution take over, separation will be sought in other ways. It has to. Successive French Quebec governments have drummed their prejudices into the heads of French school students forever and a day now so the more simple minded of French Quebec society will inevitably internalize this doctrine of complete crap.

      The overt racism promoted and permitted by the recently defeated separatist party isn't simply going to away because the separatists are not the governing party. Far from it. The organization is still there, and they'll use the anger of the bigots to fuel the fire four years hence. They always do. It may not be front and center now that they're not the governing party, so it likely won't be in the news anywhere nearly as much as before, but I'm sure we'll hear an incident here and there...maybe more because, unlike Ed, I'm sure that Couillard will at best soften the blow against the minorities, not eliminate it...just like every other so-called "federalist" politician before him.

      I for one am completely fed up with bribing French Quebec, so for me, the fight is far from over.

  3. Couuillard now is the time to launch the redrawing of the electoral boundaries.

    Fix the democracy deficit in Quebec that only benefits backwater francophones.

    No more illegal riding sizes where anglophones vote don;t count and toothless francophones in the hinterland with a coupe thousand voters in the entire riding.

    Liberals, please stop thinking about lining your pockets with bribes from construction companies and mafia associates. Help the population that got you voted in.

    The mafia/FTQ/Construction people can wait 6 months before you start to reward them. Help democracy first.

    Liberal MP, the more we vote Liberals, the nicer your home kitchen can be. The more time Liberals spend in govt the more Tony and Vinny can send under the table construction workers over to work on your house under the table.

    Saving democracy is in your best interest. The more you get elected, the more graft you can participate in.

    1. Hang on now, I object to the Tony and Vinny sly finger-pointing, sometimes their names are Jean-Guy and Randy, and yes in independent construction-contractor clothing

    2. Yes, sometimes their names are Jean-guy.

      The mastermind that stuffs his money into his socks is always called "vito" "nico" or other similar names however.

      It's pointless to argue about it. The Mafia *by definition* is only Italian men. Sure the low level criminals that run around doing the work don;t need to be tho. The top bosses always are.

      You can;t be a "made man" unless you are Italian.

      Reference all the Charbonneau slides explaining this to us.

      Francophones don;t need the Italians to be corrupt of course. They are all easily capable of doing it themselves.

      "North Shore FTQ" for example is the francophone equivalent to the mob.

    3. Hey Cebeuq

      Some stuff it in their socks and some in their motorcycle jackets and others wherever they can even in their body cavity if u know what I mean. Mob factions are not exclusive to Italians perhaps they've become less apt at flying under the radar, these days, and others are getting better at it. In any event, I get what you are saying...let's just try to be a tad more objective, cause you make it sound like Italians are majorly to blame but we mostly hear (less ethnic and more) local sounding names at the Charbonneau commission, just sayin'. There is a damn more to Italians. The criminals you refer to are not representative of who Italians are, please bear that in mind.

  4. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, April 8, 2014 at 11:20:00 AM EDT

    If I was Couillard, this is my 48 month plan for Quebec:
    1. Cuts to wasteful spending & programs to balance budget ASAP: $7 daycare, cheap tuitions, welfare payments for people who choose not work, etc, etc.
    2. Reassure the world markets that Quebec is open for business
    3. Review where Quebec can become a competitor and explore natural resources exploitation for revenues that can start to pay off the debt, create jobs & to reduce taxes
    4. As a society "have a look at ourselves in the mirror" and realize that we can roll up our sleeves and make Quebec stronger
    5. Repair the road network & hospitals


    That is what is needed to turn that place around---> Won't happen as the left and the unions along with the Etat providence mentality will ensure quebec will keep slipping into a 3rd world country.

    I wish you all luck!

    1. Daycare makes money hand over fist for the government. It will be indexed.

      Chopping it would be suicidal.


    2. @kevin

      exactly. how do you explain that so many angryphones keep bashing on this program? do you think it's a good example of their endoctrination?

    3. "how do you explain that so many angryphones keep bashing on this program?"
      Mostly your confirmation bias, no anglophone even based the program in this thread, though I do see some very strong indoctrination coming from your direction.

    4. @student
      You may as well ask childless francophones the question. The answer will be the same.


  5. While it was great to see the PQ implode, I don`t think separatism is dead. It's dormant. People are fed up with the lack of resolution, and so they decide to focus on what they can change.

    But one false move from English Canada and it'll be 1990 all over again.

    And I also share James Wolfe's pessimism about what's going to happen. Nothing will change. Bill 101 will still be law. Corruption will still happen. I don't think the Liberals are dumb enough to re-launch the Charter issue. But they're not going to do anything dramatically different.

    Anglos: if you want Anglo rights, stop voting Liberal. If you never punish, nothing will ever be accomplished. If you keep voting for the same people, you are rewarding non-action.

    What also really needs to be down is de-claw the unions. It's obscene that unions can hold governments hostage. It's anti-democratic.

    1. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsTuesday, April 8, 2014 at 11:41:00 AM EDT

      Sorry Suzanne, but who else would stand up for Anglo rights?

      The CAQ? They supported the charter.

      QS? We heard what David had to say on the matter in the second debate.

      ON? Right.

      So who then?

    2. You keep punishing until people get the message. If the CAQ doesn`t stand up for Anglos, then vote Parti Conservateur. If not them, then vote something else. Then politicians will understand that you can't keep your job unless you stand up for Anglos.

      If reward inaction, that's what you will get.

    3. From Ann
      I recall seeing only 5 party candidates on my ballot. Voting for the Green Party is throwing away the vote to the PQ. It is interesting that the only solution Suzanne and James Wolfe come up with is "don't vote Liberal" as if that will really help the anglo cause. What will really help the anglo cause is for the anglos to fight back, to not sit back and accept the OQLF and language laws. Only by commitment to public exposure and defiance will the anglo community be able to push for changes. The anglo community was to passive and that needs to end.

    4. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsTuesday, April 8, 2014 at 11:59:00 AM EDT

      As it happens, I'm very right-wing.

      However, as I've mentioned before, Quebec lacks the dynamic that is present on all other provincial stages: left-center-right.

      How I wish it was all about fighting over class-inclination, but in reality, we have to accept that the culture card in Quebec is too fragile to take chances on.

      While the Libs, under Charest, did in fact drop the ball in a big way on the language issue, we have to put some faith and not get over-indulgent in our (well-deserved) cynicism.

      Couillard is a professional, well-traveled and culture man-of-the-world.

      I do believe he wants to see fellow Francos to aspire to more than spending their entire lives on their neighborhood block and that is where the protection of other languages will stem from.

    5. If you reward inaction at the ballot box, that is what you will get. Even if the péquiste wins, the Liberals will learn their lesson, which is ultimately what you want-- for politicians to learn their lesson. Sometimes you have to suffer more hardship before you can get people to understand what you want. If you never punish, you never get what you want.

      Although I do agree with your point about a more robust Anglo cause. What some brave soul needs to do is start up a company-- it could be a bogus company for the purposes of this exercise-- then publicly break the law repeated and invite the language cops to stop him or her. This stunt will have to make the language cops look extremely petty and vengeful. I sometimes imagine myself doing this in Quebec City, where there is absolutely no language problem at all.

      And if the language cops don't come to stop you, you win.

    6. @Anonymous
      The Liberals supported 90% of what was in the Charter too...


    7. I think the anglos need to stop obsessing about language as much as some of the francophones obsess about language. The real problem in Quebec that very few are talking about is the debt. We have a massive debt..bigger than any other part of North America. We have been blessed with record low interest rates for over 10 years..they will go up..its just a question of when..likely within 2 years. How is Quebec going to be able to pay for all its generous social programs, even basic programs if interest rates go back to normal values?

      Thats why I support the CAQ..agonizing about languae on both sides is a moot point..there is another elephant in the room that nobody seems to notice and the only party that was focused on this was the CAQ. The Liberals added 60 billion dollars to the debt over their last 9 year term..even with record low interest rates..with a relatively strong canadian economy. How anybody here could vote for these same people after their dismal record is beyond belief..its just the same old paranoia about language.

      The CAQ have a very good shot at winning the next election..unfortunately its in 4 years..by then I predict the Liberals will have added another 20 billion to the debt and we will be in a full blown debt crisis..good luck with that..

    8. @complicated

      It is the language laws that create a hostile environment discouraging business ...new business in this province. Language is front and centre. I am fluently bilingual, written, spoken, (trilingual, and I am not counting Spanish, I speak better than I write it, that makes 4 languages), I have said many times that if I'm not wearing name tag, no one is the wiser. My objections here are not because I am unwilling to work/function/live in French, day after day, because I already do this. My beef is primarily because those language laws make a complete mockery of civili liberties and spit on the ideal of true democracy, and this for a North American country like Canada (where it is unfolding) is really embarrassing. BUT, more importantly it has literally damaged our economy, and especially the economic engine that is Montreal. I am not against these language laws cause I want to be little and petty and spiteful, like some of our seppie friends, (eye rolling), I am simply ambitious to see my city prosper again. I want it to become " A Contender" all over again....that's all. But FIRST we have to realize what is at the root of our problem and admit to it, and move on from there. This old rhetoric of protection the French Language and on and on....it is so 1970's...we are no longer living in the 70's, we've made enormous strides in acknowledging the importance of preserving the French Language and we are doing it. We can now think of other things in order to go forth.

      And another thing. I am first generation Italian-Canadian, not only did my parents ensure that I spoke Italian and our dialect, I have done the same with my offspring. I am sure that my daughter's love for all things Italian will see her teaching her children one day, this beautiful language as well. My point is, if we, the ethnic minorities can manage to bring forth our language of origin, then so can French Canadians, they are not less better than we are and they need to stop buying the crap that the Marois's of the world have been selling them for 4 decades now. Time to come out of that isolated cocoon Quebec...the world waits for no one.

    9. I'm with you Ann - we will not sit back this time around. Let's breath for a week and then start inundating Dr. Couillard to change things for the minorities! It's sure time we fought back - we're not second class citizens and will not accept that role!

    10. @montréal vilel état

      "My point is, if we, the ethnic minorities can manage to bring forth our language of origin, then so can French Canadians..."

      barely managing to pass along a dialect to offspring is exactly where french canadians don't want to end up. you are proving to the world that you don't understand the situation mate. you should learn more about french canadian culture before commenting further.

    11. No one 'plays dumb' better than you pinstripes. Do they pay you extra for that "mate"? Lol. You missed quite the party last night "mate", we had a blast here. But the Wake over at PQ headquarters must have been hell, the mothership looked lost and desolate last night on tv. Sucks when you throw a party and no one comes. Sucks to be you period. Lol


      Quaint tune ....to cheer you up...enjoy! Lol

    12. @montreal ville état

      you just veered off subject. i win.

    13. "you just veered off subject. i win."

      Kinda seems to be the topic of the blog post, sounds like it's a sore spot. Maybe you should take a few days to mourn your crushing defeat, before you come back to troll, really get yourself together.

    14. I can tell you right now that LITTLE will change vis-a-vis the language laws with a majority Liberal governmnet. The bottom line is that the vast majority of francophones support Bill 101 because there was a time back in the 1970s where it was looking more and more like french could be wiped off the map here in Montreal.

      Yes the language law has hobbled business to some extent..but there is also been a huge swing to the left in this province over the past 40 years..where people expect the government to do it all for them. They expect cheap day care, cheap tuition, lots of good government jobs for life, and on and on. This mentality is bankruptcing the province. None of the main political parties are going to remove one dot in Bill 101 because they would never be elected again..they need to appeal to the francophones.

      I believe the Liberals won by default..it was more a vote against the PQ and their neverendum seperation talk than a vote for the Liberals. Unfortunately most people are still stuck in the language fights and forgetting about the real problem..the debt..this will be a huge issue in a few years for all North Americans.

    15. "Yes the language law has hobbled business to some extent."

      Complicated ..you get the prize for the biggest understatement of the year. Please stop belittling what is a HUGE problem, it is highly insincere and false, and I say this with all due respect. Let's stop indulging the idea that the Language Laws have been no big deal, because they have, so please enough with the denial...you of all people are better than that. I am not sure why you feel this loyalty toward this language thing which you keep trying to excuse, something tells me it has to do with those sharing in your Life more than your own beliefs...in any case, no matter, that's for you to sort out.

      But please stop sugar coating the absolute venom that ..especially Montreal has had to endure, because we've paid the highest price. Enough with trying to shove the problems under an already bumpy carpet. If we want to see any kind of prosperity in this city, we need to be exempt from language laws ..point-à-la-ligne. Which causes the powers-that-be the biggest dilemma since Montreal has been their target and punching bag for 40 yrs. Seriously, do language laws make a difference in Matane? They don't need bill 101. They actually need a bill that legislates them learning English. Anyway, it has become a tad tiresome to read your always-so-apologetic posts when it comes to the Language issue, and you are defending the indefensible. Language laws have destroyed Montreal's economy. The end. Let's get with the problem and find a solution.

    16. Suzanne F.: Yes, everything you wrote has merit. The idea of an Equality 2.0 party rose and fell very quickly, all within the short 19 months the separatists were at the helm.

      Between you and me, English rights in Quebec are a completely lost cause. The best you can hope for is the status quo, i.e., all hospitals are required to maintain records in French but selected ones may serve the West Island, Snowdon/CSL, and other pockets of predominantly English-speaking areas, but expect that number to decrease with the number of English speakers decreasing.

      Eventually, English will be eliminated because anyone born post-Bill 101 (i.e., the 80s and later) will be expected to live in and understand French sufficiently enough to get along with the public and parapublic services. This didn't start under the separatist party when they were governing, policy developed this way under the sheepish John James "Goldilocks" Charest.

      Remember how at first Couillard stated Bill 60 would pass over his dead body? Just days later, he softened that tone! In all honesty, I don't give a damn if Couillard eases access to English lessons in French school or not. Failure to learn English puts THEM behind the 8-ball and makes THEM more useless to US in the greater realm of North American life.

      French Quebec is increasingly becoming a liability to MY country, i.e., Canada, the true Canada THE REAL CANADA! I haven't come to French Quebec now in over two years, the longest period I have ever not come to visit French Quebec. Everywhere I went, even in the predominantly non-French area of Chomedey, I was very, VERY hard-pressed to find a Canadian flag anywhere, even where Armenians nearby were in the midst of building an Armenian church and community center (and the treasurer ran off with the money), and all the flags were solely Quebec flags.

      My Canada, unfortunately, does not include French Quebec.. Unless and until I see proof of French Quebec's desire to be included in the Canadian family (i.e., more maple leaf flags...a lot more!)

      The only thing I feel good about is what is left of my family and friends in French Quebec won't be in complete angst the way they had been while these fascist fanatics ran things for the last 19 months; however, 2018 will come very soon, so the fun will all crank up again in just four years time.

  6. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsTuesday, April 8, 2014 at 11:36:00 AM EDT

    @Un Gars - I like your approach and would like to add in some of my own.

    1. Augment the price of daycare and apply it to healthcare.

    2. Sell Hydro-Quebec and the SAQ and apply the profits to the infrastructure (fix those damn bridges and interchanges already!)

    3. Start talking PPP for the STM and phasing out employees getting paid $32/hour to mop floors or sit in booths

    4. Implement VERY worthwhile tax credit incentives for budding entrepreneurs

    5. Repeal all laws that prohibit foreign interests from bidding on contracts (yes, let's cut off the corrupt unions now)

    6. Establish a large-scale study/work exchange that would see more ROCers & Francophones trading places and learning more about each other's backgrounds and what every part of Canada has to offer


    1. @a bs argument

      why would you fire every single employee at the oqlf?!?

    2. Because the OQLF only operates on complaints
      Because 95% of complaints are unfounded.
      Because the justified complaints are for items such as having a spoon with english words on it.
      Because the three or four other language agencies do a better job at making people able to work in French.

    3. Mostly because there is inequity on who is targeted by l'office. They'll attack a small yogurt shop in the west island, but the stay away from Big business, like the HABS dressing room. It is this inequity that renders them illegitimate. THAT is why.

  7. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsTuesday, April 8, 2014 at 12:13:00 PM EDT

    Open Message to Marc Laviolette:

    RE: http://bit.ly/1qligyi - << PLQ de «concentré de crosseurs>>

    Bag of stone and a glass house.

    First of all Marc, I'm hoping you Google yourself once in a while, which means there's a chance you might see this. So let's get down to business.

    1) Your party has been shown to be quite corrupt - from Marois' exploits to your party's history of vote-rigging.

    2) You Marc, are supposedly an avowed socialist and former union leader and yet you embraced the very man who "crossed" the people you were supposed to protect. That makes you worst than a crosseur, it also makes you a shameless whore.

    So which of the two options should we label you with, Marc? Hypocrite or filthy, unwashed whore?

  8. On days like today I like to think of this: "The Government of Quebec has made public its proposal to negotiate a new agreement with the rest of Canada, based on the equality of nations; this agreement would enable Quebec to acquire the exclusive power to make its laws, levy its taxes and establish relations abroad — in other words, sovereignty — and at the same time to maintain with Canada an economic association including a common currency; any change in political status resulting from these negotiations will only be implemented with popular approval through another referendum; on these terms, do you give the Government of Quebec the mandate to negotiate the proposed agreement between Quebec and Canada?"

    Because even though that question was answered, "No," in 1980 that's exactly what happened. Quebec negotiated a new deal with Canada and we have it today. Maybe Quebec didn't get 100% of what it wanted, that's how negotiations work. And yesterday showed that the vat majority of people in Quebec feel the new agreement with Canada is a good one.

    Canada - with Quebec - is a 21st century country. Sure, it's different than the 19th century idea of nationalism and independence but that's something we should all be proud of.

    1. " And yesterday showed that the vat majority of people in Quebec feel the new agreement with Canada is a good one."

      No it did not. That's dreaming in 3D in technocolour. Nobody was thinking 82 Charter or anything of that nature. They just wanted Marois out and they're more interested in economics and "les vraies affaires" than picking a fight with religious minorities.

  9. An important note is that Liberals won seats in regions that are 99.9% francophone such as Roberval, Iles-De-La-Madelaines, Riviere-du-Loup and Popo's riding of Charlevoix.

    Marois's defeat in Charlevoix (a predominant francophone ridng) proves that there is PQ fatigue all around Quebec that is attached to the Baby Boomer generation.

    I agree with Chantal Hebert's assessment that the PQ is a generational party that will die off with the rest of the Baby Boomers.

    1. It can't happen fast enough ....so that the generations of tomorrow have a fair shot at benefitting from all opportunities yet to come in the world.

    2. @anonymous

      "I agree with Chantal Hebert's assessment that the PQ is a generational party that will die off with the rest of the Baby Boomers."

      it could be. but then another outfit will gain traction. unless french canadians end up assimilated. is this your plan?

    3. You keep pulling out the assimilation argument pinstripes trying to defend Language, are you assimilated? You speak, read and write English after all. Yes, I suppose you are completely assimilated aren't you pinstripes? It is Louisiana all over again...ain't it? Lol

      You gotta play a different tune ..troll. That record's broken. And after last night...it's really broken.

    4. @montréal ville état

      "You keep pulling out the assimilation argument pinstripes trying to defend Language..."

      of course. it's the only argument there is. and it's a pretty good one.

      "Yes, I suppose you are completely assimilated..."

      no i'm not. what a stupid supposition.

      "It is Louisiana all over again...ain't it?"

      well it will be if french canadians end up like any other marginal culture around, namely italians, as you thoughtlessly proposed earlier.

    5. I can't help if what I said hurt you, ...it hurt you because it is the truth! Learn from it, or you will continue to be lost little sad souls kicking and screaming to keep defending a broke-ass quebec brand. What we witnessed last night... with the three stooges was so pitiful, it was downright painful to watch. How tiny they were, a true reflection of who you seppies really are. We had a taste of you and we spit you out.
      Now f...off.

    6. have you noticed that the cameras didn't show any of the crowd ? thats cause the place was close to empty ...true seppies abandon when you don't deliver.....

    7. Separatists are obsessed with assimilation. In their world view they will be assimilated or they will assimilate everyone else.

      Since that is mostly what happened in rural Quebec and rural US in the pre-TV pre-internet culture, I suppose those feelings were justified in the 60s and 70s, and maybe even the 80s.

      But anyone thinking that in 2014 is delusional.

  10. It's too bad we can;t get a picture of "Les Janettes" with the long faces today.

    There truly is a god. That's the only way to explain the 89 year old Jeannette crackpot lasting this long to see her dreams crushed like a bug.

    Her final election she votes in and her party get fucking destroyed. Awesome.

    It feels good to know that her dying wish to see the PQ win and her charter of hate got tossed on the floor and walked all over.

    Denying a bitter crazy old woman her last wish? Priceless

    1. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsTuesday, April 8, 2014 at 2:14:00 PM EDT

      @Cebeuq - might I offer you this pic?: http://bit.ly/PN3QvM

      I have the version of him crying on my desk here at work. It's very lovely.

  11. The election results are a clear rejection of everything the PQ stands for: ethnic bigotry, separation, and incoherence.
    Never in my life have I seen any party run such an incredibly poor campaign.

    That said, the actions onstage last night of the three leaders in waiting were disgraceful. I'm not exaggerating when I say PKP, Lisée and Drainville were campaigning before Marois made her speech last night.

    Then Marois's speech -- another incoherent statement full of lies. I cannot see how a woman can say that francophones have grown from a few hundred to 8 million and still be threatened.

    Marois turned 65 on the weekend. Quebecers forcibly retired her, and now the PQ will dismantle itself.

    Drainville or PKP will win the leadership race.

    If it's PKP, the party will get 5 seats in 2018.
    Drainville might win 7


    1. "The election results are a clear rejection of everything the PQ stands for..."

      not at all. pq lauched the election cause they had a shot at a majority. then a campaign unfolded and they lost. the loss is therefore due to events that happened during the campaign. and people don't just turn around on a dime and "reject everything they were standing for" two weeks ago. seriously mate you think support for independance has droped through this election? haha you are so cute.

    2. Still in denial I see, just like Drainville last night...on veut un pays!! LOL!!!

    3. " people don't just turn around on a dime and "reject everything they were standing for" two weeks ago."
      They do when they find out what people actually stand for during the campaign, unfortunately Pauline let slip they knew the charter was unconstitutional, that people would end up getting fired and that they were already putting together vague ideas as to how an independent Quebec would function.

      "you think support for independance has droped through this election?"
      Nope, there are still hardcore separatists and they are the only reason the PQ got any seats this time around, but when there are so few of you, you can't expect to form a government on that issue alone any more.

    4. In 2012, coming out of a decade of Liberal rule, when allegations of corruption were being revealed on a weekly basis, the PQ pulled out 31% of the vote and 54 seats. I said at the time that was pathetic and a sign people had no faith in the PQ.

      Now after 18 months in power, they had their worst finish since Rene Levesque's first campaign in 1970.

      Of course PQ diehards won't accept this. They will look at their 90,000 party supporters and scream "we are vibrant, we are relevant".

      They fail to realize that outside of this group they have 'zero' influence. The only difference between the PQ and the Alberta separatists or the Newfoundland separatists is that for the moment, they still have seats.

      Quebecers know what the PQ is selling and we are not interested. Point finale.


  12. http://www.journaldemontreal.com/2014/04/03/les-documents-de-lupac-sur-le-plq-secrets-jusquapres-les-elections
    The fact that this info was not released before the elections probably prevented le CAQ from forming the new government.

    1. You don;t get it. We know the Liberals are corrupt.

      All parties in Quebec are. It's a cultural value in Quebec that politicians, union leaders/workers, civil servants, construction workers etc are corrupt.

      If you arn;t corrupt then you arn;t a francophone quebecer in a position of power. It's as simple as that.

      Couillard hasn;t been around long enough and he will keep his nose clean. Behind the scenes tho it's a different story.

      The construction companies and mafia associates are already making overtures to the Liberal MNA's in the west island.

      The lawyers are already working on the plausible deniability for candidates to hide behind. Getting a lawyer onside before you commit the crimes is key. They help the criminals, civil servants and politicians screw us without any downside. Of course a lawyer "isn;t supposed" to do that. Wink wink.

      The MNA won;t understand why his driveway is cleaned after a snowstorm when he doesn;t have a contractor.

      Back at mafia associate "paving/snow clearing/construction company" they are just getting started on fleecing the public again.

      The only reason the mafia hasn;t already re-established control over the construction industry is the fact Rizutto died. It's got nothing to do with the morals of Quebecers suddenly changing or the police.

    2. Or it may have to do with the fact that the construction industry is a lot smaller. The Mafia was able to get into the industry in the 60s when Montreal had more giant construction projects than any other city - Expo, the Champlain Bridge, the expressway system, the Metro, university expansion, all the way to the Olympics - all financed by the government.

      It's a lot tougher for the mob to get in on condo construction because they're on both sides of the negotiating table, so to speak. And it's the condo buyers, not the taxpayers, being fleeced.

      So, it will never be as big an issue as it was. Which isn't to say there won't be any corruption and bribery and fleecing, just not so much by the mob. Wall Street took over more than just Las Vegas... ;).

    3. Yes this culture of corruption is probably here to stay. However, it's unfair and anti-democratic that such info was hidden away from the voters.

    4. Mason, If you are referring to the pause in the Charbonneau commission then I have to disagree with you. What would have happened if the commission had focused on Liberal party financing during the election campaign and did not have time to get to the PQ financing or vice versa? That would have been unfair and undemocratic.

      The commission would have been blamed for being biased and for favouring one party over another. It is not a guarantee that the commission would have gotten all the information out before the election. I believe that is the reason why they paused it until today.

    5. I see you were referring to UPAC raids, I believe the same logic applies.

    6. @laurie

      you enthusiastically endorse your ignorance about a political party's wrongdoings before voting. fascinating.

    7. You enthusiastically endorse a party who calls an election to avoid testifying at a parliamentary commission...I am fascinated!.

      We wanted to know about her and her husband's illegal shenanigans, you know all those deals.

    8. @laurie

      i don't think that's why they called it. the main reason i think is they thought they could win it. you really do believe all you read from cutie003 right?

    9. ''i don't think that's why they called it. the main reason i think is they thought they could win it.''

      Well they needed a good reason to break their own law, you know the one they made because they decided that a political party should not be allowed to call an election simply because they are ahead in the polls. So they made a law then broke it. Ya...I`m sure that was the reason.

    10. Avoiding evidence of their misdeeds coming to light or breaking thier own election law for personal benefit, take your pick student, which one did the PQ call an election for, and then get destroyed over?

    11. They were destroyed because they 'played' the electorate and the electorate wouldn't have it. They ran a nasty gov for 18 months and a nastier campaign and the were paid In Kind. For now they are out of commission for the next 4years, maybe longer. The CAQ is the party to watch the next few years. The 3 stooges who reminded everyone that they survived previous Liberal governments and came back to rule did not have the CAQ breathing down their necks. In the past it was easier to survive in a two-party system. As we saw April 7th, people had an alternative, especially to the PQ, and ran to it for dear life. I'm sure fake Tom Hagen has figured that out by now. Lol

  13. I am pleased that the Liberals won the election last night. I was disappointed that the Péquistes Jean-François Lisée and Bernard Drainville were re-elected.

  14. The main issues in this campaign were really identity issues: independence (through referendum), values and language. Well, at least that what the PQ wanted the citizens to believe. However, despite all the rhetoric, accusations, allegations and confirmation, the QLP won the election in a landslide. While one may say that the QLP already had anglo- and allophones votes in the pocket, that big of a win indicates that QLP won significant portion of francophone votes.

    That, I think, means that francophone support for the Charter affirming the values of State secularism and religious neutrality and the equality between women and men, and providing a framework for accommodation requests may not be as big as the polls - and the PQ - made us to believe. There are remains the silent majority. Those who do not want to make noise in the street, those who do not speak up against the Charter, but oppose it anyway. As well, there are thus the silent majority who feel that the capacity to communicate in English is a major requirement in today's world, in which Quebec is an integral part of it. And I believe that that silent majority believes that welfare and lifestyle are more important that clinging to relics of the past.

    Therefore, if the new QLP government is serious about elevating the wealth and prominence of the province, and therefore guaranteeing their own political longevity, they can start by these actions:

    1. Ensure that their administration is clean and incorruptible, from top to bottom.

    2. Soften Bill 101 to make the province and its population be more competitive economically.
    a. Education provision.
    b. Francization requirements for business.
    c. English services where demography justifies.

    3. Distance itself from unions.

    4. Slowly reduce social programs spending in order to reduce taxes

    1. Troy,

      Stop Quebec bashing. We are attractive to foreign investment simply because we are Quebecers.

      We only want investors and companies that understand the quebec social contract and are willing to pay extra taxes and massive bureaucracy to support it.

      Making ourselves attractive? What a concept you disgusting capitalist. Is that the only kind of investment you care about?

      Don;t you understand that companies are *flocking* here to Quebec to open branch plants simply because we speak French and understand socialism?

      What you see as problems our investors will see as positives.

      Couillard better not mention bilingualism again either. Are citizens simply to be educated to become better employee's?

      We cannot allow people to be able to compete against each other. Imagine if employers were only to hire people that were qualified and capable and hard working? Companies might only hire bilingual people, and soon english only!

      Our seppie brothers would never be able to get employed except for the civil service or construction. These are the reasons of our proud union history in Quebec.

      Oh, wait. All that actually happens.

    2. cebeuq,

      Sarcasm doesn't always translate well in written form but you seem to have mastered it. Well done.

  15. Tweet last night from a CBC reporter: "This result is the ultimate Philippe-flop."

  16. I rooted for the CAQ however I'm thrilled with the spectacle of the PQ imploding (for now, anyway)
    Who is to blame for the PQ's loss, you ask? The PQ. No one single person. Marois and Drainville and Janette and PKP played roles, of course, however i blame the collective bunch of asshats.
    Didn't ever see this comiing, I fully expected a whole new referendum just 4 wks ago!

    1. "Who is to blame for the PQ's loss, you ask?"

      i blame couillard and his fear mongering campaign. painting a non-existing referendum as the worst menace ever was cheap. but it worked. they managed to run down their voter's pride so much that they ended up afraid of themselves.

      "I fully expected a whole new referendum just 4 wks ago!"

      then you were a victim of liberal propaganda. you proud mate?

    2. studentTuesday, April 8, 2014 at 8:57:00 PM EDT

      "Who is to blame for the PQ's loss, you ask?"

      i blame couillard and his fear mongering campaign... they managed to run down their voter's pride so much that they ended up afraid of themselves.

      HA... HA... HA... HA... HA...!!!

      Seriously, I am laughing hard at this statement. The PQ lost and it is the fault of its opponent? Even my 10-year old son knows better not to blame or to accuse his opposing team when his loses in his football games.

      Clearly it thinks that 1 756 960 voters are lemmings with no self-respect who easily fall into unreasonable fear. And of course, student knows better than those 1 756 960 voters.

    3. It was the opposition parties fault that the PQ lost! They made the PQ call the election, and they made the PQ into the separatist party that they are. #StudentLogic

    4. OMG! Don't debate with the trolls! Blaming everybody else for the PQ's loss is typical troll and narcissist behaviour. It's everybody else's fault according to this type of personality disorder and those, like student, who are simply s--t disturbers.

      If anyone administered fear, it was the PQ. The ridiculousness of Hérouxville, the Bouchard-Taylor Commission and the Bill 14 and Bill 60 hearings and the complete country bumpkins who addressed the government are proof who was creeping with their tails between their legs. RIDICULOUS!

  17. I don't know what was sweeter; seeing Leo Bureau-Blouin, Martine Desjardins and Marois lose their ridings, Marois' resignation, the Liberal majority, or Gilles Duceppe's slip of the tongue on CTV when he said that in practice, Montreal is the only bilingual city in Canada (notice no media outlet will touch that with a ten foot pole). What a great night. Now if only there were a separatist exodus our province would finally move on.

    1. Did you notice how fast he tried to retract that statement Editor? Was funny watching him fall all over himself - about time these damn separatists accept the fact that bilingualism is 'GOOD' and not 'BAD' - Ignorance is bliss - only in quebec!

  18. "bilingual city" + "Now if only there were a separatist exodus our province would finally move on"

    Either they start speaking English in Montreal or they leave!

    1. I think it's pretty clear.

      Any riding that voted for the PQ in the 2014 election should be considered Quebecistan and be pushed out of Canada. All these areas should be partitioned out of Quebec and Canada.

      Put into a "territory" or some other "on probation" status. If they keep electing little Hitlers just eject them from the union.

      Who the fuck cares what they call it after or how it got there or what they do to make a living. They have had decades to think of the repercussions for being insane PQ racists and targeting their fellow citizens in cities far away with hate legislation.

      Basically PQ members should be charged with hate crimes going forward.

    2. The simple fact of the matter is, two wrongs don't make a right. Yes, that's an old cliché, an old platitude, but it applies.

  19. Some seppies are mad ...

    MONTREAL — Muslims who turned up for morning prayers at an Islamic Community Centre on Tuesday morning received a nasty surprise. Vandals threw an axe through a window at the Centre communautaire islamique Assahaba on Bélanger St. in the east end. No one was injured, but the words “F--- Liberals and “we will scalp Muslims” were written on the axe, according to Commander Ian Lafrenière of the Montreal police. Police are investigating the incident as a hate crime, he said. Anyone with any information can call Info-Crime at 393-1133. © Copyright (c) The Montreal Gazette

    1. Deux locaux du PQ visés par des vandales

    2. When the Jews or others fought back against the Germans that was vandalism also I guess.

      When you are the aggressor controlling the govt and harassing fellow citizens with new laws, you should expect some push back.

      That's not vandalism, that's civil disobedience and protecting your freedoms.

      Back in your cave for another 4 years.

    3. "When the Jews or others fought back against the Germans that was vandalism also I guess."

      Awesome comparison cebeuq! This should shut his mouth (or fingers)!

    4. The last 18 months felt like the twightlight zone. It did not seem possible that people would get behind the indefensible, such as that lame charter. Something I never revealed, but was seriously considering, had the PQ seen the light as day last night, is that we were toying with the idea of moving out of this country, nevermind the province. It was absolutely unacceptable that Canada would allow the PQ to get away with alienating citizens it consider undesirable to its society, and trampling all over same citizens Right and Freedoms. As far as I was concerned, it is unreconcilable. Harper is fortunate that Quebecers excerized reason and good judgement last night, sparing him and his gov utter international embarrassment going forward. For those of you who say eventually he would have stepped in...I have my doubts.

    5. "...we were toying with the idea of moving out of this country..."

      liberals won't scrap bill 101 and they will pass a secularity charter. maybe you should leave anyways?

    6. "That's not vandalism, that's civil disobedience and protecting your freedoms."

      no it's not. it's vandalism. check your definitions mate.

    7. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsTuesday, April 8, 2014 at 9:02:00 PM EDT

      "maybe you should leave anyways? "

      And that's all our seppies have now.

      With only 25% of the vote, you seppies have NOTHING left.

      What very little power you held over non-Francos with your stark PQ minority is completely gone in the light of a staunch federalist majority.

      For the next four years, we'll be the ones telling you how things are going to be.

      BTW, where's S.R?

      How many times did he post links to polls indicating a PQ lead with the caption "he-he"?

      C'mon now, S.R where are you now?

    8. Don't look now, pinstripes crawled back in...lololol....

      Hey pinstripes, if you walk over to the dessert table there is a piece of humble pie with your name on it. And after you've had it, YOU can leave! We're still celebrating, it ain't your party, BUT YOU CAN CRY IF YOU WANT TO... Haha.

    9. @a bs argument

      "With only 25% of the vote, you seppies have NOTHING left."

      quebec solidaire is separatist too. plus you are confused between support for a political party and support for quebec's independance. you're not improving mate.

      "And after you've had it, YOU can leave!"

      thing is you just wrote that you considered leaving because of issues that will actually remain. so why do you stay?

    10. Ahh poor student it's civil disobedience when the group he/she supports is doing it, but vandalism when it's not, go bang some pots and pans but try and not "civil disobedience" anything while you're doing it.

      "quebec solidaire is separatist too. plus you are confused between support for a political party and support for quebec's independance. "
      I want that to sink in for everyone, Student is mocking someone for conflating support for sovereignty with support for a political party, while at the same time saying sovereigntists have Quebec Solidaire. Perhaps some people voting for QS don't support separation, best not to conflate support for a party and support for sovereignty! #StudentLogic

    11. whowhatzit,

      Of course some of those who desire that Quebec be independent vote for QLP, the party that is openly anti-independence. And of course some of the same group also vote for CAQ, a party that swears up and down that it will NEVER have a referendum.

    12. @student
      I guess you missed that interview where Amir Khadir said the first thing an independent Quebec would do would be to renegotiate a new union with Canada.

      QS ain't separatist, and a full half of their supporters are federalists.


  20. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsTuesday, April 8, 2014 at 7:58:00 PM EDT

    Well hey - our trolls disappeared again!

    What happened to our little friends?

    Did they fall into depression?

    Were they laid-off from paid trolling because the PQ had it's pay-per-vote indemnity drastically dropped yesterday?

    Did Bureau-Blouin and Desjardins tell them "OK, you guys can stop now"?

    Why do they always all disappear at the same time?

    Now that the PQ is officially out of power for four years, what could they possibly come to this blog for?

    1. Vous allez moins rire quand les résultats d'enquête de l'UPAC vont être rendus publique.


    2. Everyone knows there was corruption on so many levels (Liberals and PQ), it's apparent to all of us now. It`s just that the PQ is such a horrible political party on so many issues, we still think the Liberals are a better choice, regardless. Corruption can be cleaned up, stupid racists can't be fixed.

      Just goes to show how badly Quebecers wanted the PQ out.

    3. Les Québécois peuvent changer d'idée très rapidement. Croisez-vous les doigs que l'enquête de l'UPAC n'écorchent pas d'élus. Le PLQ n'est pas à l'abri de d'autre "cas Tomassi".

    4. Well thay can't change their mind for at least 4 years.

      And if it does touch elected officials, which we all know it may, then we will have deal with it when it happens. Good thing we have a few extra. So why the threats? You sound so aggressive and angry.

    5. Il y a de quoi être faché. Si les électeurs avait été au courant de tout le dossier, les résultats de l'élection n'auraient pas été les meilleurs.

      Peu importe quelle est votre opinion politique, ce sont des informations auquelles tous les élécteurs auraient dû avoir accès. Malheureusement, elles ne seront rendu publique qu'au début de la semaine prochaine.

    6. les résultats de l'élection n'auraient pas été les mêmes*

    7. Nope, I think the famous charte, the ''faire du Québec un pays", the no borders with Canada, etc., pretty much sealed the PQ fate. And see my reply to Mason above.

      If the PQ wanted all the dirt on the Liberals to come out before the election...drum roll please....they should not have called an election. Of course, calling an election at that particular time didn't get her off the hook about testifying at a parliamentary commission or anything like that. Just pure coincidence because the PQ is pure as snow.

    8. Mohammed wreaks of s.r., the little snake is among us!! You can go over to the dessert table too. Be sure to choke on the piece of humble pie YOU have. Lol

    9. Well hopefully now we can find out all there is to know about "l'affaire Blanchet/FTQ". Can't wait to see their sorry asses dragged before the Charbonneau commission, the ultimate humiliation is still to come for poopoo.

  21. Hmmm... It seems political analysts are now denouncing the appearance of the Three Wisemen - or Three Stooges, depending on your point of view - who made political speeches to the PQ crowd even before Premier Marois appeared and made her concession speech. According to Barry Wilson, not only that the body is still warm, it is even still breathing.

    1. what did they say that was so wrong mate?

    2. Ya, why was the media mocking them all day today? Why were political pundits appalled at their behavior? It`s only normal for them to be so classless!

    3. @laurie

      you rely on mainstream media for your opinions?!? no wonder your opinions are not good.

      so what is it that they said that was so wrong? can you say or will you just keep on relaying your favourite propagandist's cues?

    4. Hahahahah! So lame. I`m not letting you drag me into your shit.

      Did I tell you how much I love being a Montrealer, Quebecer and Canadian today?

    5. They are vultures circling the carrion.

      You can;t hide ego's that big. Really it's a double edged sword for seppies.

      Every seppie moves up the corporate ladder one tiny little step.

      Even student and Rodger get their minor position increase.

      The union mentality through and through.

      The PQ might have lost the war but Poopoo has moved aside and there is room for ambitious young seppies now.

      The election once again show how illegitimate the laws of Quebec City are for Montreal. Seppie laws are great for Charlevoix etc.

      Hmm Even Charlevoix tossed Pauline out personally last night. This is a shout out for Charlevoix coming around from the dark side. I need another representative PQ holdout riding.

      Anyway Bill 101, unionized workers for everything, construction 7-3,M-F etc. These are fine for the PQ areas of Quebec.

      In Montreal we need to work on a legal framework to extract ourselves from the insanity of the rest of Quebec.

      The Liberals are in power right now. The politicians in Quebec can never change laws about Montreal like Bill 101.

      The only way is to do the old two step. First remove the ability of Quebec to govern that area of Montreal. Ten change the laws after it's out of their control.

      Everybody knows what's happening but the optics of the two step are necessary for deniability for the politicians.

    6. "you rely on mainstream media for your opinions?!?"

      Student only gets all of his news from the PQ, it's this real indie party, totally not mainstream, you've probably never heard of it. #HipsterPQStudent

    7. If the openly separatist Le Devoir and P.-K. Peladeau-owned Journal de Montreal are propagandist mainstream media that can not be relied upon, what kind of publication that citizens of Quebec should read or watch to understand the separatist movement and its follies?

    8. @student
      Holy fucking lack of respect. No wonder the pequistes lost.


  22. Ah, student's back. Hope you're feeling better today. How's your mom doing?

    1. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsTuesday, April 8, 2014 at 8:56:00 PM EDT

      Kind of curious that "they're" coming back at the exact same hour, no?

      Anyhow, I see no reason why anyone on this blog should waste time with them now, given that their movement is completely powerless and we don't have to care what seps think or pay attention to them for the next four years.

      Ahhhh, so lovely... 1,460 days without having to acknowledge their existence. :-)

      BTW, seps, how's your precious charte doing?

    2. And why are you coming back?

      De toute façon que le PQ ou le PLQ soit au pouvoir, le chialage sera toujours une constante sur un blog. Vous avez beau crier victoire, mais n'oubliez pas que ce blog était déja en ligne à l'époque où Jean Charest était au pouvoir.

    3. Le chialage sera toujours une constante sur CE blog.

    4. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsTuesday, April 8, 2014 at 9:07:00 PM EDT


      Why so seriousssss-ah!

    5. ''Le chialage sera toujours une constante sur CE blog.''

      Yup, this is where we come to let off steam. Thanks again Editor for giving us this Blog. :)

    6. @another bs argument

      "...we don't have to care what seps think or pay attention to them for the next four years."

      sure you do that. let's see what happens after four more years of disrespect.

    7. Disrespect? You mean if we don't obey you then we are disrespecting you?

    8. "Le chialage sera toujours une constante sur CE blog.''

      Yes, this is where we come to let off steam. Thank you again Editor for this blog. :)

    9. Oh my, so many happy people today!
      But I see that one person in particular is *really, really* happy today.

      ♫ Laurie is HAPPY!!! ♫

    10. You bet! Thanks R.S, I love that song.

    11. @laurie

      yes disrespect. isn't "not caring what your neighbour thinks" and "not paying attention to him" disrespect in your humble opinion laurie? no? well do this for four years, alongside your pal a bs argument and other disrespectful angryphones and watch independance support sore.

    12. Boo hoo...me me me me me. Get over yourself and grow up.

    13. @laurie

      i never refered to me at all. what's wrong with you mate!?! try to focus on the questions asked. they're tough, but you need the answers.

    14. Well, non-separatists can say that even if they disrespect separatists, separatists need to wait for another four long years. Compare that when separatists disrespected normal, decent portion of the community. Eighteen months was all it needed to get them what they deserve.


    15. My dear Troy, last night we took the trash out. It took 18 months, and boyyyy did it smell bad...but we managed to haul it out anyway. Christmas came early!

    16. For all of students claims to want and support democracy he/she sure is getting whiny about not having his/her way after losing an election.
      When what Student supports wins = democracy
      When what Student supports losses = disrespect
      Sour grapes thy name is Student.

    17. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsWednesday, April 9, 2014 at 5:53:00 AM EDT


      You wouldn't believe the shit some of them are saying on Twitter.

      They're qualifying their fellow Francophones as weak, mindless sheep, federalist slaves, cowards and on and on.

      They simply can't accept that only 28% of the province is separatist.

      Guess they just feel lonely. Poor little guys.

      I'm sure that maybe a separatist party might come into power again someday, but that someday won't come for another four years so until then....


    18. They are continuing the strong tradition of separatist sore losers started by Jacques Parizeau.

    19. @student
      Your party's future leader started campaiging on election night before Pauline even resigned, and you speak of disrespect?

      You are clueless


  23. Liberal’s had a good ground game:
    My neighbor asked me to bring his mother to vote, she lives in Ahunsic. I schlep my friend’s mom to the school where she is to vote, get her in line and help her to the voting booth. The deed done we are walking out of the school and she runs into one of her pals escorted by a well dressed middle-aged gentleman. While the two old ladies chat I strike up a conversation with the guy. We’re speaking in French, he tells me he volunteered for the Liberals to drive people to go vote. Turns out folks with no transportation can call the local Liberal office and they will arrange transport. Excellent I say to myself. Then the gentleman volunteers that this is the first time he has worked for the Liberals (QLP) and he is doing this because he finds the values charter an embarrassment to the Quebec people. Up till then, despite what the polls said, I had been resigned to another PQ minority government. I started to get a sense that maybe change was the order of the day! In conclusion, for the first time in a very long time I was proud to be a Quebecer!

    What’s next, and my predictions, for the PQ?
    Pierre-Karl Peladeau will use his wealth and basically buy an uncontested leadership of the PQ. Both potential rivals will bow out:

    Drainville will be promised a good job somewhere in the Quebecor empire on condition that he leave active politics. PKP knows a fool when he sees one and in Drainville he sees a fool!

    JF Lisee will bow out, not for promises of money and power, but will decide to take one last kick at the can and try, under PKP, to convince Quebecers to make Quebec a country

    PKP will bring in a plethora of his henchmen in an effort to redesign the PQ into a right leaning business friendly separatist party

    There will be tons of infighting in the PQ. Their union friends, and other left leaning factions, will jump ship. By the time the next election happens the PQ will be so divided and weakened they will lose.

    What’s next for the CAQ
    1. Legault will start bulking up for the next election, the CAQ needs a ground game and Legault knows it!
    2. The CAQ will work hard at attracting the softer disgruntled PQ members that jump ship because of PKP.
    3. Everything they do will be to position themselves to replace the PQ as the alternative to the PLQ
    Summary: CAQ drops and reference to Quebec independence to become a right leaning centrist party

    1. Hard to believe that a left-leaning province like Quebec will end up with three centre-right parties. Where will the progressive vote go?

    2. The NDP register a new provincial party on the 30th of January so they'll probably be up by the time 2018 rolls around.

  24. So I am done playing with the trolls for a while. I apologize for the lapse but it was just too delicious to pass up today. I needed to celebrate a little.

    Remember, in four years when we go back to the polls, there will be approximately 200,000 more immigrants in Quebec who will NOT be voting PQ. There will be less aging baby boomer seppies. Perhaps, just perhaps, we are past the dark age in this province and can finally move forward.

    Couillard: "Fini la division"

    Good night everyone. Oh and one more thing...did I tell you how proud I am today to be a Montrealer, a Quebecer and a CANADIAN!

    1. @laurie

      wow you have many identities mate. isn't it confusing?

    2. Spencer the Spineless PorcupineTuesday, April 8, 2014 at 11:09:00 PM EDT


      You should start campaigning to have all the english schools from elementary to university shutdown. From there, all anglos, francos, and allos who wanted an education in english as well as french would leave. It's likely the majority of these don't share your values anyway. Then, you'd have some lovely buildings to convert to franco only institutions. It might take some time to clean up the broken glass and tipped-over cars, but it'll be worth it. Then just wait 20 some years, maybe less, maybe more, and you'll have the ideal population to vote yes for a referendum.

      Better start printing your money in blue, mate.

    3. "wow you have many identities mate. isn't it confusing?"

      Only to insular small minded people!

    4. I was once told by an Ontarian francophobe that I wasn't allowed to identify as both an Acadian and a Canadian. They really didn't understand why that attitude would be very exclusionary.

      "Full inclusion to those who will be exactly like us" would have been their philosophy.

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  27. Replies
    1. So who’s YOUR favourite “Happy” dancer?

      So far, I’m very impressed with this guy (not only is he gorgeous but he’s an awesome dancer to boot!). Still, there are 22½ hours of “Happy” dancers left to choose from. So much fun to have a soundtrack to listen to while reading this blog!

    2. Neko-san,

      My favorite is of course Pharrell Williams on Saturday Night Live, just because I love SNL so much.

    3. Excellent! So much fun. Did you know Pharrell just turned 41?


  28. This man is a Professor Emeritus at UdeM, right? So supposedly his analysis is sound and makes sense? Therefore I think he does not like grapes, because they are certainly sour.

    1. "..... Or, le ministre Lisée disait, en empruntant des termes ‘parizeauistes’, vouloir « brusquer » ou même « braquer » les électeurs. Mais, en démocratie, ce sont eux, les électeurs, qui ont le dernier mot."

      I agree...we got the last word(s), indeed: DE HORS!

    2. What a buffoon! Never before has the PQ attempted so hard to “divide and conquer” and it utterly failed, spectacularly so… hence what’s his answer? “Divide and conquer” some more. Eff off!!! Time for this dinosaur to join the real world or go out to pasture. This option has been rejected categorically.

      Also, it’s awfully boring to still be hearing outdated seppies still talking about their preoccupation with Louisiana. Louisiana is Louisiana. Quebec is Quebec. Not the same. Never was. Never will be. Never the twain shall meet.

    3. Much of the arguments are very specious. He seems to argue that all of the CAQ and QS electorate are sovereigntist and that vote-splitting is to blame for Couillard getting in.

      That's something that can be said for Stephen Harper's wins, when reccorded 2nd choice between Liberal and NDP were overwhelmingly in favour of each other, and Harper had a disaproval rate of upwards of 60%. It's a better description of Marois's numbers than Couillard in this campaign, however.

  29. PKP is coming out with a new book titled .............How I like being pushed around by women....

    1. Priceless! Lol

    2. Is that before or after "How I had to sell my stake in my family company to be a backbencher in a opposition party with no power: The PKP story."?

  30. Any reaction from Herouxville? :)

  31. Hey... so are the PQ and Marios still officially in power UNTIL the Liberals are sworn in like 2 or 3 weeks?

    If she's still premier what kind of powers does she have right now. can she pass laws or do anythuing??

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  36. Replies
    1. @R.S

      You know I love you man...but you got a lot of time on your hands..geessss. Lol luv yaaaaaaaa!

      Ps: enjoyed Happy in Rome, lol...fun to see the places I've visited and will visit again...shortly!

    2. Me too! I fondly remember seeing so many happy people at the Piazza Navona, the Foro Romano, the Fontana di Trevi, San Pietro in Vaticano, the Spanish Steps and obviously, the Colosseo.

      Fortunately, I know what my schedule is and how arrange it. And as you well know, we are not all stuck in Quebec all the time!

      Here’s some more “Happy” from Italia, especially just for you!

      Happy in Milan!

      Happy in Turin!

      Happy in Venice!

      Happy in Florence!

      Happy in Naples!

      Happy in Sicily!

      Catania is Happy too!

      And in Bari!

      It just goes on and on!

      Why do some people in Quebec think sharing this fun stuff (“Anglo-Saxon”, they would call it) around the world is harmful to their “culture”? Everybody else… *ALL* these people… aren’t afraid of their culture disappearing. Quite the opposite, they all enjoy bringing a touch of own their culture to the original, as it should be.

      And by the way, I was I not trying to provide a definitive list! Really, *everybody* in the world has been having fun with this song! So Hungarians, Koreans and everybody else… don’t be inquiète!!!

    3. Lolol...sending love vibe back to you! Thanks for ALL the links. If you want to see some beautiful italian scenery, I suggest ..La Grande Beauté! It is an excellent film, a bit of a drag in terms of the statement it makes on ...Roma di oggi. At least Italians aren't afraid to..take stock..shall we say. But the..landscape, is truly beautiful. Enjoy.

    4. “La Grande Bellezza” is being downloaded as we speak… or so I hear, since doing so might be illegal. ;)
      Have you ever seen “Roma, città aperta” (1945) by Roberto Rossellini? Quite the contrast… times have sure changed!

  37. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsWednesday, April 9, 2014 at 6:01:00 AM EDT

    So I hope we showed our little seppies just how miserable life was under PQ rule.

    For Christ's sake people here are so happy and joyous I feel like I'm watching the end of Return of the Jedi.

    Point is, Student and all other trolls littering this blog - the only people who appreciated the PQ's "work" are white Francophone isolationists. It had no appeal or benefit to anyone else.

    And I recommend you get used to it.

    If the PLQ isn't re-elected in four years, I think you can pretty much count on the CAQ bagging it.

    Over the course of the election, I've read a couple of account from social scientists stating that the PQ is a generational party and therefore it's best-by date is between 35 to 40 years. Guess which year we're in?

    1. "...the only people who appreciated the PQ's "work" are white Francophone isolationists."

      isolationists? dudes who want to partake in world affairs directly? that's heavy non-sense mate.

    2. "dudes who want to partake in world affairs directly?"
      I think you mean want to control relations with world affairs, big difference.

  38. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTWednesday, April 9, 2014 at 6:53:00 AM EDT

    "white Francophone isolationists"

    Just like North Koreans? Or Albania under the Enver Hoxha Regime?

    BTW even the Chinese media were reporting the PQ loss!

    1. "Just like North Koreans? Or Albania..."

      exactly. so silly. how skewed can one's perspective on quebec affairs be mate?!? a bs argument is pushing the limits. a pioneer!

  39. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsWednesday, April 9, 2014 at 8:31:00 AM EDT

    Question to fellow readers;

    The trolls intensified their proliferation of this blog going back two years ago when the signs of a coming PLQ loss appeared imminent.

    We now have four years of guaranteed peace, which also includes a life without divisive, racist bill such as La Charte des Voyous.

    So my question is, why bother indulging the trolls?

    We had our fun since the election was won and no one here can be given flack for going at the trolls, after all, they showed us just how discriminatory and morally repugnant they are for 18 months.

    They showed us what kind of bullying non-whites and non-Francos can expect when they hold power...

    ...now that they've been stripped at that power, should we make an effort to ignore them?

    Pasta la vista, Pauline!

    1. You do need to ignore them.

      Their responses could be implemented by a web posting robot or amazon turk type activity. There doesn;t appear to be any logic.

      Quote one random line from somebody else post. Then they have 10 responses to play at random. signoff with "mate"

    2. I agree that a poor education results in some people resorting to using simple name-calling and such to denigrate one’s opponents. Similarly, we can see on this page that someone seems to think that veering off the subject constitutes “winning” or “losing” an argument. Apparently, this is consistent with the level of education that is being taught at UQAM.

      On the other hand, a proper education results in weathering such nonsense much like water off the duck’s back.

      In other words, there is no reason to indulge the dim-witted, and yet there is no reason to engage them either. That is, unless they manage to demonstrate some sort of warrant for an indulgence, which is unlikely.

    3. R.S,

      You honestly think that R.S, student, Y.L or Mohammed are qualified to enroll at UQAM? UQAM may be bad, but it is still an accredited university, is it not?

    4. A wide range of points of view is good, but we haven't really seen that here. What we've seen are the usual politics - PLQ vs PQ, which might as well be Conservative vs. Liberal in any other province - and vague talk about assimilation and, "dudes who want to partake in world affairs directly..."

      So, Anglos and Allos haven't changed their pov but what we see in Quebec is more and more Francophones becoming federalists, realizing they can partake in world affairs directly as Canadians.

      The separatists who post here seem to still be living in the 60s and have offered nothing new to the discussion.

    5. The seppie trolls are throwbacks.

      Time moved on but they never did.

      Seppie trolls, like Elvis impersonators. They never die, always a couple around for laughs.

  40. Ain't social media grand? When people talk too much, they also reveal too much, lol.

    From the Montreal Gazette: "Analysis: Spotlight turns to the future of sovereignty"

    While mourning, Lisée was tweeting.

    "But Lisée was talking, through a blog post. It was unclear whether he was making amends for the scene on the election night stage when Lisée, who saw his majority melt from 9,000 on 2012 to 1,500 Monday, wrote a “Dear Pauline,” letter. After noting how thankless a task politics can be, Lisée praised her courage and work, noting “you were not rewarded.” “Pauline, voters were hard on you yesterday,” he wrote. “Hard towards our dream of a country to build; hard like a third referendum defeat; hard as another No.”
    He tells Marois she lost because she wanted to give Quebecers the possibility of a choice in case, one day, they wanted to give themselves a country. They did not reciprocate. “Closing and double-bolting the dgoor was more important for a great number of Quebecers then other considerations,” he wrote. “So you see, Pauline, you have nothing to reproach yourself for. But at the heart of things, you stood up, with your convictions.,” he wrote. “Yesterday, my dear Pauline, there were not enough Quebecers who thought like you, who thought like us.”"

    Yes JF, it was all about YOU, YOUR thoughts, YOUR beliefs, YOUR dream.

    It irks me to have to give you advice, ANY advice, but I can't pass up the opportunity to "fix your clock" as they say, cause mannnn, does it need fixing!

    You should definitely quit while you are ahead, but here goes nothing. You haven't quite understood, that when you are given the privilege to serve people who elect you, you are elected TO SERVE. Sorry to break this to you, but you are like...a highly glorified waiter, if you will, with handsome perks and security detail. My point is that, like a waiter, you are there to SERVE the customer, the people who elect you. Therefore it is your job to ensure THEIR needs are looked after, and that THEY are happy. The name of the game is "Anticipation". And when you serve, mastery this skill is key. To anticipate what the electorate wants and needs and ensue he gets it is essential to keep him happy and satisfied. That's how you get to keep your job AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE, at the same time. This is the standard that sets the tone for a politicians Legacy, later on. It is evident, by your tweet above, that you were there to serve yourself. And you still are. So ultimately, you got lucky again that those who actually re-elected you haven't gotten wind of just how SELF-serving you really are...but they will.

    For the time being, you get to serve WITHOUT having the power to make a difference, a real difference anyway. I think a lessons-learnt is in order, but I doubt you care. Maybe the next few years in back-bench oblivion will give you something to think about.

    And btw...this time....you weren't the smartest guy in the room.

    Wound-licking ...thataway ------------->

  41. I had a closer look at the election results and noted this. The CAQ were very close in winning another 5 seats..they lost by 500-1000 votes in each of these ridings to the PQ..Terrebonne, Vachon, St Jean, Sanguinet and Rousseau..generally areas around Montreal.
    On the other had they also won 8 seats by 100-1200 votes..Borduas, Iberville, St Hyacinthe, Chambly, Deux Montagnes, Groulx, Masson and Repentigny against the PQ. So they are becoming a real force in areas which historically voted for the PQ. I think this bodes very well for them for the 2018 election.

    They are becoming a real alternative to the PQ and the Liberals. I know I have not been very flattering towards the Liberals but I simply am going by their performance over the past 40 years which you all have to admit has been pretty dismal. I dont believe its a good idea to reward bad behaviour and to keep doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. Dr.Couillard seems sincere and open but so did Charest in 2003..so I will give him a year to prove me wrong. But I think there is an 80 percent chance that we get more of the same Liberals..more debt, more corruption and little action for anglophones. If this is the case then the CAQ are going to surge in 2018 and possible win that election because Quebecers are going to be completely fed up with Liberals in power for 13 out of the past 15 years..and I suspect they will also be sick and tired of the PQ.

  42. Our liberal guy in the Pontiac got 25,000 votes while the PQ lady received 3,000. That says where we stand on all this BS that the PQ put forward and to separation. Piss off seppies - we have no use for your "country" so take 40 acres of land up in Hooterville and go away! Good riddance.

    1. You know, Quebec City is at least as Liberal as Argenteuil, Papineau, Chapleau, Hull and the Pontiac. Even super-separatist Jonquière and Chicoutimi are pretty much surrounded by Liberal ridings.

      Where can we reliably send our hardcore seppies off to finally leave the rest of us peace? Gaspé???

    2. Agnès Maltais only just barely squeaked in by one percent in her downtown Quebec City Taschereau riding… otherwise, the PQ was completely rejected in the whole Quebec City area. Partitioning off the annoying eternal hardcore seppies is going to be easier said than done.

  43. This election was more about getting rid of the PQ and their neverending seperation/language talk rather than being impressed with the Liberals. The Liberals won by default not because they govern well..which is kind of sad and pathetic.

    Now we will have to hold our noses for another 4 years while the Libs add another 20 billion or so to our already crushing debt..while our infrastrucutre continues to crumble..and yes Bill 101 will remain well in force without one dot on it changed. So lets not cheer too much because as we saw from the Charest Liberals it will be just more of the same..Quebec continues to decline and become marginalized.

    1. complicated,

      So the QLP is bad for you. Fair enough. What is the practical alternative?

  44. The alternative was the CAQ..I have been banging the table on this since 2012. They are the only party talking about tackling seriously the real problems in Quebec and to not talk about constitutional and language issues for 10 years. They are the only party with a leader who has real business experience..not a lifelong bureaucrat..we do not need any more bureaucrats running this province..they just will run it more into the ground.

    A Liberal minority would have been great also as they would have been forced to work with the CAQ and move more to the right. Now the Liberals have a blank cheque for 4.5 years to do whatever the heck they want. We all saw what a mess the Charest government was..many of the same people are in this government. Where the Liberals while rampant corruption was ongoing in this province?? Were they sleeping..were they participating..were they unconcerned about it???? And the 60 billion dollars in debt added over a 9 year period..with the lowest interest rates in history and a pretty strong Canadian economy..how will they have a hope in hell of balancing the budget when interest rates rise in a couple of years and the economy weakens..we do have a housing bubble in Canada for your information which will be a huge drag on the economy over the next several years as it deflates or pops.

    I hear anglos all the time who just dont understand why so many francopone Quebecers are worried about the language and focusing on the language. Yet these same anglos only talk about one thing..the friggin language..how we should repeal Bill 101 and on and on. So honestly I give credit to the francophones for trying to embrace real change by giving the CAQ 22 seats and 23 percent of the vote. The anglos in my opinion are the ones who suffer the most from tunnel vision..who keep doing the same thing decade after decade and then moan and groan about how awful things are here..yet they continue to vote for a party that has proven without a doubt there level of incompetence and immorality and quite frankly their utter disrespect for the anglophone community.

    1. "So honestly I give credit to the francophones for trying to embrace real change by giving the CAQ 22 seats and 23 percent of the vote."
      What are you going on about? The CAQ is for extending Bill 101, so of course Francophones who are concerned about language would vote for them and Anglos who are concerned about the same issue won't vote for them, there is no real change there they just have watered down the terrible aspects of the PQ as their platform. Drop the extending language laws and the charter aspects of the CAQ platform, because extending bill 101, making requirements of small business more strict, giving the OQLF more power and fixing the economy do not go hand in hand, and maybe then they'd get more of a response from minority groups.

    2. Exactly, but complicated just does not get it. I've been saying the same thing to him since day 1 - hard headed and stubborn. Any aspect of Bill 14 or the charter (other than full face coverings) cannot be accepted by the liberals so the CAQ will partner up with the PQ for some aspects of both and hurt our economy more than ever. Why would any anglophone ever support the CAQ as long as they are willing to hurt our communities more than Bill 101 already does?

    3. Hard headed and stubborn are those like you who keep doing the same thing over and over like voting Liberal. It doesnt matter if they clearly show incompetence and immoral behavior and also ignore the anglophone community..all that matters is that they are federalist. They could all be convicted of murder and I bet the anglophone community would still find a reason to vote for them and I am not exaggerating..its that bad.

      It was the CAQ that essentially wiped out Bill 14..the CAQ watered it down so much that there was basically nothing left. So please calm down about the allegations that the CAQ want to strengthen Bill 101. I think they want Bill 101 to stay but so do the Liberals. The Liberals are the ones who brought in the first language laws..do you all honestly believe the Liberals are going to strengthen anglo rights..that battle is over and done with. Bill 101 is here to stay no matter who you vote for.

      Keep in mind that the CAQ was the only reason the PQ did not win a majority government in 2012..if they didnt exist then the PQ would have had 70 seats and we would all be on our way out of this province. So give them some credit..they have been an absolute thorn in the side of the PQ. Legault absolutely blasted Marois in the debate..you really think these two are in cahoots..wake up people.

      4.5 years of Liberals..yoouppi..stick a fork in Quebec..its done..financially at least..

    4. Complicated sure enjoys sucking the joy out of life… I wonder what it is that makes him so miserable.

    5. I am a realist..and you guys are all wearing rose coloured glasses and drinking the Liberal koolaid. Its incredible how naive you all are..yes we are all happy the witch is gone and the PQ lost badly. But think about who is in charge now and what their record has been..thats reality not fantasy..

    6. So it's being a realist that makes you miserable, then?

    7. I'm really starting to think complicated hasn't actually looked into the CAQ's stances on things.

      "It was the CAQ that essentially wiped out Bill 14."
      Nope the PQ let it die so that they had another election campaign tool, the CAQ were the ones that let it get to a second reading.

      "Bill 101 is here to stay no matter who you vote for."
      Indeed it is so it's best to do what can be done and NOT vote for a party that supports adding on to it like the CAQ, sure what they were asking for was less than the PQ, but "they're not as bad as the PQ" isn't a ringing endorsement.

      "So please calm down about the allegations that the CAQ want to strengthen Bill 101."
      Allegations? They stated their stance:
      "We are not against [the bill] in principle, but we have several modifications we'd like to see," CAQ MNA Stéphane Le Bouyonnec told CBC Montreal's Daybreak this morning."

      "Legault said that despite his conditions on the bill, French needs a boost in Quebec. “We must work in French in Montreal,” he said, adding that he agrees with the PQ on the matter of stricter rules for small businesses and more French lessons for immigrants."

      So again the best you can say is they don't go as far as the PQ, but they do support additional laws.

      "all that matters is that they are federalist."
      and they didn't support expanding bill 101, or the charter or screamed bloody murder at the notion that bilingualism might be an asset, and they say they will focus on the economy.

      "But think about who is in charge now and what their record has been"
      A new leader with a new economic team?

      Nothing worse than a realist who is disconnected from reality, cut the PQ lite aspects out of your platform and we'll talk CAQ.

  45. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsWednesday, April 9, 2014 at 12:17:00 PM EDT

    And the separatists seriously wonder why they lost?

    How about this reason [video]: http://bit.ly/ODDjQd

    Marc Laviolette calling Dr. Barette a "fat piece of pork"

    Really goes to show what a petty, hateful, mean-spirited bunch separatists happen to be.

    Truly revolting how their insist on carrying on with the "anyone who doesn't think like us is beneath us" mindset.

  46. http://montreal.ctvnews.ca/postscript-a-good-day-for-quebec-and-canada-1.1766697

    So well said.

  47. I have to admit..albeit not very nice..it is quite ironic to see a doctor in such poor physical shape as Dr.Barette. I mean how can you take someone like him seriously about health matters when you are 200 pounds overweight? Yes I know its not politically correct language but there is truth in my statement.
    Probably the biggest health related problem we have in North America is obesity..at all ages..as a result of poor diet and lack of exercise. If we really want a health care system that works we need to reduce the number of obese people. Otherwise we are going to have an epidemic of diabetes, heart problems and on and on. Obesity is a killer and very expensive to our system.

    1. Maybe Dr. Barrette is an example that one can be fat yet happy and healthy? Not everybody in the world has the body of Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen, y'know.

  48. Hey, for an openly separatist newspaper like Le Devoir, there is an article that I like. I find this comment particularly interesting:

    "Je ne vois pas comment ce parti pourrait abolir (article 1), tout en demeurant le PQ. Comment pourrait-il se reconstituer et redevenir le parti qu’il était, c’est-à-dire un parti dominant, en tablant sur cette plateforme-là ? Donc, on semble dans un cul-de-sac."

    And this is Paragraph 1 of Article 1 of PQ platform:

    Aspirant à la liberté politique, le Parti Québécois a pour objectif premier de réaliser la souveraineté du Québec à la suite d’une consultation de la population par référendum tenu au moment jugé approprié par le gouvernement.