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Montreal Gazette Gets it Wrong on Descriptors.

As you may well know, the Office québécois de la langue française(OQLF) lost rather badly in court over the use of descriptors, the proposed regulation whereby stores with English names would be forced to add French modifiers in order to satisfy the OQLF's desire to lower the English language's 'pollution' of the French linguistic landscape of Quebec.

For those who aren't familiar with the legal term, a declaratory judgment is one that resolves legal uncertainty where the plaintiff is in doubt as to his or her legal rights. The regulation that the OQLF tried to enforce had zero basis in law, the OQLF knew it and the companies that pushed back knew it as well. The judgment surprised nobody, but disappointed many in the French language militancy movement.

So why did the OQLF go where it knew it had no legal right to go?

For every major gaffe that comes to light, like Pastagate or Spoongate, there are hundreds and hundreds of victories over business' that decide that for financial reasons, or out of fear, not to fight, businesses that cave to OQLF pressure even when they are not breaking the law.
It's a cynical plan, one in which the OQLF calculates that the few setbacks it suffers by its ultra-vires action are worth the effort and that intimidating businesses without the force of the law on its side, a paying proposition in the long run.
It's the same rationale that scofflaws use when they exceed the speed limit or park illegally on an ongoing basis with the full understanding that the few times they get caught make the effort a paying proposition.

The real conclusion that the Montreal Gazette should have reached from the story is that the OQLF is an untrustworthy organization, one which enforces its mandate with reckless abandon and cynical disregard for the law and the rights of those they harass.
And so it was more in sadness than in anger that I read the shameful editorial by the Montreal Gazette encouraging the English community to give up in the face of this intimidation, because the issue of descriptors is not a 'big deal' and not 'worth' the fight.
"In a ruling earlier this month, the Office québécois de la langue française was reminded by the province’s Superior Court that the law is the law, and it is not incumbent on the language-watchdog agency to make it up as it goes along.
The ruling by Justice Michel Yergeau was in response to arguments from a group of large retail companies with English corporate names that the Office was overstepping its powers with a campaign to have them add some French generic words to the unilingual-English outdoor signs. The group included such firms as Best Buy, Costco, Gap, Old Navy and Walmart.
The Office was acting on complaints that reflect a growing feeling among many francophones that the proliferation of big-box stores and multinational franchise outlets with English brand names has become detrimental to the predominantly French face that Quebec should be putting forward.
At first, the Office launched a public-relations campaign aimed at persuading the targeted businesses to comply; then it followed up with warnings, threatening sanctions. It was then that the retailers went to court seeking clarification of their rights.
The court correctly noted that under the province’s language law, Bill 101, corporate trademarks are exempt from the rule obliging all commercial signage to be predominately in French. The exemption was written into the original bill when it was passed in 1977, and no government of any stripe has been moved to change it since.
Therefore, as the judge reminded it, the Office should have gone not after the stores, but to the government — to seek a change in the law that would sanction its initiative. There was no evidence that it did so, at least not while the former Marois government was in power, for nothing concerning trademarks was included in the former government’s Bill 14, an act to amend Bill 101 that it ultimately shelved (and then later promised to revive if elected April 7).
The retailers have a point, in that they are known the world over by their famous corporate names. On the other hand, they do protest a bit much with their claim that adding a generic French term that describes what they are selling would dilute the force of their brands.
Some have done so voluntarily with no evidence that it has hurt their business. Examples include Second Cup coffee shops in the province that have added a discreet “les cafés” to their logo, with the trademark otherwise predominant, or the New Look eyewear chain that has added “lunetterie” to their store signs. Some chains have gone so far as to translate their names entirely, such as Chalet Suisse restaurants, which are Swiss Chalets elsewhere, and Village des Valeurs stores, which are Value Village shops outside the province.
It is hard to see what harm it would do to the holdouts to follow suit, especially as the former Charest government had offered to help underwrite the cost of amending signage to add French generics. It would surely be the courteous thing to do in Quebec, and it would help relieve growing tensions in Quebec on the language front — which in turn might help prevent frustrations from being taken out on language issues that would directly harm the English-speaking community, notably with respect to recognition of municipalities’ bilingual status.
This is one language measure where anglophones should comfortably stand in unity with the Office, and help persuade these large mostly U.S.-controlled retailers that they should show a little more market sensitivity.
This editorial could have been written by someone suffering from 'battered person syndrome,' where after years of physical and mental abuse, the abused believes that he or she is indeed the guilty party and that he or she well deserved the punishment meted out by the abuser.

Battered person syndrome is highlighted by the following beliefs and attitudes;
  • The abused thinks that the violence was his or her fault.
  • The abused has an inability to place the responsibility for the violence elsewhere.
  • The abused fears for their life and/or the lives of their children
  • The abused has an irrational belief that the abuser is omnipresent and omniscient. Link
Yup, that pretty much sums up the Montreal Gazette editorial.
  • The Gazette thinks that having an English name is shameful and dirty.
  • The Gazette thinks that it isn't the OQLF that is at fault, but the English name holders
  • The Gazette fears that the OQLF will punish us if we don't give in.
  • The Gazette fears that the OQLF is omnipresent and omniscient.
 Let's deconstruct the editorial and hold the Gazette accountable for what it is peddling.

"a growing feeling among many francophones"
I defy the Gazette to provide statistics proving that this is true.
The simple truth is that the issue is contrived, whipped up by sovereigntist language militants and the OQLF to stir up linguistic trouble. The only  'growing feeling'  is the one at the OQLF, Société Saint-Jean Baptiste and Imperatif-francais, There isn't a poll or a survey that indicates that this assertion is true and I'll bet dollars to doughnut that the majority of francophones, if asked, would consider descriptors a non-issue.
I can't say for certain that I'm right, but then neither can the Gazette say that it is right.

Even if it were true, is that a reason to cave in?
Who can deny that there's "a growing feeling among many francophones" that the burgeoning Muslim community is a threat and that they should be controlled. Will the Gazette write an editorial supporting that?

At first, the Office launched a public-relations campaign 
The Gazette editorial makes it seem as if the OQLF was acting in a conciliatory fashion, which it wasn't. The campaign was an illegal fantasy, a softening up effort, meant to get companies used to the idea of descriptors.
It's no different than a bully who spends all week reminding those in the schoolyard to prepare to pay protection money next week.
Politeness doesn't change anything. 

"The exemption was written into the original bill...and no government of any stripe has been moved to change it since. Therefore, as the judge reminded it, the Office should have gone not after the stores, but to the government — to seek a change in the law that would sanction its initiative."
Back in 1977, the original framer of Bill 101 was the rabidly anti-English Camille Laurin, who included clause after clause of clearly unconstitutional regulations, all of which were thrown out by the Supreme Court. He actually admitted to Réne Levesque that he did so on purpose, hopeful that when the Supreme Court ruled against those clauses, the political humiliation would propel Quebec towards sovereignty.

So why he didn't include a clause demanding descriptors wasn't a case of benevolence, it was probably because he didn't think of it. At the time there were but a handful of stores with English names, the most important being Canadian Tire. Both Eaton's and Steinberg's had already dropped the apostrophe " 's " from their respective names and American retailers hadn't yet decamped.

But when later governments looked at the 'problem' of English store names, as more 'foreign' retailers joined the Quebec market, they were probably given legal advice that they couldn't change the law because of NAFTA, the trade agreement with the United States that forbade such a practice.
Article 1708: Trademarks Link
10. No Party may encumber the use of a trademark in commerce by special requirements, such as a use that reduces the trademark's function as an indication of source or a use with another trademark.
By the way, had the government changed the law introducing descriptors and had the court ruled in favour of those descriptors, a complaint could very easily have been launched by any company affected under NAFTA rules. Governments may enact laws that contravene NAFTA, but they can be sued under the terms of the agreement.
This has happened before and it can be expensive. In 2010 a NAFTA arbitration panel ruled that Newfoundland had violated the NAFTA agreement in  expropriating of the assets AbitibiBowater and it cost the government $130 million dollars in compensation. Link
NAFTA's provisions allow foreign companies to file claims when their investments are adversely affected because of government action that contravenes the agreement, be it regulation, legislation or expropriation.

At any rate, the PQ government under Lucien Bouchard did consider changing the law in 2000 and sought advice from the Conseil supérieur de la langue française, a pro-French language body formed by the government to advise it on language matters.
Judge Michel Yergeau, who ruled against the OQLF in the anti-descriptor judgment, actually quoted from that report, in which the Conseil argued AGAINST adding descriptors for legal reasons.
The Conseil concluded that international law precluded the imposition of descriptors.  Read the Judgment in French

 ...their claim that adding a generic French term that describes what they are selling would dilute the force of their brands
I've never heard any company make any such claim.
In fact the eight companies involved in the litigation have refused to discuss the matter and have placed a complete news blackout and embargo on the subject.
I'm sure the Gazette begged every single one of these companies for an interview or statement, but to no avail and to put words into these companies mouth is to impugn their motives.

I somehow suspect that the answer is a lot simpler. The companies don't want to add descriptors because the law doesn't provide for it and they like their trademarks just the way they are.

 Some have done so voluntarily with no evidence that it has hurt their business
Because some companies make the business decision to change their name, does it mean that everyone has to?
Some women object to changing their name when they marry, some don't. (In fact, in Quebec, you must actually keep your maiden name.)
But because some women choose to take their husband's name without ill effect, does it mean that those who choose to remain faithful to their maiden name are somehow disrespectful and wrong?

Is it any argument to tell women that they should be obligated to change their name, because they won't suffer any prejudice and so should do so out of respect to their husband?

surely be the courteous thing to do
Hmmm...  Opening the door for someone, giving up your seat on the Metro, allowing someone to take the last piece of pie, these are courteous things to do.
Changing your name because someone else is offended because it is English, is not a courteous thing to do, it is sadly indulgent.

comfortably stand in unity with the Office
The office québécois de la langue française is an enemy of Quebec Anglos and ethnics, something that should be manifestly clear to an English newspaper like the Gazette.
The Oh-feece has used as standard operating procedures, intimidation and threats. It has enforced rules that don't exist and terrorized merchants by marching in their places of business like storm troopers. There is nothing under the sun that the Oh-feece can do that Anglos should support, except should it ever announce its demise.
To make common cause with your abuser is as sad as a battered woman defending her abusive husband.
It's pathetic.

mostly U.S.-controlled retailers
Another sad and pathetic argument made by the Gazette, is intimating that since it would mostly be American-owned stores that would suffer, we should somehow let it go.

might help prevent frustrations
I have three grandchildren who I adore and by whom I readily admit to spoiling as much as I can.
I feed them too many sweets, let them stay up past their bedtime and let them play on their IPads much too long. I know I shouldn't, but invoke the grandparents version of the 'notwithstanding clause.'

But kids will be kids, they ask for the moon and always want more...just one more chocolate.. another hour before bed, just one more video game.

And so there comes a line I daren't cross.
They can't eat sweets to the exclusion of all else, they can't stay up forever and there comes a time when I have to forcibly remove the IPad from the vise-like grip they maintain on their precious screen.
My four-year old grandson is quite the negotiator and can perfectly justify why that fourth cookie is not only fair, but reasonable and failing a positive response sometimes (not often) resorts to a tantrum or the dreaded waterworks option.
Alas I admire his efforts, but try to remain stoic and firm. There's a limit to indulgence that good parents and grandparents must abide by, even in the face of such pressure. (believe me, it's hard to say no!)
And so I understand why the Montreal Gazette would want to indulge French language militants over their demand that stores in Quebec add descriptors, but it is a case of bad parenting, allowing good intentions to be manipulated beyond what is normal and healthy.
We've all witnessed those parents who give into their children, no matter what, and it usually makes us cringe when we witness such a public humiliation.

Such is the Montreal Gazette, an indulgent parent to a fault.
Just because the separatist language militants want a fourth cookie, doesn't mean we should give in.
Language militants are fanatics, nothing will satisfy them until the last Anglo quits Quebec. If the Gazette thinks that giving in on descriptors will be the end of the battle, they should read on.

This from Imperatif-francais website;
"In Gatineau, several angry citizens held protests against the offensive and polluting name; "Bulk Barn", which attacks Quebec's cultural environment.
Bulk Barn," a name that doesn't fit in with our Quebec character! Just seeing and saying the name "Bulk Barn" and looking at the company colours, one can understand that it has a rather anglicized profile...
...This visual pollution is spreading all over Quebec Link

Readers will note that the sign is complete with a descriptor, even if the law says it doesn't need one, but for radicals, that Maple Leaf, perhaps more than the name itself, is just unbearable.

Radical groups like IM, are hysterical in their denunciation of Canada and complain about just about everything, including chastising companies for having the audacity to defend their rights before the courts.
Jean-Paul Perreault, president of this language-defence group slammed those contesting 'descriptors,' urging shoppers to boycott stores which he claimed “lead a costly and merciless legal battle against Quebecers”.

Over at the Société Saint-Jean Baptiste website, they are expressing outrage that certain members of the Liberal party took the oath of office in English.
"April 17, 2014, several members of the PLQ took the oath of office in English at the National Assembly. Liberals do not seem to understand the distinction between individual and institutional bilingualism.

Knowledge of several languages ​​is a personal enrichment. But the English-French bilingualism in public institutions creates a divide that hinders integration
. Link
This is the type of people and organizations that the Gazette thinks they can satisfy by giving in on descriptors. Sorry...it ain't gonna happen!

Now back when the descriptor controversy first hit the media, the SSJB defended their use as something normal and acceptable and in common use all over the world.
"If you're in Norway, it is normal to display in Norwegian, likewise in Japan. Why would it be different here? Because we are only eight million? "Asks Mr. Rousseau. Link
Toy R Us in Norway (above) and in Japan (below.)
Not one mainstream media outlet challenged the SSJB on the facts, which were false and easily verifiable.
I'm proud to say that I wrote a post that completely destroyed that fantasy, taking readers on a visual tour of the world, where the exact opposite of what the SSJB contended was true.
Read that post: OQLF Demands Descriptors, the World Laughs 

I sent that post to all the media outlets, both English and French, as well as the SSJB and Imperatif-francais. I received nary a response.

But from that day on, neither separatist/lobby group ever repeated the lie that the rest of the world uses descriptors.

When the Gazette editorial board climbs down from its ivory tower, they might realize that giving in to these language fanatics over descriptors will never buy any peace.
I'll bet if these zealots had their way, the Gazette would be forced to publish its advertisements in French only.  I'll bet some of them will argue that the Gazette shouldn't be allowed to publish in English at all or should be sold from under the counter, so as not to despoil the linguistic atmosphere.
As for normal francophone Quebecers being all steamed up over English names, don't believe a word of it. 
'William' is the most popular name among francophone new born babies. Yup, William, not its French equivalent of 'Guillaume.'
There were 823 babies named 'William' born last year, while only four were named 'Gilles' and eight 'Guys'
It's funny how facts on the ground don't match up with separatist hype. The SSJB tells us that Quebecers hate our monarchy and want nothing to do with royals, yet the most popular name remains William.
In Quebec lat year, 625 babies were named 'Lea' and only four were named 'Josée'. 

In fact, it seems that Quebecers are obsessed with Jewish biblical names for boys, including Nathan, Samuel,  Jacob and Gabriel, all in the top ten. Link
Go figure.

Lastly readers, to the editorial board of the Gazette, a question.
Why doesn't the Montreal Gazette put its money where its mouth is and also adopt a descriptor, after all, everything they say in the editorial applies to itself. Even though it isn't the law, isn't the name of the newspaper as big an affront as is Canadian Tire to the French linguistic atmosphere of Quebec?

Further reading:
OQLF Sign Directive Not Necessarily Legal 
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  1. Fantastic analysis. Thank you for this.

  2. Just in passing, two more retail outlets without descriptors that are the pride and joy of Québecor and PKP ...
    Le Superclub Videotron and Archambeault.

  3. Isn't "superclub" considered an English word.

  4. The letters to the editor following this story were shocking too. One included the paragraph link

    "Opponents of the Gazette editorial raise the issue of “logo protection” and of “anglo rights protection.” However, take a look at the excellent example offered in the Gazette editorial: that of “Les Cafés Second Cup.” The logo and brand of Second Cup are in no way diminished by the two French words (in smaller script) that are added before the usual name and logo. In fact, the Second Cup brand is enhanced by this measure because it confirms to the world that Second Cup is run by reasonable and classy people who are sensitive to the legitimate concerns of a very large segment of the Quebec population."

    How quickly people forget that they added the descriptor to give in to the terrorist French Self-Defence Brigade who were bombing their stores link.

    The Oqlf continued the terrorists' work. The only thing that changed was swapping costly legal battles for bombs.

  5. "In fact, it seems that Quebecers are obsessed with Jewish biblical names for boys, including Nathan, Samuel, Jacob and Gabriel, all in the top ten. Go figure."

    Maybe a few comments to help you figuring this out.

    In Québec, there is something about the name Samuel : Samuel de Champlain is the founder of Nouvelle-France. Some names among the ten 2013 boy's name have a special connection to Québec : Samuel (Samuel de Champlain), Alexis (Alexis le Trotteur) and Félix (Félix Leclerc).

    Christians being essentially jews who believe that Jesus Christ is the awaited messiah, Jews and christians share a common tradition. Hebrew names are also christian biblical names. This is something you of course already knew.

    My first name, Michel, is also hebrew, it is the name of angel Michel, it is hebrew and it is also christian which might explain the popularity of the name Miguel in the quite catholic latin america.

    Nathan and Gabriel also among the top 20 2013 boy's name in France, along with Raphaël, Noah and Adam. This obsession with biblical names doesn't seem exclusive to Québec.

    We don't mind business english names since we give biblical names to our children? The argument seems a little farfetched...

    1. M. Patrice,

      I believe that you misunderstood the Editor's point of children's name. His point is that more and more Quebec parents (presumably majority of them are francophones) name their children with English version of a name, when the French version is available. The evidence is the naming of William instead of Gillaume and Jacob instead of Jacques.

      However, to be fair, I think the Editor is somewhat wrong on the names of Nathan(ael), Samuel and Gabriel. Those names are the same in English as in French. Nobody can conclude whether they are of one language or the other. As of your name, your parents clearly gave you the French version, Michel, instead of the English version, Michael.

    2. The argument is really that Quebec is quite similar to other places, as you point out.

    3. I did not get the relation between Gilles, Guy and Guillaume and William... I just got it now.

      My point was about the biblical names part that the Editor could not figure.

    4. This is one of the Editor's best recent posts. It's interesting that out of everything the Editor wrote about descriptors, a regular reader and dedicated sovereignist like M. Patrice could only refute two or three lines about Jewish/Christian names for Francophone children.

    5. @Troy

      You forgot the name Kevin, perhaps not biblical, lots of French kids sport this name.

    6. The worst is the unique-to-Quebec name "Steeve"... that's neither English nor French, nor anything but awful... I feel sad for the poor guys whose parents stuck them with a dumb name like that.

    7. I once worked with a Steeve and when I suggested he had an extra 'e' in his name and it was misspelled, he took out his driver's permit. I have to admit, I was rather surprised, not to mention, felt sorry for him.

    8. @the cat

      "...the unique-to-Quebec name "Steeve"..."

      false again. http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steeve

      i admit it's a crappy name though. i wouldn't be suprised if un gars bs de frankfort was named steeve, or kevin.

    9. Oh my, that awful misspelled name also exists in France and other former French colonies besides Quebec (such as Martinique, Mauritius, Tahiti, Cameroon and Burkina Faso). Thank goodness the blog police fact-checked that critically-important piece of information!

    10. @ student ......what are you going to name your children ? Jean Guy ? Mario ?.....or you not going to have any .....

    11. @the cat

      you seem to have developed an aversion for facts mate. watch it. you should thank me instead of resorting to clumsy sarcasm. after all you were gratuitously quebec bashing, you had to be reined in don't you agree?

    12. You regularly gratuitously use the term “Quebec-bashing” for any perceived slight whatsoever. Of course I don’t agree with your abuse of this term.

      I believe it is you who is “Quebec-bashing” with your over-sensitive reactions to everything, as if we Quebecers weren’t made of sturdier stuff. Better watch it, mate. You make Quebecers sound like Nervous Nellies. Very bad comment, mate. Try to step it up and do better in future.

    13. @the cat

      "You regularly gratuitously use the term “Quebec-bashing” for any perceived slight whatsoever."

      sorry mate. you underestimate your readership. it is obvious that you saw an opportunity to associate a stupid name with quebec french canadians. and only this nation, even though it was the easiest thing ever to check on the internet. easy as in type steeve in google and click on the first link. so your chosen wording "unique-to-quebec", in this context, is therefore quebec bashing, whether you like it or not. but my guess is you like it as you've been doing it for years on a regular basis.

      "it is you who is “Quebec-bashing” with your over-sensitive reactions to everything, as if we Quebecers weren’t made of sturdier stuff"

      don't worry i'll sleep well tonight. but what can i do busting invalid arguments is a hobby. it amuses me and i think it's also useful to the betterment of society. i don't think my behaviour fits the generally accepted definition of quebec bashing.

      and of course i'll try to do better in the future. i always do.

    14. @Student

      I have noticed a steep decline in the quality of your posts since your first joined us.
      Therefore, your idea of “always doing better in the future” must be different from everybody else’s definition of this concept. Still, it’s always amusing to bust your very bad arguments (although it’s rarely worthwhile, thus not always done).

      Why do you never comment about the substance of the Editor’s posts?
      Why do you exclusively choose to nitpick over inconsequential comment details?
      Could it be that you have nothing of substance to offer?
      Could it be that agree with everything the Editor posts and feel powerless to counter his arguments?
      Your pedantic arguments only boost this blog’s activity stats (something which Michel Patrice would surely drool over with regards to his blog).

      I noticed that you didn’t bother defining what you choose to refer to as “the accepted definition of Quebec-bashing”.
      Meanwhile, you make Quebecers looks foolish, which is a form of “Quebec-bashing” in itself.

      Don’t you agree that you are a “Quebec-basher”, mate?

    15. Cat: Fatal error #1: Ignore the trolls!

      My weigh-in to this topic of conversation: The Gazette, since Conrad Black sold it, has been nothing but a Quisling. Shame on the Asper Family for that since they go for the bucks as opposed to effectively serving their readers. It's bad enough that Anglophone MNAs in the PLQ are/were nothing but yes-men and yes-women serving their master, the premier, as opposed to those who voted them into office in the first place.

      For Anglophones, there has been absolutely no honour in the National Assembly for the last 25 years, since Clifford Lincoln, Richard French and Herbert Marx resigned their offices and cabinet posts over the abuse of people whose mother tongue is not French.

      Quislings of the past include John Ciaccia, Christos Sirros, Lawrence Bergman and Yolande James. Current ones include the queen bee of Quislings, Kathleen Weil (we should revile Weil), the longest serving career Quisling, Geoffrey Kelley, and I'm sure the new fellow in the D'Arcy McGee constituency will fall into place once he's whipped by Dr. Couillard.

    16. Actually, I must correct myself. Equality was the one-election wonder of 1989, where minorities were truly represented, but even then Richard Holden went completely off his nut, Gord Atkinson was too old to go the distance (but his heart was in the right place), Robert Libman went amuck and the only stalwart in the group was Keith Henderson.

      Equality 2.0 very quickly derailed, and so now there are new Quislings to take over the old.

      Quebec is a loser state!

    17. I must say it is very amusing that I am increasingly being taken as a francophone when I introduce myself ;)

      Although very few francophones are quite certain how to spell my name


    18. @the cat

      "I have noticed a steep decline in the quality of your posts since your first joined us."

      can you please provide an example of a higher quality post from me? this way i'll know what you mean and it will be easier for me to try and improve myself. or was this just another random invective without any real factual basis?

      "Why do you never comment about the substance of the Editor’s posts?"

      which part of the editor's argument to you think is weak and needs a treatment? why don't you reply yourself if you think some of his post deserves a setback?

      "Your (...) arguments only boost this blog’s activity stats..."

      this is great isn't it mate? you make it sound like if it were a bad thing...

      "I noticed that you didn’t bother defining what you choose to refer to as “the accepted definition of Quebec-bashing”.

      oh! sorry, here it is: defamatory anti-Quebec coverage in the English-language media. you claiming a stupid looking name is unique to quebec, when it's not, is quebec bashing. i admit it's light quebec bashing. you are not the worst mate.

      "Don’t you agree that you are a “Quebec-basher”, mate?"

      no i don't. i had already answered that mate.

    19. I have to agree with student on this one Cat, I don't think her posts were of higher quality previously. I think she's been posting consistently low quality crap from the outset.
      You are, however, correct in that I've never seen her take issue with anything the Editor has posted which would certainly indicate a general agreement with what he writes. Either that or she's just afraid to challenge him. Actually, that''s the same modus operandi as the rest of the seppie trolls: buzz around and try to provoke other posters.

    20. @diogenes

      "I have to agree with student on this one Cat..."

      thanks mate i appreciate.

  6. Mr. Berlach,

    Would you send this piece to The Gazette itself to refute to their editorial? It is an excellent counterpoint, I would think.

    1. +1

      if you've already done so, please do it again, emphasizing the comment section.

      Also this is one of your posts, if ever there were one, that could use a polished French translation.

    2. @apparatchik

      well mate since then both cutie003 and montreal ville état posted hateful comments. i wouldn't "emphasize" the comment section if i were you. you risk that many readers misinterpret freak opinions as the anglo norm. i mean you have dudes here praising the drunk city councillor who wishes to "eradicate" separatists like if they were insects. pure hate speech. you want to avoid this shit to spread. remember radio mille collines?

    3. You've become schizophrenic pinstripes, you believe your own lies and that's not a good sign.

      The ethnic minorities of this province are still waiting for an apology from the PQ for the hate, division and racism they spread during the campaigning and promoting of Bill 60, the charter of no values, throughout their 18 months of shear terror. A bill which encouraged overt abuse and mistreatment of Muslim women specifically, who were harassed and spit on by STM francophone passengers. Our community has been subjected to immeasurable damage and humiliation because of the charter of no values, and no one has said they are sorry. When can we expect this apology? We are owed that much, ...which is very little consolation, but the PQ must be held accountable for the spreading the loathing of ethnics, and for encouraging and allowing bigotry from the moment they introduced that contemptible document. After all, Mr. Searle was made to apologize for his missteps, and so should they considering, (most will agree), bill 60, the charter of no values was 'The Mother' of all missteps!

    4. @montreal ville état

      "you believe your own lies..."

      this is contradictory. how can it be a lie if i believe in it? or maybe you don't know what a lie is? or maybe you don't know what believing means? eiher one of these hypothesis could be the key that sets you free from your misery mate.

    5. Exhibit A!

      I love it when I'm right. Lol

    6. StudentLogic™: “I believe the Earth is flat. Therefore, this cannot be a lie.”

    7. @the cat

      exactly. it's false, but it's not a lie. when you wrote that steeve was a quebec-only thing, was it a lie? of course it wasn't as you're a honest dude. but it was false. if you believe in what your claim, it's not a lie. can you handle this nuance the cat or are you rough like montreal ville état?

    8. Montréal ville état is rough cause she tells the truth bout your broke-ass brand, and you can't stand it! Lolololol. And all the more incentive to keep disclosing the truth! Lol

    9. @montreal ville état

      sure. but do you understand now the difference between believing in a falsity and lying? or are you too rough?

    10. The ethnic community of this province wants to know when your loser seppie friends will provide an apology, á la Searle for the introduction of bill 60? Which caused them much hurt and pain. That's what we all want to know. When will the PQ provide it? If they don't, it will be confirmation that this province treats it's ethnics like 2nd class citizens. If French Canadians are worthy of an apology over what Searle expressed, the ethnic community, specifically Muslim women are worthy of an apology by the PQ over the great damage perpetrated by bill60. Fair is Fair.

    11. Student said: “how can it be a lie if i believe in it?” Yet now student is attempting to introduce the concept of falseness into the concept of lying. Student sounds like a rabbinical scholar who is more interested in the granularity of data than in discussing the over-arching concepts. Tell us, Student, how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

      You don’t know whether or not I’m an honest guy. That is an assumption on your part. Very bad comment, mate. No one here mistakes you for being an honest guy, I can tell you that.

      I wish you would explain your fascination in trying to divert attention away from the Editor’s posts.

      Are you scared or merely afraid?
      Can you handle this nuance, Student?
      Both options are rough.

    12. "No one here..."... see what I did there?
      Are you beginning to understand the mistakes in your very bad commenting style, Student?

      It’s time for you to start commenting about the Editor’s posts instead of nitpicking comments. At least that would give you some measure of credibility…

      Think about it. Instead of your usual “Quebec-bashing”, you could be doing something useful!

    13. MVÉ: In reference to your comment of 8:47PM last night, the apology you seek will come when your grandchildren's great grandchildren scan the skies and see a pig that flies, i.e., NEV-VER!

      Cat: Unless you're a troll yourself, don't address student or any other trolls, puh-leeze! You're just providing them with the wall they need to bounce their ball!

    14. @the cat

      ""No one here..."... see what I did there?

      no i don't.

      "Are you beginning to understand the mistakes in your very bad commenting style, Student?"

      nope. what mistakes?

      "It’s time for you to start commenting about the Editor’s posts..."

      what part of the editor's post do you think is weak and needs to be addressed by me? why don't you do it? you think i'm better than you?

    15. @montréal ville état

      "The ethnic community of this province wants to know when your loser seppie friends will provide an apology..."

      i asked all these guys if they requested an apology from the pq http://etreensemble.org/

      they said no.

      but then i asked your charia macho mates and they said yes.

      so... well, i trust djemila benhabib and evelyne abitbol more. don't you?

    16. "MVÉ: In reference to your comment of 8:47PM last night, the apology you seek will come when your grandchildren's great grandchildren scan the skies and see a pig that flies, i.e., NEV-VER!"

      You are probably correct, my point is quebec ethnics deserve an apology and let's admit they do. They expect people to admit as much, starting with our Mayor, who made Searle apologize for expressing intolerance. Bill 60 went further than expressing intolerance, it made intolerance acceptable for a while. Don't be surprised if groups within the ethnic community of Quebec, and Muslim women in Montreal specifically band together and sue the PQ for irreparable damages and they would certainly have grounds. Suggesting, therefore, that the PQ do the honorable thing and apologize is the very least they can do.

      The hurt from racism and bigotry that the ethnic community, Muslim women especially, felt over the introduction of that charter isn't less deep than the hurt that French Canadians felt over Searle's comments. If we are objective and believe all citizens in our society are equal, not even allowing for the possibility that the PQ apologize suggests that one group is more valuable than the other.

      The PQ should apologize it is the honorable thing to do, and those in power should encourage the PQ to do so, without the ethnic community demanding an apology. Otherwise the guilty party shouldn't be surprised if their sad asses are dragged into court by some veiled women who may be discussing just that.

    17. @montreal ville état

      "The PQ should apologize (...) without the ethnic community demanding an apology."

      wouldn't it be absurd to apologize when no apology is called for?

    18. @montreal ville état

      here is another question for you.

      the liberals now want to rein in hassidim and other religious schools and cut their public financing if they don't teach mathematics and geography. of course some imbecile will use this to let fly his antisemitism and tackle a jew in the bus, just like it has happened in the case of the secularity charter.. when this happens, will bolduc and couillard have to apologize themselves to all jews, or should it be the antisemitic imbecile that apologizes? in other words, are you at least coherent in your rantage or, closer to what i assume, are you not?

    19. What the f...are you blabbering about again pinstripes? Are you high? I know it is 'business as usual' for you to spout idiocies, but now you're just outdoing yourself. Stick to the subject at hand.

      The PQ owe the ethnic community an Apology for introducing a reckless and irresponsible bill such as bill 60. The damage that Muslim women specifically, suffered while that odious bill was being promoted by the seppie government was substantial, putting race relations, in this province, back 10 yrs min. Have you ever been yelled at for no bloody reason and spit on while riding the STM? Not to mention, told outright you would lose your job, all because you wear a veil? I doubt it, so shut your yap, you're polluting the blog again with your stupid nonsense.

      The PQ owe all ethnics and, especially veiled women throughout quebec, an official Apology. This is not up for discussion or negotiation.

      And....I AM OFFICIALLY REQUESTING THAT APOLOGY due Them by the PQ. The hurt and pain they were subjected to is not less significant than the supposed hurt some felt over Searle's comments.

      Consider yourselves NOTIFIED seppies. Let's see if you have the backbone, and courage, to admit you screwed up big time and do the honorable thing, THIS ONE TIME, for once in your Lives.

    20. @montreal ville état

      here is another question for you.

      the liberals now want to rein in hassidim and other religious schools and cut their public financing if they don't teach mathematics and geography. of course some imbecile will use this to let fly his antisemitism and tackle a jew in the bus, just like it has happened in the case of the secularity charter.. when this happens, will bolduc and couillard have to apologize themselves to all jews, or should it be the antisemitic imbecile that apologizes? in other words, are you at least coherent in your rantage or, closer to what i assume, are you not?

  7. "The office québécois de la langue française is an enemy of Quebec Anglos and ethnics..." which is the ral tragedy here, as the Gazette and the Canadian companies have shown, they are different than the American companies.

    If Quebec Francophones were ever to realize that Quebec Anglos and the ROC are their allies and not their enemies things would be a lot better for everyone. And maybe that is happening.

    Because we all know the American businesses will never back down.

    1. The majority of francophones do realize this. Why do you think separation is dead?

  8. On reading the Gazette's editorial, the term "quisling" immediately came to mind, but I do like your battered person syndrome analogy. The Gazette's suggestion that adding descriptors would be the "courteous" thing to do is positively laughable. The "courteous" thing would be for the government to get out of people's lives and let them speak any language they want, but obviously that's not happening.

    1. Diogenes: I only read this after posting my comments above. I guess great minds think alike.

    2. "The "courteous" thing would be for the government to get out of people's lives and let them speak any language they want..."

      it already does mate. you can speak whatever language you want. no limit whatsoever, apart from the importance you give to being understood by your neighbour.

  9. Off topic but we FINALLY have an Education Minister that is interested in providing the best for the STUDENTS and not the language crazies that live here! Way to go! Now, let's get those kids to graduate and contribute to our society rather than being bums like "student" and "SR"!. Maybe, just maybe, we are going to finally get our priorities correct in this province that is, and will remain, a part of Canada no matter what the 35% mentally deficient separatist population wants.

    1. http://globalnews.ca/news/1296777/education-minister-wants-more-english-in-schools/

  10. Hahahha Mario Beaulieu as the head of the Bloc would be perfect, what a perfect way to finally kill that party.


  11. The Montreal Gazette editorial board are lightweights.

    Peddling francophone logic to anglophones is the role of the Gazette nowadays.

    The gazette got hollowed out from the inside by hiring francophone employee's and promoting Liberals over the years.

    The businesses that won the legal battle should stop advertising in the Gazette.

    The gazette is written in english but it's not written by an anglophone. It's writers think like the colonized.


    2. I have to agree, The gazette will tow the line every chance it gets trying to present all points of view. This is commendable and to be encouraged if ALL Media in the province were doing the same thing, and being objective about issues, but this is clearly NOT the case, especially when it comes to the French media. The Gazette being the only English Montreal and greater Montreal daily had no business pandering to the language ayatollahs, ...we can do without such political posturing.

      Anyone catch the name of who wrote the Editorial? (Dig deep you'll find it's a Tremblay, or Belanger).

    3. @montréal ville état

      "Dig deep you'll find it's a Tremblay, or Belanger."


    4. In common with newpapers editorials around the world, Gazoo editorials are written by an editorial board rather than by any one individual. The current Editor-in-chief of The Gazette is Lucinda Chodan, the Managing Editor is Catherine Wallace, the Deputy Managing Editor is Asmaa Malik and the Associate Managing Editor is Ross Teague. Other section editors are Michelle Richardson, Basem Boshra, Evangeline Sadler, Stu Cowan, Lynn Moore, Marcos Townsend and June Thompson. No Tremblays or Bélangers to see seen.

    5. @the cat

      "No Tremblays or Bélangers to see seen."

      exactly. therefore montreal ville état is a paranoid freak.

      thanks for the fact checking mate.

    6. Projecting your condition on others?

      Exhibit B!

      (Pssssstttt...your roke-ass brand... Still broke-ass, lol)


    7. err no. the nut making up tremblays on the gazette editorial board is you mate.

    8. @Cat

      Don't mean to contradict, but the info you disclosed is hardly what I meant by digging deep, especially if you consider it is readily available, easily looked up. There are a lot more individuals behind the effort, we don't see and don't know, and I cannot disclose how I know this, but you'd be surprised how many are unnamed and exercise a great deal of influence over at out English Daily. The fact that there is no..one author for the shear nature of Editorials, ..means no one can be fingered directly, convenient no?

    9. @montreal ville état

      "and I cannot disclose how I know this..."

      haha. of course you can. you're anonymous!! don't you remember montreal ville état is not your real name? dude tell us more about the gazette separatist conspiracy. for once you have an opportunity to reveal something that will benefit the anglo community and further the anglo rights cause. will you pass on this? coward. or are you just trying to lie your way out of the pit?

    10. You're totally freaked out! I think Cat is right, you're so high strung and so desperate to appear credible, you're totally freaking out, and you've totally lost it. Again, I agree with Cat, you do make French Canadians look like complete wusses. A good thing the locals know better, but the visitors? Lol
      Way too funny!

    11. @cebeuq
      You don't know what you're talking about.

    12. Look at the idiots at the Gazette today.

      Front page article is about a library that doesn;t have more then 5 English books in it.

      Here's a big FYI for the Gazette.

      We don;t give a fuck about francophone libraries preserving francophone culture.

      We already get enough of that propaganda all day long.

      ALong with rewriting our history books francophones are determined to destroy and erase all culture except their own. In the case of the Gazeete it's taken over frmo the inside.

      More feel good pieces on Francphones until the gazette is actually admonishing anglophones for not sucking up to francophones.

      Slowly destrpying all parts of anglophones and immigrants in the provice as usual.

      Kevin get your silly little red square ready for this summer. Your people need you.

    13. cebeuq : Drunk Jeremy Searle needs your support

    14. @montreal ville état

      why do you refuse to do a good deed for the anglo rights cause and disclose what you know about the tremblays within the gazette editorial board?

    15. @cebeuq
      Again, you don't know what you are talking about.
      About half of the audience for anglophone media in Montreal are native French speakers. So, yeah, the Gazette and CTV and CJAD are occasionally going to have pieces about items that audience cares about.

      If you want to live in an anglophone ghetto, just shut yourself up in your house and don't come outside.

      PS Like the majority of Quebecers I opposed the red square movement. So how about you stop projecting and start asking questions?

  12. Replies
    1. Editor wrote: "Readers will note that the [Bulk Barn] sign is complete with a descriptor, even if the law says it doesn't need one, but for radicals, that Maple Leaf, perhaps more than the name itself, is just unbearable."

      Ironic considering that the only province in Canada where maple trees grow is Quebec.

      P.S. I realised that I forgot to close the quote. Since there is no edit function, I deleted and reposted.

    2. Mr. Cunningham,

      Ironic considering that the only province in Canada where maple trees grow is Quebec.

      Sorry, completely wrong. Various species of maple trees grow in almost all provinces of Canada. Even if you mean Sugar Maple, that produces maple syrup, that species grows in a number of provinces in Eastern / Central Canada.

    3. Yes, but Western Canada has complained for years that the Maple Leaf isn't really a symbol for all of Canada, just Canada before 1905.

    4. @Troy

      Please accept my apologies. I read some piece about Quebec nationalism which said that the irony of the two flags was that the Canadian flag prominently displays the Maple Leaf as a symbol for the country, although the maple tree only grew in Quebec, and that the fleur-de-lis on the Quebec flag was a symbol for the Bourbon monarchy which oppressed the citizens of New France. Maybe I am misremembering and the piece was saying that the specific maple tree whose leaf became a symbol of Canadian patriotism originally grew in Quebec.

  13. There's been some time that I feel like The Gazette is trying to please francofones reason for which I stopped reading it. Here's the proof.

    Btw, all media in quebec is manipulated.

    1. It’s OK to disagree with an editorial once in a while, you know. That’s not reason enough to stop reading anything. Quite the opposite, actually.

      Perhaps you could elucidate us on which media worldwide you believe is not manipulated in some way?

    2. The gazette role is to placate and sooth anglophones so we don;t speak up and fight the govt for our rights.

      You think a Francophone editor at the gazette has any understanding about the anglophone condition and lobby to improve?

      Nope, the message from the gazette is buckle under and surrender. It's good for you.

      Here is a though for the gazette. There would have to not be a SINGLE incidents of francophones harassing people through the OLQF, courts etc for years before it's acceptable to lead with an article on francophone libraries preserving francophone culture.

      In the meantime save some tree's. You believe in the enviroment?

      We don;t care.

      The Libraries du Quebec is yet another exercise in Francophones masturbating abotu themselves.

      Were is the sidebar story about the Fraser Hickson library from NDG that was anglophone closed up and put into storage boxes?

      Did the libraries du quebec make some space in their monstrosity of a building for the old books of anglophone libraries they drive closed and deny funding for?

      The honorary "Fraser Hickson" shelf.

      Perhaps just a small floor tile. Something francophones can walk on to feel more secure.

    3. I stopped reading the Gazette years ago. I have also stopped listening to the mainstream media for the past few years including the CBC. As far as I am concerned much of the MSM is misinformation..often heavily biased, sensationalized and just not factual. In particular I think they do a horrible job concerning foreign affairs. They focus on issues which are often trivial and irrelevant..they ignore huge problems..they sensationalized any sort of mass killing (just look at the latest killings in calgary - do we really need to see non stop coverage of this for a few days??? )

      For example lets just look at Ukraine. The western media has of course totally demonized Russia and Putin. Lets face it Putin is no saint..however why so one-sided? The west has acted even worse in its dealings with Ukraine. The USA was caught red handed via a phone conversation talking about who they wanted to take over in the Ukraine..and then they were outraged that their conversation was taped instead of acknowledging the incredible statements they made. The west supported the overthrowing of a democratically elected president and government and secretly funded many of these groups. By the way one of these groups is a full blown neo-Nazi party and they have the support of the west?? The same western governments who spout off on how they are trying to spread democracy around the world..about spreading democracy to Iraq and Afghanistan..how is that working out?? Do you really think Iraq and Afghanistan are better off now than before the war??

      Lets face it..the USA wants control of Ukraine so they can add more military bases there to further surround Russia and intimidate them. Eastern Ukraine and the Crimea are majority Russian and pro-Russian hence Russia will never allow this part of Ukraine to fall into the west hands. My guess is we are going to see the country split in two..Russia takes the east and the west takes the western part. Has any of this been reported in the mainstream media..no..all we hear is how aggressive the Russians are. The USA and European actions in Iraq and Afghanistan were ten times more agressive than Russias actions yet we were all told that it was to protect us from terrorists..another lie. The real reason was to get access to more oil and award lucrative contracts to the big US companies. How manny thousands of US soldiers died for this..how many kill themselves every day..trillions spent on this war..and I still rarely hear any real criticism from the western media about these criminal actions. The question is..why is our western based media so incredibly biased and pro-government??

      Thank goodness for the alternative media..finally we all have another voice..another opinion..are all these sites correct..no but I believe we are getting close to the truth with these sources.

    4. @complicated

      "Thank goodness for the alternative media..finally we all have another voice..another opinion.."

      you proudly sport an alternate point of view on usa affairs, claiming not to believe mainstream media's stories. but then on quebec issues you'll parrot around the mainstreamest lines ever. how do you explain this?

    5. student - I dont hear the mainstream media talking much about the debt here in Quebec given how huge a problem it is they are quite silent on it. And I sure as heck dont hear much about it from the political parties.at least serious ways of solving the problem. I wish the media would take 24/7 about how much money we spend each year on paying just the interest..10 billion..or how we have a debt to gdp ratio near some of the piigs countries in Europe and on and on. It gets token coverage.

      The french media is even worse..they basically never talk about the debt..but will spend endless time on language language and more language. So believe me I am not mainstream via Quebec affairs. The leftist media..particularily on the french side is typically not too far off from your point of view although you are probably even more to the left than them.

    6. @complicated

      "I dont hear the mainstream media talking much about the debt here in Quebec...(...)The french media is even worse."

      how can you write such a fallacy when all mainstream french media have been on godbout montmarqueete report on public finances for a full week now?!?

      your speech on debt is a daily occurence on french mainstream media. you are not thinking outside the box mate. you are totally parroting around what the 1% wants you to do. these guys want to get their hand on hydro-quebec, saq and health care money cows. the best way to do it is to create a sense of critical emergency in the population so they'll let go their best assets. you're contributing to this mate. you have an extremely mainstream point of view complicated.

    7. student - If my views were mainstream then the Liberals and the PQ would have long ago taken much more serious steps to cut the debt. They are talking a bit about it now because its a new government but I dont hear anyone talking abut serious cuts to the government. Governments tend to react to what the MSM dramatizes..the debt is far from being talked about much in this province. Languages is an obsession, crumbling infrastructure, poor health care, tuition fees, day care are all talked about a lot. Go to Alberta if you want to see a media and society who are obsessed about debt and guess what they now have zero debt..and their economy is booming and their future is set for generations. They sacrificed and now they are being well rewarded..here in Quebec is the total opposite. People keep taking and taking from the government and giving nothing..so the banks and the 1 percent will take it all at some point. You dont borrown hundreds of billions of dollars from the finaincial world and expect to never pay it back..these assets will be taken from us because of most Quebecers greed and deservedly so.

      Believe me student my thoughts on how to deal with the debt would be considered very radical by the leftist slant of most Quebecers and the media.

      Daily occurrence about the debt in french MSM..really what do they really talk about other than the deficit is now 3.7 billion instead of the 1.75 billion the PQ forecast. Do they talk abou the 10 billion per year we spend on interest and we have record low interest rates.

      You are totally out of touch student..the debt is the main problem and its not being treated as the main problem. It is the source of all the other problems in this province..the bad health care,,the crumbling infrastructure..the chronically weak economy and higher unemployment. Please wake me up when the MSM talk about seriously doing something about the debt.

    8. @complicated

      "Please wake me up when the MSM talk about seriously doing something about the debt."

      here it is, mainstream media on quebec debt, in the last few days:

      josée legault: http://tinyurl.com/ov23ty8

      loic tassé: http://tinyurl.com/oknjqoq

      pierre fortin: http://tinyurl.com/md4zsjq

      i like legault's logic and historical recap. i also like tassé's no bullshit stance. but i particularly like fortin's graphs. i have this fondness for facts. don't you complicated?

    9. student: "how can you write such a fallacy when all mainstream french media have been on godbout montmarqueete report on public finances for a full week now?!?"

      You mean media like our tax-paid Radio-Canada and biased seppie journalist Anne-Marie Dussault? Listen to her attempt at discrediting the UN-PARTISAN report on Quebec finances.

      Dussault affiche son parti pris anti-Couillard

    10. student -

      I have given you all sorts of facts..as Fortin points out we have the highest debt to gdp of any province..54 percent. If you include our share of the federal debt and municipal debt we are closer to 100 percent..its scary high.

      What they havent pointed out is that we have the highest taxes by far of any province in Canada..we have the most generous social programs of any province..so at some point something has to give...we cannot continue on this path. We also have one of the weakest economies. We also have had record low interest rates..this will not continue..what do we do when interest rates go back to normal levels..our debt will blow up..I dont hear anybody in the media ever bring this up. Instead they bring out these economists who tell us interest rates will stay low forever which is nonsense. I have yet to see any mainstream economist predict a recession in advance and ever predict any dramatic change..they always are very temperate with their comments..they are pretty useless if you ask me.

      The 2008 crash..there were very few people who saw that coming..I was expecting it..was surprised it didnt happen earlier..it took a few years longer than I expected but when it came..ouch..we still havent recovered fully from it. Most mainstream economists, the mainstream media totally missed it. We had an obvious housing bubble in the usa, widespread financial corruption in the financial industry..the only people who got it were people like
      Jim Rogers, William Fleckenstein, Peter Schiff, Peter Grandich, Karl Deninger, Nouriel Roubini, Marc Faber - these people all right now are very negative on the US..they are all expecting another crash soon..likely withini 6 months..they all believe the problems which created 2008 have not been fixed but only made worse by massive money printing and adding more debt to the system. Who was right in 2008..who am I going to believe now..maybe their timing is off again but I believe these analysts and we all better be prepared for another crisis and the weakest most indebted governments will fare the worse..ie Quebec.
      Nobody in the mainstream media sees this coming..neither the french nor english MSM..and once again they will all be shocked when the stock market plummets 30-50 percent in the coming 6-12 months.

  14. Philippe Couillard has a nice beard and package.

  15. I grew up in Quebec and I have to say, THANK YOU for writing what is simply the truth.

    I lived this crap for 30 years before coming to the USA, and now... I challenge anyone to read this and consider the American perspective... imagine the US had an office for the protection of ONLY white people. Now these groups do exist except they're called anti-government, anti-American, and some are on the terrorist organizations watch list. And in that stupid province of neo-Nazis, the government has an agency hiding behind a cloak of legitimacy, so that their racist and fascist agenda can be enforced with little oversight or "check and balance" by simply claiming to be a "protective agency". The bottom line is their job is to threaten and harass the very society and businesses that actually play a significant role in funding the socialist benefits of that province, as well as government institutions themselves, including the bloody OQLF.

    FYI as a side note: The OQLF has actually enacted policies that have been struck down by the Supreme Court of Canada for being in violation of the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms which is embedded in the Canadian Constitution. The OQLF mandate and rules that they actively enforce to threaten business owners is a Gov't organization that has benefited from this blatant disregard by the Quebec government for the actual Constitutional protections designed to avoid discriminatory actions/policies against minorities. They can do this because there's an "opt out" clause in the Canadian Constitution that allows the government to set aside decisions made by the Supreme Court by using what's called the "notwithstanding clause". No government would usually do this. Of course, in Quebec, not only did they use it so they could continue to enforce their own discriminatory agenda in the name of maintaining "French culture", they have and continue to shut down businesses as a result. In terms of “French Culture maintenance” I call malarkey on that stance and chalk it up to a lack of progress in societal thinking. I also stand by my term "neo-Nazis" because in fact, some of the rules the OQLF currently enforce are an EXACT replica of some policies enacted by Nazi-Germany in the 30s and 40s prior to/during WWII. Simply put.. Quebec is a more repressive and racist society than anything I've experienced as a mixed race female in America.


    1. @Elissa

      We've said it and repeated it, and THANK YOU for reiterating that the quebec brand is a broke-ass brand.

      Montreal is quickly realizing that agencies such as the OQLF have been detrimental to its growth & progress and must find a solution. 'Special status' for Montreal now being actively invoked and promoted by our Mayor is a step on the right direction. Time for Montreal to "opt out" as well of the bullshit that has been keeping it back. We need Industry to grow and evolve, not be cut off at the knees even before getting off the ground. For starters, we shall work diligently to get the OQLF the hell outa of this jurisdiction. Montreal is done being victimized by quebec's nonsense.

  16. That editorial was one of the dumbest things the Gazette has ever published.

  17. I watched the news about the special status for Montreal. Does that special status include exemptions from the provisions of Bill 101? If it does not, I do not think that that status will mean much.

    1. "Does that special status include exemptions from the provisions of Bill 101?"

      of course not. why would it troy?

    2. Hmm, maybe to attract foreign investors that don't want to have to deal with language laws?


  18. 'I watched the news about the special status for Montreal. Does that special status include exemptions from the provisions of Bill 101? If it does not, I do not think that that status will mean much.' Bang on.

    Repeal bill 101 for Montreal, West Quebec ) Hull, Alymer...) or nothing will change, nothing at all.

  19. I see that things in Quebec are as silly as ever. Don't stop. The rest of Canada needs something to laugh at. However, since we don't want to upset francophones when it comes to store signs, I have a solution. Simply give the french version of each sign. For example:

    Canadian Tire. Le Tire du Canadian
    Bulk Barn. Le Barn de Bulk
    Home Depot. Le Depot de Home
    Walmart. Le Mart du Wal

    The list goes on. See. It's so simple. The cost of the signs can be added to store merchandise. Problem solved. Even customers can get involved. When you order food at the food court, just ask for " Le dog du hot ", or " le burger de ham ". I guarantee that the PQ and separatists will be cheering that their language is now saved.

    1. I've never laugh so hard in my life! Thanks


    2. LMAO - le dog du hot - le burger de ham - too funny - Le Mart du Wal...............
      Believe it or not - even when it's infuriating - it's quite funny to us Anglo Quebecers too
      I laughed out loud when I heard Mario the A-hole wants to run for the Bloc.
      You absolutely couldn't make up this stuff -
      Pasta Gate - the word moosic on plastic spoons - caffe spelled with 2 f's - really - it's hilarious
      Wish we had a Bill Maher type of program that would showcase all of this stuff - ( he's have a field day with this Province )

    3. @bob

      haha mate. are you a comedian? this is gold mate. gold.

    4. @sicktodeathofitall

      There are several -- but nothing in English, since English media in Quebec doesn't care enough to produce any local shows.

    5. There is no market for "local shows" beyond artists with their hands out.

      We watch all shows from all places in english. Why the fuck would I care that a detective story is filmed in Montreal vs Georgia.

      It's only the artists getting the grant that cares.

      Quebec and Canada have enough people with their hands out already.

      Maybe of the artists should think about doing something actually commercial that people want to see (or make a product that people actually need) instead of constantly scheming and complaining about lack of other peoples money being given to them to indulge their ego projects.

  20. MONTREAL — Bloc Québécois MPs should turn over $50,000 of their yearly base salary to support the sovereignty movement, a new Bloc leadership candidate says.

    lol and hahahahahah - this guy, as leader of the bloc, should be a hoot! What an idiot. As if these people are willing to part with this kind of money. God, this should be worth at least a couple of posts Editor.

    1. http://www.montrealgazette.com/news/montreal/Bloc+Qu%C3%A9b%C3%A9cois+leadership+candidate+Mario+Beaulieu+wants/9791663/story.html

    2. You'd think the comedy would have died down after April 7th - this is the Province that just keeps on giving LOL - I think they earn 80,000 a year and he wants them to give up 50,000 of that? lmhorotf !!!!!!!

    3. @sicktodeathofitall

      "I think they earn 80,000 a year and he wants them to give up 50,000 of that? lmhorotf !!!!!!!"

      they're on 160000 a year. very simple fact checking mate. you should try it.

    4. I just read that the new Bloc candidate Mario Beaulieu wants all Bloc MP's to donate $50000 to promote sovereignty. Why so little? Do they not realize that this is for nation building. I would think that any separatist worth his weight would be more than willing to donate all their salary and even empty out saving to this truly great cause. Even one penny, oops nickel, less is a despicable slap in the face to the future Quebecois nation. At this very moment, the statue of Samuel de Champlain is weeping.

  21. Re the Gazette editorial, someone above pointed out that editorial comment is supposed to be controversial so why are you surprised if you disagree with an editorial, from time to time? I share that view. I buy a newspaper for the news, not the editorial. Most days I glance at the title but I do not read it unless I am interested in the topic. Most days I prefer my own analysis of the news over that of the wonks who have to write editorials. They are a vestige of an earlier day when newspapers and the opinions of their editors were highly regarded. Sic transit Gloria.

    And re: "descriptors" - why do individual consumers care about this ? If you are a member of the SSJB perhaps you make the nationalists' choice and boycott Bulk Barn. That's it -make a choice, like every other free woman and man in Quebec. If you don't like a store's sign - Boycott ! Choice, ain't it great ? Or perhaps you prefer to have the government make the choice for you. In other words, no choice because the government tells you that you have to buy your stale peanuts from a store that has a sign with the government's seal of approval. Yuuck ! I might as well move to North Korea. Thank goodness for the rule of law and a Quebec court that understands the rules.

  22. http://montreal.ctvnews.ca/pq-never-sought-justice-department-s-opinion-on-charter-of-values-1.1800620

    Hmm for a party that was so sure the Charter was constitutional they certainly didn't ask anyone that would be qualified to tell them if it was. What an embarrassment.

    1. But, but, but...

      The Minister responsible for Democratic Institutions and Active Citizenship himself said that the government received counsel assuring that the Charter affirming the values of State secularism and religious neutrality and the equality between women and men, and providing a framework for accommodation requests was constitutionally sound and would survive legal challenges.

      Does this mean that he... lied? That can not be so, can it? After all, his party declared that it was high on integrity and transparency, did it not?

    2. THEY LIED. They never sought any Legal opinion. NEVER, NOT ONE.

      Now more than ever, THEY OWE ethnics an Apology. How f....ing dare they? And to act like that stupid bill was legitimate? Hopefully, EVERYONE finally sees how they used it as a red herring, for very different purposes, hoping to divide and conquer. Their intention behind introducing that hideous bill was political posturing, pure and simple. It rightfully turned sour for them. BUT, behaving irresponsibly has consequences, and their reckless actions produced injured parties. People were maligned, ridiculed and threatened. This is unacceptable in a North American society.

      And they boasted they were ethical. Hahahahahahahahahahahhahaahhahaahhahahah

      What an embarrassment. There is no hole on earth, big enough, for these Losers to hide in.

    3. @montreal ville état

      "THEY OWE ethnics an Apology"

      but why? because they want to make gender equality more important than religious beliefs?!? because a secular government wants its offices to look secular?!? i think "ethnics" generally agreed with this. why don't you? is it because you're a muslim integrist and consider this charter a setback for your world caliphate project?

    4. #StudentLogic: Lying is fine, so long as the aim of it is to ban something I don't like.

      Poor student, probably hiding at home now that the PQ charter is dead, can't go outside what if student runs into someone who has a job who is also religious?! Student would have to be sure to have nothing to do with them as student has said in the past anyone who believes in a God is not competent enough to do their job. Yeesh, now that's the kind of discrimination people should be apologizing for, we have our very own Donald Sterling on here.

    5. @whowhatzit

      I find it interesting seppies have been particularly quiet lately. The truth hurts and you can pretend for just so long. S.r. Ran away, I guess it ain't so much fun when people are telling YOU to take a hike, lol. There is nothing to boast about right now. Popo and her inept entourage LIED through their teeth, never seeking a Legal opinion about bill 60, the charter of no-values truly reflected a Party with no values. They are completely shamed. AND she destroyed important information prior to leaving office. This was the ethical premier apparently going on and on about transparency. What utter BullCrap.

      We got the last laugh! With the flick of the pencil, on April 7th, we threw her to the curb and ended her 30yr political career, OVERNIGHT! Win Win!

    6. Even though it’s standard, normal procedure to always get a legal opinion from the Ministry of Justice, the PQ’s Drainville essentially based the legality of his charter on the verbal opinion of one person (Henri Brun) who now denies ever having provided that opinion in the first place. Lies and deception from the PQ… quelle surprise!

      The brief experiment with the PQ demonstrated that it is incompetent, does not represent all Quebecers and is not ready to govern. After all these decades, the independence dream constantly relies on lies and deception to achieve its goal… and STILL it cannot get 50%+1 of Quebecers in favour of it, never mind the 98%+ approval rates that are easily achieved by nationalist movements that don’t need to trick their population with lies, deception and convoluted questions to achieve their goal.

      For those who are still humming Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” since Marois was kicked to the curb for her awful, hurtful, divisive reign… here is some more “Happy” from Tokyo, Japan (specifically, from wacky Harajuku, for those who are familiar with the city):

  23. Again the PQ takes the low road!

    Marois and some of her cronies destroy documents before leaving office.

    This recording is in French.

    Marois saccage son bureau : «C’est PETIT et MESQUIN!»

    1. Nobody is surprised, it does't take 9 days to clear out. Seppies are spiteful by nature, it's personal, and it's all about them. The fact that popo behaved like that confirms, she was no Leader, and seppies will never govern a nation. What petty little insignificant low lives, to have done that. For Shame.

      More that ever before that the electorate was right to throw her, and her sad little minions, the hell out last April 7th.

    2. Could not have put it better myself!

    3. jsut look at the seppie flock. Like the idiots trolls here.

      Student or Rodger are lemmings. They will follow their leader without thinking. the larger francophone population is seeded with various strengths of this iodicy.

      Seppies like to rant compare Rob Ford supporters like thats relevant somehow.

      The truth is Rob Ford supporters know their guy is a drunk. They don;t think it's good and are willing to express and discuss.

      Seperatists cannot question or discuss. The logic of their platform is so thin that if their people start to think for themselves even to the smallest degree they will run from the PQ.

      Really it's youtube and google that will defeat the PQ and francophone insanity.

      The more time their kids spend on the internet the less they will want to grow up to be Pauline with her short pink haired old lady friends.

      The francophone 1% holding parties in their chateau while they dictate and tell the working class francophones what to think.

      Better to keep them at the top of the pyramid.