Friday, May 2, 2014

Mario Beaulieu for Leader of the BQ..Don Cherry for PM!

Just when you'd think it'd get boring after the election,  Quebec's reigning embarrassment to the sovereignty movement, Mario Beaulieu pops up to proclaim his intention to run for leader of the Bloc Quebecois.

As they say on the MasterCard commercial ....'Priceless'

While the mainstream media dutifully reported on the story that he was throwing his hat in the ring, nary a one dared address the elephant in the room, the fact that Beaulieu is an idiot and a racist and an embarrassment to the legitimate sovereignty movement.

Now readers, most sovereigntists that I know are not stupid and dull, and those who are, are likely in the same proportion as federalists who are stupid.
Just because they believe in Quebec independence, doesn't mean they are racists, English haters or xenophobes, all of which describes Mario Beaulieu to a tee.

The kinds of divisive anti-English/ethnic sentiments preached by the Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste were roundly rejected in the last election and you'd think that putting a radical Franco-supremacist at the head of the Bloc Quebecois would be the last thing that a party searching for a reason to survive would do.
And so gentle readers, it is the last thing the Bloc Quebecois will do, Mario Beaulieu will not become the next leader of the Bloc Quebecois and if he does on the off-chance, he will be the last leader of the Bloc Quebecois.

Mr. Beaulieu is quite simply a fantasist, leading a diminishing corps of grey-haired like-minded fanatics, who wish to rewind the clock, to  a whiter, more Catholic, French Quebec.

Those days have passed and like it or not, modern Quebec has to face the reality of a multi ethnic, multi-language society, or for a least half the province where such is the case.
For Beaulieu and his followers, the attempt to force Montreal and environs to adopt the language and culture of Herouxville  is well-nigh impossible,
For too long, Beaulieu has lived in a make-believe world where he and his coterie of zealots believed that they are somehow relevant, they are not.
While the press amuses itself with coverage of his chicken-little predictions of doom and gloom, nobody really takes him seriously, because quite frankly, he is a caricature.

I remember watching him interviewed by Mario Dumont on television where Dumont could hardly hide his utter disdain and contempt. The same for an interview with Benoit Dutrizac on the radio, both men sovereigntists, but far from unintelligent and definitely smart enough to recognize a buffoon when they see one.

He is interviewed repeatedly to fill the airways, a story much like the dog who bites the man, a curiosity that has viewers interested, not to support him, but rather to marvel at his unbridled zeal and commitment.

How much support does Beaulieu and his movement have?
Not much.
With all the publicity he gets on the news channels he can hardly raise a crowd for a demonstration. His famous protest at the Bell Centre over an English speaking coach garnered no more than 150 followers, this after weeks of free publicity on television.

His other protests usually top off at 200-300 people, a sad commentary of the state of his real support.
I remember reading about one tedious protest where he led about 200 followers on a march over some dreary done-me-wrong issue in Montreal.
200 hundred protesters in all of Montreal!
The next day I read about a small town in the Laurentians which was losing its ATM machine to the outrage of locals, sparking a protest of 250 people, in a town of 1000.

Mario Beaulieu is a curiosity, an amusing jester which the French press is shy to call out because he is such good fun.
His latest effort is to mount public outrage over perceived Quebec-bashing by Anglo-Canadians and turncoat Francophones.
The campaign is given tons and tons of press but enjoys almost zero support in the public.
A well-publicized on-line petition protesting this 'Quebec-bashing' has garnered a mere 5,000 signatures over the last couple of months, compared to a petition demanding that Kijiji stop advertising pets for sale in Quebec, topped 50,000 signatures in a few short days.

As for what Mario Beaulieu is saying, not many are willing to call him out, as I said, he is just too much fun.
But on the dark side, Mario Beaulieu has a long documented track record of hate. His racism is based on language, the technical term, 'linguicism' (not to be confused with a linguist.)

Mario Beaulieu will be the first to tell everyone that he loves Anglos, but as long as they don't speak English in public. He is the first to embrace ethnics, but not if they wear turbans, kippas or hijabs.

But there's no hiding from the past, Beaulieu has demonstrated a visceral hatred of all things not French and there's a wealth of documented evidence, such is the internet age.

He has complained about English churches announcing their services in English.
He has told followers not to shop in 'English' stores like Birks or Jewish stores like 'Reitmans'
He has refused to allow artists to perform in English at the Fete National because the language would polute the French dominance in Quebec.
All the time, reminding us that he is inclusive and open-minded.

He makes up statistics and misinterprets them to suit his fancy.
He makes simple math mistakes and employs the faultiest of logic to get where he wants to go.
He makes linguicist assumptions to jump to racist conclusions, all in an effort to panic Quebecers into supporting his real agenda, sovereignty.

Most of you have seen the two videos below, but for those of you who haven't, watch Mario in action, he is admittedly, quite entertaining, like watching an Rob Ford making a fool of himself.

 Beaulieu started off his leadership campaign with this hilarious offering;
"Bloc Québécois MPs should turn over $50,000 of their yearly base salary to support the sovereignty movement, a new Bloc leadership candidate says.

If 20 Bloc MPs agreed to such a move, the sovereignty movement would bag $1 million a year to promote the cause and counter much richer and influential federalist lobbies, Mario Beaulieu said.

"I propose taking this money to reinforce independence organizations, to assist in research and developing content, a little like Heritage Canada does and the Canadian Unity Council," Beaulieu said."
I don't know which part is more unlikely, that the BQ will elect 20 members next election or that they'd actually contribute $50,000 of their own money to a lost cause!

Actually, the $50,000 donation is more unlikely, let's just say that separatists are not the most generous of donors to the cause, just look at, where the entire fundraising campaign for 2014 has raised a paltry $7,000 from the entire separatist movement.
I remember reading a story that the Laval branch of Beaulieu's SSJB, couldn't even raise $250 for a pamphlet campaign, so good luck with that!

In order to run for leader of the Bloc, Beaulieu has to get 1000 signatures of Bloc québécois  members in a least 25 ridings, and raise $15,000 .
Unless Beaulieu is willing to write a cheque from his own pocket, it will never happen.

At any rate readers, you read it here first. Much as I would love to see it happen, the Bloc Quebecois is not that stupid or suicidal to have anything to do with him. Mario Beaulieu shouldn't have quit his day job at the SSJB, there's not much call for an out of work language fanatic.
Most amusing in all this is Beaulieu's unbelievable naivete in believing that other than those few zealots in his organizations, that he has any support in the mainstream.

Believe it or not, I have much too much respect for the sovereigntist movement to believe for a moment that they'd embrace the toxic Mario Beaulieu. It's like the Conservative party putting up Don Cherry to replace Stephen Harper.

Lastly a challenge.....

To Mario Dumont, Benoit Dutrizac, Richard Martineau or anyone in the mainstream media, I challenge you all to allow me to debate Mr. Beaulieu on behalf of those who believe him to be a dangerous fool and racist.
....On any subject, in French and on the date of your choosing, in any forum... my email is above!

....By the way, readers, for weekend discussion, what did you think of the revelations that defeated PQ members including Pauline Marois the sourpuss Fatima-Houda Pepin destroyed files before turning over their constituency office to their opponents?
For me it is is just another delicious helping of shadenfreude, the  manifest rage and pain that these losers demonstrated by stripping the office of files, absolutely delightful!

And how about the bombshell that the PQ lied about having obtained legal opinions over the Charter of Values?
Jean Lapierre, Quebec's premier political journalist didn't mince words, saying that the 'PQ lied through it's teeth"
When asked to explain the lie, every Peekist ran for cover, with my favourite quote belonging to Bernard Drainville who told reporters that he couldn't remember! Ha!!!!!
For the rest of the liars, it turned into a circle jerk, with each Pekist referring the matter to the next, in the classic game of 'pass the buck' or perhaps 'musical chairs!'


  1. You'd be hard pressed to find a Francophone under 40yrs old that would donate a dime to Mario Beaulieu's leadership bid. He is irrelevant.

    1. The loto-quebec booth in the Cote St Luc shopping Center has a sign announcing the proceeds go to the St. Jean Baptiste Society. My dream was to get a few dozen people to do a boycott, so far, one participant me. I stand there and point out the sign when shopping and the 80+% of customers who speak English or other languages sometimes look shocked and go elsewhere. The tongue troopers have targeted this center and it is a rare sign or anglo employee to be seen. A few brave souls did get the local McDonald's to post English signs and we could have a meeting there to congratulate them. Amazing that you have to be brave to love your own language and lucky to find a dozen friends to stand by your side to defend individual Canadian rights.

    2. Student and Rodger the trolls on the board will donate 50% of their salary to the PQ.

      50% of zero is still zero however.

    3. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsFriday, May 2, 2014 at 5:29:00 PM EDT


      Stop lying.

      I saw Roger at the grocery store the other day and he's was totally ballin' with a stack of $2 Pepsi coupons.

      Might say "this coupon bears no monetary value" but we all know that shit ain't true.

      Just think if Roger donates his stack of coupons...that's a whole lot of liquid sugar to pour down a seppie door knocker's throat...he'll be able to solicit funds for several hours before the inevitable crash hits.

  2. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsFriday, May 2, 2014 at 10:37:00 AM EDT

    I don't care what anyone says, if I find out Mario is getting close to his financial goal, I WILL donate to his campaign.

    If in leadership, he will out-Rob Ford Rob Ford himself.

  3. Maybe Mario Beaulieu should run for the leadership of the PQ.

  4. Mr. Berlach,

    I do not understand your intent to undermine Mr. Beaulieu's candidacy to the BQ leadership. If anything, you, we, all on the opposite side of separatist / French superiority movements should support him. Do not denounce him. Praise him. Send him good words. Ease his way to the top of the Bloc.

    Can you imagine the schadenfreude that you will enjoy when Mr. Beaulieu runs the Bloc with his level of (in)competency? Can you imagine the laugh you will get when you see him try to debate in the House of Commons?

  5. Even most seperatists are not dumb enough to elect this guy as their leader..the editor doesnt need to do any promoting..Beaulieus campaign will be an epic fail.

  6. What a wonderful idea. Mario should run and win. It's kind of like watching the old Marx brothers movie Duck Soup with Mario as Rufus T. Firefly (Groucho) of the bankrupt nation of Freedonia (aka future nation of Quebec. Soon to be bankrupt too). But who will play the parts of Chico and Harpo. So many candidates, so little time. The suspense is killing me.

  7. Can we signup online as PQ members and vote for him?

    A fake surge of support would be help the PQ wrongly understand their support yet again.

    Fake PQ members that can vote for the most extreme policies to destroy it from the inside.

    PQ supporters are much like the Korea children unfortunately lost on the ferry sinking. Their captain abandoned them to their fate. Despite logic and common sense telling them otherwise they chose to stay in their rooms.

    When a boat is sinking you go hang out on the outside deck, not in the bottom of the ship where you can;t get out.

    This unfortunately is Quebecois logic.

    Following the bidding of their failed leaders. Marois escapes the sinking ship but all the supporters are still stuck behind in the cabins.

    Unfortunately they learn their mistake in following incompetent leadership but are unable to survive.

    Exactly how PQ idiots follow their leaders into believing in a independent country or other failed logic. Once a separate nation doesn;t quite work out for the little people. It's too damn late for them to learn from the lesson.

    Right up until they drown, idiots like Student would be chastising their fellow students for not listening to the captain and using their own common sense to save themselves.

  8. Anti Semitic Francophones

  9. Hey all you people that want special status for Montreal; be sure to catch Barry Wilson on CTV today at noon - he too is all for "special status" (including removing language laws) from Montreal.

    If anyone can embarrass this province even further (if possible) it will be Mario as leader of the Bloc. I think we should all support him to the hilt so Canada and the world can see what kind of idiots we have that support these wannabes and want their own country! Couldn't happen to a nicer guy and he can make Perrault his second in command to really put the icing on the cake.


      Love it, love it, love it!

      Thank you Barry Wilson for having the guts to say it..OUT LOUD!

      Special status for Montreal FIRST! And it will entail same difficult decisions. First and foremost, we have to get the economic engine of Montreal going and encourage Industry. We need exemption from bill 101, for starters. We need the OQLF to back off up and coming business. We need to own our own destiny for once and for all!

      Montréal pour une ville état!

  10. Folks. I've just had a revelation, or perhaps a brain fart, who knows. The reason the separatists keep taunting the anglophones with language laws, etc., is that they are following the Monty Python script for "Monty Python and the Holy Grail", at least at the taunting scene by the castle. It only makes sense. " I am french. Why do you think I have this OUTRAGEOUS accent. You silly king." God help us anglophones when they start throwing the livestock at us.

    1. Everybody at the office thought it was incredible comedy.

      Nevertheless nothing makes you say comedy like

  11. Unlike you, I have NO respect for Separatists, they are the scourge of Canada and an embarrassment to all loyal French-Canadians (like myself), who love this country and want to see it thrive from sea to sea for ALL it's citizens, regardless of language, "race" or creed (And yes, I include our aboriginal partners in this huge social experiment called Canada.).
    M. Jolin, Welland Ont Can (Franco-Ontarien, pure laine) ;)

    1. @Anon

      You are a Canadian we can all get behind.

      Merci pour votre contribution.
      Merci de votre précieuse collaboration.

    2. Chapeau, M. Jolin. Vous n'êtes pas le seul. N'étant moi-même pas pure laine au sens génétique (je ne suis qu'un simple bâtard franco/anglo/allo -- vous me pardonnerez le jeu de mots quelque peu vulgaire, j'espère!), je peux vous dire que je me sens néanmoins lié de cœur avec vos propos et l'espoir qu'ils renferment.

      Bonne continuation.

    3. @jolin

      "...who love this country and want to see it thrive from sea to sea...."

      so you are a canadian nationalist. good for you. so what would it change for you if quebec separated? your wonderful canada thing would still be there.

    4. "...un [...] bâtard franco/anglo..."

      Le colonisé québécois à son paroxysme c'est celui qui tient absolument à avoir un chien de race pure mais qui accepte de faire des enfants avec une Anglaise.

  12. "I have NO respect for Separatists,..."


    1. Out of this exceptionally well written post - all you have is the above question?
      Isn't it blatantly obvious that M. Jolin loves this Country of ours and so has no respect for anyone wanting to tear it apart?
      No thoughts on the post itself?
      Just curious Student - why do you only question comments - I've never seen you comment yourself on the article that the Editor has written.
      And before everyone attacks me for addressing a troll - I'm really curious about this little fact.
      Has someone or some organization advised you to just " scroll and troll " ?

    2. @sicktodeathofitall

      "I've never seen you comment yourself on the article that the Editor has written."

      who cares about what you see and what you miss?!? here's one time i addressed the editor .

      besides, which part of the editor's post do you think is weak and commands my intervention? and why don't you address it yourself mate?

      "Has someone or some organization advised you to just " scroll and troll " ?"


  13. So Idiot Child wants to work in the House of Commons, where many speak English, Canadian flags are displayed and the national anthem is sung?

    1. Lets put it another way. What are his other job prospects?

      Except for some PQ faithful in the govt hiring him "on contract" to research "the enduring spirit of the francophone peoples, founders of Quebec suffering under English media in the context of a persecuted minority in the majority sea of english in North America".

      Like with every other paper "researching" francophone language and culture, the conclusion is provided. They only have to color in the lines and turn it around.

    2. How about the money is good and he wants a shot at the pension?

    3. Unless he decides to do what Sinn Fein MPs do when elected by their constituents in Northern Ireland, which is refuse to serve.

    4. This policy is known as Abstentionism. Unlike Irish republicans, Quebec separatists are too lily-livered to stand up for their beliefs by rejecting the perqs that are offered by Canadian federalism (gold-plated pensions, etc…). Meanwhile, they willingly mutter their false allegiances to the Queen...

      This is one of the reasons why Quebec separatists are not widely respected by anybody else. They are too busy sucking at the teat of Canada while extorting whatever benefits they can possibly manage to extract.

      As the previous minority PQ government has taught us by lying about their legal buttress to Drainville’s charter, they are unprincipled in achieving their goals as well.

    5. "As the previous minority PQ government has taught us by lying about their legal buttress to Drainville’s charter, they are unprincipled in achieving their goals as well."

      One can argue that such disrespectful behavior towards citizens by those elected to lead is truly "quebec bashing"

    6. This is indeed a genuine example of “Quebec-bashing” made by the PQ, as opposed to the farcical, hysterical claims that have been made by Student.

    7. Student feels justified in claiming “Quebec-bashing” if there is even a single person living in Cameroon or Burkina Faso that contradicts a claim to “unique-to-Quebec” in a blog comment (as if it were a university doctoral dissertation). Just as with the boy who cried wolf, it only helps to prove the paucity of argumentation when it comes to “Quebec-bashing” by desperate Quebec seppies.

    8. When a government overtly lies to its people because of hidden Agendas, it is a clear violation perpetrated on the society it was elected to serve. What the PQ did, lying that it obtained legitimate council over the Legality of the charter of values, bill 60, is tantamount to the purest fashion of 'quebec bashing'. The PQ literally flipped quebecers 'the bird'.

      Gee and where are the so-called 'legitimate' separatists (lol), like Michel Patrice & co? Have they scurries away too, like all the blog trolls? Interestingly, they seem to be as silent as the grave over this PQ scandal.

    9. @montreal ville état

      "...lying that it obtained legitimate council over the Legality of the charter of values."

      false. a university law professor, a quebec bar top officer and a canada supreme court judge are "legitimate council". please stop lying to our community.

    10. Again Lies. And again Henri Brun has come out and openly admitted to Le Devoir that the PQ hadn't consulted him on the actual Legislation. Please provide us with the name of who this 'other' University law professor is you are referring to. You got nothin cause THAT's who you were referring to. So YOU stop lying through YOUR teeth now pinstripes, you are perpetuating a completely embarrassing situation for the PQ.

    11. @montreal ville état

      "...Henri Brun has come out and openly admitted to Le Devoir..."

      link please. i can't find this open admittance you're refering to.

    12. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTSunday, May 4, 2014 at 3:25:00 PM EDT

      De toute facon on s'en contre-fout. Ai lieu de chialler ici tu devrai travailler plus fort a convaincre les quebecois de se separer au lieu d'elir les liberaux. Encore..

    13. @un gars bs de frankfort

      i can do many things concurrently mate.

    14. @un gars bs de frankfort

      but you are totally right that this latest scandal as invented by dynamic duo lapierre-montreal ville état is a proper diversion from the fundamental question: do you think gender equality should be subdued to freedom of religion? and do you think a secular government office should look secular? i say no and yes. what do you say mate?

    15. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTSunday, May 4, 2014 at 3:47:00 PM EDT

      Do not call me mate. Pi commences par parler le francais.

    16. "but you are totally right that this latest scandal as invented by dynamic duo lapierre-montreal ville..."

      First you call Jean Lapierre a gossiper, now you call him a Liar. You're on a roll aren't ya' lol. Maybe I'll send him the link to the blog. LOLOLOLOLOL

    17. @un gars bs de frankfort

      sure, mate.

    18. @montreal ville état

      "Maybe I'll send him the link to the blog."

      please do. he will have his separatist inclination confirmed after he acknowledges all the hate. that's the effect you have on all french canadians i brought to browse on this blog. it may well work with lapierre too.

    19. You are the BIGGEST Liar. You bring nobody to this blog, you secretly hope this blog shuts down and especially the comments section. It is a Liability to your movement, the less people know about it, the better. If they visit they might find out the truth, you seppies can't have that. Lol

    20. @montreal ville état

      "You bring nobody to this blog, you secretly hope this blog shuts down and especially the comments section."

      all specualtion on things you have no clue about. worthless.

      "It is a Liability to your movement, the less people know about it, the better."

      you really think a quebec francophone reading that your main objective is to give back to businesses the right to disrespect him and his culture will lure him away from wanting to get a grip on his political destiny?!? pure crazytalk. keep going please.

    21. "you really think a quebec francophone reading that your main objective is to give back to businesses the right to disrespect him and his culture…"

      Jumpstarting the economy in this province will be disrespecting French Canadians? Really? At this point, it is evident you need to be in a straightjacket, lol. Yours is definately...'pure crazy talk' Yes 'keep going' indeed.

      Now do you people get why we should extract Montreal from these crazies? They have lost complete perspective of Reality and they are going to drag us all down the toilet if they have their way, unless they are removed from the equation, for once an for all.

      Montreal pour une ville etat.

    22. @montreal ville état

      "Jumpstarting the economy in this province will be disrespecting French Canadians?"

      so you think letting angryphone business owners do their business communication in english only in a province that's 80% french will "jumpstart the economy" ?!?! haha. dude you're way too focussed on this language thing. i think ridding the town of lpq corruption is more likely to jumpstart all that you want.

    23. Montreal is the economic engine of this province. We need to encourage Industry any way we can. Montreal needs to be exempt from whatever perverse Language Laws are hindering its progress. We've been beholden to bill 101 for 40 years and we have witnessed first hand how detrimental it has been. Montreal must become a city state, that's what needs to happen, and it will. Things will fall into place. The rest of the province can get on board or lump it, we don't much give a crap once we get this project going, and it works for the island. Montreal will no longer allow itself to be further victimized by this spiteful province. Real politics happen at the Municipal level anyway, it is a fact most are quickly realizing. We need to shift the important powers to Montreal. Point-à-la ligne.

    24. @montreal ville état

      "Real politics happen at the Municipal level anyway,"

      does it? so maybe montreal should remain a normal city then. if it becomes a state, following your argument, real politics won't happen there anymore. do you agree? or was this your usual random slogan contradiction prone automatic writing?

    25. @montreal ville état

      "We need to shift the important powers to Montreal."

      ...and in your very humble opinion the most important one to shift to montreal is the power to post english only signs in store windows. right?

      i am trying to get you to realize how ridiculous your whole speech is. are we there yet mate?

    26. You are unwell pinstripes, your posts tonight espouse more nonsense than usual. On the other hand, I'm having a field day reiterating how the seppie broke-ass brand just doesn't work for Montrealers anymore. We need to promote our own brand, a brand comprised of inclusiveness, openness and diversity.

      Evidently, you seppies are scared shitless by the idea of a city-state, for Montreal. It's all fine when you threaten the RoC with separation, but all is not fine when Montreal talks about obtaining 'special status' for itself. The thing is Montreal really needs to do this, not to protect things like language and culture, (yawn). As far as most of us are concerned, these are already well ingrained and we can move on to other conversations. Montreal needs to do this for its very survival. The Montreal Mayor is supporting the idea and now even mainstream media is coming around and admitting this has to happen.

      Barry Wilson gets the last word!

    27. @montreal ville état

      sure, but why do you think shop owners should be allowed to show disrespect for quebec's francophone majority and not include a french translation to their shop signs?

    28. Montreal will promote and project a brand new image going forward. As a city-state it shall accomplish all those things it never could and was hindered from accomplishing as just another city in this sad little province.

      Time for Montreal to "Lean In"! We are not just part of the conversation anymore. WE ARE THE CONVERSATION!

  14. I have some friends who are a wonderful family. Really great people Recently, i asked them if they were separatist. The anSwer was "Mais certaine. Nous sommes Francais.'. They voted Liberal, this time. They do dream of a separate country but they don't seem tto know why. Ed

  15. So it appears the PQ had no legal opinions backing their racist Charter of PQ values. They out right lied to us. That whole Charter debate was nothing but a dog and pony show cooked up for electoral gain. They will pay a heavy price for their deciet and Bernard Drainville should be exposed for the fraud artist that he is. Seems like we really do live in a Banana Republic sometimes.

    1. "So it appears the PQ had no legal opinions backing their (...) Charter of (...) values."

      that's false. they got the legal opinion from university law prof henri brun. they also got legal opinion from claire l'heureux who used to be supreme court judge and also from julie latour, who used to be quebec bar boss. all extremely valid legal opinion. why do you spread lies mate?

    2. Now you're lying AGAIN. You are not doing your broke-ass quebec brand any favors. It's been proven the PQ NEVER got a opinion OF THE LEGAL kind regarding the charter of no-values bill 60. Just accept they are duplicitous, manipulating, despicable assholes who thought they could pull a fast one on the electorate and no one would find out. Well we did, and now we want retribution.

      A) We will not let go of this any time soon. So deal with it.
      B) We want there to be REAL Consequences for a government who abused it's position of power TO LIE to its citizens.

    3. The PQ is a party of liers and those that defend them are equally deceitful and have zero credibility.

      Nathalie Roy, justice and secularism critic for the Coalition Avenir Québec, told the Montreal Gazette that “If he (Drainville) lied to the population and the charter was purely an electoral operation with no legal grounding, people will not be fooled.”
      “What they did was use the charter, which is a very delicate subject, as a wedge issue to launch an election … and it exploded in their face,” Roy told the Gazette.

      “If this is true, that the PQ government never asked the justice department for a legal opinion, Mr. Drainville lied to the population,” Québec solidaire spokesperson Françoise David told the Gazette. “Why lie?

      L'Actualite - Les irresponsables
      Il faut se rendre à l’évidence. Le PQ a laissé entendre que le projet de Charte allait passer le test ultime d’une contestation fondée sur la Charte des droits et libertés… en s’appuyant sur du vent.

    4. Interesting how the PQ is playing with words in a desperate and futile attempt to wiggle their way out of this one, muddying the waters between formal legal opinions that are typically requested and provided to the Justice ministry for bills of this scope and informal ones provided by friendly or sympathetic sources.

      In what is looking more and more like a deliberate bid to buttress their position through deceit, the PQ claims to have "consulted with" eminent jurists, going so far to have allegedly paid Henri Brun six thousand dollars to produce a brief for the council of ministers. Brun himself is regarded as a constitutional scholar in his own right and is one of several academic poster-boys who is conveniently brought out to defend his "pro-Quebec" positions when such a theory wonk is called for. But in this case, Brun himself says it never amounted to much and despite his long-known separatist leanings, that his views were provided through previous "verbal exchanges" with Drainville, and which are summarized in this 16 September 2013 post in Le Devoir (in which he catches quite a bit of flak in the comments section from some rather zealous pro-charter militants).

      Perhaps most terrifying still is how quickly the PQ is distancing itself from the very war horse it "believed" "quite credibly" to have "formal legal opinions" (note their false use in French of AVIS and not OPINIONS juridiques) having "solid legal bases". More telling still is how Bernard Drainville (ironically the former government's "Minister responsible for Democratic Institutions and Active Citizenship" and Pauline Marois herself are nowhere to be found.

      This entire episode underscores, in my view, why there is cynicism with our political process, and why politics is the problem and not the solution. That a minister responsible for "[maintaining] the quality of democratic institutions and to preserve the right of citizens to information and to protection of their personal information" would be in such dereliction of both the letter and spirit of his duty should not just surprise us.

      Whether defrauding the populace out of billions of dollars through systemic corruption is worse than populistically eroding the very democratic rights our democracy is supposedly founded on is moot, in my view. They are equally reprehensible.

      But this one column perhaps ends it best:

      How can one be surprised at this? When Gérard Bouchard asked him on which studies his bill was founded, Bernard Drainville couldn't name a single one. [The latter], you see, needed neither legal opinions nor studies. He came up with the Drainville sociological and legal investigation method. Summing the latter up in a single phrase: "People have spoken to me..."

    5. Amazing, is it not? If student is a representative of the average follower of the separatist movement, we can see how shallow and narrow their knowledge is. Case in point, this separatist thinks that personal opinion of private individuals can be considered as "extremely valid legal opinion(s)".

    6. That's not what should scare you. Whether she is or isn't representative of anything is not where this is at.

      The opinions provided by Brun and others, whether formal or purely conversational, touched on whether aspects of the proposed law could be plead before the court, specifying that the burden of proof was quite high.

      The Oakes Test is an important test applied by courts in Canada to determine whether the provisions of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms have been violated by a law enacted, and specifically whether the purpose of such violation by said law is demonstrably justifiable in a free and democratic society. In a nutshell, the Oakes test says:
      "1. There must be a pressing and substantial objective
      2. The means must be proportional
      a) The means must be rationally connected to the objective
      b) There must be minimal impairment of rights
      c) There must be proportionality between the infringement and objective

      The test is heavily founded in factual analysis so strict adherence is not always practiced. A degree of overlap is to be expected as there are some factors, such as vagueness, which are to be considered in multiple sections. If the legislation fails any of the above branches, it is unconstitutional. Otherwise the impugned law passes the Oakes test and remains valid."

      Even in his Le Devoir piece from last September, the substance of Henri Brun's message clearly refers to the very critical burden imposed by Oakes, without explicitly mentioning it by name.

      In this vein, I'm reminded of one particular exchange between Pauline Marois and Samar Assoum, a young female muslim student on the proposed Charte (see it here) that happened to be caught on film and which was only passingly mentioned in the mainstream press. While Assoum might herself be doing a masters in international law, she rightly confronts Marois on the all-important legal aspects on the topic, which, frankly, no first-year law undergrad can pretend not to know.

      Between the 19 and 30 second mark, Assoum rightly barrages Marois about the constitutionality of the proposed law both in view of Section 1 of the constitution (which provides for ways in which the government may legally limit an individual's Charter rights) and of Oakes, in a manner every bit as pointed as I would have asked myself. Of course, my gut would have it that I wouldn't put my hopes up, given my general observation of Marois' oft-demonstrated intellectual elision, both in simple talk and academic speak.

      Marois, knowing she is cornered, chooses to play it cool. When asked about the constitutionality, Marois says "we've carried out evaluations". When asked point blank about Oakes, Marois says "there is a former Supreme Court justice, Claire L'Heureux-Dubé, who has also supported us to that effect."

      As an aside... unlike Henri Brun, who at least tried to reason in public using a semblance of existing legal theory, L'Heureux Dubé simply maintained that according to her wearing religious symbols was not a fundamental right and thus "forbidding state employees from wearing conspicuous religious symbols was in no way discriminatory".


    7. Smugly swaying her head and body from side to side in rather serpentine fashion as Assoum enumerates the various charte opponents in academia, Marois acknowledges those voices and says "there are other jurists who've SAID the opposite." Waving her hands, she says "there are mixed views on the question." The young woman continues to take Marois to task, rattling item after item of legitimate issues of the day (defending french, freedom of speech, and the PQ's Gouin candidate's comments about circumcision being rape). Marois employs her false saccharine grandmotherly tone, telling Assoum (whom she rather condescendingly calls "ma belle"), that that to which the PQ's Gouin candidate adheres is the PQ's program, which is respectful of all the world's religions. With that, Marois looks to make a quick getaway, cutting short any hope of a substantive or meaningful exchange, having realized her interlocutor has hit the nail on the head in a manner few others have so publicly and forcefully done.

      The whole thing, including the young woman's equally falsely gracious acquiescence of such a grotesque yet tacit admission of defeat by Marois (pause the clip and check out Assoum's incredulous look at Marois' comment about being respectful of all religions in the half-second before Marois signals her exit), will forever stand out in my mind as a lamentable moment so burlesquely caricatured that I couldn't help but think back to Kim Campbell's quote about an election being no time to discuss important issues.

    8. @Chik

      It's alway great reading you! At this point, the only thing I can say about this entire thing is that I have never witnessed a moe grotesque and obscene situation by the government trying to pull the wool over eyes of citizens. Faut le faire! They were humiliated out of office, but this does not suffice, there should be some real consequences. Enough with being passive pushovers. Governments CANNOT doe this, they can not lie to citizens, on purpose for their own personal agendas. From Drainbrain to popo and all the minions in between, these clowns should be prosecuted FOR KNOWINGLY DECEIVING AND LYING to the citizens of this province. Let's set a precedent and an example.


    9. Alas, I'm not holding my breath on a government inquiry on the matter of political and social subterfuge perpetrated by French-Canadianist extremists any more than I'm expecting, for example, Bush II administration figures to ever be tried and sentenced for the legal and moral excesses flowing from what effectively amounts to their large-scale ideological rendering of the PNAC handbook.

      Sadly, even here at home the Charbonneau commission will soldier on. There will be no Hijabgate to formally inculpate key members of the Marois administration. No lasting Nixonian "what did (s)he know and when did (s)he know it". The real problems of homegrown religious extremism and resulting gender oppression will continue to go unresolved, just as they would have with a cosmetic ban of religious symbols. The PQ will morph and rebuild. The Liberals will attempt to govern rather than prosecute their predecessors despite what would be the case were the shoe on the other foot.

      Outrage? What outrage? Has George W. Bush or any member of his administration been prosecuted for knowingly deceiving and lying to Americans and pretty much the world about Iraq? What about the civil liberties that have been curbed since 9/11 or the increased warrantless surveillance activities in the U.S., Canada, and elsewhere? What about older lies? Gulf of Tonkin? Pearl Harbor? Changing countries, consider the Dreyfus Affair

      The fact is governments have shown, by their actions, that they not merely the democratic expression of the will of the people who elect them. And the underlying problem of invoking what you or I might consider to be morally dubious "national interests" flows from the very bowels of what it means to be one player in an era of nation-states. For all the feel-good talk about "democracy", government is in many ways an entity interposed between nations and the people that constitute them. And while governments might in many ways behave as actual persons both within their respective countries and without, it shouldn't be altogether surprising to realize that said governments are formed of individuals who themselves both reflect and inform the personality of those governments.

      Considering that, one might wonder again where the outrage is. Accordingly, one might wonder to whom such outrage, should it ever find any expression, ought to be directed. I'll cut my reasoning short and hypothesize that to do so is to come full circle and realize that the dual nature of government is such that it is populated by mere mortals having the same failings as we have. And I suspect what it really boils down to is that as a flock, we have a hard time accepting that we have only ourselves to blame.

    10. What sad little people we are. Acknowledged.

      Now let's do better!

    11. Who said sad? You said sad$

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    12. Too bad modern democracies didn't follow classical Athens' practice of euthynai; that is, of holding all out-going politicians accountable for their conduct while in office. Link

    13. @CIQ

      The 'silent majority' is incapable of expressing rage, mostly because they don't care. The charter didn't affect them directly. What they fail to realize is that they were lied to and deceived as well by the PQ, thus screwed over too.

      As for your idea of 'euthynai' ..was it? Too bad we aren't as evolved as the Greeks.

  16. "And how about the bombshell that the PQ lied about having obtained legal opinions over the Charter of Values?
    Jean Lapierre, Quebec's premier political journalist didn't mince words, saying that the 'PQ lied through it's teeth""

    Besides the huge apology they owe minorities for "lying through their teeth", and causing them unwarranted discrimination while they ran with this insidious bill, what I want to know is....

    La question qui tue: What should happen to the PQ now that we found out they unabashedly abused their power and lied to 'The People'?

    1. "Jean Lapierre, Quebec's premier political journalist..."

      haha. not. you probably meant gossiper.

    2. It's no gossip that the PQ Lied.

      And Henri Brun told Le Devoir (which you can look up yourself) the PQ hadn't consulted him on the legislation of bill 60.


      And now Maltais, the Party's biggest anti-intellectual is its new spokesperson for the charter. Lol. Drainbrain has to distance himself from this fiasco forthwith since he has probably set his sights on the PQ Leadership. Haha.

    3. @montreal ville état

      "It's no gossip that the PQ Lied."

      of course it is. what's the lie?

      "Henri Brun told Le Devoir (which you can look up yourself) the PQ hadn't consulted him on the legislation of bill 60."

      can't find that. please help me out. here's what i found though, henri brun's opinion on the constitutionality of the pq's proposed secularity charter:

      i've got a meaty legal advice from a university professor. you have gossip. i win.

    4. Do your own research you lazy dipshit. It's a matter of record.

      The PQ lied and now everyone knows about it. What we all want to know now is how this travesty of total and complete abuse of power by the PQ. Will be handled end since it is only right that Heads spin for their complete and utter disrespect for the highest office of the province. It is an aberration with which disregard they have treated the electorate of quebec.

    5. "Do your own research..."

      i searched for henri brun on ledevoir site and i didn't get any link to a piece that contains his "open admitance that he wasn't consulted by the pq". if you don't fetch a proper source our community will have to conclude that you are full of shit mate. it's up to you.

    6. Hahahahahahahahahahahhahaahhahaahhahahah...YOUR opinion is worth shit pinstripes, nobody gives a crap what you conclude.

      We find it interesting though how all the other lackey trolls have run away from the blog, ...just a simple observation. I suppose they are completely mortified that the PQ now has ZERO credibility, guess they've nothing to defend anymore. Broke-ass is, as broke-ass does, LOL.

      One has to admit however, it would have been interesting to have been at the wake/election post-mortem the PQ held at the Sheraton Hotel Laval over the weekend. LOLOLOLOLOL. With all the finger-pointing, I wonder if they had a real chance to mourn over the huge kick in the ass we gave'em.

      It's been fun watching them implode! And just when you thought they couldn't sink lower, we find out THEY LIED. Such complete Fraudsters.

    7. @montreal ville état

      so? you done with the nervous laugh? where is it that henri brun "openly admitted" that he "never was consulted" about the charter of values thing? can you provide a link for our community's enjoyment? or don't you want to share your science with our community? or did you lie again?

    8. It is quite entertaining to see you seething over this,'s so desperate, LOL.

      The PQ lied, DEAL WITH IT.

      For those who are interested, there is a wonderful interview on CTV, by one of the local hosts who interviews Lapierre, and it is very revealing, not to mention Don McPherson wrote an interesting piece, over the weekend, how the charter was just a ploy by the PQ, (tell us something we don't know).

      If YOU want the info pinstripes, GO FETCH.

    9. @montreal ville état

      "Don McPherson wrote an interesting piece, over the weekend, how the charter was just a ploy by the PQ, (tell us something we don't know). "

      right. so for you something interesting is something you already know. i think this is a nice demonstration of your close mindedness.

    10. Yep...not well indeed. Lol

  17. Anti Semitic quebecers trying to close a bunch of jewish schools

    1. you are trivializing the term antisemetic. it is in itself an antisemitic act. had you realized this mate?

  18. Montreal Canadians have a conditioning problem. Their hockey skills are sufficient but their body strength is not. You can tell they are starting to tire out when you see the play staying mostly at our end Any winning univcersity football or hockey coach spends 60% 0f training on simple body work outs. Knowng how is not enough. One must be strong enough to do the job..Ed

  19. Quick question---I assume that there is no relation between Mario Beaulieu and Trace Beaulieu of "Mystery Science Theater 3000"?

    1. You’ve already asked this question before so I’m not sure why you’re still inquiring about this random coincidence. Would you like us to do some genealogical research for you? Perhaps an episode of “Who Do You Think You Are”? Really, the name Beaulieu (“nice place”) is as common in French as is Smith or Jones in English.

      There are 12 million French Americans (such as Brett Favre, Oliver Stone and the late Walt Disney), which includes a number of celebrated Americans of French-Canadian ancestry, such as Jack Kerouac, Angelina Jolie and René Gagnon (the New Hampshire-born son of immigrants who was one of the Marines immortalized in the famous photograph of the raising the flag on Iwo Jima) during WWII.

      By contrast, Mario is a total nobody who shames Quebecers by perpetuating his perpetual victimhood complex and anglophobia. Even Trace’s obscure stint with MST3K has had a far greater cultural impact than Mario.

      PS: My favourite MST3K riffs are “Teenagers from Outer Space” and “Godzilla vs. Megalon”.

    2. Very helpful insight

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  20. PQ less than truthful on Charter


    1. Quebecers have now seen how low the PQ is willing to stoop to trick people into voting for them.
      Such subterfuge should never be necessary for a genuine cause in a true democracy.
      The PQ has shown that ripping apart Quebec society doesn’t matter to them, as long as francophones are superior. That is why they are the party supported by morons such as S.R.
      The recent PQ minority has caused a tremendous disservice to their cause for many, many years to come.

    2. The most important thing is to change the laws so "les Quebecois" cannot destroy Montreal in the future.

      Create laws to carve out Montreal so Quebec can;t beat it with insane legislation once the crazy comes back.

      Eventually les idiots PQ will emerge strong again in Chicoutimi and St Hole-in-the-ground.

      In the future they will understand there is no hope for their project dragging Montreal into it. Quebecers will be able to form a new third world nation if they can past the boundary hangups.

      Take the other crazies in other backward areas of Quebec and go away.

      The Liberals should cancel all PQ funding for these backwater areas. The concrete plant for example. Push the inhabitants *OUT*. Make sure the govt doesn;t spend a single dollar in these area's. Every silly law that can be enacted to harass the local PQ population should be used.

      Push these toothless Quebecois to scatter into the larger population where they will learn that world outside isn;t as scary as the PQ have been telling them. Their voting blocks are destroyed further.

      Without govt support these ridings, they are largely unsustainable.

      Couillard why have you not announced redrawing the provincial electroal map AS REQUIRED BY LAW yet?

      Push the tactical advantage and crush them like the cockroaches they and their movement are.

      Searle, this drink is on you. Just because Searle might be drunk, doesn;t make what he says any less true.

      The Liberal mistake is the "everybody is our friends strategy" they adopt. The PQ are not your friends, only fools try to build bridges with them.

      Liberals need to learn they need to press their advantage now. Instead of letting the PQ cancer grow it needs radiation to kill it. The Liberals control the machine now.

    3. Really Cebeuq,
      I can't believe you're berating the good Doctor for not changing laws already. Could you not at least give him time to get his ass in the Premier's seat at the legislature. For God's sake, what nonsense. Ed

  21. The PQ had a post mortem pow wow yesterday in Laval and from the reports coming out of it they learned absolutely NOTHING from whipping they received on April 7th. They still believe people voted against them out of fear of another referendum (while in reality, the people voted them out because they don't back their Separatist project) and they vowed to go full throttle on the Separation talk during the next election 4.5 years from now. These are the ideas that come out when you stick a bunch of prune juice guzzling, disconnected separatists in a room together.

    1. We wasted so many truths that we depend
      on getting by another lie on every other thing that dies
      and as his voice beckons out i hear the end
      the end of trauma slowly setting in my body seems to stop and freeze
      stop well i just dance the way i feel stop breathing
      imagine none of this is real well i just dance the way i feel

  22. Beaulieu ran for the Bloc in 1997 and lost. I wonder why he never ran for the PQ. Too much of a weirdo, even for the PQ?


    "Quebec songwriter Gilles Vigneault's heart 'broken' by PQ loss"

    Fucking A+

    Separatist artist unhappy? Priceless for Canada.

    He'll die a broken man knowing the "project" never worked out. Couldn;t make a Canadian any happier.

    Much like "Les Jeanettes" crazy ladies living to see the day after the election and the pouting faces.

    1. Odds are Parizeau will die a Canadian. I 'd be surprised if the old chap makes it to the next election quite frankly. He's not looking too well these days.

    2. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTMonday, May 5, 2014 at 6:38:00 AM EDT

      Most quebecois who have travelled hors-quebec are not separatists. quebecois who have travelled elsewhere but especially within Canada come to the realization that the quebec village mentality is a poison which holds quebec society back.
      I challenge anyone to disprove me. The quebec sovereignty movement has been in neutral gears for years now.
      The PQ is now telling themselves that quebecois must now be "re-explained" the benefits of independence. I guess the PQ thinks that quebecois are dumb.

    3. Re-explained? This I gotta hear, lol

      At this point who cares about seppies, they are so ...Last decade.

      What is important is that the 'silent majority' is on board, we keep them there. And if they decide to fall away into their bad habits again, they understand Montreal can "opt-out"! We done with the nonsense of political instability. Faux passer à d'autres choses.

  24. "....By the way, readers, for weekend discussion, what did you think of the revelations that defeated PQ members including Pauline Marois the sourpuss Fatima-Houda Pepin destroyed files before turning over their constituency office to their opponents?"

    The Files they were working on, while they are MP's, belong to 'The People'. They basically destroyed information that belongs to US, the citizens. It is for this reason that in 'Industry', has people walked out the minute they are terminated. The same thing should exist in government. Till now, we have trusted that elected politicians, outgoing MP's, conduct themselves in an honourable fashion when turning over the job. Obviously, going forward, we can no longer assume this. There should be repercussions for this sort of thing.

    Bloody low-lives though, we are so fortunate to be rid of people like that, it is conduct-unbecoming and total disrepect for the office they held. They should be fined.

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  26. In Pontiac, the population is 14 000. For comparison, in the city of Pembroke, in nearby Renfrew County, Ontario, the population is 16 000. All the township of the counties are facing significant hurdles, and surprisingly it isn't Bill 101. It's another, even worst, PQ boondoggle. Let's put the situation in the context of one of the western Pontiac largest township, Allumette Island (population 1000): "Attracting business and new residents is a challenge because much of the Island is designated agricultural green zone, with some of this land not sufficiently rich enough for agricultural development." (

    Now, to understand the issue of agricultural protection in Quebec, we need to go back in 1976, the election of the René Levesque with the PQ. One legislation passed was designed to protect agricultural land and established la Commission de protection du territoire agricole du Québec (CPTAQ). The goal of that government tribunal was designed to protect sensitive agricultural land especially near Greater Montreal. Now, while the Commission had merit, it failed. It was seen as an improvement by many over the previous, largely municipally-run system of agriculture protection. At issue, is the CPTAQ largely became over bureaucratic and failed in it's goal of protecting agricultural land in the Greater Montreal region, while holding too much sway in farther region, where the development are less economic and developers are less likely to go to the hassle of going to the commission.

    In BC, the government is considering modification to the system that would split the land protection in two: one for Victoria and Vancouver and another one for the rest of the province. ( In Ontario, the system is more complex but Ottawa and Toronto are surrounded by Greenbelt partly comprised of protected farmland. This system works best combining the need for agricultural protection in larger centres and the need for developable land in more regional cities.

    Now, not to be forgotten in all this story is the fact Madame Marois rezoned agricultural land by bribing a friend that the land wasn't used for agricultural but residential since land zoned as agricultural can be grandfathered into residential or commercial if one can prove previous use. Marois proves she will play politics with the issue.

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