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Election Recap....Shadenfereude Edition

This will be the final post on the last election, it's time to consign it to the history books and turn our attention to matters at hand.

But before we do, I'd like to offer a little bit of delicious shadenfreude, that special sinful delight in
enjoying other people's pain.

The loss for separatists was all the harder to bear because it was in fact a self-inflicted wound, the election triggered by greed, the PQ not satisfied with ruling as a minority, seeking a majority and shockingly receiving an exit pass from voters.

What really made the loss so hard to take is that the PQ leadership believed that the worst they could do was to be returned as a minority government, not bad for Plan B, which would buy the PQ another year or two of government.
Getting the boot was just not on the radar and the separatists in the PQ and in the media wore the shock and deception very publicly.
So why don't we enjoy a little of it?

If you're a kind and gentle soul, you can skip this post.
But if you're a mere mortal, I think you might get a kick out it,
So let's have a little fun and savour some of those woe-is-me missives, a little treat of schadenfreude, the guiltiest of pleasure, even lower than rank gossip.

Let me start with a delicious bit of painful whining from our good friend Gilles Proulx, who is at his sarcastic best when reminding the Quebecois how stupid they are. If you try just a little, you can see the acid dripping from his words, his obvious rage and pain a most delicious treat.

"And so happiness is upon us with Philippe Couillard in power in Quebec, because soon we will enjoy  the great Eldorado, where everyone will have a Cadillac and palm trees will sprout from earth and so Quebecers, emotionally illiterate, should now demand the abolition of the Charbonneau commission.

these stories of fraudsters, are beyond their comprehension, why would Quebecers continue to fund this  paralegal reality show?

Quebecers, one of the stupidest people on Earth,  drove out their world of Catholicism which inspired their collective life to accommodate without discrimination, a multitude of other religions.
For Easter, the New Testament relates an ancient custom of Pontius Pilate who commutes a death sentence. To celebrate the Liberal Easter, I say commute all the fraudsters, all mafiosi to free up room in our prisons..
Quebecers should also demand the immediate abolition of the Office québécois de la langue française, because they couldn't care less for the development of their language.

We should also require  freedom, freedom and nothing else on behalf of the latter, allowing any bare-foot peasant  from dolling themselves up in a uniform like a clown,  wearing a "religious symbol" in the police, for example, or in a court of justice.
 Ahh, the poet......

Then there's our old friend Louise Beaudoin, a woman who put the 'hard' in the PQ hardliners;
"I didn't expect the magnitude of this defeat. And so is the idea of ​​independence that of a single generation?  Have we failed to instill the idea of country in our young? The answer lies in the new generation. For me, this [result] gives me leave to throw in the towel and pass the baton to others, "she posited. - Link{fr}

It is becoming increasingly clear that its first article the option on sovereignty, has gone over like a lead balloon and this for some time.-Gerard Bouchard (bouchard -taylor)  Link{fr}

Defeated in his own constituency, the outgoing Minister, Yves-François Blanchet admits that they  committed strategic errors during the election campaign.

I think his quote is my favourite after-election comment; 
"Opponents have handed us a trap on the referendum. The trap shouted: I am a trap! I'm a trap! I'm a trap!.... And we fell right into it, anyways. Link

Ruminating in Le Journal de Montreal,  Richard Martineau comments reminded me of the shakespearean phrase;
"A countenance more in sorrow than in anger"
But it is precisely this that hurts Pauline Marois' party the most. Despite scandals, rumours and allegations; despite the post-its, envelopes and UPAC searches, Quebecers preferred to vote for the Liberals instead of the PQ! Holding their nose, they actually preferred to vote for the Liberals rather than return the Parti Quebecois to power! Link{fr}

Not all the pain was excluseivly the domain of the Pq, ex-Liberal MNA Fatima Houda-Pepin had one of the safest seats in Quebec.
She objected to the Liberal party's renunciation of the Charter of Values and chastised the party its stand in public.

She paid the price of her convictions by being fired by Philippe Couillard, which would have been admirable if she left in a dignified manner.

But she decided to either punish or embarrass the Liberals by running as an independent, I cannot for the life of me believe that she was dumb enough to believe that she could win the riding.

Lapiniere is a Liberal stronghold where the large Chinese community would vote for an Al Quaida terrorist if he ran as a Liberal.

Th irony of it all is that the Charter of Values is dead and she is out of a job, essentially for no reason.

Do I feel bad for her?...Read the title of this post!
Alexis Deschênes, the defeated candidate in Trois-Rivières, told reporters that "the ambiguity of the referendum" was one of the causes of the defeat PQ. "Should we? Should we not? I think in the future we need to clearly answer that," said Mr. Deschênes.
"On the ground, people wanted to know, I would have accepted the idea that there would be no referendum in the first term; But on the other hand, I wanted to speak of benefits associated with the independence of Quebec, "he added.

Sheesh! Somebody ought to tell this guy to make up his mind!

Bernard Drainville was caught breaking the election law by campaigning in a cegep which doubled as a polling station. It is against the law to campaign or distribute campaign material in a polling station.

But the hilarious pat of the story is the reaction of his aide;

Bernard Drainville is currently being audited by the Chief  Electoral Officer because he visited colleges during polling day .
The PQ candidate wasn't embarrassed to post
pictures of his meetings with students at CEGEP Lionel-Groulx and Ahuntsic and the Lanaudière in L'Assomption  on Twitter , Tuessday.

The  Marie-Victorin
incumbent was accompanied by the candidate in Groulx, Martine Desjardins, and one in Acadie , Evelyne Abitbol .
A clear law

However, the Election Act states that " on the premises of a polling place , no person may use a sign to identify their political affiliation or expressing support for or opposition to a political party or a candidate or engage in any other form of partisan advertising. "

Reached by telephone , the communications director for Bernard Drainville , Manuel Dionne, denied having violated the Elections Act. He first confirmed that the candidate had indeed distributed flyers in the college, but said he had complied with the law.
However, he went back on his words during a second call. "To my knowledge, nobody distributed leaflets. We were present, but did not partake in partisan activity. You do have the right to be there and talk with people ," said Manuel Dionne, while adding that he consulted about it with the Office of Elections.
Now if you're going to tell a blatant lie, it's important to destroy any evidence, especially when it comes from the candidates own Twitter account;

 Here is a picture of Drainville, (taken from his Twitter account) not distributing campaign material in a cegep. Ha! Ha! Link{fr}

Dominique Payette defeated PQ candidate in Quebec city blamed the media for it all, particularly Quebec City radio stations known derisively as 'Radio Poubelle' (Trash) which treated the PQ rather harshly.
Talking directly to reporters she said;
"I think that you were manipulated by the Liberal party."

Daniel Breton,  another defeated PQ candiadte chimed in on that very subject;
"and in social media as well. I've been harrassed, I've been insulted and I've been threatened in the social media"

Émilien Pelletier,  yet another defeated PQ candidate  was visibly furious when she aked this of reporters; media
"First of all, are you going to tell me what deal you made with Mr. Couillard?"
You were negative on  everything about Madame Marois !"

 Here's a comment taken from a newspaper online story that I just couldn't resist.

 Translation: This morning I'm asking myself what I'm going to do for the rest off my life. I refuse to work in English, nor serve anyone in that language.
I just modified my C/V: I am no  longer bilingual.
There's too much time to live. I am unfortunately in good shape and I think that I haven't yet lived half my life!
Enough time to see my people completely assimilated.
What torture!
My last hope resides in the outbreak of a third world war.
If there are some who rejoice in the disappearance of the Quebec nation, why shouldn't I rejoice in the disappearance of humanity?

Some notable quotes

Francoise David, leader of Quebec Solidaire.
"We know that on the ground and in the regions, particularly in the regional cities we are expecting significant gains tomorrow night."

Pauline Marois
"My little finger is telling me that on Monday night, we'll be very happy. And another thing my little finger is telling me : I am in possession of certain information that tells me we're going to elect a PQ  government"

comments from

No whine-a-thon would be complete without a few delicious comments from Quebec's premier separatist website;

"The Liberals are the local elite who have enriched themselves by aggressive control of the colonized people of Quebec, by maintaining a status quo favorable to the colonizer. Because Quebec is still locked in a colonial structure which weakens it on an ongoing basis, the Liberals, stealing elections with the active complicity of the media and the Orangemen of Canada, will always be protected for its major crimes, as Israel is by the USA. Conclusion: do not get distracted by the possible arrests of Liberals, because this party allows Canada to continue its work of undermining Quebec (economic exploitation, etc..,) in a province of cowards easy to screw."

"It seems that Quebecers now elect their government the Italian way, or if you prefer, à la Berlusconi.  
On April 7 we witnessed a travesty of democracy. This government is illegitimate, it is mafia-like and Anglo-Islamic.
Journalists behaved like lap dogs to the system and did the job of manipulating the people through phoney public opinion polls.
Rotten Liberal  lawyers, through their injunction prevented the citizens of Quebec from exercising their right to vote in a fair and enlightened manner.
As a citizen and patriot, I do not recognize this government!
Quebecers elected as the head of their state, an agent of  denationalization, someone who had previously been schooled in two important experiences including one in Saudi Arabia and other CSIS. Couillard is acting with the sole purpose of the destruction of the state of Quebec."

"The Quebec Liberal Party has become an organization that aims to enrich its friends and nothing else, except to trivialize Quebec and make it fit in within the Canadian order. Never before has an elected Prime Minister been suspected of so much, even before being sworn in. Never have so many doubts existed over potential cabinet ministers. All this for not willing to consider a possible referendum. Thank you God, the forces of the nation are on guard, and maybe we can relive the feverish era experienced by baby boomers, our forefathers who took to the streets to denounce the villains. The profound insignificance of Hamad, of Tomassi, to name just a few, takes on a special signifigance when we recognize the role they played in the Charest team, the most harmful of all Quebec prime ministers except perhaps Mousseau in the nineteenth century."

"Early on, anger reigned in my heart, then the sadness and now a big smile.
Because the Liberals will be pursued by police and encircled by journalists, one can only laugh. Over the weeks and months to come, we will have the pleasure of seeing them wither slowly but surely because journalists will not let go.
The PQ needs to hammer home the subject of sovereignty, its economic viability and the pride of our founding roots. PKP would be a good leader but he needs to take 
speaker's courses in order to be able to inspire crowds."

"Throughout the West, we currently live the narrative of the mainstream media which preaches for the maintenance of the current political, social and economic status quo.This is highlighted by the realism of young Quebec-born families who did not vote for the PQ in the last election .It is held in most of the media that it isn't realistic to believe in the Quebec sovereignty and young Quebec families who are more realistic than the generations that preceded them, are manipulated by these media stories of what is and isn't realistic.
All that to say that the new "realism" is not absolute and objective but rather subjective and totally adapted.The new realism is simply one meant to protect at all costs, our personal situation, that which we consider satisfactory and enviable.Faced with such an evolution of Québec society, an evolution, it must be said, which affects all the of the West, we can wonder if those who over the centuries, from Nostradamus to Machiavelli who predicted the end of our time, were actually right."

To counter these false eulogies, it would useful if  Vigile established a section devoted to the Order of useful idiots, in continuation of the work that Pierre Vadeboncoeur inaugurated in relation to our Quebec politicians, in his book 'The great fools,' and which would give a nuanced portrait of the spinelessness, demagoguery and compromises of those who betray their country, their fellow citizens and our project of national emancipation. Firstly, I would see the name of Denis Coderre added, our faux-mayor, federalist, liberal and body and soul sell-out, all to our detriment. 

It is rather disturbing to see the Liberals returned to power, but it highlighted the weakness of leadership or charisma of Ms. Marois. Not to mention, the obvious lack of renewal and updating the vision of the PQ.

I feel bruised by this victory of unscrupulous people.


comments from Le Journal de Montreal

The people do not want a referendum, for the moment, so thank you to the liberal campaign of fear and the spineless ... we'll see. We have time. Federalists said the same thing in 1994, and a year later plus, they were scared of out of their lives. The sovereignty project is the best thing that we can achieve ... this is not a defeat that will stop this project, and it is certainly not Goldinocks (sic) that will do  it.

Natives or the naive, it isn't the Anglos who lost the elections for the PQ, but the ambiguity and the reality of the PQ changing positions at the discretion of the electorate. A country is not built on improvisation and ambiguity, this legitimate  project deserves better.

Maybe I'm dreaming, but when you have a noble ideal that makes a country and ensures the future of our children, it is very rewarding and perfectly acceptable to do so. I'd rather dream than continue to let myself be fleeced by Canadians who continue to rob us (examples are of which there are so many,) continue to see the French language scorned to Montreal , Laval ... . ; the future belongs to those who stand, not to those who are crushed.

Ah the egocentrics! a virtual black hole, an ogre with a gargantuan appetite, which leaves nothing over for the collective, the community, the nation and what distinguishes it from others: its identity, language, culture.  
"What's in it for me?" The new credo of a generation. Everything is measured in terms of the dollar, the yardstick of modern success. ....The future will tell us if we were wrong. Why think about the future when the present moment is glorified.  
The grasshopper having sung all summer, was greatly at risk with the coming of winter ...

It is not because an election was conducted by a bunch of idiots that the freedom of a people is put into question. And so all the money and media support for the Liberals means that every election for the PQ becomes a referendum. Sovereigntists must unite and continue the work.

The old always complain on the young. It's always been like that. Older Baby Boomers such as Marois and Martineau have trouble understanding and accepting that they are old and outdated. Life changes. Tastes change. Society changes. The world is changing. Accept and appreciate it instead of spitting upon it. If not, you will become, if you're not already, old whiners who continually talk about the good old days .... yuck! 


...A major cleanup is about to take place within the PQ after its crushing defeat April 7th.
The party’s President Raymond Archambault; director general Sylvain Tanguay and director of communications Jean Bouchard are no longer welcome in the organization, according to members of the PQ. LINK

Caption this-

How about readers offering some appropriate captions for these photos?

and in conclusion, some humour.. Quebec style;

Have a great weekend!

Bonne fin de semaine!


  1. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTThursday, April 24, 2014 at 9:32:00 PM EDT

    Not sure it's funny.
    Time to go to bed, Strasbourg is calling for dinner tomorrow.

  2. Thanks Editor for a glimpse into the dark thoughts that populate the minds of Separatists. Quite astonishing. To them the PQ losing was the fault of everyone else rather that their own horribly bad idea.

    1. Their mistake was not controlling their Hatred and Exclusion of "les autres", which they exhibited with unrelenting unmitigated arrogance...AND they paid.

      Good riddance.

  3. I cannot help but enjoy the pain of the seppies myself, but on the other hand, it's disappointing that Harper won't be able now to exercise the devastating wrath he would have inflicted on French Quebec had the seppy Nazis won a majority...even if they won another minority.

    I would have enjoyed to watch Harper just pluck the legs off that by one.

    I still don't think this seppy thing is over...far from it! The next generation will find a new way to manifest separation that will inevitably be different from this aging generation. There are just too many of that element to simply die away with the current demographics.

    1. Separation is dead.
      Look at it this way: the francophone rights movement has always existed in Quebec, and rightly so since they were, as a people, downtrodden and exploited by both business owners AND the church AND politicians.

      In the 40s-50s-60s the continent-wide sense of outrage, along with newer, more immediate media, encourages people to rise up and take action.

      The separatist movement glommed onto this when the PQ were created, but many of the actions that people like yourself take offense to (Bill 101, the OQLF) were inevitable because the core idea was NOT to separate, but to make French the legally dominant language in Quebec.

      45 years later the ethnic rights group has won. Yes, there are still whiners at who are appalled that many in Montreal still speak English, but they are rightfully seen as cranks and crackpots.

      Can a francophone live in Quebec exclusively in French and have a good job? Of course. Certainly. No doubt about it.

      Everything that the majority wanted has been achieved.

      And that's why separation is dead.

    2. Yes, this is the main reason separatism is dead - the goals for Francophones have been largely achieved and the relationship with the ROC is completely different than it was forty years ago - but another reason the movement is fading out with the older generation is that the idea of an independent Quebec never moved beyond Francophones.

      It's a little amazing that even in these election quotes the conversation is entirely within the Francophone community. There was a time when Quebec - and especially Montreal - did consider itself a different culture from the rest of Canada. Even today it's hard to find a Montrealer who feel they have much in common with a Torontonian or a Calgarian. Politically Quebec and Alberta would seem quite different, especially since the National Energy Policy which Alberta will never forgive, of course. Is it just the difference that Quebec is liberal and Alberta conservative? Or are they really different cultures?

      It doesn't matter now because separatists never used these differences to try and build a Quebec nationalism that went beyond Francophones. It looks like that was never considered.

      An independent Quebec is still possible, of course, but it won't include Montreal or any other part that isn't overwhelmingly Francophone - because those are the lines separatists have drawn themselves.

    3. Their seppie movement was and is all about "Identity" (specifically French Quebecois identity). This is a hard sell since that's a very personal and intrinsically different thing for everyone, especially those who aren't French québécois. Maybe had they tried to sell it to ALL québécois based on a common denominator, they would have had more success and more people would have bought into it, particularly if it would have made sense to part ways with Canada. It certainly doesn't make sense now, especially when you consider we are a Have-Not province and our debt alone is currently $345 Billion. The other thing that does not help the separatist cause is the dwindling birth-rate especially among French quebecois, which has come to bite them in the ass big time. Baby boomers no longer reign and rule as they did in the past by shear numbers alone. As well, none of them are having large families anymore.

      Unless they change their tune quickly and ingratiate themselves to minorities, (they will have to work for years and years after the bill60 fiasco to accomplish this), AND prove to these how independence will benefit them as well, they don't stand a chance in hell of obtaining "favorable conditions" for a potential Referendum, nevermind Independence. Since we know how full of themselves and arrogant seppies are and can be, there is really no need to worry. I am so convinced of it, I wouldn't have allowed myself to write what I just did. LOL

    4. Kevin,

      Can a francophone live in Quebec exclusively in French and have a good job? Of course. Certainly. No doubt about it.

      Sorry to write this, but it seems that you do not understand what die-hard separatists want. What they want is to live anywhere in Quebec exclusively in French, without having to encounter any trace of any other language (read: English) in all aspects of life, and still live a good life. And for them it is all or nothing at all.

    5. @troy

      "...separatists want (...) to live (...) without having to encounter any trace of any other language (read: English) in all aspects of life..."

      that's just totally false troy. who did implement this ridiculous idea in your little brain troy? the dude sure played a dirty trick on you troy.

    6. @student

      You sound frustrated mate. Are you educated? By jove mate, top of the morning!!

    7. @tremblay

      i'm just fine mate thanks for enquiring. as for my education i went to school longer than montreal ville état but less than yannick. i'm still studying though. you?

    8. A high school dropout who aspires to be a PQ University Alumni, your parents must be so proud! Lol

      The Truth, is the Truth is the Truth! Don't kill the messenger. Lol

      (I still drive you nutso, don't I?) Lolololololololololol

    9. "die-hard separatists want (...) to live (...) without having to encounter any trace of any other language (read: English) in all aspects of life..."

      "that's just totally false troy."

      It was die-hard separatist politicians in the first PQ government that banned the public display of English completely in Quebec in 1977, in the original version of Bill 101. The only reason it is allowed at all now - in a restricted manner - is due to judgements by the Supreme Court of Canada and human rights condemnations by the United Nations.

      The following Quebec nationalist/separatist groups still don't want to see any English at all. They want it stamped out completely. You're deluded if you think otherwise. And they're just the tip of the iceberg.

      Imperatif francais
      Jeunes patriotes du Quebec
      Societe Saint-Jean-Baptiste
      Mouvement Montreal francais
      Mouvement Quebec francais

  4. Montreal 2.0

    Unfortunately it's this kind of insane thinking behind PQ types that forces Montreal to evolve from it's current legal form.

  5. Ironic that the greatest Quebec-bashers of them all are ultimately the separatists. From Jean Dorion's contention that ordinary Quebecers are "scared of their shadow" to Gilles Proulx's description of his fellow citizens as "one of the stupidest peoples on earth", the nationalist elites once again show that they view ordinary folks with deepest contempt. For all their chest-thumping declarations of faith to "la patrie" and their hateful denunciations of the "colonizer", the people they despise the most are the francophone Quebecers who refuse to bend to their will...

    1. From Ann,
      @Counter of Numbers: The whole notion of separation promoted by the elite is based on disrespect for the average francophone "peasant". In a separate Quebec, the PQ leaders, the union leaders, the separatists in the French press, would all be sitting pretty with their cushy jobs and lifestyle at the top, while the francophone peasants would serve them much like they served the Catholic Church. Look at Martine Desjardins and Blouin, they sold out their fellow students in order to push their way into the top ranks. This is all about fighting to be the top and who cares about the little people.

      What the separatists don't seem to understand is that many people voted Liberal not because they trust them, but because the PQ's policies would have set Quebec back to the dark ages. Separatists are blind followers of the PQ and can't see the PQ's many they assume those who vote Liberal have the same mindset of blindly following the Liberals.

    2. The separatist leaders were just taking over from the church as a way to dominate quebecers.


    The Liberals will have their work cut out for them, no doubt. Especially rehabilitating 'The Quebec Brand' worldwide, good luck with that. Personally, I don't think you can come back from something like that overnight, the PQ made it personal vis à vis its minorities, exerting to the lowest, cheapest, laziest tactics to achieve their objective of sovereignty. Even though this is a 'new' government, they've been saddled with a huge PR nightmare. The amends that the Liberals will have to make, to ethnics specifically, will have to be significant and substantive to mean anything. Just because people voted for them, doesn't mean all is forgotten, ....far from. Let's see if THEY mean what they say or it's just lip service and useless rhetoric to, once again, appease the masses. When we look at the situation, even though we want to extend the benefit of the doubt to those in power now, a gut feeling tells us that Montreal would be better off going it alone. It needs to work on a plan NOW to undertake its own interests and oversee its own destiny.....and there is not a minute to lose.

  7. 'Caption this photos' First one at the top:

    Popo: "My stupidity is thisssssssssssss big"
    Guy to the right: "Ya think? Hehehehehehe"
    Guy to the left: "Nope, I beg to differ....... it's MUCH bigger"


  8. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsFriday, April 25, 2014 at 9:00:00 AM EDT

    Pic #1: "Moe-la, j'ai un chateau...un GROS chateau!"

    Pic #2: "Pffft! You call that a castle? come out to Ile Bizard and I'll show you something!"

    Pic #3: [PKP] "Does this bitch ever shut up?"

  9. First photo: I want to have a horse lowered onto me with an appendage this big!

  10. I take no pride in the pleasure I am deriving from the defeat of the PQ. Oh wait..... Yes I do !!! Right down to my soul actually. Good riddens. Now, let's get this party started :)

  11. LMHO - the guy who refuses to speak English - and has taken Bilingual off his resume is the most ridiculous thing I've heard all week!
    ( and I've heard some pretty ridiculous things from Separatists right here in the comment section of this blog )
    Wonder if he vacations in Florida?
    Back in the day it was the least educated that followed the Church like lambs - today the least educated follow the PQ - of which, as we all know, there are far too many in the Belle Province............

    1. Yep, Arrogance 101.

      Rather than exploiting Assets, we are going to dig in our heels and exhibit just how truly stupid we are. LOL.

      Doesn't it warm your heart that there are such imbeciles in the world? Well, more opportunities for for the rest of us to take advantage of! ....What bozos, lol.

    2. Drunk Guy Rene Levesque KilledFriday, April 25, 2014 at 7:33:00 PM EDT

      The guy that is removing "bilingual" from his CV can fucking move to Chibougamau. We don't want people with an attitude like that in Montreal or near Montreal. It's toxic.

  12. This can't be true. Montreal's metro is not even ready and it already won't work. The subway cars won't fit in the tunnel (in french):

    What the hell is happening here? Is it a Joke?

    1. there's no scandal here mate. journalists made a fuss with a detail that was totally accounted for since the beginning. you fell in the trap mate. here's a better article than the one you propose.

  13. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsFriday, April 25, 2014 at 6:46:00 PM EDT


    It appears as though you've written your piece a tad early - here's everyone's favorite pseudo-pundit/philo playing on his limited intelligence to concoct the best spin he can:

    Suck it up, Matt, 4.5 years in the backseat - if it's any consolation, you deserve it.

    1. What a pleasure to read the responses to MBC’s rant… about 95% of the JdM’s francophone readers are firmly against him, find his point of view absurd and are repelled by the way that he just oozes spite and hatred. Clearly, once one becomes profoundly indoctrinated like that, one also becomes tone-deaf to what the majority of Quebecers clearly desire.

      Dunno if anybody caught Gen. Roméo Dallaire on TLMEP a couple weeks ago. He was on with Gilles Vigneault (o.O). Meanwhile, for motormouth blowhard Mathieu Bock-Côté, Guy A. Lepage actually had to preface one of his questions with “Mathieu, in less than 1000 words, …”! Ha! (here’s a previous sample of the way MBC talks). I feel pity for his students. Romeo told MBC it must be fascinating trying to take notes in his course… LOL!

    2. what a bad comment. here's why.

      "about 95% of the JdM’s francophone readers are firmly against him"

      first you lie about the proportion of comments that are "firmly against" bock coté's stance. it's more like 50-50. and in the same breath you claim that the comments represent the whole jdm readership, where in fact they only represent the internet readers who took the time to write a comment. that's a lot of flasities in half a line mate!

      "one also becomes tone-deaf to what the majority of Quebecers clearly desire."

      even worse, you go as far as claiming the 60 comments under his article represent the whole quebec society!! how crap is this assumption? and furthermore even if the majority of quebeckers "clearly desired" something, why should it bring bock coté to change his tune? you think a columnist should only write what the majority of quebeckers "clearly desire"? that's crazy. even you don't propose what the majority clearly desires and you still express yourself don't you?

      "for motormouth blowhard Mathieu Bock-Côté, Guy A. Lepage actually had to preface one of his questions with “Mathieu, in less than 1000 words,..."

      and your whole second paragraph trying to diss bock coté because he talks eloquently?!? are you anti-intellectual mate? or will you just hang on any available stupid argument to bash a separatist?

      also noteworthy is you missed the opportunity to be relevant by avoiding to write one word about his essay.

      by jove was that a bad comment the cat.

    3. Cattttt...where ya' been? Happy in the Caribbean I bet. Lol

  14. Hope Couillard goes all Margaret Thatcher on the seppie unions.

    1. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsFriday, April 25, 2014 at 7:37:00 PM EDT


      I certainly think you can expect as much.

      In year one, expect them to deliver a brutal evisceration of the public sector, knowing that they have 3.5 years after the fact to move past their worst.

      Salary increases will be curbed, and if there's any justice, daycare rates will be indexed to the minimum wage.

  15. Only in Quebec would a government agonize over whether or not increase day care from 7 to 9 dollars per day!!!! 9 flipping dollars per day for someone to look after your kid all should be at least 15-20 dollars per day and thats still cheap compared to any other province. Come on people grow some kahunas..couillard grow some couilles. Its a no flipping brainer..increase the day care fees..they are ridiculously low and limit space to people who have incomes below 60,000 per year..a no brainer.

    How about the flipping tuition fees increased..even if they riot so be it..we are bankrupt. How about laying off people in the public service..dont replace retired people..especially the bureaucrats.

    How about privatizing Hydro Quebec and the SAQ..thats many many billions right there. Freeze salaries for 5 years..amalgamate school boards. Look there is no easy way to come up with 4 billion dollars per year..Quebecers have been living in la la land for decades and now we will have to pay a very steep price.

    1. "9 flipping dollars per day for someone to look after your kid all should be at least 15-20 dollars per day and thats still cheap compared to any other province."

      other province's citizens pay less provincial taxes. it's normal that public services cost less in quebec. factor this in your next rant mate.

      "How about the flipping tuition fees increased..."

      limiting access to poorer dudes is a bad idea mate.

      "How about laying off people in the public service.."

      that's what they did in the roadworks ministry late 90s. corruption ensued. it's also what they did in the health sector late 90s. huge lineups at ER ensued.

      "How about privatizing Hydro Quebec and the SAQ..thats many many billions right there."

      are you sure some billions right there are better than some billions every year forever?

      "Freeze salaries for 5 years.."

      ok let's start with yours.

    2. student -

      Yes other provinces pay less taxes but they also have much less debt..we have by far the largest debt of any government in north america per capita. We do not have the luxury of paying for these overly generous social programs. In the rest of Canada it is typical for a family to spend 800-1500 dollars per month on day care for one child. Believe me they are not paying 10000-18000 less per year in provincial income taxes. 9 dollars per day is ridiculously cheap..we are talking 200 dollars per month..even someone on a lower income can afford this..let alone all the middle and upper class people who abuse this program.

      Limiting could double tuition fees in quebec and pretty well everyone would still be able to go. There are student loans..there are parents..there are summer jobs..explain to me how so many people in the rest of canada still manage to go to university yet tuition fees are much higher. I am sick and tired of paying 87 percent of the cost of someones universtiy education. There are also things called scholarships for people who work hard and have abilities..they actually cover much of the cost.

      We have the largest public service per capita of any jurisdiction in north america and arguably among the worst infrastructure, horrible health care system, and overall pretty poor services. What are these people all doing..I suspect many are twiddling their thumbs like you all day.

      Its high time that hydro quebec and saq are run efficiently and our debt is so out of control we have no other options..quebecers have been living high on the hog for decades now expecting chearp daycare, cheap tuition , cheap electricity and just piling up the debt. Well the debt is due..and unfortunately because of horrible fiscal management much of it brought on by a whiny electorate we now have our backs up against the wall. Of course we could always default on the debt and turn into Greece or increase taxes and watch the economy weaken even further. What you dont understand student is that there are no easy options because people like you cant add.

      I would gladly accept a wage freeze if serious cuts were made across the boars. I have always managed my money prudently from the time I was at university. I slepy on a sleeping bad in my apartment for 4 years..had no furniture..lived more or less on 500 dollars per month total..paid off my student loan within 2 years..didnt buy a car until I was 27 and it was a small second hand car. I saved for years for a downpayment on a home so that I would have enough for 25 percent down and on and on. Believe me if this province ran like how I run my affairs we would be in surplus territory but of course whiners like you need constant handouts from the rest of us.

    3. @complicated

      You forgot the STM

    4. ".....What you dont understand student is that there are no easy options because people like you cant add."

      Gee complicated, don't you know? They don't teach Math at PQ University. They only teach how to bitch and complain that their comfortable asses hurt in Canada. In other words, they complain about imaginary hemroids.

      The other obvious reason is that this province was always cajoled and pandered to by the RoC and now we have a bunch of spoiled brats on our hands who don't have the foggiest idea what it is to sacrifice, and let's face it, they'll need to do some of that in a hurry to save their asses (lol pun intended). Sacrificing and going without is definitely a skill, one these Losers never learnt, so how do you think they will react to the harsh measures that will most likely be introduced in the near future by the Liberals? More bitching and complaining of course, cause the don't want to give up their low tuition and unsustainable cheap daycare. I suppose we will have to see what kind of a Leader this new guy is, and if indeed, he will have the courage of his convictions.

    5. @complicated

      i agree with you that a government can't carry on piling up deficits forever. but i also think you fall into the irrational doomsayer category.

      in my humble opinion curbing on corruption like the pq did in just a year and a half will help tremendously. you can bet the system the liberals nurture pumps 30% of government spending offshore, and not only in construction, but healthcare, information technology, etc. all that's been outsourced to the private sector. sanitizing this aspect of public life is the most important thing to do, well before selling money making outfits. in that sense it's just totally ridiculous to have put the liberals back in place. it's really a proof that something has to change and quebeckers must get out of the province vs country debate. two ways out are possible: independance or assimilation of the french culture. the first solution is preferable.

      i think selling away profiting government companies like saq or hydro would be plain stupid. short term gain without addressing underlying structural issues that will inevitably resurface when said gain is spent. basic stuff mate.

      oh and apparently you forgot the stm. (wtf??)

    6. ".... two ways out are possible: independance or assimilation of the french culture. the first solution is preferable"

      Well that didn't take long, #PQ University strikes again! Lol

      "Wah wah wah, comfortable ass hurts, get me a whoppi cushion, wha wah wah"

      I'd get you a pillow alright, but it would be for your other butt, YOUR FACE, and then I'd sit on it. GET A JOB, start paying some taxes, be useful in Life, start contributing you lazy parasite. You'll see, it's a sure remedy for your imaginary butt pain.

    7. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsSaturday, April 26, 2014 at 11:16:00 AM EDT

      For the love of all that is holy, please stop engaging this little peckerwood.

      I can't take another drop of it's inherent fucking stupidity - only in the first-world can these types of people have the luxury of getting away with being so blatantly ignorant.

      Just rejoice in knowing that these rubes are about to be treated to a serious lesson in real-world economics.

    8. FINE..but I was having fun with the squeaky! Only cause YOU asked, lol

      Ps: The lesson in real world economics will be for everyone. Let's see how many will support it.

    9. @Student

      "two ways out are possible: independance or assimilation of the french culture. the first solution is preferable."

      Those aren't really the only options, though. You agree that the French Culture needs to be protected - and it is being protected by the Quebec government. And it is also being protected by the Canadian government. Which it always was, but which has improved a great deal in the last forty years.

      You may be falling into the "irrational doomsayer category" to believe that without independence the French culture will be assimilated. You have the evidence of the last forty - or two hundred - years. Is the French culture weaker and more assimilated now than it was in 1814? Or 1914? Or is it stronger and protected?

      You have to decide if your goal is the protection of the French culture or independence - they are not the same thing.

      It's possible you will find many more like minded people in the rest of Canada who see protecting the French culture as very important than you think. You may need to look beyond language to find common ground with more people. "cultural protection" is important to a lot of people in Canada and protecting one doesn't mean weakening another, as you well know.

    10. Anonymous Buster of Shit Arguments,

      It is apparent that student does not actually understand economics by advocating monopoly, particularly for consumer products, with statement like this:

      i think selling away profiting government companies like saq or hydro would be plain stupid. short term gain without addressing underlying structural issues that will inevitably resurface when said gain is spent. basic stuff mate.

      A monopoly always create productivity loss in an economic system. While monopoly in vital sectors or utilities may be necessary, monopoly in consumer goods is certainly not. To put it into example, if the Quebec government opens liquor trades in the province and acts only as a regulator and overseer, the input to the economy is bigger than it is as a monopoly.

    11. @Jay

      French thrives because of Canada, and all the bloody money CANADA pours into it. If quebec ever became independent, French would instantaneously die. Quebec will not be able to sustain it, $$$$$$$$ fiscally. It won't be long that an independent quebec will be kicking and screaming to get back into Canada, just for it's very survival. By then it will be too late, cause Canada won't want it, and if it takes it back, it will be on Canada's terms, and do you seriously think that will include the protection of French? I think that's why Harper pushes and provokes the seppies. He sees how it will play out for seppies, and wants to help them right along.

      Independence is a pipe dream, and after this past election, more so than ever. The anti-intellectuals refuse to accept it, but the rest of us have pretty much moved on. If this Liberal government is successful in carrying out what is required economically, seppies really won't have a leg to stand on in 5yrs time, ...not that they ever did.

    12. Irrational doomsayer..go look at the numbers..260 billion dollars in debt..highest taxes on the continent..even with 9-15 billion per year pumped in from the rest of Canada and you are telling me I am overly negative. Look at the numbers..they make every other provinces numbers pale in comparison. Even Ontario which is not doing well has a much lower debt per capita and much lower taxes and they are very worried. And we are in this situation even as Canada has been one of the strongest performing economies in the world with record low interest rates..what will happen when interest rates revert back to the norm and our housing dependant economy starts to falter???

      Corruption is part of the problem and honestly dont make me laugh by saying the PQ did anything concrete about that and to think the PQ are angels either..please. The real problem in Quebec is the incredible entitlement mentality of most citizens who think its their right to have cheap daycare, cheap tuition, cheap electricity, government jobs for life, generous parental leave programs, and on and on. The people are demanding this from their governments and both the Libs and PQ have been unable to tell the people that we cannot afford these programs. The corruption costs are significant but a drop in the bucket compared to the incredibly generous social programs and to support the largest public service in north america.

      Hydro Quebec and SAQ are run very inefficiently..and we have a serious debt problem..yes it would be nice to keep hydro quebec and saq public but we need the money. The entitlement mentality of most people have led to this and its high time we stop blaming the government so much as the majority of quebecers who seem to think the government can grow money on trees.

      How about also the incredibly powerful unions in this province who suck so much out of the economy, making it an incredibly unattractive place for private investment. Do you know how many times people have told me that such and such a company will not even consider locating in qeubec because of unreasonable unions, onerous taxes and regulations and of course the nonstop political uncertainty and obsession over language.

    13. "....The people are demanding this from their governments and both the Libs and PQ have been unable to tell the people that we cannot afford these programs...."

      Imagine if an independent quebec will be able to sustain these programs. That's why Businessman Legault over at the CAQ became a turncoat. He CAN add and numbers don't lie, so he changed his tune. For this reason he keeps re-iterating he's a nationalist not a separatist. Quebec Nationalists want to act as though they are Independent (and go after more and more powers from Ottawa), but meanwhile they want to keep enjoying the financial security Canada provides. Win Win! Since he knows the truth it is damn easy to shout it from the highest CAQ pulpit: "No Referendum, not not for 10 years or 20 years". It's just not financially possible, and he knows it, more than anyone else. No skin off his nose to articulate the obvious.

    14. I think both Legault and Bouchard looked seriously at the numbers and said there is NO way that Quebec could stand on its own. My personal take is that Legault still has a bit of hope that perhaps one day Quebec can be turned into this financial powerhouse and then maybe could make it on its own but realistically he also understands that it could very well become an impossibility and that working with Canada will be the only option left. So perhaps he has a bit of seperatist in him but as a businessman he knows the odds of independance are very low.

      I think he would have been in the best position to fix the ginormous debt problem being he is a businessman and his parties focus on cutting waste, debt, etc. The Liberals have failed over and over with respect to debt management..early on their actions have been encouraging but the proof will be in the pudding..we will see how effective the Liberals will be. It will take a very brave leader to do what is will likely mean thousands on the streets, a plunge in popularity, a short term hit to the economy and possibly a surge in nationalism. But if the Liberals are serious they need to start right now very early in their term so that the benefits of these cuts could be seen in 3 or 4 years.

      The irony is that the french language in Quebec is better protected within a strong Canada rather than a weak Quebec. A weak Quebec will be more dependant on foreign money and will have to open up even more if they want to survive. Foreign capital will not give a damn about their language and culture and will not tolerate powerful and corrupt unions dictating to them. The rest of Canada will wipe out more or less any french rights making it even more difficult for francophones who search for work there. Most federal government jobs will become unilingual hence ending another advantage that francophones have had in finding work there. The billions from the rest of Canada allow Quebec to survive more or less as a french only entity..once this money is gone then its game over..Quebecers will flee to find jobs and they will end up in english only zones..

    15. One more thought about the debt and some words of advice to the Liberals. Its high time that the government educates the public about the debt, how high it is, how high it is compared to other provinces and countries, how high debt levels have literally destroyed some countries such as Greece, Spain, where most of our spending is and why its necessary to cut social spending because thats the bulk of expenses. Its time to take out the charts and give a quebec tour of some basic economics 101. Tell Quebecers that we spend 10 billion dollars per year on interest and we have the lowest interest rates in history..tell them that interest rates will surely revert to the norm around 5 or 6 percent which will almost double our interest do we come up with another 10 billion to pay just the interest on the debt. Tell them that we have the cheapest tuition fees in north america by far, that we have the most generous social programs by far but thehighest debt and the highest taxes. Previous governments have done a horrible job of educating the masses.

      I suggest that when the cuts are announced that all the MNAs also accept a 10 percent cut to their salaries and perhaps more to their expenses..cut salaries of many top bureaucrats in the quebec government. Make the cuts heavier for the top people and less for the frontline staff..this will help ease the pain if the people see even the people at the top are taking a hit and even a bigger hit. Consider giving families a tax break at the same time if possible..eliminate obvious silliness like allowing all families access to the 9 dollar per day free invitro to any couples..and on and on.

      Klein made a ton of cuts in the early 1990s but he had the support of most Albertans who are a lot more pragmatic than Quebecers. He cut school boards, he cut education and health budgets, he cuts jobs, he froze wages, and the debt in Alberta was nothing compared to paid off Alberta has zero debt and the lowest taxes in the country and the strongest economy by far..the highest average incomes and on and on. But this success will never happen in quebec because of the culture here but at least we could stop the decline and maybe improve things a bit here. Its time to take back this province from the undemocratic student protesters who only care about themselves, from the unions who are the most corrupt unit in the province and who stifle economic growth and who use bullying as a standard tactic to anyone against them. Wake up people..we need to sacrifice to make this a better place..but it will be painful..

    16. @complicated

      please stop using the iedm debt clock as an argument. you must know that relative numbers are relevant here and not absolute ones. i mean come on, i could just reply with the usa debt clock and you'd see it's x times worse. what would you answer? ah yes but they have a bigger population and gdp. and you'd be absolutely right. so please stop that as it is a doomsayer's argument and you want to avoid lounging in the gutters of internet debating along montreal ville état and apple iigs. right?

      the second link you provide is a little better as it shows quebec's rating is fine. it also shows it's got a higher debt to gdp ratio than other provinces. the only thing not considered in this calculation is assets. it's a shame as it really is needed in order to get the full picture.

      the third link you provide links to a fraser institure report that says quebec is heavily indebted. nobody is denying this mate.

    17. @complicated

      "dont make me laugh by saying the PQ did anything concrete about that..."

      of course they did! where were you when they passed all the anti-corruption laws?!? from jf lisée's blog:

      "Disons-nous les vraies vraies affaires. Depuis 18 mois, elle a mené une offensive sans merci contre tous les corrompus du Québec. Les Gilles Vaillancourt, accusé de gangstérisme, et tous ses amis en veulent à la chef du PQ d’avoir laissé la police faire son travail. Sont-ils des dizaines ou des centaines les cadres d’entreprises d’ingénierie, d’architectes, d’avocat, de comptables véreux qui s’étaient enrichis, avant elle, et qui ont perdu soit leur emploi, soit leurs bonus, soit leur réputation à cause d’elle?

      À cause de Pauline Marois, de son équipe et de sa loi 1, les géants de l’ingénierie, les SNC-Lavalin, Dessau, Axor, qu’on croyait intouchables, ont été exclus de tout contrat gouvernemental pendant plus d’un an. Hier triomphants ils devaient, penauds, démontrer à l’Autorité des marchés financiers qu’ils avaient viré les crapules en leur sein, modifié leurs codes, changé leur culture.

      Pourquoi Pauline Marois est-elle la femme à abattre? Parce que personne avant elle n’a fait autant en si peu de temps pour faire reculer la fraude et l’illégalité. Le système des prêtes-noms a été cassé par les lois du PQ sur le financement à 100$ des campagnes québécoises et municipales. Les maires accusés de fraude peuvent maintenant perdre leurs postes grâce à une nouvelle loi. Toutes les entreprises — toutes — qui veulent des contrats publics doivent démontrer leur intégrité. Du jamais vu. Contrairement à la pratique sous les libéraux, où les policiers ont interrompu une filature parce qu’ils s’approchaient trop du pouvoir, l’UPAC a su qu’avec Pauline Marois il fallait suivre toutes les pistes jusqu’au bout. Et on a jamais vu autant de perquisitions, d’arrestations, d’accusations.

      Il y en a qui veulent que ça s’arrête. Ceux qui ne sont pas encore pris et qui tremblent dans leurs paradis fiscaux. Ceux qui sont déjà pris et qui veulent en découdre."

    18. @complicated

      you should read lisée's blog more often. it seems you're missing out on a lot of important facts.

      liberals, in the mean time? couldn't even pass an internal ethical code for fear of losing friends!

      will you keep denying liberals are worse?!?

    19. @complicated

      Emancipation! Quebecers and separatists in particular are not there yet, even tho they think they are there in regards to their "culture" and " identity", the truth is they are far from it. Seppies should be embarrassed about still primping the idea of independence when things are so dire economically. They have to face the reality of their Economics, first and foremost, and all that that entails. Yes, it means having to sacrifice and forego those things hindering the this province from going forward. Repressive language laws for starters, which discourage Industry. Cushy Unions that run the show any way they like. It is an aberration that an STM bus driver makes $30.00/ hr for what he does. Sell the damn thing and privatize it, like Thatcher did. We can stand to learn a few lessons from the Iron Lady...the authentic one that is...

      Emancipation! What a beautiful word. If only.....

    20. Spare me the praise for popo, especially since she never revealed the shit she and her hubby were hiding regarding the Blanchet/FTQ affair. How bloody naïve can you be...please...fighting corruption? Really? She lives with it daily and the best thing that could have happened to her was to get bounced so she can go back to her anonymous life, so that everyone can forget about her husband's misdeeds.

    21. @montreal ville état

      so your allergy to facts is giving you another rash mate?

    22. Use whatever metric you want student..debt to debt..we are clearly the worst. And we are the worst because of unsustainable spending notably social spending and the chronically weak economy which has been hobbled by militant unions and nonstop politicial instability and language obsession. The USA has a huge problem also..there debt is enormous but they have much lower taxes and a much more capitalist they can eventually dig themselves out of their debt via higher taxes and a robust diversified large economy although even they are in big trouble. But Quebec is a total disaster and the worst thing is that most people dont seem to think its a big deal..people like you who just brush it off or prefer to ignore the numbers. If we at least moved in the right direction but people like you want to move in the opposite want more social spending, more taxes, more political instability - everything you want student will make the debt even worse.

      Lisee..very non biased opinion there..I mean come are relying on a blog by someone from the PQ to tell you that the PQ has done a good job..are you serious? Thats kind of like me saying that Charest stated that the Liberals did a lot to fight corruption and improve the debt..come on. The Charbonneau commission along with the Surete are doing a lot to uncover corruption but the PQ. Why dont you go have a chat with some of Blanchets friends about his dealings..Marois own husband is probably one of the biggest crooks out there. He bribed some old man so that they could build a mansion where normally no house should be allowed to be built..incorporating public land into their estate. How about all the other dealings outed about him in the charbonneau commission..

      The real problem is that corruption is accepted in many walks of life here in Quebec..its not just a Liberal or PQ thing..its part of the culture. This happens in places where the real economy falters because of mismanagemet..people resort to criminal ways to survive..we have a thriving mafia in Montreal, powerful unions which are clearly corrupt and of course politicians from all parties and jurisdictions who get involved. You think the university students paralysing the city are any better..they werent on the streets for social justice..they were there to save themselves some money and instead of letting quebecers decide via an election they took matters into their own hands..even blocking access to other students who had the right to attend that that justice..its anarchy and its dishonest and corrupt in my books.

    23. " please stop that as it is a doomsayer's argument and you want to avoid lounging in the gutters of internet debating along montreal ville état and apple iigs. right?..."

      It gives me the greatest joy when you mention me in your posts pinstripes, ....with clenched teeth no less..spouting vitriol, AND in the illustrious champagne company of Apple, to boot! LOL. In spite of yourself (since you are too dumb to realize it), you do pay me the highest compliments! Our posts get under you skin because they do great damage to your broke-ass seppie cause. Now, that's the highest praise! TY

      Ps: Your broke-ass quebec brand cannot be saved unless you give up your lazy habits expecting everybody else to pay your way. Not the way the world works pinstripes, lol, guess they don't teach you that at broke-ass PQ University, do they?

      And you can tell fake Tom Hagen he can "suck it" the next 4 yrs.

      @ABSA, forgive devil made me do it, lol.

    24. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsSaturday, April 26, 2014 at 5:11:00 PM EDT


      No need to apologize to me - I'm not the blog police.

      It's just that every time you guys goad the Peckerwood, her statements become so nonsensical, untrue and downright erroneous that I get upset that our society fosters this type of defect.

      Funny that you should refer to her as Pinstripes (we both know the reference and how it's about the Yankees), because if the PQ were a sports team, they would not be the equivalent of the Yankees, I can tell you that much. In fact, to indulge Troy, I'd refer to them as the Buffalo Sabres of politics.

    25. Of course, privatizing things like Hysro Quebec or the SAQ has nothing to do with independence and can be done now - in a beneficial way or not. Alberta has had a good experience privatizing retail liquor sales but Ontario's experience with privatizing the electricity market hasn't gone as well.

      In any event, these things are entirely under provincial jurisdiction and entirely in the control of the Quebec government.

    26. @complicated

      "people like you want to move in the opposite want more social spending, more taxes, more political instability..."

      dude that is the mother of bad faith arguments: putting words in your antagonist's mouth, or keyboard. why do you do that?!?

      "Lisee..very non biased opinion there..I mean come are relying on a blog by someone from the PQ to tell you that the PQ has done a good job..are you serious?"

      of course. when what's written are facts, and when the analysis is good, i see no problem in relying on anyone. do you?!?

      "Thats kind of like me saying that Charest stated that the Liberals did a lot to fight corruption and improve the debt..."

      no it's not the same, cause it isn't true, as charest didn't do anything to fight corruption nor to "imptove the debt" (improving the debt?!?)

      "The Charbonneau commission along with the Surete are doing a lot to uncover corruption but the PQ..."

      the charbonneau commission came after almost three years of pq (and caq) non-stop pressure on charest. so thank you pq (and caq).

      the sureté du québec and upaq have been busting significant crooks, namely vaillancourt, applebaum and zampino after pq replaced lpq appointed sq boss by a better one.

      nothing had happened before. no, under last lpq stint what you got was this:

      so who's better?

      "corruption is accepted in many walks of life here in Quebec..its not just a Liberal or PQ thing..its part of the culture."

      that's a racist slur you got from cebeuq. he repeated enough times that you now take it for granted. it's extremely stupid to write such a thing when 80% of quebec's population did ask for a public enquiry on corruption to be set up. i think corruption is more accepted in other provinces where money also disappears and nobody asks for a clean up. don't you agree?

      "they (students) were there to save themselves some money..."

      yeah right on mate. you're so wrong. the striking students wouldn't even have been hit by charest's crazy 82% tuition fee increase. and you have parrots like you years after who still think the student did it to save a buck. they lost a fuckin semester mate, just so others following them would benefit from low fees like they did. how can a clever dude like you can let so obvious lies make their way into your brain?!?

    27. @Student

      This is just partisan politics, one party over another and both parties given too much slack by their supporters because of the federalist-separatist issue. And both parties taking advantage of that.

      Would you ever consider stopping the enabling of this? It might help to improve Quebec.

    28. @jay

      i don't understand what both your "this" refer to.... sorry.

    29. @Jay

      Right on! Pandering to the Easy! It's really no effort so how can anyone improve. You made a great point, too bad it went right over dummy's head.

    30. @Student

      What I mean is that the situation today is everything Rene Levesque wanted for Quebec so you have to decide if he was wrong and Quebec actually needs more independence or not, and if it worth what Quebec is going through.

    31. student - Look I never said the Liberals are NOT corrupt..they could very well be more corrupt than the PQ and I have mentioned many times as this being one of the reasons I cannot support the Liberal party. But lets not be naive and think the PQ are clean..perhaps they are less corrupt..but we all know the shady dealing Popos husband has been involved with..we also know how shady the FTQ is which has very close ties to the PQ.

      I have lived in Quebec for about 12 years and I have never seen more dishonesty and corrupt behaviour anywhere in Canada as here..and here I mean Montreal..I suspect Montreal is the worst place in Quebec. With my own eyes I have seen examples at my work, my spouses work, friends work where people blatantly abuse the system to the max for their own benefit..for example taking sick leave when they are not sick..this is rampant. Quebecers view sick leave as additonal vacation leave..the rate of sick leave I have seen is on the order of 2-3 times higher than my comparable workplace in the rest of Canada.

      I have seen roads dug up..repaved..dug up again.repaved again..two or three times..why..because someone likely didnt do their job or they wanted to make more money by creating extra work. How about residential streets in Montreal being cleaned once per week..everywhere else in Canada I have lived its twice per year..this is because Montreal has such a bloated workforce..the unions make it basically impossible to fire anyone so there is all this unnecessary work. Or Montreal city workers sleeping in their cars or shopping or using snowplows to clear sidewalks with no snow and on and on. I remember once the fireman were on strike and during this action some of the fire trucks ended up in the river..really nice..never seen this anywhere else in Canada.

      Oh and lets get back to our favorites..the post secondary students. The majority of students did not support the strike..a small vocal minority took it upon themselves to block access to all manipulate blatantly ignore commit criminal acts. And why did they do this..because the government tried to boost tuition fees to be somewhere close to the Canadian average..even after the 80 percent increase the fees would still be the lowest in Canada..give me a flipping break. How come students in the rest of Canada can afford higher tuition..anybody can go to university if they want to..with student loans..with help from getting a scholarship..tuition fees are far from any level preventing people from studying..thats a myth you are pushing. And many of these same students were on the streets with their 500 dollar smartphones..designer clothers..going on trips to the south..yet whining that they cant afford another 1500 per bs. And we all saw how noble the student leaders were..leo bureau and martine quickly jumped onto the pq bandwagon to further their own careers which were resoundlly trashed by voters in this election.

      The 2012 election to me was a clear rebuke of the students claims..58 percent of Quebecers voted for parties that wanted tuition fee hikes..the Liberal and CAQ vote.

      It would be great to have cheap tuition forever..really..but we are in debt up to our eyeballs..we cannot afford it..what dont you understand about that student..the numbers are clear. We..the taxpayer already pay 87 percent of the cost and you still think its not enough. We the taxpayer dont have all day and week to go out on the streets banging pots..we have to work, we have families to take care of - we have to work to pay the 87 percent of the cost for your education and this is the thanks we get. So up yours student for being such a spoiled self-entitled brat.

    32. One more thing student..a direct question..if we had a referendum question to Quebecers about whether or not they support bringing tuition fees to the canadian average. If the majority of quebecers voted yes to do so would you accept that? Or would you and your friends riot on the streets again. My guess is that you would not accept a democratic vote from Quebecers. In my opinion the students acted like completely ungrateful spoiled brats..who complains about paying the lowest tuition fees in North America and in the jurisdiction with the highest debt per capita??? And you people are university educated???

      And further to your previous comment..are you saying you do not agree with higher social spending, higher taxes and independance..because from all your other comments it appears that you are very much a leftist socialist extremist who thinks the government should provide it all to their citizens for free or near free. You certainly do agree with independance and its abunduntly clear that since the talk of it in the 1970s Quebecs financial condition has drastically deteriorated..again you are an educated is a clear link. So everything that you believe in would clearly result in a higher debt and accelerate the bankruptcy of that what you want??? Go talk to the students in Greece, Spain and even France and tell me how happy they are now.

      There is the real world and then there is your fantasy la-la land where money grows on trees..

    33. @complicated

      "if we had a referendum question to Quebecers about whether or not they support bringing tuition fees to the canadian average. If the majority of quebecers voted yes to do so would you accept that? Or would you and your friends riot on the streets again."

      of course i would accept it. i would think the majority was wrong, and i would continue to argue with you that low tuition fees is a great thing. and i would be tempted to vote for the party that proposes it. that's what you need to do when you don't agree with something. the majority is not always right you know? if it were all opinions against bill 101 would be illegitimate just because most quebeckers agree with it. how crazy would that be? arguments against bill 101 are usually crap by themselves and i never though of dismissing an angryphone's plight just because more people think otherwise. you don't seem to share this philosophy...

      now would i go down the street and protest? depends if the government who proposes a steep rate hike is clearly guilty of mass scale corruption or not. if it's a good government who proposes it i would likely stay home and fork the money.

      "are you saying you do not agree with higher social spending, higher taxes and independance.."

      it depends on what. you have to be more specific, but generally i think there's enough taxes like this in quebec. claiming i want more taxes is totally cheap. as far as quebec independance is concerned i think it would be good for quebec's population. everyone. but it's not what you wrote, you claimed i want political instability. also ultra cheap. i don't want political instability. that's why i think independance should happen shortly, quickly and i think negociations should be held with good faith as an underlying canvas. how's that for "wanting political instability"?? stop being an ass mate, unlike cutie003 you've proven you can do it.

      "who complains about paying the lowest tuition fees in North America..."

      that's a bad habit. please stop comparing quebec to worse jurisdictions. why would quebec want to copy usa or roc education systems?!? there's a world beyond north america mate. many european countries have lower tuition fees than quebec. it's free in denmark. is denmark such a bad place that quebec shouldn't even look at how they do things? why couldn't we copy them instead of saskatchewan?!?

      "from all your other comments it appears that you are very much a leftist socialist extremist"

      well i'm not. if you want to fight with a leftist extremist talk with adski you'll be better served.

      "There is the real world and then there is your fantasy la-la land where money grows on trees."

      sometimes you make sense and some other times you lose it by pasting ridiculous washed up slogans. doesn't impress me much.

    34. @jay

      "the situation today is everything Rene Levesque wanted for Quebec"

      crazytalk. the only thing that changed since rené lévesque died is his bill 101 has been amputated by canadian judges. i don't think he'd see present situation as all he ever wished for. sorry mate.

    35. How can you say that the independance movement creates no politicial instability??? It has since the 1970s caused massive uncertainty which has clearly beeen reflected in the economy..just look at our debt before and after. Look at how many major corporations just left and how Montreal has has had a massive impact. Instead of trying to build a better relationship with Canada the seperatists go out of their way to pick fights and create division and tension. And private enterprise has clearly walked away..hence Quebec has had to rely on increasing the debt and extorting more money from the rest of Canada..a real winning recipe. This has been going on for over 40 years..enough is enough..lets get on with fixing our problems within a strong Canada.

      Yes the majority is not always right but a referendum is about as close to true democracy as you will ever get. I am tired of small movements hijacking an entire population via criminal means. The mass student protests definitely fell in that category. I honestly think we should have a referendum in quebec on where to come up with 10 billion dollars in cuts..ask people..its so easy for everyone to point the finger at someone else. Give them you like the cuts from education via higher tuition fees, would you like to increase the day care fees by x dollars, would you prefer that we all pay more taxes, should we privatize hydro quebec and on and on. The cuts will have to be made somewhere..corruption will save some money but the problem is much bigger than has to come from social spending because thats where most of the money is spent.

      So you think everyone else in North America is wrong and Europe is right and this is supposed to pass as sophisticated analysis. Most European countries are in crisis mode so not so sure this is the best example..and their tax rates are sjy high and unemployment rates. Europe is not the way..USA is not the way either as they are another extreme but the rest of Canada has it about right..a balanced approach for tuition fees. Quebec does not have the luxury of providing cheap tuition. And honestly it makes many students lazy..if they pay next to nothin they dont take it seriously..I know too many students in France who just fart around from year to year because education is free.

    36. @complicated

      "This has been going on for over 40 years..enough is enough..."

      i agree. vote yes.

      "lets get on with fixing our problems within a strong Canada."

      it's been tried before. more than half of the last 40 years have been handled by a federalist quebec government. only quebec's independance has not been tried yet.

      "Yes the majority is not always right but a referendum is about as close to true democracy as you will ever get."

      i agree. that's why lpq's latest strategy of perverting the word referendum in order to make it seem as something to avoid was particularly cheap and damaging to democracy. have you ever thought about that? now many people in quebec have a bad feeling about a top democracy tool. that's how damaging the lpq can be.

      this being written, a referendum result is not an argument for or against a particular issue. what i mean is i won't change my mind because more people think otherwise. i'll change my mind when i get a good argument. do you understand? so if you call a referendum on anything and stupidity wins well i'm not going to turn stupid just because it's trendy.

      "I am tired of small movements hijacking an entire population..."

      hundreds of thousands of people walking down the street two times in a row march 22nd and april 22nd is not a small movement.

      "So you think everyone else in North America is wrong and Europe is right..."

      that's not what i wrote at all. you're being a bad debater once again. stop it. i just gave you an advice. don't constrain yourself to only looking at north america for models to emulate. you need to open up mate. look beyond.

      then you amalgamate the whole of europe together as if they all had huge debt problems and as if they all had the same university tuition fee scheme. denmark is heavily taxed, university is free and most importantly people are happy. they must be doing something right. don't they?

      i'm sorry complicated but you'll have to be more rigorous. i'm no troy mate.

    37. Two referendums have been lost..the numbers are consistently in the 30-40 percent range..the seperatist parties have suffered huge defeats in the past few years and you are telling me thats the answer..uh-huh. I think the people of Quebec have spoken over and over and the answer is staying in Canada. Its pigheads like you who refuse to accept the will of the people. Meanwhile this seperation nonsense has cost Quebec dearly making us one of the poorest provinces in Canada..well done.

      There is nothing wrong with the word referendum..its the question of the referendum thats the problem. Use it to find out how we solve the debt issue in quebec but the seperation issue has been dealt already with two defeats and the latest election was just another big defeat on another referendum on seperation.

      I dont think its up to you to define what stupidity is..I think the majority especially the taxpayers are the ones who should decide on main policies in Quebec. Honestly I think the will of the people cant be any more stupid than many of the PQ and Liberal policies.

      Again..your math skills are lacking. 150,000 people out of a province of 8 million..not quite a majority. Taxpayers dont have the time to run around banging pots around..we have to work to pay for your tuition. Its nice being a student and deciding when you go to school or not and on top of it getting other people to pay for it.

      I dont need someone like you telling me to look elsewhere..I am more familiar with Europe than most as I have close family their and have visited many times. Europe just went through a horrible crisis..yes the south suffered more but all of Europe suffers. Much of the problems relate to governments who are massively in debt because of overly generous social programs..for such a supposedly civilized and educated society Europeans seem to have no common sense as they are incapable of managing their debt. Quebec is no Denmark or Germany..we are more like Spain and Greece..the latin way..enjoy life and hope for the best with no planning plus throw in some massive corruption. The northern european countries are much more disciplined than Quebec is and evern will be.

    38. @complicated

      "Two referendums have been lost (...) I think the people of Quebec have spoken over and over."

      so what? when pq won two elections in a row in the late 90s, should the lpq people have packed and disbanded because they lost two times and the people have spoken? nonsense right? support for independance hovers around 40% while there is massive media pressure telling people quebec is poor and it's economy is shit. imagine if the economy was top notch. you'd be breaking the 50% treshold easy, as the main argument against separation, for francophones, is they're not sure if they'd be richer or poorer after. in these circumstances it would be ridiculous to abandon the cause and call it a day. don't you agree? what the pq was proposing was great: fight corruption, foster growth, get the population to participate in a white book on quebec's political future, and hold a referendum whenever support for the idea is widespread enough. everyone would have benefited.

      "There is nothing wrong with the word referendum..its the question of the referendum thats the problem."

      there was no referendum question mate. the lpq managed to paint the actual referendum act as something to avoid. propose a referendum on anything and the many weak people who fell in the trap will have a repulsion reaction. try it.

      "I dont think its up to you to define what stupidity is.."

      i'm not. i just wrote that is the majority decides to go with stupidity, well i won't change my mind just because "the people have spoken". an actual argument will work better for me.

      "Honestly I think the will of the people cant be any more stupid than many of the PQ and Liberal policies."

      really? well you should be a quebec solidaire, or asse (the student's unions) militant, as they propose direct democracy models. you should like it.

      "I dont need someone like you telling me to look elsewhere.."

      i think you do as in your first comment you said quebec should do like roc or the usa. the pool is bigger than that mate.

      "I am more familiar with Europe than most as I have close family their and have visited many times. Quebec is no Denmark or Germany."

      exactly. and it's no roc or usa either. good point. quebec is quebec. you claim quebec can't do like denmark because it's latin and lack the discipline. but then you propose it follows the anglosaxon example. do you see the contradiction or do you need a drawing? denmark has high taxes, free tuition and happy people, there's no reason quebec can't go denmark, apart from racist reasons. do you want to go down this path? you already made a step mate by claiming french canadians were lazy hedonists.

    39. There is a big difference between an election and a referendum. Elections by definition are regular occurences so that we dont end up with a dictatorshp..its the cornerstone of democracy. Referendums are questions on specific issues..countries do not have referendums ont he same issue over and over and over normally except here in Quebec. Quebecers have been asked twice and the last time the question was so convoluted not even sure most people understood it was very deceptive. 40 percent is being quite generous..most of the time support is close to 30 percent and I suspect many of those people still want some sort of association with Canada which there are no guarantees of.

      Au contraire student..many people like referendums as it gives real power to the people..but people do not want a referendum on seperation..they want to move on..we have two already and 40 plus years of talk about it..people want the government to fix that no crystal clear to you..I guess not..sigh..

      I dont expect you to change your mind but I do expect you to respect the will of the majority. So if the majority of people do want much higher tuition fees then you bloody well should respect that.

      Every party has at least one policy that I like but that doesnt mean I support the party. Its the ensemble of policies that I look at it..the ensemble of QS policies are just totally unrealistic and very would bankrupt us so fast your head would be spinnning. francoise david is nice but she cant add and she has no clue on how to balance the books without destroying the economy.

      Quebec is in Canada and has much more in common with the ROC than Europe. It has a strong resource base like many canadian provinces, it has a similar climate and in many ways the culture in the end is closer to the ROC than Europe but it does have a bit of a European flair. Denmark is a very organized efficiently run country like as note in this article they may have a private debt problem..theh have the highest private debt in the world. Quebec runs an incredibly inefficient government..both with PQ and Liberal governments..there is a culture of dishonesty and corruption that permeates much of Quebec culture - the unions and its workers, the government and its workers, many post secondary students and on and on. We have too many people who rip off the system consistently and expect the government to take care of them without giving anything back..we need to fix this and I think the only way will be a Greek style crisis..there are too many arrogant people running around like you student who think its up to the government to provide cheap or free services to them.

    40. Part 2 -

      Massive media pressure about how poor we about just the facts. How many more numbers and stats would it take to convince you that Quebec is indeed as poor as it is. Practically every convention metric used shows that Quebec is among the poorest and most indebted province in cant spin that positive. You are in total denial..are you honestly telling me that Quebec is not me some numbers then student instead of just saying so. I have shown you all sorts of metrics and all you do is deny that they are me some of yours then. We have the highest debt to gdp..highest debt per capita..the highest tax burden..we have one of the lowest incomes per capita..we have one of the lowest if not the lowest private investment in Canada..we have one of the highest unemployment rates..and on and on.

      And please explain to me how Quebec would be richer without the 10-15 billion per year we from the rest of Canada. And also when 1 million or more flee Quebec in the aftermath of a seperation..notably the best brightest and richest..where is an independant Quebec going to find another 15-20 billion dollars per year..please enlighten us student. And all this seperation talk for you can have a seat at the UN..whooppee..the UN is such a useful and honest you can ban english totally..good luck with that as a poor Quebec will be way more dependant on foreign capital and believe me you will need people to converse in english likely even more than now as you can hide behind Canada. come on here nonstop spouting bs but rarely backing it up. You have no clue how an economy should be crystal clear t you that 40+ years of seperation talk is the reason Quebec has decline so much..its a clear link..

    41. @complicated

      Consider we've given you a standing O!

      It shouldn't surprise you that pinstripes will always revert back to her dumb-ass ways of trying to salvage the old and washed-up separatist rag of a movement, still deluding herself that it is at 40%, when the PQ barely got 30/125 seats, by denying, defending, deflecting.... tactics as old as time and just not working for her anymore. She truly is the poster child for the anti-intellectuals, somebody ought to reign her in, cause it has really become unattractive.

      You espoused a wonderful argument and provided substantial and important points highlighting just how dire our economic situation is here in quebec. You have to be a real nit-wit to keep insisting on Independence for quebec but don't put it past pinstripes however, as she's been known to argue the sky is green. It occurred to me that when a person is THAT thick and stubborn refusing to see reality for what it is, you have to wonder if something else isn't seriously wrong with them. It can't just be about defending a broke-ass brand anymore.... just sayin'

    42. @student

      "crazytalk. the only thing that changed since rené lévesque died is his bill 101 has been amputated by canadian judges"

      I hear this argument often and yet it's never followed by examples of the "amputations" in question and why they were unfair. Have you asked yourself why those changes were made? Amazing how those who dream of freedom from Big Bad Canada are so upset about getting their freedom-restricting garbage Bill challenged.

      It's getting old. Quebec has never been more French and everyone knows it. Change the tune already, mate. This one's really getting old.

    43. @Student

      "it's been tried before. more than half of the last 40 years have been handled by a federalist quebec government. only quebec's independance has not been tried yet."

      I know there's no point in me saying this, but here goes - the other thing that hasn't been tried over the last forty years is removing separation from the debate. Sure, there have been "federalist governments" in Quebec but they haven't been dictatorships any more than the PQ has been a dictatorship. So the issue of separatism has always been a factor in governing Quebec - unlike, say, Nova Scotia where the issue stopped being a factor when Joseph Howe and the anti-confederates lost the election and chose instead to work to make Nova Scotia's place in confederation as good as it could possibly be.

      That may be what we're seeing in Quebec now. And it may even work and be better for more people in Quebec than complete independence would be.

      But when you talk of Bill 101 being "amputated" it does make people question your other statements about protecting minorities and claiming that non-Francophones will be equal citizens of an independent Quebec. Still, you can't manage one reason why a non-Francophone may prefer and independent Quebec to Canada.

  16. Thank goodness we now have a serious government once again, after the brief PQ interlude that we experienced, which clearly demonstrated how obsessed they are with handicapping Quebec by hiding English even more, as well as trying to scare Quebecers with what people wear. Obviously, such high jinks should not be necessary in order to trick people into the lobster pot. Both of their objectives proved that the PQ aren’t ready to govern in the name of all Quebecers.

    We can’t possibly know yet what the Liberals’ newly-elected eminent economic trio will be able to achieve, but at least they have already shown that they are more serious than the PQ and won’t be lying to Quebecers about the reality of our economic situation (nor attempting to blame the previous government) the way that former PQ finance minister Nicolas Marceau did, “taking us for hams” (idiots/imbeciles) as francophones say, when the PQ was dilly-dallying about whether or not to call an autumn election. Now that was some genuine “Quebec-bashing” by the PQ!


    ""As director general of the Sûreté du Québec in 2002, Florent Gagné didn’t want to get involved in any investigation of collusion.

    He didn’t want to interfere, he said.

    Then as deputy Quebec transport minister starting in 2003, he didn’t have the means or mandate to investigate. ""

    Yet somehow he's still walking the streets and not in jail? Probably still on govt payroll somewhere.

    Only in Quebec.

  18. When I lived in Quebec I was not a fan of the QLP. Just like majority of non-francophone Quebecers I voted for the QLP simply because they were the lesser of the evils. I was largely disappointed with Jean Charest's business as usual approach, particularly for the fate of non-francophones. That was why at the beginning of the campaign I advocated for voting for the PQ, in the hope of helping the province to its utter destruction and rebuilding from there.

    However, today I think the new QLP government deserves a bit of the benefits of the doubt, particularly from non-francophone community. It was unprecedented in Quebec history since the Quiet Revolution that francophone Ministers took their oath in both official languages. It was also unprecedented that a Premier delivered part of his official inauguration address in English. And this came from Dr. Philippe Couillard whose command of English language and whose anglophone heritage background are less than that of Mr. John James (Jean) Charest.

    This is an article that pretty much echoes my sentiment.

    1. The wave of change? Emancipation ...maybe just maybe?
      ( ah, if only...)

    2. @troy

      i read your bad article. it's bad allright, but what i find most fascinating is the first comment under it by moe sizlak:

      "Who would’ve thought that a change in a Canadian provincial government would feel like a successfully toppling of a dictatorship. I don’t live in Quebec myself,..."

      incredible isn't it? the dude is so brainwashed by his favourite newspaper's propaganda that he feels like a "dictatorship" has been toppled, when what really happened is the pq has lost because the lpq managed to scare the population by treathening them with the most noble democratic institution there is: a referendum.

      now who's a dictator, a party that proposes to ask the people what they're up to, or the one that squeezes in the thought that asking the people what they want is not a good idea?

      clear example of what's wrong with you and canada here troy. you are being manipulated by forces that would consider quebec rising as a defeat. keeping you hateful of quebec is a big part of the strategy. it sure works with you.

    3. None of us hate quebec - we hate the separatist faction of quebec and so does everyone with a brain that doesn't rattle.

    4. @cutie003

      "None of us hate quebec..."

      how do you know about all the others?!?

      "...we hate the separatist faction of quebec ..."

      you shouldn't hate mate. it turns you into a hater. your problems will last until you stop hating.

    5. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTMonday, April 28, 2014 at 7:16:00 AM EDT

      Hate.... didn't Pol Pot hate intellectuals?

  19. The future doesn't bode well for the PQ. The seeds of this death blow to the Separatist movement was sown years ago in 2007 when the Boisclair PQ got beaten into 3rd place in the General election. Its been down hill ever since. In each subsequent Federal election, going into it, the BQ was on the verge of disappearing until some last minute issue bubbled up and saved them (i.e. Steve Harper's proposed arts funding cuts). That didn't happen in 2011 and the BQ finally ran out of luck and support and was basically reduced to a pimple on a horse's ass of a political party. The elimination of the Federal per-vote subsidy was also a huge dagger in the heart of the BQ too. No one ever donated money to them out of pocket.The 2012 Quebec election should have yielded a majority government but the best the PQ could muster was a 1 point lead. This downward trend of the Separatist political option is playing it self out, and rightfully so. The dastardly xenophobic, ethnocentric and downright nasty PQ government and their divisive campaign was an embarrassment to all of us living in the civilized Western Hemisphere. They managed to bring out the worst in people and they will have a very very hard time trying to regain any support especially from minority communities. People will not forget and with the archival nature of the internet they will be continually reminded of what they attempted to do. Going forward, Legault and the CAQ are well positioned to become the "other" party in Quebec's electoral landscape. He needs to shed the party's "one man show" image, reach out to minority communities and propose a solid economic platform. He also needs to bury any ambiguous Separatist musings and any anti-English sentiment. His outburst in the last debate that Montreal was Anglicizing was a flash of tribalism and a shameful stab at trying to steal votes from the PQ base. He can play the Nationalist card and should, but any attack on minorities won't win him anything. Its all about the economy from here on out.

  20. What‘s amazing is that the PQ may have actually been behind in public opinion when they called the election. Marois and Blanchet were so scared to testify about The Deal that they were hoping and praying the Couillard who bungled Houda-Pepin would show up during the campaign.
    Not to mention why did Marois hide Blanchet all campaign? Why did she back down and not ask questions about Porter when Couillard mentioned that he would have questions of his own? Charest was very loose on ethics, Couillard has a few skeletons, but are people supposed to trust a leader who has her husband acting as her bag man?
    For fuck‘s sake.

  21. I am experiencing some measure of schadenfreude at this turn of events.

    Someone above says spthat the the PQ is an embarrassment to the west and I agree wholly with that sentiment

  22. As schadenfreude goes, I can not help getting a chuckle from this open letter. The writer calls that the QLP majority win is an insult for democracy simply because it does not represent her idea. So please tell me, how is an election democratic for a separatist?

  23. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsMonday, April 28, 2014 at 5:59:00 PM EDT


    Super Mario Beaulieu wants to be the next Bloc Quebecois leader.

    Please let him win it, pleeeaase! :-)

    1. What can I do to support and endorse his candidacy? Is out-of-province donation allowed under Quebec Election Laws?

    2. Bozo the Clown Beaulieu goes to Ottawa! Brilliant idea.

    3. Yes please! Let's show all of Canada and the world what these crazy people are REALLY like - or maybe then the ROC will really pick up the pace to shut them out of western civilized society. Give more ammunition to we that want partition if nothing else. Can you just hear that idiot in the House of Commons ranting on about quebec and IT'S WANTS - whine, whine, snivel, snivel, drivel, drivel. Of course, doesn't say much for those that will vote for him either!

  24. Searle had to apologize at city hall for something he said which was hurtful to citizens. Fair enough, since as he pointed out, he may have misspoke, and thus an apology was warranted. But I am just wondering if the PQ shouldn't be made to apologize publicly to ethnics in all of quebec for something THEY DID (never mind said), which was directly detrimental and hurtful to quebec minorities. I am referring to the divisive bill 60. I think we can all agree that if there was ever a more humiliating and demeaning piece of potential legislation which caused immeasurable damage, that one was it. While it was tabled, it caused ethnics great hurt and humiliation. They were publicly demeaned and vilified as we witnessed by the videos recorded on STM buses. If Searle had to apologize to French Canadians for his offensive comments, then shouldn't the entire PQ party apologize to all ethnic minorities in this province for the pain they caused throughout the bill's campaign? It is only right that any Liberal, CAQ or SQ MP request such an apology from the sitting PQ opposition at the National Assembly since we're making public officials apologize for the pain and hurt they inflict. Fair is Fair.

    1. Come to think of it, it should be Francois Legault to raise the issue and demand an apology for ethnics from PQ MP's. Let him put his money where his mouth is.

  25. Just when I thought I might run out of material for my blog, Mario Beaulieu is presenting himself for leader of the Bolc Quebecois. Genius!