Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Election Recap....The Good, the Bad and the Very Ugly.

I cannot help but wonder if anything could have gone much worse for Pauline Marois and the Parti Quebecois, looking for a majority government with the fail-safe backup plan that if they didn't get that majority, they'd be no worse off than before the election, perhaps buying another year or two of minority rule.

But as the old  saying goes,  'Mann tracht und Gott lacht' (It rhymes in Yiddish) or in plain English;
 Man plans and God laughs.....

The campaign was perhaps the most bizarre I can remember, where absolutely nothing went according to plan, and where not one of the so-called pundits came anywhere close to getting the final results right.

Now everything looked bright for the PQ at the onset of the campaign, you couldn't really fault them for triggering an election with a couple of points lead in the polls over the Liberals and the CAQ lagging badly, its best showing in months. If those poll numbers held, it would mean a PQ majority government.
But the wheels fell of the PQ campaign bus soon after Pierre-Karl Péladeau entered the fray, swearing his separatist fervour and telling voters that he'd work to make Quebec independent, something nobody could have predicted would backfire so badly.

Perhaps it would be an interesting exercise for me to engage in a little self-important hubris and not so humbly present to you what I'll call the Editor's Golden  Rules of Campaigning, rules that may seem cynical and perhaps, even counter-intuitive.
Nonetheless, I stand by them and so let's put them to the test;
  1. It isn't what you don't say that gets you in trouble, it's what you do say...so say as little as possible.
  2. Negative is positive..... Find your opponent's weak spot and hammer away, but do it politely.
  3. Don't promise voters anything, they won't believe your lame promises anyways. That is  UNLESS it is a new hockey arena or cement plant for their town. Local issues trump everything, so by all means, promise voters cement plants and hockey arenas, if you can deliver.  
  4. Dress impeccably, always wear a suit and tie (or women's equivalent.) Remember that being overdressed is expected of leaders. Don't don construction helmets or hairnets, lab coats or any other such nonsense during factory visits. (Ask Gilles Duceppe about this rule....)
  5. Never let them see you sweat, never answer a tough question, never ad lib or improvise and never deviate from talking points, no matter how hard it is to do. Don't think too much, just follow the plan.
  6. Don't defend the indefensible. Never compound an error. Admit a mistake and move on.
  7. Don't be wrong on the facts and try not to look foolish. Reporters will destroy you for your mistakes. This is perhaps the hardest rule to follow 
Let's apply these rules to the campaign.

The Fist Pump Fiasco 
Pierre-Karl Péladeau's entry into the fray was supposed to be a big boost for the PQ, everyone assumed that he would have a huge impact on the race and he certainly did, but not in the expected way.

This turning point in the campaign wasn't actually a PQ mistake, it didn't violate any of the above rules because it was supposed to be a key plank in the election, one that was supposed to be a positive momentum shifter in favour of the PQ.
It didn't work out, PKPs awkward fist pump and solemn pledge to work towards sovereignty went over like a lead balloon, but stunned PQ handlers were bowled over by the negative reaction and were clearly unable and unprepared to react.

And then Pauline made the worst mistake of the campaign;
“We could wish to have a seat at the Bank of Canada but we accept the fact it is the bank’s monetary policy that would apply,” 
We’ll still be able to go see the Rockies out West and go to Prince Edward Island and they’ll be able to come here. There won’t be any borders or tolls.”
Do you think that policy was crafted by PQ organizers before the campaign? I'll bet dollars to doughnuts that the exact opposite is true and the policy was to steer clear of such a debate.
So in one fell swoop, Pauline violated four of the above rules and violated them so badly, she and the PQ never recovered;

Rule One 
Why bring to the debate the issue of sovereignty and referendums when the whole campaign was supposed to be based on good government and perhaps the Charter of Values? It was an amateur mistake of saying too much, way too much.
Rule Three
She made unrealistic promises about an independent Quebec that had her looking quite the buffoon.
Rule Five
She went off message, improvised and ad-libbed, made up policy on the fly and completely ignored the polished script prepared for her by organizers. She took and answered questions that she should have deflected and looked ill-at ease in doing so.
There are four constraints in Rule Five, she violated them all.
Rule Six
She compounded PKP's inadvertent error over sovereignty in defending what had become an indefensible position... the possibility of a referendum. Trying to appease everyone by promising a referendum only if Quebecers wanted one, satisfied no one and actually alienated everyone.
Instead of immediately making the decision to forcefully eliminate a referendum possibility, Pauline soldiered on down the path of destruction

Now errors occur in every campaign, they are inevitable. Candidates are bound to make mistakes and say the wrong things at a certain point. Imagine this type of error as standing on the middle rung of a very shaky ladder, you can choose to keep climbing up or choose to stand down.
Only the smartest and most disciplined make the right decision to come down off the ladder, Pauline kept climbing to the top and and like Humpty-Dumpty, had a great fall.

The Anglo Student Fiasco 
The student fiasco occurred when an amateur and desperate campaign tried to seize on facts that were not facts, a clear violation of Rule Number Seven.... Don't be wrong on the facts.

The three Musketeers, including the Justice Minister  all get it embarrassingly wrong over 'dastardly' Ontario students

Holding a news conference to alert voters to an imaginary invasion of hordes of evil anglo students, intent on stealing an election would be a brilliant campaign strategy if it were true, but a disaster if it wasn't true.

It wasn't true.....

And so the Justice Minister Bernard St. Arnaud, who should have known better then to open his mouth without a clear understanding of the facts, demonstrated his rank amateurism and clear desperation.
When the facts surfaced that in fact there was no such invasion, the PQ looked utterly foolish, something that contributed more than one might think, to the public perception that the PQ were not ready for prime time.

The Janette Fiasco
Janette Bertrand was supposed to be an asset who would inspire Quebecers of a certain age and temperament to rush over to the PQ in support of the Charter of Values. Capturing the older conservative demographic was key, because of its propensity of voting Liberal.
The strategy worked well before the campaign actually started, with a seeming groundswell of support for the old-time and popular TV personality speaking for the Charter of Values, inspiring a small movement of activists.

But at a PQ campaign event  featuring a defence of the Charter of ValuesJanette Bertrand made a speech in which she accused rich Muslim McGill students of attempting to take over, a speech which had Liberal opponants howling in laughter and PQ supporters grimacing in pain.
"Imagine, she said, two men come to a swimming pool in a Montreal apartment, and the sight of women in the water upsets them.
“Well, suppose they leave, and go see the owner,” said Bertrand, an 89-year-old former actress and journalist, emphasizing that the owner would be happy to have such “rich” McGill University students in the building.
“Then they ask, ‘Well, can we have a day,’ and they will pay… And then in a few months, it’s them who have all the pool time.”
“That’s what will happen if there is no charter.” Link
As I said before, there's always going to be these 'gaffes' in any campaign but it was the reaction to Bertrand's fantasy story that was telling.

There was Bernard Drainville, standing stoically behind Madame Bertrand during her speech, nodding his head in support, instead of doing the perspicacious thing and grabbing the microphone away or failing that, slink out from the frame, thus perhaps disassociating himself from the fiasco and perhaps saving his own skin. But the stink rolled over him royally and he cemented the public's perception of him as an unrepentant ideologue.

But it was Pauline's impassioned defence of Bertrand's Muslims-in-the-pool missive, that clearly violated Rule Six, which reminds politicians not to defend the indefensible nor compound an error.

[Bertrand] spoke from her heart,” the Premier said. “She spoke of her commitment to a cause that has been close to her heart for 70 years, the equality of men and women.”  -Pauline.

None of the opposition leaders were willing to attack a dotty old lady, but it was that defence of Bertrand that gave opposition parties the ammunition to dump all over Marois and dump they did.

Now consider Jean-François Lisée's reaction, a textbook lesson in how to diffuse a bad situation.
He smiled broadly and told reporters that perhaps Bertrand had 'senior moment' one that we should all perhaps forgive.
My reaction was that this was not the best quote of the campaign, this was not the best argument for the charter.
But the woman is 89, so I’m going to cut her some slack.” 
Brilliant... Who's going to argue with that. Case closed!

Fire the Doctors Fiasco
There's nothing stupider than a throwaway candidate mucking up the works by making some inopportune statements that snowballs right into a fiasco of major proportions.
"Evelyne Abitbol shocked the crowd of scholars at Vanier College’s Charter debate by blurting out that doctors who would not comply in the given time to the Charter’s regulation could get fired – except those that work at the Jewish hospital. Link
The PQ candidate made two grievous mistakes, the first showing up to a debate in an English cegep, an act as stupid as gun control advocate speaking at a NRA convention, especially considering that she hardly spoke English.

But no where in the PQ policy handbook is there a hypothetical provision for firing doctors or nurses who refuse to remove religious headwear, so thank you Ms. Abitbol for wading into shark-infested waters.
Once again Pauline violates Rule Six by defending the indefensible and confounding the error.  In a radio interview over the subject, Marois jumped right into the quicksand, offering this nonsense.
In the laws and regulations that we propose, it is possible to find alternate pathways. And at the end  (transition years), it is possible we can admit or accept that there will be an extension.....We do not foresee and we do not want layoffs, she added. “We believe it is possible to find pathways to steer these people to other jobs that match their skills, because (the charter) does not touch the private sector,” Marois told Montreal radio station 98.5 FM. Link
Really... can that be helpful?

New Tax Breaks
People ask why I was so sure that the Liberals would win a majority government and I tell them it was Pauline's late promise of tax breaks, a move that even the most politically uninformed recognized as a desperate attempt to buy some love.

In fact the move was so nakedly desperate it could only have been precipitated by panic in the PQ ranks, where either internal polling indicated the coming meltdown or where candidates and organizers in the field were putting pressure up above in the face of voter abandonment.

Whatever the case, promising tax breaks is a clear violation of Rule Number Three. Voters aren't cynical, they just don't believe or care about these pie-in-the-sky promises.
Who of you out there believes that even one voter was swayed to change their vote over to the PQ over this lame-ass and patently ridiculous promise?

It's a sad litany of failure that should be compared to the Liberals error-free campaign.
I can hardly think of one Liberal gaffe, because Philippe Couillard kept his mouth shut on the issues and his head down over accusations of past corruption.
His one declaration, a not-so-veiled threat to Marois that if she flung dirt at him over corruption, he'd do the same over Pauline's hubby's alleged corrupt conduct, a threat she apparently took seriously.

Couillard promised almost nothing, but looked confident and handsome doing it. He avoided PQ attacks by doing a wildly successful version of political  rope-a-dope.

And so, Pauline and the PQ delivered an abject lesson in how to lose an election. She isn't alone, both the Alberta and British Columbia elections unfolded exactly the same way, with both the highly-favoured Wildrose party losing in Alberta and the NDP in British Columbia, both running similarly deficient campaigns.

Let's review Couillard's and the Liberal party performance in relation to the above-mentioned rules.

Rule One- Keep you mouth shut..............., CHECK!
Rule Two- Go negative.............................. CHECK! (referendums and sovereignty)
Rule Three- Make no promises.................. CHECK!
Rule Four- Look Handsome...................... CHECK!
Rule Five- Keep to the plan........................CHECK!
Rule Six- Don't defend the indefensible.... CHECK!  (there were no gaffes to defend....amazing!
Rule Seven- Be right on the facts.............. CHECK!  (when you say nothing, it's hard to be wrong!)

Woody Allen once said that 80% of success is just showing up and that's exactly what the Liberals and Couillard did, they just showed up, smiled and did nothing more.
The political lesson to be had....Look smart and  keep your head down and your mouth shut and then hope that the other guys do the opposite.

It happens more often than not..


  1. The question is what will it be like when the liberals are forced to speak and take action, given they have said nothing and promised nothing. I for one am not optimistic. I would like to see a minister for Justice who believes his/her job is to ensure Justice is done, to ensure the Barreau du Quebec is properly regulated, to ensure the action of the police in in accordance with the law. I would like to see a minister for security who recognises his/her job is to address the corruption in the police ethics commission. From my personal experience the lies and deceit, the general dishonesty, the corruption has been going on for over 20 years. Changes of government have made no difference in the past, why should this government be any different. The Liberals don't even have any promises to keep and as we have seen with the appointment of Michael Applebaum as mayor of Montreal followed by his arrest on charges of corruption, culture, ethnic background, religion or language makes no difference, the corruption is endemic to Quebec.

    1. "the corruption is endemic to Quebec."

      This is because corruption has become a cultural value in Quebec.

      Honesty and integrity arn;t expected in Quebec. How can they be. We all see what happens around us every day.

      Everybody steals because everybody else does it.

      Look at Charbonneau. Usual excuse is "Normal business in Quebec" when asked to explain payment.

      Things like merit, skill etc arn;t worth anything in Quebec.

      We choose and assign givt business to companies based on their ability to hire and manage francophone workers and unions.

      The only thing in any project like building a brige, road etc is how many francophones "no show" "no work" can get hired.

      Building a bridge, overpass or road that lasts or is cost effective?

      These are not concerns for Quebec. That's why we have the shittiest of virtually everything.

      The only goal is to spend money employing unilingual racist francophoens in "the trades".

      Value for money, roads that work? That;s just Quebec bashing.

    2. I'm re-posting a comment I made yesterday, it brings to light the very root of corruption in Quebec society. If animal abuse is so readily accepted and openly practiced in Quebec, then everything else wrong we see going on is such an easy side-step that it's almost meaningless in comparison! When Quebec society has zero remorse when it comes to torturing and abusing animals, and basic care or compassion are non-existent, WHERE DOES THAT PLACE QUEBEC'S MORAL COMPASS FOR EVERYTHING ELSE?

      You can judge the morality of a nation by the way the society treats its animals.
      -Mahatma Gandhi

      In case anyone missed it, yet another example of QUEBEC brutal violence and cruelty towards animals. And 80% of Canada's veal products are produced in Quebec. Will Coulliard pass laws to bring Quebec up to the same level as the rest of North America in terms of animal protection laws? Yeah riiiiight.

      I've said it so many times before, but everything we discuss and debate here, THIS is the root of it all. This explains why it exists. The corruption, the racism, the hate, the disregard for basic human safety and human rights, ALL OF IT, it all stems from this. If people in Quebec can abuse animals without any care or remorse, it speaks volumes about who and what they are, and WHAT they are capable of!

      CTV News:


    3. How about that quebec brand eh...pinstripes? Lol

    4. Great post Apple, nothing will change in Quebec, nothing at all, just watch.

    5. @apple iigs

      that's a great anecdote mate. the calves should be better treated. what's not great is all the crazy racist slurs you extrapolate from this anecdote.

      why don't you also post about all the scandalous animal rights abuses happening in the roc?

      by the way, since you repost your bad comment from one post to the other, why not recall durham's ridiculous accusation that quebec is somehow to blame for having horse meat in supermarkets? as if there was a difference between a horse and a bull as far as food is concerned. another fine example of pure quebec bashing it was, wasn't it apple iigs?

    6. Editor: My compliments. Very humorous post.

      Apple IIGS: Best comment seen so far. You're exactly right. About half the « Québécois pur laine», like the imbeciles who shall remain nameless that post comments that are for no other reason than to instigate, proves my point. I guess we both grew up in an area that knows, or at least knew back then what's what.

      They'd just as easily treat those not of their own kind the way they inhumanely treat animals, and Quebec is practically a land of anarchy for treating animals poorly.

      You have hateful airheaded politicians and others making statements like "English is a foreign language", or "If you can't buy a bus ticket in French, walk" or "Just because you were born in Kay-bec doesn't make you Kay-bec-wah".

      Between the fuckheads who addressed the Bouchard-Taylor panel, the Bill 14 debates and the Bill 60 debates, not to mention the Code of Conduct that the Hérouville fuckheads came up with, it's not as if this is all water under the bridge...it's raw sewage under the bridge and the stench absolutely will not go away. Right now, the wind is just temporarily blowing the stench away from the population, but winds can shift fast, as as sure as there are death, taxes and sunrise every morning, the stench will come back, and will forever come back unless something is done to neutralize it, like throw Quebec out of Canada. Until then, the stench will continue to wreak...and wreak...and wreak...and wreak...

      Couillard barely spoke English in his victory speech, so don't expect him to change a comma of Bill 101 or any of that other language crap;

      Don't expect the Quebec government people to suddenly start talking English to you anymore.

      Don't expect the number of English schools closing down to be on the wane.


      Don't expect investment in Quebec to come back so fast. There is no future in Quebec, there are no jobs in Quebec and don't expect Tomas Vanek to sign with the Canadiens this summer.

      Quebec is Loserland!

    7. Good old Mother Nature is doing the cleaning for us. The PQ led in only one demographic among Francophones, those aged 55+. They'll be flushed out as the march of time moves on.

    8. LD: Don't count on the demographics, mi amigo! Ignorance and bigotry are passed down from generation to generation.

      Quebec is Loserland!

    9. @sauga

      by jove are you spiteful. please tell again the story when you were rejected by an ugly quebec chick thirty years ago. otherwise newer readers won't understand where all this hate comes from and may think you're no more than a schizo nutcase.

    10. I don't disagree with you Mr. Sauga. I don't hold out a lot of hope things will change ..certainly not overnight. In the meantime, we need to take care of Business...literally, so we propose special status for Montreal whereby once implemented, Montreal will be exempt from the economic hindering conditions such as the OQLF and Language Laws (for starters), which have been the major impediments to Industry and Commerce here. The mere fact that the OQLF went after the big Industry guns in the province because of Language did not paint us favorably on the world stage. We will not be able to rehabilitate the "quebec brand" for a long time because of it, so we need to look toward a really clever way to distance ourselves from it. Special status for Montreal is the only option for immediate results. This is really the only path out ...at the moment. ALL Montrealer's must realize FAST the survival of THEIR city depends on it.

    11. @Mtl-v-e

      I totally agree with you. One must never forget the expression that all politics is local. Right now we have a mayor who has picked up the special status mantle and is running with it. Special status can mean many things to many people but at its most basic level it's an admission that Montreal and the ROC are different and need to be governed differently. Couple that with our new primiere that has acknowledged the million plus Quebecers that are English speakers (that live mostly in Montreal) and has bought into the idea that Montreal deserves special status. It's the first time in my life that a high level politician in Quebec has challenged the notion that one size fits all and that blanket laws in Quebec should be challenged. A law that makes sense in Matane may not be a good fit in Montreal. It's a positive development as far as I'm concerned.

    12. Meant to say Montreal and the ROQ are different.

    13. Eat a piece of humble pie

    14. @LD

      Those who understand how the Economy works can no longer deny that Montreal NEEDS special status right now to break free from the economic rut it's been in for years and years. It's not rocket science. They've (nationalists and separatists alike) ridden the wave of 'identity and culture' for a long enough time now. Forty years is a long time to sacrifice everything and forego economic prosperity for something that should have been promoted privately within the confines of their own homes privately, like the rest of us. It's beguiling that all these bozos thought it would end differently. A Revolution is afoot, and nothing will stop it, it has begun already. Just imagine what it took for someone like Couillard to admit Bilingualism is a huge asset to quebecers. And having said it, turned everyone ON! People are tired of being in a rut. The PQ was promising more rut, and the Liberals won in a Landslide. This being said, they still shouldn't be trusted to do the right thing, people should treat them like they are on probation. In the meantime, Montreal must keep pushing forward with its special-status project the next 4yrs, so that no matter what the hell happens and who comes to power, they can't touch it.

    15. @ student,

      "why don't you also post about all the scandalous animal rights abuses happening in the roc?"

      Why don't you? Why don't you provide some evidence yourself instead of demanding that everyone else do so. The animal protection laws are much stronger in the rest of Canada and there are more inspectors, so those who are neglectful or abusive towards animals are more likely to be charged and convicted of a criminal act, and receive harsher punishment as well.

      Care to explain why Quebec is the puppy mill capital of North America?

      "why not recall durham's ridiculous accusation that quebec is somehow to blame for having horse meat in supermarkets? as if there was a difference between a horse and a bull as far as food is concerned."

      There is horse meat in Quebec supermarkets because there is a demand for it, unlike in the United States or the rest of Canada. There is a difference between a horse and a bull because many horses are considered to be pets or companion animals and are not raised specifically for their meat. According to the Humane Society International, there is no humane way to slaughter horses due to their very sensitive nature and their flight response. The slaughter of horses has been banned in the U.S.

      Do you think we should be eating dogs too?

    16. Ahh pinstripes is mad cause we shoved a mirror in her face and the imagine starring her back is too ugly to look at.

      We have commented in the past regarding animal abuses here in this province, this time people were just saying "I told you so.... see, it does happen". The news story and disturbing video to go with ...proved it.

      How's that quebec brand workin' out for you, pinstripes? Lol

    17. @durham

      "Why don't you?"

      cause i cherish my credibility. trading anecdotes with you about ontarian dudes who mistreat animals would damage it.

      " There is a difference between a horse and a bull because many horses are considered to be pets..."

      so what fishes are pets too and you eat them without remorse.

      "Do you think we should be eating dogs too?"

      i think you should be eating whatever beast you want mate. as long as you don't mistreat it. actualy to tell you the truth i think we should all be vegetarian, but if you are going to eat meat, all animals are the same, except chimps and other advanced monkeys. chinese and vietnamese eat dogs. so you think they are degenerates or what? you do? well you are a racist mate. you should open up to other cultures in my humble opinion. there is a world beyond the usa you know?

    18. You didn't explain why Quebec is the puppy mill capital of North America.

      The problem with Quebec is there is an overwhelming number of incidents/anecdotes involving animal cruelty. It's in the news too often.

    19. student: "cause i cherish my credibility. trading anecdotes with you about ontarian dudes who mistreat animals would damage it."
      FYI, you have no credibility here. A very weak excuse for the laziness than you relentlessly display here. The only way your alleged, yet to date unseen, credibility is at risk is if you do a poor job of arguing your point. You're the one that said "why don't you also post about all the scandalous animal rights abuses happening in the roc?", so the onus is on you to provide the anecdotes that you claim exist. Really student, don't you agree that a mental lightweight like yourself shouldn't be asking others to do the work you're too lazy to do? I think the reason you pepper this blog with your snotty, empty comments is that, unlike at school, no one here is going to give you a swirly.
      Once again,
      Research: 0
      Analysis: 0
      Style: 0
      Fail again, student

    20. @diogenes

      "so the onus is on you to provide the anecdotes that you claim exist."

      all right then. here are 16000 anecdotes from ontario http://tinyurl.com/kzkzekk

      and 8000 from bc http://tinyurl.com/lzzzbsg

      total 24000 anecdotes.

      ok i think it beats your single event thing from quebec.

      do you now understand why it doesn't make sense to put one anecdote forward and conclude it proves quebec society is shit, like bad contributor apple iigs did up there?

  2. These elections are a testament to the stupidity of the voting population. Are people really supposed to forget that the PQ's ultimate goal is sovereignty just because they keep talking about Bill 60 during the campaign? Do people really think that elections are based on only the hottest main topic at the time? What's wrong with people these days? If knowing what you're actually voting for was a pre-requisite to being able to exercise the right to vote, maybe 10% would actually be able to do it. The puppet show continues.

  3. The moment is upon us now. Time for Quebec to sign the Canadian Constitution, ban any separatist movement and slay the PQ while they are still reeling from their humiliating election defeat. With Trudeau set to take power next year and Couillard eager to put Quebec's stamp on our Constitution, the planets couldn't be more aligned. Once that is done, normalcy will rule and Montreal will have the political stability it needs to flourish and grow.

    1. Why can't Quebec just go and take Trudeau and Mulcair and his collection of closet seperatists. No more deals or concessions from the other provinces. No more talk of constitutional reform, it is the status quo or nothing for quebec. It is time to shut up about culture and language and become a productive member of the federation. The only thing that is distinct about quebec is the greed, corruption and the whining.

    2. Umm, we're not going anywhere. The last election was a total repudiation of the Separatist option. Not too bright eh Johnny Boy.

    3. There's no need to ban separatism, it isn't a movement that's growing so it will only get smaller. Quebec nationalism never moved beyond Francophones so its only hope was that enough "others" would leave the province and not enough immigrants would move in. But that didn't happen.

      Separatism is now finally clearly understood as the choice between Quebec or Canada. And the problem is an independent Quebec is only for Francophones because if the claim is that minorities can be full citizens of Quebec then Francophones can be full citizens of Canada. So, if Francophones claim they cannot be full citizens of Canada then they are also saying that minorities cannot be full citizens of Quebec.

      And, of course, more and more Francophones are choosing to be full citizens of Canada and seeing that it is not only possible but quite good.

    4. Amen Jay. Well said. If Quebec separatists accept pluralism in Quebec then it makes no sense for them to reject pluralism within Canada. In other words, the separatist project becomes nonsensical under such circumstances.

    5. @jay

      "if Francophones claim they cannot be full citizens of Canada..."

      sure. except francophones don't claim that jay. what they claim is they are different citizens. and different enough that two countries would be better then current dysfunctional union. i'm sorry your reasoning is not good mate as your premise is false.

      @cbc viewer

      define pluralism mate.

    6. "....and different enough that two countries would be better then current dysfunctional union....."

      You mean like the dysfunctional union between the province of quebec and Montreal city-state? I agree we need to part ways.

    7. @Student

      You want a definition of pluralism? Don't you offer it to minorities within Quebec?

    8. @jay

      you'll have to define pluralism before i can tell you if it's "offered" to quebec minorities. to tell you the truth i think you are confused between pluralism, as they have in the usa and multiculturalism as promoted in canada. so what is it you want to discuss about jay? or do you have a bit of reading to do before we carry on?

    9. @montreal ville état

      no you're wrong again mate. i meant like the dysunctional union between quebec and rest of canada. i really was under the impression that even you could have understood that from my previous comment. lesson learned: never assume anything positive about you.

    10. Thing is...the "quebec brand" has hindered the "Montreal brand" for 40 years.

      We've suffered for the ''Sins of the Father" long enough, and we're done doing that, we need to part ways, call it... 'irreconcilable differences'. Once we get our 'emancipation status', and become a city-state we will wave bye-bye to the abusive and toxic environment we've been subjected to for 4 long decades. Quebec needs to allow it, or Montreal should consider suing its ass in court. Extreme situations call for extreme measures and Montreal shouldn't be above it. And yes...unprecedented perhaps, but then there is a first time for everything.

    11. @Student

      "i meant like the dysunctional union between quebec and rest of Canada."

      The terms of the union have changed quite a bit over the last forty years, are you sure that independence is still the solution to the remaining issues? Or, I should say, are you sure independence for all of Quebec - not just Francophones - is the only solution? It seems many people in Quebec - all non-Francophones and many Francophones - feel that separation isn't needed. Could there be another solution that works better for all of Quebec?

      There really isn't a big cultural difference between Quebec and Canada - neither Quebec nor Canada is homogenous enough to draw the lines along those borders culturally. There are lots of cultural differences between lots of people in Quebec and Canada but they aren't so much that a federal union can't work.

      If Quebec had reached out to anyone other than Francophones to show why it would be better for them to chose Quebec over Canada enough of them may have made that choice and the ROC would certainly have honoured it. But the central issue here is that independence for Quebec is presented as an ethnic issue - only benefitting Francophones - and that's really a 19th century view of nationalism.

      It's been a long time since I read John Porter's, "Vertical Mosaic," and things have changed so maybe you're right, maybe I'm out of touch with the differences between Canada and the USA or even Canada and Quebec). But you certainly haven't given me any real evidence to show me that. You need to get more people to vote for separation and sarcasm and insults won't get you any converts. I'm not quite old enough to have ever said, "If you're not part of the solution you're part of the problem," but you might want to consider if you're really offering the best solution to these issues.

    12. @Jay

      Trying to recruit a larger audience to vote for separation is definitely the only option the PQ should be entertaining at this juncture and obviously they should entertain the idea of including EVERYONE in order to grow the movement again, EXCEPT for one thing. We forget how great their potential for hate and disdain of "les autres" is. How deep it runs in the depth of their soul. They fiercely reject whatever is different from them. Their bigotry and racism are their greatest nemesis. This openly-displayed aversion for "the others" is stronger than them. It's also what did them in. Moreover, with their dwindling numbers, birth rate down and baby boomers dying away, and not being able to overcome shear hatred for what is different than them, they don't really stand a big chance of growing the movement or their purpose further, no matter who they put in charge. Their time has passed and they know it. That is what the sad spectacle on stage by the three stooges was all about on election night. They were expressing rage over that very realization..having a monumental fit and a vey public...breakdown.

    13. Here are two interesting articles on the Scotish referendum. We now know why they distanced themselves from Marois when she was there! Their independence movement is a far cry from the "for francophone de souche only" movement here. And to think that the Scotish are not immigrants to their land like we all are here, yet somehow the Québecois think this land belongs to them, and them only.

      Scotland shows Quebec what an intelligent and mature independence movement looks like

      In Scotland, separatists love ‘money and the ethnic vote’

  4. So, because Quebeckers made a sensible choice and elected a proper government then there are no seperatists, Quebec is crawling with them and so is Ottawa. The quicker we rid Ottawa of those French loving thugs Trudeau and Mulcair the better the country will be for it.

    1. Next we go after the Blacks right Johnny Boy? The basis of your whole argument is false. To be French doesn't equate with being a Separatist. Either you're a Separatist shill trying to play racist or you're a clueless ignoramus and/or a child. If you think Trudeau is a Separatist, then you need a serious lesson in Canadian politics.

    2. Trudeau is a typical anti-English language bigot from Quebec just like his father…

      I’ll let his own words tell you what kind of bigot Trudeu really is…

      Who is this hypocrite Trudeau? What does he really stand for?

      "Let me say very clearly that I support Bill 101," Trudeau said Thursday.

      "It is a reality that helps Quebec remain mainly French in a bilingual country. If we want Canada to remain bilingual — and I want it — we need to understand that Quebec must remain primarily francophone." Justin Trudeau

      A real piece of work this clown is, and of coarse all sorts of brain dead people will vote for him.

    3. @james wolfe

      should our community understand that you don't agree with trudeau about bill 101? and why is that james wolfe?

    4. I see the French bigot student has returned to speak nonsense again. I enjoyed watching your racists mates self destruct in lala French bigot land. now just to rid Ottawa of trudeau and mulclair and their gang of racists wh o do nothing but take from Canada.

    5. @johnny

      by jove do you seem frustrated mate. are you educated?

    6. @Johnny : You forgot to take your chill pill, eh?

  5. If Toronto elects Olivia Chow finally the tide might turn on Montreal.

    She's death for logic just like the PQ.

    If Quebec makes itself attractive by killing off Bill 101 etc perhaps we can gain from their idiocy.

    Perhaps we can even hope for a company to move to Quebec for somethign except massive govt handouts.

    1. Chow won't win. Her English is not up to par. The Toronto suburbs won't elect her. They are happy with Tommy Boy Ford. He gets results.

    2. No, it'll be Chow. The problem last time was no one wanted to vote for George Smitherman (for good reason) so too many voters stayed home. Politics isn't about convincing people your platform is the correct one, it's about convincing them to get out and vote. Chow can do that. She has people from all three parties working her campaign and the only goal is to make sure people make it to the polls on election day.

    3. Rejean4 is an idiot who is incapable of posting more than a few words at a time.

    4. Oh...Are you gonna tell the school principal?

    5. So you're still going to school? I'll bet you're taking remedial classes, lol.

    6. Read comprehension fail!

      Anonymous, you sound like a school child! Hence, my reference to elementary school.

  6. Editor, this is off-topic, but I hope you and your family had a happy Passover!

  7. It's certainly easier to win a campaign against a party that is embarrassed and doesn't want to talk about it's #1 raison d'etre. Just bring that up and watch them squirm. Separation? Er we don't want to talk about that! lol

  8. Why does the third musketeer look like she is about to explode or has a mouth full of something horrible? St Arnaud looks like he just let the biggest clanger fly out his backside (check the eyeballs) and Leo is definitely smelling something foul. Then again Drainville and St Arnaud are most likely clones so one idiot could be standing in for the other albiet the cloners got the parting backwards on one of them.

    1. "Leo is definitely smelling something fou"

      That's because the lady with the red hair is farting

  9. SWEEP...!!! Sweet!

    Editor, can you please put an image of a broom as your theme picture?

    1. troy please find yourself another douchebag sports blog to discuss about jocks chasing a rubber ball around. our community is more concerned with anglo rights issues. thanks mate.

    2. @sauga

      you're trolling mate. don't you have any respect for this blog's editor?

    3. student,

      Trolling....that's golden coming from you.

      The Editor himself posts about hockey on occasion, so Troy is not disrespecting his blog. I'm surprised you have such an aversion to hockey, given that it is a religion among many of your Quebecois ilk.

    4. @durham

      "that's golden coming from you."

      why? what do you mean?

      "...Troy is not disrespecting his blog."

      i never wrote that, i was addressing sauga. can't you follow a simple blog conversation mate?

      " I'm surprised you have such an aversion to hockey..."

      i don't have an aversion to hockey, i have an aversion to bad comments. like yours.

      "...given that it is a religion among many of your Quebecois ilk."

      well maybe you should rid yourself of all these prejudices you seem to nurture about the quebecois ilk. it could be part of the solution mate. don't you want to be involved in it?

    5. "Trolling....that's golden coming from you."

      "why? what do you mean?"

      Come now, student. You've easily become the biggest troll on this blog, finally surpassing even Press 9/S.R. And I'm sure you're quite aware of that fact.

    6. the biggest troll here is sauga by far. he pasted the same insult ten times on this page. now that's trolling. but maybe you have another more personal definition? in that case you need to share it, our community can't just guess what you mean.

    7. You are not part of this community, stop misrepresenting yourself and this community. YOU ARE A TROLL ON THIS BLOG. We will keep reminding visitors how your only reason for hanging around here is to defend your broke-ass quebec brand, since we're telling the world community the truth about this province. You are not here to contribute to this community, and you have nothing but ill-intentions for this blog. You want to see it discredited and shut down and you are here with the sole purpose to tear it down. Not on our fuckingggggg watch. You and your broke-ass brand will be pillaged and ransacked before that happens, cause we're TRUTH-TELLING BITCH and we're unstoppable! Now f-off.

    8. @montreal ville état

      "You are not part of this community..."

      of course i am. i've been participating for more than a year now. much longer than you mate. plus my contributions are logical and factual, unlike yours which are all sad juvenile emotional outbursts and insult strings like this one up here. i'm way more valuable to our community than you are.

    9. If we were to poll all of the regular contributors to this blog, it is highly unlikely that any of them would acknowledge that you are part of this community, with the exception of your fellow trolls such as Press 9/S.R, Y.L, and Mohammed. No one wants to be associated with those three losers or yourself.

  10. Fiasco du cocothon dans un comté libéral

  11. Drainage lickin his lips wanting to take Janette out to the pool

  12. Seriously, I don't know why we keep discussing the very same things over and over again:
    1. Quebec will never recover from its economic depresison;
    2. The debt will never be paid;
    3. The budget will never be balanced;
    4. Liberals, PQ, CAQ and all the politicians in this province are corrupt;
    5. Couillard is not Jesus.

    Well, past that, it's time to discuss REAL ACTIONS. Ex: Montreal City State, how to annex Montreal and Outaouais to Ontario, a CP in Quebec, kill 101, etc.

    We have 4 yrs to try to implement REAL ATIONS: It's take it or leave it!

    The way it is, this place is doomed.

    1. "how to annex Montreal and Outaouais to Ontario,"

      Good luck...

    2. @Wingnut

      Funny, I posted the same thing at 8:57!

      A Revolution indeed!

    3. Allez manifestez! En plus, pas besoin de donner son itinéraire quand on est moins de 50.

    4. À court d'arguments comme d'habitude. Vous êtes bien seule dans votre délire.

    5. C'est qui est le plus triste, ce que vous croyiez vraiment que des gens de l'Outaouias et de l'Ouest de l'Île (des gens qui cherchent le statut quo depuis plus de 40 ans) vont embarquez dans votre projet de révolution.

    6. Makes you nervous doesn't it....this talk about a city-state for Montreal? Good, it should!

      But I think we totally established, on April 7th, who is alone in their acute state of complete disorientation and delirium. LOL
      Two words: Thirty seats!
      30 seats, ....even if you double it, you still don't get what the Liberals walked away with that night.
      Dismal, seppies...just dismal.

      Here's some friendly advice...Hate less!

    7. "Makes you nervous doesn't it....this talk about a city-state for Montreal? Good, it should!"

      Non, mais je vous laisse le droit de rêver.

      De toute façon, je ne vois pas en quoi les résultats du 7 avril on fait avancer votre cause. Aucun parti n'a parlé de "city-state" pour Montréal.

    8. Mohammed said: "C'est qui est le plus triste, ce que vous croyiez vraiment que des gens de l'Outaouias et de l'Ouest de l'Île (des gens qui cherchent le statut quo depuis plus de 40 ans) vont embarquez dans votre projet de révolution."

      Well, Mohammed... all it takes is 50%+1, non?

    9. Bien sûr, good luck with that!

    10. "Well, Mohammed... all it takes is 50%+1, non?"

      Et l'approbation du gouvernement au pouvoir à Québec...

  13. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsWednesday, April 23, 2014 at 9:10:00 AM EDT

    Hmmmm...sure didn't take long for the PQ to follow in their traditions of mutiny and cannibalism: http://bit.ly/1rlTPRP

    So not only do we not have to put up with their shit for close to five years, but they continue NOT to learn from their mistakes or accept the message sent to them by the electorate.

  14. Sigh..here we go again the juvenile attacks between the seperatists and federalists..and on and on it goes. I have to admit the city state idea for Montreal is very appealing. It seems that the only long term sustainable solution is for Montreal to somehow seperate itself from th rest of Quebec or for the rest of Quebec somehow to embrace what Montreal is all about.

    Either of these two options seems to have a very low probability..first of all I cant imagine more than a few francophones thinking that Montreal should have special status especially if it means loosening Bill 101..nor do I see the rest of Quebec embracing Montreal given all the corruption that goes on here and the typical mistrust of les autres by most Quebecois.

    So once again we are back to square one in which we come on blogs like this and hurl insults at each other and oscillate between a bad PQ government and a bad Liberal government.

    This ends when the money train ends..when Quebec can no longer borrow as much money as it wants and pay record low interest rates..then we have change imposed on us kicking and screaming. Then we will see more radical political parties gain in popularity as the masses suffer..ie more radical seperatist parties which will make the PQ look like boy scouts..Quebec solidaire which makes the PQ look like stephen harpers party.

    I really cant envision a pleasant outcome..I try..the only pleasant outcome I see..is that Trudeau or Mulcair win the next federal election..a majority and they flow even more billions of dollars on Quebec. The commodity complex around the world..notably minerals sees a huge bubble in prices..gold goes to 3000 dollars per ounce..the mining industry booms like crazy helping to fill the coffers in Quebec..its possible this could happen. The world could also experience another 2008 collapse..a deflationary depression which woull depress all commodity prices and be the death knell for Quebec.

    The future..language..etc it will all depend on how Quebec is able to deal with its debt over the next few years..I would say the odds are around 80 percent that Quebec has severe problems and will have to force major cuts on us all which will make it very difficult for the Liberals to win the next election.

    1. @complicated


      Quebec is a sinking ship and the Montreal city-state idea is the only Lifeboat out on the ocean right now. YES it is as dire as that. You need to trust in the possibilities of that Lifeboat and go with it. Montreal has to distance itself from quebec and all that it entails, it needs a plan shot-term to accomplish this. THIS IS ONLY OPTION we got for quick results. No sense in arguing over it.


    2. LOL, même dans son délire du fumeuse de pot, elle se croit en position pour donner des "reality check".

    3. Oh hon, you have to do better than that. We're embracing the Future here, while you insist on drowning. LOL...
      Smoking pot is more your MO. Who could blame you tho, you had the seppie carpet pulled right from under you on April 7th and it hurts BAD!

      One day you're on top of the world...boasting and gloating, next day you're crying ....hysterically, profusely, unconsolably. Sucks to be you darling..sucks to be you....lol.

    4. The problem Montreal ville-etat is that there is next to no interest and/or support for such a project. I dont know one person who has even mentioned this possibility in my day to day life except a few people on this forum. The time it would take to get the support needed..let alone just a decent number of activists to push the idea is insufficient to stop this ship called Quebec from sinking.

      The city state idea is a nice dream like partition is and like seperation is to seperatists but the reality is that none of these ideas have the support to make it a reality. So the reality check is that we have more of the same for the next 4 years..more Liberal incompetence..more debt..more economic problems..more mud slinging on blogs between the seppies and the feddies.

      History has shown over and over that the masses do not get mobilized until things get really really bad..things are unpleasant now in Quebec but most people still live pretty decent lives. When the debt crisis hits things will deteriorate very quickly and then people will turn towards more extremist groups and I dont think a Montreal city state will benefit in such a scenario..

    5. Si vous croyez tant que ça dans votre idée de ville-état, lâchez votre circle jerk car vous ne convaincrez ni moi, ni Complicated.

      Ayez un peu plus de courage, fondez un parti, faites du porte-à-porte et parlez de vos idées aux gens. Ce n'est pas en débattant avec moi que vous allez faire avancer votre projet.

    6. Je crois qu'elle n'est pas assez intelligente...Évidemment.

    7. Ah s.r., inventing two handles is rather desperate even for you. Here's the thing, you're scared shitless of the idea, we get that, the fact that you insist it's a bad idea, is confirmation it's a good one! So thanks for that admission.


      The Mayor of Montreal is talking about special status for Montreal, or haven't you heard? "Special status" is branding. With the right support and backing Montreal will evolve into a "city-state". I can't explain why it is you haven't heard about it, except that I have a sneaking suspicion that this fierce support for CAQ & co. that you display daily, may have more to do with those who share in your Life and the peace you are determined to preserve between yourself and those closest to you. Or maybe ....you hang with the wrong people, lol, in ant event, it doesn't matter, it is in the English media and they do discuss it. The French media won't touch it with a 10 foot pole because of the obvious implications. But it is the only alternative, short term. C'mon...you know this.

    8. "Ah s.r., inventing two handles is rather desperate even for you. Here's the thing, you're scared shitless of the idea, we get that, the fact that you insist it's a bad idea, is confirmation it's a good one! So thanks for that admission."

      Oui et continuez à rentrer des carrés dans des trous circulaires

    9. You mean like the PQ right now...lolololololol

    10. Et puis la révolution à Pointe-Claire, ça avance?

    11. On Montreal special status, to my fellow francophone Quebecers, I say don’t worry. Your rights will be fully protected. We share the same history and I want us to shape together our common future.

    12. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsWednesday, April 23, 2014 at 4:12:00 PM EDT

      What Laurie is saying is, "Don't be inquiète!"

    13. @laurie

      "Your rights will be fully protected."

      well you need to discuss with fellow freakshow montreal ville état mate. first thing he wants to do is get rid of bill 101 and strip francophones from their right to have all commercial advertizing translated in french... so what will it be?

    14. For all those dreaming of weakening Bill 101 in Montreal..it wont happen. Too many francophones support this bill..any watering down of it will be seen as a huge attack against francophone rights. I dont see how anyone here can think this is a possibility..it might happen if we enter Greek status..a major meltdown in the economy. But even then I suspect that francophones angry from job losses would want a party that protects them even more..hence more rights for francophones.

      Without Bill 101 companies would be able to hire the best people for the job..not just those who speak french well. Companies who deal with many english clients around the world would be able to hire many anglophones instead of forced to hire francophones. These same companies instead of operating outside of Montreal would establish offices here boosting employment and the economy..but alas that would bring more anglos into the city..something that terrifies francophones. So in the end francophones would rather live with a weak economy as long as they get preferred treatment for jobs even if in the end it means fewer and lower quality jobws for everyone.

      So Bill 101 has in effect handicapped the Montreal economy but in a way greatly boosted the chances of francophones getting jobs at the expense of anglos. In government we also see that anglophones are unfairly kept out..notably in the quebec government where only 0.7 percent are anglophones. There is a higher proportion of francophones in the federal service also..why is this??

      Bill 101 is here to stay even with Montreal given special status..

    15. Me? What did I do? Lololololol

      Ah pinstripes...the web of lies we, actually YOU, weave, lol....

      I love how you invent shit to attack people to try and discredit them. Lol Personally, it puts a smile on my face that what I post tortures you so much. It tortures you cause it's the truth....just the plain truth ...and the truth, especially about your broke-ass quebec brand, IS a bitter pill to swallow... we understand. LOL

    16. @montreal ville etat

      "I love how you invent shit to attack people..."

      please quote "invented shit". only then our community will undersatnd what the hell you're ranting about.

    17. People can read pinstripes, they're not challenged like you. They can make up their own minds about what we all post. But it is a well known fact that YOUR credibility is worth shit here because if your insip and incessant trolling to try and defend that broke-ass quebec brand that you're so protective of. Too bad pinstripes but it is It's indefensible. You abuse animals and there is footage to prove it. You discriminate against ethnics and minorities and there is a bill 60 to prove it.... the no-values charter, remember that fiasco? Oh and ask janette bertand who saw imaginary Muslim students in her pool how accepting she is of non-pur laine. Need I go on? Do you want me to keep reminding visitors to this blog what a reprehensible society yours is? AND just how broke your broke-ass quebec brand is? Apparently the debt has climbed to 345$ billion, under the seppie watch of course.
      But g'head...make my day!

    18. @montreal ville etat

      sure. but about the "invented shit" you claim i posted, what was it already? or is it just invented shit of yours again?

    19. Too bad you can't invent shit to salvage your broke-ass quebec brand huh? It's broke alright and the entire world is a witness. Twitter and "Pastagate" made sure if that. LOL

    20. **if that=of that

    21. @montreal ville état

      "Too bad you can't invent shit..."

      sure. so higher up there when you accused me of "inventing shit", you lied again, right? or are you lying just up here?

    22. I don't have to accuse you of anything, you lie every time you post, pinstripes. Mostly, you lie to yourself by pretending there is nothing wrong with your broke-ass quebec brand. You'd love to lie about the animal cruelty and abuse that goes on in this sad province, and deny it goes on, just like you deny the charter was a seppie exercise in divisive politics, racism and bigotry, but alas, we all know better, so don't bother denying it anymore. That recent news story focussing on the rampant animal abuse that goes on here had a shocking video to prove the abuse DOES happen right here, in quebec.

      Sweet dreams pinstripes, we will keep telling the truth about your broke-ass quebec brand. Incidentally, every time you post, attempting to deny the truth, provides yet another opportunity to reiterate that the quebec brand is broke-ass! The dummy you are hasn't yet picked up on that little subtlety, have you? Lol

    23. @montreal ville état

      haha. impressive delirium mate. now that cutie003 is on a break you're the sole keeper of the hysterical angryphone cuckoo brand. i see you take your responsibility seriously.

      "...a shocking video to prove the abuse DOES happen right here, in quebec. "

      of course it does. just as it happens everywhere else. so what's your point mate?

    24. "Allegedly" it goes on elsewhere, it has yet to be proven, making your statement that it is a 'fait-accompli' that it does, misinformation and a lie. So true to form where you are concerned, pinstripes. Trolling and lying, what a fulfilling Life you lead. Lol

      In quebec however, it was proven, PROVEN, animal abuses do go on in this broke-ass province! Lol

    25. @student Thursday, April 24, 2014 at 7:32:00 AM EDT
      of course it does. just as it happens everywhere else. so what's your point mate?

      @student Monday, April 21, 2014 at 9:31:00 PM EDT
      second because by answering yes but yours is also bad, when yours is not also bad, the only thing you do is aknowledge yours is bad. not a winner. well not for you.

      StudentLogic® strikes again!

  15. Du concret pour la fumeuse de crack (MVÉ)

    French to be 'obligatoire' for thousands of Ottawa city workers


    1. Press 9,

      You're back! Have you finished licking your wounds (and private parts) yet?

      That article is more than SEVEN years old! Can't you come up with anything more current? In any event, it says that no unilingual English speaking employees would lose their jobs.

    2. Nah Durham he's still sulking, but he can't tear himself away from the blog, to the point that he impersonates various handles. And if he was afraid and insecure before, he's completely terrified now. You know what they say...keep your friends close....!

  16. "The very ugly" :

    Lobbyisme illégal: jugement reporté pour le Dr Barrette


  17. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTWednesday, April 23, 2014 at 6:19:00 PM EDT

    On s'est remit de sa cuite avec du Chardonnay, le separeux?

  18. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsWednesday, April 23, 2014 at 7:29:00 PM EDT

    Keep Calm and STFU for the next 5 years seppies.

  19. Sign #592 that separation is dead: Richard Martineau says the PQ is idiotic for removing the Canadian flag from their swearing in ceremony.
    Preuve que le PQ vit toujours dans sa bulle: quelques jours après la catastrophe du 7 avril, les 30 élus péquistes qui ont survécu au naufrage ont encore demandé qu’on enlève le drapeau canadien lors de leur assermentation.

    Or, c’est EXACTEMENT ce genre de niaiseries que les gens ne peuvent plus supporter. Ces enfantillages, ces guéguerres symboliques inutiles.

    C’est pourtant clair pour 99,9 % des gens: le jour où le Québec se dira OUI, on enlèvera le drapeau canadien. D’ici là, nous sommes encore et toujours citoyens du Canada, qu’on le veuille ou non.

    1. Did you read that s.r.? Even your seppie friends admit they are Canadian.

      Seaports and airports babe, seaports and airports. You can destroy your Canadian passport after you get to wherever you are going. Bon voyage! Lol

    2. montreal ville état

      "Even your seppie friends admit they are Canadian."

      all quebec separatists will admit they are canadians. pretending otherwise like you do is called a strawman argument. easy but fallacious. i know you like those.

    3. Fallacious? Don't use big words you don't understand, pinstripes.

      Speaking of Fallacious, we all know you're the poster child! Not "all quebec separatists" admit to being Canadian, as usual you love to spread lies. Some will deny they are as we witnessed by the infantile PQ MP's in Quebec City this week who insisted on having the Canadian Flag removed during their swearing in ceremony, a clear rejection of Canada, once again, exhibiting the little Losers they (and you) are.

    4. @montreal ville état

      "...a clear rejection of Canada, once again,..."

      well they are separatists, aren't they? what did you expect?!?

      "...exhibiting the little Losers they (and you) are."

      why would a nation pushing for political independency be a loser thing?!? just try thinking things through for once before blurting the usual slogans. cause they don't make sense.

  20. Too fat to be health minister?

  21. We just replaced an auditor for an insurance company with the 2nd best economist in the world and y‘all are complaining.
    Only in QQQuebec.

  22. So do you think popo and janette are still friends? Lol...une question comme ça. Hehehehehe

    1. who cares!

      Hopefully, they'll just stay in their retirement house and never leave that building

    2. @john johnson

      "who cares!"

      i agree. montreal ville état has this really bad habit of asking really irrelevant questions. you'd be best to ignore.

    3. Well you certainly know all about being irrelevant eh pinstripes? That's what the PQ have become, IRRELEVANT, insignificant back-benchers. The CAQ with fewer seats command more attention than they do, lol...irrelevant PQ Losers. And all this...for 4 years min....olololololololololo...BURN!