Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Housekeeping Volume 13

 During my trip down south I was without the use of my computer for a week and relied on my smartphone to monitor the blog and keep in touch.

It was, to say the least, a sobering experience and I can attest that the little keyboard is a devil that contributes to many typos. Let's not even mention that evil autocorrect function.

So I am politely asking everyone to layoff complaints about typos COMPLETELY. This blog is about ideas, not typing.
NO SPELLING NAZIS, no matter the urge

There is an exception to the spelling and typo rule.
That is mistakes in the main blog piece. I would appreciate a polite email, so that I can make corrections.

Now we've been getting a lot of links in the comments section and trust me, it is almost impossible to copy and paste long URLs on a small screen.

I would ask that at a minimum, contributors use a URL shortner that shrinks the URL down to a manageable size.

1. Copy the URL link you want to show
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Note: With Google you'll have to enter that cursed captcha, but only for the first time on each device.

Of course for bravehearts you can actually embed your link like a professional by adding this to your comment. It is code and will magically make your URL clickable. I promise.

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I'd like to thank readers for pushing the counter up to a new record level, crossing the 90,000 barrier for the first time ever, this week.

I will be blogging as often as I can during this election campaign and hope to bring some insights that the regular PRESS cannot or will not make.

It will also be a platform for your comments so we hopefully don't have to wade through the 200+ button, which many readers actually don't know exists.


  1. Hello dear readers and contributors! There is a petition going around by CRITIQ. If you value a "distinct" Montreal, click on this link. They're looking for 10,000 signatures, but the petition would have considerably more credibility if it has well over 10,000, especially from Montrealers, so may I suggest that if you haven't signed already, get with it.

    1. BTW, what the Editor above writes is all found under the third tab above, Using Formatting in your Comments, but I guess this is the abridged version.

      Finally, for my detractors, my post was first. Nyah nyah nyah! For my supporters, please ignore that previous sentence.

    2. @sauga

      "For my supporters, please ignore that previous sentence."

      i don't think you have supporters mate.

    3. student: I'm making an exception for you by responding.

      You wrote above: "i don't think you have supporters mate"

      I placed in bold letters where you should have stopped writing. Let me do the thinking. I know I have supporters. Cheers!

    4. By AnecTOTE

      That's right, he does.

    5. I'll support Sauga on things I think he's right about, but not on those things we differ on. Though if you support what someone says 100% of the time you're probably brain dead, or what no critical thinking whatsoever, which would be doubly sad if you were a philosophy student, so much wasted time, you'd deserve a tuition refund.

      I'll that said Sauga can you repost the link, the one that is there seems like it's for an email box?

    6. @sauga

      "I know I have supporters."

      i don't believe you mate.

    7. "i don't believe you mate."
      And yet someone corroborated his statement. Student taking denial to a whole new level.

  2. Okay, here's something I've been wondering about and having seen in the news - besides the issue of currency, has the PQ said anything about what. Quebec Bank Act would look like? Would Canadian Class A banks still be allowed to operate unchanged in an independent Quebec, or would they have to become some kind of Class B or C banks?

    And what about CTV and Global, would they become like NBC and CBS and other 'foreign' networks or would they still be domestic?

    I guess it's all part of the negotiation that would follow, but has anyone mentioned it?

    1. We will ignore it Mr.Sauga, both of us. Ed
      With so many readers checking in let's try to clean up the comments also. We should try to be adult about our messages. Yesterdays blog had 26 posts over how or whether the letter D should be on someones name.
      Long posts comparing Quebec's situation to other countries are uninforming and useless. Further we do not need to jump in and thank or agree with each other's postings. Instead try to come up with a thought about what's new.
      Prhaps some thoughts on one of these.
      1. Would you feel safe with Karl Peladeau as Premier.
      2. Who would have more control over the f lying monkeys in the out back. (Couillard or Peladeau or Marois.)
      3. Should Jean Charest get involved, either by running or working to improve the economy.
      4. What would you like to see Couillard do first as Premier. (fr key b. can't find question mark )
      5. How about some more questions, preferably relevant.

    2. Jay
      There should be no problem, our banks operate in other countries and vice versa. Interesting that the bank the PQ uses is the Banque Nationale du CANADA. oops. Ed

    3. I love you, too, Ed. Oh, and congrats on finally learning how to use the URL. Mazel Tov, in fact.

      Jay, you need not worry about your money at any of our chartered banks. They are federally chartered and Quebec has absolutely zero jurisdiction over the banks and their money. I know. I'm employed by one of our few large chartered banks, and they have already made a statement about the upcoming election knowing there would be furor over the situation. Don't lose a wink of sleep tonight.

      Ed: Ignore me if you will, but who's blog is it anyway? If you don't like the way the blog is going, the content of the responses or particular people who contribute to this blog (namely me among others), I offer you two alternatives:

      1. Don't come to this blog anymore; and/or 2. Start your own blog and edit the comments however you like.

      There you have it, Ed. There is a simple solution to your simple with problem...with me anyway.

    4. I'm nit worried about my deposits. I was wondering if Quebec will protect its banks the same way Canada does. If it does, and the Canadian banks have to be treated the same as American banks it opens up a lot more of the Quebec market for the Caise and the BNP. They could be good investments.

      On the other hand, Québécor was given the contract for wireless in the ROC but I guess that would have to be stopped if they are from a foreign country the same way Verizon was kept out?

    5. More on the economy with quebec's pipe dream. An open letter to Miss Piggy in french.

    6. Sorry but again I do not agree with Ed (what else is new?). When I first joined this blog there was someone on here that published a reference to a Paper by Richard Janda entitled "A Deeply Divided Society Needs: The Jura Solution" which is what the Swiss have used. It's been a long time since I've read it but apparently it is just what we need here to democratically partition this province. I'm sure you can all find it on-line - take a look see and let's talk about it! I found it interesting at the time.

    7. And why on God's earth would an anglophone or allophone feel "safe" with King Peladope in charge of the province or new country or whatever? This could be the richest new country in the world world but what would that matter in our every day lives with same restrictions on our language and our religious freedom? What are you thinking? That we will all feel "safe"if the PQ win a majority? Some kind of April Fool's joke you're playing, right?

    8. @ Jay
      The reason you haven't heard of what the plan for the banking system in Quebec would function (much like how any other part of separation would work) is for one of two reasons. The first is that after 50 years of spouting nonsense the separatists have yet to actually make a realistic roadmap to how separation would work functionally. The other is that they've made this realistic road map, however it is so distasteful and filled with hardship with very little payoff that they refuse to lay it out. It's kind of like army ads look like this
      and don't show the actual horrors of war, if they did recruitment would go down, way down.

    9. Mr Sauga,
      you are something else. To begin I do not use the url. I click on NAME/URL and put only my name. It works. I am posting simply as ED from now on hoping it will be short enough to please everyone.
      You ask me to leave the blog because I suggested nicely things that would help improve reading. I asked people, unlike you above where you tell people how they must post.
      Actually, you do have supporters and I'm one of them. Student has the same sense of humor as I do apparently. Bring back that Jewish sense of humor you used to use way back on the blog. I loved hearing the expressions that are familiar to me from the great Jewish comedians on TV and my Jewish friends. I'm hoping you're one of them. Ed

    10. 1. Would you feel safe with Karl Peladeau as Premier.
      Depends if he was in a minority of majority position. Though it's impossible to tell at the moment, he changes his stance on things from hour to hour so who knows where he stands.
      2. Who would have more control over the f lying monkeys in the out back. (Couillard or Peladeau or Marois.)
      Er who are the flying monkeys in this situation?
      3. Should Jean Charest get involved, either by running or working to improve the economy.
      He should stay out, regardless of any actual culpability or not people still associate him with corruption and it would only hurt the Liberal party. Couillard has added a number of candidates from high up in the private sector to head up his financial team so he should be fine there.
      4. What would you like to see Couillard do first as Premier. (fr key b. can't find question mark )
      Lay out the priorities of the next 4 years (the economy, healthcare and infrastructure) and give a realistic budget and realistic goals, we don't need more fairy tale bs and then missing the goals by a mile. Reduce the burden on small and mid sizes business by making it more expressly clear what the OQLFs preview is, you'd think after 40+ years they would have figured it out by now but businesses are still being surprised by the OQLF overstepping its authority and saying something is "in the spirit of the law" the law is the law, if it isn't in the law, it's not the law. Clear rules and applications will only help both business and Quebec. Remove the grandfather clause on being allowed to have sprinklers in old age homes, one Iles vert was enough.

    11. @cutie003

      "...but what would that matter in our every day lives with same restrictions on our language and our religious freedom?"

      what restrictions? do you mean the restriction that forces you to put a french translation on your shop banner? is this what renders you sick? can't deal with having to respect your neighbour? fascinating.

    12. "do you mean the restriction that forces you to put a french translation on your shop banner?"
      No, probably the ones that tell you where you can't send your kids to school where you want, that ones that say you cannot write something in both official languages, the proposed ones that say you can't wear religious symbols at work (other than the cross, you know just to be hypocrites).

      "can't deal with having to respect your neighbour?"
      I have to assume you don't live next to any religious people Student, you don't think anyone who believes in a god/God is rational enough to do their jobs properly, can't say I call that respecting your neighbours!

  3. Just when you through the PQ or their candidates couldn't get any "classier"

    "Marois told journalists that Mailloux "is an eloquent writer...I respect her point of view."
    "the theory was first espoused by the Ku Klux Klan before being picked up by neo-Nazi groups."
    "Mailloux, who teaches philosophy at a Montreal CEGEP"

    Well by using the transitive law anyone who knows a bit about logic or philosophy can put together
    a = Pauline respects Mailloux's point of view
    b = Mailloux's point of view is there is a kosher goods
    c = The Ku Klux Klan created the point of view of a kosher goods' tax.
    a -> b; b -> c therefore a -> c.

    The PQ best say something against her views or drop the candidate, tacitly supporting bigotry isn't much better than actively supporting it.

    1. Jonathan Kay: The PQ is becoming the party of small-minded atheists

      "Some have accused Ms. Mailloux of being anti-Semitic. But given her comment that baptism is similar to rape, we’d say that she seems more likely to simply be an equal-opportunity anti-religious zealot. The fact that Pauline Marois is sticking by this extremist is troubling."


      "Ms. Marois and her PQ constantly insist that their secularism charter is not part of a xenophobic, much less racist, political agenda. Yet party members keep doing and saying creepy things. In defending the secularism charter, for instance, the PQ has argued that the legislation has a precedent in two U.S. state laws. But earlier this week, it was revealed that in at least one of those cases, the state law in question is an obscure, long-ignored, century-old vestige of the segregation era. The PQ simply shrugged this disclosure off. News outlets controlled by Pierre Karl Péladeau, who of course is now a star PQ candidate, didn’t even report it."

      Such an interesting article, a must-read! It is too bad that most of the PQ voters are mostly captive and manipulated by the separatist machine. Sad, very sad!

    2. "...she seems more likely to simply be an equal-opportunity anti-religious (...). The fact that Pauline Marois is sticking by this extremist is troubling."

      you agree with kay and think it's troubling that she respects the opinion of an atheist philosopher? dude you are dangerous.

      the author also says "party members keep doing and saying creepy things" and then as the sole example of this digs out the factual list of occurences of similar laws in america that was included in the documents attached to the charter when it was presented last september. since then, contrary to what the author wants you to beleive laurie, no one from the pq used the nebraska obsolete law as an argument. no one. can you imagine how weak are his other examples of "creepy things" if that was the most shocking he found? laugh with me laurie, it's healthier than to give credence to a quebec basher.

    3. LAURIE,
      I have not heard the statement you quoted but as a Christian I find it disgusting. it's akin to saying Jesus is satanic. These kind of people are flying in the face of God. what did they learn from the Catholic church over all these years. I know I would not want to be in their shoes when judgement day comes. Ed

    4. "you agree with kay and think it's troubling that she respects the opinion of an atheist philosopher? dude you are dangerous."

      The issue is the actual opinions of the atheist philosopher that she respects, not the fact that she respects the opinion of an atheist philosopher. How is that dangerous? If anything to not be concerned that a political party leader respects the opinion of someone who has published clearly made up or bigoted things is much more troubling, it shows a lack of willingness to critically question anything.

      "and then as the sole example of this digs out the factual list of occurences of similar laws in america that was included in the documents attached to the charter when it was presented last september."
      No, the author also references Mailloux and Carriere, but hey if you want more you can add Tania Longpré to the list.

      "since then, contrary to what the author wants you to beleive laurie, no one from the pq used the nebraska obsolete law as an argument. no one."
      Well except Drainville in a interview to the globe and mail.

  4. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsSunday, March 16, 2014 at 6:53:00 PM EDT

    To all our separatist friends:

    Why so silent? Hmmmm?

    Visions of what will become of Montreal?

    Oh those deafening crickets.

  5. I'm glad to see everyone complying with my request to use URL shorteners....Hmmm...

    1. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsSunday, March 16, 2014 at 7:11:00 PM EDT

      Force of habit Phil.

      Don't forget the rule: it takes 21 days to start a new habit.

    2. We do it out of love Phil, not fear. Good move Ed

    3. Perhaps I should say, "most of us do it out of love but there's always that one that thinks she's more important than all of us including you apparently. Ed

    4. The usefulness of to shorten URLs is self-evident, and thanks to Editor for the reminder.
      When I see a URL that hasn't been formatted for easy clicking, I use this trick: I highlight the URL by running my cursor across it, then right click my mouse to make a dialogue box appear; the dialogue box has a variety of commands, including Open Link in New Tab. I then click on that and voila/there it is: the web page in question.
      I use a PC; dunno if this works on Apple computers.

    5. The one downside to shortended links is not knowing where you're being redirected to, you can be redirected to some real shady parts of the internet without knowing, where in the past you could see where the page was hosted and just avoid bothering to see the trash some of the less principled members of the community were linking to.

      I hope we don't see a resurgence of Rick rolling :P.

  6. Résidence pour personnes âgées

    Incapable d'être servi en français

    "We're in canada sir" ... Quoi?

    1. To quote your comment you posted 11 minutes before this one chiding Anonymous Buster of Shit Arguments above ""

      Also I can see from the link that it's an archived story from 2012, let's try and live in the now shall we? It's not news if its two years old.

      Though I do have to point out your extreme hypocrisy, when this exact circumstance occurred but to an English war veteran being told that this is Quebec, speak French, you fully supported the employee and mocked the war veteran. I do clearly think there should be bilingual staffers to avoid such situations, as the former head of the OQLF (she was shit canned after pastagate) points out, the residence is a small private company, as such they are not required to follow the language law rules that apply to hospitals like in the other case.

  7. For all the separatists on this site looking to win the next referendum, you should take notes on how the Russians have handled Crimea. If you have not been following , see my summary below:

    First, don't tell anyone there will be a referendum. Two weeks before, send in FTQ goons into the neighbourhoods where people are most likely to vote "No". Send them door-to-door at all hours of the day, reminding people of the injustice of living in Canada and the benefits of living in Quebec. Don't leave until the residents repeat, " Quebec good, Canada bad". Make sure they are all on the payroll of a contractor working at some Hydro project so no link can be made to the intimidation campaign.

    Next, remove Bell's operating license and only allow Videotron to operate. Base the license removal on some technicality like not following a new protocol or not having filled in some document back in 1987. Do the same with the Gazette. Allow only Le Devoir and Journal de Montreal to publish. Ban all media from outside of Quebec and restrict access to the Internet to only Quebecor and PQ websites. All media stories must state how Quebec is suffering under Canadian oppression.

    Announce a referendum date 72 hours beforehand. There are to be only two options on the ballot. Voters must choose the phrase they are in most agreement with:

    Option A:
    FR: Je veux que le Québec devienne un état indépendant prospère, riche et en contrôle de ses dépenses.
    EN: I want Quebec to become rich and its residents to fell independently wealthy

    Option B:
    FR: Je veux perdre toute ma culture, me faire assimiler, me faire opprimer par le Canada et toujours être à genoux devant mes maitres.
    EN: I want to have my knees broken

    Note: In the spirit of Bill 101, when a statement is made in both French and English and there is confusion as to the meaning, the French statement prevails.

    On referendum day, make sure to have only one polling station open in areas likely to vote "No". One station per 60,000 residents is the recommended quantity. Opening hours are from 1 pm to 4 pm. Only those with PQ membership cards can jump the queue to vote.

    In the polling stations, make sure the FTQ goons are standing next to the transparent ballot boxes. Ballots may be refused before being cast with the voter forced to return to the back of the line to vote properly the next time.

    Once ballots are cat, only members of the PQ may proceed with the count.

    For any questions, please let me know.

    1. haha. no, i think quebec separatists will chose democracy over your strategy.

    2. Really hilarious post, MTL1973. Made me laugh out loud.

      "...Quebec separatists will choose democracy over your strategy." (Student writes.)
      Tell that to the voters in Laval and elsewhere whose "no" votes in the 1995 referendum were summarily rejected. Funny how the perpetrators were never punished, Well, once the ballots are released for public view -- oh, wait, they've been destroyed.
      For a purportedly "social democratic" party, the PQ and its seppie adherents aren't particularly social (viz. thew Charter of Bigotry) or democratic.

  8. CUTIE,
    I'm glad you don't agree with me. Just agreeing I don't need, much rather read your excellent post. The
    Jura solution was the same as they used in Ireland. Part of the country went one way and the rest stayed with the mother country. What worked there will not necessarily work here. To begin with, all of Canada belongs to all Canadians. There are pitfalls involved that need to be considered. 1. A group in B.C. Says if Quebec can go so can we. They want to join Washington state. 2. Some in Manitoba want to become the 51st state,.to unite farmers. 3. If Quebec divides the Francos will still be here amongst us. We cannot put them on an island and float them out to sea as you have suggested in previous posts. 4. Instead of having them as our neighbours they would be an angry army of malcontents facing us across the river. The hatred would never die.
    If Quebec separates others will go. Since greed seems to be naturally ingrained, people see the U.S .as rich and tempting because prices are cheaper for one thing and incomes higher.
    Why would .you want to destroy the greatest country on Earth? The Francophones are our brothers and sisters whether we like it or not. They re trying to raise their families to live in this world. It is not their fault that they were led astray.. We do not hate the German people because of what Hitler did them. Even God understands that we, the people he created, have weaknesses and so he is forgiving as we should be unto others.
    You must let the hatred out of your heart, I sense it in every post of mine that you answer. I wonder if you realize that calling me DOTTY because of my age is insulting and actually considered ageism which is really elder abuse. Totally unnecessary, I have nothing against you. We can insult each other but destroying a person's character is below the pale. Ed.

    1. There you go again Ed. I am calling you dotty most of the time because you say one thing and then when proposals are made to do something, you come on here and say "don't do that". You seem like you don't know if you're coming or going at times and I don't care how old you are (or I am for that matter) it's that you can't make up your mind and stick with it.

      Who is referring to "francophones"? I'm not talking about francophones - I'm talking about separatists. This is a war albeit with words at the present time but who knows where this will go? We are arguing about two different things: all you care about is the next election and I care about the future of this whole province. You are talking about the financial future of the province and I am talking about the social and financial future of the province. You seem to be totally unconcerned about Bill 14 and the Charter - I am saying that living under these bills and charters will make life here unbearable and it's time to kick the separatists to the curb - not the francophones. I am not out to destroy the country (there comes that "dotty" thing again) I'm out to save what we can of OUR country from east to west by keeping our borders intact. And please, do all of us a favour, don't even try comparing differences of opinion to "elder abuse" - that's really insulting to people that actually experience elder abuse. If you can't accept differences of opinion on a blog and relate that to elder abuse, I suggest you give up your computer.

    2. How do you keep borders intact while pushing division?/?????

    3. Come on Ed - Quebec can keep some land to themselves and we put up borders around those areas but Canadian borders remain intact from East to West. You know exactly what I mean. Why should federalist areas of quebec be forced out of Canada? They have no right to do that or to claim Canadian land as their own. Divide this province and let them have some land to call their own. Why should the borders of Canada be disturbed - just the provincial border will be disturbed.

  9. If Quebec should decide to hold a referendum and the Quebecois vote for leaving Canada, the fun starts.

    Aboriginals will refuse to give up their traditional territory.

    The St. Lawrence Seaway is jointly owned by Canada and the United States; Quebec has no claim to the lands set aside for the Seaway.
    Montreal is an island in the St. Lawrence and may not be part of a new Quebec.
    All federal facilities (and English speaking employees) in Quebec would have to relocate.
    Air Canada could not continue maintenance operations in a foreign nation.
    The Port of Montreal would wither as Canadian companies would have to find an Canadian location for imports and exports.
    Airlines would cease landing in Quebec until they could negotiate landing rights with the new nation.
    The Canada Space Agency could move from Saint-Hubert to Calgary.
    Federally licensed financial institutions (all banks, for example) could no longer operate in Quebec.
    Bilingual courts and a bilingual federal civil service would be history.
    The Official Languages Act would be history.
    Thousands of translators we pay for would be out of work.
    We would have 78 fewer Members of Parliament to pay for.
    We would have 24 fewer Senators to pay for.
    The NDP would lose 57 seats including Mulcair’s;
    The Liberal would lose 8 seats including Trudeau’s.
    The Conservative party’s majority would increase from 52% to 67%.
    We would save about $20 billion annually in federal transfer payments - which could be used to pay down the federal debt.
    We could save another $543 million in funds currently earmarked for bridges over the St. Lawrence and in and out of Montreal.
    We would no longer support Bombardier.
    All military aircraft work contracted by Canada would have to leave Quebec.
    Goodbye to the CBC French language networks.
    I can't think of any good reasons not to cheer them on.

    Go Pauline Marois, go take Quebec out of confederation - and soon!

    1. and another yes voter. ka-ching.

    2. I don't get you, student. I support separation for the same reasons. Why no ka-ching for me?

    3. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTMonday, March 17, 2014 at 7:12:00 AM EDT

      Or even me? I want a ka-ching. I want quebec to be kicked out; that's a huge YES vote there!