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French versus English Volume 104

The Canadian Dollar in an independent Quebec

This article by Claude Castonguay appeared in French in La Presse. It is translated here by myself.
If you read French please do the author the courtesy of reading the original article HERE at LaPresse

Currency is an important symbol a people's identity. An independent Quebec should have its own currency, a Quebec dollar. With the prospect of a referendum, it is important to analyze the effects entailed with replacing the Canadian dollar by a Quebec dollar.

The Quebec dollar value and stability are the two main issues. The value of a currency is related to the strength of the economy, public finances and the debt of a country. But the value and stability of a currency depends on the level of trust that citizens, investors and speculators place in that currency.

Given these factors, a new Quebec dollar would inevitably have a lower value than the U.S. and Canadian dollars. Currently, the Canadian dollar is worth 90 cents against the U.S. dollar, analysts consider this difference as justified. Similarly, we can assume that the value of a new Quebec dollar would be about 85 cents against the Canadian dollar and 75 cents against the U.S. dollar.

During the changeover, Quebecers would have their savings and assets decline by around 15 %. Before such an eventuality, Quebecers would probably take all possible measures to prevent the devaluation of their savings and their assets. They would move away their assets outside of Quebec into U.S. dollars. This would add to the instability of the new currency and would lead to a further decline in its value.

In other words, should Quebec make a declaration of independence,  it would have no choice but to keep the Canadian dollar. This is what the Parti Québécois recognized  on the eve of the 1995 referendum . The use of the Canadian dollar would normally require the conclusion of a monetary union between the newly independent Quebec and Canada, divided by the departure of Quebec. The conclusion of such an agreement would be highly problematic.

We would see this in Britain if the Scots vote in September for their independence. The British Chancellor of the Exchequer warned them they could not  keep the pound, the British public would not accept it. It is clear that the Canadian Prime Minister would be in the same situation in the event of a vote for Quebec independence.

Quebec would thus have no choice but to continue to use the Canadian dollar , however, without the benefit of the protection of a monetary union. That is to say that monetary policy would be established by the Bank of Canada strictly according to the situation in the rest of Canada.

Twenty years ago, Argentina had embarked on this path. It allowed its citizens to exchange, according to a predetermined exchange rate  their pesos against the U.S. dollar . Argentines rushed to exchange their pesos for U.S. dollars and move it out of the country, which led to the fall in the value of the peso and a real crisis.

We conclude that in the event of Quebec independence, it would be necessary to negotiate in a hostile environment, an agreement to eventually return to the bosom of the Bank of Canada under conditions less favorable than those currently prevailing.

In the current electoral context, some issues may possibly be carried forward to an eventual White Paper on sovereignty. This is not the case for the currency issue. Voters are entitled to know, before exercising their voting intentions what the Parti Québécois' currency policy will be in an independent Quebec.
But apparently Pauline has other ideas.
"A sovereign Quebec would use the Canadian dollar and request a seat on the Bank of Canada’s decision-making body, Parti Québécois Leader Pauline Marois said Wednesday on the campaign trail.
The PQ Leader pointed to several studies on the matter conducted in the early 1990s which showed that there would be no obstacles for an independent Quebec to using the Canadian dollar. However, getting a seat on the Bank of Canada’s Governing Council would be more difficult.

“Obviously we may wish to get a seat at the Bank of Canada but we would accept the Canadian monetary policies,” Ms. Marois said.
Liberal Leader Philippe Couillard said Ms. Marois is living in a dream world.
“The PQ always tries to take us to an imaginary world, Alice in Wonderland, where everything is going to be so great. No borders, no passport, it’s fantastic. Everybody’s going to be great friends,” said Mr. Couillard. Link

So it seems that Pauline Marois has made a choice, that is to use the Canadian Dollar with or without Canada's permission, a permission that is very likely to be denied, even if it is a paying proposition for Canada.
Having Quebec maintain the use of the Canadian Dollar is worth about a billion dollars a year to Canada because of the outstanding float. Quebecers have about $10 billion in cash in their wallets and cash drawers, money that actually represents an interest free loan to Canada.
At any rate there is no reason to believe that Canadians would be in a mood to provide new dollar bills to Quebec as they fall into 'Canadian' hands. Such an assumption by Marois is utter bravado.
In the article above it is important to note that the Brits have already told the Scots that a free Scotland would not be allowed to use the English currency and perhaps it is appropriate for Ottawa politicians to burst Pauline's pipe dream as well!

In the meantime in Scotland: Currency union ‘unlikely’

Concerns over the future of an independent Scotland’s fiscal position, the size of its banking sector and its monetary regime have been highlighted in a report by a global banking group. The publication from Citi also looks at the possible currency and debt arrangements in the event of a yes vote, and considers the strength of Scotland’s credit rating.

It found that an independent Scotland’s fiscal position would be “relatively weak and risky” while a monetary union between Scotland and the rest of the UK is “unlikely”. The report has been compiled jointly by Citi’s economics, rate strategy and political analysis teams ahead of the September referendum.

Citi’s report says: “We regard a sterling monetary union as unlikely but we are genuinely unsure what currency and monetary policy would be adopted by an independent Scotland.“In our view, it is astonishing that the Scottish Government, in seeking independence, has reached this stage: seeking a currency union without agreement with the rest of the UK and without a clear alternative plan.”

It continued: “Overall, we believe an independent Scotland would have a relatively weak and risky fiscal position. This might well produce a sizeable borrowing premium.....

....“It’s absolutely clear independence would be a big problem for Scotland rather than the solution - and not having any sort of currency plan makes it an even bigger problem.” Link

According to Bloomberg, Separatist Revival is Raising Quebec Borrowing Costs

Quebec’s borrowing costs are rising as independence once again becomes an election issue in Canada’s second largest and most indebted province.
Quebec Premier Pauline Marois called this week for an election on April 7 in a bid to turn her minority government into a majority, renewing speculation she will press for a referendum on splitting from Canada. The spread, or extra yield demanded by investors, on Quebec’s 10-year bond over debt from neighboring Ontario has widened 7 basis points to 17 basis points since the Quebec bond was issued in December, data compiled by Bloomberg shows. The spread has widened three basis points since the start of last week. Read more at Bloomberg

No International recognition for Crimean referendum

Quebec sovereigntist suffered a brutal lesson in realpolitik as the world has announced that it will not recognize a referendum on Crimean Independence.

"The Group of 7 world leaders say they won't recognize results of a referendum for the Crimea region to split from Ukraine and join Russia.
A statement from the seven nations released from the White House on Wednesday calls on Russia "to cease all efforts to change the status of Crimea contrary to Ukrainian law and in violation of international law." It says the referendum scheduled for this weekend "would have no legal effect" and the process is deeply flawed.
The leaders said they would take further action, individually and collectively, if Russia tries to annex Crimea.
The statement was from the leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Britain and the United States, along with the European Council and the European Commission." ABC News

As always, recognition is based on politics and not international law as sovereigntists maintain. Unless Canada recognizes a new state of Quebec, nobody else but a handful will either.


More PQ election nonsense

Lisée offers a lesson in PQ Economics 101
Here's a quote from Jean-François Lisée that caught my attention for its utter and complete stupidity.
He said it in English to a CTV news reporter and it aired on the six o'clock news last Tuesday.
"We're putting a billion and a half towards the debt.
We could have decided to have a lower deficit by not putting a billion and a half on the debt. But it was a billion and a half last year and a billion and a half this year and a billion and a half next year.
What kind of sheer nonsense is that?
So let's understand this, the PQ is paying off the debt with money it doesn't have.
In the PQ world of make-believe finances, it is increasing the deficit to lower the debt! Fabulous!

How clever! Perhaps Quebec can also resort to some creative cheque kiting as well.

Here's another idea that Jean-François Lisée can float in order to make an independent Quebec some money.;
"an undoctored stolen passport – increasingly used by the gangs, who are now dealing in such high volumes that they can afford simply to wait until a potential client shows up of approximately the right age and appearance – typically sells for between $1,500 and $3,000, depending on its condition, nationality, and the number of years it has left to run. Italian, British, Spanish and other European passports fetch about $1,000, Tinawut said, while Israeli passports cost $1,500-$2,000 and Canadian can go for up to $3,000. Link
In the light of a Quebec referendum win, the new Quebec government could collect the now worthless passports and sell them on the Black market for a tidy sum!

  ELECTION JOKE: The Liberals accuse the PQ of trying to divide Quebecers with the Charter of Values​​, so why do the Liberals also hope for the return of the Nordiques, whose rivalry with the Canadiens still divides Quebec after 20 years of absence. Where is the consistency?- Mathieu Charlebois

Idiot PQ minister lies about having Twitter account hacked

After sending out a rather innocuous tweet, Quebec Family Minister, Nicole Léger made the mistake of not sending the next Tweet privately as well and sent out a crude message about being obliged to tweet. It was obviously  meant to be  private communication

Realizing her mistake, she took down the offending tweet quickly, but not before some grabbed a screen shot.

She then tweeted that (gasp!)  her account had been momentarily hijacked, but that all had returned to normal.

HA!!!!! What a load of bullshit, that fooled nobody!!!

The last tweeter warned that if Madame Léger was ever in a car accident, it would be the car's fault. Link{fr}

Quebec Language police decamp on salad store

"A Montreal salad bar, Mandy’s, is under fire from Quebec’s language police because its decor features vintage English signs. The Office québécois de la langue française told sisters Mandy and Rebecca Wolfe they would have to remove the purely decorative signs from their shop in traditionally anglophone Westmount (they have a second location in the predominately francophone Plateau). Rebecca Wolfe, who doesn’t plan to remove the signs, spoke to the National Post‘s Hillary Robert on Wednesday:" Link

Journal de Montreal FAIL!

Fun with Election Signs 


Probably the best campaign poster defacement  EVER!!!


Wanna see more? CLICK HERE   and  HERE
Here are some not so funny vandalisations;

Say what you want, I've always maintained that Quebecers, English, French or Ethnic, have the sharpest sense of humour in Canada and where sarcasm reigns supreme!!!
Quebec humour crosses all language and political lines, where  fun of smug big shots is a national pastime!

Whispering politicians

We all know politicians and news anchors use tele-prompters to read prepared text, but the Parti Quebecois gave a throwback view to the old days of theatre where an actual person would hide in a crawl space at the foot of the stage, hidden from fans, feeding words to actors who had forgotten their lines.

Watch this video of Pauline Marois feeding lines to a candidate and then in turn having line fed to her by the finance minister Nicholas Marceau.
You don't need to understand French to see whats going on. The fun starts at 30 seconds;

Journal de Montreal comments of the week

Okay, time to lighten up for the weekend and have only pleasant thoughts 

Seen in Toronto 

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu accidentally adds Hitler mustache to German Chancellor Angela Merkel

A daycare advertises  it services to potential parents in a grocery store. $25 a day with a receipt. $20 without.  Green Post-it is not amused.

PQ's Daniel Breton catches 40 winks during colleagues boring speech
Here's a great reaction;

Another great Ontario/Quebec border humiliation!

Canada watches Olympic Hockey


Feeling Depressed...This will make you feel better, I promise.





  1. Mr.Sauga won't be first!Friday, March 14, 2014 at 1:01:00 PM EDT

    They're all watching hockey but none is seeing the same frame...It could be fake/photoshopped

    1. Gee Mr.Sausage you are pickey

    2. Yes, and from the screen in the foreground, it is clearly not the gold medal men's game as it is Canada vs USA. It is probably women's final or men's semi final.

    3. Oh, fiddle sticks! I'll grouse all weekend because I'm not first.

      To keep the conversation on topic, and now since it is clearly a topic on this day's blog, I'll just reiterate here how after 39 days that Czechoslovakia very amicably split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the latter had to form its own currency. Using the Czech currency didn't end up working well then and it especially won't in a separate Quebec because that split would be nowhere nearly as amicable as the split of the Czech and Slovakian nations.

    4. @sauga

      "...because that split would be nowhere nearly as amicable..."

      why? is this a threath? why can't you be amicable mate?

  2. From :

    Q4. Combien le Québec recevra-t-il en péréquation en 2014-2015 ?

    a) 5,1 milliards b) 9,3 milliards c) 16,8 milliards d) 22,1 milliards

    Philippe Couillard (PLQ) : b) 9,3 milliards (1 point)

    Françoise David (QS) : c) 16,8 milliards

    François Legault (CAQ) : b) 9,3 milliards (1 point)

    Pauline Marois (PQ) : c) 16,8 milliards

    Réponse : b) 9,3 milliards

    Q20. Quelle joueuse de tennis québécoise a atteint, à 19 ans, les demi-finales des Internationaux d’Australie en janvier dernier ?

    Philippe Couillard (PLQ) : « j’ai un blanc de mémoire. Chouinard ? »

    Françoise David (QS) : « j’en ai entendu parler, mais je ne sais pas c’est qui »

    François Legault (CAQ) : Eugenie Bouchard (1 point)

    Pauline Marois (PQ) : « elle est mignonne, mais j’ai oublié son nom »

    Réponse : Eugenie Bouchard

    1. Bouchard like in Lucian Bouchard...shouldn't be tough to remember...

    2. The difference is that Eugenie's last name is pronounced with a hard "d" like she herself does.

    3. Both are correct. People who say Bouchard "the french way" don't mispronounce her name and even some Anglo commentators say Bouchard without the hard D.

    4. Comment se prononce Eug"e"nie en français? ...Ridicule.

    5. Sebastien,

      Maybe your ears are better than mine but I heard the 'd' distinctly when she said, "I'm Genie Bouchard..."

    6. "Comment se prononce Eug"e"nie en français?"

      Doesn't really matter because she calls herself Genie in English.

    7. Choisir un prénom français pour le massacrer ensuite...Brillant.

      Peggy Bouchard,ça sonne bien,non?

    8. @troy

      it's a mute d. pronouncing it is a mistake.

    9. It's a hard d. Not pronouncing it is a mistake.

    10. @Mike : Watch the vid

    11. Pronoun citation is cultural, there's no right or wrong. Thee was a president of France named McMahon, which is pronounced Mick-Mann in Scotland but that certainly not the way it was pronounced in France...

    12. Sebastien,

      Watch the video indeed. I heard the hard 'd' clearly.

    13. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsFriday, March 14, 2014 at 8:15:00 PM EDT

      Final word on the subject: Putin = Poutine.

      All done. Let's all go drinking.

    14. "Choisir un prénom français pour le massacrer ensuite...Brillant."
      SR thinks babies name themselves now lol, shot in the dark here, I'm pretty sure she didn't give herself the name Eugenie.

    15. Genie very clearly pronounces the D at the end of her name in the video. It’s funny (and sad) that someone would provide the evidence that proves him wrong, and not just once but twice.

      It’s clearly all part of the controlling nature of pequistes to impose their own personal views on everybody else and dictate how they must speak, how how they must dress, etc…

      In Belfast, there is a main street called Boucher Rd. and it’s pronounced BOW-cher, end of story. Pronouncing it Boo-SHAY is simply wrong, 100% wrong.

      Making such a fuss about the name Eugenie not taking an accent must ultimately come from the seppies’ ignorance of her namesake, Princess Eugenie of York (the daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah, Duchess of York).

    16. @r.s

      "there is a main street called Boucher Rd. and it’s pronounced BOW-cher"

      named after which boucher?

    17. Eugenie Bouchard and her twin sister are named after Prince Andrew's daughters. Prince Andrew is the son of Canada's Queen.

    18. @Student

      R.S and Theo just pointed it out to you student, Eugenie is named after your Queens's grand daughter. now bow to your Queen..

    19. @theo

      wow, so the error goes back to english royal family. dude you need to tell them.

    20. @R.S : Not at the 0:05.

      You are clearly lying.

    21. Meant the 0:02 mark


      No D

    22. The denial runs strong with these ones.

    23. Personally, I don't hear any D at 0:02 but I hear one at 0:24 (when the weather presenter speaks).

      However, this has nothing to do with initial comment.

    24. Since we’re on the topic of celebrity weather presenters, guess who popped up to present a special weather forecast for BBC Scotland? The Prince of Wales! (Or rather, the Duke of Rothesay, as he’s known there.) BBC staffers threw in some extra references to Scottish royal castles, just to keep him off guard.

      Who knew he had a sense of humour?

    25. @Dave Santi :

      Snif snif... You just copied and pasted some stuff out of an article...

    26. By AnecTOTE

      @David Santi

      Then they get all snooty, astonished and hostile when someone doesn't know who Marie-Mai is.
      (Oh brotherrrrrrrr)

    27. We digressed from the original point, which was that:

      Marois DOESN’T KNOW how much Quebec’s deficit is nor how much Quebec receives from the federal government in equalization payments… and she wants to be the premier! Oh wait, she already is… FAIL

      In fact, she came in LAST of the 4 major party leaders on a carefully-scored 25-question quiz about general knowledge of Quebec by La Presse (Couillard came in first):


      Notes finales:
      Philippe Couillard (PLQ) : 19/25, 76 %
      Françoise David (QS) : 16/25, 64 %
      François Legault (CAQ) : 18/25, 72 %
      Pauline Marois (PQ) : 15,5/25, 62 %

    28. Didn't hear any D but..Damn! That's a sexy young gale.

  3. """Rae said in an opinion piece on the Globe and Mail's website that a Quebec civil servant or trade unionist voting for Peladeau is akin to a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders."""

    1. well rae is losin' it isn't he? doesn't even remember there is a strong drive for independance in quebec that rallies people from the whole spectrum. how old is he?

    2. @Student

      Rae is simply asking, what price independence? It's a good question as not all independence is the same.

    3. @ralph

      "nice argument..."

      thanks mate.


      fair enough, it's a good question. well here's the answer, inclusiveness, doing independance with people from left to right, is not a high price to pay at all. it's even better in my humble opinion.

    4. Best vote for Quebec Solidaire then, inclusiveness isn't really the PQ's "thing". The PQ's thing is claiming they want a country, but they don't want to talk about it, in case it loses them votes.

  4. "The Group of 7 world leaders say they won't recognize results of a referendum for the Crimea region to split from Ukraine and join Russia. "

    BRICS will recognize it.

    Besides, the "group of 7" is a bunch of bankrupt nation states, both morally and more and more economically. The era when these gangster states went around the world setting up arbitrary rules is coming to an end.

    Both Quebec and Scotland would most likely be recognized if the vote is for the separation. The US has never contested neither Quebec nor Scottish referenda. In fact, there was not a peep from the US about these two. A majority vote on a clear question will be enough to secure recognition. Though to be fair, Quebec will have to improve the clarity of the question. If not, then there could be problems with recognition.

  5. The US and Europe are such a bunch of self serving hypocrites. Its ok for the US and Europe to invade Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and almost Syria...occupy these countries, destroy them for purely economic reasons. However Russia taking over a part of the Ukraine where 60-80 percent of the population are pro-Russian is a huge problem. Oh and lets not forget that the Ukraine is right next door to Russia.

    The US and Europe are supporting a government that was not elected by the people..and yet they are always running around screaming about democracy. The real president who was elected was forced out by us and european backed rebels. Is Russia innocent in all of they have a heck of a lot more right and interest to defend eastern Ukraine then the US and Europe do. The americans just want to add more military bases there to further pressure Russia. Thank goodness there is one country in the world standing up to the Yanks..Putin for all his faults in my opinion has been on morally much higher ground on both the Syrian and Ukraine crises. As I have said many times..the most dangerous country in the world is the USA..thety have caused more wars..killed more innocent people than any other nation over the past 20 years or so.

    1. "The americans just want to add more military bases there to further pressure Russia"

      NATO had it all figured out, or so they thought. First, let's engineer a right wing-coup in Kiev, let's get Ukraine into NATO's orbit, and while our corporation plunder their natural resources, we'll get this government of puppets we installed to grant us permission to use the modern Crimean military installations paid for and maintained by Russia. Voila. Sounds like a plan. Except that....not so fast. This time around, Russia has a serious president, not a drunk mumbling push-over Yeltsin.

    2. Exactly adski.

      Of course our pathetic mainstream media fails to mention all the very credible reports that europe and the usa were paying many of the protesters in Kiev and even arming then. No..all we that these protesters are all normal people who were fed up with Yanukovych and that he was tyrant. I agree that he was no angel and was likely corrupt but he was the elected leader..instead europe and the usa using right wing Nazi radicals (svoboda) drove him out and installed a non-elected president and government..puppets for the us and that any better??

      The problem is that so many people listen to only the usual media outlets..cbc, ctv, global,nbc and these organizations all spout the same nonsense..essentially the western government line on all these foreign conflicts which is often totally misleading.

    3. By the way this article is about as close to the reality of what is going on in Ukraine..

    4. "Of course our pathetic mainstream media fails to mention all the very credible reports that europe and the usa were paying many of the protesters in Kiev and even arming then"

      The Western Media Is A Lie Factory

      Paul Craig Roberts has coined a very fitting term for the western media: presstitutes.

    5. By AnecTOTE

      "...... No..all we that these protesters are all normal people who were fed up with Yanukovych and that he was tyrant. I agree that he was no angel and was likely corrupt but he was the elected leader.."

      "Was no angel...and likely corrupt"?????????

      Have you seen where this guy lived??????????? He spent close to 50 million FOR THE CHANDELIERS ALONE.

      He was absolutely no angel and he was TOtALLY corrupt. He deserves a hanging and we all should witness it.

    6. By AnecTOTE

      "The Western Media Is A Lie Factory"

      This I agree with. +20

    7. @montréal ville-état

      you agree western media is a lie factory, but you constantly rave when national post or gazette articles bash quebec society. can you spot the incoherence?

    8. By AnecTOTE

      You forgot to mention La Presse, Le devoir and that all time fave rag, Le Journal de Montréal!

      But on the odd occasion when the Anglo media says it like it is, yes, We get behind it. As far as we're concerned, if we look at the proof over 40years, French Media especially in quebec has been a bastion of misinformation and lies. It has fueled further the antagonism between French and English, and perpetuated the deterioration of a country. Let's just consider for a moment how much further we all would be had there been greater cooperation between both, les Français et les Anglais, and if the French media specifically would have worked these past 4 decades to bridge differences rather than highlight them. But I suppose highlighting sensationalist antipathies sells more papers and air time. Shame on them.

      Thanks for for bringing that up btw, it provided yet another opportunity for truth-telling! What would we do without you, pinstripes? Lolololololololololol.

    9. Have you seen where this guy lived??????????? He spent close to 50 million FOR THE CHANDELIERS ALONE.

      He was absolutely no angel and he was TOtALLY corrupt. He deserves a hanging and we all should witness it.

      The guy is no angel but do you think having a Nazi extremist party involved in the new party better? Do you think having a non-elected puppet regime installed by the USA and Europe is better? Do you think that the US and Europe paying protesters and arming them to overthrown a democratically elected government is something we should all cheer?

      Sorry but the US and its European counterparts have interfered in far too many countries for far too long and have often left these countries in far worse shape than they were before. In many cases evil dictators were simply replaced by worse dictators but dictators which did the US and Europes bidding.

      Russia has every right to interfere in the Ukraine because if it doesnt then the US and Europe will simply take over and once again the US will install military bases closer to Russia to further its grip on power across the world. Stop believing all the garbage that you hear in the mainstream is very pro-US and anti-Russian just like the American pop culture.

    10. There was a series on television recently called the "Untold History of the United States" that was produced by Oliver Stone. It's a critical, alternate view of the history of the U.S. and it's definitely an eye opener.

    11. Thank goodness for the alternative media. I literally cant watch the mainstream media anymore and the english mainstream media is as bad as the french media. Its just that so many north americans have been indoctrinated via the media, hollywood into so many mistruths. We have been taught over and over that the Russians, Arabs are evil..the americans are always good..Israel is always right and so on.

      Its so ironic that people go on and on about how much freedom there is in the usa yet in many ways people are more brainwashed there than in many communist or other authoritarian countries. The media and corporations are all powerful in the usa and from day one we have only heard their message so we take it as gospel. With the arrival of the alternative media finally we have another point of view and sure some of these points of view are wacko but I believe in many cases we are getting closer to the truth.

      In particular I really enjoy the perspective from other RT, PressTV, AlJazeera..its refreshing to see other points of view rather than the standard US-centric often false point of view.

  6. "At a Liberal rally Thursday Philippe Couillard said a vote for the PQ is a vote for another referendum. Pauline Marois in St. Henri Ste. Anne Marois dismissed that idea as fear-mongering.
    When asked what is so scary about her party's raison d'etre, which includes a white paper on Quebec's future, and a public consultation and possible referendum in the next PQ mandate, Marois refused to answer."

    Hahah, oh boy. If any separatist actually thinks the PQ is for separation and not just more power how much more proof do you need? The PQ is embarrassed about talking about it's main purpose.

    PQ: We want separation! How dare you say we want a referendum, that's fear fear mongering!

    Too great. Look at the bottom of the barrel candidates they've been taking on, some of whom have had to resign before the election! They can't even find someone to run in La Pinière!

  7. ♪♫♪ AnecTOTE… ♫♪♫ oh, AAnnnnnecTOOOOOTEEEEE… ♪♫♪

    Today on CBC Radio, they had a 10-minute segment about “Montreal as a City-State”, interviewing Michel David and discussing the idea to an audience from coast to coast (and the U.S. and the world via SiriusXM and the web). It was on the show “The 180” (which is hosted from Calgary) and will be rebroadcast Sunday evening at 7PM. So it seems the idea is indeed being talked about more and more.

    Have a listen when you want here (and feel free to add comment):

    1. By AnecTOTE

      My dear R.S. Thank you, I will check it out. Thx again.

    2. By AnecTOTE

      Further on the subject, Monsieur Michel David has created a website:

      He basically sustains what we all have been repeating, Montreal has been ignored, neglected and alienated (basically sabotaged) for far too long, and we need to acknowledge this in order to do something about it.

      I am THRILLED to see people are on the same page with this, and finally understanding that this was intentional ...this ill-will toward Montreal, ESPECIALLY from those who presided over government in at the National Assembly in quebec city for the past 40 yrs. We've been asleep at the wheel folks, and now our infrastructure is crumbling, and those we elected to do something about it ...didn't give a crap about this city ..specifically. They were only to happy to see it go to the dogs, too much bilingualism and too many multi-ethnics, "let it croak" is basically what they'd probably say to themselves. A sure certainty.

      We want to know HOW MUCH it has cost so far to promote the charter of no values while the T-exchange is nowhere finished its repair. When you come off ...heading for the 20, just have a quick look to your right, those overpasses look like a war zone. ENOUGH.

      The next political party who goes to power and doesn't look after the dire crumbling infrastructure of this city, as the FIRST order of business should be sued. Every single member of that party ...SUED and criminally charged, AND you better hope nothing happens to people while they drive through that pathetic war zone.

      Shame on all of you, those who could have made a difference and didn't. You are pathetic insignificant little people and you accomplished nothing. That is what they will say about you in the history books. Congrats...great legacy.
      A hex on all you Losers, I wouldn't spit on you.

      And now I'm going to go and make myself coffee, (alla faccia vostra).

  8. How would a change of currency work in general, not necessarily in Quebec? Governments confiscate the now foreign currency that you have? Do they come up with new paper and an arbitrary rate?

    1. The federal government takes away Canadian money from Quebeckers. In exchange, they get Canadian Tire money that they can use until they print their own Quebec money. Before that happens, they will have a referendum to decide which former premiers or hockey players should be on their currency.

    2. @theo

      there'd be patriotes papineau and nelson. there'd be premiers jean lesage, parizeau, rené lévesque and pauline marois (if she's the one leading quebec through independance). and maurice richard. of course many more would deserve to be there, but not you.

    3. What about Wilfred Laurier and Louis St. Laurent? Some pretty good statesmen....

    4. @jay

      wilfrid laurier refused to render canada post bilingual. he also refused to have army top management to be bilingual. he also refused to grant french schooling rights to roc francophones. he also refused to grant voting right to women. so i'm not sure about his face on quebec money.

      louis st-laurent? why? of course quebec can't put all "pretty good statesmen" on its money. you need a bit more than that.

    5. If you're cutting people out based on not supporting bilingualism, or denying people from attending the school of their choice, there goes most of the Quebec candidates you listed.

  9. Société distincte: Couillard veut convaincre Trudeau

  10. Rob Ford est-il irlandais ? "Is Rob Ford Irish?"

    1. Ford is an Anglo-Saxon name, not Irish, but who knows what's in his family tree. Doesn't matter, his fifteen minutes are up, he's irrelevant now.

    2. Il est roux et alcoolique...La question se pose.

    3. That's the cliché, all right. There have been many. And in politics, too. But, no, he's not Irish. The football team he coaches is at a Catholic school but I don't know if he's Catholic.

      Now, Olivia Chow, that name is Chinese. She is running for mayor now. Like all elections it will probably be very close but she will probably win.

    4. This says the name Ford is originally English but Irish have the name too.

  11. And then Trudeau will try and convince Canadians. So, what are the selling points? What does Canada get out of it?

  12. Miss Piggy is so out to lunch:

    We're all just going to run down the street holding hands, singing tra-la-la-la - she must think the ROC are so stupid that they will accept all this nonsense and there will be no hard feelings nor repercussions after 40 years of bitching, complaining, robbing, and treating their fellow Canadians like shit. Unbelievable.

    1. From the article: "For his part, Liberal Leader Philippe Couillard said he would work to make sure that Quebec’s distinctiveness is recognized across the country in any constitutional talks... Couillard plans to go across the country to press his case to federal, provincial and territorial officials."

      What will that case be? What is the benefit to Canada to having Quebec be recognized in the constitution as distinct? Or what reason is there to be opposed to the 'distinct society' mention?

      I'm not being facetious and I don't want this to turn into name-calling and all that, I just want to know what the major case is for and against.

    2. While we are at it why not recognize Cape Breton Island as the culture there is just as distinct. Why stop there why not irish, finish or Ukrainian culture? What about the Sikhs or Chinese? Why not the Quebec government recognize the anglo culture in quebec?

    3. Yes, why not? We have National Aboriginal Day and Black History Month and National Maple Syrup Day. Parliament passes these kinds of declarations all the time.

      What would it change?

    4. @jay

      the issue is a language one. distinct in french means different. but in english it gives has a superiority nuance into it. english canadians can't suffer that french canadians be recognized officially as distinct even though it doesn't mean what they perceive it to mean. ironic isn't it?

      mike's response is also telling. for him french culture's importance in canada is the same as ukrainian or chinese. he'd also say it's got the same importanc as the english canadian culture. trudeau's multiculturalism. this is easy to say when you know very well that your culture is dominant and it will stay dominant forever in canada. french canadians, in order to feel comfortable in canada, have to be recognized as one of the two founding nations. not just another folkloric bunch like the finns or the chinese. and that's just one of the minimum conditions for french canadians to sign up for the canadian thing.

    5. Student: We don't mean distinct to mean superior, we just think we should be recognized as being more important than the finns or the chinese.

      Student logic strikes again.

    6. @ Student

      You said "in order to feel comfortable," so what I wonder is if this "distinct society" is a symbolic gesture? And why do you not consider French Canadians to be among the founders of Canada?

      Here's a quote from Georges Etienne Cartier, a "father of Confederation," who described Canada as a "new nationality, a diversity of races. In our own federation we should have Catholic and Protestant, English, French, Irish, and Scottish, and each by his own efforts and his success would increase the prosperity and glory of the new Confederacy."

      Sure, he didn't mentioned aboriginals and a lot more diverse population has come to Canada since, but for 1867 that was pretty good. And Quebec was distinct from the beginning, using a different civil code than the rest of the country and using French in the National Assembly. The BNA also said that both English and French could be used in the House of Commons.

      No other language can be used in the House.

      So, yes, I am missing the nuance in why a declaration of distinction is so important in 2014.

    7. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsFriday, March 14, 2014 at 10:16:00 PM EDT

      "not just another folkloric bunch like the finns or the chinese."

      - Student, 2014

    8. Student also fails to mention why they support the slow strangulation and extinguishing of Quebec’s anglophone community, disregarding the vitally important role it has played in the economic development of all regions of Quebec, helping to make it what it is today.

      Also, Student disingenuously states that French-Canadians from every other province haven’t already signed up to the constitution. All provinces are subject to the identical constitutional amending formula: changes require approval by 2/3rds of the provinces that represent at least ½ the population. Some separatists are actually deluded into thinking the constitution doesn’t apply to them if Quebec didn’t sign it (even though it has a demonstrable history of simply wishing to stick a spoke in the wheels of anything done federally). Of course, morally it would be most desirable, but even if all five conditions were met, seppies wouldn’t suddenly become “comfortable”; they would simply demand more, as we can now see with Bill 14 (because Bill 101 isn’t draconian enough for some of them).

    9. Incidentally, Jay, the correct name is Sir George-Étienne Cartier (without an S), since he was named in honour of King George III.

      It’s sometimes a simple mistake, sometimes part of revisionist history to use the French spelling of his name. The city of Montreal and the normally strict toponymy commission somehow let this mistake to slide by not correcting the street signs for the large park that is named after him in St. Henri (formerly St. Henry), even though they will chase after a hyphen or an apostrophe. Funny that.

    10. @jay

      "I am missing the nuance in why a declaration of distinction is so important in 2014."

      constitutionaly being a distinct society would help quebec in justifying diverging policies. and if quebec diverges too much it will eventualy secede de facto. canadian colonialist mindsets, you know the ones who keep on reminding s.r that his ancestors were beaten on the abrham plains, can't be at peace with this idea. anything that would give quebec more autonomy they see it as if they were losing something. you can clearly see from the comments on this blog that they don't like french canadians, but they like to think of themselves as the winners. yes it's childish i know but what can i say, that's how they are being formated by the national post. check out meech lake accord and distinct society on wikipedia for a start.

    11. @r.s

      "Student also fails to mention why they support the slow strangulation and extinguishing of Quebec’s anglophone community..."

      if i believed such a thing was happening i would not support it mate. as long as english language is gaining ground, that anglophones have access to english schooling all the way to top canadian universities, as long as they have a ton of tv channels, radio stations and newspapers, as long as the province's top hospitals are theirs and as long as i see them conduct business in english (with a mandatory french translation of course) you won't impress me with your victim impersonation mate.

    12. "canadian colonialist mindsets"
      I love when separatists try and throw the "colonist" label uniquely onto anglos or the rest of Canada. It's like they think the people who settled here from France were just on some sort of fishing trip and just happened to get conquered. I hate to break it to them but they were part of the French empire who was just as colonial as the British, the two sides fought one lost and decided they would prefer their southern holdings over Quebec.

      The only ones who can't get over anything are Quebec nationalists, who are living in the past slighted by real and (mostly) fake injustices that happened to people who died long before they ever lived.

      "they don't like french canadians"
      You're conflating french canadians with separatists. We love french canadians, a good chunk of us are french canadians, we just don't like people who want to go around creating divisions, discriminating against minorities and reducing rights.

      "if i believed such a thing was happening i would not support it mate."
      I'd recommend you look into the declining anglophone community population since the 70's but let's be honest it doesn't fit your narrative you buy from the various separatist propaganda machines, that always have such a hard time with numbers, so I won't bother.

      "as long as english language is gaining ground"
      Well at least you've finally come out about being against bilingualism, I have to assume that's what you mean because unilingual anglos are practically non-existent in Quebec any more. Is this where you anger comes from? Self-loathing over you knowing basic English? Getting worried your PQ brethren might find out and brand you one of "les autres"?

      "if i believed such a thing was happening i would not support it mate. as long as english language is gaining ground, that anglophones have access to english schooling all the way to top canadian universities, as long as they have a ton of tv channels, radio stations and newspapers, as long as the province's top hospitals are theirs and as long as i see them conduct business in english (with a mandatory french translation of course) you won't impress me with your victim impersonation mate."

      So essentially until there are no anglos left in Quebec you won't be concerned, and yet you support a charter and are very concerned about religious individuals in the public service, with absolutely nothing to show that it is a problem? Student Logic ©

    13. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsSaturday, March 15, 2014 at 8:31:00 AM EDT

      She's just jealous that her ancienne patrie's colonies are a mess.

      Just look at Britian's offshoots: The U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand - all economic powerhouses.

      France, well let's see... Haiti, Gabon, the Ivory Coast and of course, the third-world pseudo-nation au sein d'une first-world nation, Quaiti.

      [penis envy]

  13. Love the PELADEAU/PARTI QUEBECOR campaign poster you added in the top right hand corner.
    Hope some other sites repost it!

    1. Roooooxanne....You don't have to sell your body to the night ...Walk the streets for money...

    2. Roxanne, You don't have to put on the red light, Those days are over

    3. Eddie Murphy doing Roxanne.

  14. L'indignation en chiffres et en aberrations

    .net ? hmm

    1. this one is good too. les vraies affaires as they say.

    2. Un dossier plutôt épais,effectivement.

    3. Haha oh wow, that site is just great, it reminds me of the birthers from the US.

      They definitely use Student Logic©: Did you know that Dr. Couillard helped set up neurosurgery in Saudi Arabia? That means he supports cutting peoples hands off!

      By that logic anyone who worked in the states supports capital punishment.

      They claim to have asked him if he supports spinal cord surgeries as punishments and then link to a story that doesn't say anything remotely like that. They try and make the case that helping sick people in a country that has corporal punishment means they are breaking their medical code, someone should tell and the doctors from doctors without borders.

      They go on to try and link him to 9/11 even, talk about nutters. I'll go on but I'd be spending more time and effort on it then the writers did on "research" and student and SR did on "reading" it.

  15. Replies
    1. Ce tata me semble très misogyne...

    2. Ce tata va bientôt disparaître du monde politique...Ou retourner auprès de Pauline.

    3. "Mohammed,"

      Not quite as misogynistic as your reference to Sting's Roxanne song. We already have enough idiot separatist trolls on this blog. We don't need you as well.

    4. Ça peste contre les chartes, mais après ça vient faire ses propres réglements sur les blogs...Quel manque flagrant de logique!

    5. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsFriday, March 14, 2014 at 8:12:00 PM EDT

      "Mohammed" is just an extension of S.R - the beauty is in the fact that "his" syntax isn't even coherent from one comment posted five minutes before the next one.

      Editor, this is S.R duplicating himself again.

    6. Moi je suis Mohammed, mais toi c'est assez évident que tu te caches derrière un deuxième compte.


    7. Je parlais bien sûr de Anonymous Buster of Shit Arguments

      (Preuve que je ne contrôle pas à quel moment Press 9 fait ses commentaires)

    8. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsFriday, March 14, 2014 at 9:30:00 PM EDT

      "Press 9" -- 8:22

      "Mohammed" 8:25 & 8:27.

      "Mohammed" is new here, only been with us a few days. Notice how I never referred to S.R as Press 9 in any of my posts?

      I only refer to him as S.R and yet, Momo knew exactly who I was talking about.

    9. "François Legault to his wife : "Fait pas ta Pauline!"
      Hahaha, wow that was great.

    10. @whowhatzit

      you are easily amused mate. good for you.

    11. Cela fait tout de même un certain temps que je lis ce blogue. Par contre, "à l'époque", il y avait un S.R, mais je ne me souviens pas d'avoir vu de "Anonymous Buster of Shit Arguments".

      Je déduis donc qu'à l'époque vous écriviez sous un autre pseudo.

    12. "you are easily amused mate. good for you."

      It's called having a sense of humor, you should look into it, perhaps you wouldn't be so dour all the time!

    13. @whowhatzit

      you're right, i would love to be amused by douchebag jokes like fais pas ta pauline. you are gifted mate, you should cherish this tendancy you have of laughing for nothing.

    14. By AnecTOTE

      Ahhhhhhhhhhh...they're all wounded cause they're making fun of popo. To rub salt to the wound, "fait pas ta Pauline" = borne of a former PQ member, kinda Lends a certain credibility, one would say...cause after all who would know better, just how "heavy", she is? But PKP is fast learning I'm sure, what with that little abrupt shove to the side...gees, I even felt sorry for him.

      Let's just admit that Popo is ridiculous all on her own, never mind what François L. said, (but damn was funny tho, lol, just sayin')

    15. "you're right, i would love to be amused by douchebag jokes like fais pas ta pauline. you are gifted mate, you should cherish this tendancy you have of laughing for nothing."

      That's the dourness I was talking about! Here maybe this'll cheer you up!


    Well that would have been awkward for the separatists to explain after promising everything would be smooth sailing lol.

    1. "Procédures normales."
      That's kind of the point, it would not be smooth sailing in any respect for quite some time, and goodbye NAFTA. Not sure why the PQ keeps painting a very different picture of what would happen after separation.

    2. @whowhatzit

      "goodby nafta."


      how do you know what would happen after separation?!? you come from the future mate?

    3. I guess you did not read the article student..

    4. Student has a problem with "reading" or "facts" or "logic".

  17. what Again with the distinct society??? OK heres what I would do if I was PM of Canada , WE only give transfer payments to signatories of the Canadian constituition, Seddition is Illegal AND treason then if that is acceptable THEN and only then , Quebec is a distinct society.....then I would vote yes in a referendum on the Canadian Constitution.

    1. Si j'étais le premier Ministre du Québec,je ferais un référendum sur sa souveraineté.

    2. distinct alright... Greed, corruption, theft, rampant homosexuality. that's the distinct quebecois

    3. lollllllllllllllllllll, you are so right

    4. I would add the mindset of losers to that list. And hypocrite too, for sure.

    5. "Si j'étais le premier Ministre du Québec,je ferais un référendum sur sa souveraineté."
      Well clearly you wouldn't have be running under the PQ, making promises like that!

  18. EDITOR, I am in the Montreal Chest institute and fortunately able to pick up the blog with your wonderfully so up to date posts. My Doctor, Benjamin Smith graduated with your son from McGill. He has a place in New York state and goes down often. I will ask for his email and mail it to you when I get home Sunday. It seems I have asbestos poison, probably from when I worked in the garage changing brake linings and clutches many years ago.

    I wonder if Peladeau would be happy as leader of the opposition. Obviously, Marois won't hang around after destroying the party. Will Karl take over and work against the Libs. I wonder what motive he would have to do it. Would he see it as a step to somewhere.
    Could he have so much money that he sees it as a lark. He undoubtedly has a hell of an ego but he plays it down well.
    The scene at Lib headquarters I am told, is one of total confidence. People have a bounce in their step looking towards the debates which are expected to put an end to the end of the campaign. Put the truth before the population and get the message across. Anectote is right about that. All I know for sure is that the next few weeks will be the most interesting for all of us. Ed

    1. How can we say how much we need you to have a good outcome. WE NEED YOUR CONTRIBUTION TO OUR BLOG!
      BEST OF LUCK!!!!

  19. Busby AnecTOTE

    Just for shits and giggles, lolol

    See you all at the parade!!!!'

  20. Editor, another interesting Friday post. You always find stuff I haven't seen so even if it has been a busy week I always tune in on Friday.

    Just one quibble, however, re the pending Crimean referendum. Quebecers always perk up when they hear that r word ! I have read a few comments by sovereignists in Le Journal de Montreal and Huff Post this week trying to draw an analogy between the Crimean event and Quebec's right to separate unilaterally. You seem to be following the same path. This is not a correct analogy. First, let's not insult Quebecers by comparing the pathetic, lawless, backward place called Crimea with our home and native land. Secondly, Crimea is NOT voting for "independence" a la sauce PQ. This self contained region, with its own history within the Ukraine, will vote on whether they wish to join Russia or remain part of the Ukraine. If there is any hypothetical analogy to Quebec it would be to the citizens of Montreal suddenly, unilaterally calling a referendum to ask Montrealers if they wish to rejoin Canada. So partitionists...rejoice ! This is a dry run of what you have been saying for years.

    Despite that quibble I think you are 100% correct about the pathetic and hollow "international law" babble which nourishes both the powerless "West" in this Crimea play and our naïve romantic nationalists in Quebec. If there is a choice between "international law" and an armoured division I will put my money on the armoured division, every time.

    And ED, I am very sorry about your asbestos problem. Good luck with it. Like you I am enjoying this election. We are indeed living in interesting times.

  21. Quebec is trying to bypass "Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs". They're trying to self-actualise with an empty pantry. It's not going to happen. En fin, la suele chose que nous allons gagner, est de tous s'asseoir ensemble de discuter notre misere.....en Francais.

  22. Let me ask this simple question to student, Press 9, S.R, Y.L, Sebastien or Mohamed.

    Why do you think Pauline Marois refuses to answer questions about referendum and about Quebec independence while she herself let P.-K. Peladeau pumped his fist and yelled "Quebec... un pays!"? Do you not strange that after that declaration she - and Mr. Peladeau - appear to dodge that very issue?

    1. you guys buy into this liberal shit so bad. pauline marois has spent a week answering the same question over and over again. yes they want to run a referendum, no they don't know when. when the people will be ready, i.e. when polls are over 50%. crystal clear. but she has other things on the program; she'd like to tell you about it troy. listen up.

      couillard's strategy is threefolds: harrass marois until she runs out of patience and then claim she doesn't want to talk about a referendum. in doing so he's the one obsessing about quebec's independance. his second argument is actualy opening up canadian constitution to have quebec recognized as distinct society. and the rest of his "program" is a revival of charest's crap that has proven not to work for a decade until two years ago.

    2. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsSaturday, March 15, 2014 at 11:15:00 AM EDT

      Our little girl is getting pretty upset. Must be hard for her to see the PQ go into the election with a huge lead, only to lose that lead only ten days in AND after firing it's best shot (PKP).

      "harrass marois until she runs out of patience and then claim she doesn't want to talk about a referendum."

      Kind of like Marois harassing Charest for the CEIC until she finally got it, only to run away from it when it turns out that it was the Parti Quebecois that was in fact corrupt.

      Couillard took the PQ's primary reason for existence and made mince-meat out of it. Rather than dodging the issue he met it head-on. He proved how unpopular the option is by saturating the media with it.

      "n doing so he's the one obsessing about quebec's independance. his second argument is actualy opening up canadian constitution to have quebec recognized as distinct society."

      Smart move - satisfy soft nationalists while keeping a referendum clearly off the table.

      "and the rest of his "program" is a revival of charest's crap that has proven not to work for a decade until two years ago."

      Depends on what your definition of crap is. If creating thousands of jobs in the north, slashing wasteful spending and firing unnecessary government workers and improving the health sector is crap, then I seriously wonder what your priorities are.

    3. By AnecTOTE

      "Depends on what your definition of crap is. If creating thousands of jobs in the north, slashing wasteful spending and firing unnecessary government workers and improving the health sector is crap, then I seriously wonder what your priorities are."

      Popo's definition of the terms: crap, priorities:

      Crap: running around for 18months talking about charter of no values
      Priorities: running around for 18months talking about crappy charter of no values

      That about sums it up for the PQ's 18 month reign.

      Translation of said reign: A huge waste of time, and an bad exercise in shear futility....worst of all: A HUGE WASTE OF MONEY.


    4. "yes they want to run a referendum, no they don't know when."
      You vote for a political party on what they will do, what they promise to do, not on what they want.
      Party: I want to end homelessness!
      Interviewer: Well will you take any steps to address the problem?
      Party:No none at all.
      Not really a party anyone should vote for. Though if they actually wanted it they would say they'd do it, but they'd prefer to be in power to make more deals and make themselves and les boys richer rather than actually commit to what is supposed to be the basis of their party.

    5. @whowhatzit

      i still think it's sound strategy not to promise a referendum on sovereignty when support for the thing is roughly 40%. i wonder how you'll manage not to agree with me here.

    6. I fail to understand why there should be another wait for independence if the PQ wins the election. The parti Quebecois was founded specifically for Quebec independence. If they do not want a referendum, what are they doing in Quebec politics?

      Also, it has been almost 50 years since the foundation of the PQ. Two referenda already and yet even separatists in this blog does not believe that Quebec is ready for independence. So when is it? Does that simply mean that Quebecers do not want independence. Not then, not now, not ever. In the meantime, separatists really waste everybody's time as evidenced by the ever diving economic performance of the province.

      Let me provide an example. East Timor was occupied by Indonesia in 1976. In 1999 (24 years) it has its first and only referendum of independence. With 98.60% turnout, the independence option gained 78.50 votes. Question: if Quebec independence is very important, why can the province not attain that kind of numbers?

    7. @troy

      "The parti Quebecois was founded specifically for Quebec independence. If they do not want a referendum, what are they doing in Quebec politics?"

      the answer is in your bad question troy. they want independance, not a referendum. of course you'd love to see the pq promise a quick referendum as chances are they'd lose it seeing current poll results. your strategy is transparent troy and therefore quite bad. keep in mind that the pq's objective is a winning referendum.

      "...even separatists in this blog does not believe that Quebec is ready for independence."

      really? who?

      "So when is it?"

      the sooner the better.

      "Does that simply mean that Quebecers do not want independence. Not then, not now, not ever."

      no it doesn't.

      " evidenced by the ever diving economic performance of the province."

      please provide evidence troy.

      "if Quebec independence is very important, why can the province not attain that kind of numbers?"

      good question. maybe it's because life in quebec under canadian rule is not as bad as east timor life under indonesian military rule? what do you think troy?

  23. Départ de PKP: la Bourse ne bronche pas

    L'action de Québecor a terminé la séance de lundi en hausse de 0,8% à 25,50 $ à la Bourse de Toronto.


    1. So what your saying is when PKP announced he was stepping down from an operational role in the company, the stock when up, not sure that's a great endorsement for PKP lol.

    2. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsSaturday, March 15, 2014 at 8:16:00 AM EDT


      S.R is the last person you should be discussing the stock market with. This is one of the reasons he's a separatist, because he has no understanding of how the markets work. Like you pointed out, anyone with half a brain would be able to interpret that a stock price climbing after a leader's departure means the leader was either insignificant or devoid of talent.

      But then again, anyone who's actually read into PKP's past knows that he's just a philosophy major (from UQAM, no less), who enjoyed using his daddy's money and used it to slum it out in the Montreal beatnik scene until it was time to step in for daddy.

      Can't really expect a "Karl Marx admirer" to know his shit about business, now can we.

    3. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTSaturday, March 15, 2014 at 10:15:00 AM EDT

      @ S.R.

      la bourse de "Toronto"??????????????????????????????????????????????????
      T'as pas une bourse dans ton bien petit quebekistan?

      Je prefererai une reference a une bourse quelconque du quebec, une vraie puissance economique.




  24. Just started and gaining more Likes:

  25. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsSaturday, March 15, 2014 at 8:37:00 AM EDT

    A couple of days ago, I pointed out that a lot of Francophones refer to the U.S. as Le USA. S.R and Student laughed and called it bogus.


    1. advice: when you want to prove an expression is commonly used try to find a quote that actually contains said expression. you're welcome mate. haha.

    2. I believe the point was they call it USA not États-Unis, which is clearly in the quote, unless you simply did not read what you're commenting on, again.

    3. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTSaturday, March 15, 2014 at 3:17:00 PM EDT

      "used try to find a quote that actually contains said expression. you're welcome mate. haha.
      Comme dans: "je prends ma bedainne de quebecois en speedo trop petit pi je vais a Old Orchard dans les States"?

      Comme dans l'expression suivante: "Je prends ma grosse bed

    4. @un gars bs de frankfort

      i don't understand your point mate.

  26. Quebec sovereignty: First Nations will decide their future. March 14, 2014

    The Separatists can keep dreaming if they think they will walk away with Native Territory.

    1. Les Premières Nations savent qu'elles sont mieux traitées par les Québécois que par les Anglo-canadiens, et ce depuis toujours. Le plus bel exemple est les Cris de la Baie-James. Au Québec ils vivent dans la richesse et en Ontario ils vivent dans la pauvreté. Pensez-vous vraiment que les Cris québécois vont vouloir rester avec le Canada et ainsi retourner dans la pauvreté? Ce qu'elles veulent c'est de retrouver l'autonomie qu'elles avaient avant l'arrivée des Français.

    2. Hey boy, nice to see you're back for another history lesson.

    3. @YL

      "A few days prior to the October 30, 1995 province-wide referendum on secession from Canada, the Grand Council facilitated a referendum within Eeyou Istchee on the question of whether the Crees should be authorized to separate from an independent Quebec, in order to remain part of Canada. Over 96% of participating voters chose to remain in Canada."

      What part of 96% don't you understand? And you forgot to mention that the Cree are doing well IN A UNITED CANADA.

    4. En 1995 c'était avant la Paix des braves conclue en 2002 entre les Cris et le gouvernement du Québec. C'est à partir de ce moment que les Cris se sont enrichis. L'accord est d'une durée de 50 ans. Si on leur reposait la même question en spécifiant que l'accord de la Paix des braves ne tiendrait plus, il est raisonnable de croire qu'ils choisiraient le Québec.

    5. Keep dreaming. You don't seem to get it. NO ONE is interested in your ethnocentric Separatist project! Only the 30% pur et dur of the PQ are the sole people talking about having another referendum. Quebec City just firmly entrenched themselves in the Couillard Camp because of they realized that the ballot box question has become, "do you want to have another referendum?". Your Leader Popo Marois refuses to talk about having another referendum now even though it's Article Number 1 in the PQ's platform. She realizes that it's a stinking dead fish hanging around her neck! Does she think we're all fools?? Your movement does not have the support of the people because it's a bad idea, plain and simple. If it were a good idea we'd be separated already. The day you wake up to that realization will be the day that you and your friends can finally free yourself and move forward in your lives.

    6. @ld

      "NO ONE is interested in your ethnocentric Separatist project! Only the 30% pur et dur of the PQ..."

      err. it's 41% this morning

      mate. are you a liar or an ignorant?

      "Your movement does not have the support of the people because it's a bad idea, plain and simple."

      why do you think a nation taking political control of its future is a bad idea?

      "The day you wake up to that realization will be the day that you and your friends can finally free yourself..."

      right. freeing yourself from the idea of freeing yourself. doesn't this come down to accepting not to be free?

    7. "err. it's 41% this morning"

      How many times do people like you need to see the fact that the majority of Quebecers do not want an independant country. 60 percent of Quebecers as you point out do not want to seperate..two referendums with vague twisted questions failed. Do you get it...the majority do not want to seperate. How many more decades do you want to waste trying to convince the majority in this silly many more years will we endure the decline of this province because of the obsession of people like you who cant accept the will of the majority.

      " why do you think a nation taking political control of its future is a bad idea?"

      1) 60 percent of quebecers do not want a new nation
      2) if les quebecois really want a nation then they can have it as long as they dont force areas that are fiercely canadian into this nation. ie areas where the clear majority of people want to stay in canada should be allowed to stay in canada. the people of Montreal could easily be classified a "nation" or "distincy society" also so applying the exact same rules you and many seperatists use would justify Montreal and many areas of southern Quebec, and native lands in the north from seperating..capeche?

      3) If the leaders of this new nation actually demonstrated that they could manage this new nation better than the canadian government then you might have an argument. Instead PQ government after PQ government has shown their total incompetence, horrible fiscal management, divisive/racist tendencies, and dishonesty. Why would anyone with half a brain want them running a new country when they are so blatantly incompetent? Harper makes Marois look like an infant. She is so utterly incompetent she cant even enunciate her own words..Marceau has to spoon feed her..she cant even tell quebecers whether or not she wants a referendum..they cant even forecast a few months in advance that they will be out by 2 billion dollars in their budget..its one gaffe after another.

  27. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTSaturday, March 15, 2014 at 9:43:00 AM EDT

    When quebec separates and becomes the People's Socialist Republic of quebekistan, Canada wll refuse to let quebec use its currency. I hereby suggests a few name for the new currency:
    1. le franc quebecois
    2. le Tabarnak
    3. l'Habitant
    I suggest that denomination can have the face of prominent quebecois such as Rene Levesque, Gilles Vigneault, left leaning artists, Guy A Lepage, Maurice Richard and some union bosses.
    Paulne should name herself Empress on the day after referendum win. Kinda like Bokassa in the Central African Republic way back when;)


    1. I prefer Quebec piastre. If Rene Levesque's face is on one of the bills, he should be shown with a cigarette in his mouth, as he was a chain smoker to the Nth degree. On the reverse side of the bill they could show his car with the homeless guy he killed (Edgar Trottier) lying under the tires.

    2. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsSaturday, March 15, 2014 at 1:44:00 PM EDT

      I'm going with the Quebecois peso. I think this is the image that should go on the five-peso bill:

  28. Sondage Léger-Le Devoir: le PQ et le PLQ au coude-à-coude

    - Du côté des francophones, le parti de Pauline Marois obtient 44% des intentions de vote, contre 27% pour les troupes de Philippe Couillard.

    - En ce qui concerne les candidats, 40% de tous les répondants ont estimé que le PQ avait présenté une meilleure équipe de nouveaux candidats, contre 27% pour les libéraux.


    1. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTSaturday, March 15, 2014 at 10:12:00 AM EDT

      @S.R., YL, students, etc

      S.V.P. faites tout ce que vous pouvez aupres des habitants quebecois pour les convraincre de voter PQ.
      Donc temporairement passez moins de temps ici afin de rallier le quebec pour le PQ...
      Les marches financiers ici ne sont pas convaincus des chances d'une Ecosse independante.... pauvre bien petit quebec....

    2. Dude, there's nothing to smile about. At the beginning of the campaign, not too long ago, polls were placing PQ in the majority territory, with PLQ quite behind. Now they are at 37% both - despite that 40% said PQ had a better team. Dude, if I were you, I'd stop smiling and tell matante Pauline to keep her pie hole shut in matters of sovereignty. Just keep talking about them awful hijabs and kippahs.

  29. Couillard «tasse» le dossier constitutionnel

    Phlip-phlop danse le Cha-cha avec le dossier constitutionnel :)

    1. By AnecTOTE

      You are all full of sh*t, this is why, Montréal needs to become une ville-état.

    2. Very interesting opinion in the Ottawa Citizen today (not just about Montreal though AnecTOTE) - about the whole mess and clarity:

    3. Cutie,

      That article scares Federal Liberals to there very core.

      Fucking awesome for the rest of us.

      The is absolutely what Canada should be doing.

      Write this shit down.

      You get no fucking passport.
      You can use the currency but demands for "a seat" are denied
      Start buildings the Canada side of the fence for 50 feet around bth major highways into Quebec. Costs nothing massively symbolic.


      The somebody can make them a you tube video to watch where they see the consequences.

      Perhaps moose knuckles can do it as their next project.

  30. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsSaturday, March 15, 2014 at 12:50:00 PM EDT

    Phillipe Couillard: master player of the Marois-lin:

    Face it Popo, you're squaring off against someone who is intellectually superior to you in every way. It was just yesterday that the PQ put enormous energy on shifting away from talk of a referendum, only to have Coullaird bait them right back into it.

    Now, Popo will have no choice but to tackle even more questions about the referendum she doesn't want to talk about or the white paper she has no ideas about.

    1. I think he should keep up the pressure on this as much as possible. It was her latest conquest that started all the referendum talk so keep up the pressure.

      Excerpts from an article in the Victoria newspaper on all this clarity bit:

      I would have thought Quebec could be dealt with in a similar fashion (as Britain is dealing with Scotland's referendum).

      Would the province be granted automatic entry to the North American Free Trade Agreement? Dubious.
      Newfoundland might renege on the Churchill Falls deal. Sure, the PQ could sue. But Newfoundland’s contract is with the province of Quebec, not an independent country that happens to have the same name.
      And which court might hear such a case? None of the Quebec courts would have standing — they would then reside in a foreign country.
      How would la belle province fund its portion of the national debt? Ottawa spends $30 billion annually on interest charges. Quebec’s share is around $7 billion. Where is that to be found?
      The province would also lose equalization payments of $9.3 billion a year. And that’s on top of a budget deficit close to $3 billion.
      Yes, the province would get to keep whatever tax payments Quebecers currently remit to Ottawa. But Quebec has a staggeringly weak revenue base.
      All in all, a sovereign Quebec would make Greece look like Fort Knox.
      These are not realities that federal politicians need dwell on. There are any number of credible intermediaries whom even a noted fabulist like Marois would find hard to assail.
      Let’s hear from the Bank of Canada. Or perhaps the U.S. ambassador in Ottawa might have something to say. Americans can hardly welcome the breakup of a neighbour and ally.
      In short, there are plenty of ways to communicate these home truths, without handing the PQ a propaganda weapon. And let’s not wait till the sovereignty campaign begins

      I'm all for the above!

  31. Here's an interesting article for the seppies who insist that Americans and Anglo-Canadians are the same or that we are second class Americans. The article highlights just how different we really are.

    There are a few lines about Quebec, with the article ending: "He called Quebec's francophone majority insecure", " Insecure majorities are trouble because they don’t know who they are." " lags the rest of Canada when it comes to acceptance of minorities."

    No news there.

  32. Latest polls show Libs and Quiffs even in votes which promises 67 seats to Marois and only 52 seats for the Liberals. This is something we should talk about. Is there anything we can do to help the situation. Ed

    1. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsSaturday, March 15, 2014 at 2:54:00 PM EDT

      "Is there anything we can do to help the situation"

      Yes - just let Marois keep doing her thing.

      So far the PLQ has made a 5-point gain since the start of the election and it's largely due to gaffes from the PQ, not actual actions from the PLQ.

      Si la tendance se maintient, I think we can count on the PLQ bagging a 10-point lead over the PQ just by dogging Marois. Like I pointed out earlier, Marois swore off talk of a referendum so that she could focus on the economy, only to get dragged right back into the discussion one day later.

      Further, Couillard not only has Trudeau as a public partner, you can be sure that Harper is lending him a very strong hand from the background.

      Let's not forget that Marois refused multiple debates, but now that Tout Le Monde En Parle rescheduled her appearance for the same night as Couillard, do you honestly think it'll remain an interview format? No way, Jose.

      That episode of TLEP will transform into a debate.

      So Ed, what I'm trying to say here is follow your own advice - put your faith in the party you believe in. Couillard is a very powerful opponent and Marois is already showing that she's having a hard time fending him off.

    2. And as I said Ed, Couillard would have to have a referendum on signing the 1982 constitution which is what the separatists demand so he can't just "run off" and sign it or there would be hell to pay:

    3. @a bs argument

      "Further, Couillard not only has Trudeau as a public partner, you can be sure that Harper is lending him a very strong hand from the background."

      quebec gone means eternal reign for harper and conservatives. you should wonder who he's lending a hand to this time around. plus péladeau is airing his propaganda through sun tv. harper owes him one. i think both their interest lies in quebec separating shortly. don't you agree?

  33. And more on Miss Piggy's wishful thinking and stupidity on the Canadian dollar:

  34. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsSaturday, March 15, 2014 at 3:00:00 PM EDT

    Photographic evidence that PKP is not really loving life right now:

    Look at the prudy smile on our lil' buddy Nic, why isn't PKP sharing that smile? Maybe it's because they shoved him in the back of hte group?:

    Alright, instead of saying it myself, let's have a little game shall we?

    Quote what must be going through PKP's mind at this moment:

  35. Perhaps someone out there could enlighten us on what creates the situation and why.

    1. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsSaturday, March 15, 2014 at 3:59:00 PM EDT

      Here Ed,

      This is the kind of nutbar that votes PQ:

      Fuck human life, FRENCH is the only thing that matters.

    2. Why promote stupid comments like this. You know how many racist comments about francophones I have seen in english blogs, english media that are comparable to the comment you posted?? There are idiots and hothead on both much of the crap from jameswolfe and cebeuq on this does this help us..its just fanning the flames.

    3. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsSaturday, March 15, 2014 at 4:45:00 PM EDT


      Fanning the flames?

      Listen Complicated, all you do is come here and whine about how hard the PQ makes your life and how we should just like it and lump it. No thanks.

      By driving the point home that this asshole (and people like S.R) are the force behind the separatist movement, we're exposing what kind of people are hoping to run their own country.

      I don't give a shit about racist idiots in the rest of Canada - at least those retards aren't threatening our economy and everything we've worked for. They're just a bunch of rednecks who'll continue to keep Canada running via their tax dollars.

      However separatists idiots like the one I exposed have been behind two referendums and are already persecuting those who are unlike them before any outcome has been determined.

      See the point yet? Good - now grow a set.

    4. @cebeuq

      a bs argument writes "I don't give a shit about racist idiots in the rest of Canada - at least those retards..."

      that's you (and james wolfe) he's refering to. what do you think about it?

    5. I bet complicated is at least half french. His whine is so pathetic. Stop whining, indeed Quebec is better place for you than ROC, and you deserve that.

    6. I am calling you out on your hypocrisy and obviously the truth hurts. You expose racists on the francophone side and yet say nothing about the countless ones on the anglophone side. James wolfe and cebeuqs comment are no better than the francophone who blasted the canadiens about peverley.

      Its just way easier to believe that all francophones are seperatists and hate anglos and to believe that all anglos are angels.

      I have blasted the seperatists and Marois on many occasions..I dont need to prove to anyone where my loyalty stands but I sure as heck am not going to fall into the same trap of painting all francophones with the same brush and trashing them all and blaming them for all our problems..the anglos are not totally innocent either.

  36. Dr.Couillard says there will be no referendum. I'm not sure which referendum he refers to. Harper will probably hold off on he accord signing until the ROC gets a look at our new government and satisfies themselves that we are stable enough to have veto powers and that the PQ won't come back in four years and abuse them. It may take a while to get the other Provinces onside.

  37. Loin derrière le PQ dans un sondage Léger

    Legault : «Je vais me battre jusqu’à la fin»

    Bonne chance mon p'tit bonhomme :)

    1. Any one trying to sign in with google. acc will find\maria Pineda 's website blocking the wqy Ed

  38. - Près d'un répondant sur trois (31 %) croit que Pauline Marois est le chef de parti qui fait la meilleure campagne depuis le début, contre 19 % qui croient que c'est Philippe Couillard et 10 %, François Legault.


    1. Sondage réalisé par Léger Marketing pour le compte des quotidiens «Le Devoir» et «The Globe and Mail»

    2. @press 9

      sylvain raciste doesn't care about sources or other types of facts. he's just here, on an internet discussion board, to pick a fight. how lame is that?

    3. I don't understand, 50% Kebekers live off welfare cheques but only 31% think miss Piggy is the best leader???

  39. Every time I hear KPK I get hungry for chicken. We are certain the majority of the ROC is with us but the politicians have long memories.
    As far as the accord is concerned we didn't need it for centuries and I don't feel we need it now. Canada is safe in our hearts and we don't need a paper to prove that. It's our hearts and minds that have to guide and we don't need to sign anything to the politicians to act for us. We can do it ourselves. A lot will depend on our treatment of the Francophones who will probably feel cheated, and rightly so. They are still the majority and they have the democratic right to feel as Maitres chez Nous. Our willingness tom accept this and ease their disappointment will help Dr.Couillard who is the ideal caring leader to care about both sides. As the winners we must be magnanimous and sincerely make them feel that we are their Brethern. E

  40. Don't know how many of you have read the following but some things the seppies don't want to hear - and good stuff for you AnecTOTE:

    1. This implies it never ends.

      Partitioning montreal is the only way for it to end.

    2. You will notice that the borders of the province are up for grabs - we keep trying to tell the seppies that but their political leaders lie to them so much that it's no wonder they believe they'll be living in fantasy land. I still think, every time the referendum comes up by the reporters or whomever, one of these little problems should be let out to the public by the liberals. It's time the followers of the separatist movement realized that there are many obstacles to overcome and they'll all be long dead by the time it's over.

  41. I have a question for all separatists in this blog.

    If the Parti Quebecois does not want to talk about, and does not want to commit to, independence of Quebec, why should any of the population vote for that party? What then makes PQ different with LPQ and CAQ?

    1. pq is commited to quebec's independance. they did promise troy that you will get your precious referendum when the time comes. and this makes pq different with lpq or caq as none of the later promise such a thing. is it clearer for you now troy?

      if not you can still vote for option nationale or quebec solidaire. they propose alternate mechanisms to get there, maybe they'd suit your anxious nature better troy.

    2. student -

      Really..why are they so scared to tell people whether or not there will be another referendum? If they really are committed then come out and state it. They dont want to come out and tell the truth because they know 60 percent of quebecers are against seperation and they would lose the election. So instead they lie and mislead to get absolute power and once they get it they will go out of their way to make life miserable for all those people who do not support THEIR agenda. And they will go out of their way to provoke Harper to try and create more animosity between quebec and the roc. Is this the type of honest decent government that you support..liars and shit disturbers??

      Isnt that nice..we will get a referendum when they are sure they will win. How utterly morally bankrupt is that..essentially they are saying that they will try and drive out of quebec all those people who are against seperation and then they will have a referendum.

      And student lets talk about Montreal seperating..why should Montreal be obligated to stay in a seperate Quebec if Quebec can leave Canada? If you truly believe in democracy which most educated people do believe in then you would agree that areas that choose to remain in Canada should be allowed to remain in Canada and vice versa. I and most Canadians would have no problem letting go of areas in Quebec in which the majority of people there want to leave but forcing areas that are fiercely canadians to leave is illegal and unjust. We could use the vote per riding as the deciding factor..I believe that is the fairest way..if we really want to reflect the views of people in the most just way possible.

      Lets look at Crimea..this is a zone within Ukraine where the majority of the population is of Russian descent. They are a good analogy to Montreal. In fact all of eastern Ukraine is majority russian speaking and is pro-Russian. The western part of Ukraine is pro-Europe..the most democratic way to make the most people happy is to split the country in two..the east goes with russia and the west with europe.