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French versus English Volume 103

Life imitates Art...'The Sopranos' Style!

A "no-show job" is a paid position that ostensibly requires the holder to perform duties, but for which no work, or even attendance, is actually expected.
The awarding of no-show jobs is a form of political or corporate corruption. Wikipedia
No-Show jobs on the Sopranos
(The Sopranos Episode 2 Season 4)
While Paulie Walnuts is incarcerated, Patsy Parisi and Little Paulie Germani have arranged a sit-down on his behalf to discuss Ralphie's division of jobs at the Esplanade site. It takes place at Nuovo Vesuvio and Silvio Dante presides. After some haggling, they settle with five jobs: three no-works and two no-shows. Capo Paulie receives the first no-show job. Silvio announces that Tony wants Christopher Moltisanti as acting capo of Paulie's crew during his absence and gives Chris the second no-show job. This upsets Patsy, who believes he has seniority over Chris, as he has been a made man longer. Indeed, it was Patsy and not Christopher who negotiated the jobs in the meeting. The three no-work jobs are given to Paulie to distribute, and they go to Patsy, Benny, and Little Paulie. As they leave the meeting, Chris jokes to Silvio that the first thing he will do is get wings in his hair—much like the gray "wing-like" hair Paulie has on the side of his head. Silvio is not amused; he is also put out by the promotion as he realizes that Chris is starting to usurp his place in Tony's inner circle. Chris later visits the construction site where Patsy, Benny Fazio, Little Paulie, Donny K. and Vito Spatafore are enjoying their no-work jobs. Wikipedia

A group of 12 unionized crane operators collected paycheques for two years to watch television, play cards, and even to stay home because they weren’t qualified to work on highly specialized cranes, the Charbonneau Commission heard Monday.
The workers were even paid double time on weekends and an hour and a half of travel time each day, even though in some cases, they didn’t bother to show up for work.
That was the testimony of Michel Comeau, an investigator at the commission, which is looking into corruption in Quebec’s construction industry.
Comeau said the workers were assigned to supervise six German crane operators brought in by Germany-based company Bauer, which won the contract to build a hydroelectric dam on the Péribonka River, between 2005 and 2007.
The workers were paid by Bauer, which passed on the bill to Hydro-Québec.
“Hydro-Québec closed its eyes,” to the situation, Comeau said...
"Hydro-Québec negotiated a deal with executives from the Quebec Federation of Labour for labour peace by agreeing that each of the three cranes would be operated by one German worker and two unionized “observers,” on 12-hour shifts, 24 hours per day, including weekends. Several workers were sent back to Germany as a result. The observers weren’t allowed anywhere near the specialized cranes, but they were still paid the normal rate of crane operators in the province: between $82,000 and $92,000 a year." Link

And so it seems that the Quebec Federation of Labour is a better negotiator than the mob!
Hydro-Quebec justified its actions by employing a clever euphemism...."managing risk."

Montreal Police....another one bites the dust

How many women cops does it take to shoot a nutter?
Another Montreal police shooting worthy of a Keystone Kops.

Seven Montreal cops confronted an obviously disturbed hammer-wielding sad sack and shot him dead, rather than neutralize him using less lethal methods.

The victim's brother was rightfully outraged that his brother died at the hands of under-equipped and clearly under-trained cops.
"There are reports police asked for an officer with a taser to come to the area, but before someone with a non-lethal weapon arrived officers shot the man at least once." Watch a video report

"Car 54 is asking for a TASER. What the heck is that?"
It seems that Montreal police aren't trusted to use tasers, but are given free rein with guns...Hmmm..

This shooting is reminiscent of one two years ago when Montreal police opened fire on another deranged homeless man, this time armed with a knife. In that shooting, an innocent bicyclist was also killed by a ricocheting bullet. Link

A coroner was asked to look into the matter and issued a report;

"Dr. Jean Brochu recommends that the Minister of Health Canada, in collaboration with the Agency for Health and Social Services of Montreal:

Put in place psychosocial frontline services tailored to the needs of people in distress; 
Increase mobile teams of specialized stakeholders to support the police and patrollers who work with people who are homeless or who have a mental illness or addiction.  
A recommendation to avoid litigation of people with mental disorders;

It is also recommended that the National Police Academy of Quebec:  

Continue its research to propose new strategies and tactics specific to police intervention and violent people in crisis;
Updates standards and re-qualification in shooting for police
Well that advice seems to have been ignored.....

Reading the story about this latest shooting and reviewing the entire coroner's report on the first double-shooting, I couldn't help but thinking of those big butterfly nets used by hospital orderlies in the comics to chase down and capture mental patients running amok in the loony-bin!
It would be neat if this was a real-life option, so I did a little web-surfing and found the perfect product for chickenshit  fraidy-cat  overly- cautious Montreal police.

Lo and behold, there actually exists an air-fired net for police enforcement, entirely appropriate for use against deranged nutters who are armed with anything but a gun.

 This product has the outer appearance similar to that of a large electric torch. The operator can put it in the car or carry it on the shoulder, featuring convenient carriage and simple operation. Within 2 seconds, the launching can be completed. With one hand holding the upper barrel and the other hand to open the safety pin. By just pressing the launching button, an intensively powerful umbrella-shaped net will be fired with the diameter up to 2-3 meters and the coverage space as much as 16 square meters. Once the suspect is covered by the net, he will be immediately bound by the net strings or even pulled down to the ground, which results in no chance of escaping. The net can be reused after some repairs or maintenance and the air storage tank can be recharged by way of special-purpose air refilling device. Link

Come to think of it, who remembers Sheldon of The Big Bang Theory getting caught in a Wolowitz's electrified anti-burglar net?
Also an option!

At any rate, It seems that the only highly-developed and effective tactics that the Montreal police have adopted is how to control a shooting scene so that the police themselves come out as innocent.

All seven of the police officers involved in the shooting conveniently suffered from nervous shock, and promptly went to the hospital before facing shooting investigators, no doubt to buy time and get their stories straight.

In the Fredy Villanueva shooting, the coroner complained that the officers involved in the shooting weren't separated and were only interviewed days after the shooting.
"The coroner's inquest into the death of Fredy Villanueva finds that many of the people involved made mistakes, some due to lack of training, and that  investigators looking into the death took steps that made it more difficult to determine what truly happened. 
It was a week later when Lapointe and Pilotte were finally asked to provide written testimony about what occurred, something Pilotte did without referring to her notes from the night of the shooting.
This is contrary to provincial guidelines, which state that all witnesses, including police officers, should be kept apart before being questioned by investigators.
All the non-police witnesses were in fact kept separate from each other being before questioned. Read more
So things never really change at what must be Canada's most ineffective and amateur police force and perhaps the force's motto should be changed to;


Here's another embarrassing story about the Montreal police.
Montreal's police Brotherhood(union) has come out strongly against the idea of introducing lie detector tests for organized crime investigators.
The force said it is considering whether or not to implement the idea following a series of allegations connecting senior investigators to organized crime. CJAD Radio

Readers might remember that the Montreal police force has suffered some horrific leaks as at least two or three senior detectives are accused of being moles (fr='taupe'), passing off information to organized crime.
So if the union won't allow polygraphs for officers in sensitive areas, perhaps the only alternative is to bring George Smiley out of retirement à la Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.

At any rate, let me assure readers that installing a polygraph policy is devilishly effective, the fact that the police don't have this policy in place is mind-boggling.
You don't even have to polygraph anyone regularly, the threat is so frightening, that employees generally keep to the straight and narrow.

Readers, take a moment.
Imagine you that knew you were subject to the polygraph, would your behavior change?
And I'm just talking about expense padding and phoney sick days! I can't imagine how foolhardy it would be to steal or pass secrets, under the threat of a lie-detector test.

Had the Montreal police had a policy of using it, NONE of the secrets would have been passed, so what exactly is the union's objection based on?

Let me regale readers with my very own lie detector story which dates back fifteen years, but is probably not out of date.
Two very junior employees accused a senior manager of theft, the senior manager claiming it was retaliation for a workplace incident.
I questioned everyone at length but was unable to find any anomolies, both versions were plausible and all stood by their stories convincingly, but somebody or somebodies were clearly lying.
I asked all three if they would take a polygraph and surprisingly all agreed.
This was strange, because threatening someone with a polygraph, even voluntary, usually scares out the truth. When a polygraph test is strictly voluntary, not many liars agree to the test.

So I reluctantly called a polygrapher who did contract work for the RCMP, someone who I knew through my police contacts.

He told me to call the employees to the main office on the next Saturday morning to see who actually showed up.
If the two accusers showed up and the manager did not, or vice-verso, no test would be required, the truth self-evident.

One of the young accusers phoned the night before to say that her boyfriend told her not to take the test, because it was unreliable, not a shock, but surprisingly the other accuser and the manger both did show up.

And so my expert was called in and before applying the test, he interviewed both parties separately.

He came out of the interviews and told me no polygraph was necessary, it was the accuser who was lying, with 100% certainty.


He told both employees (separately) that  before administering the test he had to know if either was suffering from a headache which would invalidate the test (a trap!)
The accuser admitted to a powerful migrane while the manager said that she was fine, ready and motivated to take the test to clear her good name..... Case closed!!!!

So are polygraphs effective?
You bet... even when you don't actually use them!

Okay readers, admit it....that was a good story and I swear it was all true.

Marois showers voters with money in run-up to election

It seems that Pauline is so busy showering potential PQ ridings with money that she needed to charter a helicopter to speed up her itinerary.

Here's how one cartoonist saw it.

And yes., taxpayers paid for the charter as it was considered government business....

Sun News  embarrasses itself over French pronunciation...

"Hey, Sun News, how do you pronounce mind-bogglingly stupid? Offensive? Disgusting?
Or, as Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre so nicely put it, “franchement dégueulasse?”
Gosh, that’s an awfully big mouthful of French for commentator Brian Lilley and his Halifax-based linguistics ‘expert’ Harvey Sims to have to swallow. Those triple-vowel lutzes can be murder. Ask any Montreal anglo who has ever been tempted to cheat and say Lawn-gail and Bell-oil.
Mostly, though, we happily plead guilty to the same “irritating” habits as those CBC reporters and news anchors who’ve been getting under Lilley’s skin during the Winter Olympics at Sochi.
Seems like the athletes take the time and trouble to go out in the cold and win Canada some shiny medals, the very least the rest of us can do is make an effort to say their names properly.
Nope, said Lilley. In a video op-ed piece Monday night titled “CBC’s Hard French accent,” he blasted the national broadcaster for going “all native” with those “ridiculous,” accurate pronunciations of names like Hamelin, Bilodeau and Dufour-Lapointe. Link
The original video has been puilled from the sun News website.

Now far be it for me to defend Sun News, they are fast becoming their own worst enemy with silly and outrageous commentaries perhaps meant to shock the ratings which have been abysmal.
The francophone media got on its high horse to denounce the idiocy of a commentary that complains about the proper pronunciation of names.

While the English media goes out of its way to pronounce French names as they are spoken in French, it isn't exactly the same in reverse.
The French media is notorious for putting a French twist on English names, even adding accents to written names where there is none, like Eugénie Bouchard, who to this day is referred to as Ooh-JZEN-ee  instead of the proper You-GEE-Knee.

In fact. I don't think I have ever heard a francophone interviewer use the proper English pronunciation of her name and I also have never heard a francophone interviewer refer to her as "Genie" (as in I Dream of Jeanie) because it is particularly alien to French tongues, even though she goes mostly by that shortened version.

For those who don't know, she is named after Princess Eugenie, while her twin sister is named after Princess Beatrice, daughters of Prince Andrew of the British royal family. 
Despite her second name and a mixed English/French parents, the tennis star is definitely an anglophone.

Just sayin....

Journal de Montreal ...Comment of the Week


Habs Duck language Issue

If there's anything the Montreal Canadiens don't want the francophone base to know, is that the team is ENGLISH...from top to bottom.

While the Francophone coaches meet the media in French, it is business as usual in English throughout the organization.
Now the Canadiens have made some cosmetic changes, adding French signage in the dressing room to accommodate  the fact that they are being filmed for the vanity television series 24/CH which offers a sanitized behind the scene look at the team.

But every now and then, the truth comes out, and so editors do their best to mask the fact that French isn't really a part of the team.

I was watching a recent episode and my keen eye caught this scene where something was blurred out, something entirely unacceptable, according to producers.

So what was it that producers were so desperate to hide.
I caught a glimpse in a split second frame that wasn't censored.

"Welcome in Montreal"

In an article in La Presse a reader complained that there was too much English at Montreal's winter carnival, the Fête des neiges.

The writer, who turns out to be an employee of the Société Saint-Jean Baptiste, (but where no mention of that fact is made in the piece,) complains about the traditional Montreal bilingual greeting to which he was subjected to.

"Bienvenue à Montréal/Welcome in Montreal, Bonjour/Hi!"

Of course my bullshit detector went off immediately because there isn't a bilingual person in the world who would say "Welcome in Montreal' and even if the greeter was a francophone, he or she would have been coached to say the proper  "Welcome to Montreal"
The error is egregious, like saying 'Bienvenue dans Montreal' instead of 'Bienvenue à Montréal.'

Most of these type of stories are flights of fancy, like the Jews who refused to be served by a francophone waitress or the airline stewardess who didn't understand a request for a Seven-Up in French. As they say in French 'Boulchite.'

I always look at these anecdotes with a decidedly skeptical eye, most are embellished or outright inventions, like the Speak white clerks at Eatons.

By the way the writer also complained about English songs being played on the radio, preferring second rate music in the name of French nationalism.
Yup...I said it....second rate.
And if you object or are insulted, understand that people vote with their actions. The radio was tuned to an English station because that is what the vast majority want to hear.
Live with it.... Link{fr}

Olympic notes

PQ minister Pierre Duchesne was red-faced for twittering a Photoshopped picture of Chloé and Justine Dufour-Lapointe, wearing the Quebec Fleur-de-Lys.
The minister captioned the tweet with one word SUPERB!, actually believing that the photo was real.
Great hilarity as the minister was forced to defend himself, telling reporters that it wasn't him who Photoshopped the picture.


PhotoShopped version

The inevitable pay back.... "OK! OK! We're EVEN!"
Now readers, I am one of those nasty people who watch car races to see the crashes and figure skating in anticipation of one of those Humpty-Dumpty type falls.
It's cruel, but we all revel in a little schadenfreude.
I watched a pair of Russian skaters get a point deduction for a costume malfunction, it seems that a lowly feather fell to the ice, a big crime in the sport of ice-dancing, where feathers abound.
But I digress.
I offer this screen grab of Canadian skaters and wonder out loud if there should not be a point deduction for sticking you finger up your partner's butt? Hmmmm.

They always said that a Canadian passport is a valuable thing and opens up many possibilities, including this fridge at the Sochi Olympics dispensing free beer!

Canadian Coach displays true Olympic spirit
Helps opposing skier in trouble.

And the mean-spirited Americans keeps ragging on the Russians over Olympic fails, especially this memorable one, when one of the Olympic rings failed to unfurl during the opening ceremonies.

You know its over the top when Walmart gets into the taunting.

Pictures of the week

 The PQ released some videos on Youtube promoting sovereignty. Here's a screen grab of one of those and as you can see the Crucifix is front and center, reminding viewers, not so subtly, that an independent Quebec would remain true to its Catholic heritage.
By hey, its only about heritage.....

In a story on the CTV Montreal website about the Zombie testimony which embedded the video I uploaded I found this picture of last year's Montreal zombie walk.
So I ask readers, what do you think the punishment should be for a Zombie who wears an ostentatious religious symbol in Quebec?
Stoning?.....Hanging?......Shaming?......Orthodontry?......or worse of all, a six month forced confinement in Herouxville?

By the way, I was pleased to notice proof positive in the above photo that Zombie parents can create 'normal' children, just like  Marilyn of 'The Munsters'


Speaking of Photoshop.....
This was the woman who testified at the Charter of Values hearings about her visit to a mosque where she couldn't believe that people prayed on all fours.

Here's a photo that I myself snapped at a recent game at the Bell Centre, just for hockey fans.

During the anthems, Tim Thomas stood as far away from teammates as he could. What's up with that?

While the local media was shy to produce a picture of the Ukrainian hijacker who tried to commandeer a plane to Sochi, bedecked in a Habs sweater,  I've no such qualms.

By the way the hijacker was wearing the number 11, with 'KOIVU' proudly emblazoned on his back. Yikes!!
Don't think the Habs will be showing this photo on the Jumbotron!

Further reading

Quebec health ministry to punish Jewish General hospital for being so good

Montreal English school board tells govt to shove Charter of Values where the sun don't shine

While wait times in Quebec ERs hover around 20 hours, Jewish General shoots for 20 minutes

Université de Montréal Rector compare the effect of Bill 60 to Francoesque tactics during that Spanish dictators reigns

Read together;
A Big Advocate of French in New York’s Schools: France
New Republic: Let's Stop Pretending That French Is an Important Language:
Rebuttal:In Defense of French

 U de M language controversy is a scary indicator of intolerancee

English to replace French as main banking language 

Read together;
Federal language police should give workers a break
& Rebuttal:    Fraser: Language policy makes sense for airport workers

Quebec government-owned casino openly flouting Quebec's language laws


Have a great weekend!

Bonne fin de Semaine!


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  2. Mr. Berlach,

    As a season ticket holder, what do you think about this?

    1. I'll include this story in the future, along with a hysterical letter sent to the Quebec gvt by Imperatif Francais demanding that the announcements be in French.
      At Alouette's home games the announcer repeats in French what the referee described on the field and I asked Habs officials why this isn't the case at during Habs game.,
      Surprisingly, I was told, most fans don't want it.
      The majority are are bilingual and almost all understand the referees signals. The overwhelming sentiment was that hockey fans did not want to seem like unilingual rubes.
      As you can see from the above post, the Habs are extremely sensitive to language, so if fans demanded the gesture, management would oblige.

  3. ""Let's Stop Pretending That French Is an Important Language""

    Seppies can;t handle the truth like that.

    French is not one of the important languages going forward.

    English, Chinese, Spanish is what kids should be learning.

    Except for complaining that Canada owes you money and respect, French isn;t that useful in the world.

    Mostly used to fill out bureaucratic forms and for complaining that others "owe you" for being French.

    Just so seppies realize how pathetic Quebec and Montreal finally are. Our slide into oblivion.

    "What's really remarkable, when we're comparing Calgary and Montreal, is Montreal as an economic region has nearly three times the population base of Calgary"

    Montreal has 3 times the population base but we don;t use the airport as much.

    Cause we have no economy. No jobs. No money to travel.

    Seppies might be confronted by languages and situations they don;t like outside of Quebec.

    Need to sanitize things for the weak minds so they can handle it.

    1. Vous n'avez pas d'argent...Vous pouvez toujours faire du stop sur la 401 :)

    2. Cebeuq -

      Less air traffic into Montreal also indicates less tourism, hence why 11 major hotels in downtown Montreal have closed recently, with rumor more closures are to follow in the coming months. This number doesn't even include major hotel closures in Quebec city. With less and less tourists each year, these hotels are forced to close.

      It should be noted Montreal did not merely slip from third to forth place with regards to air traffic, it was originally in first place before the separatist movement took control of this province. The same is currently happening with universities, McGill no longer ranks as Canada's top school, that privilege has been passed to University of Toronto.

      Even lesser trivial titles are fading fast. Montreal has been considered the food and restaurant mecca of Canada and parts of North America. That's slipping too, decades old landmark restaurants are closing left and right, food quality is in decline (try a Schwartz's smoked meat sandwich lately? It's not remotely what it once was) and chefs and owners are headed down the 401, to Toronto no doubt. Dare I say it, but you just might start hearing the best place for smoked meat and bagels in a few years, is.....TORONTO!

      You can only live off your former glory for so long, eventually people wake up and realize what's gone, and so move on.

    3. Don't you have to include the Burlington airport in the Montreal stats?

    4. Drunk Guy Rene Levesque KilledThursday, February 13, 2014 at 7:05:00 PM EST

      Any bets on which airport will beat Montreal next? Edmonton? Winnipeg? Perhaps a second Toronto area airport? Thank You to 40 years of Quebecois ethnic Nationalism for bringing my city to an economic stand still.

    5. Anonymous,

      Of course Burlington is not included. The ranking only ranks individual airports. If Burlington is included then Toronto needs to include Toronto City, Hamilton, Kitchener/Waterloo and Buffalo. See how Toronto ranks compare to Montreal then.

  4. Editor,

    But, but, but... As our resident separatist student explained yesterday, it is really Genie Bouchard's mistake because the French journalists do know better how to pronounce and write her name than herself, and presumably her family.

    she pronounces the d? well then my opinion is the journalist pronounces it better than she does.

    Its words, not mine.

    1. troy if a francophone was named sean murray and he pronounced his name se-anne muraille, wouldn't you think it there's something wrong? good night troy.

    2. Futile, robotic blah blah from the Energizer bunny (again)…

      Game, set and match: Troy

    3. Haha, everyone else is always wrong when it comes to student. People can't even decide how to write or pronounce their own names! The journalists who literally change the spelling of the name to line up with how their pronouncing it, they have to be the ones saying it right. Student would be shocked to hear how people in the northern states pronounce their "French" names, better hop on a bus and go around telling them they're wrong student!

    4. On the topic of pronunciation: Nothing is as personal as someone's own name, and the way the name's owner pronounces it is how it should be done. Case closed/point final. It's not up to some Radio Canada hack to lord it over Eugenie Bouchard because she's not "franco" enough for RadCan's tastes. In the example cited by ______ (whose writings I usually don't read), if Se-anne Muraille (Sean Murray) wants to pronounce his name that way, there's nothing wrong with it -- just as there's nothing wrong with Jacques Leblanc pronouncing it "Jake Lablonk," if that's how he wants it.
      As an old-school Montreal anglophone with a French name, descended from Maritime anglos with a French name, I got fed up with Quebec francophones, especially snooty, sourpuss civil servants, who insisted that I pronounce my name with a thick joual accent. Arrogant little bureaucrats.
      If I'm speaking to other anglos, I'll say "Saint Vee-ay-tur" and "Long Gail," because that's how we first learned to pronounce it back in the day. I won't apologize for it. If I am speaking to a francophone, I'll pronounce St. Viateur and Longueuil in as proper French as I can muster.
      While the CBC shouldn't be ragged on for pronouncing French names correctly, the CBC is too quick to default to French when it doesn't have to. I stopped listening to CBC Radio in Montreal after hearing Rachel St. pronounced "Rah-shelle" for the umpteeth time. There once was an irritating English-language CBC TV reporter in Montreal -- I won't write her name here -- who constantly pronounced Alliance Quebec as "Awl-ee-ahnce Québec," as if the English-rights group had a French name. Absolutely ridiculous -- as is putting the accent aigu on the Stephens Ave. ... oops, the Stéphens Ave. -- bridge in Verdun.
      Last point\: If the blurred message on the wall near P.K. Subban is the same as in some U.S. college football locker rooms, it says in full: NO EXCUSES. BE A WINNER. I guess it was obscured because such a notion is a foreign concept to Quebec separatists, and no one wants to upset them.

    5. @thatguy

      completely assimilated dudes in vermont are another story. eugénie bouchard's french roots are still alive. if she doesn't know the d is silent well, it's a shame.

      please answer my question about sean murray.

    6. @ex-mtler

      "...there's nothing wrong with Jacques Leblanc pronouncing it "Jake Lablonk," if that's how he wants it."

      right on. if he wants to pronounce his name wrongly he has the right to do so.

    7. For the record, Rachel Street is named after Christine-Rachel Cadieux de Courville, so it probably should be pronounced "Rah-shell".

    8. This reminds me of the former Canadien goaltender Christobal Huet. His wife went to the press saying that his last name is really who-ette. However, French-language media kept calling him ooo-ey. Of course, following student's logic, the fault lies on the wife.

    9. "While the English media goes out of its way to pronounce French names as they are spoken in French, it isn't exactly the same in reverse."

      WOW! Even after all these years, hockey commentators can't even say Brodeur or Lemieux properly...

  5. What a fabulous post!
    I wonder if readers appreciate your efforts, the depth of your humour and knowledge and writing ability.

    Somebody, a way back called you a Canadian 'Bill Maher', but I much prefer to think of you as a Canadian 'John Stewart. '
    Sarcastic, yet sweet.....

    My favourite cultural reference today = CAR 54, John Lecarre's George Smiley. and the Munsters.

    To francophone readers who don't get the many biting cultural references the author includes , I can only say that it is a profound loss.
    Understand that our Editor may be the very best political satirist in all of Quebec.


    Miss Piggy is getting a bit nervous?

    1. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsThursday, February 13, 2014 at 5:44:00 PM EST

      I guess you didn't watch the debate today in the national assembly.

      Francois Legault nailed Marois with the fact that her top fundraiser (now deceased) was in bed with the unions who helped him get his hands on millions of dollars in kickbacks.

      Marois was practically stuttering when she tried to answer.

      Legault then demanded that the PQ provide a paper trail for their corporate fundraising given everything that's been coming out at the Charbonneau Commission.

      Marois' one-word answer: Non.

    2. Just imagine all the really juicy shit they are hiding from us under publication bans.

      "To protect the public interest". hehe. Like anyone believes that crap.

      Then there are the underhanded deal like Blanchet to keep things from even appearing so they don;t have to use publication bans to protect themselves.

      We are seeing so little of the deals and scams going on.

      Protecting themselves is the one thing politicians can agree on. It's just the Quebec way.

      Everywhere in the government you turn it's a million for a union leader here, $100K no show job, politician manipulating contracts.

      All the time that "Les Quebecois" spend obsession about respect in culture and language. How about some self respect in your culture for yourselves.

      Maybe stop stealing and cheating from each other so much to start.

      Not much of a society when that's what is considered "normal".

    3. No I didn't watch it - what a mess this province is - by the looks of it, everyone is on the take and/or knew about it and did nothing but pocket the money.

    4. By AnecTOTE

      "All the time that "Les Quebecois" spend obsession about respect in culture and language. How about some self respect in your culture for yourselves. ....Maybe stop stealing and cheating from each other so much to start. ...Not much of a society when that's what is considered "normal"."

      Can't wait for the tv commercial of seppies stuffing their socks with wads of cash..(crane operators collecting 82k sitting on their asses playing cards) and the instrumental version of 'Gens du pays' in the believable

    5. Grutiers payés à jouer aux cartes: Sam Hamad était au courant depuis 2009



    Civil disobedience is the way to go. Quebec laws are optional and should all be broken as much as possible.

    Be just like a civil servant, FTQ union leader/member, student or everybody else in Quebec. Ignore the laws when it suits you.

    OLQF? Tell them to fuck off.

    After mass civil disobedience comes civil war.

    Seppies lost the gun registry too ;-)

    1. Alors l'État québecois arrêtera toute subvention à cette commission scolaire.Vous trouvez que les écoles anglaises ferment leur porte à un rythme alarmant?Vous n'avez encore rien vu :)

    2. En attendant cebeuq voici un avant-goût des prochains Jeux olympiques d'hiver:

    3. If you thought that Montreal was becoming more English than ever, vous n'avez encore rien vu :)

      We will destroy your culture if that is the only choice you leave us.

    4. "We will destroy..." ... ourselves

      Vous mangez trop de pizzas,de Donuts et de "chicken wings",le cholestérol a endommagé irréversiblement votre cerveau.

    5. By AnecTOTE

      "Alors l'État québecois arrêtera toute subvention à cette commission scolaire.Vous trouvez que les écoles anglaises ferment leur porte à un rythme alarmant?Vous n'avez encore rien vu :)"

      That's okay you go ahead and shut them, I guarantee you that in less than 10 years you'll be scramblinggggggggg to open them up all over again. It will be the only way to crawl outa that stinking suer that will be this province's economy.

      So stall all you want...YOU ARE IN NORTH AMERICA and Geography rules! Location, location, location......Deal with it.

    6. Ces nouvelles écoles devront alors être légales et devront respecter les lois sur notre territoire,sinon ...

  8. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsThursday, February 13, 2014 at 5:58:00 PM EST

    @Troy & Sauga

    Since you too are in Toronto, here's your chance to call a separatist out on his shit in a major way:

  9. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTThursday, February 13, 2014 at 6:18:00 PM EST

    More and more racism from both sides on this blog. I see that blogger has not deleted this site. So be it. For Quebeckers who criticize quebec I say just leave or put out & shut the hell up. For separatists who waste their time and energy here I say focus your efforts elsewhere for the day quebekistan will become free and independent.
    Please quebec go away now. From a pure de laine that is not dumb.

    1. J'avoue que dans notre futur pays,la chasse aux gloglos va me manquer.

    2. There is no valid reason why Quebec should be free from criticism for what it does.

      “Please quebec go away now” is probably the dumbest thing anyone has ever posted here (and that includes even S.R. dumbness), which is ironic coming from someone who actually feels it necessary to state that he’s not dumb, all evidence to the contrary.

      It would be more interesting to hear why some people think it’s wrong to fight for what’s right and to make things better in the place that they love, rather than cutting and running and then sniping from abroad, like this loser does.

      PS: You spelled “pure laine” wrong.

    3. @r.s

      "“Please quebec go away now” is probably the dumbest thing anyone has ever posted here..."

      no it's not. you should have read the latest from cutie003, apple iigs, troy, cebeuq, anectote, cutie003, theo, cutie003, ed, sauga and cutie003. but i admit un gars bs de frankfort's claim that he's not dumb kinda sounds like he's not quite sure about it.

    4. @r.s

      oh and thatguy. guess what? he think muraille is the correct way to pronounce murray!!

    5. and as the psychostudents claim that it knows.. and only it knows what stupid is and that is .." everyone but it" betrays the psychos NPD trait of omniscience and delusions of grandeur. Of course its need to feel omnipresent has been clearly established as it literally seems to NEED live and die here daily

    6. By AnecTOTE

      It's a dumb machine, don't bother with it...goes by the name of.. energizer bunny....or
      Maybe I'll just take the batteries, my remote control's dead...much like the seppie brain!

    7. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTFriday, February 14, 2014 at 11:59:00 AM EST

      I do not care about how you feel about me or that you have the ability to find typos.
      You are the typical moron who spends his days on here like a kid in his parents' basement and being part of this gigantic cyber circle jerk along with your seppie buddies. quebec is a waste of skin to Canada. I for one really thinks that quebec should be kicked out of Canada.
      If you think what I wrote above (Please quebec go away now) is "probably the dumbest thing anyone has ever posted here" well you will be able to still sit in your parents' basement in 25 years from now still posting in this cyber circle jerk that this blog is.
      Finally, most average IQ folks find that the novelty of this openly racist, hateful webblog wears off pretty soon.
      Have fun on here this week end:)

    8. @R.S. - Welcome back R.S. and never mind that psycho un ars originally from quebec - living here fried his brain obviously - he has absolutely no idea of what we are talking about on this blog, threatens the Editor telling him he's going to have it closed down, etc. - insults people from both sides of the discussion and adds absolutely nothing to the debate - just one big stupid pain in the ass that can't find anything better to do with his time and his delusions of grandeur except post BS here.

    9. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTFriday, February 14, 2014 at 2:35:00 PM EST


      You are off your meds again. Take a few pills and move to ontario;)
      Taking into account that it is almost 8pm here in Europe and that I will goto Switzerland tomorrow to begin a 3 day ski trip and that you are miserable in the land of damn french, well at least you are entitled to your opinion.
      Bye for now nasty old lady.

    10. May your miserable ass proceed down the slopes minus your skis idiot. We sure as hell don't need your stupid, derogatory, pointless rants on here. Do everyone a favour and don't return. You will be missed by no one, separatists or federalists alike.

    11. @cutie003

      "You will be missed by no one..."

      how can you know this?!? you think he's the only rough tacky parvenu to read this blog?

  10. Replies
    1. By AnecTOTE

      Contraaaaaaaaaaaaa where you been? C'mon say it old time sake!

  11. Sur France 24 :

    Sotchi : des médailles canadiennes au fort accent québécois

    Depuis le début des JO, les Québécois ont récolté une belle moisson de médailles. Selon un palmarès virtuel, la province figurerait parmi les meilleures nations, si elle était indépendante.

    Merci chers cousins :)

    1. By AnecTOTE

      And there he goes again, shitting all over himself. Do I get you a bed sheet? Lol

  12. Another day, another corrupt Quebecker. Quebeckers are so proud of their corrupt values.

    1. There is just no end to it - it's everywhere, in every walk of life and just accepted as if it's fine and dandy. No morals, no ethnics, no sense of value, no pride, no principles - anything for a buck is acceptable. From murder to shoplifting - part of the "proud" francophone culture that they keep yapping about. Where are the people in the streets demanding that this stop? Nope but the PQ can bribe the students to get out on the streets for .70 cents a day. It is so discouraging to think that this whole society is OK with their political leaders.

    2. By AnecTOTE

      "The worst form of corruption is the acceptance of corruption." Herblock.

    3. "La meilleure façon de contribuer à sa communauté est de payer ses impôts."

      H&R Block

    4. By AnecTOTE

      Commentaire digne d'un anti intellectuelle.

    5. N'imitez pas adski et son "name dropping" à chacune de ses énoncées,essayez plutôt de réfléchir toute seule comme une grande.

    6. By AnecTOTE

      Ooohhhhh...that one stung huh?

      Lol..lemme guess googled him? Lol

    7. Qui? adski?

      No i googled Burkini...Et ça ressemble étrangement à un habit de plongée sous-marine.

    8. Here'll fix that quote.

      Au Quebec la meilleure façon de contribuer à la mafia est de payer ses impôts.


    9. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsFriday, February 14, 2014 at 6:42:00 AM EST

      This string just reminds me of the proof we have of one of our previous arguments: that the sovereignist movement can only work when you have the absolute dumbest, most dogmatic dregs of society working to promote it.

      Corruption is wrong when the PLQ do it, but now that the PQ got pinched and we see them for the greedy, corrupt bastards they are, the Dregs have (of course) a way of justifying it.

      When the PLQ wanted to exploit the reserves of oil, they were called heartless capitalists. When the PQ does it, they're inspired visionaries.

      The bottom line being that when you take a more intelligent separatist such as Jacques Parizeau, you get different results.

      Parizeau wants an independent Quebec, however, unlike the dregs, he won't bullshit you about the health of the province's economy.

      Parizeau wants an independent Quebec, however the idea of telling Jews and Sikhs what to where on their heads makes him feel uncomfortable.

    10. @anonymous buster of shit arguments

      "...when you take a more intelligent separatist such as Jacques Parizeau,..."

      please explain to us what is intelligent about parizeau's idea of quebec's independance? in your humble opinion of course.

  13. As another example of the Editor’s oft-repeated observation about the relative lack of charity among Quebecers, note that the Canada mittens are not just mittens but also help to raise funds for Olympic athletes, unlike the phony Quebec Photoshop copy.

    “The original photo promotes the Red Mittens initiative, a collaboration between the Canadian Olympic Foundation and the Hudson’s Bay Company that raises money for Canadian Olympic athletes… For each pair of mittens sold, the Hudson’s Bay Company donates $3.33 to Canadian Olympic athletes.”


    1. By AnecTOTE

      We'll look who's back.....great to read you R.S!

    2. "En effet, nous apprenions ce matin dans le Globe and Mail que le Québec a investi 2,6 millions pour le sport amateur pour 2012-2013. En comparaison, l’Alberta aurait investi un maigre 159 000 $."

    3. Did they figure out what chunk of the Quebec money originally came from Alberta in transfer payments? lol

    4. Togues are sold out!

    5. C'est pourquoi le canada a le droit de mettre sa feuille d'érable sur nos (sic)

    6. Confusing personal charity with government spending… pequistes are so mixed up!

    7. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsFriday, February 14, 2014 at 6:45:00 AM EST

      thatguy - 1
      POS.R - (-) 2

  14. No one here has forgotten the OQLF’s “Pastagate” fiasco. Indeed, it was the impetus behind creating a “triage” system to weed out the insubstantial, anonymous complaints that were being made by a few frustrated individuals.

    Yet, the OQLF has found time to harass a website that doesn’t even do business in Quebec, all because of *one* single word on its website.

    This is even worse than the government finding the time to harass a small business with 1.5 employees that provides communication services for anglophones. For this “service”, we generously spend $25 million every year, supposedly “protecting” the French language and culture in North America.

    So much for damage control via triage…

    1. A “new low for the language police” is hard to choose, since there are so many to pick from… but investigating a bilingual, one-page website that offers no products or services in Quebec, with its servers located in Vancouver… that is really scraping the bottom of the barrel.

      If this is the point where we at now with the OQLF even “post-triage”, then it just goes to show what little justification there is to maintain such a massive bureaucracy for the language police.

      On the other hand, it appears that anonymous activists are conveniently using the OQLF for more nefarious purposes:

      “Did [his] Anglo activism make him more, less or equally likely to be targeted by the OQLF? Is the OQLF being used as a political tool? I anxiously await the OQLF's justification for this disgusting display of vindictive, state-sponsored bullying.”

      Whoever the loser was that thought he was a winner by making an anonymous complaint to the OQLF for one word on the internet should know that he only helped to create even more ridicule for Quebec.

      The full text of the threatening letter that was sent by the OQLF can be read at:

    2. What he will do is what all people need to realize, they also can do.

      Just tell them to fuck off and you arn;t going to listen to their rules.

      Let them send their silly little papers and preen their feathers as they claim insults.


      ‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing’

      People need to shine the spotlight on Quebecois obsession with cultural and language purity and where historically it brings societies.

      It's not called for nothing.

    3. Allez donc vivre ailleurs si vous n'êtes pas heureux au Québec,c'est pas le choix qui manque: 9 provinces et 50 États!

      Sale petite bande d'angryphones,heureusement que nous avons aussi de bons anglos.

    4. By AnecTOTE

      No, you

    5. What's absurd is the word "PRODUCTION" is identical spelling in both languages. Not a single, solitary difference... not even something as minute as an accent over or under one of the letter in the word. Which proves without a shadow of a doubt the QOLF's policing is not about language protection, not at all. It is about targeted intimidation, bullying and prosecution based on hate. Interesting that we NEVER hear about a Francaphone being targeted by the OQLF for signage, websites or speaking. That's because they are not the language police, they are the hate police. A bureaucratic version of the Klu Klux Klan. Instead of hooded men and burning crosses, we have harassing inspectors and threatening letters. Sound over the top? Think though, what is the function of both the KKK and OQLF? To intimidation, threaten and drive away those that are different, those they do not want in their land.

      That an organization such as the Office De Langage de Quebecois Francais exists in a modern, democratic and free society is appalling. No, criminal. If the federal government or supreme court will not step in and abolish funding and the right for this group of thugs and criminals to officially exist....then average citizens must step up. Defy their "law", do not acknowledge the QOLF. Let's see how far they will go. First warning letters. Then fines. Then if the fine is not paid or the sign removed? Will they seize that person's assets or business? Will they put them in jail? Let them try, and let's see what the rest of the world thinks....

      My mind is blown than for 40 years people have let this go on. I suppose those who knew and understood the injustice just abandoned Quebec and went to live elsewhere. But the rest of us?

    6. By AnecTOTE

      I am appalled at the Federal government to tell you the truth, everyone' "National Parent"? Yeah, him..never stepped up to reign in the misbehaving toddler of the country. Ultimately, it was its responsibility, (Fed gov). BUT OF COURSE the brat of the family is going to act selfish and egotistical, and try to garner all the attention for himself, manipulate and blackmail their way to pretty much anything they want. What didn't help this country was those over-indulging 'National Parents' we kept electing, such as Trudeau and Cretien and the rest of the PM cretins from this fine province...who caused the most damage, never really wanting to take matters into their own hands, always ignoring rather than solving the problem they kept shoving problems under the carpet. This province should have been given an ultimatum 40 yrs ago, "Get in Line OR Get Lost" and we'll see to it that u get lost FAST. But imbeciles have always been in charge of this fine county for decades now, never resolving the problem, just always sticking a bandaid on it. Sickening and disappointing. So naturally, the people that should be protected most in this country, the minorities, are all but neglected and pretty-much forgotten, by the Fed's and so we have a provincial government who has declared open season...on who? You got it...the minorities. They should all be ashamed of themselves..ALL...the Feds and these clowns.

      You can blame these imbeciles (the seppies) as much as you want...a fish always sticks from the head. That's the Truth.

    7. By AnecTOTE

      * stinks from the head

    8. @speak power to the truth

      "So naturally, the people that should be protected most in this country, the minorities, are all but neglected and pretty-much forgotten, by the Fed..."

      you got that right. i'm glad you agree with separatists on that one. time for french minority to get out of a grip that "neglects" and "forgets" them.

      "They should all be ashamed of themselves..ALL...the Feds and these clowns."

      yup. all crazies except you and cutie003. err... isn't there another way of seing this? if you picked another referential than your fantasies for example? so who's a shame now?

    9. Il est évident que les anglophones d'Amérique du Nord (365 000 000) doivent être protégés de la Nation Québécoise (6.7 M).

      Il m'arrive parfois d'y songer le soir et d'avoir des insomnies.

    10. By AnecTOTE

      You can't sleep at night cause god's already turned over you soul to the 7th circle of hell.

  15. By AnecTOTE was just announced on the news that PQ wants to frack under Anticosti ....and the Truth comes out. We mentioned this a while back on this blog if u recall....I guess this is why they are desperate to get they can hog the riches and not have to share.....Lowell Green said it first...and it hit the nail on the head. How do u like dem apples? You wanna know the truth...follow the money ..someone always says.

    1. Preliminary tests have detected oil, it’s not clear yet whether it’s of a type and in quantities that can be exploited commercially.

    2. @theo

      don't bother mate. fact gathering has never been part of speak truth to power's methodology.

  16. So, what is new under the sun in terms of corruption in Quebec? The Editor has kindly provided stories after stories of how deep and wide the spread of corruption in Quebec community.

    But wait! People of Quebec are actually victims of corruption committed by Ontarians! The evidence? The presence of vehicles with Ontario license in and around Gatineau. Those Ontario bastards enjoy the benefits of being on Quebec soil without paying Quebec taxes! Burn them at the stake!

    1. @troy

      what's your point? there's heavier abuse elsewhere so ontarians should be allowed to do their fraud? you sport some weird principles mate.

    2. come visit Ottawa during the day, during the swear you were in Quebec...they pile over the bridges every day for high paying government jobs where they are grossly over represented then head back to the rasict province of Quebec at night...typical french hypocrites...just scik

  17. Here's something on language for air traffic control. Nav Canada uses texting software called CPDLC, controller-pilot data link communications. Info can be misread when spoken so air traffic controllers and pilots are texting now. The software can also translate between languages.

    1. Auto translation is a very scary thing for Francophones. It's the epitome of evil.

      It allows for the easy exchange of ideas. Ideas damn it. Seppies might be exposed to logic and truth.

      Go browse french websites with google chrome in auto translate mode.

      It makes for funny reading. It's comes out as not very good french. Kinda like Joual or "globish" as $5/hr trolls describe it.

      There is a transfer of ideas and thoughts though which is the most dangerous part for isolated seppies.

      Simple translations like Nav Canada are as dangerous thou because they will be largely perfect. Air traffic language is "regulated" and predictable. That makes the translations easy and perfect.

      Best part is people don;t need to learn the other persons language but can communicate.

      To anglophones/immigrants and people generally around the world this is a "good thing". We can communicate, get on with the daily routine in life.

      Seppies see this through their reality distortion as an assualt on french.

      The real issue of course isn;t wether you spell or say the concept of affirmative as "Oui" or "Yes".

      The real battle is between the socialist entitlement racist culture of seppies and modern democracy.

      Just as they obsess about "mother tongue french" and not just speaking french, the real obsession is making you think like them.

      Thinking like a backwards 1950 Drummonville francophone.

      They work hard every day to destroy cosmopolitain Montreal and replace it with their trapped in time backwards ideas.

      Along the way a little personal enrichment is normal. Nes Pas? "It's always been done like that in Quebec."

      Bill 60 hearings are not much different then the charades put on in North Korea, wartime germany, Iran etc.

      The outcome is predictable and known. It's really just a big propoganda event.

      A narrative is being established in a public way.

      Francophones can watch their brethren on TV list out all their ethnic hatred and prejudices. This helps them validate their own internal racist feelings.

      It feeds the beast. Clearly it works for PQ members. Look how easily they are manipulated by simple propaganda.


    1. By AnecTOTE


      Thanks for that...absolutely..Delish! LOLOLOLOLOL ..just hilarious lol.

  19. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsFriday, February 14, 2014 at 7:41:00 AM EST

    C'mon damn it - will it Le Devoir, Gazette or JdM please commission a poll?

    Since Marois declared that she's ready to proceed with frakking, social media has gone nuts with environmentally-separatists vowing to vote for Quebec Solidare in the possible coming election.

    At the present moment, I see none of Quebec's parties drawing a majority, but I do see the PQ flaming out with all the negative press, wire taps, lack of a budget and now this environmental faux-pas.

    Also, it'll be intriguing to watch how Martine Ouellet and Daniel Breton react to calls from environmentalists to oppose Marois' stance on Anticosti or leave the PQ ranks.

    1. you're wrong mate. not so many people are totally against anticosti oil. most didn't like previous attempts because they sensed royalties were too low, public risk and private profit if you prefer. if the pq can show risks are minimized and everyone, even you, will benefit they won't have much opposition. except from you, hence exposing your bad faith. who knows what twist you will get into to oppose this... come mon make my day mate.

    2. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsFriday, February 14, 2014 at 8:00:00 AM EST

      Dear readers,

      Please refer to my comment on: February 14, 2014 at 6:42:00 AM EST.

      Our little Decepticon has done it again.

      [GOLF CLAP]

    3. By AnecTOTE


      You gotta love how completely, hypocritical, duplicitous, double-crossing, greedy and dishonorable seppies are. First they bad mouthing Alberta for frakking, while still putting out their hand..for the proverbial handout of corse, and now look at em, justifying themselves with the locals, headed for doing the exact same thing Alberta's done, except generous Alberta has always done the honorable thing and shared with everyone. But here..these assholes are trying to pull a fast one as usual, and are trying to maneuver and manipulate themselves into another Referendum (not before getting rid of as many NO votes as possible by introducing this red-herring charter which they never intend on tabling, it's smoke and mirrors, and once they get rid of the minorities, they'll have attained.."optimal conditions" of course, they will then hold their three-times-a-charm-referendum, hoping to finally win a yes vote), .AND then, once they are out and don't have to share $$$$$ with anyone...the environmentalists be damned...Let the frakking begin!!!!

      I say everyone stays put...f...''ll get theirs always said..."The money you don't give to god you end up giving to the devil". You figure it out.

    4. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsFriday, February 14, 2014 at 8:41:00 AM EST

      I might be willing to hear them out if they weren't just so out of touch with reality.

      POS.R has stated that he owns a van - yet a couple of sentences later, he'll gripe about the horrors of frakking. No doubt he also opts for plastic bags when shopping at the Super C.

      News to seppies - there is no safe way to conduct a frakking. It's like insinuating that there's a safe way to smoke cigarettes. Personally, I'm for Anticosti, but I do acknowledge the risks.

      Funny how just three days ago, the PQ government was mulling the idea of forcing electric cars on its people and today we're frakking!!

    5. @ Hands of my burkini

      J'ai changé d'avis,comme le fait régulièrement votre chef Trouillard :)

    6. It's so good to see.

      The seppies are so upset about economic development. It's evil.

      The best part is they will totally damage the environment of Quebec themselves.

      Imagine the "best build fracking" that Tony Accurso and FTQ friends can build!

      Awesome. Seppies will totally overpay and it's guaranteed to break and cause major environmental damage.

      It will be built with corrupt union and scamming contractors determined to put as much money in their pockets.

      Think Quebec roads except fracking equipment. "the best on the market in Quebec" Wink Wink!

      Seppies destroying their own province! Priceless!

      Can;t wait to start wasting that natural gaz. Will be great to know the more I use the closer Quebec comes to an environmental disaster in the hinterland of crazy "les Quebecois" that destroy Montreal.

    7. By AnecTOTE

      J'ai changé d'avis,comme le fait régulièrement votre chef Trouillard :)"

      What else are you gonna that you were caught with your pants down, red-faced and hand in the cookie jar?
      The world sees how full of crap you are ...good luck rescuing that "quebec" brand.

    8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  20. Check this out. The comments to Mr. Cote are very interesting.

    1. Good to see that a lot of federalist francophones that are fed up and finally speaking out against the loudmouth, minority separatists who are always trying to put a stick in the spokes:

      - “Well ... another ‘séparatata’ who forbids us from wanting to be Canadian... Goddam, I'm tired of this pseudo-intellectual aristocracy that believes itself above the ‘little people’ and tells them how to behave, with Bock-Côté as one of its poseurs. Trying to play politics on the backs of our athletes is dishonorable and unworthy, sir. You give me nausea.”

      - “One day we will sign the Canadian Constitution and the separatist movement will cry and wail, as it always does, and then it will extinguish itself quietly over time. The signing of the Constitution of Canada is the only solution to our problems. It is texts like this one that reinforce the need to sign the Constitution in the name of respect for the federation.”

      - “The Canadian Parliament recognized that the Québécois form a nation within Canada, nothing new there, MBC. For the World Cup, England and Scotland send their “national” teams but for the Olympics, they all participate as Britons. Nothing new either, MBC. There are something like 6,000 languages on our planet and probably more than 1000 nations. It is not at all unique for the Quebecois nation to be part of a multinational country, since there are only 192 UN member countries. Nothing new there either, MBC. What seems to bother you the most is that the majority of Quebecers live very well with Quebec nationality and Canadian citizenship. Not to mention that during the 1995 referendum, the PQ promised us not only the Canadian passport but the Canadian currency and the Canadian army, too!”

      - “Maybe we should ask the athletes who have won medals what they think of your statement "They are Quebecers, not Canadians" just because Mr. Bock-Côté says so... Maybe they are part of a whole bunch who are proud to be Canadian... but those ones would be the "colonized", isn’t that right, my little frustrated Bock-Côté.... Your brain is not able to understand that someone who was born between the border of Ontario and New Brunswick can see themself not as a Quebecer only... but also as a Canadian. (Ask the parish priest in your area but I’m pretty sure he’ll tell you that this is the work of the English devil.)

      I will never get used to your insecurities and your constant need to try to prove that you are better than the others. It seems that the "Québécois" must always feel superior to others, that they can become one of the wonders of the modern world. And the only reason why things are going badly, well, it's always the fault of others... and never because of wacky ministers or your ideology from the 1700s...”

    2. @r.s

      which one of these reactions do you think is worthy r.s?

    3. “I once had respected you, but your columns have become more and more fanatical, indeed delusional. I have so much to tell you, you separatists, whom I find increasingly contemptuous and as unpleasant as can be. I am ashamed to hear you speak. Still, to AT LEAST rectify some of the “facts” in your writing:

      1– I consider myself a Canadian living in the province of Quebec , and my values are light years away from the “socialist values - dumbing down" of your future independent Quebec. The belonging to a nation is not only a matter of language.
      2 – I am not Canadian for only pragmatic reasons but because of my love for this great country that is the envy of the rest of the world.
      3 – Even in France , I am Canadian.
      4 – It may a good idea for you to drop your separatist neurosis for 2 weeks and leave the athletes alone (you may want to speak to Jean-Luc Brassard about that).
      5 – When Quebec becomes independent (a certainty, according to you), I willl be keeping my Canadian citizenship, end of story.”

      - “This commentary is such a shame. I’d say that in the Mediocrity Olympics, we would win all the gold medals. For example, in the Debt competition, no country could compete with us, except Greece. In the Corruption Olympics, Quebec and Russia would share the medals for sure. In the High School Dropout Olympics, we’d be the undisputed champion among the North American countries. In the Health Olympics, checkmate again and we would win the disorder and administrative incompetence medal. In the Education System Olympics, Quebec would win the gold medal for inefficiency. In short, before making a country out of Quebec, let's start by reviving this moribund state. If it is still possible, of course. But I doubt it.”

      - “I voted yes in the referendum, but it is out of the question that I should follow people as dangerous to rights and freedoms as the pequistes, who promote hatred and intolerance. Oh yeah, my grandfather arrived in the late 1800s to a free country, so you can drop the word “colonized” that you use to insult anyone who doesn’t share your bigoted ideas.”

  21. Congédiée pour avoir insulté une dame réclamant un service en français

    Une angryphone de plus sur le BS..Héhé!

  22. Devenez un vrai anglo en une semaine seulement grâce au Globish.

    Don't speak English, parlez Globish !!

  23. The bullshit train arrives on Feb. 20. PQ to pass budget.

    1. Should be good for a few chuckles. Both the CAQ and the liberals better be ready to bring the witch down before she spends even more money that we don't have. She's really handing it out. Surely the people of quebec can't be stupid enough not to see through all this BS. If they are, then it's time for a referendum and let's get rid of the areas that vote Yes!

  24. Do you know one of the tools of anglicization? Downton Abbey.

  25. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsFriday, February 14, 2014 at 2:33:00 PM EST

    Oh, Matante Popo!!

    Oopsy #1:

    Oopsy #2:

    (Super-Ultra MF'n) Oopsy: (ooohhhhh!!! oooohhhhh!!)

    Bonus round:

    1. Supreme Leader Marois wins the gold medal for talking out of both sides of her mouth.

  26. The Language Nazis are on a rampage. Heil, mein Fuhrer Marois.

    1. Saviez-vous que cet individu est l'auteur d'une page FB raciste envers le Québec?Nous l'avons dans le collimateur et
      nous ne le lâcherons pas.Tant pis pour sa sale gueule.

    2. Are you afraid of him because he's Jewish and wears a kippa?

    3. The Frenchies are afraid of this web site:

      It will destroy the French language in Quebec - right? Or is he being targeted because he does not agree with the government?

    4. S.R. is saying that since this individual (allegedly) is racist towards Quebec, the QOLF has the right to to take action against him. Is that the new mandate of the QOLF - to use public funds to attack individuals they claim are racist towards Quebec?

    5. "Just to add, I don't give one flying fuck what your language laws are, you can shove your language bullshit far and deep up your ass. Don't bother trying to intimidate me, or anyone else with your fuckin scare tactics. You useless fuckin Nazis. ----TM"

      TM ?

      Ce n'est pas un "activiste" ,c'est une sale vermine qui n'est pas à sa place parmi les gens civilisés.

    6. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsFriday, February 14, 2014 at 3:59:00 PM EST

      I love it - this is so beautiful!

      POS.R has been laughing his ass off over violence committed against Anglos (men, women and ESPECIALLY children).

      He's delighted over that poor woman who was strangled to death by the escalator.

      Every chance he gets to laugh at someone who is not pur-laine or Francophone, he takes it.

      Yet the moment anyone shows they're willing to stand up for themselves and not be bullied, harassed or subjugated and this coward recoils in disgust.

      A message to all separatists - get used to it.

    7. Vous devez vous conformer aux lois ou payer les contraventions ou déménager en ontario.

      Vous n'avez d'autres choix...Désolé

      En passant,galganov est passé avant vous et votre petite bande d'angryphones qui même tous réunis n'avez pas la moitié de son intelligence.

      Ciao hater!

    8. Marois can break the law because she is a hypocrite, like the rest of the separatists.

    9. By AnecTOTE

      Love it...keep at it folks..judging by that reaction.. WE are kickinnnnnn' butt!!!! Lololol

      Saving and selling the "quebec" brand..has officially become a bitch, hasn't it? All's been fine till everyone just took it up the wazoo and never complained no matter how bad things got...but just look..people are pushing back, shoving it right back up their wazoo..and now they have a problem...mmm ..interesting, lol.

    10. The student protestors (who helped the PQ gain power) showing the Nazi salute. Are they showing their true colors?

    11. They’re already simply re-registering the company outside Quebec to sidestep this misuse of government resources. It will be cheaper for them anyway.

      [Down With Pauline Marois]: “Once we dissolve the registered name, that website will become much more than a splash page.” ----TM
      [Down With Pauline Marois]: It wasn't a "legitimate complaint". Too many seps have had a hate-on for me for a while now. This is just some lowlife little welfare bum that wants to create problems. ----TM
      [Down With Pauline Marois]: I won't do a single fuckin thing these nazis request I do. The website stays EXACTLY as it is. It contains no infractions. I broke no "laws". This is nothing more than harrassment via fraudulently filed "complaint". ----TM

      [SpeakingEnglish WhenIwant]: Splash screens are easy. Why not make yours blatantly English, with an obscure link to a French version that takes 5 minutes to load and looks like a load of crap? And make it like 10 times the size of the English one so that they have to scroll forever to see it all lol. I'm a firm believer in giving people what they want :)

      - Interesting! I can help you with this - they tried that with us as well, and I successfully defended in court and got them to run with tail between the legs. If you're interested to know how, then message me and I will explain. You will love this one! Seriously now you won't believe how I made them run with tail between their legs. Message me, I can’t talk about it publicly they made me sign an NDA when they agreed to drop the fines.

    12. Ce spécimen est surveillé par les autorités (SQ).Il est cinglé mais pour l'instant,pas très dangereux.

    13. By AnecTOTE

      Then don't complain when they compare you seppies to the SS...this type of shit of monitoring citizens for intimidation was carried out BY THE NAZI'S. Tell us more about how the SQ, quebec's provincial police, who are accused of alleged corruption themselves are going to defend quebec's honor....and do tell the world how you're two-bit 'nation' .has become a police state where people are threatened and intimidated not to express their utter dissatisfaction with a province that subjugates tax-paying citizens Rights and Freedoms... tell us again...please...

    14. Toutes les pages FB d'un goût douteux sont surveillées et pas seulement par la SQ.Un individu qui affiche son mépris publiquement et sans retenu envers sa société d'accueil ne devrat pas être surpris d'être la cible de contre-attaques et pas seulement au Québec.

      Les chiens qui aboient le plus fort sont généralement les plus peureux.

    15. ...Et les plus stupides :)

    16. By AnecTOTE

      "Les chiens qui aboient le plus fort sont généralement les plus peureux....Et les plus stupides"

      You speak from experience obviously.

      If this is true and people, belonging to the visible minority, are being singled out, targeted and intimidated for speaking speaking their minds by the police force of the province, it is worst than we all thought and imagined.

      This is Canada 2014..not Germany 1935....FOR SHAME....

      And CANADA can kiss its good name and good reputation goodbye unless it deals promptly and expeditiously with this form of "scientific racism" and discrimination occurring within its borders RIGHT NOW.

    17. "And CANADA can kiss its good name and good reputation..."

      Aux dernières nouvelles,ils y arrivent très bien sans notre aide :)

    18. Police operations are kept confidential so as to not reveal their tactics. If asked by the media, they will release the appropriate amount of limited information. For someone to say they have knowledge of police operations is simply being boastful. Police react to complaints from the public and with the vast amount of information published on the internet, it is impossible to be constantly monitoring a particular site, it is simply a resource issue.

    19. @ ToTo la révolte

      Votre vie serait tellement plus agréable si vous deveniez une une bonne anglo.Je peux vous mettre en contact avec plein d'amis de toutes origines parfaitement bien intégrés,qui pourraient vous conseiller et vous soutenir.

    20. By AnecTOTE

      Oh how sweet! Thank you for your well-intentioned offer (lolololololololololo) but I can honestly tell you that I'm the perfect Anglo and the perfect Allo! If I have to be honest...I actually consider I'm a patriate to both, helping them outa their 40yr coma.

      AND I'm the perfect Franco too when not wearing a name tag and flying under your seppie racist radar Lol...but you bring up a very good point and suggestion..that we should be making to you.....and I agree YOUR Life would improve considerably if you learnt how to be a good Canadian....and if YOU want we can hook you up with some great Canadians who can teach you how to cherish and appreciate the country that's so great to you, and sustains your sorry BS collecting ass while you keep maligning and shitting on it..never too late....what ya say? Lol

  27. "While the English media goes out of its way to pronounce French names as they are spoken in French, it isn't exactly the same in reverse."

    Wow! Do you ever watch hockey?

    1. Quebec is Latin for the term Whale's VaginaFriday, February 14, 2014 at 2:49:00 PM EST


      "Wow! Do you ever watch hockey?"

      Excuse me?


      I created hockey!

    2. @Quebec is Latin for the term Whale's Vagina : HAHAHAH VERY VERY FUNNY!!!

      Got enough attention now?

      By the way, I'm really sorry for you and your parents if you are older than 11 or 12 years old...

    3. @ Sebastien,

      How brilliant of you to respond to the same statement with virtually the same one-liner responses within 20 minutes of each other....not!

    4. Their pronunciation of French names may be imperfect, but at least they're trying. They're not deliberately trying to make the names sound as English as possible, as is the case with the French pronunciation of English names in hockey.

    5. This is your opinion but it isn't based on any facts aside from the lone exemple provided by the editor.

      Anglo Canadians and Americans have a long tradition when it comes to anglicizing names. (Vinny Lecavalier, Marty St.Louis, Vinny Prospal etc.)

  28. And here goes our "holier than thou" separatists - now wanting to do fracking and yet are willing to risk the lives of their own citizens and actually and deliberately be willing to kill people:

  29. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsFriday, February 14, 2014 at 3:35:00 PM EST

    While Quebec is losing jobs by the day...

    ...Employers in Vancouver are at war with each other for good talent:

  30. I'm beginning to really have a lot of respect and admiration for the JGH - good on them and piss on the PQ - civil disobediance is definitely the way to go and I don't even live in Montreal! I wish more store owners and restaurants would also rebel against these Nazis.

    1. Jacques Parizeau was treated at the Jewish General not too long ago. An acquaintance of mine knew some of the support staff who worked there. He told me that the kitchen staff were including notes with Parizeau's meals, like "Courtesy of the Ethnics". Too funny!

    2. claiming the pq are nazis is an infinite disrespect for the jews. you antisemite mate?

    3. "claiming the pq are nazis is an infinite disrespect for the jews. you antisemite mate?"

      We're not, but your fellow seppies are:

      No talking your way out of that one mate. You might want to make an effort to think before you speak in the future. Think of it as you're new year's challenge.

    4. The student protestors who are doing the Nazi salute are wearing red squares. Did Pauline Marois ever wear a red square?

    5. @sylvain raciste

      "We're not, but your fellow seppies are..."

      you're not? then you should tell cutie003 to stop trivializing the jew's past sufferings by comparing a ban on religious symbols for civil servants during work hours to mass killings.

      if you don't and choose to endorse her absurd claims it's akin to antisemitism in my humble opinion. you have a choice to make mate.

    6. @theo

      did you at least try to read the cjad article theo?

    7. @Student

      " comparing a ban on religious symbols for civil servants during work hours to mass killings."

      Either accept my (separatist) movement's ban on religious head wear (which is has never once proven to actually cause any kind of violence or dischord) or look like an anti-semite for choosing to stick up for Jewish rights.

      OK, sure. I guess my belief that Asian men should have the right to wear their headwear makes me an Islamophobe.

      And I guess my support for the right of women to wear the hijab makes me an oppressive mysoginist who has no respect for women's rights and liberties - even though some SINGLE Quebec Muslim women said they donned the hijab of their own free will, and not because of the husbands that don't exist in their lives.

      Welcome to student land: population of ONE

    8. @sylvain raciste

      it's not your support to all these religious bigots that turn you into an antisemite but your comparing the proposed obligation to remove religious wear while working for quebec's secular government to what was imposed on jews by the nazis. do you understand now sylvain raciste?

    9. @cutie003

      "I'm beginning to really have a lot of respect and admiration for the JGH..."

      beginning? why didn't you have a lot of respect for the jewish hospital before?!?

    10. @student

      I will never understand your anti-logic. One minute you're referring to Jews, Sikhs and Muslims as 'religious bigots' and yet you have the nerve to call people "Quebec Bashers".

      And then in the same breath, you try to supposedly stand up for their rights (in this case the Jews) by saying you actually care about them by accusing others of anti-semitism, after you just called them 'religious bigots'?

      Dude, you and your brethren are so fucking backwards, so totally fucking retardedly out of touch with reality, we have no choice but to strip you all of your rights.

      You guys will stop at absolutely nothing to reach your goal and that's why can't treat you like anything more than animals.

      Look at Parizeau. Even he knows when it's time to stand down and start talking reason.

      The rest of you are obsessed beyond the point of repair.

    11. @sylvain raciste

      "I will never understand your anti-logic."

      i think you already do. i consider your reverting to insults with every comment a proof of it.

      "One minute you're referring to Jews, Sikhs and Muslims as 'religious bigots'..."

      only the ones who would choose to lose their government jobs instead of taking off their magic garnments at work. don't you agree with me?

      "yet you have the nerve to call people "Quebec Bashers"

      what has one got to do with the other? there are bigots and there are quebec bashers. what's wrong with calling a spade a spade?

      "you try to supposedly stand up for their rights (in this case the Jews) by saying you actually care about them by accusing others of anti-semitism, after you just called them 'religious bigots'?"

      even if they are bigots they still deserve minimum respect. and minimum respect includes not trivializing the holocaust by claiming their life in quebec is anything close to it. don't you agree that they deserve this respect sylvain raciste?

      i won't comment on the rest of your rant. i'm sure you understand why. well no i'm not, but i won't comment anyways.

    12. And they wonder why they (the parti quebe-quoi? can't get even 30% of the vote anymore).

      Student says:

      1. I fucking hate Jews and they're stupid, but I'll "defend" them (even though no one on this blog is attacking them) to look like I'm normal.

      2. Wearing a turban or kippah to work means you are a selfish, demented terrorist asshole...who also happens to be an evil racist.

      3. People who call out separatist for being blatantly racist are "Quebec bashers" but those people are stupid because (according to student) the only real racist people in Quebec are those who would grow a beard for religious reasons.

      These three points mean, Quebec can do anything it wants (a la George Orwell, 1984), and if you don't let it do whatever it wants, it can react in the extremist measures of its choice. If you oppose to this, you are wrong (typical fascist mentality).

    13. By AnecTOTE

      Energizer bunny is on overdrive, it doesn't know which end is appears panicked .. quite funny actually...LOLOLOLOL...

      Life's a bitch when ur trying to defend that quebec brand and you're short-circuiting lol...hahahahahahahaha


      Favor please? Can u tell it to hand over the batteries ..only if they're AA ..remote's still dead..lololol..

    14. @sylvain raciste

      "student says..."

      you are grossely making up crap i never wrote. you're trying to drag me down to a level i'm not comfortable in. sorry mate i'll wait for you to come back up to minimum coherence level.

    15. "you're trying to drag me down to a level i'm not comfortable in"

      You mean you've been exposed to winning and that is something outside of your comfort zone. I understand mate. We have to know our place in life.

      You're rainson d'etre (and that of the entire parti quebecois) is rooted in anti-logic. Like amateurs, you guys make shit up as you go and pray no one calls you out on it. Once they do, you transform in ostriches. Fascinating.

    16. @sylvain raciste

      "You mean you've been..."

      no that's not what i meant. what i meant was clear. you don't have to interpret mate.

      " guys make shit up as you go..."

      err... what did i make up? please quote me.

    17. "please quote me."

      I'm not one of the bitches you're used to picking on. You want an instant reaction to your demands, go adopt a dog.

      Everyone on this blog, from the editor himself to cebueq, adski, anonymous coward, anectote, r.s, cutie, yannick, diogenes, lord dorchestor, durham, even good 'ol Ed Brown have owned you.

      Are you not tired of being owned, little girl?

      It's bad enough you have no future. Don't go making things worse. Your so-called dream is already on the brink of extinction, so go have a few last circle jerks with your jeunes patriotes boyfriends and dream of what could have been.

    18. FROM ED
      Sylvaine, wadda ya mean old? Ed

    19. I mean it in the respectful way, Obi Ed Kenobi.

    20. @sylvain raciste

      can i conclude, from your last rant, that you can't bring forward a mine quote where it'd be clear i'm "making shit up"? can i conclude therefore than you made this shit up?

    21. "mine quote"

      Sorry, Mec, I don't work in a mine. And if I did, I never heard of quote mining. Maybe that's why your killing our economy. You have no idea what kind of minerals are in the ground and what they're worth.

      I never make shit up. You are a racist and you've proven it. You just don't like it because I strip away the bullshit words you use (the ones that make you look like a delibarate racist) and expose you for exactly that - a delibarate racist.

      It's ok student - if you tell people that you're owned by Sylvain Raciste people will understand. Don't be ashamed. I'm superior to you ad that's just theway that both God and Allah intended for it to be.

    22. @sylvain raciste

      "Sorry, Mec, I don't work in a mine."

      so you're down to grammar shit mate? does it mean i win?

      "I'm superior to you ad that's just theway that both God and Allah intended for it to be."

      sure. but what's the difference between god and allah in your humble opinion?

  31. "Le gouvernement de Québec se lance dans l'exploration pétrolière à Anticosti avec une entreprise dirigée par un homme condamné pour fraude. Un autre partenaire de l'État dans l'aventure a aussi été associé à un homme condamné pour fraude."

    1. yes it's a shame the liberals sold the land claims to petrolia back then. it all belonged to hydro-quebec before that. good one theo.

    2. We'll all see how much land you have left when the natives take theirs and we keep ours - you may even be living in crowded conditions by the time all this is over. Something that you kids should be used to living in your parent's basements or in a room over the garage. Most, if not all the land, that Hydro Quebec claims, belongs to the natives and they have no intention of being sucked in by your political leaders. They are smart people that know enough not to trust any of you. They have every right to keep their land by international law and you can be sure they will vote to keep that land within Canada - they are not wimps and will blow up every damn thing in sight without fear from your gun crazy police - you'd better not be hanging around any of that land when push comes to shove in this backward province.

  32. Courses will be offered in English at Universite de Sherbrooke, La Tribune Feb 14, 2014

    "L'idée a été adoptée afin de mieux répondre aux exigences du monde des affaires et celui du marché de l'emploi qui sont en constante évolution.

  33. Found! Our Éric Bouchard is on SSJB's payroll...

  34. Le gouvernement du Québec désire choisir les immigrants selon leurs compétences


    1. Much better idea than choosing immigrants based on their ability speak French or to check a box that says "OUI" in a referendum.

  35. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsSaturday, February 15, 2014 at 12:10:00 PM EST

    Oh, Matante Popo!! (so good the first time, it deserves another turn)

    Oopsy #1:

    Oopsy #2:

    (Super-Ultra MF'n) Oopsy: (ooohhhhh!!! oooohhhhh!!)

    Bonus round:

  36. This is slightly off-topic, but some of you might be interested in this. Most of the commentators here are Canadians and presumedly have Amazon Canada accounts for Kindle. If any of you have American Amazon accounts, the English version of Quebec writer Louis Penny's mystery Still Life (En Plein Cœur in French) is on sale for only $1.99 USD. This isn't a daily deal, but I would not bet on this promotional price lasting long. Incidentally, nobody is listed as the translator for the French version, so I think Penny wrote both the English and French versions.

    If the Editor thinks this is not important and decides to delete it, I perfectly understand.

  37. Romanian dolphins have more rights than Quebec Anglos!

  38. Even the Montreal Casino is having financial problems, not enough visitors and laying off overpaid "Quebecois".

    How fucking pathetic is that. Even the Casino can;t turn a profit anymore in Montreal.

    Casino make money in all economies.

    Hahah, more good economic news for Quebec.

    As long as "Les Quebecois" lose union jobs we are going in the right direction.

    The most important thing is to make sure that if Quebecers won;t share and make a place in society for "others", it's best not to leave anything of value for them to use.

    Quebec deserves as much pollution, societal damage, burned out warehouses as their policies create.

    The civil unrest and disobedience is not created in a vacuum. "Les Quebecois" want nothing less then ethnically pure society.

    They will do anything to get it.

    If what they want to do is illegal, they will just change the laws. Charter of Hate is a perfect example.

    People who follow laws and regulations in Quebec are fools. You are walking yourself into the gas chamber.

    Nazi Germany started with much more moderate views then where it ended up. It's a slippery road as we see in evidence in QC at the "hearings" theater.

    NSP was Hitlers party. National Socialist Party. Exactly what seppies believe in. National socialism founded on a ethnic and linguistic belief system.

    SR. IS the SQ watching? They will have to read every word of the blog. They certainly won;t come out uneducated seppies on the other side having to read all this.

    How can we make sure more "Quebecois" get exposed to reading english in their jobs?

    Can we get every department of the SQ working on this file?

    The secret OLQF action force?

    I hear the PQ is thinking about a line of action figures. Pierre seppie, fighting anglo's to suckle at Pauline's breast.

    1. "NSP was Hitlers party. National Socialist Party. Exactly what seppies believe in. National socialism founded on a ethnic and linguistic belief system."

      And the gold medal for Ultimate Fucking Destruction goes to Cebeuq.

      Beautiful my dear man - this victory is a "no-comeback" victory...kinda like the one I posted at February 15, 2014 at 12:10:00 PM EST regarding Grosse Matante Popo(tame).

      What a devastating week it's been for the separatists on this blog.

      First, the Olympics started, which led to us owning the seps up and down.

      Then more FTQ/PQ wiretaps came out and we and we got to owning them left and right, too.

      And then Marois got caught in multiple backtracks (see my post at 12:00pm), causing even some separatists to turn on the PQ.

      You can even read the frustration in S.R's rants which have been angrier than ever.

      Funny how going into this week the seppies had the lead in the polls - I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to the next polls. :-)

  39. Dans notre futur pays nous devrons mettre sur pied des clinique de reformatage pour mauvais anglos,démunis financièrement ou souffrant de carences intellectuelles, qui les auraient empêché de quitter pour le canada.

    C.R.A.P (Centre de Reformatage pour Anglos Programmés)

    1. You're actually a very nice person, SR.

      Because in the inverted scenario, the one where Ottawa declares the sovereignist movement illegal and calls for the heads of all participants in the movement, I would pay to be one of the guys lining you and your cronies up in front of a massive hole and shooting you.

      No time wasted on 'brainwashing' you.

      Hopefully the general will allow us to evacuate our bowels on your remains before we cover you up (much like the French did to the Indian populations they decimated).

      Sweet dreams, pork pie!

    2. you brought the worst out of this angryphone s.r. good job he's exposed now.

    3. @student & SR

      And you too idiots seriously don't think no one's been cataloging your shit? SR has advocated violence against everyone, including children who are not francophone. Can you get any sicker than that?

      And then you student - calling religious people retards (you posted it just a few places up). If the PQ passed an anti-gay bill tomorrow, you'd be calling gay men "faggots" within 24 hours.

      Call us angryphones? Heh. We're on the winning team mate. We don't need to separate from anywhere because were already winners.

      What about you frangryphones? Will you guys ever get past the welfare stage of your lives and see what being individually independent is like?

    4. @sylvain raciste

      "And then you student - calling religious people retards (you posted it just a few places up)."

      no, i consider bigots dudes who'll choose to lose their jobs because they fear god's retaliation for not wearing a particular piec of clothing. don't you agree mate?

      "If the PQ passed an anti-gay bill tomorrow, you'd be calling gay men "faggots" within 24 hours."

      no i wouldn't. that was easy.

      "Call us angryphones? Heh. We're on the winning team mate."

      sure. you do sound like a winner mate.

      "What about you frangryphones?"

      i'm not angry. what makes you think i'm angry?!? that's called projection mate.

    5. "no, i consider bigots dudes who'll choose to lose their jobs because they fear god's retaliation for not wearing a particular piec of clothing. don't you agree mate?"

      No I dont agree, because I've TRAVELED in life, petite fille, and I've learned what it's like to have a different lifestyle system. As a francophone, you claim to be the target of assimilation, but completely ignore that you're doing it to others by dictating what the terms of their lives will be.

      -As for the gay thing, no doubt-

      Student, you've never once questioned the PQ, while we've questioned Ottawa and the PLQ alike. Whenever the PQ comes out with a decree, you find a way to justify it. No is ever 100% right and the fact you try to portray the PQ in that light proves much about you. If they banned gay marriage tomorrow, you'd find a way to justify it because pro-gay activist would just be "Quebec-bashers."

      "you do sound like a winner mate."

      It's no about me, player, it's now about question qui tue, or should I call it:

      MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION: If a man chooses to suck another man's cock (which results in no harm to anyone), then why is it wrong for a Sikh man to wear a turban (which results in no harm to anyone)?

    6. @sylvain raciste

      "As a francophone, you claim to be the target of assimilation, but completely ignore that you're doing it to others by dictating what the terms of their lives will be."

      you think immigrants should not be assimilated into host culture? you like getthos?!?

      "you've never once questioned the PQ"

      the pq doesn't need me to add another layer of blame when they fumble. you guys can handle that responsibility, can't you mate? if you want my personal opinion on a particular issue please don't hesiate to ask. you'd have to step on your honor though after all the energy you've spend trying to discredit me. you may not have much honnor left so maybe it won't cost you that much.

      "If they banned gay marriage tomorrow, you'd find a way to justify it because pro-gay activist would just be "Quebec-bashers."

      if pro-gay activists bash quebec yes i will call them quebec bashers. wouldn't you? you seam to be afraid of some words mate while totally abusing others. it's interesting.

      "It's no about me, player..."

      ah it's not about you? so you'd be a loser on a winning team?!? i have a hard time here. you seam to have a coherence issue on this particular bit.

      "why is it wrong for a Sikh man to wear a turban?"

      because he works for a state that seeks to display religious neutrality.

    7. Wow, They're not kidding when they say it's too easy.

      All me did was put a tiny little sliver of cheese on the mousetrap and student just went for it.

      Could you ask for a dumber voter base?

    8. By AnecTOTE

      "you brought the worst out of this angryphone s.r. good job he's exposed now."

      So please tell me they are not on this PR campaign to rescue the "quebec" brand, on this blog...with same ole, same ole. Deny, deflect, defend..all in the hopes of convincing the world they are an honorable society, when all they do is bash people's Rights and Freedoms and practice overt Racism. I wonder if it's ever occurred to them that..THAT may be the reason people don't visit anymore and hotels throughout the province are all closing down in droves..mmm

      We will keep exposing the post till your heart's'll just be more ammunition for seppies to be exposed before the world stage......oopps I think I just heard another door slam...another HOTEL

  40. By AnecTOTE

    You will never see this province become an independent country in your Lifetime. You have proven you are just not up to the task of running anything without greed and corruption. To allow you to become independent would be like giving matches to a 5yr old. You have had irresponsible and deplorable provincial governments the past 40 yrs passing the torch of utter ineptness from one party to the other proving you people are incapable of running anything ....That's Why.

    You need to get your house in order and it isn't the baffoons who have played you for 4 decades so who will do that for you...they're all just a bunch of loud mouths who have never accomplished anything but condoned corruption and greed and allowed these ills to perpetuate while they ruled and it suited them.

    I hope you finally elect a political party that will do that for you, own the responsibility of fixing this province economically so that you can go your way and Canada can go its way and Montreal city-state own its way, so it can finally see the light of so deserves. Finally, it can be rid of the black hole that this province has been, keeping it back, hindering it.. sabotaging it and quite nearly destroying it.

    It is criminal what both provincial parties have done to it...just criminal. Montreal city-state deserves better, deserves to flourish free from all the political bull crap that has occurred to it these past 40 yrs.

    It deserves a fresh start. It deserves a Chapter II.

    1. J'ai trouvé un nom intéressant pour votre "city-state" :

      Le Burkini Faso...Ça sonne bien,non?

    2. First President of an Indepedant QwebecSaturday, February 15, 2014 at 7:56:00 PM EST

      Our first ambassadors have been announced:

  41. There is this story about a Quebec woman who needed medical attention in Manitoba and received $13 thousand bill for it. Why did this happen? Because Quebec chose to opt-out from Interprovincial Reciprocal Payment Agreement. If she was in Manitoba holding medical insurance from any other province than Quebec, she might not have been hit with such heavy bill. I experienced this first hand when I needed to pay for lab works in Toronto while still holding RAMQ.

    1. Some of her expenses, like air ambulance and ground ambulance were not covered by RAMQ, but her hospital bills were. A Manitoba resident would be covered for medical transportation within Manitoba, but not outside of Manitoba. As for your lab works in Toronto, weren't you able to be re-imbursed by RAMQ afterwards?