Sunday, February 16, 2014

PQ Anticosti Oil Gamble, a Hail Mary Pass

These last weeks have seen some pretty dire economic predictions for Quebec's future with two important studies postulating that Quebec is living beyond its means, unable to generate enough funds to balance its budget.

The shortfall has been described as 'structural' a word that strikes fear into the hearts of finance ministers, because it means that the state has no way to balance its budget in 'normal' times.

Governments usually go into debt during a recession, trying to spend their way out as did all western governments in the great depression caused by Wall Street's collapse in 2008.

The theory is that in good times, governments make up the deficit by piling up surpluses.

That is what finance minister Jim Flaherty is promising for next year, a budgetary surplus of about $6 billion, which is a start at eating away at the federal government's $600 billion debt.

But for Quebec there is really no light at the end of the tunnel, with a projected provincial deficit of about $3 billion last year and again projected for next year, with promises of a balanced budget past that, an impossibility under Quebec's circumstances.

The two economic studies were pooh-poohed by the finance minister but when Jacques Parizeau came out with an opinion piece that backed the theory that Quebec is in economic trouble, the PQ realized that it had to act, lest the debate about the deficit become the topic du jour in the upcoming election.
"It's the first time in 30 years that I'm so concerned about Quebec's economic future," Parizeau wrote in an opinion piece that appeared in Monday's Le Journal de Montreal.
He points to a study done by HEC, the Montreal business school. The former economist called the study "tough, but fair." He wrote that "what hits the hardest is the slow and persistent deterioration of the province's economic outlook over the last 10 to 12 years." Link
The other provinces as well as Ottawa (which pay into Quebec to the tune of about $15 billion a year)  lately have been carping that the only way out for Quebec to become a 'have' province is to exploit its natural resources .
Denis Lebel, the Conservative cabinet minister, summed up Ottawa' position rather succinctly
"The time has come, he said, to take steps to create wealth in Quebec. One of these ways is to exploit the rich natural wealth embodied in the province.
"What should we do to keep a strong Quebec? I am a proponent of a strong Quebec within a united Canada. Quebec has vast natural resources. I am in favour of a sustainable and responsible development to create wealth, "commented Mr.
Lebel." Link{fr}
This past year has seen mining investment fall by 30%, with companies scared off by by the PQs promise of higher tariffs and the imposition of more expensive regulation and so wealth development through resource exploitation seems to be going in the opposite direction.

As for oil, Quebec has placed exploration of the St. Lawrence valley off limits because the area which is rich in shale oil, is also densely populated, making fracking an impossibiliy in current Quebec society.
That leaves two options, the Old Harry deposit in the middle of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, already under fierce environmental attack and Anticosti Island, a vast uninhabited island, isolated in the middle of nowhere about the size of Crete. Unlike Crete, which has a population of over 600,000 people, Anticosti is practically uninhabited and isolated, a perfect venue for resource development, yet in Quebec, there are still those that believe that all resource development is bad.

Feeling the pressure to produce wealth through resource development, Pauline and the PQ have opted for a magicians trick, going through the motions of resource exploitation, in order to keep the fiscal wolves at bay, giving the illusion that Quebec is not loafing and can somehow tame the deficit demon.

The oil industry has long looked at Anticosti's potential and universally passed on the project, deeming the risk to reward, quite unattractive.

Yet Pauline is going full-speed ahead, not really for fiscal gain, but rather for political gain, taking all the risk, while giving private enterprise a shot at the eventual prize, on the slim chance that the gamble will pay off like a desperate Hail Mary pass.
"A plan launched by the Quebec government to help fund oil exploration on a remote Gulf of St. Lawrence island is raising concerns the province is taking too big a risk with taxpayer cash.
Premier Pauline Marois announced Thursday her government would finance up to $115 million in joint ventures with several oil companies to drill on Anticosti Island, an endeavour she says could bring $45 billion in benefits to Quebecers over the next 30 years.
Marois unveiled the project at a time when her minority Parti Quebecois government is facing attacks over its economic record. It also came amid the expectation she will call an election in the coming weeks.
But one critic of the project says the amount of recoverable unconventional oil locked underneath Anticosti has been exaggerated, insisting no more than 1.5 per cent of its estimated 30-billion-plus barrels can actually be extracted.
Marc Durand, a retired geological engineer, says the government's plan has the potential to bring in around $40 billion.

Jean François Hénin

Jean François Hénin
But he added it would cost roughly three times that amount — $120 billion — to employ the technology needed to get it out of the ground and to market.

Durand urged the PQ to exercise more caution when it comes to the taxpayer's dime.
"We are so far from any possible profitability in Anticosti that investing public money is like saying, 'I will fix my budgetary problems by buying a lottery ticket,' " Durand, a former professor at Universite du Quebec in Montreal, said Friday.
"There's much less than a one-in-1,000 chance of recouping this investment and these are public funds." Read the rest of the story
Mr. Durand has been a fierce critic of the Anticosti project for a long time and points out that reputable companies from 'Big Oil' wouldn't touch the project with the proverbial ten foot pole. And so the partners that Quebec has teamed up with are dubious players at best. The Journal de Montreal ran a story detailing the past of the two principle players.
Jean François Hénin of the French company Maurel & Prom a partner in the project was convicted in 2006 in the United States having lied to the U.S. Federal Reserve. In addition to a fine of one million dollars, he was forbidden to enter the U.S. for five years.

Maurel & Prom is a company specializing in the extraction of oil and natural gas. It deals mainly in the Congo and Colombia, on sites where the oil giants refuse to set foot.

Loïk Le Floch-Prigent, nicknamed "Le Moutin Noir" ("The Black Sheep") by former French President Francois Mitterrand, is the former CEO of the the French oil company Elf-Aquitaine, involved in a vast corruption scandal in the 90s.

In 2003, his role in the scandal earned him a sentence of five years in prison and €375,000 fine for misuse of corporate assets, concealment and breach of trust.

More recently, in September 2012, he was arrested in the Ivory Coast and imprisoned in Togo where he was facing charges of fraud. He was finally released a little less than six months after his arrest for health reasons. Link{fr}

When this whole thing eventually blows up à la Gaspésia, (a failed PQ pulp and paper project that cost taxpayers $300 million) the PQ will have long benefited from the short lived electoral bump.

Quebec taxpayers deserve what they get when they close their eyes to reality and accept on faith ridiculous projects like electric wind-farms and co-generation boondoggles.

Anticosti will actually be nothing more than a $100 million waste of time and money, but well worth the expense to the PQ if it sells the idea to Quebecers that the separatists are serious about creating wealth through resource development.

An expert illusionist, Pauline Marois, craftily exploits self-delusional separatists, willing to believe any fantasy as long it holds the faint promise of independence.

And so it seems that it we are living through another Groundhog Day in Quebec, where waking up to the same failed plans of yesterday is repeated over and over again.

I only wish we can cope as well as Bill Murray.


  1. Small correction: You write that Canada has a $600 billion deficit. I believe what you mean is a $600 billion debt.

  2. The important thing about this "investment" is it will also finance the coming election for the PQ.

    Contraction in Montreal is 30% more expensive then Toronto. Construction up North is 30% more expensive then Montreal (Think Labour peace bribes).

    So in reality Pauline is putting in all the money with a catchers mitt on the other side.

    The PQ has no means of financing the party. They don;t care if whatever they concoct now comes up in 5 years as illegal fundraising schemes.

    It won;t matter. Nobody will be held accountable even when it's discovered.

    Charbonneau is yet more proof of this.

    A boondoggle project is the best place skim off money for a coming election.

    People involved arn;t going to blow the whistle. Editor has them pegged as con artists. Happy to slide some back handed money to the PQ.

    Everybody involved will be a FTQ member.

  3. Let’s see if I can summarize this:

    In other words, while Quebec is part of the Confederation, the PQ believes that resource exploitation is bad because it’s bad for the environment (the Asbestos mine notwithstanding).

    But they need to pretend that they want to tackle Quebec’s enormous deficit by pointing to phony resource exploitation in an area that has already been rejected by the oil industry, in which case gambling on this “lottery ticket” is good.

    But it’s still bad, because it would cost triple to extract than what’s actually there.

    But should Quebec ever become independent, then attempts at wealth creation via resource exploitation suddenly become good again, because of Quebec’s impossible budgetary and debt obligations (plus it wouldn’t have to share, like Alberta has been doing).

    But it’s still bad because of the environment, regardless of what’s there.

    Unless we separate, and then everything’s good.

    Whatever produces a short-term electoral bump, just like the way the PQ suckered the franco students in 2012.

    So, no. But, yes.

    Perhaps someone else can summarize it more succinctly than that.


      Done and done. Contradictory conditional justifications are the only way any of that thinking makes sense. It's the same way some believe that French is the majority so everyone should be coerced speak it, while at the same time is a minority and should be protected.

    2. @r.s

      "Perhaps someone else can summarize it more succinctly than that."

      of course: bad faith. years of bashing for not doing it. now that they do it, bashing again. comical.

    3. R.S.: I'd say you stated the case very eloquently under the circumstances. Most people forget that the first iteration of the PQ supported Quebecair even though it too, like most of what the PQ invests in, was a money pit. What came first was "national" pride. If I recall correctly, the Sidbec steel foundary and its interests were all duds.

      One of the government's big slogans in the 1960s was "Kaybec knows how!" fThe other provinces as well as Ottawa (which pay into Quebec to the tune of about $15 billion a year) lately have been carping that the only way out for Quebec to become a 'have' province is to exploit its natural resources rom Québec sais faire! Indeed, Québec knows throw money down a black hole...time after time after time after time...

      "The other provinces as well as Ottawa (which pay into Quebec to the tune of about $15 billion a year) lately have been carping that the only way out for Quebec to become a 'have' province is to exploit its natural resources..."

      Yeah, sure, and every time Quebec gets its hands in the pie, they find some way to kill it. Everything political in Quebec is done for aesthetic and cosmetic positioning rather than for the collective good. Québec sais faire!

      Quebec works like the third generation of most successful family businesses, where the founder starts the business, the second generation (50% of the time) successfully builds the business and the third generation (90% of the time) takes the empire and runs it into the ground. The Pascal family member who was handed the hardware empire in Quebec assumed his role like that 90% who fail, and killed the business. He died last week. Having worked for Pascal's in its heyday, the mid-70s part-time to help pay for my college costs, I saw the company at its very best and fifteen years later saw its demise.

      He likely would have done better in politics. He was a sweet talker. There were over 150 e-mailed notices of condolence canonizing the guy (non-employees), and I saw why in the one time I met him as an employee I came to understand why. The second you weren't looking he stabbed you in the back and he stole from his employees all the while keeping a smile on his face and sweet talking. He gets no accolades from me.

      The Steinberg grocery empire was another family business killed by the third generation due to family infighting, but I won't elaborate anymore because my point has been made.

      No doubt anything La Marois touches will turn to rust.

      I think we better sever the gangrene called Quebec before it kills the rest of us.

    4. By AnecTOTE

      Both of you (R.S. And thatguy) have made excellent points, "condradictory conditional justifications" indeed!

      Anything Canada does to generate wealth is vilified by quebec, even if it means that those same actions feed quebec bellies, and naturally when they PQ propose the same thing, in this instance frakking..they put their own spin to it and justify it...I wonder if they think people are so dumb they don't realize this.

      I don't believe that the PQ ever really meant to present a budget, they probably planned on riding the charter-wave right to an election until mother-in-law Parizeau interfered endorsing the weighty HEC report, (now it's one of their own telling them they are in dire poopoo), so the PQ had no choice but to address the concern, otherwise it would be pretty much waved off like everything else that comes from non-Franco's and non pure-laines. Her back to the wall, popo announces they will table a budget but it won't be a balanced one this year=bad news. In almost the same breath, PQ reveals the of Anticosti, potential, pie-in-the-sky-billions, frakking untapped natural resources=good news. I doubt she ever meant to come out with plans for Anticosti now...but Parizeau pretty much torpedoed that plan. It was interesting to observe popo's demeanor when she announced the whole budget could tell it was something decided at the last minute and she was slightly anxious and obviously unprepared, certainly not her phony jovial smiley self for media moments as she's been in the past; goes to show you their UTTER ineptness at running the government, which apparently they do by the seat of their pants.

    5. @student
      There are easier natural resources to gather and sell, but the PQ wants no part of it because it was planned by someone else.

      The idea that Quebec has to experiment with a new technological process (propane fracking) in order to drill for oil should be a warning.


    6. @kevin

      so you are against oil exploration on anticosti? you have environmental concerns about this project right?

    7. Mr. Sauga -

      "The Steinberg grocery empire was another family business killed by the third generation due to family infighting, but I won't elaborate anymore because my point has been made."

      It's worth pointing out Steinberg's had a chance at being saved at that point, but like all things in this province, it was given the kiss of death by the provincial Quebec government. The Ontario based Loblaws chain attempted to purchase Steinberg's (and likely would have saved it!) but the Quebec government stepped in, on a nationalist agenda, and actually blocked the sale from happening. That's right, under no circumstances could a non-Quebecois person or company own a Quebec company! Instead the Quebec company Socanav was handed the deal, who had zero experience with retail, and promptly ran Steinberg's into the ground.

      And I believe it was the Liberal government at that time! As I've always said, whether we have the PQ or PLQ, they both take turns destroying this province with their nationalist agenda.

    8. @student
      I am against very expensive, very experimental procedures being used to pull the wool over the eyes of the electorate when cost-effective measures are being ignored because they were proposed by somebody else.


    9. @kevin

      you are cryptic. what cost-effective measures are ignored because they were proposed by somebody else?!?

  4. On somewhat of a side topic, it seems our "hopeful-for-change" new Montreal mayor isn't all he's cut up to be.
    Mayor Coderre has just approved the demolition of the historic Red Path mansion, built-in 1886. There's been a battle to preserve it for the past 28 years, but like any other short sighted Montreal mayor of the past, he's all to eager to erase another piece of English Montreal's history. And for what else...another condo project.

    Hah, and as someone in the Gazette's comment section aptly pointed out, the PQ certainly won't step in the save any piece of heritage or history that was done in a Queen Anne-style architecture. Sad and pathetic.

    1. The Sochaczevski brothers purposefully started demolishing the Redpath mansion (of Redpath Sugar fame) without permission in 1986. Even though it was quickly blocked, ever since the building has been left open to the elements, once again allowing Montreal’s tradition of demolition by neglect to continue (e.g. York Cinema, Seville Cinema, …)

      The most egregious example of this wanton disregard for Montreal’s architectural history was when billionaire tycoon David Azrieli was determined and somehow obtained Jean Drapeau’s permission to demolish the exquisite Van Horne mansion that was located on the northeast corner of Sherbrooke and Stanley (purportedly because it was not part of “Quebec’s heritage”, being an Anglo-Canadian rather than a Franco-Canadian property). He had it bulldozed in the middle of the night in 1973 in order to build a non-descript tower block. The generic office building that he built on the site is now the bland Sofitel Hotel, which could have been built anyplace else other than that historic space. This shocking demolition was the impetus behind the creation of Heritage Montreal, which has been devoted to protecting Montreal’s heritage from further demolition ever since.

    2. @apple iigs

      the anglophone sochaczevski brothers want to demolish their own house, but it's the francophone mayor's fault if they do in your humble opinion. tell me what other choice did coderre have, seeing the present state of the building apple iigs?

      you don't leave me any options mate. you just indulged in gratuitous francophone bashing. don't do it anymore please.

    3. @student
      Sigh. typical overreaction. Dude complains about the mayor and you extend this to all francophones.
      Do tell, where in the Anglosphere does a name like Sochaczevski come from?



    5. R.S - That upsetting part is the Red Path mansion's exterior is more intact than I imagined, certainly to the point it could be restored. Of course brown envelopes filled with cash, as well as underhanded politics, supersede any common sense in this city when it comes to preservation of its history. One unique aspect Montreal has over most other cities is all the historical architecture and buildings that are in some cases centuries old. Only people of ignorance cannot see the value and worth of that and would so causally destroy it That exemplifies Quebec though, on an all out do-or-die mission to erase any links to other people and cultures that once existed in this province.

      I can cite countless examples of demolition of by neglect or outright criminal action. How about the 117 year old Franciscan church on Rene Levesque Blvd that was "accidentally" burned down by developers so condos could be built in its place?

      Or the 100 year old Queen's Hotel on Peel street (near the Bell Forum) that was torn down in 1988, only to replace it with an empty lot?

      Even as we speak, there's the Snowdon theater that has been recently abandoned and left to rot with a leaking roof, with no care about the beautiful art-deco interior. Or the Egyptian themed Empress Theater in NDG (many remember it as Cinema V) that has been abandoned for the past 22 years, also headed towards demolition by neglect. The City of Montreal owns both of these historic theaters incidentally.

      Eaton's 9th floor restaurant is also slowly rotting away. They've demolished parts of the restaurant, while the rest is rapidly deteriorating due to a lack of heating or maintenance. Meanwhile, the vintage Eaton's restaurant in Toronto was restored and re-opened to the public. The Montreal one will rot until some developer comes along and turns it into more vacant office space.

      Even old Montreal hasn't been spared, I've seen buildings lost or currently endangered there too. Plus original cobblestone streets have been paved over or replaced with modern brick. Just another unique aspect of Montreal fading away while this province sinks lower and lower into despair....

    6. @kevin

      i didn't extend to all fancophones at all. you seam to have reading comprehension issues mate.

      you seem to think that apple iigs had not any malicious intent against a francophone with his rant. tell me then how could he forget to blame the actual owner of the mansion for this sad outcome? as if it was the mayor's idea to use the lot for a modern building. and as if it was him that let it decay for decades in order to put coderre, or whoever would be in office, in a situation in which he had no choice but to grant a permit to demolish something that's already a ruin.

    7. @Apple

      Well if they're tearing down the Red Path mansion, I am wondering how long before they take a wrecking ball to this decrepit thing, (see link below), a "Lafontaine" lived there. Surely they'll find a way to keep it, even though it is a crumbling disaster, ugly, and should be torn down ASAP. The story was published 3yrs ago and still no one has touched it.

    8. @speak truth to power

      "...even though it is a crumbling disaster, ugly, and should be torn down ASAP."

      you don't like neo-classical architecture mate?

      and what about the redpath house, should it be torn down in your humble opinion?

    9. @apple iigs

      "Of course brown envelopes filled with cash, as well as underhanded politics, supersede any common sense..."

      you might have point here. federalist politician have a long history of corruption. you need to put alain gravel or another fine journalist on this.

    10. Speak Truth to Power -

      I've been following the Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine mansion story too, certainly another demolition by neglect site. A few years ago, much like the Seville theater, the interior was completely gutted for some project that never happened, leaving just a shell more or less. It has quite some historical significance with regards to Canada as a country. It was the home of the first (pre-confederation) prime minster, when Montreal was the country capital with its own parliament buildings (subsequently burned down by rioting Montrealers, I think Lafontaine's mansion was ransacked at the same time).

      Anywhere else in Canada, or the United States, this centuries old mansion would have been preserved and restored. Likely made into a museum or such. In Quebec....nope....gut it, vandalize it and leave it exposed to the elements so it can crumble and rot away. Then allow a condo developer to step in and tear it down. Last I heard, that is precisely what is planned, the entire lot it stands on was sold to a condo developer who already has plans underway to build on that site. Not sure if they plan to preserve part of the building or just tear it down, but based on what I've been seeing in Montreal, likely it'll be the latter.

      Really turns my stomach, these are extremely rare examples of architecture from long ago eras. Not to mention the history associated with some of these buildings alone make them worthwhile saving. And what do they replace it with, cookie-cutter condos. Modern hideously ugly boxes. They're just stripping away Montreal's character bit by bit....

    11. @student
      You brought up the anglo/franco bashing.


    12. Quebec’s minister of culture issued a stop order Tuesday on demolition work being carried out at the home. News of the order came as a mechanical digger was on site, preparing to tear down the mansion.

      Culture Minister Maka Kotto’s intervention means there won’t be any work done to the house for the next 30 days as the Quebec government decides what’s to be done with the decaying Redpath mansion.

    13. @kevin

      no it's apple iigs who brought it up. maybe you had not read his comment? here's where it happens: "...he's all to eager to erase another piece of English Montreal's history."

    14. Apple IIGS:

      Speaking of the Queen’s Hotel that was located on the corner of Peel and St. James Streets, you can find pictures of the demolition of its annex that was opposite Windsor Station here:

      I remember that the city used as justification for its demolition that it was in imminent danger of collapse. And yet, it took the wrecking ball 3 days to knock down its very solid walls.

      Here are some photos of the original hotel:

      and what we are now treated with instead:

    15. Since I moved to Toronto I've heard the refrain, "Montreal saves its old buildings, Toronto knocks them down," over and over but it's really a myth. The real difference is in scale - until the 1970s Montreal was a much bigger city than Toronto and much older - so it had a lot more older buildings to preserve. Montreal also knocked down plenty of old buildings. When the economy was good....

      And really, Student, still with the "mate?" It sounds like you don't know the difference between cultures, but that can't be, can it?

      - Jay

  5. Québec dans le rouge - Le film

  6. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTMonday, February 17, 2014 at 7:04:00 AM EST

    "Quebec is living beyond its means, unable to generate enough funds to balance its budget."

    No shit!
    Like $7 daycare makes fiscal sense....
    Only in the wet dreams of socialists does it make any sense as there are money trees everywhere in quebekistan.
    I wish quebec would separate tomorrow, but seppies have no balls.
    Too snowy to ski;(

    1. The $7 a day daycare is one of the few (perhaps the only) PQ initiated plan that DOES make sense.
      It's been shown over and over (during the Charest years no less) that every buck put into daycare gives the province $1.50.

      You can go other places where daycare costs $30 to $50 a day, and you'll see the huge burden that puts on families. In our famously have-not province there's no way we can afford that.

      So yeah, find some other program to dump on. Publicly-funded daycare makes sense.


    2. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTMonday, February 17, 2014 at 9:16:00 AM EST

      ... And where is your reference to that?

    3. It really does not matter what the average Joe says…government is NOT listening and has not listened for decades, in Kebec and Ottawa…the province is broke, the rest of the country bails it out yearly through forced equalization payments, grants, subsidies and all sorts of other scams…funnelling our money from Ottawa into Kebec and other french communities across Canada for 5 decades now…go check, it’s a fact.

      Kebec – a few of the scams that are subsidized by the other provinces - $7 a day daycare, tuition fees unfairly the lowest in the country, hydro rates 40% lower then the other provinces, heavily subsided and unfair dairy industry, the phony bilingual - code for French only government jobs in Kebec where they have 100% of government jobs and are grossly over represented in all government jobs, police, health care outside Kebec, all in the name of this phony bilingual scam forced upon the county by Trudeau and his corrupt scum from Kebec.

      People really have no idea what is truly going on in this country. The clips below prove this very well, and only deal with the facts.

      They have Quebec and are spreading this french only BS all over Canada...the clips below prove the point well.

      These people are the most racist, bigoted, corrupt, xenophobic people in all of North America. If the world only knew what was going on in Canada, what the “French” (metis) were really up to…along with the racist anti-English language laws in Quebec a la bills 22, 178, 101…they have bragged about taking all of Canada and everything seems to be going as planned…”first Quebec, then the rest of the country…one step at a time…” PET, “how to take over a country through bilingualism…” SD

      If you only knew how bad things really were…the video clips below expose some of the scams…

      Enjoy the latest videos exposing this bilingual (French only) scam…and if care please pass it on.

      This is not an isolated issue, it goes on all over Quebec and even outside Quebec when dealing with the french...its much worse then government or the mainstream media let on.

      These bigots are all over the country folks…you think its bad in Quebec (bills 22, 178, 101…) …mmm, enjoy the latest video below (click it back to the start when it opens) and spread the word…people really have no idea what these bigots are really up to...

      “French power” folks, this is the term brought to Ottawa by Trudeau and his gang from Kebec, Marchand, Pelletier and the rest. They bragged about it and did it and are still doing it...

      “My roll as Secretary of State of Canada is first and foremost to ensure that my French compatriots in Canada feel with deep conviction, as I do, that this is their country and that it reflects their image”. “I too had some difficult years as a politician; I’m still having them, in fact, because everything we undertake and everything we are doing to make Canada a French state is part of a venture I have shared for many years with a number of people”. “You know the idea, the challenge, the ambition of making Canada a French country both inside and outside Quebec — an idea some people consider a bit crazy, is something a little beyond the ordinary imagination”. – Serge Joyal, Secretary of State – Page 2 ‘ENOUGH’ by J.V. Andrew. – Serge Joyal – Now in the Senate..

    4. Sorry Kevin but there's that pesky problem again - not in my backyard. I paid $40.00 a week to have my son looked after and that was 40 years ago! I think if they have a program like $7.00 a day for day care it should be based on how much people earn not just because it's there! As a grandparent I don't see why I have to keep paying for everyone else's children while the parents are collecting $200 grand a year to work. Doesn't make sense to me and I feel that money should be put towards educating the kids and towards hospital.

      By the way, why is it that the separatists cannot find anybody that is honest to do work in this province? I've never seen anything like it and they don't even have the decency to be embarrassed about hiring these crooks. It is just so ingrained in this "culture" that it's accepted without a second thought. What the hell is the matter with these people?

    5. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTMonday, February 17, 2014 at 9:47:00 AM EST

      "By the way, why is it that the separatists cannot find anybody that is honest to do work in this province?"

      Ask S.R. However I suspect he wouldn't know what the word honest actually means.
      I really hope that quebec will separate as it will be fun to see that dump implode. quebekistan = Haiti north

    6. To my esteemed contributor from the Commonwealth of Kentucky 's capitol : They don't need the balls to separate, they get $15 billion more out of the country than they put in. Their deal can't get better than it is right now!

      They're not fools....we are for allowing this to go on and on and on and on and on...! Vote for Jr. or Mulcair and the problem will get even worse.

    7. Thats true, PM Harper is not doing what i wound like, but Trudeau and Mulcair would be worse, much worse...more greed, debt, more money sent to Quebec, bigger government...the country is in deep, deep trouble...

    8. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTMonday, February 17, 2014 at 11:37:00 AM EST

      I write Frankfurt in french= Frankfort. The German city, where I work.
      Never been to kentucky.

    9. "Never been to kentucky."

      Mais souvent au KFC

    10. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTMonday, February 17, 2014 at 2:56:00 PM EST

      @ UofM
      The guy - S.R. - is a stupid separatist. The guy is such a loser that he bases is anti-anglo bias on stereotypes. The clown has no experience of out of quebec travels and resents a.nything that is not French.
      One thing that S.R. cannot hide is the fact that he is probably 16yo. Or at least has the IQ of a teenager.

      "Mais souvent au KFC" is the latest, after labelling ALL anglos as donut eaters. A little and insignificant human being; a Pineault-Caron style quebecker ;)

    11. @un gars bs de frankfort

      here is more info for you about the profitability of 7$ daycare.

      yes, what you had thought up to now about this program is shit. i'm sorry.

    12. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, February 18, 2014 at 6:37:00 AM EST

      Rubbish Taliban boy.
      If a daycare costs $40 per kid to run and pay for its operation daily, do the math, stupid. You are running a deficit.
      You are economically unviable. Economics 101 here.
      quebec's economy is dead. Most of jobs created were by the government intervention, indicative of failure. Where are all those private investments? Not in quebec, my Marxist friend.
      No wonder quebekistan is bankrupted. All quebec left leaning pro-union morons live in denial. Once quebec will implode it will prove me right.

    13. @un gars bs de frankfort

      "If a daycare costs $40 per kid to run and pay for its operation daily, do the math, stupid. You are running a deficit."

      you forgot to factor in taxes paid by the mother who went back to work thanks to this program.

      it appears you haven't understood the article mate. there's nothing more i can do for you. so sorry.

    14. UNGARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, February 18, 2014 at 8:46:00 AM EST

      "it appears you haven't understood the article mate. there's nothing more i can do for you. so sorry."

      Do not feel sorry for me. When the private sector creates 0 JOBS in quebec and the government is the main job creator that is just alarming, mate. I feel sorry for folks like you. Good luck in queerbec.
      Anybody else has Greece in mind when you think of quebec?

    15. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, February 18, 2014 at 8:49:00 AM EST

      "you forgot to factor in taxes paid by the mother who went back to work thanks to this program"


      Are telling me that the mom can't go to work because of $40? They must all work at Wal-Mart then....I would also add that at least she wont pay into those nasty union dues if that would be the case;)

    16. @CUTIE
      You're either daft or willfully ignorant. Both are bad qualities in anyone.

      By your logic non-parents should not pay school taxes, the have provinces should not help out have-not provinces, and you shouldn't get healthcare because your grandparents didn't get it.

      " Doesn't make sense to me and I feel that money should be put towards educating the kids "
      DUH. What the hell do you think the system was created for in the first place? You seem to think that CPEs are a place for children to sit on the floor en masse and do nothing, when they are actually learning plenty of skills.
      I have seen the difference with my own children and their classmates. In kindergarten and grade 1, you can walk into any classroom and within half an hour pick out the kids who went to a CPE and the kids who were stay-at-homes.

      AAAND since when do people earn $200,000 in Quebec? The average median family income in Quebec is under $70,000.
      Sure, you hear stories about rich people with kids in daycare but you know what? THEY'RE JUST STORIES THAT AREN'T REAL.
      Seriously, I have $200,000 I'm going to HIRE A NANNY.


    17. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, February 18, 2014 at 9:25:00 AM EST


      "Seriously, I have $200,000 I'm going to HIRE A NANNY."

      Nope. If you earned that much in quebec, you are the enemy. You are the problem and you should pay way more taxes.


      BTW $70 000 for a family income is indicative that quebec is in trouble. That is shit money.

    18. Hey Kevin - I paid for my child to go to daycare when he was young and also worked and paid taxes. I do not see why daycare is not based on what people earn - that is not ignorant; it's common sense. It costs a hell of a lot more to look after a child than $7.00/day everywhere else except Quebec and again part of the reason we are a have-not province. It is not fair to the ROC to have to subsidize our welfare system. There are plenty of couples that are working, not making that much money, so fine for them to have their kids looked after for free but what about the people that choose not to have kids? Why should they have to pay to babysit your kids? This is one of the huge reasons why this province is in economic trouble - again; not in my backyard. And by the way, it would be fairer then not to have to pay school taxes once our kids graduate but then I'm not a socialist bum and realize that I should help pay to educate the younger generation. Day care is a different story and should be based on family income - we have to stop this welfare style thinking and "special" status in this province. There are lots of ladies that go to the SPA and drop their kids off to get a break - why should they be allowed to do that? You made the choice to have the kids; support them or don't have them. Simple.

    19. And the $200,000 was a rhetorical figure not a real one for heaven's sake.

    20. @cutie003

      right so what is the real figure then if it's not $200000? and why didn't you use it in your rant? odd to me that you choose bullshit figures. isn't it a sure way to maintain low quality comments cutie003? you like it that way, maybe?

    21. @cutie
      I'll tell you again why you're paying for daycare - because those kids are going to be paying your medical bills when you're in hospital and costing the system tens of thousands of dollars in your final days.

      The rest of your argument is standard logic-lacking nonsense.

      @Un gars
      Median family income is under $70,000 is most provinces.


  7. Pauline Marois écrase Philippe Couillard!/


    1. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsMonday, February 17, 2014 at 9:24:00 AM EST

      The separatists are going to suffer a very nasty hangover, and I hope they're enjoying OP-ED pieces such as the one posted above (well, I guess they are already, aren't they?)

      Personally, I feel we're due for a new poll. Yesterday, I posted that given everything that Marois' government has been through over the past week, she's in for the big dip.

      1. The budget has already been badgered by both opposition parties
      2. Environmentally conscious separatists are beginning to side with QS
      3. The opposition refuses to let go of the PQ's proven ties to corruption
      4. The public is already losing trust in a party that is trying in vain to avoid putting out a budget

      So with all that said...can some of the major papers please commission a poll?

    2. @anonymous buster of shit arguments

      "I feel we're due for a new poll."
      "can some of the major papers please commission a poll?"

      dude you rely too much on polls. you shouldn't need them to make up your mind. sheep mentality is it?

    3. One's been done. The uneducated rural people (CROP's words, not mine) are lining up behind Pauline Marois.

      Why? Because Couillard lacks the couilles to lead.


    4. "Why? Because Couillard lacks the couilles to lead."

      Pas de couille,pas d'idées,pas de flair...Un vrai "liberal".

  8. Pauline Marois démolit Pauline Marois :

    Hehe! :)

  9. 2014 sera-t-elle une année record au Québec pour l'exode des anglos?


    2. Entre 1945 et 1973 l'Occident a connu ce qui a été appelé les Trente Glorieuses, soit les 30 glorieuses années où il y a eu forte croissance économique. Le Québec a en plus connu les Vingt Merveilleuses, soit les 20 merveilleuses années entre 1966 et 1986 où plus de 220 000 "anglos" ont quitté le Québec.

      Un autre exode étant enclenché, il faudrait cette fois s'assurer de mettre sur pied un programme gouvernemental d'incitation au départ pour les moins riches et les moins intelligents parmi nos "anglos". De sorte de ne pas rester pris avec les moins bons comme maintenant.

    3. Seulement 220 000 ?

      Je crois qu'avec un peu d'imagination,on peut faire beaucoup mieux.

    4. By AnecTOTE

      The better question is how does Canada (including Montreal city-state) get rid of blood sucking, economy-draining, heinous deadbeats like you seppies?...Who have become a chronically bad ass rash that anyone would be only too to lose.

      Anyone? All suggestions welcome, lol.

    5. *....only to happy to lose...

    6. "un programme gouvernemental d'incitation au départ pour les moins riches et les moins intelligents"

      Le concept est excellent mais pour êre honnête,l'idée n'est pas nouvelle,c'est à dire de développer une expertise en ce qui a trait au tri des bons (Bien intégrés) et des mauvais anglos (éléments indésirables).Une chose est certaine,ce blogue constituerait un excellent lieu (parmi beaucoup d'autres) pour faire la promotion d'un tel programme.

    7. Rather than hundreds of thousands of people escaping from Quebec it's much easier to change one line on a map.

    8. partition will happen

    9. If the PQ win a majority and hold yet another referendum, we change the lines of the border - when we shake these bums loose, these areas will start to thrive yet again. Let those areas that vote Yes leave Canada - send them on their way - it's past time and they want to live alone, let's let them. Just think, we would never had to deal with them again! What a relief that would be! On with partition!

    10. Cutie -- The only issue with partition is civil unrest and violence would likely result. To separatists, Quebec's borders, as they exists now, are untouchable. Look at what went on in the streets in Montreal over a trival price hike (of a few dollars!) for student tuition fees, can you imagine what might happen if parts of Montreal declared themselves independent from Quebec? Plus there are armed and trained nut groups out there, like the Milice Patriotique Quebecoise or old fragments of the FLQ.

      There's also the native population, I don't think they'd be too happy about a suddenly independent Quebec stealing their land.

    11. Remember the Oka Crisis and the Mercier Bridge blockade? An SQ officer was killed in the gunfight at Oka. Do the seppies really think they can screw with the natives? An independent Quebec will not be able to call in the RCMP or the Canadian Army to battle the natives.

    12. @apple iigs

      "The only issue with partition is civil unrest and violence would likely result."

      but haven't you noticed apple iigs that some people like cebeuq, sylvain raciste, cutie003 and un gars bs de frankfort are rooting for violence? they would like to see this happen. it's their prefered scenario. i know it's crazy and you wouldn't imagine this kind of mindset still exists in canada in 2014, but it does. why do you think certain people like the above mentioned long for civil unrest? how come some people don't see violence, like you and me do, as something to steer away from? can someone be so fanatic as to choose to send her sons to be killed rather than move away ten kilometers or even better participate in the making of a new country? i'd like your opinion apple iigs. please avoid usual crap.

    13. @theo

      the mohawks are not canadian nationalists. they are mohawk nationalists. they'll be happier in whichever jurisdiction that grants them with the most autonomy and respect. and it could well be independant quebec, why not? same goes for all other native nations.

    14. Total delusion. Natives have no interest whatsoever in the anglo-hating, freedom-limiting, diversity-rejecting dream project of the minority franco separatists.

    15. @r.s

      of course they don't. nobody does. such a project does not exist anyway. my point is they are no more canadians than quebeckers. they are mohawks and crees first. and chances are independant quebec can give them a better shot at remaining so. don't you think their status could be improved r.s? or do you think first nations have nothing to complain about their current deal with canada?

    16. "Chances are"...

    17. Oh sureeee. The Quebecois just love natives. Here is an example of them showing an outpouring of "respect" and "love" towards natives....

      Incidentally, these are the same people who support the Quebec Charter, and ready to give the PQ majority based on seeing it passed.

    18. Funny how not once has the student ever spoken up against his colleagues’ English-hating comments before.

      Credibility: zero.

    19. I realize that Apple but sorry, voting to steal my property, my rights and robbing me of a peaceful existence is exactly what they are trying to do and how do we stop them? What would you suggest? That we just let them steal everything we have worked all our lives for? They are the ones pushing for civil war not the federalists.

    20. Cutie -- I'm not saying we should hand over our property, our land, our businesses, our history and heritage to the separatist. Nor am I saying they have ANY right to it. They are no more the founders and creators of Quebec than we our. Hell, my own family roots go back probably over a hundred years in Quebec, I'm at least a fourth or fifth generation born Quebecer and I've lived here all my life.

      The problem is this bunch of racist, ignorant, self-centered, animistic-minded people have managed to hijack this province for the past 40 years, and brainwashed their own children and children before them into believing their same values of hatred. They've successfully destroyed all the beauty, peace and prosperity in this part of Canada, turning it from a wondrous place into a literal hell hole. It's not only their fault, it's the fault of the rest of Canada that allowed them to do this. What has happened here is unfortunately, irreversible, at least in our lifetimes.

      I'm glad some people will stay behind and make things miserable for these separatist bastards if and when they separate. I, on the other hand, just want to live my life in peace and harmony and not be constantly judged as a lesser person because who I was born and what my last name is. In my case I have little left invested in this family home was sold last year, my father has passed away, and so many of my friends and family have moved out of this province. What close family I have left in Quebec I can count on the fingers of one hand! I don't know where I'll end up, but any place is better than Quebec as it stands now.

      And certainly it's NOT easy to give up and leave, despite my constantly talking about it. I've been dragging my feet about leaving since the last referendum but at some point enough is enough. And if there's going to be violence, I don't want to stick around to be mixed up in it.

      Finally when I say violence, it won't come from both sides, just the separatist side. I don't see English militia groups with weapons. When I fight, I fight with words, thoughts and ideas....though that won't fare well against the separatists with knives, guns and bombs. If you think it can't happen here, think again.

    21. When they buy my property (and I don't care which side buys it) at fair market value to give me enough to start over again, I will be right behind you Apple and I understand totally where you're coming from. I too can do without this continuous harassment and anxiety; who can't? Meanwhile, I will not leave here with just the shirt on my back and I expect my federal government to protect me under another War Measures Act if necessary along with my fellow Canadians. We deserve that right and expect them to take action against the "separatist militia" if and when necessary. If they face the same knives, guns and bombs, in the face of military action from both the Canadian and US military, I'm sure they will be thinking twice as to how much damage they can do to us vs them. I don't want to see violence either but again, I will not let them rob me blind without putting up one hell of a fight as best I can. We can't keep bowing to this blackmail and intimidation without retaliation from the ROC - not without serious partition negotiations whereby Canadians are protected from these crazy militants. IMHO.

    22. "... they are mohawks and crees first..."

      Student, you do know that every Canadian is also something else first, right? Canada is a 21st century country, not a 19th century ideology. Just like every member of the EU also has a national and local affiliation but an EU passport.

      There's no future in separating people. We have to look for ways to unite people.

      - Jay

  10. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTMonday, February 17, 2014 at 10:27:00 AM EST

    Ta question devrait plutot etre celle-ci:
    "2014 sera-t-elle l'annee pour un referendum suivi de la souverrainete?"
    Bon, je crois que le temps est venu pour moi d'aller au village (encore) et d'aller trinquer un coup;)

  11. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsMonday, February 17, 2014 at 11:47:00 AM EST

    "C'est du moins ce que souhaite le ministre des Finances, Nicolas Marceau, qui évalue la possibilité de demander à M. Samson de devancer le dépôt de son rapport, pour éviter qu'il soit rendu public en même temps que sera publié son très attendu budget 2014-2015, le jeudi 20 février."

    I've long held that the sovereignist movement is too weak to succeed. This is further proof why.

    Goodbye to all separatists - game over.

  12. Québec: Zachary Richard dénonce la haine propagée par le Canada anglais

    Texte de Zachary Richard, écrit ce matin.
    Merci M. Richard au nom de tous les Québécois.

    Les "canadians" seraient racistes ? Mais non...

    1. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTMonday, February 17, 2014 at 2:49:00 PM EST

      De toute facon tu es 100X plus raciste, mon petit champon...

  13. In Sainte-Agathe, language ruling disrupts a tradition of harmony

    Certains anglos devront acquérir un minimum de savoir vivre dans la langue commune du Québec...Et oui,même à Ste-Agathe :)

    1. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTMonday, February 17, 2014 at 3:45:00 PM EST

      Pourquoi demandes-tu des services en francais au Canada mais refuses des service en anglais au quebec?
      Ne vois-tu pas que t'es un colon? Tu discredites le movement separatiste quebecois avec tes idiocies...
      Ca parait que t'es jamais sorti de ton petit trou quebekstanais le jeune.

    2. SR you are a lost dog even for seppies.

    3. "Pourquoi demandes-tu des services en francais au Canada"

      Disponible pour les services gouvernementaux (fed) seulement...Aucune municipalité n'offre de sevices en français,surtout pour un groupe de francophones qui représenterait 5 % de sa population...Comme c'est le cas à Sainte-Agathe.

    4. By AnecTOTE


      You are far too harsh on s.r., after all he has promised to donate his body to science once the good lord has seen fit too take they can study the human garbage brain and perhaps better perfect genetics. No small thing after all...who can brag about being more useful pushing daisies than when they were alive.

    5. @Burkini girl

      À tout hasard :)

      Prostitution: Ottawa consulte la population sur une nouvelle loi

    6. By AnecTOTE

      I'm sure your mother and sister will be happy to hear about that..won't they..considering? At least they make a living..any way they can..which is better than you ...who just lies around all day trolling and collecting BS checks.
      Are you too ugly for prostitution? Lol

    7. What a dingleberry… being proud of disrupting a tradition of harmony in Quebec.

      Then they wonder why they can’t attract anyone else to their hateful project.


    1. Of course they can WASTE 20M on their B.S Instead of giving it to help fight cancer at JGH. Oh wait why don't they cut OQLF and SSJB funding and give that to education IE scholarships / Health...Or better yet start taxing the WELFARE you know 2% of their income 1% to health 1% to education...the 40% of quebecois that DON'T pay any provincial taxes, if they they don't work then they SHOULD pay taxes and contribute to society. Socialist scumbags!!

    2. @anonymous

      "Or better yet start taxing the WELFARE you know 2% of their income..."

      you'd have the poorest class fork up to compensate for top brass waste? that's original. not very intelligent, but original.

    3. So let me guess , Student .lets AGAIN screw the middle class its time the 40% start paying their share 2nd an 3rd generation BS and PQ supporters. I HAVE NO PITY for BS people you want to eat you work ...plain and simple they have theses things called placement agencies maybe people should start to use them! get some pride work for a living instead of being a parasite to society!

    4. @anonymous

      "Student .lets AGAIN screw the middle class..."

      no, i think the best is to screw nobody. and the worst would be to cut subsistance money to the poorest, like you suggest. it's dumbfounding to read such shit in 2014. please turn your energy against the real scammers like prime minister paul martin who had his ships registered in panama to avoid canadian taxman.

    5. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsTuesday, February 18, 2014 at 8:52:00 AM EST


      You'll go nowhere with Student, because she's going nowhere in life. Your proof is in the fact that she call your statement that one should work in order to eat as "dumbfounding shit".

      That the very problem with these seps. It's part of their genetic code to do as little as humanly possible and to live on handouts.

      Laziness is a symbol of pride to them and you can be sure that if Homer Simpson were Quebecois, it's his face you'd see on their new flag.

      But here's the thing - the Quebecois have had enough and are fed-up with working their asses off to subsidize lazy students with entitlement mindsets and hopeless-dreamer separatists. The proof was in the last election, where despite all the hatred towards Charest, the PQ barely eeked out a win.

      Once that joke of a budget comes out in two days... :-)

    6. "It's part of their genetic code"

      Hitler serait fier de vous burkini gal :)

    7. It doesn't sound like this toxic government genuinely believes in secularism.

    8. @r.s

      what makes you think current government doesn't believe in state secularsim mate? it's obvious you're running on bad data. i'll help you if you give a little more.

    9. @student
      The PQ? believe in state secularism?
      I mean, you could look at the fact they were shamed into renaming their Charter of Secularism the Charter of Values.
      Or you could look at their refusal to remove the crucifix from the National Assembly.
      Or you could look at their continued refusal to remove anything catholic "because it's Quebec's heritage".

      Seriously, it's impossible to look at the PQ and believe they actually believe in secularism. (because if they did, they'd lose 90% of their support for their Charter right then and there).


  15. Pétrolia can drill inside Gaspé city limits: Quebec Superior Court

    Pétrolia et la ville de Gaspé : Trouvez l'erreur!

  16. Did You Know?

    Quebec imports around 155,000,000 barrels of crude oil a year.
    At the current price of oil imported by Quebec, oil imports account for a sum greater than that of the Quebec sales tax.
    Our imports represent a sum of nearly $30,000 per minute or $15,768,000,000 a year.
    Quebec’s oil potential is mainly in eastern Quebec.
    The permits Pétrolia holds or has an interest in cover more than 70% of Quebec’s onshore petroleum potential.
    Oil exploration in Quebec began in 1836.

    1. facts? theo? wow. how does it feel mate?

    2. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, February 18, 2014 at 6:43:00 AM EST

      @STUDENT AKA Taliban BOY:

      Fuck you're stupid, mate.
      BTW quebec's next budget will likely not include austerity measures. This is key for quebec to implode. It is good;)

    3. @un gars bs de frankfort

      your last comment is an insult following by a judgement on something that did not happen yet. and you conclude by wishing the country where your parents live implode. all in less than three lines! fascinating.

    4. Ah student.
      Research: 0
      Analysis: 0
      Style: 0
      Total: 0
      Fail again.


    Time to tell it like it is only the seppies don't want to hear the truth.

    1. An interesting and well written op-ed:

  18. Sondage Crop: le PQ prend une confortable avance


    1. who was it that called for a poll several times just yesterday? whoever it was he should change name again.

  19. By AnecTOTE

    What an exceptionally well written piece, poignant and eloquent.

    We all concur that there needs to be a real discussion about how to fix things and make them better in this province, but we need a willingness to do so and who are we kidding? There is absolutely no intention exhibited by the powers-that-be to have this discourse to solve the REAL problems by including everyone. I think we need to admit there is a rampant decease that is so far gone that unless there is some dramatic and drastic intervention by external forces to stop this insidious sickness of exclusionary and discriminatory politics (for18 months now this government has been on an rampant irrational mission to spread intolerance, and fake phony charter hearing for the sake of lip service doesn't cut it since it's theatre and lip service more than anything else), the province doesn't stand a chance in hell of recuperating, economically especially,and I am quite serious.

    People need to start using the correct rhetoric to describe what is going on and for describing the crowd running the show currently. We need an intervention, OR we need an election NOW.

    1. Sondage express :

      Seriez-vous intéressée de participer à un nouveau programme d'incitation au départ vers votre vrai pays?

    2. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, February 18, 2014 at 8:19:00 AM EST

      Nice input, AnecTote.
      To survive, the PQ needs to divide & conquer for its yesteryears aspirations. It is highly likely that they are aware that sovereignty is not viable due to its present economic mess. Sadly it is the "little guy" that will pay dearely down the road for this orgy of nonsense. There was a poll recently that found that 50% of quebecois did not trust private corporations.I believe that this odd mentality is due to the successful brainwash over two generations of quebecois and that the Etrat providence has the answers to quebec society's needs.
      I should add, that despite of themselves, S.R., student and their likeminded quebecois citizens are victims of a psychological warfare waged against the average citizen. All rhetoric and no jobs. Who to blame? Well Ottawa of course. The solution? Separation. Of course!


    3. @ugBSdf

      Je vous suggère de n'utiliser que l'anglais à l'avenir,beaucoup plus compréhensible que votre langue maternelle.

    4. By AnecTOTE

      If there is really no room to have a discourse (I believe there isn't), then we need to disband the province, and that's in everyone's interest. Montreal becomes a city-state, independent of quebec and it can thrive again economically. Seppies can have the rest of the quebec territory to starve themselves to death, but on Montreal island, the bullsh*t will stop. We will create optimal conditions for Industry to come back and set up shop investing ITS money, no more subsidies or bribes by our provincial governments. The OQLF will have no jurisdiction here and Montreal keeps its bilingual status. We also do away with bill 101, we no longer need this on sovereign territory., the French Language is completely entrenched and well protected and well represented on Montreal island, there is room for everyone! We don't need language legislation hindering our economy any more and we don't need identity politics dividing us anymore. We, the Francophones, Anglophones and Allophones know exactly who we are as individuals and collectively, we do not need separatists defining us and with oppressive discriminatory laws.

      The real vision is in Montreal becoming a city-state. The roq will have its independence from Canada, Montreal will have its independence from quebec, this is the fairest compromise for all concerned and this should be the ONLY basis for holding a Referendum again. Mayor Codere should contact Quebec City and stipulate as much.

    5. "Seppies can have the rest of the quebec territory to starve themselves to death"

      Avec toutes les terres agricoles? ... Hmm

      "The OQLF will have no jurisdiction here and Montreal keeps its bilingual status."

      Aucun statut officiel et même si c'était le cas,sans loi linguistique notre ville deviendrait unilingue anglaise en moins de vingt ans.

      "Montreal becoming a city-state"

      Ça s'annonce très mal avec une bande d'empotés de votre espèce ;)

    6. "Mayor Codere"

      Vous ne connaissez même pas le nom de votre Maire ? Ha les canadians...

    7. By AnecTOTE

      "....notre ville...." ????

      Since when do you work here, live here and pay taxes here? This city belongs to those who in fact, live, work and pay taxes you out there in Sherbrooke have no say. As far as the French Language is concerned, your petty fears are unwarranted, and the buck stops here with trying to keep hiding behind it, using it as an excuse to get your way and oppress everyone. The Economy is in Ruin. Montreal is done with the roq's attempts at sabotaging it because of its cultural diversity, and how it always looks down on it with its white-catholic-only homogeneous noses. And we're done with your insidious jealousy and put-downs, you have no appreciation for how great Montreal is and how fantastic it will be again, once it wriggles free from your oppressive narrow mindedness. Francophones especially, who live in Montreal are self-confident and self-assured enough to trust themselves and trust the rest of Montrealers to preserve French. Enough with playing French Canadian insecurity card like it is a sport, we're going to run the show our way and with our rules.

      Montreal needs to be restructured for the bottom up like a company and in order to do that it has to get rid of dead wood seppies like you and your stifling mentality. All of it has to go. It's the bottom line.

      So all means, take your pot shots and ridicule it to your hearts content...we honesty don't give a crapppppp what you think.

      The Economy dictates and the Economy can no longer be ignored, all your expects say so. Get on board or get the

    8. Je sens que votre système nerveux commence à défaillir.

    9. By AnecTOTE

      I'd worry less about my nervous system..and more about what's worry about your own. Lol

    10. @speak truth to power

      so what is it that's coming in your humble opinion speak truth to power? or are you just randomly threatening as is commonplace from you and others like you?

  20. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, February 18, 2014 at 9:13:00 AM EST

    When I used to go vacationing in Mexico (Cancun & area) I could always inevitably hear the loud and obnoxious comments made by overweight quebecois wearing speedos all the while inebriated on the beaches and usually being rude I always wondered why they had to stand out in such a shameful way. Years later I have found my answer.

    1. Vous devriez changer de destinations :)

      Un peu d'éducation pour vous mon avaleur de saucisses bien arrosées:

      Canada's Obesity Rates At Historic High: Study

    2. @ UN GARS,

      The next time you accuse the Editor of running an intolerant, Quebec bashing blog and threaten to have it shutdown, you should re-read some of the nasty comments you have posted here during the last two days.

    3. Well p.9 at least he doesn't waste his vacation $ in quebec supporting the seppies. I shop in Ontario and Plattsburg/Burlington there they speak English love and love an economy .I live in quebec yes it's expensive and I speak English most of the time .... voting liberal or CAQ and voting NO in any PQ referendum ...PRICELESS!! suck it trolls!!! as Ghandi said the goverment may have my body , they'll never have my obedience!
      Another quick one for you here is the hierarchy of laws municipal ,provincial, Federal and International Law. Before you support the PQ BS,maybe you should look up United nations declaration of human rights and see how many articles the quebec "nation" as disregarded and ignored. I can function in 5 different languages 3 to 4 more than the PQ ministers.

    4. @Anonanus

      Pourquoi vous demeurez au Québec...Sans indiscrétion.Votre vie ne serait pas plus simple dans une province à la hauteur de vos attentes?

    5. I was Born here / I AM CANADIAN !!! an NO ONE will make me leave! I will remain here , I am an ANGLO and I call out BS when I see it proud of it ! Get used to it!

    6. Ha ok,,c'était juste une question comme ça.

    7. By AnecTOTE

      No no it's good people are finally..reacting....uncomfortable eh? Lol

    8. @Anonanus

      Ce n'est pas grave que vous restiez au Québec. L'important est que vos enfants partent. héhé!

    9. Guess what my kids are in the Canadian Military and I am proud of their service to MY country CANADA. So I have disdain and contempt for separatists! Same thing goes If I spend my money in US queen marois doesnt get the taxes nor does the quebec economy. let me ask you this YL are the Mohawk a nation? if so why don;t you sent them to the reservation to complain about their English signs? I will more than happy to send in a few complaints to the OQLF for a good laugh.or better yet complain about the casinos English machines once again look at what the marois regime ignores UN charter and then tell me you are great society! so you tell me then.......oh yeah again when is the p-cul gvt is going to recognize the Toronto Maple Leaves as a country , since they have "Leafs Nation" ONCE AGAIN A NO vote for the nation of quebec .

    10. By AnecTOTE


      No has to be a YES that we can shreddddd this province one little piece at a time...the natives will walk away with their piece...and Montreal city-state with theirs ....along with other areas...and seppies will be relegated to the disenfranchised areas...everybody wins!!!!

      Repeat it to everyone you know..Repeat, Repeat and Repeat it again. Can't wait to get (rubbing palms together).

    11. @STP can

      Il vous manque un élément important afin d'assouvir votre fantasme : Un parti politique...Just sayin.

    12. By AnecTOTE

      Ahhh sound worried (and tortured) smirk.....lolololololololololol

      You should be, we got better than a political party. Montreal city-state is a movement...just like the student protest was a movement..remember that? I think it brought down a government..right? Lol

      We don't need a political party and we don't want a political party just yet. We just want enough people believing it's possible and buying into won't be hard.

      Montreal city-state is going it's own way, with it.

      On the up side get what you bargained for! ......EXACTLY.. what you bargained for! Tahtahhh lol

  21. A new Canadian study found online trolling is a technological form of sadism. In other words, its practitioners just enjoy being mean on the Internet.

    Researchers from the University of Winnipeg and University of British Columbia had 1,215 people complete surveys about their online commenting style.

    Online trolls post comments or messages meant to start arguments or get an emotional reaction from others.

    "Trolling correlated positively with sadism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism," the study, titled Trolls just want to have fun, says.

    The same correlation didn't exist for users who liked other activities such as chatting or debating, and the strongest association was with trolling and sadism.

    "We found clear evidence that sadists tend to troll because they enjoy it," the researchers said.

    1. Interesting, but I disagree. I think they're congenital assholes who can't help themselves. How about it S.R., student etc., which heading do you fall under?

    2. By AnecTOTE

      student is a dumb mercenary....boring and harmless. Whenever she post anything, just use it against her, bring the conversation back to #FAIL quebec is. Results are twofold...she backs the and it's one more opportunity to discredit the 'quebec' brand, win win!

      s.r on the other hand believes in his misguided convictions. What keeps him here day in and day out is his unadulterated FEAR we might all be up to something. That's what keeps him up at night..just delish!

      Try it folks them all you want..but they do not post for you...nor should you post for for the world at large..shine a huge bright light on their dirty laundry ...that is what this is all about.

    3. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsWednesday, February 19, 2014 at 8:30:00 AM EST

      I can't help but agree with what the point of the Editor's choices happen to be.

      Like all the other right-minded contributors to this blog, I'd love nothing more than to see the trolls banned (and doing so with other web platforms is very easy), but the trolls do serve the purpose of being their own worst enemies.

      AnecTOTE, Cutie, Diogenes, Durham, Lord Dorchester, R.S, Theo, Apple and others all clearly have no love for the separatists. However, based on what I see in their posts, I could NEVER see them telling a separatist "I hope your children die in a violent car accident."

      However, we see that kind of foaming-at-the-mouth batshit crazy commentary from the likes of S.R on a regular basis. As cebeuq pointed out with the article he contributed on trolls, it shows us that this is really what's going through S.R's mind and how he really feels about his "opponents".

      Same goes for the likes of Y.L and his constant referring to "les autres" as a form of lowly vermin.

      These notions may make you gnash your teeth, but they expose the separatist mentality for what it is: pure, vile hatred of others who are not the same as your own.

    4. @ a BS arguments

      Vous accordez beaucoup trop d'importance aux trolls.

  22. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  23. Rencontre avec des femmes musulmanes qui soutiennent la charte des valeurs proposée par le gouvernement Marois.

    Elles se sentent libérées...Et ne s'appellent pas Pineault-Caron

  24. FROM ED

    My Grandson is a youth Social Worker. Last week I met the parents of one of his troubled charges. The Father is a scrap dealer who used hisl little truck to move a Fridge for me. He told me he never went to high school but made a fair living with his truck We got on the subject of welfare and the PQ. gvt. i asked him to Google in our blog. He said, "I don't want to hurt your feelings but Ive been there. I've never seen o much bullshit in my life. It's a competition with trolls to see who's smartest poster or trolls and the trolls win every time because they have no point to make and can say anything they want. How come nonwe of them can understandt that?" here's a scrap collector who never got to high school and he's smarter than all of you that are ruining Phil's blog. Ed

    1. There is one reason and one reason only why trolls are allowed to have the run of the blog here, and that reason is because this is exactly the way Phil wants his blog to be. Thus, they are not “ruining” it, according to him. It is working as intended.

      Phil has many options available to him to update this old-fashioned, beginner’s-level blog tool that he is using to something that is contemporary but he has already rejected all of those options. Thus, we are trapped in having to scroll up and down through tons of clutter (with replies often not even matched up to the comment they are replying to), having people post additional corrections since they can’t edit their own posts and having comments frequently eaten by Blogger when you try to post, resulting in double posts and more work for Phil.

      It is obvious that the Editor’s intention was to create a virtual Speaker’s Corner, modelled on the one in Hyde Park, London. Both of them have the result of attracting whackjobs and hecklers from far and wide, with precious little interesting debate actually occurring. If only the separatists knew that they are participating in a grand British tradition!

    2. @R.S.

      By AnecTOTE

      What debate do you want to have here R.S? Really..let's be honest. You expect to debate with people who are pretty much on your side? That's most contributors. Unfortunately we have illegitimate contributors as well who are allowed to post and post in bad faith. You are right, it is this way because Editor wants it so AND it is his blog. So make the best of it because the trolls aren't leaving anytime soon and do not post for our benefit, regardless of whether we reply or not...geesssss can we grasp that?

      Despicable comments are allowed to live here...who the hell says..."it's fine if you stay, as long as your children leave" to another human being. Who wishes THAT on another human being. It is the epitome of hate and contempt and these individuals must be exposed. And let's face it..the son of a bitch is just saying what most are thinking. So our job to expose these same. Debating is moot.

      I consider your contributions are invaluable but this can't be personal...please understand that. Now do what you want.

    3. @speak truth to power

      "You expect to debate with people who are pretty much on your side?"

      r.s likes a good ol' circle jerk. you have to respect that mate. let the dude indulge in his fantasies. it doesn't hurt you does it?

    4. Believe it or not, there was a time when there was some interesting debate here.

      At the top of very page, it says: “Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.” - Oscar Wilde.

      It seems that this is meant to invite uninhibited dialogue. The reality has been somewhat different.

    5. By AnecTOTE

      The Floor is yours my dear..change it up!

    6. For all of you Montrealers but especially AnecTOTE - Just picked up on FB:

      Notre Montreal is a group I just heard of on CTV news. Check them out. They are everything we are standing for and will be approaching Mayor Coderre; pro-bilingualism, pro-diversity, anti-charter, against separation. There is a collective movement to bring Montreal back to it's former glory.

    7. ", pro-diversity, anti-charter, against separation."

      Pas trop épuisant de ramer à contre-courant dans les rapides de la Bastican,dans une chaloupe et avec une seule rame ?
      Et vous voulez embarquer un obèse en plus?

    8. FROM ED
      R.S. You're right! it's up to EDITOR . People like Anectote, and Sylvaine are the real trolls but he's unable or uninterested in keeping them and others sensible. I feel it's time he made himself clear on this. If this is what he considers debate I want no part of it but it's time he makes clear his preference. Like you, I'm tired of wading through bullshit and I can't understand why it's allowed to flourish These people are so selfish they care nothing about the blog or other posters as long as they can get their inane words in print. I have a friend who is willing to bank a new blog that could be controlled and used for only sensible comments. Unfortunately I strongly believe in loyalty and appreciate the pleasure found in reading EDITOR and other real thinkers of the past. At the moment, I think of the poem once posted here by Editor himself. "WHO IS IN CHARGE OF THE CLATTERING TRAIN?" Ed

    9. @ED

      Actually Ed, if there is one thing the Editor is guilty of it's letting you get away with snippy or downright disrespectful comments yet deletes others for the same.

      I've never been disrespectful to you, but you most certainly have to me. In fact, you've told R.S to "go fuck himself" in the past, but of course, now that it conveniences you.

      Well you know what? I'm done letting this be a one-sided affair. After all the things you've said to me, it's time I finally say it right back:

      Go fuck yourself, you stupid old fucking prick.

      And one more thing - I might not like student, but I'd rather read her rants than read your revolting posts on foreskin smega.

      Maybe if you actually made an effort to learn a word of French in your 70+ years in this province you'd realize who the real trolls are.

    10. @AnecTOTE: Actually they were talking about this movement today on CTV News at noon - Try to catch it - not sure if it will be on again at 6:00 tonight. God, let's get on with partition!

    11. Here's that link AnecTOTE:

    12. By AnecTOTE

      Thank you Cutie, I caught it last night actually on the news, "Notre Montréal", basically it is a movement that wants to take the city toward a city state. I find it interesting how we'll talk and discuss ideas in here and eventually they find their way out there, or perhaps more-like minded people on same wave length? Either way, I was thrilled to hear it. No one wants to start a revolution, (way too ambitious), lol, BUT if we can sow the seeds of one into people's consciousness via this little THAT would be quite an accomplishment! .....Opppss..I did it again, "uninhibited dialogue" lol, wink!

    13. @sylvain raciste

      "...I might not like student, but I'd rather read her rants than read your revolting posts..."

      totally agree mate. i too think my comments are better than ed's.

    14. Glad you caught it AnecTOTE - FINALLY, a step in the RIGHT direction for all of us! Can't wait to get out of quebec and let them waste away in their own space!

    15. Enfin un groupe qui agit...J'espère que vous allez vous joindre à eux,question de les supporter dans leur projet.

    16. @student: "totally agree mate. i too think my comments are better than ed's".
      No bias there, student, but don't get too excited. Sylvain Raciste just said your rants are less odious than Ed's, not that they had any merit of their own.

  25. A new film is out called: “La Charte des Distractions”:


    1. ""Francophone Quebecers must be reassured that they are recognized as original founders and co-builders of Canada, that they are respected by other Canadians, and that they are strongly supported by Ottawa and other provinces in their wish to live fully in French within Canada.""

      He's confused if he thinks constantly re-assuring Quebecker's yet again will achieve anything. How many times do we have to try that strategy? Yet again?

      Quebec as a petulant child strategy.

      Fuck them. Separate and then partition is the only answer.

      Les Quebecois don;t understand logical or economic arguments.

      When their leaders speak, it bypasses their brain and all critical thinking and goes right into memory.

      Idiot. They are looking for "This is our homeland now and we are driving everybody else out, harassment or violence".

      International models for what need to happen next are already available.

      Think Ukraine. Governments that do not represent the people (Quebec voter distribution is rigged, Quebec is not a democracy) need to fall.

      Nobody can ever win against seppies when the Liberal and the PQ conspire for decades to prevent the redistribution of votes over the population.

      Meanwhile fools like this talk about giving messages of "acceptance and love" again.

      How many times must he repeat the same mistakes before he learns anything.

    2. Yes, if the separatists turn on their TV this morning, they will see where they are pushing this rebellious province and that even the "nicest" people will only be pushed so far. No more "acceptance and love" - they listen to piss all except their stupid leaders. Time for partition!

    3. Est-ce que votre canon à muffins est prêt peggie?

  27. 18 Février 2014: Le Parti Québécois atteint les 40% et 97.5% de chances de remporter le scrutin.


    1. @SR

      Internet poll mate. No segmentation data. No regional targeting data. I can see someone like you repeadetly hitting the reset button on your modem and filling the poll out in favor of the PQ over and over again. The only polls I trust are he ones that consist of human to human contact, which includes either phone or in-person interviewing.

      There are just too many ways to skew online data.

    2. Hmm interesting nothing mentioned about the QS, CAQ, LIBSin their poles , they didn;t ask me , you know what marois and her scum bags can do with their poll! / what did they ask the same little pro charter seppie scum? what happened last time the last party had the lead? 40% love me and my program yeah but 60% think you and your party are morons....let's play county. Take a look at the debt clock MORONS!!! 261 Billion not including their part of the federal defficit but hey it doesnt matter. as long as they go back to working the fields like in the 1700's welcome to nouvelle france , wow cretins!!! lets do like france's idea towards immigrants that worked well . marois and her sheepdog leading the sheep to nowhere.quebecs new sont ...If I only had a brain! .......just one leader with a brain instead of the pq dimwits.

    3. yup typical seppie asleep while quebec is going bankrupt both financially and morally, butit's OK as long as it is done in french.

    4. @sylvain raciste

      ok you don't believe in this poll. fair enough. but don't you think political parties conduct their own polls and that they have to be the most accurate polls that science can fetch? yes you do. and if the pq launches an election next week or so, what does it tell you about the results of these better polls?

  28. Well there goes his Canadian ties complicated:

    1. La CAQ va bientôt passer quatrième après QS ou ON...Bande d'incompétents.

  29. What else can you do but laugh?

    ‘Document’ reveals PQ weighing an incentive for 2018 referendum: a $20 gift card for St-Hubert BBQ

    1. what else? well you could stop mocking a nation's legitimate drive for political independance, for one.

    2. When said nation has rejected its supposed legitimate drive for independence twice, why should anyone bother listening to them anymore?


  30. Couillard s'est encore fait écraser par notre Première Ministre (une femme!) à l'Assemblée Nationale ce matin...Pauvre CouCou.

  31. From the Quebec Boston Office:

    Our tax money is going to fund this nonsense. They're really trying to influence the US? Almost embarrassing.

    1. "Almost embarrassing."

      Si tu te sens embarrassée, c'est que tu te sens québécoise Cutie. Il faudrait donc que tu arrêtes de renier ta québécitude.

      C'est comme les Italiens du Québec qui ont les cheveux et les yeux bruns et le teint plus ou moins basané. Au lieu de renier leur négritude, ils devraient plutôt la célébrer. D'ailleurs je suggère de les intégrer au Mois de l'histoire des Noirs, qui a justement cours présentement.

      Je souhaite aux Italiens du Québec qui vivent en anglais un bon Mois de l'histoire des Noirs!

    2. By AnecTOTE

      Wow..the odious rants are free falling to an entirely new low now, practically violent. This is highly indicative to what extent loser seppies feel threatened. Isn't it the greatest satisfaction to know to what extent they're feeling effected and crushed? Ah....the real movement hasn't even gotten off the ground yet..but judging by that terrified reaction...we're on the right track.....yeahhhhhhhh!! Who expresses this kind of hate unless they fear you? Lol neverrrrr underestimate Fear!

      Also, these disgusting racist remarks need to go viral...for the world to see...get on twitter..get on FB...broadcast them..provide people with the blog everyone can see what this bigot province is all about. THIS IS the 'quebec' brand. Before you spend money here or invest aware of the absolute pond scum that inhabits this dead beat province, and that you'll be dealing with.


    3. "we're on the right track"

      Effectivement,merci :)

    4. @speak truth to power

      "Also, these disgusting racist remarks need to go viral..."

      what's racist about y'l's comment mate? what is so "disgusting" in proposing to celebrate diversity and be proud of one's own origins? y.l owned you mate as he brought you to out yourself as the one that holds negativity towards black blood.

    5. @Cutie: I wouldn't worry about that Business Insider piece. If Quebec's Boston office is retransmitting this article as a way to promote French, the office should be shut down for lack of intelligence. The essay is obviously meant to be tongue in cheek and not a vehement, serious defence of the French language.
      Check out this part of the article:

      4) If you want to understand modern China and Russia, you need to know French.
      "For all the good stuff it led to, the French Revolution gave the world its first glimpse at totalitarianism. The Russian Revolution of 1917 was basically an attempt to re-enact that part of the French Revolution. And Mao's Communist revolution in China was basically an attempt to re-enact the Russian Revolution. This is why Alexis de Tocqueville's book on the tragedy recently became a best-seller. Yeah, you can get it in English. But translations suck — and who is going to do the translations in the first place if we run out of French speakers?"

      In effect, the author's saying that if you really want to understand the mind of a totalitarian, learn French. That has to be a joke that the Quebec mission in Boston has missed. Maybe the Boston office staff don't read English well enough to understand what the article actually says.
      The essay even suggests that learning French will help someone better understand the comedic mess that is French politics.
      It's just another example of PQ government believing that any text containing the words "learn" and "French" must be a good thing.

    6. I never worry about that kind of stuff Ex-Montrealer - it just pisses me off that our tax money goes to these pseudo offices that are set up all over the world. You never hear the seppies talk about what is being done with our money - so stupid.

      Did you see that contractor testifying yesterday at the Charbonneau Commission about the threats that he had to work under from the unions in quebec? The guy was actually crying and the incidents happened like 8 years or so ago and it so traumatized the poor guy that he is still crying to this day. This province should be taken over by the feds and shaken loose. They are a blight on our whole country and the seppies don't have a word to say about this stuff. Disgusting.

  32. Hey Y'L I am a PATRIOT in the truest sense of the word.... Canadian!!! so crawl back under the seppie rock .Besides a quebecois according to the propaganda ive seen is someone that belives in the seppie Bullshit. Another thing check out the UN charter on the universal declaratation of human rights...with your little land of make believe see how many articles quebec has broken.....oh we will just use the not withstanding clause ! oh wait I don't see a not withstanding clause in the UN charter do you Y.L???!! oh wait we don't ship to North Korea, Sudan , Syria or quebec....we don't need an economy ,Canada will pay...Bullshit mentality "Almost embarrassing." the NEW PQ election campaign slogan for the posters

    1. Avec un hymne national et des symboles volés aux Québécois et une culture simili-Américaine...Quel patriotisme,quelle fierté.


    2. Oh I'm sorry did I offend you?? cause we all now that Canadians were the ones that killed jesus, Dinosaurs were racist and quebec bashers because they didn't speak frenchin quebec right?? Canada started WW1 by invading france right??this is in the pq election plank ...I can't call it a platform, thanks to the marois regimes revisionist history . OH BTW Lord Dorchester is the one that GAVE the french their rights to their language and religion after the conquest.Only place in the empire that they did so.and france gave up quebec for sugar and rum +Guadelope and st pierre micolon so suck it up butter-cup!

  33. Gee I wonder what she , and coulliard have to hide?


    This was the most damning part of the auditor-general’s report, which suggested that had the government heeled to established Canadian public-sector accounting standards, the true figure for the current deficit would be $3.1 billion. they got the accounting procedures from the "corrupt " Liberals much for YOUR leader. and where did quebec get its flag p.9 the french fleur de lys so,

    Proud CANADIAN!!! PQ new slogan " I, Reject your reality , and substitute my own"

    Hey P.9 PQ symboles volés de france une culture simili-Frace...Quel patriotisme,quelle fierté. (Qubec charter of B.S). The french in france LOVE the immigrants it works there so why not here? :P

  35. What a place:

    1. Logical and economic arguments don;t work on "les Quebecois".

      You know that.

      Boycotts are strikes here. Sovereignty association for seperating.

      They only know how to speak in propaganda.

      What's hiding some money in the wrong column? Do you really think the average Quebecer can understand this? Especially a PQ voter or union member?

      Critical thinking was beaten out of them between school and the church. "Je me souviens?" author said it best. Fabricated issues are modern rosary beads for francophones.

      Look at the union worker of Quebec that is the heart of the PQ voter base and destroying Quebec.

      Criminals all over in their midst. Beating each other up. Largesse and payoffs rampant.

      Meanwhile the average union worker toils on paying his dues into the process and keeping quiet.

      Is it any wonder they vote for the PQ?

      They arn;t educated or worldly to even know the wool is being pulled over their eyes.

      Look how easily manipulated they are by the "debate" in QC over the charter.

      You can bet the PQ and Liberals propose to use this platform a lot more.

      The PQ are using it successfully to desensitize their voting population to hatred and racism.

      The Liberals forever lacking their own ideas and moral compass do nothing but offer us a modified vision of PQ strategy.

      Language rules, but with more love and understanding.
      Socialism, but with tax rates not as repressive.

      The Liberals don;t need a thinker at the top. They need a moron like the other parties. A smart intelligent person is not capable of standing up and lying and making up falsehoods to the population day after day.

      The Liberals need to get a mouthpiece that will jump on top of everything trying to create a media even.

      Liberals should be harping on the Marois every day about her husbands dirty biz. Zakaib being caught on wiretap, saying she doesn;t want to know more and should never let it out etc etc.

      Perhaps they have a deal with the PQ not to pursue this. There are lots of ex-Liberals that are as dirty as the PQ.

      The problem isn;t what they vote for.

      The problem is their are all "Les Quebecois" with "Les Quebecois" ethics.

      Even Liberals believe in "Quebec culture" and values.

      This is why the corruption is in all parties.

    2. Pierre -

      Boy did you hit the nail on the head. The real culprit as I noted in my message below are most Quebecers including the anglophone community. They continually vote for the same two corrupt parties no matter what..even though basic mathematics suggests that both parties have totally mismanaged the finances of this province for 40 years.

      So really the 80 percent of Quebecers who vote for the Libs and the PQ deserve what they have and what they will get. I mean its utterly patheric ro see the anglos grovelling once again to the Liberals who as you pointed out are literally PQ lite. They still support the represession, they still mismanage our finances, they still do nothing about the rampant corruption in the province. but time in and time out we always hear the same response:
      ' we have no other choice' BS..the anglos have convinced themselves that only the Liberals can be trusted even though time in and time out over a period of 40+ years they have proven over and over they cannot be trusted. We have the threat of a majority PQ government now because the Liberals so badly mismanaged affairs from 2003-2012 as we hear via the Charbonneau commission.

      As sure as the sun rises each morning..the anglos will vote for their precious Liberals..and as sure as the sun sets each evening they will all be tripping over each other to leave Quebec after the PQ win a majority even though this was pretty well a foregone conclusion 2-3 years ago.

    3. It goes without saying the Liberals will not support "Montreal2.0" any more then the PQ will.

      They believe in the same things.

      Sacrifice everything, quality of living, jobs, social peace for "french superiority".

      The Liberals are no more interested in allowing free speech or kids to goto english schools then the PQ. They also help to undermine anglo/immigrant civic institutions.

      Being Liberals they think they "slower kinda" approach matters. They think if they explain to anglophones yet again ho w"necessary" it is we will buckle under.

      This is the same kind of morons that think if we "embrace our french brothers" they will stop going for sovereignty. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

      Some people never learn that you can;t negotiate with terrorists.

      We call these people Liberals. Whether it's Obama with his "red line" on Syria that keeps moving daily or the Liberals offering up anglo sacrifice yet again. This is how Liberals think.

      It's not the speed of how you take away our rights. Its the fact they do it at all.

      This is what Liberals don;t understand.

      The fact the Liberals over and over have prevented the riding size from being adjusted really tells us everythign we need to know about them.

      *PERPETUATE THE CURRENT SITUATION FOREVER* while making a ton of money for themselves and the constrution industry.

      Really we should just put the FTQ in charge of Quebec. They basically are pulling all the strings anyway.

      "Va Parlez a Pauline".

    4. In case anyone wonders I voted CAQ last time.

      Was I impressed with them? Not really.

      I'm not as disappointed in them as I have been in the Liberals over 40 years tho.

      That's an improvement.

      With what's his name leaving the CAQ this will upset the balance again. The CAQ leader understands dirty politics better then the Liberals.

      That is about thing that matter these days.

      The real issue of course is that anglophone votes basically don;t count since Charest blocked changing the riding re-adjustment.

      Either he's a total pussy or he's complicit in the problem. No matter which I can;t vote for people like that.

  36. Well surprise surprise it looks like both the PQ and the Liberals have been underestimating the deficit over the past few years. Once again more proof that both the Liberals and the PQ are totally useless and untrustworthy.
    Yet what are Quebecers going to do in the next election..80 percent of them are going to vote for the PQ or the Liberals.

    You know who is really to blame for the mess in Quebec..most Quebecers who continue to support incompetent dishonest and immoral parties. And that includes most of the anglophones.

    My advice to you all is to put up or shut up with the whining because most of YOU keep supporting this nonsense..

    1. Well complicated we are voting for different things - you are voting to help the economy and I am voting for Canada. Never the twain shall meet. I don't give a shit if this place goes down more economically because at least we still have the Canada safety net wherein if the CAQ get elected and improve the economics of the province, it will then be their mission to remove us from Canada. To me if we leave Canada I'm bankrupt anyway so I will vote in favour of remaining Canadian as most of us on this blog. Frustrating as that is, that is the bottom line. Mismanagement of the economy is a more desirable element than independence which will ruin many of us anyway.

    2. CAQ and Francois Legault have no plan to balance the budget. Legault sided with the premier on every economic issue and that included raising taxes. Keep defending Legault, who may I remind you, is and always will be a tax and spend separatist.

    3. Liam - You obviously have not bothered to look at the CAQ platform. They are on record for lowering tax rates, cutting the debt, taking on unions and cutting waste and corruption in the government. Am I naive enough to think that the CAQ will come in and fix everything..of course not..I know they wont be able to accomplish party does. But at least they are a party that is on record that they will focus on the real issues. The Libs have had decades to prove they can improve things and their record clearly shows they cannot. What other option is there..please enlighten us?

      But please do not come on here in a few months whining about how awful Pauline Marois is once she gets her majority..I suggest that anyone who votes again for the Liberals should be quiet or leave the province.

      I am really sick and tired of listening to people moan and groan about Quebec and yet they do exactly the same thing they have been doing for 40 for the Liberals. How has that worked otu for you?

  37. You are contradicting yourself cutie. In the past you have stated many times that you WANT another referendum so that the notion of partition can be put on the table. Now you are saying that you DONT want a which is it cutie?

    If you really believe that the CAQ are evil seperatists which is what you are implying then the CAQ should fulfill your needs perfectly..they will possibly improve the economy here which for all of us is a good thing and eventually they will want to seperate. But that eventually will be at least 10 years in the future.

    Would it not be better to have some hope of a better economy or at least a party who is focused on the real problems of Quebec instead of the usual bc from the PQ and the Liberals? Would it not be better to have the CAQ in charge rather than a majority PQ?

    I also believe strongly that you never should reward bad behaviour and also disrespectfull behavior. The Liberals have clearly proven and I think you agree that they have totally mismanaged Quebec..they also have done nothing to help anglos in any meaningful way other than take our vote. Voting for another party would send them a well deserved message that they CANNOT take our vote for granted anymore..which means that they would actually have to PROVE to us in the future that they will fight for anglo rights.

    The problem with you and most anglos is the black and white obsessions with the federalist and seperatist if only federalists are good and all seperatists are bad..its an incredibly simplistic way of looking at the world. Its the exact same opposite..that many seperatists have towards federalists. Its the old George Bush black and white way of are either with us or against is NEVER that simple.

    Again..if you are unwilling to change your ways then nothing changes in Quebec..we continue to head towards a crisis which will make life now look like a picnic. So go on keep voting for the Liberals but please dont come on here whining in 6 months because of all the draconian new policies that the PQ will pursue.

    1. Yes I want a referendum but not with the PQ lies that are currently believed by their followers. I want an honest referendum for people when they make the decision to leave Canada. I want the politicians in this province and in Canada to spell out the consequences of leaving confederation not the myths of fairy land that the PQ have put in the mind of a lot of quebecers. Then when the next referendum is held, people will know exactly what side of the coin they should chose. If a referendum were held today I believe that at least 45% of the population would walk into this disaster without an iota of knowledge as to the consequences of their vote. In fact I would like Couillard to hold a referendum on officially SIGNING the constitution - maybe then some truth would come to light in this dark province. It hasn't worked the other way; maybe that would work to enlighten the population. The clearer things are, the less problems will be encountered if and when this province is partitioned into areas that wish to remain Canadian. That's what I want - what I'll get is always a guess.

      And I'm afraid it will have to be you that leaves the blog complicated as the blog was set up for us to "whine" as you call it although I think the term "whine" belongs much more to the separatists than the federalists. We don't whine unless given a reason to do so; the separatists just "whine" all the time. And, it will be people like you voting for the CAQ that will be the cause of the PQ getting a majority this election - most federalists that voted for the CAQ last time have since changed their tune and will vote liberal because the CAQ were willing to follow the PQ with Bill 14 and the Charter - at least that's what I see everyday on FB. Once burned, twice shy. Yes, bring on a referendum - this time called by the "federalist" side of the battle when we have "winning conditions" as the PQ would say. Tired of this always being at their whim.