Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Obedience is Not Respect

One of the most hackneyed term that we hear repeated ad naseum in the French media espoused by language militants and separatists is the word 'respect.'

Over and over again Anglophones, Ethnics and immigrants are lectured over the unyielding principle that we somehow owe the Francophone majority 'respect' by virtue of their majority status.

First let us understand the difference between 'respect' and 'obedience' (or 'subservience') because in French, the word 'respect' has a broader interpretation.
In French we 'respect' the law, while in English we 'obey' the law. The terms are most definitely not interchangeable.

There are many laws, rules and regulations, for which I have zero respect, yet obey their precepts because I must.
So what do militants really mean when they use the term 'respect' when used to describe what we, 'les autres,' owe the majority population.
noun: respect
a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.
"the director had a lot of respect for Douglas as an actor"
synonyms:esteem, regard, high opinion, admiration, reverence, deference, honor
Nope, I don't think that's the interpretation that is used by militants to describe 'respect.'
I daresay that when we are told we owe respect to the francophone majority, the real meaning is 'subservience' and 'obedience. '
I guess the kind of respect they are talking about is the same kind as when a father whips out his belt and tells his recalcitrant son that he's going to 'teach him some respect.'

Now I've never understood why one person owes another person respect based on some larger numbers while the latter, again based on some larger numbers, owes none.

French language militants drone on forever about the majority, their language and their culture deserving respect when the word is actually code for domination.

I've always been amazed at the ability of these people to argue one way  or completely the other way depending on context.

According to  them, in Quebec, Francophones, their language and their culture merit respect because they are the majority.
And likewise in Canada, Francophones, their language and their culture merit respect because they are the minority.

When I was a kid we called this rationale, 'sucking and blowing at the same time.

And so logic that the majority rules, holds in Quebec, but not in Canada and the idea that on an Air Canada flight  between Calgary and Alberta, the lone francophone aboard must be served in French, while on a Montreal bus driving in the West Island, where 80% of the riders are English, it makes perfect sense that they may be served in French only.

While Quebec Anglophones are reminded that they are a feeble minority when it serves language militants purposes, at other time we are referred to as a great and overpowering majority. 
Of course, in the face of this apparent hypocrisy, the very able debaters on the French side will trot out the shopworn idea that they are 'special' and deserve extra consideration because their language and culture are in dire threat of extinction.

And that readers, is another foundation lie that is used to defend coercive and asymmetric rights.

Not one supporting statistic has ever really been offered to support the argument that the French language and culture is in decline in Quebec.
Of course the debaters will tell us that French is in decline because the number of mother-tongue speakers has dropped to 79.5 from 82% in just ten years, but conveniently forget to mention that the absolute number of French speaking Quebecers goes up every single year. And let's not forget to mention the mother-tongue criterion where those immigrants who speak French in their everyday life, yet whose first language is not French, are considered to be on the other side of the language divide.
If that isn't the very definition of racism, I don't know what is.

In February next year Brent Tyler will finally test the issue of the fragility of the French language in court.
He is opposing the terms of Bill 101 in regards to signage  because it is based on a false premise, that is the notion that French is in mortal danger, and readers, I believe he has the experts to refute that claim.
The sovereignty movement is based on many such myths, oft repeated and drummed into the collective psyche of Francophone Quebecers...

At any rate, this short post is a reminder to readers of just one small point.
Any time you hear a French language zealot use the word 'respect' to describe what we owe to the French majority, stop listening, because everything that flows thereafter is based on lies.

We owe nobody respect who doesn't earn it and we ourselves deserve none in kind if  we don't earn it as well. That includes individuals as well as the entire francophone, anglophone or ethnic collectivity.

Francophone militants would surely scoff at the idea that those to the manor born would somehow be entitled to special respect because of an accident of birth, yet demand the very same for themselves, for the exact same reason, respect because they were born in the majority.

One could imagine the howls of outrage in the French media, if a national Canadian leader asserted that francophone Quebecers owe the majority English in Canada respect, while meriting none in return.
Deux poids, deux mesures?

Sucking and blowing...yup, that sums it up neatly!


  1. I love the way you make your clear and with truth. Eventually these spolied brats will have to learn one way or another..through the courts ot through seperation. I believe strongly that should Quebec succeed in seperation, it will be the biggest wake up call any society has ever seen.

  2. Those-------- lost my respect a long, long time ago.

    1. I'll be glad to RETURN RESPECT when they start respecting my rights to speak whatever the hell language I want and not have them ramming their ideas and language down my throat! Until then, I will do what I feel is my right and that's to speak the language I wish which is one of the official languages of the country where I live. English! Got it mate?

  3. FROM ED
    Was this an oversight Sir? You seem to not mentioned the number of Anglos who have learned French tp please the Francophones. Francos were happy with life until Rene Levesque told them they were not happy with life. So he passed bill 101 to make them feel victorious. And so thhey were happy with life again. Pari zeau explained to the that they were not really completely happy. So he brought up a referendum and they were happy, happy, happy. But lo, the referendum failed so they were not happy.. But, along came a beautiful young maiden on a gleaming white charger and she put the charger to work.
    She charged everything to the people and the people were not happy. But the marois said, You are not happy because there are burkahs and yrmulkhes and too many big crosses around. So the people are wondering if they will be any happier when these plagues are gone. For now they know they are not happier yet. Ed

  4. I agree with this piece completely.

    I find myself in many times in difficulty comprehending the logic behind the arguments Quebec separatists like to use. They enjoy using minority protection argument for Quebec vs Canada cases and then completely ditch the argument and go for majority rules argument for francophones vs anglo- + allophones cases. I find that there is no general framework for their arguments except that they just want what they want, when they want it.

    Case in point, please read an argument below from our fellow poster in this blog, a poster that I considered (note the tense) as one of those that were thoughtful in what they were writing. Proved me wrong. I believe that serious reader could easily spot the error in reasoning.

    States can no longer use force when they no longer have the conscent of the majority. States also can no longer use force when they no longer have the conscent of a significant yet non majoritary part of the population,
    especially when this part of the population is concentrated on a territory where they have a government and institutions in wich they are the majority and in wich they have signicant political power.

    1. Troy,

      You are even more stubborned than I am. In some way, I admire that.

    2. He's not stubborn - you're just narrow-minded and he's calling you out on your hypocritical bullshit.

  5. Out of topic:

    Mr. Berlach, I believe this can be an interest for you, being a lifelong hockey fan and season ticket holder.

    Today the NHL and Rogers Communications announced a landmark 5.2G$ deal for the coverage of NHL hockey on Rogers networks. The details of the deal can be seen in major news outlets. There are a number of things I would like to highlight:

    1. This is the biggest TV deal the NHL ever has. Thus it breaks the belief that NHL expansion should go more to the United States for good TV deals. The deal proves that Canada can give major TV deal to the NHL.
    2. With that, IMHO it is only logical that the next team, be it expansion or relocation, be in Canada.
    3. One party in the deal is the TVA Networks with its TVA and TVA Sports channels, own by P.-K. Peladeau.

    Therefore, Editor, as much as you hate to see it happens, I would think that this deal is a step further towards to reestablishment of an NHL team in Canada, probably owned by M. Peladeau. As this point I can not say where or even when, but things look like moving that way.


    1. Rogers spent way, way too much money on this deal. They will never recoup their expenditure.
      This deal is almost as expensive as what the NBA is getting in the USA, and the NBA has a much, much larger audience than hockey.

      I predict that within 2-3 years Rogers will end up taking a loss and selling Sportsnet to Bell.


  6. This thing hasn't played out.
    Rogers needed a French partner other then TSN/RDS (Bell) so they put a little water in their wine and went with the enemy of their enemy.
    But the media has it wrong, the real test is the 66 HABS games games left out of the national agreement. It's up to the Canadiens to make a regional deal and I believe and hope that Molson will go with RDS/TSN.
    I can't see him building up a potential rival and competitor. We'll see. Bell is a safer deal for the Habs.
    As for expansion, this gives a leg up to small market teams with more TV money available and so a small market team like Seattle is the most viable contender.
    But the fundamentals are the same. The NHL cannot expand the East because of the two extra teams in EAST right now.
    The real solution is to go to 3 divisions, with Toronto and Detroit going to a Central division and perhaps Kitchner/Waterloo as a new entry. It is the safest choice and affects nobody's territory.
    Hamilton is still out, not because of Toronto, but because the team would destroy the Sabres.
    A second team in Toronto could play in the Eastern division and perhaps a solution is to allow the Maple Leaf ownership to own the team with the caveat that they cannot transact between themselves under any circumstances.
    Quebec... nope. I honestly believe that the powers to be will blackball Quebec for now at least.
    I might write a post about this in the future and remember, way back when Gillet was selling the team, I predicted that none of the names put forward by the media would buy the team.

    1. Considering that Bell owns 18% of the Canadiens, it would not only be logical but almost required that Molson signs a deal with RDS/TSN. Here's hoping he will as well.

  7. Si nous laissons les anglos libres au Québec,ça risque de dégénérer...Nous préférons le faux respect,de cette façon nous pouvons au moins les maintenir à leur place.

    1. Ah s.r....out of the mouths of Morons, LOL, ..we know this already, that's why people like me don't give you any, LOLOLOLOLOL

    2. And we will keep exposing you for the frauds, racist fascist you that the rest of the world doesn't give you any either.
      You have a nice day now! :-)

    3. Does anyone really want French to disappear? I don't. I would just like choice and an equality across the board that you know what, the French have forced others to speak French and the English have forced others to speak English. Put down your swords and learn to coexist peaceably instead of always trying to play the bigger victim. I would love to see more celebration of French instead of language police, more encouragement, more free or affordable French language classes that are offered at more accessible places (rather than forcing people to take an 8 hour a day, 5 day a week class that's a half hour from their home -- how can you work and also learn French as you'd like?) I have Rosetta Stone, use Live Mocha and tons of other resources but I can not get any government help in learning the language. Seems counterproductive to me. I'd love to strengthen my French. Seeing as how people get so attacked here, it doesn't inspire confidence to even try to use what I know for fear of being attacked for not having a Quebecois accent or whatever.

    4. It really stinks that someone who wants to learn the language and enjoys the language has to see the nasty side of this "distinct society." The language itself has little to do with that society -- I think the "society" has done more to cultivate itself as a bunch of fascist and racist nuts than anything else. I've never seen such shenanigans. It definitely is a dirty little secret! I'll continue to learn French but because I like French. Nothing to do with "respect." The language isn't the problem, it's the people!

    5. "The language isn't the problem, it's the people!"

      You got that Spot On...the problem in Quebec is not Language , but for rare exceptions, we all speak French and speaking for myself, I make it a point all the time when I am in different parts of country to speak it because I think some throughout the country still need to be sensitized to the fact that we are an officially bilingual country. Although, I will say French has come a long way from being ignored to being highly valued today, and this is a great thing.

      My beef is the fact that in Quebec, we have governments willing to subjugate the Rights and Freedoms of all citizens for personal elitist (political) agendas. THIS I have a HUGE problem with. And everyone else should too. It should be "officially" called out and denounced. Seriously...WTF have we come to? A North-American society that behaves this way??? How do we defend the ideal of Democracy behaving like this? Hiding behind illegitimate excuses of protecting a Language which was never proven to be in danger in the first place. It was simply ASSumed it was. Well ..Martin Luther Jr's words never wrung truer:

      "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"

      THAT is what should worry everyone.

  8. Speaking of Respect,

    Go Murrayyyyyy!,,,,

    1. Ça réchauffe le coeur...Un anglo avec de profondes convictions.

      J'espère que l'un d'entre vous ira au moins lui porter du café et quelques Donuts.

      Chapeau à cet homme courageux


    Editor with your permission.

    @Rick Blue

    I enjoyed your piece, so that you for sharing. The PQ however is not interested in uniting us and knowing what we know about them, it is superfluous to suggest that they should be. "Les autres" are just a nuisance to them, but the trouble is ..we haven't even really begun to be..not in the truest sense of the word. Anglos and Allos ..every single one must become an activist in this survive the utter political nonsense thrown at us presently, and this is a notion we must warm up to sooner rather than later., and we must make A LOT of noise. "Squeaky wheel gets the grease". Again..Thank you for sharing.

    1. Right on - speak out loud and clear against these fascists! They need to be exposed for what they truly are - Nazi tactics are not acceptable in Canada and must be given the boot by everyone one of us that believes in fair play and justice for all. We are all taxpaying citizens in this province and deserve representation by our elected officials. The fact that they do not provide this representation except to their own voters, must be exposed for the world to be aware of what is truly going on in la belle province where the separatists are the "dingalings" in the "belle province". Publicity is crucial - wherever and whenever we can get it!

    2. "must be exposed for the world to be aware...Blahblah"

      Phd Coward?...Nous avons besoin de votre expertise ici...un anglo en pleine crise...Phd Coward?

    3. I think that before you ask for advice on the Anglo crisis, you should ask for advise on the Seppie Crisis...the one regarding your utter ineptness and inability to obtain Independence after 40yrs of trying. Lol

    4. 1 of 2

      AnecTOTE: What is this "Seppie Crisis" you speak of?


      My late mother, MSRIP, tried to tell me they're not, but she was an apologist because in the small Eastern Townships town she grew up in, she saw one French speaking guy get the shaft by his employer. ONE! No doubt about it, there were those who indeed got the shaft. On the other hand, her brother, my uncle, who was a successful entrepreneur, hired many of them when they probably otherwise would not have found jobs, or had a harder time finding work. He contributed positively to his community. I see this whole xenophobic separatist rigamarole from what my uncle did to help his community. Unfortunately, the whole French-speaking population [a.k.a. "them" or "they", depending on the context] Quebec population only see the ones who got the shaft.

      Another uncle, now 96 years old and living in a nice home for the aged, also talks of this "respect". Another one conditioned by the endless propaganda. Then again, his best years are long behind him, he's certainly not going anywhere, so I perceive he doesn't care about the future for he doesn't have much of one.


      I have always opposed what they both said, but then again I've had to endure this through my peak earning years and see where my money is being wasted - on those insipid equalization payments. As a result, it's no skin off my nose if Quebec separates, and I want it to. No government has supported the Anglophones in Quebec, federal or provincial, the Anglophones haven't stood up for themselves, especially once Bill 101 became law figuring it would be a passing phase, and now instead are fighting each other as Mr. Blue suggests, so why should I or other Canadians make the effort? It's just not worth it! THEY'RE ALL SEPARATISTS!

    5. 2 of 2

      Perhaps once Quebec separates and a civil war brews in Quebec over partition, that suits me to a T, because every one of you in Quebec will get EXACTLY what you deserve. Howard Galganov was your best hope when it was becoming too late. You chose to, chastize him, you get what you have coming to you. ALL OF YOU!


      No matter what party gets elected in Quebec, they always go against the minorities. As Mr. Blue wrote in his article, like all xenophobes, their greatest weapon is always, always, always, always, always fear. Milosovic used it in Serbia, Stalin used it in the USSR and Hitler used it in Austria-Germany.


      Now the Scottish separatists are trying to use it. Interestingly, I've been corresponding with a buddy of mine who, like me, grew up in Montreal and relocated in Glasgow a while after getting married. His wife absolutely could not possibly integrate in Quebec with very good results. He lived through the 1980 Referendum, kept a close eye on the events of 1995, and now goes through 1980 again in Scotland. Interestingly, in our correspondence, I was writing a sentance about the similarities, and I mentioned how both the Scots and the Québécois both want to be rid of the English. Fascinating coincidence!

      I wrote in my response that I only knew one Jewish Scot who favoured Scottish nationalism. The only celebrity who I know favours Scotland separating is Sean Connery who probably hasn't even set foot in Scotland in heaven knows how long, and if so, just as a short-time visitor.

      I wrote my buddy back how Celine Dion is exactly the same story from the Quebec point of view. She sold off her private island $30 million estate off Montreal, now entertains in Vegas and has an estate in Florida. I referred to her as a hot-dog-eating-pepsi-drinking hypocritical f**k because the dire financial consequences that Quebec will inevitably face and fully deserve upon separation won't affect her and her f***ing gold digger of a mooching gambler husband one iota.


    6. No, what was the point again? LOL

      I don't know how you carry this rage and bitterness around daily. If and when I leave, it won't be over language or a stupid charter, I will leave cause I don't want to get caught in the vacuum of an economic crisis ...which I am convicted will happen.

      I can assure you of one thing, Mr. S.,...I won't look back or give these seppie losers One Thought. They are their own problem...nothin' to do with me. You should borrow a page from that book, I promise you'll sleep better. Lol

  10. Quebecers are really BIG on things like "social contracts".

    Francophones have violated teh larger social contract they made years ago with the British.

    They were allowed to keep their culture, nowhere in our social contract is the allowance of the local Francophone population to either create rules guaranteeing the supremacy of the french language nor allow a platform for destruction of Canada.

    The Brithish were tolerating the PEOPLE WHO CAPITULATE, not creating a legal framework for the eventual re-emergence of the french.

    Francophones are violating the most basic social agreements of our society.

    1. FROM ED
      I blame the whole damn thing on Queen Victoria. She may have been wll loved but her political decisions were terrible. She knew nohing about Canada but had a big heart and thought like a women instead of a Queen. They seem like very nice people, I'm sure they won't cause trouble. She decided we should respect their language and religion against the wishes of Disraeli, a very savvy man. It's too bad Prince Albert had died, he was a good advisor and she listened to him. He knew the French having fought against them as a young man. Also, too bad she hadn't read Dickens "A Tale Of Two Cities" She might have known about the untrustwothyness of the French. Ed

  11. C'est moi ou Denis Coderre semble de plus en plus gras?

  12. There is a difference between the word respect in french and respect in english. Thanks to your explanations, I better understand this difference.

    Using the english definition of respect, you explain why the language militants's rethoric doesn't make sense. Perhaps one should use the french definition when explaining what francos mean when they use it.

    Respect : "Sentiment qui porte à traiter quelqu'un ou quelque chose avec de grands égards, à ne pas porter atteinte à quelqu'un ou quelque chose." (Larousse 2000)

    Contraire (opposite of) de respect : mépris (contempt, disdain).

    Indeed, " in French, the word 'respect' has a broader interpretation." In french, respect does not only mean "deep admiration" (something that must be earned), it also means to simply do no harm to something, to simply not treat with contempt or disdain.

    So when when you hear francos wanting "respect" for their language, you understand that they want you to deeply admire their language, that they want you to treat their language as something special, that they want you to kiss their feet and to bow before them.

    But they are saying something more like "we don't want our language to be treated with disdain and contempt." Which makes more sense.

    Of course, that french is treated with contempt or not is up to discuss, that is not the point. The point is the difference between what they say and you understand.

    Of course, you already knew the difference between the french and english meanings, you said it yourself : "in French, the word 'respect' has a broader interpretation". I have not said anything that you did not already know. You wrote your post simply pretenting that you did know it.

    1. Ce n'est pas sans nous rappeler le litige sur l'expression "société distincte".

    2. I have to this guy for f....REAL?

      Omggggg where do we even start with this one??????????????

      "Contraire (opposite of) de respect : mépris (contempt, disdain). Indeed, " in French, the word 'respect' has a broader interpretation." In french, respect does not only mean "deep admiration" (something that must be earned), it also means to simply do no harm to something, to simply not treat with contempt or disdain."

      Respect is Respect and the same meaning applies in every Language, except in your distorted, convoluted and manufactured definition of it.

      "So when when you hear francos wanting "respect" for their language, you understand that they want you to deeply admire their language, that they want you to treat their language as something special, that they want you to kiss their feet and to bow before them. But they are saying something more like "we don't want our language to be treated with disdain and contempt." Which makes more sense."

      If you don't want your Language treated with disdain...STOP SHOVING IT DOWN PEOPLE'S TROATS..let people come to you...if you trust it has ANY merit, ..allow people to come to you, and they will. This other tactic is just creating a deep aversion for French language...trustttt me.

      Listen need to grow up...and I mean a "People" need to grow up....this childish stupid behavior of hissy fits and hiding behind ...really poor excuses for doing what you are doing (overt racism toward minorities of this province and subjection of Rights and Freedoms of all citizens of this province), has to go, IF you are serious about garnering ANY Respect, (even internationally) the rest of the world knows and defines it.

      GROW a society you are are still in the womb and it isn't Canada's fault...IT IS YOUR OWN...start with taking on responsibility for that..and then go forward.

      Haven't you had enough of 40 yrs heading backward?

    3. Well said AnceTOTE - This inferiority complex of the separatists has gone way too far and is now festering hatred for the french language rather than a desire to understand and participate in it's preservation. The longer they wage this selfish war for everyone else to cater to them, the less people will respond - people don't like being blackmailed and pushed into things - they resent rather than respect the people that do this.

    4. "trustttt me"

      Pas question...Ho que non.Si il y a une chose que nous avons appris au cours des 400 dernières années,c'est que les anglos fonctionnent mieux avec des coups de pied au cul.

    5. Considering you have been able to accomplish sweet f..all in 40yrs, except driving business away and the quebec economy down the toilet with a 250$ billion + debt as a noose around your ...the only ass you've kicked...(and kicked really well) you own, lol...trusttttt me lol...

    6. Oh but I forgot to ask...How's that workin' for ya? Hahahhahahahaha

    7. "But they are saying something more like "we don't want our language to be treated with disdain and contempt.""

      Arrogance is a manifestation of a supremacist culture.

    8. "250$ billion + debt"

      Et les "liberals" n'y sont pour rien,bien entendu...Pauvre ToTo,mdr

    9. Their arrogance actually takes me back to a classic story from the bible...that of a gent by the name of Noah.

      There's a devastating event on the horizon, and all the arrogant little seppies can focus on is:

      1. How they have more culture than...well, basically everyone else in the world
      2. Making everyone look and talk the same...yet somehow remain unique
      3. Making sure the Habs are a 100% Francophone team...winning the Stanley Cup be damned!

      The opponents of the separatists should be looked upon as the Noahs (the opposite of les Janettes of whatever those washed-up quasi celebrities are called)...

      ...the Noahs are stoic, unfettered and will stay the course while the visionless Bougons laugh at them, never for a moment realizing they're digging their own graves.

    10. "Et les "liberals" n'y sont pour rien,bien entendu...Pauvre ToTo,mdr"

      Read my post way above, to Anon, I clearly imply that all governments in this province have brought it harm by promoting their own personal sickens me and it should sicken you too.


    Nothing changes.

    Appoint a journalist to head the STM? Are you fucking joking?

    Doesn;t this asshole realize we actually need a functioning transportation system? Every appointment is about creating future candidates. Unqualified useless ones like Codierre and the entire pack of them.

    Disgusting. Stop focusing on "building the career" of future asshole politicians and actually hire people that might accomplish things beyond being a fluffer (

    Codierre might have come from the Liberal brand but his thinking is 100% pure Quebecois that's for sure.

    1. No worries 4 yrs I'm running, and heck..why not? If you want things fixed..fix them yourself! Who's with me??? LOLOLOLOLOL

    2. Wow! WTF were you expecting from a 15-year MP? Coderre quit federal politics because you need 15 years in office to get your full pension, and now it's time for Coderre to seek greener pastures--greener with money as now he can work a Montreal municipal pension and get a double pension. Maybe after a few years, he'll enter provincial politics and get himself yet another government pension. He just may be going for the triple crown!

      Coderre is just another career politician who is out for what he can get, and he's going to be another of countless politicians who is looking for cronies and toadies to feather his nest. Marvin Rotrand, as the Editor previously pointed out, is another fart catcher himself, and while I don't know thing one about this other zero-experienced appointee, Aref Salem, he sounds like another fart catcher himself.

      All the more reasons why Quebec, Montreal included, are headed straight for the debtor's grave. I just hope Mulcair and Jr. Trudeau, who again put is big foot into his bigger mount as a sore winner in Toronto Center against an NDP heavyweight making a complete ass of himself showing disrespect for inappropriately twisting the words of the late Jack Layton, don't win in the next election because they'll screw the ROC like other Quebec-based PMs for the sake of Quebec, not that Layton would have done any differently.

      The only candidates of hope in 2015 are Elizabeth May, and Harper, but if and only if he has the balls to castrate Quebec's at the upcoming review of equalization payments due to take place sometime in 2014. If Harper screws Ontario into equalization again, he can kiss his majority, let alone his leadership, goodbye.

  14. Question...before even starting Hearings on the "pants charter", shouldn't they show "Good Faith" by removing, forthwith, the cross that hangs in the National Assembly?

  15. Part 1

    Here is my honest take on the issue of respect and the french language. I believe there was a time..back in the 1960s and before where french was not respected at all in Quebec. The english elite more or less ran the show..english was imposed on many francophones and a growing resentment occured. You can imagine the french being the majority in this province and yet somehow feeling that their language was second class. I know many of you here dont want to hear this..but the fact remains that many francophones had to speak english here..I have talked to countless francophones who have told me this. They did resent this even if ED says otherwise. In the rest of Canada it was even worse..entire francophone communities have essentially been wiped out..perhaps not directly the fault of anglophones. I know of french school out west where the students had to hide their french books when the school inspectors came as only english was allowed to be taught and this was in francophone towns.

    You have to understand that french has been systematically wiped off the map in this continent even though the french were the first real explorers in much of the continent. So there is a real genuine fear for the future and Quebec is the last stand. In history when a people have their backs against the wall and are truly fearful of getting wiped out then you have the recipe for all sorts of warped thinking and fear politics emerging.

    On the other hand there have been enormous steps put in place to protect the french language in Quebec over the past 35 years. Bill 101 is a huge step in that direction and it went a little too far in my actually takes away fundamental rights from anglophones who do live in Canada and should have the same rights as anglophones in the rest of the country. And it even discriminates against the francophones here in Quebec who would like their children to learn english.

    There have also been big steps made to protect french in the rest of the country even though the results have not been great..the effort is there. There are countless french schools and cultural centres all over the country in areas with very small francophone populations largely built by federal government money. For example go have a look at the massive francophone complex in southwest Calgary..a huge school built in the 1980s with a big cultural station and so on..this in a city where 3-4 percent of the citizens are francophones. There are french immersion schools all over this country but unfortunately many of the students coming out of these programs do not speak french well..partly because there is a real lack of qualified french teachers in Canada.

    1. Part 2

      You could also argue that the anglophones in Montreal have excellent services compared to francophone counterparts in other parts of Canada. However Montreal has a very large anglophone community compared to the size of francophone communities in other major cities in Canada. As well the english and especially the english elite built a lot of Montreal over the past 150-200 years. Perhaps comparing Chicoutimi with Saskatoon would be a more fair example. I doubt very much that its easy to be served in english in Chicoutimi and there are likely not many english services..and I would say the same about a francophone living in Saskatoon. At some point you need to use common sense communities where there is less than 5 percent of the population speaking english or french then you have to more or less accept that you will not get served in your language.

      In my opinion at this point in time, the laws in place in Quebec are more than enough to preserve the french language. In fact, as I have said before, they actually violate anglophone rights. Yet I still sense that the franco-extremists are not happy..its not enough..well in my opinion enough is enough. Anglophone rights have already been taken away and for the most part anglophones have done nothing about it. But further restrictions should be met with stiff resistance..and it would be nice if the federal government stepped in to protect our basic rights. Using some obsolete "notwithstanding clause" to trample on anglophone rights is completely ridiculous.

    2. "I believe there was a time..back in the 1960s and before where french was not respected at all in Quebec. The english elite more or less ran the show..english was imposed on many francophones and a growing resentment occured."

      Although I agree with your conclusion, you seem to have left out the part about the Catholic church's influence on the francophone population of this province. While the (mainly protestant) anglos were building businesses and working hard to make money, the french catholics were told to tend to their farms and have lots of kids.
      The anglos didn't impose anything on anyone, they had the businesses and jobs, and that's why everything was done in english.
      One could almost say that the francos stole most of what the anglos built, but I'm sure we'll all agree that it's much more complex than that.
      If you actually think about it, it's not so easy to determine what's "fair".
      Also at some point, you need to stop using the past as an excuse.

      "You have to understand that french has been systematically wiped off the map in this continent even though the french were the first real explorers in much of the continent."

      Who cares? Horses have been replaced by cars, should we make laws that force people to ride horses? The language extremists in this province would rather discriminate against everyone else rather than work to promote their language, I'm not going to feel sorry for them. Most of the people I know who consider themselves anglos speak and write french much better than most francos.

      We all know that french isn't going anywhere in this province; if you don't believe it, you need to get out of the Montreal area more often. The whole language thing is just another way for the extremists/separatists to scare and control the population.
      I'll give them one thing: the separatists sure learned from the church how to control the population with propaganda and fear.

    3. And the minister for Anglo Mtl as devil's spawn leading the pact. I doubt he will ever be remembered in History...he really is...small potatoes...thinks small..cause he is small...had he thought outside the box, he would have set his sights on Sussex Dr., wouldn't have been the first time we would have had a seppie as a PM...makes me laugh histerically when people describe him as 'Ambitious' any event...he won't be my point.

    4. Quebecer of Tree Stump -

      I agree with your conclusion. However I do think that the english minority in Quebec were quite insensitive to the francophone majority in the past. It takes two to tango and once again the anglos have to take some responsibility here. It can't be entirely the francophones fault. I know way too many anglos who grew up in Quebec barely being able to speak a word of french..who didn't seem to think there was any problem not knowing the language of 85 percent of their own have to admit there is a certain level of arrogance there.

      I have spoken to countless francophones who were in the miltary, the federal governmnent, private companies and essentially they had to speak english..end of story..there was no effort whatsoever to give them training in french or for them to use french. I can tell you that these situations were a major reason why so many francophones in Quebec embraced seperation. Many of them felt like second class citizens in their own country and I dont blame them.

      But having said that I think the pendelum has swung too far the other way NOW. The federal government goes overboard making too many jobs bilingual, Bill 101 is overdone, the continued efforts by the PQ to strip more rights away from anglos is overdone. Enough is enough as I have said.

    5. You know complicated, I agree with a lot of what you say but I grew up around francophones here and in Ottawa all my life and I can tell you there was not one of them that ever complained to me that I did not speak french. They insisted on speaking english - they wanted to learn english. I wish now that they had taught me french but that was something that never, ever came up. As it was never spoken about, I was the one that did not learn their language but again I must reiterate that it was just never discussed and things went on as they did. It was never meant as any kind of put-down or slight in any way - it was just the way it was at that time. So don't blame everything on the anglophones; this was never a deliberate course of action that I'm aware of.

    6. Cutie - Both sides are at fault to some this point in time I think the francophone side is more at they are asking for too much. On the other hand there is a reason why the seperation movement started and grew so strong. Anglophones seem to like to think that francophones somehow got brainwashed by Rene Levesque and didnt know what they were doing and voila the seperation movement.

      You or ED can't speak from a francophones perspective from the 1960s. You have a general impression that the francophones you knew were happy..that may or may not be true. I think many francophones were unhappy about the status of their language and culture in the past and didn't run around telling every anglophone. Many francophones worked for anglophone bosses and companies...they were not going to risk losing their jobs. On the other hand other francophones likely were happy with the situation. I also dont think all anglophones are to blame was the prevailing mentality at the time..that their was no problem with english being used as the predominant language in many workplaces.

      But I know from speaking to older francophones that it did bother many of them..they may have been silent about it but deep down it was something they felt was unfair and unjust. They felt like they were second class citizens in their own country. They were worried that at some point english was going to just take over completely and I suspect that without Bill 101 much of southern Quebec would be very english now. So I am not totally against the spirit of Bill 101 but I still think some of its provisions went too far. I think that enough accomodation has been made to this point...there is a limit to how much anglophone rights can be stripped away from Canadians.

    7. I was talking from a child's perspective complicated. There used to be problems between catholics and protestants but there was never a problem about french vs english strange as that may seem to you. As to the working class at the time, I don't know because, as I said, it was never brought up in my office environment and everyone just seemed to work together - french and english to get the job done. If they were harbouring any resentment towards me because I was english, they hid if well and at that time I was living in a mainly french neighbourhood and working for National Defence wherein the men and women communicated in english for the main part. Again, it was never brought up in any discussion of which I was a part. So how could something be recognized as a "problem" if no one spoke of it? That's what I'm saying; if people were not aware it was not done on purpose.

    8. @cutie003

      "I was talking from a child's perspective complicated."

      mate i'm sorry but i have been mandated by myself to tell you that children's perspective are not interesting. this blog is more concerned with mature points of view. can you handle this?

  16. "According to them, in Quebec, Francophones, their language and their culture merit respect because they are the majority."

    This has more to do with Western culture more than with the Quebecois. The majority "argument" is just a cloak for their supremacist culture. And if you look around, all Western nations and their colonial offshoots, whether South Africa (product of Dutch colonialism), Quebec (product of French colonialism), Rhodesia (product of British colonialism) or Israel (product of Zionism serving the interests of British,American,and French imperialism) have supremacist and arrogant cultures and are infused with contempt for those who happen to live amongst them. This goes for both the westerners who feel their supremacy might be threatened (the 4 aforementioned examples), as well as those who are more comfortable and settled (Americans, British, French, Australians, Canadians), who might appear more cool on the surface, but threaten them a little but and they all come out with their own versions of apartheid (e.g. Arizona vs. Hispanics).

    1. Note that none of it is an excuse of Quebecois supremacist culture. It's just to point out that Quebecois supremacism is a manifestation of a wider phenomenon.

    2. Very good observation, Adski.

      Unfortunately, your insight will be completely lost on those who need to embrace it the most.

    3. @anonymous coward

      so you agree that if english canadian supremacy in canada is "threatened a little" you will react by coming out with repression?!? how are you better than what you percieve quebec french canadians to be then?

  17. Generally, I find your blog posts spot-on, but think the latest, 'Obedience is NOT Respect', misses the mark. I don't think it is completely hypocritical for there to be minority rights for francophones in Canada and majority rights for francophones in Quebec and I don't think most Anglophones in Quebec disagree with the laws considered reasonable. French is a minority language in a sea of English in NORTH America (stressing North so as to distinguish from Mexican North America) and perhaps French needs some protection both internally of Quebec and externally. Secondly, I don't think the rights of francophones in Canada is of any concern within the sovereigntist movement. They don't give a damn about the RoC, in fact French rights within the RoC frustrates the ultimate agenda for the sovereignty movement. They would rather there be no rights and claim the rationale to separate. Concessions within the RoC to French language rights is the manifestation of federalists trying to placate the population of Quebec. My overwhelming concern at present would revolve around the term "reasonable" and the actions of the PQ and the zealots within the government are not the least bit reasonable.

  18. Perhaps we could develop some "respect" if the separatists "respected" our tax money:

    1. Cutie, Respect, like bilingualism, for the seperatist is one-way street.

    2. Guess you're right Liam - Nice to see you here again. Hope all is well.

  19. FROM ED
    EDITOR, I always address you as EDITOR, not just because you asked us to do so but because it shows respect for your position as the Chief, not just another fellow. I remember what Jack Kennedy said on the night he won the Presidency. He told his good buddies, "I must insist you call me Mr .President. You're still my closest friends but I have to ask you to show respect for the office I hold and must protect."
    If I call you Phil or Mr.Berlach it puts you on the same level as me but I don't have the reponsibility of this BLOG so in my eyes EDITOR it must be.
    Jimmy Carter made a mistake withh his, "Just call me Jimmah" He let his brother make an asshole of civility. He thought the world would love his 'mommah' no matter wha she said, although she made more sense than anyone in the family. Jimmy is a good man but he did not protect the office that he represented.
    I would not of course expect a Francophone to understand this, the education level is too low. I've noticed sometimes people here will address me as Mr. Brown because of my age which of coure I don't expect or ask for nor do I feel I deserve it having done nothing special to get here. In spite of that it does feel nice so I would not discourage it. Ed

  20. The Editor writes:

    "In February next year Brent Tyler will finally test the issue of the fragility of the French language in court.
    He is opposing the terms of Bill 101 in regards to signage because it is based on a false premise, that is the notion that French is in mortal danger, and readers, I believe he has the experts to refute that claim."

    If that is indeed the basis upon which Brent will tailor his challenge, I think it is the wrong direction to go.

    The issue isn't whether or not French is in danger; it is whether the State is the mechanism through which a select culture or language group should be protected. Even if French is in danger, why should the State choose one language group or cultural group for legislative "help"? "Language" is a prohibited base of discrimination and, as such, it should be prohibited for one group's language to be singled out for governmental assistance.

    This is particularly true for a language that already has official status, as both English and French have in Canada (on the federal level and, to varying degrees, on the provincial levels). Having official language status already gives that language a huge advantage over any other languages spoken on a given territory and this fact alone should put both English and French at the bottom of the list when it comes to singling out languages for "help".

    On the level of govenmental services, by all means the State can and should designate an official language(s). But in the private sector -- that is, anything done outside the ambit of governmental services -- all languages are equal. Swahili, Portugese, Greek, and Figian are equal to French and English in the private sphere. Legislating in favour of either English or French in the private sphere is discriminatory and it is this principle that I believe should be the focus of Brent's challenge.

    1. Sorry to disagree, you are arguing a point that the Supreme court has already decided, based on the balance of inconvenience, wherein the court that found French needed protection, even if it meant inconvenience to the English in Quebec. But in that case nobody ever contested whether or not French was in danger, it was practically stipulated.
      The only course left is to prove that the underlying assumption that led the court to its conclusion is false.
      Your contention that "Even if French is in danger, why should the State choose one language group or cultural group for legislative " is moot, they already have.
      Time to move on and find another path.
      Brent Tyler is taking the only reasonable approach. As soon as he makes his arguments that French is not danger, the other side will be forced into a statistical game that they will lose. They will have to 'prove' that French is really in danger and they will have to prove that English signs endanger French, not an easy task..

    2. "The issue isn't whether or not French is in danger; it is whether the State is the mechanism through which a select culture or language group should be protected."

      There is a political, an ethical, and a logical dimension to the issue.

      The political one is: is the danger so real and so grave, or is it exaggerated for political purposes?

      The ethical one is: even if the danger is real, does it entitle one to be an aggressive bully? If I'm drowning, am i entitled to grab the hands of people on the shore and pull them into the water with me?

      The logical one is: even if the danger is real, is what I'm doing a remedy to this danger, does it achieve anything, does it make things better, worse, or has no effect at all? tp expand on this point, I read an interesting book by a McMaster's professor William Coleman (called "The Independence Movement in Quebec") in which he argues that the turn taken by both the PQ and the PLQ in the 1960s was to integrate Quebec economically with the capitalist North America, which led to a consumption-driven technology-focused culture in Quebec which replaced the traditional francophone classics-oriented culture. The language insanity of the 1970s and after was just a misguided chase to save something that was disappearing in front of their eyes. The point is that Quebec political parties and movements were the culprits themselves in dismantling the French Canadian culture, much more so than the scapegoated anglos, allos, immigrants, or the demographic reality of North America. Essentially, the political forces of Quebec pushed in two opposing directions, and much harder in the direction of economic integration with the rest of the continent.

    3. Wouldn't that have frosted the asses of the political elite in quebec adski? lol. Probably a lot of truth in it but bet we'll hear none of that from the seppies! Thank you.

    4. The Supreme Court of Canada, having to have judges from quebec, is always open to infiltration of separatists, so no decision that it makes regarding francophones and/or laws surrounding their rights, is above suspicion as far as I'm concerned. I never expect a fair and impartial verdict from them on anything concerning quebec. I can't be alone thinking as I do about the whole political mess that these separatists have created in this country. They are notoriously sneaky and two faced.

    5. Have you noticed that the Values Charter would amend Quebec's Charter of Human Rights to include the primacy of French. How might this affect Brent Tyler's case? What would an individual need to do to "maintain a proper regard for ... primacy of the French language"?

      40. The preamble to the Charter of human rights and freedoms (chapter C-12) is amended by inserting ...
      “Whereas ... the primacy of the French language ... are fundamental values of the Québec nation;”.

      41. ... the Charter is amended by adding ...: “...a person shall also maintain a proper regard for ... primacy of the French language...”

    6. For sure it was noticed but perhaps the Editor can enlighten us as to Brent Tyler's case. Thank you Editor - if you know, can you please inform us.

  21. La NSA espionne les habitudes pornographiques d'islamistes radicaux

    Haha!...Les coquins

  22. Est-ce que Editor et B. Tyler savent que les Canadiens-anglais ne sont que la pâle copie d'un autre peuple et qu'ils n'apportent rien à la diversité culturelle du monde?

  23. "Est-ce que Editor et B. Tyler savent que les Canadiens-anglais ne sont que la pâle copie d'un autre peuple et qu'ils n'apportent rien à la diversité culturelle du monde?"


    Oh yeah - the same can be said about the Quebecois:

    Le Banquier, Star Academie, Éric Lapointe, Loft Story...not only total rip-offs of American/British culture, but trashy, low-rent versions that certifiably bring NOTHING of value the global diversity and bring nothing but shame to Quebec's self-professed "uniqueness."

    1. Si on commence à énumérer toute la merde américaine qui n'apporte rien à l'humanité...

      Ex: La journée nationale du Donut

    2. mate these are very bad examples. if this is what quebec culture amounts to in your gloomy universe no wonder you can't come up with a relevant thought. if scanning tv channels is the only effort you can make to get acquainted with quebec culture swap to télé-québec sometimes, it's generally better than tva. of course coming downtown would be even better for you. but maybe i'm asking too much.

    3. THIS of course, is the best our racist little franco-supremacist friends can come up with as arguments.

      "All anglos eat donuts"

      "All anglos are fat because they eat nothing but McDonald's food"

      And now we're being told to choose one shitty low-grade station for another in order to better understand the somehow "unique" culture of a peuple that is just SO incredibly, utterly unique that no on else in the world is as cool as this peuple.

      For anyone not white, French-speaking and born in Quebec to lay claim to being more fun-loving, laid-back and culturally enamored should be treated as a copyright infringement against the Quebecois trademark.

      If separatists want to impress me, they can go ahead and do EVERYTHING completely differently form every other culture in the world...starting with music and TV shows. Show us something different.

      I know you guys think you invented narrow-minded, bigoted thinking when you created Bill 101 and La Charte des Voyous" but it's been done before.

      You also thought you created corruption when you allowed the FTQ to corrupt the province's voting base for it's own means but...someone else created that.

      And you also think you created lazy, half-assed worksmanship by way of crumbling bridges and infrastructures, but hey - once again, you ripped someone else's style there too.

      I can pour salt an vinegar into your cuts all day, but I'd prefer not to.

      The Quebec sovereignist movement is doomed and for more than just the reasons cited above.

    4. does anyone know where I can get a Pepsi and a May West?

    5. Why yes, dear sir!

      Quebec's very own Super C has a special on Pepsi just in time for the week running through welfare day

      Page 1: Pepsi 24 pack @ 6.49 -- 27 cents a can!

      Hope I'm not breaking your heart - no specials on May Wests this week...HOWEVER, from the makers of May Wests, you can snap up Oh Caramels for just $3 a box.

      BTW, if any of you here want a true glimpse of separatist culture (or total lack of it, I should say) go to the Super C on the 1st of December (welfare day).

      Swear to the lawd you have never seen anything like this. Endless lines of shoppers with carts full of Pepsi (because its always on sale for welfraud day).

    6. @S.R

      OMG! OMG!

      I know that Walmart in that video!

      Anyone who wants to visit it for themselves, here is the Walmart S.R just shared with us: Walmart - 4050, boul. Josaphat-Rancourt, Autoroute 10 Et Autoroute 410 Sherbrooke (819) 823-8382

    7. Le déclin de l'empire américain

      Pure décadence

    8. @anonymous coward

      " shitty low-grade station for another in order to better understand the somehow "unique" culture of a peuple..."

      what you don't seem to understand is every single time you negate the existence of the french canadian culture you justify the need for all the culture protection government measures that you don't like. akin to shooting yourself in the foot. it would be more constructive for your sake to embrace said culture and appreciate it. first your life would be more enjoyable and second french canadian would feel more confident in their own survival. win win. don't you agree anonymous coward?

    9. Yes, you just be sure to do that Anonymous Coward! There will be at least one of you if you comply. They just don't understand the concept of "respect" begets "respect". The editor explained it all but perhaps the seppies must read the post yet again to grasp that they will never get "respect" as they continue to "demand" it. All they've done is drive people away from the culture and will continue on the same route until they catch on to the fact that people don't react well to being bullied into anything including "culture". Ask Boycott Quebec groups online just how many people are now doing everything they can to bankrupt this province even faster by not buying anything here anymore. And these are residents of quebec that are sick of being bullied by the francophone "culture". And who gives a shit about your "survival" anymore? Only ones of your own ilk - you used to have many that wanted to assist you in this endeavour but no longer - your supporters have had it with your selfish bigotry and want nothing more to do with the french culture all brought on by yourselves.

    10. S.R,

      "Ex: La journée nationale du Donut"

      A 'National Donut Day' would be very appropriate in Quebec - Tim Hortons donut stores are more popular here than in any other province in Canada. Everyone knows the Quebecois love their sweets and they have the terrible teeth to prove it.

    11. Contrairement au canada,nous avons aussi de bons restos.

    12. Like St-Hubert, Au Coq, La Belle Province and hundreds of casse-croutes?

    13. Yes Montreal has great restaurants and it is because of multiculturalism. Thank god montreal isn't a pure white francophone city.

  24. FROM ED
    Last word I have on the sunject of respect. If you feel you deserve respect go get it. S.R. shows no respect for any of you writing in french when he is capable of perfect English. It matters not to him that this is an english blog, in fact he gets evryone to read his French and most willl even answer him in French./ When it comes to respect he shows he has none, yet you bow to his demand and answer him in French,, He has earned my respect because not only is he doing a good job of what a troll is expected to do, he has so many of you helping him, in French. Instead of making him write English if he wants to be read he gets you guys writing in French on an English blog. Perseverance like his demands respect. Too bad we don't. Ed

    1. it's in the blog rules that contributors are welcome to post in french or english. the editor wrote the rules. please show some obedience mate. you look like a fool when you pretend to be more than an ordinary ranter.

    2. Be smart and just ignore the idiot SR like many of us do.

    3. And "student" and sometimes one called "un gars" shows up - all trolls and annoying.

    4. @ Ed

      I understand your point about writing in French on an English blog. But that blog is about Anglos living in Québec. And Anglos living in Québec are OUR anglos. Consequently Anglo Affairs are discussed in French. It's just a question of respect of your masters.

    5. I make it a point not to respond to trolls, but I break my rule to call out Y.L.:
      Even though you display a flag depicting a gun-toting thug, you are not my master. You are not the master of anyone here. Now put away your murderous toy. We will speak among ourselves and discuss topics among ourselves in whatever language we deem appropriate.

    6. gun-toting thug ?

      Et la feuille d'érable?Du papier-cul pour les Indiens?


    7. Master? Of what? Bates? lol - you will never be master of anything my little small minded friend. That complex you wear is really starting to squeeze your brain.

    8. Effectivement,vous êtes NOS anglos,peggy...vous ne faites pas partie de la communauté anglophone du Québec?

    9. "...It's just a question of respect of your masters."

      Hahahahahhahahahahahahahaha.....What a funny statement! Omg. Seriously, that reminded me of those people who brag they have money, but we all know better. Those who do, never feel the need to talk about it, much less brag.

      If you truly were Masters, there would be no need to remind anyone. Since you're not, and since you're STILL NOT INDEPENDENT, EVEN AFTER 40 YRS OF TRYING, what with the Montreal underworld as the real gatekeepers of the province, ...well...we'll just lay that lil ole' fantasy to rest.

      To boot, most seppies, don't even OWN property. Lol....oopps, did I say that out loud?

      (Wait for it.......) lol

      Oh you want a tissue again?

    10. Obéissez ToTo : Payez vos taxes & impôts,affichez votre commerce de façon légale,parlez globish à la maison et tout ira bien.


    11. "Obéissez ToTo : Payez vos taxes & impôts,affichez votre commerce de façon légale,parlez globish à la maison et tout ira bien."

      Let's see you say that to the underworld Masters who really run things where you live, and lead you by the nose. Lol, THEN, come tell the rest of us that, ...g'head, I dare

      Want another tissue to go with the first one? Lol

    12. Most of the gun-toting thugs on Y.L's shitty flag were arrested, shot or hanged by their BRITISH MASTERS during the 1837 rebellion, Lol.

    13. @Durham - and those who weren't shot or hung were those who ran away.

      Fact: British troops wore red coats to conceal their wounds...French soldiers wore brown pants to conceal their fear.

    14. @durham @anonymous coward

      you guys are racists. are you proud of it?

    15. @Y.L

      Hey, "master" how about you send me your home address so I can come over and "worship" you my great poutine-slurping overlord. Hahahahahaha!

      (But seriously, tough guy - send me your address).

    16. @sylvain raciste

      please describe to me the benefit you reap from anonymously threatening fellow anonymous posters on the internet. i could learn something here.

    17. @anectote

      "Seriously, that reminded me of those people who brag they have money, but we all know better. Those who do, never feel the need to talk about it, much less brag."

      you often did brag about how well you're doing yourself mate. how will you dig your way out of this one now? hint: you won't.

    18. @student you a deal little girl - as your BF Y.L first.

      He insists on promoting his intent for violence via the armed-hillbilly flag and insisting he's our master.

      C'mon little hypocrite, time to show us if there's more than just hot air and sperm in that mouth of yours.

    19. @sylvain raciste

      i don't understand your last comment mate. is it another layer of threats?

    20. @student - no, no, no - it wasn't another threat!

      You didn't understand it because you're uneducated. You also didn't understand it because a slut never knows she's being laughed at by everyone else.

      BTW, what I said to Y.L isn't acutally a threat - he declared himself my master, I'm merely offering him the opportunity to prove he's my master...

      ...but the trouble with separatists is that they're all low-self esteem cases who like to ridicule others and make them feel like crap but are too spineless to backup their BS when it comes time.

      I don't need to lay one single finger on a separatist to make you a victim. That's what you guys already are, professional victims with nothing to offer our society.

    21. @sylvain raciste

      tell me more.

    22. Sylvain Raciste représente le type d'enfoiré d'anglo qu'on aime détester...Presque jouissif.Tellement que j'ai l'impression parfois que c'est peut-être un fédéraste d' Elvis Gratton anglophile,je ne serais pas surpris.

  25. Pourquoi je n'aime pas le canada

    1. If I were like you now, (gag), I would say to both you and mr. pinel to move to France. Honestly, I have never read such rubbish, all the reasons he cites for disliking Canada, are ALL the reasons why Canadians love it!

      Seppies are just miserable unsatisfied and disgruntled individuals and nothing makes them happy and nothing ever will. I am convinced that even after becoming independent, they will still bitch and complain cause ultimately the problem (they will never admit to), lies between their ears.

      I really hope Ottawa delivers that Life Lesson you are all in dire need of ...and cuts off the juice of transfer payments come 2014.

    2. They will never be happy AnecTOTE - you're right. They have no damn idea what they are doing to themselves unfortunately and will only find out when they apply for their EI and/or welfare and find no money in the till when they leave Canada and all the social programs behind. The transfer payments are only a start of very hard times to come for the citizens of quebec but they are too stupid to realize it.

    3. May be it's bit off topic but I thinks it still relevant. I couldn't find the information about how much France donates to the Haiyan typhoon victims. It seems that it's insignificant. Compared to what UK, Japan, German, and Canada let alone US give, it's really shameful for a so-called "cultured" country. I would be really surprised if kebekois here do any better! Hypocrisy at it's finest.

    4. Le canada devrait commencer par être généreux avec les gens de Lac Mégantic,d'autant plus qu'il est responsable de cette catastrophe.

    5. Don't you read this news? ...oh yeah, I forgot you only read what seppies feed you. Here ..try this spoonful, something may actually like it.

    6. So far, Canada has given more than 150 mil and did not receive any thank yous from the "most cultured" province!
      What culture is this?

    7. Oh no - Marois will try to take credit for everything and say she had to "push Canada into contributing" and it's all due to them that any money came from the ROC for the tragedy. I hope the residents of Lac Megantic are aware that the ROC were all very sympathetic and were more than willing to assist financially to help them without one word of prodding from Miss Piggy.

    8. Merci pourquoi?Pour les bombes roulantes qui sillonnent le canaya?

    9. Mate, thanks for welfare checks or thanks for "les bombes roulantes" which pay for the welfare checks is more or less the same thing rite?

    10. @anonymous

      "Canada has given more than 150 mil and did not receive any thank yous..."

      preposterous. canada is responsible for lac-mégantic fire. fifty deaths. downtown levelled. you bastards is a much more appropriate reply than thank you don't you think anonymous?

  26. EXCLUSIVE: EMSB will not comply with Charter of Values

    Comme si ils avaient le choix :)

  27. Is Quebec going to get charter police to enforce this anti religion charter?

    1. Now we'll have "clothing police" as well as "language police" - just to put more unemployable bums to work doing something to get on the payroll of the separatists - chasing people around and handing out tickets if they wear scarves - it's a great place to live! Something new to talk about every damn day! As Barry Wilson says "It's a unique province" except I would find a much better word than "unique" to describe it.

    2. By way, it was noted on CTV News at noon that there is no "method" of policing those that will not obey the charter even if it does pass. Guess that is yet "to be decided" - lol

    3. @cutie003

      "...there is no "method" of policing those that will not obey the charter even if it does pass."

      assuming it passes, how do you think it should be enforced cutie003?

  28. Fallout from controversial photo threatens Verdun daycare

    Ça devrait en dissuader quelques-uns...

  29. Les juifs de Lev Tahor accusent la DPJ de persécution

    Ces Juifs sont vraiment étranges.

    1. They left for freedom from the racist Quebec government. Are we surprised? No!

      "An initial assessment of the children's well-being has been conducted with the assistance of the Chatham-Kent Integrated Children's Services and at this time there are no concerns," Const. Renee Cowell of the Chatham-Kent police said in a statement.

      The Quebec government is launching a political against the Jews! I am glad they left for Ontario. They will benefit from real freedom!

    2. @liam

      don't you think the little girls deserve better than five kids with a random husband before they turn twenty? and little boys to learn more than torah? or are you a heartless imbecile?

    3. Keep on trolling, Student.

      "An initial assessment of the children's well-being has been conducted with the assistance of the Chatham-Kent Integrated Children's Services and at this time there are no concerns," Const. Renee Cowell of the Chatham-Kent police said in a statement.

      Hasidic Jews love their children. Why would they want to harm them?

      "or are you a heartless imbecile?" Are you? You want the Government to take a children because they will learn a different religion. You are a heartless imbecile.

    4. "Hasidic Jews love their children"

      Peut-être même un peu trop et peut-être pas de la bonne manière

  30. From CJAD News:

    BREAKING: Minister Bernard Drainville cancels a scheduled talk at Concordia University this morning, because of safety concerns.

    Wonder how he likes living in fear - give him a sample of his own medicine - lol

    1. Nous savons que les anglos manquent de civisme...pas de chance à prendre avec ces agressifs canadiens.

    2. I am not surprised! I could not remember the last time the French dared to stand up against the Anglos. In WW2, French and their brothers here Kebekois even did not help us to save France from Nazi!

    3. "...I could not remember the last time the French dared to stand up against the Anglos"

      Alzheimer? Mdr



    5. Are racist comments from both sides really helpful and necessary?? Maybe it makes you all feel better to bash another group. Its the same old story over and over..humans always organize themselves in tribes and inevitably disagreement occurs and war. This type of commentary is really just inflammatory from both the anglo and franco sides. I have been watching some interesting documentaries on the conflict in Yugoslavia back in the 1990s..some interesting parallels between what is happening here although we are still much nicer to each other than they were but relations are deteriorating. History is a great can see how the different ethnic groups start demonizing each manipulation.

      The real trigger for the crisis was the collapse in the economy..I have always thought that the real crisis in Quebec will start when the economy this closely. An economic collapse will create the conditions that the PQ need to stengthen the seperation movement. It sounds illogical but when people have nothing left to lose they tend to look for someone to blame and it will be so easy to blame the rest of Canada for the made in Quebec economic problems.

    6. @Cutie003: I would not be at all surprised if Drainville never planned to speak in the first place. It would suit his agenda to say, "I tried to explain our glorious social project to those anglos and allos, and see what happens?"
      Of course, it's possible someone made threats against Drainville. The way society is now, I'd be shocked if someone didn't.
      I was going to insert a line in the above comment about "I expect someone to whisper Richard Bain's name in the next few days," but thought maybe I was being too cynical. Sure enough, as I scrolled up to reread Cutie's comment, I noticed SR had already made a "Bain" reference. Boy, who saw that coming?

    7. I'm surprised that he didn't link my name with Bain's as happened before on one of those separatist rags - idiots with conspiracy theories behind everything they think and do. I'm sure they lay awake nights thinking up these things - crazy people.

    8. Apparently he claims he didn't go because there would be charter protesters there (as if they didn't think this would happen). They started all this and now don't know what the hell to do with it - they didn't get that it would cause problems? Must be pretty stupid people is all I can say. Some that were against the charter were booed out of the hall the other night - had to be a clue there somewhere. They stirred up the hornet's nest and are now ducking for cover. Serves them right - shit disturbers of social peace deserve every bit of flack they get.

    9. @cutie003

      "I'm surprised that he didn't link my name with Bain's as happened before..."

      seriously cutie003, the threats to drainville, was it you?

    10. @Cutie

      "Apparently he claims he didn't go because there would be charter protesters there (as if they didn't think this would happen)."

      The coward made a run for it ...LOL. Does it surprise you the scared lil' seppie has no backbone?

    11. Yeah and then he said he did it to "protect the students" - BS = many different people from many different cultures there and he just didn't want to answer the hard questions.

    12. "I would not be at all surprised if Drainville never planned to speak in the first place...."

      Speaks to the strength (or lack there-of) of his convictions. It is so embarrassing that people like this run government.

    13. But here's the BIGGEST joke if The Gazette pg. A2, "Drainville cancels university visit", the guy who has introduced the charter of no values, the very thing this province is living its darkest moment and the very reason there are heightened racial & xenophobic "democratic institutions minister"??

      Hahahahahahahahahahahhahaahhahaahhahahah....I know I know...but it made ME laugh, but I could just see some people running out of their houses onto the streets with their hands up in the air, bulging eyes, hair frizzed up like they just stuck their finger in a socket and yelling.."AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH", like they just saw a ghost.

    14. @Complicated,

      Dommage de voir que ton commentaire a été complètement ignoré :(

  31. May be it's bit off topic but I thinks it still relevant. I couldn't find the information about how much France donates to the Haiyan typhoon victims. It seems that it's insignificant. Compared to what UK, Japan, German, and Canada let alone US give, it's really shameful for a so-called "cultured" country. I would be really surprised if kebekois here do any better! Hypocrisy at it's finest.

    1. Here we go..lets start bashing France now. You present a statement about France..have zero facts to back it up..then slam Quebec in the process..if thats not a bigoted statement then I dont know what is?? Then you have to post this drivel twice??

      We can bash a lot of countries here is you want to. A lot of people around the world think Canada has a horrible record with regards to its dealing with the environment and climate oilsands. A lot of people think the USA has committed atrocities all over the world over the past 50 invading and occupying countries for no good reason. How many thousands/millions of innocent civilians have died or been maimed because of US and UK intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan?? How many thousands of US soldiers..mainly young and from lower class backgrounds been killed and injured to fight an unjust war for the elite of the USA? How many innocent civilians have been killed by illegal US drone strikes in Pakistan and other countries?? Are these the actions of a "civilized" country??

      A lot of people think the USA and UK threw their middle/lower class population under a bus 5 years ago by bailing out the greedy bankers who caused the financial crisis. These same greedy bankers who are now making record bonuses meanwhile millions of average Americans and British are unemployed or underemployed as a result. Very civilized countries indeed..the US and the UK.

    2. Complicated, the first post is in the wrong place! You must be a fan of NDP and not far from a PQ supporter!
      What is the fact? If you insist on having some numbers on the post then I think you better to look into YOURS posts first!
      US and UK intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan is debatable. Many people support it, including me! Of course, as a leftie, you will find many people and reasons to be against it. Who cares?

    3. Anonymous -

      The only point of your post was to attack francophones in general..basically a racist comment. You provided no facts and even if France contributed less what does that really mean?? As I pointed out I can find all sorts of nasty things that other countries have country or group is without sin. The point I hope of this blog is not just to bash francophones into the ground but have some meaningful and intelligent dialogue.

    4. France contributed less is a well-known fact. And no surprise fact: there are striking similarities between French and Kebekois (minus the fact that France still produces some decent maths): nanny state, racist law (the charter of value is just another copy-cat from French one), cheap and hypocrite.
      I am not a fan of political correctness!

    5. @complicated

      you win this battle mate hands down mate. thanks for picking up the slack.

    6. oops! one mate too much up here. sorry about that i don't want to be redundant.

    7. FROM ED
      COMPLICATED, I usually don't answer bloody minded trolls like you but I will try to exlain something that just maybe, your sphinx like brain can comprehend. Think about these two words, "TWO SOLITUDES"
      This means one English Solitude which depicts an ethnic group working quietly on their own to improve their lifestyle while enjoying their culture.
      Also means one French Solitude depicting an ethnic group working and living in French while enjoying their culture. and life style.
      Each group had no time for the other as they were busy conducting themselves in the way of life that came naturally to them.
      Each of the groups went to their persperctive Schools and Churches and places of employment where they laboured, studied and played individually. Each of the groups spoke in their own language at home and schools and Churches.
      Assimilation was limited to inter marriage between occasional families.
      Commerce was conducted in two languages. Big business was mostly in English since it was English people who founded the banks, industries, railroads, etc. Retail was predominately in French, depanneurs, hardwares and drug stores were mostly owned by French.
      What each solitude thought of the other was kept under wraps. People might have bitched about the other language but did not do it openly.
      When paths crossed the interaction was pleasant. No one had an axe to grind .
      "Two Solitudes" Complicated, "TWO SOLITUDES" THINK ABOUT IT. Ed

  32. lol - even the strongest union in quebec voted against the charter yesterday. Watch our little seppies explain that away. Catch CTV News at noon with McPherson and LaPierre on video - it's all there!


    Oh no. Looks like Montreal terrible economy is finally going to affect it's "artists".

    Haha, the shows all cancelled. It's almost as if nobody wants to buy that crap!

    Pauline better come to the rescue and explain to the population how it's Canada/anglo/immigrants fault that nobody wants to buy Quebec fashion designers that are so insular and stupid they only want to hold shows in their own province where the media will fete them as stars.

    Good to see it's not only real businesses that are shutting down. The more damage done to "Quebec cultural industries" the better!

    Remember, Quebec can only be saved once it admits it's totally bankrupt and the seppies and corrupt Liberals have no room to maneuver.

    1. FROM ED
      Cebeuq, I have always read your posts with interest whether I agree with them or not. You have a straight up style that gets right to the point. For this reason I don't understand why you lower yourself to the level of PQ or CAQ accusing Liberals of corruption. Every knows there has not been a shred of evidence broight out against their party. Why defame them if youknow they are innocent of any wrong doing.
      You can trot out the old, "Ed's a Liberal lover" bit, but that doesn't fly. Ed

  34. FROM ED
    CTV NEWS at six will have several special items; a report from the Charbonneau Commish, for one. Ed

    1. But I'm not sure that McPherson and LaPierre will be repeated ED and they have a great show today at noon. Anyone can watch it on CTV News at Noon.

    2. @ed

      they report on charbonneau every day mate. pay attention you'll miss less.

  35. Quebec's Greek Moment in the making

    Finance Minister Marceau just gave his financial update about 90 minoutes ago and it looks like we are having our Greek Moment in Quebec. If you are not sure I mean by this then here it is: We are at the point where raising taxes actually lowers state revenue, while cutting spending will cause an economic recession. Either way you are screwed.

    In November of 2012 when Marceau came out with his new mini-budget where he decided to raise income tax, raise the health tax and raise taxes on alcohol, I told all those around me that his would actually lower overall tax revenue. There comes a time when paying too much in taxes encourages people to either stop working overtime or simply move to a more friendly jurisdiction. Well, it's happening.

    For too long Quebec has had a large civil service full of redundant structures that has created artificial jobs. Meanwhile we have relied on a hefty taxation and federal transfer payments to pay for this (or almost - the rest was borrowed). The jig is up this time. We simply don't have the private sector investment and workforce productivity levels to provide us with the resulting tax base we need to sustain our current social programs and certainly not enough to actually balance a budget. We have entered the era of sustained structural deficits.

    There is only one way out of this mess we're in: we need economic growth. Growth will come from more productive workers; more labour force participation, more private investment and more young people in the working age living here (i.e. young and skilled immigrants).

    Constant talk of separation and constitutional debates has scared businesses out of this province. Bill 101 has made it too complicated and too unattractive to set up or even keep large businesses here. Powerful unions have made it a nightmare to run a manufacturing business here. The policy of choosing immigrants based on their ability to speak French as opposed to being able to find a highly skilled job have resulted in many immigrants relying on the state to live (as opposed to being net contributors).

    Everything the Quebec government is doing is exactly the opposite of what we need to do to get out of this mess.
    So what's going to happen? Either the Quebec Government is going to tell the population like is and start chipping away at bill 101, the unions and reform immigration, or Standard and Poor's or another credit rating agency will cut Quebec's credit rating. When the credit rating is cut, get ready for a real Greek Moment.

    1. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTThursday, November 28, 2013 at 7:46:00 PM EST

      "Everything the Quebec government is doing is exactly the opposite of what we need to do to get out of this mess."
      @MTL 1973: You don't say???

      Hence why I refer to quebec as quebekistan. Enjoy your low lives there.
      For all those who spend their days here calling out the quebec PQ government as racist, have a look at yourselves.
      Some of you also share traits akin to racists. Kinda a love/hate relationship...

    2. impressive fear mongering mate. all the classic lies plus a few new ones. you could have added a tad of zimbabwe inflation and a bit of ussr communism for good measure. after all, traditions are to be respected aren't they mtl 1973?

    3. I hope its happens sooner rather then later...bring it on, bankrupt the province...stop equalization NOW.

    4. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTThursday, November 28, 2013 at 9:24:00 PM EST

      "I hope its happens sooner rather then later...bring it on, bankrupt the province...stop equalization NOW."

      Yeah. You, as a taxpayer will pick up that tab. Real smart comment.
      What's your name? Let's call you editor for now...

    5. @MTL 1973

      Don't you love of how simply stating Facts & tellin' the truth Is fear-mongering now? I suppose THEY have to lie, cause the alternative is too damned scary for them. They really are just ..Perfect Losers!

    6. The trolls that "visit" this blog have to be the most fucked up individuals to ever post anywhere in the world. Some of their "observations" and "stupid" comments are really sick. What can they have between their ears? Unbelievable.

  36. MTL1973 - This is exactly what I have been talking about for years. Its going to happen..just a matter of when not if. I suspect within 2-3 years there will be an economic crisis here. Thats why we need someone who knows how to run a business run this province. The only leader with business experience is Mr.Legault. He knows how the real world works. But instead people still want to vote according to language and identity issues..the francophones for the PQ and the anglos for the Liberals. So I dont want to hear any whining from people when the economy cracks and your house price lose your job and your taxes go up..

    1. Quebec can only be fixed by going over the financial cliff. Until then it's status quo.

      No matter who is in power they are unable to fix anything in Quebec. Quebec politicians lack the political will. Perhaps it's Quebec morally flexible political culture.

      Only with crushing poverty and a lack of jobs come a focus again on what is important (even for seppies).

      Both the Liberals and the PQ think the only way to help the economy is to hand out more construction work. Montreal could use a bit more construction projects. They always go back to the same tired crap. Construction jobs for the FTQ workers.

      Do they have to rub our faces in the fraud and corruption by shutting down every major street in Montreal?

      That's one of teh biggest problems in Montreal. Our economy is held back by not enough construction.

      It's pure simple Quebec logic. Take whatever we already have massively too much of a problem with and step on the gas more. Claim nobody understands the "real problem".

      Anyway it's good to get us down the tubes faster. Then Quebec will be forced to enact legislation to scale back on language law insanity, the socialist state and a inherently anti development anti business attitude about everything.

      Montreal is the economic engine that les Quebecois think they can milk forever. With the charter of this and that, Charbonneau bad press, worldwide economy issues and montreal construction making it inconceivable that a new company would relocate to the area we see the effects in the budget shortfall.

      It's funny to think the PQ could actually save money in the coming years like they claim.

      It's going to take a lot of detective work for the PQ to find policies to save money that only affect and hurt anglophones and immigrants while further enriching the FTQ criminal union members and their compatriots.

      As usual, more road construction needed!

      Lets put another hundred million into Bixi while we are at it. It's such a shining success story of how to make $13 000 bicycles and go bankrupt.

      Lots of jobs for unskilled union employees (is there any other kind?) to move the bixi's around all night long because people are too lazy to bike back up to the plateau from downtown after getting drunk!

      Any high school student could have told Montreal to buy a MILLION bikes from one of the major local bike companies and just hand them out for free to all citizens.

      We would be way ahead. At least we wouldn't have an ongoing problem. Montreal is goign to have to pay hundreds of millions to get out of all the international expansion projects they financed. All to the benefit of a few local "montrealers" that got their pockets lined. No corruption there. Don;t go looking.

      Even when we find corruption in Quebec we don;t prosecute or act surprised. That's how we know it's a cultural value finally.

    2. Well, it looks like the show is already coming to an end:

      I just wanted to say (in advance) goodbye to all the trolls who litter this blog.

      You see, this spring, the PQ will not be coming back. In just over a year, they've ruined so much. And now they're reporting a $2.5 billion deficit that they "didn't see coming?"

      That my little furry tree friends is what we call Le Bullshit.

      When the captains of the Titanic saw the iceberg on the horizon, they did the damnedest to swerve around it, and we all know how that turned out.

      Intelligent Quebeckers can clearly see the financial iceberg ahead, but unlike the Titanic's crew, the PQ is continuing course and telling themselves everything will somehow be magically OK.

      Fortunately, when an economy collides with a financial iceberg, those onboard don't lose their lives, but life will indeed be very difficult from that point on.

      Of course, an economic crash will have no effect on the SRs, students and YLs of this blog who declare themselves as "indépendantistes" but in reality are a group of dépendantistes...forever eating their meals out of the palm of another's hand.

      So I guess everyone will be happy in the end. For us, the separatist movement will be dead and buried, and les dépendantistes will continue to suck their free milk from the ROC's teets.

    3. "So I guess everyone will be happy in the end. For us, the separatist movement will be dead and buried, and les dépendantistes will continue to suck their free milk from the ROC's teets."

      Ahhhh but wait...the best is yet to the RoC cuts off the free milk of transfer payments come 2014. I see the 'red light district' in our trolls futures, but not as customers of course. LOL

      I hope they are more stupid than they are ugly, otherwise they really don't stand a seppie chance of earning a living. Lol

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. Want to talk of respect, or lack of... Anyone read the yesterday's Suburban newspaper, with the front page story of the father and teenage daughter's nasty encounter with Montreal's abusive police officers?

    What's sicken is these are not at all isolated incidents or something new, or the fact Quebec police openly admit to racially profiling citizens (i.e. anyone who's not white, Catholic and French is suspect or needs to be put in their place). They remind me of brown shirts, not police. Police are meant to protect and serve the public, not be its aggressor to people on the street. Just another example of Quebec's way of doing things...

  38. Super!!! "Donut" est maintenant dans les dictionnaires français...J'adore ce mot,je sais pas pourquoi...Un Donut,des Donuts...

    1. Maybe cause you happen to be's another one for your vocabulary: Tarall! (More your speed!!)

  39. Congrats to Harley Davidson motorcycles for telling Quebec's honky-class the truth:

    One racist said she's planning to sell he Harley...I think that's the plan they had in mind. They don't want any Charte des Voyous supporters riding around on their bikes.

    Harley Davidson can easily afford that loss...why? Because the company has more money than the province of Quebec.


  40. Pas de problème avec "chacun sa religion" mais les "full face" sont aussi interdits dans la fonction publique.

    Bientôt sur le marché : Des Halal-Davidson ?

  41. These bigots are all over the country folks…you think its bad in Quebec…mmm, enjoy the latest video and spread the word…people really have no idea what these bigots are really up to...

    Wake up people.

    “French power” folks, this is the term brought to Ottawa by Trudeau and his gang from Kebec, Marchand, Pelletier and the rest. They bragged about it and did it. You can find their quotes bragging about this online. I have read them myself. ( Some quotes below)

    "I cannot swear it but I think we were thinking to ourselves,... we are a small group, Trudeau, Pelletier, Marchand, Lalonde, Chrétien, myself and a few people in the civil service, say 50 all told…we were bringing off a revolution. We held the key posts. We were making the civil service bilingual (French), kicking and screaming all the time". Jean-Luc Pepin, Minister of Industry, 1970.

    So while Quebec bans the English language (bill 22, bill 178, bill 101…), wipes out its real BNA, UEL history, while ethnic language cleansing is going on in Quebec, the rest of the country is forced to fund whatever the French (metis) demand. This is going on in every province. Go check.

    “First Quebec, then we take over the rest of the country, one step at a time…through bilingualism…” PT, “How to take over a country through bilingualism…” SD. How ? First comes the right to communicate with gov't in a minority language (ie French),then comes bilingualism, then comes the right to work in the language of choice(ie French), then comes a bilingual boss,(ie French) then comes a exclusively French department and on it goes until its all French. Its happening all over the country, Ontario, New Brunswick…That’s what’s really going on.

    “My roll as Secretary of State of Canada is first and foremost to ensure that my French compatriots in Canada feel with deep conviction, as I do, that this is their country and that it reflects their image”. “I too had some difficult years as a politician; I’m still having them, in fact, because everything we undertake and everything we are doing to make Canada a French state is part of a venture I have shared for many years with a number of people”. “You know the idea, the challenge, the ambition of making Canada a French country both inside and outside Quebec — an idea some people consider a bit crazy, is something a little beyond the ordinary imagination”. – Serge Joyal, Secretary of State – Page 2 ‘ENOUGH’ by J.V. Andrew. – Serge Joyal – Now in the Senate.

    "The Canadian government is engaged in a task of spreading the French
    language across the length and breadth of the country". Jules Leger,

    .” ….Given these facts, should French-speaking people concentrate their efforts on Quebec or take the whole of Canada as their base? In my opinion, they should do both; and for the purpose they could find no better instrument than federalism”, Pierre Trudeau,.

  42. Ohhh don't look now, more fear- mongering...I wonder if it applies though, since it's THE BANKS declaring this province is a bad risk..mmmm? For you enjoyment folks...please see below.

    This rather sums up the entire mess real well:

    "“They probably will,” said Laurentian Bank chief economist Carlos Leitao, “but the first step will likely be to put the province on a credit watch with negative implications.“The structure of the Quebec budget is not sustainable,” he said. “That’s what the credit-rating agencies are going to look at.” Montreal Board of Trade president Michel Leblanc said he’s worried the deficit issue will cause the private sector to lose confidence in this province. The budget shortfall is worrisome because “we aren’t in a recession and we’re already the most indebted province in Canada.”

    But yeah, please keep steadfast to that charter seppies, maybe u can feed your kids with it!

  43. More Canadians leaving "the province" of Quebec...

    So long bigots...

    1. 17 000 people leave the province in less then a year.

      $2.5 Billion more deficit then thought.

      Alcan starts turning off it's smelters

      It's a proud proud day for the PQ social economy of Quebec. Our social contract together has become stronger. Francophone poems and art will keep us fed, clothed, warm and employed.

      Canada needs to stop hating Quebec and holding us back. Only then can we show our full potential to produce a collective agrarian francophone country.

      We won;t need a currency union with Canada. We will barter for everything in Quebec. Eventually our new country will be able to re-introduce the French Franc in Quebec. Finally a proud people can emerge to fullfill their destiny of joblessness, poverty and ethnic strife.

    2. "17 000 people leave the province in less then a year."

      Seulement 17 000?J'avoue que nous pourrions faire mieux.

    3. "Seulement 17 000?J'avoue que nous pourrions faire mieux."

      After such a statement by resident troll, it is really difficult not to think he is indeed the very personification of "auto-immune disease".

  44. This Letter from today's The Gazette, says it all...and says it well:

    "Re: “Pope envisions ‘bruised, hurting’ church” (Gazette, Nov. 27)

    Pope Francis’s vision: “I prefer a church that is bruised, hurting and dirty because it has been out on the streets, rather than a church which is unhealthy from being confined and from clinging to its own security.”

    Amen, brothers and sisters! But good luck with that, your holiness.

    Now where is the statesman or woman with a vision to save our diseased democracies? They are not bruised and battered from battling the forces of greed, inequality, corruption, xenophobia, etc. No, they suffer from an auto-immune disease. That’s when a body turns on itself, when the structures of governments are so distorted by the political class that they function only to feed the infection.

    Most, if not all so-called mature democracies are in crisis. The need to attain or retain power at all cost has become the vision. This is a vision that breeds corruption and lies. That turns the rights and welfare of ordinary citizens into an afterthought. Lobbyists, corporations, powerful friends have become the driving forces of our democracies, topped by political parties that form governments after being voted in by one-third of eligible voters.

    We see riding boundaries are rigged to favour one type of candidate over another or to give the voters in one riding more weight than the voters in another. Who will stop this madness? Our voices need to be heard. Our welfare matters. Extremely serious questions lie before us, things that are far too important to be decided by governments that are propped up by the rich, the powerful and few votes at election time. Or by minority governments that use their position to distort the idea of secularism in hopes of achieving more power.

    Where are the visionaries? Those that see beyond their personal ambitions. Those that still believe that freedoms matter. That justice is not just a word. And that honourable conduct and accountability are among the most important qualities for leaders of nations.

    Bruno Zappavigna, Montreal

    All I can say, Mr. Zappavigna is...AMEN

  45. «Multiculturism is failing Canada»

    Bravo Steve E. Fortin !

  46. "... Brent Tyler will finally test the issue of the fragility of the French language in court. He is opposing the terms of Bill 101 in regards to signage because it is based on a false premise, that is the notion that French is in mortal danger..."

    Si B. Tyler se comportait en véritable Anglais, pour obtenir l'égalité de la communauté anglaise, il fonderait son argumentation sur la situation des Anglos, pas sur celle des Francos.

    Il pourrait commencer par étayer le fait que la communauté anglaise du Québec est devenue la honte de l'Empire britannique. Étant les seuls Anglos qui ont dû apprendre la langue du peuple conquis, et ce, alors qu'il n'est même pas indépendant. Créant ainsi une situation humiliante pour les membres de la communauté, qui se reflète jusque dans ses propres institutions d'enseignement et de santé, alors que l'affichage extérieur et intérieur accorde la préséance au français.

    Il pourrait appuyer son argument à l'aide des résultats du plus récent test international PISA, mesurant les capacités des jeunes de 15 ans en lecture, en mathématiques et en sciences, qui démontrent clairement que les Anglos-Québécois réussissent moins bien que les Québécois. La communauté anglaise se retrouvant ainsi dans la situation aussi absurde qu'humiliante que bien qu'elle ait une excellente université (McGill), ses membres sont intellectuellement moins capables d'y accéder que les Québécois.

    Enfin, il pourrait conclure que pour renverser la tendance, néfaste pour la communauté, et qui mine l'estime de soi de ses membres par rapport aux autres anglo-saxons, n'étant pas hégémoniques comme eux, il faut que la communauté anglaise du Québec ait un statut égal aux Québécois. Voilà pour l'essentiel l'argumentation sur laquelle devrait se fonder la revendication d'égalité de B. Tyler.

    1. I don't give a rat's ass what little neurotic fantasy lives in your mind or what baseless fallacies you've drank for juice.


      "“They probably will,” said Laurentian Bank chief economist Carlos Leitao, “but the first step will likely be to put the province on a credit watch with negative implications.“The structure of the Quebec budget is not sustainable,” he said. “That’s what the credit-rating agencies are going to look at.” Montreal Board of Trade president Michel Leblanc said he’s worried the deficit issue will cause the private sector to lose confidence in this province. The budget shortfall is worrisome because “we aren’t in a recession and we’re already the most indebted province in Canada.”

      Money talks and bulls*t walks.....YOU ARE A BROKE-ASS, ...there live with THAT.

    2. ToTo n'approuve pas son Maître?

      Heureusement que la majorité de nos anglos ne sont pas comme vous.

    3. Broke-Asses will never be masters....But, good-luck with that.

      (Psssssssssttttttt: you're a disease...get some help)

  47. Dons illégaux de Construction Catania: près de 20 000$ d'amendes

    Encore les ..."liberals"

  48. Pendant son incarcération

    Le chalet de Richard Bain vandalisé à la hache

    Moi qui croyait que cutie007 s'occupait de garder les lieux

  49. @Editor

    I understand that if you couldn't publish the regular Friday wrap-up, it's on account that you're busy. However, we're already at 191 comments going into the weekend.

    Could we request that you publish even just so much as a one-liner so that we can avoid the whole "load more" BS that comes with blogger?

    Merci, bonne fin de semaine, Phil.

  50. AnecTOTE,

    This is my plea to you. Please cease and desist. Please stop feeding the trolls. Your responding to them is what makes them feel relevant.

    1. Vous ne faites pas confiance à l'intelligence de votre amie troy ?