Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Curious Case Of André Boisclair

The deafening silence surrounding the André Boisclair affair can best be described by a quote from Lewis Carrol's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland when in the face of astounding and incomprehensible facts, Alice, the protagonist, mutters that things are getting 'curiouser and curiouser.'

What is of particular interest is not what is being said, but rather what is not being said and the strange silence in the media, the National Assembly and particularly the Liberal party.

Nothing about this affair adds up and although I don't have many answers, I certainly have a lot of questions, questions that nobody seems interested in answering or for that matter, even asking.

First, let's review the facts as we know them.
A while back, ex-cop and now CAQ member of the National Assembly Jacques Duchesneau publicized the fact that in the dying days of the PQ government in 2003, Boisclair, then the minister of Municipal Affairs, signed off on a deal that would give a subsidy to a Montreal Church for some much-needed restoration work.
The contract for the work was to go to an acquaintance/friend/fundraiser of Boisclair, a contractor who was identified at the Charbonneau commission as having ties to the mob.

Now Boisclair has admitted that he had used cocaine while serving as minister and Duchesneau asked very publicly whether Boisclair's cocaine use was linked to the contract and whether undo pressure was put upon him to authorize the contract by elements of the underworld.
"Boisclair left his position as Quebec's delegate-general in New York after the comments were made. The comments concerned financial aid provided to Saint James United Church in downtown Montreal for a $2.6-million restoration project. Boisclair was the municipal affairs minister for the Parti Québécois government when the church learned it qualified for financial aid.
On Sept. 25, Duchesneau held a press conference in Quebec City in reaction to testimony given by Paul Sauvé, the owner of a company that specializes in repairing complicated roofs and restoring the facades of churches, during the Charbonneau Commission. The contractor said that, in 2006, he was associated with a member of the Hells Angels through his company.
During the press conference Duchesneau stated: "In 2005, Mr. Boisclair himself admitted that while he was minister, he consumed cocaine. The question we are asking is: Mr. Sauvé, being an associate of the Hells Angels, and we have a grant of $2.5 million given. Did it bring (Boisclair) to influence his decision? I don't know."
The following day, Duchesneau and Legault held a press conference during which Duchesneau asked rhetorically, "But where did he buy his drugs in 2003, when he was minister? Where? The Société des Alcools du Québec?"
During the first press conference, Duchesneau held up a letter and offered it as proof Boisclair had awarded financial aid to the church in 2003. Link
Clearly Boisclair committed an error in judgment which opened himself up to questions of propriety. The letter was sent in the dying days of a PQ government which was to lose a general election a few days later.
During an election campaign ministers are by convention, enjoined from entering into new agreements or granting 'favours' or appointments. They are supposed to act as caretakers until the election issue is settled. The rule is sensible, otherwise ministers could 'buy' votes during the election campaign.

So Duchesneau had every right to question the propriety of offering a contract during an election campaign, it is unethical.
But the first question to be considered is whether Duchesneau defamed Boisclair by making a link between Boisclairs's cocaine use and the authorization of the contract.

Now back in 2008, the Supreme Court loosened the rules in favour of (for want of a better word) the 'defamer,'
Julian Porter one of Canada’s foremost lawyers on defamation matters had this to say of on the matter;
“You could be stubborn. you could be pigheaded, you could be wacky, and it would be all right unless you maliciously said something you knew not to be true,” Porter said.
Now even though the standard for defamation has been narrowed, it pains me to conclude that Duchesneau did cross the line and did so with malice aforethought.

When asking if Boisclair's cocaine use was linked to the Church contract, Duchesneau admitted that "I'm just asking the question"

That in and of itself is proof that Duchesneau had no basis in fact or no knowledge at all as to the veracity of his contention.
It is like getting up and asking publicly if a certain politician is a pedophile, with the caveat that "I'm only asking"
Though it pains me to say so, (because Jacques is a friend,) that is the very definition of defamation.

But no matter, the interesting part lies ahead, Boisclair's reaction.
Now the Press looked at the allegation and the general consensus was that Duchesneau got the time line all wrong and that the allegation didn't hold water. I tend to agree.

The story was fading when Boisclair fanned the embers of a dying fire by launching a lawsuit and stepping aside from his position, a move that would guarantee to make him a loser regardless of the outcome.

Having public sympathy on his side should have been good enough for Boisclair and a quick and forceful rebuke of Duchesneau should have ended the matter.
Boisclair having already won the public relations battle with Duchesneau, took the disastrous step of launching a lawsuit

Now readers, if you think a $200,000 lawsuit is a good idea, even if you've got a 90% chance of winning, you're dead wrong, at least in Boisclair's case where a winning outcome would be the very definition of a Pyrrhic Victory.

Lawsuits are messy and long-drawn-out affairs. For Boisclair, winning his case might take five years and cost many times the settlement in legal fees, with no guarantee that even in victory, the court would award legal costs.
The CAQ and Duchesneau can make the process so painful and long, that winning or losing means losing...big time.

If you don't believe me, just ask Claude Robinson, the writer who has been waging a David and Goliath legal battle with Cinar Corporation, which was found by the court to have plagiarized and infringed on Robinson’s copyright.
That legal battle started in 1996 and although Robinson has prevailed on most levels, the case is still kicking around, proving that in Canada, suing rich people or corporations with deep pockets is a losing affair, regardless of the merits of the case. Read a horrific timeline of the case.

But back to Boisclair, where the real question remains...
Why did he step aside from his position as delegate-general?  It was an unnecessary sacrifice, many politicians fight lawsuits while continuing to serve, Lucien Bouchard for one.
And so it is likely that Boisclair was pushed by Marois and the PQ to step aside and pushed to launch a lawsuit that would halt the public debate on the issue, because the matter would now be before the courts.

That may be why the PQ has agreed to pay his salary while he fights the court case.
The position of the delegate-general is 'at-will,' that is to say Boisclair serves at the pleasure of the government, who in light of his withdrawal, would have every right to fire him.

Remember Boisclair is not a civil servant, who would have all sorts of rights, including the obligation for the government to assume his legal fees.
No siree, you'll recall that when Marois offered Boisclair the job, she tried to sneak in an appointment to the civil service at the level of a deputy-minister, an appointment that was withdrawn after the opposition parties cried bloody murder.
Strange how things work out, the position in the civil service is a protection that Boisclair would dearly like to have now.

And so the PQ has agreed that they will continue to pay his salary for doing nothing (actually for sacrificing himself) and the idiocy of it all is that if the case hangs around for two or three years (and that readers, is the absolute minimum, if the CAQ fights the case)  it may cost the taxpayers $600,000 to support a court case asking for $200,000.
It would be cheaper for the government to pay the defamation claim and be done with it, but we know that will never happen.

Now Marois has said she will find some busy work for Boisclair while he remains on leave of absence from his New York position, but he isn't a civil servant and so options are limited and it means appointing him to a new job when by his own admission, he is so tainted that he had to step aside from the delegate-general job.
This isn't a case like Louise Marchand, dumped from the OQLF over Pastagate who was immediately given another position at the SAQ.

If the PQ was to make that type of appointment for Boisclair, they should have done it already, he's been paid close to $40,000 to stay home and twiddle his thumbs, so far.

At any rate, for Boisclair, launching a lawsuit was suicidal. Vindication in court won't rehabilitate his reputation and I imagine that if the thing ever goes to trial, there will be a lot of embarrassing revelations about his personal life, even if it is beside the point. Remember, people love a good scandal and his admission that he used cocaine, leads me to believe that he didn't do it once, after all, who uses cocaine only once, except for Rob Ford?  And so his lifestyle and judgment will be an embarrassing issue when forced to reveal details of his drug use. It will be painful and messy and particularly embarrassing.
He may win his lawsuit, but he will lose his reputation nonetheless and will become a political pariah (if he isn't one already.)

"I'm just asking.." err.....really Jacques?
I remain perplexed at the utter stupidity of this lawsuit and the fact that Boisclair has allowed himself to be hung out to dry.
There is only so long that the PQ can pay his salary for sitting at home. The lawsuit will drag on long after the PQ dumps his sorry ass.

The best solution for Boisclair is a quick out-of-court settlement where each party admits nothing and nobody loses. Call it the 'Blanchet Compromise' (a term I just made up) after the famous settlement between the Montreal Gazette and Claude Blanchet, husband of Pauline Marois.
You will recall that the Montreal Gazette made allegations against Claude Blanchet, casting doubts on the legality of a zoning change for the land on which he and Pauline Marois built their mansion.
Blanchet sued the newspaper over the allegations and finally settled quietly out-of-court in a hilarious compromise where both parties agreed that;
"The Gazette considers that its article of September 22 , 2007 did not misrepresent the facts. However, The Gazette recognizes that other media have misinterpreted the article and Ms. Marois and Mr. Blanchet may have suffered a prejudice as a result. "
("The Gazette considère que son article du 22 septembre 2007 sur ce sujet n'a pas faussement représenté les faits. Toutefois, The Gazette reconnaît le fait que d'autres médias ont mal interprété son article et que Mme Marois et M. Blanchet ont pu souffrir un préjudice en conséquence.") Link{fr}
Ha! Ha!.....A compromise only lawyers could craft!

My last comment on the story is to question why the Liberals have steered a wide berth over the issue of Boisclair still being paid a salary.

It is true that the issue of Boisclair versus Duchesneau and the CAQ is before the courts, but the Liberals have every right to attack the PQ and Boisclair in the National Assembly. They don't have to, but they could steer clear of the issue of cocaine and contracts, by attacking the PQ over its continued financing of Boisclair's stay in Club Med.

As for Boisclair, he seems to be the author of his own destruction and as the old saying goes....
Stick a fork in him, he's done....


  1. This is tantamount to Pamela Wallin's "paying back" the hundred-and-some-odd thousand dollars for expensing improperly. She paid the money back "even though she did nothing wrong". If she did "nothing wrong" why did she pay it back, and not approach whoever is responsible for checking her expenses for a ruling?

    In the Boisclair case, ask me if I care. As long is this is Quebec money being blown and not federal money, who cares; besides, my MPP is the Half-Billion Dollar Man, one of two MPPs in Ontario whose asses were spared in the last general election by scrapping power plants, one in my constituency, the other next door in Oakville. Ontario taxpayers are on the hook for a billion dollars for two power plants that will never be built. I admit Quebec is much more proficient in pissing money against a wall what with the mob running Quebec, but hey...

    Now the 51-year-old Champlain Bridge has a dangerous crack in it, and the other bridges too are frail. Isn't the Rockland Overpass falling apart,and I'm older than it. Notice how the Victoria Bridge, over 150 years old, is still probably the best made bridge of them all probably because it was built before the was a mob problem in Montreal.

    1. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTMonday, November 25, 2013 at 12:01:00 PM EST

      Since the St lawrence river is a federal jurisdiction, any mob links to bridge construction moneys would be an Ottawa oversight.
      Old bridges "falling apart" has therefore nothing to do with quebec.

    2. @Frankfort (is the capital of the Commonwealth of Kentucky}:

      The St. Lawrence River is not solely under federal jurisdictuin. The St. Lawrence Seaway is. In fact, the Americans too have jurisdiction there, too.

      I dunno, Frankie. Ontario's bridges seem to last, Vancouver's bridges seem to last, but the modern Quebec bridges and overpasses? It therefore has very, very much to do with Quebec. Sorry, Frankie, this one is on Quebec.

    3. Vous avez raison Mr.Suga ,de plus les anglos étant généralement obèses,leurs ponts se doivent d'être plus robustes.

    4. "Old bridges "falling apart" has therefore nothing to do with quebec."

      HAH. Care to explain the Mercier bridge? One half was built and maintained by the federal government, the other half built AND maintained by the Quebec government. Guess which side is literally falling to pieces, and which side is in perfect shape? I suppose the De la Concorde overpass collapse in Chomedey, Laval (that killed several people) had nothing to do with Quebec? Just a freak accident maybe?

      Every bit of infrastructure that has crumbled and fallen apart in this province, and in many cases killed people in the process, has EVERYTHING to do with Quebec. Substandard building materials, competent, unqualified, unskilled and lazy ass workers, corner cutting that overlooks safety in order to stuff pockets with cash and no regular inspections. Also add that becoming a bridge inspector in Quebec requires no special training or qualifications. The person who packs groceries at your local Quebec supermarket could be one! Well....wait, that's an exaggeration. They would of course have to be FRENCH, that qualification is absolutely paramount over any other skills, and far, far more important than something as silly as an engineering degree or education. The sad thing is that last statement is not exaggeration!

      Honestly, this province makes third world countries blush in terms of corruption, incompetence and general ass backwardness! Quebec is run by dysfunctional rednecks. And instead of looking to stop all this, it continues to snowball all that dysfunction into a great and greater entity. Quebec is on the path to self destruction, and if and or buts about it.

    5. Aging Ontario bridges at risk, engineer says

      Sacrés anglos...

    6. @Apples,

      Detroit's Fate is closer than these bozos think, but what-the-hay...denial is the only thing these people know.

      Hope springs eternal nothing unfortunate happens while crossing one of these corroded bridges, but if something unfortunate has to happen, (again, heaven forbid) one only hope's that those responsible for the shape of our bridges, specifically the Champlain, live off island and their timing is impeccable.

    7. Engineer in deadly Ontario mall collapse faces safety charges

      Sacrés anglos...

    8. And there's s.r. ...trying to defend quebec's honor again......a tad pathetic .....since quebec doesn't have any.

    9. Pas du tout,je ne fais que soulgner que le Québec n'est pas un cas unique en amérique du Nord.
      Faites un peu de recherche et vous le constaterez par vous même.

    10. Code for...desperately trying to defend ..but failing badly since we don't give a rat's ass what's happening elsewhere.
      The thing that preoccupies us foremost what is going in la belle province.

    11. Alors,pourquoi étiez-vous offusquée par l'annonce de la fermeture de tous les McDonalds en Bolivie?

    12. We are talking about decrepit and dangerously unsafe bridges, and the reason they have come to be such with everyone in quebec who went to power and who could have made a difference, didn't ..rather they lined their pockets and screwed the citizens who NOW have to be afraid every time they cross one these bridges.

      AND also...why is no one talking about Boisclair still collecting a salary that taxpayers are paying for while sitting his ass?

      Stick to the program please.

    13. AnecTote: Re Boisclair's something-for-nothing salary: As long as Quebec alone is paying for it, ask me if I care.

      S.R. Troll: Re your 7pm link: Congrats on digging up a Toronto Star article from Aug 3, 2007, i.e., over six years ago. What bridges in Ontario have collapsed since that article was written. Answer: NONE!

      It's not a question anymore IF the Champlain Bridge is going to collapse. It's WHEN!

    14. S.R.: Almost forgot about the mall in Northern Ontario. That's private property. The damages to that mall are on the owner, and I hope he has adequate insurance to cover the damages else he may be held personally liable as well.

      Sacré francos...

    15. S.R - If I were you, I'd focus on what's going on HERE rather than make this into an us-versus-them contest. The point is I'm actually afraid to use bridges, overpasses, parking garages or even just walk the streets of downtown Montreal (several examples of recent deaths by falling pieces of building or construction materials, or near misses like collapsing roads due to sink holes opening up).

      I even hold my breath using the subway system here. We've got rolling stock from the early 60's still in use for Christ sake! The replacement cars (still months or years away) are a joke... substandard crap the Quebec government paid twice what they were worth to get votes, and they don't even have air conditioning!

      French or English, Federalist or Separatist....we're at equal risk with the infrastructure here.

    16. FROM ED
      I believe I mentioned a while back that a libel suit is a dangerous business. Oscar Wilde found that out when he started a suit against the Marquis de Salaberry. He lost and went to prison. I've always felt that Boisclair was a harmless little man who got in over his hed. Ed

    17. "AnecTote: Re Boisclair's something-for-nothing salary: As long as Quebec alone is paying for it, ask me if I care."

      Ah ..Mr. S....If only you only learnt French, we could have been spared all this 'drama' from you.

      "S.R. Troll: Re your 7pm link: Congrats on digging up a Toronto Star article from Aug 3, 2007, i.e., over six years ago. What bridges in Ontario have collapsed since that article was written. Answer: NONE! "

      And what happen to all that fuss about not giving trolls a wall to bounce their ball bla bla?
      Perhaps u should take your own advise before dispensing it?

      Actually, if u think about it, when you refer to a troll as a troll and his main deal

    18. ...his main deal is to be a troll, so referring to him as such is a badge of honor, we shouldn't give them the satisfaction..savvy???

    19. AnecTOTE: I haven't forgotten what I previously wrote. I felt on this occasion he brought up something half-decent that merited responses. If I see anything that is nothing but instigation, I ignore it. I'll keep in mind what you wrote immediately above this response.

  2. Going completely off topic, this past Friday marked the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination. Use this one thread for that topic, if you like (and I hope the Editor doesn't mind). Conspiracy or not? Give just one reason why you say it is or isn't.

    I say it was a conspiracy for one reason and one reason only:

    Why is the record on all that happened regarding Kennedy's assassination being sealed for 75 years?

    Based on that, the records will not be released until at least 2038. In effect, my question is rhetorical because the answer obviously is whoever is responsible for sealing the record for that long wants to ensure that everybody involved in the conspiracy is dead or far too old to face prosecution. To me, this sealing of the records for the length of a lifetime is proof enough of a cover-up.

    1. Utter nonsense. There was no conspiracy and no cover up. It is common practice to seal records to avoid invading the privacy of persons affected. Do you want to be considered another Complicated who is a 9/11 truther?

    2. John Krug -

      Instead of spouting rhetorical nonsense why dont we have a real debate about 911? Why dont you actually look at the scientific evidence instead of just brushing off anyone who dares critique the official 911 story? I guess those 2000+ scientists who dont believe the official story are all a bunch of kooks..I guess that violating the laws of physics is no big deal..I guess that the fact that the most powerful military in the world were incapable of stopping a jet airliner in the air for over an hour that hit the most defended building in the world is just gross incompetence. I guess it makes perfect sense that the saudi terrorists who were barely able to fly a single engine cessna were able to perform incredibly complex and accurate flight paths with much larger jetlines that most 30 year veterans could not..and on and on and on. Just let me know John when you want to have a real debate.

      Its crystal clear that Kennedy was shot by someone within the US government..probably the CIA. He had many many enemies within the miltary and within the CIA.

    3. Krug, with all due respect to complicated, if I understand you correctly, you're stating that Lee Harvey Oswald solely orchestrated and carried out the assassination?

    4. I'm convinced there is a coverup as well, mostly because in 50yrs, with the technology coming a long way in weaponry, they had to have figured out, exactly where the shots came from.

      If u watch the zapruder film frame by frame, the shot that blew off the side of his head (excuse the graphics), came from the front, no way it came from behind. Maybe there was no conspiracy, but there certainly was a coverup.

    5. Complicated, if you think that I am going to waste my time engaging in a "real debate" about your absurd conspiracy theories you are profoundly mistaken.

      With respect to 9/11 you will recall that some time ago you expressed your fabulist views about 9/11 and when challenged by me you cited the writings of several individuals in support of your view. I researched those individuals and learned that they were all notorious anti-semites. I informed you of that. That's as far as I go with you on that subject. If that is the company you keep it says a great deal about you.

      As far as JFK is concerned, I lived through that sorrowful experience and, like others of my generation, have never forgotten a single moment of the events. I do not need the money grubbing conspiracy theorists, most of whom were not alive then, peddling their pamphlets, books, videos and film to tell me what happened or that someone other than Oswald was responsible.

    6. FROM ED
      There more communication with the trolls than discussion about the post of the day. Going off which topic Mr.Sauga,when you say going off topic, do you mean the EDITOR"S or the one you changed it to about bridges.? Ed
      Cutie, there's no use sending me links from the Gazeete. I don't have a subscription so I can't open them. I read my son's paper, he reads it at breakfast and drops it off on the way to work.It's cheapskate stuff I know but I enjoy seeing his smiling face every day when he tosses the paper onto my gallery and smiles as he waves to me sitting in the window. Ed

    7. FROM ED
      Complicated, Saga and Anectote are into ridiculous theories that never were. Is john Krug the only sensible man amongst you. Facts are facts mr. Krug, they would do two full pages on this. Don't let them suck you into it. Ed

    8. "Instead of spouting rhetorical nonsense why dont we have a real debate about 911? Why dont you actually look at the scientific evidence instead of just brushing off anyone who dares critique the official 911 story?"

      As much as I would love (and I am sure many others too) to have such a debate and continue talking about it and about the JFK assassination, (Yes I know I have commented on these as well), it is best we kept to issues closer to home. Also, I don't agree with another poster who claims that the whole Boisclair affair is irrelevant. If you live work and pay taxes in quebec, it is highly relevant. After all, isn't that the purpose of this blog? To address and comment on quebec's political issues? @Editor, correct me if I am wrong please.

    9. FROM ED
      No need for debate about JFK. Never mind what theories or investigative facts come up. Just think outside tghe box. What actually makes sense of the affair. Texans were sore when Kennedy got the nomination from the Democrats.
      They felt and with good reason I suppose that Johnston deserved it more, because of his experience and total kindness. In Texas Johnston did what DuPlessis did here in Quebec. As A Congressman, he went into the outlying farmlands and got them electricity, houising and road systems. He was well loved and they felt that a young whipersnapper with half the political experience came along and snatched it from under his nose.. The democratic party was sore that Johnston (as house leader, never urged Eisenhower to censure Joe McCarthy who was ruining the lives of innocent people. Some Texans found a way to make Johnston Presiodent.. Of course Johnston had nothing to do with it he was not a vicious person. He probably had an idea after it happened but saying who he suspected would have accomplished nothing. When he was sworn in he said emotionally, "All I have, all that I am , I would gladly give not to be standing here today. The plotters of the act had to get rid of Oswald before he was made to crack so Ruby had the balls to off him. Someone obviously said we gotta shut Oswald up , go in their and blow his balls off. So Jack Ruby went iright in and shot Oswald right between his two

      Guardian Marshalls. Ed

    10. @anectote

      "After all, isn't that the purpose of this blog? To address and comment on quebec's political issues? @Editor, correct me if I am wrong please."

      of course it is. why the hell do you think it's a good idea to bother the editor with such obvious questions mate? how stupid would it look for a long time contributor to ask richard le hir if it's ok to post comments on quebec's independance? very.

    11. John Krug -
      Its pretty clear to me that you are scared to have a "real" debate on 9/11. Its because scientifically the officially story makes no sense. So you think the architects and engineers for truth are anti-semetic..please show me where there is any indication of that?? This group has never made any claims on who was behind 9/11..they want a new enquiry because from a scientific point of view the official story makes no sense?? Do you really believe its possible for buildings to fall at freefall speed when there are 80 floors of structure below the impact?? This is really basic physics. People like you need to leave the emotions out and just look at the scientific evidence.

      I myself am not sure who was behind 91..I suspect it was elements of the US could have involved Israel and mossad agents or maybe could have been Saudi Arabia. I am not anti-semetic..once again anyone who criticizes Israeli actions is quickly labelled anti-semetic. I guess if I criticize American actions I must be anti-American..its a ridiculous argument. I do feel that Israeli actions against the Palestinians is no better and probably worse than many terrorist actions against Israel and the west. I am against the policies of the zionist Israeli government and it supporters..that does not make me an anti-semite.


    1. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTMonday, November 25, 2013 at 3:20:00 PM EST

      I fail to see the relevance of your link, cutie. More biased injects....

    2. I dont understand how parents would be proud to send their kids to that centre. Would they send their kids to the daycare if it was men covering their faces? These parents are fools for supporting this daycare!!

    3. As you are not paying for the daycare, I fail to see how that's your business anymore than it is mine. The government should not have a role in this type of thing - it's ridiculous. And as the ladies uncover their faces indoors, what the hell does it matter as long as they take good care of the children. That is one huge problem in quebec - people seem to think they can mind everyone else's business!

    4. Hâte de voir ce que les ontariens vont faire avec les Juifs abuseurs d'enfants qui ont fui le Québec

  4. Out of topic:

    I am a bit surprised in reading that Loews Hotel Le Concorde in Quebec City is closing down. IMHO that hotel is a landmark in Quebec City beside (obviously) Chateau Frontenac and the Hilton. It is on the Grande Allee and its revolving restaurant is unmistakable.

    My concern is on the reason of the closing. The management says that it is because of the lowering number of occupants, meaning that tourists visit Quebec City less. I think this is an alarming sign. Two major employers in Quebec City are government (all levels) and hospitality industry. Tourists or visitors are the fuel of the hospitality industry. If their number is dwindling, does that not a warning sign for the industry, and therefore the city?

    1. Add to that the landmark downtown Montreal Delta Hotel (near Central Station and Bonadventure) that's been around for decades, permanently closed in October. You know the one, 711 rooms, rotating top floor restaurant, and glass elevators visible at the front of the building.

      It's going to be turned into low cost student housing! Says a lot about the state of tourism in Montreal.

    2. Apple IIGS,

      To be fair, I never read that Delta Hotel would be turned into a low-cost student housing. It might just be student housing. Again, to be fair, McGill University already acquired 3 hotels around downtown campus. They are certainly not low-cost. In fact, McGill's turning those hotel into residences is actually a sound business decision. The residences are more profitable than when they were hotels. They are in 100% occupancy for 9 months a year and their overheads are considerably lower.

      Now, the difference between Montreal and Quebec City cases are that in Montreal hotels are closed because there are buyers ready to convert them into something more profitable. In Quebec City that hotel is closed simply because the business is low, with no alternative in the horizon.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Unfortunately that`s only the tip of the iceberg.

      L’hôtellerie québécoise est en crise
      Au total, 200 établissements hôteliers québécois, comptant 3000 chambres, ont fermé leurs portes depuis trois ans.

      Quebec Hotel industry in crisis
      A total of 200 Quebec hotels, counting 3,000 rooms, have closed in the past three years.

    5. Re Quebec City hotels: That's very disheartening news. The fortified city is a UNESCO treasure for almost 30 years now, with building older than those in Paris and other French cities bombed during WWII. Unfortunately, when you have the OQLF instructing staff to speak French even when tourists don't is not a good business strategy, and events like Pastagate, Bills 14 and 60 eventually penetrate peoples' minds hence all these closures.

      French Quebec has nobody to blame but themselves for this, and had it coming.

    6. @sauga

      "...when you have the OQLF instructing staff to speak French even when tourists don't is not a good business strategy..."

      oqlf obviously doesn't do that. why do you feel the need to make up stuff mate? not enough real drama happening in your humble opinion? please don't turn this blog into a fiction contest.

    7. @troy

      "To be fair, I never read that Delta Hotel would be turned into a low-cost student housing."

      apple iigs is not here to be fair mate. he's here to defame. hence the confusion.

    8. @troy

      i try. as you must have noticed by now.

  5. Why did we had to hear so much French during the Grey Cup in Regina?

    It got really tiresome...

    1. I agree !100%...i just shut it off...more forcing french down our throats...make me puke.

  6. @Editor,
    "Nothing about this affair adds up and although I don't have many answers, I certainly have a lot of questions, questions that nobody seems interested in answering or for that matter, even asking. "

    That's a very good question, I think no one brings it up because it is a hot potato. The Liberals to have an incredible opportunity, but more and more the Liberal Leader is suddenly strikes me as someone non-confrontational. I have also expressed already what I think about him. He's chasing a paycheck and enough votes that will secure that. Until something touches these politicians in an upclose and personal way, they r simply not interested in fighting for the average citizen. And in this vein, I will go farther still by asking u to read the following.

    This has suddenly become urgent because it happened to her kid..but this has been happening forever....where was she before?

    1. "... they r (sic) simply not interested in fighting for the average citizen."

      Au contraire,je trouve que notre parti fait un excellent travail.

    2. You mean by paying Boisclair with our tax money ( he still collecting a salary) for doing sweet f...all...oh yeah ..they are doing an excellent job alright.....OF SCREWING US OVER! I couldn't agree with u more.

    3. +10 AnecTOTE - that's all of them of course but especially the PQ with their friends and family appointments and promotions all over the GD place. We're such suckers!

    4. @AnecTOTE: You make an excellent point. Reminds me of former PQ MNA Lisette Lapointe (wife of Jacques Parizeau) and her campaign against Quebec's no-fault insurance law -- a campaign she launched after a relative of hers was severely injured in a car accident but could not sue for damages, under the law. Incidents like this have convinced me that few Quebec politicians, if any, are looking out for the general public; MNAs are in the legislature solely to see how they can gain an advantage for themselves or for people close to them.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. burqa Québécoise:

    Voyons...Ayez un peu le sens de l'humour :)

  9. Bad news for the Yes vote in Scotland:

  10. FROM ED
    Sauga, what's wrong with you. Have you forgotten how a blog works. Our EDITOR mounts an intersting topic on Boisclair and on the very first post you change the thread to Bridges and the Kennedy assassination. Did you at least read his words? Ed

    1. Ed: I read every word. I also commented on the message. Look again. It was succinct mind you, but it's there.

  11. I see that the quebec bashing fest is alive and kicking on this racist blog.
    This place looks more and more like a circle jerk for anti-quebecois...
    @MrSauce: "Frankfort" is Frankfurt in francais.

    1. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, November 26, 2013 at 6:19:00 AM EST


  12. peeve today...some people have balls....WOW...

    I love how we report the news differently outside quebec, ok that ain't news and that ain't my pet peeve.
    Page A6 in todays's The Gazette states: "FTQ Arsenault steps down (says media scrutiny stained his reputation)" I am unable to attach that link but...WHAT REPUTATION? Seriously??? Like I said..the balls on this guy...incredible.

    How about he stepped down cause Heat was fast on his trail? And where there is smoke, there is fire? I

    I would like to say to people like this guy and people like our former mayor Tremblay...the sh*t that happened....happened UNDER YOUR WATCH...that makes you 100% responsible! IT WAS YOUR JOB TO KNOW..and if you didn't then you are an incompetent that didn't deserve the job in the first place, at leastttttt let's admit THAT.

    When...WHEN...will we demand Accountability...and not in the form of stupid Lip service..e.i.: Charbonneau Commission..pahleeeeese...but real Accountability..LIKE YOU PAY BACK WHAT WAS STOLEN WHILE YOU WERE MANNING THE STORE...AND YOU GO TO JAIL?

    They steal from us...cause they know they can...and that's the Truth...point-à-la-ligne

    1. FROM ED
      Ya know Anectote when someone like Tremblay says he didn't know. I'm thinking he might have been scared.
      just like Charest didn't call an investigation until he knew he had Jacques Duscheneau backing him. These men have families and they remember how Mayor Drapeau was threatened witha bomb in his home. the Charbonneau nvestigtion showed that Tremblay had not showed any signs of having profited an any way from the scams. He might have made a deal like "Keep me out of it, I don't want to know." A very sensible attitude when you're caught between a rock and the unions thugs .
      What do you think? .Ed

    2. @ed

      you have it all upside down again ed. let me help you.

      "Charest didn't call an investigation until he knew he had Jacques Duscheneau backing him."

      duchesneau never backed charest. quite the opposite as he's the one who leaked his own report when charest refused to take it into consideration.

      "A very sensible attitude when you're caught between a rock and the unions thugs ."

      yes it would be. except tremblay wasn't caught by union thugs but by his liberal mafia sponsors.

      your take is not only a spin, it's a total fabrication ed.

  13. Aucun choix,nous devons diminuer le taux d'immigration.L'équivalent d'un compté "liberal" qui entre chez-nous chaque année.

  14. ‘As for Boisclair, he seems to be the author of his own destruction and as the old saying goes....
    Stick a fork in him, he's done....’

    A slow day editor? I mean really, none of us care about this parasite Boohclair…just another government parasite in a long list of government scum in Quebec.

    Now you seem to think he is done like dinner…mmm. You couldn’t be more wrong. I guarantee it… Just watch where this government parasite ends up. He will have his head in the public trough for decades to come. This is the way things work with the French…sucking off the system for life.taking other peoples money life…I call them lifers…brain dead, self absorbed scum like millions of Canadians…bankrupting future generations…greedy, greedy union scum, all over the place in this country...

  15. Youth unemployment and depression are linked, and it’s worse for Quebec’s English speakers


    1. Les anglos préfèrent sombrer dans la détresse plutôt que de s'adapter,alors...Héhé!

    2. Yeah only sick minds think like this but this attitude is not surprising in this racist, bigoted, nasty province. Bunch of bums that they are. Blood sucking leeches on the whole of Canada.

    3. Greenfield Park city council ‘watch dog’ faces intimidation

      "No watch dogs or anglophones ?"

    4. "Youth unemployment and depression are linked, and it’s worse for Quebec’s English speakers. Héhé!"

      But the suicide rate for Francophones is two to three times higher than the rate for Anglophones in Quebec. Only a thoroughly sick f*@k like S.R would laugh about that.

    5. Lord Durham qui traite les autres de "sick f*@k " ?


    6. Durham,vous n'aviez pas élaboré un plan afin d'exterminer tous les Français du bas canada à une certaine époque "sick f*@k " ?

      Ça prend juste un malade de francophobe pour porter un tel pseudo.

    7. S.R, it looks like I got under your skin....Lol!

      Quebec's nationalist/separatist social engineers have behaved in a manner - with their ethnic cleansing of Anglophones - that surpasses Lord Durham's plans....none of which were put into action.

    8. Lou Is

      WOW!! Please!! There`s only one place in Canada were you need to speak French at all time and it`s in Québec. Us French-Canadians from outside Québec we are being told to speak the language of the country English or move to Québec. Depression is high and discrimnation towards unilangual French in ALL of the provinces in Canada sauf in Québec. If we need to speak English to work in all of the other provinces then it`s just logic that an Anglophone of Québec speaks both language. No unilangual French person will find a job outside of Québec. DEPRESSION IS HIGH IN FRENCH SPEAKING COMMUNITIES OUTSIDE QUEBEC. And please all other provinces WANT FRENCH CANADIAN TO SPEAK ONLY IN ENGLISH.

      They are doing the same thing as Québec and they are telling us to speak the language of the majority in Ontario and Manitoba or move to the only French speaking province. FRENCH CANADIANS OUTSIDE QUEBEC have less chance to survive then ENGLISH CANADIANS in QUEBEC. This survey was done by an English media in Montréal. Expect the difference for a survey of the mental health of French Canadians outside Québec that every day they need to fight against the imperialism of English Canada culturaly and economicaly. All other provinces is promoting English only communications in all provinces except Québec. If Anglos of Québec aren`t bilingual then they can`t work in Québec. But Francos outside Québec need to speak in English only and not bilingualy. So please compare the realites of French Canadians outside Québec to find a job in their native language. They need to becaume English and you don`t see them protesting. But Anglos of Québec, can work in both language, they don`t need to become only French. But French outside Québec needs to become English only and lose their identity in public in order to live professionnaly outside Québec. WOW even the only French hospital outside Québec needs to communicate in English only with the Ontario governement. So please compare French Canadians discrimination outside Québec and you will realize wow lucky anglos are in Québec

    9. @ Lou

      So why the higher francophone suicide rate in Quebec? Also is there any other province has a law like bill 101? Could you post a link to the survey was done by an English media in Montréal.

    10. "Also is there any other province has a law like bill 101?"

      À quoi servirait-elle?À protéger l'anglais dans l'Ouest?Protéger de qui ou de quoi?

    11. @ Lou Is,

      Hundreds of thousands of Anglophones have been driven out of Quebec during the past 40 years because of language laws and the threat of separation. We constantly hear the expression: "It's 101 or the 401." In fact, it's one of S.R's favorite expressions, along with his frequent calls for additional "cleansings" of Anglophones from Quebec.

      Can you tell me how many Francophones from other provinces have been forced to move to Quebec? Not many. If you can prove otherwise then please do so. And by the way, there is more than one French hospital in Canada outside Quebec.

    12. "À quoi servirait-elle?À protéger l'anglais dans l'Ouest?Protéger de qui ou de quoi?"

      You like to go on and on about that, "protecting the French Language", and you love to hide behind it cause it gives you an excuse to do what you do...which is "Anglo & Ethnic Cleansing" legitimizing something illegitimate, that's the Truth.

    13. Imaginez à quoi ressemblerait notre Québec si nous ne faisions pas un petit "clean up" de temps à autres.

    14. YOU ARE THE KKK! ...The creep even admits it....How about reporting that Folks? Cause if that isn't criminal...I don't know what is.

    15. You owe this entire blog an Apology ASAP.......or you should or banned permanently.

    16. @S.R.

      Your life would be better once you accept English in your pathetic life.
      A pure French life has no future in this world.
      don't hate. ;)

    17. Je ne fais qu'appuyer vos délires ToTo

      HéHé :D

    18. Sorry Lou is - I'm sure if you felt unwelcome where you live you would move back to this province. Why do you not do that? Is it because people don't make you feel unwanted and cast out like the separatists do to the anglophones and allophones that live here? There is a huge difference - you find it to your advantage to be bilingual in the ROC - here it is a disadvantage to be bilingual because if you're not pur laine, you can't find employment and are actively discriminated against. That's a big difference in attitude - one you can live with; one you can't.

    19. "bilingual in the ROC"

      Haha!Quel sens de l'humour cette peggy

    20. What is the school drop out rate for francophones?

  16. Criminalization; form of cultural warfare

    "Those who create laws legislate based on their cultural perspectives and are many times inconsiderate or even outright biased towards the diversity in cultures within a nation. Persons who govern with extreme prejudice push for cultural assimilation rather than convergence, and look to criminalize those who do not comply with their cultural perspectives.

    Many people may think that criminalization is about ‘right and wrong’ but the truth is that criminalization is also used as a form of exploitation and oppression. This is criminalization used to wage cultural warfare on non-dominant groups."

    1. FROM ED
      Adski, Does this really apply to the PQ? Rules they have made such as bill 101 are hardly criminal since it simply addresses the need of tyhe majority of the province. The law does not directly cause a financial loss to the minorities
      nor force them to do anyting illegal. They can argue that the predominance of French in a francophone society ws nessassary to stisfy eight million restive people. Ed

    2. Ed - really no financial loss? Anglophones can't find jobs because they have English surnames. The UN found Bill 101 contrary to Human Rights - thus the "Notwithstanding Clause" use to push it through. There are not 8 million francophones - probably more like 5-6 million in quebec - a couple of million of us are english and/or ethnics.

  17. "Saying Merry Christmas is worst than fornication or killing someone"

    Et bien..Joyeux Noël !!

  18. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, November 26, 2013 at 5:34:00 PM EST

    "cutie" wrote:
    "Yeah only sick minds think like this but this attitude is not surprising in this racist, bigoted, nasty province. Bunch of bums that they are. Blood sucking leeches on the whole of Canada."

    She concludes that quebec is a nasty, bigoted province that reeks of racism. On top of that she goes on and establishes that quebecois are bums...
    I will definitely renew my contacts with blogger to get this racist blog deleted.
    From blogger:
    "While Blogger values and safeguards political and social commentary, material that promotes hatred toward groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation/gender identity is not allowed on Blogger."

    I reported this blog.

    1. FROM ED
      You reported this blog. Of course you did. You're the little boy that pokes and prods others unti they get mad and smack ya. Because yiu feel insulted yoy run crying to mommy to complain about the little boy who had enough of you and retaliated. 'He called me a bad name just because i was calling him bad names." What a little shit you are.!
      Has it ever occured to you that the reason you werew sent to Germany was to get you to hell out of Calgary where real human beings didn't want you around. We know what you are UNE ARSE. Ed

    2. @ UN GARSHOLE,

      When you complained to Blogger did you tell them that you have repeatedly made degrading comments about "Quebeckistan" on this blog yourself?

    3. @un arse - YOU make the most derogatory remarks on this blog about quebec yourself. Far more than anyone else. Who cares what you think - most of us just laugh at your silly comments and remarks. When Blogger reads this blog, they will see for themselves, just what type of crazy schizo you really are - totally loony - They will also see I made the remark to SR who "hehe"d that fact that anglos can't find employment in this racist bigoted province and the remarks are there for all to see. Why don't you just leave us to hell alone - find something to do with your time instead of wasting ours and Bloggers with your nonsense. You're a prime example of why poor honest francophones get a bad rap.

    4. I can't believe that this guy walks around Germany without a keeper.

    5. Hear here...

      Un Gars is one confused schizo. One minute he's telling his fellow Francophones how utterly stupid and useless they are, the next minute, he's picking on Anglos because they refuse to take the shit from the exact people he was attacking (low-thinking seps).

      Un Gars - get help dude - you're a textbook case of someone using the internet to mask his/her severe delirium.

      I don't believe you were positioned in Calgary, nor do I believe you're in Frankfurt.

      You're depressed (manic), alone and you need help - go get it.

    6. Vous devriez faire l'analyse des commentaires de cutie007 et Tote afin de nous faire profiter un peu plus de votre expertise Phd Coward.

    7. @anonymous coward

      un gars bs de frankfort is a simple quebec french nationalist. he sounds wierd because he has been brainwashed both by his army training and by eric duhaime's hyper individualistic speech. cutie003 also is army trained and you can actually see a common trait between these two freaks. fortunately, it seems that un gars bs de frankfort can still spot racism when it's spread before his eyes.

    8. "army trained" - lol - this coming from one of the masses of brainwashed idiots that think breaking up a country is as simple as voting out their student council in high school. The PQ must be proud of the job they have done with these kids - all on taxpayer's money.

    9. And "matey" has the nerve to call me a freak? Where do these idiots come from? Some of the decaying homes and sewers in quebec are letting the beasts out of the basements and pipes. If anyone is a "freak" check out your mirror you little snot nose brat.

  19. '"cutie" wrote:
    "Yeah only sick minds think like this but this attitude is not surprising in this racist, bigoted, nasty province. Bunch of bums that they are. Blood sucking leeches on the whole of Canada."'

    Good for you Cutie, nothing but the truth. Well said again.

    The province is a racist, bigoted, xenophobic, intolerant hateful cesspool of slime, sleaze and corruption.It is the french-metis way.

    1. and what are you james wolfe? must be difficult to find harsher words.

    2. the truth hurts, hey student...? lolllllllllllllllllll

  20. Une Torontoise devra décider si elle témoignera sans son niqab

  21. La DPJ veut aider les enfants de Lev Tahor

    La secte de juifs orthodoxes qui a trouvé refuge en Ontario la semaine dernière pour fuir des allégations de maltraitance d'enfants a reçu la visite des responsables de la protection de la jeunesse de la province et de la police locale, mardi.

    Bonne nouvelle!


    Great letter...and Canada should give this loser bill the kick in the ass it deserves.

    1. "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

    2. @anectote

      yes very well put by martin luther king jr. you're good when you copy stuff.