Saturday, November 30, 2013

French versus English Volume 98

Laval University football players arrest stalled until the day after Vanier cup victory.

Three college football players from the Laval Rouge et Or from Quebec City were arrested two days after participating and winning the Vanier Cup national title that took place on home turf in Quebec City.
When I first saw the headline that the players were arrested over a bar fight, I assumed that it was at a celebratory night of revelry after the game, but alas, the incident took place back in June, almost five months ago!

The arrests so soon after the big game had observers questioning whether Quebec city prosecutors held off in order to give the team a better shot at winning the title, but officials said it was 'just a coincidence"

HaHa! I shall go to my over-utilized pet phrase that tells readers that if they believe that, I have swampland in Florida to sell them!
New one.... "I have a perfectly good bridge over the St. Lawrence to sell them!"

The coincidence wasn't lost on the cynical media and the prosecutor's office is left with some well-deserved egg on their face.

Reading the story, I was shaking my head in disbelief and laughing at their blatant stupidity, when it hit me....
These people are not dumb at all. They have quick and analytical minds and would have to have known the optics of an arrest so soon after the big game.

And so I figure somebody was told to hold off on the arrest until after the big game and that somebody was none too pleased and thus made the arrest so soon after the game to embarrass his boss.
Why not the day after the game?
That would be too obvious and I already told you these people are clever.

Well-played anonymous person in the prosecutor's office! Revenge mission accomplished!  Link

Cowardly Drainville blames university for chickening out of Charter debate

"A handful of people who attended a demonstration against Quebec's proposed secular charter at Concordia University today said their protest posed no security risk.
Earlier this morning, Democratic Institutions Minister Bernard Drainville cancelled plans to participate in the debate at the university, citing the potential threat posed by a planned student demonstration. 
The debate went ahead as scheduled without Drainville, the minister responsible for the secular charter.
MNA Kathleen Weil, opposition critic for employment and the social economy, and André Frappier, former president of Québec Solidaire, both attended the event. 
A small group of protesters gathered outside of the university's McConnnell building where the debate, organized by the Quebec Public Interest Research Group (QPIRG), took place.
Earlier in the day, Drainville told reporters that he decided to pull out over safety concerns after his security personnel told him there was a risk of things getting out of hand.
The protesters said they had no plans to disrupt the event and there was no threat to Drainville's security. 
Demonstrators said they believe Drainville was afraid to speak at a campus, where the charter is largely opposed."   Link
Drainville is not only a coward, he must be some kind of stupid or extremely arrogant to ever book a debate on the Charter at Concordia, the provinces most ethnically diverse university. There are more Muslims on campus each day than there are in all of Quebec City!!!
 It was a stupid decision to go there and perhaps he feared the same treatment accorded to Charter opponents during a debate at UQAM;
At a public debate organized by the Quebec Secular Movement (MLQ), outspoken anti-Islamist Djemila Benhabib said she was incapable of being civil to opponents of the Charter.
"I cannot talk in any fashion to Islamists," said Benhabib. "An ocean of blood separates us."
Many statements by Benhabib were cheered by the crowd, and statements by the other speakers, namely QS MNA Amir Khadir and Alexa Conradi, leader of the Women's Federation of Quebec, were mocked and booed.
Exhortations from moderator Daniel Turp for the crowd to calm down were ignored, and eventually Conradi and Khadir left the stage out of frustration. Link

Newly elected Montreal Mayor re-affirms city opposition to Charter of Values

"MONTREAL – Denis Coderre stood up against the PQ’s controversial Charter of Quebec Values before he was elected, and that hasn’t changed since becoming mayor of Montreal.
Coderre calls the charter divisive and argues Bill 60 is not good for Montreal.
He has vowed to fight against it because he believes the state is already neutral and the best thing for Quebec is to have open secularism.
Coderre will be opening a dialogue with Montrealers to hear what they have to say on the issue." Link
Montreal's newly-elected city council passed another resolution, opposing the PQ's secularism charter.

Now I was also impressed by Coderre  when he reacted decisively to the revelation by the Quebec Auditor General that an ex-director of the Montreal tourism board had taken advantage of tax payers with exorbitant salary and expense claims.
"A visibly angry Denis Coderre said he had asked for the resignation of two key figures appearing in the auditor general's damning report on Tourism Montreal.
Former Tourism Montreal chief Charles Lapointe was asked to step down from the city's arts council.
Tourism Montreal's board chairman Jacques Parisien was asked to relinquish his duties planning Montreal's 375th anniversary celebrations. The mayor does not have the power to dismiss him from Tourism Montreal.
The auditor general found that Lapointe had filed extravagant claims on expense accounts and left the non-profit this summer with a severance package worth over $650,000.
This is on top of his salary of nearly $400,000 a year, more than any other Quebec bureaucrat.
Addressing reporters this afternoon, Coderre didn't mince words.
"People work so hard, and when they see [something like Lapointe's perks], they're pissed off. And rightfully," he said.
He noted there was a clear lack of oversight at Tourism Montreal - that's why he is ordering an investigation into the organization. Link  Read a story in the Montreal Gazette

Now Coderre may not be able to get back money from the ex-director, but he made sure to destroy his reputation, something that retired politicians and civil servants hold dear.
Coderre humiliated the ex and current director of the agency and all those involved in the free spending will be duly dealt with, at least in the court of public opinion.
FINALLY, a mayor who walks the walk.......

Journal de Montreal: Anglos and Ethnics don't count as Quebecers

Here is a translation of a story in Le Journal de Montreal about CTV network's Canadian version of The Amazing Race.
"Is there going to be a team from Quebec in the next season of  'The Amazing Race Canada'
(Est-ce qu'il y aura une équipe du Québec dans la prochaine cuvée de l'émission The Amazing Race Canada?)
Producers are hoping for one, because the number of Francophones  fluent in English  makes it possible.
Teams are encouraged to put forward their personality and explain why they wish to participate in this televised competition
." Link[fr]
So according to Le Journal de Montreal, a team from 'Quebec' means a French team only.
By the way there actually was a 'Quebec' team on last year's show, Holly Agostino and Brett Burstein from Montreal, but hey, they certainly don't count as 'true' Quebecers.

Finance Minister blows budget, blames Quebecers for not spending enough

It comes as no surprise to readers of this blog that the PQ's promise of a balanced budget was nothing more than hyperbole, a promise that nobody should have taken seriously.
And so Quebec, for the seventh year in a row will run a budgetary deficit.
The PQ finance minister Nicolas Marceau, in the great spirit of Maxwell Smart announced that oops, he missed the target 'by that much!"
Perhaps Marceau is actually a secret KAOS agent. 

And so the government will run a $2.5 billion dollar deficit this year, to nobody's surprise.

Six months ago,  I predicted a shortfall of between $2.5 and $5 billion and the year is not out, things can get worse and these type of predictions by Ministers are always worse than they announce.

At any rate, the minister also announced a deficit for next year, a more modest. $1.7 billion, but hey the night is young.
Most economic journalists were stunned by Marceau's lack of engagement and meek acceptance of the deficit, pointing out that without fundamental spending cuts, nothing will change because increasing tax revenues will continue to come up short.

Sadly in all this, is Marceau's lamentation that he missed his target because inflation was less than anticipated, something that only a finance minister from Bizzaro World could be disappointed in.
He also blamed ordinary Quebecers for curtailing family spending, thus cutting government tax revenue.

PQ to Ottawa....Show me the money!

Pauline Marois has asked Ottawa to fork over the money for the bridge replacing the Champlain and let Quebec run the project;
"The latest brilliant idea from Premier Pauline Marois is to take over the management of the bridge project from Ottawa.
Let’s just take a look at the recent track record of our transport department:

  • We had the fatal tragedy in Laval when an overpass collapsed
  • We had a near disaster on the Ville Marie when the roof crashed onto the road
  • We have a Turcot exchange that is falling apart and is held together, I fear, with hope and prayer
  • We have a Dorval circle airport project with its roads to nowhere that is going nowhere." Link
Then  Gilles  Duceppe piped in with his report on the unemployment insurance employment insurance reform.
Duceppe headed a PQ government commission which looked into the problems associated with the Tories new reform package that was designed to get long-term and habitual freeloaders off the dole.
Duceppe's conclusion;
Let Ottawa fork over the money to Quebec and let Quebec run the program.
But how much money should Ottawa fork over?
According to Duceppe, it should be an amount no less than what it is receiving today, which is almost 40% of the total fund to which Quebec contributes around 20% to.
When asked to explain  the discrepancy, he told a reporter that it wasn't in his mandate to review federal programs and who pays in what and who gets out what.
What a charmer! Link

Further reading...

Oh! Oh!...another Quebec bridge falling down? Link{fr}

Radical lobby group objects to emergency notices sent to citizens in English as well as French Link{fr}
Here's another thing that has them in a lather;

Committee recommends pay hike for Quebec MNAs
Basic pay of an MNA now is $88,186 – recommendation calls for $136,010

Peter Hadekel: High unemployment among young Montreal anglos taking its toll: report

Oh..Oh...The OQLF wants to rename "BLACK FRIDAY

Have a good weekend

Bonne fin de semaine.


  1. Bernard Drainville, by cancelling his appearance at Concordia over unfounded security concerns has just demonstrated exactly how divisive his bullshit PQ Values Charter (Bill 60) is. Bravo Bernad, now the world knows that in addition to being a rascist SOB you're also a bloody coward.

    1. "...unfounded security concerns..."

      you seem to know more than me and the editor about this. please share.

      " addition to being a rascist SOB you're also a bloody coward."

      insults profered anonymously is cowardice optimized. how do you feel about this fact?

    2. @student

      You really are the ultimate hypocrite (but we already know that).

      When I offered to go visit Y.L in person and have him tell me he's my master in person, you chided me for aggression.

      And now you're calling Lord Dorchester a coward?

      Check this shit out petite fille - most of us, were very ready to tell Bernard Drainville, peacefully, that he is a racist piece of fucking shit and that he should jam his charte des voyous up his xenophobic ass.

      So if you don't dig anonymity why not reveal your true identity little hypocrite?

      You know why.

    3. @sylvain raciste

      "So if you don't dig anonymity why not reveal your true identity..."

      i like anonymity. but combining it with insults to real human beings, like you and lord dorchester do, is really despicable. i don't do that.

    4. @student

      Thank you. You've made a hypocrite of yourself once again.

      It's just non-stop with you.

      The insults you hurl here are almost endless, but of course, the rules only apply to us. Not you.

      On a positive note, this is why the sovereignist cause is being lowered into the ground.

      You have the infantile mind of children. Sweet dreams, kid.

      Time for the true "masters" to stop being so nice and put the Bougons back in their rightful place. :-)

    5. @sylvain raciste

      "The insults you hurl here are almost endless..."

      please quote me.

    6. You love barking out orders, don't you. It's always the teeniest, tiniest dogs that have the loudest barks, huh?

      Ordinarily I'd tell you to fuck yourself for trying to tell me what to do, but since you are once again exposing yourself for the shameless hypocrite that you are, how about I give you some help (Lord knows you need help!)

      1. Your refer to our contributor in Germany as Un BS a Frankfort (not exactly flattering) - you also refer to him as a tacky parvenu

      2. Don't even get me started on all the shit you've hurled at Cutie

      3. How many times have you treated Ed Brown as a senile old man? (hint: too many)

      4. Oh and you once referred to AnecTOTE as a prostitute

      Of course, when once mind is about the size of a walnut, it's easy to understand why retaining these bits of the past can be challenging.

    7. @sylvain raciste

      please quote me.

    8. Sylvain, please let me stop you here.

      First, I wanted to tell you that all of what you mentioned above is true.

      I hope you can clearly see what this little troll is doing - she's trying to waste your time going over archives trying to find the exact quotes. For instance we all see that she always refers to Un Gars as "un gars bs de frankfort."

      I know it, you know it and she knows it.

      So please, you've proven your point - she is in fact a hypocrite (but then again, we all knew this for a long time), but don't let her waste your weekend going through the thousands of comments in the archives of this blog.

      Folks, this just goes to show what bickering with trolls accomplishes. Sylvain has student dead to rights and still, she persists with the games, so please do not bother.


    9. @sylvain raciste

      i agree with anonymous coward mate. don't waste your time, you wouldn't find anything to back up your accusations anyways. move on.

      or maybe you could comment on the inherent irony of lord dorchester's initial comment.

    10. @student

      You're right mate, you really are a total waste of time.

      As pointed out, a troll is all you are, and all you forever shall be.

      Thank god we live in Canada.

    11. "Thank god we live in Canada."

      Effectivement....Vous ne semblez aucunement frustré,ou presque.Mdr

    12. I discussed not responding to the trolls on one blog last week, but nobody listens, thus if you say "it stinks" after s**t disturbers stir the pot, you're asking for it.

      Bernard BrainDrain is what is referred to as a chicken hawk chicken hawk. The definition in the link is a little different from the one I'm calling BrainDrain insofar as BrainDrain is too chicken to go where the frying pan is too hot to handle. Goes to show he is a yellow-bellied coward, just like the rest of that minion of idiots making up Quebec's governing party.

    13. @sauga

      "Goes to show he is a yellow-bellied coward..."

      really? so you must have insider info about the threats he received then? or did you just succumb again to your perverted inclination towards gratuitous cheap shots and low blows?

  2. No matter who is power in Quebec, they will not back down on the racist language laws...they are as bad outside Quebec...see video below.The problem with these french language Nazis is much bigger then people realize...

    These bigots are all over the country think its bad in Quebec (bills 22, 178, 101.) .mmm, enjoy the latest video (click it back to the start when it opens) and spread the word.People really have no idea what these bigots are really up to...

    Wake up people.
    "French power" folks, this is the term brought to Ottawa by Trudeau and his gang from Kebec, Marchand, Pelletier and the rest. They bragged about it and did it. You can find their quotes bragging about this online. I have read them myself. ( Some quotes below)
    "I cannot swear it but I think we were thinking to ourselves,... we are a small group, Trudeau, Pelletier, Marchand, Lalonde, Chrétien, myself and a few people in the civil service, say 50 all told.we were bringing off a revolution. We held the key posts. We were making the civil service bilingual (French), kicking and screaming all the time". Jean-Luc Pepin, Minister of Industry, 1970.

    So while Quebec bans the English language (bill 22, bill 178, bill 101.), wipes out its real BNA, UEL history, while ethnic language cleansing is going on in Quebec, the rest of the country is forced to fund whatever the French (metis) demand. This is going on in every province. Go check.

    "First Quebec, then we take over the rest of the country, one step at a time.through bilingualism." PT, "How to take over a country through bilingualism." SD. How ? First comes the right to communicate with gov't in a minority language (ie French),then comes bilingualism, then comes the right to work in the language of choice(ie French), then comes a bilingual boss,(ie French) then comes a exclusively French department and on it goes until its all French. Its happening all over the country, Ontario, New Brunswick.That's what's really going on.

    "My roll as Secretary of State of Canada is first and foremost to ensure that my French compatriots in Canada feel with deep conviction, as I do, that this is their country and that it reflects their image". "I too had some difficult years as a politician; I'm still having them, in fact, because everything we undertake and everything we are doing to make Canada a French state is part of a venture I have shared for many years with a number of people". "You know the idea, the challenge, the ambition of making Canada a French country both inside and outside Quebec - an idea some people consider a bit crazy, is something a little beyond the ordinary imagination". - Serge Joyal, Secretary of State - Page 2 'ENOUGH' by J.V. Andrew. - Serge Joyal - Now in the Senate.
    "The Canadian government is engaged in a task of spreading the French
    language across the length and breadth of the country". Jules Leger,

    ." ..Given these facts, should French-speaking people concentrate their efforts on Quebec or take the whole of Canada as their base? In my opinion, they should do both; and for the purpose they could find no better instrument than federalism", Pierre Trudeau,.

  3. Pourquoi pas le " vendredi de la surconsommation " ?

    1. How about simply "Black Friday" in French. Make sense, of course !!! Maybe not in Quebec. Is there no translation of Black Friday in French? Silly a-holes having to reinvent the name of the event in an attempt to dissociate name from the Anglo root.


    2. @westerner

      "Silly a-holes having to reinvent the name of the event..."

      you are against translations?!? that's some weird sect you're in mate.

    3. 'Silly a-holes having to reinvent the name of the event in an attempt to dissociate name from the Anglo root.' Lollllll, i agree.

      How about Friday de black...lolllllll, does that work language Nazis? LOLllllllllll

    4. English has become so robust thanks to its mongrel roots that welcome all foreign influences (notably including French).

      This allergy that insecure Quebec has towards borrowing any foreign (English) terms and its need to find French translations for every single term is surely the most extreme that exists in the entire world. Far from its solid days of yore, francophone culture is simply demonstrating its current abject weakness by being the complete, diametrical opposite of that most confident and yet circumscribed culture of Japan, one which welcomes foreign words most enthusiastically without any fear of diluting its culture whatsoever.

    5. "you are against translations?!? "

      Don't think so!!!!!....Again, what is the translation of Black Friday? Vendredi Noir, n'est pas? What the hell is vendredi fou (crazy Friday) , Vendredi Super or the other concocted translations which by the way, have no any reference to Black. I am surprised they didn't come up with Vendredi Blanc in order to distance the expression from the original Anglo Black Friday If you want talk speak of weird sects I suggest you look in the mirror or around the room at the next meeting of Imperatif Francais. As Cat indicated. "This allergy that insecure Quebec....." is spot on. Must be horrible to feel so insecure about ones culture.

    6. @westerner

      you should send your suggestions to oqlf. i'm sure they's appreciate your input.

      "Must be horrible to feel so insecure about ones culture."

      ah! so you understand french canadian's plight. that's a start. it will be easier for you to accept their efforts to preserve it then. anonymous coward for one is less advanced than you and doesn't even acknowledge their culture exists! terrible indeed.

    7. @the cat

      "...diametrical opposite of that most confident and yet circumscribed culture of Japan, one which welcomes foreign words most enthusiastically without any fear of diluting its culture whatsoever."

      yes so welcoming and confident that it came up with katakana in order to keep foreign influences at bay. plus if quebec was an island of 125 million dudes and had full control over the world's third gdp i can assure you it would feel culturaly more secure. worst example ever mate.

    8. Surtout que les Japonais sont reconnus comme un peuple raciste, comme le sont tous les peuples établis sur une île. Comme les Anglais d'ailleurs.

      Quelqu'un dirait qu'un certain nombre de nos anglos et de nos similis anglos résidant sur l'île de Montréal ont une attitude raciste et je n'en serais pas étonné...

  4. How about we stop bickering over personality and move on to honest debate?.....

    1. Editor,

      How about your taking a bit of responsibility (or delegating it if you can not) and taking control over the discussion a little bit?

    2. Hear, hear, Troy. While his own posts continue to be worthwhile reading, the Editor has very deliberately set out policies meant to ensure a lowbrow comment section on his blog, which specifically encourage disrespect and dissuade honest debate.

      Surely, you will remember the housekeeping post he made in September where he stated that “listening to readers of late complain of the one-liners and insults, I again will tighten what is allowed”, a claim that astute reader adski promptly recognized as being patently false:

      “If you're wondering while despite all this flexing by Editor nothing changes, and after a day or two it's back to normal (the normal being the comments section hijacked by SR and student), you will continue scratching your heads until you realize the obvious: it's because it's what Editor wants. See, he will flex his muscles occasionally, but in the end he prefers a widely commented blog with 200-250 comments per post (even if 100 of these comments are one-liners generated by SR or student and the next 50 entries are emotional responses to them), than a less-widely commented blog with 25-50 higher quality posts. So here is is folks. If you want to comment on No Dogs, get used to SR. And don't ever think there will be any moderation here. And forget these "housekeeping" posts. I never bother with these.”

      Setting out some very basic, respectful rules that he promptly failed to enforce THE VERY SAME DAY THAT HE MADE THEM was the last straw that chased away many former contributors who had still held out hope this could become a useful, relevant blog.

      After many years of contradictory evidence now, the Editor continues to cling to his demonstrably misguided notion that his “no-moderation” policy will magically lead to honest debate instead of the observable result that we are all familiar with. His meek exhortation today to raise standards rings very hollow (and is indeed laughable) since his free-for-all, no moderation policies were specifically designed to generate low standards in the first place.

    3. Editor: You DID write several weeks ago in the housekeeping blog brought up above by The Cat that anything written that was not apropos would not just be given notice about the comment being removed, but you were going to strip it right off the blog. You're not practicing what you preach! I pushed for contributors to the blog not to give the trolls a wall to bounce their ball, but after I embellished it in one blog, nobody seemed to remember my suggestion.

      If you have decided to change your policy--AGAIN!--then kindly advise those of us trying to make altruistic and worthwhile contributions of your intentions. We've lost some good contributors because of this lowbrow crap. I choose to ignore them unless they post something that is reasonable. In the last week, I did respond to one of them because it was a reasonable posting that merited a response, then one contributor who shall remain nameless, fires a shot at me for responding to the troll, period.

    4. @sauga

      you're right mate, honest contributors need to stop answering trolls. it worked with resident evil it should work with you too.

  5. Bernard Drainville attendu de pied ferme à Longueuil

    Sécurité maximale anti Bain Laden ?

    1. I love it. Drainville had to go to Honky-central for his debate. What a coward indeed.

      No better place to have a nice one-sided, unchallenged "debate" about la charte des voyous than in the voyous heartland.

      It's Weekend at Bernie's in the 45ZEROS

  6. I gotta tell you guys, it's really funny reading your comments here because they're so similar to the ones you write on Facebook Anglo community pages. If you guys are really interested in anonymity, change your tune a bit.

    1. C'est exactement ce que j'allais écrire...Tellement évident

      La seule différence,c'est que sur ce blogue,personne n'est supprimé...Bravo Editor!

    2. Très vrai. God job in that respect editor.

    3. Yes indeed Editor.

      By not blocking out the participation of the separatists on this blog, you've proven that we're 10X better than the low-brow sites such as and Ameribec, who refuse to hear anything coming from their opponents.

      If the likes of S.R, Y.L, Student, Michel Patrice, Vive Le Quebec Libre and Malaka insist on taking (shameless) advantage of your democratic stance, I believe it benefits us greatly.

      Thanks to their participation, we get to see anti-Anglo, anti-immigrant sentiment in all its racist flair.

      So to all our little trolls, I actually encourage you to keep it up. Your blatant hate is showing and every time you post what you do, you're only helping our cause, and making yourselves look like the very backwood hayseeds the rest of the world sees you for.

    4. "'ve proven that we're 10X better than...."

      "we're" ? Représentant qui exactement ?Une poignée d'angryphones frustrés et intolérants?

      "you're only helping our cause"

      Le monde voit du coup la situation délicate et spécifique,pour ne pas dire précaire du Québec et de la Nation qui l'habite.Croyez-vous réellement que le"monde" ressentira une quelconque pitié pour la minorité hyper choyée que représente la communauté anglophone du Québec?Et dont la survie n'est nullement en danger dans une Amérique du Nord presque totalement peuplée par des anglophones?

      Bonne chance!

    5. @ S.R.
      Do you think the world cares about a pathetic group of fracophones that are in a province of Canada if they fade and disappear? You know we could always import a better quality of francophes straight from France once your diseased mined ilk are gone. As the years go by your pur laine will dwindle in numbers. S.R. my dear friend you and your kind are living on borrowed time. The world don't care for french it has outlived its usefulness. If it was useful people would want to learn it and not to be forced to learn it. All your laws to restrict English shows how desperate you and your kind are.

    6. C'est pourquoi nous prenons les choses en mains nous même,pas besoin d'un hypothétique appui de l'extérieur.Votre ami Coward semble croire que le monde va (et doit) venir sauver NOS anglos des méchants Québécois que nous sommes...Pauvre Coward.

      Nous allons éventuellement disparaître,c'est un fait,mais pour l'instant nous sommes toujours vivants et c'est un réel plaisir de faire chier les angryphones de votre espèce.

      Vous ne l'aurez pas facile,croyez-moi :)

    7. Un petit coup d'pied dans les couilles (balls) pour terminer :)

      Bon week end...mate

    8. We don't need the world to do anything for us cause you and inbreed kind are are so stupid and doing a fantastic job in destroying Quebec and bankrupting it wont be long before the feds takes control of the province.

    9. Anti Anglophone? I don't see how you came to that conclusion after my first comment on this website. Oh yeah I also happen to be an Anglophone. There isn't a single page I've found on Facebook that allows people to debate without blocking, and that goes for pages on both sides, so yes I do like the fact that the Editor allows for all points of view to be on this blog. If you think I'm anti Anglophone just because I wrote two words in French, then you need to keep a more open mind. I have federalist and separatist francophone friends and they're all great people, so forgive me for not being anti francophone. If that makes me anti anglophone, them I don't really care to be considered as part of your community.

    10. I welcome the un-nuanced opinion of Malaka, who acknowledges being a newcomer to this blog today. Their comment evidently shows that they have not been long-term followers of this blog, which is perfectly fine. Their comment also indicates they may not realize that many of us here are francophones ourselves (as well as anglophones, or both, or allophones, or all three).

      Their belief that using two words of French may make us perceive of them as being anti-anglophone is very revealing, as does feeling the need to explain that they are not anti-francophone... just like we are not. There has obviously been a lot of pre-judging going on here prior to commenting. Hopefully, this will be dispelled over time… even if the Editor’s policies unfortunately do encourage radical opinions over majority opinions.

      We love Quebec; that’s why we’re here.

    11. Cat, I didn't have to be a long time reader to come to my conclusion. Look at the comment that followed my reply to SR. I was already labeled as anti Anglophone by Anonymous Coward. And for what exactly? Because I said that writing styles and opinions were similar to those I had seen on Facebook or the fact that I agreed with SR on the editor's lenient moderating? As for you “we love Quebec" comment, so do I. But loving Quebec goes hand in hand with appreciating our francophone friends, so I took exception to anonymous' comment about “ a pathetic group of fracophones that are in a province of Canada if they fade and disappear", I took exception to it. You guys are way too quick to judge

    12. @malaka

      don't expect much from anonymous coward, anectote, sylvain raciste, cutie003, ed, lord dorchester, durham, james wolfe, sauga, apple iigs and quebeker of tree stump. anyway it's too late for you as you made the mistake of writings things like "appreciating our francophone friends". a few options remain: change your name and start over with a nasty rant or join me and enjoy pushing these guys towards the dead ends of their own "reasonings". i need help; they are prolific.

    13. @malaka - Too bad one of our resident trolls posted before I read your comment - just to clarify malaka - this blog was established with the intention of discussing problems that the anglophone community were having while being residents of quebec - it is not anti-francophone but it is anti-separatist. At times when comments are made the word 'francophone' comes up in the conversation but 99% of the time it becomes interchangeable with "separatist" which we have all done without intent of it being taken that way. I think there are one or two commentators, like James Wolfe, that discusses all francophones being franco supremacist but the rest of us are not anti-francophone. I too have many francophone friends that are federalist but this blog is not meant to be anti-francophone. In fact, we have many francophone contributors and as Cat pointed out, many immigrants as well. You would do well to avoid commenting to SR, student, ungars and YL - all separatist trolls that are here only to aggravate and dissuade people from posting.

  7. I find it shocking that people are not focused on all the debt mounting federally and provincially all across the country. Things are much worse then governments are telling you folks…wake up!!!

    We are headed for a major financial crisis…when? Soon I believe…

    Its really sad that the language Nazis are focused on such petty nonsense…

    1. Nice try James Wolfe. You're not wrong in what you write, but federally we're right now better than the U.S. We're over $600 billion in debt federally, but America, with 10x the population to be in sync with us, should have only $6 trillion debt, but they're close to $17 billion federally, and the Conservatives, after one terrible year in 2008 with a $56 billion deficit, have brought it down quite a bit and will hopefully balance in the next year or two. The provinces here, unfortunately, are making it worse, Quebec being the biggest offender, but Ontario unfortunately catching up fast what with two power plants not being built and a billion sunk into that, another billion sunk into a useless medical emergency helicopter fiasco and other fiascoes,

      Trouble for the provinces is, they don't print their own money, and worse yet, Ontario cannot any longer afford to be the biggest net contributor to equalization that it used to be. Solution: Cut Quebec out of equalization for the simple reasons they do not respect pluralistic Canadian values, they don't respect, in fact outlaw, the free use of one of Canada's two official languages, and finally with those two negative attributes in mind, all they feel Canada is good for is showing them the money. How about we show them the door when it comes to Canada's money, except for what the contribute to federal taxes. Give them back what they put in, no more and no less.

    2. It's cute that you think that after 7 years of promising a balanced subject the Cons will actually do it, and that that's a good track record. Let's assume 2008 was an anomaly, if we calculate the trend in the cutting of the deficit it's about 4.8 billion a year, the latest estimate for 2013 will be 18.9 billion so 18.9/4.8 = ~ 4 years. Yaay we get a balanced budget in 2017 after almost of decade of promises. I was being generous in this as the reduction in deficit over the recent few years as been much slower then immediately after the huge deficit in 2008.

      Though you are right per captia Americans carry about 54,000 in national debt while this is only about 19,000 for Canadians. The cons seems to be as terrible as the Liberals were at equipment and vehicle procurement and have done a terrible job at cutting the bureaucracy cutting frontline low level employees (those that actually get things done) while maintaining middle management. They seem to have forgot the fiscal part of being fiscal conservatives, you got your majority Steve, can't keep blaming the opposition forever.

    3. Mr.Sauga -

      If equalization gets cut dramatically then the PQ win a majority next year. Then us anglos stuck here in Quebec see our taxes skyrocket, our house values plummet - really fair? A PQ majority means anglo rights get stripped away at an alarming rate..would not surprise me if the PQ try to convert the anglo universities to french ones, anglo hospitals and so on. The PQ with one last majority will do everything in its power to make anglos leave so they can win the next referendum.

      Are you and Canada going to come to the anglos aid in these circumstances?? I doubt you would asking for this is you were still living in Quebec. Its so easy for you to talk tough as you are safe and sound in Toronto.

      Once again why are the anglos living here being cast to the wind by our national government?? Are we all supposed to quit our jobs and flee and hope to find similar jobs in the rest of Canada??

    4. @complicated

      "Then us anglos stuck here in Quebec see our taxes skyrocket, our house values plummet - really fair?"

      don't you see that sauga doesn't care about you? he cares about him. he obviously regrets having moved out thirty years ago. he misses quebec but he's stuck in missisauga now, so he hypocritically hopes for the worst to happen to quebec so he can finally justify his bad decision to fly away. before reading his crap i wouldn't have believed one could push selfishness that far. would you?

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. complicated,

      One school of thought that I believe is good for Quebec is just to let the province sink. Let it just go down the cliff that the separatist movement made. By then, the population will be the one holding the empty bag. It is the ultimate way, I think, to get the separatist movement away once and for all. After that, the province can start rebuilding from the rubble stronger with new paradigm. Sort of how Germany got rid of nazism and Japan got rid of military fascism and rebuild stronger after WWII.

    7. I think Mr.Sauga wants some sort of revenge because of what happened to him when he was younger. You would think after 30 years he would get over it but I guess not. Even though he has had a nice life in Ontario he still is angry about Quebec and wants all Quebecers to suffer..english or francophone or allophone. Very nice and very convenient for him who is safe and sound in Ontario.

      In fact pretty well all of Canada has done better than Quebec over the past 30 years so I dont quite understand all the moaning and groaning about Quebec. Its Quebec that has been crumbling mostly because of their own mismanagement and waste. He should be happy that he is long gone. I think he misses the way it used to be in Quebec when he was a kid.

      But student there are serious problems in Quebec and its not Canadas fault..its squarely on the shoulder of the Quebec government and for most Quebecers for accepting corrupt and useless politicians. Even though Canada has sent billions and billions on Quebec we still are one of the poorest provinces around..have the highest debt..the highest taxes..the worst infrastructure. Its really quite pathetic,,more deficit spending only digs the hole deeper missy.

    8. Troy - Are you willing to suffer like they suffered in Germany and Japan?? Its so easy to say that here when we are living reasonably comfortable lives. If the economy collapses and the seperation movement spikes and we have years of nasty fighting between Canada and Quebec..with possible violence you really want to live through that for the next 20 or 30 years?? A lot of people come on here saying that Quebec needs to collapse before they change their ways and thats likely true but I dont want to be stuck here for the decades of misery. Is Canada going to help is anglos out and the federalist francophones?? Canada has done zippo for us so far..if anything Harper is just provoking them bit by bit which is not very smart given that the PQ could easily win a majority on the back of anger against Harper and his policies.

    9. My question is complicated: Just how is Canada to stand up to quebec and it's outrageous demands all the time, without standing up and saying "no more will we put up with this shit"? It should have been done years ago but the feds let it all get out of control and look where we are now. We can't keep letting this province run amuck; it has to stop! How we go about it is the problem but it has to stop.

    10. @cutie003

      can you give examples of a few quebec "outrageous demands" mate? thanks.

    11. complicated,

      You may not like it, but I think the best thing that the province need right now is a PQ majority government. Not only majority, but a landslide majority like Brian Mulroney's first time (74.8%). With that majority mandate the government can do whatever it needs to do, come hell or high water. I suspect that they will crash and burn spectacularly. With that, the population will finally convince the peril of the independence movement. After the province falls into trouble, the population can start rebuilding without the independence monkey on their back.

      If that does not happen, it means that independence is a good thing for the province. In either case, win-win for the population.

    12. @troy

      although i think political independance would be good for quebec, i agree with you that its improvement will happen through a big pq mandate. good thinking troy.

    13. Yep - as soon as they agree to partition this place into areas that want to go and those that want to stay, I will be glad to vote 'YES' in the next referendum! I'm sure many of us feel the same. Then they can sink by themselves and the rest of us can go back to LIVING again - wealth, happiness and harmony!

    14. @cutie003

      "...the rest of us can go back to LIVING again - wealth, happiness and harmony!"

      is it safe to assume you are poor, sad? why don't you move accross the river then? relatives and friends will still be a short bus ride away. even if it's to settle for a smaller house it'll be better than feeling dead mate.

    15. Complicated, re your 2:20:00 PM post: What "happened to me" going on 40 years ago, not 30, is what also happened and is continuing to happen to you. Our mother tongue and the fact we're not one of THEM, a.k.a. «Québécois de souche» or a fraternity or clique of white French mother-tongued Roman Catholics with several generations rooted in Quebec.

      Through «le Revenche des berceaux», they grew their population with the intent of being the majority and eventually control the place. They did, but it took them an awful long time to pull it off. Sadly, they're still living a war that was fought going on 255 years ago, but like what happened in the former Yugoslavia twenty years ago, old battles were not forgotten going back over 600 years! Trouble is, Quebec isn't just seeking revenge on the British and their descendants, it's seeking this revenge on ALL its minorities.

      Complicated, I think you have a very short-term memory. I've explained time after time after time I seek revenge on Quebec because my family made nothing but positive contributions to the communities where they settled, developed businesses first to take care of their families and expand enough to offer employment to others who may have starved but not for the entrepreneurial prowess of my grandfather and one uncle in particular. My paternal grandfather was a self-employed shoe cobbler, taking a job away from NOOOOOOBODY!

      When Bou-bou legislated Bill 22 back in 1974, I saw this as the beginning of worse things to come. My mind was made up shortly thereafter to leave Quebec once I completed my cheap university education in Quebec. Why not? My parents and grandparents did the hard work and paid their taxes for this opportunity for me to carry the baton forward. Three years after Bill 22, the screws were tightened with Bill 101. Eleven years later, Bou-bou did it again with Bill 178 - AGAIN!. The rest is history.

      Maybe YOU saw this as a passing phase. Click on the link to see from where I got that phrase. This could just as easily happen in Quebec with its xenophobes at the helm, like they are now, and may with the support of the Evil Axis of the Ignorant in the Saguenay and the Lac St-Jean regions, amongst others.

      Keep in mind the following:

      YOU chose to live in denial of the reality!

      YOU chose to believe this was the proverbial "passing phase".

      YOU chose to stay. Pure and simple!

      I, and about 300,000 other former citizens of Quebec who are not one of THEM chose to leave anticipating their worst fears would be confirmed, and we were right! YOU were wrong!

      I, and about 300,000 other former citizens of Quebec who are not one of THEM saw the writing on the wall, and chose to react accordingly. YOU and others like you chose to ignore the writing on the wall.

      No, I will NOT fight for you. YOU and those like you chose not to fight, or fight against those who tried to fight for YOU. People like Howard Galganov who walked to the ends of the earth for people like YOU, but too many people like YOU chose instead to mock and ridicule what he was doing. Why didn't people like YOU join him and fight? It was already obvious for over 20 years the feds were not going to come to your support. Galganov tried, Galganov spent a fortune of money for the sake of people like YOU and nobody, BUT NOBODY amongst you joined the fight.

      Now YOU get what YOU and the rest of your ilk deserve.

      Save yourselves! Leave while YOU still can!

    16. Complicated: Re your post at 11:20:00 AM: You wrote, and I quote:

      "If equalization gets cut dramatically then the PQ win a majority next year. Then us anglos stuck here in Quebec see our taxes skyrocket, our house values plummet - really fair? A PQ majority means anglo rights get stripped away at an alarming rate..would not surprise me if the PQ try to convert the anglo universities to french ones, anglo hospitals and so on. The PQ with one last majority will do everything in its power to make anglos leave so they can win the next referendum."

      My answer: You may be write about all of the above, but this was the risk you either chose, or had to take when this all started. Daddy Trudeau and all subsequent federal governments made it loud and clear we the minorities were on our own, so if a fight was going to ensue, it would have to be fought by us and only us. I was an adolescent at the time, and while there were howls upon howls of protest in the media by political commentators, that's how far the fight went. Inert words. No protests. No demonstrations. No fighting for our rights except with inert threats.

      The state of inertia was too much for me to take, so it was either shut up or gedadda there. My choice is clear. In four decades, this constant state of inertia confirms in my choice of alternatives the one I chose was the correct one, at least for me.

      Now it's time either for you to fight (too little too late in my opinion), shut up, or gedadda there!

    17. FROM ED
      Complicated, You're wrong when you say cutting transfer payments would bring a PQ landslide. We know that 70% of francos do not think like the PQ. They do not consider the language more important than the money that feeds their families. When the Provincial Premiers meeting comes up in December or shortly after, we will have an idea of the future.

      FROM ED
      Complicated, You're wrong when you say cutting transfer payments would bring a PQ landslide. We know that 70% of francos do not think like the PQ. They do not consider the language more important than the money that feeds their families. When the Provincial Premiers meeting comes up in December or shortly after, we will have an idea of the future. That's not in our hands.
      Troy is obviously in a position of no loss to him with a PQ victory. He is being selfish in not thinking of the poor people that will suffer. I feel he is being impish to suggest such a fiendish road to ruin for so many people.
      Mr. Sauga has no right to try to make you feel guilty for not fighting back. There was nothing to fight against. Francophones were not annoying English, there was no war to fight. . He is trying to vindicate himself for running out on his family but he is such a complainer they probably preferred it that way.
      Those of us with feelings for our families and friends want an end to the PQ so the PLQ which has the best chance of being elected can clean up the mess economically and bring social peace to all of us.
      Sauga should stop telling people to get out. We don't all run away from threats. We show courage
      and work to make things better. Ed

    18. Ed: R U 4 real? You wrote "They do not consider the language more important than the money that feeds their families".

      Is that so? If not, why do Anglophone MNAs representing constituencies represented by Anglophones and other minorities constantly turn their backs on the wishes of their constituents, voting like the Quislings they are against pro-English legislation? Why did former Premier John James Charest bring in a zealot with a visceral hatred for everything English and then go out and hire 26 tongue troopers his last year in office? Why is your great savior, Philippe Couillard, suddenly softening up on the Charter of Hatred after being dead set against it weeks earlier? Answer: Because the majority of the Quebec voters (Francophones) WANT IT that way!

      "Mr. Sauga has no right to try to make you feel guilty for not fighting back."

      Ed, where did you get the idea I was trying to lay guilt trips? I'm just being factual. I observed the fallout from Bill 22 as proof the limits of the law were being tested, and this was just the beginning. At age 16, perhaps I couldn't fully analyze it that way, but I had a gut feeling the limits were going to be pushed. I didn't draw that from the law itself, but by the way the law was being enforced. Because of the language testing for little children, that first of all was an atrocity in itself. Then the racist language examiners looked for every petty alibi to fail the children and force them into French school. Bill 101 tightened the screws even harder. You damn well know the rest from there. I saw the writing on the wall then and there, and what I had to do at the first possible opportunity. So did about 300,000 other Anglos and Allos.

      "There was nothing to fight against. Francophones were not annoying English, there was no war to fight.

      You didn't find a government that forbade your language in public, one of the official languages of Canada, something to fight about? OK, maybe not, but I, and about 300,000 other Anglos and Allos saw it my way, too.

      "He is trying to vindicate himself for running out on his family but he is such a complainer they probably preferred it that way.

      I'm not trying to vindicate myself for ANYTHING! Canada is a free country, and it's my right to settle in any part of it at my discretion and my discretion only. The better job opportunities were going to Francophones, slowly but surely, and the Quebec government made it loud and clear for whom they were doing this. I confess I thought we'd be getting to the nuttiness sooner than this, but here it is now. I know enough Anglos who are not getting ahead in Quebec in terms of career. They're stuck and won't advance any further than where they are right now. Others have done very well, but I think most could have done better outside Quebec. Their choice.

      In the future, Ed, please don't factor in your hypotheses re what I'm thinking. You tend to miss the boat, much the way you thought Dr. Couillard was going to be your savior. He will not totally abolish the Charter of Hate, and he, like John James Charest before him, will not change a comma of Bill 101 or any like legislation.

    19. @sauga

      " I confess I thought we'd be getting to the nuttiness sooner than this..."

      here's the key bit. you went away betting quebec would collapse thirty years ago, and it didn't. you lost your bet. and you're here bashing everyday for two reasons: convince yourself that you did the right move, and do your best to sabotage quebec hoping to finally even out the score before you die. one word: pathetic.

      here's a better strategy for you: come back to quebec! you'd be welcomed. and maybe that's what she's been waiting for all these years.

  8. I can't even get over the fact that they want to give pay raises to that bunch of incompetents - if they had to have a real job in a real world, they wouldn't be worth a plug nickel (that's Canadian by the way). The lot of them should be fired let alone paid to do the piss poor job they have done since September last year. Growth and investment everywhere in Canada and North America but in this sad little province with the little minds that can nothing worthwhile but are expert at shit disturbing.

    1. Cutie, suck is the benefit of relative thinking.

      It's isn;t about the absolute efficiency or some kind of measurable baseline.

      Quebec love to celebrate the the relative hero. Give raises because when compared against the guy sitting next to him he's underpaid. Then they compare him back to the previous guy and figure he's also underpaid.

      Meritocracy is bad. Now it's all just a celebration of showing up.

      Les Quebecois only want to compare themselves to each other (or France). that way they always look good in their own minds.

      If they Quebecois start to compare themselves against the filthy dirty industrious Chinese and don;t like what they see what happens next?

      Change the frame of reference. If you can;t win, change the rules os you do.

      It's Les Quebecois thinking through and through. It borrows some similarities to Homer Simpson.

      Don;t to be the best. Be the best on your own invented yardstick. That way you can never disappoint in your own mind.

    2. Except that I damn well resent my taxes going to overpay these bums. If they were doing even a halfway decent job of fixing the problems in quebec I would not mind that they get well paid for doing so but they are just so inept. Getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to make trouble is not what I consider doing "a good job" - I know teenagers that could have started the same trouble for free. We don't need to pay for that. Not one of them has come up with an idea as to how to increase productivity or investment in this province. We will continue the down slide unabated with these clowns in power. The attitude towards the economy and how to get where we need to go has to change and quickly. I can't see it happening with the PQ in power. The CAQ talk about the economy but their political stance has to change or there will still be no investment.

    3. I am all favour of raising MNA salaries to $136,000/yr from $88,000. This will attract more talented people. However here would be the conditions:

      Cut the number of provincial risings in Quebec from 125 down to 80.

      Ontario has a population of 13,358,000, or 124,841 residents per riding. Quebec has a population of 8,155,300. That's 65,242 per riding. In other words, it takes Quebec twice as many MNAs for the same job. I am sure if we put our minds to it we could be almost as efficient as our English Canadian neighbours...


    5. @Mtl - I sure as hell agree with you. Quebec has far far too much power in the whole of Canada. It's as if they were the feds and to hell with the ROC. It's totally disgusting. Cut their number of seats in the House of Commons rather than increasing them - only makes them more and more militant and pushy. None of the other provinces act like they do at all.

    6. @cutie003

      mtl1973 is ranting on quebec mna's. not federal mp's. try to follow mate. contributions like yours only derail conversations. here's an advice: read comments two times before replying.

    7. MTL1973: In the next federal election, the number of MPs in Ontario will rise to 125 from 107. Since the Harris Conservatives adopted the federal electoral map (cut from 130 MPPs to 103 at that time), there will be 125 Ontario MPPs. Ontario will be due for an election before the feds, so I'm not sure at this point if Ontario will have 125 constituencies or not. That would still be five fewer than in 1995. If I recall correctly, the City of Montreal had 57 constituencies before amalgamation with other Island cities and towns having their own constituencies. How many councillors are there now? Probably at least 125. Ridiculous!

    8. You wrote "...I damn well resent my taxes going to overpay these bums. If they were doing even a halfway decent job of fixing the problems in quebec I would not mind that they get well paid for doing so but they are just so inept.".

      Everything you wrote is correct, but like someone older and less wise than I has said that politicians are given a license to steal.

      Quebec is just as guilty as other jurisdictions. Interestingly, my auto mechanic located in the Town of Markham, a Toronto suburb was trying to get rid of garages and body shops in Markham, and other industry by trying to pass a by-law that garages would not be allowed to keep cars parked outside overnight, even on their lots, or face crippling fines big enough to put the shops out of business. From what I was told, the town hall was packed and very noisy when this issue was brought up for public questioning.

      Why would the mayor of Markham be looking to pass such a ridiculous law? I hypothesized some land developer needed or moreover wanted that land and probably offered to grease the mayor's palm very generously for the favour. That's what my mechanic figured. as well. There is a slew of auto repair and body shops in his area, side by side. Very suspicious!

      Nothing like a big fat kickback to run the show. Money talks everywhere, Cutie!

    9. Not like in quebec Mr. Sauga. I hope you guys are wrong about the land development - it would be nice to see some honesty somewhere because we sure as hell don't have any here. Everyone from the parking meter attendants to the MNAs are on the dole here; hopefully not the same situation in Ontario. I would be very disillusioned if that turns out to be the fact of the matter.

    10. Oh, no Cutie! Rob Ford sent off the gravy train when he came into office. Despite all his shenanigans, there are many voters who still support him for having sent off the gravy train; in fact, my auto mechanic who I mentioned above feels the media coupled with Ford's opponents, is driving all that has happened. I do know since the beginning, the Toronto Star has been after his head, let alone his ass. He's not a mayor on the take, so he's thwarting those who are, and naturally the greedy scum bags want him out of the way, and being crooks themselves, they'll stop at nothing to enable their cash cows to keep on coming.

      Hey...when Parasite was premier, didn't certain construction emperors build him a house? In exchange for future political favours, of course.

      Maybe Ford is indeed doing his job, but as I've stated, politicians give themselves a license to steal.

    11. Perhaps he was singled out but smoking crack and getting too drunk to drive, when he would be able to have someone else drive him I'm sure, kind of goes a long way in nullifying a lot of the good he seems to have done. Anyway, who am I to judge and as I don't live there, I really just thought he should have stepped down for a couple of months before he made more and more a fool of himself, embarrassing Toronto as he did. It's rather hard to have confidence in someone who smokes crack I'm afraid - pot maybe, but crack is something else again. Anyway, by his size, we sure as hell know he's not hooked - lol

    12. Cutie, perhaps he should have done all you said, but he didn't. The worst thing he did in my mind was deny deny deny he did crack and then finally admit it. That did make him look like the fool; nevertheless, he has 10½ months to get his s--t and brown gravy together and straighten out. Voters have a short memory, so he may win this thing yet. Harper, I'm sure, is hoping the same, and he'll do whatever he has to do to get re-elected...if he wants to.

    13. Yes, they do have a short memory - One good thing cancels a few bad but if they promise to keep taxes under control and get tough on the "bad guys", whoever they may be at election time, people do tend to forget and forgive quite easily. If Ford keeps himself in line until the next election, he may well have a good chance of getting into office again. He has strong support from quite a number of people.

      The senate scandal has hurt Harper though especially since he brought all those appointmentees in himself. Looks rather fishy, like some kind of payoff for favours received to help him get into office. I'm very disappointed in Mike Duffy though - thought he was made of better stuff. Brazeau was no surprise. Don't know quite what to make of Wallin - seems like a deer caught in headlights. For sure none of them have helped Harper in his bid to win another term.

  9. FROM ED
    EDITOR, what happened to my post.? I saw it published and then it disapperaed. Ed.

    1. Blogger accidentally deleted it. It disappeared in front of my eyes
      I hope you will re-post

  10. FROM ED
    Cat, Anonymous Coward, Sylvaine, Sauga, Troy. How do you guys have the nerve to complain about trolls and point the finger at ther EDITOR? He practically ordered us to stop all trolling but members of this blog went right ion doing it as if tey were above Him and the rest of us. Where were your voices then. Whenever I censured someone for excessive trolling I was called being bossy. There's a difference between being bossy and standing up for what's right. general reminders do nothing. Go to the person that's ruining the blog with troll play. Afterv the very fgirst post todaySylvaine turned the blog to the trolls and played inanely for 12 posts. This is not a popularity contest. If you don't have the balls to speak out at the percs like Anectote and Sylvaineat least don't blame the EDITOR for something you condone.
    As the crew was told at the end of "The Caine Mutiny" "The man had a problem. Why didn't you help him instead of blaming him.?" Ed

    1. i agree ed. blame goes to sylvain raciste.

    2. Ed, I have no idea what you're talking about, and for the very reason that Sylvain proved in his exchange with Student: that even when you're 150% right and prove them wrong on their bullshit, they still deny it.

      I don't engage with trolls, so pay closer attention to who you draw into your screeds.

    3. Ed, I was called bossy and other things as well. So what? I gave up after my embellishments on the subject because, like most voters, our readers and contributors have a short memory.

      If you're too thin skinned to take a little criticism, you may as well stop reading and/or contributing to this blog. I like to think you're thicker skinned than what you wrote above.

  11. FROM ED
    Anonymous Coward, I have not said you engage with trolls. Perhaps you should bpay closer attention t a post before ri[pping into it. You were one of the popsters attacking EDITOR for not stopping the trolls when you should be attacking those that do hobnob with trolls. How could that be hard to understand? Instead of standing up for Sylvaine while dissing EDITOR, think about this.
    "for the very reason that Sylvain proved in his exchange with Student: that even when you're 150% right and prove them wrong on their bullshit, they still deny it." Sylvaine should not be proving anything witha troll. You approve his nonsense and accuse the EDITOR. SHAME Ed

    1. i agree ed. blame goes to anonymous coward this time around.

  12. One short comment I wanted to add here is I enjoyed the delicious irony of those English messages from the City of Gatineau and the U of Sherbrooke. The latter especially proves that Quebec can't totally isolate itself from the English language sea of North America. It has been written that 80% of scientific research papers from French universities are published in English. Failure for them to publish in English means that their work will be ignored by too many potential stakeholders implying all that work would be for naught.

    Take that, zealous xenophobes!

  13. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTMonday, December 2, 2013 at 7:27:00 AM EST

    Cutie003 wrote on Sunday, December 1, 2013 at 4:22:00 PM EST
    "@malaka - Too bad one of our resident trolls posted before I read your comment - just to clarify malaka - this blog was established with the intention of discussing problems that the anglophone community were having while being residents of quebec -"

    were having while being residents of quebec

    Really? Then in this case this blog would exclude quebecois citizens. That would be you, "cutie".
    I recommend that you either move across the river to Ottawa and zip it up, ma petite payeuse de taxes du quebec.
    Embrace the joie de vivre au quebec. Try to learn french; you'd get better insight in what you are missing in your own province.
    You are way too resentful. I bet your head is full of angry gray hair...

    P.S. I must congratulate you about not posting racist comments lately.

    1. Judging from the comments of the bilingual Anglo posters on this blog, I don't think it is Cutie's lack of French that makers her feel more as a resident of Quebec than a Quebecois.

  14. Vaudreuil Soulanges Gazette: Marois PQ drops ball — again

    PQ’s culture of lies
    "After experiencing Toronto’s literary scene, my feeling is that what we have here in Quebec doesn’t even come close. In a recent conversation with a literary colleague, we both agreed that being from Quebec keeps us isolated and shut out of the enormous potential of Canada’s literary world.
    And remember — Toronto is a city where people actually have the discretionary income to be able to indulge in the artistic and cultural world. Imagine that?"

    1. Hahahaha!

      Good one dude!

    2. Good article and oh so true Liam. Every province in the country is benefiting from the downfall of quebec, especially Ontario and Alberta, as they wait, again, for their "handout" on the backs of the ROC. You think the little slime that are supporting their own demise from the benefits of belonging to such a great economically viable country as Canada, would, at some point, catch on to the fact that they are committing cultural suicide and economical ruin but, as we can see from the silly comments they post here everyday, they are just too stupid to see it or think that life will be the same when they leave all the benefits we have, as Canadians, behind in their drive for independence. Such a selfish and egotistical bunch have never been seen before in North America.

    3. But Cutie, what do the politicians care as long as THEY get the loot? If the economic pie gets increasingly smaller, their cut will get increasingly larger! That's their logic. Yes, Quebec's economic wealth has shrunk over the decades, but the Francophone portion is getting bigger.

      Who cares about the minorities? Screw 'em! Screw 'em all, they're saying. What's really sad is the shrinking minority base, according to Suburban editor Beryl Wajsman, still makes up 40% of the tax base but only 20% of the population. THEY (and I defined way above above who THEY is, and THEM as well) neither get it nor care about anything as long as it is THEY who are getting a bigger hunk of the pie.

    4. But Cutie, what do the politicians care as long as THEY get the loot? If the economic pie gets increasingly smaller, their cut will get increasingly larger! That's their logic. Yes, Quebec's economic wealth has shrunk over the decades, but the Francophone portion is getting bigger.

      Who cares about the minorities? Screw 'em! Screw 'em all, they're saying. What's really sad is the shrinking minority base, according to Suburban editor Beryl Wajsman, still makes up 40% of the tax base but only 20% of the population. THEY (and I defined way above above who THEY is, and THEM as well) neither get it nor care about anything as long as it is THEY who are getting a bigger hunk of the pie.

    5. Guess I'm just not the greedy type Mr. Sauga - As long as I can pay my bills and live my life in a way that I'm not embarrassed, like having to wear clothes with holes in them or whatnot, I'm satisfied. Wouldn't mind winning a lottery of course, wouldn't all of us, but I can do without the added pressure of my own government making me feel unwanted, unnecessary and not representing my status as a tax paying citizen of my own province. Life if tough enough for all of us without these additional emotional burdens that these language/religious Nazis put on us every day. If the shoe were on the other foot, just for a change, I would like to see how these same people that put others through these trials and tribulations would react. Their day will come and I hope I'm around to enjoy it.

    6. Comment est-ce possible qu'une personne puisse vivre au Québec sans pouvoir communiquer en français?

    7. @s.r

      it seems possible to live in quebec without knowing any french. but there is no proof here that it's possible to be happy on top of it.

    8. C'est vrai student et la cause des malheurs de cutie repose essentiellement sur l'ensemble de la société québécoise mais jamais elle ne remet son comportement en question...Entêtement ou orgueil mal placé ?

    9. @s.r

      "Entêtement ou orgueil mal placé ?"

      hum... no. i'd bet on boredom and vulgarity. i'm sure she understands french totally, but she likes to pretend otherwise to instill some excitement in her life. and vulgarity is what makes it come out dirty.

  15. La Presse: Accommodements: une plainte en trois ans dans les hôpitaux

    "Le CHUM n'a pas voulu donner davantage de détails sur cette unique plainte. Mais la porte-parole Isabelle Lavigne assure que ce cas reflète bien la réalité du terrain, c'est-à-dire qu'il n'y a pas de tension liée aux accommodements au sein de leurs établissements et que cette plainte demeure un cas isolé. Il a d'ailleurs fallu un débat sur la Charte des valeurs du gouvernement pour que l'hôpital se plonge dans ces dossiers et découvre cette plainte."

    McGill received no complaint.

    There you have it folk. The Marois Government has no clue what the real problem in Quebec is. The lack of health care facilities and family doctor.

    1. Liam, you can expect this crisis to only get worse before it gets better...IF it gets better! There is a plenitude of doctors who left (a lot of doctors, of course, who are not THEM) who would like to come back to do family medicine, but of course the priority is to get jobs for THEM, not bring back Jewish and Anglo doctors. Hmmph...


  17. Always nice to see someone stepping up for Anglo rights! Way to go Murray Levine

    1. Murray Levine and Norman Simon work very hard for the movements against the bigotry and discrimination that go on in quebec. They both deserve a shitload of thanks from all of us! I'm totally with you on the above YEA!

    2. @john johnson

      he protests against unilingual french posters in his favourite francophone quebec mall. the only bit he's missing is it's not forbidden to post in english, of course in that case a translation must be visible too. so what is he asking for exactly?

  18. I think it is not a good sign for the PQ government if Gilles Duceppe - someone they are still paying for - says that the Charter affirming the values of State secularism and religious neutrality and the equality between women and men, and providing a framework for accommodation requests is too restrictive.

    1. so do you agree with cunning gilles duceppe mate?

  19. FROM ED
    I put up a post pointing that several members here assailed the EDITOR for being unable to stop the trolls from posting.
    I pointed out that the one man could not do the job becaujse of members refusal to cooperate. You have all ignored the opportunity to admit the truth that it is not his fault.
    Mr.Sauga, yu say you tried to stop people talking to trolls. If that's so , you know the immposibility of getting some to cooperate but you still threw it in EDITOR'S face that he should have done so.
    Sylvaine, you are one of the worst for arguing with the trolls. You cause what the EDITOR is taking the blame for.
    Troy, next time you ponit your finger aim at Sylvain or Anectote or anyone who promotes the trolls. I notice you have said nothing more to the EDITOR. If you want a blog with posters like Apparatchik, Jarry Street and .our New Brunwick friends we need to get to where we were before selfish posters brought in the trolls. Give them a decent forum to come back to. Ed

    1. right on ed. blame on sauga, sylvain raciste, troy and anectote. shame on them.

    2. @Ed

      I haven't posted in days and ordinarily I don't read your never-ending posts which go on forever, don't make a point and are full of misinformation, I scroll past them. But having returned after being away, I notice that you have mentioned me one-too-many times playing the blame game, and I take issue with this, especially since it is unwarranted. I have had just about enough with you constantly whining and complaining about people talking to the trolls when your every second phrase is about the trolls. You keep referring to them and bringing them up. You are forever reminding people to ignore them but don't you realize that every time you talk ABOUT them you are acknowledge them, and thus you are no better than those who toy and shit on them. At least some of us f...crush them, you give them gratuitous air time without so much as a kick in the ass which would be well-deserved. So how about pointing the finger squarely at yourself for starters, rather than everyone else, for giving these assholes exposure and attention for free.

      More importantly, last time I checked the blog didn't belong to you and it doesn't. It belongs to Editor and he graciously allows commentary, so if you feel disappointed by it, allow me to direct you to the door. Go find some other place to vent. It wouldn't surprise me if with all the constant complaining about the blog, Editor doesn't just shut down the comments section all-together which is exactly what the SOB trolls want. They cannot stand that we call them out on their bullshit and they hate it when we tell the Truth and reveal them for the pure and unadulterated Frauds they are. It bugs them to no end this blog exists and that Editor exhibits the duplicitous politics and schemes that get played out in this province. Mostly, they hate to look bad and hate it when la belle province is shamelessly embarrassed, especially since they are desperately vying to become a country and to be taken seriously internationally. A blog like this sabotages their best laid plans. Why else would they hang around night and day attempting to diss it at every turn. How are they ever to accomplish becoming a "nation" with the thorn in their thigh that is ...this blog.

      Now..A word to the Wise: stop deflecting responsibility for the deterioration of the blog or how the blog doesn't "live up" to your standards suddenly, implying it is suddenly beneath you and you're all too good to post.... specifically those of you who claim to have left and are boycotting the blog but who still keep hanging around ...get over yourselves and get over your petty arrogance. If you have something to contribute, pick up the keyboard and post, reclaim the blog. If you don't, the trolls will, it is your choice, but stop blaming everyone else. Depriving the blog of your posts only makes more space for the trolls to post. I don't know how else to say this*t or get off the pot.

      Indifference is the first sign you've given up.

    3. FROM ED

      Anectote, what a two faced little bitch you are. You have joined the circle jerk club. "Let.s play with the trolls because they have nothing that ,makes sense and it's easy to make them look foolish."
      I won't bother to repute your bullshit, it's just so typicaally you I believe you mean it.
      I will always call wrong doing wrong. You can shove your bullshit up your arse tjhere is room for it since you're a complete artseholr. Ed

  20. My utmost respect to the government of Cote St-Luc to officially show its defiance against the separatist government and its proposed Charter affirming the values of State secularism and religious neutrality and the equality between women and men, and providing a framework for accommodation requests.

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