Monday, October 21, 2013

Thirty-Seven Years of Mediocrity

Back in the day, when my older brother had his bicycle stolen, two Montreal police detectives showed up on our doorstep to see if they could help, bearing a box of French fries to help placate our sadness and incidentally speaking very passable English.

Could it happen today?
I imagine if you call the Montreal police about your car being stolen from your driveway, they'd tell you to call your insurance company, as they couldn't be bothered with such trivial matters, perhaps too busy militating for a three day work week, instead of doing their job. Link

In almost all respects, life has gotten better and easier, largely because of technology, but looking back over the years, I sadly conclude that Quebec society has actually regressed to the point of being pathetic.

A few days ago we were treated to a news conference of concerned south shore mayors and chambers of commerce big shots complaining that the promised toll on the proposed replacement to the Champlain bridge would represent an unbearable hardship to commuters. Link
These whingers warned of the disastrous effect where drivers will shun the toll bridge in favour of the free Victoria and  Jacques Cartier bridges, supposedly causing massive traffic jams.
The toll on the Olivier-Charbonneau Bridge connecting Montreal to Laval is about $2, so the question remains....would you drive five kilometres out of your way and into a traffic jam to save two dollars?
Just a few days earlier, I drove into New York city via the magnificent George Washington Bridge and paid a toll of $13.....Yup, $13.

Come to think of it, the George Washington Bridge took only four years to build back in 1927, while the new Champlain bridge replacement is scheduled to take 10 years to complete!
Is that not pathetic?

Victoria Bridge...4 years to build, 153 years ago. Still standing..
I'll remind readers that Montreal's Victoria Bridge, spanning the St. Lawrence River was built over 153 years ago and is still doing yeoman's duty.  Built before the invention of steel, the wrought iron bridge was built in just five years, using innovative and cutting edge techniques, all without the use of power tools or computers! Link

Are we actually unable to compete with 150 year old technology?

A while back I posted a video of a 30 story hotel in China being built in just thirty days.
It's an attitude called 'can do,' something we had, but lost over the years, the ability to rise to the occasion and get things done through hard work and true grit.
Think of it, a skyscraper in thirty days. Here we couldn't do it in thirty months! Link

I don't want to get into stories of the good old days, but permit me a few observations.
When I was a kid, doctors made house calls and it didn't take 21 hours to be seen in an emergency room.
In modern Quebec people are literally dying, while waiting to be seen by doctors. Link{fr}
While Quebec has more doctors per capita than almost all the other provinces, 25% of us cannot find a family doctor, while the rate in the rest of Canada is about half that.
Why is this?

Respect has gone down the drain.
Cops walked a beat and kept the neighbourhood clean, or at least cleaner than today. They wore the uniform proudly and people looked up to them.
The picture of this Laval patrol car parked in handicapped spot is indicative of attitudes today, the pride and respect, all but gone.

Corruption has always existed in Quebec, but never on a level seen today, where the sophistication and scope of the graft boggles the mind.
Our  infrastructure is literally collapsing, overpasses falling down and cement flying off bridges on a weekly basis, built with inferior cement and shoddy workmanship, but at an astronomical cost. 

It is no coincidence that our almost forty years of mediocrity and 200 billion dollars plus of debt that we have racked up over that period, coincides exactly with the rise of nationalism and the promotion of the sovereignty movement.
So consumed has the province become with language, culture and sovereignty issues, that we've completely taken our eye off the ball, engaged in nonsensical debates while our society crumbles, as companies, citizens and  international investers flee to greener pastures.

On Friday I spent altogether too much time watching the French news channels starting with Mario Dumont's French language talk-show where the subject du jour wasn't waiting times in the ER, our massive debt, exorbitant taxes, or the lack of productivity, or come to think of it, any of the real issues that affect us.
Nope, what obsesses Quebecers today is but another red herring, the idiotic Charter of the Pathetic.

And so viewers were treated to an oral screed by some Francophone zartiste, a nobody that not one English person in the world would recognize, who was dishing it out to Muslim women, not only supporting the Charter, but intimating that nobody be allowed to wear a Hijab in public at all, because it offended her sense of citizenship.
According to her, the Muslims, left to their own design, will ruin Quebec, but alas readers, that ship has sailed, Quebec is already ruined and not by the Muslims, but by us.

Later on in the broadcast, a bit of good news, as Prime Minister Harper announced a free-trade deal with Europe, one that even Quebec supports, if you can believe it.
But I was confused, after all, why on Earth would spoil-sport Quebec support anything proposed by Ottawa?
All became clear a little later as our illustrious finance minister, Nicolas Marceau, proudly explained that Canada would compensate Quebec for any losses, like the cheese producers, who simply can't compete with French producers.

For God's sake, can you believe we can't compete with the French!

A local cheese producer who was interviewed on the news channel, admitted that it isn't only a question of price, but also the fact that Quebec can't compete on a quality level as well.
Of course we all understand that Quebec protects dairy farmers by artificially inflating the cost of milk through  'supply management,' a quaint euphemism for price-fixing.

While the rest of Canada is moving away of these anachronisms, (the Wheat Board cartel was stripped of exclusivity back in 2012,) Quebec is forging ahead with more price-fixing, now proposing  to control the price on newly issued French books, in order to support the authors and small bookstores.
Who believes that this measure will sell more books?
And so in Quebec, it isn't only at McDonalds where the Monopoly game is played!

In reaction to the falling gate receipts for Quebec made movies, the government is studying a new tax on theatre tickets and perhaps a levy on Netflix. Why not?
Think that's gonna increase ticket sales?
When interviewed about the proposed tax, one of the owners of the Guzzo theatre chain, (I can't remember which)  told a television interviewer that the real trouble is that the movies produced in Quebec, generally stink.


Still later in the day, I caught a press conference by Diane DeCourcy, another PQ stalwart, who was describing the new rules to be implemented by the OQLF. It seems that language police are installing new protocols so that in its never-ending battle to terrorize English citizens and their businesses, care will be taken not to embarrass Quebec in the international press, à la Pastagate.
In Quebec, this is what we mean by progress.

Then there was a newspaper story last week detailing how Hydro-Quebec is no longer competitive because successive governments (both Liberals and PQ)  forced the once mighty power producer to absorb overpriced electricity from ridiculous pork-barrel wind-generating projects, this while we've got rivers up the whazzo, just waiting to be dammed. Link{fr}
The pride and joy of Quebec Inc. has been reduced to a laughingstock, where in the face of declining demand and collapsing prices for electricity, it is mothballing existing power plants with one hand, and accepting new wind farms with the other, which are producing electricity at a rate almost three times the price of the mothballed plants, worthy of a Monty Python skit!

Our government has become so bloated and incompetent that it cannot effectively provide services at any meaningful level or within any reasonable time frame. Every new proposal is bogged down in endless studies by bureaucrats who are reminiscent of the dysfunctional employees of Fawlty Towers.

I'm reminded of the famous Seinfeld episode where the ever bumbling and unsuccessful George Costanza decides to act exactly opposite of what he usually does because he hasn't been successful following his instincts.
"If every instinct that you have is wrong, then the opposite would have to be right!"

Perhaps our government should follow the same concept and lower taxes on books and movie tickets!
Instead of raising subsidies to video game companies, perhaps the government should consider  lowering royalties paid by mining companies. Jobs in the resource industry are high-paying and permanent, after all, production can't move offshore.
While our idiot Natural Resource Minister is creating a new higher royalty scheme, companies are pulling out of Quebec at an alarming rate.

I recently spoke with a manager of a ski hill in the Laurentiens who complained that the Quebec environment department nixed an expansion plan because it would intrude on a nesting ground of ducks.
I know how they'd handle the problem in China, it's called Peking Duck.

And so we are actually debating the environmental impact of oil drilling on Anticosti, an uninhabited island the size of Crete or the reversal of a pipeline, as if the direction in which the oil flows, East or West, is actually germane.
All manner of commissions, committees and study groups plow away, examining issues that in some cases actually become moot, like shale gas development, where the companies involved got tired of waiting for the government to issue permits and so packed up and left the province.
Projects take so long that sometimes they are obsolete before even completed. Take for example the project to computerize the health records , not exactly brain surgery.
"Auditor-General Renaud Lachance concluded that: “The initial parameters of the project, costs, scope and schedule, will not be respected. Given these changes, we consider that the project in its originally defined structure no longer exists and, in this sense, is a failure.”

Lachance asserted that the DSQ was budgeted in 2006 at $563 million and was to be in full operation by 2010. The program had the backing of Canada Health Infoway.

Now, the government is committed to spending $900 million more to computerize patient health records, bringing the cost beyond $1.4 billion when the DSQ becomes operational in 2016...
....Lachance would not venture a guess at the final cost of the DSQ.

What’s more, the strategy for the architecture of the system has changed. Instead of a new province-wide system for all regions and health providers, the strategy is to make use of regional solutions and to tie them all together." Link

Quebecers now work about two full weeks less per year than those in the ROC, so it's no wonder family income in Quebec is about $77k, while $92k in Canada.
Quebec has about 30% more people on welfare, 44% more people using food banks, 8% less people employed and a startling 46% less individuals owning a business.

As the province goes to Hell in an handbasket we remain obsessed with the Charter of the Values, like discussing what type of music the band should play during the sinking of the Titantic.
Unbelievably, it has become the most important political issue since the last referendum.

Why am I so glum?
Because the public doesn't seem to care.
Our economic collapse has been papered over with debt and subsidies from the ROC, so no politician in Quebec (save Regis Lebeaume) is willing to tell the truth about our famous Quebec model, which is actually a fiasco, reminiscent of the Bixi project, something we all wanted to succeed, but where reality dictates that the model doesn't work.

I actually hope the PQ will be re-elected in another minority government so that they can finally tank the whole province, because like an addict who has to hit rock bottom before seeking the remedy, until Quebecers come face to face with the reality of their own addiction to laziness and entitlement, we can never recover.

And it is coming sooner than later. The next budget, regardless of who presents it, will finally confirm that Quebec under its present circumstances can not operate in the black.

But by all means let us ignore all this and obsess over the Charter of the Pathetic.

Have I used the word 'pathetic' enough?


  1. Time to take the keys away from the ethno-nationalists and apply some sound management techniques to this place. The Separatists have been driving the debate here for 40 years (with the PLQ strung along in tow) and the rest of us have either moved away or sat passively on the sidelines hoping Ottawa would come in and save us if it gets too hairy. Time to change the rules of the game. I've been talking to fiends about the Montreal City State idea and everyone agrees it has merit. Quebec City's rule over Montreal has to come to an end. They don't speak our language, they don't understand us, they don't like us and they have no clue how to manage us. Of the four leading mayoral candidates, only one (Cote) has acknowledged the devastating job killing affect Bill 101 and provincial language legislation has had upon Montreal. If Montreal is going to have a fighting chance in this new globalized economy, it has to step out from behind the shadows of Quebec City. It has to become a language law free zone where citizens from all over can come and do business and thrive. Applying the same laws to Montreal as Matane will yield the same shitty results. The ROC has been complicit in whats going on here by trying their hardest to buy Quebec's love with overly generous transfer payments. Will Harper have to balls to cut the Transfer Payment umbilical cord to Quebec? We'll see. All it has done is it has enabled Quebec to become a bloated, corrupt quasi independent state chock full of White Collar government jobs that don't really add wealth or spurn growth. Case in point, last week's press release from the OQLF that the Editor brought up about their new methods to restrict the other official language of this country. Any sane person would bar such an organization from even setting up shop in their town yet we tolerate it to appease the sleeping Separatist dragon within Quebec society. Enough is enough. Montreal needs to start calling the shots or it will stay stunted and be nothing more than another branch office city that pushes talent away.

    1. Thank you for re-iterating what many here keep saying. Kudos!

  2. Quebec encourages all people not thinking like them to leave the province.

    That way Quebec just becomes an echo chamber of dysfunctional ideas.

    Basically it's the "inmates running the asylum" because all the guards got tired of dealing with the craziness.

    In Quebec it's the educated, production, employable that move out.

    Quebec has turned itself into a ghetto on purpose.

  3. Editor,

    Please respond. Have you abandoned your own rules regarding trolling and childish comments you yourself posted several weeks ago?

    1. @Editor

      I agree with Troy.

      Just a few posts ago, you laid down the law and now the law seems to have evaporated.

      I might not interact with the trolls, however that doesn't mean I don't find them irritating and out of place.

      We understand that this blog is not your life, however I have seen you zap a few select comments, while leaving up comments like the one by S.R.

      You've stated in the past that you won't ban anyone, however, what if you conducted a week-long campaign where you deleted every single comment made by the resident trolls to put out a message.

    2. The Editor doesn’t care. He has repeatedly insulted his more interesting contributors by making up so-called rules that he never had any intention of ever enforcing. Hence, they have all left in droves, which is why you are now left with the same handful of repetitive extremists. Yawn. If you two had any sense, you would leave too.

    3. Of course he cares - he just has a life.

      However, I'd love to see a two day period where every single post by the likes of Student and S.R get zapped.

      Doesn't matter if it's the racist one-liners or legitimate arguments.

      So how about it Editor?

      Just for two days - zap anything they publish and we get a break? I'm working at my computer and would be happy to assist if you wished that much.

    4. What would be the point of deleting legitimate arguments? They're only trolls because of the bigoted, lazy or nonsensical things they post, if these were consistently removed they'd see that only legitimate, well thought out arguments get through and would shift to these if they want to actually appear, which is really the only reason they post, to get attention.

    5. I find it amazing how so many of you are willing to let people do whatever they want in real life in the name of religion, but someone posting on the internet is unacceptable and everyone here freaks out.
      Priorities in the wrong place perhaps?

      Would you guys prefer if this site was one big circle jerk like where everyone agrees and anyone else is censored? That's what the separatists do, it's not what we do, because we know their arguments are generally worthless.

    6. Quebecker of Tree Stump,

      I welcome all and every opinion and willing and ready to discuss them, providing that the discussion is honest, proper and logic. Why should this blog, which I believe is established with good faith, be ruined by non-sensical, childish comments?

    7. @Quebecker

      While I can understand why you see this as turning into a circle jerk, I disagree.

      If the trolls (and all seps) were outright zapped from this blog, the comments section could be used to:

      1. Share ideas on how to enact positive action.

      2. Help organize - don't forget that a few protests were organized through the comments here and even the Equality Party got it's start here.

      3. Online rallying - thanks to reader participation here, we've managed to pump traffic to online petitions and Facebook support groups.

      4. Covering what other readers may have missed - just as that stupid brat student l'Obstineuse or whatever her name is used the help of her little friends to compile this site: - Readers here could help compile the same against the separatist movement in time for the next election.

      Hope that helps.

    8. @Quebecker

      I'd also like to point out that I see nothing wrong with giving the seps who litter this blog the same medicine they give us.

      You mentioned - total echo chamber because they refuse to hear anyone else.

      Or how about a party that was founded a few years ago called Affiliation Quebec? Their main line was to fight for Anglo rights - nothing controversial. It's not like they were calling for the abolition of French or anything like that. But that didn't stop Les Jeunes Patriotes from showing up at all their meetings to protest the existence of the party.

      So then, why should we accord them any kind of freedom or respect on this blog?

      They treat us like fucking garbage, try to strip us of our essential human rights and we're supposed to be cordial and invite them to come here?

    9. "The Editor doesn’t care. He has repeatedly insulted his more interesting contributors by making up so-called rules that he never had any intention of ever enforcing. Hence, they have all left in droves, which is why you are now left with the same handful of repetitive extremists. Yawn. If you two had any sense, you would leave too."

      Well that's a troll-worthy comment if I ever heard one, ( or read one). Seriously, who died and left you in charge of deeming who the "interesting contributors" are and who aren't? From what I can tell you're one of the ones who claims to have left but obviously still sticks around reading everything that's posted since how else could you be so apprised of what's going on and comment?

      To be fair, I'm the only one who ever mentions those contributors who once posted, and no longer do. No one else ever does, so you're a legend in your own mind. Actually, the only one I still really miss is Chik, and I honestly doubt he/ she would make such a classless declaration like the one you just did.

      My advise to you is stop pouting, it is unbecoming of red maple. Stop being so petty and post already, you spite no one but yourself and The Cause. What we're all trying to do here, is the only thing that should matter. Can your overly inflated ego grasp that?

      Now post already, and please post something worthy of YOU...I dare you!,, lol

    10. "Would you guys prefer if this site was one big circle jerk like where everyone agrees and anyone else is censored? That's what the separatists do, it's not what we do, because we know their arguments are generally worthless." - Quebecker of Tree Stump

      Blogs are private property and freedom of speech can be curtailed based on the owners wishes. I do however agree with you. Silencing detractors reeks of poorly thought-out arguments and flawed logic. Which is exactly what is.

      "Hence, they have all left in droves, which is why you are now left with the same handful of repetitive extremists." -You can't be serious

      I'd like to challenge the above. Unless those people said explicitly it was because of S.R. and student being allowed to post unabated, I have a second reason the comments section might not be as vibrant as before. I suspect it has more to do with the "charte" being the only topic since, what, august? How many times can you re-iterate your point over and over and over. Most of us are in favor of individual liberties under the law. Two posters are not, and no matter how many times they get refuted they keep coming back for more. Arguing this with them is like banging your head against the wall. Sooner or later you're going to want a break.

    11. Finallyyyyyyy, the voice of reason!,,, Thank you MM, you are a breath of fresh air!

      Can we talk about how we... FIX THE DAMN ROADS?!?

    12. "If the trolls (and all seps) were outright zapped from this blog, the comments section could be used to:"

      I saw a documentary last weekend about the internet, about how the internet has become a medium of ideological warfare since the mainstream media is basically state propaganda which won't challenge the status quo. Because the web is (still, but not for long) a medium unregulated by governments, governments go to plan B in trying to disrupt "unfriendly" sites: they pay people to go online to disrupt discussion, divert attention, insult, inflame, instigate.

      This made me think about some people who contribute here.

    13. Interesting adski - may I ask where you saw this documentary? I would be interested in seeing it as well. Thank you. Maybe I can get a new job while in retirement? lol - get paid to go on, IF, etc. Would be fun. Guess I have no provincial government I can go to to apply for that job!

  4. On an unrelated note, does anyone here know the recipe to this restaurant's spaghetti sauce?:

    I'm not really good at deducing recipes by taste.

  5. "Quebecers now work about two full weeks less per year than those in the ROC, so it's no wonder family income in Quebec is about $77k, while $92k in Canada.
    Quebec has about 30% more people on welfare, 44% more people using food banks, 8% less people employed and a startling 46% less individuals owning a business."

    How can this be explained? Is it the fault of Quebec's own policies? It would be interesting to see how the spin doctors on this blog will blame Ottawa for all of these stats. Or perhaps they will just ignore the facts once again and simply nitpick on the comments posted.

  6. Here is a radio interview with Vincent Guzzo (in French) regarding the proposed tax and the ridiculous subsidies received by the Quebec Zartists to make movies that nobody wants to see and that lose money.

  7. Montreal is lagging behind other cities

    Headline in the Gazette online today. can we blame Ottawa? 'Cause it`s certainly not our fault, we are perfect and do everything right.

    1. Laurie,

      You are just being anti-Quebec using "economically destructive" terms like "lagging behind".

      The only measure of a society to anglo's and immigrants use is economic.

      Stop your Quebec bashing. How about social prosperity we are trying to achieve? Quebec certainly is leading in that category?

      Quebec is leading in all kinds of new invented and irrelevant area's.

      That's Quecec forte. Pauline could convince seppies they don;t actually need to eat food to live, shale gas causes global warming, and Canada is going to invade.

      They are that ignorant and looking for guidance.

      Anyway it's good to see people recognizing that Quebec needs to be treated like the addict it is. We need to hep it get to the bottom. Another minority PQ govt won;t get us separation but it will get us closer to bankruptcy faster.

      That's really the best outcome. If we have bankruptcy then the seppies don;t have room to maneuver for separation.

      In the meantime the socialist experiment is dead and Quebec can be reborn with 10% of the language and cultural hangups as now.

    2. Laurie, blaming Ottawa is a seperatist pasttime, since they don't have any solution. Why don't they try to fix the problem by encouraging jobs and prosperity. Because les "Quebecois Francophone" don't want to work. I bring up my neighbour. He worked for a company based in Gatineau, that moved to Ottawa because of increase taxes. The company offered him a job at the new offices. But working in Ottawa would require travelling in Ontario! You see that was too hard, so he stays at home collecting cash from the government. And one day, he told me that he was calling Office Langue franchise when business weren't serving him in french. I was angry, how could this unemployed guy, make life miserable for business, real hardworking business. That is the reality of la "Societe du Quebec" taking from the government.

    3. @cebeuq

      Careful there - I think we can all remember what happened the last time we raised the idea that socialism is a bum deal and that people should take ownership or their lives. ;-)

    4. We all see through them, it is so clear. It`s just a shame that they can`t see it for themselves.

    5. I don't believe anyone on this blog was actually ever advocating socialism, but it is always so much easier and satisfying to strike down a strawman argument than the one actually being made.

  8. This is why I encourage people to vote CAQ or QS.
    It's got nothing to do with whether you personally support Francois Legault or Amir Khadir not. It's got everything to do with burying the PQ and putting an end to this horrible, dead-horse debate that has stifled our home for 50 years.

    The PQ are a dead end. They have had multiple chances to convince Quebecers and have not managed to do it, but like a lingering cough they just will not leave.

    The only way is to knock them out of a position of power.
    There are many francophones who look at the Liberals with just as much bad blood, but the Liberals have the strong support of anglos and allos that will not go away for decades, if ever.

    So, if you live off-island and want to eliminate the PQ's vote CAQ.
    If you're in a riding that currently swings PQ, hold your nose and vote QS.

    If you feel guilty about it, give the Libs a cash donation and get a tax refund.


    1. Right on, Kevin. Vote strategically. My riding is a strong Liberal seat, so this doesn't affect me. On the other hand, I keep telling my federalist friend in a off island separatist leaning seat to vote for the QS to divide the vote.

    2. Right on guys - keep them from getting a majority any way you can! They are going to be riling up their troops for the next month - we can see all this coming now that Harper has stepped into the fray so, like Liam, I'm in a Liberal area (thank God) but if in doubt, support the liberals by buying a membership card and vote for one of the other crazy separatist parties to split the vote. One has to wonder when Couillard will start a membership drive - hopefully after this weekend and Johnson helps him get his act together.

    3. "Johnson helps"

      Moi qui croyait qu'il était mort..hmm.En passant Couillon s'est rangé du côté des Seppies face à Harper dans la dossier de la loi 99 :)

    4. FROM ED
      kevin, A vote for anyone but the Liberals is a vote for the PQ. Be careful when you talk about voting strategically. most people don't have any idea what that means. People are confused enough, don't make it worse. Ed

    5. Convincing a federalist to vote for QS isn't really effective unless QS is real close to the PQ in the riding, and to know that you'd have to rely on polls and we all know hoe reliable those are. I think strategic voting is a real gamble, there's is no sure payoff, and it might backfire if there is a strong showing for the party that you actually want to vote for. Now if you can convince PQ voters to vote QS all the power to you :P.

  9. Ottawa citizen: Values charter deals with a problem that doesn’t exist

    “Holocaust survivors are wondering whether society is becoming more closed, whether one’s values are being judged by how one practises one’s faith,” said MHMC director Alice Herscovitch.

    You bet so, Mr. Herscovitch. Those racist would impose the final solution if it would help them achieve " La Republique socialist de Quebec".

  10. FROM ED
    Re trolls. We know they are the enemy . Perhaps the answer is to zap the comments of the quislings who answer them.
    As I sit here at my computer this morningI watch my neighbours passsing the window. Interestingly, the first seven were all smoking, all French on welfare. The opposite side of my street is all Cite Montreal Projet. All separatist on welfare with low rent. When a crowd of women gather on a staircase, the clouds of smoke rising could axphixiate a 747 passing overhead.
    The next two muslim people don't smoke. and the Chinese family that speaks only English ( they've got money) do not smoke. My next door separatist neighbour who is a really nice guy would do anything for me coughs on the smoke he sucks in all day long. Finally, the fifteen yerar old who lives opposite me came out lit a cigarette (mother won't let him smoke in the house) and went off to high school.He's been smoking for a year. Lastly the young English couple near me do not smoke and went off to their jobs. (a job is a place here Eng;ish people go to pay taxes that allow Francophones to live free and be able to afford cigarettes.
    At the rate we're going the uneducated French will die of cancer and our old age pensions will have to pay the medical bills.
    Editor, I am actually delighted with the post this morning and even more deligyhted that you wrote it. I'll have more to say after brunch. Ed

  11. Nous prévoyons une majorité pour le Parti Québécois aux prochaines élections...Je vais fumer une cigarette à votre santé Eddy :)

    1. Tu dois fumer plus que des cigarettes si tu prévois une majorité pour le PQ aux prochaines élections :P

  12. For the info of those of you that were thinking of voting for Cote:
    Do these people not know when to shut their mouths? Boggles the mind.

    1. Yes, and I was going to stick by Côté and give him my vote. This just blew it.

      This is how much Montreal is "Anglicizing":

      Compare 1957 Montreal with today and it is obvious that Montreal has a much more French face today. But the truth doesn`t get people riled up, so pandering to the ignorant is the way to go.

    2. It's almost shocking to see English signs on the outside of buildings in Montreal. The oqlf really sterilized the English language out of our city. Most of it isn't even unilingual, it's friggin mixed. For that 'atrocity' we had to compromise our freedom of speech..

      Thanks for sharing the link I bookmarked it.

    3. The truth is it is never enough for them. They will push and push and say their language is threatened, which I, as an English speaking person born in Quebec, cannot understand. We were surrounded by French neighbours, had just a few students in our classroom compared to the larger French schools. And since when do provinces 'outlaw' people of other languages. I know of no such law here in Ontario, and I doubt the rest of the provinces have one. Culture diversity is actually one of the treats we have as Canadians. We can boast having a little China, or Italy in our city here in Ottawa. I personally think it makes our country richer and more interesting.

    4. God I so wish we were a part of Ottawa here in Gatineau - our economy would explode, everyone would have jobs, bilingualism would not be a bad word, we could share in all the prosperity of Ottawa instead of this sinkhole in quebec, our real estate market would thrive and grow and so many other things. If dreams came true!

    5. Here's another example of how the English language has been virtually wiped out from the face of Montreal by the French language fanatics (set to the music of Bowser and Blue).

    6. This version of the video is a bit clearer....

  13. FROM ED
    These fucking links do more harm than good. They are usually written by someone with an axe to grind and posting them without investigating is wrong. Cote reprents a Federalist family that ruled more in English than in French. Claude Ryan as Premier of Quebec stood for English rights. Yves Ryan as mayor of Montreal North for 38 years kept the region bilingual. Cote himself speaks prfect English and as much english as French. he believs in the English people.
    Louie harel is sounding off on her own and is not speaking for Cote or the party. This link could desytroy Montreals chance for
    a biingual city. Coderre will do no more than he did in Ottawa. he does not have the people that Cote has. Ed

    1. @ED

      What the hell's your problem?

      Are you done telling other people on this blog how to live?

      My God, you pontificate as much as the PQ does.

    2. While Cote may not support the opinions that Harel is spewing the problem of who has the actual power in the party. Cote stepped in to replace Harel because she believed (rightly so) that no anglo in their right mind would vote for her. The problem arises if the party is voted into power, who will the elected officials be loyal to? Harel was the leader for a long time and could still be pulling the strings of some of the officials, Cote could find himself in a position of being out voted by his own party over something like this. All conjecture of course, but I mean who gets into bed with Harel?

    3. Ed - for Christ's sake - he replaced her as leader and yet she's still leading! Looks like a change for votes only or she would shut her mouth. Just because his family was federalist does not mean that he is and to even suggest that links where people can read what's going on in the politics of quebec is somehow harmful is ridiculous. There are none so blind as those who will not see!

    4. I like Côté and was willing to give him a pass regarding Harel. Now I have doubts and I totally agree with thatguy, she is very likely still pulling the strings, why else would she open her big mouth like that? You know politicians, she probably just got jealous of seeing Côté in the media all the time and wanted to get her two cents in.

      And by the way Ed, I heard of Harel`s plans on the news before Cutie posted the link.

    5. Even though they are associated, Côté is the only one who strikes me as really being sincere about doing something concrete for this city, devoid of hidden and personal agendas. I like him and I think he will be really good for Montreal City-State.

    6. Cote did well in the debate tonight, I just really wish he wasn't tied to Harel in anyway; Joly did well as well; Coderre was fine, I'd say the loser of the night was Bergeron. Did anyone else catch it?

    7. Cote responds to Harel after the debate:

      Marcel Cote says, despite what Louise Harel might think, there will be NO Montreal language police. #cbcmtl

    8. That should win him back a few votes because people were dropping off like flies - FB was buzzing about it today. He seems to be liked except for her.

    9. I don't care who he's tied to, Côté is the Real Deal! I think he will do amazing things for Mtl

  14. FROM ED
    Claude Ryan was not premier of Quebec. He was opposition leader for the Liberals. He opposed Rene Levesque for two terms and lost by 3%. He won the 1980 referendum with a backing of 64% against Levesque's PQ.
    Trudeau hated Ryan because he sent Chretien to lead the referendum battle but all he did was get involved with a handful of Quebec cronies while the people knew Ryan was their leader. Ed

  15. Élections: Couillard prévoit une lutte entre le PLQ et le PQ

    Non...C'est vrai?...Quel génie

    1. I know reading isn't your forte, in either language, but the point of the story (if you could make it past the title) is that he doesn't think the next election will be a three party race, as the CAQ will be less of a threat therefore it will be mostly a fight between the PQ and PLQ.

    2. thatguy,

      Explaining reading comprehension to S.R is like explaining Bernoulli's Principle to my 2-year old nephew.

    3. bernoulli's principle for kids's+principle+for+kids&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=KXhlUpjIHNip4APW64HIBQ&ved=0CDcQsAQ&biw=1920&bih=961

    4. On the upside we know SR hasn't bred if he thinks a 2-year old can learn what it is even with simple diagrams, I mean it might help him as there isn't much to read on them, but not a 2-year old.

    5. Les seuls idiots sont ceux qui croyaient que la CAQ était toujours dans la course.

    6. ...So you mock Couillard for saying the CAQ is not in the race, then say the only idiots are those that think the CAQ is still in the race. Do you think through what you say at all before you write it, or do you just say the most incompetent hypocritical thing that comes to mind so long as it's contrarian? Either way it's always worth a laugh, absurdist comedy at it's best.

    7. Vérité de la palice...Ça vous dit quelque chose?

    8. Considering stating that the CAQ is not in the running is a political prediction and not a truism (standing at 18% of the vote), as much of what you write SR, no it does not mean anything to me, as it doesn't make sense. Now a real example of a truism would be "Quebec would be a country, if most Quebecers actually wanted it to be", see this a truism because two referendums have already been held wherein the majority have voted against it, so why bother even talking about it?

  16. For the information of those that live in Cote Saint Luc:
    Cote Saint-Luc Residents: My name is Stewart Wiseman and I am running for City Councillor in District 1. I am a graduating McGill University student studying Environmental and Agricultural Science (B. Sc) and I have lived my whole life in Côte Saint-Luc. With my leadership experience, in depth knowledge of Cote Saint Luc and the needs of its residents, and strong desire to make positive changes that will benefit the entire community, I welcome the opportunity to represent the interests of the citizens of District One. I am strongly opposed to Pauline Marois's Quebec Charter of Values and will fight to keep CSL's bilingual status and stand up against threats to Anglophone rights. My youth, energy and initiative will be used to advocate for your interests and concerns, and I will always be a strong voice at council meetings. It is time for a change on City Council; the time for the future is now. I invite you to please take a look at my biography and platform at or at

    Sounds like someone you all (except SR and student of course) may be interested in supporting.

  17. Hey Cutie, negative news for us in Gatineau

    "Gatineau ranks 87th with an overall score of 49.4%. Weak policies of the municipal government as taxation and regulation for businesses is particularly criticized."

    I have said it time and again. I can't support Mayor Marc Bureau during the next municipal election.

    Meanwhile, Ottawa "made a giant leap in the rankings, moving from 72nd place in 2012 to 42nd this year, with an overall score of 55.7%."

    1. Boy do we need more bad news? I'm up to here with it myself. Thanks Liam.

  18. ‘‘Thirty-Seven Years of Mediocrity’’

    And just imagine how bad it would really be if the rest of the country wasn’t forced to send billions upon billions into the province yearly through the equalization scam, the grants scam, the hydro scam, the dairy scam…and all the other scams going on in Ottawa that came from Quebec and all the scum bags who ran Ottawa for all those years from Quebec…you know the corrupt scum bags - Trudeau, Chretien, Mulroney…? Just imagine how bad off Quebec would be without all this funnelling of our money into the racist province of Quebec…

    The truth will never come out…sadly…its almost impossible to follow the money trail in government…its beyond corrupt, in Quebec, Ottawa…all across the land.

  19. I have a question for all users here (except separatists).

    1. How many of you here would like to see Quebec booted (in its entirety) from the Federation?

    2. How many of you here would like to see Quebec booted (with the retention of Montreal) from the Federation?

    I'm asking because I used to be against the idea of separating Quebec but I now identify with the idea of rejecting Quebec from Canada. However, I would want to keep Montreal.

    Oh, one more question - what are some of the visions you have of a potential Montreal city-state?

    Would you anticipate a decline in French?

    Could the 514 flourish when it no longer has to support weaker parts of Quebec?

    Would investors return?

    Would poutine still taste good?

    And the killer question -- how many separatists do you believe would stay behind in this Canadian city-state?

    1. I pick number 2. French would not decline because we would gladly promote it, not force it on anyone. 514 would absolutely flourish without the ROQ and investors and family and friends would return to our once great city.

      Poutine? How dare you ask! It would taste even better.

      How many separatists would stay behind? I hope they would stay and open their minds and realize that we can all live together in harmony, in a prosperous society where everyone wins. (That sounds like a Miss American answer...and I hope for world peace, LOL).

    2. Hey there - don't forget that we have other areas that don't want to remain with quebec either. Not just Montreal that's had enough of this shit. Partition by federal district or even by municipality but in our area we are not interested in staying in a separate quebec either. Most people in our area are bilingual already and get along just fine. We have few radicals, thank God.

    3. "French would not decline because we would gladly promote it"

      Pourquoi ne pas commencer tout de suite ?

    4. Editor, could we please have a "cleansing" of S.R's crap?

      More and more one-liners and of course, nothing of value.

      Thank you.

      My take on a Montreal city-state:

      1. Everyone alive today is used to having Montreal as "the BIG city of Quebec" and yes, I believe a few separatists would stay behind. Those would include separatists who can't leave their jobs, or who have a massive amount of family living in Montreal.

      2. French would remain perfectly intact on the grounds that in its new role, Montreal would serve as a conduit between the two sides.

      3. Investment - I believe in some part that it will decline simply because of the reduced audience. Who knows.

      As for Cutie, well, Montreal wouldn't be able to budge without some form of consensus, so if it were to swing over to the Canadian side, I don't see how the Gatineau region can't vote it's way to becoming either it's own province or amalgamate with Ontario or become a part of Ottawa.

    5. @S.R

      What's pathetic is seeing some worthless honky asshole show up day-in, day-out on a blog where no one has any use for him. What kind of life are you living?

      Anyways, judging by your last comment, I think a nerve has been struck because you seem particularly hostile.

      Editor - the above comment is another insult against Anglos. Why are you taking such an arbitrary approach? Total bullshit.

    6. Hopefully you're right Coward - no interest at all in belonging to a racist, bankrupt, new country that will collapse on itself in about 5 years or less.

      By the way Editor - the contributors are correct - we have a number of separatists that keep trying to infiltrate the blog but offer nothing but irritation. At least Michel Patrice has some interesting and potential discussion items to offer when he posts. The other 3-4 are nothing but a pain in the ass at the best of times and insult you more than anything else. Perhaps we would regain some of our former contributors like RS if you stopped letting these pseudo intellectuals post here.

    7. "another insult against Anglos"

      Quand allez-vous compter les insultes envers les Québécois?

    8. "Quand allez-vous compter les insultes envers les Québécois?"

      At the rate the PQ and it's separacistes are going, I think the rate is 95 trangressions against Anglos and immigrants for every 5 against Quebeckers.

      I've never heard of a transit worker in Vancouver or Toronto refusing to serve someone for not speaking English, or even beating them up.

      I've also never heard of an ambulance worker in the ROC refusing to help a dying child over language issues.

      And once again, I've never heard of a hospital worker in the ROC snapping a cancer sufferer, just days away from death for not speaking in English.

      The list could keep going on and on... don't you ever fucking say something about insults towards Quebeckers again.

      Hard to believe that just yesterday you were laughing at that man dying of cancer and now you come here groveling on your hands and knees for our sympathies for a non-existent problem.

      Ultra pathetic.

    9. Lisez donc ceci...mon brave

      Les Anglo-Canadiens face au bilinguisme

    10. I love how the conclusion of that post is that the ROC only support bilingualism in theory not in practice because they don't do enough to support and protect French outside of Quebec. This is hilarious of course, because I don't think I remember the last time Quebec did anything to support or protect English in Quebec, yet the author seems to not be concerned about bringing up that little chestnut, apparently what is good for the goose, the gander can ignore. Another SR dud.

    11. Ottawa is bilingual but not Gatineau. Ottawa Transit is bilingual but STO isn't. Quebec has a law that stops business from operating in english. Do you imagine if Ontario stopped business from operating in French. The Separatist would be outraged. Bilingualism isn't a two way street for les Quebecois.

    12. Yep - a one way street for these bigots - it's their way or no way.

    13. Yes. It's way or Highway 401.

    14. > how many separatists do you believe would stay behind in this Canadian city-state?

      I guess all of them
      You can't find bigger hypocrites then separatists

    15. > Quand allez-vous compter les insultes envers les Québécois?

      Don't give reasons to insult you and no one will
      But, for last years, the only thing PQ does is insulting ROC
      What did you expect?

  20. After partition, let Quebec go, kick it out ASAP.

    Western Quebec, Ruperts land, Cree land and Montreal would be part of Canada...Quebec would leave with what it had in 1867 if not less. It will not leave with the whole province...blood will be shed if these bigots try and do so...

    Let it go, kick it out...the sooner the better before it destroys the whole country.

    Back to being an English speaking more more french BS...eeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  21. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTMonday, October 21, 2013 at 4:58:00 PM EDT

    People who remain in quebekistan are pathetic

    BTW Editor, that China building built in 30 days...... yeah. Fast forward 10 years and it will have collapsed by then. You are not the swiftest, sir.

    1. Victoria bridge built by immigrants takes few years and lasts hundreds as per the editor above.

      Champlain bridge French design, Quebec seppie built. Takes more time to build and can;t even last 50 years or it's design spec before it needs to be quickly replaced.

      This is the story of Quebec.

      Things built more recently last even less time. Overpasses in laval that cruble and kill people. Big O concrete that falls off etc.

      Soon Quebec will be making things that take 10 years to build but only last 5 before crumbling.

      Maybe then the seppies will understand the scope of their problem.

      Can always start a commission and conclude anglo canada is the cause as usual. It's worked before.

    2. FROM ED
      Quebec seppies did not build the Cahmplain bridge. It was built in 1960 by Dominion Engineering. The bridge was fine until Rene Levesque gave the power to the unins to get their votes. They topped the maintainence. Painters used to hang under the bridge, when they got to the end they started at the beginning again. The protection was essential to the bridge and so it deteriorated.
      The Jacques Cartier bridge is still strong becauseb the Federal Harbour board kept control of the maintainence.
      CVonstruction began in 1957 and three years later in 1960 Transport Minister Bryce Mackasey opened the unfinished (approaches has yet to be finished) bridge for automobiles. I was among the first to cross A good English Company staffed by mostly McGill graduates built it in three years. Ed.

    3. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORT just insulting everyone on the blog, in Quebec and the Editor.

  22. A senior veteran who is on his death bed in hopital de hull in gatineau told to speak french.
    Ctv ottawa
    Ottawa citizen

    1. You didn't link the articles. Anyway, this story is outrageous. If this would have happened in Ottawa say: Franco told to speak english at Ottawa Hospital, the francophone press would have been outraged. Total hypocrites. Bilingualism isn't a two way street for them.

    2. Liam, I can tell you for a fact that Francophones post the same comment as you, verbatim, on these kind of stories.

      Each 'side' believes the other is hypocritical when it concerns bilingualism. Believes me, it happens to Francophones outside Quebec, and the official bilingualism is usually viewed as something that is true in theory but ruffles anglo feathers whenever there is some kind of attempt to implement it in practice.

      You will also notice that most of the comments on the Journal de Montréal are condemning the actions of this hospital employee - specifically because we expect a certain level of bilingual services in francophone communities in the ROC.

      Perhaps you should not be so quick to call out the hypocrisy.

    3. @Yannick

      Perhaps you should return to your hovel on the grounds that you're little more than a political weather vane.

      I thought that guy from Frankfort was directionless, but you take the cake.

      I am evermore thankful for this blog each day for showing me why pointless movements like the sovereignist movement survive.

      It's not because of the faithful, but because of the marginals who give them credit for their actions.

      Way to go Yannick - way to puss out.

    4. Yannick,

      Care to provide a link, any link?

  23. LOI 99

    "C'est au Québec que les Québécois vont décider de leur avenir..."

    - Philippe Couillard

    1. And they keep deciding to stay a province within Canada ;). Seems like Quebec federalists aren't concerned about 50 + 1, since they can see the writing on the wall, the separatists will never even get that, let alone 60-70% of the vote.

  24. I don't know how many of you remember the 2007 election, but I remember the ADQ doing the same Mea Culpa, knowing well in advance that they're cooked:

    Goodbye Mr. Legault.

  25. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTMonday, October 21, 2013 at 6:08:00 PM EDT

    ""C'est au Québec que les Québécois vont décider de leur avenir...""

    C'est depuis les jours de Jean Lesage que les biens petits quebekistanais font face a ce defi. Decisions, decisions.....;)
    S.R. tu devrais devourer ton temps a dire aux autres chez toi de grossir des couilles.

    1. Je le fait tous les jours...

    2. Especially since he ain't got any lol

  26. Editor, just a thought... the spirit of democracy and following the very model the separatists insist on, may I propose a referendum on this blog that would see a majority "YES" vote leading to an outright ban on trolls?

    I understand you life is not tied to this blog, so in the event of a majority "YES" (which I don't believe would be hard to accomplish), you could select a couple of trusted members of this blog to assist you in eliminating the presence of separatists in the comments section.

    Anyways, it's just an idea.

    1. +10 - our own mini referendum just to keep in practice and this time run by the "good guys"!

    2. Do you agree that No Dogs or Anglophones should become separatist-free after having made a formal offer to those we define as trolls for a new discussion and debate platform within the scope of this website and it's posting rules, updated on September 15th 2013?


    3. FROM ED
      Anon Coward, the problem with trolls is that peopele answer them or speak out about what they say. just about everyone has got the message, DON'T ANSWER THEM..There's only one or two who still do it and complain about them as well. We had the same problem before the election. When Editor asked us to not answer them it worked. They stayed away. I think it would be easier to delete the posts of those who communicate with them. They would have no reason to be here. Ed

    4. Good point, Ed. I don't answer Separatist Radical, Unemployed Student, Mao, Troll Tremblay and Frankfurt Guy post any longer. Most of them are probably paid to post. Anyway, the editor has more to do then policing No Dogs.

    5. Quebecker of Tree Stump,

      The Editor of this blog has made public its proposal to clean up the blog as desired by the rest of posters, based on the Editor's post several weeks ago; this agreement would enable the readers to acquire their exclusive power to have intelligent, mature discussion — in other words, to debate — and at the same time to maintain the integrity and decorum of this blog; any change in the rules of this blog resulting from these negotiations will only be implemented with popular approval through another referendum; on these terms, do you give the Editor of No Dogs or Anglophones to clean up the blog to make a difference between serious audience and trolls?

    6. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, October 22, 2013 at 11:59:00 AM EDT

      "Most of them are probably paid to post."

      Liam you must be paranoid!!!!

  27. "I actually hope the PQ will be re-elected in another minority government so that they can finally tank the whole province, because like an addict who has to hit rock bottom before seeking the remedy, until Quebecers come face to face with the reality of their own addiction to laziness and entitlement, we can never recover."

    Editor, I'm actually more worried that the racism will get much, much worse. Watching Greece's economy tank was a terrible foreshadowing of what could happen here. Devastating austerity was put into place and the anger from it was vented towards minorities. Where an ethnocentric party gained traction at the national level.

    Pushing Quebec into an economic death spiral might get enough of what's left of the "no" side to leave. But it's going to hurt everyone who stays here. And no one reasonable wants a real FLQ style party to form and win some seats. The PQ much as I hate them are mostly rhetoric to win elections. Quashing the PQ now where the identity card is be played so aggressively would do a lot towards ending the reign of old guards in the PQ.

    1. EDITOR, EDITOR, EDITOR! I am truly impressed! MM above cut and paste what your wrote in the first paragraph above. I've been writing this all along. All that was missed was stating how Harper should make sure Quebec is cut out of the equalization program, mostly because Ontario can no longer can afford to support it.

      MM, should Quebec collapse, and that's about as inevitable as the sun rising tomorrow and tomorrow after that, and I have to stay white and die. 20-odd hour waits in emergency to see a doctor, police cars parking in handicap spots and ten years to build a bridge that no doubt will see endless delays, endless cost overruns and inferior building materials making it an oatmeal bridge in the end.

      You're right, MM, the racism will get worse because as the infrastructure falls apart, as the social programs and entitlements get whittled down due to too much demand and less available money, the frustration will increasingly create the demand for scapegoats, much like what happens whenever an economy crumbles and falls. Six million Jews died in Germany and the nations it conquered during WWII because the Treaty of Versailles outlining the reparations Germany was committed to pay for the WWI damage they caused was far greater than the country's GDP. The hyperinflation that ensued to pay the reparations kept the German people poor, discouraged and angry. Hitler riled up the anger and you know the result. In addition to six million Jews, well over thirty million other people were killed in WWII, and others sustained injuries and mental anguish for the rest of their lives.

      The "no" side should have left by the time I left. Two weeks from now marks my 29th anniversary leaving Quebec forever, and I don't regret it one bit. While I can count the number of people who left and returned to Montreal on one hand, the number who came down the 401 and stayed is much, much higher. My life partner and her two children left Quebec a few years ago, and not one of them has any yearnings whatsoever to return, even for visits.

      Once most "no" side people leave, that will be it--a one-way trip. Bring your professionals and entrepreneurs to Ontario. You're welcome and needed.

    2. Mr. is all well and good for you to tell people to leave...but will you give them money for their house, will you find them an equivalent job? Not everyone can actually leave unless they want to be a refugee losing their home, their job etc. It is not like jobs are a dime a dozen all over Canada. It depends on the type of work you do. It doesn't take 5 minutes to find a new job. I wish people in ROC would not be so smug about how "easy it is to leave". How about helping us fight instead of just telling us to lose our homes and lose our jobs.

    3. I'm with you - leaving is not all that simple for many of us! We could use the ROC's support in our fight to remain in our homes.

    4. " Devastating austerity was put into place and the anger from it was vented towards minorities."

      Austerity is the way the ruling classes pass the responsibility for their screw ups onto the rest of us. We are the ones who are supposed to tighten the belts, while the get bailed out.

      "But it's going to hurt everyone who stays here"

      It will not hurt everyone equally. It will hurt mostly those who benefited from the existence of Quebec Inc which is essentially an ethnic state that is serving the interests of one specific group.

      It is actually in the interests of the other groups in this province (the non-maitres) that a crisis hits, because it might bring about a certain amount of leveling and a long-needed cultural change amongst the "hosts", a kind of a wake up call, if you will.

    5. FROM ED
      Hello MM,
      I think you mean well but it's hard to know which side you're on. Are you for the separatists, the out of province like Mr.Sauga who likes to give advice but don't have to face the agony. .Do you even live here? Any way those who live out of Quebec have no say in this. Ignore them! .Are you one of those who can afford to pick up and go or are you a Quebecer who loves his homeland and wants to keep it free. Anonymous is right on. We're fighting for our homes and the future of our grandchildren, we don't need kibitzers who have nothing to lose and see us as entertainment.

    6. MM, you are right. After austerity, minorities are often blamed. When Premier Marois and Finance Minister Nicholas Marceau have to implement austerity measure, they will surely try to shift the blame to minorities. Say Premier hikes University fees, she may say, : "The Jews are taking all the money". This way the students will direct the anger toward the minorities not the government.

      Cutie and Anonymous, I understand your predicament. But ROC has other priorities. Mr. Harper doesn't care about the Anglo-Quebeckers.

    7. No Ed I'm not for the seps at all, but austerity is going to suck. Our taxes are going to stay where they are (or go up!) and we're going to lose services. As much as I dislike the PQ, it's mostly talk, they're positioning for an election. I don't think strong support for the bill will last. Austerity on the other hand will create some real frustration. Losing your job or having government services pulled is alot more tangible than "that headscarf offends me/or offends women" which is what the PQ is selling. And given the PQ's penchant for scrapping the bottom of the ideological barrel, what's going to happen when the crisis in the news is economic and lasts years.

      As for shaking people out of complacency with qc inc. adski, I think you're more optimistic about it than I am. I don't see a rejection of bill 101(parts or whole) or the OQLF coming from austerity or even socialism as it exists here, but a doubling down on them. Those same intellectual bottom feeders are going to show up and complain, why should we pay for Mcgill, Concordia, Dawson, Montreal General etc. They already do it to an extent, but there's no real traction to it. Austerity might provide an opportunity to do it.

      Ed, I'm an anglo Montrealer and proudly Canadian! Rather than leave I'm much more inclined to support Michel David.

    8. "what's going to happen when the crisis in the news is economic and lasts years'?' " that should have a question mark.

  28. More healthcare problem for Healthcare in Outaouais

    Still not enough doctor in the region. What is the solution, Minister Hebert? Passing anti-immigration law of course.

    1. Yeah they would rather give our tax money to IF, SJBS and language police than hire new doctors. From what I've read there are plenty of doctors looking for jobs so re-distribute the damn money and give it for the proper purposes. Too sensible for our quebec separatists.

    2. They've suspended the orderly but with pay - we'll see what comes of this. The union will be jumping all over this saying that he has a "right" to speak only french on the job! IF will back him up and make this headline news all over this area.

    3. Link:

    4. Her wish hasn't come true as yet:

    5. So the orderly gets a paid vacation? I bet he's crushed.

  29. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, October 22, 2013 at 12:04:00 PM EDT

    This pathetic blog is openly racist and intolerant of the quebecois people.
    Whenever I brought up racist posts by cutie003 and ED my posts are deleted by the Editor.
    I wonder what blogger will say about this blog that encourages hatred.

    1. More troll behaviour calling everyone racist.

    2. It says we have learned Quebec cultural values from our guards and torturers.

    3. Continued personal insults and nothing else.

    4. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORT is openly racist and intolerant of the quebecois people by repeatedly and insultingly referring to them as "les biens petits quebekistanais."

  30. Interesting comments under the article about the charter.

  31. Charte des valeurs: Drainville évoque des changements

    En chiffres

    47% Des participants appuient le projet de Charte.

    21% Des participants appuient le projet de Charte avec certaines modifications.

    16% Des participants ont dit rejeter catégoriquement le projet de Charte.

    Hmm ...

  32. Separatist Minister in Harper Cabinet must resign

    Minister Lebel was a separatist.

    1. Our whole federal government has been infiltrated by the separatists - sometimes James Wolfe is right unfortunately - especially the NDP!

    2. By the way everyone, just learned that IF is given $75,000 a year by the provincial government (our tax money) to harass us - isn't that just lovely? Wonder if we started up a defense community if they would sponsor us? Should be illegal to do such things!

    3. Respectez nos lois et vous n'aurez aucun problème.

    4. Cutie, I am surprised, No! Do you have a link? I will email it to Ottawa Citizen and Ottawa Sun.

    5. Erg the Cons really need to better vet their Quebec candidates, this is exactly how the Bloc was formed by Cons that went rogue and left the party (of course they didn't step down to run again under a new party). We don't need another pointless party that achieves nothing then slowly fades into obscurity.

    6. Liam - I picked it off FB but will see if I can get you a link. I know the girl who posted the info. Will send you an e-mail when I can get proof. Thanks.

      Yes thatguy - that's exactly what they should be doing but the seppies are sneaky and lots of times infiltrate these blogs, political parties, etc. that are out to stop them. There are loads of them hiding in the federal government and collecting a pay check from the ROC - they see nothing wrong with this - no ethnics at all.

    7. "Respectez nos lois et vous n'aurez aucun problème."

      The degenerates at Imperatif francais don't respect the language laws themselves - by attacking the presence of any English at all, even when it is allowed.

    8. Using our tax money to pay a bunch of thugs - how lovely is quebec culture? They have no official status to do anything - assholes.

  33. More comedy from Drainville today as he releases the results of the public consultation on the charter. Being completely unscientific, anonymous, with no demographic information and hidden from the public he sure does not understand statistics when he says "the consultation was a good sampling of Quebecers’ beliefs on the issue". There is absolutely no way of knowing who submitted anything, whether they're even in Quebec, or are not the same person 20 times, I mean the PQ would know this as they are the only ones that can see this information.

    On top of that if you agree with a completely different charter more in line with the CAQ or the Taylor Bouchard recommendations they've lumped you into the support but slight modification category, regardless of if you're against it.

    The kicker is they're playing up the modification of getting rid of the opt out clause even though only around 7% of the ~25,000 of people who are clearly extremely pro charter to take the time to email their support mentioned it as something they wanted. Clearly the PQ is engaged in the time honoured tradition of cherry picking their results to reflect what they plan to do regardless of if the data is meaningless, or even if the meaningless data doesn't even support what they plan to do.

    25,000 in of itself is a pitiable number, Harvey's has over 6 times the number of likes on facebook than that and thier food is terrible. Only 0.3% of the population care enough about this issue to write in about it so can we move on yet to things people actually care about? I hope not much tax payer money was wasted on this farce, the 2 million for those leaflets was more than enough.

    1. That Guy, you are totally correct. The Consultation Period of the Government is a total farce.

      25,000 is quite low. Quebec popular singer, Marie Mai has 136,244 likes of Facebook.

    2. It is so ridiculous, if you wrote in and said you do not support the PQ charter of values but you support a charter of a neutral state that does not include banning religious items, they would stick you into the Support the charter with minor modifications category. Just by the completely different break down of the groups compared the every other poll conducted on the subject one should be extreme dubious of the results. When using qualitative data one must always be extremely careful to note how meaning is extracted from the data because it is real easy to fudge the data when you have good scientific data, let alone what the consultation was composed of.

  34. Interesting to see what Miss Piggy will do not that there is a new crop poll out:

    1. The interview with the son in law of the poor man with cancer at the Gatineau Hospital on CTV News in case you missed it:

  35. Well, if we talk about French culture, why not to remember the constitution of the First French republic(of 1791)?
    And its Principle of Indivisibility of the French Republic
    And apply it to Canada
    And proclaim any separatist the enemy of the state

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