Monday, October 14, 2013

Quebec's Perfect Storm

Here's what I wrote  back in December of last year, three months after Pauline Marois and the PQ took office.
"Looking forward to the gathering clouds of debt, overspending and diminished economic activity, it is painfully obvious that we are headed into our very own Perfect Economic Storm"   Quebec's Nanny State Running out of Gas
I'm often proud when my predictions come true, but in this case I wish I were wrong.
No matter how you slice it, Quebec is in big economic trouble, likely heading into a recession and towards a three or four billion budgetary deficit.
Long gone is the PQ election promise of a balanced budget, the realities of Quebec economics dictate that in the present and foreseeable future, it just ain't gonna happen.

For Quebec and Canada, economic indicators are pointing in opposite directions, with the ROC making economic and job progress, and Quebec losing ground in all directions.

With talk of a PQ induced election in December, Pauline appears to be stealing a page from Jean Charest's playbook in calling an election before the bad news hits.
You'll remember that Charest called an election before the news of a massive loss at the Caisse de depot went public and when he received a majority government, the public felt misled, but left with as many options as lobsters in a trap. (to steal a phrase from Jacques Parizeau).

When first elected and after looking over the poor state of the finances left behind by the Liberals, a shocked Bernard Drainville promised a law whereby the auditor general would give a financial update whenever an election was called so that voters could make an informed choice.
That idea has been quietly shelved as the PQ are now playing the same game of hide-and-seek that they accused the Liberals of doing before.

In ripping a page form the Liberal party playbook, Pauline intends on calling an election before presenting a real budget, one that would no doubt lay bare the sad economic reality that we face.
There is no more wiggle room for the PQ and no Jean Charest to blame any more.

And so the PQ is doing what they do best, practicing the politics of improvisation, changing directions as the political sands shift under their feet, trying to stay a step ahead of one disaster after another.
But finally, time has caught up to Quebec and we are about to embark on some very dark economic days that neither the Liberals, the PQ or the CAQ can do anything about.

It is a Perfect Storm, the result of excessive taxation, excessive borrowing and excessive spending which has been building over decades and has now finally coalesced into a witch's brew of economic pain.

This economic disaster that we face is not entirely the responsibility of the PQ, we've been on course for this economic bruising for the last twenty years.
And so Pauline Marois is the dumb sucker left holding the bag, like the unfortunate kindergartner who is left standing in a game of musical chairs.

Every single government, over the last forty years, PQ or Liberal, has contributed to the spending orgy that has led us to the point.
So let us not be holier than though, the Liberal government of Jean Charest piled on one third of Quebec's $240 billion in debt, in just nine short years.

But even though, the biggest economic blow to Quebec's economy belongs to the separatists, who created a climate of uncertainty for outside investors and in fact, its own indigenous anglo community.
In making Quebec inhospitable to those who don't speak French, the inevitable result is what we have now, a situation where the only way to get companies to invest in Quebec is to bribe them with subsides.
Pauline may crow about Montreal's world class video game industry, but the truth is that the government pays 38% of the salaries of the employees of these companies on a permanent basis. And this doesn't even include the upfront cash subsidies and interest-free loans.
Quebec pays out  almost 4 billion a year in subsidies to industry, double what Ontario pays and considering the population difference, it means that Quebec is forced to give out subsidies at a rate more than three times that of Ontario. All those forgone billions contribute to the ever-rising $240 billion deficit.

Just recently we heard of the sadly amusing incident of the National Geographic photo contest barring entrants from Quebec (as well as North Korea and Cuba and other outlaw states.) There was a great deal of embarrassment on the government's behalf, with a spokesman for Loto-Quebec stating that if only the magazine checked with them, there wouldn't have been a problem.
But we all know what that means, checking with Loto-Quebec meant dealing in French, so it would mean hiring outside help to navigate the endless paperwork and ultimate time delay.
Thanks, but no thanks.

It is a clear metaphor for the bigger picture, where companies and investors just cross off Quebec from the list of investment considerations. Who needs the hassles?
It's like walking down a street with fifty restaurants side by side and choosing the one that won't speak to you in English, has an inhospitable atmosphere and charges more for the food, as well as piling on taxes galore.
As the Jim Reeves song goes. 'Just walk on by'

And that is exactly what investors are doing, skipping Quebec, just walking by.
And the only way to get customers into the door, is to have Pauline stand outside like a shill and beg diners to come in with giant discount coupons.

While Canada created 15,000 resource based jobs this year, Quebec produced not a one.
"This largest of projects was meant to revive the economy of the province. Less than three years after its official launch, there's not much left of the 'Plan Nord'  according to data obtained by our Bureau of Investigation.
A review of major mining projects in the North shows that the Plan Nord, which was renamed the 'Nord pour tous' by the PQ government, is just a shadow of what it once was.

Of the 11 major projects announced north of the 49th parallel, valued in tens of billions of dollars, more than half are under review or have undergone major downward revisions .

Some have been abandoned
altogether. Link{fr}
All this while our bumbling Minister of Natural Resources, Martine St. Pierre, (a woman who doesn't know the difference between a loan and a loan guarantee,) is busy calculating higher resources royalties.
I am reminded of Emperor Nero fiddling while Rome burned.

And how is the PQ reacting to the job losses and economic decline? ......More improvisation, by spending more money on busy work, a two billion stimulus package that will drive Quebec further into debt.
You see readers, spending money is the only available recourse that governments seem to have in dealing with any problem. But it ultimately delays and exacerbates the real problem of high taxes and public debt.
"The Parti Québécois government is vying to reboot the province’s economy with a new $2-billion plan that it says will create more than 40,000 jobs by 2017.
Premier Pauline Marois and Finance Minister Nicolas Marceau revealed the job creation program at a press conference Monday that had the look and feel of an election campaign event.
The plan aims to encourage new investments and jobs in Quebec through incentives like electricity at discounted rates and tax credits.
The money injected into the province will fund employment and development in a number of targeted areas:

  • $566-million for the renovation of infrastructure, including community centres, arenas and schools
  • $516-million for the development of an electric transit industry in Quebec that will build electric cars, electric railways, and related infrastructure.
The new plan also includes more than $700-million in tax credits as well as discounted hydro rates for companies which invest to create new jobs." Link

 I wish Pauline and finance Minister Nicolas Marceau would have watched this video before embarking on another money-wasting adventure.

Quebec has, for the last twenty or thirty years, been writing cheques that taxpayers couldn't honour, and so Ottawa, as well as lenders, have been enabling Quebec's addiction to spending
But like all binges, excesses ultimately draw to a close, and in the end, the time comes to pay the piper.

And so a desperate PQ is calling an audible, looking to make the Charter of Values the election issue instead of the economy.

When Drainville presented his charter, he said that the government is open to changes and could possibly soften up certain aspects of the law.
But that option is out the window, the PQ is about to table a Charter that is even tougher than presented, something they know the opposition will not vote for, thus triggering an election on their own terms

And so Pauline will have her election and might very well pull off another government, perhaps even a majority if everything falls her way.

It doesn't change anything, because the next government, whomever it is, is looking into an economic abyss.

For all you voters who think that the Charter of Values is a debate that merits such a large proportion of public debate, I have land in Florida to sell you.

The misdirection that is the Charter of Values debate is painful to watch, like arguing about which colour to paint the bedroom walls, while a fire has broken out in the kitchen.
And like the cartoon at the top of the page, we are being distracted with trifles, while our pockets are picked clean.

So if and when the Charter of values passes in one form or another, what will be next?

Will we get down to tackling the real problems of economic stagnation, debt and inferior productivity or will the PQ (if they are still in power) do another sleight of hand by dredging up another red herring.

I'm betting on the latter and it's called Bill 14.

Another loud and time-consuming debate meant to distract, as Shakespeare said: Full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.

But readers, know this......It's all coming to a head and sooner rather than later.

The next government, whomever it is, is going to admit to some very startling realities, one that takes into account that the Quebec model is broken and more importantly never was viable in the first place, supported only by massive borrowing and alms from the ROC.

That era is drawing to a close and what is to come is not exactly a picnic.
The sad part is that there is nothing to be done, no way to mitigate the fallout and spending our way out of the coming recession,is impossible.

See you on the other side....


  1. Well I think all it will take to get the masses out on the street in this place is even a hint of tax increases so God only knows where we go from here. We all knew this was coming and quickly and there is not one party that has a clue as to how to handle it. Think they can talk the unions into working for a few years without a pay increase? Good luck with that! Where's Contra? and you want to make a country out of this? Anyway, we better hope that the good people of quebec don't fall for this charter shit and think more about the economics when going to the polls - the last thing we need to really finish us off is a majority PQ government with Bill 14 and the Quebec Charter of Values to drive even more people away, push down our real estate market, and make the ethnics pack up and leave let alone bring any new investment to the province. Hard days ahead indeed. Where's that lottery?

  2. FROM ED
    This is mind boggling stuff but clear enough that even the francos in the boonies can understand it. Questions are, do they know, do they care and if not how do you get the info to them? Ed

  3. Editor,

    Your article is amazing as it points out the true state we're in. We are in a situation similar to Greece, only that we have the backing of Canada in case things get very ugly.

    Quebec has made itself a very unattractive place to invest for the following reasons:

    High personal income tax rates encourage the talented people to leave Quebec
    Intensive unionization of blue-collar jobs, which make manufacturing more difficult due to lower flexibility and time wasted settling grievances, to name a few
    Poor infrastructure making the movement of goods more difficult, time-consuming and more expensive
    Over-regulation of just about every industry making the start-up of project more time consuming
    Double, even triple the government paperwork due to Revenu Quebec and CCRA asking for the same thing multiple times
    Language laws that make it difficult to operate in English and attract talent from outside of Quebec, leaving companies to chose from a talent pool that is lower in proportion to the population than elsewhere in Canada (due to lower university enrollment rates and a high dropout rate)
    Too many government subsidies to business, driving companies to focus on non-productive goods and services in the name of "job creation", resulting in companies becoming unproductive and vulnerable during economic downturns
    These are just economic reasons. There is no mention of the fact that Quebec has painted itself as a hostile place towards non-francophone for the past forty years. You cannot constantly insult the linguistic group that represents 98% of North America and expect them to put their emotions aside when it comes time to choosing a location for a new factory.
    There is only one way out of the mess we are in right now and the answer is not another round of tax hikes and spending cuts (i.e. Austerity measure). We need economic growth - plain and simple. Over 40% of the Quebec work force does not pay a cent in income taxes. This is due to their low salaries, directly resulting from performing work of little added value. These people need to move up the value chain and start paying income tax. Quebec's biggest problem is that we do not pay enough income tax as a whole.

    Quebec needs to shed the "Quebec Model" right now and tell the population the truth that we cannot keep living in this fantasyland. Bill 101 will need to be slimmed down, perhaps even to a level where it is more of a symbolic law than one meant to be implemented on a continuous basis. Personal taxes will need to be lowered, at least to the Ontario level in order to keep the smart people from leaving. Unions will need to be told to tone down the militancy. The Quebec government will need to look at streamlining its workforce, and this should include getting rid of three quarters of Revenu Quebec, as the federal government already does tax collecting (why pay twice for the same service?).

    I can rant on all night about this as it has been obvious to me for a very long time that what we are doing is unsustainable. I could not imagine the dire straits we would be in of the other provinces petitioned the federal government to cancel the equalization payments programs. If that happened our credit rating would probably drop to B+ or BB-, putting us a junk level like a third-world country.

    1. MTL 1973: In reference to your first paragraph, you wrote "we have the backing of Canada in case things get very ugly".

      FYI, 73, I wrote the PM the last week of March in light of the fact the new fiscal year was starting the next week, and the equalization payment review may be taking place within this fiscal year, ending next March 31st. It has to take place sometime in calendar 2014, and even though we'll be about a year from a general election, why the hell should the rest of us pay for such blatant fiscal irresponsibility on the part of a government that deliberately fights against the real Canada, and sees the real Canada as nothing but an ATM to draw upon to party?

      Ontario cannot afford to be the provider it once was. Unfortunately, to save the ass of two provincial MPPs (including one in my constituency), the Ontario government, then under the tutelage of one Dalton McGuilty of Blatant Theft, spent a billion dollars not to build two power plants where contracts were put in place with large penalties for not building them. McGuilty knew when to get off the frying pan to leave his successor, Kathleen Wynn, holding the bag.

      Why the hell should the rest of us bail out a Quebec that fails repeatedly, and with such corruption as the Charbonneau Commission has been showing for over a year with more testimony to come, shows no signs of improving; in fact, it's going to get far worse before it has any chance of getting better. Harper has a majority mandate, the Quebec voters did him absolutely no favours at the polls the last three elections, esp. the last one, so why should Quebec be given any favours by Harper and the Conservatives? As a former Quebec-turned-loyal-Ontarian, I steadfastly and unequivocally am against anymore equalization payment for Quebec--not one red cent more! Outside Quebec, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone go agin me.

    2. "Quebec has made itself a very unattractive place to invest for the following reasons:"

      Quebec perhaps.... but not Montreal City-State!

      We are a bilingual all-inclusive society and we are open for Business.

      All are welcome!

    3. Keep up the fight for just that AnceTOTE and join the growing groups that want Montreal to hell out of Quebec before it is totally ruined by the separatists. A couple of hundred on Sunday at their "big" meet - a mere pittance to get rid of before we can breath again!

    4. Cutie, what is it your boyfriend says all the time?....."What? You can't even manage adequate numbers out there, for you cause?"... Or something to that effect...LOL

      Guess the shoe is on the other foot now..ain't it?...LOL..

    5. They will never win over Montreal, the Outaouais or the Pontiac no matter what they try to do to get rid of us - we are much better educated, appreciative of the finer things in life and not prone to the same brain-washing as their backwoods brethren. We are simply, more intelligent than to fall for the BS that their masters have pounded into their tiny brains.

    6. @cutie003

      "They will never win over Montreal, the Outaouais..."

      how can you expect lies to be effective forever?!?

  4. FROM ED
    Why the hell would anyone want to start an electric train plant here when we already have Bombardier who does just that.
    I'm sorry to say Editor or perhaps i should be not sorry to say I don't agree with your dooom and glooom. (Was that you I saw
    on the corner the other day with the sign saying, "The end is coming.")
    There is a lot can be done and I feel the time is ripe for it. Once an election is called the Libs will start howling the PQ ineptness from the rooftops. getting to the French press is important. The media is well aware of our situation and will be with us when the time comes. Dr.Couillard has already nade inroads in the outbacks and the people there will understand the situation. When we (meaning the Liberals) have control the investors will come flocking in like to a brand new market, which it will be for most of them. Oil and gas will bring investment. It doesn't matter if there is none people will put money just to fibd out. I see the future as a new adventure which will be totaly uphill needing all of us pulling together to ewach the top..
    Bill 14 and Religious symbols will be a bad memory we can laugh at when we tell grandchildren the story of the 'Whacky Witch Of The Ouest.' Ed

    1. Ed, of all people, you should know better. If you're a septuagenarian, as you have previously stated your are, then either you are a cock-eyed optimist, or there are very thick cataract (or wool) over your eyes, or you're far more naïve than I imagined, living in denial, or last but not least, desperate. I'd like to side with the first or the last.

      Ed, somewhere down the line, the time will come to legislate Bill 14 2.0, and if history has been any indicator over the last 40 years, the PLQ will pass it and then cry they "had to" for the purposes of preserving the French way of life Quebeckers have come to accept. Then they'll try to sell it not so cleverly disguised as some kind of reward how they legislated their version and how much worse the PQ's version would have been. Same old s--t, different day, bigger shovel. That shovel is getting to be the size of the biggest excavator produced by Caterpillar!

      This is not the first time I've pointed this out. Far from it. You seem to forget that Bills 22, 178, 86 and 115 (i.e. the modification to the PQ's Bill 104) were all legislated into law by the so-called federalist party. They keep saying they're watching the backs of the minorities, but when when it comes down to the crunch, the minorities are left out in the cold--over and over and over again.

      It was your precious John James "Goldilocks" Charest who, in his last mandate, hired 26 new language police, and appointed a very militant head of the OQLF, and in a posturing move by the PQ over Pastagate, threw her under the bus. Actually, there's absolutely delicious irony in having done that, for it is the péquistes who wrote the book on targeting scapegoats.

      I guess you've reached that age, Ed, where you just don't care anymore because you're too old. You know exactly how to separate the cream from the crap, but you're too weak to get out there and fight. I think this is a perfect description as to why the aged get crotchety!

      Oh, and before I forget, yes Ed, I packed up stakes 29 years ago next month and left Quebec in anticipation of what you are living through now. I fully anticipated the plot the way it is thickening now, maybe not exactly, exactly this way, but in this general direction. I thought it would happen sooner than it has, but sooner or later, it was just a matter of time the mystery was going to unfold the way it should.

    2. Bitter much?

      Still waiting for a response to my question, ....who exactly you are still enraged at. Be sure to let us know.

    3. @anectote

      it's obvious to me that the sauga dude has been rejected. a woman probably. or a man.

    4. Pinstripes don't talk to me like we have some kind of affinity, cause if I have to choose, I'll take Sauga over u anytime and twice in Sunday.

    5. @anectote

      "...don't talk to me like we have some kind of affinity..."

      you prefer when i mock you? ok then.

      "I'll take Sauga (...) anytime and twice in Sunday."


    6. It is best and we all prefer when you remain quiet. Your posts are nothing but pollution, and garbage is bad for the environment.

    7. @anectote

      and "we" prefer when you shut up. is this a tie?

      the lesson here is you should talk for yourself. you don't know what the other seventy thousand readers think.

  5. FROM ED
    Poor old Mr.sauga, he can't find his thick, horn rimmed glasses that help him type the right words. c'mon Sauga, I'm not the one who's giving up. Why do you say that. i'm looking forward to the fight, I love a challenge.and I intend to help put Quebec back on top where it used to be. I don't want to hear what the Liberals did 40 years ago. this is 2013 Saugy, wake up and smell the liverwurst. You admit you gave up 29 years ago and now you're sorry uyou didn't stay. Stop living in the past. Forget 101 and 22 and 14 and 400 language police, we ignore them and move ahead. Always a pleasure fighting with you. You are a worthy opponent. Ed

    1. Funny, Ed, but unfortunately I consider you a lightly armed opponent, sort of like the sword wielding simpleton who Indiana Jones eliminated with one gunshot.

      No, Ed, I'm not the least bit sorry I didn't stay in Quebec. A lot of the reason I left was because job opportunities in Quebec were scarce, much better in the Toronto area. It still took time to find a job in Toronto, but the quality AND quantity of jobs was much better. Toronto has far more head offices while Quebec was divesting, much like it is now. According to the Editor, 50,000 jobs have left Quebec in just ONE short year since the PQ took over. I suggest you read what MTL 1973 wrote above, and my rebuttal to him.

      You won't live long enough to see the Quebec of your youth, even if you live another 100 years from today. Compared to the U.S., we're seen as overregulated for business, and as much as that is so, Quebec is far more overregulated than the real Canada. Quebec businesses have to report far more, and all in French. Don't forget it was under your precious Charest's tutelage that government workers and departments decided not to serve the population in English anymore, not Marois and the PQ. Corporations have to file their papers in French, even where courtesy translations are provided. I suggest you go back and read this edition of this blog and look at thislink that explains it.

      Finally, I haven't touched liverwurst in at least three decades.

  6. Excellent posting Editor. A must read for every Quebec voter. I just learned last week my job will be transitioned to a suburb of Toronto in the next couple of years. My company has been operating in Montreal for the past 76 years and the board has decided to divest in Quebec. The business climate here has become so inhospitable that well established companies feel they can no longer do business here. It's that bad. Not sure if I'll follow my job or stay here yet.
    Right now , the future doesn't bode well for us Montrealers. Keep voting for the PQ, keep focusing on ethno-nationalist policies instead of creating wealth. Once the baby-boomers begin to collect their pensions and stop contributing income taxes, an economic tsunami will wash over Quebec that will be irreversible. The real masters of Quebec, the bond holders in New York that have been bullshitted to by premier after premier for the last 20 years will finally call Quebec's bluff and come to collect. The problem is , the purse is bone dry except for a well worn credit card.

    1. I happen to know of another huge company that's operated in Quebec for close to 60 years.

      After the 1995 referendum they started feeling insecure about operating in Quebec and had a formal contingency plan put into place.

      Though they've stayed on since '95 to plan remains in place, and should it be enacted 3,000 jobs will be gone in the flick of a switch.

      Furthermore, quite a few of those 3,000 employees are serious careerists who would gladly follow this company out of the province, thereby cutting off even more tax funding to the state.

    2. Proud Francophone Quebecers don;t need jobs.

      That's just Quebec bashing to suggest that employment and economic opportunity are important.

    3. Coward: With any luck, the decisionmakers of the company you speak of will finally have enough and make their move, esp. if the PQ wins again. I personally hope they win a majority because Quebec will get exactly what it deserves. Perhaps the 20% of the population that pays 40% of the taxes will finally be fed up enough to gut Quebec of jobs and what little wealth there is left once and for all.

      At that point, the proud Francophone Quebeckers cebeuq speaks of will get their entitlement from what's left--NOTHING!

  7. Really it seems the most important thing is to try to save the cancer of Quebec from spreading to the rest of the country.

    Economic arguments arn;t understood in Quebec. Even if Quebec holds off the PQ for a few years as we have seen before and many on this board have said, our next worst enemy is the Liberals. When the Liberals take power the irst thing they always feel obligated to do is to "reassure' the francophone population.

    Inevitably this means forcing "medicine" down our throats int he form of a"Bill 14 light".

    While this might keep the seppies at bay for a few years, while they sell the rest of the inhabitants "down the river" it's 40 years long destruction of the everything in Quebec except the french classes (in crappy mold infected schools).

    As an ex-montrealer living in europe mentioned to me. No way somebody could ever move back to Quebec. Coming from Europe and watching Queec/Montreal from the outside the dysfunction is obvious and debilitating.

    As he said despite being fluent in French. Moving back to Canada to anywhere except Toronto or Calgary is not even a vague possibility.

    Once you leave the idiocy of Quebec and see it from the outside with the rest of the world, it's impossible to come back. There is no future in Quebec that involves prosperity or decent healthcare as you get old.

    All we need to do is compare 1 bad apple (Rob Ford) against the entire system of every level of corrupt govt here.

    Quebec only goes backwards while the rest of North America moves on.

    Remember people, embrace the PQ francophone culture of corruption and backwardness while you live here and avoid paying all taxes. Buy as much as you can in Ontario, anywhere else. Pay as much cash as you can for transactions avoiding taxes.

    It's the PQ way. Perpetuating the dominant culture of corruption is our civic duty while here.

    Quebec, will be the first north American location to resemble Venezuela in a few years.

    Economics don;t matter when the canadian govt keeps shoveling the money at Quebec.

    Thankfully Harper is quietly killing that. Without it's socialist programs suported by Ottawa the seppies are screwed.

    Quebec doesn;t need economic arguments seppies can;t understand.

    We need to help them bankrupt the place as fast as possible and then get them the fuck out of Canada.

    Quebec is a cancer and like all cancers you basically have to surgically cut it out and put it in the garbage disposal.

    1. FROM ED
      Would the Frenchmen sell us down the river. Your bloody right they would. In the 70's I bought a tractor to haul trailers for DAY and Ross from Montreal to Hartland New Brunswick. I mortgaged my duplex to buy it. Some weeks I put in 100 hours. Because the trans Canada was just being built we had to detour on highway 51 at Riviere de Loup into Edmunston. The detour added 20 unpaid miles to our trip plus the road being so twisty created 210 gear shifts in a space of 20miles.
      The Quebec drivers asked me to talk to the manager in Hartland N.B. about it, because I was the only English driver and they would listen to me. I went in to see the boss and explained the situation for which he thanked me for letting him know there was discontent. When he asked the other drivers the cowards all insisted they had no compliants and that I was probably just a trouble maker. When I heard that, I sold the tractor and went to work driving stateside. Immediately doubling my income..With Day and Ross I hadworked 100 hours one week earning $400. So they were getting an 18 wheel diesel tractor and driver for four ddollars an hour. With Anchor Motor Freight, I made $680.00 the first week. With Day and ross I worked seven days with eight hours at their end and twelve at home in between. In the U.S. we were unionized, had good roads and week ends at home with the family. I paid off my house bought a country place and educated my kids. Canadian drivers were paid in canadian funds and I paid a lot of taxes in this province.
      i'm not going to let it go down the drain without a fight. Ed

    2. ED,

      Quebec is like an alcoholic or any other addictive type of person that is incapable of changing it's behavior.

      We must hit rock bottom to get any better. Before that level we are just enablers.

      The faster this place goes bankrupt the seppie dream will be dead for another generation. Until the PQ types start agitating and thinking they can run the place again.

      In a totally bankrupt place you have to do what others tell you. IE sensible non Quebecers will kill the worst of Bill 101, charters of this and that along with giving Quebec some cash.

      Look at the examples of Greece etc. They have to face "austerity" or somebody else takes over.

      The same thing needs to speed up and happen in Quebec.

      Then we can finally be done with the seppies. Think about it as our financial version of the Charbonneau commission.

      World bank etc have terms on their $. The backers want freedom for the people etc.

      This is our only salvation. Only external forces can create the conditions to get seppies to face reality.

      Once quebec is really bankrupt it's impossible for seppies to pretend it's all financially viable or that they even have the cash to start.

      The best part is there is NO MORE CREDIT for Quebec once bankrupt. Seppies will not be able to finance anything.

      The upside is Quebec will be told from international powers to cancel the worst of the PQ dreams.

      IE press the reset button on this place

      The population of Montreal can only benefit. The burbs will not be happy since there won;t be any cash in mtl to keep milking. Another plus. The hinterland of Quebec will need to try to support itself.

      IE start mining or other evil revenue producing activities or move out.

      Anyway you cut it the PQ dream life in the hinterland is crushed. These are the same people holding Quebec as a larger entity back.

      It's all positive for the actual population. For all our politicians they lose power and credibility. Again another upside.

    3. Ed and cebeuq: The simple fact of the matter is Quebec is a gangrene limb that if not severed, it will kill the real Canada, and I'm tired of it. It's time to educate the real Canada and explain what Quebec has already cost us and how much more it will cost, esp. since Quebec has taken total leave if its senses and prudent fiscal policy. Quebec is only out for what it can get from the feds and the rest of us. Your baby, your problem.

  8. 'Quebec is a cancer and like all cancers you basically have to surgically cut it out and put it in the garbage disposal.'

    Bang on!!!

    On the take - When Trudeau and his gang of cronies arrived in Ottawa, our debt rose from 18 billion to over 200 billion by the time he left office, a compete disaster for the country. Their was a reason a francophone was never allowed to be finance minster. When this corrupt scum bag Marc Lalonde took over, the country went further and further into debt every year…they funneled billions upon billions of dollars into Quebec, and it has gone on ever since…if the public only knew how bad things really are in Canada…how much of our money has been funnelled into Quebec, they would be shocked…we will never know exactly how much money Quebec has stolen from the rest of the country…the truth will never come out…just pathetic.

    French-Canadians have no loyalty or concern for Canada. Never have. Never will. They are the ultimate assimilation fail. They see the country as simply an endless shakedown bonanza. They play the game well. The real question is why the rest of Canada doesn't play tit for tat. Or better yet, move to eject Quebec from the Canadian confederation.

    Slime, sleaze, corruption…it is the french way…Quebec is screwing the rest of the country in any way it can. It milks us dry through equalization, grants, subsidies…and much more…if the public only knew how bad things really were, if they only knew…

    Its all about the money when dealing with the french. In Quebec, Ottawa, NB, Ontario…they are a disgrace to the country, crooked to the core...

    These people are the most racist, bigoted, corrupt, xenophobic people in all of North America. If the world only knew what was going on in Canada, what the “French” (metis) were really up to…along with the racist anti-English language laws in Quebec a la bills 22, 178, 101…they have bragged about taking all of Canada and everything seems to be going as planned…”first Quebec, then the rest of the country…one step at a time…” PET, “how to take over a country through bilingualism…” SD

    The province of Quebec is not going anywhere...its broke. Its the rest of the country that has to figure out a way to partition and get rid of it before it destroys the entire country.This should be the focus for everyone outside Quebec. Quebec is a finished, it will not rise up again...ever.

    We can not afford Quebec and all this french-bilingual BS any longer. The country is going broke and sadly this is being ignored by everyone inside and outside Quebec...

  9. FROM ED
    I feel sorry for all of you that can only see the dark side of life. I remember that feeling during WWII. The women used to gather and talk about how bad things were to live and how much worse they would be when the war was over. It did get worse hundreds of thousands who no longer had an income came home to roost, so to speak. We struggled and embraced them while pulling together we were too busy to know that what we were up against was impossible to achieve. Canada didn't help.
    Stories of the callousness of the DVA were horrendous. But the sun shone brightly on Quebec and with our faith in god and the power of mankind we became wealthy and we can do it again.
    To all of you doom merchants, it's probably best that you move like you suggest.. Get the hell out, we don't neeed you. Those of us that have the guts to face the situation will carry on and put things right again. Enjoy your gloomy support group but leave me out. Ed

    1. Ed, when you pursue the same thinking for 50 years and you get the same result over and over...

      Anglo's coming home from war rebuilding is a totally different milieu then the last 40 years of Quebec navel gazing.

      Nobody wants to build anything in Quebec anymore because the PQ and seppies will tear it down as soon as they can.

      If you had a good idea and wanted to start a company.

      Would you do it in Montreal or somewhere else? Obviously somewhere else unless you can get the govt to pay 35% of all your salaries (Ubisoft etc).

    2. @cebeuq Let's not forget about Bombardier.

      Never have I seen such a blatant subsidy leach as this one.

    3. I'm not forgetting about them!

      The PQ just created the "Bombardier grant" last week with it's electrification tramway crap.

      Buying jobs in the only way Quebec can keep companies here.

      It's funny how PQ seppies don;t understand the concept of taking out more then you put in and how it can;t last forever.

      Education isn;t a strong point in this province tho. It's counter to indoctrination and the nanny state.

  10. At the risk of repeating myself yet again, I'm fairly certain all this is good news to your average separatist.

    Separatists seem to like seeing businesses close, especially when they are owned by outsiders. They seem to think it'll mean more jobs for the francophones. It's what I call the "hydro-quebec syndrome".

    I'm really surprised we haven't seen more blame placed on the rest of Canada for our provinces' economic performance. I bet "les anglais nous volent nos jobs!" is right around the corner. We've already seen Francois Gendron claim that Ontario is doing so much better because Ottawa keeps funding them with our (Quebec) tax money.. (hilarious)

    Just wait for it, it's coming. The PQ will have no choice but to face the current economic disaster, and someone will have to take the blame.

    1. Yes Stump. Indeed someone will take the hit: The PLQ, but ask me if I care whoever takes the hit. Charest was trying to put Quebec's house somewhat in order by raising tuition to a more realistic level, but we know where THAT went! The PLQ is really no different from the PQ because both parties, no matter who governs, pass language legislation against the minorities, get involved in the corrupt construction industry and waste money well. When was the last time Quebec had a balanced budget?

    2. You're in Ontario...Hello!!!!!!!!

    3. Hello, AnecTOTE! Hayadoin'? Wazzup?

    4. @quebecker of tree stomp

      "I'm really surprised we haven't seen more blame placed on the rest of Canada for our provinces' economic performance. I bet "les anglais nous volent nos jobs!" is right around the corner."

      or maybe now would be the time for you to get rid of your fears. you seem traumatized mate. just come out slowly and wait for arguments to be made before attacking them. otherwise you'll keep looking like don quichotte.

  11. In this morning's The Gazette, on pg A6 they cover the sovereignty rally held on Sunday. LOL

    The seppies are quoted as saying "we are 100,000 in our hearts". Apparently commenting on the relatively low turnout. EXACTLY...Montreal City-State has spoken and on this island, we realize what the priorities are and it ain't this BS. So f*off for once and for all.

    Also...this is what I'm talkin' bout....the more I read about this guy, the more I like him.ôté+would...senior+city/.../story.html

    1. I'm voting for Cote.

      He's talking a language I can understand.

      Firing 30% of our civil servants from this massive bureaucracy that does noting except rape and pillage the city.

      I'm more likely to take out a picture of Pauline Marios and look at it while I pleasure myself then I am to vote for some ex-liberal moving from one level of politics to another.

    2. That's precisely what I am talking about. This guy is actually going in with a real and sincere intention, (from what I can tell anyway), to want to solve problems. And I agree, enough with the another ex-Liberal (like you say) wanting to fulfill his own little egotistical aspirations.

      We need someone who will take charge and understands Economics. When we are in trouble financially, we don't go to a hairdresser or a Lawyer, we go to a Financial Advisor. I really hope Montrealers understand this and understands what this city needs when they go vote next month. This is on opportunity we do not have the luxury of screwing up.

  12. Stossel is right to point out that government's job creation program is wasteful, creates a lot of pretend-jobs and made up-work and does it all at the expense of the taxpayer who's lucky enough to have a job, and given that the rich pay less and less tax, most of tax burden falls on what's left of the middle class which has every right to be pissed off for being squeezed both at work and as tax-paying citizens.

    The secret behind Stossel's ploy is that he pretends to represent these remnants of the middle class, but in fact he represents the 1%. Masquerading as a libertarian, he is really a corporate shill who forgets to mention is how the well-paid jobs that created wealth and made the workers proud, first in manufacturing and later in white collar sectors, were outsourced by business to cheap labor markets. Now in a job wasteland, Stossel was tasked with "motivating" the populace to leave pride behind and accept anything that is thrown their way. He picks on people for preferring not to work than to work at jobs that are left behind - mostly crap jobs in the service industry and if you watch his program on Fox Business Network, you'll see that he loves to go around restaurants to find out that staff is needed for washing dishes or sweeping the floors, and then straight from there he goes after beggars on the street or people in line for food stamps asking them why they wouldn't rather go and fill a spot in one of the fine jobs in the service sector.

    Stossel never admits that when it comes to economy, government is mostly trying to catch up with the damage done by privately-owned corporations. That the catching up is mostly awkward, wasteful, and pathetic is without a doubt. But there are forces more sinister than government and waste, and Stossel serves them well.

    1. ""But there are forces more sinister than government and waste, and Stossel serves them well.""

      You mean like communism, socialism, nanny state and other massively bad ideas that have been tried over and over by the tired statists in Europe?

    2. As terrible as communism and socialism is, cebeuq, you haven't addressed the issues that adski brought up one iota.

    3. If there are positions open in a kitchen, then people shouldn't be lining up for food stamps. For that he is right.

      I think that Adski's post serves as a case of "not finding the right answers because you're asking the wrong questions."

      We all know we can never count on the government - it's nothing more than a mafia and you can't trust career politicians. It's natural for us to gripe about what the stuffed suits are doing, because we can't get rid of them.

      As for the private sector, people should stop whining about what large corporations do.

      Corporations are meant to do things like outsource jobs to increase profits by design. It's their whole M.O.

      Your duty as a member of the workforce is to recognize that and then take action. Will you play the game and hope you don't fall victim to the outsourcing...or do you start your own business and take full control of your life?

      Government = nothing you can do but vote, they're here to stay.

      Private sector = If they zig, you should zag.

      What we should be pressuring the government to do is help fund solopreneurs and micro-businesses. If it's on, the government should be lending a hand.

      If you look at most of the people in the book The Four Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss, they're running businesses that make between $50K to $100K a year, which is what many people earn in an office. The difference is they don't have to worry about getting outsourced. If they want to keep making money, they take the responsibility of surveying their markets - not whining about them.

    4. Working is a part of life.

      Working shitty jobs is another part of life.

      Buck up and get used to it. Your only other option is welfare.

      I'm a capitalist that believes in a free market economy.

      If you work hard you might become one of the 1% yourself.

      You are learning the lessons of PQ Quebec well if you think all solutions come with ribbons from the govt.

      Unfortunately you arn;t learning that socialism has never worked, and it's not going to start.

      Free Market economy with a democracy is the best system we have.

      All these red square types thinking they are getting persecuted by the 1% all day.

      How about being persecuted by the 1% politicians? They are another group of 1% ers.

      There is nothing worse then govt waste. That is as low as society can go.

      A greenpeace socialist and I will ever agree on much! No point in debating!

      Thankfully I control hiring in my company and I can steer people like you right out the door ;-)

    5. A hero who reminds us what we strive for in a civilized country:

    6. @adanac

      Vous devriez faire vos bagages pour le canada ou les É-U...Une idée comme ça,qui devrait simplifier votre existence.

    7. Only a loser would camp out in a protest park to fight for the right to earn an extra 50 cents and hour.


      Is that the extent of your ambition?

      Or how about people who fight to unionize McDonald's or Walmart?


      That's where you want to work as a career?

    8. "Only a loser would camp out in a protest park to fight for the right to earn an extra 50 cents and hour."


      Because people who do things for themselves go out and find another job that pays the $0.50 per hour. Occasionally one of these people even goes on to start a company and hires others.

      The Quebecer just sits on the ground and demands the extra $0.50 per hour.

      That's the massive difference.

      One groups does things for themselves and are responsible adults looking after themselves.

      The second group are children who havn;t learned anything.

    9. Here you go:

      What do you see on those pages?

      Quebec-based entrepreneurs who want a better life for themselves instead of whining like weaklings.

      They're not waiting for the government to provide them with some utopian assistance.

      They're also not wasting time trying to succeed at the "perfect job."

      They're creating their own job and maybe will even create more jobs for the economy.

    10. Anonymous C,

      As you know websites that are in english (like kickstarter ) are irrelevant and cannot possibly hold any information of importance or use to the province of Quebec or it's people.

      The PQ people of Quebec have pride. We can come up with our own ideas (slowly).

      There is nothing that an english website can teach the proud francophone people of Quebec.

    11. Let them go hungry then....damn u if u bail them out.

    12. "Vous devriez faire vos bagages pour le canada ou les É-U...Une idée comme ça,qui devrait simplifier votre existence."

      He's already in CANADA ....u A-hole


      Ohh so cute. A picture of SR sitting with all his seppie friends. just like at the rally on the weekend!

    14. It's absolutely unreal to listen to the lot of you priding yourself on having a seat in this game of musical chair, talking as if everyone who worked hard enough could get a chair. All the while we're in the process of throwing chairs out.

    15. "They're not waiting for the government to provide them with some utopian assistance."

      Many start-ups are dependent on government funding in the initial stages. Many existing businesses too (especially the ones in the "defense" business). Did you know that Newt Gingrich used to be the biggest welfare freak in the country? His Cobb County was one of the biggest recipient of government money in the US.

      Costs are socialized, while profits privatized.

      "What do you see on those pages?"

      First, I see a fundraising effort, i.e. people looking to other people for funds, so not exactly doing it alone.

      Second, I see proof of complete idiocy of the consumer society that doesn't know what to do with itself.

      "Track your health with this open, wireless shirt packed with sensors:"

      "Une histoire de science-fiction 100% québécoise! "

      "A non-profit brand that creates brilliant products and uses colors to represent Causes"

      "Chase after a young Canadian on his mission to live for one year abroad, and maybe even change the world. "

      "75% of smartphone users are on the wrong plan. Help us make the ONLY tool that will tell you the RIGHT plan you need "

      "Un DVD unique de yoga thérapeutique avec musique de guérison live et méditation de Gong "

      "Welcome to a new way into creating personalized phone cases for any occasion. We have a created a revolutionary machine that will change the kiosk industry. "

      "Fundraising so that our two Russian LGBTQ colleagues can make a documentary film about LGBTQ young people struggling under Putin's recent anti-gay legislation. "


    16. "Private sector = If they zig, you should zag."

      You can get away with saying this to a perpetual loafer who smoked dope in his teenage years and still smokes dope today while complaining about having limited his job options.

      You will have a harder time saying it to a miner, steelworker, or a Ford assembly worker who is losing his job and whose life gets turned upside down because management decides that his job can be done in Guatemala for 10 cents an hour with no benefits or health insurance.

      But you will have a really hard time selling this "zig/zag" philosophy to someone who did everything right: went to university, studied hard, got a degree in a technical field (so not a "useless" arts degree), worked diligently and loyally (say for IBM or CGI, where many of my classmates ended up), but now he is being made redundant because his job is going to...say Egypt in the case of IBM.

      These guys put in time, sweat, and money to get somewhere. Now you try to tell them to "zag", and watch them punch the daylights out of you.

    17. Amongst the things that are now being outsourced, many American hospitals are sending X-rays and other medical images to hospitals in India, where they are analyzed for much cheaper by an Indian Radiologist, and the diagnosis/analysis is sent back.

      This type of outsourcing is possible today because of the internet, increased knowledge of English around the world, and altogether higher education standards compared to even 30 years ago. Hospitals can then save on hiring their own radiologist.

      Should radiologists zag then?

    18. I'd like to point out that radiology is amongst the highest professions that are essentially a trade - to earn more, you have to own things. If even they can be outsourced, not many people can't.

      Which is why Harper is investing so much in ressource-based jobs, I guess. Those can hardly be outsourced. Not as bad an idea as I used to think, until we start staffing them with temporary-foreign-workers who can be paid for less than minimum wage.

    19. This is not good news for a friend of my co-worker. His American cousin (an economics graduate) lost his job in fiance during the meltdown of 2008. He was looking for a while, but there were no jobs in his field, so he zagged and spent another 2 years of his life and some serious $$$ to re-train as a ... radiologist. According to my coworker, his cousin likes his new job for its .... stability. Though it pays less than the fiance job, society will always need hard-working, hands-on guys like radiologists...won't it?

      Guess not. Now in his mid-thirties and a child to support, he might have to zag again.

    20. This is not good news for a *cousin of my co-worker

    21. @Adski

      Maybe if you gave zagging a shot you wouldn't be so bitter and whiney about your present lot in life.

      What else are the examples of those people you cited supposed to do?

      We've been living in a globalized economy for many moons now. People know what they're facing if they place their entire fate in the hands of an employer.

      If you want to keep beating your chest, go right ahead, but crying over how corporations don't play fair will only make you more bitter. Your radiologist friend re-invented himself once, he will do it again.

      You might want to make an effort to read the biographies of some of the greatest entrepreneurs known today went through before finally getting to where they are now.

      Necessity is the mother of all invention.

    22. "Your radiologist friend re-invented himself once, he will do it again."

      What wouldn't I give to see you say this in his face. And maybe add "Necessity is the mother of all invention." for effect.

      Knock out punch in the first round.

    23. "Knock out punch in the first round."

      I already have told this to people like him.

      You also assume that people like myself and cebeuq have never had a hard day in our lives.

      I don't think you'd survive some of the challenges I have in the past. I did because I kept my chin up and realized that I was the only solution to my problems.

      I stopped blaming "the man" for everything and life got a whole lot better.

      Now pull out you credit card Adski, go visit a site called Amazon and buy your friend the following book:

      You'll see, life ain't that bad - at least not for someone who lost their job.

      My buddy's dad was just given 6 to 12 months. Stage 4. 0% chance of survival.

    24. Oh yeah, I also forgot to congratulate you on only picking out the most inane examples from those crowdfunding sites.

      God forbid you should show talk about the really good ones.

      Seems that you share much in common with the seppies - selective argumentation.

    25. @cedeuq
      ""But there are forces more sinister than government and waste, and Stossel serves them well.""

      You mean like communism, socialism, nanny state and other massively bad ideas that have been tried over and over by the tired statists in Europe?

      No, he means your owners. One transnational corporation (bank) controls 40% of the global economy:

      The network of global corporate control

      Mostly, they control through the use of debt. Here's how:

      The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind (Debt Ceiling Truth)

    26. This comment has been removed by the author.

    27. Adski: I wouldn't be extremely worried for your friend. It's not as if all radiologists will become obsolete overnight. For one thing, Medicaid and Medicare only reimburse radiologists who are located on US soil.

      Oh wait, that's the government intervention that breeds dependency and all that junk, better get rid of it. Imagine how cheap all the stuff will be once all our jobs are in the third world! Won't things be grand then.

    28. @Yannick

      You feel that way because you need to have someone take care of you.

      You don't understand that no one was looking out for our ancestors when they faced the constant threat of being slaughtered by wild animals.

      Was it fair that were drug out of their villages in the dead of night and were torn to shreds by predators. No.

      However, they created their own safety net by way of weapons, traps and other systems to protect their tribes.

      That's the problem with modern society.

      Our people believe that they should be protected from everything. Unlike our ancestors, who all had to put in together in order to protect the collective, our society is largely made up people who want protection without putting in.

      There are no guarantees in life.

      Who gives a shit about your 12-year history Yannick? You do.

      You parents might too, but that's about it.

      You think it's arrogant and nonchalant of me to propose re-invention? My father did it. He got ditched by corporate Canada in his middle age. Instead of whining like a weak little bitch, he created his own life.

      That's the problem. People think that if they invest X-amount of years into an education, they're guaranteed safe passage.

      Real men and women understand that until they secure guarantees by way of a seven-figure profit, they're still susceptible to market conditions.

      Before you clamor on about the security you're due - perhaps you should observe the extreme lack of security your ancestors faced, and yet persevered against nonetheless.

      "Necessity is the mother of invention" - Adski can't argue this point because it's a time-tested maxim that's been proven true over and over again.

      "No fate but what we make"

      "Quand on veut, on peut"

    29. "However, they created their own safety net by way of weapons, traps and other systems to protect their tribes."

      Much like our governments pool our resources, offer training programs and pass legislation that helps all members of our country? Sounds pretty similar. It's always interesting to hear those who "have made it" complain about those who haven't are leeches on society, and they should just become successfully. I mean I get it, psychologically when you succeed you want to attribute all the success to yourself, realistically though half of success is luck and happenstance. Of course this undeserved inflated ego leads to the complaints about others "I did it without any help so why don't they? Why should I give them any help" reminds me of Craig T Nelson

      The fact of the matter is there were probably a thousand men like your father who were laid off and didn't make it, was it because your father was superior to them? No, chances are it was just luck, they might not have had the same resources, the same help, the same background, it was at the wrong time. Not everyone has the same opportunities to "create a new life". The only way our ancestors survived as a species was because we are social animals that band together and help each other when we need it. If you believe most people want to be on welfare or social assistance I invite you to try and live on the money they receive and tell me that, that quality of life is motivating enough to stay on welfare. The majority of people on welfare are there because they have to be not because they want to be.

    30. "The majority of people on welfare are there because they have to be not because they want to be"

      I have to disagree with you on this one. I am not entirely convinced that's the case and I am more likely to believe that it is the minority of people on welfare that really need to be on, I think more rather then less scam the system AND especially in this province where the mindset is that everyone owes them. They don't have a very strong work ethic, in La Belle Province....sorry. I overheard a conversation not too long ago while I was on the train, this lady was complaining to her friend that the year is almost over and she hadn't taken all her sick days, so she was going to make it a point to take them by calling in sick anyway, and maybe one day go for a massage. WTF....who thinks like that?

    31. "this lady was complaining to her friend that the year is almost over and she hadn't taken all her sick days, so she was going to make it a point to take them by calling in sick anyway, and maybe one day go for a massage. WTF....who thinks like that?"

      I always take my remaining sick days in December. I only get 5 a year (down from 10 a year 5 years ago), so you bet your a** I will be cashing these in.

      I only took one so far this year, when I was too sick to even work from home. The remaining 4 will be taken before the end of year.

    32. "Now pull out you credit card Adski, go visit a site called Amazon and buy your friend the following book:"

      I'll also recommend Tony Robbin's "Awaken the Giant Within : How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Destiny!", "Unleash the Power Within: Personal Coaching from Anthony Robbins That Will Transform Your Life!", Oprah Winfrey's "The Best of Oprah Winfrey: Lessons for Life Changing Success", and Joel Osteen's "Break Out!: 5 Keys to Go Beyond Your Barriers and Live an Extraordinary Life".

      While I'm at it, I'll also recommend the Lord of the Rings trilogy. If I'm getting him hooked on fairy-tales, I might as well top it off with something good.

    33. While I'm recommending books, I'll recommend one for you too:

      "The Age of Oprah: Cultural Icon for the Neoliberal Era (Media and Power)"

      "Author Janice Peck begins with a detailed history of American magical thinking -- from 19th century mind cures to modern New Age philosophies. She shows how this strain of thought downplays or outright dismisses political, economic, and social factors in creating poverty & despair, in favor of "personal responsibility" -- which more often turns out to be a more rarified way of blaming the victim. She also shows the disparity (some might say hypocrisy) of such magical thinking, which touts itself as spiritual & highly evolved, yet also offers the less fortunate contempt rather than pity & compassion."

    34. I just remain dumfounded by those who advocate individual responses to a collective problem. Sure, I can reinvent myself, and outcompete someone else at an interview. Works for me, but what does it do to the poor sod? No matter how you put it, if there are 5 chairs for 10 people, 5 people are going to be left out no matter how hard they try to fight for those chairs.

      Also, Anonymous_Coward, I am not afraid for my own sake here. I know the concept is lost on an individualist like yourself, but I'm concerned for others who lose their jobs to outsourcing, not for myself.

    35. Wow Adski a lil cynical there...aren't you?? Tony Robbins has amassed a small empire on called fairy tales. I'm pretty sure that after all these years, if his advise were a mere fraud or worthless, it would have proven so ages ago. I actually know a few people who swear by his books. I can tell you that one became a Lawyer after reading the series, she swears it was pivotal in her success, so don't knock it.

      I can also tell you that some people people in here should read a few selections on that list of yours, they can use some...Self-help, I can tell u that much.

    36. While we're recommending books, believers in the motivational hocus-pocus might benefit from "The Age of Oprah: Cultural Icon for the Neoliberal Era (Media and Power)"

      "Author Janice Peck begins with a detailed history of American magical thinking -- from 19th century mind cures to modern New Age philosophies. She shows how this strain of thought downplays or outright dismisses political, economic, and social factors in creating poverty & despair, in favor of "personal responsibility" -- which more often turns out to be a more rarified way of blaming the victim. She also shows the disparity (some might say hypocrisy) of such magical thinking, which touts itself as spiritual & highly evolved, yet also offers the less fortunate contempt rather than pity & compassion."

    37. Mmm...well adski you seem well versed in the subject, you know...almost like you've actually read all

    38. @AnecTOTE

      What I love best is how Adski tore a page right out of the PQ playbook.

      Here I am recommending a book like the Four Hour Work Week, which is a book that contains completely practical steps for people to follow to start a business, including case studies where small businesses and one-man operations reveal how they got shit done.

      In short, I offered up a document that offers practical and realistic measures to build something bigger.

      What does Adski do?

      He Zags my point by linking the Four Hour Work Week book with the self-help movement.

      I'm not even going to cover my points of view on Robbins and Winfrey.

      Why? Completely different subject altogether.

      I was talking about serious blue prints to starting either a full-on business or a side project that could help someone supplement their income.

      Nice to see Adski twist my argument into some kind of support for the movie "The Secret."

      If starting a new business is so impossible, why do so many of the businesses started each day bucking the odds and succeeding?

    39. Think I'll also top that last comment with this one.

      Adski, I'm willing to bet that if anything, you work at a white collar job...$50K or more a year.

      You likely come from privilege...and absolutely loathe yourself for it.

      It's OK Broski - I understand - a lot of people who had it easy from day one hate themselves for it.

      I'm white collar now too. Wasn't always that way. Lots of struggle.

      Worked two jobs to afford to go to Concordia's continuing education program to help get me where I am.

      Was it handed to you on a silver platter? Is that why you're so bitter?

    40. He's starting to exhibit the same symptoms as Yannick, it's not a good thing...smirk.

    41. @anectote

      ...and with adski thinking his way out you're starting to be stuck with cutie003 and anonymus coward as your only co-bashers. it's an even worse thing.

    42. The worst thing is being an intentionally duplicitous, misleading, deceitful , dishonest asshole, just because of an hidden agenda you think nobody is wise to. I am sure adski feels absolutely phenomenal that someone like YOU is coming to his defense, hey.."great rim job" pinstripes...LOLOLOLOLOL...that'e one way to make friends.

    43. @anectote

      you lost your nerve mate. come back when you find it.

  13. From the Washington Post on the


  14. "PQ, the political party that advocates for Quebec’s national sovereignty, won a majority mandate in the province’s 2012 election, and the charter was a fundamental part of the separatist platform that propelled it into power."

    Errr...Majority?????? I don't think so...hey WP...your Fact checker stinks...FIRE HIM/HER

    1. ""The legislation has yet to pass, and Ottawa is likely to subject it to judicial scrutiny if it does. Even so, large numbers of Quebecois support the measure, which is evidence of a deeper, more systemic issue: collective disregard for individual liberty and the freedom of religious expression.""

      The writer knows next to nothing about Canada if he thinks Canada would intervene in Quebec. Not a chance of that happening. Canada wants to minimize all time and effort spent on this waste of time province.

      At least the writer got one part of Quebec society right "collective disregard for individual liberty".

      That's a hallmark of Quebec society. The nanny state always knows better then the individual.

      That's why SR is so doubly sure he's right. The govt told him what to think.

    2. "PQ, the political party that advocates for Quebec’s national sovereignty, won a majority mandate in the province’s 2012 election, and the charter was a fundamental part of the separatist platform that propelled it into power."

      What a careless typo, we future historians (from 2019) studying the fall of human civilization in Quebec know that date was 2013!

  15. "Connaissez-vous Mindy Pollack ?

    C’est la première juive orthodoxe à briguer un poste de conseillère municipale.

    En juillet dernier, madame Pollack était interviewée par Benoit Dutrizac sur les ondes du 98, 5 FM.

    Elle a affirmée qu’elle ne donnait pas la main aux hommes, qu’elle devait demander conseil à son rabbin avant de répondre à certaines questions et qu’elle n’était pas contre le fait qu’en Israël, des leaders de la communauté orthodoxes militent pour instaurer des sections exclusivement réservées aux femmes dans les autobus.

    Pendant ce temps, les principales associations de la communauté juive de Montréal pourfendent la charte des valeurs de Bernard Drainville, sous prétexte qu’elle est discriminatoire et qu’elle divise les Québécois."

    Hahahaha!Quelle farce!

  16. Marcel Cote has my vote. Mayoral candidate Marcel Cote met with The Gazette’s editorial board. Oct 15

    1. really? and you think you'll get things to change by voting in a dude that settles his electoral strategy on smearing his opponents? now that's odd.

    2. Seemed to have worked for the PQ.

  17. FROM ED
    O.K. O.k. O.K. We get the picture. The sky is going to fall. Can anyone suggest something positive, like what should we be doing. Some say, "Sell and get out" Some are advocating start your own business. Why go in to busines if the sky is falling. Can anyone point a direction that might help those of us who are lost in the lurch? Ed

    1. Have you ever had the feeling that you wanted to stay...and still had the feeling that you wanted to go?

    2. FROM ED
      I've done worse than a feeling Anectote. In the eighties i moved to Vancouver bought a hous and moved back two years later because my wife was not happy there. Today the little cottage I bought and sold is worth a million dollars. Ed

    3. Yes AnecTOTE = every damn day for the past year.

    4. None of us will like this one:

    5. Certains anglos manquent de courage et de convictions.

    6. Cutie - Oh no..heaven forbid the Liberals dont win the next election. I mean they are the ONLY hope..I am sure they will fix all our problems..repeal Bill 101..get the economy down the debt..oh yes they are the ones..

    7. Dammit complicated - putting separatists in charge of this place IS NOT AN OPTION! I know, for the thousandth time, that the liberals are far from great but the GD CAQ SEPARATIST PARTY is not going to repeal any of the laws that are sinking this damn place either! The threat of separation and their stupid laws against everything English is sinking this damn province and not an investor in the world will put a cent in here.

    8. @cutie003

      cutie003 if you had the choice between a bunch of federalist thieves or a crew of honest separatists to run the province which one would you pick?

      (telling me an honest separatist doesn't exist would be dodging the question and you're not a dodger right cutie003?)

  18. Pay attention to Greece, Detroit…its coming your way…I don’t know when but all governments across this country have been putting you so far into debt…yes the Quebec is the worst but Ontario is right behind…a mess in the making. The housing bubble will come as well…

    Act accordingly…be smart.

    1. FROM ED
      Yeah Right, we need advice from someone who is afraid to sign his words. Ed

    2. Right U R Ed! At least our roads get paved when they need to get paved. Every year, CAA Toronto has people write in once a year letting everybody know about the ten worst roads in the GTA. The province and municipalities tend to fix the named roads before the next year. There are many thoroughfares named, so the public sets the priorities, as it should be.

    3. To add to the above, properly paved roads with proper asphalt beats the s--t out of language legislation and measuring the legal size of Stars of David and crucifixes.

  19. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, October 15, 2013 at 4:43:00 PM EDT

    The PQ will simply tax their way out of this mess. Really.
    I'll be watching comfortably from Europe, watching la belle province go down.
    quebec will never separate (lack of conviction i.e. balls & spine) but will surely default at one point.

    1. L'Europe est un exemple à suivre...Err

  20. An interesting editorial on the charter:

    1. Lien non fonctionnel...Encore.

    2. Just don't post the period into the web bar after the html.

    3. Pourquoi elle ajoute un point aux liens??

    4. Cutie, the most interesting part?

      The media I saw were playing up 2 different letters on one day. One by all these academics and professionals in mental health etc. Calls the charter insane, destroying society etc. Serious heavyweights. 90% of the people signing the letter have a PHd.

      The other letter was a "la whatevers" group. 19 quebec artists that came together to express support. The ultimate lightweights. Artists, actors, egoists, vanity on stage etc.

      The media were presenting it as actually 2 valid opionins with equal weight somehow.

      It's hysterically funny to hear a reporter on the news compare the 2 like they carry equal weight in argument. Sad statement about professional journalists. Most media has descended into tabloid versions of themselves from years ago. Gazoo has been lost in the woods for longer even.

      IT's funny the PQ supporters should be all about being told what to think. You;d think they go with all the mental heath professionals instead of the opinion of a bunch of artists with 5 years post secondary education between them.

      In the end racial bias always wins here tho.

      Choose the arguments and logic of actors and artists over mental health professionals when running the state.

      Again only in Quebec does this logic prevail time and time again.

    5. Vous devriez quitter le Québec,vous avez 9 autres provinces pour être heureux.

    6. "Pourquoi elle ajoute un point aux liens??

      Just to mess with's soooooooo easyyyyyyy LOLOLOLOLOL !!!!!!! Hèhèhèhèhè

    7. "Vous devriez quitter le Québec,vous avez 9 autres provinces pour être heureux."

      When all else fails and they can't possibly offer up a worthwhile rebuttal to the logical argument someone presents them with....they opt for the cheapest lowest obtuse and completely #FAIL remark of..".well just move". Which is kinda a sneek peek into the way they live their lives, (I have said this before) their motto in Life...when something doesn't work: Just Leave. .Leave your home, leave your job, leave you wife, husband, kids, cat, grandma.....screw it all...JUST their answer to everything. Lacking the courage of our convictions indeed...."Those who live in glass houses" ..the saying goes? Except some have NO Courage and NO Convictions., AT

    8. "The other letter was a "la whatevers" group. 19 quebec artists that came together to express support. The ultimate lightweights. Artists, actors, egoists, vanity on stage etc."

      I find it sad that in Quebec the artist community is basically a bunch of propagandists for the PQ. But I guess they see the PQ's brand of politics as the only way to save themselves and their ivory tower lifestyle.

      "The media were presenting it as actually 2 valid opionins with equal weight somehow."

      The media does this kind of manipulation. It likes to frame the debate as if only two points of view exist, and it likes to conflate unequal views as equal, as here in the case of intellectuals vs. a gaggle of second-rate entertainers.

    9. Yes our journalists certainly aren't what they used to be. Instead of being unbiased and checking things out they just quote what everyone says and publish it as truth. I really wish they would get back to doing investigative journalism and report on facts and not just opinions. Imagine having PhD in the same category as "artists" when talking about something as important as the legality and fairness of the charter. It's just plain stupid.

  21. FROM ED
    Cebeuq, you have to remember the artists are beholding to the party Quebecois which protects them from outside competition. If they really had to compete with American songs and artists they'd be dead in the water. Anyway, why listen to those with PHDs. Just bebause they're the best and brightest minds what could they possiblt know that would be smarter than Bernard Drainville?. Ed

  22. The worst part is that French media commentators say Quebec has created 67,000 jobs in the past year.

    This is, quite literally, bragging about filling a bucket that has a hole in the bottom.


    1. The journalists are as much responsible for the lies that go on in quebec as are the politicians. How do people really get to the truth of matters in this province with so many deceptions and untruths. It truly is a frightening situation.


    3. @kevin

      what's wrong with this number mate?

  23. Rosemont aura une rue Pierre-Falardeau

    Pas trop tôt :)

  24. Good grief..has the editor been reading my mind. I feel like I wrote this latest piece. Everyone here is running around fuming about language and how desperately we need the Liberals in power. In the end its the economy people..the debt..the taxes..the pathetic economy. |The Liberals and the PQ are as much to blame for this mess..both racking up massive debts.

    The CAQ to me was kind of a last ditch hope that just maybe we had found a party who would focus on these real issues. But it looks like the people wont give them the chance..instead once again re-electing the same losers who got us into this mess. Hence we deserve what we are going to get. I suspect it will get ugly here..once mass unemployment really takes off..once interest rates skyrocket..once massive cuts and tax hikes are necessary. The rest of Canada will be blamed again..the english will be blamed..nationalism will rise as the francophones wrongly determine that only independance can get them out of their own mess..

    1. Maybe that's the only thing left - partition and let those areas leave that want out - I've said it before and I'll repeat until I die - not all of us have to sink with the stupid ship.

  25. FROM ED
    I've been wondering when you would show up, no one can do the doom and gloom thing as well as you. What's wrong with the separatists blaming the English for the mess, you've been blaming the English all along. have you stopped apologizing for us? Ed