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French versus English Volume 94

Charbonneau Crime Inquiry touching some raw nerves

This week and last week saw some pretty damaging testimony from an ex-union boss who spilled the beans over union connections to organized crime and biker gangs.
In a rambling testimony given over many days, Ken Pereira testified that he confronted his bosses over irregularities, including the overstated expenses claimed by FTQ Construction ex-boss Jocelyn Dupuis who charged $125,000 in dubious expenses, including $30,000 in one swanky Montreal restaurant in just one month.
When Pereira went to the head of the entire FTQ union with proof of the phony expense scheme, he was advised not to make waves and then claimed he was offered $300,000 to keep quiet.
He went on to tell the commission about the incestuous relationship between the union and construction entrepreneurs and even made connections to biker gangs and the mafia.

In one of the more riveting stories, he told the commission about an incident at the Bell Centre in Montreal during a boxing gala.

First, some background
Back in March, construction boss Giuseppe (Joe) Borsellino, owner of Garnier Construction was hauled kicking and screaming before the commission, giving testimony that was evasive to be generous, ridiculous to be fair. Read a hilarious account.
Borsellino is an important player in the Montreal construction industry, a competitor of Tony Accurso, but not quite in his league.
"And he had no clear explanation for why three men showed up at his offices in Laval in July 2009 and beat him so severely that he ended up in surgery...
...The beating incident in 2009 seemed to be of particular interest to Justice France Charbonneau, who pushed for answers about what could have triggered such a violent episode. It took seven hours to surgically repair the damage done to Borsellino's face by the men who pushed their way into his office."
Readers, when two guys break into your home or office, not to rob you, but rather to beat you up, it is to send a message. If the attackers wanted Borsellino dead, they'd have put two bullets in his head.
It is impossible that Borsellino didn't know why he was beaten, the attackers surely let him know exactly what the message was and who was sending it.

And so back to the story.....
Mr Pereira, testified that Bernard Girard (ex-VP of 77,000 member strong FTQ-Construction union) attended a boxing gala a the Bell Centre in Montreal with Jimmy Accurso, son of the infamous construction magnate. At a certain point, Jimmy headed upstairs to his father's loge to get a bottle of booze. Jimmy preferred the floor seats for boxing, rather than the loge, high up in the rafters.
The loge had been lent out for the evening to Jocelyn Dupuis (the same FTQ Construction union boss with the phony expenses) 
Jimmy flipped his lid when upon entering his father's loge, he espied Borsellino, a direct competitor of his father.
Accurso took exception that Dupuis disrespected his father's generosity by inviting a competitor to the loge and when the exchange between himself and Jocelyn Dupuis got heated, three Hells Angels, also invited by Dupuis to the loge, intervened on Dupuis' behalf.
Pushing and shoving ensued and if not for Girard's intervention, Jimmy was on the road to a solid beating, this according to Pereira.

Two weeks later, thugs showed up to Borselinos office and beat the crap out of him....hmmmm.

To top off the story, on Wednesday morning last week, Perereira himself 'slipped and fell' when leaving his home on his way to testify. The extent of his concussion is unknown and the commission suspended hearing until he can return. Hmmm......

For those who believe that the Charbonneau commission is reviewing history, nothing could be less true, it is an unfolding saga.

Now the guy who Pereira went to about the phony expenses, is the big boss of the entire FTQ union, Michel Arsenault.
The FTQ is Quebec's largest and most powerful union with 500,000 members, or 44% of unionized Quebecers.

Arsenault is fighting tooth and nail to have wiretap recordings of himself and cohorts excluded from being played before the commission based on his right to privacy.
These recordings were made by police in an investigation into union corruption a couple of years ago.
The investigation ended when police gave the tapes to Crown prosecutors, believing that there was enough evidence of malfeasance to warrant charges being laid.
However, the prosecutors disagreed and chose not to indict and the matter was dropped, but the tapes were turned over to the commission and are probably quite damaging.
In a desperate attempt to have the tapes declared off limits, Arsenault and the union are going to court....stay tuned.

Allegations that Laval ex-mayor offered cash to candidate
And ex Laval  godfather mayor Gilles Vaillancourt is in the news again, unbowed and unrepentant.
"The disgraced ex-mayor once known as the King of Laval has cast a dark shadow over the city’s municipal election, with fresh allegations supported by a secret recording that he offered cash to one candidate and delivered a thinly veiled threat against another.
In the midst of the new allegations against Gilles Vaillancourt, the mayor who reigned over Laval for 23 years before his downfall, a campaign staffer who helped blow the whistle on Mr. Vaillancourt was beaten on the side of a road by two men. He was not seriously injured in the Monday night attack.
Earlier Monday, candidate and former Vaillancourt ally on council, Claire Le Bel, went public to Radio-Canada with her recording of a meeting with Mr. Vaillancourt in August where the former mayor suggested he could secretly deliver shady cash donors to help fund her campaign. She and her children have been under police guard since she went public.
Fellow mayoral candidate Marc Demers, a former Laval police investigator and long-time enemy of Mr. Vaillancourt, said he went to police Tuesday to complain that Mr. Vaillancourt was also recorded telling Ms. Le Bel that Mr. Demers would have his legs broken."  Link
You've got to admit that he's got brass cojones.
With all the millions he is alleged to have stashed in the Caribbean and considering the jail time he's potentially looking at, it's a testament to his fortitude that he's sticking around and still working the room like he never left.
If I was in his position and at his age, 72, I'd be looking at a country without an extradition treaty with Canada, somewhere warm, where the locals could be paid to look the other way..... Otro tequila por favor!

And the hits just keep coming.....
Michael Applebaum corruption allegations run deep
Investigators with the province's anti-corruption unit say former mayor Michael Applebaum is at the center of an alleged system of corruption much broader than first thought.
According to documents obtained by La Presse, UPAC's investigation focused on multiple real estate projects in the Cote des Neiges -- NDG borough.
Applebaum was arrested in June in connection with two projects, the NDG Sports Centre and a condo project near Mount Royal.
The projects allegedly involved zoning changes and bribes worth tens of thousands of dollars that transpired between 2006 and 2011
He was charged with 14 offences, including conspiracy, fraud, breach of trust and corruption in municipal affairs.
The new documents reveal the alleged corruption goes back to 2002 and continues up to last year.      Read more

Quebec cop who specialized in biker gangs now accused of helping them 
"Quebec's latest corruption scandal has reached into the heart of law enforcement, with a longtime organized-crime investigator accused of colluding with the criminals he'd been watching.
Benoit Roberge was the Montreal police force's leading expert on biker gangs, having investigated their activity and testified at trials to put them away. His spouse, meanwhile, still works as a prosecutor specializing in organized crime.
Now Roberge is under arrest.
He is accused of selling sensitive information about ongoing police investigations to biker gangs and he now faces four charges, including two counts of gangsterism.
On Saturday, he was arrested by fellow police officers. When he was stopped he was allegedly in the company of an individual linked to the Hells Angels crime gang.
Roberge appeared in court on Monday on four charges: one count of obstructing justice, one count of breach of trust and the two counts related to gangsterism. Link

Quebec intergovernmental minster's 'crocodile tears'

Did you hear the joke about the son who murdered his parents and then asked the judge for leniency because he's now an orphan?

It reminds of Quebec's intergovernmental minister Alexandre Cloutier's complaint that Quebec is underrepresented on the Supreme Court.
The newest appointment, that of Marc Nadon from Quebec, is being held up because a Toronto lawyer has claimed that the appointee isn't qualified under the law, even though the court has received an opinion from a Supreme Court judge that he is.
While the mess is sorted out, Nadon will sit it out, leaving Cloutier fuming that Quebec is short-changed and under-represented.

But hold on just a sec.
Quebec is guaranteed three of the nine spots, or one third of the seats, even though its population is only 23.6% of the Canadian total.
Even without Judge Nadon sitting, Quebec will still have two of the eight seats, or 25%.
It's Quebec mathematics.

By the way, Cloutier told reporters that if only Harper had taken the PQs advice on who to appoint, the mess could have been averted. Link{fr}

Andre Boisclair becoming a PQ liability

The PQ finally revoked Andre Boisclair's 'permanence' as a deputy minister, which would have guaranteed him a cushy job and salary until retirement, at which point he could then collect a healthy pension.

You might recall that Boisclair was removed removed himself to fight a lawsuit that he launched against the CAQ for allegedly defaming him by asking publicly if his drug use led to preferential treatment in the awarding of a contract, just a few days before a provincial election which the PQ was to lose.
The awarding of a new contract by a government minister during an election campaign is seen as unethical and in this case particularly offensive because Boisclair knew that according to the polls the PQ would lose the election convincingly and he'd no longer be minister.

The fact that he left his job in New York, indicates that the PQ wanted him out of the firing line, but if every politician stepped aside because of a lawsuit, there'd be few left to govern.
"The government has not explained why it granted Boisclair’s request for what appears to be an indefinite, paid leave of absence in Montreal during his lawsuit, which could take several years to decide.
In 1993, sovereignist leaders Jacques Parizeau and Lucien Bouchard sued for defamation over a financial newsletter comparing their nationalism to that of Adolf Hitler.
That case wasn’t settled until 12 years later. In the meantime, first Parizeau, then Bouchard became premier. If they could run the whole provincial government during a lawsuit, why can’t Boisclair even run its New York office?" Read more
But the ex-delegate-general to New York hasn't faded from the limelight and continues to embarrass the PQ as more damaging revelations about his term as Premier coming to light.
The latest is that Boisclair accepted illegal help from the FTQ union during a provincial election, a no-no according to election law. Link{fr}
The allegation comes a year too late, as the statute of limitations has run out on these type of offenses.

Still, Boisclair has become an embarrassment as he is still collecting his $170,000 salary while being re-assigned to 'other' duties in Quebec.
Nice work if you can get it......

Charter of Values: Much ado about nothing

Conspicuous religious symbols aren't a problem in any health facility in Quebec, but the Charter Values ​​might create new ones, warn the leaders of the health care system .  

Executive Director of the Quebec Association of health and social services institutions (AQESSS), Diane Lavallée, Quebec asked the government to exempt the 230,000 health workers from part of the Charter of Quebec values. 
"The wearing of religious symbols is no problem in the network and we are concerned that their prohibition will lead to difficulties in recruiting and retaining staff, in addition to creating unhealthy tension where there was none before ," Ms. Lavallée said at a press conference. 
AQESSS executives surveyed its 125 health facilities about the charter between the 19th and 25th of September. The results are unequivocal: 100% say they have no problem with the wearing of religious symbols. They also reported that they didn't receive a single complaint in this regard , over the past two years. Yet nearly half of the institutions include among their staff, those who wear such ostentatious signs . In addition, 97 %  say that these signs don't pose any difficulty in relationships with customers. Link{fr}

The logic of Jean-François Lisée

The PQ minister in charge of Montreal is so peeved that all the major candidates for mayor of Montreal have come out solidly against the Charter of Values, that he has asked then not to discuss their positions in public. Link{fr}

I'm not kidding.

He asked the candidates to emulate the late Jean Drapeau who as mayor of Montreal, never pronounced publicly his opposition to Bill 101, reminding the candidates that the Charter is a provincial matter, intimating that they had no dog in the fight.

But two of the candidates Denis Coderre and Mélanie Joly have already gone so far as to say that as mayor, they would launch a judicial challenge, something that annoyed Liseé to no end.

He reminded the candidates that many people in Montreal support the proposed Charter, but since there is no viable candidate supporting the Charter, their voices cannot be heard.

And so, according to his logic, it is illegitimate for the new mayor to attack the Charter.

And with that our minister was off to China on a mission, God only knows why.

PQ buying more jobs.

"On Monday, Pauline Marois doled out close to $10 million to Ubisoft Entertainment. On Friday, she gave $1.5 million to Warner Bros. Games. And throughout the week, she played political action figure, fending off opponents of her Charter of Quebec Values.
So when the premier boasted Friday about how Quebec subsidies and tax breaks have helped build a world-class video-game industry here that employs 8,000 people in well-paid jobs, I couldn’t help but ask: Are video games now a “Quebec value”?   Read a wry account
I caught Pauline's speech about the announced gift to Warner Bros. and had a chuckle as La Marois actually referred to the company as "Warner Bross."
Yup, apparently Pauline doesn't know that 'bros.' is short for 'brothers' in English and it seems that none of her aides warned her about the pronunciation.

The bigger question is, who never heard of "Warner Brothers?'

You don't need French to hear the gaff at the beginning of the video and again at 0:20 secs.
Attention Pauline 'secs' ='seconds'

Just to help her out, I'm offering these images so that Pauline can avert a mistake in the future.

And who knew this secret before?

Clever or insulting?
This is how Bulk Barn deals with English in Quebec...

By the by, Bulk Barn still seemed to have muddled it up. The French version of the sign  reads '63¢', while the English sign underneath reads '.63
It should be vice-versa....Hmmmm...

Bits'n Pieces

If you read French , head over to Kijiji for this story written in charming street French about a stolen's precious Link{fr} 


A couple of year's ago I wrote about Daryl Lessor, a watchmaker that sells his wares on the Internet, who was hassled by the OQLF because his website was in English only.
Read: Watchmaker has No Time for Language Police

He's now decided to pack Quebec in and move to Ontario. Read the story 


Quebec universities are presently on a road show in France, hoping to recruit students to fill empty classes. Link{fr}

Students from France, unlike other foreign countries, benefit from the right to pay the same low tuition as Quebecers.

In other words, Quebec taxpayers pony up 83% of the real cost of the education of the estimated 10,000 students from France studying in Quebec.

The students also benefit from free Medicare while here.
Sheesh... good work if you can get it!


Here's a video promoting the new SSJB app that allows users to rat out those businesses that disrespect French.
Check out the big bad Anglo, who is actually played by a French actor who speaks English with an accent....hmmmmm

You can download the app HERE 
I can imagine the loads of fun you can have with it, but I'm not saying....

Quebec is in the news in Israel
The Jeruselem Post has weighed in on Quebec's Charter of Values
...and in HAARETZ
Will rising nationalism renew Montreal’s Jewish exodus?

11¢ out of every Quebec tax dollar is going to service Quebec's massive debt, the highest ratio of any Canadian province. Link
How many pennies out of each dollar does Alberta spend to service its debt?.....0¢


Mastercard forgets not all Habs fans speak French.

Fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens do not like each other one bit, and Mastercard is looking to cash in on this priceless rivalry.
The credit card company’s latest social media campaign pits the fans against each other.....
...There is one tiny little problem: The video for Habs fans was only posted in French. The entirety of anglophone Canadiens fans were ignored by the credit card giant. Instead of heckling the Leafs in the comments, English-speaking fans were stuck asking Mastercard to release an English-language video. YouTubers are not known for being subtle and, instead of slightly mean-spirited anti-Leaf comments, the space below the YouTube video almost erupted into a French vs. English language debate.  Link to story

Watch the French only Habs video on YouTube, but don't miss the comments below it.


Only in Canada
 "Coca-Cola has cancelled a Canadian promotion that paired randomly generated English and French words inside bottle caps after an Edmonton woman got one that said “You Retard.” " Link

Quebecers, as well as North Koreans barred from National Geographic photo contest! 


Have a great weekend!

Bonne fin de semaine!


  1. Montreal City-State doesn't need meddling from anyone, the Mayoral candidates are completely within their Right to express what they think and especially where they stand on this silly charter issue. The PQ should stay out of it, after all they would reproach Canada for interfering in their affairs, so they need to stay out of this city's affairs. The future Mayor will run things how he sees fit representing the interests of all the citizens of Montreal City-State.

    1. In the meantime, why is that putz Lisée in China? An all-expenses-paid junket courtesy of the taxpayer?

    2. @Sauga - he likely heard the old adage "What goes on in China, stays in China" and wants to take advantage of it on the taxpayer's backs before that landslide loss takes place in December.

    3. "In the meantime, why is that putz Lisée in China? An all-expenses-paid junket courtesy of the taxpayer?"

      We don't care if he goes to mars and back on an all-expense paid, soon we will have another election and they will be out on their butts, and Montreal City-State will be done with this silly special minister dispatched to "handle it". WE don't need another mother-in-law ourselves. The future Mayor of Montreal understands it needs to steer it in a different direction. Montreal City -State is against the charter, it is Officially bilingual and it is open for business. ALL are welcome.

  2. FROM ED
    How could Pauline get food poisoning. Unless it was done intentionally, no one gets food poisoned today. Especially someone who is surrounded by the best cooks and bodyguards. It sounds to me like someone tried to kill her. She probably went to the jewish general because they thought she'd be safer there. No one would expect her to go there. There is a muystery here and too little being said about it. If someone is out to get her and she knows it that could be the reason she is talking election. She wants out.

    1. "Unless it was done intentionally, no one gets food poisoned today. "

      ?!? yeah except for the 47.8 million dudes who got it last year in the usa. please ed stop the raving.

  3. Sorry, Ed, but I think your opinion on the food poisoning issue is more wishful thinking than anything else. Tainted food recalls take place constantly, and on an ongoing basis, so what happened to Madame Flutterby is not that big a stretch.

    In the meantime, you're overlooking the big issue: Madame Flutterby, of all the French hospitals in Montreal, chose the Jewish General Hospital. Then again, so did Jacques Parasite, and Jean Chretien, who lived two hours away, bypassed the Shawinigan area facility for the Jewish General. To me, though, the acid test was the fact Oscar-winning actor Michael Douglas chose the JGH to be treated for his throat cancer, and he could have gone to any of many excellent facilities in the U.S., or the world for that matter. Despite government stupidity, the JGH reigns supreme in Quebec while the French facilities are also-rans that can't hold a candle next to the well-endowed JGH!

    1. I almost forgot re the contest item. Notice New Jersey is the only U.S. state where the contest is void by law. The Quebec problem is due to a certain amount of tax charged on the value of the prizes being offered. The language issue could be another problem. For several years, for example, McDonald's monopoly game was not available in Quebec mostly because they did not produce their game tokens in French. The tax levy may have had what to do with it as well. Quebec has been bypassed for a plenitude of contests over the years over one or both of these annoyances.

      A friend of mine who lived in Montreal at the time was in Florida on vacation with his wife when they were approached by a condo vendor. When he mentioned where he was from, the vendor excused himself stating Quebec residents weren't eligible. No doubt this had to do with loud, crass French Quebecers who would demand services in French. Ain't gonna happen. Incidentally, that friend left Canada, let alone Quebec, subsequently and now resides in Europe.

    2. Not just New Jersey. Vermont as well! How did both states get on the sh*t list?

    3. @Two Cents Worth

      The reason New Jersey and Vermont are excluded have nothing to do with language, and everything to do with laws concerning "games of skill." The National Geographic contest is considered a "game of skill" because they judge how good each photographer is relative to each other---they don't just pull one photo out of a hat and declare it the winner. In games of skill, "consideration" can be taken into effect---in other words, an entry fee that is paid in order to participate in the contest.Not only do Vermont and New Jersey have laws prohibiting consideration in a games of skill contest, but the Attorney General of New Jersey has written an opinion that such fees are unlawful. That is why they are on the sh*t list.

      Why Photogs in Certain States Can't Enter Nat Geo's PhotoContest

    4. @ Edward J. Cunningham

      Thanks for the link explaining why NJ and Vermont were excluded.

      However, Quebec's exclusion from this contest isn't necessarily about language either.
      It might have to do with NG's misinterpretation of Quebec's meddling contest regulations.

      But then, again, it may have something to do with some requirement to advertise the contest in French before receiving approval from the Regie. We'll probably never know the truth.

    5. @two cent & sauga

      here's the paragraph that tells why quebec is out:

      "Some of those rules include deposits for certain contests depending on where they’re being held; registering advertisements before contests begin; and allowing the government to mediate any lawsuits that may stem from contests."

      nothing about language laws. a little translation can't be a showstopper for national geographic.

    6. student: You're very good at expressing the unsubstantiated, so what is your source for this statement, if I may?

    7. @sauga

      it's the article proposed by two cents worth that you would have read if you were serious. you should read other people's posts from time to time. there's more than you and me on this blog mate.

  4. FROM ED
    I've asked a couple of my police friends what they know about Premier Marois being poisoned. They tell me only the top brass knows anything. The word is out to clam up and when asked say "I know only what I read in the newspaper.s " .He says if I were the police man investigating the case, I would have to consider that it could have been an assassination attempt.. To be safe I would expect the one who did it to know she would be rushed to hospital and possibly have a contact waiting there.
    The logic would be to go where no one would ever expect to see her turn up, the Jewish hospital .
    There are some unanswered questions;
    Why haven't they simply said what and where she was eating.

    Who prepared her dinner?

    Why the Jewish hospital?

    Why is there nothing on the internet about it.? Eveything is being kept secretive. It would be no surprise to anyone that someone wants to kill her. There must be hundreds who have been destroyed financially by her and seek revenge.
    She has made more enemies in one year than anyone I have heard of. If she feels in serious danger the best thing to do would be an election. If she wins big, she could retire with honour and if they lose blame the English and move to safety. Ed


    1. Why the Jewish hospital?

      This is just a hunch, but I suspect Marois went there because it's a good hospital and she can afford to do so.

    2. Most of the politicians in quebec use the Jewish hospital because it is the best - then they don't give a shit if someone is wearing a veil or a kippah. Hypocrites. Funny how these things don't seem to matter when you're ill but they're willing to ruin this hospital for absolutely no reason. Imagine how many doctors they will lose over this nonsense now that they've made it clear that there won't even be the opportunity for an exemption. These idiots must be put out of office quickly or we're going to have people lying in the streets due to a lack of medical care.

    3. Being Jewish myself, I feel a need to interject. I'm a little uncomfortable as referring it the JGH as simply "The Jewish Hospital". There is a lot of misconception, such as it exists to help Jews first and the rest of the population next. It's not, and never was. The primary objectives were to provide kosher food and rabbinical chaplaincy services, amenities totally ignored by a nation that considered itself created on Christian principles alone. Most unaccommodating, but that was that era. We were well on our way to improving on such lack of accommodation but for Quebec's recent antics to set society back several decades.

      A secondary objective for the Jewish community to build a hospital that primarily meets its needs was to give Jewish doctors, nurses and other staff greater consideration, but not exclusivity, for employment. Most of the hospital's staff is not Jewish and it has always been this way. Many other hospitals had hiring quotas and no other accommodations for those of other faiths.

    4. You are right of course Mr. Sauga - it was set up for the right purpose(s) and the separatists have never been able to change the fact that it's a very good hospital. Good on them.

    5. @cunningham

      "I suspect Marois went there because it's a good hospital and she can afford to do so."

      first part is true. second is not. all hospitals are free in quebec.

  5. FROM ED
    Hey Mr.Sauga,
    Maybe thse things happen all the time. But if that's the case, why not just go to the closest hospital for such a standard thing? Why the secrecy? Why the election talk, she is safe for a few more years, or is she? I'll wait till morning and possibly see what some others think of the therory. Good night. Ed

    1. Ed: We're fast approaching 72 hours since you made this entry and there has been no response to speak of. Where La Marois went for her ailment is really of no consequence, but it is conspicuous because it shows she trusts the predominantly English language hospital over all the French ones in Montreal. Doesn't U de M have its own hospital not too far away?

      Anyway, as the Editor has previously written, the English hospitals have much greater endowments than the French hospitals. Because of these endowments, these hospitals can afford the latest medical equipment and attract good doctors, surprisingly from outside Quebec, if the price is right. The JGH's reputation is that good, notwithstanding Quebec government stupidity. That includes the tomato sandwich caper and f--khead John James Charest fining the JGH because of it's a--hole medics couldn't eat his pork infested lunch in the kosher cafeteria. The JGH has plenty of places for those who don't observe the dietary strictures to eat their in-brought meals.

    2. Actually, Sauga, in Montreal English hospitals have more 'brains', whereas French hospitals have more funding, hence better medical equipment and such. The only thing at which English hospitals are better the French ones are the staff. I really can't give you official numbers as some might want, but from what I have seen within the medical funding in Montreal in the past 7 years, this is the sad, sad truth.

  6. Re: Pauline Marois not understanding that “Bros.” is actually an abbreviation for “Brothers”…

    Many (if not most/all) of you will remember that on election night last year, La Marois made a 30-word statement promising: "To my fellow anglophone Quebecers [sic], I say don't worry. Your rights will be fully protected. We share the same history and I want us to shape together our common future." Link 1 Link 2

    However, this is a rather hypocritical PQ understanding of what it means to be an anglophone Quebecer, if I do say so myself. They are magnanimously offering us to have nothing but a vestigial remainder of our culture that will, *of course*, be *fully* respected, that is until it dies out from neglect...

  7. @Editor

    I know this would be a lot of work - maybe us readers can help you.

    But for one of your next posts, would it be possible to compile the budget shortfalls of the PQ during the past year?

    Of course the government wouldn't be able to use it, but if we raised enough eyebrows on both sides of the fence it might help precipitate a revelation of their bilan.

    1. FROM ED
      I would be interested in budget and debt balances over the last 40 yrs. Who borrowed the most PQ or PLQ?
      I know at one time Jean Charest borrowed 50 billion from China to repair the infrastru ture that the PQ had let deteriorate.
      The PQ got elected and ate it all up. While the Liberals are accused of over spending, it would be nice tyo know where it went. Ed

    2. @ed

      "While the Liberals are accused of over spending, it would be nice tyo know where it went."

      it went to their sponsors. now you know.

    3. The Libs and PQ are pretty well neck and neck in regards to mismanaging our finances..

    4. But they are not neck and neck with drilling the nail in the coffin to end it all.

      Complicated...unfortunately, it comes down to the better of the two evils...u pick, and remember...picking just a stay of execution.

    5. We dont know that anectote. There are an awful lot of assumptions thrown about here about what the CAQ is about and what they will do..but its all speculation. Much of it is based on irrational paranoia..the old " a seperatist is always a seperatist" way of thinking which is so juvenile.

      We know that the Libs are not going to improve anything..they have shown over and over how useless they are..and yet you still think they are the only option..I call that insanity.

    6. @complicated: Legault's own words and actions speak volumes. He talks about the future of Quebec as an independent country, but it's a goal that can't be brought about just yet. It's not that he's a reformed former separatist: he's still an avowed separatist that knows that it's not in his best interest to be talking about it right now. From the Montreal Gazette last year:

      “...Francois Rebello (...a candidate for the CAQ in Sanguinet riding), who announced (the CAQ) is just another way to reach the separation of Quebec,” Charest said. “I didn’t see Legault speak up. He stood right next to him and nodded. If it looks like a duck and talks like a duck, it’s a duck.” (

    7. That may be their ultimate they have said clearly they dont want to talk about constitutional issues for at least 10 years which is a-ok by me. But they also have quite a few federalists in their party so to just smear them all as seperatists is really unfair.

      As I have said repeatedly I could care less what they think about in 10 years if they can actually clean up the mess we are in mess I mean economically - the debt, taxes, economy, corruption.

      If they can actually turn the corner and move this province in the right direction then thats more than enough for me. Oh and not talking about seperation for 10 years is a big bonus. Give me a competent ex-seperatist any day over incompetent and/or immoral federalists.

      Ultimately the only lasting solution and peace we will have in this province is actually finding a way for seperatists and federalists to work together to fix this mess of a place we live in. The old federalist versus seperatist game has not done anything but drive this province right into the ground.

      Once again..everyone here as usual is proposing absolutely nothing concrete to change things for the better. Just the same old..we must vote Liberal. And then lets start whining about how awful things pathetic is that..

    8. No more pathetic than voting in someone who is out to do exactly the opposite of what we are fighting for - our RIGHT TO REMAIN CANADIAN - the separatists are the ones driving this province into the ground - not the federalists who do not have a valid vote left in this province!

    9. Pathetic is voting time in and time out for a party that shows little to no respect for the anglophone community. A party that ignores the anglophones as soon as they are in power and yet manages to scoop up all their votes over and over. Dont anglo have any self-respect..its just so demeaning.
      Pathetic is coming here day in and day out whining and moaning about how awful it is to live in Quebec as an anglophone and yet refusing to do anything concrete about it. At least I am willing to try something different..I am willing to take risk on a new party..yes a party that incluudes some ex-seperatists and possibly even a few who are seperatists. But if this party can actually move this province even a bit in the direction it needs to go..economically and even morally then it will be a win inthis book. And if they cant..believe me they will be no worse than the corrupt and useless Liberals who treat anglos like dirt..

    10. And you think the CAQ will treat us any better? lol. When and if we ever get a half decent CANADIAN provincial party together in this lousy place, they will get the votes but not until then. If you think that I'm going to be more happy paying my taxes to yet another separatist party just because you think they just MAY help the economy, I have news for you. Optics and areas that vote to leave quebec will show up each election only through voting liberal right now and maybe with the conservative party coming up - other than that, federalists would be crazy to give, through their vote, any support to any separatist party in this province. The optics of this would be devastating to our whole cause of remaining Canadian through partition and that, my friend, will never be an option for me.

      And by the way, there is still no proof that the liberals are any more guilty of criminal activity than the rest of the do-dos are.

    11. @cutie003

      "...there is still no proof that the liberals are any more guilty of criminal activity...2

      hey you picked up ed's mantra mate. so that's how crap gets passed along on the internet. fascinating.

    12. Cutie..You like most anglophones here are in such serious denial. If you truly believe the Liberals are so innocent then you are completely delusional. The facts are that the Liberals were in charge of this province while the worst corruption in Canadian history was going somehow pretend they had no knowledge and/or involvement is beyond pathetic. I suspect if you saw a Liberal accepting bribes in front of your face you would still deny they were involded in it.

      Once again I am willing to take a chance..take a something different..take concrete realistic actions to change the mess we are in here in Quebec. I am willing to open up my mind and have faith that a party made up of ex-seperatists, a few current seperatists and federalists can improve things in this province. A party that has had a chance to lead and the only party that has any realistic hope of winning other than the usual two pathetic options.

      You like 90 percent of anglos..once again..come on here whining and complaining about life here..but are UNWILLING to change your voting actions even after it has clearly been PROVEN that the Liberal party is corrupt, incompetent and as much reponsible for the mess we are in than the PQ. You are unable to think straight because of your black and white thinking with the old seperatist/federalist are as responsible for the mess we are in as the seperatists are.

      The constant support of the corrupt Liberal party year after year by the anglo community has created a monster..a party that thinks it can get away with anything..a party that can treat the anglo like dirt. Its beyond really is..


    ""The photograph that shamed Mexico: Health director suspended after shocking image of indigenous woman giving birth on a clinic LAWN when nurses denied her treatment""

    This is our future Quebecois healthcare. Either through lack of money, charter of values, or just downright hatred of people not like them.

    Segregation and denial of right and services for people not progeny of the original "sluts of france" is the backbone of the PQ.

    Pauline, as you know all good ideas to shutdown progress and economic activity originate in France. France just has a new whopper this morning. More bans on shale everything.

    They would rather keep pushing money at Putin then work for themselves. At least he's a socialist that the people of france can respect!

    1. Si vous apprenez la langue officielle de notre Nation,vous éviterez d'éventuels incidents de ce genre.

    2. S.R,

      Sure, everybody in this blog speaks English, one official language of Canada, my nation, YOUR nation, our nation, which Quebec is but a province of it.

    3. SR you really need to start working on that masters degree tracing Quebec "original fraud" all the way back to the petty thieves and criminals sent over.

      No more wasted time on "original sin" that nobody cares about anymore.

      Think about it, you might be able to find your few true descendants that started all the corruption here hundreds of years ago.

    4. @troy

      " nation, YOUR nation, our nation, which..."

      you are confused between two concepts, nation and country have distinct meanings. didn't you know troy?

  9. How manipulative is this JF Lisee. Sly as a fox. He wants to silence mayoral candidates on the issue of the charter by citing democratic rights of the people who are in favor of the charter. Using democratic ideals, he's inviting the opponents of the charter to discuss it privately, not publicly, kind of like he once suggested that speaking English is ok in the privacy of one's home, but not out on the street (something that Perrault of imperatif francais back him on).

    And if so many Quebeckers are in fact for the charter (he cites 2/3 francophones, 1/3 allophones, 1/4 anglophones), what is Lisee so worried about? Wouldn't this mean that the chances of the anti-charter Montreal politicians be diminished?

    1. Democracy is one way for Minister Lisee. He cites democratic right of the pro-charter. Well, their democratic rights let's them run a candidate of their choosing.

    2. Quebec is only a democracy as long as we are following PQ principles.

      The moment the PQ lose control of an issue they start to threaten and beat their chests.

      Thinking is not allowed in quebec by PQ party faithful. Just look at the trolls here, they are still trying to find ways to short circuit around the logic part of their brain that interferes with totally swallowing everything that comes from the mothership PQ.

      The PQ true enemy is facts and logic.

    3. Student is the worst among them, simply for the fact that he actually denies that there is corruption on the separatist side.

      It's very telling when our opponents only recognize wrong in others, and when this same wrong is committed by their own, there's always some sort of justification.

    4. I read the news on CTV Montreal. One particular line about the comment Lisee made:

      He also suggests that the provincial government will be allowed to dismiss whoever is elected Mayor as not having a valid mandate.

      What does it mean, really? That the provincial government will not acknowledge the democratically-elected Mayor? That the provincial government will not allow the Mayor to take his/her position should he/she not supporting the Charter?

      Is this what the Province is heading?

    5. And just another way of extracting money from people that are ill and need the support of their families. These politicians don't give a shit for anyone but themselves, their friends and families and the rest of us don't "deserve" anything. What a bunch of horrible citizens and their policies.

    6. Read this description. Does this not describe 100% accurately what happens in Quebec?

      ""Kleptocracy, alternatively cleptocracy or kleptarchy, (from Greek: κλέπτης - kleptēs, "thief"[1] and κράτος - kratos, "power, rule",[2] hence "rule by thieves") is a form of political and government corruption where the government exists to increase the personal wealth and political power of its officials and the ruling class at the expense of the wider population, often without pretense of honest service. This type of government corruption is often achieved by the embezzlement of state funds.

      Students parents are Kleptocrats, he's hoping to be able to do the same thing when he gets older. It's the Quebec way.

      the big difference in Quebec over the last decade is the " without pretense of honest service" has come into effect.

      We don;t even expect any better because one of the major tenants of modern Quebec culture IS corruption.

      *Corruption is EXPECTED* in Quebec. when we don;t find it we have to keep looking because we know it's there somewhere.

      Quebec has always been massively corrupt and always will be.

      Just look at Pelladeau hanging out with the PQ. Absolutely nothing going on of course(wink wink). In 10 years at the next Charbonneau we will only learn of what scams the PQ is hatching now.

      Keep in mind the initials "SR", because at that time you'll be seeing them at the next enquiry.

      He's pure laine, corruption is as natural to him as the wind in the tree's.

    7. He also suggests that the provincial government will be allowed to dismiss whoever is elected Mayor as not having a valid mandate.

      Does the province have the authority to do such a thing when the guy/gal are voted into office? Surely not! Time for partition everyone!

    8. @cutie003 and troy

      what lisée meant is that montreal's election won't be about the charter at all since all candidates are against it, so it will be impossible for the winner to interpret the win as a go ahead against the charter. that impossibility is reinforced by the latest polls about the charter that show heavy support (49%) in montreal. do you understand now?

    9. student, care to share some links with 'the latest polls'?

    10. Student only likes asking others for "proof" and "stats" but never provides it himself. In other words - Class "A" troll.

    11. Lisee needs to stay the hell away from Montreal City-State. He does not represent us, and we have no use for him. Let him collect his little paycheck till the next election, cause he won't have that job much longer. And proof that the PQ and Montreal City-State are so extremely apart in terms of vision and values is that they had to appoint a "special" representative to act as intermediary....a token ambassador...if you like, cause that is what the job is masquerading as....imagine doesn't get clearer than that.

      Montreal City-State and the ROQ have absolutely nothing in common. This city is a victim of geography unfortunately. But from now on, with a new Mayor in power, who has openly declared we are an officially bilingual city AND all are welcome, we'll call the shots, and for once, we'll make it work in our favor.

    12. @adski,

      Here's someone that JF Lisee would surely support as a mayoral candidate....LOL, more his speed I guess...


    13. @anonymous

      "care to share some links with 'the latest polls"

      of course, here's the gazette article that you missed:

  10. Oh Pauline has outdone herself this time.

    She's giving $12 million to rebuild "Neptune Laboritories" that sells crap "patent medicines" while at the same time the hospitals are going into massive debt.

    So lets recap. The govt is supporting pseudo-medical companies selling crap and dreams over actual real hospitals and doctors that cure people.

    Their flagship product is good for "brain health".

    That's a big problem in Quebec, almost as important as cancer and other real diseases.

    To really show her solid handle on science she should defund actual medical doctor training in university and just support natropaths, aromatherapy and other magic.

    That's about the only way should could show the PQ are more backwards.

  11. Everyone should sign the following petition for Montreal:

    1. Interesting article on the proposed Charter:

    2. i'm with you mate. paid parking at cavendish residence is a scandal. super relevant. you're improving.

  12. Catch Barry Wilson on CTV News:

  13. FROM ED
    There's no question in my mind, Pauline wants out. She will retire before the election they will need more than what she's got cooked up tyo win. They need a big name in the leader's chair. Someone who has proved themselves in industry. MY PREDICTION;- Look for Karl Pe;adeau to run for Premier of Quebec. Ed

    1. "MY PREDICTION;- Look for Karl Pe;adeau to run for Premier of Quebec."

      easy prediction when the buzz has been going on for weeks now. if you really want to call a long shot tell us who you think will take over from couillard when he quits after losing the next election? rizzuto? porter? vaillancourt?

    2. God what I'd give to be able to watch what a man like Rizzuto would do to a little twerp like you.

    3. @sylvain

      why the violence mate?

    4. Because it'd be funny to watch, and because it "couldn't happen to a nicer guy ;-)"

      Don't worry student, maybe you'll get a chance to call your non-violent FLQ friends, who you show so much support for and they can help you with Rizzuto.

      Oh no wait, he owns the unions that employ your FLQ friends.

      Guess you'd be fucked in such a situation then.

    5. @sylvain raciste

      you like to watch violence? eew... creepy.

  14. I hope he's right..I hope there will be an election Dec 9th...can't wait to get rid of these bozos.

    1. Pour les remplacer par des escrocs?

      Mdr = Lol

    2. My goldfish can do a better job than any of the idiots there now.

      You aren't even the least bit embarrassed by how poorly they've handled running this province in 12 months? These people you support and put YOUR faith in? Truly, look at it...c'mon...I mean it's pathetic, the economy is literally in the toilet and they don't even make a pretense of trying to manage it. Apparently, they're more concerned with what kind of accessories people wear on their heads or around their neck, which we all know is a just a ruse to have an excuse not to deal with the real economic problems of this province. AND they weren't even clever enough to come up with something more adequate to distract us with....I mean, you wanna pull a fast one, at the very least make it look like you're trying and come up with something...plausible. Frankly, it is a blatant insult to our intelligence since we all figured it out in 1/2 second, what they are really up to.

      C'mon s.r. don't you want a more competent political party representing your interests, (however misguided they are)? You can't tell me you are actually satisfied with how they have handled things so far, cause from where the rest of us stand, the bar is pretty low and they're a freakin' punchline, lol.

      We all know you like to play the part of a useless troll on this blog, but you can't be useless AND irretrievably stupid like pinstripes...can you?LOL

    3. The only bozos you'll be getting rid of are the CAQ and Liberals, or at least a good reduction in their numbers when the PQ wins a majority of the seats.

      Bozos elect bozos, and Quebec is THE bozo capital of the universe.

    4. I see why they call you Mr. Nobody.

      My questions were for the blog's honorary troll, nice to see he's in good company eh mister s? In any case feel free to answer for him, since we've shutted him up. LOL

    5. and we've obviously shut him up too. it not against blog rules to show up with another alias? Mmm

    6. And another thing...I have to ask, who are you so bitter at? Those who chased you out, or those who stayed in spite of those who chased you out.?..Or both?

      Just know this, every time you post, those who stayed just feel sorry for you, but those who chased you out are full of giddy satisfaction...savvy? (They're full of something else too...but, that's besides the point)

      On this Thanksgiving weekend, all I can say is, I hope one day you find some kind of serenity finally...and let go of this unhealthy resentment and bile you have felt this entire time. And to help you along, here's one of my favs from The Eagles.


  15. Those videos were hilarious; the "anglo" folks has such thick accents I could barely understand anything they said. It really didn't make any sense anyway when they were addressed in French why they wouldn't naturally just speak French back, especially since they're so obviously French. EPIC FAIL, QUEBEC. It also reminded me of the times when I went to Germany or Denmark or Spain and was told, "Why are you talking to me in English? This is Germany/Denmark/Spain!" Oh wait, that never happened.

    "Why do you respond to me in English, this is Quebec where we uphold xenophobia and hate diversity! How dare you mar our bastardized French!"

    1. Ils ne vous ont pas comme voisins...Voilà le problème.

  16. FROM ED
    The CAQ is coming apart.. Two members want to return to the PQ. Mr.Duscheneay say he will not run again. It's becoming a one man party like the BLOC. If Peladeau takes the lead it will not be an easy win for the Liberals. Ed

    1. "Two members want to return to the PQ."

      who? or are you delirious again?

    2. Then we are officially screwed royal. It means more of the same ED..more incompetent Libs and PQ until Quebec turns into Greece..

    3. Who are we kidding, it's already Greece.

    4. @anectote

      "Who are we kidding, it's already Greece."

      what indicators are you considering mate?

  17. At least if the PQ wins a full majority, moving out becomes a necessary, not just a good idea!

  18. FROM ED
    Not necessarily CEBEUQ. Krl Peladeau is a giant of a man. He can't help being born French but he thinks English. He could pull us up financially and he is smart enough to know that the sparatist thing must vgo or his investors won't come. I would rlax with him in charge. Any way, it's only my speculation. Ed

  19. FROM ED
    My email has a problem.

    Could someone send this letter to the Gazette for me. Let's see if it stirs anything up.


    There is a reason why Karl Peladeau is attending cabinet meetings, he is in training to take over the Parti Quebecois. I suspect marois will call an election and retire before it, naming Peladeau as her successor He is a good man and at least he would move our economy. He also knows that to get investors the separatism has to go. It would be interesrting to see. Ed Brown Verdun
    114 Lafleur
    Verdun h4g 3c4
    438 763 4630

    1. God Ed - a separatist is a separatist. If he takes over the PQ you can believe that he is a sovereignist - they would not turn their party over to someone that isn't - it will make things even worse here for all of us and a lot of people will vote for him because of his business experience. The last thing we need is someone with common sense taking over a separatist role! Let's hope that he turns that opportunity down and quick.

    2. "There is a reason why Karl Peladeau is attending cabinet meetings, he is in training to take over the Parti Quebecois. I suspect marois will call an election and retire before it, naming Peladeau as her successor"

      Isn't it sad that the only thing that motivates people of a certain stature to go into politics these days Vanity. Whatever happened to that breed of people who just want to it to do it for altruistic reasons...just to serve The People, like the Jesse Ventura's of the world.

      Ahhhh, if only....

      If PKP does run ...I hope he shows good taste in announcing he'll forego the salary that comes with the least.
      He can afford his own Vanity. It would be the ultimate kick in the ass to the citizens.

    3. And by the way, I wouldn't be the least bit impressed if he does give up the salary to try and garner support. If he needs to feed his egocentricity and fight boredom this bad, then he should at least pay US. How's that for a novel idea? The premier of a province, for the first time in History, paying the public purse to serve...there...knock yourself out!!! LOL LOL

    4. FROM ED
      Anectote, we must keep in mind that this is only my speculation. Thinking outside the box opens a lot of possibilities. For example, perhaps Marois never had food poisonong. It could have been an ulcerative attack that they passed off as food poison. Lord knows she must have an ulcer with every thing going wrong for her. Anyway, surely even she must know that she is finished. There's no way up or down for her. The Karl Peladeau thing is just something I could see making sense. The PQ could not have figured it out with their own little brains. It would have to be Karl's idea. I find the whole thing very tiititlating. Let's see what happens. Ed

    5. @AnecTOTE

      I think PKP's involvement will not lead to PQ leadership.

      Most posters here forget that the man has a tremendous amount of holdings in the ROC. To lead the PQ would be seen as betrayal by Canadians and his empire could suffer a very extreme blow. Remember how Chretien used his clout to force Conrad Black into giving up his Canadian citizenship to become a British lord?

      Well, imagine if Quebec we to separate under PKP's rule.

      I could totally see Stephen Harper putting some vicious embargoes in place against PKP's QC-CAN trading, which would produce fatal results.

      I still find it funny to see this man, a super-rich capitalist who inherent his wealth and never truly earned a dime of it hanging with separatists because it continues to prove that the only rich separatists are those like PKP, who is born into wealth and never had to work for it...

      ...or psychopaths like Francois Legault, who doesn't like Francophones, Anglophones, Immigrants, the Quebecois or Canadians. Like Marois, his only goal is to become a history maker. He wants to be the first president of an independent Quebec.

    6. FROM ED
      Sorry Sylvain,
      Your guess work is wrong. Karl did not inherit anything except maybe an education. He bought newspaper and media chains across Canada. He went to Europe and extended Quebecor into Paris and extended Quebecor into the United Kingdom, Spain and France making it a world wide company.
      His company is world wide and he made it that way. His Father's company (Quebecor) was limited to the ownership of one chain (Sun News) i Vancouver. He did the rest. Imagine what he could do for quebec. Instead of campaning on separatism he could campaign on good government. A lot of the companies he purchased.were losers but they're not now.. Imagine what he could do for Quebec. Ed

    7. @ed


      "His Father's company (Quebecor) was limited to the ownership of one chain (Sun News) i Vancouver."

      stop it ed it's embarassing. pierre peladeau died in 1997 and sun news was set up in 2011.

      this whole paragraph is pure fantasy grade sheiss.

  20. FROM ED
    EDITOR, I realized after I posted that my I.D. is there and you don't like that but I could not figure out how to delete the thing. Sorry Ed

  21. Carrés rouges + Pastagate = Davantage de touristes à Mtl ???


  22. FROM ED
    Cutie, You're right of course, but maybe it's kismet. If it's true we'll have a tougher batle ahead but look on the bright side, if we lose there is hope on the horizon. Peladeau knows he woulld have to drop separatism. Just to win the election he would have to denounce it because most of the clods in the backwoods have proved in the last election that they are against separatism. If they weren't she would have a majority government now..
    Of course we must pray for the government to win but at least the Libs would not have much opposition for financial matters with him there.
    My 'OUTLOOK EXPRESS is not working again so I put a letter to the Gazette to see if any body else had an idea about on it. Hoping someone would forward it for me. Unfortunately half asleep I realized my address was on there and I know Editor frowns on that but I could not get rid of it. I'm hoping he's in a forgiving mood when he sees it or I may be toast.
    I'm switching my internet to Primus as I'm tired of having to ask Bell for tech help. Ed
    Unfortunately half asleep i realized after I posted

    1. Ed - he would not ever be asked to take over the PQ party unless he agrees to pull quebec out of Canada. What would be the point of the PQ party at all if they did that? Their whole reason for existence is sovereignty. Again, you'd better hope that he turns the job down flat should they request him to be their leader!

  23. FROM ED
    Cutie, I don't thonk they asked him they don't have the brains to figure out such a good idea. I think he might have offered. Keep in mind this is only my speculation. Being pragmatic, if it's true we have to deal with it. It's nothing to fear. The Peladeau family is Federalist. While Karl is too busy to take sides, his Father is a member of the Order Of Canada. I suggest you google his name and check Winkipedia. Ed

    1. What was his wife doing standing next to Miss Piggy on election night then? I don't believe the guy is federalist at all and if he is he will never be part of the PQ party so that ends that discussion. If he takes it over, you will know exactly where he stands and then it will be too late. As complicated has been sucked in by Legault, you are being sucked in by Peldeau. I don't care that his father has the order of Canada - that does not make him a federalist and if he is a federalist he should be showing support for either the liberals or conservatives.

    2. @ed

      "It's nothing to fear. The Peladeau family is Federalist."

      you're pushing the boundaries of cluelessness here ed.

    3. @cutie003

      cutie003 have you thought that maybe ed is a separatist? first of all by repeating over and over that the liberals are clean he might be trying to portrait the standard anglo liberal voter as a crazy lunatic. and then by claiming péladeau is a federalist, he's trying to instil a merrier image of the pq in your dehydrated brain. of course it's not gonna work with you as you are too conditioned to allow an alternate point of view to sneak in, but can you see what ed is up to anyways?

  24. FROM ED
    For God's sake open your mind. I am not being sucked in by Peladeau, I am simply stating what might happen. Why are you shooting the messanger. I am still for the Liberals. Peladeau would be strictly business, Couillard is more sensitive.
    These are ideas are way out there and I guess the thought of it is upsetting you. I'm sorry if I'm doing that but I can't ignore something because we don't lile it. I prefer being ready to face whatever comes along and deal with it when it happens. I am a prgamatic person and I have to face life as it comes. I won't bring this up to you again, I'll drop the sunject for now. Ed

  25. All the 3 main provincial parties are all a bunch of bourgeoisie parties who don't give two hoots about the common people. Nationalism, to some degree, is also a tool of the bourgeoisie because it divides people and makes people forget that they're being screwed over by the same people that are supposedly fighting for them. The PQ was far from being a grassroots party and is no different from the other parties. True equality can only come about if we the people become the government and not be led by people who have nothing in common with us.

    1. FROM ED
      The real Mao was a great leader he took control of a starcving nation and levelled the playing field. People living in the jungles were able to eat. He never rose above the people always wearing the same brown uniform as anyone in his army. He built a jungle into a nation and gave people hope after the cruelty of Chiang Kai Sheck who with
      his wife ripped off the money pouring in from rich nations. Marois was a great man who used communism for his people.
      You are no where near his stature. The government you're promoting is called anarchism. Ed

    2. First of all, I'm just a simple Joe and have never professed to be as great as Mao. Secondly, you're completely right in stating that Mao took the nation forward and freed then from nationalist tyranny. However, the Chinese Communist Party also claimed to work for the peasant class and wanted to prioritize them over the industrial workers, which is the opposite of what Stalin did. I'm not proposing anarchy, rather, I'm proposing a government which would mostly include people like you and I who don't come from bourgeois backgrounds. A real "by the people, for the people" government.

    3. @Maoist

      I can complete sympathize with what you wish. I once believed the same thing...until I started to see human nature for what it really is.

      It sucks being born into poverty. Though I come from the "regular Joe" background you describe, I don't expect the state to support me or provide for me. If anything, my background has helped shape me into a lean-mean learning machine and staying in the "regular Joe" stratum is something I can do on my own.

      Look at what Sylvester Stallone did to achieve his success - he was practically homeless and eating out of dumpsters when he wrote the script for Rocky. He had plenty of offers from studios to buy the script, but he held out.

      He knew that merely selling the script would only provide him with short-term comfort. He insisted that he portray the main character in his screenplay. I don't need to tell you what happened from there.

      Now let's compare Stallone's sacrifice to the average unionized government worker. How many times have I had an SAQ worker either be rude or close up shop 15 minutes early - and why? Because their socialistic union gives them the security to under-perform.

      The students of our province protested for the right to free everything. They want a free education, and what's more, they want to be educated in fields that provide no jobs options. How many times have I met some guy at a party who studied philosophy...and yet five years after graduation he's working at Starbucks?

      Sorry, but the divide is not 99% to 1%.

      It's actually 93% to 7%.

      And that 7% doesn't hold the balance of wealth because they're corrupt (though I'm sure some are). Many did so because they mastered the 80/20 rule.

    4. Those same people that you want to take over the government haven proven over and over in many places that power begets power and as they assume the roles of leaders they therefore turn into the bourgeois. Good example of that is that snotty little student leader that was then promoted to work for the PQ - you didn't see him turning it down did you? This is human nature and you will never change that. That's why communism is good on paper but never works for the good of all.

    5. Ed, if you consider Mao a great leader you are sadly misinformed. Mao was the greatest mass murderer in history:

    6. "Though I come from the "regular Joe" background you describe, I don't expect the state to support me or provide for me. If anything, my background has helped shape me into a lean-mean learning machine and staying in the "regular Joe" stratum is something I can do on my own."

      There's nothing with wanting to be better off. The problem is that our current economic system works against the poorest members of society and ensures that only the wealthy enjoy the benefits of the free market economy. As for Sylvester Stallone, he simply got lucky that someone was willing to give his script a shot. He didn't deserve to live on the streets and living in his car. In a communist society, he would have had a communal home with enough income to feed himself.

      Education should be free, period. It is a human right and should be treated as such.

      Regarding your SAQ experience, Quebec is pretty much a socialist society. Socialism is characterized by the "dictatorship of the workers", which still implies inequality between classes. No group of people are immune to corruption, and Quebec's workers' unions are an example of that. However, unions are definitely needed in order to protect the interests of the employees. If it weren't for unions we wouldn't have things like paid vacations/leaves, worker advocacy groups etc... The exploited workers of the 19th and early 20th centuries fought hard to have them legalized and it is why every single jurisdiction in North America have them.

      @ John Krug: That's a really cool story, bro. I already debunked that ridiculous notion in my debate with Liam in the previous blog post before this one. Go check it out.

    7. @maoist rebel

      "I already debunked that ridiculous notion..."

      i hope you stick around mate. there's loads of senselessnesses to debunk here and i can't keep up.

  26. Sorry guys, forgot to post this link
    Postcript: PQ Math

    "Pauline Marois is promising 40,000 new jobs over 3 and half years with her new economic plan. But Quebec lost 50,000 jobs since the Pequistes came to power."

    "costs about the same amount as this year's current deficit."

    "The rest of North America is growing while Quebec is bordering on recession.Jobs and the economy are not the PQ's priority."

    "Another victory of the Keystone Kops might have one beneficial effect: perhaps traffic will be much better when they make all the lanes of Highway 20 westbound only." Yes, heading toward Highway 401 is definitely a good idea.

    Bang on Mr. Wilson. Those separatist have no clue what their doing. Remember folks, Premier Marois and Finance Minister Nicholas Marceau never worked in the private sector, no experience in the business community.

    1. I'm sorry, but this is driving me nuts. It's "they're," not "their."

  27. FROM ED
    I respectfully disagree with Barry Wilson. Telling people to leave just when we need them most. Suppose after they move things improve here and they are sorry they went. With an election so close we need all the allo votes we have. At least wait until after the election. I have a feeling something big is about to happen. Ed

    1. what would be "big" in your opinion ed?


  29. Thanks for that link Cutie, naturally these "altercations"are going to happen here in Montreal...primarily, because this is where the greatest concentration of minorities live. You'd be hard pressed to find such despicable occurrences happening in the rest of the ROQ where pur laines primarily live...nope..this will happen in Montreal...and it will happen with the most frequency here, from now till the next election.

    The Pequistes should feel so proud for putting Montreal in such an uncomfortable and awkward position...they have royally screwed this city, by introducing this charter, and they knew full well that it would affect Montreal first and foremost. The quicker we realize this city needs to dissassociate itself from this the rest of the ROQ, which, I'm afraid, brings nothingggggggg to the table for Montreal, the better.

    We need to realize that we have to start speaking a different language and adopting a different rhetoric vis a vis this province, going forward. We may be related...but we r nothing alike. Montreal City-State needs to become highly vocal about protecting its interest, since it is painfully clear, those elected don't give a cr*p about it obviously. Some are even beginning to believe that the-powers-that-be are intentionally trying to sabotage this city BECAUSE of its cultural diversity. The introduction of this charter really makes it seem that way.

    1. I agree AnceTOTE - all your efforts should be to get the hell out of quebec along with the other areas I've mentioned before they ruin all of us with their rhetoric. They will bankrupt us along with them and I, for one, have no desire to be associated with them in any way any more. They are a total embarrassment to our regions of quebec and to Canada as a whole. I had a little sympathy way back when for their wish to keep their culture and language but the way things have progressed has proven to me that appeasement is the wrong thing for our areas and we must get out before we lose our shirts!

  30. and more on the charter - negative as expected:


    To all the separatists who come to this blog to vent their insecurities and their perceptions as being victims under threat, the argument is hereby over and done with as of now.

    I know a few of you guys at hanging out with Bernard Landry and his loveboy Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois for that circle jerk you call an assembly, but I would like to point out to you people are a subjected to what is true oppression and suffering:

    Take a look at your clothing you hypocrites. If you see "Made in Bangladesh" or "Made in China" that makes YOU the oppressor, and not the oppressed.

  32. A few hundred - tops - attended this event in Montreal. Looks like Montreal isn't the backwater of quebec.
    Especially for you AnceTOTE.

    1. Damn you Cutie, I was hoping to capture this one for myself:

      Face it, it's over kids.

      The same folks keeps hanging on - Landry, DesJardins, Bilodeau and Frankenputz.

      Time to accept the reality of it all - Quebec must learn to accept that it is a bilingual provice (pas une nation) and that it requires English competence to remain competitive within a globalized market.

      You guys never noticed that a French-based company (Ubisoft) may have settled in Montreal, but designs games for the Anglo market?

      Good reason for that. ;-)

    2. They didn;t advertise that there would be enough free stuff.

      Think 19 year old construction workers being invited to an open bar. That's what it takes to pack a seppie rally.

      Same reason Accurso was so successful with the FTQ. Buy the union a unofficial casse-croute to hang out in and get free hot dogs and the you have bought a PQ quebecer. A few shiny baubles get a lot of union members excited.

    3. FROM ED
      Cutie, id you notic they had to have music artists to get people out. English people gather for their rights and don't have to be entertained to get there. Ed

  33. La cote de popularité de Pauline Marois rebondit


    1. Hmmmmm....

      Date of publication: 21 août 2013 à 05h36

      Author of piece: Notorious anti-Federalist, Tommy Chouinard

      Merci, but no thanks.

    2. FROM ED
      Sylvaine, You make an excellent point and beyond that the people making the clothes are at least employed and working to live. Ed

  34. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTSunday, October 13, 2013 at 9:50:00 PM EDT

    I see that nothing has changed for quebec. Lamentable. Same for the blog...

    1. FROM ED
      Really gars, your input was so stimulating. How did you manage to do it. It's way above your usual mentality. Congratulation, you have achieved idiocy. Ed

    2. Ed - you're always telling us not to respond to the trolls and here you are doing it again. Ignore him.

  35. FROM ED
    Cutie, I didn't know Sylvain was a troll or did you mean une gars. Une Gars is actually Federalist, he is just a stupid pain in the ass like a teenager who likes to annoy. Anyway I was doing it out of loyalty to our blog. However, jujst to show him and evryone we are not lamentable, let's get something going. Does anyone think that Harper might be at least considering some action and what action could he consider doing? Ed

    1. I was telling you to ignore un gars Ed - he has done nothing from the start except to come here, insult we Canadians that are still living here, posted only nasty things about quebec and tell us to move. He is no federalist as he wants Canada to kick us out. Please don't encourage him with any responses.

      I don't think Harper will do anything until he has no other choice but to stick his nose is - he is playing the waiting game, as usual. If the PQ win an election based on that stupid racist charter, he will have no choice but to go to court to fight it - until then, he will wait.

    2. i agree with you cutie003, let's ignore ed from now on. it's the only way to get rid of trolls. ed's though, but he'll get tired like they all do.

  36. FROM ED
    I don't believe there is nothing he can do. If he waws a man he would show his strength to the world like Trudeau did. Paul Martin or Trudeau would have stood up to them by now. I don't belive he can't cancel the transfer payments. If they were enacted
    by an act of Parliament then simply call on Parliament to amend them. That would finish the PQ and we could pick the mess and move ahead. The point is if he moved now it would ensure that they would not win an election. Why let the skunk in the house to kill it, the smell will hang on forever like the pq is trying to do. Ed

    1. I didn't say there is nothing he can do Ed - I said he will wait and see as usual. They are always afraid of starting something with the separatists but he may have no choice soon and then we will see if he has any balls. Meanwhile, he leaves us to hang out and dry - so sick of these weak kneed politicians - they let the separatists run wild over our Canadian rights and freedoms and sit back and say nothing. That's why they feel so empowered. He had better get ready because there will be trouble if the PQ win a majority and push through their Bill 14 and the Quebec Charter of Values.

  37. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTMonday, October 14, 2013 at 12:04:00 PM EDT

    "As the Quebec municipal elections loom, threats, intimidation, vandalism and other sorts of thuggery are thriving."

    One could substitute "quebec" above with Zimbabwe, Greece, Azerbaijan, Venezuela, etc.
    I can't wait for quebekistan to seperate!!!


    1. Interesting question for Lisee:

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