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French versus English Volume 95

Minority Quebec Liberal MNAs demonstrate their only talent.... self-preservation!

On Wednesday, the National Assembly voted unanimously to rebuke the federal government for supporting and now participating in the legal challenge to Bill 99 launched by Keith Henderson and pleaded by lawyer activist Brent Tyler.

One by one the Anglo and Ethnic Liberal members stood up and voted to support a PQ motion castigating Ottawa for mixing into affairs that supposedly only Quebecers have a right to consider.

Now I know these useful idiots are obligated to tow the party line, but when members of caucus are profoundly in disagreement with the party line and if it makes no difference to the outcome of the vote, they are sometimes (rarely) given an opportunity by the whip to skip the vote.
A really motivated member who is refused permission by the whip to skip the vote can always call in sick, but this sometimes has consequences, like losing travel perks and committee spots and other goodies dished out by the all-powerful whip.
It also puts at risks, the member's re-nomination, so it takes guts to follow your heart and let's face it, our Anglo and Ethnic members of the Liberal party have as much heart as the Cowardly Lion.

And so the Anglo and Ethnic Liberals voted along with the house in favour of the motion, seemingly happy to do so.

I was particularly disappointed with Lawrence Bergman who seemed to have had no qualms whatsoever about supporting the PQ motion.
Before the vote, an unconcerned and upbeat Bergman rose in the Assembly to make an all important statement, congratulating constituent Anthony Housefather, mayor of Côte Saint-Luc , for excellent performance in the Maccabiah Games, the Jewish Olympics held in Israel this past summer. 
"Mayor Housefather, congratulations, you’re definitally (sic) a source of inspiration for us all. You show us that, even in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, determination and discipline can bring us even further. You’re also a superb and well-liked mayor of Côte-Saint-Luc. Thank you." Link
Arghhhhhh!!!!! Pee-ukke!!!.....

What an insipid  brown-noser, this on a day where he sells out the very residents of Mayor Housefather's town!
Now Mr. Housefather must be feeling a little embarrassed receiving such accolades from the spineless Bergman, Housefather is a very active defender of minority rights and has testified against Bill 14 before the National Assembly committee sitting on the issue.

Of all the MPs representing minorities and Anglos in Quebec, the nebbish MP from D'Arcy-McGee has always been the least effective, carrying zero weight within the party.
In fact Jean Charest wanted to dump Bergman in favour of a more capable Jew who had been lined up to take over the seat, one who could actually make the cabinet on merit and whose first language was French. I shall leave out that person's name, because it never happened.
A prominent Jewish senator from Ottawa was enlisted to have that conversation, in which Bergman flatly refused to give up his seat.
This information, to my knowledge, has never been made public.

In 2003 Bergman had a brief term as Minister of Revenue, but that was before the infamous 'meeting.'  After that, Charest left him out of the cabinet, now you know why.

Mr Bergman and supporters may be riled by these comments, but truth be told, he would have to step up his game considerably to become a lightweight.
As for the other Liberals, Geoffrey Kelly, Kathleen Weil, Yolande James, Filomena Rotiroti, and Gerry Sklavounos, all I can say is that they are what they are, nothing less than deadwood, or even worse, the Kapos of the English and Anglo community.
Now the argument that all these MPs make, is that they are doing the best they can considering their position trying to bring some level of moderation to government policy affecting Anglos and Ethnics, but truthfully how's that going?
By the way, given Bergman's precarious position in his party, he is highly dependant on the support of powerful people like Housefather, whose popularity among his townspeople is so high that he is running unopposed.
So that's what the Bergman's Assembly grovel was all about.

More PQ Smoke & Mirrors

Mr. Bamboozler

Bernard Drainville

I took in a masterful performance by Bernard Drainville, the PQ minister in charge of selling the infamous Charter of Values, wherein he held a news conference to give reporters his interpretation of the comments received on the government website created to solicit public reaction to the Bill.

"I feel confident that these results reflect for a large part the general opinion of citizens who participated in the exercise" -Drainville

How's that for a tap dance?
Josée  Legault, an avowed sovereignist and newly hired Journal de Montreal pundit, took Drainville to task;
"Presenting the results of this invisible consultation compiled by officials and a handful of law students, Minister Drainville proudly announced that  47 % of these "citizens" support the draft Charter of Quebec Values​​. The Minister also noted that among these comments, the most often requested changes were the removal of the crucifix from the National Assembly and the opposition to the right of withdrawal  for public institutions wishing to evade the ban on the wearing of ostentatious religious signs. A happy coincidence, it is precisely the changes the government itself has envisaged for some time. That is based on some of the many leaks in the dossier.The minister also said he was unable to provide a breakdown of these comments by region, age, sex, language , etc. .. In short,  Bernard when Drainville himself recognizes the "unscientific" nature of the exercise, it is clearly an understatement. During a press conference, facing questions on this issue, Mr. Drainville , smiled and responded to his former colleagues :

"Look, I 've been a journalist, you have the right to be skeptical .
If I were you, maybe I would be as well ." Link{fr}
More PQ Smoke and Mirrors
The truth is that intellectual separatists are having an extremely hard time accepting the B/S that Drainville and the PQ are offering up in the debate.

Now I have to call Drainville out one thing he said, that these types of comment boards usually receive a disproportionate amount of responses from those highly passionate over  the project, in this case he intimated, those affected by the ban on religious clothing.
This is plainly not true, because the amount of those wearing these symbols is dwarfed by the number of those supporting the project passionately.
I venture a guess that less than 50,000 people (probably less,) wear religious symbols, while those opposed include millions.

At any rate the whole thing is just grand theatre, or more likely, theatre of the absurd.
Imagine the editor of No Dogs or Anglophones pulling data from the comments section and proposing that the results are indicative of Anglo/Ethnic opinion in Quebec.
Oh, if it were only that easy!

Now this wasn't the only Drainville performance of note, he was in top form in the National Assembly in reply to a question by Amir Khadir who complained that in considering an election this December the PQ was violating the spirit of the law passed unanimously in  the National Assembly that made fixed elections every four years in September.

Mr. Drainville replied that while it is true, the fact that the opposition can dump the government at will, because it has a combined majority, the PQ has reserved the right to call an election at will, the law be damned!

Jean-François Lisée

Jean-François Lisée.... 'factually challenged'
Nobody in the PQ government gets it wrong more often than Jean-François Lisée, whose amiable manner belies a propensity to exaggerate, misinterpret facts and take outright liberty with the truth.
He is renowned for making statements that are altogether not true.
Last December, in defending Andre Boisclair's appointment as a deputy minister as well as Delegate General in New York, he cited in rebuttal, the example of Lawrence Cannon, ambassador to France about whom Lisée told reporters;
“Lawrence Cannon is the Canadian ambassador in Paris and he was named simultaneously assistant deputy minister to Foreign Affairs Link
Trouble is, the assertion was just plain untrue and when confronted by reporters Lisée admitted in his famous 'ah shucks' manner that he just made a 'gaffe' Link

In an incident in April, Lisée accused Justin Trudeau of overstepping his bounds by requesting a meeting with opposition leaders alone, again something that never happened.
"Lisée later said he misunderstood the Trudeau request, and volunteered to buy the new Liberal leader a beer to make up for his angry words." Link
Now you might recall Jean-François Lisée telling Montreal mayoral candidates at the beginning of October that they should keep their opposition to the Charter of Values to themselves and keep it on the sidelines as did Montreal's most famous mayor Jean Drapeau over Bill 101. Link

Turns out that isn't true as well, because Drapeau was actually a fierce opponent of Bill 101.

Kudos to Montreal's largest community newspaper,  The Suburban for ferreting out the truth in an editorial article about Mr. Lisée's liberties with the truth.
I'm going to reproduce the entire editorial because it is hard to access and not many people outside Montreal are aware of it.
Of course nobody in the mainstream press has called Mr. Lisée to task for another flight of fancy.

You can visit the Suburban website HERE and access the current and past issues HERE

Lisée, Drapeau and Montreal’s special status
One of the reasons that the nationalist narrative in Quebec gained currency over the past forty years particularly with young Francophones is that our history is not known. People buy into whatever version of history the nationalists sell, particularly the skewed version of Francophones having been victims of imperialists in their own native land when in fact their very presence here is as much the product of European imperialism as the Anglophone presence. History matters. And not just because, as Santayana wrote, `Those who forget it are bound to repeat it.” It matters because Its perversion is used as a political tool. Particularly in a jurisdiction with North America’s highest high school dropout rate.
That’s why Minister Jean-François Lisée’s comments last week professing the view that our current mayoral candidates should follow the lead of former Mayor Jean Drapeau - who according to Lisée, remained neutral and mute in the debate on Bill 101- and remain neutral in the Charter debate. Well Drapeau did no such thing. What he had to say in the October 1983 hearings on reforming Bill 101 mirrors what civil rights advocates have said for years and what has been most vociferously re-stated by opponents of Bill 14 just this past year. They are worth reflecting on and all Montrealers owe a debt to CBC Radio`s Bernard St-Laurent and his assistant Loreen Pindera for digging out the entire presentation and making it an issue this past week. We will go into some of Drapeau salient points later in this column. But we must first examine Lisée`s comments.
To begin with, no government official has any right to tell any citizen candidate or nor what to think, say or write. It is reprehensible for anyone, particularly a Minister, to make such a thoroughly illiberal and undemocratic intervention. But more than that, we have to examine the man who made them, and why. M. Lisée is not your ordinary Quebec-centric politician. This is an extremely well-educated and cosmopolitan politician. Post-graduate studies abroad; over a dozen years as a Washington-based correspondent; author of “ In the Eye of the Eagle” and winner of the Governor-General’s Prize. This is a man who knows his history.
Drapeau’s comments not only made headline news, but the political events around the October 1983 hearings on the then Bill 57 “assouplissement” of Bill 101 did as well.
René Levesque had just replaced Camille Laurin as Minister responsible for the French Language Charter with Gérald Godin who was considered a moderate on language.
Godin`s opening statement at the hearings already made everybody sit up and take notice. After explaining the need to protect French in a “sea of English” not only in North America but from global “assimilation”, he then made the “radical” statement for those times that “Let us be clear. Anglo-Quebecers have very little to do with this assimilation and it is not them that we should consider responsible, or their institutions.”
The background to the 1983 reforms have been widely written about. Marc Levine’s “The Reconquest of Montreal” and Andrew Sancton’s “Governing Montreal” are just two of the works that examined those events. Lisée is a student of history. He lived those times. He was senior aide to Premier Bouchard. For him to say what he did evidenced that either he thought no Quebecer would remember or that they would be too intimidated to reply. He was wrong on both counts.
But now that Lisée has opened this Pandora’s Box, let us repeat – again and again what Drapeau said in his testimony. He called for special status for Montreal exempting it from aspects of 101 because he felt the language laws were irreparably hurting the Montreal economy. He said that the most negative effects of Bill 101 were being felt not so much because of the words in the legislation as by the manner of their enforcement.
He called for exemptions for English-speaking executives bringing their children to Montreal so that they could send them to schools of their choice. And perhaps most poignantly, he made the point thirty years ago next week – that many areas of Montreal have non-francophone majorities and these citizens should not be estranged from their own city because of an insistence on unilingual signs. He called for bilingual and even trilingual signs as long as French was included. Today the City of Montreal has a non-francophone majority.
History matters! And quite inadvertently, Lisée has made many re-examine our own recent past. It’s lessons are important for today. Let`s hope everyone learns them.
We encourage everyone to go to the following link and read Mayor Drapeau’s words"

Péladeaus cozy up to the PQ brass

"There are some concerns being expressed about media baron Pierre Karl Peladeau's role in Quebec politics, notably his close ties to the pro-independence Parti Quebecois government.
The province's opposition leader says he wants to know more about the political involvement of the chairman of Quebecor (TSX:QBR.B), which dominates the private multimedia landscape in the province and which owns the Sun TV and newspaper chain in English Canada.

Peladeau has been sitting in on cabinet meetings on green-transport projects in his other role — as chairman of Hydro-Quebec, to which he was appointed by Pauline Marois.

His tabloid newspaper, the Journal de Montreal, provided positive coverage in exclusive reports about the project two weeks ago.

More recently, the newspaper has offered prime real estate to a project spearheaded by Peladeau's wife, Julie Snyder, who was among several prominent feminists to organize a grassroots campaign in support of the PQ's controversial values charter.  Link

Pierre Karl Peladeau and wife Julie Snyder make it official. We're PQ separatistes!
Meanwhile his wife is getting busy politically on behalf of the PQ and the Charter of Values.
"We may be wrong to suspect that Pierre Karl Peladeau wants to enter politics, it is his wife Julie Snyder we should ask. It is she who  created the 'Janettes', Janette Bertrand revealed on the talk-show, Tout le monde en parle. It was she who called the signatories of the letter written by Mrs. Bertrand to a meeting to discuss the Charter of Quebec values​​.... Link
The article by  Gilbert Lavoie in Le Soleil went on to detail how Peledeau's wife solicited government aid for various productions.An indignant Snyder penned an article defending herself stating;
"I am a woman of conviction and claim the right to advocate for causes that are important to me."

She also defended her actions in seeking to help a company get government subsidies.

Suspension with pay over language insult makes no sense.

Most of us are  aware of the story of a hospital orderly in Gatineau who unloaded on a cancer patient for not speaking French.
OTTAWA — The orderly who yelled at a dying vet for speaking English in a Gatineau, Que., hospital has been suspended until an investigation is completed.
The Hull Hospital orderly yelled, "On parle francais ici, c'est le Quebec" as John Gervais, a 78-year-old navy veteran, was waiting in the emergency room to be admitted.
The orderly will receive his full pay while the hospital's ombudsman investigates.
"It's simply unacceptable behaviour," hospital spokesman Sylvain Dube said.
"For clinical issues, it's so important that doctors and nurses understand what the patient is saying." Link
I've no doubt that the public outcry led to the suspension, it seems that the hospital was on a course to covering up the whole incident in the hope it would just go away.
But as pressure built and the story grew legs, the hospital suspended the employee pending an investigation...with pay.

What a patently stupid thing to do, because the way things go in Quebec, the investigation may take weeks or months, while the employee keeps cashing a paycheck.

And let's face it, the employee involved has union protection and so the punishment at best will be a few days of suspension.
How much better to have let the employee keep working, under a cloud, while the investigation carries on and then apply any sanction at the conclusion.
The real punishment being meted out is to the hospital budget which is charged to paying the miscreant to sit at home.
Imagine getting a two, three week or longer paid vacation at a cost of only a couple of days suspension!

Me, I'd prefer naming the orderly publicly and let the shaming be the punishment, but on the other hand, he would probably earn a medal of valour by Gatineau's Impératif français,


 Let's go to some lighter stuff, because this peice is getting long;

"125 National Assembly members united against Ottawa"
"The 125 members of the National Assembly, of all parties, have unanimously passed a motion this morning denouncing the "attack" by the federal government's prerogative to choose their future Quebec." Link{fr}
 I was pretty impressed that every single member of the National Assembly showed up to vote for the motion, that type of attendance is unheard of.
So I wasn't surprised that a reader in the comments sections called the writer of the story to order, telling him that only 111 members actually cast votes.
Yup, it's true, I checked, there were 13 members plus the speaker who didn't vote.

In reaction to the comment, one would think that the newspaper would retract or modify the story, but alas, no it did not, because after all, who reads the comments section and retractions are always a bit embarrassing...
Shame on the author and editors, but hey, it's LeJdeM.


I don't know what to make of this story in La Metropole entitled; "Marois' very Gay Cabinet'
Even though these cabinet ministers aren't in the closet, I'm not sure they appreciate being made into poster boys and girls for the Gay movement.

Réjean Hébert, Sylvain Gaudreault, Bertrand St-Arnaud, Agnès Maltais,
"It was Daniel Breton, in a conversation a few days before the Gay Pride weekend, who pointed out to me how well gays are very well represented in the PQ government. Here are the names and positions: Réjean Hébert, Minister of Health and Social Services, Sylvain Gaudreault, Minister of Transportation and Municipal Affairs; Bertrand St-Arnaud, Minister of Justice and Agnès Maltais, Minister of Labour and Minister of the Employment and social Solidarity. Link{fr}

Speaking of gays and completely off the subject, you might have read the story of the Italian homophobic  CEO of Barilla, Guido Barilla, saying he wouldn't feature gays in any of the company's advertising.
As you can imagine, there was quite the backlash and a competitor, Bertolli, showed it up with this marvellous advertisement.


"Canada’s two most populous provinces continue to lag behind most of the country when it comes to small business-friendly tax systems. Nova Scotia also makes the bottom three. The second edition of the Small Business Provincial Tax Index puts Ontario (#8), Nova Scotia (#9) and Quebec (#10) at the bottom, while Alberta, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick hold down the top three spots."

Read the article by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business Link
Read its assessment of Quebec.  Link


Here's a recent survey of Montrealers attitudes about their city;


I laughed out loud over this story in the Journal de Montreal lamenting the fact that Anglos know nothing about Quebecois artists and its 'Stars.'

The article reported that 98% of anglos don't know who 'Infoman' is and 95% don't know who 'M.Bougon' is.
For those of us Anglos who do speak French fluently, it isn't a question of language, Quebecois culture is second rate, like Canadian or Italian culture.
We proudly embrace and contribute English language culture which is world-wide and without equal on any level.

I can tell you this, if the above francophone actors and artists were English by birth, not a one would make an impact in his or her entertainment field, they just aren't talented enough.
It's simply a question of numbers, the pool from which we pull artists is a hundred times larger than Quebecois French culture and the competition is fierce.
Not to say Quebecois aren't talented, perhaps even more so than Canadians on a per capita basis, but it still means that only a fraction could make it into the elite Anglo entertainment scene.

This assertion by journalist Marie-Claude Ducas had me busting a gut!
"I 'll tell you a secret: if you really want to upset and hurt Anglo-Canadians , explain to them that there is no Canadian star system and there is no popular culture' in English Canada. This amounts to sticking a finger into a cultural wound. And don't forget to bring up existential question: "What exactly really sets us apart from the Americans? ".   Link{fr}
How utterly naïve and quaint!
It's like having your five-year old explain to you why Barney the dinosaur is the greatest entertainer in the world.

So here's a scoop, Madame Ducas, Anglo Canadians are not obsessed with local stars or Canadian pop culture and if you think we are feeling bad about that fact, you are sadly out of touch with reality.
We don't think about borders where talent is concerned and that is why Americans as well as people all around the world, flock to see Justin Bieber, Celine Dion or Arcade Fire, because they aren't constrained either.

If Guy A. Lepage (Quebec's most famous interviewer) spoke perfect English, what are the chances of him being a success on English television? 
Madame Ducas compares Lepage to Canadian George Stroumboulopoulos, who absolutely bombed on his attempt to break out of Canada on CNN. Link
I like Stroumboulopoulos, but in the rarefied air of elite English culture, few have what it takes to make it.

When I think of Quebec popular culture, one phrase comes to singers.
Sorry to be cruel, but them's the facts!

Further reading!

Boycott the English language says top French intellectual
"French philosopher complains there are more examples of the English language in Toulouse than there was German during the occupation."  Link
Harel wants to add language watchdog to city’s executive committee
Louise Harel announced to her party Coalition Montreal — Marcel Côté wants to add the position of promoter of the French language to the city hall's executive committee, the city's top decision-making body.  Link

English should be Brussels' official language, Flemish minister says
Brussels aspires to be an international city, it should make English an official language, the Flemish minister for education Pascal Smet has told EurActiv. Link

I follow the hockey series 24 CH, which is a sanitized version of the similar HBO series called 24/7, which follows around sports teams and gives a behind the scenes look at what really goes gone.

The 24 CH series is produced by Bell media and follows the HABS, it is sort of an advertisement for BELL and content for its sports channels RDS and TSN.

This notice at the end of the last episode, which I caught this week, vaunted the fact that the government of Quebec and the Government of Canada offered tax breaks to help create the series. Watch an episode HERE

Now readers, I'm sure you'll agree with me that neither BELL or the CANADIENS are a charity case, so really, why are taxpayers contributing a nickel towards this project?
Do we really need to help highly profitable and rapacious over-chargers make more money?
Without the tax break would the series not be produced and if so, who cares?
Maybe the government could remove the tax element on the eleven dollars beer sold at the Bell Centre, so that they could make even more money.
Have we gone mad?
...and with that little rant, it is time to bid adieu!

Have a great weekend!

Bonne fin de semaine!


  1. So...anyone out there still convinced Philippe Couillard is going to be the "savior" of Quebec? There is one reader in particular I'm posing this question to, and I'm sure that person knows full well to whom I'm referring.

    1. Bunch of Quislings, spineless jellyfish named by the Editor in the first segment of today's blog. No doubt if they were all in a concentration camp, they would have been nefarious Kapos.

      These are the few who are supposed to represent the minorities, for they represent highly minority populated constituencies. As usual, they always let down their constituents. One reason my rebuke of Quebec and its gangrenous effects on the Canadian economic fabric. Another is for their deleterious representation of their constituents.

      Then again, is the population that votes for these Quislings just as deleterious? There is something to be said for the old cliché "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me." The voters of these constituencies keep on voting for these deleterious Quislings, and it is primarily for this reason I've turned against Quebec as a whole.

      This political pussyfooting has been going on for 40 years, and I'm fed up with supporting it. As a loyal and proud Ontarian, born, raised and educated from kindergarten through to university convocation in Quebec, I have severed all possible ties with Quebec. About the only associations I must unfortunately have with Quebec are my birth certificate, having to state I was born in Quebec on my passport and the fact my social insurance number begins with a 2. Otherwise, my last nonnegotiable obligations to the world are to stay white and die.

      What's happening with the Equality Party 2.0? I haven't heard much about that. The fact the party disbanded after one election (1989) is downright pathetic! I'd say it's better to have a small group of Equality members in the National Assembly who will unconditionally fight for your rights than the same old same old who have time and time again never failed to disappoint. Only three did so back in 1989 and resigned. If nothing else, they have honor for having stood by their principles and their constituents. There has been nothing like those three before or since.

      I still stand behind what I wrote in the last blog. I'm asking, in fact, begging the PM to eliminate equalization payments to Quebec when reviewing the formula comes up for renewal in calendar 2014. The minorities who keep voting in these impotent Kapos are not guiltless for what Quebec society has become, and all get what they deserve, or get themselves the hell out before it's too late.

    2. It's not that I'm entirely against the idea of revisiting the equalization payments - clearly it's not being used wisely by all provinces. But how are the feds supposed to implement a "Screw Quebec!" clause in the Equalization payments formula? What provincial premier from a have-not province would support such a precedent, knowing that they could be the one to be axed at the next negotiations?

      I just don't know how Harper (or anyone else) is supposed to cut Quebec specifically off of the equalization money without also cutting off other provinces- the effects of which would be disastrous on provinces which are already very poor compared to the oil-rich Alberta, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland.

    3. equalization should be tied to austerity, no attempts to correct deficits means no money... stop enabling the addicts

    4. Yannick: I believe it's every ten years equalization is revisited and revised. OK, Harper doesn't have to cut Quebec off completely. Give Quebec $1.00 per constituent. Hey...that's still $7.5 million, and $7.4444 million more than I'd give. But $7.5 million is still a lot less than over $10 billion!

      Taz: Very well stated!

    5. @sauga

      "Give Quebec $1.00 per constituent."

      and how much would you give to new-bruswick mate?

    6. @lanf of tazmandoo

      it sounds like you'd steer equalization money towards provinces who don't need it. that's not clever.

    7. "This political pussyfooting has been going on for 40 years, and I'm fed up with supporting it.

      You support it?

      "As a loyal and proud Ontarian, born, raised and educated from kindergarten through to university convocation in Quebec, I have severed all possible ties with Quebec. About the only associations I must unfortunately have with Quebec are my birth certificate, having to state I was born in Quebec on my passport and the fact my social insurance number begins with a 2. Otherwise, my last nonnegotiable obligations to the world are to stay white and die."

      Severed all ties? Really? Well that would absolutely explain why you are here night and day posting on a blog that focuses completely on Quebec's state of affairs. No Life?

      I got news for you Mister Sauga. You may reside in Ontario, but you clearly, still live in Quebec.
      Your rants are growing so f......tired and boringgggggg. Get over it already gees. With this much bile in your system you must be waking up to a daily dose of "acida". Who lives like that?

      These taunts to the minorities who have chosen to live here and stay, have got to stop. At least we haven't run away like little cowards, we stuck around, learnt the language and most of the time, beat them at their own game. Some of us even speak and write better than your average Francophone. Moreover, we r here facing the music and still sticking it to them. So don't u f....dare stand there from Misssissauga....(gag me) and preach and condescend to those of us who have had the courage to persevere. You want us to take you seriously, grow a pair, come back and fight from here, the place that issued your birth certificate and most certainly provided an education for you on the cheap. Short of that, you got zero credibility.

    8. Oh and, Ontario is just as indebted as Quebec, you support nothing, Alberta supports and feeds us all.

    9. The only thing I can add Mr. Sauga is that we have no f===ing choice as to who to vote for! The Equality Party folded during the summer time and the Conservatives are not ready to date to give us a choice! What the hell would you have us do? The GD liberals, as much as we hate it, are our only option at this point in time. Damn - try to understand that - we're not crazy about any of this shit either (except Ed). If you want to post here, please do not add to our misery as federalists living in this environment like un gars does. We don't need more aggravation - we have quite enough from the damn separatists! You seem like a nice person and I can't say I blame you for resenting the money that comes to quebec but we federalists that live here are not responsible for the distribution of same money!

    10. AnecTote - I am giving you a standing ovation. I read a lot of comments on CTV and National Post from posters from ROC and ex-Quebecers who are smug and basically not interested in supporting their fellow Canadians who are living in Quebec and dealing with the nasty politics, those who are fighting, those who are worried, those who are being picked on, those who can't simply pick themselves up and walk away like a refugee, giving up their home, their job, their elderly parents who need help. It is enough with the armchair quarterbacks. I have written many letters to the politicians as well as letters to the editor in the Gazette. I am a member of CRITIQ. We are fighting back. If the people in the ROC are not interested in helping us fight, the least they can do is be supportive of those of us who are in the trenches fighting for our rights.

    11. @Anon

      Thank you for your kind words and on that note, I would like to invite those contributors back to this blog who once shared their insightful and brilliant posts but who have regrettably taken a sabbatical. You know who you are and our "army" needs you. Nothing should be greater and bigger and more important than "The Cause". And that means you too Editor, I say this with the greatest reverence and respect, for who you are and what you do and what you are trying to accomplish. It is time to kiss and make up folks, there is not a moment to spare, otherwise we're no better than the sauga's of the world, sorry, mais c'est la vérité, He may hate the separatist, but I will bet my last buck, they love him.

    12. @Land of Tazmandoo

      Perhaps that is your opinion, but it is not the goal of the equalization program. The equalization program isn't there to help poor provinces not be poor anymore, it is there to ensure that each province is able to provide the same services (health and education, amongst others) no matter how poor they are.

      That it is why it is no-strings money. Each province is then given the choice to spend this money as wisely or poorly as possible.

      Since the equalization money is based on the earnings of the citizens, austerity measures (decrease of government spending) is likely to make provinces qualify for more rather than less. In short, I think you either didn't think this through, or don't really understand the purpose of the equalization program.

    13. Yannick,

      Reality is , the have not provinces do not use Equalization for what it's intended.. the transfers go into the general pot whereby each province spends to whatever boondoggle they come up with... Which in the end leads to underfunded social service programs, fatter wallets of politicians, Friends of politicians, bureaucrats etc, etc. meanwhile provincial debts grows and grows with no end in site.... adding insult to injury, with respects to Quebec , it continually bites the hand that feeds it , causing political and social unrest which in turn creates economic chaos to whole country... Sometimes the addict just needs to go Cold Turkey.....

    14. Would you have examples, other than Quebec, of poor provinces grossly mismanaging their budget? Having lived in some of them myself I can't really think of anything.

    15. This comment has been removed by the author.

    16. on that note, Quebec takes the Cake of "gross mismanagement" of public funds.........

    17. Yannick,

      I believe that the point Land of Tazmandoo is trying to make IS Quebec. Therefore, indeed there is no other valid example of "poor provinces grossly mismanaging their budget" than Quebec.

    18. This comment has been removed by the author.

    19. Oops. Land of Tazmandoo posted his/her respond literally seconds before I did.

    20. @troy

      ...and therefore land of tazmandoo's point comes down to quebes is mismanaged. it has nothing to do with equalization then. and everything to do with a decade of lpq control on quebec's budget. right?

    21. First of two:

      OooooooK, AnecDOLT, I now turn to you at last with my rebuttal. Ed, for what you wrote below, take heed.

      You wrote "Severed all ties? Really? Well that would absolutely explain why you are here night and day posting on a blog that focuses completely on Quebec's state of affairs. No Life?

      Actually, DOLT, if you haven't noticed, I respond far less than I used to. Actually, I did so more last week than usual because I was on vacation and had more time to devote to issues like this one that are becoming more secondary in my life. My resentment has been stated may times before insofar as, well, as you wrote above, if you find my "...rants are growing so f......tired and boringgggggg.", and so I'll have to repeat myself.

      My main resentment about feeling compelled to leave Quebec was because the collective majority making up this backward fascist state are lumping all minorities beyond the imperialistic aristocratic WASPs for whom they have developed this irrefutable, apodictic and indubitable hatred.

      I am not a WASP! 2014 will mark 100 years that my maternal grandfather arrived in the Eastern Townships...alone, at first! Once he settled, he sent for, and got his wife and three children over from an oppressive Czarist regime in Russia. He eventually settled in a small Quebec town and he and my grandmother had five more children. Twelve years later, my paternal family arrived in Montreal. Both my grandfathers ended up self-employed, taking jobs from nobody, supporting their families, and paying their taxes.

      My maternal grandfather was especially entrepreneurial, died at a young age smack-dab in the middle of the Great Depression survived by his wife and six children who were still living at home. My mom was only eight years old when my grandfather died, with a three-year-old younger brother. The eldest still living at home was my other uncle, who at the time of his father's death was just 22 years old. Suddenly, he was the man of the house, and both brother and father to many of his siblings.

    22. Second of two:

      My late mother told me time and time again, remembering as a little girl, her big brother at the kitchen table bawling his eyes out over the books of the family business because every asset my grandfather left was pledged to the hilt with the banks, but he rolled up his sleeves, got to work supported his family and died at a relatively young age himself from all the pressure and stress over the decades. He, his mother and siblings never knew hunger while many died from it. He turned those businesses around and paid the banks and all other accounts payable. He too proved to be a good entrepreneur with only a grade four education. He was the legend of my mother's family.

      For all my late uncle did, he provided jobs not only for himself, but for some of the townsfolk as well, who may otherwise not have had employment and been unable to support their families. He was a taxpayer and an employer. He did his community good and contributed to the greater good.

      It is for this reason, AnecDOLT, that I have a deep rooted resentment for Quebec and what the majority of the Quebec's people stands for. That's why I still have this bile in my system as you stated it. I have a right to those feelings. Neither you nor anyone else nor any government can legislate one's feelings or emotions, and nobody between Heaven and Earth is going to tell me what to say and what not to say. To you and anyone else reading this blog who dislikes, disagrees or is bored with my views, that's just too f---in'--eh bad for you.

      My late mother, MSRIP, told me a long time ago to consider something written in the scriptures that goes something like this: "May G-d give me the strength to change what I can, the courage to face what I cannot change, and the wisdom to know the difference." Think about THAT, AnecDolt, and that goes double for you too, Ed.

      Oh yes, DOLT, I almost forgot, yes, my federal tax dollars paid in Ontario go to supportr Quebec and its stumbling, bumbling society of fools. What's sad is, you don't show the wisdom to know the difference" I wrote in the foregoing paragraph. What is all the more the pity is the minority population of 20% creates 40% of the economic activity in Quebec.

      In all my reading and experiences, my definition of a moron is one who performs the same actions repeatedly and expects a different outcome. For the last 40 years, the minorities have been voting for the same party that has screwed you every time since 1974. 40 years is about half a lifetime, AnecDOLT and Ed. When will you ever learn?

    23. @sauga

      " What is all the more the pity is the minority population of 20% creates 40% of the economic activity in Quebec."

      you're changing your tune. before you claimed the 20% non francophones in quebec contributed to 40% of the tax money collected. of course you could never back this up seriously. now it's a different thing. can i consider this shift to be a proof that your favourite argument is bogus?

    24. @Troy, @Tasmandoo

      The proposed changes by Tasmandoo would also hurt the atlantic provinces and Manitoba, which while not undertaking radical austerity, are also not grossly mismanaging their money. These provinces, for a variety of reasons but mainly because of geographic and ressource realities, are peopled with citizens who earn less than those of Alberta and other oil-producing provinces. Equalization allows them to offer relatively similar levels of healthcare, and I think that's a good thing.

      I am not overly concerned by the amount of equalization payments Quebec receives, but I am anxious when I hear talk of throwing the baby out with the bathwater. That is all.

    25. @AnecTOTE:

      [...] on that note, I would like to invite those contributors back to this blog who once shared their insightful and brilliant posts but who have regrettably taken a sabbatical. You know who you are and our "army" needs you [...]

      I haven't been back here for a while and I admit not having read most of the comments on today's post (or any other since my own "sabbatical", for that matter). As luck would have it, I happened to be skimming and chanced upon your comment above during my first time back today. And although your entreaties are duly noted and certainly not lost upon me personally, I can't say I'm convinced that it is up to you to successively sway one or more contributors back.

      The vehement frustrations I expressed a few weeks ago regarding the management of this blog have sadly not been addressed, and the results, with which we are all too familiar, speak for themselves. With nary a request -- nay, a directive -- coming from the top demanding that participants up the level and style of discourse from grade-school taunting and venting to, say, articulation worthy of a post-secondary graduate or even a simple human wise in the ways of the world (or kindly abstain otherwise), this will continue. Left unhindered, pondscum can and does derail the noblest of initiatives. This is the underside of free speech, here and elsewhere. And, sadly, it is a byproduct of gratis speech as well.

    26. While I wholeheartedly endorse your appeal for well-articulated positions in this debate, I can't justify spending inordinate amounts of time on a forum like this one, much less devoting time to write, especially when it is obvious that (1) many participants aren't committing at least as much thought, rigor, and eloquence as I understand you would expect of people like me and (2) the editorial power behind this blog allows counter/destructive behavior to continue unabated and for reasons I consider excessively indulgent at best.

      Know that I am focusing my energies in advancing my position through what I expect are more subtle and influential avenues, and that I encourage you to multiply and refine your own efforts in this endeavor accordingly. This isn't cynicism; it's non-partisan realization of the realpolitik that governs us. Failing that, remind yourself that from a time pre-dating even the arrival of the British in the supposedly halcyon days of New France, and time and again thereafter, "consensus" on governance and policy in this country has been either directly imposed or subtly and insidiously manufactured before it has ever been "reached" and imparted to gullible masses with an illusion of deliberation or concession no matter who was in charge. This pattern might hold true elsewhere, but that's not what will motivate you, I'm sure. Perhaps the single realization -- that patronage and full brunt of peopled institutions, both yesterday and today, are the vectors by which this northern settler colony (unable to acknowledge it still is one), deceptively clad in all the trappings of modernity, still lives and breathes -- might. From the hundred associates to the Chateau clique to the various SSJB confederations, to this month's Snyder-powered Jeannettes, we dance -- invariably -- to the same beat as did waves upon waves of settlers before us.

      Armchair proxies be damned -- and kudos to your lucid outburst above. If we don't face the music -- or otherwise co-opt (and yes, by the by allow ourselves to be co-opted by) sufficiently influential institutions to call a different tune, what good is it to incessantly and passively bemoan the state of affairs?

      Consider the following: this is your city, your province, and your country, no more and no less than your adversary. If our history and future boil down to a mere battle of wits, what business have you got just standing by the sidelines and tilting at windmills?

    27. Know that I am focusing my energies in advancing my position through what I expect are more subtle and influential avenues, and that I encourage you to multiply and refine your own efforts in this endeavor accordingly. This isn't cynicism; it's non-partisan realization of the realpolitik that governs us. Failing that, remind yourself that from a time pre-dating even the arrival of the British in the supposedly halcyon days of New France, and time and again thereafter, "consensus" on governance and policy in this country has been either directly imposed or subtly and insidiously manufactured before it has ever been "reached" and imparted to gullible masses with an illusion of deliberation or concession no matter who was in charge. This pattern might hold true elsewhere, but that's not what will motivate you, I'm sure. Perhaps the single realization -- that patronage and full brunt of peopled institutions, both yesterday and today, are the vectors by which this northern settler colony (unable to acknowledge it still is one), deceptively clad in all the trappings of modernity, still lives and breathes -- might. From the hundred associates to the Chateau clique to the various SSJB confederations, to this month's Snyder-powered Jeannettes, we dance -- invariably -- to the same beat as did waves upon waves of settlers before us.

      Armchair proxies be damned -- and kudos to your lucid outburst above. If we don't face the music -- or otherwise co-opt (and yes, by the by allow ourselves to be co-opted by) sufficiently influential institutions to call a different tune, what good is it to incessantly and passively bemoan the state of affairs?

      Consider the following: this is your city, your province, and your country, no more and no less than your adversary. If our history and future boil down to a mere battle of wits, what business have you got just standing by the sidelines and tilting at windmills?

    28. @Apparatchik

      I think I'm in love LOLOLOLOLOL...jokes are a sight for sore eyes my friend.

      I'm glad to see you are alive and well and kickin' ass in some other part of town!!! Listen we do what we can, and the power of 'The Word' is one place to start. We have to drag people out of their comas, one way or another, personally I think, by any means possible, kicking and screaming, if need be. What's important is that, we're doing something about it. I get what you're saying, the more things change the more they stay the same. Maybe we are finally fed up with indifference, passiveness and mediocrity. At least we are trying something...and there is a buzz in the air, perhaps it is these municipal elections but there is something in the air, the winds of change are a'blowin' ! We have to believe they are, anyway, otherwise, we r back to indifference, and that's no place to be.

      Trust me when I say, you were not wasting your time when you'd post before, and you would not waste your time now, if you post again, in spite of how you feel. To me, and to many other, you're a Champ!

      I truly hope you won't keep withholding your posts, 'The Cause' is the only thing that matters!

      This I dedicate to you, and to all the other brave souls on this blog who just won't settle for mediocrity anymore.,d.eW0

    29. Thank you for your very kind words. I expect and welcome that our paths should cross if not overlap in our attempt to grow this into the more inclusive, bilingual, multicultural, tolerant, and thriving place we know it can be.

  2. I will tell you what I getting tired of, I thought I was just indifferent to it, but I am beginning to realize that it is bugging the you-know-what outa me, the more I think about it. I am tired of politicians that use their "office" and power, not for the common good, like they were elected to do, but to serve their own hidden agendas, time and time again, and again, and again and again, over and over, from the Federal sphere to now the municipal one now.

    Is there not an 'Honest' man/woman among you? Is it so outrageous to ask this? No...I am not naive and I wasn't born yesterday, but what has happened to just serving...for the greater good? What has happened to that credo??? I wish people could go around with little lights that flicker every time they are disingenuous, lol, that would be completely mind blowing!!! To be fair, I look around, and this is happening across the globe, at an international scale, this lack of Principles, Integrity and Truth. It's such a farce an I just wanna laugh, but it is all really..quite sad.

    And to comment on Editor's post today, re: our dear lil minister for Anglo Montreal, who may well be an "intellectual separatist" as Editor call them, (I know he was being funny, cause that's an oxymoron if I ever heard one), well-educated and should know better, but somehow, it doesn't show.

    What is it Oprah says, lol, When you know better you do better? HA....Fat chance!

    1. Check out the letter to the Editor in today's Gazette regarding the type of Quebec politician we really need.

    2. My other pet-peeve this morning is Journalism and main-stream media who does nothing but chase "sensationalism"...Pathetic. And why? I am also quickly realizing it is because Truth has no value in today's world. None. We look around and Fraud prevails....Omg.

      Fraud is today's currency and that is the only Truth.

    3. @AnecTOTE

      There is a strong policy law that needs to be passed in Quebec. Nobody should be allowed to work in the Quebec or Montreal city service for more then 15 years.

      Thee should be as many exemptions for that as we will have for exemptions to the Charter of Values. IE none, in number or spirit.

      Something along the lines of getting your child exempted from Bill 101. Zero. Nil. Null. A process with a known conclusion.

      Beyond 15 years they get jaded. They see their peers stealing and they start to steal, they turn a blind eye, they "screw the pooch" at work etc.

      After 15 years "civil servant quebec" grinds them down to this.

      They need to see this as a saving thing in their lives. It's saving the public and saving them. Most importantly them of course.

      It's not their fault that they steal and manipulate. There were Italians around that started the whole thing. We understand. Quebec doesn;t demand any personal responsibility of its politicians lets alone it's citizens, now isn;t a time to start.

      Now after 15 years, there might not be a pension for life as the PQ mentality requires. Perhaps there is only a pension worth 15 years of input... More of a crazy revolutionary "what get out, is what we put in" approach plus a little interest.

      Now these workers transition to the real world.

      This creates many new job opportunities for the new graduates of "Quebec education" in the civil service.

      As they used to say in the US. "Think of the children".

      The PQ lifers need to think of the PQ kids.

      Stop hogging all that socialism and lifetime jobs for yourselves.

      Do another seppie a solid.

    4. "There were Italians around that started the whole thing."

      I'm think your being sarcastic, but I still kind of resent this. Especially when so many francophone politicians and businessmen were just as eager to steal from the city despite being in positions of power.

    5. Of course I'm being sarcastic.

      Francophone culture is such that they can never see an error as beign a reflection of themselves or their own bad decision in any way. It's always somebody else fault. This is PQ thinking abotu everything.

      Personal responsibility is anathema to PQ Quebecers.

      The PQ frnacophones do all the dirty work of executing and managing the fraud all the way along, yet they see themselves as blameless.

      In PQ thinking as long as an anglophone/immigrant or other person can be blamed they don;t need any self reflection for themselves.

      On the other hand I'm totally serious that nobody born in cattolica eraclea should be allowed to do any business with any level of govt contract in Quebec. They should also never be allowed to be a politician. ;-) They have had their turn at the scams for a long time. No it's time to protect the public from politicians and a system that happily offer up the public purse for systematic fraud over the last 40 years.

      Seems like a reasonable rule after 40 years of Cliche and Charbonneau commissions going through the same exact "last names" as last time.

      Father was at Cliche. Son is at Charbonneau. Logic on vacation.

    6. "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." Lord Acton

      Not too long ago a friend reminded me of the above quote. Then he said, "just don't give any one person, or one party complete power, and have them randomly audited by third parties, on a consistent basis, this is how you keep everyone on their toes."

      I think this idea has merit, however it would mean we turn into a BIg Brother State sort of. Everyone checking and spying on everyone else. Primarily, it means changing the way we govern in North American Democracies, (no small feat), but if we accept that Humans are flawed individuals and EVERYONE can be bought for the right price, maybe it isn't a crazy idea after all.

    7. @anectote

      " would mean we turn into a BIg Brother State sort of (...) maybe it isn't a crazy idea after all."

      so you have a tendency towards fascist totalitarism? good to know. you're toxic mate. eew.

    8. Gee I don't know, but the charter of no values sure wreaks of fascist totalitarianism! Legislating what people wear and going around with a tape measure measuring crosses is the epitome of Fascism. Thank you for giving us all a chance to realize and acknowledge that.


    A new entry, NICOLA MARTIN from CEGEP Andre-Laurendeau
    Nicolas Martin · Top Commenter ·
    une promotion s'impose! il s'est tenu debout.
    Reply · · October 22 at 12:11pm

    Quebec artists and culture? It's like saying "democratic Nazi" or "gay-friendly Putin". Summa indifferentia from my side. I prefer listening to my dog howl or my boyfriend's stomach rumble...

  4. The Journal de Montreal article lamenting the fact that Anglos know nothing about Quebecois artists is meant to show the divide between the two solitudes.

    But what if we did a poll where instead of "know of vs. don't know of", they polled according to "care for vs. don't care for", where those anglos and allos who don't know of Marie Mai or Guy A Lepage would be classified as "don't care".

    Such a poll would show much less divide between people and maybe quite a bit of unity, as the franophones who say "I know of Guy A but I don't give a toss about this twit", or "I know of Marie Mai, but she's no Pink Floyd", or "I know of Loco Locass, but I wish I didn't", etc...

    Such a poll would be interesting and it would show some unity and overlap between francophones and non-francophones. Imagine the JdeM headlines then: 70% of the population "does not care" about Guy A Lepage while only 30% does.

    1. "I know of Loco Locass, but I wish I didn't"


      Perfectly said.

      You could extend the questions to "Do you care to listen to a band who's lyrics are discriminate against you and call for action against your presence in this province?"

      As for Tout Le Monde en Parle, it's little more than a thinly-veiled separatist love-in.

      Just as no one would expect a black man to listen to neo nazi punk bands, self-respecting non-Francophones have no reason to engage themselves in this mush.

    2. Vous ne seriez pas un peu parano par hasard?Ne confondez pas anglophones et francophobes,LL n'ont rien contre la première catégorie.

    3. Good article from Johnson:

    4. It shows how truely ignorant the PQ are about anglophone culture if they think

      ""I 'll tell you a secret: if you really want to upset and hurt Anglo-Canadians , explain to them that there is no Canadian star system and there is no popular culture' in English Canada. This amounts to sticking a finger into a cultural wound. And don't forget to bring up existential question: "What exactly really sets us apart from the Americans? ". ""

      I thought it was only the idiot trolls here that were this dumb.

      Do they really not understand we don;t think like they do? Canadian star system?

      This is all a created industry. Quebec needed it's star system that Radio Canada etc came up with. CBC just follows along. Anglo's (except for the artists sucking on the public purse for money) laugh at CBC attempts to have a star system.

      IT's funny as shit to realize the PQ understand so little they think the bashing the CBC and whatever invented cultural things boths anglo's and Canadians.

      The PQ will never understand that jobs and food are always more important to anglo's/immigrants then culture and language.

      This brain damaged thinking the PQ think is an asset which is why Quebec is in the state it is. In reality it just shows yet again how distanced they are from the real world.

      They are fighting an enemy and boogyman that don;t exist. Projecting their own endless cultural angst onto the rest of the world like we care.

      I don't give a shit if Canada never produces it's own "media stars". Strombouopous is a poor excuse for top talent. The seppies are just revealing how little they know by thinking anglo canada cares.

      I'd be more then happy to see the CBC shutdown as long as we shutdown Radio Canada at the same time.

      Anglo canada won;t give a shit, we watch US TV anyway. The only part of Canadian TV that we care the slightest about is the news. It's all the PQ types that will be up in arms because THEIR star system is so important to them.

    5. I'll never forget the first time some slimeball seppie said that to me: "Canadians don't have any culture."

      I thought it to be one of the most ignorant comments I had ever heard, until, as the years have gone on, I've heard many of these losers echo the same statement.

      Ever notice that about separatists?

      Every single one of them keeps puking up the exact same reasons for hating Canada and the need to separate.

      I've never once heard ONE original argument for the movement.

    6. "Canadians don't have any culture."

      La vérité fait mal...N'est-ce pas?Le canaya n'est qu'un immense "melting pot".

    7. Seriously that's your best shot? That we're a melting pot? Cause that's a compliment, you know...

      Look around, or get a pair of glasses..the internet has made the entire world a melting pot, and btw, you spend days on end in here with people who are very different than you. You basically sweep the depths of that melting pot, you lil xenophobe, every time you click on the link to this blog. One gets the impression you love us more than you hate us. Lol, what with all the time you dedicate to NDOA.

      You poor twit, you are common, ordinary and "provincial" lol, and you are not "hurting" us when you make such a statement, far far from it. But thank you for reminding us of how much more superior we are than u, ..who lives in his little pur laine white bubble sipping beer and collecting BS checks all day.

      GET A JOB...(a real one...u dick)

    8. @AnecTOTE

      Of course that's all he's got.

      But he did remind me of another point I forgot to make in the post he answered to.

      That point being, seeing how it's perfectly cool to declare yourself as being against multiculturalism, especially since Bernard Landry, Gilles Duceppe and Mathieu Bock-Cote have publicly stated it numerous times.

      Yet, when we call them racists and xenophobes, they lash out.

      So then, this begs the question - how can you be against multiculturalism and melting pots and NOT be racist?

      It's impossible.

      Second, why is it that a far larger city than Montreal, Toronto, can make the melting pot work, but it can't happen in Quebec.

    9. @anectote

      "how can you be against multiculturalism (...) and NOT be racist?"

      as if multiculturalism was the only non racist social ideology. it's obvious to me that you lack knowledge about this mate.

    10. Are you drunk? Or is this another way of deliberately diverting attention? Do you even pay attention to what people write and who writes schmuck? You're a sloppy troll and they should dock you for this mess-up. Lol

    11. Moi j'aime bien les oeufs mais je veux pas d'un poulailler.

    12. Eggs are bad for you and you should stay away from the chicken coup, some things are way outa your league, AND I don't recall anyone offering you either.

    13. @anectote

      "Or is this another way of deliberately diverting attention?"

      what do you mean?!? you asked about multiculturalism, and you get an answer about multiculturalism. how can you consider this as "diverting attention"?!?

    14. The charter of no values is a total fiasco and the PQ are incapable of tabling a proper budget like they are suppose to, and resolve the economic tsunami we're in. They are incompetent and we should have an election so we can vote them out so we can stop the bleeding.

      How's that whole distraction thing workin' out for ya pinstripes?

    15. @anectote

      sure. but back to your question about multiculturalism... did you read a bit on the subject? or do you still think that it's the only non racist policy ever devised?

    16. @anectote

      oh, sorry mate. it was anonymous coward's question. my mistake. let's see what he writes.

      "The charter of no values is a total fiasco"

      why do you say the charter is a total fiasco?!? now that the crucifix is gone the only detail remaining to fix is how to decide who gets a pass to show up at government work with a disguisement and who doesn't. no fiasco there mate.

      "...the PQ are incapable of tabling a proper budget..."

      they did one last year that was well received and the pq, with pauline marois as finance minister, was the last government to make a debt reimbursement. what's your definition of proper? maybe for you proper just means not from pq. that would explain your apparent skewness.

      "so we can vote them out so we can stop the bleeding."

      who will you vote for that will be better with resolving "economic tsunamis"? please avoid looking like a total fool and find someone else than the gang that actually catalysed the tsunami.

    17. @Editor, please censor this idiot, he's completely out of control, cut off the candy, he's OD. It's actually a bit sick..what he's up to, and unworthy of this blog and our time.

      And on that note, Guiliani came to town today, and said something really interesting, in NY's school system, you'll hear anywhere between 60 to 70 languages at any given time, and he considers that since we deal with only two, he finds this rather relaxing lolololololololololo !! How amazing is that...

    18. @anectote

      haha poor little crybaby. just answer the questions mate. if you're not adult enough to handle a few counterarguments long!

      "How amazing is that..."

      i think it's really amazing!

    19. AnecTote, we all all know theoretically all languages are "equal" in the eyes of our lord.

      What Giuliani doesn;t know about is the latest early PQ research that show that young children brains exposed to multiple languages in a pure context and socially reinforcing environment over short periods is fine.

      However, when multiple languages are combined with multiculturalism, individualism, or deductive reasoning it's specifically destructive to a strong PQ education.

      You must realize how important it is we relinquish this experiment in "bi-lingual/tri-lingual".

      Children brains respond best to programing when they can focus on one culture and one language repetitively without distraction or questioning.

      Since Quebec is North America's socialist experiment and homeland of francophone PQ (Native Indians who?) types that control the political dialog amongst politicians without spine...

      This is the land of uni lingual french. It is the law and learning multiple languages at the same time hurts the brain of developing children as has been proven multiple times by leading PQ policy makers.

    20. This IS a blog for adults and it just occurred to me that you're really really young, this level of immaturity is quite tale-telling. We've all been really young...but I doubt any of us have been this stupid and you are really really stupid; you have so much stupidity, an abundance, that you could like actually box it and sell it to those even more stupid than you. No doubt you'll find plenty of takers in you little seppie circle lol.

      I could do this all night pinstripes and when we!re done, you'll be sucking your thumb, tugging at your blanky asking your mommy to look under your bed and turn the lights on. So be very very careful where you venture to, very careful ..Junior.

      You can't stop what is happening here, and all the nonsense you pull outa you ass won't help you, this is happening and we're on this blog to denounce the fraud you and those of your ilk are trying to propagate. We will tell the truth about how racist and xenophobic and crooked this province has become over the past 40years, most especially.

      Now stand up ..walk over to your Friends at IF and tell them to give you better material, cause you're embarrassing them.

    21. @cebeuq

      I completely concur...and we need to keep telling the story. Entire generations being cheated out of a real shot at the future, a better future for themselves, by these fools and their desperate attempts at trying to isolate the young from the rest of the world and royally screwing them out of their future under this fake guise of language protection.

      Why are we allowing this to happen?

    22. AnecTOTE: Re Friday, October 25, 2013 at 10:32:00 PM EDT

      Well, well, well, AnecDOLT, you can sure dish it out like you did to me in the thread I created above, butcha can't take it, can you? I do agree with you that student writes complete trashy drivel, so aside from unfortunately requiring mention of his existence, don't you notice I don't respond to anything he writes?

      I would love for the Editor to simply strip everything student writes, but it's his choice to do so or not, and the worst thing you can do is acknowledge his existence. Those of you who do so fuel the fire, so you only have yourselves to blame. More often than not I ignore anything and everything he and those of his ilk write. May I suggest you do the same.

    23. @sauga

      I get it, you feel hurt by what I said to you yesterday and spiteful little you needs to distort my blog handle to feel better about yourself. Whatevs

      I did not read your entire (lengthy) diatribe in your other post to me. I am not saying this to be mean or cruel, .....but I can't be bothered. Succinctly put, if you left quebec already, then leave quebec already, between your ears this time.

      Finally, u have no right to diss those who have remained here and made it work, .....and no right to judge. Didn't they teach you that in Hebrew school? Not to judge? Look it up, I'm sure it's in the talmud somewhere.

      As for the trolls, I have my own agenda for responding AND there hasn't been a damn thing they've dished out, that I haven't crushed, if u can call their feeble attempts...."dishing it out."... I never post for them, but I will dangle a carrot and if they bite, I will go to town on them and I take no prisoners. It is for ALL to see and realize what dishonorable sons of bitches they are. THAT is why I feed the trolls, to expose and embarrass them. Worked for pastagate and it was damn effective. They enter and post on this blog at their own risk. Now, ya need a picture to go with that? I suspect Editor keeps them around for the same reasons. You don't solve a problem by ignoring it. You solve it by dealing with come closer, this I gotta whisper in your ear...(mostly, I do it to amuse myself) LOLOLOLOLOL, nothing is funnier than imagining them stew over what we write...u know, ..for shits and giggles, they're so bloody insecure already, it's a cakewalk, they deserve to be toyed with...LOLOLOLOLOL

      I have nothing else to say to u Sauga, except ...Peace!

    24. TOTE: Trolls areimpudent. Please click on the brown print as I've supplied you with the definition. You don't embarrass them with what you do, you encourage them. The current governing party in Quebec is as impudent as can be, but because of their worldwide exposure, when they are sufficiently embarrassed, they are forced to reverse or retract their misdeeds. Trolls on a blog don't have to worry about worldwide disclosure so they don't embarrass easily, and they are anonymous, too.

      According to the editor, there are about a million people reading this blog worldwide; however, the population now exceeds seven billion, so that's a spit in the ocean; too, most of the readers are Quebeckers as few people outside Quebec (and many in Quebec, too) even know this blog exists.

      I would suggest you read what I wrote above, but I think you know my story, so it's really up to you. Am I hurt by what you wrote? No, not a bit, except for you and Ed pretending you know something about Judaism. Had it not been for the fact the rest of Canada (mostly a financially strapped Ontario) pays over $10 billion from the federal coffers to an ungrateful, impudent and fiscally negligent Quebec, I likely would not be a contributor to this blog. I'm out of there, so I'm immune to the craziness, but then again, now the Francophone population outside Quebec has become bold and cocky. That's a botheration, hence, I am a contributor to this blog; too, most of my problem with Quebec, as written at length above, is their ingratitude towards those in the minority population who have contributed the lion's share to their ability to be lazy-assed entitlement recipients.

      Oh, and finally, I'm thick skinned enough to take what I dish out, and more. Your plea to the editor to censor the trolls while you're trying to taunt them suggests you're not. Too, I've been called worse by better.


    25. Oops! Methinks, I goofed. TOTE: here is the link to the definition of impudent

      Too, I forgot respond to your comment on Ontario's financial position. In real dollars, Ontario is carrying higher debt than Quebec, about $20 billion, but Ontario has 40% more inhabitants,and a greater percentage of taxpayers, including far more affluent taxpayers, than Quebec. I certainly am not happy with Ontario's debt level, far from it, and it doesn't help we have a government in office now that pissed a billion against the wall for the sake of electing two MPPs, one of them representing my constituency, a.k.a. the Half Billion Dollar Man. With any luck, that situation will be remedied in about a year's time.

    26. At least you have a choice of who to vote for Mr. Sauga, unlike we federalists that reside here. Be grateful for small mercies. We may as well already be living in a communist country for all the choice we have. And your biggest headache is the economy = if we were only that lucky!

    27. "You don't embarrass them with what you do, you encourage them"

      Right on Missy!

    28. "You don't embarrass them with what you do, you encourage them"

      I freakin' hope so....when in battle you gotta draw the enemy out into the open in order to do him in! Savvy.

      Sorry..but you guys have the wrong idea how this works. You can ignore them till kingdom come, they'll hang around and still make nuisances of themselves, BUT, you take what they say, and use it against them, you make them look damn stupid cause if you think they actually post for you...I got some swamp land you know where. So again, if they insist on posting they have to think twice about what will ricochet off of their ineptness. I think this will force them to bring something worthwhile to the table. They may post anonymously, but they post in the name of their cause which hates to look stupid, (I.e. Pastagate), especially with the entire world watching.

      And yes, even now, I''m screwin' with their

    29. Oh and btw, you'd be surprised what I know about Judaism or jewish mysticism Mr. Sauga, coming very close to marrying someone of the faith and who today is a rebbe.


    That's Kuebeq..

  6. I have to disagree with you about a couple things.

    1st) multiple media outlets pointed out Lisée's lies on the day he made them. Here's one example
    Lisée said it would have been better for Montreal mayoral candidates to keep quiet on the matter and pretend it will not affect the city, just like Mayor Jean Drapeau did with regards to Bill 101 in the 1970s. Later in the day Christine St-Pierre said that Lisée was not being honest, pointing out that Drapeau appeared before a National Assembly committee to discuss Bill 101.
    Throughout the early '80s Drapeau also repeatedly petitioned the provincial government to remove certain restrictions Bill 101 imposed on citizens, some of which were later made.,779495
    Read more:

    2nd) It's TOE the line.

    3rd) Bergman is a classic example of why anglophones are stupid to vote for the Liberal party. With friends like these...


    1. The Liberals disgraced themselves by voting for this symbolic bill yet again.

      If they are so afraid of standing up for the population that voted them in they shouldn;t be politicians.

      Their only interest is in placating the fracophone population and staying in power so that their friends from Cattolica Eraclea can keep fleecing us.

      If after watching the Charbonneau commission the Liberals havn;t understood that it's time to stand up for values and things that are right and moral they are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.

    2. Fraud is today's currency and that is the only Truth.

    3. @anectote

      yes you already wrote that earlier mate. it's not particularly good, first because nobody pays with "fraud" and also because there are many other truths. i don't think it's worth pasting all over the place mate.

    4. If you don't consider it is very good, then IT MUST BE DAMNED GOOD!! Thank you for the compliment pinstripes, I shall use it more often, indeed!


    5. @anectote

      you're not adressing the facts i'm bringing forward. care to try again?

    6. Fact: The PQ is the party in charge since sept 2012.
      Fact: In one year they have yet to table a budget or a remote semblance of one and we are still $250 +billion in debt.
      Fact: "Since the beginning of 2013, 40,000 jobs have been lost in Quebec, while over 80,000 were created in the rest of Canada, and over 20,000 created in Ontario alone."
      Fact: Since taking power, the PQ has done little to solve the grave infrastructure problems that plague the province, instead it has introduced bill 14 a divisive language policy and and the charter of Quebec values which has led to further racist and xenophobic attitudes in the province, like women in hijabs being attacked on stm buses.

      These are the facts and they are irrefutable.

      Again, thank you pinstripes, for providing the opportunity to reiterate what a dismal record the PQ has has thus far, barely 12 months into its mandate.

    7. these "facts" still don't address my critic of your bad slogan.

      p.s. your fact number two is false and number four is actually an opinion.

    8. Again thank you for reminding me what a great slogan it is!!! At his point I'm not only convinced you like but I think you love it and you'll probably even use it LOLOLOLOLOL, remember to give to Caesar what is Caesar's pinstripes, I got copyrights.

      We lost 40,000 jobs, since the PQ took power, 40,000 in a year's time, if it weren't so embarrassing and humiliating, a statistic like belongs in the Guinness book of world records. This isn't simple mismanagement, THIS IS GRANDIOSE and MONUMENTAL MISMANAGEMENT. It's criminal. People should go to jail.

      The PQ introduced the charter of no values and Muslim women are vilified on stm buses, we never saw that before, but we see that now. The seppies have been granted a passport to abuse veiled women. We have all seen the video, it is not opinion, and if you say it is, then among other things, you're a Liar too. Nothing but a common Liar.

      It's past your bedtime pinstripes. Off you go.

  7. Going on right now I gather:

    1. How dare that web site further try to dilute francophone culture by introducing Spanish on the web site.

      Don;t they understand the fragile state that french in Quebec is in? How dare they present a third language like it's somehow "equal" or a "valid option" in Quebec.

      Is it not enough that we have to fight for our survival against anglophones! How dare they try to get spanish people to think they are welcome and have a possible place to express themselves publicly or culturally in Quebec.

  8. I have no love for Jaggi Singh, but for once I'll give him kudos:

  9. Be sure to catch Barry Wilson on CTV News Montreal today - confirming 99% of what we've been discussing on the blog.

  10. FROM ED
    I've never been more disgusted with this blog and some of the people on it.
    Thank God for Dr. Couillard and the Liberal party. We finally have someone with enough brains to read the handwriting on the wall They realize that Harper's interference is helping the separatist cause. Good God Editor I can't believe that you of all people can't see that. They were not voting against bill 99, they were voting against harper's interference in what is their job that he is making more difficult to defeat the PQ. The useless bill should have been dumped long ago, even Bouchard who invented it said so. Why anyone would applaud something giving food to the PQ's cause, I'll never know but at least give thanks for the people who stand up for the needs of Quebec THE QUEBEC LIBERAL PARTY.
    If that bites your ass Cutie tough luck.. You admit the Liberals are our only chance of salvation and for having something to say you attack them every chance you get. You hit me because I can see the truth and reality and speak it.. Hypocrite!
    Anectote, there's not much I can add about Mr. Sauga, you have said it eloquently Hi is one of those that gives Jews a bad name. Some people that think Jews care only about money and they are convinced by people like him. He cares nothing about us, our homes or our lives, only that he wants Quebec's money for his province Ontario. This is Quebec's money, we deserve it. For decades Quebec was the industrial leader of Canada. The taxes from Quebecers were the equivilant of what Albert's paying now. Out taxes helped the west through dry spells that grew no crops. Quebec taxes built the trains tracks that run right Vancouver. In wartime the wheat board kept teir heads above water. The Federal government under Diefenbaker helped pull the West up by the bootstraps. So now it's our turn. Ignore his smoldering jealousy. he didn't want to pay taxes in Quebec when thy were helping our nation so let him live with whatever he's got. He is lower class tha Une Gars.
    Anonymous, a lot have dropped out because of the trolls gtting people involved in bullshit like 30 posts about whether S.R. has a brain. Cat, Yannick, Adski, Anectote and Resident Evil were contributors who spoke their mind, not just posting links about things we already know. We had debate. Congratulations on your good work. I wish you would take an identity so I know who I'm speaking to. You make sense. Just put an initial at the end of your post like Kevin does. You have to give your whole name to the Gazette, just give us a hint. Thanks Ed

    1. I am not the hypocrite here Ed you are. You are supporting the very same people that sell us out every chance they get and you kiss the ass the separatists each and every time you do that. You are the one that tells the stories of beating up bullies when you were young but you are bullied by the liberals and separatists and always take the side of the same party that is supporting the very people you claim you hate! Does that make sense to you? The federal government CANNOT sit back and ignore this province and their entitlement mentality day after day. They look weak and ineffective to the separatists and to those of us that PAY them to do their job which is act in the interest of the country of Canada not in quebec's interests! What do you think will happen when I talk about how ineffective the liberal party of quebec is? You think all the federalists on this blog are going to run out and vote for the separatists? Don't be ridiculous. I've said a million times, and will again, WE HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO VOTE FOR THEM. Until we have a choice, I will vote for them, weak and ineffective and traitorous as their actions are. There is nothing else to do!

    2. And more than I and Barry Wilson feel the same way about the feds involvement. There are millions of us that feel the same:

    3. @ed

      "...Adski, Anectote and Resident Evil were contributors..."

      don't worry mate none of them left. one spoiled his name though, so he picked a few new id's!

    4. @ed

      "Why anyone would applaud something giving food to the PQ's cause,..."

      it's because some people evaluate things on moral value and not on wheter it's good or bad for your favourite political party. not everyone is a cheerleader like you ed.

      by the way, have you seen this?

      liberal crooks don't want to have to deal with ethics. how do you wrongly interpret this ed?

    5. Ohhhh, Ed! Once again your racist soul rises to the surface. You lost me way back when you started with your anti-Semitic screeds, and this is just another to add to the collection. Please don't respond with another of your "some of my best friends are Jewish" confutations the way you did when you came out of the closet a number of months ago.

      As for your blind faith in Philippe Couillard who I'm sure won't fail to disappoint somewhere done the line, that's YOUR false hope to cling to.

    6. Oops, it's late and the end of a tiring week at work. "done" should read down the road, and Ed, I think your mind is headed in that direction with your thoughts and opinions getting more miles away every time you post!

  11. I have 0% sympathy for these bastards:

    To all separatists on this blog - read this very carefully and take heed.

    Just as we've warned you that the way you treat non-francophones and non-whites by way of your sovereignist movement will lead to a disastrous effect in the event of a new referendum...

    ...the same goes for your bedfellows - the public unions. As you can read in that article, taxpayers are as fed-up with corrupt, fat-cat unions that suck up shitloads of our money by illegal means.

    Your culture of corruption, bullying and collective entitlement complex is to be your undoing.

    1. Really are you surprised?

      Quebec takes investigating threats against union heads that rip us off more seriously then the crime of ripping off the public.

      The real crime in Quebec is getting caught, not stealing in the first place.

    2. @anonymous coward

      "...your sovereignist movement will lead to a disastrous effect in the event of a new referendum..."

      what disastrous effect? can you be more specific please?

  12. Did anyone else just see this?

    How can this be opened again. All Montrealers have a social agreement that only by creating massive traffic congestion where movement by personal car is impossible can Montreal grow and culturally succeed.

    The collective voice of Montreal must move immediately to create more construction at this location. This area of Montreal also has a high anglo percentage. Adding traffic to this area helps to create incentive for them to look for work outside Quebec. IE helps de-anglo the place.

    Lets all remember the benefits to Montreal with the massive construction traffic.

    Creates jobs for construction workers
    Creates jobs for middlemen "engineering firms". SNC etc
    In construction work "all the right people" get looked after on the back end
    Buys union votes, Quebec union workers will riot if not catered to
    Cars are tools of the capitalist bourgeois scum, drivers must be forced into a bus (social engineering)
    Cars are bad for the environment.
    Forcing people onto buses creates jobs for the right kind of people. Bitter and hostile francophone PQ union STM employee's.
    Travel in general is bad since it increases the "melting pot" and exchange of ideas and culture. IE infecting the mothership, so traffic is good.
    Paving the same street over and over, and fixing non existant sidewalk issues as make work was just getting too obvious.
    More justification for raising taxes
    Hire more govt employee's to monitor for CSST infractions on all the work sites
    The more traffic will hopefully force people to stay on island and not drive home to Brossard.
    People staying on-island might help stop the collapse of condo real estate downtown.
    PQ welfare voter doesn;t goto work so traffic doesn;t affect them

    We must do this faster then google rolls out it's self driving cars to Quebec.

    Note to PQ and Liberals, look to pass a law BANNING self driving cars. Well actually, maybe the cars are allowed, it's just not a single job will be lost. All self driver cars must still have a place for a driver or representative of the govt to sit to be sold in quebec.

    I mean we still have drivers for the Metro here. All other cities and airports the trains and metro cars that don;t need to turn are always run DRIVERLESS nowadays. Must protect the base voter.

    And of course because all bad things can be attributed to anglo's and immigrants you need the mandatory justification..
    More anglo's and immigrants drive cars then francophone PQ voters by percentage, this must stop. (We can call that outright falsehood a JF Lisee special.)

    Really the more you look at it, there is no downside at all for having people sit in traffic for hours each day.

    I appeal to the new mayors directly. Think about "building a bus lane" right through that area. It will tie up traffic for another 5 years and once it opens it will still be traffic for cars anyway since most of the capacity will be removed so a bus can drive through every 15 minutes but otherwise the street will be unused.

    Please new mayors, think ahead of the jobs you must create.

    Private companies cannot be relied on the create employment. They must pay the costs through taxes. Their input is not needed.

    Perhaps the PQ should think about a new law to make it illegal to go out of business. That would be properly "progressive". Make business owners slaves to their ideas even if it doesn;t work. They may not ever close a company without finding a new place for each and every worker.

    We need more bold ideas in Montreal to spend money to create jobs.

    No not really....
    What's the fun in having a blog with so many readers with which I have affinity and not announce some happy personal news.
    This morning my daughter had my third grandchild.....a boy, born here in Mtl.
    I hope he doesn't become an expat when he grows up...

    Sorry to impose, but I'm busting a gut.

    1. Congratulations - hope all went well and everyone is beaming! Good luck to the little guy!

    2. FROM ED
      I'm delighted for you. I'm sure we can all sense your happiness. Wherever he goes he will have two great things backing him up; a Canadian passport and a great grand father that will alwaays be there for him.Ed

    3. FROM ED
      Oh shit. I didn't mean you're a great grandfather. { meant you're a grand greatfather. No. A grandfther who is a great guy. Ed

    4. congratulations. if you want him to stick around make sure he learns good french, otherwise he'll turn out bitter like sauga, nasty like cutie003 or delusional like ed.

    5. Editor: What Troy said. Stupendous news! May your new grandson and his siblings and cousins bring you a bountiful plenitude of nachas!

    6. FROM ED
      Mr.Sauga, Do you notice that no one but you is disagreeing with me except you and Cutie who imagines things I never said or did. Phillipe Couillad is not Jean Charest who was simply maintaining good government for the majority of the province and making life comfortable for minorities. There are so many histories of a single person turning a country around and changing it's thinking. Ghandi woke up a populous nation. Gorbachev opened Russian eyes which Yeltsin took credit for..Tito in Yugoslavia. JFK in the U.S. Martin Luther. Too many think like the people of old who prayed for a saviour and when Jesus arrived the killed him. Dr. Couilard can do the job and will if we stop laying on him sins of the past like you and Cutie. Open your hearts, look ahead and try to think positive.
      I kniow I'll be accused of communicating with a troll but I love students remark at 12:34 am. Ed.

    7. People on here have given up on you and your insistence on promoting everything the liberals do Ed. They know there is no point in showing you that nothing will change under the liberals except we would have no charter and perhaps gain some social peace for the next four years. If you read anything outside of this blog (and even the Editor agrees with Sauga and I) you will see you stand alone thinking that anything will be much different from the liberals this time around, Charest or no Charest.

    8. Student, Brent Tyler speaks decent French, and he still gets... death threats.

      William Johnson is half-franco and speaks impeccable French. And in Quebec, he is reviled.

      Editor's grandson will speak French. The question is: will he have the right "attitude"?

    9. @adski

      if he speaks good french he will at least have the skills to understand his neighbours, which is a huge asset if happiness becomes part of his life objectives.

      now if he grows up to become an obstacle to quebec's emancipation, there is a good risk some people revile him too i'm afraid. i agree his attitude will be the determining factor. many contributors to this blog missed the boat at some point in their life, i hope the editor's grandson doesn't.

    10. @ed

      "Too many think like the people of old who prayed for a saviour and when Jesus arrived the killed him. Dr. Couilard can do the job and will..."

      haha. ed you could be a humorist. you don't seem to rmember that couillard was health minister with charest until recently. he promised to fix the hospitals. did he succeed? no. what did he do instead? privatize services he had personnal interests in. now that's a lousy saviour. i don't think gandhi and jesus would be very proud of him.

    11. @ed

      look ed, a follow-up on yesterday's headline:

      will you keep claiming they are clean when the lpq president himself admits they are not? if you do it will strenghten your position as the blog's clown. if you don't you'll drop a few notches on the cuckoo scale. what will it be?

    12. FROM
      Sorry, I will not read French. Ed

    13. FROM ED
      Cutie, I would ratger stand alone than think negative. Tou'ren doing exactly what Francophones do. See the worst ion the future. Ed

    14. Ed: Reference is being made to your remark on this thread, on Saturday, October 26, 2013 at 11:41:00 AM EDT

      Nice going. There are no words I can convey to you how thrilled I am you agree with what the troll said @ 12:34am. I actually cannot find what he wrote after a cursory search through the responses. Then again, ask me if I care as I neither read nor respond to what the trolls write anymore.

      Again, nice going. You found a way to taint the thread containing the editor's splendid news, and look at what this thread has degenerated into. You want to eat with the trolls, bon appétit.

      Too, it looks as if you have a plenitude of detractors, but I have my own worries, ergo I certainly won't concern myself with your tribulations.


      Mr. Sauga

    15. FROM ED
      "People on here have given up on you and your insistence on promoting everything the liberals do Ed"

      Cutie, what gives you the right to speak for other people on this blog. No one but you and Mr.Sauga has opposed anything I've said. You're negatvity against me and the Liberals has you imagining thing that are not happening. Ed

    16. Boy Ed you're losing it - I told you people have said nothing because there is no talking to you about the liberals. You are impossible to discuss the matter with. I don't give a shit how you feel about the liberals but we all have our own opinions. Just because people do not say what you want to hear does not make the party any better than they actually are. It is only you that think the liberals are going to save us from anything. If anyone agreed with you, I'm sure they would be glad to let you know. I know I would be jumping on the bandwagon of ANY party that could possibly improve this place; unfortunately there are none.

    17. By the way this is Barry Wilson's take on the feds finally stepping in and doing what the hell he is supposed to do. Look after the Canadians that are unfortunately to live among these maniacs. You will see you're wrong again with your take on kissing up to the separatists. Appeasement to that bunch has brought us nothing but misery and you're a fool to think that we should take anymore guff from them. The feds have to step on them whether you like it or not!

    18. Mr. Wilson is bang on. The separatist are driven by ideology, not common sense.

    19. @liam

      what's wrong with being "driven by ideology" mate? some ideologies are good. you, for example, are driven by an ideology called capitalism aren't you? does it make you bad?

      if you want to bust an ideology mate you need to explain what's wrong with it. an ideology is not wrong per se.

    20. Mr. Wilson is a very wise man and his commentaries every Friday are bang on. I'm surprised that he hasn't had his life threatened by the thugs that represent the IF and the SJBS in this province - wouldn't shock me at all if he has.

    21. "if he speaks good french he will at least have the skills to understand his neighbours, which is a huge asset"

      What if thanks to the knowledge of his neighbors' language, he picks up on some unflattering remarks concerning him and his people? Wouldn't that cause more harm than good?

      This can be a double-edged sword, like for those English-speaking Quebecois who don't cease to be "sovereignists" and even anglophobes.

    22. @adski

      "...Wouldn't that cause more harm than good?"

      hum no. still more good. but i don't see your point. you seem to be praising ignorance here...


    I am sure by now all of you have seen the front page if The Gazette...this time, let's pick someone who is sincere and competent enough to solve our economic and infrastructure problems, regardless of whether he/she looks like the elephant's that?

  15. Miss Piggy just announced no election this fall. Guess the polls didn't turn out the way she wanted.

    1. why do you call her miss piggy? is it because of the way you were raised?

    2. FROM ED
      Mr.Sauga, the post you're looking for was prbably removed by the Editor for being insults aagainst you, Cutie and me. Referring to us being over the hill. I won't repeat since Editor sees it unworth but I can tell you the part that struck me funny was where he said, "Ed is delusional." He's probably right. Ed

    3. Ed - the comment wasn't removed - you quoted the wrong time. Simple.

    4. ♫E-e-ed, ohhhh, E-e-e-d♪:

      I didn't hurl a single insult against Cutie. Substantiate or exculpate! Cutie hasn't taken any shots at me. Cutie was a trifle miffed because she feels she has no choice but to be a sitting duck.

      Sorry, Cutie, but no! You have made a CHOICE to stay in Quebec. The border isn't sealed, and there is no legislation preventing you from leaving. If there are some sort of economic sacrifices to be made leaving Quebec that had to be considered, you simply have chosen not to make the sacrifices, and that's fine for it's your choice. When my grandparents left Eastern Europe to come to Canada, they made a plenitude of sacrifices, esp. on my mother's side. If you've never seen the movie Fiddler on the Roof, get a copy or download it from some source. This pretty much summarizes the sacrifices and economic loss my ascendants had to endure to come here.

      If your age is advanced, this would make the decision much more difficult, but I'm sure with a concerted effort, you can do it, if you took the time to do so.

    5. @sauga

      " If there are some sort of economic sacrifices to be made leaving Quebec that had to be considered..."

      that would be ironic wouldn't it? cutie003 non stop bashes quebec and its alleged poor economical shape and yet she won't move 10 kilometers away because it'd be worse on the revered other side of the river. stuck in quebec because it's too good. haha.

    6. You're the last person to speak for Cutie Pinstripes. She has reminded us time and time again that there are extenuating circumstances (and it's no body's business) why she is stuck in quebec, nothing at all to do with the BS that it's better over here. Were it better she would hardly be on this blog making it abundantly clear all the things that are wrong and don't work here in this province.

      Cutie is a great and loyal citizen to this province. In pointing out all the flaws and inefficiencies she hopes it wakes up finally and makes a real attempt to heal and improve itself; unlike those of you who stand in front of cameras pretending and professing how great things are here while the wrecking ball of economic and infrastructure woes moves from left to right behind the scenes totaling the place like Nagasaki. But I don't speak for Cutie either, I'm just say in'. LOL

    7. Thank you AnceTOTE - I was just about to reply to Mr. Sauga above when you stated what I've been saying all along - I'm here because, like voting for the liberals, I HAVE NO CHOICE at the present time and I'm damned if I'm going into all that for the students and the SRs to try to pick the reasons apart. It is no one else's business but suffice it to say it's not to my liking that I'm here, that's for sure. As for "quebec bashing" there is not another place in the world, except maybe North Korea or Iran, that damn well deserve it more. Bunch of stupid people running the place by mob rule, robbing everyone blind, seeing nothing wrong in how they treat their fellow human beings (and their animals by the way) by never, EVER, leaving them in peace to live and thrive and suffocating democracy every chance they get. If I hear the expression "quebec bashing" from these human slime balls once more, I will throw up. Hateful, pissy people that haven't learned a GD thing about how to live and let live and mind their own GD business. Tell people what language they can speak and how they can dress - only they can justify this shit in their own small, midget brains.

    8. @cutie003

      "I'm here because (...) I HAVE NO CHOICE (...)to try to pick the reasons apart. It is no one else's business..."

      facepalm. dude you are anonymous here. you can tell everything, nobody knows who you are in real life. if you share your real concerns and reasons to stay in a place you don't like you may help others that are in the same situation as you, and you may get great ideas from other contributors. hiding important details, in the context of an anonymous conversation that exists to share info and help each other out, is uber absurd. the reasons why you accept to stay in quebec even though it makes you wanna puke is exactly the business of this blog. let it all out mate.

      if you don't you'll remain as an incoherent angryphone character that bashes about quebec's alleged bad economic score while staying for the exact opposite reason: it's economically better for you in quebec! isn't this totally crackpot cutie003?

    9. "quebec's alleged bad economic score"

      Alleged? It's been formally proven and officially documented many times over. You've been presented with this info time and time again, here it is one more time:

      Know why?

      Largely because of the separatist movement.

      So pardon Cutie for her bashing, because she isn't bashing Quebec.

      She isn't bashing Quebeckers.

      She's bashing racist, incompetent nincompoops who don't know the first thing about management.

    10. @sylvain raciste

      the debt clock is not a proof of anything. you need to substract quebec's assets, divide by gdp and compare with oecd averages for your data to say something relevant. so, how does quebec fare now?

      then, if it were so bad, as you seem to think, how is it possible that cutie003 refuse to move 10km away where the economy is allegedly better, for economic reasons! do you buy her bull or are you clever?

      also, do you agree that there's no point in holding on details about her situation, after all cutie003 is not her real name, and that we could all brainstorm and help her out?

    11. Couldn't have said it better myself Sylain. They are killing this province as surely as if they had literally planned to do it - think it's possible to be so stupid? Only in quebec. I would add the word "selfish" to your last sentence.

    12. @cutie003

      " They are killing this province as surely as if they had literally planned to do it..."

      you might be onto something mate. so you think the liberals may have mismanaged quebec's economy on purpose... not entirely crazy if you consider that quebec's precarious finances are the only thing holding quebec's independance support numbers to increase into clear majority territory. well done cutie003.

    13. @petitbaveux

      "you need to substract quebec's assets, divide by gdp"

      We lost 40K jobs in just one year - that's a reflection of where the GDP is headed. In terms of Quebec's a lot of natural resources are not yet developed (such as the Plan Nord and Anticosti) and those projects will cost a lot of money to get started. Your precious natural resources minister however, will sabotage all progress with her fatal royalty scheme.

      You're remarkably narcissistic to think Cutie can just up and go as she pleases.

      It's painfully obvious that you live with mom and dad and don't have to consider the complications of home selling/home buying or deal with losses on your property values because of the PQ coming into power.

      Yes, that's right - when the PQ was elected last year, down go home prices.

    14. As she has no intention of ever leaving mommy and daddy Sylvain, she will never understand what the hell you're talking about and these PQ don't care if the property values go down because, as imaginative as they may be when it comes to their stupidity about life, they think they will never need nor want to go and live anywhere else on earth so why worry about such silly things as "property value". Their leaders are all rich though so they don't care what happens to our property values either because they will be out of here at the first sign of trouble leaving their silly followers behind to fend for themselves.

    15. @sylvain raciste

      "...when the PQ was elected last year, down go home prices."

      show me some stats mate.


      that's what it's all about? your house? how much is it worth?

  16. @Cutie

    That's both good and bad news.

    The bad news first: We don't get the regime change we were hoping for, and will have to tolerate the incompetence until next spring at the very least.

    The good news: Even with their hot-button Values Charter and the controversial move by the Cons over Bill 99, the odds are not in their favor. The bloom has finally fallen from the rose.

    Now the big question is...will the PLQ and the QAQ succeed in having an independent panel review the PQ's economic bilan before they drop the numbers on the public?

    1. I agree Coward - wasn't too sure myself about which I wanted either. Election no election. God I hope the liberals are smart enough to let these idiots hang themselves on the budget but you have a point. I don't think, given the poll numbers, that any of them want an election. The liberals don't have enough money in their coffers and the CAQ think they will lose a lot of seats so God only know what all of them will do. This province is in so much trouble I don't have any faith in any of them to get us to hell on the right road. And no complicated I don't think the CAQ will do it either.

    2. @anonymous coward & cutie003

      am i hallucinating or you guys are praying all your guts for a super deficit in the next budget?!? have you ever fathomed how auto-destructive your attitude is?

    3. Pas d'hallucination ici student...Ce sont de véritables "haters",des vrais de vrais francophobes,les derniers d'une longue lignée d'anglo-Québécoise.


      Jayna Marois - OH NO, if we call an election now we'll be defeated. But if we wait until the Spring, we'll go down with an even bigger defeat! We're trapped, what do we do?!

      Zan Legault - You think that's bad, we're going to lose almost all our seats if an election is called. Or at the very least, our official party status! We're doomed to fade away and become a forgotten obscurity like the ADQ!! This is terrible!

      Jayna Marois - There's only one choice left!

      Jayna Marois & Zan Legault - WONDER TWIN POWERS..... ACTIVE!!



    5. Sol Zanetti est le nouveau chef d'Option nationale


    2:20 ... Des tensions?

  18. Hey guys - must be something in the air, but it seems the seps are trying extremely hard to upset the blog today.

    I know that some of the comments have been quite incendiary, but I can please ask that everyone refrain from taking the bait, no matter how tempting.

    1. your allergy to thinking is giving you another rash mate?

  19. Charte: des milliers de Janette se rassemblent à Montréal

    Imaginez si le soleil était au rendez-vous

  20. Time to cut back on Federal Transfer Payments to Kebec that are used I hiring Language police
    By Ken Tellis
    Oct 25, 2013 - 12:07:56 AM

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    Printer friendly page
    The Pauline Marois Parti Kebecois government is in the business of using Federal Transfer Payments to hire members of the language Police (Tongue Troopers) to enforce its laws that ban the use of the English Language in Kebec, even though it is an OFFICIAL Language of CANADA, while that very money been transferred by the federal government of Canada to Kebec is money that it has received from English- speaking TAXPAYERS in the main. That federal government of Canada should put Kebec on notice that it cannot use money from federal transfer payments to the province to hire members of the Language Police, and should it do so, that all transfer payments by Canada will cease forthwith.

    The second point is that Canada-Europe Free Trade Agreement should not compensate provinces that previously had advantages given to its dairy industries as in the case Kebec, which was previously given by Federal Liberal governments in Ottawa, undue advantage over all other Canadian provinces. Now Kebec will no longer have that advantage, because of the import of cheeses from the European Union. Thus, what goes around comes around and Kebec will just have to grin and bear it. This COMPREHENSIVE ECONOMIC and TRADE AGREEMENT between Canada and Europe will no doubt create a level playing field, where Kebec will no longer have any advantages over other provinces in Canada. If adhered to, this could be a boon for other Canadian provinces, provided that all parties concerned work hard together to make sure that it advances trade does not give any special treatment to either side.

    Now we will see whether Kebec`s Agropur Cheese in Drummondville can deal with the issue of dairy products fairly, and that the cheese markets will not be used to give any advantages like it had before. So the keynote for any agreement should be based on fairplay in spirit and in practice.

    But there is a fly in the ointment and that is that Ontario Dairy Farmers who previously lost their Milk Quotas, which were then given to Kebec, should now demand a reinstatement of their previously lost Milk Quotas. After all Ontario did have a very large Dairy Industry before the advent of the federal government Milk Quota system.

    There must be no special privileges accorded Kebec in any industry, and Kebec should get the same treatment s any other province. That is what was really missing from the equation in the past and it is time to give provincial equality its true meaning, by having a level playing field in all areas, with privileges for none.

    Ken Tellis

    1. FROM ED
      Sorry ken, the feds cannot tell the province how to spend the Transfer payments money. That's written into the agreement and made into law. I'd be interested to know if you can tell me, how any of this will benefit us the consumer. the price of cheese is preposterous, especially with as you say the cheese is made right here. Ed

  21. Wow, Montreal today is such a city of losers. ALL three Montreal men's professional sports teams lost today.

    Hamilton Tiger-Cats 27 - 24 Montreal Alouettes
    Toronto FC 1 - 0 Montreal Impact
    San Jose Sharks 2 - 0 Montreal Canadiens

    This must be because French is not widely used by those teams. For that, I put the blame on the previous Union Montreal administration, in conspiration with the previous Liberal government. :-)

    1. Ver-r-r-r-y funny, Troy! Had these three teams been all French, the scores against them would have been tripled, quadrupled, or even quintupled!

    2. The last Canadian team to win the Stanley Cup was the 1993 Montreal Canadiens with 14 francophones on the roster and Jacques Demers as head coach.

    3. Well roger r. at least you can be proud of this small thing...I grant you it's something..oh boy, right up there with winning some Nobel prize or something.

  22. FROM ED
    There is no question that the blog is less than it used to be. We are missing members who spoke eloquently with their own ideas
    and debated with consideration for others. We need them now. Where are Jarry Street/ edm/ Laurie /Ethnic /Durham./ Geronimo/ Diogenes/ apparatchik /the Cat /J.B.G. /R.S./ Some still pop in from time to time but the debates are constantly interupted by communicating with gtrolls on stupid subjects that chanage the mood of the thread. Thankfully, we still have Yannick and Quebecer of the Tree Stump who see situations clearly and give a wise comment worth considering. Liam, Cebeuq and Thatguy , I enjoy reading, they give original thoughts that make sense.
    I have personally decided discuss the main topic only and ignore anyone who wants to pick a fight. Mr.Sauga and Cutie, if you bring up my name again like you did in this thread you will receive no anser from me. I'm tired of fighting to keep my name clear. Ed

    1. Keep your name clear from what Ed? Sometimes I wish we knew what you're talking about.

    2. LOL! Re Cutie's response: DITTO!

    3. FROM ED
      " What the hell would you have us do? The GD liberals, as much as we hate it, are our only option at this point in time. Damn - try to understand that - we're not crazy about any of this shit either (except Ed)." This is what I'm talking about. These little are smears designed to make me look weak minded and it's working, already I have student calling me delusional It's the old story, if you hear the same thing enough times people begin to believe it.. Sauga is doing the same thing and I'm fed up with good reason. Whether or not they make sense to you, my posts make sense to me and I'm tired of you telling me everybody is fed up with me. If they are let them speak for themselves. You say the Editor agrees with you. If the Editor does'nt like what i say he is man enough to tell me, he doesn't need you speaking for him. Ed

    4. What the hell are you talking about Ed? That is not a "smear" - You are simply the only one that continuously defends the liberals no matter what the hell they do. You are the same as the trolls defending their heros the PQ - you will not admit when they are wrong about anything! It's ridiculous the way you stand up for them time after time, circumstance after circumstance. When I said the Editor agrees, I was not talking about what you say, I was talking about the liberals being weak and letting us down all the time!

    5. And by the way Ed, if you are not happy with the bloggers that contribute to this site because we are below your intellectual level, which you keep inferring, you said you had found another blog in which to participate. You do not have to contribute here if you don't like - there is no law in affect as yet that says you must. Perhaps you will find people more to your satisfaction on the other one.

    6. FROM ED
      When the hell have I ever inferred that others are below my intellectual level. I would never do such a thing. You are past imagining and into outright lies. Anyway, I've had enough since you feel you have the right to tell me to get off the blog, i will make you happy. Good bye Ed

  23. @ Editor

    Of all the provinces, the Quebec legislature holds the record for passing the most unanimous votes. I read somewhere, a couple of years ago, that Quebec’s record of unanimous votes holds true for any legislature in the commonwealth, federal, provincial or state. Frankly, this is not something to be proud of and testifies to the fact that Quebec and its institutions are slaves to symbolic ethno-centric wedge politics. Rather than be proud of this record it should be viewed as a symptom of the malaise that’s infected the political discourse in Quebec for the past 50 years. Simply put, enlightened democracies rarely vote unanimously on anything!

    Yes it is sad and I find the Quebec Anglophone MNAs are a bunch of spineless lackey’s to their francophone masters. I single out in particular Geoff Kelley. I’ve been forced to vote for this useless Fu&)ing tit (forgive me for my language) for years and frankly will jump for joy when he retires or there is a viable alternative to him and his QLP.

    1. " I’ve been forced to vote for..."

      no you haven't. there were probably ten other choices on your card. i have to believe there was another dude on offer that was better than a "useless Fu&)ing tit". if you think there wasn't, i'll have to conclude the problem is you.

    2. You're right Marc - they're all a useless bunch of tits; no doubt about it. We all have to hold our noses when we go to the polls - some democracy. It's a joke in quebec and will remain so until these separatists catch on to the fact that they are killing this whole province with their backward ways and robbing people blind of both money and rights and freedoms to live as we wish.

    3. @Marc

      Geoff Kelley is coasting, a fate worst then death unfortunately.

      The others are doing the same thing to a certain extend. I keep saying that the only difference between the PQ and the PLQ is that the Liberals still want all the power while remaining under the security blanket of CANADA. They are the smart separatists. But make no mistake, (Ed hang on to that pacemaker) they're all seppies. The Liberals are just the milder version. That's the truth.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. You sure as hell can't tell Ed that AnceTOTE - You're right, his pacemaker will do him in. He thinks that Couilliard will bring this province back from the brink of disaster that we're on, but like you, I feel they are only using Canada to gain votes to get into power not that they are truly Canadian. They have said and done nothing to prove to me that they actually speak on our behalf. If one of them, just one of them, stood for what Canada stands for, I would be encouraged but alas not so far.

    6. @cutie003

      " If one of them, just one of them, stood for what Canada stands for, I would be encouraged but alas not so far."

      it's a provincial election you're discussing here mate. i think it makes sense for the candidates to stand for quebec. for your canada thing there you have federal elections remember?

    7. FROM ED
      Anectote, I'm pleased to know that you and Cutie have the power to predict the future. What super human beings you must be. However you are probably right the way people here are attacking the Liberals they most likely will lose as they did in 2012 and for the same reason. No loyalty from the english. It's one thing to say I am going to vote for them anyway while at the same time you're helping convince millions of francophones to vote PQ.Ed

    8. God you're silly sometimes Ed. Millions of francophone read this blog Ed? Millions of federalists are all of a sudden going to vote PQ? Boy. Just because you refuse to see that the liberals are opportunists, as are the PQ, does not bring about a tidal wave of votes for either one of these incompetent parties. Everyone but you sees the reality of quebec. Hard to be "loyal" to a party that is not loyal to it's "cause". And I can just hear you blaming AnceTOTE and I for the re-election of the PQ - lol

    9. @ Ed
      This blog isn't so popular that it changes many peoples votes. I would guess it would change 5 or 6 federal votes from the Liberals to the Conservatives based on misinformation. As much as partition is discussed on this blog, do you see it in any of the major media? Nope, not really. Millions of francophones will not vote a different way based on what anyone on this blog has to say.

    10. It's funny. I posted this to Ed before any other responses and now Cutie003's response shows up before mine. I sometimes wonder about this blog.

    11. I posted mine about an hour before you so there is some hesitancy somewhere alright.

    12. FROM ED
      Rog, What people aren't seeing is simply that you can't say, "Don't worry about it, I'm goint to vite for the Liberals anyway" .while you are tearing them apart at the same time. By the time the bad words spread it's too late. peple are saying the Liberals are no good, I've heard it a thousand times, it must be true. Whoever started the rumor in 2012 that the Liberals were crooked was probably just a couple of the CAQ party. It couldn't have been PQ, they're not smart enough. Anyway it had to start with some individuals somewhere and look how it bloomed into a defeat for all of us, Even the English language media were publishing the lies. I remember a gazette editorioal that said, "Where there's smoke there's fire and there sure is a lot of smoke coming out of the Liberall camp.The smoke was the words that English leter writers sent to the gazette saying I'm not voting for the Liberals. The French papers were saying the Liberals must be crooked even the English are saying it. Everyone knows they are crooks. Don McPherson reads this blog. We know because his opinions often resemble closely those of our Editor. Do you think he wouldn't use your words to make a story. Of course he would. What I see happening is a repeat of last year. Why in the name of hell do we want the PQ again./
      Tell the truth. 1. The Liberal Government is there to serve 8 million Franccophones who are the ones that will elect them, NOT US. 2. We lived in peace under Liberal and PQ govebnments until September 2012. The Liberal party has nothing to apologize for except perhaps overspending, but at least they spend it on programs that help people live, education, health, welfare etc. Please don't destroy them before we can get them elected. If this is wrong then Cutie, Mr Sauga I apologize for posting, student is right I must be delusional. Ed

    13. "Anectote, I'm pleased to know that you and Cutie have the power to predict the future. What super human beings you must be...."

      Ed, did you just meet me? I call everyone out on their sh*tt, it's what I do, the Liberals are not exempt.

  24. FROM ED
    There is a reason why they passed so many unanimous votes, the Roman Catholic Church was running the Province of Quebec. The Premier went to the Archbishop for advice which was confirmed by the Cardinal and they voted whatever he said. When Duplessis tried to run his own show he was threatened with excommunication and being sent to hell. He quickly recovered from his wild idea that a Premier should run the Government and fell in line. In 1960 that all changed. The Liberals under Jean Lesage took the power into their hands and made their own decisions. The period before 1960 is known now as 'the darrk ages'.
    Quebec was being run by the Church the same way Cardinal Richelieu ran France for King Louis. Ed

    1. F--king Roman Catholic church! Thankfully the stories of these cleric perverts has come out of the woodwork since the turn of the millennium and the Church is being abandoned in droves.

      The goddamn Vatican has more money than all the billionaires in the world put together, and don't do a damn thing for the poor. When JPII started World Youth Day to rally the youth, the Vatican never put one red cent into it with the host parishes taking all the financial risk. Catholicism is the most imperialistic ideology on earth!

      I squarely put the blame for the Quebec of today on the heads of the Roman Catholic clergy. Abbé Lionel Groulx and his minions were the most rabid of the rabid animals of the 20th Century, save for Hitler, but even rating who between the two is worse is a photo finish.

    2. Gees Mr. Sauga is there anyone you don't hate?

      I don't condone what the Catholic Church has done in the past, but with this new Head-of-State in Pope Francis, it seems that at least it is attempting to correct the error of its ways. I believe this new Pope is sincere and will do great things during his papacy. The "machine" behind the catholic church realizes it has to play it differently this time around if we're gonna buy that it's trying to "repair" itself.

      I think this Pope is the 'genuine article' and will make it work on his terms. Time will tell.

    3. "I believe this new Pope is sincere and will do great things during his papacy."

      really? so you think he's gonna sell the catholic churche's estate and give to the poor? what makes you think so?

    4. You're pulling things out of your a&& again and it stinkssssss.
      This is an adult blog little girl, time to go play with you barbies.

    5. Maybe pinstripes is popo's daughter, lololo, that would explain a lot of things lololololol

    6. Sure would - and it doesn't matter to her if her mom's paying her or the PQ or maybe both - lol

  25. Interesting thoughts to pour over when reading the following article:

    Denis Trudel says the following:

    "J'ai l'impression que, linguistiquement parlant, les francophones sont restés un peu colonisés. "

    "Il y a quelques francophones qui rencontrent un anglophone, tout le monde se met à jaser en anglais comme si ça nous élevait de parler en anglais"

    Yes folks, it's 2013 and still we have this infantile insecurity going on in the heads of 30% of our population.

    One of the trolls on this blog also used the term "obstacle to quebec's emancipation" earlier on.

    Let me put it another way - find me ONE...that's right - just ONE successful pro athlete that thinks this way.

    1. "find me ONE...that's right - just ONE successful pro athlete that thinks this way."

      i can't. what does it prove?

    2. FROM ED
      I don't know why, since I'm not roman Catholic, I should feel it necessary to defend the RC Church but someone has to speak for the other side.North American countries all operate on systems set up by Church going people. The strong influence of the Churches made our countries civilized. Belief in the ten commandments set up our laws and social systems where we worked, played and worshipped together. In spite of what Mr.Sauga says the RC Church in Quebec helped keep people peacefuk and fed. They did a bad job as a government but did not turn out killers as in Spain and Portugal. The Churches that are still operating preach love and peace and I see nothing wrong with that. Ed

  26. Hey everyone - not the biggest deal, but I was very surprised when this came to my attention, and it'll probably surprise you all too:

    Did you guys know that Student is a female?

    1. FROM ED
      Sylvaine, are you surprised to know that we don't fucking care. Stupid shit like that wastes our blog. Ed

    2. ED,

      What no one gives a fuck about is your incessant whining and telling people on this blog what to do like your it's fucking owner.

    3. Thank you Sylvain - I find that interesting and never would have suspected it. The girl needs to meet someone badly just to get her off of here is nothing else!

    4. @sylvain raciste

      here's my conclusion: you're a misogynist. do you aknowledge or do you want the reasoning exposed?

  27. Couillard prêt à bloquer la réforme du Sénat si Meech ne revient pas sur la table

  28. This is slightly off-topic, but a couple of years ago I had the privelege to briefly visit the Montreal area. I was staying at Greenfield Park and I went to a movie theatre during that week and saw the Bradley Cooper movie Limitless. While I was there, I saw a poster for the upcoming movie Starbuck. I'm not fluent in French, but I was able to guess from the poster that it was about a man who was the father of several hundred children. A few days ago I saw a trailer for the latest Vince Vaughn movie Delivery Man about somebody who has discovered that through an accident, all the children fathered from a fertility clinic came from his sperm donation, so now Vaughn's character is the biological father of over 500 children.

    This plotline sounded familiar, so I went to iMDB and my suspicions were confirmed---Delivery Man is an English-language remake of the French-language Canadian film Starbuck. If anybody on this board has seen Starbuck, I wonder if they will also see Delivery Man (or at least the French dubbed version) to compare both movies.

  29. By the everyone, on Wednesday at 6:00 on CTV News, Carole is doing a "Quitting Quebec" segment that you all might like to watch.

  30. I'm kinda disappointed you don't know Infoman, OP, he's a cynical and he's really good with Math. that 47% bullshit from Adolf Drainville, he debunked it in his latest episode :

    1. "...he debunked it in his latest episode..."

      no he didn't. he compared petitions with the charter consultation which was actual written or voice comments. the difference in effort asked is big enough to forbid any serious analyst to compare both exercices. i was surprised though as dufort is usually very professional. sloppy job nonetheless this time around.