Monday, September 2, 2013

Quebec's Charter of Values Highlights Quebec Divide between Winners and Losers

PQ to citizens: Be afraid... be very afraid!
I often stand back and gape in wonder at the nonsense and stupidity that we witness each day in Quebec, but the bizarre situation where the unsuccessful and dull of this province are imposing their will upon the productive and talented, is perhaps the most galling.
It is not hard to understand, just a bit hard to swallow.

The PQ, in all its wisdom, has placed its selfish electoral interest ahead of the common good, launching a fear campaign, targeting their gullible base, mostly country rubes in the hinterland who can be easily frightened by the invented bogeyman that is ethnic Montreal.

It's a political manoeuvre used historically by evil and or incompetent governments to deflect attention from real world problems, problems that the offending government cannot overcome.
I'll let readers draw the comparisons.

By the way, if you think I'm exaggerating about the bogeyman (or as we say in French, Bonhomme Sept Heures)  let me tell you a story about a co-worker, an executive, who although based in Montreal, traveled the province supervising company locations. As it happens, he met a lady in Trois-Rivieres and swept her back to Montreal, where it turns out she was deathly afraid of going out, not because she was agoraphobic, but rather xenophobic.
The first time she saw a Hasid up close, she almost peed herself and so retreated to the Repentigny home they made, determined to avoid contact with the foreigners, at all costs.
My confrere was a bilingual Franco-Montrealer, someone who had lived his whole life amongst the ethnics and Anglos of Montreal and although true to his French culture, adopted bagels, sushi and middle Eastern and Asian food, just as we all do in the rest of the country.
I think you'll agree that his attitude is not a betrayal of his roots.

And so, when he related the story to me, I thought it an amusing anomaly, but alas as he explained, his wife's sentiment is the prevailing attitude in the boonies. It is of course, the classic fear of the unknown and trust me, Hasids, Muslims, Blacks, Sikhs, Oriental, etc. are truly unknown in Quebec's boonies, where some ridings are more than 95% White, Catholic francophones.
But ethnic Greater Montreal is the economic engine of the province, the Chinese of Brossard, the Greeks of Laval, the Jews of Hampstead and CSL, the Italians of St. Leonard and the multitude of diverse ethnic identities all contribute in concert with anglophones and francophones of the GMR (Greater Montreal Region)  to finance the caprice of the hayseeds in the ROQ.

There is a palpable Red/Blue divide in Quebec, much bigger than we could ever imagine.

It's hard to accept that the indolent hicks of the hinterland, like those of the Îles de la Madeleine, who work three months a year and spend nine months on federal government handouts, year after year, have five times the political influence than a citizen who lives in the Chomedy riding, who works and pays taxes, year after year.
In Chomedy it takes 50,000 electors to send one MNA to Quebec, while the professional chomeurs of the "Iles"  elect their very own MNA with just 10,000 registered voters, all the while whining that they want the Chomedians to send them more free money.
(By the way, if you don't know what a 'Hick' is, think of a HOME HARDWARE commercial)

It remains a truth that it is we in the Montreal area that produce the wealth that pays for their very survival, so pardon me if I'm not attuned to having their 'values' thrust upon me.

Too harsh?
Well frankly I'm tired of seeing English treated as a four-letter word on Quebec television, as if it is acceptable and normal to bash our language as dirty and threatening, where the goal of such attacks are a Chicken Little attempt to frighten francophones and engender hate.

I'm tired of being told that Anglophones aren't real Quebecers because French is the majority culture and that's all that counts.
I'm tired of hard working immigrants being told that they must embrace poutine and maple syrup and that speaking their native language in their own home is somehow disloyal to their generous host, who like to believe that they do the immigrants a big favour in affording them an opportunity to live here, conveniently forgetting that without immigrants Quebec would implode over time.
I'm tired of being called a colonizer instead of someone that builds a business, employs other Quebecers, creates wealth and pays taxes so that losers can sit on the rear ends, spending my tax money, bitching, complaining and telling me how to live.

It reminds me of the Bizzaro world of my comic book youth, where up is down and down is up.
In Quebec, the losers hold dominion over the successful.

"In the Bizarro world of "Htrae" ("Earth" spelled backwards), society is ruled by the Bizarro Code which states "Us do opposite of all Earthly things! Us hate beauty! Us love ugliness! Is big crime to make anything perfect on Bizarro World!" In one episode, for example, a salesman is doing a brisk trade selling Bizarro bonds: "Guaranteed to lose money for you". Later, the mayor appoints Bizarro No. 1 to investigate a crime, "Because you are stupider than the entire Bizarro police force put together". This is intended and taken as a great compliment.
Originally a normal planet, Htrae is now cube-shaped. This is due to the intervention of Superman, who - after being convicted of doing something perfect on Htrae, which would normally be a capital offense - pointed out that the planet was shaped like a normal spheroid and agreed to cube it if his sentence were commuted." -Wikipedia

The Quebec Charter of Values is nothing more than a Bizzaro world of upside down gobbledygook, representing the values and mindset of the losers of this province.

The reality is, that even progressive separatists of Montreal are uncomfortable with targeting people and are starting to take a stand against the very concept.

A sad consequence of this proposed law is that many Muslim women who have embraced French and gone to work at the license bureau, public daycare or in the hospital  will be forced to pick between their faith and their job.
These are the immigrants who have followed all the rules and done what was asked of them.
Many will choose their faith and perhaps end up on welfare or UI.
Is that progress, and is that the answer to Quebec's 'immigration' problem?

Less integration instead of more. More unemployment instead of less.
But for the hardline hicks who promote the Charter of Values, it may seem a fair price to pay for preserving the French culture and if there is a financial consequence, well..... there's always the Chomedians to pay for it.

Less than a last week after I predicted that the impact of a Charter of Values will be the legitimization of discrimination which will lead to violence and confrontation, it has begun.
"Yup, that's where we're going.
But politicians don't understand or worse care and opening a Pandora's Box, where the evil of intolerance will be unleashed, is a trifling affair in comparison to vote-getting."

Read: Quebec Charter of Secularism: A Rabbit Hole of Grief
I like when my predictions come true, but not in this case, the unintended but very predictable consequence of stupidity.

Here is the future;
"Police in Quebec’s Saguenay region have been called in after a local mosque was vandalized over the weekend — splattered with what could be pig blood.
Representatives of the area’s small Muslim community say they believe it to be an isolated incident, and Saguenay Mayor Jean Tremblay agrees.
Contacted by The Canadian Press Sunday, Tremblay said he was shocked by what he termed an “isolated and stupid” act of intolerance against a place of worship.
The mayor insisted that most local residents would also be appalled by the attack.
“That’s not the mentality people in the region have… All it takes is one or two stupid people for something like this to happen,” he said in an interview." Link
The story has already gone international; picked up by UPI. Link

Now before I get comments saying that these incidents happen everywhere, what the story doesn't mention is that a letter was left at the Mosque warning the Muslims to assimilate or go home.

This is our future.
When the government sends overt or even subtle signals that some citizens are not okay, it sets off in motion events that cannot be controlled.

Another prediction, the good people of Chicoutimi will be shocked, outraged and humiliated by the act of one racist.
They will make amends to the Muslim congregation, of that I am sure, but make no mistake, the vast majority of Saguenéens support the Charter of Values.
By the way, I'm pretty that the Muslim community isn't much of a threat in Chicoutimi, where over 98% of the 60,000 citizens are francophone de souche.

Tomorrow is the Jewish New Year, called Rosh Hashona.

I'm wondering if next year Mr. Drainville will forbid government MNAs and ministers from publishing ethnic New Years greetings in community newspapers because his new law will forbid the practice, while of course, preserving the patrimonial right to say Merry Christmas!

Ridiculous?...... Not in Bizzaro Quebec.


  1. Saviez-vous que le "Bonhomme sept heure" vient de l'expression " Bone setter " ?

  2. Lu, le 15 août 2012

    "Ce qui me choque, c'est de voir que nous, les mous Canadiens-français, on va se faire dicter comment se comporter [...] par une personne qui arrive d'Algérie et qu'on est même pas capable de prononcer son nom."

    - Jean Tremblay, maire de Saguenay

    1. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, September 3, 2013 at 1:49:00 PM EDT

      Il a raison....

    2. Et le 2 Seprembre 2013:

      "Il faut savoir les accueillir de façon normale. Ce n'est pas comme ça qu'on va démontrer notre ouverture. On demande d'être tolérant, alors il faut l'être aussi. Ces gens-là ne nous dérangent pas du tout"

      - Jean Tremblay, maire de Saguenay

      Mais que s'est-il donc passé en une année ?!?

    3. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, September 3, 2013 at 5:35:00 PM EDT

      Si les quebecois auraient des familles avec 5 enfants on pourrait stoppe l'immigration.
      Commences par avoir des enfants... a moins que t'aimes le Chardonnay un peu trop?

  3. FROM ED
    I have a young man 24, rents a room from me for six years now. I have helped him with getting through high school and college. He has had no income since April and started hanging out with a gang of French kids his age. Now he tells me he will no longer be paying me when his bursaries start in September. He has taken an attitude of total self indulgence and feels the world owes him because he is bipolar. Recently, I couldn't take any more of his yelling at me so I called police to eject him. They informed me I cannot put him out. He has the right to go on living here whether he pays or not. 911 tells me it's true. I'm 77, this is elderly abuse. the government talks big about stopping abuse of the elderly and then make laws against them. They empower him to live free costing me the 400 per month I could get for his room and giving him the right to go on eating my food.
    f course I have no intention of going on suffering. He will come home one day and find his belongings in garbage bags on the front lawn and the locks changed. I will probably be charged for this but I'll take my chances. Ed

    1. Ed, I think you have to go through the rental board, it's a civil issue and not criminal. I don't however know much about the process.

    2. Ed, this is the Rental Board's explanation of what you have to do... and the sooner you start, the better. There is a filing fee applicable but it does not apply to applicants who are recipients of an income security program.

    3. Ed, following the law is for losers and idiots in this province.

      Move his stuff out onto the lawn/garbage.

      You might get hassled but charges will never stick against you for anything.

      Think of all the civil servants, politicians and union people that just do what they want.

      The laws of Quebec are made to help and service our masters, not the population that lives here.

      Ignore the rules. The downside is so minor it matters not. Even criminals that commit heinous crimes in Quebec are let out quickly.

      Look at Guy Turcotte etc.

      Everybody else does. Don;t be an idiot and suffer, protect yourself first and ignore the laws.

      The worst you will get is some police paperwork you can ignore and delay for 20 years like everybody else.

    4. ED, don't you know anybody who could make a good impression on him ? You know, talking man to man with true and honnest words, without agressivity nor threats ?

      From your description, it would seems the guy had some moral values before. If you can touch this part of him, and offer him some help for a new lodging place, maybe you could resolve this conflict quicker than by going through the painful bureaucratic process of the Rental Board.

      Best luck to you.

    5. Ed,

      Renting a room in a house with a shared kitchen and bathroom is not considered a "rental property" according to the Regie du Logement.

      You may want to talk with the Regie anyway to see what you can do, but they may not have jurisdiction anyway.


    6. Ed, I'm so sorry to hear that the man you used to call your grandson, that you used to help using your pension when he was going to cegep and college, is treating you so poorly. My heart is going out to you.

    7. @yannick

      your heart is going out to a racist bigot?!?

    8. Hey student, why don't you send any of your surviving grandparents, great uncles and aunts to post here. I'd love to see how politically correct they are..

    9. Word MM. I've found Ed to be sometimes saying things that are objectionable, but I think he's a good person. I don't wish him this hardship.

    10. If you have a contract and the tenant is not paying rent, the Régie du logement will quickly rule on the case and you can legally evict the tenant. Costs about $75.00 to file the papers. I the tenant on the other hand, filed at the in Régie du logement in 2007 for damages and the case is still not over. Appeal after appeal after appeal granted to my former landlord. Writer "cebeuq" is correct, the laws are to protect the rich, because the rich wrote the laws and enforce them.

  4. Nothing like provoking a good old fashioned identity quarrel to distract Quebecers from the PQ’s poor handling of its tanking economy!

    Semer la zizanie (stirring up ill-feeling):

  5. Bizzaro World... Ha!Ha!

    Since we're talking about Superman analogies, how about Mr.Drainville as Mister Mxyzptlk .
    Perhaps we can get him to say his name backwards, "ELLIVNIARD" and thus banish him into the 5th dimension!

  6. FROM ED
    MM Thanks for caring. I have called the CLSC. A Social worker has a lot of power where the elderly is concerned. He will come tomorrow and
    I'll take ut from there. Incidentally the 911 despatcher told me I should move but I cannot take any of the furniture in his room, (which is mine) with me. Stupid French convoluted thinking. Ed

  7. Ed go to the rental board right away be fore it gets cold ! and start the process pronto !! if not he can stay all winter.... I know first hand with these losers..just tell them your situation and start the process....theres a new clause for non payment of rent and with in 2 months he's gone ...


  8. At least the 'Hicks' in the Home Hardware ads are gainfully employed.
    That said, they do come off as 'Rubes'

  9. According to some, the vandalism on Chicoutimi's Mosque was done by anti-chart advocates

    @S_EFortin 17 h
    Tout dans le "crime haineux" d'une Mosquée du Saguenay pue l'activisme anti #Charte, le discrédit monté en épingle. Ne soyons pas dupes.

    @ClaudeLanthier 16 h
    @danielthibault La question plus perspicace serait, les opposants à la laïcité se servent-ils de l'incident de la mosquée?

    @grossebite 16 h
    peut être même des musulmans frustré contre la future charte voulant jouer a la victime tout est possible.

    @zigzag76 16 h
    Évident. Et je ne vois pas le lien entre la Charte et des idiots qui vandalisent un lieu de culte

    @choupete450 15 h
    tu as raison,faut pas prendre un acte isolé d'un voyou et en faire une histoire politique,c exagéré

    @DrouinDa 8 h
    Ou l'ont-ils eux-mêmes causé?

    1. @S_EFortin 17 h
      Many signs lead us to believe that this vandalism is in fact anti-charter activism. Don't be fooled!

      @ClaudeLanthier 16 h
      @danielthibault The better question would be, are secularism opponents using this mosque incident?

      Maybe it's frustrated Muslims who wanted to play the victim's card

      There is evidently no link between the charter and this incident

      It's only an isolated case and it shouldn't be made into a political story

      Maybe they (the Muslims) did it (to?) themselves

    2. @S_EFortin 17 h
      Molti segni ci portano a credere che questo vandalismo è infatti attivismo anti-carta. Non lasciatevi ingannare!

      @ClaudeLanthier 16 h
      @danielthibault sarebbe la domanda migliore, sono avversari di laicità utilizzando questo incidente Moschea?

      Forse ha frustrato i musulmani che hanno voluto giocare la carta della vittima

      Evidentemente non non c'è alcun legame tra la carta e questo incidente

      È solo un caso isolato e non dovrebbe essere fatto in una storia politica

      Forse essi (i musulmani) fatto (a?) essi stessi

  10. 10 hours back in Quebec all I spent was 18 $ for 12 of my favorite beer since its about the only thing cheaper. ( keep them drunk and dumbed down ) I brought a jerry can of 1.19 gas to ensure I wouldn't donate to the Quebec xenophobic republic real rip off

    Leaving Montreal for Granby I got a taste of Quebec s construction mob run fiasco ... # 10 with no more than 2 year old paving crumbling and patched

    Its becone an economic game to spend as little as possible within Quebec as possible while visiting family. As small as it seems ( clicking like in facebook to support causes) it gives me a warm feelibg to deny Quebec my cash directly from my pockets abd force them to feed at the trough of Federal Anglo welfare funding

    1. Good for you, I do the same thing. I will not spend a penny in the province.

      A few companies to also boycott outside of Quebec because they are from Quebec and all support the racist, bigoted bill 101.

      Desjardins, Jean Coutou, Videotron, Rona, Sun news, National Bank, Quebecor…

    2. I'm all for boycotting quebec as much as is possible. The only thing they understand is money - nothing else matters.

    3. so true, greed, greed and more is the french way...

    4. Good for all of you! The more you boycott the more we receive from the roc. No biggie we still continue to enjoy the benefits of la belle province.

    5. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, September 3, 2013 at 1:53:00 PM EDT

      @vive le quebec

      Est-ce que ta poutine quotidienne est subventionnee, mon Bougon?

    6. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, September 3, 2013 at 2:12:00 PM EDT

      @vive le quebec

      T'as vraiment compris le concept de vivre au crochet des autres...
      C'est ca ton quebec? Des b.s.?

    7. Moi je dis : Vive le canada!Le meilleur voisin que nous puissions avoir.

    8. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, September 3, 2013 at 4:12:00 PM EDT

      en attendant vous passez tous-tes pour des leches-culs. Belle societe que vous avez...

    9. You know I would be embarrassed to be such a leech on a society. Of course, I was one of those that worked for 35 years to have a pension and benefits in my old age but these new "I want a country" lazy A$$holes have no pride in anything except being bums. If they are any example of what we can expect from a new country of quebec, we will be worse off than the people that live in the slums in India. What a waste of a whole generation. Time to kick them out of Canada without a cent ever again - let the partition process begin and quickly.

    10. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, September 3, 2013 at 5:32:00 PM EDT

      Partition will never happen. Re-word that for "balkanization" of Canada. There will be a civil war if partition is pushed too hard and too fast.

    11. Just as much or more chance of a civil war should quebec try to leave Canada with a 50+1 result in a referendum. I don't understand why people argue that that would be more acceptable than letting those areas leave quebec that want to leave. It doesn't make sense. Why should your opinion be more acceptable than those of us that reside here? There are many many residents of quebec that want partition and our territory to remain within Canada. The province does not belong to any one group = we all pay taxes on our properties to quebec and taxes to the federal government of Canada. My property is my property = it does not belong to some guy up in Hooterville that decides to vote Yes to some political reprobate in power for a period of 4 years.

    12. Re boycotting: Considering the disparity in the price of many commodities between Canada and the US, my best advice is for Montrealers and esp on the South Shore to go to Plattsburgh early in the morning once a week on a day you're off. At Walmart, you can get a 4 gallon jug of milk (3.78L) for about $2! Gas is around $1.03 per litre for regular gas (isn't there a Petro Canada just on the NY side just off Hwy 87?), and most dairy products are about half the price they are in Quebec.

      Apply for a Nexus card ($50) and use the fast lanes at the border crossings. Magazines are about 2/3 what they cost in Canada. Books too.

      Living in Mississauga, even those 4L bags of milk are only $4 compared to about $6 in Quebec! 4L bags cost less than 50 cents more than a 2L carton! The tax rate on clothes in Niagara and Erie Counties is 4%, and it's probably the same in Clinton County (where Plattsburgh is situated). Meals there are cheaper before tax, and the tax is around 8% on restaurant meals, half what it is in Quebec.

  11. Author, please don't play the "PC" card to support your case against the vilification of our (English) language in this province. I am the son of immigrants, and will be the first to say that the levels of immigration in Canada as a whole are unsustainable, not only detrimental to the existing social structure, but detrimental to the immigrants themselves. The 21st century immigrant is in fact a "transnational", not an immigrant as one would typically envision one in the classic North American

    In the late 19th and early 20th century, when scores of Italian (example group) immigrants settled in the Americas, their departure from Italy was for all intent and purposes, a funeral in the eyes of their beloved. They would most likely never see their families or villages again. Compare that to the immigrants of 2013 who, via communications and the mass media, are in such constant contact with their former countries, that one can honestly say they simply occupy space in this one, because although they are here physically, they are by no means here "spiritually", and have no intention (or sense of obligation) to "arrive" here "spiritually" either.

    1. What you really mean is the non white levels of immigration are not sustainable... Last time I saw Markham, Ontario a majority non white city it was running fine. The non PC game can be played by both sides.

    2. No, I mean that "assimilation" is not in the cards for many "modern" immigrants, as old worlders (my own family included) tend to look down on our feeble (lack of....European history to be exact), and therefore don't consider "there" to be anything to assimilate to. I have even heard it said from the "transnational" that EVEN the first nations could not lay claim to this land (wow...I only wish they would say to their face), since their own ancestors purportedly crossed over from the Bering Straight, so as to say that Canada is a cultural "open playing field" to which no one group can lay claim. I had lived for over a decade in the UK. The immigrant populations in Europe in general would never dare (nor should they) make such a claim. They know the English, Dutch, French, el al are the "Apache" of their land, and treat the host culture as such. This in itself creates other problems, some of them even more severe, since a few although born in Europe, even after three generations, continue to feel alienated from what is essentially their home, which is why you have many more radicalized "home grown terrorists", in the UK especially.

    3. Jimmy, the entire human species originated in Africa. Every other place you can find us on earth happened through immigration. That said, fossils of human natives have been dated as far back as at least 10 000 years in North America. So the natives here have about as much of a claim to being the first nation(s) as anywhere else.

    4. Please, how long till one is considered a "native"? Even after one generation, a Hungarian born Canadian (example group) is about Hungarian as I am Korean (I am not Korean). Ask any French national how "French" they think the Quebecois are? They don't think they are French at all, and they are not, they are Quebecois. Four hundred years is a long time. How "English" is a 10th generation Texan American named Smith?

  12. JP

    Nenshi to Quebeckers: Come to Calgary, we don’t care how you worship (Globe & Mail Sep 01)

    1. Dommage que les canadians soient déscendus aussi bas que les americans : Plus rien ne compte sauf le "cash".

      Vraiment pitoyable.

    2. Yeah SR, they should have the "values" of Bigotry and intolerance like in Quebec....who can't stand most immigrants, but let them in because they need them to work jobs, so that they can pay taxes, so that the government can get cash, so they can send you a welfare check every month...oh guess it's all about cash here too with the added flavour of bigotry and intolerance.

    3. That is fresh that such criticism comes from someone who does not actually own plenty of "cash" to begin with.

      How do you think the grapes taste like?

    4. How come a professional welfare recipient can preach about the value of money to the people who feed him is beyond my understanding!

    5. Il est très bénéfique de reconnaître ses propres limites intellectuelles.

    6. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, September 3, 2013 at 1:58:00 PM EDT

      The reason why is that many jobs in Calgary remain unfulfilled. The Calgary Mayor spend considerable time in visiting Canadian cities in an attempt to attract the unemployed to move to his city in order to work.
      You would never see a quebec Mayor doing the same: it is impossible in a socialist society, that is why S.R. cannot compute that thought.

  13. JP

    Would you rather frequent a food court with only one type of food/restaurant or would you rather frequent a food court with flavours from all over the world? I think the choice is clear.

  14. "Dommage que les canadians soient déscendus aussi bas que les americans : Plus rien ne compte sauf le "cash".

    Vraiment pitoyable"

    You stupidity, as George Orwell says, is paralyzing...

  15. Good editorial. I have often said the same words.. up is down and down is up here in Quebec. I wish I had known that before I left western Canada to come here. I was naive enough to think all of Canada was more or less the same..ha what a fool I was.

    It surprises me that so many anglos and immigrants stay in Quebec? Why put up with all this crap..I mean there will be a point where it will become much harder to leave. When the next crisis then people will have to literally give away their houses before they can leave.

    History shows a clear path to what will happen here. Its clear we will have a crisis which will be blamed once again on those evil anglos from the rest of Canada. Its clear that another referendum will take place shortly after the crisis and the PQ or some other seperatist entity takes over. Once again more money will be extracted from the anglo/allophone crowd who as the author points out are the main wealth creators in Quebec.

    I dont think the rest of Canada will bend over backwards like last time to save fact the reaction will be more like "dont let the door smack you on the way out". So anyone staying here and who owns a house better be prepared for a lot more pain. Taxes will only go higher..francophones will feel more and more emboldened to discriminate..and the value of your house will drop by 40-50 percent or more.

    1. complicated,

      Are you telling us that Quebec is more accommodating to its ethnic communities than West Provinces? Sorry, I can not buy that. Simply by the fact that more immigrants settle in Alberta and British Columbia, your statement does not make a lot of sense.

    2. Troy - I have no idea where you got that from? Did I say that anywhere?? Did I say anything flattering about Quebec in my last post??

      Although having said that I wouldnt be too sure that all of the rest of Canada is exactly accomodating with ethinic communities. It often comes down to rural versus urban areas..there is no question that rural areas are less tolerant and urban areas much more. People in rural areas are just not used to dealing with immigrants as much hence more suspicious and likely intolerant. Its the same story here in Quebec..Montrealers are much more tolerant of immigrants than communities outside.

  16. L'image du canada au niveau international s'est détériorée à vitesse grand V.Il y a à peine 20 ans,le monde avait encore un certain respect pour le canada...Dommage.

    1. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, September 3, 2013 at 2:00:00 PM EDT


    2. Tapez "la plus grande catastrophe écologique mondiale" sur Google.

    3. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, September 3, 2013 at 4:10:00 PM EDT

      He bien, si tu te fis sur tout ce que greenpeace peut bien penser, qui est loin d'etre objectif, je te souhaites bonne chance dans ta societe distincte ou tout est dicte par les Guy A Lepage et cie.

    4. "L'image du canada au niveau international s'est détériorée à vitesse grand V"

    5. Views of China and India Slide While UK's Ratings Climb: Global Poll

      Réalisé par la BBC = Questions Biaisées?

    6. If it doesn't conform to your world views SR, it then must be biased. Anyways, here is the questionnaire:

      M1A. Please tell me if you think each of the following countries is having a mainly positive or mainly negative influence in the world. ROTATE

      at) China
      01 - Mainly positive
      02 - Mainly negative
      03 - Depends
      04 - Neither, neutral
      99 - DK/NA

      bt) France
      ct) The United States
      dt) The European Union
      et) Japan
      ft) Israel
      gt) North Korea
      ht) Canada

  17. Les americans vont lutter main dans la main avec Al quaida en Syrie...Bizzaro world.

    1. I just remember some coward frogs refused to help their brothers in WW2. Yes, a loser can never act differently!

  18. From last thread:

    student: "basically you think canadians and quebeckers don't adapt enough to the immigrant's lifestyle. the hosts society should change more quickly in order for the newcomer to feel more at ease."

    Is asking you to tolerate the sight of something the same thing as asking you to adapt to something?

    Adapting implies that someone is trying to convert you to the ways of a religion or another culture, but nothing like this is happening. All that's asked of you is to mind your own business while others mind theirs. That's it. No "adapting" is necessary. You can throw on your "ignore" switch and proceed ignoring things you don't like, the same switch that according to Complicated immigrants flip on in their refusal to notice the "French fact": "if immigrants to this country can just simply discard our history and relegate french canadians to just another ethnic group then we have a serious problem"

    complicated: "The problem I have and you are not why are we the ones who always have to apologize to the newcomers?"

    Who do you have to apologize to? All that's asked of you is for you to do what we immigrants do so well when it comes to things we aren't terribly interested in: get into the ignore mode.

    Don't you and student have the ability to go into the ignore mode? If us immigrants have this ability, why don't you?

    complicated: "Its exactly your arrogant attitude that is creating the backlash against accomodation..people are fed up with having to bend and bend and bend to make every immigrant from around the world able to live exactly as they were accustomed"

    No need to bend over backwards. All we want from you is for you to ignore us, just the way we ignore you. Can't you get yourself in the ignore mode?

    1. "If us immigrants have this ability..." "All we want from you..."

      Si vous cessiez de parler au nom de TOUS les immigrants,vous seriez plus crédible.

    2. I speak for at least 1/3 of immigrants to this province. At least.

    3. It seems that whenever Canadians try and defend any shred of whats left of the traditions and customs of our country then we are attacked relentlessly as racist, intolerant, brutes, unsophisticated. Then we need to grovel and apologize to our poltically correct mainstream media for daring to do this. I have no intention of going into ignore mode adski when it comes to the future of this country. People in ignore mode are exactly the reason why so many of our customs are falling by the wayside.

      We are probably among the top five most racially tolerant countries in the world so please stop your over-dramatizing. Newcomers here have tremendous rights to live the life they more or less want to here. Do I think that this charter by the PQ is a good its provocative and its their pathetic attempt at diversion from their horrible record on everything else.

      It bothers me that having the crucifix in the national assembly is considered controversial and racist to some. It bothers me that muslim women are fighting to maintain their head gear even when security reasons would require otherwise. It bothers me that sikhs can bring in daggers into schools when weapons are supposed to be banned. It bothers me that La Ronde allows some ethnic groups the right to bring in their own food but all the rest of us peons need to buy their crappy food. It bothers me greatly to hear of honor killings occuring in our country from certain ethnic groups. I guess I must be a racist. I guess all the problems happening in countries like France from the large Muslim population would never happen here in Canada would it? It bothers me that christianity has been stripped from the school system in the name of being biased towards one religion even though this is the founding religion of this country.

      The video that I saw from SR..and believe me I dont like 90 percent of what SR stands for..but the video from Paul Weston in Great Britain is not so far off the mark. I believe in Europe they are much further along than we are..but in another 10-20 years I would not be surprised if we have similar problems in this country. But I guess we should just go into ignore mode and let whatever happen happen. And its pretty obvious adski that you have one huge crevasse on your shoulder concerning your experiences as an immigrant. But perhaps too many people are coming to Canada with rose-coloured glasses on..I dont know too many immigrants who arrive to any country that find it easy. And again I think we treat our immigrants as well or better than practically any other place on the planet.

    4. "Then we need to grovel and apologize to our poltically correct mainstream media for daring to do this"

      I don't see any groveling, apologizing, bending over backwards from the Quebecois. I see entrenchment and counter-attacks.

      "It bothers me that having the crucifix in the national assembly is considered controversial and racist to some"

      If any immigrant has a problem with the crucifix, then he should suck it up and learn to live with it. But the latest debate on the crucifix was not out of the blue, it was in the context of the secularism bill that the PQ wants to implement. In the context of that bill, it is fair to ask if it isn't hypocritical to target other religions but not the crucifix.

      "It bothers me that La Ronde allows some ethnic groups the right to bring in their own food but all the rest of us peons need to buy their crappy food."

      Really? Nonsense like this bothers you?

      "It bothers me greatly to hear of honor killings occuring in our country from certain ethnic groups"

      If only this bill would target honor killings. But it doesn't. Instead, it goes after religions in a very arbitrary and infantile fashion, like by targeting head scarves for example.

      "But I guess we should just go into ignore mode and let whatever happen happen."

      As far as honor killings, sharia laws, etc... no, we don't go into ignore mode.

      As far as food in la ronde, head scarves, etc... yes, we go into ignore mode.

      If you want to stage a demonstration against honor killings, I'm with you. But if you want to chase down the sidewalk people who you think dress inappropriately, then good luck finding me.

    5. @adski

      i don't understand why you quote me there mate. what use is my interpretation of what appartachik wrote?!? why don't you quote the original appartachik statement? you prefer my rendition? anyway you make it sound like this quote represents an opinion of mine when it doesn't.

    6. Europe and North America have had entirely different immigration experience trajectories and trying to equate the two is disingenuous. It would be more honest, for a start, to discuss the North America experience in comparison to other New World destinations, such as Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Brazil and Argentina.

    7. "As far as honor killings, sharia laws, etc... no, we don't go into ignore mode.

      As far as food in la ronde, head scarves, etc... yes, we go into ignore mode."

      First of all I clearly said that I could care less if a woman walks down the street in a head scarf. But when someones needs to be properly identified for security reasons then yes I do care. And yes when I and many of my compatriots are clearly discriminated against such as the La Ronde incident then yes I and others will protest. Either La Ronde allows everyone to bring in food or nobody..thats fair.

      "If only this bill would target honor killings. But it doesn't. Instead, it goes after religions in a very arbitrary and infantile fashion, like by targeting head scarves for example."

      I already stated I am not a supported of this charter..its all smoke and mirrors..its just another diversion. But what I am trying to articulate is some of the issues behind this bill which many people are bothered by. But there are other ways of dealing with these issues without some grand charter which will cause more harm than good.

    8. "...It seems that whenever Canadians try and defend any shred of whats left of the traditions and customs of our country then we are attacked relentlessly as racist, intolerant, brutes, unsophisticated...."

      You just don't get it do you.. Complicated? Fighting for their Rights and Freedoms...IS DEFENDING YOUR OWN !!...Is that...too sophisticated for you to comprehend?

  19. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  20. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, September 3, 2013 at 2:06:00 PM EDT

    Irrefutable proof that the unions and the "artists" (heavily subsidized by Ottawa) run quebekistan:

  21. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, September 3, 2013 at 2:18:00 PM EDT

    "the ways in which quebec is distinct from the Rest of Canada actually mean inferior to the Rest of Canada".

  22. Poursuite scolaire en Colombie-Britannique

    Quand le canada va-t-il respecter les droits des francophones?Racisme?

    1. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTWednesday, September 4, 2013 at 6:47:00 AM EDT


      "Quand le canada va-t-il respecter les droits des francophones?Racisme?"

      Es-tu serieux?

      Quand le quebec va-t-elle respecter les droits des anglophones?Racisme?

    2. "Quand le canada va-t-il respecter les droits des francophones?Racisme?"

      ARE YOU F.....KIDDING ME????????????????????

      Canada MADE French the other OFFICIAL Language of this country, and in all seriousness, it really didn't need to when you think of population proportions, it was ACCOMODATING its minority. It's been bending over backwards to always accomodate the French speaking ESPECIALLY in this province, treating them with kid gloves and basically walking on egg shells all the time in its dealings. Canada constantly shuts up and never says a bloody word against any of the freakin' racisim that is practiced OVERTLY in this province by the French-speaking majority and the nitwits it puts in postions of power...except of course when it is it completely forced into a corner and MUST speak out because things have gotten so out of control ..IT too, cannot possibly stomach the nonsense.

      Please SR do us all a favor and stop talking out of your behind.........just stick to Italian ...okay?....Ci fai piu figura..MDR....LOL


    1. Apparently according to another recent gazette article, 77% of immigrants to Quebec leave for the ROC already after 3 years or whatever they are required.

      When you are outside canada, all parts are equal to immigrate.

      Once you arrive and realize that within Quebec there is no prosperity (it's true some immigrate for the restaurant scene?) for jobs, employment, career relative to the rest of the country..

      Get some education while learning french. Once through the system move to Ontario, BC, Alberta if they can.

      People are mostly interested in employment. People without jobs are what creates wars. Thankfully Alberta etc is the relief value for Quebec massive unemployment that would be recorded otherwise.

      IE population decrease fixes employment problem and scares out "problem immigrants".

      +1 in short term thinking, but that's the electorates strong suit.

      Quebec has given up on growth as an economic strategy. The PQ know that doesn;t work for them. Only so many green overpriced widmills etc to get involved with.

      Even if there isn;t money, need to keep unemployment under control. "harper" keeps trying to find ways to steal his money back but job numbers still hurt.

      Enter the solution "scare more people into leaving".

      Sure, it's often the most ambitious, professionals to be etc.

      That's not important remember. It's all for the greater cause.

      The *act* of immigration itself defines somebody as a person charting a new course and being more independant.

      Then they get here and are told speaking french isn;t enough. Your mother tongue at home is the gold standard etc. Know and adapt all our customs (and drop yours).

      Somebody that just defined themselves and broke out from their own culture is suddenly introduced to groupthink PQ style and expected to sign up.

      Just doesn;t reconcile.

      When presented with the next opportunity most leave.

      Imagine if all the people had not left Quebec over the decades. The place would be over run with the jobless. We would be 30% unemployment.

    2. LD

      The PQ are anti economic prosperity. It's clear from the laws they have championed for the past 35 years. Never mind that with jobs comes population growth (something les Quebecois sorely require). The nationalists have chosen another path. The path that reverts Quebec back to an agrarian Nouvelle France type economy. How else can one justify such job destroying policies such as Bill 101, 14 and this new anti immigrant charter? Other than an army of Governement fonctionnairs, the only jobs these laws have created have all been West of the Ottawa river.

  24. The ultimate irony is how this "secularism" charter will turn North American jurisprudence upside down. In Amselem, the Supreme Court of Canada relied on a US Supreme Court decision that we should be free to practice "sincerely held religious beliefs." With this charter, it will now be legal to wear a headscarf so long as you're not Muslim; an undershirt so long as you're not Mormon; a top hat so long as you're not Hasidic; and a large cross so long as you're not Catholic.

    Bizarro indeed!

    September 2, 2013 • Mohamed Lotfi

    Ms. Marois,

    A year after your election as the first female premier of Quebec, a second great opportunity for you to enter the history books is presenting itself. Yes Ma'am, history is beckoning you once again to make a founding gesture, that of providing greater consistency in the Quebec government’s secularization process. Will you have enough political courage, Madam Premier, to unhook the crucifix from the National Assembly?

    Regarding the identity tensions that have been expressed before the Bouchard-Taylor Commission by different groups and individuals of Quebecers from all origins, it is now most important for your government to make a significant symbolic gesture. Simple as it is, the decision to drop the crucifix from the National Assembly and to exhibit it instead in the parliamentary museum will have the effect of inaugurating a new era for Quebec.

    As with many Quebec citizens, I feel very ill at ease with the presence of a religious symbol in our parliamentary body. How do we assure political representation worthy of all citizens in the National Assembly while continuing to display a religious symbol that does not apply to all?

    In an officially secular Quebec, I would be opposed to the disappearance of all signs, celebrations and patronyms that relate to Quebec's heritage. I thus share with many of my fellow citizens that some exceptions based on heritage are valid. As a sovereignist myself, I am very attached to the preservation of francophone history in North America.

    Be that as it may, unlike the cross on Mount Royal, the crucifix in the National Assembly is not a part of Quebec’s historical heritage. As you know, the decision to hang the crucifix above the speaker’s chair in the National Assembly was a decision made by Maurice Duplessis in 1936 in order to seal a pact with the Catholic Church. It was therefore a highly political act and one that goes against the secularity of the state. But we are no longer living in 1936!

    Given that the principles of secularism are based upon the separation of church and state, the crucifix in the National Assembly represents quite the opposite. It blatantly represents the merger, if not the confusion, between church and state. In this sense, the crucifix which is presented in our Assembly contradicts the very spirit of any charter of secularism that claims to be a unifying project for Quebec society.

    While it is quite true that the actual content of your charter won’t be revealed by your government for several days yet, it is nevertheless understood by everyone that in describing the values that are common to Quebec as being “Quebec values”, your government has chosen to take advantage of an identity malaise that reigns in Quebec.

    This discomfort, by the way, does not only concern Quebec francophones. I shall not expound upon the international political context that has created a sense of withdrawal upon oneself for many citizens around the world, but despite the squabbles that have dominated Quebec in recent years regarding the issue of accommodation, I dare trust and hope that Quebec still has the possibility of escaping the negative effects of a civilization crisis.

    Quebec has a long and rich tradition of hospitality, openness and tolerance. Nevertheless, its multicultural and multi-religious reality warrants the imposition of new rules to allow us to live together. A charter of secularism devoid of any identity connotation is vital for all citizens. If the rules of your charter of secularism really do claim not to favour one religion over another, then leading by example is the only way for one to be coherent and consistent. There is simply no room for a religious symbol at the state’s peak.

    1. FROM ED
      BONP Spoken like a true Muslim. "We are here get rid of all your signs of Christianity while we still keep all that is important to Islam."
      If the presence of a religious symbol makes you ill at ease, you must be a terrible coward. What other symbols scare you? Do the Sikhs head dress frighten you, how about the Jews Yarmulke? Of course they do because you are a racist. You're wasting your time with a long diatribe that says nothing we don't already expect from you. This is an English blog, Anglophones are not taken in by people like you. We allow for other people's feelings unlike you who show no feelings. Send your nonsense in a private email to Marois,. She would be dumb enough to buy it. Don't waste our blog with toilet news.. Ed Brown

    2. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTWednesday, September 4, 2013 at 5:02:00 PM EDT

      Maybe the author can return to where ever he came from. There's probably a war there now. 90% of Muslim countries are at war right now except Indonesia and very few others... for now.

  26. Contrary to what the mainstream media in Quebec have suggested in recent years regarding issues of secularism, Quebec is not divided in two, with immigrants and their presumed visceral attachment to religion on the one hand, and with old-stock natives (“de souche”) who would have become believers in total secularism on the other. Those who oppose retaining the crucifix in the National Assembly, for example, all differ in their beliefs and backgrounds.

    If you wish to remove any perception among certain immigrant groups that your charter does not specifically target them, then remove any references to identity politics from your speeches, from your charter and from our National Assembly. In France, President Sarkozy played the identity card during his tenure, thereby causing a social crisis. His Ministry of National Identity was specifically designed to create political capital by stoking fear of the other.

    Hateful acts such as those that recently happened on the walls of a mosque in Saguenay do not only cause indignation among the Muslim associations of Quebec. Every citizen committed to living together should be concerned by such an act. It is surely an isolated act but it has already raised, and rightly so, questions regarding possible links with your government’s identity politics. I am very worried that your Charter of Quebec Values is based on fear of the other and that it will result in similar consequences such as that incident in Saguenay.

    Often, a symbolic gesture can have a greater effect than any political speech would.

    By removing the crucifix from the wall of parliament, you will be putting all of Quebec’s religions on an equal footing. Is this not one of the founding principles of secularism? At the same time, you will put an end to the victimhood arguments of Quebecers from all origins and all faiths who confuse “charter of secularism” with “charter of identity”. Thus, you would be creating greater consistency and fewer contradictions with your charter.

    I dare say that both you and the members of your government are aware of these contradictions that characterize your charter. There is no indication so far that the rules that would prohibit all religious symbols from civic spaces should also include the National Assembly’s crucifix. I assume, therefore, that being a minority government, it is political calculation alone that is preventing you from putting an end to this contradiction.

    As you must know, Ms. Marois, it is during occasions such as these that our politicians can demonstrate their greatness while showing courage. Not doing so might win you some votes, perhaps just enough for a majority government, but at what cost? Yes, at what cost, ma'am? By sacrificing togetherness on the altar of crass electoral ambitions, that’s what.

    You have an opportunity, Madam Premier, to demonstrate that the public interest can override that of the individual.

    Another opportunity is opening itself for you to make history.

    Do not let it pass you by!

    1. ".....As a sovereignist myself, I am very attached to the preservation of francophone history in North America."

      Mr. Lotfi,

      I feel compelled to give you some unsolicited, but much needed, advice. If you want your Rights, Freedoms and sense of Identity protected, drop the fleur-de-lis and side with the Maple Leaf.

      By now, it should be clear to you that those who side with the fleur-de-lis have little for YOU, Monsieur Mohamed Lotfi, no matter how much YOU profess to be a 'sovereignist' yourself. هل تفهم؟?

    2. Yeah, it's hard to believe that someone named Mohamed would be a separatist and want anything the PQ offers to immigrants which is sweet bugger all except isolation. Makes you wonder if the name is indeed real. The PQ have made it perfectly clear that immigrants will remain immigrants as long as they live in this province and will never be accepted by the pur laine francophone community.

    3. No one is accepted by the pur-laines...except...the pur-laines.

      I don't know why it is so difficult for anyone to grasp this. This is who they are and have always been. Now, they make no bones about it because they have been given (and have taken), so much leeway, they feel they are entitled to do as they please, means what it means, no matter how morally wrong it is. BUT why do we insist on percieving them differently than who they are and more importantly, WHAT they are?? Hello?? Anyone have an answer for me???? Please ...No "Hope springs eternal"...cause this is a lost cause.

    4. Can't argue with that AnecTOTE - everyone that is not pur laine francophone is a rung below them on the ladder and they've been made to believe it. Only when we partition this place and kick them to the curb are they going to see that no one really gives a shit anymore what they do or how they do it. They will live apart from the "real world" for awhile and when things get tough they will start seeing the error of their ways but not until. There is no going back now because they feel emboldened and powerful controlling the ROC with their endless demands and getting everything they want. To spank the baby now is going to be too little too late to stop the strife that is coming.

      They will have brought this on themselves but won't see it until it is too late to change things around. Unfortunately for us, we will be caught up in the mess they are bringing down on us. Look at what Ed says later on: French going to French school and English going to English school - what's wrong with that? What's wrong with it is that they are segregating the population based on language and removing the freedom of the parents to make the choice as to where to send their children to school instead of having bilingual schools where everyone would work towards the same end. Now it's religion. Then it was language. Divide and conquer and from Ed's perception this is OK even though it is fundamentally wrong and against the Charter of Rights and Freedoms of Canada yet they have convinced some of the non separatist group that this is perfectly OK. Scary but there it is. And not one provincial party that has the guts to stand up and say "We are Canadian and we will live by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms" - no wonder they get away with calling themselves a "country" - no one corrects them.

    5. @cutie003

      "Yeah, it's hard to believe that someone named Mohamed would be a separatist..."

      why is it hard to believe?

      "Makes you wonder if the name is indeed real."

      he's real, ВОИР provided a link to his blog. will you go ask him on his blog why he's a separatist, or are your feet too cold?

    6. @cutie003

      come on cutie003 here's a real deal action plan you can enact. go to lotfi's blog and tell the crowd what you discovered. that pure laine french quebeckers are racist bigots hellbent on cleaning the province of all that's a tad different. that the only culture they can hope of saving is greed and lazyness. that the pq is inept and corrupted to the core. that separatists are selfish leeches that want to steal his home. etc. and all your other mantras.

      maybe you can open lotfi's crowd's eyes to these truth gems. they need someone to tell it like it is. why not you cutie003? or do you prefer preaching to the choir?

  27. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTWednesday, September 4, 2013 at 6:55:00 AM EDT

    Le quebec cet "Etat Providence" est a un pas de plus vers le gouffre:
    quebec has reached another step towards insolvency:

  28. Off topic but relative "equality" in this province.
    I am repeating a post I put up earlier because Ed refuses to believe that Dr. Couillard will change nothing when he gets elected. He has said so many times but Ed insists that "all will be equal under Couillard".
    All the bills against the anglophones will remain in place even if he does get elected. He voted against Bill 14 but believes all the rest are just fine. So this discrimination against us will continue unabated even if the liberals get elected next time around.

    1. This is the quote in case not everyone has access to the Montreal Gazette:

      Couillard said he supports Bill 101 “as it stands today.”

      “We had reached a balance, peace among linguistic communities. I don’t intend to change that,” he said.

  29. 'Couillard said he supports Bill 101 “as it stands today.”'

    Just another racist, pro bill 101 french-metis bigot.

    He does not believe in equal rights for all. He will not give back equal rights for the English speakers of surprise at all.Just another scum bag, in a long line of scum bag bigots in Quebec. It is the french-metis way...

    1. That's purely political. You'll never get a major party in Quebec saying drop bill 101 until a clear majority wants it. It's political suicide, and they want to win elections.

    2. i just read complicated's post beneath me..oops.

  30. Wolfe/Cutie -
    No Quebec politician will remove Bill 101..its total political suicide. These are politicians..they need the votes of most people to win an election. The vast majority of francophones support Bill 101 and the vast majority of Quebecers are its case closed.
    Do you really think they will abolish Bill 101 because of a few anglophone votes? And to be honest Bill 101 for the most part is not as evil as many portray it to its current format. The french language did need some protection.

    1. Geez complicated - I know all the above. I only want to make sure that EVERYONE understands that the Liberals will change nothing - especially ED who keeps insisting that all will be wonderful under Couillard. Privately, he keeps insisting that Couillard will make "everyone equal" - we've been having this argument since the selection of Couillard as leader of the liberals. Clarification purposes only - thank you.

  31. FROM ED
    Way to go Cutie, you have put yourself in the same category as the racist James Wolfe. How low will your hatred of the Liberals take you. All the bills aganst anglophones? What bills? There is only 101 try to keep things in perspective. He is right when he says we can live with bill 101, I know I can. Bill 101 under a Liberal government will be a different thing than the bill 101 under the PQ. The Language office will be toned down simply because there is no legal right to fine a business for using English. We will be using Canadian laws which give equality to both languages.
    English will be treated equally in the courts, the welfare and schools. Businesses will use the language they want because they will not be opposed as in the past. When my grandson tried to get welfare to help finish his education he fought for two years until I went to the Liberal member of parliament for help. Those kind of scenes will be gone. When Dr. Couillard says bill 101 stands he is also trying to appease the francophones, WHOSE VOTES WILL GET THE LIBERALS ELECTED. Cutie can't understand this. She wants the man to come out and say things that will turn the French against him so that we end up with another four years of PQ. I know Curties is a nice old lady but she does not have the political acumen to understand the niceties and not so niceties of getting elected. So she goes on digging up whatever dirt she can find on the Party that can make our lives livable. Ed

    1. Nice try Ed - Spin it whatever way you want. Nothing will change under Couillard and things will progress as they always have. Wow - the sky is a different colour in your world Ed - English has always been treated equally in federal court because that's the law and the separatists can't change federal law. Businesses that are 49 employees or more will continue in French because that's Bill 101 which is the provincial law. It's you that don't understand what "equality" means - there is no equality in quebec for both languages and never will be as long as we have Bill 22, Bill 178, Bill 101, and on and on. You are a very foolish man that does not understand what he is talking about. Stop quoting Couillard as saying that "all will be equal" when he is in office because that is not true. Make sure you understand what "all will be equal" means and not what you want it to mean. When you say you can live with Bill 101 which is discriminatory, make sure you know that this means "we are not all equal" and "we will never be equal". You really have absolutely no idea what Dr. Couillard will do with the language police - Which, by the way, were increased significantly by Mr. Charest when he was in power. NOTHING WILL CHANGE UNDER DR. COUILLARD AND HE WILL GET VOTES ANYWAY HE CAN AT OUR EXPENSE IF NECESSARY - so stop saying "we will all be equal" - he has never said such a thing. Yes, I'm a nice old lady that is tired of arguing with a grouchy old man about the meaning of "equal". Digging up dirt and stating the truth are two different things by the way.

  32. 'Way to go Cutie, you have put yourself in the same category as the racist James Wolfe'

    Racist FOR SPEAKING THE TRUTH...lollllllllllllll? Nice try Ed, whatever MAKES YOU HAPPY...BUT CUTIE IS BANG ON AND YOU ARE COMPLETELY WRONG ABOUT are just to blind and/or dumb to see this...wake up man!!!

    Keep speaking the truth Cutie...some people just can't handle it...lolllll

  33. FROM ED
    Complicated, you are right on. Without Francophone votes Couillard cannot get elected. Everyone seems to understand that except Cutie. She wants the man to say things that would turn the votes against him faster than the train changed Lac Megantic and would also be a tragedy. I remember when 101 came out. The FLQ were still sabre rattling. People were frightened. The bill made the francophones feel they had won something, as well they should. It was only natural that French should be the official language of the majority.. It also said French go to French school and English go to English, what the hell could be wrong with that. English people got their backs up right away over the advertising. Some people would destroy the Libs like the false corrurtion charges did in the last election.Why Cutie is trying to drum up suport for this, I'll never know. Ed

    1. Jesus Ed - you'll never admit you're wrong - this is my last post to you about "equality" - It is complicated that told you the liberals were corrupt - not I. I never ran down the liberal party - I'M TRYING TO MAKE YOU UNDERSTAND THAT THE LIBERALS DO NOT OFFER EQUALITY NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU WISH FOR IT. IT IS YOU THAT HAS STATED THAT "UNDER DR. COUILLARD WE WILL ALL BE EQUAL" AND I'M POINTING OUT YET AGAIN THAT THIS IS NOT TRUE - DO YOU UNDERSTAND NOW!

    2. FROM ED
      Cutie, I understand that you area hard headed person who won't see the forest for the trees. I like the opart where you say this is my last post to you. Thanks Ed

    3. Obstinate, out of touch, and never willing to admit when he is wrong - take what he says with a grain of salt because he does not analyze what he hears and posts only what he wishes were true.

    4. Hey Simon, maybe you can calm her down by offering her one of your anarchopanda pictures.

    5. lol Johnny - although other things get me worked up a lot more! Untruths is one of them, that's for sure.

    6. @Cutie

      Have you actually seen his "work"?

      No wonder he's so for socialism...he'll never make it in the real world. His only hope is to be subsidized for life.

    7. As are so many of the separatists - None of them can balance a checkbook that's for sure. I don't know where on God's earth they think they will get all the money to support their socialist welfare lifestyle without the support of the ROC. It boggles one's mind what the hell they are thinking.

    8. @Cutie,

      What you need is a little rebel group in the ROC who finally says...ENOUGH IS ENOUGH...and starts makin' noise...the kind no one can ignore, especially you'll see how these twirps will start singin' a different tune and back the hell down...LOL...but until then...the children run free and gorge in the candy shop.

    9. And...something tells me, the reason this hasn't happened is because the ROC can't be bothered with Quebec. They really don't care and I hear it all the time. They are so busy living and enjoying their own lives to notice what these clowns are up to and I know because when I do meet up with some colleagues in the ROC they literally have no clue what Quebec up to, nor are they interested, they shrug their shoulders and laugh, it is so inconsequential to them.

      Imagine thinking you are so essential and important in the make-up of a country (as the Quebecois do), and in reality you matter little and next to nothing in the grand scheme of things. There is just this boundless gap between how substiantial and indispensible Quebec thinks it is for the survival of this country ...and the Truth.

      Who was it that said: "Cemeteries are full of indispensible people"?

    10. I'm sure there are many groups being created now to kick quebec out because of their hostility to the ROC and always with their hand out. This will get worse as these hateful bigots put more and more bills and charters out that go against the grain of every civilized society in the western world. I read the comments on most of the articles and many, many are for kicking quebec to the curb if they don't want to follow the same Charter as the rest of Canada. Plus they're starting to realize that the blackmail will never end for more and more and more money and power without a whit of thanks or gratitude to the ROC for keeping their heads above water. Was worth it for awhile to keep the country together but that feeling is ending quickly. As long as their is contiguous land mass from east to west with a corridor through this hostile place, I will be happy to see quebec leave Canada also. Partition is the answer for all of us that want out of this on-going nightmare.

    11. I am with you, Cutie. But I think the situation is not that bad. PQ had a very weak result in the last election even most of people had fed up with the Liberal. With the current flow of immigrants, it can only get better. It seems to me that we are getting to the point where Liberal cannot take us for granted anymore. We and they both know that Quebec cannot get away with our land, either Quebec must forever belong to Canada or it will be partitioned. (I am leaning on the former one). It's time to support Equality Party!

    12. Unfortunately Equality Party folded in July/Aug. Too many power hungry unreasonable people I gather. Right now we're stuck with the liberals although the groups are attempting to get another provincial party together. Not sure when this will come to be but at least they're working on it. Yes, it would be good to have some bargaining power with the liberals but they don't have to give up anything at this stage. Just promising not to put in any more punitive legislation will be enough to get them elected along with the ineptness of the PQ party. The stranglehold cannot go on forever as people are getting really sick of the whole debate and skins are getting thinner every time they come up with another hair-brained scheme to ethnically cleanse the province of all No votes.

    13. Equality Party !?!


  34. Globe and Mail, Sep 04 - LYSIANE GAGNON, Quebec wants secularism – for some

    1. and the reply. (much better)

    2. Voilà une façon élégante de se faire clouer le bec:

      "Selon votre savante analyse, le Québec a « découvert le concept de laïcité » avec la crise des accommodements raisonnables. Wow! Moi qui croyais que Fleury Mesplet avait diffusé les idées des Lumières au Canada à la fin du 18e siècle. Je pensais aussi que la séparation de l’État et des Églises figurait dans la Déclaration d’indépendance des Patriotes et que l’Institut canadien, avec les Papineau, Dessaulles, Doutre et Buies, défendait le même principe. Je ne sais pas où j’ai pris de telles idées. Et il est sans doute erroné de penser qu’Adélard Godbout et Télesphore-Damien Bouchard ont affirmé l’indépendance de l’État sur l’Église en accordant le droit de vote aux femmes en 1940. Je croyais aussi que la Révolution tranquille avait été portée par un courant de laïcisation et que la Charte des droits et libertés reconnaissait, depuis 1975, des principes laïques comme la liberté de conscience et l’égalité des religions. Il faudra décidément que je révise mon histoire du Québec."

      Bravo M.Baril

  35. from ed
    I suggest you and I step aside and invite others to give their opinions of Dr. Couillard. Maybe we're both wrong. Ed

    1. of course you are. couillard will take you for granted, make a bunch of void promises about the economy to the average joe and, if elected, will carry on the liberal's plan: divert quebec's treasures to sponsors.

    2. Just a friend giving some advice.Thursday, September 5, 2013 at 5:59:00 AM EDT

      If I were you I'd vote for Marois

  36. To all the separatists who visit this this:

    I know you'll be shaking your heads in denial as you read it, but that doesn't make it any less true.

    Face it guys, you lose.

    1. LordDorchester

      It's becoming increasingly clear that the only backers of this PQ Values Charter tend to be inbred backwater ignoramuses from smalltown Butt-Scratch Quebec. The rift among educated Francophone Separatists and those that are championing this farce is becoming more pronounced everyday. This has the hallmark of a good old fashioned urban Vs rural debate.

    2. Thank you JR.

      To the link, it is a MUST-READ. I particulary love how it ends. Last paragraph ...A Masterpiece !!

    3. I love this sentence:

      "...the ways in which (Quebec is) distinct from the Rest of Canada mean inferior to the Rest of Canada."


    ""When Mathieu's company was bought out by AECOM in 2008, he was surprised by the "rigidity" of the American company's ethics code.""

    Who say's corruption and conflict of interest arn;t the culture of Quebec?

    Nobody is quite as morally flexible as a seppie looking to harass his fellow citizen.

    Ignore human rights
    steal a little money

    it's all good PQ values


    ""Dr. Sayed Khalil Tabatabai, Iraqi born, is a well known Shiite scholar and cleric in Canada, who gives courses and lectures on Islamic Law and the tenants of Islam at Imam Hussain Charitable Foundation in Montreal.""

    ""He justified the prescribed penalty of chopping off thieves’ hands by arguing that it is a powerful deterrent to the society and much more cost effective measure than sending thieves to jail which costs billions of taxpayers’ money.""

    Regardless of what religious garb he ants to wear, this guy is a nutjob.

    While he can wear whatever he wants, he needs to understand that sharia punishments are not appropriate for the last several hundred years in western societies and we have no intention of going back.

    Seems shocking that somebody that has been educated and living in 2013 would be able to have these beliefs at all.

    They defy logic, kinda like seppie believing in a financially successful independent Quebec.

  39. Parlez en français aux américaines et vous aurez leur numéro!

    Héhé ;)

    1. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTWednesday, September 4, 2013 at 5:10:00 PM EDT

      Voyons Simon, le gars et les filles sont en collusion.
      Tu chies sur les Amerloques et la tu sembles les aimer. T'es une contradiction. Je ne crois pas que tu sois souverainiste: tu es trop stupide avec tes commentaires pour aider cette cause. Je te crois plutot un agent provocateur du Parti Conservateur du Canada qui a comme mission de discrediter le quebec Bravo! S.R. tu recevras l'Ordre du Canada pour ton devouement!

    2. S.R. is trying to fool some frogs! Poor them! Some will try this in real life and for sure will receive slaps in their faces as the American usually do to some stupid losers!

    3. Désolé pour votre suite de mauvaises expériencs avec les amerlocaines,Nononymous.

  40. The problem as I see it is that nationalists and non-nationalists want completely acceptable things, but they blame each other for not getting it.

    As someone who grew up in Quebec City, where 98% of the people are French, who count among her family members a number of these so-called "hicks"-- and so do a number of Anglos, I might add-- I think it's perfectly fine for people to want to preserve their French culture.

    People are tribal by nature. Those who think otherwise live in some kind of fantasy world whereby people are *generally* more comfortable living in some cosmopolitan mosaic with a veritable Babylon of languages rather than in a place with one set of values, one language and one set of expectations. Elites imagine they're different, than they can negotiate between various cultures and languages. But even that`s a farce. Political correctness is meant to impose a set of values, values that often do not originate with the people, but are imposed in a top-down fashion.

    That's not to defend the backwardness that some of these people can demonstrate. And yes, I've lived it. But it's wrong, and a strategic mistake, to treat everyone who wants to preserve the French language as some kind of hick. People like living in all-French environments and *there's nothing wrong with that*.

    What I think the problem is that since people no longer want kids, immigrants are expected to shoulder the problem of Quebec's demographic problems, when they shouldn't be.

    Unless an immigrant comes from a very similar society, you can't expect them to completely assimilate. A Canadian could pass for an American, and an American could *maybe* pass as a Canadian, but expecting Haitians and Algerians to assimilate into Quebeckers in the first generation is ridiculous, especially in a place like Montreal where you don`t have enough "Purelaine" to assimilate them.

    So immigrants are seen as the problem, the lack of assimilation is seen as the problem, Anglos, are the problem etc, when the real problem is the people's unwillingness to reproduce.

    The fact is that places where I never saw a Black person growing up in my youth in Quebec City are now filling up with people of every race and creed.

    Nothing wrong with that.

    But if your purpose is to preserve the French language, and they're replacing the Purelaine who are dying off, then that is the problem.

    But the thing is, the nationalists have unrealistic expectations. Immigrants *can* be assimilated in the 2nd and 3rd generation IF there are enough natives to help the process. But you can't expect immigrants to do the heavy lifting for your demographic problems. They can't be relied on for population sustainability.

    So it's perfectly fine to be accepting of immigrants, different cultures, etc. The problem is that it's done in the optic of opposing nationalism, and yes nationalism has its flaws and errors, but the main goal of preserving Quebec's French character is not one of them. There's the perception that Anglos are somehow opposed to this goal.

    You can't reasonably tell people to stop wanting to preserve their language and culture, but you can`'t preserve your language and culture by telling people to stop speaking their language and exercising their culture.

    Am I making sense here?

    1. Yes!

      All the complaints of seppies are "first world problems". IE invented in and over exaggerated in importance.

      what language we speak at home
      what we wear

      An immigrant from parts of the world with real problems they are likely avoiding back in the homeland of violence, war, corruption, no jobs.

      They come here and look at the complaints of the PQ about the population. What we see are rules moving us backwards in time not forwards.

      If a govt wants to write it's burocratic paperwork in french go ahead. It's just the govt has no business in our bedrooms and in our throats and minds.

      Every solution proposed by the PQ for the non existent inconsequential problems moves our society closer into third world problems of violence, divisiveness, xenophobia etc

      Lets just skip over the other glaring fact that francophones wern;t the first culture of this land. "When you move to a country you bla bla bla."

      That's why Quebec culture is so different from France. It's all the native culture that they absorbed since they arrived? The dominant culture of the country that francophones originally arrived in?

      Quebec isn;t interested in protecting the original culture of this land. They are only interested in protecting their version now that they have taken over and beat the last group under.

      The problem in most PQ govt logic is so full of holes it's laughable. 0.001% changes in a language study and the world is falling.

      People grow up thinking govt has principles and operates according some greater good.

      Then when you grow up you realize it's just a set of contradictor rules written up to serve whoever was in power at the time.

      Nobody can respect politicians and a society with values like this. Exceptions to logic made for everything to the point there are no guiding principles except hatred of fellow man.

  41. FROM ED
    You make perfect sense luv. The overwhelming numbers of Francophones says that French should be the central language. I don't see anything wrong with immigrants being made to learn French. They are new to the country and need to learn the laws and the ways of the province. In order to do so they need to communicate with the government and the majority of the populace in French.
    Your mention of black people in your youth reminds me that from 6 to 8 years old my two best friends were black. Nick, our local shoemaker was an Italian who married a Morrocon woman. I was the only kid who would play with them. My mother took them in for a week when their mother went to Morroco to bury her Mother. In school they did well. They could speak French which helped me to learn it. A lot of things will change with the death of the PQ. I have who speak fluent English with me but if French people are around they are afraid to use it. For now, it's a waiting game. Until the election we can only wait and hope it will come soon. Ed

  42. FROM ED
    My post should have said, 'I have fiends who speak fluent English to me
    Another thought. Most immigrants know they are being snowed by the PQ but they don't care. They are so happy to get into this country they can overlook a lot of annoyances. Ed

  43. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTWednesday, September 4, 2013 at 5:12:00 PM EDT

    «Les familles étouffent sous les charges fiscales et les hausses de tarifs»: Francois Legault

  44. And so on the anniversary of the PQ winning the provincial election let us look back on the “achievements” of the PQ during the past year:

    1. The PQ finance minister proposes retroactive taxes, needs to retract when it dawns on the party how insane that is.
    2. The PQ backtracks on its’ election promise to get rid of the Liberals’ $200 healthcare fee.
    3. Pauline’s Red square gets lost in the washing and her pots and pans get stolen.
    4. 40,000 jobs lost in Quebec since January 2013, raising the unemployment rate to 8.2% a whole percent higher than the national average.
    5. Pastagate.
    6. Daniel Breton resigns as environment minister due to intimidation allegations, 8,000 due in unpaid rent, employment insurance fraud and driving offenses including driving at 275 Km/h and driving without a license. Stays as a minister, is caught sleeping and blames it on undiagnosed sleep apnea.
    7. Huge budget cuts to universities midway through the academic year where there are very few variable costs, inevitably leading to universities taking on additional debt. At the same time they reverse the tuition hikes, further removing funding for universities, and giving them no way to make up the shortfall.
    8. Huge cuts to the healthcare sector as well.
    9. Appropriates a savings fund worth millions that daycares had saved up to pay for large cost repair projects for existing facilities. Plans to build and open many new public daycares instead of subsidizing existing private daycares at a lower cost, while also cutting the daycare budget.
    10. Blows deal with pharmacists that would see them complete simple tests to take some of the burden off the healthcare system because the PQ refuses to pay for the tests, wants the pharmacists to charge individual clients for the tests instead (so much for public healthcare).
    11. Projects corporate tax revenue to increase by 8 percent, it actually drops by 12 percent, leaving a 20% corporate tax revenue shortfall in their budget.
    12. Introduces Bill 14 which seeks to strengthen already restrictive draconian language laws. The bill would extend the language police’s prevue to middle sized businesses (26 or more employees), inevitably drastically expanding the OQLF and its’ budget; provincial politicians would have the power to remove a cities bilingual status meaning any municipal correspondences could only be in French; military families would no longer be able to decide which school to send their children to; English Cegeps would only be able to admit French students after accepting all English applicants regardless of grades; the language police would be able to seize anything from businesses they believe to be against language laws, they can also lay charges without informing business owners or giving them a chance to comply, they can demand to be shown a business at any time even outside of business hours.

    1. 13. Introduces a discriminatory secular charter that is meant to remove religious symbols from the provincial government, gives exemptions to crucifixes worn by Christian employees as well as Christian religious symbols in and on government buildings, citing historical importance even though some of them are only 60 years old, while the Jewish community in Quebec has been living and wearing Kippas for over 200 years. That aside it tramples on the charter of rights and freedoms, because some people don’t like to see diversity, the PQ knows its’ illegal, only introduces it to start a fight with the federal government.
      14. Plans to add a Cegep provincial history course, even though there is a mandatory Quebec history course at the end of high school, calls it a national history course. No steps are taken to address the almost 40% drop out rate for male high school students in Quebec, one of the highest in the western world.
      15. The PQ pushes back the introduction of English classes in grade 1 in French schools, saying it is too difficult for children to learn multiple languages at younger ages, flying in the face of decades of developmental psychology evidence. The PQ must believe there is a difference between French and English children because the English system has had French classes starting in grade 1 since the 70’s.
      16. Marie Malavoy is selected to be the minister of education, even though she had to resign in disgrace from the 1994 PQ government when it was discovered she fraudulently voted in elections and the referendum as she wasn't even a citizen.
      17. Cuts the education department budget by $200 million, in order to make up the shortfall the school boards have no option other than to raise school taxes (up by 60% in some regions), but this at least keeps the increase out of the provincial budget making it look better than it actually is.
      18. With an energy surplus that cannot be sold or used the PQ government goes ahead with a wind turbine project, which is less efficient than hydro power, and forces HydroQuebec to raise rates by at least 3.4% to pay for it. This means that there will be an additional surplus of unused power from the wind turbines, but the increase in price will decrease consumption adding even more to the surplus. (again keeps this increase out of the provincial budget).
      19. Considers regulating book prices so that business cannot put books on sale below a certain price. Again the same economic logic, they hope to save book sellers by increasing prices, because everyone knows people will buy more books if they cost more.

    2. 20. Floats idea of enforcing language laws in daycares (not allowing immigrants or francophone children into English daycares) before quickly retreats.
      21. The PQ health minister wants to remove the Lachine hospital from the MUHC and place it under the CSSS, because he thinks the MUHC isn’t French enough. Even though the community fought to get the hospital into the MUHC because the CSSS planed to close most of the hospital, according to patrons of the hospital language is never an issue and everything can be received in French.
      22. Following years of the PQ complaining about cronyism by the Liberals, the PQ appoints Nicolas Girard, a MNA that lost his seat in the election, as the head of the AMT. This, even though he has no experience required for the job. The AMT needs to keep the former head of the AMT on as an “adviser” because Girand is unable to actually do the job, but is able to collect the paycheque which is about $170,000 including expenses.
      23. The PQ appoints Andre Boisclair, the former leader of the PQ to, not one, but two positions he would draw a salary from both worth 170,000 each. The PQ quickly rescinds one job offer when the appointments are discovered by journalists.
      24. The PQ minister of national resources doesn't understand the difference between a loan guarantee and a loan, she complains that Ottawa is taking 900 million out of the pockets of Quebecers by co-signing on a 900 million dollar loan for Newfoundland so it can get a lower interest rate.
      25. Makes election promise to take over employment insurance from the federal government, even though Quebec takes out 700 million dollars more than it contributes, meaning this would have cost Quebec at least 700 million annually.
      26. December 2nd 2012: The PQ votes against itself by voting in favour of an opposition motion condemning it’s own cuts to university budgets.
      27. February 15th 2013: The PQ launches a youtube series about sovereignty, to date the videos have views of between 576 to 2,912 views.
      28. Something about a flag.

      Of course this isn't a complete list, I’m just one man, feel free to add your favorite “achievements”. In the interest of fairness I’ll list the things the PQ actually got right:

      1. Stopped funding the asbestos industry.

      That is all.

    3. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTThursday, September 5, 2013 at 6:44:00 AM EDT

      Sad list...

      #29 old language and cultural tensions resurfaced...

    4. Not "resurfaced" but purposefully dredged up from the bottom by the PQ...

    5. Well done that guy - we tend to forget some of the "accomplishments" by these crazy people as time goes by and need reminding every now and then. Losers and shakers. Just to remind everyone also - Boisclaire is an admitted "coke head" even while serving the public. We should have the rest drug tested to see just how many of them are "winging" it. Some of the ideas they come up with really makes me wonder.

      Be sure to keep the list and publish it again around 6 months from now. It's our turn "to remember". Thank you.

    6. Red neck peggy is on fire today.

    7. Excellent list that guy.

      It's hard to remember all the PQ idiocy.

      Remember, the goal is to fix employment by creating a totally hostile anti business atmosphere and have people move out.

      The only work left will be making "bar posters" like Simon.

  45. Police doing nothing for assault victim:

    1. Attentat Métropolis : un an plus tard, Dave Courage oublié...

    2. I agree such a shame the PQ waits an entire year to have a fundraiser for him, and they only do it when he goes to the media to complain, about his situation. I bet they smell an election on the horizon! Gotta score those political points, or at least shut him up. The PQ: the best argument against separation ever created.

  46. He should sue the PQ and Marios personally for inciting hatred in the population that caused his injury and death of the other guy.

    One could argue she/they knew (in fact continued until) the point of inciting violence.



    Good idea! Canada should do the same.

    1. Parceque vous croyez que la canada n'a jamais interdit le français ?

      Err...Bien informé mister Dale

    2. And you are going to the tell me with a straight face that Quebec isn't trying to ban English?

    3. Nous ne pouvons que le limiter et le contenir plus ou moins efficacement.

    4. Please don't encourage him to post more of his drivel.
      Excessive exposure to his mentality corrodes the soul.

    5. Also don't encourage the banning of any language, when you do you just degrade yourself to their level and sound about as reasonable as them. Most of Canada realized their mistake with regards to French over 100 years ago, Quebec on the other hand jumped in the time machine and double downed on stupidity, not realizing the irony in it at all.

    6. "Also don't encourage the banning of any language"

      Le génocide culturel des francophones au Canada

    7. Cool! A reference to The Smiths on NDOA, I'm sure (@1:41):

    8. There's a difference between a natural decline in the prevalence of a language and banning a language. French is declining in the rest of Canada not because of some organised conspiracy to get rid of it, the only place that has such a policy to enforce languages is Quebec. If anything Canada's actions to promote bilingualism has slowed the decrease of the French language in the rest of Canada compared to what it would have been, something to think about. Ultimately if you place so much weight as to who you are as a person, on what language you speak, it's highly unlikely you're a very interesting person.

  48. Somehow I managed to post this in a post from last week.. Oh well:

    "Arsenault Jure n'avoir rien à se reprocher"

    Looks like we're going to be hearing a lot more about union corruption over the next few weeks. It's nice to see they're finally going to the source of the problem.

    From the article:
    «Vous n'êtes pas sa savoir que je suis allé en vacances avec M. Accurso, il y a plusieurs années; autre temps autre mœurs. Au dernier congrès de la FTQ, nous avons adopté un code d'éthique et avons changé nos habitudes»

    Am I missing something, or did he say "yes we were very corrupt, but we stopped last year."?

  49. According to the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA), 1:8 people living in the U.S. are eligible to collect unclaimed money... With average claims of over $1,000!

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