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Quebec Corruption: Maclean's Vindicated, Time for Bashers to Apologize

Gilles Vaillancourt..alleged 'Godfather' of Laval corruption
It didn't come as a surprise that the ex-mayor of Laval (Quebec's third largest city) was finally arrested over corruption, what was astounding was the fact that another 37 big shots were also arrested and that Gilles Vaillancourt along with two others who ran Laval city hall were charged with 'gangsterism'

Now 'gangsterism' is a relatively new concept to Canadian law and was created in 1997 to deal with organized crime, particularly the Mafia and street gangs who organize themselves into groups which are in essence companies whose business is crime.

The charge of gangsterism has never been used in respect to political graft and it reflects how solid the proof is in regards to those charged.

In effect, the police concluded and believe they can prove that Vaillancourt led an organized gang of thieves that systematically bilked Laval taxpayers of millions and  millions of dollars, by overpaying on construction contracts in anticipation of kickbacks.

The investigation was long, over three years and considering the scope, it is a credit to police that it has finally resulted in so many charges.
The rumours surrounding the investigation are shocking if true. It has been said that the police recovered a detailed summary of illegal donations made to politicians of all political stripes and that up to $15 million has been shipped off to Caribbean tax havens. What police do confirm is that they discovered almost half a million dollars in cash, stuffed into safe deposit boxes controlled by the ex-mayor.
Vaillancourt has claimed innocence, but with the wealth of evidence that the police are boasting they possess, much of it provided by inside sources who have cut a deal with prosecutors, it seems that the ex-mayor's goose is pretty well cooked.

While among the arrested, there remains a hard core of closed-mouth crooks, look to the weak-kneed professionals, who once threatened with real jail time, will crack rather quickly and spill the beans. The whole illegal scheme involves too many weak links to respect the principle of Omertà.
At any rate, it is pretty clear that two of the men at the center of the controversy have already turned states evidence. While police didn't confirm this, events surrounding their behavior and the fact that they weren't arrested along with the rest of the cabal is pretty clear evidence as to what is going on.

Robert Lafrenière, the head of the investigative unit told an interviewer that the investigation looked at corruption all the way back to 1976, a cutoff date artificially imposed for practical and financial reasons. It is not unreasonable to conclude that Laval has been run by criminals for at least forty years, spanning several mayoralties.
And remember, the shoe hasn't yet dropped on the crooks at Montreal city hall and their related co-conspirators, but it is coming.
The  Charbonneau Commission went in camera several times recently and according to the judge it was done in order not to jeopardize ongoing criminal investigations. 
So it is only a matter of time before this next hammer falls, another devastating blow to Quebec's honesty index.

While rumor, innuendo and unproven accusations may be the stock-in-trade of the Charbonneau Commission, the arrests of so many players in Laval including the ex-mayor, his chief aides, important businessmen and professionals and the seriousness of the charges, puts paid any notion that other provinces are as corrupt as Quebec, something that apologists in the media have put forward as a defense.

Now I'd like you to think back to that Maclean's article entitled 'The Most Corrupt Province in Canada.' I don't have to remind you that the charges made in that article, which were shocking at the time, have been dwarfed by the revelations made since the publication of the story.

We all remember the virulent reaction and charges of "Quebec-bashing' made by politicians, the media and Quebec-can-do-no-wrong defenders, who should have let the chips fall where they might before taking such a strident position.
"Patriquin, Maclean's Quebec bureau chief, said the magazine is legitimately exploring the history of corruption in Quebec.
He said people should read the entire five pages dedicated to the story before casting judgment. According to the article, Quebec had been described by historians as far back as 1968 as the most corrupt region of North America.
"The idea that this is Quebec bashing is frankly moronic," Patriquin told CBC News. "We hit hard with our covers. We have done this for other regions in Canada. [Anyone who says] that we are singling out Quebec for any reason hasn't read any of the other issues we put out in a year."
In light of all that has transpired, one would expect a round of apologies. Instead, those who bashed the magazine and the authors are keeping silent, secure in the knowledge that Canada's vapid core of somnolent and intimidated reporters will give them a pass.
We've seen it before, the press' unwillingness to confront the NDP over the lie of Jack Layton's illness.
It is the Canadians Press' dirty little secret, that important stories are ignored in order to maintain good relations with those public figures that the reporters cover, in a shameful effort to maintain access.

And so those who have wrongly smeared Maclean's can stay silent, secure in the knowledge that nobody will call them out publicly, in other words, a wink and a nod, say no more, and Bob's your uncle!

Since Maclean's and its authors are too honorable to point out the obvious and since nobody to my knowledge has done so, it befalls to me to remind everyone of what they said, and to denounce them publicly for their lack of courage in admitting that they were dead wrong.
Jonathan Kay of the National Post did write an article, where tongue in cheek, he apologized to Maclean's on behalf of Canada, but the article did not remind us exactly what was said and by whom.

Now everybody in journalism, the opinion business or the political game, stands the chance of getting an opinion, a fact or even a complete story wrong.
I've done it myself and recognize that admitting a mistake and apologizing is the moral and fair thing to do, especially when reputations are at stake.
All that is required is that whomever made a mistake, offer a small "My Bad" or 'mea culpa.'
This is what a fair apology should look like.

Now of all those denunciations of Maclean's and the two authors, the most egregious fault came from the Quebec Press Council which by its condemnation and its subsequent refusal to admit its mistake has lost all credibility as an impartial and fair adjudicator in matters pertaining to fairness in the press. Perhaps Maclean's knew what we didn't, the fact that they couldn't get a fair shake from this august body and so chose not to participate in the lynching. Laughably, the Quebec Press council also cited Maclean's for not publishing the condemnation issued by the Council.
"In a March 18 decision that was made public Tuesday, the seven-member watchdog unanimously blamed the publication for the headline and "a lack of journalistic rigour."The council concluded that Maclean's did not prove Quebec was the most corrupt province and that the article was based on perceptions.
The magazine didn't collaborate with the press council and offered no defence against the complaints filed by Gilles Rheaume, a well-known militant Quebec sovereigntist.
A Maclean's spokeswoman said Tuesday the publication preferred not to comment. The council has asked the magazine to make the decision public.
A majority of council members also found that journalist Martin Patriquin and columnist Andrew Coyne did not show Quebec was the most corrupt province despite amassing several points of view about the existence of a series of corruption cases.
The council wrote that no thorough and rigorous analysis was done to compare Quebec with other provinces in terms of corruption.
Six of the seven council members also took Mr. Patriquin to task for writing that problems encountered by Premier Jean Charest's government were part of a "long line of made-in Quebec corruption that has affected the province's political culture at every level."
They said Mr. Patriquin displayed a lack of journalistic rigour.
"We are forced to conclude that they (the comments) reveal prejudice and are all the more condemnable under the circumstances as they carry prejudices against all Quebecers," the council wrote.
That lack of rigour was also attributed to a column by Mr. Coyne." Link
Now the second most serious condemnation came from Premier Jean Charest, because as head of the Quebec government he spoke on behalf of us all.
As you know, (for personal reasons) I never publicly criticized him while in power, but today he is retired from politics and while still a personal friend, I couldn't write this piece honestly without calling him out for the letter he sent to the editiors of the magazine.
Mr. Stevenson:
I’m writing in regards to your sensationalist “feature” on Québec. Your article met none of the basic standards of journalism. By authorizing its publication, describing Québec as “The Most Corrupt Province in Canada,” you have discredited your magazine.
Far from serious journalism, which is supported by facts in  evidence, your article tries to demonstrate a simplistic and offensive thesis that Québecers are genetically incapable of acting with integrity.
Drawing on recent debates, you have concocted an assortment of dubious conclusions, unproven allegations, and isolated events, in which you confuse premier Duplessis, public service unions, the Quiet Revolution, state intervention, our Catholic roots, and above all the sovereignist movement.
With this twisted form of journalism and ignorance, any society would be painted in a poor light.
This is not the first time Maclean’s has published such an article. Less than a year ago, your magazine included a similar story about Montréal......

Jean Charest, Premier of Québec. Read the rest of the letter
In the cruel light of recent facts, the letter is sadly pathetic, particularly the part where he complains that the magazine unfairly bashed the city of Montreal over corruption, in a previous story.

Here's some notable players who also need to apologize.

Denis Coderre 
 "It's the Plains of Abraham disease, wherein we're viewed condescendingly and with contempt."
"...To generalize like that, I find it totally inacceptable"

'Uncle' Thom Mulcair
"Quebec New Democrat MP Thomas Mulcair said he is sickened by the magazine's treatment of the issue from the cover to the content.
He said there is no evidence Quebec's history with corruption is worse than any other province.
"It's the worst type of group smear you could think of," Mulcair told CBC News on Friday. "It's beneath contempt." Link

Nathalie Normandeau
The ex-Liberal deputy premier was visibly irritated by the article and said her government would formally ask Maclean’s to apologize because, she insisted, it attacks not just the government but all of the Quebec people. Link

Montreal Gazette Editorial
"Could it be true? Did Maclean’s prove its case? Or is the article just another in a long line of gratuitously offensive sorties against the one province that dares to insist on having its own identity, complete with European style state interference in the economy?...Maclean’s is wrong. It didn’t come close to making its case. The haste with which the magazine slid past the shortcomings of other provinces, while lingering on 80-year-old scandals out of Quebec, was remarkable.The Maclean’s article is a journalistic drive-by shooting."

The Montreal Gazette pulled this  article by journalist Henry Aubin from the web, concerning his take on the Maclean's story. I can only wonder why.
 Henry Aubin 
"Yes, Quebec has a putrid level of corruption. But the problem is with that one crucial word -"most." Is corruption really worse here than elsewhere in Canada ? It could well be. But it’s a serious accusation -one that could easily affect outsiders’ investment decisions. The national magazine makes no attempt to compare the situation in Quebec empirically with that in other provinces.
To be sure, Maclean’s lists some headline-making scandals in other provinces, and it concludes that since more such cases have been unearthed in Quebec than elsewhere this province has to be the most corrupt.
The flaw in logic here is blatant. Corruption by definition is hidden. There is no way of knowing how much goes on out of sight...." Alternate Link

Now I'm not going to cite the many Maclean's bashers on the francophone side who would never in a million years apologize or even consider that they were wrong, it serves no purpose. The exception is Jean-François Lisée,  who wrote what he assumed was a clever rebuke in English to Maclean's denouncing the story.
No wait ! Maybe one of these titles came from another magazine. No matter. Having been a journalist for a couple of decades, I did try to find in last week’s issue the methodology used to grant Québec its number one spot on the corruption scale. I was curious to know who was number two, and how wide the margin was – as in Maclean’s yearly university rankings. Did the writers use the number of corruption convictions of elected officials in each province since 2000 ? The cash amount proven to have changed hands illegally? Or, since no conviction is to be found in Québec (yet ?), the number of police inquiries in play ? I was disappointed. Maclean’s has no comparison metrics whatsoever. The whole cover is based on opinion and perception alone. Hopes for a Pulitzer on this one are dim.
So, just what is the fuss about ? A screaming headline loosely based on facts ? They’re a dime a dozen. They sell. And Maclean’s is in the selling business. So all would be forgiven, if it were not for Andrew Coyne’s scoop that Quebecer’s are impervious to « constructive criticism ». Let’s try. Link
To this day, Wikipedia still lists the Maclean's article under the citation of 'Quebec-bashing.' Link{fr}

I spoke to one Quebec-apologist about getting it wrong and his subsequent refusal to apologize.
His answer intrigued me because it is typical of the language/sovereignty industry where spin, slide and sometimes fanciful facts and interpretations are used to explain away any trifling set of facts or circumstances.

According to him, the magazine was clearly at fault because at the time they could not have known of the deep and dark depth of corruption in Quebec, as the damaging facts hadn't yet come to light.
And so, according to him, Maclean's and the reporters involved just got 'lucky' that things turned out the way they did.

I looked at him incredulously, shook my head and told him the story of  Lamar Gillett, the only P-35 pilot in World War II to shoot down a Japanese Zero fighter.
When asked to explain his heroic exploits, he told the interviewer that;
"It's better to be lucky than good. I was lucky I was behind the Zero instead of in front of him."


  1. I only had to read one paragraph before I stopped myself from continuing because I wanted the first post! Read my follow-up below to see why.

    1. OK, I assured my place that this time around, and deservedly so.

      I recently obtained an out-of-print copy of Ron Graham`s The French Quarter published about 20 years ago, and I should have bought it sooner had I known about it. Years ago I read Michel Gratton`s French Canadians.

      I`ve only read about 60 pages of Graham`s book and between those two publications I`ve come to an educated conclusion: Those first French newcomers to what has been called New France are not one iota less despotic as their bitter enemies, the English conquerors. The sons of French aristocrats would marry the daughters of other aristocrats to keep their foturnes all in the family. They were great exploiters of the First Nations people who sold furs for pennies to be sent back to France for enormous profits. There was endless nepotism and other machinations to keep the money and power amongst themselves, yet they call the English the exploiters. Pack of bloody hypocrites!

      The ascendants of today`s Québécois «pur laine» were no less exploitative than their English counterparts. Worse yet, today`s topic, after harshly criticizing MacLean`s true and accurate article then the critics turned around and used the MacLean`s article as fodder for their own articles, finally to the point we have the Charbonneau Commission that has been partially responsible for the recent arrest of Gilles Vaillancourt and what should add up to countless others, but won`t.

      Quebec doesn`tdeserve to be a part of Canada anymore for doing what it has to its minorities for the last 40 years. I`m fed up with Quebec syphoning the federal system for all it can get and no other reason, and if Ed Brown wants to write another anti-Semitic diatribe for my opinion that Quebec should be 100% cut off from equalization, take your best shot, Ed! That bloody well goes for anyone else.

      Apple IIGS, well-written piece last blog. Shows what a monstrous, blood-thirsty fascist state Quebec has become. Oh, and for the two-thirds of the population who didn`t vote for the PQ, you are no less guiltless for the indifference you have shown towards the minorities of your communities.

      As Pat Benattar sang three decades ago: Hit me with your best shot - fire away!

    2. "Maclean's and the reporters involved just got 'lucky' that things turned out the way they did."

      'Lucky'? 'Lucky' the separatist acquaintance of the Editor says? My candy apple ass MacLean's was lucky. The Editor of this blog presented an article in the New York Times I believe it was that wrote about corruption in Montreal back in 1909, i.e., over a century ago. 'Lucky', indeed!

    3. "They were great exploiters of the First Nations people who sold furs for pennies to be sent back to France for enormous profits."

      Here is another way to see it : the french crossed the ocean at the risk of their life to trade guns, sharp knives and cookingware, all things of great value in America at the time. And all the natives had to do was to give them in exchange beaver furs, something so abondant here that is was of little value. They were really ripping off those frenchmen and they were laughing their ass off.

      Of course, this way to see it is also biaised.

      The reality was more that they were trade partners who had worked a good deal for both sides.

    4. The French crossed the ocean because the fur trading business was very lucrative and because they were establishing colonies in the New World, some of which practiced slavery. They were certainly not being altruistic when they traded worthless glass beads to the Natives for furs.

    5. Certainly they weren't. But I'm not sure anyone claims that they were.

      History has tended to treat the natives in a paternalistic way, implying that they were entirely guileless and helpless before us. In fact, they often manipulated europeans against their enemies and against each other.

    6. At least the north american ones, because Europeans needed them alive and independant.

      South american and carribean natives, on the other hand...

    7. FROM ED
      Yannick, You're right! North American Indians were safe because the empirical building French and English were explorers not warriors. The hot blooded Latinos in Central and South America went as armies to kill and take. Ed

    8. @sauga

      "...I wanted the first post! Read my follow-up below to see why."

      i read your follow-up and i still don't understand why you wanted the first slot. seems like a childish game to me, mate. how old are you?

    9. Well Ed I wouldn't put it that way. I think it had more to do with the fact that the carribeans had gold and silver to mine, and New England and New France did not. Since the furs weren't going to catch themselves, both French and English needed to manage their relationship with the natives.

      The spanish just put their natives in the silver mines and sugar plantations until they died, and then they replaced them with black africans until they died too. The French and English did the same in the carribeans where they had sugar plantations. The only place in the Americas where black african slaves bred faster than they died working was southern new england, where they were being put to work in the comparatively much nicer working conditions of cotton and tobacco plantations.

    10. Contributors to this thread: Thanks for your interest. I think my point was slightly lost here. I was trying to point out after just reading the first sixth of the book that surviving was not for the faint of heart, but for those who were from French aristocracy ensured they kept the breed by marrying aristocrats from other families and engaged in the special privileges of high government offices (often appointed) and exploiting the First Nation people.

      The aristocrats made sure they treated their hosts as diplomatically as they had to as their knowledge of the land and primary industries were important, but they also knew when they could take advantage, also of the peasant class. The product of those few centuries ago is what is happening in Quebec. I'll read more of the book because the synopsis on the sleeves of the cover talk about an ancestor of Graham's that lost it all on bad business decisions and gambling.

      To the student troll, I'm not a youngster, but my philosophy is if I grow up, I'll grow old, hence I look so darn good for my age!

    11. @sauga

      "I'm not a youngster..."

      so why then was it so important that you post the first comment?

    12. FROM ED
      Yannick, furs were a tremendous commodity at that time where peers and the rich in France and England were being outfitted for warmth and style.
      I find it hard to believe that the difference between mines and furs makes nations killers or not. It is much deeper engrained than that. Ed

    13. Student troll: If it annoys you, it's worth it. There are times I so enjoy being mischievous, as do you and your fellow trolls.

    14. @sauga

      right. very mature, mate.

  2. "a wink and a nod, say no more, and Bob's your uncle!"

    Editor, you are writing above our high school level of reading comprehension.

    1. It's a Monty Python reference from one of their most famous skits, “Candid Photography”. Click on the link if you want to see it.

      A nod’s as good as a wink to a blind bat… nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more!

    2. FROM ED
      You say Lisee wrote an article? I didn't know he could read. Ed

  3. Another excellent post. I expect René Lévesque will rise from the dead and demand the repeal of Bill 101 before any of Maclean's critics offers an apology.
    At the risk of sounding pedantic, though, I'd like to note there is no such thing as a charge of "gangsterism" in Canada's Criminal Code. The actual charge can be either:
    Participation in activities of a criminal organization (Sec. 467.11),
    Commission of an offence for a criminal organization (467.12), or
    Instructing the commission of an offence for a criminal organization (467.13).
    The catch-all term "gangsterism" seems to have been popularized by lazy/sloppy Gazette and CBC Radio reporters. No matter what the exact charge is, let's hope Vaillancourt and his bunch are made to pay for any and all transgressions.

    1. Abusive journalistic vocabulary in English, granted.
      However, the word "gangstérisme" indeed exists/existed in French-language legislation.

      Have a look here.

  4. FROM ED
    Editor, Congratulations on outing something that has rankled me for years. Since the election of Mulroney in 1984 when the Tory press destroyed John Turner and virtually elected Brian Mulroney. The dishonesty was appalling. Sun Press of B.C. who owned the major newspapers across Canada and the powerful Sun news media put Tory ass kissers Ian MacDonald and Dalton Camp to cover the campaign. Page one and two of the paper in every Canadian city belonged to them. It was so obvious. Even sportswriter Mike Farber returning from covering the 1984 L A Olympics wrote a column calling Turner a stumble bum days before the election. How obvious can you get. When he got home they told him, "The boss (Chairman of Sun Media) wants us to get Turner so like a good little prostitute he jumped in bed with the rest of them. As Finance minister Turner had always balanced the budget and did not believe in 'spending our children's money'. With him we would have had no debt. Instead we got Mulroney who left us 584 billion in debt and stared the GST, a terrible tax burden on Canadians.
    The same thing in 200 Canada election when bean counter Sheila Fraser used Karl Rove trick announcing two weeks before an election that the Liberals were crooked because a screw up by Jean Chretien 5 years previous.n Canadian press jumped all over it without so as asking "Why now" and destroyed the party that had reduced our debt by 100 billion in only a few short years, giving us a party that has increased it more than a hundred billion in only a few short years. Enough for now, I'll let that sink in, but I will be back on this subject. Ed

    1. ED - The reality is that John Turner was no saviour..nor was Jean Charest..nor will be fact 97 percent of politicians are typically over-hyped at some point in their careers. Our politicial system just doesnt doesnt matter who we elect. We have an archaic first past the post system which occasionally even elects the party which doesnt even win the popular vote and regularly gives majority governments to parties who only receive 35-40 percent of the vote. Bot the Liberals and the Concervatives answer to corporate Canada and dont really give a rats ass about the common man..the NDP are the puppets of the big unions..the Green party are the tree-huggers/enviro-hippies reps..and the Bloc are the seperatists.
      We dont really have true democracy in this country..if we did then the Conservatives would not have a majority government with 40 percent of the vote..just like Chretien had majorities with similar numbers. We have ridings in this county especially in rural areas with half the population of many urban ridings. So voters have twice the power in these ridings which is totally un-democratic. All votes should have equal weighting and they clearly do not in this country..I am in a die-hard Liberal riding..they could run a monkey as a Liberal here and they would effectively my vote is should still count for something in the end. I believe we should have a proportional style system or a rank system where you rank your preferences and the candidate only wins when he gets 50 percent or more of the vote from the first and second and possibly later rankings.

      I am always amazed at how many people come on here expecting one political leader to come in and change everything. Die-hard Liberals like ED keep on telling us how great it will be if only the Liberals were in power even though they clearly failed over their past 9 years. I have been on here promoting the CAQ but I dont expect Legault and the CAQ to produce miracles but at least move us in the right direction. Barrack Obama has done sweet diddly squat for the USA during his reign but many still think he is some kind of saviour. I can think of perhaps two or three politicians in my lifetime that I think deserved praise for their integrity and ability to do the right thing even when it was unpopular..Ralph Klein, Margaret Thatcher and even though he was never in charge Ron Paul. Other than that pretty well every other politican has been adept at lying, manipulating, cheating, ineptitude and so on. So lets grow up people..there is no saviour out there to rescue us..the system is needs to be rebuilt and it wont happen if we keep electing the same bums in office.

    2. Harris didn't do too bad for Ontario either. But I have to agree with you for once complicated - our system definitely could be improved upon. Unfortunately, quebec offers very little in the way of a choice for governance.

    3. Cutie - I had forgotten about Harris but I cant say I know much about him as I was living out west at the time but I do remember that he tried to use common sense to run things. The current premier of Saskatchewan, Brad Wall, may also fall in this rare category but again I dont know much about him. As you say fuhgeddaboudit here in Quebec..the CAQ is about as far to the right as we will ever get and they are still quite leftist in the end. The Quebec society in general is just too leftist and has been spoiled by decades of increasingly generous social programs that we obviously cant afford. It wont change until Quebec does a Greece..when that will be..I dont know..maybe it can go on for another 20 years..I doubt could be in as little as 5 years but at some point Quebec wont be able to borrow any more money and then the cuts will be draconian and there will be great gnashing of teeth by everyone. And of course the blame will be on Ottawa for not helping poor Quebec enough..I see the seperatists taking advantage of a debt/economic crisis in Quebec and brainwashing many in believing that things would be better if Quebec was a seperate country even though common sense would say the exact opposite.

      Again it will always come down to the economy..right now the Canadian economy had benefitted by a huge real estate bubble but that bubble is bursting in many cities..a year or two from now the economy will suck and real estate will be down everywhere..then you will hear many people whining to the government to do something even though many people should only blame themselves.

    4. Sad state of affairs but, yes, for sure the seppies will blame the anglophones and Ottawa. No one can afford the lifestyle of the quebec nationalists but they are too stupid to think of what's ahead. I think Liam used the term "short sighted" and perhaps I should be kinder but so fed up with them that I can't even try to be polite any longer. We here in quebec are going to be hit much harder than any other province on the real estate values simply because of the political uncertainty that hangs over our heads all the damn time. If a house in another province drops by say $20,000, ours will drop by $50,000 for the same land and building. We will pay heavily for all this shit disturbing that the separatists bring down on us with things like Bill 14. If there is anyone looking to move anywhere in the whole of North America, they will never be desperate enough to move here. We are already at the bottom of the list so I'm not sure how much lower we can go but if there is a new bottom you can be sure we will find it. Sickens me. Normal people want to be sure their equity in their homes is something they can count on in their old age but not here. No certainty in anything we do. No wonder no one wants to invest or reside here.

    5. I agree that Harris was a good politician. Seppies hate him for wanting to close down Montford, but that was a big overreaction. Don't really like the mega-mergers on Ottawa and Toronto, though. What I,also, hate was the Ontario mega-mergers led to Quebec's. Overall, he was a good politician for Ontario. On a side note, Tim Hudak better change if he wants to become Premier.
      Ontario considered dropping First past the post system in exchange for a mixed proportional representational system for a referendum. Complete PR would be impossible to achieve. Unfortunately only a couple of Toronto region riding voted in favour. It would be the same result provincially in Quebec and federally it would be suicidal for a political party to support. BC considered MPR but voted against it if I remember correctly.

    6. Harris is overrated. The PCs under Harris never paid down the debt any significant way, despite being in power in good economci times. Instead they used the sale of the one time revenue of the 99 year lease of highway 407 to some consortium to fiance 30% income tax cut. The tax cut wouldn't have been so bad if the deficit was eliminated 1st. It wasn't. Harris also deregulated electricity market causing prices to go up and the inability of Ontario to use Ontario Hydro for industrial stimulation (which was one of the reasons it was created of 100 years ago). Furthermore the Harris gutted the civil service but then hired expensive consultants to replace them, who had very little accountability to the govt. Furthermore when he resigned as premier incoming Ernie Eves was stuck with an over 5 billion dollar deficit. The incoming Liberal govt under Mcguinty were passed on that deficit.

      Now I agree that Mcguinty was somewhat slimey and definately incompetent, but Harris and the PCs weren't any better.

    7. "Overrated is too kind a description for Mike Harris. Having had the awful experience of living in Ottawa during his premiership, my opinion is that he was the worst premier Ontario has had in the past couple of decades without question. It has taken a decade for the province to recover from his inane policies whose tax cuts only favoured big business and the very rich. He cut business tax and loaded up taxes on ordinary citizens, particularly through downloading onto municipal taxes. He shut many schools in inner city districts using formula based simply on square footage per child which discriminated against older more generously constructed school buildings. My neighbourhood had to fight for its downtown Ottawa elementary school to survive on the basis that it was too big, and bus the kids into the suburbs. Totally nuts! There was no consideration of demographic trends etc. A few years later all downtown Ottawa schools are bursting at the seams and need the closed schools to be reopened. Harris also clearly disliked franco-Ontarians, threatening the Montfort Hospital with closure for no good reason - in fact the hospital had previously received significant investment, as it has since the Harris era. Its hard to think of anything Harris did which was good for ordinary people in Ontario. Harris left no legacy that I can think of other than some of the current politicians working with Harper. I wouldn't wish Harris on anyone, including Quebec.

    8. I guess the best way to put it is that some politicians care about budgets - in quebec no one seems to give a shit about money - that's my opinion about the quebec governments - Tax the rich (anyone earning over 50,000 is considered rich to these crazy people) and let the bums live the lifestyle we would all like on the backs of others. There is no reward in quebec for working hard or being an entrepreneur - you will pay heavily for doing or being either. Tax and spend - the provincial governments have nothing on the NDP policies. If they weren't separatists, they would be NDP that's for damn sure. Even in a new country called quebec, there will be no right wing parties - they wouldn't stand a chance of ever being elected because they would have to balance the books and there is not one quebec government capable of doing so because only the smallest minority would vote for them.

    9. Complicated, the Liberals are the only respectable party left at the federal level that has any chance of forming a government. These new Conservatives are a party made up of mostly megalomaniacs who are willing to sink to any level of low to gain power. You're the one always complaining about the state of the economy. Under the Liberals, Canada had five consecutive years of surplus.

      Justin Trudeau would have nothing to gain for himself as prime minister. That is to say he is involved in politics because he cares about this country.

      I support to the full extent Canada's current electoral system. You're from out west, how would you feel if Ontario and Quebec were treated by politicians as if they were the only province that matters? With 19 million people, they would easily outvote the other provinces. Direct democracy does not work when there is a central government. The west, Atlantic Canada, ruralites, aboriginals and many others would be disregarded with such an electoral system.

  5. Quoting Lisée, you unfortunately left out the best part. Here it is for the benefit of your readers :

    "So all would be forgiven, if it were not for Andrew Coyne’s scoop that Quebecer’s are impervious to « constructive criticism ». Let’s try.

    Coyne to Quebec : I have some constructive criticism for you.
    Quebec : Great, let’s hear it
    Coyne : You’re pathologically corrupt.
    Quebec : Gee, thanks !"

  6. FROM ED
    Your piece on Jean Charest is very fair. As premier of Quebec at the time he had to speak out for us and the damage it was doing to the economy. McLean's article was putting ll down, not just politicians. At the time there was no proof anywhere that corruption was rampant. There were well founded rumors everywhere but even McLean's had no hard evidence on which to base the story. When I read it, I believed it because Andrew Coyne is my hero as a reporter. His facts are always right on and he explains things so everyone gets it., especially on the economy which is difficult for the average Joe like me to understand in depth.
    Jean Charest appointed Jacques Duscheneau in early 2010 ti investigate the transport industry and eventually corruption. In the fall of 2011 Duscheneau reported and the work began. Charest like McLeans; had nothing but rumors to go on for a while but when he had more he moved on it. Ed

  7. Enveloppe du maire Vaillancourt: entente entre l'ex-député Auclair et la police

    Va falloir tirer ça "Auclair"...Mieux vaut en rire.

    1. FROM ED
      Since la Presse does not provide an English translation could someone translate , "de l'escouade Marteau" for me?

    2. escouade = squad

      So the Marteau squad is either named after its leader, or named after a Hammer, as in "let's hammer corruption".

    3. In fact, it translates as "Operation Hammer", the name of the SQ's anti-corruption task force.

  8. Replies
    1. Sorry - Sens fan myself so I hope we whip everyone's ass including the Leafs - lol

  9. Well Editor I think there is a whole lot more we are going to find under the woodpile but not if the Charbonneau Commission is told to "overlook" certain people such as Miss Piggy has been accused of telling them to do. Also, the idea that those who testify have immunity from prosecution, peeves me off because they can throw out names at will and who's to say if they are lying or not? What a great opportunity to "get even" with someone or some organization that didn't pay out money and the person testifies that they did anyway. There are all sorts of pitfalls here and it's going to be very difficult to get to the bottom of the whole mess. They can also keep their mouths shut like Tremblay and pretend they knew nothing and who's to say they're not just incompetent? Whole lot of people in these bureaucratic positions that are totally incompetent and see nothing going on around them unfortunately. A lot of them also go into these jobs and never read the ethical part of their job descriptions either - I've seen it happen more than once, that's for sure. I just don't understand how this went on for so long and no one in the chain of command ratted on the whole system. Maybe threats but more likely bribery was taking place at every level - that's the only way it could have happened. Not everyone is totally incompetent. I know I have a friend that has a friend that owns a big electrical company in Montreal and my friend told me that he would never have been able to do business without paying bribes and that it's being going on for at least 40 years. I'm also sure that none of our political parties is innocent of at least some of these crimes. It is so embedded in quebec that they all must be guilty at one level or another. Who is the most crooked? Who knows? But none will be innocent except perhaps the very newest political parties on the scene that haven't had a chance to be contaminated as yet.

  10. Meeting coming up for the Equality Party 2.0 for anyone that can attend.

    JOIN' the Equality Party 2.0 on Sunday, May 26, 2pm @ the Hampton Inn, 1900 Trans-Canada Highway – East of Sources Rd

  11. Commission Charbonneau

    Cloutier admet avoir menti à la Commission

    Aïe aïe aïe!

  12. How sad: PQ CAUGHT LYING TO CHARBONNEAU COMMISSION - Mr. Cloutier, a PQ member, has been caught lying - does he remember the $100,000 donation? No - it's been a long time ago. Lied about owning his cottage - only rented it he said but he told them earlier that he owned it. Now he's driving a 2012 Mercedes but someone else is paying for it because he can't afford it. Wish I had friends like that! Anyone out there have friends that will pay the rent on a 2012 Mercedes for you? Introduce me.
    Just wanted to remind the seppies that their whole political system is corrupt - stop blaming just the liberals you fools. Open your bloody eyes - it's rampant in this province and 99% francophone names (just saying) as Resident would say.

    1. Cutie - Actually there also quite a few Italian names too..but I dont see too many anglophone names..just saying..of course we arent allowed to make comments like this even if it is the cold hard truth..

    2. Who cares what the ethnicity of the corrupted people is?

    3. "...but I dont see too many anglophone names "

      La commission d'enquête n'est pas encore terminée.

    4. I already posted on this but somehow didn't make it to the site. Anyway, yes there are a few Italian names but couldn't help but point out that most are francophone names because the seppies are always picking at us. If the Editor wants to delete it I don't mind.

    5. "but I dont see too many anglophone names"

      C'est parce que les meilleurs parmi les Anglos de souche britannique ont quitté le Québec en masse dans les années 1970. Et ils continuent de le faire à chaque année. Ceux qui restent, soit ceux parmi les moins instruits et les plus pauvres, sont tout simplement incapables de se hisser socialement. Et comme la commission Charbonneau traite d'un sujet qui concerne une certaine élite, il est normal de voir peu de noms anglais.

    6. yl

      whatever lets you sleep at night.

    7. Y.L Translation:

      We chased all of the legitimate Anglo businesses and businessmen out starting in the 70's and installed all of the crooks that you see at the commission in their place. The only people that can make a buck in a places that's so anti-business are those that are taking bribes and doing dirty deals, we call them the elite here in Quebec, and that's why there are no Anglo names coming up.

      Great assessment Y.L. really hit the nail on the head with that one.

    8. @cutie003

      "PQ CAUGHT LYING TO CHARBONNEAU COMMISSION - Mr. Cloutier, a PQ member, has been caught lying..."

      blatant lie. crook cloutier is a liberal. the proof? this quote from him: "Je suis un bon libéral."

      will you ever stop the propaganda cutie003? please stop being influenced by the worst.

    9. Je dirais même LE "liberal" typique : Voleur,menteur et manipulateur.

      Et les anglos en redemandent...Ils sont (vraiment) fous ces anglos.

    10. You mad that anglos rule your life, bro? :)

    11. PQ - PQ - PQ - CROOKED AS SHIT ON A ROPE: Stop with the outright lies that it's only the liberals in this crazy province that are crooked - 100 years of criminals and you just keep right on excusing them - and it's your own francophone population that are the most crooked - face it and stop making excuses for every damn thing that is wrong in this doomed province or it will never be corrected. You can talk about the mafia all you like but they wouldn't exist without cooperation and money from your own citizens and I don't give a damn which political party they belong to - they're all guilty as sin. Boy, you people are just the most stubborn antagonistic group in the whole of Canada.

    12. @cutie003

      "I don't give a damn which political party they belong to..."

      why did you fradulently associate cloutier's lies with the pq in the first place then?!?

    13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    14. "C'est parce que les meilleurs parmi les Anglos de souche britannique ont quitté le Québec en masse dans les années 1970."

      Plus je lis les absurdités de peggy plus je considère cette affirmation plausible :)

    15. "...but I dont see too many anglophone names "

      Est-ce que "John James Charessst" est considéré comme un anglais?

    16. This comment has been removed by the author.

    17. Jean Charest est un Hybride: un père franco et une mère anglo. Il est aussi HD: hautement dénationalisé. Enfin il est 3D: dépossession des Québécois, dépérissement de la Nation, détournement de la démocratie.

    18. It’s fun to see conquered people suffering behind their keyboards. :)

    19. J.J. Charessst serait donc une racaille de la pire espèce?

    20. Qu'est-ce qui est le plus souffrant? Voir advenir la liberté de son peuple ou voir approcher la destruction de son pays.

    21. @Y.L

      Le canada est-il un vrai pays?

  13. Yannick - Are you serious? It does says a lot actually. Maybe the politically correct do not want to talk about it but it speaks volumes. It says a lot about a society in general..a society that accepts mass corruption is a society that typically doesnt have much in the way of moral values..its often a society on its way down..just look at history at all the corrupt regimes/empires that eventually destroyed themselves. Its a clear sign of the continued decline of Quebec..when many people engage in corruption, dishonesty then it encourages others to do the same especially when there are no consequences. I have lived in Quebec long enough to know there is a different set of values here in general than in western Canada. People here thing its normal to pay cash for services..they have no problem calling in sick when they are not general people are a lot more dishonest here than where I used to live. Why is you have any ideas??

    1. I don't know, but it sure as hell ain't in their genes.

      So who cares if their last name is Italian or Martian?

    2. It's not in the genes, but it certainly makes up part of the culture, depending on where the Duplessis era left your family.

      Contrary to what some people think, this corruption culture trickles down to all social levels. That's one of the reasons I've never liked hearing people say "In Quebec we work to live...we don't live to work."

      While like most other people I agree there's a lot more to life than working yourself to the bone, I find this mentality has led to a lot of lower-level crookedness because some take the expression as a license to get the most out of life while putting in as little as possible (Student comes to mind right away).

      Just to give you an example of this: a friend's uncles once got drunk and started laughing about how, during the construction of the Big O, they would drive into the construction site with a truck full of gravel and have the officer at the gate sign off for the order ($9000).

      Once in the site, the driver would drive right back out through the other exit, hand the truck over to his brother, who went and drove the truck through and got another $9000 for the same load of gravel.

      This is part of the reason that in the past I've stated that if I were in a position of power, the first thing I'd do is eliminate union culture in Quebec.

      Eliminating the sovereignist movement comes second after that.

    3. Well sometimes you need to call a spade a spade. I have lived as many years in Quebec as I have in western Canada and there is no doubt that people in Quebec or at least in Montreal in general are much more dishonest, corrupt and lazy. My take is that the francophones in Quebec are more likely than the anglophones to take advantage of the system..I see it all the time. I have even been told by a few francophones that anglos are stupid because we tend to play by the rules..for example only using sick leave when you are actually sick or paying the sales tax. Is it in the it is within the Quebecois is more acceptable to abuse the system..somehow it is justified. I suspect part of the reason is that there are more unionized workers in Quebec than elsewhere and they can get away with it..a higher percentage of government workers. I thknk also that there is a narrative many Quebecois believe..that the evil anglophones have taken advantage of them for decades hence this is one way they can get back at the evil system. Also there is so much corruption in government that many think that this is how they can ger their fair share.

      I have heard similar stories as Resident Evil points stealing concrete from the Big O to use in their own projects and so on. One thing I do know is that Macleans article was pretty accurate and its high time Quebecois stare themselves in the mirror and admit that there is more corruption in La Belle Province than elsewhere.

    4. @complicated

      i think what is being unfolded daily in quebec proves three things. first that quebec journalists are pretty damn good, second first that quebec population is intolerant to corruption and third that they collectively have a big set of balls to dare putting mafia boys on the spot like they do.

      seems roc journalists can't uncover stuff like alain gravel did. seems also that ontarians are fine with tony clement's frauds. also seems labrador newfies will gladly give their vote back to penashue after he frauded them in the last election.

      dude greed is more universal then you seem to think.

    5. Sapristi mon cher ami! Comment pouvez-vous être aussi mal informé que de croire que les labradoriens ré-éliraient Penashue? Parce qu'en fait, tous les sondages donnaient une avance incroyable à la candidate Libérale, nouvellement élue.

      Non mais faut-tu être cave...

    6. @yannick

      cut the insults mate it's uncalled for. you could lose your reputation quickly if you keep posting this kind of garbage.

      i didn't write he would be re-elected i wrote newfies would give their votes back to him. and in fact more than 30% did.

      my point is corruption scandals erupt everywhere. but not everywhere do the populations go through the very humbling process of trying to get rid of it, like it's happening in quebec.

    7. @resident evil

      are you still a racist or have you changed overnight?

    8. Hah! Le chaudron qui se moque de la poëlle. Autant au niveau des "insultes" que de la "réputation" ou de la soi-disant "intolérance" des québecois envers la corruption. On peut dire de l'éléctorat Québecois qu'il est volatile, mais oh bien peu éclairé...

      En passant, mon studieux camarade, ce n'est pas bien gentil de m'imposer l'anglais quand je t'addresses dans la langue de Molière. Dois-je déposer une plainte à l'OQLF.

    9. Yannick,

      Maybe his French is even worse?

    10. @yannick

      "On peut dire de l'éléctorat Québecois qu'il est volatile, mais oh bien peu éclairé..."

      true. so many will vote again for the liberals for that reason.

      "ce n'est pas bien gentil de m'imposer l'anglais..."

      i don't get it. you addressed me, mate. with an insult. and you expect me to adapt to you?!? shouldn't you adapt to the language i use?!? how does politeness work in nb?

    11. I would like to know why and the hell these seppies bring up corruption in other provinces and make assumptions that it is the same everywhere. I know that every government has told some lies and some things they try to cover up but nothing on the scale that has been going on here for a hundred years. I've never, ever seen people in such denial in my life and that includes some drug addicts, people with gambling addiction and drunks that I've known over the years. These people are something else.

    12. Ah c'est juste que, étant séparatiste et protecteur de la loi 101, je croyais que tu sauterais sur l'occasion de pouvoir passer à ta langue préférée.

      Donc tu crois que la politesse requiert qu'on s'adapte à la langue de l'interlocutaire, même si c'est l'anglais? Sapristi! Serait-ce un aveu en faveur du bilinguisme institutionnel à Montréal?

    13. Cutie : It's simple. If there is a dust in their eye, they figure there must be a beam in the eye of all their neighbours.

      If there is no corruption found in Quebec, it does not exist. If it is found, then it is worse in other province, and Quebec ought to slap itself in the back for finding the corruption. Nothing can happen to make Quebec look bad, because everything can be spun so that the Fatherland comes out glorious, as it sinks ever more into poverty.

      The level of wishful thinking and self-delusion truly baffles me.

    14. Well Yannick - I may not have an IQ of 180 but I sure as hell can see when things are rotten the whole way through the system. To blame everything on one political party is not only naive but incredibly stupid. Makes one wonder what planet they live on - it sure as hell isn't the same one as I live on.

    15. @cutie003

      "I know that every government has told some lies and some things they try to cover up but nothing on the scale that has been going on here for a hundred years."

      you are self contradicting here. you admit all governments lie and cover up. so how can you know other cover ups are not as big as quebec's, since they are covered up? i think the safe assumption is that it's similar elsewhere. the toronto, new york, chicago, miami, napoli and moscow mafias are no knitting clubs. greed is universal. the only real difference is quebec is coping, or at least trying to cope, with its issues. thumbs up to quebec.

      "...and that includes some drug addicts, people with gambling addiction and drunks that I've known over the years."

      free advice: find higher quality friends cutie003.

    16. @yannick & cutie003 & complicated

      take a look at this table:

      scroll down to the "fraud" line.

      quebec has the third lowest rate amongst canadian provinces.

      from this data claiming corruption is as bad in other provinces is actually a conservative hypothesis.

      i'm not even claiming quebec is less corrupted. i'm only stating the obvious: quebec has great journalists, quebeckers don't tolerate corruption and they have the balls to put mafiosi on the spot and arrest the third city's top 40 dudes. and it's only the begining! you have to be blinded by some kind of programed negativity on quebec if you can't admit these easy observations.

    17. @cutie003

      "To blame everything on one political party is not only naive but incredibly stupid."

      i can't garantee it, but maybe it will be possible to consider this statement seriously if you stopped blaming everything on the other political party.

    18. @yannick

      "je croyais que tu sauterais sur l'occasion de pouvoir passer à ta langue préférée."

      i'll stick with english. ed can't read french very well. i also doubt sauga, liam and durham are fluent.

    19. Student: @resident evil

      are you still a racist or have you changed overnight?

      Funny that you of all people should call me a racist.

      But then again, you are a rather simple minded little creature.

      I guess it's only racist when I call to cut off the supply valve to your movement, isn't it?

      Anyways, don't ever call someone a racist when you support Bill 101 and promote the sovereignist movement.

      Let's face it - if you didn't have any issues with other who aren't like you, you wouldn't need to separate now would you?

    20. Wow - I answered before seeing Student's 2000 comments. No wonder he's a seppie and fucking hates everyone - he has no friends.

      But then again, I'm not surprised. When I read his comments, he reminds me of Stewie from Family Guy...only far less intelligent.

      Totally anti-social behavior.

    21. I've never heard such tripe in my life as I have from the separatists on this blog over the past 10 months. They truly are "unique" - time to let them go.

    22. Merci peg!

      Pourriez-vous me donner les coordonnées de Robocall pour notre prochain référendum?

    23. @yannick

      if you agree that corruption is a kind of fraud, don't you also agree that it is safe to assume corruption numbers will be proportionate to fraud numbers?

      maybe different law schemes can skew the numbers, but still, quebec being at the bottom of the list for frauds, and the west at the top, by a wide margin, in my humble opinion it is hazardous to claim deviant behaviours of the sort observed in quebec can be explained by local culture, like complicated and resident evil previously did.

      and stop being a burden. it's not your style.

    24. Alain Gravel is a great journalist.

  14. FROM ED
    Editor, getting back to the facts of your excellent work today, I find the press is better at promoting themselves than being accurate on the issues. TV Reporters always introduce themselves clearly before and at the end of the report. If you happen to miss the first few words when they report where the incident happened forget it but they will identify themselves clearly at the before the end. Columnists make sure you know who they are but their reporting is usually what we already know but with their slanted opinion.
    Most of the news is filtered through the giant news agencies and repeated all the way down to the columnists who give the same news a different slant but still with the same basic message. The cruxcification of John Turner proved this. Every reporter or columnist across the country jumped on the head of the man who could have saved us from debt.
    I wish peace to dear Mr. Sauga. in spite of his hatred toward me which apparently troubles his mind daily. I'm happy for him that he is Jewish . God made it clear the Jews are his chosen people and can do no wrong in his eyes. If he were a Christian he would be in trouble. Jesus told us Christians, "If thou hast aught in thy heart against any man I will know it. Do not come to me with hymns of praise or prayers for I shall not hear them. First lay down thy worship, go thy way and make peace in thy heart then I will accept them. If Mr. Sauga was a Christian his hatred of me would take him straight down to hell. i am honestly happy he will be OK. As a christian I do hope for heaven and hate no one including Mr. Sauga. I'm sorry he has this holocaust attitude toward me but it is annoying to be attacked by the same person every day. Ed

    1. I wouldn't blame the media for Turner's defeat. He appeared incompetent throughout the election, including in the debate where he famously lost against Mulroney. Also, Turner followed the same general policy of Trudeau that lead us in debt in the first place.

    2. FROM ED
      Liam , you should try to be a little bit factful when you post. To say that Turner led us into debt is a lie. When John Turner resigned as Finance Minister it was because he refused to go into deficit financing. He said, "I will not spend our children's and grand children's money. There is no reason for a country to not balance the budget except in the time of war." Trudeau replaced him with the snake Chretien who helped spend our children's money.
      He left us with our last balanced budget. If he had been elected he would have cleaned up the 200 billion that Trudeau and Chretien (as Finance Minister) left behind. Instead we got Mulroney who added another 384 billion to our debt. Ed

    3. Say what you like Ed but like Dion, Turner did not have the personality that the public desires of their politicians. Sad as it is, that's what happens to these people - they really should stay in the background of politics because the public expects politicians to be quick witted and very personable. Robert Stanfield was another victim of this requirement for public office.

    4. Ed - You're entirely correct. I remember reading it in Trudeau's memoirs, about the quarel that led to Turner's resignation.

  15. "We've seen it before, the press' unwillingness to confront the NDP over the lie of Jack Layton's illness." Wow, editor that sentence is a stretch. Listen, I didn't vote for NDPl. First of all, what does Layton have to do with corruption in Quebec? Second of all, I was disappointed to see Layton die, I didn't agree with his policy, but what does his ilness have to do with the election and, the point of this article, corruption in Quebec. Flaherty appeared ill and the media didn't badger him about about it. Not exactly sure what point you are trying to make here.

  16. FTT

    Hey why you don't make a provincial party called ''Federal Alliance/Alliance Fédérale''?Lol

  17. What I've always loved most about seppies:

    Separation starts within their own community.

    1. Est-ce que le "2.0" après le nom "equality party" représente le nombre de membres?


    2. « Je pense aussi que la baisse dans les sondages fait en sorte que Mme Marois veut essayer par tous les moyens de raviver le membership », dit le chef d’Option nationale... »

      It seems that seppies are simply incapable of speaking French without resorting to using English.

      Heheh! :)

    3. @r.s

      so you also noticed that french canadian culture has already started eroding in quebec. time to come up with measures to reverse the tendency isn't it mate?

    4. No. It's perfectly normal for languages to borrow words from each other. There is no such thing as linguistic purity.

      By Jove, it's time you stopped hyperventilating about your phony cultural erosion.

    5. @true montrealer

      "It's perfectly normal for languages to borrow words from each other."

      i agree.

      maybe you should address r.s, then. he's the one who's trying to make a point with this irrelevant bit.

    6. Flip-flop much?

    7. @true montrealer

      no. why?

    8. student,

      so you also noticed that french canadian culture has already started eroding in quebec. time to come up with measures to reverse the tendency isn't it mate?

      So based on your logic, since Canadian French uses many English words it means French Canadian culture is eroding and the laws are required to fix the erosion.

      Now explain to me this phenomenon. French people in France use much more English words in their vocabulary. Yet their language law (loi Toubon) is less restrictive than Bill 101. How so? If anyone should be concern about the decline of French language, that should be the French, is it not?

    9. @troy

      i don't think french people in france use more english words than french canadians do. some are spectacular like parking and shopping, so for a rookie it may look like they're faring worse. this could end here as i don't agree with your premise. but let's assume you know what you are talking about and french in france was more tainted than french in quebec. well i think, as you propose, that our cousins should be concerned. don't you?

    10. Yep - time to get rid of the separatist culture - unbearable to be around, can't adjust to working for a living, can't make decisions for themselves (govt must make all decisions for them) can't survive without government assistance, can't see the forest for the trees, unable to play well with others (don't kids get sent home from school for that?) can't live and let live, must be in complete and utter control of those that are less in numbers, unable to understand and correct problems, etc. I'm sure a lot of you out there can add more problems to my list and perhaps the editor can write a post about all the problems we come up with. Out with the seppies - partition this damn place and let's kick them out as a lost cause.!

    11. @cutie003

      "...and perhaps the editor can write a post about all the problems we come up with."

      editor has been doing just that for years, now. do you sometimes read his posts?

    12. "i don't think french people in france use more english words than french canadians do"

      Holy fuck - I mean, we all know he's full of shit...but he really, really is blowing smoke up our asses.

      He has no idea what the fuck he's talking about.

      And then the seppies wonder why their movement is heading the way of the Titanic.

    13. student,

      i don't think french people in france use more english words than french canadians do.

      Have I told you this? You are an idiot.

    14. Petit cours sur les anglicismes...101 :

      France: Belle journée pour aller faire du shopping - anglicisme lexical(mot)

      Québec: La fille que je sors avec? - "the girl i'm with" Oups!

      Le français du Québec a ceci de particulier,les structures de phrases (syntaxe) sont aussi influencées par l'anglais.

    15. That's your assignment dudent - make up a clear, concise list numbered 1 to 10,100 of all the problems you separatists create - a nice condensed list by title only - this assignment is due tonight at 9:00 pm - start at the beginning of the Editor's first blog and take the titles of each and they are to be done in alphabetical order. This list is worth 40% of your final mark. 1,2,3 go!

    16. Yes, it's an open secret that the French in France use way more English words than we (French Canadians) do, even in Québecois média. But when you're ignorant and closed to the world...

    17. I remember hearing this somewhere:

      In France it's
      Je vais stationner dans le parking.

      In Canada it's
      Je vais parker dans le stationnement.

      Is this true? On the issue of European and Canadian French, I'm getting increasingly ticked off at the idea that European French is somehow superior. Both are fine dialects, but it's Canada we're living in, we should respect Canadian French.

    18. Parquer et parking sont acceptés en français.

    19. EDM,

      On the issue of European and Canadian French, I'm getting increasingly ticked off at the idea that European French is somehow superior. Both are fine dialects, but it's Canada we're living in, we should respect Canadian French.

      I never say that Metropolitan French is superior than Canadian French. My issue is with the French-language hardliners in Quebec with their holier-than-thou attitude and who are much more fanatical about French language than French people themselves.

    20. God I am sick and tired of Quebecers trying to somehow state that their level of franch is better than those of people in France..what total hogwash. I have family in France and know the country quite well..the level of french particularily the grammar is miles ahead in France than here in Quebec. Most Quebecers make tons of grammatical errors..use way more anglicismes in the end. The Quebecers love to use the tired old "parking, weekend, gangster" words that are used in France. But french people dont say things like va checker la est bien cute..j'ai flushe la toilette..and on and on..I hear so much garbage french here it hurts my ears. The education system in France is miles ahead of the Quebec system as well..amazed at the amount of homework my nephews have in France compared to kids here in Quebec. The reading and writing skills of most french people are way above the typical Quebecer. But once again Quebecers have some sort of inferiority complex with everyone..english canadians, french people, americans. etc. They put sub0titles on french tv when many Quebecers speak because nobody understands the Quebecois accent. I find it much easier understanding french people than most Quebecers with their nasal contorted accent. As one of my family members in France could have the most beautiful woman in the world in front of you but if she opens her mouth and starts speaking with a strong Quebecois accent then it ruins everything..sorry but most Quebecers need some serious upgrading of their french skills.

    21. Le mot "gangster" est maintenant remplacé par "libéral" au Québec.

      Gangster = Liberal
      Gangstérisme = Libéralisme

    22. Good one SR - wont argue with you there..not a fan of the Lieberals..not a fan of too many politicians. I would like to see someones else try and run this insane asylum..give the CAQ a chance..

    23. What's the matter complicated? Why did you go on a negative rant about French Canadian dialects? I'm sure plenty of speakers of France French think their dialect is superior. Is this somehow justifiable, but not the other way around? It seems to me like you are prejudiced against French Canadians.

    24. @complicated

      "I would like to see someones else try and run this insane asylum..give the CAQ a chance."

      legault and sirois are not "someone else", mate.

    25. EDM - I went on a rant because of earlier comments from some people stating that the French use more english words than Quebecers. I hear this all the time..oh well in France they use parking, weekend and gangster. Its always the same pathetic argument..meanwhile here in Quebec most people cant use the conditional tense or many other tenses..use anglicismes or speak franglais non-stop..have this incredibly annoying and unpleasant accent..but they somehow have convinced themseleves that their french is supperior because they dont use a few english words that are regularly used in France. Talk about delusional. Believe me people in France have a much harder time understanding Quebecers than the other way around.

      Sorry but the vast majority of people from France use grammar correctly, spell correctly and enunciate clearly..yes there are some dialiects in France which are harder to understand..but in general here in Quebec its no contest that the quality of the french is worse. If you want even worse examples then listen to some of the acadians or even worse some cajuns in Louisiana..good luck if you can understand anything.

    26. student - I guess you want one of your tree-hugger socialist nutcases running the asylum like Francoise David and Amir Khadir. Lets see..lets make education free at all levels, give a guaranteed incomes to everyone whether they work or not and give free daycare to all and make the rich/corporations pay for everything. I guess thats your basic sounds so great on paper doesnt it MATEY...OYOYOYO..
      The problem with idealist idiots like yourself is that the REAL world does not work like that . See MATEY..when you tax the rich and companies too much they eventually pack up and leave..then eventually you dont have anyone left to tax to pay for all these pie in the sky programs..then you need to borrow more money from those banks and end up like Greece, Spain and soon to be France. You think life is fun in those places MATE..25-50 percent unemployment..I bet there are a lot of students though but golly gee they cant find any decent jobs..I wonder why..oh its because all the companies have left and the government cant borrow any more money...great strategy MATE...

    27. @complicated

      dude you're losing it. you go on a rant against quebec french when no one wrote that it was superior to motherland french in any way except troy but i think he automatically went against me rather than think a little.

      and then you lauch yourself on a tirade against monsters from your nighmares when the only thing i did was reminding you legault and sirois may not the "someone elses" you're waiting for. everything you wrote does not apply.

      take it easy, mate. you can be so accurate sometimes. pull yourself together. people are reading your stuff you know?

  18. Today, I met new members of my neighbourhood. Both were born in Ile de la Madeleine, in a small town. Their parents refused to let them watch english TV and read english book. Both families were staunchly separatist. Waving a Canadian flag was a big no-no. They were banned from going to english school by the government. When they were old enough, they married then they left the island. Their parents weren't pleased. When, they had their first kid, they taught him english and french. THe language extremist are leaving the regions. Depopulation in Gaspesie and Ile de la Madeleine are killing the separatism movement. As they leave the sovereignty region, they become more attached to Canada realizing they were tricked by the Parti Quebecois. The Quebec sovereignty movement is dying and too bad language bigots like J-P and Mario, don't realize this

    1. by jove are you clueless.

      as if french kids would ask their parents for english books.

      as if separatists were something you'd only find in the deepest corners of the province.

      as if not all parents are sad when their kids leave.

      as if a unilingual francophone can teach his kids english.

      as if coming to town turns a separatist into a federalist.

      as if j-p and mario can't read a poll.

      and as if j-p and mario should change their mind after reading a poll.

      dude that's a lot for a single comment. you really need a refresh on current affairs. and logics.

    2. Diantre! Mon studieux camarade réagit à une annecdote en conflit avec sa vision des choses par l'incrédulité. Ouverture d'esprit zéro.

    3. "Ouverture d'esprit zéro."

      And you thought the separatist movement exists in the name of warmth, diversity and understanding?

    4. That's the great thing about the "communication era". 20 years ago, many kids might not have known very much outside their little town. Today, they communicate with people around the world each and every day, who each have their own language and culture.
      They have hundreds of different sources of information, which are all updated nearly instantly.

      It's a lot easier to form your own opinion when you have more information. The younger people know better, it'll be much harder for them to fall for the typical PQ propaganda.

      Unless they do a dramatic shift towards fully-inclusive nationalism, PQ support will only keep dropping. We all know what's really behind the PQ though: the Parizeau's, Falardeau's and Y.L.s.. There is no hope for their outdated, racist movement. Good riddance!

    5. "as if french kids would ask their parents for english books."

      As if parents have zero effect on what their children do, think, behave.

      "as if separatists were something you'd only find in the deepest corners of the province."

      As if you could find the same alternative viewpoints in a small town as in a big town, despite the small town viewpoint present in the big town, as if living in a big city didn't open up possibilities and access to alternative opinions and viewpoints, even if the small-town viewpoint still exists in the big city

      "as if not all parents are sad when their kids leave."

      As if there are no parents these days who want their kids to become self sufficient and move out

      "as if a unilingual francophone can teach his kids english"

      As if a unlingual couldn't still be open to the idea, and make arrangements to make the learning easier for his/her kids, as if he/she couldn't create an open mindset about learning the second language, create atmosphere conducive to the learning

      "as if coming to town turns a separatist into a federalist."

      As if it couldn't

      "as if j-p and mario can't read a poll."

      As if they still don't get anxious, despite what polls indicate, seeing couples take a life turn as the one described above did

      "and as if j-p and mario should change their mind after reading a poll."

      As if

    6. Speaking of Falardeau, only a few months left to another anniversary of his death.

      Thank heavens that douche is gone - I simply couldn't take anymore soundbites.

    7. Un peu de respect pour votre créateur,Resident Gratton!

  19. warning! only read this if you wish to better understand what's happening in laval.

    1. That is absolutely right. The comments on the article are on the spot as well as to why was he released...

      This guy has some kind of protection. My guess is that he will disappear in the wild...

  20. Editor,

    Now that the Leafs are also gone, who are you cheering for in the second round? The Leafs meltdown at the last minutes after leading 4 - 1 alleviates somewhat my heartbreak caused by the Habs meltdown on Game 4.

  21. Being out of topic, again:

    Apparently the remedy for the Canadiens' current loss is to release Carey Price and get a goaltender that speaks French. Just sayin'.

    1. They won't have to worry about who tends goal when they separate as they will not have the NHL in which to play. The NHL is Canadian and US teams only so unless Montreal partitions with the rest of us, they can kiss their hockey team goodbye the same as they kissed their ball team away. Won't that piss them off - Probably a good 25 year negotiation to be allowed to play with the rest of us again, maybe never. As someone mentioned in an earlier post, quebec underestimates the emotions that will rise to the surface from the rest of North America, especially the ROC, upon breakup of our country. No one will want anything to do with a separate quebec for many, many years and them finally kissing ass of the feds in Canada will be something that they will do because they will have no choice. We don't need quebec, except for the corridor we establish to keep Canada intact from East to West; other than that they can kiss all good will goodbye along with the land mass they will no longer have easy access to - even though the seppies keep saying this won't be a problem. Wonder how long it will take for a security check to allow them on our roads, our aircrafts, our buses, our borders. No passports issued to anybody that took part in the breakup of our country - that's the first thing we have to ensure. They are no longer welcome anywhere in Canada

    2. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYTuesday, May 14, 2013 at 12:18:00 PM EDT

      Baseless comments. Obviously the poster is ill informed.

    3. Cutie, with Bill 101 the League technically can't operate in english in Quebec. If Marois amendment passes, all business that operates in english in Quebec will have to submit francisation plan to OLF. Heck, none other team except Montreal will agree to the plan. The NHL will have to kick Montreal out of league.

    4. Good point Liam - Won't that be fun to watch - lol - Of course, they will be exempt from this just like all those other big companies but good for a laugh anyway.

    5. Another pointless comment from un gars

    6. "to release Carey Price and get a goaltender that speaks French."

      Typical Quebec. Worry about meaningless crap meanwhile we are an basket case. If the language of a hockey player doesn;t fit under symbolic pointless distraction then noting does.

      Seppie priorities. All fucked up and going nowhere but bankrupt.

    7. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYTuesday, May 14, 2013 at 4:56:00 PM EDT

      "Another pointless comment from un gars"
      Hmmm... Not sure on what planet you live on but I wish to suggest that you should get out of quebec and live a happy and healthy life. The bitterness oozing out of your posts. Quite sad.
      If you don't like where you live, move. If you can't or won't move, well put up and shut up. I know many, but many persons living where you claim to be living and by far the positives of life there by far exceed your little stories.
      What you refer to daily on here be it crazy improbable situations or pimping the PLQ have never underlined what you cry for. Your examples of injustice are big exceptions to the rules. quebec will never officially accomodate anglos, you are not french, not part of the majority. Learn french, interact with the locals and stop playing the role of a victim.
      Put that in your pipe, sis.

    8. @UN GARS

      Certaines journées,je te trouve fort sympathique.peggy n'a pas asez de potentiel afin de quitter le Québec.Dans dix ans,elle jappera toujours sur les médias sociaux,ce qui est très représentatif da la majorité des angryphones.Quelques-uns d'entre-eux ont le courage de leurs convictions mais ils sont plutôt rares.J'aimerais tellement voir une vraie manifestation d'angryphones (quelques milliers)...Tabarnak,ils sont plus d'un million,c'est quoi leur problème?

    9. FROM ED
      For the first time I agree with Une gars. All this crap your posting is totally supposition from your negative thinking. You have decided who goes and stays. Who appointed you to do a Lewis Carroll sequel. I mean, c'mon. Ed

    10. Why don't you keep your unwanted comments to yourself. No one on this blog is interested except the trolls and I've stated previously you have nothing, but absolutely nothing, to contribute here. You are a separatist anyway whether you live in Calgary or not and are insignificant to all of us that live here. Telling me to move is exactly what trolls do - how's your petition to throw us out of Canada going? Separatist troll - that sums it up.

    11. Are you talking to me Ed? If you're referring to the Montreal hockey team, what makes you think that they will still be playing in the NHL if quebec separates from Canada and is a separate country? Why would they still be allowed to play in what is currently a two country hockey league? What is positive about any of this? I'm saying exactly what could come to be in the future and again you dissociate from reality. You continuously defend the liberals and the status quo of the situation we are in instead of pointing out some of the implications of what can happen in the future should quebec leave Canada. Why do you do this? Are you so blind to anything other than the liberals winning the next election that you have stopped thinking about what will happen if the PQ do win? I wish we could all be so sure that everything will be just hunky dory as soon as the next election happens but you really do underestimate your enemies and the very real possibility that the separatists could again be in power. I wish I could hide under the same pillow.

    12. @cutie003

      "Why would they still be allowed to play in what is currently a two country hockey league?"

      better question: why not?

      "I'm saying exactly what could come to be in the future and again you dissociate from reality."

      are you implying that what you think "could come to be in the future" is reality?!? we're pushing absurdity's limits here, mate. impressive.

    13. I liked this comment from Troy's article link:

      "On serait bien mieux de laisser partir Pauline Marois. Je la verrais très bien comme agente d’immeubles dans le comté de Charlevoix. Car, entre moi et vous et la poignée de porte, sa performance à la tête du PQ n’est pas très appréciée de la population."

      "We’d be much better off by letting go of Pauline Marois. I would see her quite well as real estate agent in the Charlevoix. Because, just between you and me, her performance as head of the PQ is not very appreciated by the populace.”

      Héhé! :)

  22. Apperçu sur FB ce matin:

    Do you find the label "Angryphone" derogatory?

    Pour les "liberals" : Soyez honnêtes dans vos ré possible

    1. "Angryphone" a term that is meant to be dismissive first, derogatory second. Its main function is not to insult, it's to shift focus from the argument to the person.

    2. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYTuesday, May 14, 2013 at 1:02:00 PM EDT

      " Soyez honnêtes dans vos ré possible"

      Tu devrais commencer par toi-meme.

    3. This loser S.R is beyond pathetic. He never answers questions that people ask him yet expects answers to his own questions. He never comments on the Editor's posts and always tries to sidetrack the discussion with his own topics instead. DO NOT FEED THE TROLL.

    4. SR isn;t here to discuss. As a PQ artist he's at the head of the line to get money from the govt except for the mob.

      If Pq artists abandon sovereignty then there is nobody left. These people are as far away from the real world as possible. They think simply by existing and breathing they are "enriching our culture" and deserve handouts perpetually.

      Not only do PQ artists and academics contribute nothing positive to Quebec they are just sucking on Marois tit. They are leeches on the public purse cranking out second rate "cultural art".

      PQ will give money to anyone (mobsters to artists) as long as the y tell them what they want to hear in French.

      This is why Quebec is so damaged. Nothing is based on qualifications or ability beyond language.

      Build a good bridge on cost? Not relevant, do you speak french is the important issue.

      Then seppies are surprised when the entire province is corrupt and broken.

    5. You're so right cebeuq - I really have to wonder about the intelligence of any society that bases EVERYTHING on what language someone speaks. It truly is more like a cult than a movement. None of them have given any thought to the consequences of their actions and I never thought that a group could be so disconnected from reality. It's like a big video game to them and splitting up a country is like playing a game of golf or something. Absolutely no idea of the economic impact on the province as a whole and they idolize their crazy leaders like the followers of Charles Manson.

    6. Cutie seppies don;t understand economics. Most seppies never went to school to learn things like economics. The economic lessons they do teach in quebec is "money is bad" except when used to build a socialist Quebec.

      How can economic arguments resonate with seppies when they arn;t involved in the economy?

      Take somebody like SR for example or student.

      They are on various levels of social assistance, grants, unemployment etc.

      They have no connection to the economy. No matter if the economy is up or down the $ keeps rolling in for SR and student.

      Until Quebec totally collapses from lack of transfer payments the govt will always shield these individuals from the real world consequences of their "lifestyle". SR drunken rants count as "performance art".

      The rest of the population suffer before the PQ welfare cases will. You and I will be paying 99% taxes, student and SR will still be waking from drunken boozing at noon and the PQ will maintain the situation is completely normal and under control. You and I just don;t understand the "progressive" nature of Quebec.

      In reality of course they are just stealing money from the general population for their partisan supporters.

      Quebec PQ doublespeak lets them call this "progressive" as opposed to "repressive".

      Reference "boycott" "strike" etc.

      It's george orwell doublespeak at it's best here in Quebec.

      Imagine that's how damaged Quebec has become. The political party in power has finally become an example of the lying politics George Orwell warned..

      """ Doublespeak may take the form of euphemisms (e.g., "downsizing" for layoffs, "servicing the target" for bombing [1]), in which case it is primarily meant to make the truth sound more palatable. It may also refer to intentional ambiguity in language or to actual inversions of meaning (for example, naming a state of war "peace").

    7. "Most seppies never went to school to learn things like economics."

      Jacques Parizeau, economist, PhD from the London School of Economics.

      Jean-Martin Aussant, master's degree in Economic Analysis from the Université de Montréal (1995). He started Ph.D. work at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona in Spain, but left in 1997 to work as a consultant for Barra International.

      Damiel Paillé, economist.

      Bernard Landry, degree in economics and finance from Institut d'Études Politiques de Paris.

  23. Jean charest devient courtier d'or sénégalais


    1. Bouchard travaillait dans le secteur pétrolier et gazifiere. Est ce que tu as un problème avec lui?

    2. This loser S.R is beyond pathetic. He is not here to have a discussion with any of you. His only purpose in coming here is to mock, insult and disrupt. DO NOT FEED THE TROLL.

    3. L'honnêteté de Lucien Bouchard n'a jamais été remise en question,contrairement à John James.
      J.J.C a une réputation de vendeur de véhicules d'occasion au Québec.Pas surprenant qu'il soit maintenant négociant en Afrique où personne ne le connait...encore.


  24. Separatists don’t represent the whole of Quebec society. There are plenty of proud franco-Quebecers who despise Quebec nationalism, don’t want anything to do with these losers and can’t even stand looking at Marois’ face.

    Successful French-Canadians are busy being successful. Unfortunately, they have no particular reason to hang out on this anglophone blog, unlike the maladapted trolls we see here who have nothing but time on their hands and think they’re getting their revenge with their keyboards.

    If you want to see how these franco-Quebecers feel about nationalists, check out the comments at this Facebook group:

    Démission de Pauline Marois

    PS: Before the troll chimes in, no, they are not colonized and no, they are not vendu. It’s the troll who is colonized in the head.

    1. "There are plenty of proud franco-Quebecers who despise Quebec nationalism..."

      how many? i checked the facebook page you suggest and i couldn't observe any proud "franco-quebecer" there. can you help?

      "Successful French-Canadians are busy being successful. Unfortunately, they have no particular reason to hang out on this anglophone blog..."

      what about tacky parvenu un gars bs de calgary? he's successful and proud! he said so a hundred times! how can you oversee such a loud mouth?

      " the maladapted trolls we see here who have nothing but time on their hands and..."

      that's a dangerous line to use when yourself spend as much time as anyone else here.

    2. Excellent student,effectivement pas beaucoup de fiers Québécois sur cette page FB.

  25. Following up on what you, R.S just wrote, and what Cebeuq wrote earlier, I challenge anyone here to take two walks.

    Walk one: go walking through St. Michel and surrounding areas in Montreal's east end. What do you see on most of the homes there? You see this hanging from their balconies:

    One word = QuebeCAN'Ts

    Walk two: Go walk through the streets of Outremont...and you don't see those hanging anywhere.

    Why? Education + Cultivation = refinement. In other words, QuebeCANs

    It's just proof that only poor, small-minded potato sack-wearing anti-winners support separation.

    "It’s the troll who is colonized in the head."

    Yes, R.S and their stance is just another way of shielding themselves against the fact that they're incapable of succeeding. The saddest part is that they proudly sabotage their kids. Just think of how backwards S.R's kids must be by now.

    1. @R.S

      Quand allez-vous passer à l'action...Cette page FB n'est qu'un crachoir inutile et remplies d'insignifiants incultes...Comme vous?

    2. @Resident Gratton


      Peut-être bien un savant mélange d'éducation,de culture et de...Gangtérisme?

      "Just think of how backwards S.R's kids must be by now."

      Effectivement très raffiné mon mangeur de Donuts en cravate,roulant dans une BM à crédit :)

    3. Anyone else here miss this bit?

      BTW, not fit for work!

      "Peut-être bien un savant mélange d'éducation,de culture et de...Gangtérisme?"

      He did it again folks...just like every other potato-sack seppie, he believes that wealth can only be amassed by illicit means. Guess that's just what happens when your poor in the head.

    4. R.E.: Interesting to note that the president of this “Conseil de la Souveraineté du Québec”, Gilbert Paquette, publishes a blog where “Le modérateur publie les contributions qui ajoutent à la réflexion." ("The moderator only publishes those comments that add to the reflection.")

    5. Actually, turns out it doesn't matter because there are no comments on his blog anyway! LOL

    6. Yeah, well the tale of the tape tells you all you need to know:


    7. @resident evil

      outremont voted 43% for separatist parties in the last election. 65% in rosemont. assuming all separatists are french and considering the proportion of french voters in both areas (63% vs 75%) you'll notice that your "quebecans" are almost as separatist as your "quebecant".

      tough one to swallow isn't it resident evil?

      try again tomoroow. from scratch.

    8. No need to wait for tomorrow my little anti-winner - blowing your Cheezwhiz arguments out of the water doesn't require much preparation.

      I will give you this much - you were right in taking the approach you did as statistically, it makes sense. So here's take two:

      Your mouth-breathing OUI-parasites voted in favor of sovereignty to the tune of 43% because...Outremont's borders contain many low-rent apartments closer to the edge of the Plateau.

      See, we all know that you only call yourself "Student" but spend really little time studying. If you did study, you'd understand how many people can live inside a 20-floor high-rise. That's your separatist base, right there.

      Now, the Outremonters I was referring to are the ones living along Bernard st, west of Avenue des Parcs and it's surrounding side-streets.

      Houses like these:

      See how much better these homes look without separatist brainwash collateral hanging from them, Student?

      Don't worry Petit Bonhomme, maybe one day you'll get a job (or maybe your dad will get one) and you'll see what it's like to enjoy non-government money.

      BTW, are you enjoying the Internet connection my tax dollars are paying for? You're welcome! :-)

    9. @resident evil

      to my data-based argument you hit back with three photos of nice houses without a flag on them?

      haha. funny. but you make it a sad day for internet debates, mate.

    10. @RE

      Seppies want the government to provide for everything. They don;t believe people should try to provide for themselves in any way.

      The more reliant the population of Quebec is on the state (notice the substitution of church for state in control) the easier they population can be manipulated.

      People like SR and student arn;t going to vote against the govt. They would be cutting off their own money supply. Basically it's just a large scale version of vote buying.

      PQ supporters largely represent the drain on society. All parties and groups that drain the province of resources beyond their real weight. Welfare, artists, academics, unions, students etc.

      Every group listed above has a major interest in perpetuating or expanding the Quebec welfare state or general uncompetitiveness at the expense of the rest of the population.

      Marios needs the to have artists producing cultural crap to help create more symbols for her ethnic drive. The seppie artist is unemployable otherwise.

      Most of the PQ supporters are the same way. They have no other option then to vote for the PQ. Only the PQ will play partisan politics to this level to keep their voters forever satisfied in the hope the PQ will come back and create "winning conditions".

      Then they hope their zombie force of paid off seppies will rise and vote "with their blood" for separation.

      A seppie on welfare is a seppie for life. What's the option? Move to Edmonton and work in the oil fields? Death would be better then that obviously. The insults cannot be counted.

      Working in english.
      Working in oil..

      All that time that could be used to write separatist poems wasted on working and making money to feed yourselves and buy a house. How disgusting, all things can be provided by the govt.

    11. The saddest part is that they proudly sabotage their kids. Just think of how backwards S.R's kids must be by now.

      I shudder to imagine the sad situation S.R’s kids find themselves in… taught by their father to live in fear and anger all their lives. What a sad inheritance to pass on to one’s children.

    12. " in fear and anger..."

      Comme peggy...and her friends?

      Naaaaaaa! :)

    13. Imagine the soul searching he must have done when he found out his kids watch english movies sometimes.

      That means he needs to read to them an extra hour at night more mind numbing separatist nonsense like (google to the rescue..)

      ‘Un Canadien errant’ (‘A Wandering Canadian’), the poems of Gérald Godin and Gaston Miron, and passages from “Nous étions le nouveau monde” by Jean-Claude Germain

    14. Infiniment mieux que leur enseigner la "culture" d'un pays étrangé,n'est-ce-pas adanac?

      Je me demande bien de quoi se nourriraient culturellement vos rejetons si les américains n'existaient pas.

      Vraiment patéthique d'avoir une culture et une identité aussi dépendante du pays voisin.

    15. S.R this is great insight.

      Only seppies artists care about culture like you do. To anyone else all this culture talk is just "muble muble muble" boring crap they don;t care about.

      Culture is something you should be spending 0.1% of your time on not 99%.

      It makes me laugh that you would think you can insult my "culture" by asociating it with american stuff.

      I'll get HBO over anything coming out of Canada in a second. That's an insult?

      Fucking clueless you seppies.

      Were you unemployable artist before you became a seppie or you are a seppie artist because you are unemployable?

    16. "A Jedi's strength flows from the Force. But beware of the dark side, Luke." - Yoda

    17. "Only seppies artists care about culture like you do"


      Culture: Cinéma,télévision,littérature,presse,radio,web,jeux vidéo,etc

      Lequel de ces produits culturels,vous et vos rejetons ne consomment pas?Quelle importance ces produits culturels occupent-ils dans votre quotidien?Quel pourcentage de ces produits est "made in canada"?

    18. "If once you start down the dark path, forever it will dominate your destiny." - Yoda to Luke

    19. @cebeuq

      "All parties and groups that drain the province of resources beyond their real weight. welfare, artists, academics, unions, students etc."

      you're trying to aim your reader's anger towards the poor and the intellectuals. that's a fascist maneuver. sorry mate, i spotted it. i suggest you change strategy. this one leads to hell.

    20. Efectivement...

      God bless you and your family Erresse :)

    21. @all

      cebeuq wrote:

      "Culture is something you should be spending 0.1% of your time on..."

      other retards here agree with this?

    22. "A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack." - Yoda to Luke

    23. C'est bien ce que je pensais,un attardé.

      Qui ne sait même pas que Lucasfilm est une entreprise culturelle qui n'existerait pas sans le travail des...Artistes.

    24. "It takes strength to resist the dark side. Only the weak embrace it!" - Obi-Wan Kenobi to Darth Maul

  26. I suspect Troy will enjoy this opinion piece by an anglophone pedant in Quebec City…

    French threatened... by Quebecers themselves?
    Published in "Le Soleil" May 13, 2013 at 6:10

    Some people preach that French is threatened, notably by anglophone companies that don’t want to cooperate, by bridging schools that facilitate the transfer toward English and by immigrants who do not assimilate to the French fact. But is it possible that the decline of French is also due to “old stock” French Quebecers themselves, who either use a phony sophisticated French or a pitifully poor French? Not to mention the relative lack of proper French, unfortunately!

    French that is supposedly of superior quality may instead simply be a sanitized or complicated way of saying things. “Questions and problems” have now been replaced by “questionnements et problématiques”, which is apparently more serious. "Abortion" becomes the "voluntary interruption of pregnancy." Police no longer "arrest" anyone – they proceed with their “arrestation”. A “sweeper” is now a "surface technician". We speak of “job seekers" rather than the "unemployed" and even “recession” has become “negative growth"!

    One of the finest examples of incorrect French is the "fatal hit-and-run" that we hear constantly. How can a hit-and-run be fatal, unless it kills another person while fleeing the premises? A "fatal accident followed by a hit-and-run" would make much more sense, no?

    And what to say about the incomprehensible beating around the bush that some spokespeople use? It’s no better with some journalists and columnists - who should be paragons of clarity - who often make up beautiful sentences of 50 words and more, which must be re-read to be understood.

    There are also Quebec companies that find using English is chic. A good example is the word “outdooring" to boost the sale of lawn furniture. Not only could one have found a French word, the word itself doesn’t work. For an anglophone, the "outdoors" means the forest, camping and adventure – a long way from a gazebo filled with cushions.

    As for low-level French, it can be seen everywhere. One need only have to look at the classifieds to see that the difference between the infinitive and the past participle was not a priority at school. In the blogosphere, a complete sentence with a subject, a verb and an object is often scarce. It’s very appalling is to hear some radio people who should be leading by example. Often, they speak with very dubious French, interspersed with anglicisms and swear words. But even worse are some popular comedians who are of an unspeakable vulgarity, using street French and unable to express themselves without swearing every other word. Ironically, it is often these sad characters who take to the barricades to defend the French language.

    How can we prove to an immigrant or a foreign company that Quebec is serious about safeguarding the language when many Quebecers do not seem to care about it themselves? As one person told me some time ago: "Anyway, who cares!". [in English]

    Robert Pelley, anglophone
    Quebec City

    1. Robert Pelley never's heard "fatal hit-and-run" or "negative growth" or of "eating outdoors, on the patio" en anglais before? Evidemment on parle un anglais tres bizarre a Quebec...

    2. He wrote the article in French, about French... dimwit!

    3. Je me demande si les américains comprennent le globish des anglos-Québécois?

    4. Get a load of this sign at Chicago's O'Hare Airport:

      Strange that there's no mention of the restrictive language laws or language police mentioned on the government's investment site.

    5. Les gens cultivés le savent déjà Erresse,cette publicité ne s'adresse pas aux canayens :)

    6. Rather than aspiring toward success, seppies quake in their boots with fear, believing their future will look like this.

  27. S.R must be loving this:

    Québec a entamé des discussions avec Old Dutch


    1. “The aging Lachine factory had come to the end of its useful life, according to the company, which decided it couldn't afford to renovate or build a new factory in the region. […] The one in Hartland, N.B., recently went through a $30-million renovation.”