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French versus English Volume 83

Corruption this week

"After a dramatic series of raids across Laval last fall, Quebec’s anti-corruption squad followed up early Thursday by arresting former Laval mayor Gilles Vaillancourt. Vaillancourt and an undisclosed number of others were taken into police custody as a series of arrest mandates were executed beginning at “about 6 a.m.,” Anne-Frédérick Laurence, a spokesperson for L’Unité permanente anticorruption (UPAC), said.
About 120 officers have been deployed, to an undisclosed number of locations, she added.
This phase of the police operation on Laval tackles an apparent long-standing municipal pattern of collusion, corruption and cronyism that reigned in Quebec’s second-largest city, Vaillancourt’s fiefdom.
UPAC is calling it “Operation Honorer.”
“Many” beyond Vaillancourt have also been arrested, Laurence said.
Some reports pegged the figure at 40, a combination of construction-industry figures and high-level officials in the former Vaillancourt administration." Read more

BBC: "Rebelling against Quebec's 'language police' "

Here's another flattering article on Quebec's language mess in the international press, this time the BBC where the story will be widely circulated.
"The Canadian province of Quebec has seen a resurgence of its bitter language wars since Francophone nationalists returned to power last year. Now, some English speakers are rebelling against the "language police", reports Lorraine Mallinder.

Quebec's ruling Parti Quebecois is pushing a new law through the provincial parliament that would further reduce the use of English in schools, hospitals and shops.

As a result, many Anglophones fear they are being squeezed into insignificance.
It's misleading to say that French is the founding culture of Quebec - Quebec has at its root two European founding peoples” Pearl Eliadis Human rights lawyer

For Harry Schick, owner of a pastry shop in Pointe Claire, an English-speaking municipality west of Montreal, it is nothing new.
His shop window, emblazoned with signs in 35 different languages, has attracted visits from what critics deride as the province's language police.

Inspectors from L'Office quebecois de la langue francaise - the Quebec French language office - say the lettering of French signs should be three times bigger than that of other languages."
Read more   (Credit for the link.. JW, Lord Dorchester)

Most immigrants to Quebec feel attachment to Canada: poll

"Most Quebec immigrants feel attached to Canada, regardless of which language they speak, according to a poll for the Association for Canadian Studies.
Ninety-two per cent of francophone immigrants and 91 per cent of non-francophone newcomers say they are attached to Canada, reveals the Léger Marketing survey.
That contrasts with attitudes among native-born francophone Quebecers, of whom only 62.9 per cent describe themselves as attached to Canada.
As for Canadian-born Quebec anglophones, the poll found 96.3 per cent feel attached to the country.
The results suggest that French-speaking immigrants are not picking up attitudes on national identity shared by many “francophones de souche” (Quebecers descended from early French settlers), said Jack Jedwab, executive director of the association.  Read more:

La Presse writer; "Montreal is a bilingual city"

"In a column published some ten days ago on Bill 14, which aims to strengthen Bill 101, entitled "Despising the English," I wrote that the deterioration in our relations with the anglophone minority would in a way, kill Montreal slowly.

There are indeed elements of this dynamic Montreal that we do not understand or do not accept. Particularly the importance 
of the presence of its anglophone minority  for its success,.

What defines Montreal, is not that it is multicultural. For any metropolis, this fact is quite commonplace. Most major cities are, and in this respect, Montreal is not particularly remarkable when compared to Toronto or Vancouver.

What is absolutely unique, by contrast, it is the duality of Montreal, the fact that it is built on two linguistic and cultural groups, a large majority, and the English. Montreal is one of the very few bilingual cities in the world, where people speak two major global languages ​​of communication and where it works in both languages.

Obviously, the word bilingual raises eyebrows because, legally and institutionally, Montreal is a French city. This forces everyone into verbal acrobatics to describe, without uttering the so
despised word, what is obvious.

This duality has been and remains a source of tension, whether past injustices towards francophones, whose language was relegated to the background, or the swing of the pendulum with Bill 101, a shock strong enough to push some Anglophones to exodus. But we have reached a certain balance, especially because the pressures that can be exerted on the French does not come from the English-speaking community. Tensions are missing, except when politicians want to stir the pot.
But these tensions can be creative. Duality helps to define the identity of Montreal, a hybrid of its British and French heritage buildings blocks. This is what makes Montreal different from the rest of Quebec, which gives it a huge competitive advantage and contributes to many of its economic successes."A concrete manifestation of this duality is the duplication of institutions (universities, hospitals, cultural venues, neighborhoods). It enriches the intellectual life that can tap into both traditions. This largely explains our academic mission, which helps us in our efforts to become a knowledge-based society. It also allows Montreal to be several things at once, at home in la Francophonie and the Commonwealth, with roots in both cultures, able to be an interface between two worlds, both very North American but more European than other mainland cities. This duality certainly helps to explain the success of some industries, such as information technology and video games, where Montreal was able to attract both French and American companies.This duality also contributes to the creative character of Montreal, promoting diversity and tolerance. But also because the tensions are close to cultural life. It was obvious to the French, whose identity assertion is widely expressed through theater, music, literature and film. But there is a momentum now and  for several years creating an English Montreal that enriches all of Quebec and Montreal. Without this meeting of cultures, Montreal would not have its brand as a trendy city. All this is not to deny the validity of the fight for French, but to remind us that we must find ways to do it while allowing our English-speaking minority to flourish with its language and culture  Read the original story by Alain Dubuc in French 
(Credit for the link.. Lord Dorchester)

Air Canada ordered to pay $12K to man who couldn’t order 7Up in French

"The Federal Court of Canada on Wednesday ordered Air Canada to pay $12,000 to Ottawa French-language rights crusader Michel Thibodeau in part because when he asked an English-speaking flight attendant for 7Up in May 12 of 2009, he got Sprite. “The applicants’ language rights are clearly very important to them and the violation of their rights caused them a moral prejudice, pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of their vacation,” Justice Marie-Josee Bedard wrote in her judgment.
“It is also my opinion that awarding damages in this case will serve the purpose of emphasizing the importance of the rights at issue and will have a deterrent effect.”
Air Canada was also ordered to apologize to Mr. Thibodeau and his wife Lynda.
It is Mr. Thibodeau’s second successful legal action against the airline and its subsidiaries. In 2000, he was refused service in French when he tried to order a 7Up from a unilingual English flight attendant on an Air Ontario flight from Montreal to Ottawa." Read more

Ottawa Sun: 10 Things we hate about Montreal!

In light of the playoff competition between the SENS and the HABS the Ottawa Sun published this humorous top 10 list put-down of Montreal;

1. Corruption: Did the Habs think they could slide a few brown envelopes down Gary Bettman's way to seal a series win? Sorry boys, it'll take some honest work to win. And you wouldn't know much about that now would you?
2. P.K. Subban: The whiny contract holdout is getting paid $5.75 million to malign his teammates from the bench. As usual, Montreal has overpaid -- an awful lot of people would have done that for free.
3. Roads: If the Bell Centre ice was anything like Montreal's streets, boulevards, highways -- heck, pretty much anything with an asphalt surface -- then Habs forwards would be skating gingerly alongside chasms of collapsing ice and Carey Price would be making saves from deep inside a pothole. Ok, we're exaggerating -- Price doesn't really make saves, does he? Read the rest

While we're on the subject of the NHL playoffs, here's a feel-good story of a young Montreal girl who wore a Senator's jersey on 'Habs Appreciation Day' in her school in Lachine. Her teacher sent her down to the principal's office where she was ordered to remove the sweater.
As you can imagine, the story went viral and before you know it, Senators rewarded young Keila Penner with the trip of a lifetime. The whole Penner family was picked up in a limousine and whisked to Ottawa to attend the Senators/Habs game, courtesy of the team owner Eugene Melnyk. Keila was also given a sweater autographed by the entire Senator team.
The school's reaction? "Er...We never threatened her" Link

Perhaps it was a good omen as the Senators got by the crippled Habs and in the spirit of good sportsmanship I offer my Top Ten list of things I LOVE ABOUT OTTAWA;
  1. Rideau Canal skating, Sparks St. Mall, Tulip Festival.... Could it get any more exciting than this?
  2. Helpful and friendly neighbors.
  3. Wonderful cops and NCC agents and their tolerant enforcement of the rules!
  4. Infective joie-de-vivre, exciting night-life and vibrant artistic scene.
  5. A wonderfully ethnically diverse city.
  6. Eclectic music scene, led by Paul Anka.
  7. Cutting edge restaurants, highlighted by "Hy's"
  8. Friendly and cooperative civil servants.
  9. Stephen Harper, Thomas Mulcair and Justin Trudeau.
  10. ...and last but least, the Ottawa Senators, a team named after Canada’s most inspiring politicians!

Odds'n Ends

La Presse published its annual list of wait times in emergency rooms across Quebec.
It now takes an average of 17½ hours to be seen in a Quebec emergency room, with one hospital in Montreal, Maisonneuve-Rosemont, actually making patients wait an astounding 40 hours before being seen! Link{fr}
The Quebec Wind farm lobby is pushing the government to issue a contract for the purchase and installation of 350 more electricity generating turbines despite the fact that Quebec has an electricity surplus worth billions. Some generating stations owned by Hydro-Quebec are shut down or mothballed because of the lack of demand.
The rational for expanding the wind farm industry is to keep alive the 1000 jobs in the Gaspé factory that makes the turbines.  A spokesman for the industry asked reporters if it made sense to close an industry just because it is contributing to an unsellable surplus of energy in Hydro-Quebec..
Hmmmm. What do you think readers, does any of this make sense?
French Studies losing ground: "After an 18-year run, the University of Regina is shuttering its francophone studies program. The number of graduates: Zero.
Parents may be clamouring to enroll their children in French studies in the early years, but interest appears to wane among university-age students. Post-secondary institutions in many parts of the country have seen a drop off in applicants, and are either shutting down, scaling back or pausing their French programs. Read more
PQ MNA calls Libs 'colonized sellouts' for using English: "Members of the National Assembly who use English during Assembly debates are "colonized sellouts," according to PQ MNA Daniel Breton." Link
More PQ anglo slurs: I don't know if the irony is lost on a PQ staffer who penned an article in METRO magazine in which he makes the claim that with some exceptions, anglophones are 'all a bit crazy, not Richard Bain crazy, but suffering from a paranoid obsession, always complaining that Quebecers, especially separatists are racist xenophobes."
The political aide to PQ Minister Diane De Courcy, who wrote the article, Akos Verboczy was called on the carpet by opposition politicians who demanded his resignation. Original article {fr}  Calls for his resignation{fr}

Dunno..... but to me, he seems to prove his own point about separatists as 'racist xenophobes!' Ha!

When the minister was told about the articles, she told reporters that it was only a joke..... read more
Quebec really lenient with killers: "According to a report, half the killers in Canada freed prior to serving their minimum 25-year sentence since 1987 are from Quebec." Link
In the meantime the commission charged with evaluating insane criminals decided to let Guy Turcotte out of detention, despite serious concerns. Link{fr}
Mr. Turcotte murdered his children and was acquitted of the crime due to the famous 'temporary insanity' defense.
McGill University continues to lose ground: "It’s bad enough that Montreal is losing to Ottawa in the hockey playoffs, but now the city’s top-performing university seems to be losing ground to the University of Toronto in the latest world rankings by subject.

McGill is ranked behind the University of British Columbia in many subjects, as well, in the just-released 2013 QS World University Rankings by Subject, which listed U of T as the top-ranked Canadian institution." Read the story

Anti-anglo beating?  "A 63-year-old Montreal man says he may have been the victim of racial and anti-anglo slurs and beaten up and sent to hospital as a result. Shamslla Bina told CJAD 800 News he was on his way home late Sunday afternoon from the de l'Eglise metro, when he told a young man in English not to press up so close to him on the escalator. Bina said the young man was with two other men and two women. Bina said the young man told him to go back to Ontario and to his own country. Bina, who came to Montreal from Iran 30 years ago, switched to French, the language he uses the most, and the dispute continued onto the street." Read more (Credit for the link.. RWB)

It's Friday, let's have some fun.....

Last week we talked about English software and the difficulty or utility in getting it translated.
Using the English version is a necessary compromise that school boards and companies understand, even if the  OQLF doesn't.
But you'd expect the radical Mouvement Québec français to be the leader in safeguarding its website from the scourge of English pollution, but alas it is not to be.

After filling out an online survey I was amused to see that whether you are French or English, getting thanked for participating, is an English only affair!

Joke of the week....

Three contractors were bidding to fix a broken fence at an Ottawa property.....
One is from Vancouver, another from Toronto and the third is from Quebec .
All three go with a Government official to examine the fence.

The Vancouver contractor takes out a tape measure and does some measuring, then works some figures with a pencil. "Well," he says, "I figure the job will run you about $900.....$400 for materials, $400 for my crew and $100 profit for me."
The Toronto contractor also does some measuring and figuring, then says, "I can do this job for $700.....$300 for materials, $300 for my crew and $100 profit for me."

The Quebec contractor doesn't measure or figure anything, but leans over to the government official and whispers, "$2,700."
The official, incredulous, says, "But you didn't even measure like the other guys! And how did you come up with such a high figure?" The Quebec contractor whispers back, "$1,000 for me, $1,000 for you, and we hire the guy from Toronto to fix the fence."
   (Credit for the joke.. Pearl)

Another Montreal anti-capitalist demonstration....Cop: "I told you no peeking! Tabarnac!

What's a photo collage of an annoying but harmless Greenpeace Activist getting arrested in Moscow have to do with this blog?

You be the judge!

This from reader, Lord Dorchester 
"Screen shot of a Trivia game called QuizzCross. Bordering on lunacy now. "

"A crimson tide engulfed a patch of Montreal Saturday at the city’s first-ever gathering of the redheads.
The event was organized on Facebook by a ginger-headed Montrealer who wanted to foster a greater sense of community among those who shared her hair colour." Read the story

 I'll bet that Toronto will be inspired to have a bigger and better ginger affair next year, giving proof to the maxim that imitation is the sincerest form of compliment!
Completely off-topic: Charles Ramsey became a national hero on Monday when he helped rescue three missing women who had been kidnapped in Cleveland and held hostage for years. Watch him interviewed but for real entertainment, you'll definitely want to listen to this 9-1-1 call he made reporting the situation. If you click on one link, click this. It's priceless!

So how about ending the week with a little inspiration?

Some of you might be aware that Russians are as obsessed with dashcams as we are with GPS and just about every new vehicle sold includes a camera that records it all.
It leads to video after video of crash scenes. Some of these compilations are funny while most are  gruesome.
But here's a change....dash-cam videos from Russia that inspires. Enjoy......

Not inspired enough?

'Have a great weekend!

Bonne fin de Semaine!


  1. FROM ED
    Editor, Perhaps the wind mill people should look beyond Quebec to sell their products, knowing that the government will protect Hydro Q.
    If Air Canada is going to pay every time some one accuses them it could get expensive when others start jumping on the band wagon.
    I would love to hear the transcripts of the trial. Did they even bother with a defense? Also, I can't help wondering if a male judge would have made a difference?
    I think your best is the two lads rescuing the cat, risking falling into the dirty water. Makes you wonder who is responsible for it being there. Ed

    1. The sevenup case happened about two years ago.

      The truth is that the case did not focus on the sevenup; it was a detail in a long list of times that air canada had failed to provide French language in one way or another. It makes for a good headline though, so that's what the media picked up on.

      The couple also sued more for punitive damages than for money to themselves. The husband has sued Ottawa transit system in the past to try and get them to become more bilingual. You could say that he's an idealist; certainly he does not fear the ridicule. Misplaced idealism is not laudable, however. Given the state of English service in STM, one can see why people are upset.

      When examined closely, there were mostly minor complaints, and Air Canada would only have needed to provide French services under the most strictest interpretation of the law - that is, if one of the cities involved has either 5% or more than 2000 francophones, which technically means that Air Canada must provide French service on a flight from Calgary to Vancouver.

      Those requirements are obviously too stringeant, but that Air Canada does often drop the ball, even when flying to places like Ottawa, Montreal, or Moncton. If there is a law and Francophones want Air Canada to abide to it, I am not sure how they are supposed to do it other than by court challenges. Market forces don't work, because the alternative is WestJet, which is even less bilingual than Air Canada.

    2. FROM ED
      Shit Yannick, There are laws that Anglos would like to see lived up to from corporations and the government but we don't sue for trivialities or bang pots. Ed

    3. "We" don't bang pots or sue air Canada either, that one guy did.

    4. Yannick wrote:

      "The husband has sued Ottawa transit system in the past to try and get them to become more bilingual. You could say that he's an idealist..."

      Many would say that he is a trouble making asshole. I have been on the Ottawa buses a number of times and they're completely bilingual. A considerable number of the drivers are also Francophones from Quebec.

    5. If anglos in Quebec started insisting thatsection 25 of the Official Languages Act be enforced in Quebec, the Quebec government would become, de facto, bilingual.

    6. The reason why Air Canada (known as Trans-Canada Airlines prior to 1965) is burdened with language legislation and other Canadian airlines are not is because Air Canada used to be a Crown corporation and thus subject to the OLA. This requirement was maintained as a condition of its privatisation in 1988.

      Michel Thibodeau is a fluently bilingual federal civil servant and language crusader, who has been described by airline staff as “beyond arrogant” and who has been “honoured” by Impératif Français.

      I believe that this militant has caused far more harm than benefit to the cause of providing French services in Canada. He might possibly have redeemed himself by demonstrating that it was the principle that was important to him by donating any settlement to a pro-French cause or charity rather than shamelessly benefiting personally the way he has by launching a number of legal actions.

      Regardless of the details of the case, the take-away that will now always be remembered in Canada is that whiny francophones in the ROC get pampered for receiving a Sprite instead of a 7-Up while Quebec anglophones are routinely subject to official government persecution. The proof is that it still rankles and is still being discussed even two years later.

    7. Can you just imagine - being honoured by IF - something I've always longed for in this lifetime. Yes, the guy is always trying to find something to sue about - I've read about him in the paper more than once. Can you imagine how popular he is as a neighbour living in an Ottawa suburb and having to work with him? A separatists wet dream for sure.

  2. The Air Canada 7up "discrimination" story reminds me what a world of backwards and hypocritical bullshit Quebec lives and thrives in!

    Let's contrast this with my own story, just four years ago...

    I worked for one of the largest corporations in Canada. When my father was suddenly diagnosed with a stage 4 Glioblastoma brain tumor (just months to live) I fell into a deep and major depression. Unable to function at work, I needed a temporary leave of absence. Just some paper work needed to be filled out, only I quickly learned QUEBEC employees (unlike employees in other provinces) had a separate health services office in Rimouski.

    You would think during this time compassion, understanding and basic human care would be offered. NO! For me it was not about my father dying, about my medically diagnosed depression--IT WAS TIME FOR FRENCH LANGUAGE POLITICS.

    All the very lengthy and complex forms I needed to fill out were in French only. Not being in a very good state of mind to read and translate, I requested English forms to make things less stressful and this, apparently, was a very faux pas thing to do.

    - They first refused to give me the English forms. Quebec employees are forbidden access to them.

    - Then in an e-mail communication explaining my state of mind, told me they were not bilingual (written in English no less!) and would not address me further in English because of Bill 101! (yes, they actually mentioned bill 101!)

    - My French speaking manager offered to sit with me and translate the forms. When this was discovered, he was immediately instructed by health services NOT to assist me. That as an employee of this company in Quebec, it is my obligation to do all things in FRENCH.

    - I told my manager I would have a friend translate for me, and I'd fill out the essay-type psychological questions in English. UNACCEPTABLE, I was told. All answers and responses must be filled out in FRENCH ONLY or it would be rejected. These were long and intimate essay questions, not yes/no check mark questions!

    - Didn't end here. Nothing I submitted was good enough. They always wanted more and more, to the point they were harassing me, my medical doctor and psychologist. In fact my doctor/GP said in all his years of practice, he had never seen so much asked in terms of personal notes, records, copies of slips, etc, for any person requesting a sick leave from a company. And of course, his information HAD to be translated and written into French to be accepted. Oh, did I mention the people in Health Services were fully able to read, speak and understand English? This was all a political game to put me in my place. To see if they could wear me down, essentially punish me for daring to request things in English.

    No doubt this kind of harassment and discrimination, especially with what I was going through at the time, just BEGGED to go to a human rights tribunal. However this is Quebec, can you imagine telling the Quebec Human Rights commission I was discriminated against for being English? I'd be laughed at.

    Yeah, so getting a Sprite instead of a 7up...the sky is falling! But my situation? Hah. I'd be slapped in my face just requesting a simply apology be offered.

    I've always been treated like a second class person in Quebec, but I never thought I'd experience discrimination on this level. It really woke me up to how far things have deteriorated in this so-called province and what these monsters can get away with!

    1. You should go to the human right commission.

    2. Apple - I'm so sorry for the misery these people have caused you - I hope these separatists are really proud of themselves for instituting laws that do so much harm to their fellow human beings, friends and neighbours that actually pay taxes to pay for their salaries. How sick is this separatist society that is breeding here in quebec? We must get rid of these people for the sake of everyone in quebec that is not of this ilk. So sad that a supposedly civilized society has come to this. Michel is right for once: Please, please go to the Human Rights Commission and file a complaint and sue the SOBs for about 5M bucks. Might as well be in your pockets than those of the crooked politicians that are living off your money. I sincerely hope you do that and keep us informed - there must be a precedent set against these crazy people. If I were you I would go to the wall on this one. Good luck.

    3. Is it even possible still make a claim with the human right commission? Quebec (and ONLY QUEBEC) has this ridiculous law, whereby you only have a 3 year window to make a legal claim for wrongful doings.

      I've heard cases of adults, who were sexually abused as children, coming forward just a few years after the fact and being told it's outside that 3 year window.

      All I can say is while my father was dying, and the months following his death, I was in no shape or form to start fighting a discrimination battle. I eventually did get my sick leave from the company but not before jumping through countless hoops and MUCH added stressI did not need.

      It would be interesting to try opening a claim. I'm sure the response will be "This is Quebec, you are expected to function in French", followed by a "Sorry sir, it is outside the 3 year window to open a claim". If I do have a case, I'd certainly go forward with reporting what happened.

    4. I'm really not sure but they must have that kind of information on their website. I really hope you try to do something about it - this involves more than just one province - you are a Canadian and have a right to be served in one of the official languages of the country I'm sure and it would only make sense that the rules of a country take precedence over the rule of one of the provinces in that country. These people must be shown up for what they are and this is one way to do it. I hope someone else on this blog can answer your questions - maybe a lawyer or someone that has already filed a complaint that can help you - anyone?

    5. I checked on the Human Right Commission website, and there is, as far as I understand, a three year prescription.

    6. Because of the personal problems involved here this time limit could be extended Apple - worth a look see. I do hope you can do something - I find this so embarrassing to all of us as Canadians.

    7. @apple iigs

      dude you could have tricked me in believing your story if you had not added this fabrication:

      "My French speaking manager offered to sit with me and translate the forms. When this was discovered, he was immediately instructed by health services NOT to assist me."

      it is impossible that a public servant forbids anyone from seeking help in filling out forms. let me add that you are not contributing anything positive by filling up readers with bullshit.

    8. Pay no attention Apple - he's just out to irritate everyone - I believe you and so do most other anglophone on this blog. He also doesn't believe that people are willing to fight for what is right and just - no idea of how human nature reacts to this kind of bullying by a government and no idea of how society fights back when people are pushed around and their backs are to the wall. Little or no interaction with normal people during his short life. Of course, in quebec, people literally get away with murder so maybe they feel that they can do what they like to whomever they like and there will be no consequences - after all they've had good role models with the freaks in the FLQ.

    9. I believe Apple too and I don't need to be an anglophone to do it.

      Some of us seem to think that the implementation of the rules in practice is always the same as the official wording of the rules in paper. I know better than that.

      If I said that it's impossible to go to a custom office in BC and not receive French service, on the basis that the law provided that all custom offices be able to offer it, and that anyone who said otherwise was lying, I would be making just about as much sense as our studious friend.

    10. Dudent said: "it is impossible that a public servant forbids anyone from seeking help in filling out forms. let me add that you are not contributing anything positive by filling up readers with bullshit."
      Speaking of bullshit, Dudent has arrived with his manure spreader. Thanks for tapping into your infinitely wide and bottomlessly deep store of knowledge of everything possible and otherwise to straighten us out. Perhaps you could elaborate on why it is "impossible" that some asinine wanker (much like yourself or S.R.) working in the public service might take it upon himself to go on a power trip and send some poor guy on a trip to bureaucratic hell?

    11. @cutie003

      "I believe you and so do most other anglophone on this blog."

      how do you know about most other anglophones?!? or are you just tricking yourself to fill up the void?

    12. Aaaaaaand again... the studious one focuses on inconsequential details while ignoring serious questions such as that by Diogenes. It's amazing that he and his buddy Gloryhole seem oblivious to the fact that they continue to help federalists by posting their claptrap publicly on this blog...

    13. @yannick & diogenes

      i agree an imbecile civil servant can be tedious and have you redo stuff a few times for the heck of it.

      that's not the bit that discredits apple iigs's account.

      what i don't believe is the civil servant forbids someone from asking his friend for help in filling out the forms. it's impossible to enforce anyways. doesn't make sense. what did you do apple iigs? you said to your friend go back home because the dude on the phone says you can't help me?!? come on it doesn't add up. so that part is clearly bull. why should i believe the rest?

    14. @r.s

      "the studious one focuses on inconsequential details while ignoring serious questions such as that by Diogenes."

      dude i'm not going to comment on a story that's obviously half crap. the risk is too high that the real ratio is one.

    15. @student:

      "dude you could have tricked me in believing your story if you had not added this fabrication:"

      First off, I have no reason to fabricate or embellish any part of my story. I am speaking truthfully about my experience and feel it necessary people be made aware of what kind of despicable and racist acts of hate are going on in this province. More than simple racism, these people are heartless and incompassionate monsters!

      Second, it seems you separatist always make claim x/y/z never happened or simply made up. Not only are you despicable for committing such acts, but too cowardly to even admit to doing them! Much like the fabled falsehood "The English are the best treated minority in the world" I'm sure you think in this situation I was another well treated "Anglo", right? Next you'll probably say I am fabricating the story of my father's lost battle with cancer.

      "it is impossible that a public servant forbids anyone from seeking help in filling out forms."

      Perhaps in Canada or other parts of the free world. In Quebec, anything is POSSIBLE.

      Let me say that my former manager is (or was) a very down to earth and respectable guy. I decided to come to him with this problem about being refused English forms, his response in writing (I still have the e-mail here) was if I needed it, he would translate the questions for me. Shortly after when health services in Rimouski found out he was assisting me--they asked why there was a delay, THEY went over his head and forbid him from helping me! Actually forbidding his assistance in translating forms, when I was diagnosed with major depression and going through the stress of my father dying. With no question, the most horrific thing I've ever faced in my entire life. He knew this, the separatist bastards in Rimouski knew this. No sympathy whatsoever.

      I still remember my manager's words when he called me back a few days later. "As an employee of xxxx, you were hired with the expectation to know French. I cannot help you translate these forms, this is something you must do on your own". I knew he had been forced to say this and didn't like doing it, but it meant him putting his own neck and job on the line. Nevertheless, I lost a lot of respect for the man after this incident.

      I later tried contacting health services out west. They were shocked with what I told them, even surprised I would be refused English forms in the first place, but stated it was out of their jurisdiction since I was in Quebec. When it comes to Quebec, their hands are tied, the Quebec arm of the company operates independently from the rest of the company for health services (and the company operates from coast to coast!). Why does Quebec always have to have it's OWN branch of services? Perhaps its to discriminate against Anglophones and so-called immigrants and give preferential treatment to French Quebecers? If not, why else?

      OH, I should get into part two of my story next. Where my father was delayed an experimental trial drug to battle his cancer BECAUSE ALL THE FORMS AND DOCUMENTS AT THE HOSPITAL HAD TO BE TRANSLATED INTO FRENCH FIRST. Drug and trial available in Ontario, yep, not so for Quebec. Quebec had to wait several months for it to be made French (just as toys and video games have to be translated to be allowed in the province). By the time it was "ready"--that is all the papers translated into French for the English doctors, my father's brain cancer spread, it was too late. Likely it wouldn't have saved him, but I'll tell you this, they robbed our family out of one important thing: HOPE!

      I will NEVER, ever forget what Quebec put me through during this horrific time in my life. Perhaps this will help some people here understand my bitterness towards this province and its French political nonsense.

    16. @apple giis

      i still don't believe this bit:

      "THEY went over his head and forbid him from helping me!"
      "I cannot help you translate these forms, this is something you must do on your own"

      just doesn't add up. how could they know if you were helped or not in filling out the forms?!? it's impossible your manager was that stupid.

      another bit of your scenario is also tough to swallow. this one:

      "These were long and intimate essay questions, not yes/no check mark questions!"

      what form was this exactly? i'd like to see these questions that ask for a long essay-type responses. take the time to dig it up, it's not lost time since you'll need this when you submit your folder to human rights watch. i think this bit is also false, mate.

    17. @apple giis

      "First off, I have no reason to fabricate or embellish any part of my story. I am speaking truthfully about my experience and feel it necessary people be made aware of what kind of despicable and racist acts of hate are going on in this province. More than simple racism, these people are heartless and incompassionate monsters!"

      haha! what a total self contradiction. you admit your agenda is to depict quebec has a harbour for "despicable hateful racist heartless incompassionate monsters". to me this is strong enough an encentive to "embellish" your anecdote. more generally anyone can always find a reason to embellish a testimony when trying to prove a point. you may want to re-work that intro, mate.

    18. Pineapple IIBS a évidemment ajouté quelques éléments afin d'augmenter l'effet dramatique.

    19. Never mind Apple - These crazy language bigots like SR and student make light of this type of situation but they will hopefully one day suffer the same type of thing happening to them - I hope it's sooner than later. Brain dead and heartless people with no sense of morality or compassion for anyone but themselves. Again, they do not deserve to live in a civilized society such as North America. We must get rid of them for the sake of peace in our country. I would also suggest that you send this story to newspapers, blogs, anywhere that you can get publicity - this type of thing should be brought to light wherever possible to show what kind of society we live with here in quebec. CNN, CTV News . Again, I'm so sorry this happened to you.

    20.'s a pretty shitty thing you were put through...unforgivable really. If it is too late for the Human Rights Commission...maybe the Canadian magazines, or American even, are worth contacting, it would make quite a story, since it is a story worth telling.

    21. "Pineapple IIBS a évidemment ajouté quelques éléments afin d'augmenter l'effet dramatique."

      Typical response of denial, not to mention it burns your sorry ass ..cause it is pretty much THE TRUTH.

    22. @Apple

      You should send a query letter to Macleans, no doubt they'll jump on this story, Bonhomme and all !!!!! LOL (I'm actually not kidding)

    23. Dudent said: "dude i'm not going to comment on a story that's obviously half crap. the risk is too high that the real ratio is one."
      And yet you did when you first made the comment that I challenged you on. What you mean is that when you're caught saying something that's total crap you run for the hills. And by the way, unless you're God, just because you don't believe something is true, doesn't make it impossible.

    24. @diogenes

      "And yet you did when you first made the comment that I challenged you on."

      i didn't comment on the apple giis's story but on the reasons why i think it's bull. nuance. can you handle nuances fiogenes?

      "...just because you don't believe something is true, doesn't make it impossible."

      i agree. i don't think the dude's story is true, and i clearly explained why. that's it mate. if you wanna believe the guy was told not to seek for help in filling forms it's up to you.

    25. @Student

      "haha! what a total self contradiction. you admit your agenda is to depict quebec has a harbour for "despicable hateful racist heartless incompassionate monsters". to me this is strong enough an encentive to "embellish" your anecdote. more generally anyone can always find a reason to embellish a testimony when trying to prove a point. you may want to re-work that intro, mate."

      What the HELL is wrong you with?! Well, thank you anyway, you just beautifully proved my point. Here I am, sharing my horrific experience of my father's lost battle with brain cancer, and the bullying and extra stress I went through because of separatist language extremists (a gentler word for xenophobia racists) and what do I get? YOU, another separatist language extremist, digging at my old wound and trying to injure me all over again. Sympathy, understanding? No, just continue the bullying where the others left off. I'm sorry, but people like you and S.R, are despicable hateful racist heartless incompassionate monsters. There are no other words.

      "just doesn't add up. how could they know if you were helped or not in filling out the forms?!? it's impossible your manager was that stupid."

      Health Services in Rimouski wanted the forms with essay questions filled out immediately that were sent to me by registered mail (I was given a short deadline). During this time I contacted them to ask for the English version of the forms, I just figured by default French forms were sent and there was no harm in asking for the English version.

      I was soon contacted by them telling me only French forms are available.
      Frustrating, yes, but at the time thought it was just a bureaucratic thing. Although the way it was said had me suspicious (see below).

      I contacted my manager about this dilemma. He kindly agreed to translate them, I even sent him scans by e-mail.

      During this time Health Services in Rimouski phoned me and wanted to know what the delay was, the deadline was coming up. I explained I was struggling with the French forms, but it was all resolved because my manager was helping me to translate them and they'd have the forms shortly.

      THAT is how they knew, and he was contacted as a result. Remember, at that point I only knew two things. They could not provide me with English forms (or so they claimed) and were refusing to address me further in English. I did not think a whole language battle was brewing, just bureaucratic people. Why would I have to hide the fact my manager was assisting me with a translation?

      Here is an actual e-mail message I received from Health Services in Rimouski:


      Good morning xxxxxxx,

      Because of law 101 in Quebec, our letters are in french. So, I'm not bilingue. I'm sorry!

      Have a good day!

      xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
      Administratrice de la gestion
      des dossiers invalidités maladie, CSST et SAAQ
      xxxxxxxxxx de sourçage
      Services de santé corporatifs
      T : 418 xxx xxxx
      F : 418 xxx xxxx

      -----Message d'origine-----
      De : xxxxxxx xxxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxxx.xx]
      Envoyé : xxxxx 2009 xx:xx
      À : xxxxxxx
      Objet : English forms / documents Anglais
      Importance : Haute

      Bonjour xxxxxx,

      Could you please mail me the English-version of the forms I just
      received? (re: Regime d'invalidite et continuation de salaire
      (xxxxxxx)). It is very important I fully understand the questions
      being asked, and have difficulty in French.


      Pouvez vous svp envoyer au poste les versions anglaises des
      formes/documents? (re: Regime d'invalidite et continuation de salaire
      (xxxxxxxx)). Cette plus importante pour moi pour comprende des
      question, et je des difficulties de lisez et ecriture en Francais.

      Thank you/ Merci,

      -xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx


      I still have the forms asking essay-type questions in French. You really want to see them? FINE, I'll type them out and post them here shortly. Remember, I not only had to understand the questions, I had to write my response in French!

    26. Apple: I wouldn't give the stupid troll the satisfaction. You've suffered enough at the hands of these language crazies - don't torture yourself anymore. Get all the publicity you can over this matter and show them up for what heartless, pathetic monsters they really are. Other than doing the work for that don't do the work for SR, Dudent, or un gars. Useless a--h---- that they are.

    27. "I still have the forms asking essay-type questions in French. You really want to see them? FINE, I'll type them out and post them here shortly. Remember, I not only had to understand the questions, I had to write my response in French!"

      Please don't waste one more second on this moron, no matter what you post, he'll argue the sky is green and jump out of a plane without a parachute even when told he'd never survive it, (inside joke).

      Seriously Apple, please put all your energies on writing that query letter, I'm convinced it is a story a magazine will pick up and feature. It deserves national attention...and vindication will be yours at last.

    28. @Apple

      OMG even Editor can do a piece on a Feature post !!!! Maybe your first query letter should go to him....just sayin'

    29. @apple giis

      in this latest comment you avoid repeating that you were forbiden to seek help in filling out the forms. is this because it wasn't true?

      "You really want to see them?"

      yes i'm here to learn, so it would be neat if you posted the actual form. you can probably find an online pdf of the thing and avoid typing it all.

    30. Good idea AnceTOTE because I'm sure there are more horror stories like that out there. I know for sure there will be more coming up so perhaps this is a good time to start a log for the Human Rights Tribunal. Your decision Apple but makes perfect sense to me.

    31. @student

      OK -- I'm not playing into your games, if that's what you're for. Look, I realize much of what we do on these comment sections is debate, question and argue the other person's points (back and forth) ad nauseum. We want to show how strongly we stand behind our belief. Fine. The thing is this is something different. I'm sharing something that is a painful memory, not exactly a time I like to relive. Telling what happened is hard enough, but reliving more of that same bullying hits a nerve. Their tactic was to KEEP QUESTIONING me and DEMANDING MORE. No matter how perfectly I followed their instructions, did what they said, provided them with what they asked to a T, it was never good enough. They wanted to keep making me jump through their hoops until I'd give up or break. Did they want to torment me? Try and get me to quit my job? Whatever the case was, and for whatever the reason, you're now doing the same thing!

      Do you want to re-type it again? HERE. And this is precisely what happened. He did an about face, withdrawing his offer for help and stating it is expected of me know French!

      "I still remember my manager's words when he called me back a few days later. "As an employee of xxxx, you were hired with the expectation to know French. I cannot help you translate these forms, this is something you must do on your own". I knew he had been forced to say this and didn't like doing it, but it meant him putting his own neck and job on the line. Nevertheless, I lost a lot of respect for the man after this incident."

      At the time, emotionally and physiologically I did not have the energy to fight them. Afterwards, it was hard enough getting through the days, weeks and months following my father's passing away (I wish you could know what it's like, watching someone you deeply care for, deteriorate slowly and painfully and sit by their bedside watching them take their last breath!) bringing this to the media was the last thing on my mind. I wanted to get past my father's horrific death, not dwell on it. It's only recently with the language debate stirred up, and seeing jackasses like Thibodeau claiming he was physiologically scarred over a soft drink mix up that I'm thinking stories like mine need to be exposed. How many more have gone through similar experiences?
      For christ sake, I was more vulnerable than I had been in my entire life, and these xenophobic bastards took advantage of that! You really cannot go any lower than that!

      I thought people could put aside petty politics and language in a time of crisis and death. In Quebec, apparently not. It's plain and simply a war, and there is no mercy to be given or shown to the enemy: les maduit Anglais!

    32. @apple giis

      ok here's what i think.

      i can imagine you were not in the mood for paperwork in the weeks following your dad's death.

      the paperwork you had to fill was probably standard stuff, but it appeared to you as way too much. all paperwork in all administrations always seems too much.

      i checked on csst's website and all forms are available in english. what year did this all take place? i'll check if english forms were available then. but i reckon the employee was kind enough to warn you the deadline was coming by fast. that's cool i wouldn't expect this from a csst civil servant.

      why did your manager change his mind about helping you? i don't know, but if it was csst threatening him he was to lose his job if he helped you, he should have laughed and helped you anyways. csst had no power over this. he's the first one to blame here, if your interpretation of his turnaround is good. but then nothing prevented you to ask another friend for help with the translation.

      what was the "long psychological essays" form called? i'll help you dig it up. i'm curious to see what kind of answers it really asked for.

  3. FROM ED
    Apple, I've been there. I tried for two years to get welfare help for a young lad I took in from the street and adopted him as my 'Grandson" I convinced him to return to school and he finished high plus College. He finishes next month. In Nov. 09 i tried to get Welfare to help since my 1200 per month pension did not allow for educating a young man. They played us like fools for two years demanding the same forms as many as three times. Finally, I asked a woman on the phone what was holding it up and she told me we had not submitted the parental support form. I told her I had that form in my hand and it had their stamp on it twice. Her answer stunned me. She said, 'In that case it's best you reapply." I was floored. After two years start over. I visited the local Liberal MNA, Henri Gautrin who straightened out the problem but I am in debt three thousand dollars to others who helped me through those years. I will start paying it next month when the lad is gone. I spoke to a well know lawyer who specializes in right cases. he told me that my Grandson and i should sue cojointly the welfare office through the Human rights tribunal. he said, "You can't afford me but any legal aid lawyer could win this case.
    He said use article 45 of The Quebec Bill of Human Rights which clearly states that the government makes monies available for people in need and it is the duty of those responsible for the funds to help people in need get to it, not only did they not help you but they actually blocked you. You will win easily."
    Pperhaps you should consider this. I am trying to find an English speaking lawyer so I can explain my case easier. Good luck. Ed

  4. As always great article.
    I've never heard this one: "flattery is the sincerest form of compliment!" Was that a slip up for "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" or is there a meaning I'm missing?

  5. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYFriday, May 10, 2013 at 6:47:00 AM EDT

    A colleague here in Calgary went to Montreal 5 or 6 years ago for the Grand Prix.
    He stayed in hotels, spent money in restaurants, bars, etc. He did tell me that he had a shitty time besides the race itself. When I asked him why he replied that bar/hotel/restaurant staff often refused to speak english to him, that he was routinely ignored and that he did not feel welcome where ever he went. Since then he refuses to go back to quebekistan at all.
    Isolated event or the norm for Canadian visitors?

    1. Ce serait pas ton expérience personnelle par hasard:Commander un verre en globish avec un accent français,ça fait très "loser" à Montréal.

    2. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYFriday, May 10, 2013 at 8:35:00 AM EDT

      Non S.R. c'est toi le "loser": tu vis de subventions du federal vu que tu "travailles" dans la "culture" quebekistanaise. Pi passer tes journees ici est bien demonstratif du quebecois typique: un minable. Separez-vous donc. Moi j'ai hate que le Canada se reveille et decide de vous montrer la porte.
      P.S. J'ai pas d'accent comme toi, mon petit quebecois bougon.

    3. La course de F1 de Montréal n'est pas subventionnée "un gars bien innocent de calgary" ?

    4. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYFriday, May 10, 2013 at 9:33:00 AM EDT

      Pauvre S.R. relies mon texte... ta job, elle, est subventionnee. mais.... pas le Grand Prix? Vraiment?

      Travailler dans le domaine "culturel" quebecois ca paie quoi? $12/heure? Y a t'il de la corruption dans les subventions de CD de Pierre Lapointe, ton heros?
      Apres tes paquets de cigarettes pi ton Chardonnay il en reste combien dans ta paie? Ho... pi le fisc quebekistanais doit en prendre en tabarnak! LOL!!!
      Tu peux m'appeler par tous les noms pour m'insulter, S.R., ca me passe a 20 pieds par dessus ma tete. Enjoy your summer!!! Spend more time outdoors, not in one of your divorced parent basement!!!

    5. S.R go finish your "Jean and Jeanette" salt and pepper shakers. That PQ arts grant won;t last forever. The Libs/CAQ wont; renew and then where will you be!

      Too much time trolling and harassing anglo's.

      Even PQ artists should have work ethic?

  6. About the story Most immigrants to Quebec feel attachment to Canada: poll

    About this story, I read an interesting comment on Reddit. The commenter wrote :

    "Je jasais justement de ça avec une bonne aime à moi qui est étudiante étrangère il y a quelques jours et elle me disait qu'elle appréciait beaucoup le Canada. Quand je lui ai demandé si elle était déjà sortie du Québec, elle a du m'avouer que non.

    Le Québec, bien que faisant parti du Canada, est une très mauvaise référence de ce qu'est le Canada. Faut peut-être apprendre aux gens à faire cette importante distinction. Le Canada qu'elle aime, c'est le Québec, pour le ROC faudrait voyager un peu."

    The Canada that she likes is Québec. Interesting angle. I had not seen it that way at first.

    1. "The Canada that she likes is Québec."


      1.Rideau Canal skating, Sparks St. Mall, Tulip Festival.... Could it get any more exciting than this?

      Tabarnak!!!...Je pense que oui

      6. Eclectic music scene, led by Paul Anka. (sic)

      "Gathering of the" têtes blanches ?

  7. Pour faire suite à l'article : Ils sont fous ces anglos

    Regardez les commentaires des anglos lorsqu'il est question du Québec,peu importe le sujet,c'est le festival du "bashing"...


  8. Thought I'd carry this over from the previous post since Student once again failed to surmount the "stump" test:

    Looks like you really got called out on your shit in a big way Dudent.

    Thought I might as well add the article S.R had point us to:

    Je ne suis pas psychiatre comme le fut jadis Camille Laurin le célèbre anglopologue, mais j’ai toujours trouvé nos Anglos un peu fous – avec de notables exceptions bien sûr. Sont pas fous à lier comme cet infâme Richard Bain, mais seulement atteints d’une sorte de trouble léger parano-obsessif déclenché dès qu’il est question du Québec.

    (Hmmm...wonder why that might be):

    Quiconque par mégarde s’est déjà retrouvé dans une discussion politique avec des anglophones du Québec ou du Canada le sait : peu importe le sujet ou le contexte, cela prend en moyenne cinq secondes avant qu’il ne soit question des séparatistes, dix autres pour parler de la loi 101 et rendu à la trentième seconde de cette passionnante discussion, il sera inévitablement question des bons mots de Jacques Parizeau sur l’argent et les votes ethniques (essentiellement).

    La rengaine est éprouvée : «sauf exception, les Québécois en général – et les séparatistes en particulier – sont des chauvins racistes xénophobes sur le bord qui cultivent leur ignorance en se privant de la richesse économique et culturelle inestimable qu’apportent la langue anglaise en général et les Anglophones en particulier. Ces provinciaux «incultes et bègues», geignards d’enfants-gâtés, oppresseurs de Westmountais et tortionnaires d’immigrants investisseurs, préfèreraient vivre dans un Québec arriéré et ruiné, transformé en une version joualisée du 3e Reich au lieu d’apprécier comme tout le monde les bienfaits du multiculturalisme canadien, la plus formidable invention depuis celle de la démocratie athénienne.»

    (Hmmmm...wonder why that might be):
    Any of this sound familiar? --->
    "One Hundred Percent Americanism" Sound familiar? --->

    Le ton et la manière peuvent bien sûr varier. On préfère encore la variante sarcastique d’un Josh Freed, narquoise d’un Sugar Sammy ou celle, candide, d’Anne Lagacé-Dowson… au ton méprisant, hargneux et insultant des lignes ouvertes, des éditorialistes et autres commentateurs de la presse anglophone et des réseaux sociaux.

    J’ai vécu suffisamment longtemps à l’ouest de la Côte-des-Neiges pour savoir qu’il n’y a que deux issues possibles à ces fameuses discussions : acquiescer ou changer de sujet.

    Désillusionné quant à la possibilité de trouver un terrain d’entente et trouvant indigne d’être soupçonné de sympathiser avec le Klu Klux Klan, j’ai opté il y a longtemps pour la seconde option. De toute façon, et vous avez bien raison sur ce point, nous avons certainement plein d’autres choses à nous conter.

    Oui oui, les Québécois francophones de souche d’origine pure laine peuvent eux aussi en dire des bêtises, avoir leurs préjugés et être réellement racistes. Bien sûr que chaque bande a ses zigotos, mais désolé, jamais avec ce même zèle, cette obsession et cette quasi-unanimité qui caractérise l’opinion publique anglophone.
    ..or better yet, just attend a Loco Locass show and see what's said.

    1. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYFriday, May 10, 2013 at 9:38:00 AM EDT

      I wouldn't focus too much energy debating idiots, man.
      S.R. (Simply Retarded) and Taliban (student)are fully entrenched in their idiotology.
      Have a great summer! I just won a work competition and am going to Frankfurt:)

    2. FROM ED
      Une Gars says, "UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYFriday, May 10, 2013 at 9:38:00 AM EDT

      I wouldn't focus too much energy debating idiots, man."

      Perhaps if you thought about this. That's what the trolls are thinking. Ed

    3. "Thought I'd carry this over from the previous post..."

      by jove i can't believe you think your copy pasting deserves a second life. it's a blessing other contributors still nurture a dash of humility and not do like you do. it would kill the blog instantly. it's back to basics all the time with you resident evil. you're not taking off.

    4. Actually, this re-post (and I know you hate those because they serve as a painful reminder of your lot in life), was only to show that for two days in a row I called you out on your shit and like all other seppies before you, you backed down.

      It proves that you are a hypocrite, a liar and just another faceless peddler of generic medieval-minded disinformation.

      But you're right in the end...since no one here gives a flying fuck what you have to say, why bother soliciting an answer, right? :-)

    5. @resident evil

      "...why bother soliciting an answer, right?"

      i'd love to answer mate but there is no question in your previous comment.

    6. “Arguing with a fool only proves that there are two.” -- Doris M. Smith

      By Jove!

    7. Cracking response, R.S.! I'll raise a pint to you sir. That Dudent is quite a blighter. By Jove, I love it when it's Talk Like A Brit Day here at No Dogs.

    8. By Jove, I wonder whether you will raise a pint of Double Diamond or Newcastle Brown Ale since my favourite Guinness has apparently been deemed to be a “threat” to our culture by allowing people to partake in the craic.

      Recall that an OQLF informer/stoolpigeon reported a tiny bakery on Monkland Ave. in NDG that sells scones and apple pie for having cups with the dangerous Guinness logo that “threatens” Quebec’s precious culture:

      Guinness isn’t good enough for OQLF language cops
      By P.A.Sévigny, May 1st, 2013

      While most of us will agree that an occasional pint of Guinness is good for you, it’s evidently not good enough for Quebec’s militant language cops.

      “It’s absurd,” said a visibly frustrated Peggy Regan. “Who could ever believe that it’s come to this?”

      As the owner-manager of a small (read tiny) shop located along the western reaches of NDG’s Monkland Avenue near the corner of Grand Boulevard, Regan sells tea and scones to a growing number of clients who can appreciate the simple pleasures of a well-made apple pie. As usual, somebody informed the OQLF that Regan was on the cutting edge of the “creeping bilingualism” that was destroying the French language and culture in Montreal after which two language cops showed up in Regan’s store.

      While Regan has not received the standard letter warning her to get rid of the coffee cups along with their dangerous Guinness logos, the NDG shopkeeper decided to solve the problem by covering up the coffee cups (and their offensive English logos) with plain white paper slips in order to preserve and protect Québec’s linguistic tradition. “This is crazy,” she said. “It’s totally absurd.”

      Aside from a long discussion about the proper way to prepare a decent pie crust (warm hands make all the difference!), Regan also had a lot to say about the government’s recent linguistic assault upon the west-end’s struggling business community. Originally from Toronto, she moved into the city back in 1965 when everything was possible and never left. “I love it here,” she said. “This is my home but what it is won’t be what it will be if the government keeps up with this nonsense.”

      As over half of her clients are Francophone residents who happen to live in NDG, all of them (except for one) are appalled by what the language cops are doing to Regan’s business. “I’ll comply,” she said as she pointed to the modestly covered-up coffee cups on her shelf , “…but everybody agrees that it’s completely absurd and many have said that they will contact their MNA to let them know about what’s going on.”

      While clients quietly sipped their tea, Regan told The Suburban that she was frankly worried about what the language police were doing to the city’s west end business community. Regan said that if successful, the Marois government’s efforts will reduce what used to be a beautiful province into a second Albania. “Thanks to a coercive government,” she said, “ won’t be very long before people will find themselves living in a society that’s introverted, insular and pure….very pure.”

    9. I'll believe it, because I remember the offending English coasters that were threatning le fait francais in Montreal.

  9. FROM ED
    Une gars and Resident evil. the thread this morning has been excellent. Serious discussion on the Editor's article until you two come in to play with the trolls. So out of 17 posts 9 (more than 50%) is wasted on trolls and the seriousness of the discussion is lost. At least t the beginning of the thread we should have the decency to read Editor's words and let him know our thoughts. The trolls were not answering until you woke them up. It's goddam annoying. Ed

    1. Actually Ed, my post has little to do with Student with the exception of briefly mentioning Student. The article I dissected was mentioned in today's post and therefore has much bearing on the conversation.

      Time for you to down those Grouchy Pills, Ed. (that's meant as a joke, Oscar!)

    2. @ed

      "The trolls were not answering until you woke them up."

      haha! as if un gars bs de calgary wasn't a nuisance. you are funny this time ed.

    3. Ed, the seriousness of the discussion is not lost by allowing trolling. Quite the opposite, trolls help to demonstrate the flimsiness of their opinion by publicizing their useless comments.

  10. Didn't know Air Canada was still required to follow the Official Language Act? I thought Air Canada had been privatized by Mulroney, must have gotten mistaken with Petro-Canada. Mr. Thibedeau is crazy. Previously, he was involved in a court case to require all bus driver be bilingual in Ottawa. Even though, the buses all have a number assigned to the line. Also, all tickets and passes employee are bilingual. Their is a special machine that prints transfer tickets, to speed up services. What more does this guy want. I spoke to franco in Ottawa, and none were impressed by this guy's stunt. They don't want to pay this guy court case with a fare hike, that won't even go to improving the network or the buses. All everybody want is a good bus coverage. Good thing the Courts denied his case. Hope the Supreme Court of Canada dismises the lawsuit on Air Canada. Now, he wants all of Canadian taxpayers to pay for his court cases.

  11. I still don't understand why the guy is living in Ottawa other than suing people. If he's so impressed with all these language requirements and was truly desirable of having Everything in french, buy one of these houses at reduced prices. He will get all the french he wants and then some by moving across the border. And no, it doesn't work the other way around - it's our homes that are at depressed, prices not Ontario's so trolls don't bother telling me to "move".

  12. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYFriday, May 10, 2013 at 1:57:00 PM EDT

    To ED & Cutie.
    Thank you for always being quick to insult others on this blog. Very telling about your INTOLERANT personalities...
    The so called trolls make better comments, perhaps use better judgement and make by far more sense than you two.
    You are also the only two that still live in Quebec and yet complain about everything. Quelle surprise!
    I do conclude that You get what you deserve:)
    I wonder what lives you two would have without this blog...

    1. Who exactly did I insult again? You are the most delusional person on this whole worldwide web.
      f off to Germany you pain - again nothing to contribute but stupid remarks. Find another blog to annoy

  13. FROM ED
    EDITOR, Your piece this morning had many excellent topics. I have a lot I might add, but I lose interest when the trolls are given free reign to talk nonsense. Une gars attacks Cutie and me because we seem to be the only ones who have the courage to speak out about him. Why you allow the trolls to ruin the seriousness of your blog I don't know. You say every one has the right to make a point. Please tell me what point worth reading they've made. Ed

  14. To continue a conversation I was having in the last thread, regarding whether there is a need or not of sending English mother-tongue anglophones to French schools, I posit it is not.

    For two reasons:

    1. 80% of Anglophones in Quebec are bilingual after high school.
    2. Anglophone immigrants make a very paltry portion of the total - not one anglophone country figures in the top 15 countries by birth. Presumably because 101 prevents them from enrolling their children in an English school, because of the added difficulties to employers and investors because of Francization requirements, and because of lesser economic opportunities.

    Opening up English schools to immigrants from English countries would be a symbolic gesture, but I believe an important one, as it would make the education laws in Quebec the same as they are in the rest of Canada.

    1. Even better - only 3% of immigrants have English as a mother tongue in 2011.

    2. What are you trying to say: that Anglophones shouldn't go to english school, or that immigrants shouldn't go to english schools. Besides, what is the point of the first language. Many immigrants are coming to Canada already knowing english, they do not want to go a mandatory course to learn french. Many are coming to Montreal where many business speak english, albeit illegally. What does it change if they have English as a mother tongue? What does the bilingualism rate of anglophones have to do with immigration? Many anglos come from community with few francos, so they have few opportunities to speak french. What does the Country languages have to do with the immigration rate? In China, business and language school are aggressively recruiting ESL teachers, because English is the language of commerce. They are less interested in FSL. Those immigrants don't care about the french language. They want to work, not go to french mandatory course.

    3. @liam

      "What are you trying to say: that Anglophones shouldn't go to english school, or that immigrants shouldn't go to english schools."

      yannick is actually trying to mean the opposite. by jove are you slow liam.

    4. Hi Liam. I see you are not very knowledgeable on constitutional rights regarding education.

      In the charts of rights and freedoms, it is written that everyone shall have the right to education in the language of the majority of the province in which they live. That means French in Quebec and English everywhere else.

      Allowed to have language in the minority language of the province are right-bearers - Canadians who have the relevant minority language as a mother tongue, who were educated in it in Canada, who have a parent who have the relevant minority language as a mother tongue, or who have a parent or sibling who were educated in it in Canada.

      The provision that a child can get educated in a minority language and therefore provide the right to all of his or her siblings is at the origin of the concept of bridging schools in Montreal. If you paid private education in English for one of your children, he or she could switch to public English education and bring all of their siblings with them. This is why the Liberal party passed bill 115 to try and close what many francophones saw as a legal loophole.

      The other provision is that the mother tongue of the parent determines whether or not the child can attend education in the minority language of the province. This provision, for instance, makes it that French schools in BC accept children from Morrocan and French (France) families, not just "historical" francophone communities. But as many things, it is un poids deux mesures in Quebec. Originally bill 101 restricted access to English schools to only Anglophones born in Quebec; now they accept Anglophones from anywhere in Canada, but not immigrants.

      That means that immigrants from the USA and Australia are not eligible for their constitutional right to education in the minority language of Quebec. Many Quebec francophones are unaware that their province forces "real" anglophones into the French stream, unlike the situation in the rest of Canada.

      People like student and other PQ hardliniers argue that forcing the paltry 3% of immigrants who have English as a mother language into the French stream is a necessary evil to maintain the levels of French proficiency in Quebec. I provided figures to the contrary, as Anglophones have 80% bilingualism rate coming out of school, so the battle has been won already, and the 3% of Anglophone immigrants would not substantially increase the enrollment rate in English schools.

      Honestly, I wish you would actually read what I write instead of the first three words and then fill in the blanks in your brain.

    5. @yannick

      "and the 3% of Anglophone immigrants would not substantially increase the enrollment rate in English schools."

      for the sake of honesty, you should provide an estimate of what this 3% would climb to if immigrants were allowed to send their kids to english school.

      and i'm not a "pq hardlinier".

    6. First of all Yannick, you're post doesn't make sense. The Government of Quebec has ordered all immigrants to leave the english school board and enter the french language board. This isn't a situation where some immigrants will get to go to some school and some won't. Otherwise any immigrants will say that they will speak primarily english, and enter the english system. Since, immigrants primarily want to join the english system, it's impossible to restrict the children of immigrants from where they come from. This was done as a protection for the french language and the Yes option although it hasn't stopped the Anglicization of Montreal, and special regions. We can debate the necessity of the law as it currently stands, but we can't start choosing which immigrants will go to english school. If we open the door to some, we have to open the door to all.

    7. Student: Since Quebec is in complete control of its immigration, that's entirely up to the elected government, isn't it?

      But even if it wasn't - must I understand that the reason Anglophone immigrants in Quebec do not receive their constitutional rights is some sort of passive-aggressive attempt to prevent them from immigrating there in the first place?

      Liam: I disagree. There is absolutely no reason that Quebec cannot run its minority language education the same way that the rest of Canada runs theirs. It chooses not to do so, and that should change.

    8. The take-home is: A recent immigrant in Canada will have a portion of his constitutional rights infringed upon if he is a mother-tongue anglophone and he has the misfortune of choosing Quebec as his new home. There is no defending this. The constitution should apply to everyone, equally.

    9. I agree with you Yannick. I don't like that portion of Bill 101 either. I am just saying why the PQ have done this and why it will be hard to convince francophone to change the law.

    10. must I understand that the reason Anglophone immigrants in Quebec do not receive their constitutional rights is some sort of passive-aggressive attempt to prevent them from immigrating there in the first place?

      Yes, precisely, Yannick. The message is that you are not welcome to immigrate here unless you agree to be forced to go to a s̶e̶p̶a̶r̶a̶t̶i̶s̶t̶-̶i̶n̶d̶o̶c̶t̶r̶i̶n̶a̶t̶i̶o̶n̶ ̶f̶a̶c̶i̶l̶i̶t̶y̶ French school.

    11. @yannick

      "Since Quebec is in complete control of its immigration..."

      it's not. didn't you know that people can move freely from one province to another?

      "must I understand that the reason Anglophone immigrants in Quebec do not receive their constitutional rights is some sort of passive-aggressive attempt to prevent them from immigrating there in the first place?"

      no you must not understand that. but you must understand it's to steer immigrants towards the french side. so quebec remains french a little longer.

      "...he has the misfortune of choosing Quebec as his new home."

      yes maybe immigrants should ask one or two questions before choosing which province to settle in. it's not a secret they'll have to send their kids to french school if they choose quebec. and it wouldn't be a misfortune.

      "The constitution should apply to everyone, equally."

      what constitution? last time i checked quebec was not amongst its signees.

    12. This comment has been removed by the author.

    13. This comment has been removed by the author.

    14. didn't you know that people can move freely from one province to another?
      This sounds suspiciously much like our studious friend anticipates that people will be locked into the closed borders of a future, French-only independent Quebec.

      so quebec remains french a little longer.
      Unwarranted hyperbole. Quebec has been French for 400 years without any need for oppressive legislation. Besides, Quebec anglophones are entitled to remain English “a little longer” just as well as Quebec francophones do.

      it's not a secret they'll have to send their kids to french school if they choose quebec.
      Notwithstanding that forbidding choice in their children’s education is contrary to the Article 26 (3) of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (which Quebec separatists evidently believe applies to the rest of the world but not them), it may be the case that Quebec anglophones are also entitled to have immigrants join their ranks, the same as everyone else.

      what constitution? last time i checked quebec was not amongst its signees.
      Meaningless comment. Quebec is subject to the Canadian Constitution exactly the same as every other province, regardless of whether or not it signs the Canada Act of 1982. Quebec was the sole holdout against the reform, not because it discriminated against Quebec in any way, but because the Parti Québécois was in power at the time and was compelled to reject any Canadian constitutional accord on separatist principle.

    15. "Yes, precisely, Yannick. The message is that you are not welcome to immigrate here unless you agree to be forced to go to a s̶e̶p̶a̶r̶a̶t̶i̶s̶t̶-̶i̶n̶d̶o̶c̶t̶r̶i̶n̶a̶t̶i̶o̶n̶ ̶f̶a̶c̶i̶l̶i̶t̶y̶ French school"

      More than that, they are shoving their so-called 'culture' down everyone's throat too now. No longer good enough just to speak the language, you have to 'walk the talk' it seems, lol, and why? Cause they're overly insecure and have to be reassured all the time.

    16. Dudent said:@yannick

      "Since Quebec is in complete control of its immigration..."

      it's not. didn't you know that people can move freely from one province to another?

      Another moronic comment, Dudent. You're on a roll today.

      Immigration: To enter and settle in a country or region to which one is not native.
      Emigration: To leave one country or region to settle in another.

      You're confusing the two. Anectote is correct. Quebec gets to choose the immigrants they accept, they just can't control emigration. People leaving the province once they see the restrictive conditions they'll be forced to live under if they stay has nothing to do with immigration policy. They're making the assessment of where they're most likely to have the best chance of living the life they want and expressing their view that Quebec isn't the place by voting with their feet. By your thinking, the ability to prevent people from leaving is essential in order to say Quebec is in complete control. What do you suggest? Fences, minefields and razor wire? Maybe Checkpoint Charlie on the Ontario border?

    17. @diogenes

      i'm not confusing anything. quebec doesn't have control over inter-provincial movements, be it people goint out or coming in. here i am interested in people coming in from other provinces. quebec does not control that. and it's enough to disprove yannick's earlier premise "quebec is in complete control of its immigration".

    18. No, you're still full of bullshit Student. A person who lives in Toronto and moves to Montreal is not "immigrating" to Quebec. Quebec has full control over immigration. Inter-provincial migration does not discriminate between native citizens and recent arrivals, and is entirely different from immigration. Please do not confuse the two.

      You are implying that, were mother-tongue English immigrants permitted to send their children in English schools in Quebec, we would see an increase of such immigrants landing in Toronto and then moving to Montreal.

      However, we can already disprove that implication by studying current inter-provincial migration of anglophones to and from Quebec. Let us remember that Anglophones who grew up in the ROC and went to English school are fully allowed by sections 23(b) and (c) of the Chart of Rights and Freedoms to enroll their children in the English stream in Quebec.

      The restriction only applies to those who were not educated in English in Canada, yet have English as a mother tongue- so recent arrivals from English-speaking countries like America, Australia, South Africa, the UK, and other former British Colonies.

      Ironically (and sadly), a ROC Anglophone has more rights than a Quebec Anglophone who has made the mistake of enrolling their children into French school. A mother tongue English Quebecer who was educated in French loses now and forever his right-bearing status to enroll his children in the English system - precisely because section 23(a) (the mother tongue one) of the charter of rights and freedoms is not recognized in Quebec.

      So these ROC Anglophones, who have full rights to English education in Quebec, still aren't migrating there. In fact, Quebec has had a negative net Anglophone migration since 1961.

      If ROC Anglophones are not convinced by English education to go to Quebec, why would recent arrivals from USA or Australia be any different? They wouldn't.

      As for the moronic comment on the constitution, you and I are both full aware that the constitution applies to Quebec in full, regardless of whether or not Quebec has signed it. After all, the constitution was what was invoked when constitutional challenges were made to 101 and forced changes to make it comply in all ways except section 23.(a) - the lone standout.

      That said, if you do not like Trudeau's version, then the earlier, non-Trudeau Constition should apply in full force- the BNA, to which Quebec IS a signatory, having been one of the chief architects of its construction through the person of Georges-Étiennes Cartier, which protects the use of English in Quebec (now and forever) in Parliament and the courts. So you can take your pick.

    19. Dudent, I see, you're worried about the flood of "immigrants" from the rest of Canada who want to settle in Quebec, pay high taxes (assuming they can find a job) and be discriminated against because they aren't pur laine or, the horror, don't speak french. So the razor wire and minefields are needed to keep people from the ROC out. Time to put away the bong for a while. I think you've done some damage. The only real concern you should have is that people like S.R. are moving in.

    20. @diogenes

      "I see, you're worried about the flood of "immigrants" from the rest of Canada who want to settle in Quebec..."

      not at all. my only point here is quebec does not totally control its immigration. it's immoral to put these words in my keyboard.

  15. Histoire au cégep: Duchesne presse le pas

    Rien de mieux que l'éducation afin d'abaisser le pourcentage de Québécois à tendance fédéraliste.

  16. Only thing I want to say is: When Anglophones get to sue Francophone companies or the Quebec Govt for not providing English signage or services, then and only then should Air Canada be forced to pay damages for not offering French.

    1. Air Canada, specifically and no one else, is under federal obligation to offer French services though. It's not like walmart.

    2. Air Canada is under such obligation and now after having to pay out to this guy they will walk on pins and needles when dealing with every unruly malcontent from Quebec on board.

      At the same time, Quebec government isn't under any such obligation, and can tell any anglo or allo, whether malcontent or the nicest person in the world, to eff off.

      How did we get to this asymmetry? This is pathetic.

    3. Actually, Air Canada has been privatized in 1989. It is no longer under the jurisdiction of the Official Language Act, since the act only applies to federal departments and crown corporation. Imagine Petro-Canada placed under this kind of pressure.

    4. I would love to see that Mike - maybe something like that happening would bring this whole damn debate to some kind of end result rather than leaving us hanging all the time. Disgusting state of affairs.

    5. something has to give adski - that's for sure. We have to get rid of these people as there is no pleasing them and no end in sight of their harassment until they push the first person over the edge then we will be in for all kinds of trouble on the streets of quebec. These crazy politicians can see this coming and don't give a sweet damn about the harm they will be doing to the province or the citizens that reside herein. Partition this place and let them get to hell away from us.

    6. When Air Canada was privatized, part of the deal with the federal government was to remain under the rules of the OLA and bilingualism.

      That being said, AC went bankrupt and I'm not sure that this requirement survived the reorganization.
      At any rate, could you imagine AC arguing that it has no obligation to use French outside QC, even if it had the right?

    7. Didn't know that interesting. Yes, from what I read yes it is still covered even after reorganization: "a former Crown corporation still covered by the Official Languages Act."

    8. @cutie003

      "...then we will be in for all kinds of trouble on the streets of quebec."

      by now you should have understood that your calls to arms don't garner any enthusiasm cutie003. change your tune.

    9. "We have to get rid of these people..."

      Tabarnak...nazi peggy songe peut-être aux chambres à gaz.Mdr

    10. Vos camarades de combat auront besoin de vous peggy...

      ...Pour la distribution de Donuts.24 devraient suffire :)

    11. I agree, we need partition. Partition will give the french the protection they need to speak french in Montreal. We need to go on seperate ways. A guy in Chicoutimi doesn't care about a guy in Shawville.

    12. Stupid response from the seppies yet again. I'm advocating getting rid of them by democratic vote and they suggest I'm talking about gas chambers. Complete and utter idiots - do not deserve to be part of Canadian society. They must be on their way out of our country and I no longer care if they leave by boat, vote, train, plane or automobile. Just go away - forever! I want to live in peace and security once again in Canada and they do not. Plain and simple - they must be allowed to go their own way - those areas that want to leave vote to go and the rest of us remain a true part of our Canada.

  17. HaHa!
    I live in Ottawa and congratulate you for your Top 10 list.
    You must have lived here to know about how crazy strict the cops are and how unfriendly neighbours are!
    As for the Habs, seeyu nxt yr!

  18. Yep - this is how it's gonna go down seppies:

    New borders based on the preferences of local populations.
    The logic of this approach is that, if Quebecers as a whole have the right to determine by majority vote whether to separate from Canada, then by extension the residents of regions within Quebec ought to be accorded the same right to separate from Quebec and to remain within Canada. The areas of Quebec that have been mentioned as likely to choose to remain in Canada include predominantly English-speaking municipalities on the western part of the Island of Montreal, Northern Quebec, the Eastern Townships, and the Pontiac region in the Outaouais. In his 1992 book Canada Remapped: How the Partition of Quebec Will Reshape the Nation, Scott Reid argues in favour of partition as determined by local populations

  19. FROM ED
    When Anglos post here about learning French, no one makes a differentiation about written or oral. I have found that the French writing I remember from Verdun High School is more useful to me.
    In communicating with places like Hydro and government. I think my written French is pretty much flawless by France's standards of the 1950's but if I use the wrong word orally, someone will help me. Ed

    1. "I think my written French is pretty much flawless..."

      i don't believe this. last time you admited it's tedious for you to read french. plus you made it clear a few times that you still don't get object "genders". therefore i doubt you can write flawlessly.

    2. Given that the studious one is unable to write English flawlessly, I have a sneaking suspicion that he may be right about Ed's level of French.

    3. And why should that matter? Are we not here to discuss the suppression of our rights to speak and receive services in our language of choice be it French or English?

    4. @cutie003

      it matters when someone lies, like ed did above.

      and by the way you do have the right to speak english. stop pretending otherwise or i'll have to conclude you are a lunatic.

  20. We need to stop answering Student, Un Gars and S.R., they are just here to bother us (otherwise why would they come here?). They probably don't even believe the things they say themselves, they are just trying to get a reaction out of us, and you're giving them that satisfaction by replying to them.

    I'm deeply happy that a francophone author of a french newspaper is providing a voice of truth. Montreal is, in fact, a bilingual city, and to deny that is ignorant of history and racist. Without the jews, the Brits and the other anglophone settlers in Montreal, the city would be unrecognisable. French language supremacists: the Montreal you know and love wouldn't exist without us!

    1. Exactly, EDM. Back when francophones were largely preoccupied with sending their first-born to seminaries or convents, anglophones were busy developing Quebec’s economy. Nowadays, they resent anglophones for having helped to build Quebec, if not coming close to even denying their contribution. Cognitive dissonance, anyone?

  21. Thank you, Editor, for providing that positive Russian dashcam video rather than the usual negative ones.

    It reminded me that I suppose that it will be too much of a temptation for the Conservatives to continue to take the low road with their personal, negative attack ads rather than taking the high road by actually attacking opposition policies.

  22. Thank you very much for translating Alain Dubuc's wonderful article, greatly appreciated. And for the MQF Epic Fail Moment.
    I will gladly share.

    Bon fin de semaine à vous aussi

  23. Some of my own ancestors immigrated here from Ireland during the Potato Famine of the 1840’s (as well as others who came here from France). I wonder whether they were involved in the building of Montreal’s first bridge across the St. Lawrence River and memorialized on the Black Rock in Point St. Charles in front of the Victoria Bridge.

    FROM: Put Canadian Flag Back In Quebec Assembly
    You Hit a Rock....A Black Rock. It's called the blood and sweat of our relatives In Montreal
    Join the movement = >

    My grandfather spent his living in Montreal. He was born in 1899 and spent his early years in the Irish Catholic neighbourhoods of the Point and Griffintown. Forced to leave school after grade three, he worked a series of jobs until he finally landed a job with the CNR as an electrical inspector.

    Since the job of an inspector was only six months in duration, he applied and got the job as the inspector on Victoria Bridge. He stayed at this job for 40 years, raised a family, one of his children being my mother. He was involved actively with St Willibrod's Parish in Verdun were he finally settled. He founded the Harp and Thistle Society of Montreal and one year was a Marshall in the St.Patrick's Day Parade.

    He died at the Reddy Memorial in 1977. He lived a good life.

    My grandfather was one of the nameless hands which built and shaped Montreal. Hearts and Hands from the Ukraine, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, India, China, and many more lands coming together to shape a collective vision and in their labours forged from their sweat an amazing city fit for a brave people. They were Catholics, Jews, Protestants, Muslims, Hindu and Buddhists. They lived, prayed, loved and died all in the name of building better life for the generations that would follow.

    Now, the separatists and nationalists have no shame in defining these hard working simple people as exploiters, as usurpers who have no right to the land on which they bled. They lie, they manipulate and they try to take what has been paid for by those you came before us. Some of the opportunistic, the vendus amongst us who may buy into their package of lies. These people deserve nothing but scorn.

    Sorry, we are not buying into your re-writing of history, nor your vilification of any person who has a mother tongue other than French.

    You have hit a rock. A black rock and it sits in front of Victoria Bridge as a reminder of the sacrifice our ancestors have made for the honor of calling us, their children Canadians.

    Bill Dever
    Canadian Patriot

    1. FROM ED
      The Black rock on bridge Street is a memorial built to commemotaye the 6,000 graves of Irish who died of Typhus during the Potato Famine of Ireland. Workers on the Victoria bridge discovered the graves and built the monument at what was originally known as Windmill Point. Each May Sainte Gabriel's Church on center street has a walk after Mass to the Black Rock where a ceremony is held. It is a strong part of our Irish Heritage. Ed

    2. Thank you, Ed. I phrased that wrong. Not only did so many Irish immigrants to Canada die in Montreal but so many more died upon arrival near Quebec City, on Grosse Isle (a National Historical Site of Parks Canada well worth visiting), our equivalent to Pier 21 in Halifax or Ellis Island in New York.

    3. FROM ED
      Cat, Thanks for bringing it up. Good chance to remind all that Sainte Gabriel's Catholic Church on center Street will be having their ceremony there sometime in the next couple of weeks. Perhaps someone might know when. The Typhus in Ireland was a few years before the famine. Apparently the British Governor told people that going to Canada would cure it. Offered to pay their passage to get rid of them. The ships wanted to get rid of the sick as quickly as possible and dumped them as soon as they could find a place. This explains the Irish names up North such as Mulroney. You see Cat, it's not just my age that I know these things, I've been a student of history all my life. Fortunally, I still remember most of it. Ed

    4. I agree Cat - those attack ads are in poor taste and some adviser to the PM should get his ass kicked out for putting this type of thing forward. They have made Mr. Harper look very bad - not Justin. For sure they should be attacking his policies rather than his personality. Silly people; bad mistake.

  24. Hmmmm...and if someone wrote the exact same article about Francophones?

    MONTREAL - Unlike water, loyalty in politics flows upward — or at least it usually does.

    That’s what makes language minister Diane De Courcy’s defence of a lowly member of her staff for his anglo-bashing “humour” so exceptional.

    In a government, nobody has lower status and is more expendable than the obscure political aides hired to work in the offices of ministers and, in Quebec, of members of the National Assembly.

    If anybody notices them, it’s probably for the wrong reason. And if they do something that embarrasses the boss, they are easily replaced.

    So when De Courcy came under attack this week over an anti-anglophone article written by one of her political attachés shortly before she hired him, it would have cost her little to sacrifice the aide, or at least his pride.

    Akos Verboczy’s article was published in the Montreal commuter daily Métro on Sept. 14, 10 days after the election of the Parti Québécois minority government.

    Titled “They’re crazy, these Anglos,” the column insinuated that the English-speaking community was to blame for the election-night shooting at the PQ rally at the Métropolis club in Montreal.

    It said anglos are “mildly parano-obsessive” about Quebec and “quasi-unanimously” anti-French.

    Previously, in another column, Verboczy had divided immigrants between “perfect” ones who assimilate into French Quebec (Verboczy, a native of Hungary, was undoubtedly thinking of himself), and bad ones who don’t want to have to send their children to French school.

    De Courcy is probably familiar with Verboczy’s views, since she has known him at least since his election in 2003 to the Commission scolaire de Montréal, of which she was the chair until her election to the Assembly last Sept. 4.

    Liberal MNA Geoffrey Kelley said in the Assembly on Thursday that De Courcy hired Verboczy two weeks after his anti-anglo column was published on Sept. 14. My telephone message and email to the minister’s press attaché at midday Thursday, asking when Verboczy was hired, had not been answered a day later.

    While Verboczy wrote the column before he went to work for De Courcy, it was recently enough to show that one of the minister’s advisers on Bill 14 — Verboczy sat behind De Courcy during public hearings on the proposed anti-English legislation — is biased against anglos.

    De Courcy didn’t even have to give in to Kelley’s demand on Wednesday that she fire Verboczy, if she considers him irreplaceable as her attaché for the “francization” and integration of immigrants.

    She could have settled the matter and made a gesture of good will toward the English-speaking community by distancing herself from Verboczy’s smear and having him apologize for it, or apologizing herself.

    She had several occasions to do so in the Assembly this week. Instead, she excused the article as “humour that some people might not be able to appreciate,” defended her aide against Liberal “bullying,” and launched a counterattack against the Liberals for opposing Bill 14.

    (The Liberals, by the way, are more outspoken in defending English-speaking Quebecers now that they are no longer in government and Jean Charest is no longer their leader.)

    The most plausible explanation for De Courcy’s defence of Verboczy, other than loyalty, is political calculation.

    The minister had probably lost whatever slim chance she might have had of gaining the confidence of the English-speaking community by the end of the Bill 14 hearings.

    The Marois government appears to be preoccupied with playing to the PQ’s electoral base, a good part of which shares Verboczy’s attitudes toward minorities.

    And, as shown by a general lack of interest in the story on the part of the French-language media, there is no penalty in Quebec for anglo-bashing.

    Twitter: MacphersonGaz

    © Copyright (c) The Montreal Gazette

    Read more:

    1. Oh and Akos Verboczy...given that I was born here and mastered both languages (and also speak a third)...the last thing I'll ever do is let some douche from Hungary do is tell me how to live in speak in my own home.

      Her, I got you something:
      AC874 17:35 06:35 + 1 day 77W 10hr25 Frankfurt (FRA) - $2356

      One-way ticket back via AIR CANADA (with no fucking 7-Up, bitch).

    2. As these separatists have proven over and over that they will not compromise nor engage in any useful participation of ways and means to improve Canada and it's standing in the world, it's time to partition this place and let those areas go that want to leave. That's the only solution to rid ourselves of these ongoing attacks against our community, our language and culture. We will be better off without them. They think they will be better off without us. Let's see about that! Democratic votes by municipality or federal district to rid ourselves of this noose that holds us hostage and has for 40 years. Out with the separatists!

    3. Bon,M.evil est devenu un Hungaryphone...pff

    4. "to improve Canada and it's standing in the world"

      MDR! Son standing dans le monde y descend en crisse depuis son retrait de Kyoto et son alignement sur les États-Unis en matière de politique étrangère et militaire. Et ce n'est pas fini. Lorsque le Québec sera un pays, son PIB sera retranché de celui du Canada. Le PIB du Canada d'alors sera-t-il assez élevé pour encore faire partie du G20?

    5. @R.E

      I read that piece myself this morning. Once again we prove the fact that the PQ despises the Anglos and make no bones about it, with everything they say and do. It's has become acceptable. ..'in fashion' almost.. to hate Anglos ...AND SHOW IT, starting with the provincial government (who is suppose to represent every citizen), leading the way and the other minions jumping on the bandwagon, i.e. your 'friendly' neighbourhood STM and an immigrant from Hungary, no less, who just got here and feels entitled to 'speak his mind''re now calling this humour!

      In any event, what we would like to convey to the PQ & company is ...You can hate and despise whoever you want, but it is simply 'Poor Form' to be so OPEN about it. Hate begets Hate. it just makes the entire world hate YOU more.

    6. "Son standing dans le monde y descend en crisse...."

      Comme les chutes du Niagara... :)

      Certains pays ont parfois les nouvelles en retard.

    7. J'ai choisi l'idéologie prônant la fierté canadienne à celle prônant la haine envers les anglais.

      Doesn't get any simpler than that.

      Worse yet, if you look at the separatist reactions to this piece, what's scary is many of them want to install a Netherlands-like system of nationalism in Québec...

      ...and then they wonder why we treat them like racists, xenophobes and compare them to the KKK and the Nazis.

    8. "J'ai choisi l'idéologie prônant la fierté canadienne..."

      Je ne savais pas que le jeu vidéo "Resident Evil" était un fier produit canadien...Err

    9. You know that the seppies really get to me because most of what they say based on the fact that they think they know better and think better and reason better and act better and are better citizens for the environment than the scientists and they know their language is better, their standard of living is better, their children are better, their politicians are REALLY better, their doctors are better, their services are better, etc. How can any reasonably intelligent person ever dispute these facts about them? Must get chapped lips kissing themselves in the mirror at every opportunity. Wow so humbled to live on the same planet as they do.

    10. @cutie003

      i got it! here's your disease:

      An inferiority complex is a behavior that is displayed through a lack of self-worth, an increase of doubt and uncertainty, and feeling of not measuring up to society's standards. It is often subconscious, and is thought to drive afflicted individuals to overcompensate, resulting either in spectacular achievement or extreme antisocial behavior.

      perfect fit cutie003! now you know where to look for answers.

  25. “The Air Canada 7up "discrimination" story reminds me what a world of backwards and hypocritical bullshit Quebec lives and thrives in!”

    Sadly this type of BS is going on all over the country. Nice eh? Costing a fortune in the process…

    These “French” speaking bigots, demand and demand anything and all things in “French” all over the country.

    Case after case, tying up the courts system, complaining, whining, crying…a bunch of self centered anti-English language bigots just like in Quebec. Everything seems to be going according to plan.

    Its to bad we can’t keep these parasites in Quebec where they fit right in.

    .” ….Given these facts, should French-speaking people concentrate their efforts on Quebec or take the whole of Canada as their base? In my opinion, they should do both; and for the purpose they could find no better instrument than federalism”, Pierre Trudeau,.

    "There is no way two ethnic groups in one country can be made equal before the law....and to say it is possible is to sow the seeds of destruction”. Pierre Trudeau,

    "I cannot swear it but I think we were thinking to ourselves,... we are a small group, Trudeau, Pelletier, Marchand, Lalonde, Chrétien, myself and a few people in the civil service, say 50 all told…we were bringing off a revolution. We held the key posts. We were making the civil service bilingual (French), kicking and screaming all the time". Jean-Luc Pepin, Minister of Industry, 1970.

    So while Quebec bans the English language (bill 22, bill 178, bill 101…), wipes out its real BNA, UEL history, while ethnic language cleansing is going on in Quebec, the rest of the country is forced to fund whatever the French (metis) demand. This is going on in every province. Go check.

    “First Quebec, then we take over the rest of the country, one step at a time…through bilingualism…” PT, “How to take over a country through bilingualism…” SD. How ? First comes the right to communicate with gov't in a minority language (ie French),then comes bilingualism, then comes the right to work in the language of choice(ie French), then comes a bilingual boss,(ie French) then comes a exclusively French department and on it goes until its all French. Its happening all over the country, Ontario, New Brunswick…That’s what’s really going on.

    “My roll as Secretary of State of Canada is first and foremost to ensure that my French compatriots in Canada feel with deep conviction, as I do, that this is their country and that it reflects their image”. “I too had some difficult years as a politician; I’m still having them, in fact, because everything we undertake and everything we are doing to make Canada a French state is part of a venture I have shared for many years with a number of people”. “You know the idea, the challenge, the ambition of making Canada a French country both inside and outside Quebec — an idea some people consider a bit crazy, is something a little beyond the ordinary imagination”. – Serge Joyal, Secretary of State – Page 2 ‘ENOUGH’ by J.V. Andrew. – Serge Joyal – Now in the Senate.

    "The Canadian government is engaged in a task of spreading the French
    language across the length and breadth of the country". Jules Leger,

    How much more proof do you need? Open your eyes folks, its happening all over the country. Enjoy

    1. ED BROWN
      James Wolfe, how many times are you going to reprint those tired old meaningless words of Trudeau and Marchand mostly taken out of context. Trudeau was never a bigot, he loved people equally. On the several occasions I've had the opportunity to spend time with him, I observed carefully his interaction with everyone. He was a joy to be around. One of my favourite memories is playing piano in the basement of Bryce Mackasey's home with him singing Irish songs over my shoulder one week before he was elected prime Minister.
      Trudeau did for Canadian french what we are trying to get the PQ to do for English. Promote bilingualism. What the hell is wrong with that? Ed

    2. We have to stop promoting bilingualism Ed if the quebec government continues on this course of action against anything English. Only partition will put an end to them destroying everything that was done in good faith to help them and they are destroying the concept in their quest for power and control over quebec territory within Canada. Bilingualism is not working in quebec and is actually being systematically legislated against and the ROC sees this as hostile and who can blame them? Once partition takes place and we form a new bilingual province within Canada, the ROC will understand that this effort is worthwhile with NB, Ontario and our new province working towards an end of two languages within a free Canada. Right now it's pretty hard to justify the policy to others outside of this nightmare that we live in.

    3. FROM ED
      Cuie, please top with the partition shit. There are too many areas that will not accept it. My area in Verdun is 51%/49% French and English so who gets the shaft? What happens to my son's house that he has just finished paying off this month. There are so many areas like this most people will vote the third option;- to remain with the status quo. I know I will. I don't give a shit what the ROC or anyone else thinks, I'm living here, not them.
      When bill 14 is defeated we are only dealing with the advertising on signs. Sending children to french or English school is not a problem for you. Stop making it one. people are beginning to laugh at you and Liam. PARTITION, PARTITION, PARTITION. Give us a break. This will never happen. Even if such an impossible thing as partition ever came up, people would vote to stay as is, they would not take a chance. Did you learn nothing from Howard galganov's experience? Ed

    4. Why do you insist on saying this is about the french vote when it's about the federalist vote? What the hell does 51% English and 49% French tell you? It should tell you that you have a much better chance remaining with Canada than being in a new quebec! The 49% French are not crazy and I'll bet half of them, at least, want to get rid of this nonsense as much as we do. You talk about people as if they are not able to make a choice as to being Canadian or not and I'm saying that only 30% of this crazy province are hard nosed about being in a new country. There will be no "status quo" vote - what are you talking about? When there is another referendum, and there will be, the choice at the time will decide who resides where is what I'm saying. All we have to do is plan for that event. By the way, you have no idea what will happen with Bill 14 and even if it doesn't pass this time it will come up again and again until they get what they want which is to leave Canada. Damn it - try to think past 4 years - it goes pretty quick and in the meantime we still live under this threat and the slow but methodical removal of everything that is english including our No votes and our sparse medical services which is really what I'm most concerned about. How will you like going to an old age home where it will be illegal for you to talk to anyone in English - If IF have their way that's what it's coming down to - Boy you are so difficult at times Ed - I know you mean well but you live in a different world than the rest of us. No one is laughing at Liam or I - they are starting to see the real possibilities of this being the only way out of this mess. And there are hundreds of thousands of us that feel the same way. There will be more and more as this PQ party makes life more and more difficult for us.

    5. No one is laughing. Partition is the only way forward. Verdun doesn't have to join. But Pontiac, Gatineau, Vaudreuil, and West Island are joining. English villages in lower Lower North Shore are joining. This is about protecting rightful Canadian territory and removing those territory from the unconstitutional Bill 101. Partitition is the only way. The Province of Quebec is the largest province in Canada and it is too big. Heck I don't want to be in the same province as a fisherman from Gaspe. You should join the movement since joining Ontario is the only way possible to remove us from the high taxation of the PQ and the illegal programs and laws that violate the Constitution. Some of us are still waiting for an Highway that was promised to us by Maurice Duplessis.

      If Quebec wants to prevent partition tell the Quebec government to reenact Bill 63 passed by Jean Jacques Bertrand of l'Union National that guarantees freedom of choice for all Quebec residents. Repeal Bill 101 of the PQ and Bill 22 of the Bourassa Government. At least this time the Liberals have understood that if they support bill 14, many of their seats will transfer to the reformed Equality Party. We deserve freedom o Choice for all. Freedom of Choice or Partition, Make your choice Ed.

    6. Ed:" Trudeau was never a bigot, he loved people equally."
      I see, he was really giving those people the finger out of love. Imposing the War Measures Act was really an act of love and laying the foundations of the national debt that we're still carrying was all done out of love. I've got to admit, I've never thought of it that way.

    7. The Front de Liberation du Canada were terrorist and they had to be found and arrested. I didn't like all of Trudeau policy, but to his credit the War Mesure Act was needed. Walter Leja was an engineer for the Canadian Army. He was ordered to Montreal to prevent the detonation of a bomb. He defused two but the third exploded paralysing Walter Leja. I am not a fan of Trudeau but his reaction to those murderers was acceptable and the right thing to do.

    8. Sorry I meant Front de Liberation du Quebec.
      Typing on cell phone is a bad idea.

    9. Hey Diogenes: Why should he not have imposed the War Measures Act against the FLQ? One of the smartest decisions he ever made with those nuts running around loose. There were lots of things that he did that I disagreed with but not that one.

    10. @liam

      "Heck I don't want to be in the same province as a fisherman from Gaspe."

      you don't like fish?

    11. The War Measures Act was like using a grenade to kill a mouse. It allowed the QPP (remember them?) to go in and round up anyone they didn't like for whatever reason. Almost 500 people were detained for days and of all the detainees less than 20 were convicted of anything. No due process, no right to talk to a lawyer, no right to tell people where you were. Habeus corpus? We don't need no stinkin' habeus corpus. All this from the guy who used the term "Just Society". No wonder he got along well with Fidel Castro. Notice, by the way that the War Measures Act was subsequently repealed.

    12. Diogenes, you are twisting facts. The FLQ were placing bombs in mailboxes of private citizen. The Montreal Stock Exchanges was threatened. Trudeau had to react and prevent attacks on private citizen. Frankly, by placing bombs the FLQ had declared war. The FLQ were terrorist and one thing that was necessary was to find and arrest those men. Terrorist were threatening ordinary citizen. What does Castro have to do with the situation in Montreal? The War Measure Act was repealed when the terrorist were caught.

  26. Interesting, in this morning's issue of 'The Montreal Gazette', there is a little booklet for the SIDIM. "Salon du Design".

    Last time I checked, 'Design' is an English word, n'est ce pas? I love how we insist on the French Language but then have to use English words to express something...a bit like...'brainwashé" LOL

    1. Design est dans le dictionnaire français depuis longtemps

      En passant,j'ai aussi fait une demande officielle auprès de l'Académie française afin qu'elle adopte le mot "Donut",j'attend la réponse avec impatience.

    2. In addition to forgot to request 'brainwashé..LOL

      No one gives a rat's ass that the French adopted the word DESIGN...IT IS AND ENGLISH Word. But here's a little project for you, ask the "Académie française" to adopt the word 'PASTA' then you can brag how that's now a french word too. LOL LOL (moron)

    3. Il exite déjà un mot en français pour "pasta" et c'est le mot Pâtes.

      Est-ce que Bureau et Office sont des mots anglais Toto la roulette?Allez y réfléchir en fumant une...Cigarette.

    4. I love the way you're trying to spin this Gloryhole, but you're wet behind the ears, LOL LOL
      "DESIGN" is an English come up with a French word to say the same thing, just like you did for 'PASTA' apparently, calling it..Pâtes !!!..THAT'S MY POINT...

      Now you go reflect on THAT, Gloryhole...smokin' YOUR lil' ciggy!

      (he get's caught with his pants down and denies he's takin' leak)

    5. I'm not sure why trolls will never admit to anything...maybe it's because they're...'brainwashé?...LOLOLOLOLOLOL

    6. I'm going to push to have the term "gloryhole" added to the French dictionary.

    7. Oh and by the way...If you haven’t noticed, I have suddenly developed a real aversion for ‘franglais’ and I feel it is absolutely hypocritical that people who profess to protect the French language time and time again can’t even come up with the correct words in French to express an idea.

      I work predominately in a Francophone environment and with people who will frown upon anyone speaking English in the office. But..I will slam them every time they deviate and use English words when they speak French. A while back someone said to me: ‘depuis que tu es là, il faut y réfléchir deux fois avant de dire un seul mot’, to which I reponded, ‘That’s right buddy, you don’t get to 'INSIST' we speak French 8 hrs a day and then turn around and come up with English words every time YOU feel like it. At that point, we might as well just speak English, since your way it is a disgrace to both languages'. I smiled and winked at him to soften the blow...but sh*t had to be said. The End.

    8. Alors?Un produit "canadian" ou Américain le jeu "Resident Evil" ?

      J'attend une réponse cher fier "canadian".

      Dire qu "Beavertail" vous irait si bien :)

    9. @AnecTOTE

      Picking on seppies that deplore English and always refer to Anglos as "blokes" (btw, seppies, Anglos don't give a fuck when you call them Blokes - it's commonly used in Britain and is the equivalent of the French referring to each other as "Mec").

      I once caught a unitard telling me, "Tu devrais translé ça en français"

      To which I replied... "you mean 'traduire ça vers le français?" - instant red face.

      Trou de Gloire says: "Alors?Un produit "canadian" ou Américain le jeu "Resident Evil" ?"

      Uh... no one fucking cares.

    10. "no one fucking cares"

      Mauvaise réponse!

      Fierté canadienne = 0

    11. @R.E

      LOL... I caught him with pants down, and you caught him with his hand in the cookie jar, gloryhole can't catch a break today, lol!!

      If they are going to shove the 'Rules' down everyone's throat, then THEY too ...will have to play by the Rules. Too...f..bad.

    12. S.R. - Resident evil est un jeu japonais.

    13. Merci pour l'info mais les thèmes sont copiées directement d'un genre de film typiquement américain.

    14. Design companies operate in english. Never heard a designer say " Je suis un specialiste en infographie" No he would say " Je suis un designer" All those web design, print design and video design companies would have to leave la "Nation Quebecoise" if the PQ government passes the Bill 14. Quebec would lose all the jobs. The seperatist ARE KILLING THIS PROVINCE. This is unacceptable. Many business aren't expanding in Quebec because OF THE OPPRESSIVE LANGUAGE POLICE AND HIGH TAXATION. Here in Gatineau most of our high tech building are empty because of the policies placed by " la Nation Quebecoise" It is time to attract more business.

      Also, have the Government of Quebec hand over cash from Casino profits to municipalities to pay for road and transit. Ontario Government shares profit from Casino profits. Why can't Quebec do so too? Because Quebec is bribing citizen with daycare operations. The Constitution doesn't allow Quebec Government to run a daycare service. Quebec complain when Ottawa takes over it's responsibilities, but it takes over the private sectors responsibilities.

  27. Hungarians people are extremely racist and nationalistic. Worst than "pure laine". Unfortunately is part of their genetic code.

  28. FROM ED
    Resident Evil, I have always felt that Diane De Courcy has the strongest hatred for the English people. Proof of this is in bill 14 which she chooses to press on us and also what she did to Louise Marchand. Under the Liberals the language inspection and annoyances of the OQLF was tolerable but when the PQ arrived she pushed Louise to go for a pound of flesh. When it blew up in their faces she let her underling take the blame. But in spite of all this she does not reduce her thirst for blood.. I wonder if she sleeps in a coffin? Ed

  29. It's stylish and perfectly acceptable to these separatists that anglos and allophones are part and parcel of their campaign to rid quebec of everything that is not pur laine francophone - how Nazi can we become without the these communities fighting back? Yet to be determined - how low can we go in quebec politics? Yet to be determined. How low can we go in social programs and corruption? Yet to be determined - too many things left up to "Yet to be determined" - Out with the separatist areas of quebec so at least some of us can remain untouched by these political maniacs. Cut them loose to live alone outside of civilization. That will put an end to them except about 30% of property excluding those areas that vote to stay and Indian land which is theirs and always will be part of Canada. Let them start from scratch with what is left of quebec following democratic votes by municipalities and Indian territory which belong to them and will be their decision as to whether to stay with a separate quebec or remain Canadian. We know where that's going but let them do their own negotiating with quebec and Canada. The areas that vote to stay within Canada sign the constitution and we become a new bilingual province wherein everyone is secure and we go back to living with our francophone friends and neighbours as we did prior to this latest attack on the minorities.

  30. For your morning chuckle:

    1. I wouldn't want to live in an independent Quebec.

  31. Ultimately, there really is only one solution, I published it here last summer and I'll quickly reiterate it now.

    The sovereignist movement MUST be recognized as an act of unwarranted sedition and therefore rendered illegal.

    Once this comes to pass as law, every single member of the PQ, BQ and QS is to be arrested on the grounds of sedition and conspiracy to cripple the economy.

    Through freedom of speech will allow for all to speak against Federalism, governments opposed to it will no longer be allowed to operate.

    Bill 101 will be burned, and the "Let love rule" bill will take it's place.

    Ayn Rand will become mandatory reading in all schools.

    Quebecois TV producers will be forced by law to stop ripping off American TV concepts and then referring to the people of Quebec as somehow being "distinct." Sorry, but you can only have one or the other, not both...especially now that they're producing a QC version of Saturday Night Live.

    1. Si nous n'étions pas distincts,nous n'aurions pas à faire des adaptations.Est-ce que les "canadians" font des adaptations des productions Américaines?

      Resident beaver...ça sonne bien,non?

    2. "trou de gloire" ...ça sonne encore mieux !! LOL LOL

    3. @resident evil

      "The sovereignist movement MUST be (...) rendered illegal."

      you think canada should jail people for their political opinions?!? what a novel and refreshing idea. you truly are an obstacle on the road to harmony, mate. step aside please.

    4. Resident beaver est l'anglo-parano-obsessif typique.

  32. Une mafia multiculturelle à Montréal

    Pasta et tapas au menu :)

    1. With comments like that.. he's all shocked when we call him Racist!

      Please false ..righteous one buys it. You happen to be one...AND one of the first order.

  33. Oh yeah, another note about our dear friend, Akos Verboczy...a quick word on what he should deal with back home:

    Same goes for former Bloquiste, Jean-Paul Gilson, a native of Belgium, a country deeply steeped in linguistic warfare - dude just take your bullshit home.

    Yo, Maka Kotto, before you come here and say shit like "En français,svp" to people who've lived in Quebec their whole lives, why not go home and clean up your own fucking backyard:

    "An economic crisis took effect in the mid-1980s to late 1990s as a result of international economic conditions, drought, falling petroleum prices, and years of corruption, mismanagement, and cronyism. Cameroon turned to foreign aid, cut government spending, and privatised industries. With the reintroduction of multi-party politics in December 1990, the former British Cameroons pressure groups called for greater autonomy, with some (SCNC) advocating complete secession as the Republic of Ambazonia.[23] In February 2008, Cameroon experienced its worst violence in 15 years when a transport union strike in Douala escalated into violent protests in 31 municipal areas"

    Vivian Barbot: Sure is nice to come to a country and then try to split it apart, when the people in your own country suffered greatly in the past few years, isn't it? Did you do anything to help your countrymen during all those coups or after the grand earthquake?

    Maria Mourani: So happy to see you made it to Canada safely and avoided all those bloody coups and civil wars that claimed many lives back home. Just wanted to say thanks for expressing your gratitude by way of telling your new neighbors how to live their lives.

    Amir Khadir: Too fucking easy.

    Andrés Fontecilla (Khadir's replacement): Cool, you're from Chili and you love Quebec. In fact, you love QC so much you feel a need to separate it from Canada, which you liken to your homeland's Pinochet regime.

    Ever notice however, that Canada doesn't murder journalists, send out secret police in the middle of the night to execute political opponents or use street kids to detonate enemy landmines?

    1. Ensuite vous nous accusez d'être racistes?


    2. Uh-huh.

      What you have here is a list of Uncle Toms.

      They either signed on because they're profiteers who saw the benefits of playing the PQ/BQ card (like Kotto, who was a failed actor, with no other stock to profit from)...

      ...or they're sellouts, like the character of Stephen, portrayed by Sam Jackson in Django Unchained.

      Either way, anyone who comes here with the intent of encouraging you psychos in your quest, deserve to be regarded as bad people with nothing but the worst intentions at heart.

    3. Maybe Jean-Paul Gilson learned something from Pecrot crash when language was a cause.

    4. @resident evil

      "Either way, anyone who comes here with the intent of encouraging you psychos in your quest..."

      how do you know what their intent was when they came to quebec?!?

      and what do you have against amir khadir?

      by the way nice rant up there. very racist. as if citizens that don't have the same origins as you don't have the right to a political opinion. you're setting the bar low once again. will anectote do worse? hard to imagine...

    5. I have to agree that if immigrants are allowed and encouraged to come to Quebec and vote no on separation, then you oughtn't malign the paltry few that do vote yes and encourage others of doing so.

      Everyone has the right to their free expression and to run in politics, it's a free society, even if you and I don't agree with that choice.

    6. @Yannick - (given that Student doesn't deserve a response).

      I see where you're getting at Yannick, and we've crossed swords over this in the past. I plan on explaining myself better this time around.

      First of all, everyone who's been following this blog knows that protecting the rights of immigrants is something that concerns me greatly.

      At the same time, WHERE Quebec is going as a whole is another preoccupation.

      Right now, Quebec is going nowhere...well, actually is on it's merry way to hell.

      The PQ would like to have you believe that immigrants are a big portion of that problem.


      It's those few, (very few) immigrants that prop up the xenophobic/racist party line simply to feel that...

      A) They're a productive member of their host society


      B) They see the profit potential in getting in on an isolated opportunity

      Face it, there is nothing in the PQ's mandate that rewards immigrant communities. There really isn't.

      That's why the PQ is head-over-heels in love with immigrants who are willing to sell out their communities in favor of personal/political gain.

      It allows the PQ/seppies in general the additional clout they desperately crave.

      I assure you that the few immigrants who propagate the PQ party line are really nothing more than profiteers who see opportunity.

      Nothing more.

      As you can see, my list includes every skin colour, every background...the one underlying factor is this - our point here (on No Dogs) is to establish peace and tranquility.

      Most immigrants (who should be allowed to speak whatever fucking language they want on the basis of human liberty when they arrive to Quebec), are helpful and embrace their neighbors.

      Others, like the ones mentioned in the list, are sociopathic opportunists looking to advance their own agendas at any cost...and therefore are not welcome.

    7. "Amir Khadir: Too fucking easy"

      I don't know about the others, but I could just see Khadir being for Quebec separation in light of the fact that Canada's foreign policy supports Israel. So yes...I buy that some do what they do ...completely because of personal agendas.

    8. I know that much of what I wrote in that last post is considered out of favor with other readers, but here's what the bottom line amounts to.

      That list of immigrants who promote a segregationist agenda make up a small part of the problem.

      The overall problem is that far too many people see this as a sovereignist/federalist issue.

      We're talking about an Alpha/Beta debate here.

      See, earlier, Gloryhole accused me of being a bad Federalist.

      He's right - I do not qualify as a Federalist.

      I don't head out to national parks and wave the maple leaf around and sing O'Canada on that special day in July any more than I go to any Guy LePage hosted parties on St. Jean.

      The question here relates to appropriating power to the wrong group.

      Could you imagine if we gave "national" seats to the average group of Neo-Nazis?

      Essentially, that is what we have on our hands now, the lowest common denominator in our society, is in power.

      This contradicts the natural code.

      Look throughout history and see for yourselves what giving over power to the "less gifted" portion of our society has given us.

      Great societies were historically built on the efforts of great forward thinkers - not mentally handicapped revisionist idealists.

      This is all the more reason we need (most ideally) for extreme action to stem the tide.

      Like the seppies folks, you can't have it both ways.

      You can't keep posting here on No Dogs ans expect for things to change.

      Just study ancient Rome and see what brought about massive change - sure as fuck didn't come from a blog...and allowing the weakest margin of society was never considered.

    9. "Great societies were historically built on the efforts of great forward thinkers"

      Comme Laval?

  34. Sounds like a great idea to me Resident. I would love to see those idiots in jail for sedition and/or treason because for sure they are bankrupting the country and quebec in their quest for power and control over even more money by withholding federal tax. Would be a kick in the balls for them but very deserving and long past time to stop them. Their nerve knows no bounds and no control so someone else has to take control and who better than the feds and the RCMP?

  35. Alain Dubuc is naive calling French "a major global language".

    1. FROM ED
      Dubuc knows what he's talking about. French is the predominant language in 10 countries with a total population of 50 million
      it is also a major language in 30 others from Europe to Asian, Africa and North America. Ed

    2. After English, it is probably the most influential of languages. There are many other languages with more native speakers, but knowledge is limited locally. French is still the 2nd most widely taught foreign language in the world, and is an official language of many international organizations.

      It's as major as they get without being English.

    3. Then, if it is as you say, "major". Why, does French need protection as per Bill 101, being as important as you indicate. Obviously, if it is number 2 to English, it doesn't need any help.

    4. FROM ED
      That's right Westerner, It doesn't need help. Everyone knows this except the separatists. Ed

    5. Because its use is receding, even if the second most influential language of the world? That's how strong the magnetism of English is.

      French in North America is especially vulnerable because, like all other first world nations, Canada has a marginal natural growth rate and must import workers from overseas to grow at a comparable rate of other economies. Bill 101 has been instrumental in getting immigrants and anglophones to learn French.

      Bilingualism amongst anglophones of 20 years is now a very respectable 80%. Compare this to the only officially bilingual province in Canada, New Brunswick, where a third of the population is francophone, French is required by many workplaces, but the same cohort only manages an embarrassing 21%. The anglos there would rather complain that the red carpet is not unrolled for them than learn the language that every third of their co-citizens speaks.

      In short, 101 is required to counteract globalization pressures which causes immigrants and anglophones to not learn French, this in spite of French's current (but ever diminishing) international importance.

    6. @yannick

      it's pretty sad you had to explain this yannick... when i read westerner and ed's comments i sighed and carried on. thanks for taking the relay.

    7. French is dead in business. 4 million Quebeckers can't speak english. Wow, this is pathetic indictment of the province education system. I had a Quebecker come for a job interview at my company's Ottawa office. Her english was relatively good but lack the practice that comes from learning english at early age. She told me that she wanted to go to an English school but was unable to because she was born from francophone parents. She would listen to CBC radio, and CBC and CTV on TV, a good base but she lacked practice. Only the seperatist would fail to realize that english is an asset, but seppies don't want franco to be able to get a job outside of Quebec even in Montreal, where many jobs needs english.
      The Chinese, Japanese and Korean are aggressively hiring anglophones to teach ESL to business students. My college friend now works in Seoul helping ESL teacher settle in. Even France offers english classes, and companies are allowed to operate in English. Someone even told me that Euro Bank operated in English even if England isn't a member of Euro. In Beijing subway sign and voices are bilingual. The language of business is English. Seppies may think they are annoying anglophones by outlawing english but in the end they are merely making their own lives harder and making it harder for their own children to have a succesfull carreer. Heck, Montreal is just a shadow of what is once was, with the jobs gone in Toronto,Vancouver, Calgary, jobs that aren't coming back.

    8. LD

      Don't bother trying to make economic arguments to a Separatist. They have no clue what's going on in the World around them. All they know is that they want Quebec to revert back to Nouvelle France and the have an agrarian economy. Why else would a population enact such job killing laws like Bill 101 and Bill 14? Geez, we live in North America within a 10 hour drive of a market of 100 Million Anglos, quick ban any traces of English, fast!

  36. Noticed that there is a CNN presentation at 8:00 pm tomorrow night concerning quebec but not sure of the content - hopefully it will be about the language policies but not sure. Try to catch it if you can.

  37. Hey trolls: Liberals at 35% - PQ at 27% - start shitting your pants now you little freaks - Miss Piggy won't be around to screw with us much longer - lol.

    1. Premier Marois unsatisfaction level is at 67%. Wow only been 8 month. Keep up the good work, Pauline "I am out of office in 2 years" Marois

    2. The fact that she was as fiercely combative as she was against all her political opponents at the Party's "national" convention this weekend is fairly obvious proof that she and her movement are shitting bricks.

      Here's to a mass extinction event of revanchist péquiste separatism, never to be resuscitated. This terminal cancer needs to die once and for all so we can get to work on continuing to build and affirm the bicultural and linguistically egalitarian metropolis that is our collective birthright.

  38. L'important est que la loi 14 soit appliquée avant que les "liberals" reviennent :)

    1. Pas dans sa forme actuelle en tout cas.
      Du bilinguisme institutionnel pour le grand Montréal au plus sacrant.

      Nous vaincrons.