Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Immigrant Threat to French Language Just More Fear-Mongering

Immigrant hordes threatening Quebec...bah humbug!
Every good salesperson needs a good 'spiel,' a well rehearsed story or pitch, which can engage and hook a potential client.
Of course, it doesn't mean that it needs to be true, just convincing enough, agreeable enough or plain frightening enough to manipulate.

My favorite example is the 1957 Broadway musical production of "The Music Man" wherein a con man comes to a naïve small-time, mid-west American town and frightens the locals with talk of impending doom. He frightens the elders by playing up the dangerous influence of the town's new pool hall on local teenagers and offers an alternative, a marching band that could otherwise keep them occupied.
Of course it is the flimflam artist himself who will supply the instruments and the uniforms, the whole affair a device to swindle the town out of their hard-earned money.

♫ ♬ "Ya got trouble, my friend, right here,
I say, trouble right here in River City. ....
♩ ♪ ♫

And so the fear of the local children succumbing to the scourge of the evil corrupting influence of pool frightens the townsfolk into paying the snake-oil salesman for a solution to a problem that never existed.

If you have a few minutes, watch the video below and marvel at the talent of an expert manipulator.
Substitute 'pool' for 'English,' and tell me this cynical con artist doesn't remind you of Mario Beaulieu.

It's a premise so stupid that its hard to believe the exact same thing is going on here in Quebec where French language militants like Mr. Beaulieu, are frightening francophone Quebecers over language, in order to create a panic that can only be assuaged by sovereignty.

According to the latest iteration of the separatist spiel, the mongrel horde of immigrants coming to Quebec threatens the very nature of Quebec society because they are adopting English at an alarming rate.
It's important to note that sometimes Mr. Beaulieu complains about the high ratio of immigrants adopting English and sometimes he complains about immigrants in general, touching base with those who are fearful of assimilation as well as xenophobes in general.

In this radio interview, two hostile interviewers scoff at Beaulieu's contention that Quebec is in danger of anglicization with one actually calling him a 'loser.'
In reaction Beaulieu, loses his cool and warns the interviewer and listeners that over the next 10 years, the province will be invaded by 500,000 immigrants, as many people as presently live in Quebec City! Link{fr}

Before I deconstruct the current separatist immigrant scare story, I'd like to remind readers that this spiel is an evolution, in the past, the separatist mantra was that Quebecers were exploited economically by the English and needed sovereignty to prosper. That argument fell by the wayside and into disfavor as Quebecers assumed the levers of their own economic prosperity.

The next spiel offered by language militants was that learning English was in and of itself an act of assimilation, and the only way to protect Quebec from  the scourge of bilingualism was Independence.
But that argument too has been rendered ineffective as most Quebecers have decided, that in a shrinking world of interdependence, English is not only desirable but vitally necessary, at least for themselves and their own families.

And so the evolution of the spiel continues where now it is the immigrants and their propensity towards English that is sending Quebec careening wildly down the inevitable road of linguistic destruction.

Put simply, the new message is that because immigrants are choosing to assimilate into the English community, within a few short years, Quebec will become anglicized.
This is the new Bonhomme sept-heures, the linguistic bogeyman that is supposed to frighten francophone Quebecers towards linguistic intolerance, leading to sovereignty.

So let's crack the numbers and take a look at reality, do the immigrants really threaten the nature of Quebec's French society?
As usual, a cold hearted look at the facts tells a remarkably different story.

We first have to get the numbers straight, Quebec has a population of about eight million people, 87% of whom are on the francophone side of the language equation. It includes those whose mother tongue is French and those who have adopted French as their language of daily use. The 13% balance includes English native speakers and those who have adopted English as their language of daily use.

That is the linguistic reality of Quebec, notwithstanding what separatist and language militants peddle about mother tongue, historical English, blah. blah..blah.

Each year Quebec greets about 49,000 immigrants, but also loses 10,000 to 12,000 immigrants, who abandon Quebec for the greener pastures in the ROC.
Why they leave is the great unanswered question, nobody has dared to stir that pot, but I have my own suspicions where family, language difficulties and better employment opportunities are the principal reasons.

So the statement by Mario Beaulieu that we are being invaded by half a million immigrants over ten years is dishonest right off the bat, the number is under 400,000.

Mr Beaulieu's contention that twenty years ago, 90% of these immigrants assimilated into the English side of the language equation, doesn't reflect today's reality where the majority, or about 55% become part of the French-speaking majority,

So of the 39,000 net immigrants that come to Quebec each year, about 22,000 assimilate into the francophone majority. The 17,000 net immigrants per year that assimilate into the English side is what, according to militants, will transform Quebec into an Anglophone empire.

Now in order to maintain the present linguist lines of 87% French / 13% English, the number of those immigrants choosing English should be should be about 7,000.
In other words, the English community is growing by about 10,000 per year in relation to the French community.
This only holds true if the present trend is frozen and is perhaps unrealistic considering that over the years the number of immigrants choosing French is rising. As I mentioned before, over the last twenty years the percentage of immigrants choosing French has risen from 10% to 55%.

At any rate, this massive Anglicization, even in the worst case scenario will likely amount to about no more than 100,000 new Anglos over ten years.

This in a province of 8 million.

It means a linguistic shift of about 1 to 1½ percent, certainly not an Earth shattering change.

But to Mario Beaulieu and his merry men of Chicken Littles it is enough to make hay.

Like the flimflam artist in the Broadway play, Mario Beaulieu doesn't really have to believe in the spiel, he just has to sell it.

He isn't a necessarily racist, he isn't necessarily a xenophobe, he's just a cheap huckster trying to sell sovereignty like band instruments, by any means he can.


  1. Caption “THIS IS MY CANADA”

    "I understand human frailties, because they are much like mine, and the rest of humanities. We are all frail and weak, we all do things that shame us, we all make mistakes. But our character is not born from our perfection; it is instead born from how we deal with our imperfection." (unknown)

  2. Is this a premature peek? If you're trying to tell us that the nationalists are selling us a spiel, you're right. In the case of mellonhead Mario Beaulieu, he's selling lies, lies and more lies, as are his minions of pasta chasers. Like you write, Editor, the social media has, at long last, become the great equalizer.

    Unfortunately, TV creates the news. The days of reporting the news have long passed what with all the sensationalism now shown on every broadcast. The worst of the worst to me is showing people grieving the loss of a loved one like that very pretty girl who took her life last week. What a tradgedy, and it has been milked for all it's worth. The ultimate sensationalism was when the MBA interrupted the final round of the playoffs for the players to stand around while O.J. Simpson's Bronco was being pursueded down a highway.

    Thank heavens for No Dogs or Anglophones, reporting the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! [Nudge-nudge-wink-wink!]

    1. Editor - two posts in two days ! Crikey, I'm disoriented !

      But re your topic - Beaulieu is an ethnic nationalist. That's all. Very simple. He is very predictable and very old fashioned. See Jerry Muller's March 2008 essay in Foreign Affairs : "Us and Them - The Enduring Power of Ethnic Nationalism" for a recent and easily accessible discussion of this old problem. Mario has nothing new to say and that is part of why he and his fellow travelers are so vulnerable. Sensible people know exactly where to insert the knife. Mario and his friends are losers. They inhabit a world that only exists between their own ears.

    2. First of all, re my post above: That should be NBA, not MBA.

      Editor: You wrote: "It means a linguistic shift of about 1 to 1½ percent, certainly not an Earth shattering change."

      What are you trying to do? Give melonhead Beaulieu ammunition? A 1% to 1½% linguistic shift means there will be 50% more Anglophones then than there are now! After all, 1.5 is 50% bigger than one! OOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhh...the panic this will cause in the camps of SSJB, MMF, IF and all those other lunatic fringe organizations....lordy!

    3. From The Rationalist:

      Mr Editor, although I do not have the hard numbers on this, what you appear to have left out regarding the 39,000 immigrants to Quebec who stay and the 10,000 who leave each year is that probably a larger proportion of those who leave adopted English than French. Which makes ethnic nationalist, Mario Beaulieu's fears all the more bogus.

      Quebec ethnic nationalists have long brandished the fear of "les autres" as their raison d'être. This tactic got really ugly during WWII, culminating in the 1944 provincial election campaign. Maurice Duplessis and his gang won on the basis of an invented letter suggesting that a non-existent "Zionist international fraternity" and the Liberals had cooked up a scheme to settle some 100,000 Jewish refugees along the banks of the St. Lawrence River. While Quebec ethnic nationalists were using an imaginary Jewish invasion to generate votes among a fearful local populace, millions of real Jews were being murdered throughout Europe.

      The fear mongering will not be restricted to "les anglais". Wait till ex-Radio-Canada reporter, Bernard Drainville gets his "les accommodements désraisonnables" show on the road. If history is any guide, it's gonna be a hot and ugly summer and fall.

    4. On a more serious note vs my facetiousness above, the scariest thing about Quebec politics is the pasta chasers like melonhead Beaulieu, down-the-Drainville et al is all the governing parties in Quebec cater (or succumb, if you like) to the lowest common denominators of society. This is what does, and always has troubled me the most.

      I think my forebears the minority communities wanted to believe government wasn't all that bad. Well, no, I don't now or ever did believe this and now the worst of the worst elements have risen to the surface, and worse yet, it has brought out the worst in me and other loyal contributors to this blog.

    5. Sandy McTire, do you have access to Muller's article? Can you post his essay if you do?

    6. Thought this might interest you Adski:


    7. Thanks, this is good. It's a response to his article though. His article is restricted unfortunately.

      In the few available paragraphs of Muller's essay, I can tell that it is really interesting but I already see 2 flaws. First is his dismissal of ethno-nationalism and ethnocentrism in the United States, a country with violent and racist history as well as a violent and racist present. He should pay more attention to proliferating separatist movements in the US, most of them based on ethnic grounds like the "preservation of culture". Also, Arizona has passed over the recent years some truly ethnocentric legislation targeting Spanish speakers. Another mistake is the singling out of nationalism as the sole cause for the two world wars. Nationalism was whipped up only in the last year before world war 1, and outside of Germany, Italy, and Japan, in the last moments before world war two. The true cause for both world wars was colonial competition, capitalist greed, and cultural effects of modernity and industrialization. The colonial aspect was predominant and was viewed as a "right" not a privilege as Hitler barred from Africa and Asia seeked to find lebensraum in Eastern Europe and construct East Europeans and Jews as lesser breeds in a similar fashion that the French and the English did in their colonies to the natives. Hitler railed in his speeches that it was not fair that England with population of 45 million and France with 38 million divided the world for themselves, while Germany with 80 million had nothing other than Germany. He also demanded "respect" and "recognition" for Germany, something that is common to expansive and aggressive nationalism. (not to be confused with defensive nationalism, as in rallying of third world peoples against western imperialism).

      What is Quebec nationalism? To me, 50 years ago it was partly defensive, while today it is fully aggressive and expansionist. Biz's nostalgic reminiscing of how Des Moines in Iowa was started by the French is a case in point. The demands for "respect" and "recognition" are other manifestations of it. In a nutshell, it's not people who are oppressed fighting for rights, it's people who have it pretty good wanting more.

    8. Respect is earned, not demanded.

      Only silly people don't know that.

  3. Something from Vigil.net for a change that makes sense:
    Option Nationale is really out there in bizarre ideas. It's really difficult to keep in mind which one is the craziest of the lot

    1. It's too much effort to even read beyond a few lines of that rubbish.

      As soon as they start to refer to long forgotten "historical injustices" I'm bailing out.

      People like this are trapped in a destructive unproductive cycle.

      Refer to the middle east for such thinking.

      Constantly trying to fight for the same scraps of "sacred land" for hundreds of years.

      No conversation can happen without the long laundry lists of perceived injustices for hundreds of years ago that need to be corrected finally.

      These people are living in the past and doomed to repeat this forever.

      Quebec is actually subscribing and dragging it's population back into the mindset of historical battles that went on for centuries between the english and the french over the channel.

      Really what Quebec is doing is nothing more then trying to incite the historical antagonism that has existed between the english and french in europe.

      In the PQ brain they are still fighting a war for "new france".

      Such is the seppie mindset. Reliving past battles and injustices in the minds.

      Meanwhile the rest of the world have long ago moved on from this middle ages tribal thinking.

    2. "Meanwhile the rest of the world have long ago moved ..."

      Si le reste du monde est si attrayant pour vous ... Que faites-vous donc encore ici?

      Allez-vous répondre un jour?

    3. I'm only staying to annoy you and your racist friends. Rub it into their faces it's not just your province for you.

  4. If you have not already signed the petition to stop Bill 14 please do so at the following:


    power to the people and all that good stuff. Thank you.

  5. Another supposedly Anglophone who doesn't seem to get the gist of the protest against Bill 14 and again says "not to worry" in so many words. Apparently some of the BS the PQ puts out there is swallowed by some of the population in that it's not a "hatred" Bill but only to protect the French language. I find it so hard to believe that some people don't read between the lines on this whole debate: Copied from the Time.World article about the language wars on Anglophone Quebecers:

    I see you took my comments personally... I was not even referring to any of your posts. But since you so kindly replied, I feel obliged...

    A link, two links, twenty links... What's the point? They're either opinion articles or articles reflecting the opinion of one or the other side... Lots of woulds and coulds... You'd be better advise to consult this site for facts and transcripts. I posted the link to the English version. Yes... They current governement does have all its sites translated in English... : http://www.assnat.qc.ca/en/travaux-parlementaires/projets-loi/projet-loi-14-40-1.html

    And, as I said earlier, and as it is clearly stated in the the official transcriptions of the sittings, its being DEBATED!!! NOT VOTED OR ENFORCED!!! Moreover, and I repeat myself, the current government is a minority one... None of this will pass. And if it does, it will most likely be with the consent of the Liberal Party (Anglos massively voted for them - what an irony... This and to know that they created and financed profusely the Quebec Office for French, the infamous OQLF... )

    As for representing the opinions of Anglos, some will speak up and tell the others that they are fed up with the hate and the bullying within the community. My girlfriend was dubbed a "denouncer" for speaking up against and denouncing hainous remarks made by Anglos...

    Back to the Plateau... How come a resident of Quebec does not know at least a little French... Isn't it like me going to German-Switzerland and refusing to learn and speak German? That would be nonsense. Just like the French guy in Calgary, right? Also, how long has it been since your Plateau days? I am there almost every second day, and people of all languages seem to be pretty happy. I guess I hang out with "special" anglos??? Or are you discriminating pure anglos from "bilingual" anglos? Does this make them less anglos??? I really don't see how trying to blend with the French lessens their English roots... Careful where you step...

    Read more: http://world.time.com/2013/04/08/quebecs-war-on-english-language-politics-intensify-in-canadian-province/#ixzz2Qiyti3Jo

    1. No its not the same as going to germany and not learning german because quebec is only a province in canada where the official language is both english and french!! Germany is a german speaking country!! Keep dreaming mon chum.

  6. People seem to forget that we're in Canada and have somehow swallowed the fact the Québec is a unilingual French society whereby it is everyones duty to learn and speak French. Canada is a BRITISH colony and still under the BRITISH crown. We still have the Queen as our majesty. We still require Royal Assent in order to modify our constitution. The right to be English, speak English is ours and not for anyone to stop. This means we have a right to be ONLY English and speak ONLY English if we want. Out of respect for our French neighbours, it is our moral responsibility as Canadians to learn and speak French in order to accommodate and communicate with our "other" co-founders of this great country.
    Just as it should be THEIR moral responsibility to do the same for their English neighbours and co-founders. For too long, the Canadian Govt has given Quebec the right to be French yet also made very little efforts to ensure that with this right is also a moral obligation to learn the language of the vast majority surrounding them. Although, French Canadians are given the right to be French and only French if they choose, for me this is wrong as it causes division. By being only French, it causes the French people to become and feel less like the rest of Canada and therefore less Canadian.
    The Quebec Govt continuously states that Quebecers want to become separate from Canada, yet they have already on 2 occassions voted to remain Canadians, and this with trick Questions in order to get more Yes votes. As the first vote was 60/40, and then the 2nd vote was approx 49.50/50.50 (closer due to improper counting of ballots as thousands of NO votes were thrown out, yet as everyone knows, there was never any investigation done to find the culprits nor to bring the real figures out. I've heard that the Govt didn't want to spend money trying to resolve the issue since the NO side won anyway. Unfortunately, by not doing the investigation and not showing the true results, most hard line Quebecers felt that they were a nose hair away from independence. We are now faced with the possiblity of a 3rd referendum. Since Quebecers are getting tired of all this debate, the Govt has begun a campaign in order to sell the merits of sovereignty. If Quebecers were truly in favor of separating, why would the Govt need to sell the idea ? The answer is quite clear, it's not the people that want to separate but the hard line anti-English of Quebec want to convince them otherwise.

    We have to decide who we are as a Nation/Country. Are we English, Bilingual or English outside of Quebec and French inside? Otherwise this will NEVER end.

    1. For sure - now to convince the francophones that this is the way it should be for the good of the whole of quebec society and that there is nothing shameful in being bilingual is the point we should focus on but we have an inept liberal party that says nothing of the kind. They should be singing the praises of bilingualism but do not - too afraid to stir the balance of power. That's why I keep suggesting that we partition quebec and let those areas out that are against bilingualism. Less mess partitioning than this on-going, never-ending mess we live in at the present time.

    2. @Mike

      It seems like you are basically promoting the PQ's ideas in reverse in that first paragraph.

      There shouldn't be any "moral responsibility" to learn another language. You learn it because you think it will be useful, not because you want to feel more Québécois or Canadian.

  7. Editor,

    Why they leave is the great unanswered question, nobody has dared to stir that pot, but I have my own suspicions where family, language difficulties and better employment opportunities are the principal reasons.

    My answer.

  8. My wife works in the immigration field at one of Montréal's largest immigration firms, and it is a well known fact that Quebec's immigration rules are less strick and therefore to gain entry into Canada via Quebec is easier. Therefore many chose to enter through Canada, stay a couple of years and then move immediately. Quebec is the easiest Gateway into Canada which is why people choose to immigrate through Quebec. To say people are moving here because they want to move to a French province is wrong.
    The Federal Govt gave Quebec control over immigration (which is stupid !!!) and although the applicant must also still pass the Federal Govt's immigration process, as soon as Quebec passes them, they are never refused by the Federal Govt unless they have something very very wrong with them which would have stopped the Quebec immigration from allowing them in in the first place. It is only a 2nd screening in reality. It's a stupid and costly system and should be abolished but of course there is no way to take back immigration from Quebec now.

    1. That's why I keep repeating that there must be no more power to Quebec over thing. I have e-mail the PM and stated this - they abuse everything they touch and it ends up being a costly mess. God - will we ever learn.

  9. The FLQ seem to be getting going again. They havn;t claimed responsibility for the bomb threat yet this morning that I've seen.

    Since the FLQ have been responsible for 99% of all the bombs detonated in urban areas in Quebec it seem logical to investigate them.

    In Quebec, even though "it look like a duck, quacks like a duck and walks like a duck" it's not allowed to be called a duck.

    Quebec loves this thinking

    It's not independence, it's sovereignty association
    It's not a bribe, it's just a normal quebec business relationships
    Students arn;t boycott, they are striking

    Ass backwards here.

    1. If you're not happy here go to oiratno ...

    2. "If you're not happy here go to oiratno ..."

      Most typical reply of a small, weak mind.

      And if you're not happy with the language situation in Quebec, why don't you learn English (start with your spelling) and see what leading an educated life is like?


    3. "Most typical reply of a small, weak mind."

      Car probablement la plus logique.

      Je suis très heureux de ma situation au Québec et je le serai encore plus lorsque le projet de loi 14 sera adopté :)

      "...and see what leading an educated life is like?"

      Je suppose que vous êtes l'exemple à suivre.

      If you're not happy here ... You should move to oiratno.Est-ce mieux?

      D'autres questions Résidu?

    4. Don;t worry SR. I'm planning on moving my family out eventually.

      I don;t want my kids growing up in a culture of hatred and intolerance bordering on fascism.

      PQ would like nothing more then Quebec to disintegrate into ethnic violence like we see for hundreds of years in the middle east.

      Keep going SR, you will yet make your goal of an independent sliver of land where you can finally redefine human rights and freedom of association in the PQ vision.

      We'll throw food scraps over the fence every once and a while.

      Quebec will be a ghetto.

      Meanwhile the 11th province of enlightened people will rise up from the ashes in the Western part of the province.

    5. Way to go cebeuq - The next referendum should read "Do you want to form a country where only French are allowed to have Rights and Freedoms?" and let those areas go that vote "Yes" - Use Clarity Act Rules, the question will be clear and take anything over a 60% Yes vote as to letting those areas go and live from the rest of us! This is what must be done for there to be any end to this suffocation that we live with on a daily basis!

    6. "Don;t worry SR. I'm planning on moving my family out eventually."

      Vous faites ce que vous voulez.J'espére simplement pour vous et votre famille que votre adaptation en d'autres sols ne sera pas un échec comme ce fût le cas au Québec.

      Bonne chance!

    7. Actually, I set a little trap for reddy the neck and he stepped into it quite beautifully. Rather than state the obvious, I thought I'd have him point it all out to us.

      "Je suis très heureux de ma situation au Québec et je le serai encore plus lorsque le projet de loi 14 sera adopté :)"

      In a nutshell, what you have there is normalcy bias - the driving force behind the xenophobic/racist pathos of society's bottom rung.

      They long for a life without challenge and controlled by routine.

    8. I agree with @cebeuq, I think we should also investigate the bombings that occurred in North Korea and Afghanistan. It wouldn't surprise me if the FlQ was involved in it.

    9. 200 separatist bombs in Montreal and still they make jokes.

      H Bain they don;t laugh about tho. He's the mental case that supposedly represents all anglo views.

      It's an ugly truth about separatists that many support violence if they can;t get independence any other way.

      John, there goes the hockey puck. Chase the shiny object away to distract from the important discussions.

    10. ?

      They say their model is scandinavia, but I'm pretty sure that if Quebec becomes a country it would look more like North Korea.

  10. A little story on how some francophones feel about associating with immigrants (i.e. anyone not like them).

    About 10 years ago we were looking for a new home. My husband had a conversation with a work colleague who was also looking for a new home. A certain area of town was discussed and the colleague said to my husband in French: Have you visited the schools in that area? If you visit the schools you won`t want to move there, plein d'immigrants, c'est comme les nations unies.

    This was obviously a terrible thing that had to be avoided.

    1. Du moment que tous parlent anglais comme au canada,aucun problème,n'est-ce pas laurie?

    2. LD

      I've had a Québécois co-worker that moved from Laval to St Eustache because an Arabic family bought the house next to him. He was very comfortable telling the World about this and the rest of the workshop seemed to think it was a legitimate reason to uproot his family amid move even further away from the city. The faster people like that leave Montreal, the better.

    3. And aren't we just the most accommodating place in the whole of North America? Welcome to Quebec all - lol

  11. Speaking of immigrant, check this piece out, from the Editor's favorite contributor on Vigile.net.

    1. Ok, now I would just love to hear how this is NOT racist.

      This is proof the separatist movement should not only be illegal on grounds of sedition,
      But also on the grounds that it's a movement that openly promotes hatred.

    2. All I can say after review that article is what can we expect from the separatists except more of the same. Out with the lot of them! It is their view that only they, their culture, their language is fit to live in this province and if that doesn't prove it, nothing does.

  12. And SR you little contemptuous worm - you move the hell to Haiti or France and leave the rest of us alone! Sick to death of you Nazis.

    1. Vous êtes terrible peggy :)


    2. Apartheid seemed totally logical for white people living in South Africa.

      Slavery was something lots of Europeans and "americans" used to think was totally normal.

      Germans used to support forced sterilizations and even worse...

      People like SR are unable to see themselves, in the same way the above groups could not recognize their own position.

      To everybody else in the world, it's incredibly obvious how dysfunctional the logic of their thinking is.

    3. "Apartheid,sterilizations,Slavery" ?!?

      Ça va pas la tête?

      Si difficile de communiquer dans la langue officielle du Québec "cebeuq"?

      Vous avez un avantage que les Juifs et les esclaves n'avaient pas :Vous avez le reste du continent pour vous "enfuir".

    4. Sorry SR I can;t read globish.

    5. Je sais et c'est là votre problème :)

    6. Now, I know S.R has always been a remarkably unlikeable individual, but anyone else notice that lately he's becoming even more belligerent with his nationalistic utterances?

      Kind of reminds me of the character in the Philip Roth novel, The Dying Animal. I'd recommend S.R read it, but since he can't run the book through Google Translate, he has no hope of understanding its contents.

    7. SR embraces the PQ practice self-censorship.

      Don;t want to read anything that might upset their world view. The logic of their position isn;t capable of withstanding much.

      This dovetails nicely with keeping the francophone population as unilingual as possible. Helps to prevent the spread of unapproved ideas.

      PQ Groupthink doesn;t encourage or allow independent thought.

    8. "The Dying Animal"

      C'est pas les angryphones qui hurlent de plus en plus fort depuis quelques mois?

      Une chance que la plupart des anglos du Québec savent s'adapter et que vous ne représentez qu'une infime minorité.

    9. Here is food for thought for everyone to indulge in:






      Thanks to Troy for the Vigile article - I'll be translating it tonight and making it the next post on QIF.

    10. "And SR you little contemptuous worm - you move the hell to Haiti or France and leave the rest of us alone! Sick to death of you Nazis."

      Very immature, childish and misinformed quote. If you think S.R is a troll, don't tease him.

    11. Resident Evil,

      What is QIF and what is its address?

    12. Hey Roland - who are you and why are you commenting on what I have to say to our resident troll? Just curious-

    13. @Troy: http://www.quebecinvestmentfacts.com

  13. Je ne crois pas que peggy lutte réellement pour ses pseudo droits mais plutôt contre ses propre hormones en folie,j'ai rarement été témoin d'une telle rage chez une femme saine d'esprit :)

    1. "or else" you'll put us into re-education jail until we tow the party line.

      Keep going mate, we like seeing the real PQ come out.

      You make our points for us.

    2. LOL @ student and S.R calling people subhumans.

      S.R doesn't even speak English while student can't even spell correctly nor can he use capital letters.

    3. Actually I might have to retract my comment. It seems that student finally found the CAPS LOCK button, it only took him 4 months.

    4. Everyone knows how I feel about Student, but that's not the real Student.

    5. Still looking for CAPS LOCK?

    6. And now SR claims to be sane - must be part of the PQ platform - tell them all they're "sane" and whoosh they are! lol

  14. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYWednesday, April 17, 2013 at 7:59:00 PM EDT

    More proof of quebec xenophobic paranoia and blatant intolerance and racism:
    "Turbans banned on Quebec soccer fields"

    "Singh said Quebec is the only province where the turban seems to be a problem for soccer players."

    Hmmm call a spade a spade: racism.

    1. Saviez-vous que la tête est aussi utilisée au soccer,comment font-ils pour frapper le ballon avec un turban sur la tête?Lol

    2. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYWednesday, April 17, 2013 at 8:57:00 PM EDT

      "Saviez-vous que la tête est aussi utilisée au soccer,comment font-ils pour frapper le ballon avec un turban sur la tête?Lol"

      Saviez-vous S.R. que le quebec est encore en train de passer pour un endroit de xenophobes?
      Encore des manchettes negatives a l'egard du quebec. Cette fois de l'Inde:
      A la fin, aucune difference de jouer avec ou sans turban. la grosse difference c'est un autre oeil au beurre noir pour le quebec.
      S.R. comment les allemands pourront-ils investir au quebekistan?

    3. "Saviez-vous S.R. que le quebec est encore en train de passer pour un endroit de xenophobes?"

      Tellement qu'on laisse passer seulement 55 000 immigrants/années.Il semble que "notre xénophobie" attire beaucoup de monde,non?


    4. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYWednesday, April 17, 2013 at 9:44:00 PM EDT

      S.R. you should spend more time focussing on your freedom as "La Republique quebecoise" and make your dream happen. Work for separation! Not by wasting your time here.
      Why are you here wasting your time? On a vulgar anti-separatist site.
      quebec counts on you!
      Remember the end state: separation!

  15. 37% of respondents to the CTV poll have voted no when asked should soccer players be allowed to wear turbans in Quebec

  16. More bad press for Quebec!

    "Our brightest symbol of Quebec business"

    The PQ are sure to create world class jobs to replace.

    It's good to see more international attention focused on the corruption in the Quebec business environment.

    Hey guys, we are so good at managing our own house. Our business thrive, our politicians and civic leaders are among the best.

    Lets seperate...

    Hmm maybe independence is really just a play for organized crime to finally control part of North America. Get a few fools like the PQ to front the operation.

    Unions/corrupt politicians/corrupt civil servants/organized crime are already controlling the province for decades.

    Venezuela north..


    SNC-Lavalin unit barred for 10 years from bidding on World Bank projects

    Read more: http://www.montrealgazette.com/news/Lavalin+unit+barred+years+from+bidding+World+Bank+projects/8256717/story.html#ixzz2QlkdYNDI

    1. “Historically, revenues generated from projects in the affected subsidiaries that are financed by the World Bank” and related development banks, represent about one per cent of the parent company’s annual revenues, SNC said."


    2. Clearly it's your project engineering background showing through.

      Organizations love to place large projects with companies convicted for corruption. Yup, good place to risk a new 100 million project.


      Great logic.

      Clearly SNC doesn;t agree with you. They already moved all the construction head office stuff to London earlier this year. Get it out of the culture of Quebec to try to save the business.

    3. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYWednesday, April 17, 2013 at 8:50:00 PM EDT

      S.R. you should spend more time focussing on your freedom as "La Republique quebecoise" and make your dream happen. Work for separation! Not by wasting your time here.
      Why are you here wasting your time? On a vulgar anti-separatist site.
      quebec counts on you!
      Remember the end state: separation!

  17. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYWednesday, April 17, 2013 at 9:53:00 PM EDT

    Comment vont les allemands investir au quebec?

    "The World Bank banned Canadian engineering firm SNC-Lavalin from its projects Wednesday over corruption in a Bangladesh bridge project and another project."



    Now S.R. reply with something stupid please.

    quebekistan is a Haiti-nord type nation.

    P.S. Comment ca va quand tu conduit sur l'echangeur Turcot? La fierte des quebecois.
    Ma tante Pauline va tout arranger, va tout soigner pi va tout solutionner les bobos du quebec.

    1. Congrats The Conquest well done!

    2. Cher The Conquest,

      Vous nous avez conquis. Pourtant, nous sommes aujourd'hui sur notre territoire la majorité linguistique, culturelle, politique, sociologique et économique. Et vous êtes là, deux siècles et demi plus tard à brailler sur les traitements que vous subissez, à brailler d'être des citoyens de seconde classe, réduits à vous plaindre dans les journaux américains de votre mauvais sort.

      De plus, je crois bien de mémoire, que dans toute l'histoire de l'empire britannique, vous êtes le seul peuple anglais qui a dû apprendre la langue d'un peuple qu'il avait auparavant conquis.

      Continuez vos bravades, elles m'amusent.

    3. LD

      The Conquest continues, this time it's by bilingual and trilingual "allophones" who's parents had the foresight to save for higher learning and can actually function in more than one language unlike the Unilingual francophones that have trouble ordering a coke outside Quebec's borders. Its these kids that will take the cake and become owners and managers. I see it everyday at my company, new hires are overwhlemingly non-Quebecois, and speak both languages immpecably. The future belongs to those that prepare for it today. The PQ and their education language policies have done nothing POSITIVE for Quebec.

    4. @ Michel

      I am pretty sure The Conquest is mocking all of you. That is to say, some of you are acting like "un peuple conquis" and he or she is poking at you. The fact that you answered him or her so seriously just proves the point.

    5. "The Conquest continues, this time it's by bilingual and trilingual "allophones""

      Des conquérants incapables de demander leur ticket de métro en français?

    6. Nobody but Nobody that I have ever met discusses or even cares one bit about any conquest. It`s all about getting under your skin, and it worked!

    7. Y a-t-il un problème les p'tit zous-zous?

      Vous n'aimez pas la vérité?

      C'est seulement le fun quand un séparatiste fait son baveux?

      Vous voir chier dans vos culottes, ça m'amusent. :-)

      Conquest - I never thought six words could be so damn funny.

      I completely expected an enraged retort from S.R, especially since
      he was outclassed in the smart-ass remarks department, but check out
      how Michel Patrice broke character...

      ...man, now that's some bitter anger right there.

    8. @laurie

      "Nobody but Nobody that I have ever met discusses or even cares one bit about any conquest."

      maybe you should go out more, then.

    9. @Student

      What Laurie meant was: "Nobody but Nobody (WHOSE OPINION ACTUALLY MATTERS) that I have ever met discusses or even cares one bit about any conquest."

      Or maybe you should get over yourself, grow up and evaluate your point of view and adopt mine instead. :-)

    10. @Résidu

      L'abcès devra être crevé un jour et comme on dit : Tout fini par s'arranger ... Même mal :)



    11. @resident evil

      how do you know if a person's opinion matters or not? do you have a good set of criteria to help you or do you simply use yours?

    12. @Student

      It's a really simple formula, really.

      If you're the type of wussy who:

      1. Cries over something that happened 250 years ago
      2. Oppose multiculturalism
      3. Support the notion of unilingualism
      4. Constantly regurgitate the same rhetoric verbatim
      5. Show support for murderers...

      ...then you don't matter as a person. Not to me, the next guy...or even yourself.

      If you actually mattered to yourself, you'd build your own life and reality. You wouldn't
      act like a little wuss and beg something like a government to shield you from your fear of what you're unfamiliar/uncomfortable with.

      Anglos and immigrants don't owe you SHIT.

      It's up to you to man-up, take responsibility for your life and make your own life.

      Until then, anything your say does not matter.

      Did that clear things up Student?

    13. "vous êtes le seul peuple anglais qui a dû apprendre la langue d'un peuple qu'il avait auparavant conquis"

      You must be so proud.

      As an immigrant, I always had a feeling that learning French here had as much to do with "integration" and practicality, as with stroking the egos and aiding in self-affirmation of the people who (in their minds) have "arrived" on the scene.

      Needless to say, this attention-seeking of the speakers of French has always made learning French and "integrating" a rather conflicting endeavor for me.

    14. "You must be so proud."

      Avouez que nous avons toutes les raisons de l'être...Remettre les anglos à leur place ...

      Un élément de plus qui vient appuyer l'aspect distinct de notre Nation :)

    15. @ Michel Patrice

      nice to finally meet you, Michel. This 'you' suits you better.

      PS - for shits and giggles, down the memory lane, remember your analogy where you portrayed qc as a whore?

    16. Sad - at one time I thought there was some hope for him - Oh well.

    17. @resident evil

      you are so full of yourself that you won't consider opposing views.

      i wonder how you can still hope for self improvement. or maybe you don't.

    18. @Student

      Of course I'm full of myself...I'm fucking A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

      Why would I hope for anymore self-improvement? Haven't those "teachers" of yours clued you in to the fact that you can't improve on perfection?

      @T.S. & Cutie:

      All I can say about Michel Patrice is "I told you so."

      Despite his attempts to come off as a metered, diplomatic voice for the separatist movement, it was only a matter of time until he gave himself away and that's why I never bought into his bullshit act.

      I really do stand by the fundamental rule that you cannot claim to be a separatist and be alright with others who are not part of your milieu.

    19. @resident evil & cutie003 & ts

      you all hinted that michel patrice's comment up here contained self incriminating material. but none of you explained what it was and why it was so bad. more precisely:

      resident evil, what did michel patrice "give away"?
      cutie003, why do you think there is no hope for michel patrice?
      ts, what is this new "you" you're refering to, mate?

      don't forget that michel patrice was responding to the provocative comment from the conquest. if you don't like michel patrice's tone here, maybe you should aim your rants at the bad contributor who set it in the first place.

    20. Being the benevolent victors that we are, we allowed the conquered to keep jabbering in their patois. You’re welcome. :)

      ♪♪ Rule, Britannia! Britannia, rule the waves! ♪♪

    21. ♪♪ Rule, Britannia! Britannia, rule the waves! ♪♪

      Je préfère personnellement God Save the Queen (la version des Sex Pistols évidemment).

    22. @R.E

      Correct on your assertion regarding M.P, also a troll. I consider he's like a...less provincial version of troll no. 1...the guy with the pinstripes!! !! Now let's ignore him too.

    23. FYI to JF Lisee

      quebec is not a nation...it's barely a province.....too poor.

      I fear Canada may dispense with us just for that reason alone. Imagine they have their own referendum, all the other provinces and territories and toss us to the curb? I wouldn't put it past them...I certainly wouldn't put it past harper if he's elected again to support such an initiative if it looks like the RoC wants it. I hate to admit it but Justin T. is looking better and better right now...though...if I think about the sins of the father ...mm I'd rather not think of the sins of the father.

    24. As per Michel Patrice:

      - Defeated 18th-century soldiers from France are referred to as “we” and “our”.
      - “Notre territoire” (Whose territory? That would be the exclusive “our”, not the inclusive “our”.)
      - “Vous nous avez conquis.” (Yes indeed, “we” personally did it to “them”.)

      Right there is everything you need to know about the retrograde seppie mentality.

    25. @R.S.

      This is merely an observation, but any time a seppie gets the chance...he will remind others .....what great strides they've made because after all ...they've come a long way since being slapped silly 250 yrs ago..lol...Now they reign the roost. But you go behind the scenes and discover they still rule nothing and others pull their strings still today..(Allos running mtl city hall for the longest time). Once again, 'Slaves to others'. But it makes them feel better to remind everyone else that they are in charge now; rather, it's just another attempt to keep reminding themselves of it too mostly. THIS...is the reason they will never prevail. They don't believe in their greatness and they don't believe in it cause there is nothing to believe in. Too bad, but that's the Truth.

    26. And just quickly on the subject of Bill 14...it is a coward's project...and it is a bully's bill. Creating it and pushing it makes them all a bunch of bullies too.

      Bullies never ascend to greatness, they eventually come across someone who kicks them in the ass and takes them down. They ought to remember that.... just sayin'

    27. To me, they rule to many things! Just look at Marois and her entirely white and franco (except that one black guy) cabinet

    28. The only abscess is in S.R's head... and I would be only too glad to help him squeeze it out. Now that would certainly make things turn out fine indeed! :)

    29. TS, can you remind us again about how Michel Patrice thinks Quebec is a whore? He seems to be silent on the issue now.

    30. "Being the benevolent victors that we are, we allowed the conquered to keep jabbering in their patois. You’re welcome. :)"

      It had less to do with British benevolence and more to do with England's recognition of France as a worthy power state, and French subjects as worthy of respect on account of this.

      In places which the Brits did not respect, local populations had it really bad. India and Ireland are good examples.

      The attitudes of reserved respect for the North American French, despite having conquered them, and the utter disdain for the "savages" in the conquered Ireland are descried well in this book:


  18. Here is food for thought for everyone to indulge in:






    Thanks to Troy for the Vigile article - I'll be translating it tonight and making it the next post on QIF.

    1. Many of these points do sound awfully familiar:

      National purity
      Some nationalists exclude certain groups. Some nationalists, defining the national community in ethnic, linguistic, cultural, historic, or religious terms (or a combination of these), may then seek to deem certain minorities as not truly being a part of the 'national community' as they define it. Sometimes a mythic homeland is more important for the national identity than the actual territory occupied by the nation.

      Ultranationalism is a zealous nationalism that expresses extremist support for one's nationalist ideals. It is often characterized by:

      - authoritarianism (where political authority is concentrated in a small group of politicians);
      - efforts toward reduction or stoppage of immigration (presumably includes very selective immigration);
      - expulsion and/or oppression of non-native populations within the nation or its territories (“101 or 401”);
      - demagoguery of leadership (i.e. impassioned appeals to the prejudices and emotions of the populace);
      - emotionalism (i.e. the cultivation of an emotional state of mind);
      - fomenting (stirring up) talk of presumed, real, or imagined enemies;
      - predicating (asserting) the existence of threats to the survival of the native, dominant or otherwise idealized national ethnicity or population group;
      - instigation or extremist reaction to crack-down policies in law enforcement;
      - efforts to limit international trade through tariffs;
      - tight control over businesses (OQLF’s “French or die”) and production;
      - militarism;
      - populism (the political doctrine that supports the rights and powers of the common people in their struggle with the privileged elite);
      - propaganda (information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view).

      How many do you recognize as applying to our seppies?

  19. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYThursday, April 18, 2013 at 6:19:00 AM EDT



    S.R. will say that German convinience store will easily come to quebekistan...

    Another glass of Chardonay, moron?

    1. Non pas de Chardonnay mais peut-être un Prüm Wehlener Sonnenuhr Beerenauslese 1999
      Question d'impressionner un peu nos nouveaux amis du vieux continent.

    2. Pour le dessert ... Évidemment :)

  20. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYThursday, April 18, 2013 at 6:24:00 AM EDT


    Quelle est ton opinion sur Raymond Villeneuve?

    1. FROM ED
      Congratulations. 30 out of the last 39 posts have been arguing or discussing with the trolls. You think they are stupid. They have accomplished what they wanted they have taken over your blog. So who are the smart ones? Do you think people from around the world looking in want to read that shit? Is there nothing of interest to write about, What about the WORLDTIME article? Is that old hat now? I suggest that if you insist on being chummy with them at least show them the respect they deserve for making so
      many waste time and space for the PQ cause. Marois will probably give them a medal for outsmarting English people. Ed.

    2. ED I know you arn;t of the internet generation but the traffic is GOOD for google and ranking the site and getting our message out.

      This is the basis of "social media".

      Lots of people will argue that it's simply not true etc. These people have no idea what they are talking about. Anyone that has spent any amount of time doing SEO work understands the issues of why the back and forth is good.

      The content of the conversations don;t matter at all. It's the fact it's back and forth so quickly and the number and newness.

      Sorry it's annoying, but we benefit when SR and student get paid to hang out here. It helps get this web page a higher google/alexia ranking.

    3. FROM ED
      A higher rating in what Cebeuq, bullshit. These people are outsmarting you and stealing your blog bit by by bit and you defend them. Don't try to tell me this is good for the blog. When I first joined this blog Editor was zapping the freaks and we had sensible educated people. After the election they started creeping back but I don't see the names any more that used to make sense or not post. I have two friends my age who are interested in politics, we meet once a month for lunch The BLOG contents used to be a favorite topic. My fiend Ken went through high school and McGill Engineering always first in the class. He is a talented sensible person whose opinion I respect. He feels and rightly so that the blog is now a waste of time. We no longer use it as a topic. Do you honestly believe that people tuning in for the first time can make hide nor tail out of troll crap.
      They are playing you like brainless children and your too full of yourself to see it. Ed

    4. @ed

      i agree ed. like you i'd gladly trade a little bit of traffic for a better discussion.

    5. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYThursday, April 18, 2013 at 9:49:00 PM EDT


      "like you i'd gladly trade a little bit of traffic for a better discussion."


      Really, mate?
      Coming from you, mate, aka student, also an idiot?
      You wish for "better discussion", mate?
      Based on what, mate?
      Your opinion alone, mate?
      What is your definition of a "better discussion", mate?
      Care to share your wisdom, mate?

      What would constitute "a little bit of traffic", mate?

      You'd be glad, mate?

  21. Living in French isn’t a human right: Commission


    1. Human rights arn;t important in Quebec. Human rights is a concept created by anglophones in an effort assimilate all francophone culture around the world. (remember the seppie world view, they are at the center of everything, it's ALWAYS about them, otherwise you are being discriminatory)

      Quebec already ignore the UN and human right with Bill 101 and schooling in French.

      What's a few more broken laws?

      When the govt breaks laws like human right you can see why Quebec degenerates into lawless scams at all levels of government and civil service.

      When the government has no respect for laws and rights you can;t expect the population to adhere to the laws they make.

      In other words when you have an immoral govt that would push something like Bill101 and Bill 14 onto the people, the people realize aboying rules isn;t important.

      Rules in quebec are selectively enforced based on your ethnic background.

      I'm all for encouraging the lawless society that the PQ want. Nobody reading the boa should be the slightest worry about the laws of Quebec. they are MADE to be broken. Push the envelope!

      As Leona Hlmsley said "We don't pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes"

      That's Quebec law. Only the little people follow the rules here to the detriment of themselves.

      Only a fool would back down and give in to the OLQF and other nonsense here.

      Like the kids in Ponte-Claire that were told to speak French among each other last weekend. These kids should be taught to tell adults like this to "fuck off and mind their own business".

      Don;t give in to language crazies, argue back. Their hatred and racism will boil to the surface quickly.

      Break a law Quebec law today and celebrate! All your politicians, civil servants and union members are doing it!

      Civil disobedience!

    2. "fuck off and mind their own business"

      C'est déjà ce qui se passe,non?

    3. "Rules in quebec are selectively enforced based on your ethnic background."


    4. “The new law attempts to make French equal to other fundamental rights such as free speech and gender equality.”

      The minority PQ will stoop to anything to appeal to its core while it’s weak; we saw that when pot-banging Pauline whored herself out to the red square students and then promptly shafted them.

  22. And for your reading pleasure:
    God, let's hope this guy votes the whole damn thing down and we get an election soon to get rid of the separatist government. Ruination is quickly approaching.

    1. Legault is a separatist. He has been a separatist all his life, and an extreme one at that. As ED pointed out a few times, Legault strongly supported the FLQ and their terrorist actions.

      Furthermore, he can barely speak english. He might be just a bit better at it than Marois.

      What exactly makes you think he will do anything against Bill 14? I sincerely hope you're not trusting politicians based simply on what they say..

      Has Legault's opinion on separation and getting rid of "les maudits anglais" changed? Perhaps.. If so, I would seriously be worried about this man's integrity and convictions. You wouldn't want an ex-terrorist running the province, so why an ex-separatist?

      I really don't understand why you have *ANY* faith in this man who apparently can't decide which side he's on. I guess it goes to show how limited our choices really are in this province.

    2. I'm not supporting him - I'm only hoping that he is listening to the e-mails and the petitions that have been signed to stop Bill 14 - nothing else. He is our only hope to stop it - that's it, that's all. I've never said anything else but that he's a separatist.

    3. "Has Legault's opinion on separation and getting rid of "les maudits anglais" changed? Perhaps.. If so, I would seriously be worried about this man's integrity and convictions. You wouldn't want an ex-terrorist running the province, so why an ex-separatist?"

      No, we don't. But from our perspective, we have no ..NO REPRESENTATION at this time ..in the National Assembly, in QC city. There is no one who represents OUR interests. This needs to change. I will not vote for the same hags who do nothing for me and who do not have my back. The time has come for everyone who is a minority, anglo and allo, to understand this and act accordingly come next election.

  23. Let's hope that these hearings actually did some good but with the PQ it's doubtful. All for show I'm sure. Idiots


  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Couldn't agree more cebeuq - If something happens to you in your everyday life or in your business, it's time to fight back. I do every chance I get and I hope more people will also. They have to learn that bullying isn't acceptable just as we were taught when we were children. Push back all.

  25. Should this restaurant owner be fined by the OQLF?
    Come take your bunch at our restaurent!

    1. it should get a warning first, then be fined if it doesn't come up with a french poster that is actually written in french.

    2. Why is the OQLF even necessary? Can't the offended Francophones just not eat there? Are they not are the majority? Wouldn't not eating there put them out of business? Or is it that the citizens of Quebec are not allowed to have free choice?

      Anywhere else in the world if the business does not accommodate to their customers it would go out of business. So why is the OQLF need? (jobs for uneducated separatists?)

    3. No one should be fined by the OQLF.

    4. They simply aren't legitimate...thing is...they prove time and time again that they are just as racist as all the other agencies who claim to exist to preserve the French Language in this province.

      The day they slap a Fine on the 'Habs' for Language infractions...will be the day I may pay attention. For now...they are and remain ...mere.. Pasta Chasers here and the world over.

  26. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYThursday, April 18, 2013 at 4:58:00 PM EDT

    "Le Québec agit comme un bénéficiaire d’assistance sociale qui réclame des fonds au gouvernement fédéral, sans faire les efforts pour augmenter ses revenus"


    Read more:

    S.R.: que fera le bien petit quebec, cette petite nation lorsqu'elle sera seule, libre et sans le sou?
    N'oublies pas: dette accumulee de $1/4 trillion +++ sa part de la dette du Canada...

    Etre heureux, vivre en francais;)$$$$$

    1. Anecdote de la journée:

      Notre première ministre n'avait pas 5 minutes à accorder à "Juste un trou d'eau" le petit prince, aujourd'hui.


    2. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYThursday, April 18, 2013 at 7:04:00 PM EDT

      S.R. la Vraie anecdote de la journee:

      "Marois's office corrected Lisée, saying that Trudeau had never asked to meet provincial leaders in a joint meeting."

      "Lisée later said he misunderstood the Trudeau request".

      Maybe Lisee it is simply that he's only a minister in a minority government... acting like a "prince de la nation quebekistanaise"...

      Read more: http://montreal.ctvnews.ca/lisee-apologizes-after-anger-over-request-young-prince-trudeau-never-made-1.1243576#ixzz2QrJ5AVTW

    3. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYThursday, April 18, 2013 at 7:15:00 PM EDT


      Tu devrais lire certains des commentaires du lien...ouch!!!
      Le pauvre petit prince quebekistanais ce fait descendre... pi en anglais!!!

      "Presumably Justin Trudeau spoke in French since unlike Queen Pauline he is fluently bilingual .Perhaps then Jean Francois Lisee needs a French test to determine if his coimprehension is up to par for his job." OUCH!!!

      "Ah Queen Polly's court jester can't get the story straight but is upset anyway..... Really!! And even the queen corrects the jester that's pretty bad...." OUCH!!!

      Ha ha! S.R. Tu laisses Lisee, cet incompetent ternir "ta" nation? OUCH!!!

    4. I don't get it - why are the PQ saying his visit is an insult to the memory of René Lévesque?

    5. @R.E.

      I got a real kick out of JF Lisee and how upset and annoyed at the fact that Justin T. come strutting along...in his territory...lol...calling him the prince...lolololol.....that alone indicates how threatened he ...and probably his minions feel...that Justin is already so popular...lolololololololol...Trudeau may in fact be a game changer for this province....the PQ is a minority gov...and Justin may pick up popularity for Canada...in...la belle province...hahahahahha...I can't wait for what comes next !!

    6. It’s merely because Lévesque was the Quebec premier when the Constitution of Canada was enacted in 1982.

      “The 1982 constitutional reform, carried out by the federal Liberal government under Pierre Trudeau, essentially removed the British Parliament’s last remaining constraints on Canada’s constitution. It established the current amending formula, and entrenched the federal Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Quebec was the sole holdout against the reform, not because it discriminated against Quebec in any way, but because the Parti Québécois was in power at the time and was compelled to reject any Canadian constitutional accord on separatist principle.”


  27. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYThursday, April 18, 2013 at 7:07:00 PM EDT


    Avec une dette de $1/4 trillion, comment peut la nation quebekistanaise attirer des investissements de l'Allemagne?

    Et aussi le joual ils ne le cause pas ce globish de ceinture flechee...

    1. Occupe toi de ton énergie préhistorique,on s'occupe des germains.

      En passant "check" le nid de poule amarrricain ... Toujours plus gros que tout le monde :D



    2. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE CALGARYThursday, April 18, 2013 at 8:08:00 PM EDT


      C'est ton seul "come back"?
      T'es vraiment un ostie de vrai cave.
      Separes-toi au plus crisse.
      mais que fais-tu a l'institut Pinel a la jounee longue????????

    3. Sorry to be pedantic (not really) but a “trillion” in English is equal to a “billion” in French. Obviously, both of you are losing your culture and about to be assimilated at any moment.


  28. FROM ED
    Is there any commercial more stupid than the one for Subaru Forester that shows two giggling adults racing at high speed over an unpaved wet road with two small children in the back seats? Ed

  29. R.E. says in an earlier:
    "Ok, now I would just love to hear how this is NOT racist. This is proof the separatist movement should not only be illegal on grounds of sedition, But also on the grounds that it's a movement that openly promotes hatred."

    The silent majority in this province isn't any better.

    1. Are you saying that the silent majority is seditious or that it openly promotes hatred? On account of some racist plouc in Quebec City who objects to non-whites being shown in advertising campaigns?