Sunday, May 27, 2012

Being Mocked over Student 'Strike' a Tough Pill to Swallow for Quebec francophones

The English press has been unrelentingly harsh in it's portrayal of striking students in Quebec as being spoilt brats, whining for entitlement that other richer provinces, deem too rich for their blood.

The press in the Rest of Canada has been having a field day portraying this perceived selfish and stupid attitude as being a 'French thing' something that right-thinking Anglos have eschewed.

While in Quebec, many many articles are published in the mainstream Press supporting the student strike, outside Quebec, you'd have to search high and low to find one editorial or op-ed piece in support.

In fact, the tone of most of these article has become nastier and nastier as the French/English divide over the strike has been played up to portray francophone Quebecers as stupid whiners, buttressing the already entrenched opinion in the RoC that Quebecers are greedy and selfish.

And so while Quebec journalists debate the merits of the strike and disruptions, their contemporaries in the RoC write derisive and condescending articles condemning francophone attitudes of entitlement that to many francophones, has the perceived ring of Quebec-bashing.

This by the way, is in contrast to the foreign press, which has been more and more sympathetic since the imposition of Bill 78. Read a report

Typical of the reaction across the Op-Ed pages of Canada is this from the Edmonton Journal;
"The masked thugs in Quebec who are smashing windows, planting smoke bombs on subways and harassing bona fide students deserve no one’s sympathy.
These are vandals and anarchists who embrace the culture of victimization — much like the sovereigntists in the Parti Québécois and the Bloc Québécois." Link
But one of the most stinging rebukes came off the pen of Barbara Kay, of the National Post in an article provocatively entitled "Quebec’s mindless mobs reflect French/English divide"
"In case you haven’t noticed, the massive protests in Quebec have been rather one-sided, culturally speaking. As the mindless mobs fill the streets day after day, protesting the injustice of having to pay a few hundred dollars more in tuition, you will find that amongst them, almost nary is heard an English-language word.....
......anglos are culturally tuned in to the rest of the country; they are far more realistic than their bubble-dwelling franco peers about the cost of tuition elsewhere."
If I had to choose one comment made by readers in the RoC that best summarizes the prevailing Canadian attitude towards francophone Quebecers, it is this;
"The cheapest tuition in Canada and yet they whine.  They learn young in Quebec....the Province of miscreants and malcontents." -Martin Ellacott

Now being disliked by English Canada is one thing, Quebecers largely feel the same way about Canada, but being mocked and scorned, is quite another thing completely.

Remember the furor over the Maclean's article that called Quebec the most corrupt province in Canada?

It seems that Maclean's is about to do it again. This week they will publish another controversial story highlighted by this provocative cover. (It will appear in the June 7th edition)
It's very likely that once again Quebecers will be furious at their portrayal as a bunch of pathetic losers. 
Our good friend Gilles Proulx flew off the handle in response to being questioned about the Barbara Kay article;

I wonder if you called all Blacks, Jews or Natives "liars and manipulators" on television, whether you'd find yourself in hot water with the Human Rights Tribunal.
But of course making all sorts of racist statement about anglos is always just fine in the Quebec media.

At any rate, I read with fascination an op-ed piece in the Montreal Gazette by a francophone student who attended the very English Dawson college and who complained bitterly that the students didn't support the strike.
"Over the past 15 weeks, the student protest against tuition hikes has been a major event in Quebec. But how many of those thousands of students out on the streets every night are from English CEGEPs? The answer: none, or close to none. Not a single English CEGEP went on strike, not even for a day.....
.... I was truly disappointed with how poorly involved my school was, politically.
In the week leading up to the strike vote at Dawson, I saw some divisions emerge but, I have to say, not very many of us were on the red-square side of the issue. If it wasn’t enough being hated by three-quarters of the student body for wearing the red square, you had the occasional student who came screaming at you that you were going to make him lose his semester.
This state of being uninformed, and not wanting to be informed, was the most annoying part of it. Not to generalize, but I felt like many anglophones didn’t have open minds and were unwilling to listen to those proposing strike action." Read the article
So we English are 'uninformed' and have 'closed minds,' all because we believe that destroying a provincial economy, perturbing the transportation system and causing general mayhem is not justified over a few hundred dollars in tuition.

Yes the two solitudes continue to reign.... I am right and you are wrong!

I was a bit surprised seeing this attitude from a Dawson student, even a francophone and to me the writer represents anecdotal evidence that there is a real chasm between many Anglos and Francophones that is based on strictly on culture.

I puzzled over her attitude until the end of the article when the writer tossed off this;
"As for me, I have decided to study at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) next fall, in communications and art history. Seeing how involved UQAM has been in the student strike, I will probably be much more satisfied there, politically speaking."
UQAM- Art history and communications! Arghhh......


  1. Public Enemy porte le carré rouge!

    1. Who is Public Enemy, and more relevantly, what's your point?

  2. St-Jean-Baptiste Day might be more interesting than usual this year. Speaking of which, I never understood why neither of the two sovereignty referenda were timed to take place immediately after the holiday in order to take advantage of the nationalist fervour it seems to provoke.

    1. Logistics. Consider the following:

      - June 24 = National Holiday : booze, celebration, fireworks.
      Some hangovers could last a day or two (a conservative estimate in some circles).
      This could severely hamper the "winning conditions", both in terms of voter turnout and ensuring the right circle gets checked.

      - July 1 = National Moving Day : address changes.
      Imagine the headaches related to the recent changes to the election list that it would engender.
      People need to settle into their new places.

      - End July = Construction holiday.
      Who wants to vote/be courted by slimy politicians during the one- or two-week respite they've got all year?

      - End August = back to school... Saint Jean being but a distant memory.

    2. Talk about your Two Solitudes.

      I'll never forget the St-Jean Baptiste parade I attended in 1990. It was right after the deadline for Meech Lake passed and support for sovereignty was at an extreme. Jacques Parizeau headed the parade and what I can only describe as "tribalistic fervour" was so thick I finally had an experience for the expression "it was so thick you could cut it with a knife." Nothing before or since drove home the point about the great differences between our two cultures.

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    1. How can such a comment be accepted?

  4. Demographics plays a large role in the evolution of society.

    In the case of Quebec, less and less Quebecois are procreating, rather more and more immigrants are. Are a result, there will be less Quebecois to provide votes and support for their causes.

    As their influence shrinks, they will become more and more desperate and violent as they will feel threatened.

    As Mark Steyne pointed out in his piece of America Alone, it takes only roughly about 25% of a militant and violent portion of a society to disrupt the remaining 75%.

    The student protest is an example of this. As the editor pointed out, most of them are from UQAM and from programs where indoctrination of separatist and revolutionary ideas is prevalent. While they are small in number in comparison to the other Quebecois would care about a fiscal future for quebec, there impact can be significant.

    The fact is there is today less and less money available for the social programs in Quebec. At some point the government will run out of a means to fund these programs as there will be

    a) a limit to the increase in tax rates of its citizens,
    b) a limit to the amount of money it can continue to borrow and
    c) a reduction in transfer payments from Canada.

    Gilles Proulx has nothing more than a big mouth and is a loser. Look at the facts: only the french are striking and not the English. Issuing statements as to facts and reality constituting lying and manipulating is definitely an indication of his residence in La-la land.

    1. Editur, Ah ken th' rules ay yer blog say 'at comments main be in inglis ur french, but tae a cheil paradin' as scots, Ah feel a scots answer is needed.

      Tae Montreal Scotsman:
      Ye caa yerself a scots, but shamelessly trample th' Auld Alliance wi' these words. Hoo can ye tak' glee intae th' minorisation ay th' Québécois in their ain lain ? Cannae ye see 'at th' sassenach hae dain th' sam tae them as they hae dain tae us ? Cannae ye see 'at they've bin fucked intae a shameful union, as we hae ?

      A quick swatch at th' facts is enaw tae debunk yer laughable thee points.

      1) A quick search oan google shows 'at taxes hae bin steadily gonnae doon in quebec fur mair than a decade.
      2) Th' credit ratin' ay Quebec is stoat.
      3) London gi'es th' sam jobby tae Scootlund. A prood fowk will fin' th' means tae educate its yooth. A prood nation doesnae need anither tae swatch efter it. Dependancy is fur th' weak. Thocht Ah bit ye prefer a weak Quebec, an a weak Scootlund.

    2. Scootlund an' Quebec, th' sam battle !

      L'Écosse et le Québec, le même combat !

      Fowk ay Quebec, stain up !

    3. Rabbie Burns, take your God damn shit elsewhere because nobody gives a crap of your gibberish whining! btw, indpendancy is for the fools and lunatics,you will see how bad Scotland will fall after it separates from the United-Kingdom!

    4. London gi'es th' sam jobby tae Scootlund. A prood fowk will fin' th' means tae educate its yooth. A prood nation doesnae need anither tae swatch efter it. Dependancy is fur th' weak. Thocht Ah bit ye prefer a weak Quebec, an a weak Scootlund.

      No, No and NO, you got it all wrong you moron! both Quebec and Scotland will be weaker if they separate, FOOL!!! See people, what patriotism does to innocent human beings! it poison their minds into thinking that being separated will be the best and only solution to solve all the current problems, when in fact, it will just lead them to a worst case scenario!

    5. What alliance?

    6. "No, No and NO, you got it all wrong you moron!"

      Hmmm...Le canada est en train de couler,vaut mieux en sortir au plus vite.

    7. Um, no. You also forget that Quebecers are not all francophones and francophones are not all Quebecers.

    8. @ AnonymousSunday, May 27, 2012 10:25:00 PM EDT

      Ever notice the magical thinking that is required to believe that everything will magically get better than the status quo following separation? Naturally, no concrete explanations to elaborate on how exactly this will be the case are ever offered. Vague assurances are perfectly fine.

    9. The marketing glossies never need to tell the complete story; their only purpose is to get people to buy into the product.

      Then once you're in the trap, the attitude is supposed to suddently shift to "oh I guess this is the situation we're in now, so it's no use regretting the actions that led us here".

      Have I mentioned my nauseated dislike for Alex Salmond?

    10. Unlike Scotland, the people of Quebec do not represent an indigenous culture of the land. In fact, Francophones in Quebec have no more claim to this territory than any other Canadian citizen. The heartland of the Beauce belongs to a Canadian of Lebanese extraction as much as it does to one born to Greek immigrants. Being an intolerant racist, you may not like this, but fortunately, immigration will slowly put an end to the bigotted, anachronistic ideas that you represent.

    11. @ Montreal Scotsman:

      @ AnonymousSunday, May 27, 2012 10:11:00 PM EDT

      Whit dae ye caa gibberish ?

    12. The Auld Alliance is as relevant today as is the Pact of Steel between Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

    13. @Anonymous 4:29

      The Scotts aren't indigenous to Scotland. They emigrated there around 400 AD and killed the Picts that used to live there. Except for the islands - those were colonized by the vikings around 800-1000 AD.

      The Mohawks, one of the most prominent tribes of Quebec natives, aren't indigenous to Quebec either! They arrived there in the mid-1650's after being convinced by french missionaries, their original grounds being down in New England.

      "Indigenous" is an illusion. Every piece of land has been taken over by foreigners at least 10 times since the dawn of history.

  5. Well with regards to the McLean's article on Corruption

    With respect to Barbar Kays article and others in the ROC media.


    Both Macleans and Barbara Kay are overwhelmingly right in their critiques, as it turns out.

    Gilles Proulx would call it black when it is clearly white. Day when it is night. The man makes absolutely no sense.

    Shall wait for the latest Macleans article to see what they have to say on June 7th. Imagine it will be factual as the article regarding Corruption and Messr. Bon Homme :)

    You cannot accuse someone of slander or bias if they simply report the truth, which in most cases is what the ROC media reports regarding situations in Quebec.

    1. I fully share the sentiments of the above unidentified writer! Why should the French language media be able to dis English speakers and ROC at will and get away with it while the English media seems to get away with nothing?

      You have this Josef Goebbelsesque toilet mouth Proulx on TV all the time, all the time, all the time spewing his raw sewage of distorted facts unchallenged, but let Maclean's or Barbara Kays write articles and they're hit with every racist innuendo the Quebec French media could come up with.

      For all this red square stuff, Quebec deserves to be mocked, ridiculed and dissed as relentlessly as they're being by these others and a whole lot more. There isn't enough that can be said about Quebec in the negative for all this. Alberta has every right to blow up over this because they're paying through the nose as is Ontario despite the few crumbs the feds have given Ontario in equalization (as Ontario is STILL the largest NET contributor to the equalization program).

      I hope the mocking and ridiculing outside Quebec becomes increasingly inflamed, brutal and merciless because the participants, sympathizers and perpetrators of the property damage and violence against those wanting to continue their education deserve every last syllable of it!

      On Question Period yesterday morning, Craig Oliver put it the most eloquently and succinctly of all: "The delicious irony of it all is those Quebeckers who felt Quebec was left out of the Constitution and its Charter of Rights and Freedoms are now squawking [loud and long] about how this Bill 78 is a violation of THEIR rights and freedoms under that same charter!!!" Score a BIG, BIG laurel for Mr. Oliver!

    2. 'Sauga,

      That would be the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms enacted by Liberal PM Pierre Elliot Trudeau


    3. And now they want to challenge the legality of Bill 78 in the court. This after some elements of the movement openly ignored legally-bound court orders. And this is the same court that separatist movements denounced many times as the tool of English colonialism.

    4. Mr. Sauga to the wascally wabbit:Monday, May 28, 2012 at 10:48:00 AM EDT

      I cannot thank you enough for pointing out the incredibly obvious. Your response added absolutely nothing to this conversation.

      Troy: You said it. These separatists use the law cafeteria style. They put whatever laws on their tray when they need it and walk by it when the wind is blowing their way. Sad thing is, it's the rest of Canada servicing the cafeteria. I say it's high time we CLOSE the cafeteria!

    5. Mr. Sauga,

      Well, diatrabes against Quebec, really don't contribute much to any conversation. My comment was in response to your incessant attacking of anything Liberal, either provincially or federally. Alot of times, you say that Trudeau was against the anglophones of Quebec, which is not the case. He tried to be somebody who held a middle ground while allowing francophones to succeed in Canada. He was against nationalism and didn't believe in Quebec distinct society status, unlike Mulroney who fished for votes in the nationalist sea or Harper who, in all his wisdom, recognized the Quebecois as a nation.

      As for the red square stuff, I don't believe much in it either, especially considering that Quebec is highly endebted, higly taxed, and accepting alot of equalization over a long period of time. If/when Quebec does get its house in order, then people can have this debate about free tuition for universities (which I still wouldn't believe in, by the way) but doing so now is totally irresponsable.

    6. I have a right to express diatribes, considering I was born, raised and educated from kindergarten through university, and when Bill 22 was tabled and assented into law, I was still in high school and I saw the writing on the wall way back then. If Trudeau was so for the Anglophones as you seem to imply, why didn't he challenge Bills 22 or 101?

      Don't even THINK of stating how the French language needed protection and how English was or is running roughshod over French. It's now next to impossible for unilingual Anglophones to get jobs in the federal civil service. If Anglophones outside Quebec cannot or don't want to learn French, so what?

      Have any provinces outside Quebec declared English to be the only official language of their province, or go around looking for the most miniscule of violations of the use of languages other than English, or even have a language department within their governments? No RR, I offer NO apologies for my diatribes.

      I left Quebec because it was obvious I didn't have equal opportunity without fluent French, but it was good enough most of my working life in Ontario, and I used French.

      Mulroney's raison d'être for becoming prime minister, the way I see it, was to top Trudeau and become the god Trudeau was not and get Quebec to sign onto the ANY cost! Harper was whoring for votes in Quebec because he was not liked very much by Quebec, and still isn't. It took Harper 3 elections to learn Quebec was not going to get him over the top with his majority, so he took his eggs out of Quebec to appease and place them in Ontario, and that "turned the trick".

      We both agree that "red square stuff" is a pipe dream because of Quebec's indebtedness and confiscatory taxes. Betcha a buncha hot dogs from the St. Lawrence Pool Hall Premier John James "Goldilocks" Charest will cave in and to hell with the deficit.

      "Today's deficits are tomorrow's taxes." - William Lyon Mackenzie King

    7. "It's now next to impossible for unilingual Anglophones to get jobs in the federal civil service."

      Unfortunately for the purposes of your rant, there are more english-only jobs (52%) in the federal workforce than bilingual jobs (40%). But why let the facts get in the way of a good story?

      Anglophones still make up 69% of the federal workforce, compared to 31% of francophone. Yes, that means that francophones are over-represented, but what is one to do when so few anglophones outside Quebec and Ontario decide to bother to learn the language required for the positions? I would love if there were enough qualified anglophones (i.e. bilingual) so that these numbers could be closer to demographics, if only so that I could stop hearing all about how impossible it is to get in the federal service without bilingualism.

    8. "if only so that I could stop hearing all about how impossible it is to get in the federal service without bilingualism" should read

      "if only so that I could stop hearing all about how impossible it is to get in the federal service without being a francophone."

    9. Being just a child born a few years before Bill 101, I can't say for sure why Pierre Trudeau didn't fight against Bill 22 or Bill 101. Maybe he made a political calculation. It seems the anglophones didn't fight much against Bill 101 either, choosing to go to Toronto instead.

      What I will offer up as a theory is that perhaps because during that period of time there was much social upheaval, in the form of bombings by the FLQ, the rise of nationalism, and the fall of the church, coming together with the wanting by francophones to have the same economic advantages as anglophones, Trudeau, being a francophone himself, didn't want to be accused of being against the advancement of francophones. In fact, he was drafted by the Liberal party as part of "The Three Wise Men" to find a way to make francophones comfortable in the federation.

      He chose instead to battle against nationalism and for the union of Canada.

      That's what I offer up as an explanation.

      Of course Bill 101 has had a devestating effect on the anglophone population. However it helped the francophone population.

      Now that francophones have achieved economic parity with anglophones, I believe it is time to strike a better balance, so that both anglophones and francophones (and allophones) can fully contribute economically to the society in the language of their choice.

    10. I think it might be worth noting that the federal government used to fund Alliance Quebec as well as other Anglo Rights group in Quebec before Alliance Quebec self-destructed.

      It's also said that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, brought in by Trudeau, curbed some of the worst excesses of 101.

    11. Of course the shoe fits, as seen through the thick glass of your ignorance and biggotry. DURR.

  6. "The fact is there is today less and less money available for the social programs in Quebec. At some point the government will run out of a means to fund these programs as there will be "

    With a 248 Billion dollar debt, I suspect they have already run out of "
    means" Likely what the meagre raise in tuitions were about.

    The future is not all that rosey for Quebec. Of course they will blame it on the Anglos and the ROC. Nothing ever changes in this respect.

    1. Agreed! Quebec is fast going over that ¼ trillion dollar debt level. Ontario recently had its credit rating lowered by one of Moody's or Standard and Poors, and a negative outlook was an added comment. Quebec's credit rating right now is lower than that and I'm sure before too long will be subject to another review.

      The only thing that bothers or somewhat worries me is that too much more of this will adversely affect our dollar or Canada's economy as a whole, and we outside Quebec don't deserve this. I for one support the idea of ROC holding a referendum on whether or not we should end the relationship with Quebec while we can save ourselves. This time I'd vote a resounding YES for separation. Let the morons have their strike, and let that moronic young hispanic woman mentioned in the Gazette throw away her private high school and English CEGEP education to go to UQAM and get a degree from UQAM that won't be worth the ass wipe she gets on it when she discovers how valuable a UQAM diploma isn't in the final analysis. What a colossal imbecile!

    2. Anyone who talks of partition immediately disqualifies themselves from a serious debate.
      Outside of your wishful thinking, there is the real world. And in the real world, when a country secedes, it does so with its whole current territory.

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  8. A reminder of Montreal back in the good ol’days… before the PQ ushered in today’s decrepitude… and when things were respectfully available in both English and French. From the City of Montreal Archives,there are links to plenty of other interesting videos.

    1. ...which is why there is an urgent need for a partition.

    2. "...which is why there is an urgent need for a partition."

      Je crois que vous serez déçu :(

    3. I made a trip out to West Island this weekend and I found it such a pleasant and refreshing experience to see how virtually everyone could so easily switch between fluent French and English in mutual respect with no problem whatsoever. Would that this could be the case on the rest of the island! How much more enjoyable life could be. I for one don't believe that partition from the frustrated, anglophobic bits who desperately feel the need for revenge and to lord over everybody else would be disappointing in the least.

    4. Ironic how separatism is currently the only realistic element likely to bring talk of Partition back to the fore.

      Maybe with a few more decades of (even significantly shrunken) immigration hacking away at the rabid hatred the foaming-at-the-mouth separatists spew with far too much impunity, partition/separation/"independence" will die and that easy bilingual switching you see will finally become the wall-to-wall rule, rather than exception, across all of southwestern Quebec.

    5. Well, I agree that that scenario would certainly be a lovely one. It seems to me though that far from being ironic, separatism has always been the sole reason to even contemplate partition in the first place. And despite the reaction in Huntingdon, looking at the OLF’s most recent ill-natured events in Châteauguay, Magog and Pointe-Claire, it appears we are headed towards even more intolerance than we already get to enjoy.

      Well, at least we can all have a good laugh now the next time a franco Anonymous commenter tells us to “Just follow the law, merci” the same way francos have been doing with Bill 78 lately.

    6. Mr. Sauga to the feline with delusions of graneurMonday, May 28, 2012 at 3:21:00 AM EDT

      Did I read your first comment correctly? There is this collective fluency between the two languages in the West Island? How many dozens of times did you watch a CD of Pollyanna this past weekend? Or were you inhaling the fumes airplane model glue?

      You then totally contradict yourself in your second comment that things aren't so hunky dory in light of, as you wrote: "the OLF’s most recent ill-natured events in Châteauguay, Magog and Pointe-Claire, it appears we are headed towards even more intolerance than we already get to enjoy."

      At least you touched on something I wanted to touch on in your second comment: The fact the language gestapo putridly forbidding simple notices on a bulletin board from being posted in English even though the West Island is the last bastion for English and there are still English residents living in that residence for the aged. I'm very disillusioned that the Magog mayor, of English descent, is complying with the language law because of one complaint from one shit disturber.

      I've stated it before and I'll state it again: The Anglophones and other minorities in Quebec who vote Liberal and for Premier John James "Goldilocks" Charest are inflicting your own goddamn wounds! A year or two ago he hired 26 new language policepeople to, what else? Enforce this shit upon yourselves. When Premier John James "Goldilocks" Charest came up with his answer to downstricken Bill 104 and replaced it with his revised Bill 103, or Bill 115, or whatever became its reprehensive replacement, what did his puppets and Quislings representing significant Anglophone and minority ridings do? What did the likes of Geoffrey Kelley, Yolande James and Kathleen Weil do, amongst others? Those gonadless, spineless jellyfish didn't represent their constituents AT ALL! Every goddamn one of these BASTARDS, these puppets, these YES-MEN AND YES-WOMEN, these cowards, turned their backs on their constituents. They did a "180" - EVERY DAMN ONE OF THEM! Why don't the minorities go back to the one time they got it right, in 1989? Form an equivalent to the Equality Party. It's not as if the Liberals and Premier John James "Goldilocks" Charest and are representing you now, yet you keep voting his minions of turncoats and Quislings back into office in droves! Are you all really that stupid? My conclusion: A colossally disappointing "Yes"!

    7. Yes, 'Sauga, we are all really that stupid. Don't you know that anytime someone doesn't do something that you think they should, it means they're stupid?

    8. "Why don't the minorities go back to the one time they got it right, in 1989?"

      Parce qu'elle représente la minorité la plus choyée de la planète?Juste une idée comme ça.

    9. Mr. Sauga to the hoppers of the Bunny Trail:Monday, May 28, 2012 at 1:14:00 PM EDT

      Yo, Hopping Roger: Isn't the objective of voting to put someone representing your views in the legislatures?

      What is happening here is something tantamount to Jews running for the Nazis in predominantly Jewish constituencies. Do you think Jews running for the Nazi Party would have escaped the camps and gas chambers? Do you think Jews who voted for the Nazi Party escaped the camps and gas chambers? I guess you think this is intelligent voting! OK, you're entitled to your opinion, be it intelligent or stupid.

      French respondent: Yes, the Equality Party only voted in four seats, and with some luck they or a replacement party could run it up to six or so, but I'd rather have a handful of people representing the constituency views fairly than a couple of parties where one is perceived as an antidote to the Nazis that in effect is the difference between Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

    10. Mr. Sauga,

      There is of course discrimination against the anglophones and allophones of Quebec. I don't think it is, of course, on the same scale as Jews dying in Nazi camps. I think that was a tragedy of massive scale.

      I would say, a fair comparison, would be to the black people in the United States when they had to stay at the back of the bus and had no rights to vote, etc. Even in comparison to them, though, we may be discriminated against but we could always vote and we never had to sit in the back of a bus.

      I think things have to be put in proper perspective and comparisons to the Nazis, especially when you consider that they gassed Jews, are out of proportion, as well as some other comparisons that are made.

      As for the Equality Party and Alliance Quebec, they did some good things for Quebec, which I am appreciative of. However, they had their own internal problems that contributed strongly to their demise. It's not all as black and white as you say it is.

    11. Merci de mettre les choses en prespectives, Roger Rabbit.

      Mais je suis d'accord avec M. Saugua, voter Libéral ce n'est pas productif. Moi, en tant que fédéraliste, je préfèrerais la CAQ. Les Québecois nous ont bien montré qu'il est possible de voter pour un parti loser juste pour brasser les choses, quand ils ont voté BQ et puis NPD. N'est-il pas le temps de faire la même chose au provincial?

    12. American blacks were able to vote after the Civil War, but they too were not well represented. I was making a very stark comparison between Quebec's racism and Nazi racism, but the Nazis didn't start exterminating Jews, Gypsies and others they considered undesirable until they first banned other parties and dug their heels in first. The hideous, heinous and insidiousness didn't set in the day after election.

      I don't think French Quebec would kill because it takes too much work and effort!! They'd probably be the first military to have a union, and the enlistees would have a mutiny against the officers because of their better pay and perqs than the enlistees!!!

      Nah...laws and goons to enforce these laws assisted by welfare bums who have nothing and nothing better to do than file complaints over their perceived miniscule violations of the law mean more pay and less work than drudging through trenches, running and firing weapons. It's easier to walk around with a little briefcase and clipboard and bully the undesirables who dare live within their society.

      OK, Equality died from infighting, so let another party form. Like I wrote above, it's better to have a few representatives who more closely represent your views than reps from Party B who turn on you, but is marginally better than Party C that hates your guts, and tells you to integrate or leave.

    13. "I don't think French Quebec would kill because it takes too much work and effort!!"

      Autant d'efforts que de préparer de bons repas à la maison.C'est pourquoi les anglos préfèrent Tim Hortons et PFK.

    14. Salut Yannick,

      Normalement, je serais pret pour donner ma vote a la CAQ, mais, comme anglophone, je ne pourrais pas. J'etais heureux quand Legault a former son parti et il a parler d'un parti qui aller mettre la question "nationale" de cote. Mais de plus en plus, quand il parlait, il a "backpeddeler" sur beaucoup des points, que ce soit l'education ou d'autre chose. Il dit meme qu'il support les Liberaux avec leur hausse de scholarite et pour la loi 78 (il etait a V tele avec Dumont aujourd'hui) mais que les choses serait different s'il etait premier ministre. Pourquoi? Ca changera quoi? Si vous pensez comme Charest, vous pensez que les etudiants serait d'accord avec vous pour la hausse parce que ton nom est Francois Legault? Ca na pas du sens.

      J'ai dit que je ne pourrais pas voter pour lui parce qu'il a dit qu'il veut que la loi 101 serait appliquer plus fort. Moi, je pense quand les aines peuvent pas mettre sur leur "bulletin board" un note en anglais, c'est assez severe. S'il a dit que tout vas rester la meme pour la loi 101, je voterais pour lui, juste pour avoir un changement. Par contre, si quelqu'un est francophone, je comprendrais s'il donne leur vote a lui.

      Je ne voterais jamais pour le PQ et tout les anglophone et allophone (la grand majorite) sont comme moi dans ce regard.

      Alors, pour moi, il reste les Liberaux. Je ne voterais pas pour eux parce que je pense qu'ils sont "clean." Probablement ils sont corrumpu mais les Pequistes etait corrumpu avant eux et Legault etait membre de la PQ quand il etait corrumpu. La corruption fait partie de la politique du Quebec depuis le Stade Olympique, je dirais. Il y avait meme un commission avec Mulroney sur la corruption, avant qu'il etait Conservateur.

      Je voterais pour les Libereaux, s'il n'y a pas d'autres options que le CAQ ou le PQ, parce que je supporte le fait qu'il fixe les autoroutes, apres des annees de negligence sur le part de les pequistes et les liberaux, qu'il va concentrer plus sur l'economie plutot que les PQ qui vas concentrer sur les etudes pour la souverainte et des chicanes avec les federaux, et parce qu'ils ont battus un mega-hospital MUHC billingue, quelque chose que je doubte le CAQ ou le PQ ferait.

      Donc je vote pour le moins pires des pires. Je ne vote pas aveuglement commes cetaines pensent.

    15. To Mr. Sauga,

      Well, I agree with alot of what you have to say about welfare bums filing complaints. Honestly, they should be taken off welfare and told they have to find a job. If you are a francophone, there is no reason not to have a job in Quebec. Really, I believe it's 5 or 6 people who file thousands of unfounded complaints about apostrophes and other nonsense. It's really not about them not being able to get service in French.

      As for a party I would vote for, of course if there was an Equality type party or a party that supports a bilingual Montreal, I would support it. Right now, however, there is no such party. So, as I explained to Yannick above, I will vote for the least worst party.

      It doesn't mean that there will not eventually be such a party, especially considering that Montreal is 50% francophone and 50% "other" such as me, lol.

      If anyone wants to steal my idea of a bilingual Montreal party, go right ahead :)

    16. "J'ai dit que je ne pourrais pas voter pour lui parce qu'il a dit qu'il veut que la loi 101 serait appliquer plus fort. Moi, je pense quand les aines peuvent pas mettre sur leur "bulletin board" un note en anglais, c'est assez severe. S'il a dit que tout vas rester la meme pour la loi 101, je voterais pour lui, juste pour avoir un changement."

      Je respecte ça. L'histoire sur la maison de retraite me touche profondément. Je peux comprendre vouloir l'affichage billingue, genre affiches Honda sur les rues, mais quand on va dans les plus petits recoins trouver ceux qui s'affichent en anglais et les forcer à s'afficher en français seulement, je ne suis pas du tout d'accord.

      Je croyais que Legault allait rester sur le statut quo en matièe de langue, qu'est-ce qu'il a dit qu'il ferait plus fort dans la loi 101?

    17. J'ai de la misère de trouver ça sur l'internet mais je me souviens de cette histoire (que j'ai retrouver sur qui m'avait changer d'idée envers un vote pour le CAQ.

      François Legault finds that Bill 101 and business don’t mix

      S'il pense vraiment de l'économie du Quebec, il changerais la loi pour permettre les enfants des ces executifs d'aller a l'école anglais, ou ces enfants apprennent le français, quand- même.

    18. Yannick,

      I remember him being on CTV news and saying that he would be for stronger application of Bill 101, nothing concrete, but his whole attitude was one of non-accommodation, which I find off-putting. Also, he always calls for francophones to not have too much education in English, which I find abhorrent.

      I also don't like the way that he expresses himself in The Suburban, so I can't find myself voting for him.

      Francois Legault’s Quebec: No to sovereignty, yes to cultural nationalism

    19. Aucune problème. Il m'aide un peu aussi en renfraichissant ma memoire des certaines choses :)

      Je sais que ces deux articles n'est pas assez pour un francophone de ne pas voter pour lui mais comme anglophone, c'est assez pour moi. S'il dit qu'il est pour l'économie, il approuvera des petits changements. On perds des sieges sociaux aux Quebec et on n'a pas des nouvelles qui les remplacent. Pour moi, on ne pourrait pas continuer comme ca.

      Et pour moi, comme on dit en anglais: "Better the devil you know, than the one you don't."

    20. Anyone who talks of partition immediately disqualifies themselves from a serious debate.
      Outside of your wishful thinking, there is the real world. And in the real world, when a country secedes, it does so with its whole current territory.

  9. I'm not sure what you're getting at, Editor.

    Are you stating that the editorial line of English-language media is anti-student but that that of French-language media is unanimously pro-student? I've been reading domestic and international news and editorials about this. While many editorials/articles (both domestic and foreign) paint it as an education affordability thing, quite a few others (including quite a few in La Presse) aren't shying away from calling the protesting students "des enfants-roi"...

    If anything, the CROP-Radio-Canada poll that came out yesterday illustrates that even with all the pandering and kid-glove treatment afforded by the lamestream pro-student media's talking heads, they haven't managed to manufacture the unanimous consent the nightly boycott/riot/racket would have liked to have wrested from the populace.

    While the numbers weren't exactly flush with my own perceptions on the matter, they generally weren't as disappointing as other inviting-the-conclusion Quebec-themed polls I've seen recently (like Lisée's infuriatingly disingenuous pseudo-statistics on young Quebec anglophones earlier this spring).

    What do you make of that?

  10. Putting the blame on a language is just silly. I know lots of francophones who would like to see the army go in and pepper-spray these thugs. The author is just some...guy..playing identity politics, and sowing division. What a jerk. You want to protect your language, teach your kids then, don't hire language gestapo to sick on people.

    1. Yeah, I know, and not to mention, many anglos and allos have also been participating in the protests so far!

    2. Des étudiants ontariens veulent aussi lutter contre les droits de scolarité:

      Effet d'entraînement ?

    3. @10:15 If by "many", you mean a handful, then sure...

    4. Notice how the potential Ontario perpetrator is a Francophone going to York University? Probably just envious how the ones in Quebec are getting all this media attention, and he wants to get in on the gravy. Same for the black female representing some other student association sitting next to him when the media came in for a looksee. Just a couple of glory seeking shit disturbers, or at best, wannabees.

  11. "But of course making all sorts of racist statement about anglos..."

    Anglo n'est pas une race mais une mentalité...Aucun racisme à l'horizon.

  12. Franco n'est pas une race non plus, d'abord?

  13. "Rabbie Burns, take your God damn shit elsewhere because nobody gives a crap of your gibberish whining!"

    Au contraire,je trouve ça très intéressant et faites donc l'effort de rester poli avec ceux qui ne partage pas vos opinions politiques.Merci

  14. Ottawa : un drapeau associé à l'indépendance de Terre-Neuve soulève la controverse

    Après le Québec et l'Alberta,Terre-Neuve aurait maintenant ses séparatistes?

    1. Risible la non-représentativité des commentaires rattachés à cette nouvelle.

      Sur plus de commentaires, on en dénombre moins de 5 contre. L'Unité des Médias Sociaux des baveux plaignards PQ/SSJB/RRQ est en feu à soir!

    2. Apparatchik, isn’t it simply astounding how willingly these Radio-Canada commenters latch on to the feeblest, most minuscule or obscure movement to somehow prove their worth? And did you see how many of them are still going on about Labrador belonging to Quebec, in this day and age? It’s 2012, for Pete’s sake! Talk about living in La-La Land! I'm sure if any Newfoundlanders read that “news”, they are chortling about it and having a shot or two of Screech to go along with it!

    3. The only comment that made sense to me as a federalist and even as a devil's advocate separatist was the one who pretty much said 'wait a minute: if Quebec is indivisible, you can't take any part away from Newfoundland either!' That and the fact that there can be no unilateral declaration of independence of any province in Canada...

      Score one for mind-numbing groupthink. But I guess if a comment smells mildly of anglophobia, it'd get an "en accord".

      ... Which kind of makes you wonder... where is the other roughly 55% of the population who doesn't support Quebec independence? What site are they commenting on, if at all?

    4. "wait a minute: if Quebec is indivisible, you can't take any part away from Newfoundland either!"

      Or as Pierre Trudeau once quipped at QB nationalists: imagine the people of NFLD decided democratically that QC should turn all its energy profits over to NFLD, would QC agree to it? No? How come? It would be, after all, a "democratic" decision, something you gentlemen hold so dear.

      Trudeau said it in response to a growing hypocritical trend in QC at the time (the trend still alive and well) whereby a "democratic" will of QC residents was taken by nationalists as binding for the rest of the country.

    5. So to bring this back to the point: the sane commenter who pointed out the issue of divisibility/indivisibility made a point that is totally uncontroversial to any rationally thinking person. However, let's not forget that we're dealing with people for whom decisions such as the one about Labrador are a matter of consent by the QC people only. So if the majority of the QC population decides that Labrador should be turned over to QC, then that must happen. It would be, after all, a "democratic" decision, would it not?

    6. The disagreement between Quebec and Newfoundland and Labrador I think is on the disputed border in southern Labrador. Quebec has its own legal argument for its version of the border even though nobody else recognizes it. What makes me wonder is that some elements of the separatist movements stated that independent Quebec should also include Labrador. Not just the disputed border, but the whole Labrador. What kind of voodoo justification can they present for that ridiculous claim?

    7. Géographiquement logique

    8. Assume that you will never have enough military power to take Labrador by force and you will have to resolve your territorial claims by persuasion.

      How much persuasive power do you think the "geographically logical" argument will have for redrawing jurisdictional borders and convince one political entity to cede land to another political entity?

      Assume I'd tell you that it's geographically logical for Montreal to separate from QC because it's an island, so it is not connected by land mass to the rest of the province?

    9. "...argument will have for redrawing jurisdictional"

      Rien à redessiner,nous retirons simplement une ligne.De plus,imaginez l'alliance Hydro-électrique!Ils pourraient aussi continuer à parler English sans problème.

    10. In concept, removing a line is equivalent to redrawing a line, you dummy. The issue is ownership of territory by political centers, not whether that ownership is usurped by drawing, redrawing, moving or removing a border. These are irrelevant technicalities.

      You want to persuade a political territory to cede land to your politcal territory because it's "geographically logical", and because it's a matter of removing a line. I'm asking how these arguments would hold up if you actually presented them to the RoC and NFLD.

    11. Anonymous at 10:01,

      Geographically logical. Good answer. Then what do you think about the triangular peninsula of Hudson, Vaudreuil-Dorion and St-Zotique? Is it not more logical for Ontario to have it? After all, it is of a landmass based in Ontario. If Ontario gets that land, the border can be defined much easier using Ottawa and St. Lawrence Rivers.

    12. Based on Anononymous' at 10:01 logic, geographically logical would be for Qc be partitioned in the event of a vote on separation.

    13. "Based on Anononymous' at 10:01 logic, geographically logical would be for Qc be partitioned in the event of a vote on separation."

      Pourquoi pas?Tout est possible si vous le voulez vraiment mais commencez par mettre sur pieds un parti politique défendant les intérêts de votre communauté.

    14. I really don't think Quebec cares too much about who gets Labrador or what happens to its borders.


      Because since around 1974 when Churchill Falls came online, Hydro-Quebec in effect "owns" it. The contract signed in, I think, 1969 is probably without exaggeration the most lopsided in history. With no indexing to inflation, then NFLD Premier Joey Smallwood signed a contract that gives Quebec about 5,000 megawatts of electricity for 2/10th of a cent per kilowatt hour. Quebec turns around and sells this power to New England for about 10-15 cents (or more!) per kilowatt hour, netting them more than $1 billion NET profit per year. Oh, about a 5,000% mark-up.

      So not only is Ottawa subsidizing Quebec taxpayers with $8 billion a year in equalization but Newfoundland is as well to the tune of over $1 billion.

      If Quebec separated they would still get access to this power due to the contract or be paid a fair market value if the contract was broken.

    15. Tony, will that still be true once Newfoundland builds their underwater electricity cable to Nova Scotia? I thought the whole point of that was to avoid going through Quebec.

    16. Yannick:

      My understanding is that it won't help them sell Churchill Falls power (except the miniscule portion Newfoundland has a right to...about 300 megawatts) but for future developments they undertake along the Churchill river, I think it is. However, once the bulk of Churchill's power reverts back to Newfoundland (in 2040) they will of course want to sell that themselves.

      I don't know much about the underwater power line but assuming it it technologically viable and that they can transport such massive power underwater for such distance, I guess it will be viable at least to sell to Nova Scotia. BUT I think I read somewhere that Hydro-Quebec is now a part or controlling owner of New Brunswick Power? If so, that cuts into Newfoundland having a direct line to the New England states, no? Without looking at a map, I don't think going via Nova Scotia and then to New England is viable, but I'm just speculating.

    17. Tony,

      No, there was to be an agreement where Hydro-Quebec took over NB Power and then they ammended the offer but in the end, it raised up too much of a storm, and it never went through.

  15. An interesting comment from Louis Prefontaine saying that those who support the tuition hikes are the parasites in the system. Who can argue with a logic like this?

    1. Historically, the worst parasites have been the English. When they conquered us, they got rid of the French elite and established themselves comfortably at the top of the pyramid, sucking up all the wealth created by the french peasants who were working their ass off, while the English maintained them in artificial poverty using all kinds of dirty tricks to prevent them from ever scoring good paying jobs, thus keeping the anglos at the top of the pyramid. The anglos wouldn't ever admit to it because it's ugly and doesn't promote their Quebec and franco bashing, but they fucking know it's FACT.

      Quebec (Lower Canada) has funded almost ALL the infrastructure that served to develop Ontario and everything to the West of it. For what? Only to have the fucking anglos drain even MORE of the wealth out of Montreal/Quebec toward Ontario. Want to talk about parasites? The English have been the worst parasites in the history of mankind. Not just here, but in every damn fucking colony where they set foot and conquered. They dominated and exploited people. What's worst? It's still continuing today. OUR money serves to fund Ontario's economy and everyone else's economy, to the point where our taxes are being used to fund projects that directly make concurrence to OUR OWN economy. Staying in Canada makes us and has always made us POOR. All of this crap and even more is what Gilles Proulx is talking about when he says that there is no deeper well that the anglo-saxon hypocrisy and that we keep getting screwed because no one fucking knows their history, so everyone blindly keeps taking it in the ass without saying a goddamn word and voting NO.

      All of this isn't propaganda, IT HAS HAPPENED AND IS HAPPENING.

  16. Kebec you are the laughing stock of the country. You are an embarrassment globally. You have the lowest tuition fees in the country and you clowns are protesting? Protesting what you dummies? What a joke.

    Who the hell is supposed to pay for your schooling you francophony morons? The rest of Canada like we’ve been doing for decades now? I think not, we are sick and tired of you spoiled, cry babies, you self absorbed whiners. You are a disgrace to the country and have been for decades now. If the world only knew what was really going on in Kebec and Canada over the last several decades as governments force feed the rest of the country out daily dose of french bs, bilingual bs…while at the same time allowing our language and culture to be whipped out with racist, bigoted, Nazis like anti-English language laws such as bills 22, 178,101…

    The rest of work, save up to go to school you clowns. That’s the way it works in the real world.

    Now do us all a favour, separate, scram, get lost before you bankrupt the whole country. We have it with your BS.

    1. You have the lowest tuition fees in the country and you ... are protesting?

      Que voulez-vous?Notre Nation adore protester pendant que le roc dort profondément.

  17. Ça va mal...

    "Des juristes en toge marcheront contre la loi 78"

  18. "Now do us all a favour, separate, scram, get lost before you bankrupt the whole country."

    Wonder what will happen to cheap tuition and $7 day-cares if they do go their own way? Not to mention the federal jobs in Montreal and Hull (fuck Gatineau), where the language requirements make a joke out of Canada, having the civil service paying employees that either vote for and advocate the break up of Canada or support 101 so they can maintain their cushy access to jobs within the province.
    If you're out West and you're hiring Francophone Quebecers that come out there for good salaries, just remember, they've made damn sure that you couldn't even get a job as a busboy if you ever wanted to come to the province your tax dollars keep afloat. Fire the fuckers ha ha ha

    1. I love it that people on this blog do not stick to one monicker and instead post under Anonymous, especially when they are either ex-Quebecker's who have a grudge and want to attack Quebec, others they want to promote something that has no support in the province (i.e. the mindless "Vive la province Canadienne du Quebec", and when they are a separatist troll who will attack people on this blog because of their race and/or language that they speak or just to be insulting. Thank you all.

    2. I love it even more when people who seem to have a problem with the treatment of anglophones in Quebec, the moment they are presented with any suggestion to improve matters, become staunch defenders of the status quo. Really, if you like things as they are, what's your business here? Following this forum has opened my eyes on the situation in Quebec and prevented me from inflicting this tragedy on my own family, and for this I am thankful to the editor. But I'm small minded and resentful enough to hope that the people responsible for this situation get their comeuppance and the status quo changes (for the worst) for them. If it ends up in Partition, I'll have a private, wry smile - I might even send a cheque in Australian Dollars.

      And, for the record, Mr "Vive la province Canadienne du Montreal" and me are two different persons, but I have a lot more respect for him than for any cartoon rodent for carrying on with his ideals.

    3. Anonymous Ethnic Voice pissing on 101 for over a decadeMonday, May 28, 2012 at 2:58:00 PM EDT

      Ba ha ha rabbit. Are you patting yourself on the back for your bravery? I'm sure you're listed in the phone book too. I express my sentiments publicly at every opportunity. I pay my fines to the OLF and continue to ignore the rag ass law they impose on me. I operate my business in English and freely speak the language of my choice with zero anonymity. I received my death threats from the piece of shit Quebec militia very un - anonymously as well. Clown.

    4. Is this what actually happen when you operate your business in english?constant threats and harassments???boy, you should perhaps consider figuring a way how to repel those clowns the next time they come pay you a visit!

    5. You guys are like the Gilles Proulx's of the anglophone community.

      There is negligible support for partition in Quebec, probably the same amount who supported Tony Kondaks and his Canada! party in 1994 (less than 3000 votes in the whole province). How many francophones do you think support your ideology? More people in Quebec believe flying yogi's can save the world's problems.

      Go ahead, be my guest. Be a partitionist cowboy: "Yahoo! We'll have our own country! We'll show those racists!"

      Did you ever notice that Martin Luther King knew he had to work with the majority whites in order to work toward an equal and democratic society? He didn't come out and say :"I hate white people. They are all racists!" He didn't say: "Let's partition this country. The south will be for the blacks and the north will be for the whites." That would be a defeatest attitude. Instead he worked toward an inclusive society where everyone would have the same opportunities.

      I think people who believe in your ideology of partition are wasting their time on something destructive based on fear, anger, and revenge. Instead, I propose that we work together with our francophone colleagues to build a better society.

    6. "Instead he worked toward an inclusive society where everyone would have the same opportunities."

      There can't be an inclusive society in Quebec as long as Bill 101 exists and as long as the Charter is not applied within the province. Most Francophones, including those that are federalists, reject bilingualism as the official status of Quebec. Your characterization of Anglophones on this blog is ugly but you seem to forget that we've lived under this system as second class citizens for over thirty years. We've had to watch friends and family move time zones away, we've been subjected to two referendums, our schools are constantly being shut down and we've had no real political representation in the province since the Bourassa term in the 70s. (Not to mention the bombs in our neighborhoods at the birth of the nationalist movement, the swastikas on our schools and places of worship and the constant harassment by the tongue troopers who target our places of business).
      The only viable solution at this point is for the anglophone and ethnic majority community of Montreal to separate from Quebec and form its own bilingual province where our rights and citizenship will be respected.

      "How many francophones do you think support your ideology?"

      It's completely irrelevant. We represent the majority of the island and the surrounding areas. Since democracy and equality are not being extended to us as Canadian citizens, then it's up to us to create the necessary conditions to secure these Canadian privileges for ourselves and for our children despite the obstacles and the ire of the majority. They already keep us corralled in ghettoized areas, use us as scapegoats and as the object of their derision and mistrust. If it comes down to conflict, political or not, we have to find our voice and break the oppressive silence of 101 fostered by both the province, and weak kneed federal governments. Organize and Free Montreal!

    7. I have given no ugly characterization of anglophones on this blog. I have said that partitionists have a defeatest attitude. It's like they believe the war for separation is won. It isn't. At least I don't believe so. All indications are that sovereignty is down to about the 35% level except for 1 poll by Leger Marketing (done by Marc Leger who is the son of pequiste Nicole Leger=conflict of interest).

      The partitionist ideology is based on fear, anger, and revenge. I understand people's frustration with how they are treated in Quebec. It remains to remedy that situation by working with francophones, not on insisting they are our enemies.

      If you think that it is irrelevant if francophones support partitionism, then that means that you are hoping to get 100% of anglophones and allophones to support partition on the Island of Montreal. Being that anglophones and allophones together are almost 50% of the population of Montreal, you wouldn't even win such a referendum. As for saying that anglophones and/or allophones form the majority of the island AND surrounding areas, please check your stats. Wishful thinking doesn't make it so.

      You can waste your time on partion, which will only push up the support for sovereignty and make francophones enraged or try to explain that an officially bilingual MONTREAL (not Quebec) which respect francophones would be beneficial for the economy and for all Quebeckers.

    8. The Quebec Partitionists seem to disregard the legitimacy of francophone vote just as much as the seperatists disregard the legitimacy of allo/anglophone vote. The extremists really seem like two sides of the same coin sometimes.

    9. You're parroting one of your heroes.

      "The partitionists argue that 'No' voters should have more rights than 'Yes' voters. In 1980 and again in 1995, sovereignist voters accepted with good grace the majority decision. According to the partitionists, some 'No' voters could ignore democracy, refuse the verdict and change the rules of the game. This would be an intolerable injustice…. [Do] you think that the towns or the regions that voted 'Yes' in 1980 and in 1995 also have the right to break themselves away from Canada? Surely not."

      Bernard Landry, "Tourner le dos aux principes democratiques". Le Devoir, August 14, 1997, p. A7.

    10. Now let me deal with this hypocrite Landry.

      1. sovereignist voters accepted with good grace the majority decision

      Oh really. Proclaiming 10 minutes after the Non decision: "on se crache dans les mains et on recommence" is a way to accept the verdict. The process of neverendum is precisely opposite to accepting the decision, it's blatant refusal to accept it. At best it's a temporary acceptance, and not because of "grace", but only because non-acceptance at that given point (shortly after a Non decision) would be too illegitimate even for separatist extremists.

      2. some 'No' voters could ignore democracy, refuse the verdict and change the rules of the game

      Another way to look at it would be to say that Non voters endorse democracy, by demanding that districts that voted Non overwhelmingly stay out.

      Landry also ignores the reality of both sides. Acceptance of the vote by francophones only means a (temporary) return to the current state - that of a pampered ethnic province-state of QC run by the Quebecois for the Quebecois. Acceptance of the vote by allophones and allophones would mean living in a state run be people who proclaim publicly that such a state would have "more teeth" to deal with anglos and allos, and surrounded by people like Press 9 who doesn't shy away from proclaiming that he wouldn't want to be an allo or an anglo in an independent Quebec.

      2. [Do] you think that the towns or the regions that voted 'Yes' in 1980 and in 1995 also have the right to break themselves away from Canada? Surely not."

      I don't know. Borders are not carved in stone, they are man made arbitrary lines that get revisited from time to time.

      A more relevant question is: what would Landry have to say if say a francophone enclave in ON wanted to join QC? Would he respect territorial integrity of ON, or would he descend into sentimentalism and back the secessionists for the beautiful reason of preserving a culture, or something like that. We can speculate. I put forward a guess that in such a scenario, Landry would back franco Ontarian secessionists.

    11. "Did you ever notice that Martin Luther King knew he had to work with the majority whites in order to work toward an equal and democratic society?"

      In a racist society such as America of the 1960's (not to say that it isn't racist today), King worked primarily with blacks. There were whites on his side, but many many more stood against him, even if tacitly, which still means against.

      As to your charge that we are a flip side of Beaulieu, there is a world of difference between us. We don't walk through franco neighborhoods picking on French signage for example, or appeal to state power for help. Our attitude is defensive (we just want to be left alone), whereas their attitude is offensive (they come after us, often with vague demands that can never be met).

    12. Another issue is how successful was King and his black white collaborators in creating "an equal and democratic society".

      Looking at America today, not too successful at all. Not because he lacked good will or stamina, but because the whites who opposed him have no interest in an equal and democratic society. They much preferred the status quo.

      Notwithstanding the white that stood with King, the ones that stood against him went as far as to rally the security apparatus (with the FBI constantly plotting against King, and allegedly having a role in killing him).

      The demise of King and the current situation of non-whites in the US is a testament to the determination of these whites for the maintenance of a non-equal state of affairs.

    13. "Oh really. Proclaiming 10 minutes after the Non decision: "on se crache dans les mains et on recommence" is a way to accept the verdict"

      Pour quelles raisons avons-nous des élections périodiques adski?

    14. "Landry would back franco Ontarian secessionists."

      Les anglos ont-ils vraiment besoin de Montréal afin de préserver leur culture en amérique, kiki?

    15. Adski incarne parfaitement la mauvaise foi légendaire des anglos.Les chiffres et la logique sont de notre côté et ils représentent des arguments unirréfutables.

    16. 1. The difference between a referendum and an election is precisely that one is to be held periodically, and one once only. This is inherent in a definition of a referendum. The referendum on a given topic is to be held only once in a blue moon. The case of the QC referendum would be no different if Oui had passed. That would be the end of the never-endum cycle, and you'd be 100% in favor of aborting the cycle. But again you want to have a cake and eat it too. If you lose, then referendum=election. If you were to win then referendum is referendum, election is election.

      2. It's irrelevant if the wide group of Anglos of the world need Montreal to survive. As it is irrelevant if the wide group of Francos in the world need an enclave in ON to join QC to survive. In both case, they don't, but again it is utterly irrelevant. What is relevant is what Montrealers want, and what the inhabitants of the FR-ON enclave want.

      3. When it comes to the Quebecois political project, I do have a "mauvaise foi" towards it because it has a "mauvaise foi" towards me. What do you expect? You don't think that we're all fools like Christopher Hall, do you?

    17. "...They already keep us corralled in ghettoized areas...."

      Take the 401 asap.

    18. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    19. Adski, many US states had a referendum on the status of gay marriage. Are these bans on gay marriage never to be overturned then, even if the mind of the electorate changes?

  19. "Did you ever notice that Martin Luther King knew he had to work with the majority whites"

    Did you notice that he was shot for his efforts?

    1. What does that have to do with anything?

  20. J'ai comme l'impression que la partition de Montréal provoquerait certaines controverses et un peu et je dis bien un peu d'opposition :)

    1. It's like separation. Two sides to the same coin :)

    2. C'est quoi le nom déjà de votre parti politique?

    3. Montreal Federal Party

    4. Montreal Federal Party?


    5. Un conseil:Si jamais vous avez le courage de mettre un parti sur pieds au Québec,évitez les mots fédéral ou royal.

    6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    7. I would vote for the Montreal Federal Party! Where do I sign up? :)

    8. Partition is only possible in the wishful thinking mind of the Quebec and franco bashers because in the real world, that's just not how things work.

  21. "All indications are that sovereignty is down to about the 35% level"

    Why shouldn't it be? Quebec exists as a sovereign nation within the union in all the ways it chooses to, with full control of education, immigration and the suspension of the Charter and the Constitution. All this, and the bonus billions dumped into the province by Canadian taxpayers who have no idea this situation exists at all, never mind that they help fund it. Any discussion of repealing 101 will see that percentage hit the roof.

    "The partitionist ideology is based on fear, anger, and revenge."

    No, it's based on the desire for a meaningful vote. For three decades, at the very least, the anglo and allo minorities of Quebec have not had any political representation. We dump our votes on the Liberal party that enacted the first linguistic legislation, the not withstanding clause, and continues to support a French first policy in the province. We simply vote for the ones that won't hold a referendum but still treat us as second class citizens.
    It's also based on the desire to live in an equitable society where we have the freedom to live in the official language of our choice, to educate our children in this language and to remain free of economic reprisals from the provincial government when we do so.
    Not to mention, that since we are Canadian citizens and pay our taxes to the federal government, it would be nice if the rights guaranteed to us by this government were applicable in the city that we've lived in, and worked in for generations.

    "Being that anglophones and allophones together are almost 50% of the population of Montreal, you wouldn't even win such a referendum."

    I believe you underestimate the immigrants that have moved to the province. Their numbers swell by the day and they moved to a free, equitable and multicultural Canada. Montreal, despite the rest of Quebec and the legislation that's in place already represents this Canadian character. You also seem to forget the Anglophone corporate interests in Montreal which represent the lion's share of Quebec's economy. Not to mention the expat Quebecers that can swell the vote since they number in the hundreds of thousands in the most conservative of estimates. Partition from Quebec would be supported Canada wide under the condition of transparency to what really goes on here. Not only is a referendum winnable, but if the ball starts rolling, separation, and by extension freedom, will be a certainty.

    "which will only push up the support for sovereignty and make francophones enraged"

    So we are to fear our neighbours because we seek to be of equal status to them? We're to bow our heads and beg for scraps at a table with no dignity and no self respect? Let them be enraged. Better yet, it's time for us to be enraged. We are the wronged party. We are the people without a voice. We are the economic heartbeat of the province that uses our vast contributions to legislate away our history, our language and our cultures with policies of enforced assimilation and the tactics of mob mentality and fear. No more appeasement, no more compromise. Our vote, our rights and our freedom, the majority be damned!

    Fuck 101, Free Montreal!

    1. "The partitionist ideology is based on fear, anger, and revenge."

      No, it's in fact based on wishful thinking. As anyone who has ever CARED to do real research instead of talking out of their ass, repeating the propaganda they heard or just being idiots know, what happens in the real world when a country secedes is that it quits with its whole current territory.

      "We're to bow our heads and beg for scraps at a table with no dignity and no self respect?[...] We are the wronged party."
      While I am not one to think that we should do unto others what was done to us, it's funny how it's like Karma is coming back to bite you in the ass. What you are describing there is EXACTLY EXACTLY what the English and what Canada has done to the Francophones and to Quebec for >200 years. ISN'T THAT IRONIC. Feels bad? What about you own to your mistakes by acknowledging history, the shit your ancestors did and the shit the feds are still doing in regards to Quebec, without denying what doesn't please you because it's looks ugly. THEN maybe we will stop seeing you as a threat and stop treating you accordingly.

      Why don't you start with the Universities, something hard to deny. 30% of all the funding going to Universities that serve 8% of the population. I don't think there is a minority in the world that is treated nearly as good as YOU are in Quebec.

  22. "The Quebec Partitionists seem to disregard the legitimacy of francophone vote"

    The Francophone vote brought us illegal legislation and the removal of our rights guaranteed to us by this country. It deprived itself of any legitimacy when it supported financial reprisals against speakers of the English language, when it disregarded the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and when it subjugated its minorities to an 'autres' (the others) existence as second class citizens in the province. It's the closest any Western nation has been to South African Apartheid since the politics of race died in the ash heaps of fascist Europe.

    "The extremists really seem like two sides of the same coin sometimes."

    If demanding my rights as a Canadian citizen and my freedom to speak either official language without fear of economic reprisal and suppression from my provincial government is extreme, then I am as extreme as they come. Fortunately, millions of Canadians that enjoy these freedoms on a daily basis would disagree with you.

    1. I just can't really take you seriously. I understand that it's insulting to be forced to place your own language smaller and beneath the French on public signeage, but it's not exactly Nazi Germany. Anglos have freedom to vote, freedom to move, freedom to write, freedom to present themselves at the elections. There are no Anglos murdered for their political convictions, anglos jailed as political prisonners, or anglos beaten in the streets for daring to protest 101. On top of that you have your own hospitals and universities paid for by the state. It really has nothing to do with the Appartheid and I find it difficult to see evidence of "suppression" in any meaningful definition of the word.

    2. No, make that Zimbabwe circa 2004-2005

    3. What exactly are you refering to? The land reforms (which took place earlier) or the bulldozing of the shantytowns (which I struggle to relate to Quebec)?

    4. @Yannick

      Anglos = La minorité la mieux traitée du monde.

      Nous leur demandons simplement de ne pas parler trop fort en publique et ils nous traite de nazis.Bande de petits bébés gâtés!

    5. 'Anglos have freedom to vote'

      Yes they do. Unfortunately, they have never had a candidate or a party that will represent them and their grievances in the province, and they never will. The majority Francophone vote which supports 101 makes damn sure of that. What good is a vote if you can't cast it for political representation that supports your interests and rights? It's democracy for the Francophones and the middle finger for everyone else.

      'freedom to move'

      How many ethnic and anglo communities do you think you'll find outside Montreal and the surrounding burbs? Jewish summer cottages are plastered with swastikas outside Montreal yearly. Rural Francophones complain about the added cost of Coca Cola for being kosher at the 'accommodation talks'. This freedom is just like our vote - complete bullshit but it works well for the public image Quebec tries to foster for the ROC to keep the cash flow going.

      'freedom to write'

      It all depends on what you're writing and where you're posting it. It can be subject to the OLFs measuring tape, their desire for a translation and that the French comes first. Otherwise, you will pay a fine and be shut down if you continue to ignore them.

      'or anglos beaten in the streets for daring to protest 101'

      You were obviously not there for the Bill 101 protest last year where the Quebec militia showed up in full combat dress, massive Mag lights hanging from their belts (in case the sun went out at 10 am, I'm sure), and threatened the life of the organizer, telling him to make sure he kissed his kids goodbye and then threw a punch at him on the street. All this in front of dozens of apathetic francophone cops.

      'On top of that you have your own hospitals and universities paid for by the state'

      Our universities and hospitals are not reserved for anglos and ethnics only. They are also subject to 101. Care workers lose their jobs all the time because the OLF deems their linguistic capabilities sub par. Degree programs such as Law and Journalism, studies that the Quebecois obviously find threatening, are restricted to those that are perfectly fluent in both languages, even if they are here to study from abroad. Considering that another eleven of our schools were shut down last year in an effort to curb enrollment and funds, since these are based on the number of attending students, the Quebec government is still working on eroding away whatever we do have left.
      (you must not have watched the video the Editor posted where the demands for all universities and hospitals to be exclusively French and for the internet to be subject to 101 were voiced by the ubermensch)

      'It really has nothing to do with the Appartheid'

      When a cultural group within the whole is relegated to living out their lives in a confined area; when they are subject to draconian laws which seek to limit their access to political power and economic growth (any business operating with 50 or more employees is required to do so in French, even if it conducts its business outside the province of Quebec); and when this group has been put there under threat of violence by a belligerent majority (the bombings and the revolutionary stance of the early nationalist movement), and when this group is the ever present scapegoat for this majority (lest we forget Parizeau's referendum speech blaming the loss of nationalist dreams on us), then it is in effect and practice a system of Apartheid.

    6. Freedom to vote - a useless right given the circumstances. First, the electoral process is rigged in favor of the regions. Second, even if Montreal got its 20% non-franco representation in the national assembly it would be outnumbered 20-80. And I'm not saying democracy is bad. I'm saying that democracy doesn't work as well (or at all) in an ethnic state whose main goal is to promote ethnicity X. Israeli Arabs face the same thing in Israel. Despite being able to vote in Israeli elections, they cannot make themselves heard in an explicitly Jewish, and not civic state. So democracy can only work in a civic state that is not dedicated to the promotion of any one race, religion, language, or ethnicity at the expense of others.

      Hospitals/universities - proof that QC is not French only. Anglos don't owe these to the Quebecois, they built and maintained them themselves. These were not gifts from the Quebec people. Taxes pay for these? Well, my taxes pay for the OQLF. OQLF is much worse to us, that Anglo hospitals are to you. An Anglo hospital can offer you treatment at worst, OQLF offers us a different kind of treatment. Also, taxes are a fraction of revenue generated by these hospitals and universities, a lot comes from donations. The OQLF on the other hand lives off the taxpayer money entirely.


      Yes, anglos/allos have a right to write, breathe, walk the streets without being assaulted. Should we thank the Quebecois for being gracious on this account, or should we be grateful that things didn't go this bad yet?

      There were nice Germans in Nazi Germany, nice Afrikaans in South Africa, nice slave owners in America, nice Quebecois we cross paths with every day....but what kind of state has been built around us, what kind of relations it fosters, what atmosphere it creates, what kind of people it promotes in the public sphere, what coercive powers it puts at its disposal and in whose interest can these powers be used, all that counts too.

      Take 2 weeks ago. My daily routine has not been interrupted by any Quebecois, in fact all the Quebecois I dealt with were super nice. At the same time, QC mainstream press ran multiple stories endorsing SSJB's downtown march, with no word of opposition from any of the nice Quebecois I had a pleasure to interact with. So despite the pleasantries exchanged, is it not unnatural for me to feel a little ambivalent and conflicted about these people? Maybe even suspicious?

    7. Adski, all I am saying is that comparisons to Apartheid South Africa and Nazi Germany are spurious, not that thinks are perfect in Quebec. In those two places, the oppressed group had no right of assembly, no right of vote, in Nazi Germany there was no right of free press and in South Africa one could not live where he wanted. It's dishonest to pretend that the anglos/allos of Quebec are anywhere near that level of discrimination.

      Yes, there is no one party that represents anglophones perfectly. Yes, the media is often belligerent. Yes, you see the OQLF as a means of oppression - but the same can be said of provincial parties in the ROC with regards to the francophones, with anti-OLA, bilingualism or french pieces in ROC media, and the only liberty the OQLF removes is the ability to advertise in english-only.

      It's not even comparable to the apartheid where blacks were not allowed to vote, were not allowed to choose where to vote, where "coloured" and "indians" had their own, smaller parliament that were outnumbered by the white-only piece of parliament, where you could not obtain an education or a passport if you were not the correct race, and where you were forbided to work in many industries or be part of a trade union based on race alone.

    8. "Yes, there is no one party that represents anglophones perfectly"

      Nous leur interdisons aussi de créer leur propre parti,bien entendu.

    9. Effectivement, contrairement à l'allemagne nazie ou à l'apartheid, les gens ici ont le droit d'organiser leur propres partis politiques et voter pour eux.

      Ci c'est trop difficile d'obtenir du changement ainsi, on peut faire ce qu'on a fait nous au Nouveau-Brunswick : intégrer le parti libéral/CAQ et effectuer le changement de l'intérieur. Gagner la guerre des idées par le débat et la force du vote. 20% de nons-francophones, ce n'est pas infinitésimal comme groupe d'intérêt! On en fait plus pour les gais qui ne composent qu'une infime partie de la population (1/20)

    10. Cependant je crois qu'ils ont un problème majeur : Leur communauté est peut-être trop hétéroclyte.Il ne semblent avoir que la langue comme dénominateur commun...Une piste d'explication?

    11. And we can say the same thing about francophones, right anonymous troll? Once again, you write without thinking. Thinking - give it a try sometime. It will be a new experience for you.

    12. Vous devriez écouter le conseil de votre compatriote canadien:

      "I escaped from Quebec! You can too."

      Un Q.I plus élevé que la moyenne des anglos de Montréal?

    13. Actually, I'm staying in Quebec to continue to watch you suffer referendum defeat after referendum defeat and laugh at you. In fact, I am inviting all my anglophone friends to come and live in Quebec :)

    14. Vous avez bien raison

      Plus on est de fous,plus on rit :)

      Cependant,je trouve surprenant que vous ayez des amis.

    15. "Actually, I'm staying in Quebec to continue to watch you suffer referendum defeat after referendum defeat and laugh at you."

      Vous pourriez le faire à partir de l'ontario,non?Ils ont la télé et internet,vous savez.

    16. You're easily surprised.

    17. @ Land of tomatoes:

      Did I hit a nerve, referendum loser?

    18. It's too easy with you guys. G'night!

    19. Pas solide notre Roger,il s'est sauvé comme un lapin...

    20. Effectivement,plus je lis ce blogue plus je me radicalise.

    21. You were always radical.

  23. So, if the Maclean's student "strike" article is not denounced in Parliament in Ottawa, will that constitute a form of backhanded Quebec bashing?

  24. Jacques Parizeau à l’Université Laval hier:

    J’en ai organisé des manifestations. Je n’ai jamais réussi à avoir plus de 100 000 personnes. Que 200 000 personnes puissent manifester au Québec sans un seul drapeau canadien, j’en reviens pas.»


    1. Funny how these leeches hitch the wagons to every possible cause.

      I supported the strikes because I believed (and still do) that more is at stake than just about a one-time tuition hike and that there were alternatives to the hike, as outlined in this article:

      However, at this point QC nationalists are too implicated, popping up right and left and now with Parizeau whom they rolled off his death bed and wheeled to the podium to make (or maybe read) a statement.

      I therefore withdraw my support for the strike. The waters are too muddied at this point.

    2. Is that the same Jacques Parizeau that they trotted out in a room of 10 old supporters (I'm surprised he got so many) to help Duceppe in the last election? LMAO!!

  25. Imaginez une seconde l'idiot qui se présente avec un drapeau canayen à une de nos manifestation.

    1. Idiots don't use Canadian flags...

    2. "Idiots don't use Canadian flags..."

      Hmmm...Pas certain.

    3. Nope, idiots fly the RRQ flag and others fly the Quebec flag because they are more nationalist than smart.

    4. I fly the flag of King George and Canada just because I feel like it

  26. Ah, I just realized that I never made comment for Bill 78.

    I am totally against the student protest for tuition hike. I agree with the argument for the tuition hike and I think that the student protest shows how far removed they are from the reality of the world, particularly outside of Quebec.

    Having written that, I think the government made a colossal mistake by passing Bill 78. The government changed the rule while the game is being played. Of course it made them look like they were acting in bad faith. The contents of the Bill aside, the government overplayed their hands by passing the Bill specifically intended to quash the protest.

    What they should have done from the very beginning is to enforce the existing laws rigorously. Declare illegal any activity that encroach public rights and safety. Enforce court orders. Overwhelm the protest with police presence. Mobilize reinforcement if necessary. Nip the movement at the bud, so to speak. But no. They chose to sit on their hands and hoping that it would just blow over.

    So, as ticked off I am to the entitled students, I now also blame the government for its sucker move. Bill 78 is truly unnecessary only if the government did its job from the beginning. Now the movement spreads like wildfire, the livelihood of the QLP is at stake.

  27. "Being Mocked over student 'strike' a Tough Pill to swallow for Quebec francophones"

    Editor, do you really think that Québécois care about what English-Canadians think? We are no longer in 19th century. Québécois now are more educated and travel a lot.

    So most Québécois are able to make difference between a first class anglo-saxon (British, American) and a second class anglo-saxon (Australian, English-Canadian). Most Québécois know what are the opinions that count and those that do not.

    1. The same can be said about first class francophone (French, Swiss), second class francophone (Belgian, Congolese, Franco-Ontarian) and cattle-class francophone (mostly called Tremblay...)

    2. Québécois now are more educated
      So most Québécois are able to make difference between a first class anglo-saxon (British, American) and a second class anglo-saxon (Australian, English-Canadian).
      Most Québécois know what are the opinions that count and those that do not.

      Yet you can't resist the urge to display your ignorance for all the world to see. You're so ignorant, you don't even realize how offensive your opinions are!

      Nation and race do not coincide; there is no nation of pure blood. All peoples have arisen from a mixture of races. - Ludwig von Mises

    3. Évariste,je crois que vous venez de toucher une corde très sensible :)

    4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    5. Vous avez raison,les Suisse sont supérieurs:

      Suisse: quand le « modèle américain » tue l’université.

    6. Evariste, what a naive and uninformed fellow you are ! Of course francophones care about what their fellow citizens think of them. And Albertans also care about what Quebecers and folks in Ontario say about them. Perhaps you have not been following the controversy about Thomas Mulcair's "dutch disease" comments.

      The Quebec press watches comments in the anglo press very closely. See, for example, Rima Elkhouri's May 28 piece in La Presse about the "mepris" of Maclean's magazine towards Quebec in a recent cover story about the student strike. And the serious ethnic nationalists are completely obsessed about what anglophones say about Quebec and/or francophones. They have even coined a term - "Quebec bashing" - to describe what is usually nothing more than fair comment and criticism from the ROC. If Quebec and the french language are "threatened" then it apparently follows for these rocket scientists that somebody has to be doing the threatening. The preferred opponent/threat for souvrainistes is the ROC and anglophones. And what better way to demonstrate that Canada is against Quebec, federalism is doomed etc. than to be able to say "Ecoutez -those nasty anglophones are saying bad things about us again, they must hate us, they are different from us, they don't understand us - blah, blah, woof woof." Watching and parsing every minor criticism of Quebec by anglophones, even from the Gazette, has long since been elevated to a strategy by the romantic ethnic nationalists who are the real heart and soul of the sovereignty movement. So our crusading editor's theme is on the money. In fact it's old news.

      Evariste, you should try and get out more, perhaps read La Presse or Le Devoir or that perennial favourite "Vigile" occasionally and then perhaps you will understand.

  28. "Editor, do you really think that Québécois care about what English-Canadians think?"

    Likely not but they should considering the fact the welfare Quebecois receive about 8 Billion a year from people they don't care about. !!!

    "Quebecois now are more educated"

    Hard to imagine this statement when one looks at the drop out rate of Francos in Quebec.

    1. 1) 8 billion we don't NEED
      2) 8 billion that would easily be replaced if Quebec's tax money was invested in its own economy, where needed, instead of being used to fund things in other provinces that compete against our own economy.

      Quebec gains NOTHING from being in Canada.

  29. Le site de la police de Montréal attaqué par Anonymous

  30. Un pied humain aurait été expédié au Parti conservateur

  31. "Le site de la police de Montréal attaqué par Anonymous" "Un pied humain aurait été expédié au Parti conservateur"
    Are you claiming responsibility for these actions? If not, we're all capable of reading the news, I don't see any reason to point them out, unless these kind of things make you happy. I wouldn't be surprised..


    The Liberals have definitely handled this whole "tuition increase" situation terribly.. Here we have a government that won't stand up and defend its decisions, and who continues to negotiate with terrorists and terrorist organizations. How pathetic.
    It's much too late now to do anything about it, and these terrorists will continue to protest and have negative effects on businesses and tourism, until it gets too hot or too cold for them to be outside. After all, their protests are financed by the government against which they are protesting.

    Why are we letting a small group cause so many problems? And why are the shitty Quebec media allowed to make it seem like if 95% of the population is out protesting??
    It's very simple, you look at the amount of school days each student has attended this semester, and those who missed too many classes fail their semester, and must immediately reimburse that percentage of whatever loans or scholarships they received for the semester. No more negotiating, no more talking, there was an offer on the table, it was accepted then they changed their minds.. Enough of this screwing around.

    Its really sad that the winners out of all this will be the PQ and the CAQ, they just have to sit back and make a few comments about the situation once in a while.

    I really wish our government would stop being so soft... Imagine all the issues that could be easily resolved if our leaders had a spine?


    "I supported the strikes because I believed (and still do) that more is at stake than just about a one-time tuition hike and that there were alternatives to the hike, as outlined in this article"

    Adski, I'm very surprised that you would support these terrorists even a tiny bit.. You say there's more at stake than a one-time tuition hike, but the truth is all these protests aren't even about a tuition hike, they are about class warfare, and how a group of Québécois want to live in a fantasy world where everyone has everything they want without doing any work. It's always the same story, and yes, it would be nice, but nobody seems to realize that somebody's going to have to pay for it someday, unless we manage to change the entire world, and I'm not interested in leaving more debt for future generations to deal with (like the baby boomers did to us).

    I wonder how many years of university tuition (in Quebec) these morons would have been able to pay by now if they had spent all these hours working rather than protesting.. God forbid people should have to work!

  32. "I'm very surprised that you would support these terrorists even a tiny bit."

    Terroristes?Vous devez habiter 3rivers ou vous n'avez aucune idée de ce qu'est un terroriste.N'est-ce-pas?

  33. "...we're all capable of reading the news, I don't see any reason to point them out..."

    C'est que l'Éditeur semble à court de sujet alors j'essaie de l'aider un peu.

  34. "Terroristes?Vous devez habiter 3rivers ou vous n'avez aucune idée de ce qu'est un terroriste.N'est-ce-pas?"

    ter·ror·ism noun
    1. the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.

    That sounds a lot like the student organizations to me, or maybe you forgot about all the smoke bombs in the metro already?

    I guess you're the one who doesn't know the meaning of the word "terrorist" huh?

  35. Puisque nous discutons métro,regardez-donc ceci et dites-moi si vous voyez une différence avec les 'attentats" de Montréal.

    Vous me semblez bien chicken,QOTS...

  36. The editor writes:

    This by the way, is in contrast to the foreign press, which has been more and more sympathetic since the imposition of Bill 78.

    Perhaps, but I'd like to share a wall posting by one of my Facebook friends who lives in Phoenix, Arizona. She is, to put it mildly, a left-winger; under "Employers" in her "About" page she has listed "#Ocuppy Phoenix".

    Accompanying a photo of a mass of protesters in the streets of Montreal, she wrote the following:

    Go ahead, USA. Make it illegal to protest. They're trying to do it in Canada, and THIS is the result.

    A picture from yesterday's demonstrations in Montreal. Unsubstantiated estimates of 500,000 people. (we are not sure how accurate this is, but they did have 250,000 to 400,000 earlier in the week?). Bill 78 (the draconian "Anti-protest" law) has now become a central issue.

  37. In defence of the strike it came at a bad time.

    All other provinces were working on the budgets for the year. It wasn't good... it sucked actually we were all being told that we had to tighten further to last years tightening, municipally and federally the wallets were going to be lighter from taxes.

    The facts Quebec has a limping economy was communicated in the press in other provinces before these kid's walked because residents of other provinces were questioning " where the hell is all the money going."

    The Minds of engaged Canadian's not in Quebec, were on the projects that were shelved and how it was going to hurt whatever industry they were employed in.

    Along come these students from "Precious Quebec" saying the tuition rises were criminal... Alrighty then the gloves are off! That's not a lie they said the tuition was too high at the start.. nothing else.

    People all over the country even in Precious Quebec working like donkey's hear this shit and go bombastic. "We pay the taxes, son of a bitch! who do these kid's think they are?"

    Switch that last sentence around any which way and the majority of employed engaged Canadian's of any language decided on that reason, This strike was silly.

    Next time a French group in Quebec wants to be taken seriously in the media and the country of Canada Please remember we have all sorts of cultures as well as french, who don't abide by the "acting out" against the police and government.

  38. Further evidence the "divide" is widening between francophones and anglophones...

    Has anyone noticed of late how Don MacPherson has himself become more and more like an angryphone? When MacPherson -- someone who for the better part of three decades has been, to say the least, sympathetic to francoophone Quebecers and Bill 101 -- starts sounding like Galganov or Henderson, it may be an indication the tide is turning.

    Here is a column of his that makes my point.

  39. I sit here amazed that citizen's have not filed charges against the hate mongering of the Anglos by person's in leadership roles in "French Canada"

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