Friday, November 11, 2011

In Quebec, Counting Anglophones is an Art Form

Institut de recherche sur le français en Amérique
Many, many years ago, my son was a grade one student having bit of trouble with spelling. Back then, spelling was considered an important element of a proper education and as such, students were treated to spelling bees, spelling drills and spelling tests on an ongoing basis.
Today spelling has joined home economics, shop and history in the trash heap of the education system, but I digress.

My son's teacher asked that as parents we help out at home by honing his spelling skills before the next test, a task which my wife dutifully undertook.
After the results of the next test were announced, she asked him how he did;
"Eight out of what?" she asked suspiciously.
"Hmm....Not bad....not bad at all!"

A few weeks later at a school conference, the teacher once again implored my wife to work on spelling.
"Whatever for? He got eight out ten on the last test"
"EIGHT OUT OF TEN??? He got eight out of ten wrong!!!"

And so as parents we suffered from statistical manipulation, by our six year-old!
That's how easy it is to be fooled by numbers, when you trust the deliverer.

So it isn't any surprise that when studies and statistics are prepared and served up by someone or some organization with a political agenda to promote, what we are provided with is statistical trash.

Such is the case of the insufferable Institut de recherche sur le français en Amérique (IRFA) an organization that uses the word "Institute" to give itself a false and bloated appearance of something which it is not. Aside from its minuscule size, it mimics the work of the SSJB, Mouvement Quebec Francais and Imperatif Francais in promoting the French language and the cause of sovereignty.

THE IFRA is a tiny French language lobby group, run by a university student consisting of a website, post-office box and a personal cellular telephone number.
The website shows a couple of academic separatists forming a 'scientific committee' which includes Marc Termote, a demographer and renowned language militant, and employee of the OQLF.

 "The decline of French in Quebec is so relentless that demographer Marc Termote says the government will have no choice but to consider taking drastic measures if it wants to turn the tide: a halt to immigration or the imposition of unilingual French throughout its territory." Link{FR}

Mr. Termotte is joined on the committee with Claude Castonguay, a retired professor of mathematics from the University of Ottawa and OQLF veteran.

The IFRA commissioned and recently published a study by another like-minded 'Institute" the 'Institut de recherche en économie contemporaine (IREC) which concluded, not surprisingly that English is over-represented in the Public Service in Quebec.
Checking the IREC's website I was not surprised to find that Jacques Parizeau, is the honorary President of the Board of Directors so you can imagine its political bent. 

The impartiality of these types of organizations and their ability to deliver non-biased statistically  based reports is more than questionable and when newspapers reprint their conclusions as fact, it breaks the very tenants of what good journalism should be.
You wouldn't expect a newspaper to reprint as fact, the conclusion that there is no link between cancer and smoking, based on a report prepared by the tobacco industry, nor would you expect a newspaper to reprint as fact, a positive link between prayer and good health, based on a report prepared by the Church.
But when a group of militant French-language separatists, offers a study on the dire situation of the French language in Quebec, it is printed in our newspapers as gospel.  Shame!

The impartiality of those preparing reports and studies on any publicly debated issue has recently become a hot issue in relation to climate change. Competing groups of scientists have muddied up the issue by allowing personal or group bias affect how they collected, prepared and interpreted data. It has had a devastating effect on the debate with the public unsure of who to believe.

Last year, here in Quebec, we were treated to a lively public debate between anglo rights defender Jack Jedwab and French language militant Claude Castonguay over which group, anglophones or Francophones enjoy a higher income, with both claiming that statistics supported their opposite positions. What nonsense!

And so, before ever putting stock in a study, one has to consider the bias and impartiality of those who prepared the report or study.
Readers, they don't come much more biased than the IRFA.

I've  previously written on the skewed conclusions of another report prepared by the IRFA and its contention that English cegeps (junior colleges) are a danger to the French language.

And so when the IRFA recently published a report that describes Quebec's public sector as overly friendly to anglophones, I almost fell out of my chair laughing, not only because its conclusions were so skewed, but because the media lapped up the report without question.
Download the PDF in French

The report concludes that with 8.7% of the population 13.9% of the jobs in the public service are English.
Both of these numbers are false and misleading.

I didn't have to go deep into the report to realize that we were to be treated to a statistical sleight-of-hand leading to dubious and unsupportable conclusions.

There in the Resume;

And there it is..... 'historical anglophones,' a term used by ultra-separatists to magically reduce the real number of anglophones that they count.
I thought it was only zealots like Louis Prefontaine that use terms like that, but its seems to have crept into the language debate as something legitimate.

There really is no definitive way to describe who is an Anglo and so separatists use critera that suits them, where numbers are reduced.

Through voodoo statistical analysis, language extremists like Prefontaine can claim that 'historical' anglophones' represent just 5.6% of the Quebec population, while the author of this report can claim that the number of 'historical' anglophones is about 8.7%.

I much prefer the numbers of Statistics Canada, an organization which is arguably just about as unbiased as you can get.

So the English minority is actually 13.4%!
The explanation for the higher number is clearly spelled out.

Now before defenders of the report start attacking the integrity of Statisitcs Canada, I'd point out that much of the study itself is based on StatsCan data.

If one accepts this 13.4% figure, the conclusion of the report that English at 13.9% is vastly over-represented is proven false.

But wait, there's more! (as they say in the infomercials!)

I've gone through the whole report and cannot fathom how the author arrived at his conclusion that 13.9% of public jobs are English.

He claims that there are 31,000 jobs where public employees use English exclusively or English majorly while working. I'd love to see a list.

Now these jobs are not in Education and Health and Social services fields, which are treated separately in the report.
Here directly from the study;
"In Quebec 31,334 of the 237,209 public administration jobs are unilingually English or bilingual English/French, representing 13%"

I'd like to know where these unilingual English jobs exist in Quebec's public Administration.

Perhaps there's a couple of thousand of employees working in English at the Ministère des Transports or the Sûreté du Québec? Maybe there's a few more thousand stashed at Revenue Québec or  Environment Quebec.
Or maybe these employees toil tirelessly in Télé-Québec or the Ministère de l'Agriculture where they speak English all day and write and file English reports to their superiors who reply in English.

Really?? Are you kidding me?

Anglophones make up less than 2% of the civil service and I bet they speak French almost all of the time.

Even if this fanciful idea was true (which it certainly is not) working the majority of the time in English, means working some of the time in French and so the effective rate of English services offered by the 13.9% is reduced in consequence.

I shall be bringing you more statistical nonsense from the IRFA in the near future but until then, rest assured that as they say on the French language version of Mythbusters, this report is 'bidon!'


  1. It just slays me when some of your respondents remark that I take a very dim view of Quebec. Well, perhaps I do, but when one sees the reports put out by the Anglo-hating dimwits like those above, it's hard to just sit there and contain oneself.

    I wrote a harsh response in the last segment to another commentator stating my views are harsh. I elaborated how each and everyday I'm on the phone with people from all parts of Quebec and a disappointingly high number of them are, to quote myself, rude dogs. Most colleagues on my French speaking team concur. Same goes for my previous position where I too was on the French speaking team, often with those mother tongued French taking ridicule for their accents and diction (Francophones from outside Canada).

    What's especially insulting about that is the French speaking foreigners usually spoke the better French. The so-called linguistic experts in Quebec often express frustration with the poor level of French spoken and written in Quebec. When I see French comments on reports by my counterparts in Quebec, I see a plenitude of spelling mistakes that I, the Anglophone, pick up! Most of them are accents missing where the writers are too lazy or too stupid to use the ALT key to put in the accented letters. I don't dare do this remembering how my French teachers were tough on spelling down to the last accent and cedilla under the letter C (i.e., "ç"). Some of those big red marks my teachers placed on my errors were uuug-leee! (Spelling modified to punctuate my point).

    When you get bigots and their statistical lies heartily published by the French mainstream media, the result is an arrogant, rude society,and I'm not now or ever let it go without harsh criticism. Call my views harsh if you will, but I KNOW I'm right whether some, most, or all of you disagree with me.

  2. Let's see, Pur Laine Québécois people make up 20-21% of the population in Canada. Should we limit their job prospects in the Federal Government to this figure? Should Air Canada only offer service in French on 21% of their flights 21% of the time? As their numbers continue to march off a cliff due to aging and low birthrates do we ratchet down the level of service they receive in French proportionally? How about we treat everyone like human beings first and foremost, regardless of which language they speak at home.  We all pay taxes into the same pot, we should all be afforded the same rights and privileges. These numbers mean nothing and these assholes that continually stir up the language debate aren't doing anyone any favours in Montreal.

  3. These assholes want nothing more than a racially/linguistically pure society, and their efforts to achieve this impossible goal have held down my home province and home town for as long as I can remember. It is indeed shameful that these kinds of reports are produced let alone published in the news media.

  4. "Through voodoo statistical analysis, language extremists like Prefontaine can claim that 'historical' anglophones' represent just 5.6% of the Quebec population, while the author of this report can claim that the number of 'historical' anglophones is about 8.7%."

    Nonobstant la stratégie employée par Préfontaine et l'auteur du rapport quant à la proportion de la minorité anglaise historique, il est vrai que pour un Anglo il est difficile de comprendre la différence entre 5,6 %, 8,7 % et 13,4 %. La signification de chacun de ces chiffres est pourtant bien simple à comprendre.

    Le 5,6 % représente le nombre d'Anglos nés au Québec. Ce qui constitue la minorité anglaise historique. Le 3,1 % (pour les Anglos, ce chiffre est le résultat de 8,7 - 5,6) représente le nombre d'Anglo-canadiens nés à l'extérieur du Québec qui résident (temporairement) sur la terre nationale des Québécois. Ce sont donc de purs étrangers qui ne comptent pas dans la minorité anglaise historique. Le 4,7 % (tout le monde comprend maintenant que c'est le résultat de 13,4 - 8,7) constitue le nombre d'allophones et de francophones qui ont adopté l'anglais.

    L'idée que soutient la jeune génération de Québécois est de poursuivre le processus de décolonisation entrepris au début des années 1960. L'opération consiste entre autres à ramener le taux d'utilisation de l'anglais au travail, et à ramener le nombre d'établissements de santé, de cégeps et d'universités contrôlés par les Anglos, au poids démographique de la minorité anglaise historique, soit 5,6 %. Ni plus, ni moins.

  5. @anon 10:04

    Decolonisation? OKA was an attempt at decolonisation by mohawks. Your movement is paper manipulation and methods to parasite off Anglo and allo tax money. What is the historic pur laine populatoon of Quebec? Why don't you subtract those with Irish and Native blood in them?

    Typical Pur laine chauvanist thinking. Anyway partition of Quebec is one of the only ways to stop the parasites from sucking more money from Anglos and allos.

  6. The French were colonizers too. How can we decolonize them from here?

  7. To try to engineer a homogenous society out of a multicultural one under the banner of "social cohesion" is a delusional and fanatical goal.

    50 years ago the Quebecois have abandoned their Catholic religion and replaced it with a State religion. Since then, they were led and preached to by state-religion fanatics like Beaudoin or Curzi.

    In this clip, Dr.Chomsky explains the phenomenon of state religion at 2:14:

  8. The great phony bilingual scam. Its all about jobs and money…

    The simple facts are as more francophone’s get hired for all government positions less and less English speakers are working for their own governments across the country. Don’t believe me; Go check the stats for yourself. Francophone’s are over-represented in all levels of government including hospitals, law, policing...etc. No fairness, no representation by population. They call it bilingualism, yet the term is never defined on purpose and believe me it doesn’t mean fluency in 2 languages in Canada, at least to the French it doesn’t. No political party will speak for the English speaking majority in this province and country. Practical bilingualism, where numbers warrant… is never defined on purpose. In Ontario it now means segregation. The French (they are actually metis, a mixed race, not french) are demanding French only facilities all over the province, not bilingual, French only. $ Bilingualism is really nothing more then a hiring quota for francophone’s and that is a fact…just ask yourself, why are francophone’s over-represented in all government jobs and how come more and more positions are being designated bilingual all the time? And just as important, how come they are NOT fluently bilingual? Some can barely speak English!

    Go learn our proud, real BNA and UEL history. These were the builders of our country since 1763, not this phony, revisionist lie, spin, nonsense, this bilingual, multicultural,2 founding nations, linguistic duality lie, spin, propaganda that we’ve been living with since Trudeau and Kebec (original spelling) forced this upon the nation. We’ve been part of the British Empire since 1763 and officially and English speaking country for over 200 years, again just the facts...We were never a bilingual country. This is one big expensive lie/fraud that’s been going on for over 5 decades now.

    Liberal, Tory same old story. No party, no politician has touched this issue since it was forced upon the nation. The public has complained for decades yet the scum bag politicians remain silent. They are not listening to the people. Liberal, Tory same old story.

    So while Quebec bans the English language (bill 22, bill 178, bill 101…), wipes out its real BNA, UEL history, while ethnic language cleansing is going on in Quebec, the rest of the country is forced to fund whatever the French (metis) demand. This is going on in every province. Go check. See what’s really going on? What are they really up to? “First Quebec, then we take over the rest of the country, one step at a time…through bilingualism…” PT, “How to take over a country through bilingualism…” SD. How? First comes the right to communicate with gov't in a minority language (ie French),then comes bilingualism, then comes the right to work in the language of choice(ie French), then comes a bilingual boss,(ie French) then comes a exclusively French department and on it goes until its all French. Its happening all over the country, Ontario, New Brunswick… Go check the stats for yourself.

    Time to end this phony, expensive hiring scam, this bilingual farce outside Kebec.

  9. @ Anom 10:04
    You don't even realize that what you said was racist do you? You think it's OK to lump Anglo's into categories to better suit your insane provincial view? "We don't count Anglo's that come from outside Quebec because they are even less human than the sub-human Quebec Anglo's." Your logic is dumbfoundingly stupid and racist to it's core. If 13% of the population speaks English it's not weird that the Government be staffed by 13% English speakers, all of which probably bilingual and speak and work in French, something that can not be said about the French Canadians working there.

    Stop being racist and grow up. This concept of French Canadian > English Canadian from Quebec > English Canadian from outside Quebec > Foreigner is shameful.

  10. L'idée que soutient la jeune génération de Québécois [...]

    La jeune génération? Tu dois en fumer du bon, parce qu'il n'y a pas beaucoup de jeunes qui adhèrent au mouvement souverainiste de nos jours.

    Tu peux regarder toutes les photos qu'on retrouve dans les différents médias à chaque rassemblement de séparatistes. J'aimerais bien que tu me trouve un "jeune" sur ces photos.
    Tu peux aussi visiter et regarder la moyenne d'age qu'on y retrouve..

    Bien sûr, il y a les jeunes qui ne sont jamais sortis de leur petit village / fond de rang. Leur parents leur ont dit "On va les avoir les maudits anglais!" toute leur vie, et ils ne sont pas assez intelligents pour y réfléchir eux-mêmes. De plus, il ne connaissent rien d'autre, et ils ont jamais rencontré un anglais ou un immigrant.

    [...] représente le nombre d'Anglo-canadiens nés à l'extérieur du Québec qui résident (temporairement) sur la terre nationale des Québécois.

    This statement clearly shows how separatists think.. I'm still amazed by the fact that they make no effort to hide their racism. It's perfectly normal to them! Amazing...

    And now, for something completely unrelated...
    I wonder if it would be possible to find statistics for the percentage of anglos vs. francos. on Bien-Aide Social. Then we can compare those figures.. I'm sure it would be interesting.

  11. Your link to Marc Termote's "drastic measures" comment doesn't work for me. But it sounds like his usual rant. Unfortunately for Marc and ethnic nationalists like Prefontaine Quebec is a free society where people will do what they like in whatever language they choose to speak. And the curve of history bends towards individual rights, not collective or ethnic rights. That trend will not change in Quebec no matter how much Termote wants to "impose" his preferred language. Its just more babble that serves only to lead the sovereignty movement further down the cul de sac. Who would want to live in a society with idealogues like Termote anywhere near the levers of power?

    But then I read on and found 10:04 Anonymous ready to sign up for the Termote/Prefontaine team. Another one of those presumptuous fellows who purport to speak for the young generation in Quebec. It was news to me that young people are interested in "decolonisation". I have never heard that from the young folks I know. Perhaps because they are more informed than 10:04 Anonymous who is just parroting, without understanding, the old Franz Fanon schtick favoured by old guard sovereignists 50 years ago. But Quebec is not - and never was - Algeria. It's time to update your analysis, Anonymous. Check the calendar. It's 2011 - not 1960.

    And Mr Sauga, thanks for bringing up a very important question. Why does the french language need accents ? Can anyone enlighten me? I cannot accept that francophones are unable to pronounce words correctly without accents. They have no difficulty when speaking the language. Does it all break down when they pick up a pen or sit down at a keyboard? What is going on here? Accents serve no useful purpose whatsoever and just add another hurdle to mastering the language. Very quaint. And very inconsistent with a modern language. I suggest that it's time to fire the Academie and let the people take over their own language. No more "imposition" of accents or anything else. Let freedom reign!

  12. BlueWhiteRed:

    Re Anon @ 10:04AM: As I wrote previously many, many times: People see what they WANT to see, hear wha they WANT to hear, and believe what they WANT to believe.

    Even [former Quebec MNA] Reed Scowen wrote exactly what Anon above wrote on this categorization of "Anglophones" in his book Time to Say Goodbye. The Quebec gouvernemama wrote ad nauseum about it until the collective majority could recite it chapter and verse. For those incapable of reading, the TV and radio media parroted the stats. After all, if it's stated over and over and over and over and over and over, it eventually becomes the gospel, a mantra. There are those who are simpletons enough to accept this (too many) while there is a minority who is skeptical, and smartly so.

    Too, the gouvernemama intentionally does this because they want to put an end to the "old stock Anglos" over time. Anglo children born to "old stock Anglos" post-Bill 101 will not be entitled to the special interim privileges accorded their parents who of course will eventually die out. The gouvernemama expects them to live in French, or at least be fully integrated outside the home. Same goes for newcomers and those who may come in the future. "If you don't have roots, you don't have rights" Anon and the majority of his ilk have swallowed the whole propaganda package hook, line and sinker.

  13. Thank you again Editor for bring this up, specifically bogus institutes. Let`s just analyse a comment here for a few minutes please readers: Anonymous' comment at November 11, 2011 10:04 AM
    - This is that typical judgementalism and narrow-mindness/self-entitlement to cut up groups of X speakers into classes, meaning overall just another goofy way of justifying discrimination and the removal of rights. To those holding this mindset, the Universal declaration of Human Rights (in our minority’s case, to live without discrimination based on language) means nothing.

    A civil suit should be launched against the hate X minority propagators, there are lines which have been crossed so often enough that authorities are exhausted from doing anything anymore (quickly at least), and they take advantage of the complacent people who just ignore these Chumps as if they are background noise - which, truthfully, they really are just making noise, but the repetitiveness in nature, plus the way it is used in the media as truth are the more dangerous parts of their methodology.

    But please do not take my word for it, this phrase just reeks of Maitre-chez-nous Franco-supremacist attitude:

  14. So we are a problem because English is the lingua franca, and the >evil< Anglophere surrounds us , and whatever the lowest figure of granularity within our minority can be used, will be used – Here’s news to the language zealots, approx.. 85% of the population in QC does not think this way, it has been a long time you have tried to get things your way, but after two failed referendums, it is time to mettre dans le panier cette idée d’être fier de votre ignorance and anti-bilinguism Being anti-bilingual, working against the rest of North America has only led QC to the illusion tranquille and colossal debt it is in now. Love they neighbour, and this way, probably more people will have motivation to learn FR, instead of forcing them with Bill 101 to do so.
    I've had this knuckle-dragger argument thrown at me too (quote above) - that since I was born in Vancouver, even if my family has been here centuries, I am no longer part of a `historic minority’ anymore, even if I chose to head back east to the roots of the Postons, Charlebois, Shebbeare`s in Canada…This whole educational certificate system and right to go to EN school, is just another example of how these bureaucratic rights thieves find safe haven within the QC govt to continue their war of attrition on our institutions in the province, especially the Primary and Secondary schools (see La Presse, Les Anglos Ecopent – la loi 101… juin 2011) . They use the term historic, because that is where they want us to be, buried in this history of QC, as a way to prove the assimilation and control of our 1M person strong minority to the minimal ‘allow’ percentage – maybe I am not clear, here’s how we are considered ‘artificial’ as soon as we are from outside of the province and coming back:
    Even another maudit anglo buddy, living now in the States, and wanted to return home to his native Montreal, was told he would have to immigrate back to another province in Canada first before he could return to QC – so much for a welcoming society, certainly not when you ask the Govt itself and a few rotten Anglophobic bureaucrats who ruin it for us at any hoop they can legislatively put in our way!
    I am sure if we flipped the coin around, the SSJB-RRQ-MMF crowd would claim ownership of every possible member of their ethnicity in the entire country to fudge their numbers game (oh, wait, I just showed how they do it usually...should never speak the truth about how QC language militants cheat constantly to keep the flame of their xenophobic fire burning).

  15. *Sarcasm mode on*

    Hey Hugo, long time no see. What are you doing here? You are an extremist, are you not? Is your place not on the street, intimidating?

    Editor, do we allow extremists to post here?

    *Remember: sarcasm*

  16. Hey Troy, yeah, I have had to listen to this guy go on and on, not worth listening too -

    the quote I was referring to above...missed that above in the heat of commentary, sorry:
    L'opération consiste entre autres à ramener le taux d'utilisation de l'anglais au travail, et à ramener le nombre d'établissements de santé, de cégeps et d'universités contrôlés par les Anglos, au poids démographique de la minorité anglaise historique, soit 5,6 %. Ni plus, ni moins.

    >prevention of advancement (this made up quota we are suppose to adhere to, according to these Chump ) is all these anglophobic laws are there to do, and this is part and parcel with racism. We cannot progress in our own province because of the bureaucratic goons, indifference, apathy, wonder 34 years later Bill 101 has not been 'officially' accepted by the English speakers of QC!

    If you do want a laugh, tho, at the connard's expense see how he tried to make (oh, but of course, the self-vicitmisation, is the militant septards' profession, is it not?) himself a victim with this video of me yelling at him through a megaphone to back-off after he swarming our second anti-bill101 protest on August 26th thisyear (by not letting us have the space to even protest without harassment, even against women) with a motley crew of about 20 militants:
    See how lucky he is that this big dude did not knock him flat on the ground for giving him such a hard time for not knowing FR: (see at around 6 minutes in).

  17. Few "fonctionnaires" are unilingual English, but if you look at "para-public" employees, like school teachers, hospital workers, etc., there are probably a fair number that will stumble in French.

  18. Haïti chérie dit: La minorité anglophone historique, c'est elle qui reçoit des services dans sa langue minoritaire au Québec. Les services en français, on les cherche au Canada mis-à-part le Nouveau-Brunswick (et encore...). Si tu veux vivre en vase clos en anglais au Québec et imposer cette langue aux autres, ''you're a kind of narrow minded !'' La lingua franca et pourquoi pas les élus de dieu ? Ça sent le chauvinisme à plein nez ! Allez donc dans les Andes observer l'utilité de l'anglais ! Pauvres petits méprisants !

  19. Haiti,

    The question I have for you is why limiting the anglophone community just based on whose family has been here prior to 1976? Do you not think that is kind of racist? Does it mean that for people like me there is really no right for me to live in English? Why? I do not ask for anything more. I just want the existing ones to be continued and extended to anyone who wishes to have such. After all, we fulfill our obligations too, just like our other fellow Quebecers. Speaking of which, I am quite confident that I and my family pay more provincial taxes than yours or Press 9's.

    I am pretty sure that one will find that the ability to speak English is more useful in the Andes that the ability to speak French. Do you have any evidence on the contrary?

  20. "I am quite confident that I and my family pay more provincial taxes than yours or Press 9's."

    Ben oui,ben oui!...Crétin và!

    "I am pretty sure that one will find that the ability to speak English is more useful in the Andes..."

    Un seul problème : Vous vivez au Québec,pas dans les Andes.

  21. Sandy McTire: Please don't confuse my ode to accents in the written French language with your desire (for lack of a better word) to eliminate them.

    The languages we speak and write came along long before either of us was born; besides, other languages too have accents in their written form. They impact on pronunciation, and in some cases, the meaning of certain words. In English we have words with peculiar spellings. The plural for mouse is mice, but it's not hice for house. We have plots, but not thots (thoughts). Anyway, every language has its quirks and peculiarities, so that's all on this subject for me.

    For the rest of us, please don't fuel the fires for Haiti, Appuyezle9 and the rest of these miscrates.

  22. @7:43

    I want to continue living in English in Quebec. If the Pur laine supremishits don't like it we can partition Quebec.

  23. "If the Pur laine supremishits don't like it we can partition Quebec"

    Comment allez-vous y arriver sans aucun parti politique vous représentant?


  24. It will be spontaneous. Besides in terms of current demography and gerrymandering of electoral districts its not the right time to get into Quebec political party. After all the "national assembly" itself is illegitimate for Anglos and Allos in the PROVINCE of Qeubec.

  25. "It will be spontaneous."

    Comme l'indépendance de notre pays...

  26. Anonymous at 10:36,

    Our country, Canada, is an independent country.

  27. Anonymous at 10:16,

    Obviously you have reading comprehension difficulty. My comment about speaking English in the Andes is actually a counter-point for Haiti who challenged about the usefulness of English in the Andes.


    That Anonymous wrote "Crétin và" to me. Just to clarify, is name calling allowed in this blog? I am not bothered by what s/he wrote since I can take it as much as s/he can dish it out. However, I need to know the ground rules of your blog.

  28. "is name calling allowed in this blog?"

    Oui et depuis toujours...Abruti!

  29. ANOUNYMOUS, 3:19 pm, VA TE TAPER SANDY SAL PUCEAU DE bS de press 9