Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Harper Undoing Trudeau's Canadian Dream

You'd be hard-pressed to find any similarities between Stephen Harper and Pierre-Eliot Trudeau. They were born and bred at opposite ends of the country, in two different cultures and their politics are diametrically opposed.
But they share one thing in common, Trudeau was, and Harper is, determined to change the fundamental makeup of our country.

In this respect the two men stand apart from the other Prime Ministers of the modern era, who were basic caretakers, determined to govern what Canada was rather than attempt to re-shape the country into something else.

Trudeau entered the Prime Ministers office, as head of state of a British Commonwealth country that was basically English with a French minority. He left office having reshaped Canada into a country dedicated to bilingualism and the principle of equality and shared power between the founding French and English nations.

Although Stephen Harper, has been head of state for several years, because of his minority situation, he has had to put aside his grand plans. Now that he's got that hitherto elusive majority, he is rushing ahead with his plan to return the country to its pre-Trudeau version.

What Trudeau gave to Francophones and Quebec, Harper is determined to take away.
There's no other way to describe it.

Those who've read this blog for a while, know that I warned readers that Quebecers would have Hell to pay if Harper ever got a majority without Quebec support.

This is what I wrote last year.
Oct. 9, 2009 - Payback's a Bitch For Bloc Quebecois
"If a majority government can be achieved without Quebec, it will mean the end of the Bloc Quebecois as a force."
Oct. 29, 2009 - Stephen Harper Set to Deliver Another Painful Dose of Payback to Quebec
"No matter how accommodating, no matter how much money Ottawa ships to Quebec, no matter how many political concessions are made, Quebeckers will continue to thumb their noses at federalist parties.
It's a lesson that took both the Liberals and the Conservatives many years to comprehend, but the penny has finally dropped, at least on the Conservative side. Mr. Harper and the Conservative party have written off Quebec politically.
Most Quebecers pooh-pooh this notion, blithely believing that the pandering that had been going on for the last forty years would continue unabated and the coy little scam of offering support pre-election to the government of the day, while withdrawing it at the polls come election day, would be successful eternally......It is wishful thinking.

In fact, many Quebecers remain shocked that this isn't the case and are patiently waiting for Harper to cave.
They shouldn't hold their breath.

The majority government, the demise of the Bloc Quebecois and the separatist movement, coupled with the sparse representation in cabinet and back benches of francophone Conservatives, represents a confluence of circumstances that is allowing Harper a free hand to reshape Canada to the detriment of the Francophone element of this country.

Like a kid in the candy store, Harper's majority government is a dream come true. There'll be no more pussyfooting around over issues and  groveling before the opposition.

Meet the real Stephen Harper, he's a scary fellow.

And so it is that all those militant separatists, liberal politicians, journalists and pundits, who warned us that Harper had a secret agenda, turned out to be right after all!

The speed and scope at which Harper is engineering the emasculation of Quebec and Francophone influence in Canada is breathtaking.

It is as if Harper is determined to do it all in this mandate, just in case he doesn't get re-elected.

The Queen RCAF and RCN
Perhaps the most blatant disregard of Quebec sentiments was the re-emphasis of the Queen as a national symbol. It's puzzling because the issue is long settled, with most Anglo Canadians relatively satisfied with the subdued level of inclusion of the Royals as Canadian symbols.
Starting with the removal of two paintings by a Quebec artist in the National defence department, replaced by a large portrait of the Queen, one could only wonder if this was a signal to Quebec of things to come. The government also promised that the Queen's portrait will return to the foyer of all Canadian foreign missions.
All this, for what good reason?
Changing the name of the Air Force and the Navy back to its historical roots with references to the monarchy best illustrates how much the Conservatives are intent on winding back time.

30 New Parliamentary Seats
It's easy to do the right thing, when by doing so, one benefits and so Harper is going ahead with his promise to add thirty new seats to the federal Parliament. Eighteen seats will go to Ontario, seven in B.C. and five in Alberta and of course none to Quebec.
While the redistribution will address real under-representation issues, it will have the side effect of weakening Quebec's weight in Parliament, something not lost on the PM.
Better still, the seats will go to ridings that should split between the Liberal and Conservative parties. If the Liberals, down in the dumps now, are unable to recover by the next election, the Conservatives will win the majority of those new seats.

The Champlain Bridge
I'm really quite surprised that neither Quebec politicians or journalists are complaining about the rat move the Conservatives pulled on Quebec vis-a-vis the Champlain bridge.
Why the bridge falls in the federal domain of competence is a mystery of the strange division of power and jurisdictions between Ottawa and the provinces, but somehow it falls on Ottawa to maintain the most important and busiest bridge in Quebec Canada.
After refusing to make any promises in the last election, the Conservatives announced that a new bridge would in fact be built, but then downloaded the responsibility to pay for it on users, via tolls.
It was a neat trick, like a grandfather visiting his grandchildren laden with Christmas presents and then offloading the VISA bill to the parents.
Since the kids are already enjoying the presents, there's nothing the parents can do! Well-played.

To add insult to injury, nobody from the provincial government was invited to attend the ceremony announcing the project, which was held, quite deliberately, while Premier Jean Charest was in Europe.
The message can't be clearer, cooperation between the Conservatives and the Charest government is out of the question. Harper still bears a grudge over Charest's grandstanding at an environmental  conference in Copenhagen in 2009 where he lambasted Ottawa over policy and humiliated Harper. Link 
Having the Prime Minister and the Premier of Quebec not talking and not cooperating cannot be a good thing for the country.

The Supreme Court 
Are things lining up for Harper? bet!
It just so happens  that many of the Supreme Court judges are set to retire, giving Harper a chance to rebuild the court in his conservative image.
New Brunswick MP Yvon Godin has been advocating for a bill that would require Supreme Court judges be bilingual as a condition for consideration. Link
Mr. Harper would probably eat his children before allowing that.
Perhaps Mr. Godin should be more concerned as to which judges Harper will place on the bench. The PM is known to be furious over the latest decision by the supremos which ordered the government to keep its hands off the safe injection (for druggies) site in British Columbia. The only 'activist' type of judge Harper wants on his court are those who 'act' on his conservative positions.

Removal of taxpayer subsidy for political parties 
Harper's removal of the direct subsidy of political parties is again a case of doing the right thing when it conveniences him.
The move will cripple the re-emergence of the Bloc Québécois, who are mightily dependent on federal largess.
But what Harper didn't take away is the 75% tax deduction that taxpayers get when they do donate directly to political parties. That's because the Conservatives are the champion fund-raisers. Clever....

The Prime Minister isn't even going through the pretense of respecting French. By hiring a non-French speaker, Angelo Persichilli, as his national communications director he is sending a dangerous message that he just doesn't give a damn. The Conservative snub to Francophones runs deeper than the English only business cards of John Baird.
"An estimated $35 billion worth of contracts are up for grabs as part of a strategy to cover Canada's needs for the next three decades. Two shipyards could be picked for the work from among the three bidders: Irving Shipbuilding in Halifax, Seaspan Marine in Vancouver, and the Davie Shipyard in Lévis, Quebec." LINK
Guess who is going to be odd man out....

We are only six months into the Conservative majority government and already the country is shifting dramatically. What will happen over the next four years remains to be seen, but if we look at the government's behaviour these last few months, francophones and Quebecers are in for a rough ride.

Readers know that I generally support Mr. Harper and the Conservative party agenda, but that being said, I cannot accept his project of returning Canada into an English country with a French minority.

It is not only unfair, but regressive.
With support for sovereignty at its nadir, it isn't time to kick Quebec just because the threat of separation is gone, it is a time to engage.

Shame on Mr. Harper.


  1. As long as Bill 101 is in place and anglos are treated like second class citizens, I support all Harper's anti-French policies. I would also support abolishing the federal OLA and make Canada an official English-only country. What Harper is doing really is shaping Canada to the way it really should be, meaning stop selling the lie of a bilingual Canada. IT IS NOT!! I don't think I'm the only one who feels this way.
    Good for you Harper, keep it up. Show em who the majority is in this damn country!

    1. Absolutely! I couldn't any more agree with Anonymous!

  2. Well, Editor, you say "shame", yet this commentary makes ME feel colossally exuberant! WOW, DO I FEEL EXUBERANT! I absolutely do not share your sentiments, far from it. I am not a monarchist myself, but if putting "Royal" back in the military titles, is pissing Quebec off along the way, I'm willing to call it a big, BIG win.

    To think John James "Goldilocks" Charest swindles us federalists out of $700 million in tax dollars to help pay for programs and declares himself a hero for giving Quebeckers a $700 million dollar tax cut, fuckgeddaboudit!

    I pray to God that Harper deducts that $700 million from Quebec in the next go-round of equalization discussions plus every last red cent of interst plus a penalty. A BIG ONE!

    Harper so sucked up to Quebec the last three elections, and, given his reward from the Quebec electorate, especially in the last federal election, Harper now has the mandate to give Quebec its just reward. HALLELUYAH!

    I was born, raised and educated in Quebec, my immigrant grandfathers helped contribute to the greater good of Quebec, yet the pioneers of the Quiet Revolution decided to make those not of their ilk, yours truly included, their enemy.

    Your precious buddy, John James "Goldilocks" Charest, proved he doesn't have the gonads of a spineless jellyfish when he said on English TV or radio that he hasn't the political courage to change a comma of the Great Charter of Charters in fear of political unrest. If the law is broke, fix it! Instead, when a child on the South Shore who, due to mental challenges, had to go to Delaware for an English language education when the Great Charter of Charters makes provisions for such contingencies and on humanitarian grounds, where was the premier, John James "Goldilocks" Charest, to help a vulnerable citizen in need, and fully within the confines of the law? A spineless jellyfish, a gonadless son of a bitch, that John James "Goldilocks" Charest is!

    Press9 and the rest of you, I hope you're all as pissed off as I am and you write your worst and Editor, I hope you don't this time censor a damn thing because I WANT to feel their pain, I WANT to see their anger and I WANT them to fully react to what's coming down the pike! VIVA HARPER! God bless the REAL Canada!

    1. Stephen Harper is undoing the nightmare that Pierre-Elliott Trudeau foisted on Canada with his total misrule of the majority who happened to be English-speaking. So it is time for us to say BYE BYE to Bilingualism for good.

  3. These turn of events were inevitable.. You cannot have 1 province more equal then the rest, which has been the case for 40 years plus... Secondly, the OLA has created linguistic classes of people in this country. Since all Federal Bureaucrats must be bilingual no matter where the job posting is located, invariably those jobs go to slightly bilingual French Canadians.. Resulting in unilingual English Canadians being shut out of Federal job postings in provincial jurisdictions outside of Quebec where numbers don't warrent.. Making the French Canadian above all....

    Additionally for 40 years, Quebec Nationalists have invented myths of being an oppressed people that have gone UNCHALLENGED by Federal politicians.. So much so that Quebecois de Souche actually believe these myths...

    It's no wonder Canadians outside the province of Quebec are fed up!!!

  4. I second that feeling of exuberant! Before reading this editorial piece, I have to admit I hadn't been keeping all that close tabs on Harper's changes, but now that I'm up-to-date....WOW! It certainly brought a smile to my face! Better yet, I feel like a kid a few weeks before Christmas finding out all presents I ever wished for has been bought, wrapped and just waiting for me to tear open...soon! :D

    I also have to strongly disagree that these changes are unfair to Quebec. You know what? SCREW QUEBEC, SCREW IT TO HELL, AND THEN SOME.

    I am so beyond disgusted at this poor excuse for a province, words just fail me. It goes beyond simply language and politics. It's the blatant disregard for animals welfare by people and government in this province, and the apathy about the issue in general. The criminal (and bordering on murderous!) act of selling deadly asbestos to third world countries. The disregard for human life by letting people die in ER waiting rooms, or waiting for operations, and general third world conditions for health care in this province (should I mention how ambulance paramedics--a life-or-death resource, does not exist in Quebec? The ONLY district in North America NOT to have any). Quebec also doesn't give a damn about human safety when overpasses, chunks of buildings, tunnels and parking garages collapse and kill people. Or crumbling roads. Or the rampant, way beyond out of control corruption in all aspects of life in Quebec, that extends right into government. I won't even get into how Quebec is likely the most openly racist society in North America, whether it be students painting themselves in Black Face shouting crude racial slurs, or driving through Hampstead making as much noise as possible to intimidate the Jewish community, something I might expect to see of red necks in the South. Nothing makes me more sick when they hide behind the excuse of protecting their language and culture. Ah yes, you could probably murder someone in this province and use that as a valid excuse.

    I could literally go on and write pages and pages of rants about how backwards, in-tolerate and dysfunctional a society Quebec has become. Should anyone give a damn about appeasing this province? I currently live in Quebec and even so, would welcome seeing it put its place, nothing would make me more happy! I don't mind suffering if it puts the province in its place (well, for a short time, I don't plan on sticking around much longer).

    So hats off to Harper! I welcome him undoing everything Trudeau did, and I certainly hope he goes that far. It's about time we had a Prime Minster who put Quebec in its place for what it has done, and what it continues to do.

    Canada needs to finally move forward and purge itself of the cancer that is Quebec. Appealing to Quebec is akin to trying to be "nice" to a cancerous tumor and believing that it will somehow get along with the rest of your body.

  5. Trudeau never challenged Bill 101 in 1977 and it's been allowed to fester ever since. That was probably one of his biggest failings as Prime Minister. As for the Official Languages Act, maybe it's time for common sense  rethink. With new technologies you can have a Skype video call with a French speaking Quebec based federal worker from a federal facility in the BC interior at the click of a mouse. No need to discriminate anymore.

  6. Swing and a miss, editor. This is actually a very encouraging development, and comes as a welcome respite from the endless tide of doom-and-gloom stories coming from the media these days. I have no doubt that the Trudeau-Martin era will be viewed as a miserable one by Canadian historians, an insular time when Quebec was the sun Canadian federal politics orbited around. Thankfully, the days of the Quebec -- a perpetually broke welfare state with corruption levels that would make a Latin American country blush -- pumping its venom into the Canadian body politic are coming to an end. Editor, I must thank you for providing a concise list of reason why I continue to support PM Harper.

  7. Also,

    "Although Stephen Harper, has been head of state for several years"

    Brush up on how Canada's government works, Editor. The head of Canada's royal family is our head of state. The Prime Minister is head of government.

  8. Well, I believe the comments say it all, which, so far, are heavily weighted in favor of Harper's agenda.

    Will be interesting how Harper rigs the equalization issue in 2014. I suspect that Quebec will get another perceived kick in the teeth. In reality, reducing equalization to Quebec is the right thing to do. For years, Quebec has rigged the books on hydro revenue in order to qualify for higher levels of equalization payments. (Manitoba, as a by-product, has/is doing the same thing).

    I am surprised that he gave Quebec the 2.2 billion on the tax harmonization issue. Dam scam anyways. Quebec claims they harmonized years ago...well, why is then, that our company has to still submit PST payments to the Quebec government and also to the feds (GST). In other jurisdictions you send only one payment. Harmonization my ass.

    More seats outside of Quebec. Democratic thing to do. Why should Quebec be over-represented in Ottawa.

    Champlain Bridge...there are lots of toll bridges and highways in Canada. Why should the new bridge not be a toll bridge?

    Supreme Court Bilingual...who cares, 90% of Canada is English plus they have very good translators. I might also remind everyone that Quebec although only 23% of the population is guaranteed 3 of the 9 judges which is out of whack. 2 judges would be more in line with the actual population weighting. Maybe Harper can change this although he would have to open the constitution which I doubt, even he, would attempt.

    "It is not only unfair, but regressive."

    No, just some policy and moves to undue the unfair advantages and benefits bestowed on Quebec by PET's regime which pandered to Quebec with such programs as the OLA.

    Now, that would be a step in the right direction...reducing the excessive spending on the OLA, which has cost hundreds of billions of dollars over the years. I think Grahame Fraser is headed out the door, as he has been critical of Harper and Baird. Wonder if the new Language Commissioner will, in fact, be bilingual in english/french unlike the new director of communications. :):)

  9. I guess Press 9 is still sleeping ...

  10. I'm not sure if I understand your comment on PM Harper returning Canada to an English country. With only 22%, and falling, of Canadians speaking French, wouldn't that make Canada an English country with a French minority and not "return" Canada to one?

  11. It is not only unfair, but regressive.
    With support for sovereignty at its nadir, it isn't time to kick Quebec just because the threat of separation is gone, it is a time to engage.

    Completely agree with you editor.. We showed during the last federal election that we're willing to move forward with the rest of the country.

    I don't think it's as bad as you make it out to be though. It's true that we have been spoiled for a very long time, it may take us some time to adjust to the new reality of Canada: we're becoming less and less important economically and thus polically.

    Perhaps if the french nazis hadn't driven away businesses and huge amounts of money over the past 3 - 4 decades, we might be doing better today.

    We can still live within Canada, all while conserving our values and our way of life (nobody from Alberta is trying to tell you how to live your life) but it's time that people here understand that we have no right to decide for the rest of the country, which we've been doing for years now.

    Maybe it is time to pay less attention to the french extremists. Maybe then they'll realize that they aren't special.

    As a final note, some of you sure make ignorant comments.. Asbestos? Harper is the one who decided it was ok for quebec to sell it.
    Roads falling down? That's happening everywhere in north america right now, but obviously if you live in quebec you hear about it happening in this province more.

  12. worth noting that harper was born and raised in toronto, hardly the opposite end of the country as you suggest.

  13. @ Anon. at 10:34 AM,

    "Roads falling down? That's happening everywhere in north america right now, but obviously if you live in quebec you hear about it happening in this province more."

    Try travelling on the roads just across the border in Ontario or the northeastern U.S. You will find that the roads in Quebec are in much worse condition.

  14. "Loyal She Began, Loyal She Remains." Go learn our proud, real BNA and UEL history. These were the builders of our country (and Kebec) since 1763,not this phony, revisionist lie, spin, nonsense, this bilingual, multicultural,2 founding nations, linguistic duality lie, spin, propaganda that we’ve been living with since Trudeau and Kebec forced this upon the nation. We’ve been part of the British Empire since 1763 and officially and English speaking country for over 200 years, again just the facts...We were NEVER a bilingual country.

    I wonder if people really know what’s been going on in Quebec for the last several decades. Quebec = 5 decades wiping out the English language and culture with racist,anti-English language laws such as bill 22, 178, 101…Just a fact. Racism, bigotry, ethnic language cleansing and human rights violations alive and well in kebec.Kebec where the English, Scottish, Irish, United Empire Loyalists…built the province since 1763, where the Union Jack and Red Ensign flew until 1950. Again just the facts. This lie, this revisionist BS that Quebec is a French province and that Canada is bilingual is just that, an outright lie. 1 million people have been forced out of the province of Kebec (original spelling) due to this type of hatred/lie/spin.

    50 years of spin...thats what we have got.

    They are changing the names of towns, streets, counties, bodies of water, riding names…and I’m not taking about kebec any longer. It’s now going on all over the country; it’s a mess in Ottawa where they name things after anti-English language bigots and racists all the time. They are slowly wiping out our English, Scottish, Irish, United empire loyalists history. Just like they’ve been doing in Quebec for the last 5 decades…This is one of the main reasons we are not teaching any history from 1760 to 1982 in our schools any longer, why we lost our flag in 1965… These racist people control government, the curriculum, our money…we get a daily dose of spin, lies and propaganda. Wake up...

    They run everything in Ottawa, they funnel the money where they want, spin, lies, propaganda, revisionist BS … In that there is constant pressure to rewrite our history - to pacify the cranky Province of Quebec and the “french “outside Quebec - the reason we lost the Red Ensign in the first place - we must do what we can to protect and preserve our history. A history that is under constant attack. Very few Canadians are aware that we now have portraits in our parliament of French Kings - who had nothing to do with the building of Canada- the statue of General James Wolfe no longer overlooks the Plains of Abraham, the only statue in Quebec City is of the losing General, Montcalm. There are statues of three French generals but no statues of the victorious generals at the Valiant’s memorial in Ottawa. That’s right, no General Wolfe, no General Amherst…This historical revisionism is going on right under the noses of the Governments we elect - and they remain silent!

    Go Harper, Go!!!

  15. The Quebecois do not deserve to be treated any better than the way they have treated Anglophones and other minorities in Quebec during the past four decades. I hope Harper screws them royally.

  16. @anon 10:56am

    I remember a time when this was true, you'd immediately feel the difference after crossing into Ontario or the US.

    I haven't left the province for quite some time, so I don't know how things are now a days.. One thing I do know though, is that the quality of (provincial) roads is *slowly* improving since the PQ was removed from power, well in my opinion at least.
    The PQ (who were in power from 1994 to 2003) neglected infrastructures so much, that we're still paying the price today. Maybe instead of investing in language laws and referendums, they should have been thinking of Quebec's future.

    And yes, infrastructures are crumbling everywhere. Here's a cyberpresse (french) article which explains the issue:
    Of course your local news tends to show you local events, so it seems like if these things only happen here.. They do not.

    This should make people realize that we can't afford to waste money on useless racist laws and organisations (OLF), and we also need to stop paying for all the french artists who can't sell anything anywhere else in North America. There are more important things in life.

  17. Karma is a payback. I hope harper sticks it to Quebec. Appeasing Quebec never worked. If the Supreme court is stacked maybe even bill 101 can be declared illegal. Despite the notwithstanding clause.

    On the other hand, Stephen Harper will lose his majority by the next election. The liberal party is far from dead. It will be back if they just shut up and let the NDP destroy itself.

  18. Anon @ 10:34AM: Re deteriorating roads: I disagree with YOU 100%. Here in Mississauga, our roads are being taken care of very well, thank you very much! I take a very busy north-south thoroughfare called Erin Mills Parkway to work everyday since 2008, a 16km stretch. When my job relocated to Mississauga from Downtown Toronto, the northern portion of the road, including a railway overpass, was being fixed up and completely repaved afterward--NOT just patchwork. Every year since, moving southward, parts of the road are being fixed up and they're in far better condition before the fix-up than long neglected roads in Quebec.

    Water pipes on my residential street were replaced a few years ago, and instead of simply paving over the broken parts of the road, the drainage portions were the sidewalk meets the asphalt was completely updated, and the entire street repaved. BTW, the City of Mississauga carries NO debt! ZERO! Bupkis! Nil! Zilch!

    Too, a small bridge going over a ravine that cuts through the back of my property on the adjacent street was given a nice facelift, too. Our parks are pristine, clean and all the equipment works! Bathrooms, drinking fountains and the playland for the kiddies. We even have barbecues that are cleaned each and everyday.

    Don't give ME that crap about crumbling infrastructure. Our 90-year-old mayor (Quebec-born) has been at the helm for 33 years, has carried NO debt, and our services WORK! Our money is spent in infrastructure and services, NOT your goddamn language police, and something-for-nothing union workers (Workers? My ass! More like very well-paid spectators!)


    Why is this taking so long? Why not another referendum and then split? Why. You spent over 40 years with this, why don't you do it already????

    Let me guess, no gonads?

  20. Your Champlain comment about the toll is ridiculous, typical of what in quebec we always expect free stuff, never pay for anything, and then people wonder why things crumble, things become scarce and why corruption is rampant, we never accept responsibility for our action. Calling the rebalance of seats mean? u kidding me, doesn't one man one vote mean anything to you?
    Lame text if you ask me, you've done better.

  21. Mr. Sauga said...
    I love your last comment.

  22. If treating Quebec as an equal partner with the other provinces is a "kick in the teeth" as you claim it is, I'd suggest finding a real good dentist. Quebecer's really have to grow up and become progressive, its really unprogressive to demand to be treated better then a Canadian living outside of Quebec.

  23. With support for sovereignty at its nadir, it isn't time to kick Quebec just because the threat of separation is gone, it is a time to engage."

    Mulroney tested that premisce at the expense of Canada, it failed miserably. No reality check is what is needed, Quebec will have to rebuild the bridge they destroyed. It will take time.

  24. Editor, as you probably suspect, I disagree with your conclusion (the last 3 sentences).

    Regardless of whether the threat of separation is gone or not, the measures have to be taken by the rest of the country so it can start living and breathing without looking over its shoulder, and according to the will of their majority (which elected Harper again), not Quebec's majority (whether it elects NDP, BQ, PQ, Force Quebec, or PLQ). Canadians have to snap out of the guilt trap set up by Quebec, and have to stop feeling like they're forever indebted to Quebec simply because their ancestors triumphed in a war that could have gone either way.

    As much as I hate the prospect of ever living in an "independent" Quebec, what I hate more is seeing how this province has been playing the rest of the country for 5 decades now. How it's been using the issue of language and culture instrumentally to peddle a self-serving and hypocritical policy.

    Also, I don't know if Harper is doing what he's doing to upset Quebec. I think there is a chance that he's doing what he's doing because that's what he wants for Canada, and as prime minister he's entitled to this action. That it upsets Quebec might be incidental, and SHOULD be irrelevant.

  25. Godspeed mr Harper!!!! I wish you every success. Bob

  26. WTF, Press 9 ? Are you ok dude? Nothing so far?

  27. "WTF, Press 9 ? Are you ok dude?"

    Ça va merci mais autant de haine me rend triste et à court d'arguments et je crois bien que je vais bientôt quitter ce blogue...

  28. Oh, c'mon don't be upset. Don't leave us dude ... do you really want to prove again that french are cowards? Stay here and fight ! You're not gonna win, but at least you could fight...

  29. " you really want to prove again that french are cowards?"

    Un homme aussi courageux soit-il,ne peut vaincre seul,une meute de loups enragés.

  30. Yeah, unfortunately for you less and less people are dreaming about fairy tales ... reality is biting really hard. Payback is always a bitch.

  31. @ Pess 9
    Personne n'est pas d'accord avec moi et moi je suis le rédacteur!!

    Don't feel bad... nobody agrees with me either and I'm the editor!!!

  32. adski...very well stated, except I don't care about life in an independent Quebec because I left; furthermore, anyone over 50 (even 40) who chose to stay knows the risks, and has chosen to assume them by staying.

    QQ chose...sorry, I disagree. I've been around for all the shenanigans over the last 40+ years, and I'm completely fed up with the political machinations, the fact Québécois are the laziest asses when it comes to work and the well over a million people who depend on a welfare cheque (and fully expect it every month, on time), etc. etc. etc.

    As I noted above, Ontario spends its language police money on roads, bridges, etc., y'know...necessities, not fascist legislation or on inferior building materials and workmanship provided by organized crime and other corrupt organizations.

    In any case, Mully gave Quebec a chance in the 1992 Referemdum to accept his proposals and that would have guaranteed Quebec 25% of parliamentary representation no matter what happened to its population, but the crash test dummies of the day turned it down. Tuff stuff, and Quebec should NEVER be granted another bite at THAT apple--EV-VER!

    Even if Ontario gets its added 18 seats in Parliament, it will still underrepresent its share of the population, but it will be an improvement. Ontario contains 39% of the population, only has 34.75% of the representation right now, and will improve to 37% of the representation. Quebec will have 23% of the representation, but with 22-23% of the population, that's perfectly fair.

    I'd love to see the number of Quebec judges in the Supreme Court reduced from 3 to 2 to fairly represent the proportion of the population, but the complications, aggravations and machinations involved are too costly for changing just one judge. Bilingual judges from across Canada? Fuckgeddaboudit!

    Finally, I sincerely hope and pray Harper will completely scrap the OLA. It costs a fortune, Quebec thumbs its nose at the whole thing, and considering Premier John James "Goldilocks" Charest's attitude towards Quebec minorities with his botched up Bill 104 replacement debacle, his spineless attitude towards that South Shore child who he could have helped, and how there is NO proper legislation to punish the sick fiends who mistreat animals (puppy farms), I'm embarrassed to have Quebec associated with the Real Canada considering what a third world jurisdiction it has devolved into.

    I, too, ask the question: Yo, Press9, where are yoooooouuuuu? Scared, eh?

  33. "Oh, c'mon don't be upset. Don't leave us dude ... do you really want to prove again that french are cowards? Stay here and fight ! You're not gonna win, but at least you could fight..."

    I'm not "Press 9", but you are seriously comparing talking shit on a blog with courage ?


  34. "Yo, Press9, where are yoooooouuuuu? Scared, eh?"

    He should be scared of what? Ending up stupid arguing with you? LOL

  35. Quebec has been a parasite on the ROC for the last generation. Eventually parasites kill the host, or they are removed.

    I'd prefer for the ROC not to die just because self-obsessed Quebecers would rather live off the state than create and contribute. Quebec is a miniature Greece within Canada. Look how that's working out.

  36. "the fact Québécois are the laziest asses when it comes to work and the well over a million people who depend on a welfare cheque (and fully expect it every month, on time), etc. etc. etc."

  37. "the fact Québécois are the laziest asses when it comes to work and the well over a million people who depend on a welfare cheque (and fully expect it every month, on time), etc. etc. etc."

    Then why our unemployement rate is lower than Ontario, you smartass ?

  38. Well, in this case I happen to agree with the Editor. While it is true that Quebec - and particularly its separatist elements - need to be taught to know their place, I think Harper goes too far in undoing history. What is next? Abolish 'O Canada' and make 'Maple Leaf Forever' our national anthem? Make the Red Ensign our flag?

    As someone who has no interest at all to the politics of the United Kingdom, I feel that Harper administration tries to throw us back to the colonial era and therefore erasing all the nation-building that defines us as Canadians.

    On a separate note, a Montrealer just broke the most glorious record for the most glorious position in professional gridiron football. And not a peep from the Editor? I know that he is a hockey fanatic, but what has that team - and its members - achieved for the city this last 18 years?

    Go Als go!

  39. Go for it Mr. Harper! The forced myths (2 founding nations) and historical revisionism imposed by the radicalized, warped trudeau era should not be something to celebrate. Canadians have been forced to live in a diabolical fantasy land where some people (francophones) are more equal then others. The forced estrangement of Canadians from the real history and traditions of the country all in a deranged attempt at rewriting history and placating a tribal minority has been an unmitigated disaster. Reality has always been a bitch for french talkers, so the ROC has been forced to live in a manufactured denial, while we cater to bigoted, intolerant attitudes disguised as "protecting language and culture". It's my hope that Mr.Harper dismantles every historical denial and distortion, every social engineering scheme that favours one minority over all others (OLA) and puts an end to the constant and corrupt money train that redistributes money from one part of the country so that another can live well beyond their means in a grotesque fantasy land of self flatulence and corruption. What Trudeau did to this country was perverse, an extremist indoctrinated warped ideology that has gone too far, and far enough. If PM Harper dismantles the historical distortions and forced bigoted social engineering schemes of the mindless radicalized Trudeau era, all the better for Canada.

  40. Mr. Sauga, a.k.a. "you smartass"Wednesday, October 12, 2011 at 11:20:00 PM EDT

    Yo, brainchild @ 7:43PM: You obviously have ZERO understanding of how governments lie with statistics to make things look less bad than they really are.

    When the unemployment stats are taken, did you know that welfare recipients are EXCLUDED from the statistics? YYYYYYYYYYYUP! Excluded! People on welfare are not considered looking for jobs; sadly too, job hunters who give up looking are removed from the ranks of the unemployed. I disagree with this for it disguises those who make up the "hidden" unemployed, otherwise the stats would be far worse. This is especially true in the U.S. right now. Same goes for people who go back to school to upgrade their skills or train for different careers.

    May I suggest you examine how many people in the different provinces compared to their total populations are receiving a welfare cheque and add to that how many dependents there are upon those cheques. Do that, THEN determine how smart an ass I really am!

  41. @Troy
    You've inspired me!
    I didn't think I could add much to the AC lovefest, but I've found my angle.....

    'Why high achievers love Montreal.'
    I'll work on the post this weekend.
    PS- I love the Alouettes, my gym teacher in high school was George Bork, a QB for the ALs in an era where they had to have 2nd jobs.

  42. Mr. Sauga, who doesn't hide from a fight,Wednesday, October 12, 2011 at 11:36:00 PM EDT

    Yo, Anon loser @ 7:35PM: ...or should I state, Press9?

    What's wrong, loser? Can't come out and identify yourself? This, and your other entry 8 minutes later, appear to be of one and the same person. Even if it's not you (and I'm skeptical it isn't), I don't think you can let a good fight go, but you don't have the wherewithall (balls, really) to come out and fight, mostly because you are a troll, a s--t disturber, and nothing more. Interestingly too, this time you're addressing yourself en anglais. Very clever...NOT!

  43. Read this and have fun:

    and this:

  44. "You've inspired me!
    I didn't think I could add much to the AC lovefest, but I've found my angle....."

    Calvillo is an American...of course maybe he is a Canadian now. Nothing denying that he is a great football player.

  45. "Then why our unemployement rate is lower than Ontario, you smartass ?"

    Likely because the Quebecois choose not to find a job and are not entered into statistics. Better Question! Why is the Quebec GDP/capita ranked 55th of the 60 states and provinces in North America. Right down there with the poorest states in the US such as Mississippi. So much for the superiority of the Quebecois and the folk language they inflict on the ROC. End the OLA and get Canada back on track. Could care less if Quebec stays in Canada or not as they are nothing more than an impeding ball an chain around the leg of a great nation.

  46. Anon @ 1:36AM: Good one! ...esp the part about Quebec being ranked 55th out of 60 North American jurisdictions. Even if you threw the 29 states of Mexico in there, I'm sure Quebec wouldn't rank any better.

    I very much hope Harper scraps the OLA since Quebec ignores it anyway in what THEY do. For all their whining, blaming their shortcomings on those who actually built their godforsaken jurisdiction and all their other negativity, it's high time something be done to breakaway from Quebec's depths of misery and let the rest of us moving, or trying to move forward get on with it.

    Troy, I think you're carrying things too far. I don't see us reverting to the red ensign and God Save the Queen. I'd fight that tooth and nail myself for I am not a monarchist. As a nation, Canada would be moving backwards by doing this as I believe our flag, our anthem and other symbols define us as a nation. I would like to one day have a referendum (with several other issues at the same time for economical reasons) on becoming an independent republic. We're not a WASP country anymore. Multiculturalism was probably Trudeau's best legacy to Canada, but sadly, the negatives of his legacy vastly outweigh the positives.

    As for Calvillo, great accomplishments. He seems to love Montreal, and if he chooses to stay, more power to him. Right now there is a love-in going on and he's a celebrity. When he retires, let's see what happens, esp. if he doesn't speak French and memories of this current celebrity start to fade. Don't be surprised if he heads back to LA, or somewhere in the States. He has made the Als a fun team to watch after years of mediocrity, and having folded in 1987.

  47. Au contraire mon frere! For years this province of ingrates has thumbed its nose to federal parties and for years spineless federal politicos bent over backwards for this ungrateful, deadweight of a province (albeit a "distinct" one). I am proud to say that I voted for Mr.Harper in the last election hoping that he would do whatever it takes to make Quebec black and blue. I am away from Kweebec not but, still keep up to speed with the latest developments. Each time the honourable Stephen Harper inflicts another (distinct) wound on that (distinct) society, I giggle with glee.

  48. @Mr. Sauga:
    Mississauga seems like a nice place to live, that's for sure :P

    Sorry I didn't reply earlier.. Anyways, you can't really compare a city and it's workings with an entire province... my town in Quebec (not montreal) has nice roads and had no deficit until recently either.

    I agree that this province has its share of problems, aside from the whole separatist/language issues, but I think every province has problems... Some have more, some have less. Some are more obvious, some are kept quieter.
    As for the language/separatist thing, they have always been, and will always be a minority. They can fantasize all they want, but they haven't won a referendum, and it's not looking good for their future. I'd even say there's less and less of them, but of course that means the ones who are still devoted to the (racist) cause have to be louder.
    The rest of us are still, and always have been willing to work with the rest of the country.

    Some comments, especially on this article, make the english people seem just as bad as the french extremists, which is sad. Comments like that give them justification for their racism...

    The french extremists are pretty much like a little 5 year old kid. They'll cry and whine until you give them a little toy as a distraction. Would you insult a 5 year old kid? - they just don't know any better.

    And anyways, no matter what province, [b]we're still better off than americans :P[/b]

  49. Editor: "I cannot accept his project of returning Canada into an English country with a French minority."

    But Canada is an English country with a French minority. No semantics or politics can change this reality.

  50. Anonymous at 01:29,

    So what if AC was born and raised in the U.S.? That makes him less Canadian? What does that make me? Are you saying that I am not a Canadian too?

  51. Trudeau undid history, and now that Harper goes back to our root, the trudeauist obejct, funny. now you know how it felt for those that opposed it at the time. Welcome to the club, it is a democracy after all :)

    Mr sauga, you confused my quotation of the editor with it being my comment, i disagreed strongly with the editor's take on it.

    In all this Harper is setting the bar on how Quebec and ROc must deal, under Harper Quebec gaiuned the autonomy they requested, but with autonomy responsibility comes with it. It seems the editor and nationalist want the gravy to continue no matter what, no responsability for anything... well it does not work that way. Being generous never with quebec, made nationalist constantly asking more, like a child with no boundaries. Harper is setting the limits. And that people would object ot the one man one vote is redunculous and undemocratic.

  52. Just wanted to say, this Quebec grief is music to my ears. Wail and moan, little inbred piggies! I speak for very many when I say I take the sweetest pleasure from your pain. It couldn't happen to more deserving animals.

  53. English-Canadians! Don't lose your wonderful culture because we love american movies.

  54. So we've got comments from:

    - People from the rest of Canada who want the entire province of Quebec to suffer
    - People in quebec who want to separate. They want everyone who's not québécois-français to get out.

    And then there's those of us who are stuck in the middle, we're quebeckers, just not racist separatists... Seems like we don't fit in anywhere!

  55. Anon on October 13 @ 10:10 AM: To answer your question near the end of your commentary, no, I would not insult a 5-year-old child, but we're dealing with adults here who know full well what they're doing, and if not, they should be locked up in a mental institution. Biological adults with infantile minds are emotionally disturbed.

    That "Canada is an English majority with a French minority" is really a nonstarter. Quebec needs to be put in its place for the grief they have caused for half a lifetime (or more in some circumstances). There has been too much of the tail wagging the dog instead of the other way around, and this is what is not acceptable, and has been going on for far, far too long.

    Too, you're right about every place having its problems. There is no perfection anywhere as my late mother, MSRIP, used to say. That being said, Mississauga and Ontario altogether, is far, far closer to perfection that any part of Quebec could ever dream about.

  56. @ Anonymous 10:10 AM

    No offense, as I'm sure you mean well, but it is exactly that kind of attitude that let Quebec get the way it is now. Interestingly, your attitude, that of rose-colored optimism towards Quebec, is so much like that of many of my friends and relatives who've chosen to stay in Quebec.

    The roads on the island of Montreal, quite literally everywhere, are nothing short of disastrous. Ditto for the island of Laval and off island. Perhaps there are isolated pockets where roads are passable in the province (short term; they use sub standard materials and construction methods for roads--that is 100% FACT. Any newly paved "nice" roads fall apart in months time!) but come on, really? You honestly believe the roads here are OK? They are, in all seriousness, comparable or worse off than roads in the third world. I am dead serious, no exaggeration.

    Every province has its share of problems. Yes, there are normal everyday problems CIVILIZED regions of the world experience, I agree. However Quebec is far from civilized in terms of its treatment and apathy towards animal cruelty. Quebec is far from civilized in its racist "laws" that even the United Nations have serious issue with. Quebec is classifiable as third world standards for health care, education, inferstructure and law enforcement.

    Tell me any region in the civilized world where public acts of racism (particularly directly from the TV/radio media and government) are allowed to continue freely, and not even condoned. I can think of some, but you have to go back maybe 70-80 years ago.

    Huh? Particular comments give the Quebecois justification for racism!? No comments or actions make racism justifiable. NONE. ZERO....but oh yes, the Quebecois, if their language or culture is apparently "threatened", it's no holds bar. Free to say or do what they want, and we look the other way. It's not racism, it's protectionism. Appeasing that behavior isn't only stupidity, it is dangerous. If you ignore racist acts, it grows and festers, eventually getting out of control. History has proven that, with frighten results.

    This negatives in this province are NOT comparable to any other province or district in the North America. Quebec has sadly become a very, very, ill place, in all respects. To say it's just like everywhere else with ups and downs, you would have to be truly either ignorant, blind or...perhaps, under the belief if-I-pretend-it-isn't-happening-it-will-all-go-away.

  57. QQ chose @ 12:19PM: Please pardon my misunderstanding. Anon @ 1:53PM: Unfortunately, you are a sitting duck in no man's land, and this was a major characteristic in my decision to leave Quebec way back when I was 16 years old. I bided my time until I finished my education (for tuition fees that were peanuts in Quebec). Why not? I focused on completing my education first, and I was entitled to those low tuition fees as I was born and raised in Quebec, and my parents paid their fair share of taxes to support my subsidized education.

    My brother, who completed his education at McGill six years before I did, needed student bursaries and loans to help him finish. The bad inflation in the 1970s thankfully ate away at the real costs hence I had the good fortune to finish debt-free. Back in those days, graduates had to start paying their student loans six months after graduation whether they had jobs or not, even if they had to pull it out from their butt crack!

    Without overly digressing, part of my reason for leaving, too, was because I felt Quebec Anglos were completely isolated, by both the feds and Quebec, but I also noticed too many of the Anglo mice didn't want to roar. Howard Galganov tried, and he was as ridiculed by the Anglo community as by the French-speaking community. The fact he had to fight the Anglo community to this day baffles me to no end!

    Alas, living here in Ontario as long as I have alleviates me from having to worry about it.

  58. "What's wrong, loser? Can't come out and identify yourself? This, and your other entry 8 minutes later, appear to be of one and the same person. Even if it's not you (and I'm skeptical it isn't), I don't think you can let a good fight go, but you don't have the wherewithall (balls, really) to come out and fight, mostly because you are a troll, a s--t disturber, and nothing more. Interestingly too, this time you're addressing yourself en anglais. Very clever...NOT!"

    Hey bitch, no i'm not "press 9" or whatever, but if you think so i could care less. And yes, i am the one who sent the two post you are referring to.

    The fact that you compare your shit talking to "fighting" just show what kind of coward you are. You are your racists friends on this blog would never dare say those kinbd of things in my face or any others french-canadians.

    Oh, and now that i proved you wrong with officials statistics, you just turn arounbd anbd say that they are manipulated...LOL typical...

    You said that over one millions québécois are on welfare. Well, now YOU have to prove little bitch :)

  59. He isn't press 9, its probably that ANGRY FRENCH Guy blogger.

  60. @ Anon 5:10 PM

    The only true fact is that you eat frogs. That is it my friend. Nothing to be ashamed for...

    If you don't like this blog, just leave. So simple.

    "You are your racists friends on this blog would never dare say those kinbd of things in my face or any others french-canadians."

    Dude, let's face it: the french guys are the worst cowards in the world...

    Please go, take Press 9 with you. Go ... now.

  61. To Anon 6:02.

    "Dude, let's face it: the french guys are the worst cowards in the world.."

    ROFLMAO, Tough statements here you punk. You think you'll be able to say that in front of a québécois without shitting your pants?

    Hahaha, keep posting from your mommy's basement, you racist moron.

  62. I must disagree with the tenor of the last few comment imploring people to leave this blog if they have opinions that most readers don't agree with.

    Yes, there is a certain amount of bashing on BOTH sides, which makes it bit fair.
    I believe that people should be allowed to rant if they want to and that includes those whose opinion I or you may not agree with.
    Look at this post which 90% of readers disagree with me. Does this upset me?
    Hell no. The last thing I'd want is to write a blog that everyone agrees with...What would be the point?

    I REPEAT!!!!!
    All opinions welcome, in English or French. As long as you keep things non-threatening or avoid overtly racist material, your comment will be published.
    Almost everyone knows what is acceptable and so I censor precious few comments.

  63. (The only true fact is that you eat frogs.)

    Les citoyens de première classe mangent des cuisses de grenouilles (Meilleur que le poulet et beaucoup plus cher) et les citoyens de deuxième classe bouffent des donuts et du PFK :))

    Décidément,les canadians n'ont pas de goût!

  64. Starting 5:10 pm -> 6:23 PM

    I must disagree with the last comments ... true, there is nothing worse than a racist.
    We laugh, we joke, but when shit hits the fan it is ugly.

    There are no first or second class citizens, there are quebekers/canadiens/quebecois. They can eat, drink and f@#$ whatever they want.
    It's the mind that makes the difference...

    Long live free speech, say no to racism.

  65. À lire tous la plupart des commentaires sur ce blogue, je ne comprends toujours pas que vous soyez contre l'indépendance du Québec et encore moins que vous y viviez !

  66. "With support for sovereignty at its nadir, it isn't time to kick Quebec just because the threat of separation is gone"

    Just recently the German magazine Der Spiegel wrote about corruption in Quebec and this made me look at their previous Quebec-related articles. Look what I found:

    "After the election disaster it now says goodbye to the dream of their own republic.
    The sovereignty of the province is no longer an issue. "Instead of the flag-wielding confrontation between federalists and supporters of sovereignty of past campaigns," said Canada's news magazine "Maclean's," dominated "bread and butter" issues of the election."
    Google translation from

    The thing is... this was written in 1985. Of course in 1995 they were no longer writing that sovereignty was no longer an issue.

    This conservative government will eventually make it popular again.

  67. Finally! It is over! The moment finally arrives, what a glorious day! Our Quebec is truly free and independent! Rejoice, everybody. Hurrah!!,42268

  68. Mr. Sauga, a.k.a. "the bitch"Friday, October 14, 2011 at 1:51:00 AM EDT

    ...esp. to Anon @ 5:10pm, but also for the amusement of Editor and my dear fellow readers and contributors:

    You wrote: "Oh, and now that i proved you wrong with officials statistics, you just turn arounbd anbd say that they are manipulated...LOL typical..."

    How did you prove me wrong? Where is your report? Your statistics? You haven't in any way, shape or form substantiated that I'm wrong! Secondly, the fact you dare me to say these things amongst people like you who think and talk with their fists proves the level of your intellect (très bas). Finally, your innuendoes mean nothing to me. I specifically requested to the editor not to pull any punches thrown my way, and he has kindly complied. In conclusion, you're a frustrated, sore loser who can't even stand up to an alias when addressing this blog. Bon weekend et bonne vie, loser!

  69. Finally! It is over! The moment finally arrives, what a glorious day! Our Quebec is truly free and independent! Rejoice, everybody. Hurrah!!,42268

    Haha, thanks for that, I got a good laugh this morning.

    Do you remember when you were a little kid, like 8 years old, and you used to play "store" with your friends? That's pretty much what I was reminded of.

    The best part:
    [...]avec la mission de protéger son intégrité territoriale et de travailler à maintenir la paix dans le monde entre les nations.

    That's interesting, I wonder what army they're going to be using to "help maintain world peace".

  70. yeeeeeaaaaaaah! I don't know what going on.

  71. 30 years ago my grade 5 teacher envisioned a future with flying cars and robots. I'm still waiting for the flying cars.

  72. Some fabulous comments here. I congratulate "editor" on stirring a hornets nest of vitriol. Like most of the West Island Intelligentsia, he/she has let history pass him by. It is to die for when nodogs scoffs at francophones moving their votes around and then rolls out this Liberal drivel as intelligent perspective. For example, the Champlain Bridge is run by the feds as it crosses the (federal) St Lawrence Seaway. It had tolls before and (using some dodgy Bourrassa math) the tolls went when it was paid for. Now you need a new bridge so you get tolls. Just like Toronto (407) or PEI (confederation bridge). No news here. Oh but hang on! I forgot. Getting a new bridge and having a plan to pay for it wasn't "editor's" point. It was that his favourite premier didn't get to grandstand at an event HE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH. Quebec anglos are like abused wives when it comes to the Liberal parties (federal and provincial). They disenfranchise you, don't put your MNAs or MPs in power, don't use the notwithstanding clause to defend you, but DO get into bed with the mafia. And you come back for more. If I wanted political analysis a west island anglo is the last person I would ask. In political terms you have been a prison bitch for 50 years and you have no chance of recovery.

  73. "...esp. to Anon @ 5:10pm, but also for the amusement of Editor and my dear fellow readers and contributors:

    You wrote: "Oh, and now that i proved you wrong with officials statistics, you just turn arounbd anbd say that they are manipulated...LOL typical..."

    How did you prove me wrong? Where is your report? Your statistics? You haven't in any way, shape or form substantiated that I'm wrong! Secondly, the fact you dare me to say these things amongst people like you who think and talk with their fists proves the level of your intellect (très bas). Finally, your innuendoes mean nothing to me. I specifically requested to the editor not to pull any punches thrown my way, and he has kindly complied. In conclusion, you're a frustrated, sore loser who can't even stand up to an alias when addressing this blog. Bon weekend et bonne vie, loser!"

    Hey Mr. "I dont hide from a fight" (LOL !!!!!)

    You said than more than 1 million québécois are on welfare. I proved you wrong while giving you the official unemployement rate in Quebec, which is lower than Ontario.

    Want more proof?

    According to the "Ministère de l'emploi et de la solidarité sociale du Québec" , 228 918 adults are on welfare in Quebec, on this number 64 367 are recent immigrants.


    So where is exactly is your 1 million and + québécois on welfare, where did you took these numbers? From your ass i guess ?

    Of course, since my numbers come from a Quebec government source, you'll probably say that this is a cover up or something.

    Its a perfect excuse for a mental midget like you.

    Oh, and why exactly you bring up my fists in this discussion? Did i physically threatened you ? I know you are probably not the most courageous guy around, but you dont need to be that scared LOL

    Funny how you guys keep saying that we are a bunch of french pussies and then turn around and say to the guy who want to make you eat your words that he is a meathead or something.


  74. Mr. Sauga, now a.k.a. "mental midget"Saturday, October 15, 2011 at 3:06:00 AM EDT

    Anon @ 6:18PM: 229,000 welfare recipients, but how many spouses and children of those cheque recipients are also dependent on those cheques.

    I don't take numbers from my ass. It's the likes of you that come from my ass...messy and smelly, too. I stand by what I have written.

    Finally, what is to be scared of? You don't know me, I don't know you, so there will be no fisticuffs, but daring me to state my opinions to your confrères tells me a lot about yourself, and I stand by what I wrote there as well. Oh, and thank you for that additional innuendo. Enjoy life!

  75. Anonymous: "And you come back for more. "

    I think you know damn well that the PLQ is a better option for the anglos/allos than any other Quebec party despite all the f**k ups of the Charest administration. And you probably realize that anglos/allos vote for people like Charest and Gerald Tremblay only because the alternative is always some separatist (or former separatist) like Harel, Marois, or Lagault...

    I think you know all this and you're being cynical, pretending that there are other options that "hardheaded" anglos/allos simply refuse to explore. But at this point , there aren't any other options. (How would the PQ be better, for example, if they are already promising a linguistic offensive in Montreal if elected?)

    Also, you seem to be hurt by the fact that so many non-francophones would choose a scoundrel over a separatist. But that is the case. For us, separatists are at the very bottom of the ladder.

  76. How can I resume all I've read so far.

    I've you ever heard : "You are what you fight for" ?
    Here we have people enjoying the fact that part of their population will have their power diminuish, there's a lot of hatred, arrogance and insults toward the Editor and Press 9.

    What are your goal people ?
    Is it a country where the people is richer, then go on the street with the Occupy ... manifestants.
    Is it a country that won't be a shame on the environmental level ? Then join the appropriate organism.
    Is it to fight against intolerance : racism, homophobia, ethnophobia... ? Begin by changing the way you behave on such blog.

    You shouldn't fight against your own. If Quebec is your enemy, don't wait for them to separe. Do it. Create a movement to get Quebec out of Canada. The way you're describing it, I don't think you'll miss it that much. That being said, once it is gone, you'll have to find a more constructive way to occupy your time.

    Hate is always the enemy of intelligence. I've read a lot of good arguments here, but they when all tolled down but the form it took.

    Remember this :
    People you are insulting will never listen to you, will never think you may be right.
    You may TEACH, ARGUE, RIDICULIZE or INSULT. What do you want to look like ?

    We can/should all act like adults searching for truth.

    Jeff F, sociology teacher.

  77. "If Quebec is your enemy, don't wait for them to separe"

    You do have to admit though that some sort of backlash was inevitable given what was happening since the 1970's... and that the so-called "Quebec bashing" is not just an action, but in many ways a reaction.

  78. I doubt that people are bashing Quebec.

    As usual, such as the Maclean's article about corruption.

    They are just stating an "inconvenient truth".

    Quebec has/is been for the most part one of the most destructive forces to a country which has been recognized as one of the best in the world. Unfortunate, that we all have had to endure the endless demands and problems born by La Belle Province, at huge expense to the ROC and the taxpayers therein.


  79. Mr. Sauga (without the innuendoes),Saturday, October 15, 2011 at 7:13:00 PM EDT Jeff F. @ 12:221PM: "Hate is always the enemy of intelligence."

    Bravo! Stated very eloquently! Too bad the likes of high level university graduates and Rhodes scolar laureats like Jacques-Yvan Morin (Harvard, Cambridge (U.K)), Dr. Camille Laurin (Boston U. Hospital), Yves Bérubé (PhD, MIT), Jacques Parasite (London School of Economics), Claude Morin (Columbia U.), Dr. Denis Lazure (U. de Montréal, U. of Pennsylvania, U. of Toronto), Pierre-Marc Johnson (licensed MD and lawyer) and several others with outstanding academic credentials didn't see it your way and fought their intelligence with hate and revenge.

    That was one of the best academic collectivities ever together in any legislature! ...and despite all that brain power they still didn't pull off their master plan!!!

  80. Hello Mr. Sauga,
    are you saying that these mens were hateful ? Because if you are doing so, I have to disagree.
    Self affirmation is not NECESSARY Reject and hate for the OTHER. Every Nation who do not have a state of his own will see part of his intelligencia dedicated to that goal.

    There is many levels of states inside a State.
    From the Chechen people, Palestinian, who fights for the preservation of their way of living with force.
    There Nations like Kurdistan, who aren't listened to.
    There Nation like Quebec's, Scotland, who organize the efforts peacefully, through political means.

    Though each categorie has a really different reality, their goal is the same. Ensure the futur of their culture. Many times, this need the political power of an Independant state.

    That being said, fighting peacefully the way these mens did for the preservation of Quebec's way of life can't be seen as hateful. And if you refer to the Bill 101, let's juste say that the Bill wasn't removed by any Pro-Federalist Party. It must have an importance to them, it must have proven useful.

    And if by Master Plan, you mean independance, well I wish they had won. We would be peaceful, contributing neighbors and we would... speak about other things. A Quebec in Canada is only slowing both sides down.

    Hey the last 5 posts on this blog have been hatefree. Let's celebrate !

  81. "well I wish they had won. "

    Why do you say "they" instead of "we"? And why do you hide under a fake name? It's obvious that English, although it's not that bad, is not your first language. (don't make me list some very basic mistakes that riddle almost every sentence in your posts)

    You're right about states within states, but you're forgetting that this reductionism can work ad infinitum. Any state, once free, may fragment further, depending on ethnic and political divisions. For example, in Canada we have a "unique" province of Quebec, but within Quebec we have the unique Montreal that is different at many levels for the RoQ, in language and ethnicity... So you're wrong when you say: "We would be peaceful, contributing neighbors and we would... speak about other things."

    In addition, many experts and political scientists predict that the divisions of the future will run along economic and political lines, not among ethnic ones. In the globalized world, people tend to inter-marry so that ethnicity will play a gradually lesser role in the future. People like John Perkins (author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman, and Secret History of the American Empire) go further and insist that states are now completely the times of "free trade" the world is ruled by the "corporactoracy" that bought off or blackmailed state leaders into submission and is in fact in charge...

    Also, I wouldn't lump Palestine and Kurdistan, two states under real oppression, with Scotland and Quebec. The latter two seek statehood only to satisfy the ambitions of the elites and as a way to address historical grievances and hurt pride. The former two have much more legitimate grounds for statehood as they seek emancipation from real oppression.

  82. adski AND Jeff F.: How do you see Palestine and Kurdistan as oppressed states? Palestine isn't even a state! Who are their oppressors?

    As for Scotland and Quebec, they have far more to lose by separating than by maintaining the status quo.

  83. Jeff F's comments of Oct 16th @ 1:33PM:

    It's obvious what you are, and what your mother tongue is, but I applaud your efforts to address this blog in English.

    You've obviously bought into the separatist program that your "way of life" is threatened, and since it is English that is somehow impeding your "way of life", it's OK to trump English like it's a kill-or-be-killed situation.

    Since there is linguistic pride in Quebec, that speaking French is somehow an integral part of life in Quebec, fine, speak French all you like, to your family, friends and neighbours. Nobody is stopping you now, and that one past attempt at assimilation into English over 150 years ago failed miserably.

    As difficult as that past attempt at assimilation was, it wouldn't have a snowball's chance in Tahiti of working now. The modern media with instantaneous communication from anywhere in the world to anyone in the world wouldn't enable such an attempt to get off the ground.

    Your precious Quebec has been attempting it for almost 35 years now, except with French being the forced language upon others this time, it's absolutely not working.

    The immigrant children who come to Quebec and are forced into French school do indeed speak French, and often do so very well; however, they come home from school, many talk to their parents and friends in English and watch English TV shows.

    Although people like you, and the Quebec government would prefer everybody lives in French, it cannot be done. Bill 40 was a nice try, with the intention of language inspectors being able to intrude in your home without warning looking for "illegal English", whatever the hell that is. Never passed, and even if it did, it would have been in the Supreme kangaroo Court before too long and ruled unconstitutional.

    As Trudeau stated circa 1964 about the state having no place in the nation's bedrooms, the state also has no place in the home office, or any part of one's home for that matter. People are free to talk whatever language they wish in their own home. Period. Case closed!

  84. If Kebec with a 86% of Joual-speaking Metis/Metisse who style themselves as French have the right to make that province UNILINGUAL, then surely the 87% majority of English-speaking CANADA has the same right to MAKE all the other provinces UNILINGUAL English-speaking. Because sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander is it not?

    It is time to put the scews to Pierre-Idiot Trudeau's game of making Canada a Joual-speaking (French patois) NATION, by stealth and political manoeuvering. We the MAJORITY have to now use our numbers to undo all the dirty work of a man who was duplicious to say the least and used machiavellian tactics to achieve his illegal goals to revoke democracy.

  85. I do not think that Harper is ant-French.. but rather anti-forced bilinguism and is fighting back... do not give'em fuel...

    ''As a religion, bilingualism is the god that failed. It has led to no fairness, produced no unity, and cost Canadian taxpayers untold millions.''
    Stephen Harper

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