Friday, October 14, 2011

Weekend Roundup Volume 37

French language militants turn back the clock 
Writing this story made me think of those religious police in Saudi Arabia and other fundamentalist countries that patrol the streets and arrest women who dare to wear western attire or walk unaccompanied by a man. It is without a doubt a regressive and sad tale of society going backwards.

Both the City of Gatineau and the city of Sherbrooke offered white collar employees a 45¢ an hour bilingual bonus if they were able to communicate in English.  LINK
This outraged language militants who felt that this discriminated against those who spoke only French.
Follow that logic and you can say that employers offering higher starting salaries to university graduates as opposed to those with only a high school graduates also discriminate. Hmm......
City manager of Gatineau outraged

After extreme pressure from the militant French language lobby group Impératif français, the city of Gatineau caved and revoked the bonus. LINK

Even the Office québécois de la langue française (OQLF)  is coming down on Gatineau for being altogether too accommodating to its English minority. LINK{FR}

The City manager, Robert Weemaes, was so outraged by the tactics used to poison city council in relation to the bonus, that he wrote a stinging letter to LE DROIT, an Ottawa newspaper. Read it HERE in French.

SAQ under fire for English advertisements.
Of all the government run services, the liquor monolpy does a pretty good job of serving customers in English. In stores in western Montreal, employees are highly bilingual and many Anglos are employed.
One of the things I like is that much of the advertising and literature is available in high-quality English, not the Google inspired icky translations. The catalogues printed in English are clearly written and produced by English speakers. The SAQ website provides a mirror in English.
So of course it comes as no surprise that this irks certain language militants.

A francophone reader complained on the web site of the militant French language group Impératif français, that the SAQ had the temerity to produce a colour brochure in English only and deliver it to his home. LINK

The fact that the brochure was an enclosure, delivered within an English newspaper which is delivered free to the households in the overwhelmingly English neighbourhood of NDG, was of course, beside the point.

Francophones doing just fine in the NHL
Readers might remember the blog piece I wrote entitled NHL Francophone Conspiracy Theory, which discussed Bob Sirois, an ex-NHLer who wrote a book claiming that francophones were consistently discriminated against in the NHL.
That book along with an article written in the same vein by the dean of Quebec's sportswriters, Rejean Tremblay underlines a certain paranoia among a minority of Quebecers who suffer from a unhealthy persecution complex.

You can read the original story by Mr. Tremblay HERE in French.

I mention these past stories in relation to a piece written on a sports website that claims that 10.4% of NHL players are francophone. LINK

Considering that the number of Canadians (including francophones) playing in the NHL is a little over 50%, Francophones make up a little over 20% of that total, completely in line with Canadian demographics.

One place where francophone representation is distorted is in the head coaching job. There are five francophone head coaches in the league out of the thirty positions available, making for an interesting over-representation!

Survey confirms anti-sovereignty trend
A survey conducted by an admittedly fedarlist organization had some interesting statistics.

Perhaps Pauline Marois and all those hardliners who are demanding more public discussion of the independence issue should pay attention to these numbers.
  • 77% believe the sovereignty debate should be put aside
  • 71% believe that the sovereignty debate is over
  • 25% would choose Quebec independence.
There's a lot of other interesting stats which you can find by consulting the complete survey results HERE in French, or a story about the survey in the Montreal Gazette

Something in the Gazette article caught my attention, the author MAX HARROLD repeats a common myth that the Canadian Parliament recognized Quebec as a distinct nation. 
"69 per cent believe talks should be started to allow the National Assembly to sign the Constitution; 73 per cent want Quebec formally recognized as a nation in the Constitution (it has already been recognized as such by Parliament);"
The motion put forward by Stephen Harper in November 2006 was this;
"That this House recognizes that the Québécois form a nation within a united Canada"
It refers to the people of Quebec, not the province, an important distinction which is lost on most Quebecers as well as journalists. The distinction between the two is clearer in the French version;
"Que cette Chambre reconnaisse que les Québécoises et les Québécois forment une nation au sein d'un Canada uni." LINK
Rich Quebec francophones lag RoC badly
"Per capita, there are far fewer rich people in the French-speaking province than in Ontario. Barely 3.9% of taxpayers earn more than $100,000 a year in Quebec compared to 6.3% in Ontario, according to 2008 revenue department statistics, which are the most recent available. The ranks of the truly monied are even thinner."  Read: Wealth in Quebec: a different view  by  Nicolas Van Praet
Mario Dumont and my favourite Anglo-basher Martin Pelletier (who once proposed a $2,000 fine for speaking English in public- Link) were discussing the lamentable performance of Quebecers on the newly published list of the 100 richest Canadians as published by Canadian Business.
Mr. Pelletier whined that only 15 of the 100 richest Canadians were Quebecers and blamed it on the fact that Quebecers lacked entrepreneurship.

I found his discourse strange as he mentioned Quebecers, not Francophones, and so I checked out the list myself. See the List HERE
 Although Mr. Pelletier mentioned that there were 15 from Quebec, there are actually 16. Charles Bronfman is on the list as a Canadian who lives in New York, but rightfully, if he's on the list, he deserves a Quebec affiliation.

What Mr. Pelltier tapped danced around is the fact is that of the sixteen on the list, only seven are Quebecois francophones, making it a lamentable seven out of the one hundred richest Canadians, when demographically we would expect 23.
Incredibly, nine out of the sixteen richest Quebecers are minorities or English.

I'm not even going to get into how many Jews are on the list, lest I trigger another pogrom in Hampstead.

French universities serve up English
I found this advertisement in the Montreal Gazette over a morning cup of coffee. I scanned the ad because it wasn't available online, so please excuse the quality.
It seems that the University of Montreal's elite business shcool, the HEC is offering MBA courses in ENGLISH.

Oh,Oh! What do you think the Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste will have to say about that!

By the way, when I googled the HEC MBA program to find a link, the first thing that popped up was this page in English describing the program. While looking over the page I realized that this is the HEC in Paris, France which also offers a completely English MBA program. Whodathunk!
"The program is taught in English but participants also have the option of choosing the bilingual option(French/English). Participants who do not speak French will study the language, and those already billingual [sic] will study a third language; an increasingly prized asset within today’s multicultural business environment." LINK 
Here's the link to the HEC in Montreal describing the English MBA program.

Deputy Mayor upset over French sign
It wouldn't be fair not to report on language intolerance elsewhere in the country so here's a story about a bilingual sign upsetting locals in southeastern Ontario.
"South Stormont Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart is drawing flack and praise for voicing out about new Bilingual signs at St. Lawrence Parks that are appearing; in particular the one in Long Sault Ontario at the Parkway entrance"

Wow, if you think the comments are nasty on this blog, see what readers had to say about the story Here

The Cost of bilingualism 
"The cost of French translation in the capital of Canada’s only officially bilingual province is under scrutiny as councillors question the need for two translators who are paid to provide translation at each city council meeting even though they have only been called on once in eight years."
"In July, citing the need to protect minority-language rights, Yukon Supreme Court Justice Vital Ouellette ordered the territory government to build a $15-million high school to house the board’s 41 French high school students."   LINK

Odds'n Ends  
Here's two items  that will make the  Mouvement Québec français of the  Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste ill. This week the Quebec government announced that it is giving the Jewish General Hospital $300 million for an expansion project.
and to add insult to injury, the Shriners finally broke ground on their new hospital which will be located adjacent to the new English super hospital.
Here's a French phrase that I came across while skimming my favourite fan hockey site. I hadn't seen it before;
 "… Je vous entends déjà vous poser la question « Ouate de Phoque? »"
Readers, here's a story that appeared on that I actually liked, so I translated it for you.

Let's analyze what this picture means to different groups of people;
  • The most informed observers will define this as a woman crossing the street.
  • For young men ... it's a nice ass.
  • Connoisseurs will notice the g-string ...
  • For older men, it is a respectable woman with a nice ass, crossing the street.
  • The wicked will imagine her naked
  • The wise will consider the presence of mind of the photographer to share this photo with the world.
  • For half the women, it is an ordinary girl who shouldn't go out dressed like that.
  • The other half are wondering where she bought the outfit.
  • Mature women imagine the misery that she will endure when she turns 50 ........
...and finally
  • only children, pedos and monks will notice that a dog is driving the taxi ... !

 Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Well, when it's all said and done, it looks as if the language tussle is here to stay. There will be what appears to be symmetrical arguments on both sides of the divide. Given the linguistic fanaticism that has manifested in Quebec over the last 50 years, Ms. Hart's comments merely reflect that same fanaticism through the looking glass, or in this case, the area west of the Ottawa River.

    There is a moral dilemma here: On the one hand, accommodating French is not only a noble thing, but it makes good business sense; on the other hand, I don't believe in affirmative action, but I do advocate equal opportunity.

    You can take that statement however you like.

  2. Read this for fun:

    it's more important than "grown men pushing pucks into nets" or the meaningless differences between an almost dead Franco-Canadian culture and an almost dead WASP/Jewish culture.

  3. "There are five francophone head coaches in the league"

    I looked at that list and I counted six.
    From QC there's Alain Vigneault and Guy Boucher.
    Then there are no less than four Franco-Ontarians: Claude Julien, Jacques Martin, Paul Maurice and Claude Noël.

  4. "77% believe the sovereignty debate should be put aside"

    Well the actual quote in French is longer and speaks of taking care of more important problems. Anyway, putting it aside for now doesn't mean forever.

    "71% believe that the sovereignty debate is over"
    That's not really what it says.
    "71% jugent dépassé le débat sur la souveraineté"
    That means it's out of fashion... big difference. That doesn't mean it won't come back in fashion.

    You didn't mention this part which I think is quite important:
    "73% d’entre eux seraient d’accord pour que la nation québécoise soit reconnue dans la constitution"
    So most people agree that we should be recognized as a nation within the constitution... but politicians are scared to re-open the constitutional debate because if it fails again, it could mean another referendum.

    "25% would choose Quebec independence."
    The actual quote: "25% seulement opterait pour l’indépendance du Québec si on leur demandait de choisir entre cette option et le maintien dans la fédération canadienne avec la constitution actuelle ou encore avec une constitution amendée pour qu’elle devienne acceptable au gouvernement du Québec."

    They would choose independence if asked between that or staying within Canada either with the actual constitution or with a modified constitution so maybe for all we know most would only agree to vote No if the constitution is changed... which is what most people seem to want. If it stays the same maybe support for indepedence would be higher. That whole "either the actual one or a new one" thing is not very precise... which is why I think the whole survey is ridiculous.

    Of course if we try to predict the future based on surveys we are very likely not to see what's coming. Remember the huge support for the NDP, a party that wasn't popular just a few weeks before the election?

    I predict Amir Khadir will go from being the only Québec Solidaire MNA, just like Thomas Mulcair was the only NDP MP in QC, to being the leader a majority Québec Solidaire government. I am half-serious. It's weird to think it might happen. It's sort of like a provincial NDP with one big difference: it's for independence. Seeing as how so many people voted NDP without knowing much about the party, many federalists might end up voting for separatists without even knowing just like many voted for candidates with little knowledge of French... because they didn't even know their local candidate. It's ridiculous.

    They don't even need a referendum if they are elected with more than 50% of the vote, which the PQ never managed to accomplish it seems but with many federalists voting "just for a change from the old parties" it could rise above 50% and then they could use the whole "élection référendaire" tactic and say that the election was basically a referendum even if people weren't told. Not sure if it would count as consent for independence just like a normal referendum would but you never know.

  5. Yup, the more I think about it the more it makes sense.
    Say hello to the next premier:

    This is a bit old but still, 45% said they had a good opinion of him. Most popular politician in the province! Despite only getting a small percentage of the vote in 2008.

    He's a communist who hates Jews. I'm sure if it happens this blog will feature his mug all the time.

  6. Amir Khadir? With a name like that? No chance in HELL!!

    He's no "pur laine". Not KKKebeKKKer enough for those nazis.

    The joual speaking fascists would never ever vote for someone who's not a Catholic, white and joual speaking piece of garbage.

    I've lived in KKKebec for a long time and I've never seen a non white, non joual speaking, non Catholic anywhere on joual TV. Unless it's on some highly offensive "humor program". The same goes for the "people", if you can call them that, in Da BloKKK or the PeeQ for that matter.

    These pathetic joual fascists would rather hang someone like Khadir, no matter how Jew-hating and Anglo-hating he might be - and that's saying much.

  7. "As long as you keep things non-threatening or avoid overtly racist material, your comment will be published." - Editor, in

    I wonder if the comment above mine will stay online.

    By the way, asshole above me, Jack Layton was quite popular (yes with an anglo name like that!) and there are minorities on our TV channels everyday including Amir Khadir who is quite popular according to polls but of course we are all racists and that, in your sick head, "justifies" your hatred of a whole group, calling them garbage.
    Don't even try to use the old excuse "no I only say that of separatists" as if that's okay anyway... yes they are people too, not just "people" like you say, trying to dehumanize others is something the nazis/fascists you speak of did.
    You said it: "Catholic, white and joual speaking piece of garbage." I guess that applies to all.
    Somehow that is not racism...

    FUCK YOU. If anyone's garbage it's you, you hypocrite. Can't even see how racist you are.

  8. French media is anti-English...
    English people are victims of racism...

    But what about this from the English media (the Gazette):
    They speak of the good old days, when they lived in English neighborhoods... can you imagine an American documentary with white people speaking of the days when their neighborhoods were extremely white?
    Listen to the woman at 3:30: "It spread through the neighborhood that we had a French family on our street." Now replace French with Black or Jewish.
    Would never be tolerated.

    The history of QC is one of colonialism and anglos were not victims, they behaved like a dominant minority (with a huge continental majority to back them up, hence why they mostly spoke only English) and even anglos have written about this. Life wasn't hard for them. It still isn't today. Your language isn't threatened. You won't lose your English. This blog is always full of hate yet just recently an article was called Radio Commentater Breeds Hate... oh, the irony.

  9. I hope amir khadir, Legault, Pierre curzi and the PQ rebels, split the vote so bad, that liberals win a majority. Despite Goldilocks charest, the least negative choice at the moment. Just need 4-5 more years of him so the next census, some demographic changes in the Montreal area, benefit anglos and allos.

    Also I would love for the rest of Canada to have resettlement programs for its welfare recepients into quebec. Killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. Anon 3:44AM: "You didn't mention this part which I think is quite important:
    "73% d’entre eux seraient d’accord pour que la nation québécoise soit reconnue dans la constitution"

    A question to Anon: when will the Quebecois finally make up their minds? So many of them seem to have put an X on sovereignty, yet a large number of them still desire things that might revive the movement if demands are not granted.

    Isn't it time to make up your minds? Especially in light of the fact that the RoC seems to have moved on (election of 2011) and pays you very little mind, no matter what you do?

    The give-us-what-we-want-or-we-separate scheme doesn't work anymore. Time to decide what you Quebeckers really want for yourselves, instead of trying to change the rest of the country with threats and blackmail. Time to look more inwards and less outwards. Because out there, there are people who (contrary to what you may think) owe you absolutely nothing.

    And btw, over the last few decades Quebeckers have really cheapened the notion of independence and self-determination, by using it as a threat to extract privileges, instead of honestly pursuing it as an end goal. Which is a shame, really.

  12. Anon 6:03AM: "Your language isn't threatened. You won't lose your English."

    Because it's spoken in the US and the RoC?

    But French is doing great in France, where it's spoken by some 60 million of people. Should we therefore fight any trace of French in Tunisia, because there is a country right next door that is overwhelmingly French?

    I think there are more engendered languages than French in Quebec, including some native languages spoken in Quebec. But I don't see a law in the works that would make Algonquian predominant in public signage all over the jurisdiction of Quebec...

    And don't you just appreciate the arbitrariness of it all? And how little it has to do with justice, and so much to do with political power?

  13. Good for Tammy Hart,one of the few who know what these racist, metis(French) bigots are really up to.

    The simple facts are as more francophone’s get hired for all government positions less and less English speakers are working for their own governments across the country. Don’t believe me; Go check the stats for yourself. Francophone’s are over-represented in all levels of government including hospitals, law, policing...etc. No fairness, no representation by population. They call it bilingualism, yet the term is never defined on purpose and believe me it doesn’t mean fluency in 2 languages in Canada, at least to the French it doesn’t. No political party will speak for the English speaking majority in this province and country. Practical bilingualism, where numbers warrant… is never defined on purpose. In Ontario, NB it now means segregation. The French (they are actually metis, a mixed race, not french) are demanding French only facilities all over the province, not bilingual, French only. $ Bilingualism is really nothing more then a hiring quota for francophone’s and that is a fact…just ask yourself, why are francophone’s over-represented in all government jobs and how come more and more positions are being designated bilingual all the time? And just as important, how come they are NOT fluently bilingual? Some can barely speak English!

    Go learn our proud, real BNA and UEL history. These were the builders of our country since 1763, not this phony, revisionist lie, spin, nonsense, this bilingual, multicultural,2 founding nations, linguistic duality lie, spin, propaganda that we’ve been living with since Trudeau and Kebec (original spelling) forced this upon the nation. We’ve been part of the British Empire since 1763 and officially and English speaking country for over 200 years, again just the facts...We were never a bilingual country. This is one big expensive lie/fraud that’s been going on for over 5 decades now. Yes 5 decades of changing our history, changing the names of towns, bodies of water…, street names… all over the country, not just Kebec any more. They are revising, falsifying our real BNA, UEL history. Wake up people!

    So while Quebec bans the English language (bill 22, bill 178, bill 101…), wipes out its real BNA, UEL history, while ethnic language cleansing is going on in Quebec, the rest of the country is forced to fund whatever the French (metis) demand. This is going on in every province. Go check.

    See what’s really going on? What are they really up to? - “First Quebec, then we take over the rest of the country, one step at a time…through bilingualism…” PT, “How to take over a country through bilingualism…” SD. How? First comes the right to communicate with gov't in a minority language (ie French),then comes bilingualism, then comes the right to work in the language of choice(ie French), then comes a bilingual boss,(ie French) then comes a exclusively French department and on it goes until its all French. Its happening all over the country, Ontario, New Brunswick… Go check the stats for yourself.

    Until someone repeals the charter and everything connected to it, such as the bilingual, multicultural BS…things will only get worse and this country will continue its slide into government corruption, greed, fraud, money laundering…

    Time is ticking.

    See what’s really going in Canada? ALL these lying scum bag politicians are allowing the lies to continue…

    Where do we turn?

  14. I wouldn't mind if French was included in Ontarian public events but only if Quebec honored English likewise (I mean officially honored it, not just shrugged it off with something like: go downtown and see how much English is spoken there...)

    But it should be tit-for-tat. English is officially considered a disease in Quebec's public policy, so should be French in the rest of the country. Until Quebec's official policy becomes more open to English, Canada should remain closed to French.

    The principle of reciprocity should apply here. You don't accommodate somebody who spits in your face.

  15. A comment from the article Editor linked to, that I liked very much:

    "Language belongs to the people not the government."

    As for rich quebec francophones, being successful isn't something that's seen well in this province. Just look at what people think of Pierre-Karl Péladeau. If you have money in this province, you're expected to share it, especially with the unions.

    And finally, responding to this comment:

    He's no "pur laine". Not KKKebeKKKer enough for those nazis.
    The joual speaking fascists would never ever vote for someone who's not a Catholic, white and joual speaking piece of garbage.

    It may seem exaggerated, and the guy below you may have called you an asshole, but you are dead on with your comment. 100% correct.
    The best proof is all the "John James" stuff everywhere lately. No valid argument? Just mention how his name has some english in it, and people will be outraged! How ridiculous is that??

    Pauline Marois, on the other hand, can't even speak english, but that's ok! ....

    - Quebecker Of Tree Stump

  16. to the poster at 05:38 am.... back at you

  17. Haha, according to "Impératif Français":

    "L'organisme de défense et de promotion de la langue française estime qu'exiger la langue anglaise à l'embauche est une source de discrimination et d'exclusion privant les citoyens de leur droit de travailler en français au Québec."

    So just like the editor pointed out, hiring employees based on their skills and competence is discrimination. You're better for the job? Too bad! That's discrimination!

    So, hiring in Quebec should be first come first served, or what?

    Why should it just apply to language? Might as well make it education too, not everyone has a university degree.

    "Exiger un diplome universitaire est une source de discrimination et d'exclusion privant les citoyens de leur droit de travailler en BS Syndiqué au Québec."

  18. That deputy mayor is a Canadian hero who deserves a medal. The growth of Francophone communities in English Canada leads to a corresponding decline in job opportunities for unilingual Anglophones. Keep French in Quebec where it belongs!

  19. Someone should tell that bitch in the video that they should also change the name "Long Sault" since its a french name.

    And by the way you anglos, its "Long SAULT", not Long sueeee. Get it right, for fuck sake.

  20. Anonymous at 15:34,

    Strange but true, somebody actually has the audacity to blame a company for her lack of language competence. Read and weep (or laugh).

  21. Editor,

    Why do you love hockey so much? It's a douchebag "sport" and you and I know it.

    The good thing is that the high influx of immigrants - who couldn't care less about "puck pushing" (I've seen reports of that in the news) - will relegate that unfortunate activity (conducted mainly by posh white dudes who went to boarding school in Minnesota)to the dustbin of Canadian history.

    I can't wait!! Want to watch a real sport?

    Try boxing.

    Boxing is open to people of all races, creeds, sizes, educational levels, and economic backgrounds.

    Also, in boxing, you can't blame your "teammates". No off-seasons either.

    But the best thing about boxing is that it's a real fight that will never break into a hockey game.

    Manny Pacquiao could never have been a "puck pusher", but you see the demi-god he is in the ring, same goes for the great Floyd Mayweather. And here in Quebec we have Pascal, Lemieux, Bute, Diaconu, Côté etc.

  22. Anon yesterday @ 5:38AM: As written by 10:47AM yesterday, right back at you.

    As for that quote posted by another Anon @ 3:34PM, Impératif Français, MMF, SSJB, etc., while free to state their opinions, I think a number of them should be committed to a mental health facility (like the Douglas in Verdun since it's an "English" facility - NOT!).

    Like Reed Scowen wrote in Time to Say Goodbye, there are NO English facilities left in Quebec. They're all obliged to serve the public and, when asked, provide files in French. The Douglas, Jewish General, St. Mary's, Royal Vic, etc. are all facilities that OFFER service in English, but MUST offer all their services in French as well.

    Before she died, my aunt was at Julius Richardson, a rehab facility in the Côte St-Luc area that is an "English" facility. I went there to visit her. When I arrived, my aunt was in a room where a guitar player was entertaining the patients and there was one woman among the spectators who seemed to only speak French. The staff therefore had to ensure all services were in French.

    I like to think in the French hospitals they have SOME staff that know English, but they're not obliged to and I've known cases where people admitted who neither speak nor understand French in said hospital do have a problem.

    What's really amusing is, many places in Quebec are crying for bilingual help and just can't get it, esp. in the Quebec City area, so what do those crash test dummy language zealots know anyway? Bilingualism is good for the mind!

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Tomorrow 16 October at 20:00, Anthony Calvillo will be on Tout le monde en parle. So I am going to watch that show for the first time e-verr. It is going to be interested to see the reaction of the separatists to watch him on TLMEP, en anglais..

  25. Wowzers! Troy got censored? I don't believe it.

    Re the alleged popularity of Amir Khadir: I DARE the Quebec population to vote that jellybean in as Quebec premier. It would be the sorriest days of your lives. You can be sure that every Jew who can remove money not tied down in their businesses in Quebec would move it out faster than Flynn came in! I'm sure a host of others would move their money out faster than Superman could fly, too!

    That bastard would be about as bad as the current kook at the helm in Iran, and he's one of their ilk.

    If anyone thinks Quebec suffered a monetary and brain drain over the last 40 years, look out if that nut job develops significant influence over Quebec affairs. It would be the return of the Dark Ages, you can bet on that!

    The downward spiral Quebec would suffer would make the last 40 years feel like a spring zephyr!

  26. Amir khadir will help split the vote along with Francois Legault, ADQ and PQ.

    IF goldilocks actually did seat redistribution Quebec libs would have a more level playing field. But they chose not to.

    I wonder what another term of goldilocks would be like?

  27. "The downward spiral Quebec would suffer would make the last 40 years feel like a spring zephyr!"

    First, I want you to know you're speaking to a French-Canadian - the people you despise the most on this planet. Now here I go:

    Think Israel will last forever in the Asian and Muslim tsunamis that will come? Think Russia bows down to Israel? Jews are far smarter than Franco-Canadians, and basically anybody else for that matter.

    But that doesn't make them immortal. Just like the whole Western World is spiraling at a dizzying rate to its death. Jews have few children so demography will kill them.

    I take no joy in this so you know. There are many many Jews I admire for their intelligence and creativity. Jews are the world's best overachievers.

    Quebec might be the worst society in the West, but it no longer matters. Find me a Western society that REALLY has a great future these days.

    And one last thing Mr. Sauga, I've seen you express what I would call veiled hostility to WASPs - by saying, for example, that their decline is a good thing. You did so in your limited praise of Trudeau's policies - it was, according to you, the best thing Trudeau did, making WASPs less important in numbers or culturally speaking.

    I would ask you this: Is the anger/resentment you may have over the way WASPs behaved, say in the 1950's, towards Jews warrants a hostility directed at the group of people who are BY FAR the most devoted to Jews and the various Jewish causes?

    Stephen Harper, our WASP in chief, is Israel's best friend. George W. Bush and Bill Clinton were much closer to Israel than Barack Obama is or ever will be.

    Mr. Sauga, I have nothing against immigration and multiculturalism but to suggest that a multicultural society is a hardcore pro-Jewish society is not necessarily true.

    America seems to be drifting away from Israel a bit in recent times - and America is more multicultural than it's ever been.

    Sans rancune Monsieur Sauga.

  28. Anon @ 8:38PM: PART I

    First of all, you obviously haven't been with this blog all that long. If you were, you'd know me better than you lead on as your response has. Your response devolves into my being some kind of racist.

    Secondly, notwithstanding the fact I live in Ontario and spend over half my time speaking French on the phone, what I despise is how the majority of Quebec society has been duped and led astray by deceptive, mean-spirited leadership---AGAIN!

    For 200 years, the Roman Catholic church put the screws to your society with la revanche des berceaux and other brainwashing to keep your society down and weak. The Church dictated your having ridiculously large families while promoting proletarianism, i.e., that it was acceptable to be the "small bread" society. Meager wages, marginal living conditions, and constantly hungry or filling up on cheap carbs.

    I read a book written in English by Michel Gratton, a well-know syndicated columnist in Canada who writes well in both official languages (of Canada, of course, not Quebec). He lived in Vanier, an Ottawa suburb as a child. He wrote how the parish priest came around every Friday without fail to see what was cooking in Maman's kitchen, and probably to check for her protruding belly every nine months, and I don't mean from eating all those carbs.

    BTW, where, or when, did I ever state multiculturalism is "pro-Jewish"? I never wrote anything of the sort---far from it! I favor it because I've learned a lot from other cultures. In the Toronto area, you can see and taste the world without leaving the city. This one Jew, me, does favor multiculturalism. I cannot and DO NOT speak for world Jewry, only myself!

    Mi amigo, Bill Clinton was NO friend of Israel! He was ready to throw Israel under the bus in the 1993 Oslo accord, and Israel, like the exchange of 1,027 rabid animals who would turn around and kill Israelis again, are being exchanged for ONE sole Israeli. As Howard Galganov wrote in his blog, he supposes it's a fair exchange considering Israelis are builders while Palestineans are destroyers.

    Perhaps with the exception of Harper, WASPs are not lovers of Israel, but the Bushes at least recognized that Israel was and still is the only stable democracy in the entire Middle East. Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Iran and even serene Jordan are NOT democracies. Neither are the Palestinean "authorities".

    Did you know Canada and Israel have a Free Trade Agreement. That was orchestrated not by Harper, but by former Foreign Affairs Minister Art Eggleton under Chrétien's leadership. We too have a similar agreement with Jordan now.

  29. Anon @ 8:38PM: PART II

    WASPs were quite the bigots in decades past. There was a book entitled None is Too Many, an exposé on the predominantly WASP Canadian society that state there were already too many Jews in Canada and they weren't interested in "importing" any seeking refuge from Nazi Germany and the lands they occupied.

    There were beaches, PUBLIC beaches in Toronto with signs reading "No dogs or Jews". Same went for WASP golf and tennis clubs, but then again, Catholics and Blacks were excluded as well. Of course, ol' Leroy and George could serve drinks in the clubhouse and clean up the place, and O'Grady could put in the stein and pull the tap. They all just couldn't play there. Think Jews lived on Toronto's Bridle Path back in the day? In your Pepsi wishes and May West dreams!

    Why do you consider Jews overachievers? Sounds like you read and listened to Lionel Groulx and others of his kind back in the day. On a per capita basis, Israel has more university graduates and high ranking professionals (doctors, scientists, engineers and others) than ANY other planet on the face of this Earth. Should I have to apologize for that? Should world Jewry apologize to envious little ol' you for believing in, and getting themselves educated?

    What's wrong, pal? Can't stand the fact Quebec ranks 55th amongst the provincial and state jurisdictions making up North America? Can't stand the fact all a U. Laval dentist needs is a chair and a pair of pliers to pull your teeth rotted by Pepsi, May West, sirop d'érable, tarte au sucre and other sugary crap? That your own Ministère des Finances statistically learned and broadcast Quebec is the world's sixth most indebted jurisdiction on a per capita basis?

    Maybe over time, the WASPs have learned that Jews are good business people. Unfortunately, I learned in the late Mordechai Richler's book Oh Canada! Oh Quebec! that when a «pur laine» compatriot deals dishonestly with his neighbour, he is referred to as a «maudit juif!» The presumption, of course, as overtly promoted by Lionel Groulx and others of his ilk, that Jews always cheat «le p'tit Québécois». In business there ARE dishonest Jews, just like there are dishonest Italians, dishonest Greeks, dishonest Monicans, Icelanders and probably Inuit...oh, and dishonest «Quebecois pur laine», too!

    When Howard Galganov was a pro-minority activist while living in Quebec, the French language media, TV, radio and the press, regularly referred to him as the «anglo juif». How would you feel if I labelled YOU the Franco Catholic?

  30. Don't tell me about my history, monsieur Sauga.

    I know it very well merci beaucoup!!

    In the second part of your post, you're turning hostile and I don't particularly like that or, frankly understand why.

    What have I said? That Jews were smart? Is that offensive? Does it mean I hate "les juifs" or I am envious of them/want to kill them/rob them? Absolutely not!!

    I said that I ADMIRED THE INTELLIGENCE AND CREATIVITY of Jews. Be they inventors, artists or scientists. What makes you think I want to make you or world jewry "apologize" for it?

    How sick are you to suggest that?

    Your mind is perverse if you come to these conclusions.

    Lionnel Groulx HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS. I barely know him.

    I learned about Jewish success through American TV/MEDIA and various articles regarding Nobel Prize winners and such.

    Abe Foxman is PROUD that Jews are smart and talented. And I'm sure he doesn't grab a Gentile like me by the throat for simply being impressed by their talents.

    How would l feel if you labeled me "the Franco Catholic"?

    Very well, since IT IS WHAT I AM.

  31. Still in continuation, Mr. SaugaSunday, October 16, 2011 at 3:14:00 AM EDT Anon @ 8:38PM: PART III

    You wrote "Find me a Western society that REALLY has a great future these days." Wow, but you're pessimistic. What do you propose, moving to the Middle East? South America and the drug cartels? One of those nations that ends with "Stan"?

    Do I have problems with Quebec? Oh, yes! May I suggest you refer to the last blog on Oct 12 re how Harper is undoing everything Trudeau did. On Oct 15 @ 12:21PM, a contributor named Jeff F. put in a well written piece. Yours truly responded to it at 7:13PM. Look at the list of people I mentioned whose hate ruled their intelligence. You had doctors, lawyers, engineers and other high academics with enormous credentials making up the first PQ cabinet who were hell-bent on getting rid of minorities like myself or relegating us to the back of the bus, if not under it.

    I fully agree with the way Quebeckers turned on the Church in the numbers they did. The Church leadership was cruel and demeaning. By the 1980s, Quebec dropped from one of the highest birthrates in the world to being second only to West Germany's lowest birth rate in the Western Hemisphere. Many churches have been converted to stores, restaurants, lofts, studios and condominiums...or just plain torn down.

    Trouble is, from being the downtrodden by your own church and corrupt politicians who rode on the coattails of your peoples' collective ignorance and endless childbearing, you all rose up and put the blame for being shortchanged on the minorities, especially the overachieving Jews (your words, not mine), Italians and Greeks (Parasite's words in his drunken, bitter, vitriolic and rabid post-referendum concession speech in 1995). He specifically named the "ethnic vote" as Jews, Greeks and Italians about seven weeks later in Calgary on some kind of political junket---and I believe he was sober when he stated all that!

  32. Anon @ 8:38PM: PART IV, the Conclusion

    So Mr. Anonymous French-Canadian, don't you think I have valid reasons to be pissed off? My maternal grandfather came from Russia to Sherbrooke almost 100 years ago with little more than the clothes on his back and a suitcase. The Pogroms stole all the rest, and often ransacked his village and belongings.

    A couple of years later, he moved south about 22 miles to set up a junkyard and other tiny enterprises, sent for his wife and three children born in Russia and had five more children in the Townships. He died in 1933, age 44, smack dab in the middle of the Great Depression, my 21-year-old uncle took over the family business with every asset pledged in debt to the hilt, bawled in horrid fear at the prospects ahead, but eventually turned the business around (and only a grade 4 education), hired townspeople of your ilk and gave them jobs when over 20% of the population couldn't find jobs.

    For all my young uncle did to contribute to the greater good of Quebec society, for the fact my paternal grandfather arrived in Montreal about 12 years later and employed himself most of his life in Canada (as a shoe cobbler, nothing really big, but taking a job from nobody), you call Jews overachievers. They came with little and WORKED for everything the had. My father still had to quit school in 1933 to help support the family (he was from a family of five kids). Sadly, he underachieved his whole life, but that's sometimes how it goes.

    Finally, here we are, only starting the second decade of the 21st Century and Third Millennium and what did I see happen in the last year? I saw your supposedly federalist premier, none other than John James "Goldilocks" Charest, ignore the plight of one child who had serious trouble with the French curriculum in school. Because his father is «pur laine» while his mother was born in the State of Delaware, their children could not go to English school. They have 4 children and three of them are able to manage in the French school. Now, there were plenty of English schools in his community, and your great Charter of Charters, a.k.a. Bill 101, contains a section that takes into account and considers children with severe learning challenges, and another section that makes consideration on humanitarian grounds.

    When Premier John James "Goldilocks" Charest could have helped this one vulnerable child who really needed help, he chose to do sweet f---all! Nothing! Didn't lift a finger. Why? He was scared of the rabidly racist separatists and feared being seen as spineless...well, he WAS spineless as a jellyfish! Government is supposed to protect the most vulnerable members of its society, at least good governments should.

    Premier John James "Goldilocks" Charest's act for me was the final curtain call. He's no federalist, and NONE of you are! NONE! Even Kathy Weil, Yolande James, Geoffrey Kelley and other non-francophones in the PLQ voted for the bill to replace the unconstitutional Bill 104 with a like law. As far as I'm concerned, if the above-named people were Jews, they'd probably have cooperated with the Nazis and ushered other Jews into those showers that exterminated the victims with poisonous insecticide gas within 20 minutes.

    Mr. Anonymous French-Canadian, I AM f--king-eh pissed off big-time, and for very valid reasons. Who has stepped up for the minorities? YOU? In your dreams, fella, in your dreams!

    Case closed.

  33. I stand corrected; in one more go-round, Mr. SaugaSunday, October 16, 2011 at 3:47:00 AM EDT

    Well, it looks as if you were posting while I was still writing, so now I'll respond to your very recent post at 2:47AM.

    You referred to Jews as overachieving. Intelligent people with good education are HIGH achievers, not overachievers. On the surface, calling an ethnic group smart sounds fine, but when you lump the whole Jewish faithful as smart overachievers, THAT is an inverted anti-Semitic remark. I won't say I've heard it all, but I've sure heard my fair share of inverted AND intentional, blatant anti-Semitism...and plenty of stuff in between.

    Your remarks are so died-in-the-wool I don't even think you understand the difference. Too, e-mailing and instant messaging do have the disadvantage of not being able to examine body language and voice inflections, but this...

    BTW, I don't know who Abe Foxman is, but I'll use my overachieving Jewish brain to look him up on the internet.

    Do yourself a favour: Stop responding and keep your mouth shut. It's OK in life to think like a moron until you open your mouth and prove it.

  34. I did not call Jews "overachievers" IN A NEGATIVE WAY.

    I've laughed my ass off on Woody Allen movies or the comedy of Marc Maron, masturbated to porn made by countless Jewish pornographers like Al Goldstein and Adam Glasser, I play music on a Kurzweil keyboard, I watch Ben Stein with great interest - all Jewish comedians, inventors, intellectuals. THIS IS WHAT I MEANT!! NO ILL WILL!!

    Let me tell you a story about my past and I hope you'll believe it because it's the truth.

    When my mother was about ten (back in 1947) in Nicolet, a country side near Drummondville an old Jewish merchant from Montreal would come by the road. He was in the garment industry and my mother's family would give him shelter in the bitter cold winter. They prepared a bedroom at the farm house for him and did so for a couple of years.

    My mother had many brothers and sisters and the family was DEEPLY CATHOLIC. So much so that one of my uncle is a priest and two of my aunts are nuns. And yet, in this poor Catholic family they gave shelter to a traveling Jewish merchant in GOOD FAITH.

    I am sure stories like that were more frequent than you think. Howard Galganov and Mordecai Richler may not talk about it/or have talked about it in the case of Richler but these stories exist.

  35. Oh, yes, I forgot to mention your being OK with the moniker "Franco Catholic"...not a good thing. Means your just another in the crowd, and you're being labelled in a prejudicial way. You just don't get it, and may God bless you with enough intelligence to learn the difference.

  36. With rip-roaring laughter, Mr. SaugaSunday, October 16, 2011 at 3:58:00 AM EDT your 3:48 posting: "Methinks thou dost protest too much!" [William Shakespeare]

  37. My Catholic soul has left my body.

    Happy now Mr Sauga?

    I thought so...

  38. my jousting opponent of the wee hours:

    First of all, I never implied you should abandon your faith. If you have, that is strictly between you and your maker. I'm a very secular Jew. I don't observe the dietary strictures, I don't go to synagogue every Saturday and I don't wear religious garb--all by choice--MY choice. I'm not a zealous Zionist, but I heartily believe in Israel's right to exist and for its people to do what they have to do to defend their land and their people.

    Anyway, I at least wanted to extend to you a dove's feather for the charitable demeanor extended by your family to this itinerant worker of whom you write. I'll never let it be said there aren't kind souls even amongst a collective that is less so.

    A good friend of mine, formerly from Montreal, carries his father's name because back in Poland where the man was from, during the holocaust while Poland was occupied by the Nazis, was kept hidden by neighbours of his in their cellar...FOR YEARS! Those neighbours risked their lives by this kindly act for they would have been exterminated like other Nazi undesirables had their cellar dweller been discovered. Even in a collective society of the wicked, there are kindly souls, the flowers that blossom in the quagmire of manure that surrounds them.

    Please realize I never lost sight of that. Helping others always pays off, and a little kindness can go a long, long way.

  39. @ Anonymous on Oct. 14 at 7:07 PM:

    "Someone should tell that bitch in the video that they should also change the name "Long Sault" since its a french name."

    Changing "Long Sault" in Ontario to an English name is an excellent idea, you son of a bitch. A large number of place names in Quebec have been changed from English to French. The Quebec government applied Bill 101 to the "Commission de toponymie" so that it could remove and rename English names from landmarks.

  40. "Changing "Long Sault" in Ontario to an English name is an excellent idea, you son of a bitch. A large number of place names in Quebec have been changed from English to French. The Quebec government applied Bill 101 to the "Commission de toponymie" so that it could remove and rename English names from landmarks."

    Of course the name should be changed to an english one, you little pussy. An english name would be much better than hearing some degenerates call this historical name (where Dollard Désormaux entred the legend) "Loung suuueee".

  41. Dollard des ormeaux was an under achiever that didn't do anything special. They also didn't give any credit to their Huron and Algonquin allies. For that matter the battle was lost.
    Pur Laines love to cover up history to promote mythical Quebecois super heros. Might as well create a Captain Poutine.

  42. @ Anon. at 12:53 AM:

    Captain Poutine...that's really funny! The petite tapette Kaybekwah that posted at 10:12 PM yesterday should refer to himself that way from now on.

  43. Et le coût du bilinguisme au Québec,combien cela coûte-t-il ?

  44. "Et le coût du bilinguisme au Québec,combien cela coûte-t-il ?"

    Hey Press're back! Too bad you don't have the balls to identify yourself.

    There is hardly any bilingualism in Quebec. The Official Languages Act is mostly ignored here. The 8.5 billion dollars that Quebec receives from English Canadian provinces every year is more than enough money to cover the pitiful amount of bilingualism in Quebec.