Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Amir Khadir Justifies Terrorism

On Tuesday, Amir Khadir was the only member of Quebec's Parliament to refuse to vote in favour of an anti-terrorism resolution that underlined the province's commitment to be a part of the world community that is facing down the scourge of terrorism.

This is the second time this year he has refused unanimous consent to an all party resolution. Readers will recall that he refused to allow debate on a motion that was to condemn the boycott of a Montreal shoe store, by a rag-tag group of ex-pat Palestinians, local communists and a bunch self-loathing Jews, because the store stocked Israeli shoes.
That unpopular boycott, which flopped terribly, was roundly rejected by the vast majority of Quebeckers.

Tuesday's motion, agreed upon by everyone in the National Assembly, save Mr. Khadir, was cobbled together after much discussion by the three major parties.

"Quebec has and will continue to be an ally of the whole international community in security issues and more particularly against the menace of terrorism"" Link

The motion also noted "The perseverance of the United States and its allies in the quest for greater security around the world."

This of course was too much for Mr. Khadir who told reporters that the language of the motion reminded him of George Bush. 

Mr. Khadir, pussyfooted around, making all sorts of excuses as to why he would not support the motion, but his motives remain transparent. 
Anything that can put Islam or Islamic countries in a bad light must be rejected, while anything that reflects poorly on the West, particularly America and Israel must be supported.
Mr. Khadir went on to actually justify terrorism by telling reporters that the declaration adopted by the Assembly should also have considered the causes of terrorism, including the Palestinian question.
He also noted we should consider the fact that Islamist terrorism is waning, and intimated that the Islamo-fanatics were somehow coming to their senses. 
Instead,  Mr. Khadir might consider that the decline in terrorism is more likely the result of the war on terrorism waged by the West, something he refused to support by voting against the resolution!

Calling the death of Osama bin Laden a political assassination, Mr. Khadir reminds us that his outlook on the world is largely based on the fantasy that Muslims are victims and Westerners are persecutors and colonialists. 

Mr. Khadir remains a shining example of hypocrisy that is the hallmark of the anti-Israel, anti-America community that regularly bashes the West, but remains silent in the face of fascism and repression that is the basis of society of most of the Arab/Muslim nations.

You'll recall that Mr. Khadir was so furious over the death of twelve activists on a boat running the Gaza blockade and intercepted by the Israeli navy that he demanded that the National Assembly pass a resolution crafted by himself condemning Israel as a barbaric nation.
He accused Israel of war crimes in it's war with the terrorist government of Gaza after they had  bombarded Israel for months with all manner of rocket fire.

Mr, Khadir and his cohorts have always maintained that they are not targeting Israel because it is Jewish, but rather because it is evil.

Well how about those Middle Eastern countries that Mr. Khadir is so fond of. There's plenty of evil over there!
The government of Syria's crackdown on its own citizens has already resulted in more civilian deaths (over 800 to date) than occurred during Operation Cast Lead. With no let up in sight, the regime is getting more and more brutal and savage each day. Reports of torture, imprisonment, beatings and murder continue to be widely reported.

Where are the marches, demonstrations and campus rallies to protest Colonel Gaddafy's war against his citizens that has cost over six times the lives lost in the Gaza war, with no end in sight?
If Mr. Khadir thinks Israel indiscriminately bombarded Gaza, he should check out the city of Misrata!

Where is the outrage by Mr. Khadir?  
How about throwing a shoe at a picture of Assad or Gaddafy?

While certain Canadian organizations prepare to embark on an embargo busting boat trip to Gaza, meant to humiliate Israel, perhaps they can make a detour Syria and Libya to deliver  medical supplies, much needed as a result of the savage assault of the people by their own government.

No, I don't think that is on.... it doesn't fit Mr. Khadir's narrative.

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  1. Amir Khadir is a complete idiot and he should face deportation. We welcome him and his family in our country, and in return, the poor man is fooling around, working at an independence project for Quebec. Not only that, he did a terrorist act himself by trowing his shoes to Stephen Harper poster. It's a profanation act. Amir represents well the stupid people of Plateau Mont-Royal. In other words, Quebeckers got simply what they deserved in term of politic, and that being for both side, provincial and federal. About no one vote NPD outside Quebec because it's a party that is poorly manage, poor administration and a very poor project guidelines. But I guess that's what fit best with Quebec interest right.

    1. oh my goodness i can't believe this guy is still in office. he shouldn't be deported, he should be killed. honestly, he's so dangerous and he has no concept of economics, he tried to get france to pay 23billion for haiti, when the whole europe was in huge crisis. france doesn't have that kind of money.

      and he called prince william and kate parasites. you can't do that, canada is still part of british monarchy. The brits would never do that, and we should show some nice respect. not always so barbaric. this guy is not even a born canadian, he should get the checkout of this country, why on earth is he a politician in this country???

      he is also showing conflict of interest bc he spends so much time on iranian politics.

      ugh, im so annoyed with this guy. I'm a canadian living in switzerland for 8 years. this is my opinion as a canadian living abroad.

  2. Thanks Amir you did what was right.This pathetic pandering to Israeli and American imperialism is pathetic.Mad Dog stick with language whining, your neocon fantasies can be realized by doing aliyah and joining the IDF,come on be a man .

  3. So what?

    Why does a motion have to be unanimous? He is only one MP among 75 and I'm sure his opinion represents at least 1.5% of the population. It's not good for democracy if political parties use their clout to crush all dissenting opinions.

    Unless that is what you actually want, Herr No Dogs...

  4. @Sunny side up

    Hey sunny!Nous sommes dans un pays libre.

  5. It's not a so what, it's what he stands for consistently in his actions, but like the slime ball he is, he says otherwise. If he said the same thing his actions say, he would not be the most popular politician in quebec. Calling him on his lies is commendable.

  6. “an anti-terrorism resolution that underlined the province's commitment to be a part of the world community that is facing down the scourge of terrorism.”

    Editor, what is the root this “scourge of terrorism”? If you think about it, it turns out to be more complicated than you think.

    The motion was to “acknowledge” (read: approve) the killing of Osama bin Laden. Equating the voting against such a resolution with “justifying terrorism” (as per the title of the post) is a stretch.

    One can be against Osama and against Bush all at the same time, just like one can be against Bill 101 and against the disappearance of the Quebecois culture. We let our politicians lock us in a “you’re either with us or against us” logic, so we stop noticing that essentially all of them are bastards.

  7. Press 9 said: Hey sunny!Nous sommes dans un pays libre.

    Right on! So we can choose to be educated in either french or english. In our stores, we can put up signs in any language we want. Thank God we live in a free country.

    1. Seriously... I am born and raised in Quebec and I do not see any sign of this ”free country” Press 9 is referring to.

  8. @ Diogenes 10:37

    Perfect response.

  9. "Quebec has and will continue to be an ally of the whole international community in security issues and more particularly against the menace of terrorism"

    If Quebec stands by this motion, it should keep an eye on the Milice Patriotique Quebecois and do whatever is necessary to prevent the return of the terrorist FLQ.

  10. The new party I'm proposing would allow revocation of citizenship for serious crimes committed against Canada and its citizenry. The Rosenbergs were executed for treason, and this cukoo bird is as big a treasonist as they come.

    Our current laws make it far too difficult to deport political subversives and other undesirables. If they're indigenous, that's one thing, but if they're not, let's get rid of them. Coming to this country should not be an unconditional right once citizenship is granted from another country.

    Does this imply there are two classes of citizens? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT! Both sides of my family are immigrants (all four grandparents), but they were dutiful citizens. My maternal grandfather came with virtually NOTHING and built several small businesses, employing other Canadians. My paternal grandparents worked in factories during WWII assisting with the armaments. My paternal grandfather later became self-employed as a shoemaker thus not taking a job from ANYONE! My European-born father enlisted in WWII. He didn't wait for an inevitable draft notice.

    Look how it took 45 YEARS to finally rid ourselves of Ernst Zundel. 45 YEARS! He finally made a mistake by not renewing his landed immigrant visa while he was busy promoting his hatred of Jews in the U.S. He was nabbed at the Niagara Falls border, put in a holding cell in nearby Thorold, and finally, finally, finally put on a plane back to his bleoved Deutchland where he was whisked off to prison, tried and found guilty of hate crimes. Sadly, he was released about 15 months ago as I believe his time in the Thorold holding cell was recognized as time served. The overall sentance was five years in prison. Five lousy years for spewing 45 years of vitriol. The punishment certainly doesn't fit the crime, but at least his days in Canada are over forever.

    This yutz ought to have HIS citizenship revoked, but put on a plane back to Tehran and presented before the head Ayatollah or whatever he's called (I have a few choice names of my own!) Same goes for his insipid, miserable, hateful father!

  11. "Adski

    Editor, what is the root this “scourge of terrorism”? "
    Don't go Chomsky with this, moral equivalence is RIDCULOUS, shamefull and morally dubious.
    Khadir parked himself in the camp of the morally equivalenet crowd that like the editor say, finds only evil in one direction, appologists.

  12. @ Mississauga Guy 12:23

    So you want to root out and deport "political subversives"? Talk about taking a page from the the nazi(and russian, and chinese playbook. When can we look forward to deporting YOU?

  13. Anon, @ 12:56 PM: If that's the irresponsible, loose interpretation YOU choose to call it: YUP! DAMN STRAIGHT! DA! YAVOL!

  14. Anon 12:56pm: Yes, MGuy will criticize Quebec daily in most withering terms, but when it comes to his beloved Canada or Israel, he’d put you in jail as a subversive for any dissent or criticism you dare dish out. And he’d call it hate crime.

    Qq chose de pourri:

    Of course I will apply the principle moral equivalence. What's the alternative? We're the forces of light fighting the forces of darkness?

    Note that we are over there, and have been since about the 1920's - first the French and the Brits, now the Americans. Note that when you look out the window, you don't see their tank rolling past. But when they look out their windows, they might see ours.

    It's easier to bullshit yourself about your moral superiority. It's another to actually try to understand why things are the way they are.

  15. @ Diogenes 10:37

    Perfect response.(Slow down dude)

    Alors,abolissons tous les feux de circulation ainsi que les arrêts obligatoires!

    Quoi?Nous sommes dans un pays libre,non?

    1. That is a very intelligent argument... NOT!!!

  16. This is why I don't trust any political party. Revoking citizenship for free speech?
    Whats the difference between these thoughts and those that support bill 101?

  17. Anonymous, regarding the Milice Patriotique Quebecois, their head Serge Provost was arrested on April 14th already by Montreal Police and cannot hold any sort of arme à feu, nor be within a 100M of me due to his death threat to attempt to prevent out small Bill 101 Rally on April 17th past.
    The morning of April 29th, at Gosford's Municipal Court in Montreal, he pleaded NOT guilty to uttering death threats, despite their self-evidence, and will be placed on trail August 11th thanks to the great work of Crown Prosecutor Martell. Do not worry, the head of the MPQ is the under tight control of authorities (despite his radio announcement last Fall that he has their full support), since they have no intention of allowing his ethno-nationalist Militia come to life, other than secretly and through amateur Youtube propaganda (in fact, they are holding illegal drills and firearms in their videos, all screen-shots were provided as evidence).

  18. Khadir has every right to dissent to anything he wants. He has the right to stage boycotts and talk all the trash he wants about Jews, Israel, whoever (as long as he does not promote violence). It's true we live in an almost free society.

    The issue, I have with this moron is one I share with the editor. Similar, but opposite, to Israeli apologists this guy will denounce anything that comes from that country. Israel sets up the first Haitian portable hospital after the quake and his kind calls it a PR stunt. They kill terrorists and they are war criminals. I'm no Israeli apologist, but to go around and say we should be targeting Israel instead of Bin Laden rubs me the wrong way. 

    Where was this douche bag when Iranian forces were shooting on their own people (100s maybe 1000s dead)?Darfur (100,000s dead)? He was nowhere. Israel kills 12 Turqs who started a fight and he wants to go all the way to the UN.

    This guy's hypocrisy is legendary. Israel bad, Muslims good, no matter what. 

    The only people who should be more ashamed then him are the idiots who voted for him.

  19. @ Press 9,

    "Alors,abolissons tous les feux de circulation ainsi que les arrêts obligatoires!"

    Traffic lights and signs don't have much to do with freedom of expression on store signs, but unilingual French traffic signs in Quebec pose a danger to those who don't speak French, such as American tourists and truckers.

  20. Press 9 for Hypocracy said: "Alors,abolissons tous les feux de circulation ainsi que les arrêts obligatoires!"

    Typical fatuous response.

    "Quoi?Nous sommes dans un pays libre,non?"

    Well I am, but I suspect you're in Quebec.

  21. Anon @ 12:56PM: You CAN'T deport me. I was born here, but heaven knows, Quebec did its level best to treat me like a foreigner notwithstanding the fact I was born, raised and educated there!

  22. Adski: Are you stating it's OK to have a public representative in government who condones violence on THIS continent and the elimination of another country? Even democracy has its limits. If you, Cukoo Khadir, his equally nutty father and anyone else of that ilk don't like it here, GTF out of my country and off my continent!

    This is NOT what Canada stands for, and I'm tired of new immigrants coming to this country to dis it. Thankfully, they are a minuscule minority, because most of the immigrants I speak to are here for the peace and stability their countries don't afford them. They'll talk about the pluses and minuses, like the standard of living here isn't as good for them as it was back home, or it's not easy to retire here for most people, or we have lousier weather. Every place has its pluses and minuses. That's not subversion.

    Promoting hatred and encouraging terrorism is subversion, especially for someone in Jr. Khadir's position. We don't need that. I think everyone convicted (not just accused) of a crime in that Group of 18 a few years ago in Brampton, ON, after completing their jail sentance, should have their citizenship revoked and their asses deported from this country forever. No return visits for humanitarian circumstances, no weddings or funerals, NOTHING!

    Coming to this country to disrupt public order is UNACCEPTABLE! We go too easy on this and it's time we make newcomers realize coming to Canada is a privilege at our invitation. If I go to your home and start breaking your belongings, robbing you, threating the well-being of you and yours, I'm sure you'll throw me out of your home lickety split.

    There are more than enough good applicants we can take to replace the miscreants who don't deserve to be here. It's time for us to use the leverage we have at our disposal.

    If anyone reading this who thinks I'm talking about parking and speeding violators, you don't get it, so don't give me your crap about Hitler and Russia. I'm referring to the laws of our land, not ethnic cleansing, moron! This also goes for Anon whom I addressed earlier today.

  23. "...unilingual French traffic signs in Quebec pose a danger to those who don't speak French, such as American tourists and truckers..."

    "...unilingual english traffic signs in u.s.a pose a danger to those who don't speak english, such as European tourists and truckers from Québec..."

  24. " treat me like a foreigner notwithstanding the fact I was born, raised and educated there!"

    Un chat qui vient au monde dans une écurie ne fait pas de lui un cheval.

    Il faut tout vous expliquer,vous.

  25. Adski moral equivalence tries to put everything as equal. The problem it is not.
    Killing Bin Laden was right, their cause uses false hateful premise their goal is destruction of the west. The injustice they claim is a lure. Nothing justifies what he did. Nothing.

  26. So its ok to have free speech for birth based canadians and not so for naturalized citizens? What kind of double standards are that? As I am a visible minority, people automatically assume I wasn't born here. I usually tell them that they should make me leave and that usually shuts the up. Nevertheless. People should not have the right to criticize? Yesterdays freedom fighters could become todays terrorists and vice versa. Just look at the story of Norman Bethune or those that volunteered to go fight for the Spanish Loyalists in the 30s. I am not fan of Khadir, but neither am I of those that want to make Canada a quasi totalitarian state. Each push to lessen personal liberties is a push towards what everyone claims they don't want. Already the Canadian constitution is ignored by most governments anyway. Supreme Court of Canada just looks the other way. Random spot checks, Gun Registry that allows police to search the home without a warrant of anyone that registers a legal firearm, Quebec Language police, Ontario Street Racing law that is so ambiguous that any type of driving can be interpreted as street racing, another ontario law is having administrative suspensions for BAC under 0.80 even though no laws under HTA were broken.

    Is this what you are striving for Mississauga guy and others?

  27. Press 9 said...
    "" treat me like a foreigner notwithstanding the fact I was born, raised and educated there!"

    Un chat qui vient au monde dans une écurie ne fait pas de lui un cheval.

    Il faut tout vous expliquer,vous."

    Quebec white francophones aren't indigenous to Quebec either moron. If we're cats and you're horses then we both live in a stolen henhouse so your word isn't superior in any way shape or form to the rest of ours.

    Seems like you're the one that needs explaining.

  28. Anon @ 9:01PM and any sympathizers of what Anon wrote:

    Call it a double standard if you want. Whoever is born here is born here and that's the end of that. If you're born here, this is YOUR indigenous country. I thought Quebec was my indigenous province, but that doesn't seem to matter. I felt persecuted in my own backyard and treated like a second class citizen.

    Be that as it may, those who apply to this country must be made to realize citizenship in this country for them is a privilege, not an unconditional, devine right. We turn away far more applicants than we accept, so let's face facts: It's a buyer's market.

    Too, I certainly am not suggesting it be simple to deport people for exercising their democratic rights like indigenous citizens, but crimes such as (but not limited to) conspiring to kill people or destroy property in this country (i.e., terrorism), murder, massive fraud and those who are determined incorrigible repeat offenders are not needed here, and I don't see why we should support them anymore. Let them go back where they came from and abuse their own society. There are enough good people out there who are willing to come here to be dutiful, law-abiding citizens. If you're given your chance and abuse it, why should we retain you?

    It's a different state of mind, but we're too debt-ridden to have others come over to be a moral and financial burden on our resources. You come to this country, you have expectations to fulfill. You want to disrupt public order, you need not apply. There are already enough applicants who lie about criminal records in their country. Any subsequently discovered misrepresentation on an application is grouds for immediate deportation, and such people, and their families, should be deported. It's fruit of the poisonous tree, unless they all filled out separate applications, and there was no conspriracy.

    If the individual comes here and commits crimes on his own, then it's not fruit of the poisonous tree and there is no reason the family should leave altogether, unless two or more family members conspired to commit a crime.

    Generally speaking, if you're an immigrant coming to Canada, and you don't commit a crime, you have nothing to worry about. If you did, then you have something to worry about, maybe a lot depending on the crime.

  29. Wow, you said it! A free country indeed. Not!