Monday, March 28, 2011 and Me

Perhaps I should have informed readers that I decided not to pursue a pointless conversation with Robert Barberis-Gervais who seems to have entirely too much time on his hands, his latest missive hit to my comment box in the wee morning hours.

Since I decided not to engage, he took his complaints to the friendly confines of
It seems that commenter BlueWhiteRed got a bit of the royal treatment as well and all I can say is welcome to the club.

I've always tried to publish countering points of view but at a certain point it becomes abusive and ridiculous.

Well-thought out remarks are always welcome, in English or French, regardless of opinion, but I resent having a patently absurd, third-hand unverified story about four Jewish gentlemen refusing to be served by a francophone offered up on my blog (without any corroboration at all,) in a clumsy attempt to show that Quebec Jews are contemptuous of francophones.

Mr. Barberis-Gervais may not like this blog and its readers, but if I was to make outrageous claims without sourcing, I would come under a heap of well-deserved criticism demanding proof, by readers who regardless of political view, have a well-defined sense of skepticism.

Lets see, two can play this game.  Let me make up a story.....

A Muslim-Quebecker sends his CV to a semi-government agency and is refused an interview 19 times. He re-submits the CV under a French name and tweaks it to hide his Semitic roots. Low and behold he is welcomed with open arms.
Ergo I conclude, Quebec francophones are racists.

You see anyone can make up a story to suit his own purpose and demonstrate whatever it is that he wishes to demonstrate.

These type of illustrative stories are inherently dangerous and  unfair. They pander to the emotions and are used to incite hatred. They may or may not be true, but even if they are, if they aren't representative, then the citation thereof is hateful and a very real form of racism.

Do you agree that my story indicates that all Francophones are racist? If you are Barberis-Gervais, surely you must.
Is my phony story any less illustrative than his? I don't think so.
....Oh, by the way, my story isn't made up. Here's the CITATION

For every story of Jews treating francophones contemptuously, I can cite fifty stories that go in the other direction, all of them fully documented.
Drummondville native hockey coach sued for abusing Jewish player 
Some people in Ste. Agathe are so racist
Town uneasy about Jews' resort purchase
etc. etc.
Does my story or the above references prove that francophones are racist antisemites?
Absolutely not.
In fact, with about 30% of Canadian Jews living in Quebec, B'nai Brith reported that 29% of the antisemitic incidents, were recorded in the province. Nothing to be proud of, but no worse or better than elsewhere.

Mr. Barberis-Gervais uses the same devices as Mario Beaulieu, Pierre Curzi and all the other language nationalists who skew realty, use selective facts, misinterpret data and ignore the truth to paint a false and misleading picture of realty.
His uses the following 'Four Jews and the lovely Isabelle' story to intimate that Jews are contemptuous of francophones.
"My son has a girlfriend, Isabelle, who worked in a restaurant near Décarie boulevard  in Côte-des-Neiges, where, as pointed out by Yves Michaud, 100% of Jews voted NO in the referendum of 1995: the so-called ethnic vote.......

The restaurant owner was a nice bilingual Jew who hired the francophone girl who spoke fairly good English, but with a Quebecois accent. In addition, she was a lovely young woman, with a warm and beautiful demeanour.

The regular customers were English speaking Jews, upstart Anglophones with a Mercedes in the parking lot. Isabelle spoke to
them in English which was normally used in the restaurant. Regular customers didn't have any problem with her, actually quite the opposite. But these Jews  systematically refused to be served by a francophone Quebecker. They sent her packing to the kitchen. Isabelle complained to her boss who told her: "I hired you, you're competent, so don't  worry about it."
But the contempt from these customers was such that Isabelle resigned.
What a load of crap.....but fantasy or real, the story is not representative of Jewish or Anglo attitudes, just as the racist hockey coach is not representative of francophone attitudes. To pretend that they are is to distort Quebec reality, which unfortunately, is no problem for Mr. Barberis-Gervais and his ilk.

Mr Barberis-Gervais tells us that he is not antisemitic, but surely he must see that the effect of his commentaries is to fan the flames of intolerance and hatred. That much he must understand, after all, he is a PHD.
****************************** has re-printed and archived a couple of stories from this blog (without permission) and I haven't gotten into it with the editor because is not that important to me.

People who read writers like Mr. Barberis-Gervaise are who they are. Nothing I have to say will change their opinion. That isn't an insult but it's a question of preaching to the choir.

I do object however with the immoral journalistic license that Mr. Frappier took with my original work, by inserting an offensive picture into the middle of my piece, that was not part of my original post.

CLICK to see story on
The distasteful picture of saluting Nazis was added by Mr. Frappier into the body of my work, an egregious abuse of journalistic ethics. You can see my original post HERE sans the offending photo.

It is this type of manipulation that is so offensive and speaks to the integrity of the website.

As for Mr Barberis-Gervaise I read his article and was disappointed not by his insults, (that is his right to do) but rather falsely stating that I have stated that Bill 101 is the product of a racist state.
"Pour vous donner une idée de ce blog, sachez qu’on y affirme que la loi 101 est l’expression d’un Etat raciste." LINK
After writing hundreds of blog pieces, Mr, Barberis-Gervaise should have learned the art of linking his statement to corroborating source material.
I defy him to show where on the blog I ever equated Bill 101 as the product of a racist state.

This is the same problem he has with his "Four Jews and lovely Isabelle" story.

Late Friday, the Liberals tried to have a motion placed in parliament condemning the excesses over on vigile.crap net but of course the PQ wouldn't play ball.

But the point has been made.


  1. While I deplore deliberately mean-spirited individual comments irrespective of political orientation on this and other blogs, I have to commend you personally, Editor, for your efforts at speaking truth to the otherwise blindly accepted conventional separatist dogma that passes for gospel in our local corner of the blogosphere.

    If I were in your place, I wouldn’t take exception to RBG insinuating such things as the fact that individuals on this blog have stated that bill 101 is the product of a racist state. As Editor of this blog, you have the power and prerogative to moderate the comments that are published, and I have seen certain commenters here and elsewhere make far more extreme statements which, were I more sensitive, might have offended me.

    I share part of your discomfort with having your article interspersed with out-of-context pictures. On the other hand, the importance of your blog will only be tacitly appreciated by readers of Vigile as a result.

    The point of a blog isn’t necessarily to cultivate unanimity. Being a responsible citizen, whether on line or off, is about challenging others and allowing yourself to be challenged by different ideas. Let outside readers see for themselves what your blog is really about.

    What’s admirable, in my view, is that you’ve successfully cultivated one place on the web where the positions of some of us not affiliated with the vast, incestuous, well-oiled, and handsomely financed slew of pseudo-intellectual self-proclaimed revolutionaries who claim to speak for the majority of Quebecers. It also doesn’t instill much confidence when the other side is held up by a who’s who of ultra-militant separatism in this province. Your “anglo” blog happily accepts separatist points of view. I’m even allowed to participate in French!

    At the same time, one would do well to consider the source of those criticisms that seek to paint your blog as being a hotbed of “extremist” anti-francophone sentiment.

    RRQ’s own manifesto describes it as a “revolutionary organization intending to fight energetically to liberate Quebec territory”. They’ve also published the names and home addresses of larger donors to the Quebec Liberal party [] in a not-so-subliminal bid to conflate all such donors as belonging to some larger corruption ring. Check out the liner notes and you’ll see what I mean.

    Something struck me when I compared this list with the financing records that Vigile publishes for its own outfit []. While birds of a feather might indeed flock together, it doesn’t bode well for the claimed “universality” of their views when you go behind the articles and consider the startling racial homogeneity of Vigile’s own (recent!) financing records alone.

    Not a surprise, but significant.

    The fact that you, Editor, get comments from a much more diverse cross-section of opinions stands as a testament to the appeal, necessity, and legitimacy of a blog whose editorial stance is open, comparatively far more tolerant, and unashamedly and simultaneously pro-Quebec and pro-Canada.

    Keep on keeping on.

  2. To the editor, I'm a fan of your blog and think you're doing a great job. The articles are well written and who doesn't get a kick out of reading the comments section? By exposing the lies and deceit the separatist hucksters have been using to brainwash the population (ie. Anglos are colonialists hell bent on erasing French, the idea that French is in danger in Quebec or that Quebec is getting shafted financially by the ROC etc, etc...) you have cleverly hacked away at one of the pillars supporting their whole strategy, masking the truth. By hiding facts and misrepresenting stats the Separatist industry have been playing to the fears of francophones for the past 2 generations which has in return, voted them in enmasse. There aren't very many Quebec based outlets that do this. The Gazette is a paper tiger and the Toronto based media learned their lesson to avoid criticism of Quebec like they avoid walking on dog shit (see Jan Wong or Maclean's). You offer an outlet where people can offer unfiltered opinions and where the truth about what is actually going on here gets some exposure. Keep up the good work.

  3. My sympathy to you, Editor, for the outrageous insults you received from some intellectual dwarf who does NOT represent Francophones at all.
    There is no point in engaging in a mute conversation with those dwarves.
    Personally, I wish nothing good to those dwarves and I wish they disappeared from the earth ver soon.


  4. Cool! I made it on! I must really be pissing people off with my negative attitude towards all forms of racism and threats of non-violence.

    I guess I owe RBG an apology. He really is RBG (and so he really is a pompous ass!)

    As for the doctoring of your articles, what can be said?

    If you stated this on TV or in print “I love Quebec with all my heart. I love the people and the culture. I hate all those people who trash Quebec and Francophones and claim they are all racists. I just don’t understand why there are so many language restrictions”. It would read like this on “Quebec…I hate all Francophones…they are all racists…so many language restrictions…..”

    They are a bunch of clowns and half-wits over there. No journalistic pride. Pay them no attention, that is the best way to deal with those frauds.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

    "if I was to make outrageous claims without sourcing, I would come under a heap of well-deserved criticism demanding proof, by readers who regardless of political view, have a well-defined sense of skepticism."

    Criticism from where? From you loyal (and very small) groupe of angryphone followers, many of whom don't even live in QC. If anybody is preaching to the choir... Wake up and smell the coffee... almost all of your posts are thinly veiled rants about how brutal and unfair QC is for poor little defenceless anglos. I don't see any attempt at balance. You're so afraid of being exposed that you hide your own identity.

    "who skew realty, use selective facts, misinterpret data and ignore the truth to paint a false and misleading picture of realty."

    LOL... do you even read your own blog? You have an amazingly distorted sense of reality. In particular, your "Brainwashing" series was especially "out there".

    I could show your site to my friends and family and the response will be the same: you have 0% understanding of the mindset of francophones, you spend all your time focusing on Vigile, SSJB and Mario Beaulieu, who themselves represent a small minority. You give me the same impresssion as people who spend all their energy crying about mulsim terrorists and charia law in Canada. You're tilting at imaginary windmills.

    Btw, the very name of your blog is offensive and misleading, as well as being based on an urban legend. How's that for integrity Mr Editor.

  6. Anonymous 9:09 AM

    You said, "Criticism from where?"
    How's about criticism from you?

    You said,, "I don't see any attempt at balance." You misunderstand what a blog is about- one person's opinion. It's the opposite of balance.

    Like most complainers you cite nothing specific other than general disapproval and in reality it is you who are on a rant.

    You said "as well as being based on an urban legend"
    Sorry, not an urban legend. Check out the sign here;

  7. Stephen Harpon & Le Bloc QuébécoisMonday, March 28, 2011 at 10:13:00 AM EDT

    Juste pour toi mon Jasonne :

  8. "I defy him to show where on the blog I ever equated Bill 101 as the product of a racist state."

    1) French is the only official language in Quebec violating Canada's constitution. Violating Canada's Language laws.

    2) In 1993, the United Nations Human Rights Committee ruled that Quebec's sign laws broke an international covenant on civil and political rights. "A State may choose one or more official languages," the committee wrote, "but it may not exclude outside the spheres of public life, the freedom to express oneself in a certain language." Quebec is violating the agreements and policies of the U.N. by creating racist language laws that make English essentially illegal.

    3) Quebec forces families to send their children to French school's unless the parents have attended English schooling. One of the most blatantly racist policies that is akin to racial segregation. Also a human rights violation under the Charter of Rights and the United Nations ICCPR agreement.

    4) Quebec's, "Right to protect the French language" is in reality the right to ban the English language without cause. They have a right to protect French yet the English have no right to protect the English language in Quebec. Another violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and another double-standard.

    5) In Quebec companies must acquire a certificate of francization, which could only be obtained when a company showed it could function in French and address its employees in French. Imagine if the rest of Canada forced Quebec companies outside of Quebec to acquire tickets showing that they are capable of operating in solely English before they were allowed to open! Racism at it's most devious. Another double-standard.

    6) The U.N. has called repeatedly for Canada to strike down Quebec Language Laws which are enforcing racist and bigoted policies designed to eliminate the English language in Quebec. In fact Rene Levesque has admitted on several occasions that his goal is to drive the English from Quebec...

    NB is a puppet regime of Kebec.

  9. @ Editor

    "You misunderstand what a blog is about- one person's opinion. It's the opposite of balance.

    Fair enough, so you admit portraying an unbalanced, biased and unrepresentative view of Québec in your blog?

    "Sorry, not an urban legend."

    Where is the justification for the "No dogs or anglophones" in that post? The sign is bilingual! LOL

  10. Stephen Harpon & Le Bloc Québécois said...
    March 28, 2011 10:13 AM
    "Juste pour toi mon Jasonne :"

    Awwww. You thought of me before I even posted. That's so sweet. And you added the "ne" on the end of my name and everything. You're too kind.

    Amazing picture by the way. Too bad I'm not American, can speak French Spanish and some Italian, don't advocate monolingualism, and advocate a French Quebec. You basically tried to insult me by showing me a picture that doesn't apply to me in at least 4 ways. Way to go, champ. I'm surprised they didn't invite you to the Donald Trump roast. I'd say I'm dissapointed in you but then again I guess I shouldn't expect much from someone who thinks that distorting a person's name like an 11-year-old girl is legitimitely funny or insulting.

  11. Tu te trompes "jasonne" n'a aucun rapport avec ton nom.Un jasonne dans mon langage est un synonyme de ver de terre...Un lombric quoi.Exemple: Les jasonnes labourent la terre pour nous donc les jasonnes sont de de bien bonnes petites bestioles qu'il faut protéger.

    Tu comprends?...Oui?...Non?...Pas grave.

  12. I am a damn seppies BUT i am still read your blogs. Yeah , some seppies are bilingual. ((insert drama theme song))

    I rea d you Because Its always important to have look to the 2 side of a coin....otherwise you become a drone who always think that your side is better.((me point at the RLQ folks and other political organizations you can easily figure the names...))

  13. "Stephen Harpon said...
    Tu te trompes "jasonne" n'a aucun rapport avec ton nom.Un jasonne dans mon langage est un synonyme de ver de terre...Un lombric quoi.Exemple: Les jasonnes labourent la terre pour nous donc les jasonnes sont de de bien bonnes petites bestioles qu'il faut protéger.

    Tu comprends?...Oui?...Non?...Pas grave"

    Substituting someone's name with an animal or insect that sounds like it is still beyond juvenile. Don't know what you're defending so proudly.

  14. The following article recently appeared in the Ottawa Citizen. RBG will be having a convulsion: his name appeared in a newspaper! He is even more important now! LOL.

    "Sovereignty website called anti-Semitic
    Ottawa Citizen March 25, 2011"

    The B'nai Brith called Thursday for a police investigation into a pro-sovereignty website that posted content the Jewish anti-defamation league calls anti-Semitic. The site is a discussion forum on sovereignty and Quebec politics run by volunteers. On Feb. 17, Ivan Parent wrote Jews "suck the lifeblood out of the countries in which they live" and "it's no surprise they were hated wherever they lived." Robert Barberis-Gervais wrote that "Montreal Jews treat Quebecers like the Palestinians." Police said Thursday they had not received any complaints about and were unable to comment.

  15. Anonymous said...
    I am a damn seppies BUT i am still read your blogs. Yeah , some seppies are bilingual. ((insert drama theme song))

    I rea d you Because Its always important to have look to the 2 side of a coin....otherwise you become a drone who always think that your side is better.((me point at the RLQ folks and other political organizations you can easily figure the names...))

    March 28, 2011 12:10 PM

    Hey seppie, you are not bilingual. Nice try though.

    Bilingualism – The ability to speak, read and write FLUENTY in two languages.

    Back to your ESL classes clown. ESL!!!

  16. "Bilingualism – The ability to speak, read and write FLUENTY in two languages."

    Alors je ne connais AUCUN anglo bilingue.
    S.V.P Laissez les clowns au cirque du soleil.
    C'est leur spécialité : Faire jongler les anglos a Las Vegas.HaHaHa!

  17. I have followed your duel with RBG and Vigile with interest. What a surprise, it turns out that you are the bad guy, per RBG. Re his story of Isabelle and the four men who did not want to be served by a Quebecoise, I thought the truth of the original story was not really the issue. It may well be true. In my view the interesting point was how Vigile's prolific correspondent emphasized the religious affiliation of the four impolite customers as the key fact and then leaped from that story of four men to jewish folks in general and the way they treat Quebecers, in general. It reminded me of "la grosse maudite madame chez Eaton" of the 1950's- 60's who only spoke French. Somehow that lady, whoever she was, became and still is a symbol of anglophone oppression to many ethnic nationalists. Nothing changes very much in that camp. Its the same old dialogue/discours and the same old sloppy analysis, but with with updated examples. Incidentally, despite the frequent use of the word "racist" on this blog, and Vigile, I suggest that term is not correct. A minor quibble but the last time I checked, anglo and franco quebecois were the same race. Narrow minded ethnic nationalism larded with anglophobia, a la Vigile, is just that. It's not racism. But Hey! - Keep on bloggin' in the free world, while you can. If there is one thing reading Vigile teaches us about Quebec Libre - it will be a lot less libre than the present arrangement.

  18. > Hey seppie, you are not bilingual. Nice try though.

    To be fair, he said *bilingual*; he didn’t quantify his bilingualism. And he didn’t need to.

    I’m as “anti-seppie” as they come, and I think not-so-ironically perhaps the closest thing this blog gets to a regular participant who comments in both languages (comparatively fluently in both), and I find comments like that one way out of line.

    Let the seppie express himself in English and maybe one day he’ll be as fluent as you are. Comments like this do nothing to bring people together, and certainly do little to get them talking. If anything, he’s showing the prototypical open-mindedness to hearing the other side that is so desperately needed in this circus otherwise known as our “national sport” and “provincial obsession”.

    Writing and speaking English with a French accent is no better or worse than Anglos who’ve lived in Quebec all their lives and whose French is more painful to listen to than chalk screeching on a blackboard. I’ve heard enough of you massacre both Molière’s and Vigneault’s language, just as I’ve heard enough of them butcher Shakespeare’s and Twain’s.

    Here’s an exercise: try commenting in English on any of the separatist blogs/sites. Try commenting in broken French on any of the separatist blogs/sites. If you’re advocating a pro-federalist position, try commenting at all, in French, and time how many milliseconds it takes for them to yank even a cogently-formulated comment.

    Try taking him down on substance, not on style, clown. How do you bitch about intolerance and practice the pettiest form it in the same breath?

    > Bilingualism – The ability to speak, read and write FLUENTY in two languages.

    Playing with semantics are we? Cunning linguist in training? I know plenty of native-language speakers who butcher their own language on a regular basis. Being articulate in one language takes work; doubling that effort takes devotion. Multiplying it further is nothing short of a lifelong labor of love.

    > Back to your ESL classes clown. ESL!!!

    In this context, possibly the most hurtful and mean-spirited comment I’ve ever read on this blog. Chapeau… in the most sardonic way.

  19. The Quebecois get a thrashing on French tv:

  20. @Apparatchik

    Merci!C'est la première fois que je suis daccord avec toi.J'avoue que pour un Francophone, séparatiste en plus,de faire un commentaire en anglais demande un certain effort,alors pas la peine de lui taper dessus.C'est un coup déloyal qu'on pourrait comparer a un coup sous la ceinture a la boxe.Cheap shot!

  21. @adski

    Et quelle est notre appréciation des différents accents Français?Je t'informe qu'il y a autant d'accents dans la francophonie qu'il y en a dans l'anglophonie...des centaines.Sauf que les Parisiens ont (avec l'aide de l'académie Française)décidés qu'il avaient le meilleur.

    Adski,je t'informe que ces parisiens sont très envieux car avec notre population avec ses 6 millions de Francophones produisons plus de talents qu'eux sur la scène culturelle Parisienne et même internationale avec Céline et le cirque du soleil,ce qu'ils ne sont jamais parvenus a réaliser avec leur 65 millions de Français.En réalité,ils sont fous de nos artistes et admirent notre créativité mais surtout notre combativité.

    Voila adski,vous serez moins con avant d'aller vous coucher.

  22. @adski

    Savez-vous combien de fois par jour les canadians se font "trasher" dans les différent médias (télé,cinéma,radios) américains?

    Moi personnellement je trouve ça extrèmement drôle car les américains ont la même vision que nous en rapport avec vous les canayens.Vous êtes vraiment des hillbillies!

  23. What is french Canadians that putted Chinese and japs in camps during WWII?

    No, it was anglos that did this.

    Conlusion: Anglophone are racist.

  24. > les américains ont la même vision que nous en rapport avec vous les canayens.Vous êtes vraiment des hillbillies!

    Franchement. Un discours vraiment enfantin… Des rednecks tout comme des bluenecks on en voit là où on veut en voir.

    @ Press 9

    > C'est la première fois que je suis daccord avec toi

    Fallait ben que ça arrive un jour!

    > J'avoue que pour un Francophone, séparatiste en plus,de faire un commentaire en anglais demande un certain effort […]

    Un certain effort, oui, mais pas du tout inatteignable.

    Des exemples : Jacques Parizeau, Jean-François Lisée, Pierre-Marc Johnson, Josée Legault, Jean Doré, …
    Des « contre » exemples : Jean Charest, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, …
    Et encore d’autres : Sonia Benezra, Juliette Powell, Anne-Marie Withenshaw, Gabrielle Roy…
    Et d’autres même pas d’ici: Jodie Foster, Hala Gorani, …

    … sans oublier les dizaines de milliers de gens moins bien connues qui vivent tout près chez nous et qu’on fréquente à chaque jour.

    Faut juste vouloir l’atteindre, P9. Malheureusement, j’estime que nous sommes toujours (à tort) beaucoup trop frileux et que certains trouvent rébarbative l’idée que tel bilinguisme tant au plan institutionnel que personnel devienne la règle chez nous. On a pourtant d’assez bons exemples qui prouvent assez éloquemment qu’on peut devenir et demeurer une société qui fonctionne aussi bien dans les deux langues sans oublier ce qu’on est et qui nous sommes.

    Faut juste débarquer les idéologues et démagogues qui font carrière à alimenter nos peurs en nous faisant croire la grosse foutaise qu’avoir un pour le prix de deux c’est mieux qu’exiger deux pour le prix d’un.

  25. to the Editor
    You give me the royal treatment.
    Precisions préliminaires

    1- C'est Blue White Red qui a écrit que la loi 101 est le produit d'un Etat fasciste. I'm happy to know that the Editor of Nodogs does'nt seem to agree. I'd like to be sure. Tell clearly nodogs that you do not agree.

    2- un correspondant aurait dû parler de "la grosse maudite Anglaise" unilingue de Eaton.

    3- L'histoire des 4 juifs est authentique. Ça ne sert à rien de le nier. J'ai écrit que c'était des racistes.
    Vous me dites de ne pas généraliser: vous avez raison.

    4- Seulement ce mépris m'a rappelé le mépris de certains leaders israéliens qui agissent comme si les Palestiniens n'avaient aucun droit en les spoliant de leur territoire. Lawrence S. Bergman a dit qu'on a le droit de critiquer les politiques de l'Etat d'Israël sans risquer de se faire traiter d'antisémite. Alors si un des responsables de l'affaire Michaud l'a dit, ce doit être vrai n'est-ce pas...

    4- Si on a le droit de critiquer l'Etat d'israël, qu'est-ce que la police vient faire là-dedans? C'est une tentative d'intimidation que je trouve ridicule.
    Je m'ennuie de la police. La dernière fois que j'ai eu affaire à elle, c'est quand j'ai été arrêté avec Pierre Bourgault lors de la manifestation du 24 juin 1968, la veille de la victoire de Trudeau. Dans l'ascenseur du poste de police no.1 comme on m'emmenait pour prendre mes empreintes digitales le policier se mit à parler en anglais à son confrère pour me provoquer. Je lui dis: vous êtes bilingue. Alors il me câlissa une claque sur la gueule. Certes il ne faut pas généraliser et dire que toutes les polices sont des brutes fédéralistes...

    Je vous reviendrai peut-être. Il se fait tard. Shalom yeladin.

    Robert Barberis-Gervais, Ph.D. Vieux-LONGUEUIL, 29 MARS 2011

  26. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  27. You are all full of shit.

    Quebec should be sent on their way.

    Better for Quebec and Canada in the long run as I have said many times before.

    The French in Canada (Quebecoise or whatever they like to be called) absolutely hate the ROC ( you know ..the anglos) Many anglos I talk with in the ROC say the same about the Quebecois under their breath and quietly.

    Cut the BS and split it up.

    Editor and the anglos in Montreal should relocate to the ROC, and the french in Canada can relocate to Quebec. Wait a minute, they don't want to relcoate to the backwater of the bankrupt Quebec. Gosh, I wonder why.

    Bottom line, the two solitudes have no respect for one another.

    Of course, being from a have province, I dont have much respect for the welfare province of Quebec which spends my money without regard.

    Bums, just like the phoney RBG.

  28. Editor says:

    other remarks:

    1-"four Jewish gentlemen". Justement, ce ne sont pas des "gentlemen". Pour avoir refusé d'être servis par une Québécoise française bilingue, ce sont des racistes. C'est triste mais c'est comme ça. Avec leur Mercédes-Benz, ils peuvent aller se faire cuire un oeuf. Qu'ils ne viennent pas nous donner des leçons de savoir-vivre. Un ami m"a dit que dans certains restaurants huppés, les clients ont leur table et leur serveur préféré. Ce n'est pas le cas dans mon exemple. C'était un restaurant bien ordinaire.

    2-Dans 12 districts électoraux de Côte-St-Luc, au référendum de 1995, les Juifs ont voté à 100% NON. Ils veulent leur Etat d'Israël mais refusent aux Québécois le droit d'avoir leur Etat indépendant comme ils le refusent aux Palestiniens. "Nous, c'est différent, disent-ils." Evidemment, le peuple québécois n'a pas la chance d'être le peuple élu.

    3- Les votes ethniques de Parizeau.., cause, selon lui, de la défaite du OUI avec l'argent.

    La veille du référendum de 1995, les leaders des communautés juive, grecque et italienne (je suis d'origine italienne) ont fait une conférence de presse. Ils ont dit: si vous êtes juif, votez non; si vous êtes grec, votez non; si vous êtes italien: votez non.
    Devant mon écran de télévision, j'ai crié: "mêlez-vous de vos affairfs, je vais voter OUI."
    Cet appel a donné selon Parizeau "des votes ethniques". Ce sont les leaders ethniques qui ont inventé le vote ethnique. Pas Parizeau.

    Robert Barberis-Gervais, Vieux-Longueuil, 29 mars 2011

  29. RBG

    Quick question. Do you truly believe that your comments above aren't racist? Because I'm sure with your PHd you should have sufficient intelligence to realize how racist those comments are.

    If you are unsure let me make it perfectly clear. You are a racist, plan and simple.

  30. Correction:

    Blue White Red a écrit que la loi 101 a été décrétée par un Etat raciste.
    J'ai dit "fasciste" mais je crois que pour lui c'est la même chose.

    Editor I am waiting. Do you disapprove the opinion that bill 101 is the product of a racist (or fascist) state?

    Tell me what you think about law 101 which was dismantled by decisions of the Supreme Court of Canada.

    Contradict yourself and discuss with me, the babarian separatist, the soft and masturbatory Gentile.

    Robert Barberis-Gervais, the writer with an inferiority complex

  31. To Blue White Red

    Who are you? You wrote that law 101, la Charte de la langue française, était une loi raciste. What's the matter with you? A-t-on le droit de faire la promotion du français au Québec? A-t-on le droit de vouloir intégrer les immigrants à la majorité française? Si vous répondez non à ces questions, i think you have less intelligence than a dinosaure. Retourne en Afrique du Sud. Traite-moi de raciste tant que tu voudras, i don't give a damn. Tout ce qui est reçu, dit le philosophe, est reçu selon le mode d'être de celui qui reçoit.
    Regarde-toi dans le miroir comme Lucien Bouchard qui a eu peur de renforcer la loi 101 et on voit où il est aujourd'huiL employé de Talisman d'Alberta dans les gaz de schiste. Avez-vous vu Gasland de Josh Fox?

    J'aime bien le coq à l'âne. Je suis le coq où est l'âne?

    Quidquid recipitur, recipitur ad modum recipientis.

    Robert Barberis-Gervais, Vieux-Longueuil, 29 mars 2011

  32. Wow what a piece of work, RBG i have met racist people, but your tops in my book, on par i assume with any KKK member.

  33. "J'aime bien le coq à l'âne. Je suis le coq où est l'âne?"

    Pourrions-nous revenir a nos moutons ?

    (Juste blague en passant)

  34. Oui, revenons à nos moutons.

    Les experts en racisme qui écrivent sur ce blogue pourraient-ils m'expliquer et me prouver que ce que j'écris est raciste? Si votre démonstration est convaincante, je vais retirer mes propos et m'excuser.

    Si défendre la loi 101 et comparer les Québécois aux Palestiniens en décrivant l'attitude de mépris de certains Juifs de Montréal à l'égard des Québécois et leurs aspirations légitimes vers l'indépendance est du racisme, alors ma définition du racisme n'est pas la même que la vôtre.

    Je doute vraiment de votre bonne foi quand vous me comparez au KKK.

    J'aurai lu des conneries dans ma vie, mais celle-là les dépasse toutes.

    Une petite citation pour vous ouvrir l'esprit (si possible) au nationalisme québécois.

    "Volonté de puissance chez les grandes nations, chez les petites nations le nationalisme est une volonté d'être." (Jean Bouthillette, "Le Canadien français et son double")

    Robert Barberis-Gervais, Vieux-Longueuil, 29 mars 2011


    J'entreprends une recherche sur l'avocat Steven Slimocitch du B'nai Brith qui semble voir de l'antisémisme partout surtout là où il n'y en a pas. La police pourrait examiner les propos du ministre de la Justice Jean-Marc Fournier qui a déformé gravement un extrait cité hors contexte d'un texte d'André Vincent en l'accusant d'avoir fait un appel au meurtre dans un texte publié sur Vigile en 2004 et retiré en 2006.
    Ce plongeon dans les archives de Vigile en citant un texte qui n'est plus sur Vigile depuis 2006, cette malhonnêteté flagrante du Ministre de Justice qui a conduit à de la diffamation contre André Vincent qui pourrait poursuivre le dit Ministre qui n'était pas protégé par l'Immunité parlementaire expliquent pourquoi Lawrence Bergman va inviter son ami Slimovitch à se calmer le pompon.

    Editor, vous pouvez publier, cette analyse est déjà sur Vigile.
    "La malhonnêteté de Jean-Marc Fournier n'a pas de limites".

  35. Mr. editor keep doing what you are doing, it is much appreciated.

    Having a PHD does not man you are intelligent nor does it mean you are not a racist

  36. Indigène said...
    March 28, 2011 4:07 PM
    "Bilingualism – The ability to speak, read and write FLUENTY in two languages."

    "Alors je ne connais AUCUN anglo bilingue."

    I'm so perfectly billingual that pure laine Quebeckers ask me if I'm a pure laine Quebecker. There, now you know one. You could probably include my 4 best friends and most of my university colleagues in that as well. Sucks when a bubble gets burst don't it?

    "S.V.P Laissez les clowns au cirque du soleil.
    C'est leur spécialité : Faire jongler les anglos a Las Vegas.HaHaHa!"

    This is so funny. It's probably one of the funniest things I've ever read. The comic wit you've exhibited here is neither childish nor incredibly unfunny.

    Indigène said...
    March 28, 2011 8:31 PM
    "Savez-vous combien de fois par jour les canadians se font "trasher" dans les différent médias (télé,cinéma,radios) américains?

    Moi personnellement je trouve ça extrèmement drôle car les américains ont la même vision que nous en rapport avec vous les canayens.Vous êtes vraiment des hillbillies!"

    You'll never understand the subtle rivalry that there is in the mainstream media between the states and Canada. There's no actual insults being flung, it's just childish humour based on seterotypes that nobody takes to heart. Notice how you never hear Canadians crying bloody murder when an American program takes a jab at a Canadian stereotype or vice versa? No, because we know it's all in good fun and so do they. If anything, any American I've ever spoken to that doesn't like Canadians always seems to specify that they don't like French Canadians in particular. In fact many Americans don't like Canada on the simple basis that French is an official language. I think this only rings true for the most redneck of Americans, but as we know they're a minority. Don't go jumping into a cultural relationship you don't fully understand. I would never say Parisians hate Quebeckers and vice versa (even though I hear this from everyone) because I don't fully understand the intimate cultural link that exists between the two entities and wouldn't have enough knowledge to make even an educated guess. You, on the other hand, opted to insult without any knowledge. You're like a hero for future generations to look up to.

    Anonymous said...
    March 28, 2011 9:43 PM
    "What is french Canadians that putted Chinese and japs in camps during WWII?

    No, it was anglos that did this.

    Conlusion: Anglophone are racist. "

    That makes more sense than anything I've ever heard ever. Let's work with this newfound godly logic. Through it, we can basically determine that the descendants of any cultural entity that ever did anything bad in it's history (no matter how distant) should automatically be labelled as racists. If I were you, I'd apply for the Nobel prize. I think you've got a real shot.

    RBG.....honnestly....the things you write are of very little interest and don't really prove anything. You just spew a few random facts at a time, give us your name, remind us you're awesome, assure us the story of the waitress is real, make indigene press9 and harpon feel good about themselves, and yes, use racists terms like bloke and paint jews out to be the scum of society. You...are...a...racist. Accept it and move on.

  37. "I'm so perfectly billingual that pure laine Quebeckers ask me if I'm a pure laine Quebecker..."

    Chanceux,moi personne ne me pose la question.

  38. Parlant de "petites nations", vous souvenez-vous que Steven Harper a reconnu au Parlement du Canada "la nation québécoise"? Words words words. Paroles, paroles, paroles comme chantait Dalida.

    Si "bloke" est raciste, je dis bien "si", je le retire. Savez-vous d'où ça vient "bloke"? Des Irlandais? Faites mon éducation please. Si vous voulez que je cesse d'être "raciste". Et je vous demande pardon, la pénitence et l'absolution. Combien de chapelets?

    Larry Smith qui est un chic type que j'ai déjà suivi dans une ronde de golf au Club de golf de la vallée du Richelieu en compagnie de Lee Trevino (il avait joué -6, 66) et l'ex-premier ministre Peterson de l'Ontario a dit que les Québécois sont ouverts sur le monde et n'en ont rien à foutre de défendre la langue française au Québec.

    Quand on est désespéré, on dit n'importe quoi. Le libéral a gagné aux dernières élections par une majorité de plus de 10,000 voix. Alors, uphill battle comme vous dites.

    Alors, Larry prend les grands moyens: quebec bashing. Quand il était avec les Alouettes, Larry Smith était plus intelligent. Ce doit être son passage à The Gazette qui lui a déformé le jugement .Je croyais que c'était un homme intègre. Une autre illusion qui s'écroule.

    Surveillons sa prochaine déclaration. Ce sera juteux.

    Robert Barberis-Gervais, Vieux-Longueuil, 30 mars 2011

  39. Well crusading editor, it seems that the redoutable RBG of Vieux Longueuil, Marie-Victorin etc. is becoming a regular contributor. He has some funny ideas but let's hope his foray into anglo land broadens his outlook. He had some great "facts" to add, late one night recently to the presumed attitude of jewish folks towards their fellow Quebec citizens. How could he know, however, that during the 95 referendum vote in 12 polls in Cote-Ste-Luc "les juifs ont vote 100% NON ". I had no idea they were also recording the religious affiliation of voters in 1995! Or does RBG think all voters in Cote-Ste-Luc are jewish? And does he really think that jewish Quebecers are an "ethnic group" ? Apparently it never occurred to the poor man that many anglo quebecers voted NON because sovereignty is a demonstrably bad idea, not because they attend a synagogue rather than a church. No, that would be too obvious for RBG. He is a little obsessed by jewish folks and ethnicism. Butin the end is just another harmless garden variety "old school" (try 1911)ethnic nationalist. Many sovereignists seem to analyze political events by first applying an ethnic label or code expression to an individual and then ascribing the (usually negative) presumed characteristics of the ethnic group back to the individual. Referring to Charest as "John James Charest" is a classic example. That term is considered a real knee slapper by RBG's friends at I believe it's called ouverture in some circles. Say - I wonder how many red haired men voted NON in Cote-Ste-Luc in '95. Now that would be something worth knowing. In my next intervention I may share some surprising information with you all about the marked predeliction of red haired men for poutine, especially if it has been made by a jeune quebecoise from Vieux Longueuil. Stay tuned!

  40. I'm not going to make any presumptions so maybe RGB can helpme here seeing as he has a PHd and all.

    Do French Canadians have a different understanding of what racism is compared to everyone else?

    Maybe he's not the problem? Maybe we are all the problem because we don't get that when French Canadians talk trash about any group other than themselves it's not racism but when you talk less than amorously about French Canadians it is "Quebec bashing."

    I mean, maybe he's right. For example, maybe saying all Asians are bad drivers is not racist because, well, once RGB saw an Asian back end a car while parallel parking. But saying something like, "I don't want the Quebec government telling me how to raise my kids" is racist because it's anti-Quebec.

    It might just be a cultural thing where French Canadians are allowed to be prejudice because of their superior culture and language and the rest of are just unlucky

    I'm starting to understand his ill-logic ;-)

  41. To sandy mcTire

    Sorry to say you are quite uneducated about what is called electoral sociology. This human science analyses le comportement électoral des groupes de citoyens. Ainsi par exemple, nous savons que dans 35 comtés lors d'une élection provinciale les libéraux vont gagner à cause du pourcentage de non-francophones de ces comtés qui ne voteront jamais pour un ou une séparatiste pendant que les francophones eux divisent leurs votes entre quatre partis PQ, PLQ, QS, ADQ. C'est ainsi que Jean Charest a été élu dans Sherbrooke.

    Plus il y a de non-francophones dans un comté, plus les libéraux ont des chances de gagner.

    Au référendum de 1995, 5% de non-francophones ont voté OUI et 95% ont voté NON. Un des leaders de la communauté juive s'est même vanté d'avoir sauvé le Canada Je crois que c'est ce fameux Steven Slimovich qui trait ses adversaires d'antisémite pour les dénigrer. (il y a eu 50,000 votes de différence) et qui aime bien la police.

    Les non-francophones sont responsables de la réélection du maire de Montréal Gérald Tremblay: ils ont préféré la corruption et l'incompétence plutôt que de voter pour une séparatiste Louise Harel.

    Seule l'indépendance du Québec nous sortira de ce cul-de-sac. Les non-francophones du Québec sont une minorité de blocage.

    Ceux qui ont voté NON au référendum du 95, ces Grecs, ces Italiens, ces Juifs à qui les leaders de ces communautés juives, grecques et italiennes ont demandé de voter NON sont, pour un indépendantiste, des adversaires politiques qui s'opposent au projet auquel il croit. Dans le cas des Juifs, c'est encore plus choquant parce qu'étant donné qu'ils ont leur Etat, ils devraient comprendre les aspirations légitimes du peuple québécois. Ce sont des adversaires: il n'y a pas d'antisémitisme à le dire. Ce qui est choquant c'est qu'ils nous accusent d'antisémitisme quand nous critiquons leur comportement électoral. Ils ont le droit de voter comme ils le veulent; on a le droit de les critiquer. C'est ça la démocratie.

    Nous les francos dans une mer anglo nous nous battons pour notre survie. Ça n'a pas l'air de vous toucher. Vous êtes de minables dominateurs.

    Robert Barberis-Gervais, 30 mars 2011

  42. "I don't want the Quebec government telling me how to raise my kids"

    Dites-moi,qui vous empêche d'élever vos enfants comme vous le voulez?

  43. @Robert Barberis-Gervais

    Et vlan!Vous ne passez pas par quatre chemins vous.Bravo!

  44. @ Robert Barberis-Gervais

    Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, sociology does not support your bald statement that 100% of the jewish folks voting at 12 specific polls voted NON in '95. It seems you believe people were motivated to vote NON because they were jewish, or greek or whatever ethnic characteristic suits you. Or because their "leaders" told them to ? Really ? Good Grief! Obviously you have very limited personal contact with anglo/jewish Montrealers. From where I sit, Robert, everything you write, here and on Vigile, demonstrates to me that you are just an archetypical old school etnnic nationalist. You see almost every issue through an ethnic filter and constantly regurgitate the truisms and biases of the National school of Quebec History. I suggest that because you are personally so defined and motivated by your ethnicity you quite naturally assume others are as well. This does not make you a bad person, Robert, but your ethnic analysis of all issues invariably leads you to erroneous conclusions as you struggle to understand the largely post ethnic or post national society that has developed around you over the last 40 years. Unlike Joseph Facal, old Sandy has neither the time nor the energy to explain to you, Robert, why you are lost in the woods on so many issues. And why try ? It wouldn't make any difference to a true believer like you, a militant of the first hour, etc. And it would just upset you. But I respectfully suggest that your narrow world view is part of the explanation for your frequently expressed frustration that Quebec is in a cul de sac. The only cul de sac is the existential one that you and your fellow Vigiliens carry around in your heads. No matter how hard you struggle nothing will change the anglo sea etc. (Can't you guys think of a new metaphor?)It will always be twice as far from Montreal to Gaspe than it is to New York or Toronto. The sea shows no sign of subsiding. So tip toe in for a swim - we won't bite, or try to drown you. And one last piece of free advice, Robert, stop ending your comments with silly insults such as "minables dominateurs". Is that polite ? But perhaps you had a couple of glasses of that australian chardonnay you like so much ? Eh ? Eh ? Understand this Robert : I am not dominating you. I don't even know you. Man up ! Get some cognitive therapy and try to stop yourself from thinking that people you don't know are dominating you. Next you'll be hearing voices. Perhaps you already are. Let me guess - are they english voices?