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Quebec Ethnics Destroy the Separatist Dream

The battle for Quebec sovereignty kicked off in earnest with the election of Quebec's first separatist government in 1976.
The newly elected Part Quebecois government, while giddy with its success at the polls was no less realistic that its dream of sovereignty was a goal that under the then, present circumstances, notwithstanding the election victory, was far from realizable.

Elected on the platform of good government first, and perhaps sovereignty later, the Parti Quebecois swept to an overwhelming victory in terms of parliamentary seats, but still only garnered 41% of the popular vote.
Getting the population to move from that percentage, to the 50% plus one support needed in an eventual referendum, was a problem that the new government was determined to tackle head on.

The first order of business was to transform the mindset of Quebeckers from comfortable Canadians, to that of paranoid Quebeckers, which was to be accomplished by heightening and focusing on the differences between the French and English elements of society through manufactured conflict, reminding us of the proverb that tells us that  "In danger, there is opportunity"

The demonization of the English, already a popular theme among the militants, would be brought to the mainstream, so that an US versus THEM mentality could be created and exploited in order to sell the political agenda of separation, through the artificial fear that the English were out to destroy Francophone culture and the French language.

And so it was decided to come down hard on Quebec's English population, the demonization would be subtle, yet substantial.
Quebec Francophones would be introduced to the big lie that living among the English was a toxic formula for assimilation, notwithstanding the fact that French has thrived under just such conditions for the 250 year period of the so-called 'colonial occupation'

A year after the election of the PQ, chief language hardliner Dr. Camille Laurin, drafted Bill 101, Quebec's infamous language law, an instrument of division, meant not only to promote French over English, but to establish English speakers as second class citizens.

When René Levesque first saw a draft of Bill 101, he almost choked, pointing out to the good doctor that many of its provisions were clearly anti-constitutional and could never withstand any sort of court challenge. The wholesale stripping of language rights seemed to the newly elected Premier overly harsh and cruel, something that he admitted, deeply humiliated him. But the cabinet backed the hard line and Bill 110 became law.
Dr. Laurin happily admitted that his law was unconstitutional and that portions would surely be struck down in the Supreme Court, especially those parts making French the only official language of the courts and Parliament, something expressly forbidden in the BNA act.
To Doctor Laurin the inevitable reversals in court could be manipulated to amplify the theme of French humiliation and victimization that would bolster the cause of sovereignty by proving to the ordinary man in the street that Ottawa was determined to undermine the legitimate defence of the French language.

The effect of Bill 101 was electrifying.
Not only did it reset the historical direction of language relations in the province, it served to terrify many Anglophones into leaving the province in a historic Exodus, a migration of epic proportion, not seen in this country since the displacement of the United Empire Loyalists after the American War of Independence.

The law also had the effect of chasing the head offices of much of the big business establishment out of Montreal, where they once represented over 70% of all corporate power in Canada, to Toronto and parts west. The departure of the mighty SUN LIFE insurance company set off the stampede that represented the final nail in the coffin of Montreal as Canada's leading city.

Driving the highly mobile Anglos out of the province was a dream come true for the separatists who were rubbing their hands in glee as this secondary gift of Bill 101 proved even more satisfactory than could have been imagined.
The loss of the business establishment and sizable portion of the English community was deemed to be what today we call 'acceptable collateral damage,' a dose of painful medicine, necessary if Quebec was to find its own path to sovereignty.

In spite of these 'successes' the first referendum loss in 1980 was not unexpected, but not particularly disheartening to separatist forces in general and the Parti Quebecois in particular. The numbers were such that the separatists could reasonably look forward to another kick at the can at a later date, once the full force of the English retreat was realized, coupled with the gradual upward acceptance of sovereignty by the francophone majority as a result of the various Parti Quebecois programs and the effect of Bill 101.

The separatists were not troubled by the fact that the minorities had voted massively against sovereignty in that first referendum.
It was understood that since these 'outsiders' had already been assimilated in the greater English community, due largely to the fact that they were educated in the English education system, it was natural that they would align themselves on the NO side.
Up until that time, Muslims, Jews, Greeks and other non-Catholics had been denied entry into Quebec's French schools which was then run by the Catholic Church. These minorities were forced into the province's Protestant system, which was run in exclusively in English.  Even the Italians, themselves Catholic, attended their own separate English schools. The desire of the Catholic church to isolate French Quebeckers from the influence of the immigrant 'heathens' would have an incalculable impact on the future of the sovereignty question.

However,  the separatists were confident that this would change once all the immigrant students were forced into French schools as per Bill 101, which was thought to be, the ultimate assimilator.

They believed that while the first generation of immigrants would remain aligned with the English, the second and certainly the third generation, educated in French, would assimilate into the French community.

The referendum results of 1995 proved this theory as flawed as the Maginot Line.

'Allophones' as they became to be known, even those educated in French, voted massively in favour of Canada.
For separatists, losing the referendum by the slimmest of margins was difficult enough to digest, but the realization that Allophones had made the difference, felt like a knife through a heart. While they always expected the remaining English community to vote NO, the rejection of the sovereignty option by the allophones in such a massive proportion,  fuelled a bitter sense of betrayal.

It boiled over in Jacque Parizeau's raging post-referendum concession speech, where he specifically pointed the finger at the allophones as the cause of the defeat.

The grand demographic plan of getting rid of a significant proportion of Anglos and replacing them with assimilated immigrants has blown up miserably.

The separatists had inadvertently opened a Pandora's box, and the sheer numbers of immigrants that continue to come to Quebec makes sovereignty a virtual impossibility, as long as second, third and forth generation immigrants continue the voting pattern of their parents.

All this is not lost on hardliners.... and they are not pleased. In fact they are enraged. Watching sovereignty go up in smoke is a dish hard to digest.

And so the backlash has begun. Although Parizeau was the first to unload on the ethnics, it was left to pompous and insufferable Yves Michaud, another PQ hardliner to enunciate the new mantra of nationalists, that the Ethnics betrayed the 'real Quebeckers" by voting massively for Canada.
His subsequent censure for racism in Quebec's Parliament is the story that rages on today as militants defend his honour and hold him up as a martyr to the cause.

This rage has morphed into an unprecedented racist attack on all Quebec minorities. Born in the pages of nationalist websites, this campaign of hate has crossed over into mainstream media.

Allophones have now become "Les Ethnies," a term that is nothing more than a pejorative for these 'outsiders' who have replaced the English as the enemy of nationalist Quebeckers.

For those who think I'm exaggerating, read my next few posts for a shocking exposé of the open demonization of Quebec's ethnic communities and their portrayal as a threat to the cultural and linguistic 'purity' of the Quebecois 'pure laine'.
It isn't pretty.

Tomorrow- The extremist websites racist attacks on Ethnics.


  1. I believe that then in a position of advantage and power, one should attempt to 'positively' influence society in order to gain respectability and trust.

    Montreal and the province of Quebec was the Jewel of Canada. We had the money, we had the influence and we had all the power to influence and mold the future of this country. In the last 30-50 years this has changed tremendously and mostly due to the bad choices and a very negative impression purposely portrayed by the hard line separatists of Quebec.

    The question I can't seem to answer is why would anybody French, English, Black, white or Purple, who are of sound body and mind, would ever vote for institutions such as the BQ or the PQ? These organisations have proved (time and time again) that they can only hurt and diminish the role/influence that French Canadians have in this country.

    The notion of separation has been rejected twice and is therefore not the will of Quebecers. IT JUST ISN'T!!!

    So my question to any and all French Canadians who read this Blog is why would you continue to vote for these people? Why continue to inflict damage on ourselves?

    All separatists have proven is that they are one of two things;

    1- incompetent


    2- so involved in their own self advancement that they have completely screwed the people they are 'supposed' to be standing up for.

    Let's step back for a minute and analyse. 30-50 years ago Quebec was the place to be in Canada. All the opportunities were here. Now in order to succeed French Canadians still have to learn English, but also have to leave the province if they want to make something of themselves. Sure there are some large organizations in Quebec, but you want to compare the professional opportunities Montreal to those of Toronto? C'mon, seriously now...

    All the separatists have successfully accomplished is the manipulation of it's own people into believing that they are better off, when in reality, that couldn't be farther from the truth.

    Quebec has lost it's 'advantage'. No one wants to listen to us anymore because we are seen as complainers who are impossible to satisfy.

    For all the money spent on Culture and arts, how much of that is spent on programs to send French Canadian teachers to other parts of Canada to teach French, French Canadian culture and 'positively' influence All of our futures? All this money pumped into 'Arts' and 'culture'... how many statues do you see erected in Montreal parks or landmarks? Maybe I'm blind but I just don't see it. The majority of infrastructure and 'arts' have been in place for the last 50 years.

    This city/province and the French influence on this country was terribly damaged the day separatists took power, and continues to decrease with every passing day.

    And for what? How are 'we' Quebecers better off?

    We went from the driving force of Canada to one that now depends on Equalization payments to stay at par with our fellow Canadians.

    And so I ask again; to any and all French Canadians who read this Blog;

    Why would you continue to vote for separatists? How can Quebec ever be better off alone?

  2. Let me leave you with one more reminder...

    For any Allophone thinking that a Sovereign Quebec would be a place where you would be better off, please fast forward to minute 3:45.

    Listen and watch the supporting crowd reaction;

    No matter what you are fed by separatists, anybody that is not a "pure laine" Quebecois, is just a visitor.

    Please, don't fool yourself into thinking otherwise.

  3. Small but IMPORTANT correction:

    > Up until that time, Muslims, Jews, Greeks and other non-Catholics had been denied entry into Quebec's French schools which was then run by the Catholic Church. These minorities were forced into the province's Protestant system, which was run in exclusively in English.

    Careful! The factual (in)accuracy of this statement can be easily verified on the basis of two laws and should be corrected immediately. While it is true that for a long time, immigrants were forbidden entry into the French system, this was NOT the case right up until 101 (1977). Bill 63 (in 1969) had allowed for freedom of choice, but proved unpopular with both sides of the language debate. Bill 22 (1974) limited access to English schools to those who were already fluent in the language. The barred entry into French schools that you refer to (and which some of my own allophone relatives were indeed subjected to) therefore had to occur at the latest before bill 63 itself.

    > This rage has morphed into an unprecedented racist attack on all Quebec minorities. Born in the pages of nationalist websites, this campaign of hate has crossed over into mainstream media.

    In lieu of my own response to this post, I would like to humbly offer the words of Roger Lemelin, editor at La Presse between 1972 and 1981, whose views were perhaps best expressed at the 1979 Canadian Press dinner.

    I think the scope and content of his comments are about as complete a commentary on this entire matter as anyone could ever hope to speak or write.

    I STRONGLY encourage Editor and anyone who can spare 5 minutes to check out this link:


    I wish I could say that his positions or ideas are dated or have since been largely disproven or discredited by the passage of time, like the Y2K bug, or Perestroika. Instead, quite sadly, virtually everything he said at that event remains a strikingly poignant and thorough analysis of the situation as it continues to exist.

    Completely unfamiliar with this until just a few hours ago, I found his words an eerie and uncomfortable facsimile of my own, over 30 years later.

    Plus ça change... Or something…

  4. "So my question to any and all French Canadians who read this Blog is why would you continue to vote for these people? Why continue to inflict damage on ourselves?"

    The answer is quite simple. They've been brainwashed from the time they were small children. Look at the propaganda, lies and fictitious history lessons taught in schools. Have you seen the exams given to French children 15 years ago (I sent a scan of a 1997 exam to the editor, he published it here and wrote an article about it. Rather distributing stuff).

    Even the provincial government, with a maternal-like presence over Quebec society (in that most trust what they say without question) spout lies, mistrust and promote hatred. Be it the Parti Quebecois or Quebec Liberal Party, they chant the same mantras, pass the same racist laws. They propagate the same myths and fears, over and over and over. Say something long enough, people start to believe it.

    Is it ANY wonder French Quebecers vote for the PQ and BQ every election? They've been fed the lie every non-Quebecois (in Quebec, in Canada, and in North America as a whole!) is out to get them; destroy them even. Yet the PQ/BQ are their only hope, their only protectors. These parties votes thrive on that fear.

    I almost feel sorry for the Quebecois. They really need to be de-brain washed, like someone yanked out of a cult. It'd take a generation or two of course.

    No one realizes the amount of damage the Parti Quebecois has done not only to businesses, economics and families.....but individual people. They've caused generations of serious damage that cannot be undone overnight.

  5. The Oui side will win in the end.. Sooner or later the Feds will attemp another round of consitutional talks, which will fail and create winning conditions for the Oui...

  6. Ouch.. I thought my (deleted) comment from earlier this morning was respectful, contained no swearing, and actually helped ensure the accuracy of your writeup above...

  7. Thank you for the posting.

    Actually, I immigrated to Canada, not to separated Quebec.

    Une ethnie.

  8. An interview with Paul Scheffer, a leading Dutch expert on immigration:

    This is the kind of debate that should be taking place in Quebec. What I like about the Dutch is that they seem to be evolving to the point of realization that the “host” is not necessarily a “maitre”, and that he may have responsibilities too. Scheffer is a strong proponent of the two way responsibility – both the host and the newcomer need to make an effort. He is known to chastise the approach where immigrants are expected to “integrate”, but at the same time they are treated as “foreign”. This contradictory attitude is exactly what leads to “ghettoization” and segregation, as people faced with the “I am the master” attitude NATURALLY withdraw back into their own communities.

    The Quebecois should follow in the footsteps of the Dutch and get off the “maitres chez nous” cloud. Or, alternatively, stop complaining that they are being ignored and overlooked.

  9. With the Editor's assistance, I'm using the Name/URL option to simplify things.

    Two good postings by Jason. Apple IIGS, I don't have an education in psychology, but two more effective terms to use are:

    1) Conditioning instead of brainwashing. Not that either is good, but think of conditioning as a more inclusive term.

    2) De-brainwashing is really reprogramming or deprogramming depending on the circumstances. Small difference. Your response was still spot-on.

    To the dreaming troll at 6:30AM: Dream on; then again, I'll be happy to egg you on and I'll explain how shortly.

    To answer the question "Is it ANY wonder French Quebecers vote for the PQ and BQ every election?", I think the late and great former Isreali prime minister, Golda Meïr, inadvertently answered that question best best: “We will have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate [Israel]”. Substitute the "Arabs" with «Québécois pur laine» and "Israel" with "Canada" or "the minorities in Quebec" and you're along those exact lines.

    On the other hand, I don't find Francophones in general to be true Canadians anyway, except where it is to their benefit to do so. The benefits are mostly the feds take care of the military, the mail and the airports (although those have been privatized over the years for the most part). Too, the moniker "Canada" in the world has great intrinsic value. Other than that, I defy anyone to tell me they're Canadians first, save those who serve or served in the military and maybe another 8% or so of their population. This is exactly how Reed Scowen put it in his book "Time to Say Goodbye".

    The fact they don't fight for freedom of choice for their children's language of education and their complete indifference towards the few who deserve English language education, especially due to learning challenges or on humanitarian grounds, expressly provided for under their "Great Canadian Law" so stated by questionable federalist Stephane Dion. Not even Quebec Premier, John James "Goldilocks" Charest, came forward to the aid of a child who now has to go to Delaware for his English language education. I find this repulsive, beligerant and unpardonable.

    No, no, no! Instead, so-called federalist Quebec Premier, John James "Goldilocks" Charest, chose to remain silent while all this happened. The Germans, the Poles, the Austrians, Russians, Romanians, Hungarians and others all stood silent when the Jews and other "undesirables" were ghettoized, transported and worked to death in concentration camps. Those whose bodies didn't break under the working conditions were exterminated like the rodents they were labelled to be by the Nazis and other racist zealots.

    I don't imagine Quebec will bring their battle against minorities to that degree, but the Bouchard-Taylor Commission of a couple of years ago surely brought out individuals who could easily be evildoers. Jacques Parasite's drunken rant after the 1995 referendum was that of a sore loser whose only chance at the throne had been scuttled. For all intents and purposes, that's ecactly what happened. Lucien Bouchard totally usurped Parasite of his limelight and Parasite will never forget it. Looks good on him, too!

    Conclusion: At least 90% of «Québécois pur laine» support that hardline Great Charter of Charters, the post-Quiet Revolution Holy Grail, Bill 101. Simple as that! The Holy Grail did its job: It made Quebec French enough (for enough of the «Québécois pur laine» population) so they don't see a need for separation. They can suck the Real Canada for what it's worth and internationally benefit from the Canada moniker. Another case for a federal party the caters to the majority in Canada first.

  10. @Mississauga Guy

    I think an Equality Party type party on the Federal and Provincial level is the 1st step in areas were anglos and allos are large enough that bloc is not even second place. In terms of Canadian politics we need the current minority government trends to stay a little longer. That saying I would like to see the NDP wiped out, the NDP is number one enemy of Quebec Anglos and Allos. In a minority Government situation a Quebec based federalist party representing allos and anglos would have alot of clout. Would need to deliver at least 5 to 10 MPs to be effective.

  11. JarryStreet:

    Sorry, no, I DON'T want an Equality Party. Equality was a default for the disillusioned Anglophones back in 1989 to at least have a voice of equality. It's a compromise, only four candidates got elected including Gord Atkinson who was too old and wrong for poltics; furthermore, he didn't understand a word of French and his regimentation as a former soldier further worsened his view on politics. Nice guy, high profile in Montreal, wrong career choice. Richard Holden was just whacky ball of wax who jumped to the PQ (traitor and a whack job who then jumped out a window) and Robert Libman became a municipal greaseball politician.
    Equality didn't elect a living cow since the 1989 election and never will again.

    I'm proposing something that is a lot less mamby-pamby than the motley crew having made up Equality and something more aggressive and on the offense against the mainstream parties, more like da Bloc-heads Québécois.

    I propose a party that allows Quebec to benefit proportionately from federal funding, no more overly generous specials, or, as newly elected Toronto mayor Rob Ford says, no more gravy train.

    THE SEPARATIST'S LEVERAGE IS GONE AND WILL CONTINUE TO DETERIORATE! If it isn't Quebec can leave! Who cares anymore? On the one hand, I say they're free to stay since they have been a part of us for 2½ centuries, but on the other hand, if they think we're just a cash cow to continue milking or threaten to leave, they can be my guest!

    Quebec has been a malcontent for the last half century wanting the rest of us to kowtow to their demands. THAT'S OUT NOW! At least it's out by electing a party that has the political will to end it. If you want Quebec to keep milking the cow to excess, you have plenty of political parties to continue choosing from, and the Liberals will inevitably continue to fatten the pigs at the trough with our milk. They have to because without stealing seats from da Bloc-heads, they won't get a majority.

    After two elections, as the Editor pointed out, Harper is finally getting it. He won't win Quebec (10 seats two elections ago, 11 last time) so DIvest from Quebec and INvest in Ontario where the Conservatives need to make inroads to win a majority. Quebec is a lost cause despite his ass kissing (Quebec is a nation?--kiss MY ass!)

    The time to call Quebec's bluff is coming...but only if the Real Canada ASKS for it.

  12. TO @Mississauga Guy

    I usually don't interfere in the comments section but must defend two good friends. Robert Libman is anything but a greaseball. He was one of the most principled, honest and capable politicians that I ever associated with and I speak from experience. As for Gordon Atkinson, he was a lot tougher than he looked. I once saw him refuse to give unanimous consent at a board meeting, staring down everyone without fear. He too was one of the most principled people I ever met in politics. He was anything but a pushover.

    Both stood up for Anglos and both took a lot of heat for it. You don't know the half of it.

  13. In all fairness, Editor, I didn't intend to diss Gordon Atkinson, but he was not the right guy for the job. Would he have run a second time if Equality had a chance? He would have been 80 years old. As a broadcaster, he struck me as a highly principled individual.

    I have a buddy who created a charity baseball team from scratch for a division of the Jewish General Hospital that in fact is only associated with the Hospital but is not "officially" part of it. When it came time for a donation either by the city or on his own behalf, Libman was nowhere to be found, but when there was a charity game that involved a team of people that Libman was associated with, and a very small radio station on the West Island was carrying the game, Libman, the polician, made a point of muscling in at the mike when it was my buddy whose profile should have been most prominantly featured for making that game and the funds raised therefrom, possible. The game was carried at Hampstead Park and while Libman was a politician there, the took far more of the glory and credit than he deserved. Based on THAT incident involving someone that was close to me and mine, I stand by what I wrote.

  14. You know the most disappointing thing about all this racism, discrimination, outright bigotry (bills 22, 178, 101…) that has gone on in Kebec for decades now, is that all of this could and should have been avoided and stopped immediately. The law protected the English language and culture of Kebec, the BNA act protected the English speakers of kebec and Trudeau knew this all along. This was one of the main reasons for his disastrous charter of wrongs and restrictions. Trudeau and his good buddy Levesque knew exactly what they were doing and no-one has really exposed what went on and is still going on in this country.

    Poor Canada, poor Kebec, what a mess.

    Liberal, Tory same old story. Both have allowed the country to go further into debt. Both have allowed this massive government growth and salaries to skyrocket and both have allowed these racist, discriminatory bilingual and multicultural policies to grow and flourish while at the same time, both parties have allowed the banning of our language and culture in Kebec. Both a disgrace to our forefathers, grandfathers and fathers who fought and built this once great country. Both a disgrace to the country.

  15. Thanks for the great posts, links and articles. There are too many astute posts and too little time to pick and choose to comment further. However, it is nice to read the stimulating posts. I particularly like the article recommended by adski “about the Danish Paul Scheffer Resolving the immigration problem means to redefine what it is to be a citizen”. I think this is key to address the Quebec identity conflict, noting Scheffer’s point of what it is to be a citizen? What are our responsibilities as citizens, governments, media et al? Essentially, we are all responsible for this mess, now how are we going to fix it?

    What are the Canadian and provincial government’s responsibility to its citizens, when they turn a blind eye to the injustice occurring to the families, children and immigrants in Quebec? As Apple IIGS said... “Look at the propaganda, lies and fictitious history lessons taught in schools”, children brainwashed and French Canadians mindlessly continue to inflict damage on ourselves, our children” Why??? Hell, if I know? It is pure insanity. Parents usually want what is best for their children. Parents willingly vote to cage their children within the confines of Quebec border? Go figure?

    Apparatchik RE: the déjà vu article Roger Lemelin, editor at La Presse between 1972 and 1981 “Plus ça change... Or something…” 30 years later we are still spinning the same wheels, this should be a huge concern. We should know after 50 years of this lunacy, the government is not going to do it for us. We the Anglophone community have got to start fighting back for our rights, even if it is just on a one to one daily basis use English when you can, without disrespecting others to use French, but to affirm our rights as Canadian citizens for freedom of speech, including the right to be engaged in our own communities without being silenced or sidelined. What they are doing is wrong and it should stop. Enough of this political tail spinning, families, children, young professionals trying to get started in life and are being oppressed for preservation of la langue Francais. Yet, who the hell do you think makes up the Quebec community? It doesn’t make any sense and until Quebecers start waking up and realizing they have been taken for fools, they will only have themselves to blame. How many times do you let someone take advantage of you before you stand up and say enough?

    That is when I agree with Mississauga Guy no more “mamby-pamby” parties. We need to stand up for Anglophones and call Quebec’s bluff. It is time Canada and all of its citizens take a responsibility for ensuring all of our rights as Canadian citizens are respected for everyone equally across the land. We all have a part to play in this drama. If we choose to do nothing, the snake oil politicians will continue to rob us blind, including our children’s future.

  16. The anglos of this blog are naive, but all for the best. Keep yacking away you guys, you don't understand the feds and other anglos are sucking the power of Quebec underground hey ! they will catch up with you.
    Vive le Quebec L i b r e ! ! !

  17. wowjesh:
    You immigrated here, so you will have to evolve like the rest of the anglos. If you don't like Quebec you can move to the bigger and dummer part of the country charlie!

  18. "Why would you continue to vote for separatists? How can Quebec ever be better off alone?"

    I haven't read all the comments but I want to answer the question that was adressed in the beginning of this blog.

    I am a "québecois pure laine" if it does in fact exist... I only say this to use the name that BQ uses to label its supporters.
    I'll answer the question by saying that TONS of quebecers are note supporting the BQ. Yesterday, less than 900 000 quebecers voted for the BQ... this is absolutly not the majority of the electors... so how should that be so profoundly attached to the identity of the "real" quebecers! To polarize opinions on how a real quebecer ought to be is not only racist and close minded... it is also a step back in our understanding of democracy and freedom.

    I am constantly hearing the BQ saying "quebecers want this and that" while I don't! And my friends don't! And we are all from families that lived in quebec for generations!

    It's time for us folks to open up to the world around us... The young generation of Quebecers is up for new challenges. We travel, we learn from other cultures... we are shaping a new Quebec! We want it to be open to immigrant and to get rid of the image projected on our fellow canadians.

    I am not scared to loose my culture, I will do what I can to make it flourish in my own environnement and to sensibilise the ones that will come after me in a similar way.

    Whatever happen in the future, I will let democracy talk. But I want my friends from english Canada to know that there is a lot of proud Canadians in the province of Quebec... et je veux aussi que mes confrères Québecois prennent position posée dans le respect et la tempérance et non pas dans une polarisation émotive d'opinions vampée par la convergence des médias et des discours politiques théâtraux.

  19. Arrêtez de vous chicaner bande de Canadiens. Essayons de vivre ensemble et d'être bilingues. Stop fighting gang of Canadians. Try to live together and be bilingual.

  20. perhaps this is a little late.we are thing i can say is the the separatists and the bloquist are making me sick of living in this province,which is the province of my youth,part of my ancestry,and the province i dreamt of discovering.but lately with pauline trying to be 'ti poil',and interjecting with her agenda when there are no elections in view,is starting to make me sick to my stomach. we are seeing the destruction of a city full of history,a people full of joie de vivre.there is a socialist ,tyrannical,separatist air to everything.the queen of the closerie is coming in for the kill ,to eventually die and leave everything in shambles.i think quebec has never been so poor,in feeling ,in joy,in money and in identity of what is a quebecker.please bring back jean chretien.he was the embodiment of a motivated,fast moving and loving quebec.down with the p.q. and pauline,[and gilles too as a matter of fact]the bicker manifesto.

  21. Seriously, to me a leader is someone who makes a country stronger for a better future for all. The PQ leaders have nothing but power (to be the first leader) hunger with total disregard for the future. The lies the leaders have told over the years to the French Canadians is pathetic to say the least. I could go on forever about the crap these leaders fed the people of Quebec but I won't, however I will say that anyone who calls themselves a "Separtist", it's just a cowardly,yellow belly, no balls way of saying "I AM A TRAITOR TO MY COUNTRY". You will never here a PQ leader say that because their the one's the try to put "sugar" on this whole country destroying idealizm they have created. Brain washing. The PQ party is not for the people but for themselves and traitors not only to Quebec but also to rest of Canada. Leaders they are not!!