Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Anglo Website Triggers Charges of Racism, is a radical anglo rights website that sent Quebec nationalists over the top with some pretty provocative pieces that it published of late.

The website went dark after an article in accused the site of racism and demanded that it be shut down.

I emailed webmaster, (who I have been in contact with in the past) and he assured me that he'd be up and running soon.

Good to his word, the website is operating once again, much to the displeasure of many.

The center of the controversy are these articles;

Are Military Solutions Necessary?

 Go ahead and read the two articles and come back here to read this translation of this demand on, for a police action. LINK French

A Call to civil war and the summary executions of Francophones
What is the Sûreté du Québec waiting for to intervene 
"Considering the provisions of the Police Act, giving the Sûreté du Québec's mission to protect the people, our institutions as well as Québec's strategic infrastructures against various intentional threats, including terrorism, organized crime and extremism;

Considering the provisions of the Criminal Code relating to public incitement of hatred, seditious conspiracy, incitement to fear of terrorist activities,

Considering that the website including in its pages the Colonel James Angus Brown and Ma'at Inkstir encourage anglophones and members of ethnic communities of Greater Montreal to:

• Take over of the Grand Montreal and "by military force if necessary" and to declare Montreal a "city state";

• Undertake a military rebellion in multi-ethnic neighbourhoods of Montreal, to separate Greater Montreal from Quebec,  reinstate the death penalty in order to ethnically cleanse the French;

• Undertake a bloody civil war during which the "racist French people" would be summarily executed in a "military style", as in Sarajevo, when they take over the island of Montreal;

• To acquire powerful weapons to protect themselves from the "racist French";

• To establish a clandestine network of military squadrons ('Squadron Three') to patrol the streets and neighbourhoods and protect them from "malicious actions of the
dirty French  racist"

• Not to rest until each and every "small-minded garbage Francophone" be indicted and convicted under harsh emergency laws;

• To declare the Quebec people illiterate savages, with limited brain capacity, with only a vocabulary of 400 words of 'slang', racists who  should be "terminated" by all means necessary;

• To hang the opposition leader Pauline Marois, Member for Charlevoix in the National Assembly and leader of the Parti Quebecois;
THEREFORE, I hereby request  that the Sûreté du Québec and the Police Service of Montreal inquire into and act as quickly as possible to:
- To proceed with the closure of the website and the seizure of the web server in question;-
Carry out the arrest and indictment of Angus Brown and Ma'at Inkstir  for  hate, seditious conspiracy and membership in a terrorist organization;-
To declare "Greater Montreal City State movement" as a terrorist organization.-
Prohibit the "Abolish Bill 101 Rally planned Sunday, April 17, 2011 at the City Hall of Montreal for the reasons mentioned above and the dangers of a riot that might ensue.
Lax law enforcement has gone on long enough."
Comments are now open.....

************************UPDATE: **********************
It seems that Internet providers are again blocking the site. Please read the next post to find out how to view blocked websites easily.


  1. Mississauga Guy said...

    I didn't know this website existed. I won't endorse it on the one hand because there are a lot of inaccuracies and like extremist separatist websites, it lacks any diplomacy and is strictly vindictive, vengeful rhetoric. On the other hand, think of it as an equalizer to the nationalist extremism out there.

    If that composite for both sides want to get together next April 17th to beat the pus out of each other, let them! I wouldn't feel one iota of sympathy for Gilles «tête carré» Proulx if he showed up at that rally and got his head knocked in--he'd fully deserve it!

    Considering the fact too many Anglophones sit on their asses with a thumb or both up their rectums and bump on a log while "their" so-called federalist government looks for new ways to prevent miniscule numbers of children from attending English schools, at least there are a few ready to fight for their rights any which way they can. Worse yet, like obedient little lambs, the Anglophone MNAs vote in favour of this action!

    Unless the Anglophone community doesn't want an element of this sort, why don't they rally to fight for their rights? Why don't they resurrect a party along the lines of Equality from 20-odd years ago? I found the inertness of the Anglophone community so frustrating, I left it 26 years ago, and don't regret having done so one iota!

  2. This site is just as disgusting as the Franco extremists separatist sites. The ONLY thing I endorse is the protest against Bill 101 in front of Montreal City Hall(although I think they should do it in front of the National Assembly). Everything else is just hateful garbage. Good thing for blogs like yours, Editor, that stand in the middle of the linguistic "war".

    Anglo Montrealer

  3. If the radical separatists can be allowed to run amok, then expect others to do the same.

  4. Disgusting, but so over the top, you have ton conclude who ever wrote was under the influence of a lot of chemical products. One thing makes me laugh get all up in arms, but aren't they of the same cloth, heck they support the jeune patriote.

  5. Mississauga Guy to Anglo Montrealer...

    I do agree with you about the site being distasteful, but after decades of Quebec's indifference about the English communities, many Anglophones feel idsenfranchized and with nowhere else to turn so they turn outwards.

  6. Sortez travailler, ça va vous dégourdir l'esprit bande de paranoïaques finis ! Un Québécois errant !

  7. I can't access that website from my anglophone institution. However, I have no problem getting on I wonder who runs the IT departement, considering the French operating system I'm working on.

    Having said that, I don't agree with overly radical or violent websites such as these. They further the cause of the oppostion and paint the rest of us Anglo/Allo/Bilinguals in a bad light.

    This is a step in wrong direction.

  8. Actually, when I first read the articles I was of the opinion the writer was being satiracal. If, however, they really advocate guns and violence then it is a sad state of affairs. Perhaps MG is right in that an element of Anglo society in Quebec is so frustrated they are simply venting their anger. Interesting that would be so proactive demanding protection and action by the police. Reason, didn't they support the organizaions that threatened violence to the participants attending the re-enactment of the battle of the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City a couple of years ago. These threats resulted in the event being cancelled, if your recall, which resulted in a lot of lost revenue to Quebec City. Obviously, in Vigiles' mind, it's only fair to call for action when their agenda is being threatened but not when the shoe is on the other foot. Hypocritical at best.

  9. Je crois que ce site se retrouvera bientôt a la une de TVA et surtout soutenez votre compatriote car c'est l'étincelle que tous les nationalistes Québécois attendent depuis longtemps.


  10. ''Je crois que ce site se retrouvera bientôt a la une de TVA et surtout soutenez votre compatriote car c'est l'étincelle que tous les nationalistes Québécois attendent depuis longtemps.''

    Do you even read the other comments before you post? I guarantee somewhere around 98% of quebec anglos want nothing to do with that site.
    Don't spread your shitty threats on this site tardo

  11. "Don't spread your shitty threats on this site tardo"

    Restez poli s.v.p,il n'y a aucune insulte dans mon commentaire.Je crois que l'auteur de ce site est assez intelligent pour faire le tri lui-même.
    Je crois aussi que plusieurs pro-anglos jubilent en cachette et c'est a ces derniers que je m'adresse.

  12. Dans ce cas la je m'excuse sincerement mais je crois que tu devrais preciser a qui tu tadresse. Lorsque moi je generalise sur les sites francophones jaffirment que je comprends que ce nest pas la majorite des franco a qui je madresse mais a la minorite fanatique, afin de ne pas etre mal interprete.

    Mais oui j'ai repondu trop brusquement. J'en ai meme honte maintenant :P car j'essaye de rester le plus diplomatique possible d'habitude

  13. "Dans ce cas la je m'excuse sincerement..."

    Aucun problè comprend.

  14. If this makes the headline, and jeune patriote never gets a mention, that would make me very very sad, hmmm yeah of course that is what is going to happen ... sigh.

  15. “, is a radical anglo rights website that sent Quebec nationalists over the top with some pretty provocative pieces that it published of late.”

    Good for them, after over 5 decades of racism, bigotry, anti-English language hatred in Kebec its about time people start dishing it out even stronger. These hatful bigots that have been running Kebec for the last 5 decades should be put in jail for treason, and much more. If the world only knew what was really going on in the province of Quebec, if they only knew how hateful its leaders and people were. It should be front page news all over, but thanks to Ottawa silence this racism, this bigotry has been allowed to grow and continue for decades now. Thank god for the internet, maybe now people will finally start to wake up to whats really happening in Canada in regards to these phony, racist language laws (bills 22, 178, 101…), this phony french-bilingual crap only outside Kebec…this French takeover of Quebec and the rest of Canada.Wake up people, wake up.

  16. What i hate the most, is that 5% of the idiots are like and parkavenue type, or like Anonymous 11:13
    But they drive the agenda so often, the media love a good bunch of extremists to get more exposure to their journal/Tv or any other media, but they rarely ever represent the majority, but the media dis-honestly over expose them, because it sells, i hate the media.

  17. If the ParkAvenueGazette website is shut down due to hate mongering, then, the Jeunes Patriotes du Quebec, and the Reseau du Resistance du Quebec (and other) QC nationalist websites should be terminated as well. They are all made of the same clay.

  18. ''Je crois que ce site se retrouvera bientôt a la une de TVA et surtout soutenez votre compatriote car c'est l'étincelle que tous les nationalistes Québécois attendent depuis longtemps.''
    No kidding; if nothing else, you and your kind are hypocritical, opportunistic a-holes constantly looking for ways to inflame the victim mentality of the Quebecois. Quebecois society has reached the point where it is socially acceptable to publicly denigrate and persecute Anglophones and Allophones. The double standards that the separatist’s have promoted for decades are now fully entrenched in Quebec, so it comes as no surprise that the masses have no problem with but object to Both sites reflect poorly on Quebeckers, but only the Anglos site will be targeted and demonized. The separatists have so chronically polluted Quebec society with their Anglos hatred that it now passes as ‘common sense’. For sure the Quebecois are victims, but their oppressors are not the English speaking community. The Quebecois are the victims of their own intolerant tendencies and the ethnocentric tyrants they elect.

  19. "The Quebecois are the victims of their own intolerant tendencies and the ethnocentric tyrants they elect."

    So now that this so-called bigotry is so well-entrenched, how do you propose to successfully bring about a massive shift in our collective affliction? We got ourselves into it, how do we get out?

  20. I skimmed through the site quite briefly, and they seem to have a conspiratorial perspective of the Quebec situation. They seem to believe that French Freemasonry has taken over Quebec and that's why all the anti-English nonsense still exists today. They claim that the PQ, CSN(along with most labor unions), Quebec Solidaire etc...are Masons. Quite an interesting theory, for me anyway, because I'm sorta into esoteric truths.

  21. So now that this so-called bigotry is so well-entrenched, how do you propose to successfully bring about a massive shift in our collective affliction? We got ourselves into it, how do we get out?

    You can’t be serious? Come on, even if they wanted to, the Quebecois can’t get out if this mess just like that. For decades, the Quebecois have ingested a steady diet of Canada/Anglo bashing propaganda. They are now inured. It would take decades more to reverse the ‘collective affliction’ of intolerance, which has been so carefully cultivated and nurtured by the nationalists over the decades. Sorry dude, I can’t help you. But you never know, with enough time and will, Quebec society could come to its collective sense and exorcise the fear mongering racist demons that set the political and social agenda in La Belle Province. What do you think? Are you the betting sort? Doubt it?

  22. I thought that I lived in a democracy where freedom of speech is protected. I thought wrong. Quebec has systematically imposed it's will through draconian laws aimed at enforcing the supremacy of the French language. Quebec has has striped it citizens of freedoms that one takes for granted in the rest of the civilized world.

    I commend the honourable Colonel James Angus Brown for using his few remaining rights that have not as yet been removed from him by the national assembly. He is taking a stand for a just and noble cause.

    Nikolaos Karabineris
    Park Avenue
    Mile End, Montreal

  23. The QPP arrested the honourable Colonel James Angus Brown earlier yesterday evening.

    We expected him to be fully exonerated once the facts are revealed.

    His writings lack criminal intention and thus do not contravene any laws of the Great country of Canada !

    After questioning by the Quebec Provincial Police, Colonel James Angus Brown was released without charge

  24. Good to here Nikos, I will definately be supporting the anti Bill 101 [or the 401] Rally, although it is quite a long way off.
    We have a lot of campaigning to do :) but all those who have been treated as 'autres' and had their rights removed should rise up, once and for all to use passive resistance and defy these 'petit peuple' laws: Signage should be in Equal size peu importe la langue, not smaller or, in most cases, non-existent at all.
    On parle la langue du client, c'est tout, unless the person is not good at languages or has not had the chance to learn French yet.

  25. One can imagine what would happen to Quebec if all Anglophones and Allophones practiced civil disobedience and stopped paying taxes until their rights were restored. The place would fall apart in no time. The government couldn't put everyone in jail. It's about time that people stand up for themselves. I will be attending the anti-Bill 101 rally in April as well.

  26. "The government couldn't put everyone in jail"

    Vous n'avez jamais entendu parler d'Octobre 70?

  27. Question, does anyone know this 'Colonel James Angus Brown'? What is he a colonel of?

  28. "Vous n'avez jamais entendu parler d'Octobre 70?"

    They obviously missed a few. Maybe next time it'll be a more successful and permanent sort of round up.

  29. "Question, does anyone know this 'Colonel James Angus Brown'? What is he a colonel of?"

    Connu aussi sous le nom de Colonel JAB,il est le petit cousin du Colonel Sanders sauf que JAB veut faire avec les Québécois ce que sont cousin fait avec les poulets.

  30. Anonymous from Nov 24th, 1:24pm
    This type of attempt to disgrace everyone else has been around since the Ancien Regime, and that is what the Clanniste Faction is trying to ressurect in Quebec, for more details, read my post highlighting how to easily identify this back-asswards mentality:

  31. Hugo est plein de bon sens. Malheureusement, les gens qui prennent la parole sur ce site ne sont pas de bonne foi.

    La plupart refusent de reconnaître la nature même des Québecois. Ils appartiennent à une culture diversifiée, qui a évolué avec le gel de langue française, la conquête, la présence anglophone et l'entourage des Améridens. Une langue riche et leur apport au Canada le rend intéressant. Leur langue seule se mérite des prix Nobel et des prix littéraires. Leurs coutumes et idées font partie d'un mode de survie exemplaire par un climat difficile et des guerres plus froides que le vent puisse apporter.

    Comment s'entendre ? La personne qui pourra expliquer le respect aura la réponse.
    Merci pour votre site monsieur Shebbeare.

  32. Je suis entièrement d'accord avec la personne ci-haut mentionnée, le français dans notre continent est un adstrat. Ce n'est pas un superstrat, i.e. une langue qui prend la place d'une autre. Ce site est devenu un site de terrorisme pour les francophones.