Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Amir Khadir's Silence is Deafening

Yesterday and Sunday saw a lot of traffic generated on this humble blog in regards to a post I wrote a while back concerning Amir Khadir and his communist past, a history that he isn't too keen to see exposed. See Amir Khadir Has a Lot to Hide.

Apparently, someone in the Twitter world, with quite a following, posted a link which was re-tweeted by Jeff Fillion, Quebec radio's most influential shock-jock.

All this renewed interest in Mr. Khadir and his past is based on a controversial radio interview given by Quebec conservative wunderkind, Éric Duhaime, who accused Khadir of having a secret Islamic agenda! You can listen to Duhaime's rant in French on RadioEgo here.

For those without French, the outburst was short and sweet, with Duhaime accusing the Quebec solidaire Parliamentarian of hiding an Islamic agenda, (whatever that is.) He also called on party leader  Françoise David to clarify whether this position represents that of Quebec solidaire.

You'd think that Khadir would have had something to say in reaction, it isn't every day a politician in a western Parliament is called an Islamist.

Other public personalities seem to be a lot less tolerant than Mr. Khadir when it comes to enduring  these sort of attacks. Perhaps Mr. Khadir understands that the truth is an absolute defense against libel.

Readers will note that Premier Charest is furious at Action Démocratique du Québec leader Gérard Deltell who made an 'in your face' accusation intimating that the Premier is the corrupt leader of a corrupt party, calling him, “the godfather of the Liberal family.”  LINK
After demanding a retraction in vain, the Premier is now considering another libel lawsuit.

Pierre-Karl Péladeau, Quebec's leading media tycoon was so furious that a Radio Canada executive called him a 'VOYOU' that he sued him for defamation, a case presently being heard in court. LINK 

And of course let's not forget our favourite businessman, Tony Accurso, who's name has been linked to so many corruption scandals that it's hard to keep count. Even he is taking legal action to defend his 'good' name! Link fr

It appears that Amir Khadir has a much thicker skin. Either that, or he is frightened to confront the allegations in public.
Denying one is an Islamist or a communist is about as bad as denying that one is a pedophile.
Not much upside.

Mr. Duhaime has previously run an exposé on Mr. Khadir's past links to the Communist party of Quebec and his association with a banned terror group. LINK
Mr. Khadir wisely chose to ignore that story. It would be hard to deny the facts, being what they are.

Wisely he hunkered down and let the controversy play itself out, confident that an obliging press would let the issue die, which it did.

That's because the majority of Quebec journalists, media and television personalities are left-wing and separatist.
According to the industry magazine ' Trente,' an organ of the Fédération professionnelle des journalistes du Québec, fully one-third of Quebec journalists live in the Plateau Mont-Royal district of Montreal, the socialist Shangri-la and kingdom of Amir Khadir. Link

In fact, over half of Quebec's working journalists live in Montreal and almost all share this "Clique du Plateau" mentality, a liberal, nationalist, separatist dogma that is attacked on a daily basis on the excellent blog "La Clique de Plateau."

By the way..... In researching this article I came across a press release from Mr. Khadir, entitled "Amir Khadir meets an Israeli member of Parliament." Given Mr. Khadir's pathological hatred of Israel, the headline intrigued me.
Of course it turns out that the Parliamentarian was an Arab Israeli who is visiting Canada to  convince us to boycott and divest from Israel.
Yup... a member of the Israeli Parliament. (reminds me of Gilles Duceppe.)
Could this occur in Iran, Egypt, Syria or any other Muslim country in the world? Do you think Mr. Khadir sees the irony?

And so Khadir continues to enjoy a free ride in the Quebec media.



    Sorry about the mixup.

  2. Badabing badaboum, nothing like exposing the free ride the gaugauche gets. It has allways been a paradox for me, journalist that are supposedly defenders of freedom, supporting in writing or by lack of writing someone that pushes for restrictions on freedom.

  3. Mr Khadir is irresponsible, and nothing more than a political opportunist. He is adored by the Septards because he has taken up their cause - but I recently shot him down in front of the ADQ camp on Deltell's Facebook Page (yes, we are FB buddies).
    ....clipping many comments supporting his Charest is a Mafia boss claim, and then this guy: Mathieu Fournier Mr Khadir aussi est un bon chef !
    Hugo Shebbeare (I replied) Sorry Matt, not from my experience - I thought Khadir was something serious, but when I approached him about the Caisse de Defauts Internal Controls Audit Failure (reported Aug 2008) in the Spring of last year at his office on Mont-Royal, he did abolulutely phacking bupkis [I even had my auditing cohort confirm this on the phone to him in his office] - he even told me that since I was a good looking and anglo subject to repetitive harassment that I should just shut up because he projected his separatist leaning attitude that our minority is rich and should just waive their rights, even Human Rights.
    Gerard Deltell is a much greater and more trustworthy leader than Amir the anti-capitalist and communist sympathizer.

    Sunday at 6:21pm • Like • 2 people
    Hugo Shebbeare Merci Martin et Patrice pour votre appui, j'ai bien des amis proche de l'Afrique du nord, et ils ne sont pas impressionnés par cette imposteur Khadir: il est simplement un opportuniste.
    I do not care much for ex-President Bush, but throwing shoes at the a U.S. Head of State shows us how little respect he shows for anyone who does not share his opinion, or what he would physically do to them if he had the chance - obviously his shoe was thrown at a photo of Bush, which again shows his cowardice.
    Sunday at 10:48pm (this past Sunday)

    Not enough for you? Here's more from an e-mail conversation (he replies) to his account at the AssNat:

    From: "Hugo Shebbeare "
    To: "Khadir, Amir" akhadir@assnat.qc.ca
    Cc: mascot@ gazette, pmarois@assnat.qc.ca
    Sent: Wed, July 28, 2010 5:36:51 PM
    Subject: Re: arretez vos commentaires Anglophobe SVP! Extremism in Québec
    Mr Khadir,

    I have read your list, and sure, there are dynasties that will try and keep their wealth. They have every right to, despite your insinuation that they should feel guilty for working their asses off to be wealthy and cover for future generations of their family. You should understand that in Capitalism, the only thing worst that exploiting it, is being exploited (see Joan Robinson's quote). BOLD You should not base your decisions for an entire minority on the exception of the élite at the top. I would never do that for the majority of francophones in the province, because I know it is only that small group who march for independence, who truly think this way.

    If you+M. David think that the extremists you represent, and Madame Marois (supporting the RRQ, see photo links below) also for that matter are going to get anywhere supporting groups that attack my community, think again.

    Just the other week I stepped into stop the march in my neighbourhood, by online intervention only. This group were so dedicated to their cause only 15 (!) showed up: http://www.sqlservercentral.com/blogs/hugo/archive/2010/07/19/how-to-deal-with-quebec-s-extremists-expose-their-malfeasance-publically.aspx I have exposed, with many francophone friends also, Louis Préfontaine's Xeno/anglophobia and that of his buddies frequently as of late, they trip over themselves and their buggy code continuously. Shamefull, but typical of Septards.

  4. Yes, discrimination is a scenario that repeats itself all over and that is why I have taken Action against the Caisse de Défauts on behalf of all the minorities that were thrown out of the Caisse in August and September (my Algerian, Vietnamese, and even those from France were blamed for what the 'de souche', who don't take criticism very well, wouldn't let us fix: the atrocious risk, change, management problems. You mention below the case of Africans, even those from the North who speak French prefectly well and it is sad. My close database administrator friend Ahmed L from Oran, doesn't even consider working here anymore (after repetitive harassment, racial comments) and only does contracts in the U.S.A where people are far more interested in whether you can get the job done, than what part of town you are from. Why don't you pass a motion in parliament that asks the Commission des normes du travail, with the aid of the Commission des droits de la personne to ENFORCE minority quotas within the govt. Perhaps you are too busy with all the extremist/communist associations you seem to have now. Sorry for that, hope you can disassociate yourself from these misfits.

    As for your offer of help, it is far too late now, you had your chance to attack the CDPQ with all the Audit failure details (but you didn't because of your anti-Anglo brainwashing, I suppose?), the CNT, the CDPJP and the Association Québecois des retraités are helping me out rather well. You might have read how PricewaterhouseCoopers and McKinsey are the only other independent firms, apart from Intellabase, that produced documentation detailing the mismanagement of our retirement monies. It should be noted that KPMG's representative, Francis Beaudoin, told the Director of Governance, Joanne Aldersebaes, that a database administrator 'gives the impression of intruding' when he attempts to secure a database!?

    Je vous souhaite une très bonne soirée,

    Hugo Shebbeare
    Intellabase Solutions

    PS You should be watching how Philippe Allard, the Liberal Candidate out to defeat Duceppe in his own riding, is being greatly helped by our Association.

    From: "Khadir, Amir" akhadir@assnat.qc.ca
    To: Hugo Shebbeare
    Cc: mascot@
    Sent: Tue, July 6, 2010 7:59:33 PM
    Subject: arretez vos commentaires Anglophobe SVP!
    salut Hugo
    tu as écris:

    -----Message d'origine-----
    De : Hugo Shebbeare (514)
    Envoyé : 6 juillet 2010 04:42
    À : Khadir, Amir; Marois, Pauline
    Cc : mascot
    Objet : Anglophones are privileged, eh? That's a Bonafide LIE, Du Mensonge directement de l'assemblé nationale, arrêtez vos commentaires Anglophobe SVP!
    To MNAs Khadir, and Marois,
    Au nom du Defence Association of Anglophone Quebec: cesser de démoniser notre minorité, especially the myth that we are a privileged minority is nothing more than 'une perception erronée'.
    Read it - ah, oui, c'est ça Le Gazette est seulement pour les 'anglais', right? (Taisez-vous avec, Les Anglais habitent Angleterre! Ici nous sommes Canadiens, et fiers),

    personne ne devrait être discriminée en vertu de sa langue, sa couleur, ses idées. Si cela t'est arrivé, bien sûr qu'il faut porter plainte et chercher justice.
    Si tu penses que je peux t'aider n'hésite pas à me contacter, c'est ma responsabilité.
    Les différences de revenus entre différents goupres ethno-linguistiques sont tout aussi innaceptable. La réalité du Québec a bien sur changé. Mais ce n'est ni les anglos ni les francophones qui sont les plus touchés par la discrimination. La discrimination systématique touche surtout les pauvres, les gens issus des classes modestes, quelques soient leurs origines.

  5. Par exemple, tu dois savoir que les nords-africains qui sont pourtant bien diplômés et francophones sont durement touchés par toutes sortes de discriminations en matière d'emploi et dans bien d'autres sphères.
    Ils sont souvent de condition modeste, n'ont pas de réseau, bref sont relativement pauvres en ressources matérielles et sociales. Ils peuvent avoir toutes les compétences nécessaires et la bonne volonté. Mais ils sont victimes de discrimination. Et je ne te parles même pas des citoyens d'origine africaine et des gens des caraibes (haiti et autre). Dans leur cas la discrimination est tellement répandue que tout le monde connait leur situation. Bien que les nord-africains sont plus désavantagés actuellement sur le marché du travail.
    Enfin comment peux-tu affirmer que je démonise la minorité anglophone. Mon parti a été fondé par des anglophones, comme des francophones aussi bien que des allophones comme moi en grand nombre. Je dénonce les classes et élites dominantes qui abusent et corrompent la démocratie. Ces élites ne dominent pas parce qu'elles parlent anglais, mais pcq elles sont riches et puissantes. Les élites peuvent aussi bien s'appeler Péladeau que Bronfman. Ils sont franco-ontarien comme Desmarais ou Italo-Québécois comme Saputo. Voici une courte liste qui en identifie les plus importants. Ce que moi je comprend c'est que l'abus des élites économiques et des puissants contre les citoyens ordinaire prend plusieurs prétextes (race, ethnie, religion, langue, couleur etc.), mais le fond du problème c'est l'injustice exercée par ceux qui sont en position de pouvoir. Et il n'y a pas plus grand pouvoir que celui de l'argentet. Les détenteurs de ce pouvoir cherchent à perpétuer leur domination par tous les moyens y compris la discrimination linguistique, quand c'est le prétexte approprié.
    Amir Khadir

    Voici la liste des 19 Québécois les plus riches, avec entre parenthèses, le rang qu’ils occupent au Canada
    source: argent.canoe.ca/lca/infos/quebec/archives/2006/12/20061207-110330.html
    1. (5) Paul Desmarais Sr. – 4,41G$
    2. (9) David Azrieli – 2,44G$
    3. (12) Famille Saputo – 2,15G$
    4. (15) Charles Bronfman – 2,11G$
    5. (23) Famille Bombardier – 1,7G$
    6. (26) Marcel Adams – 1,61G$
    7. (30) Stephen Jarislowsky – 1,48G$
    8. (31) Jean Coutu – 1,42G$
    9. (34) Guy Laliberté – 1,26G$
    10. (44) Famille Kruger – 1,01G$
    11. (53) Robert Miller – 891M$
    Snipped a long list here, see the link if you want to read more drivel from Canoe
    -----Message d'origine-----
    De : Hugo Shebbeare (514
    Envoyé : 6 juillet 2010 04:42
    À : Khadir, Amir; Marois, Pauline
    Cc : mascot
    Objet : Anglophones are privileged, eh? That's a Bonafide LIE, Du Mensonge directemente de l'assemblé nationale, arretez vos commentaires Anglophobe SVP!
    To MNAs Khadir, and Marois,

    Au nom du Defence Association of Anglophone Quebec: cesser de démoniser notre minorité, especially the myth that we are a privileged minority is nothing more than 'une perception erronée'.
    (link dead of course, too hot, but Marion Continued the same story with this one: www.montrealgazette.com/life/Anglos+civil+service/3648371/story.html#ixzz14QHJ7zlw )
    Read it - ah, oui, c'est ça Le Gazette est seulement pour les 'anglais', right? (Taisez-vous avec, Les Anglais habitent Angleterre! Ici nous sommes Canadiens, et fiers), and you know why we earn less here - because the trade certificates favor francophones and discriminate against English-speakers, and even if we are bilingual, we still have to deal with the Xenophobia and the incessant complaints that the French language is at threat (encore, du mensonge, puisque cela fait 400 ans que le français se parle au Québec!).
    Si vous ne lisez jamais le Gazoo, le voici dans ma deuxième langue: www.ledevoir.com/societe/actualites-en-societe/288099/communautes-quebecoises-d-expression-anglaise-elles-sont-moins-riches-qu-on-ne-le-croit

  6. Also, Amir, I would like to remind you of our meeting about the Caisse's Internal Audit Failure - that the AQRP.qc.ca are rather interested in, and are denouncing publically, since you became a 'maudit lâche' yourself regarding the involuntary fraud I denounced. Here again, are the attached documents which are in publication ban (ne pas distribuer, pour vos yeux, SVP!) according the Commission des relations du travail.
    Oh, and btw, Mr Khadir, Psychological harassment and passive racism is the primary reasons why Anglophones are under represented within the QC govt (ou sont les Anglophones dans le gouvernment? AND even Federal offices here in QC - my anglophone friend at PSP investments wasn't even given access to do her job there, as was I at the Caisse de Defauts).
    When are we going to be 'allowed' by you gros bébés qui ne lâchent pas leur nombrils to be represented in Govt? À quand l'égalité au Québec? À quand la fin de notre traitement en tant que Second Class Citizens? When will you stop living in the phracking sixties!!!!
    The Commission des normes du travail has validated this disgusting truth (see attachments, or my blog posts below) with me during our fight against the Caisse de Défauts, so it is not simply something that I shouldn't waste my time on. Le maltraitement envers
    Act responsibly with respect to our community in QC and stop saying stupid Anglophobic comments, and that goes for you too Madame Marois.
    If you want to denounce the Caisse, put it up in writing like REAL people with guts Amir - and forget it Marois, we know you and Landry place placed la gang de Rousseau in the first place:
    It is interesting in that very good article that Marian Scott has written - THANK YOU. Maybe, just maybe ces maudites souverainistes vont cesser de prendre leur avantage en tant que majorité dans la province
    Stop strangling our community and institutions with Bill 10# (latest flavor being Bill 103) - they are nothing more than legalised bullying that has already resulted in one Anglo Exodus - ethnic cleansing by harassment.
    Hugo Shebbeare
    -- GLAD TO HAVE MOVED FROM THE PLATEAU, where people like you that I voted for won't turn their back and be discriminated against like 'le peuple' fait tout le temps envers les minorités dans la province!!
    Town of Mount Royal

  7. To say that I’m not the biggest fan of Khadir would be an understatement – the guy is not only a Quebec nationalist but also a deluded type who seems to believe in a completely discredited system of government called communism.

    But I’m curious – how did he get the “Islamist” label? As far as I know, he never voiced any religious opinions, and as a communist he shouldn’t have any, because communism is an atheist ideology in which the only belief allowed is the worship of communism itself. Communism is like a religion in itself, and it doesn’t jive with Islam.

    In this piece, you cite absolutely no evidence of Khadir is a Muslim fanatic, other that the photoshopped “shariah for Quebec” picture. Can you quote a single source where Khadir said anything even remotely pro-sharia or pro-Islam? You owe it after this piece.

    And if the label came stuck to him only because he attended an anti-Israel rally in 2006, than that label should come stuck to many other people too, non-Muslims like myself included. (I wasn’t at the rally, but didn’t disagree with it either).

  8. TO: Adski @12:59

    This piece is a report about a radio interview given by Eric Duhaime, where HE made the allegation that Khadir is an Islamist. You should ask Duhaime to cite sources, not me.
    By not addressing the charge, made by a very legitimate and mainstream commentator, Khadir is giving credence to the notion that he is an Islamist.

    The cartoon is an attempt at humour, underlining the fact that Khadir is hiding his past.

  9. @Editor.

    Fair enough. But sometimes a lack of denunciation is not an admission of guilt, especially if the charges are preposterous. If someone accused me of being a flat-earther or a creationist, I would not necessarily spring to my feet to frantically deny the charges and profess my belief in the roundness of Earth or in Evolution. I would consider this accusation so ridiculous that I would probably move on to the next topic without a comment.

    In the case of Khadir, given that he is a communist AND a Quebec nationalist, it is highly unlikely that he practices any (OTHER) religion. He’s already got two, and Islam is highly incompatible with them.

  10. Listen to Duhaime radio show, he states why he finds that Kadhir has an islamist agenda, he does not state that he is islamist, just that he has an islamist affinity in who he chooses to support.

  11. Your picture mentions some commie contries like China and Vietnam. Actually and ironically, they are more like a capitalist country than Quebec. Their people are more hard working and productive. While Quebec becomes more and more a third word socialist country.
    I do not supprise that only in Quebec Khadir can be popular. In some senses, Islamist and Communist are similar. They all restrict the fredom of people on behalf of the majority.

  12. As usual, you let your simplistic view of the left bring you to throw ridiculous accusations towards Mr Khadir. An Islamist, him? His family fled the islamic regime, and they have no love for it. I'd rather qualify them as atheists or agnostics (another category of individuals hated by the right, who are themselves often christianist extremists, which is no better than islamism IMHO).

    Maybe he's not responding to that accusation because it's simply ridiculous.

    BTW, the radio-poubelle of Quebec City is a really poor choice as credibil;ity goes...

  13. Radio poubelle is more credible as la clique du plateau, heck they are more grounded in reality than the clique. Listen for yourself and judge by yourself, not by what rad can says.

  14. Anon 4:19PM: "he states why he finds that Kadhir has an islamist agenda, he does not state that he is islamist"

    He "finds" that Khadir has an islamist agenda... but he does not state that Khadir is an islamist. Truly Orwellian double speak.


    Anon 4:19PM: "has an islamist affinity in who he chooses to support. "

    Let me take a wild guess - no names have been named.


    I just listed to an interview with Duhaime regarding Khadir:


    An endless string of accusations of Khadir being a communist (participation in pro-left rallies, a communist get-away) and him being an islamist (alleged affiliation with none other than the Mujahedeen) ... some talk of his "entourage" - no names named...

    Shit, I didn't know anything about Eric Duhame, but he sounds like a total crackpot. McCarthy-version 2.0.


    I’m not saying that Khadir is not a communist (there is some indication that he might be) or that he is a moderate type of politician (he is very radical). Neither am I saying that Islamism is a good thing – just the opposite – radical and militant Islam has to be opposed as ferociously as other –isms, including Quebec nationalism.

    What I’m saying is this:

    1.There is absolutely no proof that Khadir is an islamist
    2.The accusations laid by Duhame are baseless
    3.Duhame seems to be a total crackpot
    4.Given what people, party, and social movement Khadir is affiliated with, it would not make any LOGICAL sense for him to be an Islamist. If he were in fact an islamist, next to being a hard leftist and a Quebec nationalist, it would mean a deep psychological problem – like split personality.

  15. Say what you want about Duhaime, at least he sees through those in the Media that glorify the FLQ terrorism. See his interview on Youtube.

    He also calls for an end to Alberta-bashing, from the incessant 'we are holier than thou' types/hypocrites here in QC with their sacred Hydro Quebec. I enjoyed working with some very progressive people there in the past, but am still troubled that they rarely hire anyone who is not part of the Clan.

  16. @Hugo,

    I'm basing my opinion of Duhaime on the Khadir issue only where he sounds like a possessed witch-hunter throwing unfounded (islamist) and blown-out-of-proportion (communist) accusations right and left.

    His other ideas might be sound (the stuff you mention about Hydro Quebec and Alberta-bashing - if Quebec had what Alberta has, it'd be screwing up the environment right and left - it's easy to be environmentally-friendly if you have few natural resources to excavate – look how a few months back they all jumped at the shale gas discovery up north despite environmentalist warnings – you could literally see both Charest and Marois salivate over it like mad dogs).

    At this point, I won't look into it any further, because I was really put off by the Khadir interview I heard this morning, and I don't really care about E.Duhaime. The latest NoDogs post deals with much more pressing stuff than any of this.

  17. Sorry he does name names, you chose to ignore it. Duhaime is no crack pot.

  18. No worries aski, it's just a debate.

    Khadir's interview, would like to hear it, can you post? Very interested to hear what this misfit is up to at the expense of the Clique du Plaato :)