Thursday, July 23, 2009

Montreal Police Unveil New Weapon

Montreal Police have unveiled a new tool in their never-ending quest to give out more tickets.

This stealth mobile is the latest high tech gadget. The car has a special paint job that is virtually invisible during the daytime as you can see in the top photo.

At night the lettering reacts to artificial light and the car is a bit more revealing.
The flashing lights are mounted within the car.

So now we have to be on the lookout for all white cars...



  1. I was always on the lookout for large white amercian cars

  2. In the laurentians they have White or Navy unmarked Ford Minivans, and the SQ has some flashing red Chevy's. I beleive if that if we can get everyone to collectively obey all the traffic laws collectively ( at the risk of slowing traffic tremendously), we can have a surprising reaction from the police and the municipalities, what do you think?

    1. I think you are a cop... or the illuminati.

  3. This is deplorable! The police is now becoming a legal terrorist and this is in a country where we fight terror! They camouflage themselves as citizens and hide their true purpose - money making! Just looking at the cars and anyone can see that our law system is corrupt! What is our government thinking, is there no control over the doings of our police departments? In the past year the increase in the tickets written in Montreal increased twice in magnitude and this even when the people are driving extra carefully? Is it possible that with all the law imposing new technology and extra police men on streets people are stupid enough to break law more than in previous years? The fact is now you don’t even need to break law to be penalized! The question is then what's next? Maybe a police cartel?

  4. Years ago I use to know a police car behind me by perfectly aimed headlights. Now all cars look the same. It is getting harder and harder to spot the police. Too many law breakers including me. We have to be more careful. Good for them (the police)

  5. This is very nice look and great cat.i love this cars montreal

  6. sorry to break your heart but they are not only white, they have black sport cars and vans, i have seen 2 grey vans already in action and last saturday i got to see the black sport car