Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kingston Police to Drop Bombshell in Drowning Case

Watch for a news conference to be held later this afternoon by Kingston police, it'll be a doosey.

They'll announce the arrest of family members in the murder of the four Montreal Afghani women who drowned when their car plunged into a canal in Kingston, Ontario last month.

Turns out that the 'aunt', Rona Amir Mohammed, who died alongside the three girls, is no aunt at all.

She is the father's first wife, who was rejected because she couldn't bear children. She continued to live with the husband and his new wife and acted as a guardian to the new wife's children. The 'old couple' never divorced.

Recently she felt her life in danger, reports a sister in Paris who sent an email to police which sent the investigation in the direction it has now taken.

Police in Montreal spent hours yesterday interviewing the Shafia family and when the police left, the family made a break for the airport. They were intercepted and arrested by police.

An honour killing seems to be the likeliest answer to this puzzle.
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  1. This story makes me sick. And with our system of justice, I have no hope. There is a real problem with our immigration system... I mean, they are not able to detect people with values that go against the mainstream Canadian society, how do they screen?