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Earl Jones' Family also Feels the Heat

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It seems that the public is in no mood to listen to the phony and slick apology crafted by media consultant Jonathan Goldbloom, that was published by the family of master thief Earl Jones, 10 days after his disappearance was first exposed.

"We are devastated by what has happened to all who put their trust in Earl Jones as a financial adviser but also as a friend, neighbour and community leader. We want to express our profound regret for the pain and suffering that he has caused and state our own sense of deception.

Over the past days since becoming aware of the situation we too have experienced a wide range of emotions, from anger to despair and disillusionment.

The Earl Jones we knew was a loving husband, a devoted father and grandfather, and a respected member of the community. The Earl Jones who has been revealed in recent days is a man we can scarcely believe exists.

Earl's daughter and her husband are also financially exposed and now fear that they will never recover their funds. The family was in the dark about his business activities but will of course co-operate fully with the authorities. We are anxious for Earl to come forward and provide an explanation.

Once again, we wish to express our heartfelt regret to those who have been hurt by Earl Jones. At the same time we hope that you will recognize the sense of shock, grief, shame and outrage that we are experiencing, and we plead that our family's privacy be respected in this very difficult."

Those who knew the Jones' family intimately can attest to how dishonest a portrayal the above statement is. For one thing, Earl was far from being a loving husband. He was was a philanderer extraordinaire, boasting of his many conquests. He had been booted out of the matrimonial home by Maxime on at least one occasion, using his prodigious charm to win her back.

The hired media consultant let it slip that he was engaged by a law firm retained by the family.

Those hurt by the scam artist are not impressed and are demanding answers from Maxime, Earl's wife.

"Despite claims from Earl Jones’s family members that they were “in the dark about his business activities,” Jones’s wife, Maxine, recorded a phone message to his clients saying: “The company is not in a position to remit your funds at this time. You will hear from them within 30 days. In the meantime, phone calls and mail cannot be answered.” Montreal Gazette

Many of the victims believe that the family knows where Jones is hiding.

It hasn't been widely reported that Earl Jones' tentacles spread far across the Quebec border and investors outside the province are asking questions.

"Jerry Coughlan, a Boston banker whose mother, Mary, had entrusted her retirement money to Mr. Jones, said he carefully examined the family's short statement and wonders whether they know where Mr. Jones is hiding.

“I've considered it and the family was silent on the issue of whether they know where he is,” Mr. Coughlan said. “They've got a moral obligation to plead with him in much stronger terms to come forward and co-operate.” Link

"A Halifax man who fears he has been swindled out of thousands of dollars he invested with a Montreal businessman says it is likely that Earl Jones had other clients in Nova Scotia. Dave Hayden says Mr. Jones flew to Halifax several times to meet with him about financial matters." Link

Forget Carmen Sandiego. Where in the world is Earl Jones? "I keep asking myself, why, why, why don't they have a warrant out?" said Mary Jane Taylor of Ingleside, Ont., near Cornwall. "I don't understand why he's a free man." Taylor, 62, and her 69-year-old common-law husband, Kent Hill, who has known Jones since childhood, say they invested $450,000 with him and are now in financial dire straits. Link

Here are some of my favorite comments left by readers related to the various related articles ;
Family is probably in on it. Once the dust settles, they'll all join up and have a heck of a good time on some Island somewhere (tax free of course). Or he took off with a young bimbo and is having a whale of a time.

Seize their assets, and put the family in a shelter. Right they didn't know. Do not let them fool you. -
Gino Grimaldi

To all you fools out there claiming the wife had nothing to do with this as well I hope you are able to READ. Drag them from their luxury house(s) and put them in the street. They're nothing but dogs anyways to me.

"If Jones is the pathological liar that he appears to be, then it stands to reason that he lived his whole life lying to everyone he met, regardless of his relationship with them. You don't just turn a personality disorder, of criminal proportions, off and on - its a way of being."

"get Dog the bounty hunter on the case!" - Doug

"I wish these weasels would come up with Fonzy schemes instead. Nobody gets hurt, bunch of leather jackets get stolen, maybe you get a date or 2 with the Tuscadero sisters. "

"Unlike the US...this guy will get away with it b/c of the Canadian Justice system...that's what infuriates the Canadian people as much as what has been done..."

"The government of Quebec isn't doing anything about Earl Jones and his victims is because its anglophone money and the french establishment doesn't care about anglophones being ripped off."

and to sum it up all.......

"There will be no good ending to this story, ever.
What fate Earl Jones will suffer will not compensate for all the hurt he has caused."


LATE BREAKING NEWS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

to reports Earl Jones is still in Canada. He is in touch with his lawyer who claims that he is contact with police.

There's a lot not being said.... PEOPLE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW!!!!!!

For God's sake reveal what you know and get the bastard into custody!!

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