Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pardon Your French

Le Quebecois is radical sovereignist magazine who's leader, Partrick Bourgeois was the character front and center in the the Plains of Abraham debate. In fact you don't get get much more radical than this group who see humiliation, affront and enemies under every rock.

The organization along with others groups like the Mouvement Montreal Francais are constantly carrying on the noble battle against English and it's 'creeping' influence. Perhaps Mr. Bourgeois should keep an eye out on his own advertisers on his web site. I may be wrong and perhaps 'Bed & Breakfast' has crossed the language barrier much as 'deppaneur' has become a part of English lexicon, but I think not...


  1. Really? You cannot even quote "le" without misspelling it as "la"? Nor can you write "depanneur" without inserting an extra "p" (in exchange for losing an "n") in there?

    Sorry for being so pedantic, especially with me being a fully bilingual, small village born, originally raised in French, quebecois "country bumpkin"...

  2. Well Done!
    But 'deppaneur' is an English version of the original French, just as 'baguel' (as written in many Quebec restaurants) is the French version of the 'bagel'. Also note that in English there are no accents.
    As to 'Le' or 'La', I plead guilty. We anglophones cannot fathom the concept of words being gender-related, but I shall repsectfully make the repair.
    Thank you for your comment!

  3. Maybe Mr Bourgeois is getting desperate after the PQ said his group went too far and decided to stop buying advertisement space from them.