Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Marois' Hubby, Claude Blanchet, Seals PQ Fate

Would you buy a used car from this guy?
A business acquaintance of mine once described Claude Blanchet as the type of person that after shaking hands with him, you would be well advised to count your fingers.

Such is Blanchet's oily reputation, notwithstanding the lawsuits and threatening letters he uses to mitigate the perception that he is one sharp practitioner.

It isn't surprising that Blanchet has been hidden from view during this last election campaign and although a devoted and committed spouse is de riguer during a successful campaign, Pauline has wisely left her albatross at home, preferring not to remind the public who she is married to and the controversy that surrounds him.

Claude Blanchet is in fact one of the major reasons that the PQ campaign fizzled so badly, the controversy over the famous 'deal or no deal' that surrounded him at the Charbonneau Commission cut the legs off of the PQ strategy to run the campaign over the issue of corruption, the same strategy that propelled the PQ to office the last time around.

But Philippe Couillard warned Pauline early on that if she was going to make unsubstantiated corruption allegations against him or the Liberal party, he would return the favour and dredge up Blanchet's past and his alleged involvement in influence-peddling on behalf of Quebec's largest union, the FTQ.

The PQ campaign melted down for more reasons than just Blanchet, the arrival of PKP and the resurrection of the referendum debate was absolutely toxic, with voters turning away from Marois and PKP as if they were carrying a case of Ebola virus, but make no mistake, Blanchet cost the PQ the ethics card.

For those who haven't been apprised of recent developments, the ever shit-disturbing journalist, Alain Gravel of Radio-Canada, ran a story that alleged that Blanchet collected funds from an engineering firm for Pauline's leadership campaign, promising access to the leader should she win.
"Claude Blanchet, the husband of Parti Québécois Leader Pauline Marois, is denying a Radio-Canada report that says he solicited a $25,000 political contribution from a Montreal-area businessman for his wife’s leadership bid.
The report by investigative reporter Alain Gravel for the Radio-Canada program Enquête quotes an affidavit from a businessman with a long history in Montreal’s engineering sector dated March 25, 2014. " Link
The story reported that the $25,000 in donations came from the firm itself, which collected cheques from employees and then reimbursed the money afterwards. This of course, to remain within the law which limits the amount an individual may contribute.

The story was supported by an affidavit sworn by the businessman who made the allegations. You can see the affidavit HERE
But for those with no French, I've taken the liberty to translate it below;

I         blank        domiciled and resident of       blank     in the Province of Quebec, declare solemnly that;
  1.  I        blank    the         blank     of the engineering firm   blank
  2. I knew Mr. Claude Blanchet for at least fifteen(15) years, from when he was president of the  Société générale de financement and spent time with him at social and charitble events.    
  3. In the Spring of 2007, I knew that Mr. Claude Blanchet was the husband of Madame Pauline Marois;
  4. At that time, in 2007, after the announcement of André  Boisclair's departure and in the framework of an eventual leadership campaign of the Parti Quebecois, Mr. Claude Blanchet met me at my  Montreal office (      blank      ) and solicited me for a $25,000 donation.
  5. I then asked my organization to get me $25,000 in cheques from different donors, of which none were to exceed $3,000 per contributor.
  6. I then met Blanchet again in my office a few weeks later and placed in his hands directly, an envelope containing the contribution cheques totalling the aforementioned amount of $25,000.
  7. The principle reason for my implication in this fundraising activity was to gain privileged access to Madame Pauline Marois and I did use this privileged contact by way of Claude Blanchet.
  8. All these alleged facts in this affidavit are true to my personal knowledge.
Pauline first tried to spin the whole affair as payback from anonymous victims of her anti-corruption campaign. Blanchet flatly denied the allegation, saying it never happened, but the anonymous allegation became more real when two individuals from AXOR, the engineering firm involved, stepped forward on Wednesday and identified themselves as having been used as prête-noms (proxies) for the illegal donations.
"Two engineering-consulting group executives have gone on the record, saying their names were used illegally to hide to source of political contributions made to Marois' leadership bid in 2007.
Jacques Grenier, the CEO of Axor, and Maurice Choquette, internal auditor, have told Le Soleil newspaper that though their names appear on Marois' 2007 donor list, the money did not really come from them.
According to Le Soleil, Grenier says he and his colleagues used a system of fake names to fund Marois' bid, though he says he never met with Marois' husband, Claude Blanchet." Link
For Blanchet, his rash decision to deny that he collected the money may come back to haunt him, the facts are easy enough to verify.
Had he taken a moment to consider his alternatives, he might well have admitted taking the money, but in good faith that the money was raised ethically, from different donors. After all, if it happened as alleged in the affidavit, it wasn't him who actually broke the law, but the company that passed along the illegal money. Blanchet could have successfully feigned ignorance as to the provenance of the money.

Of all the mud flung so far in this election campaign, this is the unkindest cut of all, because the unlikable Blanchet is a target that nobody dares defend.

This time Blanchet will have to face the music, he cannot send mis-en-demures in an attempt to silence the critics, those involved are ready to stare down the bully, seemingly confident in their facts.
No way Radio-Canada would let so damaging a story go to air so late in the campaign without having the facts in order.

And so nothing has gone right for the PQ this election and as time winds down, a desperate Pauline continues to go off message to her and the party's detriment.

A PQ candidate running in a riding she has no chance of winning, made an egregious gaffe in stating that if a Doctor refused to take off his kippa, he would lose his job after the year of transition that the charter of Values would provide.
It was a singularly stupid thing to say, considering that the debate where she made the comments was held before a decidedly hostile Vanier College audience.

Compounding the error, Pauline then defended the statement as true, confirming that people would indeed lose their jobs over the Charter, an assertion that cemented her appearance as a heartless fanatic and ideologue.
This was the second time in a week that Pauline defended the indefensible. You'll recall her standing up supporting Janette Bertrand after the unfortunate Rich/ Muslim Fundamentalist/McGill Students fiasco.

It's over. As the old saying goes....Stick a fork in Pauline, she's done.

Further reading...
William Marsden of the Montreal Gazette wrote an exposé on Claude Blanchet and how he and Pauline built their home on public land.
Blanchet sued for defamation, but settled for nothing.

The Gazette has pulled that article, but interestingly it lives on at

How estate was built on public, farm lands

or go HERE for a bunch of stories over the land deal.


  1. Well at least she doesn't have to worry about it anymore :o) Buh-Bye

    1. Eyes on the pack of hungry wolves that are chomping at the bits ready to take over...namely fake Tom Hagen, who I wouldn't trust as far asI could throw him....but let's get past April 7th first.

    2. I certainly hope, at the end of all this corruption and illegal activities, that at least some of these bums and crooks go to jail or what purpose does all of it serve if they can break the law with impunity? Ordinary citizens go to jail for a lot less and if there is any justice in quebec at all, they should have to return the money as well. We shall see if any of this goes anywhere or if they walk away yet again from any responsibility.

  2. Even the Journal de Montreal writes that Premier Marois sucks and blows on the same time.

  3. I guess I left Axor at the right time...

  4. Interesting analytics from Too Close to Call. Even if one counts only the ridings with more than 70% chance of winning, the LPQ would win 65 seats, based on the data on 31 March.

    1. After reading the riding data one more time, I need to forewarn myself not to jump into any conclusion. According to the data, when the LPQ wins a riding, it it more likely to do so in a more overwhelming fashion than the PQ does. For example, the LPQ is projected to win in Westmount-St. Louis by 82.2%, by 81.1% in St. Laurent, and a whopping 94.3% in D'Arcy-McGee. The PQ, in the other hand, is projected to win Ste. Marie-St. Jacques by 33.3%, Blainville by 33.8%, Johnson by 33.9%

      Point is, while the PQ is currently beaten hard from left and right, it may just squeeze wins after wins just by the thinnest of margin. And because of this Westminster system, it may as well win plurality of the seats while it is far behind in the popular votes. One other thing to remember is that in terms of votes needed, the ridings that are projected to go to PQ are "cheaper" than those projected to go to LPQ.

    2. Good point! There is still a lot of election left so let's not be overconfident.

    3. Troy: As I've stated before, that will be on "Goldilocks" for not having made electoral reforms when he had very ample opportunity to do so. If Couillard gets his majority, he better not fool around and make electoral reform a top priority.

  5. Please don't vote for the CAQ - we will be stuck with the PQ if you split the vote!

    1. Legault was interviewed on CTV, he said everything right till he spoke about school boards. He can say what he wants, but as Anglos we SHOULD NOT forego the only area in politics where as Anglos, we have a say, I don't care how much it costs. Then he spoke about the charter and he lost me again, because as far as I'm concerned, there is NO negotiating Rights And Freedoms and when you want to compromise this for one group, it won't be too long you will be coming after mine. So, though I think he brings interesting things to the table, they all go to the wayside when he proposes removing my civil liberties. Finally, not admitting bilingualism is an asset, and not a threat to French, acknowledging that these two things are mutually exclusive, indicates to me he has not attained full political maturity. Seems he still needs to grow a pair.

      It is very clear he is going after the Liberal vote, not wasting time with seppies, he knows they do not sympathize with him. But, he is hoping to sway those undecided that MAY go Liberal, even though not really speaking their lingo. I agree with Cutie, it is unfortunate but you have to vote strategically, if you do not want to be further tortured and abused, it is about the path of least resistance, think about it.

    2. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsWednesday, April 2, 2014 at 7:03:00 PM EDT

      Too bad about Legault. As an entrepreneur who leans to the right (by QC standards anyway), I feel he talks my language.

      Trouble is, he just can't shake that old Quebec mentality of "eux" et "nous" and that is truly disturbing.

      Even more troubling about it, is that the idea of a Quebec that sees elections battled out by the left-center-right is still at least two decades away.

    3. Yes, after listening to him, and he has some good ideas, too many separatist ideas mixed in and none of these will help the province plus further degeneration to the rights and freedoms of the minorities. These people just seem to think everything is up for grabs - legislation that took years to put into place they would wipe out in a second and fire someone from their job because they wear a scarf to work. We can't afford to place one vote in the hands of anyone that thinks this way! The only thing that Dr. Couillard goes along with, from what I understand, is the removal of full face covering and that I understand. The rest is unnecessary and meant to put us "in our place"!

    4. Did you see Denis Coderre on CTV news this week talking about how he is seeking special status for Montreal?

    5. The interview Laurie mentioned, it's a good one!:

    6. I think Legault is caught between a rock and a hard place. He needs the francophone vote..lets face it the anglophones are pretty well always going to vote for the Liberals so he isnt going to waste much time going after our vote.

      You jhave to be a defender of french to get a lot of the francophone vote..the charter is popular in the rural hick areas where the caq has much of its support. Hence he is going to appeal to people in these areas which is not going to please most anglos.

      I do find he speaks more the language that I understand..the down to earth no nonsense talk..the fact that we are going bankrupt..the fact that our debt and taxes are sky high. I agree with his school board proposals..4500 people working in these bureaucratic wastelands is a total waste of money..we could cut them in half with no obvious drop in service. Alberta did exactly that 20 years ago when I lived there and it had very little impact in the end on schools..if anything the quality went up as more of the financial resources went to the teachers and front line. I know the anglos are all up in arms over this but we could still do it in a way so that there are fewer larger english school boards..proportionally to the french school boards. I am sure much of the human resources functions could be centralizeed amongst many school boards..for instance pay. I know a few teachers in Montreal and they rail against the inefficiences in the school boards..there are people there who literally have no useful role meanwhile the teachers have little support..schools are falling apart and so on. Legault is right..a lot of money can be saved here and as he points out only 7 percent of quebecers even vote in the school board elections.

      Still think Legault as a businessman knows where to save money..he knows how to find efficiencies..Couillard is more or less a lifelong government worker..good luck getting our debt down with him. I know everyone is cheering that the Libs will likely win but to me its a muted point..yes I am happy that the PQ are likely to lose..but the Libs again after their last few decades in power..not impressed at all..


    7. "...4500 people working in these bureaucratic wastelands is a total waste of money..we could cut them in half with no obvious drop in service...."

      That may be, not to talk about all the other quebec agencies that are bureaucratic wastelands, starting with OQLF, who has lost it's raison d'être and fabricates excuses to go after small business specifically. Get rid of that before you touch English school boards. Sorry Complicated, when I feel you make great points , I endorse, but I don't agree here with you on this one. English school boards are far too important in my opinion, let's improve them and make them efficient, there is ALWAYS remove fore improvement, but to shut them down and replace them....with commissions? Or whatever, to neutralize their

    8. There is waste all over the provincial government. To somehow single out the english school boards from any cuts is unfair..there need to be cuts everywhere. If the french school boards get cut by x percent then the english school boards should also be cut by x percent. Essentially the school boards would be merged with other english school boards..I really dont see the big deal. How many parents actually seriously interact with their local school board..7 percent of the population votes in the school board elections..nobody cares.

      Meanwhile most schools are falling to pieces..teachers have little support to deal with problem children..but there is money for some bureaucrat to sit in a school board office thinking of something to do.

      Its the same with hospital administration and health care administration..cut the fat with all the administrators so that more money can flow to the front line. I see it over and over across government..they hire more and more managers to manage fewere and fewer people..and of course the managers make the big bucks..

    9. Um, complicated I think you're confused as to what Legault is actually proposing for school boards. He wants to abolish all of them and replace them with regional service centres that administrate all schools in a region, English and French included. There is no decreasing the side of English or French school boards proportionally, they're both gone. As a combined system those voted in will be largely Francophone due to the population demographics. What this means is that the same people from the French school boards who implemented the policy of disciplining children for speaking anything but French on the school yard, or let their schools become infested with mould due to neglect, or have terrible graduation rates, will now be responsible for administering and helping English schools. I think I know where priorities and money will be placed in this kind of a situation.

    10. This is what Legault said..

      Quebec's nine English school boards would be replaced by nine service centres if CAQ is elected on April 7, Legault added.

      So my understanding is that these service centres would still be only supporting the english community. I find it odd though that there would still be 9 english service centres. However I have heard that the english school boards are more efficient in using their resources which wouldnt surprise many of us here.

      And by the way only 7 percent of Quebecs even vote in school board people obviously dont care. I dont believe the CAQ are planning on merging french and english school boards together. Stop pretending these institutions are democratic..when only 7 percent of the population votes then you might as well just appoint people. I think as Legault says its a big lobby group for the Liberals.

      Its funny how many people here agree our debt is high..we need to cut waste..but then when it might affect an english institution then you are all up in arms. So its ok to waste money on english school boards but not on french school boards. There is a lot of far that can be cut from these groups and all sides should share equally.

    11. Yeah, the French school boards would also be replaced by these REGIONAL service centres, ie the same regional service centres as the English ones.

      "The Coalition Avenir Québec is promising to do away with the province’s 69 school boards and replace them with 30 regional service centres to manage student and school needs."

      So unless you really think 9 out of the 30 REGIONAL for all of Quebec will be for English only schools, then no, they're merging both (unless there's just some terrible reporting going on). Legault did say in 2012 there would be no mergers, however at the time he also said there would be 39 (9 being English), not 30 regional service centres, where did the extra 9 go? You know the 9 English ones.

      "And by the way only 7 percent of Quebecs even vote in school board people obviously dont care."
      That doesn't mean they don't care that they exist or not, that's like saying 40% of people in Quebec don't care if a government exists because they don't vote in an election.

      and if you don't like how democratic/undemocratic the current system is:
      "Legault is reaching out to parents by insisting governing boards would have a bigger say in how the schools function because they would no longer have to go through school commissioners."
      What he's proposing is to redefine each school PTA as a school board (in order to circumvent the constitution), so now elected parents, who are elected by the 15% you quote, will take on the responsibilities and decisions of the former school boards with no knowledge or experience of how to run a school. That's where the savings will be, get untrained volunteers to do the work of Bureaucrats.

      There's a big difference between cutting waste and cutting salaries and putting parents in charge and hoping for the best.

    12. "15% you quote"
      whops you quoted 7%, 15% is the participation in the English school boards, my mistake.

    13. If only 7 to 15 percent of the population can be bothered to vote then they dont deserve to have that right. That is patheticaly low even for the english school board. It clearly means that the vast majority of people do not care. That is not democracy.

      From what I read nine of the 30 will be for the english school boards..this does seem high though. I dont see him merging french and english school boards together..I think there would be a constitutional challenge.

      Honestly I bet the PTA would do as good a job as the current school boards do at a much lower cost. Lets face it..its time for people here to wake up..we need cuts everywhere to have a hope of getting quebecs finances in order. Its not going to be pleasant these cuts..cuts are never easy and yes some services will suffer..more volunteers wil be needed..people in general will have to sacrifice their time..but we as a society continue to elect governments that borrow money that we dont have to offer services that we often dont need.

      I would love to see a politician for once come out and say something like this.

      "We have been living beyond our means for decades here in Quebec. We have accumulated a massive debt of 250 billion dollars which is by far the highest in north america. Including the federal and municipal government debt we have a debt to gdp ratio of over 92 percent which places us in the same league as may of the pigs countries in europe. We also have the highest taxes in north america. We can no longer continue to borrow billions each year to spend on programs we cannot afford. Our generous social programs will need to be cut back..thousands of job cuts are needed to restore our provincial staff to comparable levels of other provinces..tuition fees much rise to levels that much of the rest of canada pays. If we do not make serious cuts then they will be forced on us by the bond market within the next few years. Interest rates have been at record low levels..they will not stay that way forever..within 2 years most economists expect rates to rise again. This will place enormous pressure on our finances. The aging population will also place enormous pressures on our health care system and the pension system. We either take painful steps now which will produce results within 5 years or we will have even more painful measures imposed on us by outside forces in a few years. If you want a government that has the political will to do what is necessary then we are the ones..if you want to continue to believe in fairy tales and that we can continue living beyond our means then vote for the other guys. "

      Alas..nobody wants to hear the cold hard truth..we prefer to live in our la-la quebecistan land where unlimited social programs and services will be had for all forever..

    14. "That is not democracy."
      Of course that's democracy, it's up to the people, and the people who don't care don't vote and the ones that do, do.

      "I think there would be a constitutional challenge."
      There would, be which is why the regional centres won't be the school boards, he will change it so that the individual school PTA will be the de facto school board for every school, meaning he's actually multiplying the number of school boards not decreasing them, in order to get around the constitution.

      "Honestly I bet the PTA would do as good a job as the current school boards do at a much lower cost. "
      Have you been to a PTA meeting? It's a whole bunch of babbling by people who have no idea what they're talking about and nothing ever gets done. At a certain point you need someone with knowledge time and skills to govern and giving it to parents whose kids are at a school for maximum of 6 years, does not allow for regional or long term thinking for the school. If you think people live in la la land for the whole province imagine the same people running a budget for a school, will funds be put towards maintenance, and sciences or for music class and parties and field trips?

      I'm not denying the school boards are bloated but there's no need to throw the baby out with the bath water and replace it by short term amateur volunteers, increased efficiency and merging some school boards that make sense would be preferable.

      I agree with you that in 2012 he said that there would be 30 French school centres and 9 English school centres, but as far as the plan this election is concerned he has said nothing about separate centres and is only mentioning 30 centres total unlike the 39 in 2012, so where did the 9 others go? Could be unclear messaging on Legault's part or the media.

  6. PLQ+Marc Bibeau+David Whissel impliqués directement avec mafieux Écoute électronique d'Accurso

  7. A gem

  8. Porter croit que Couillard ferait un bon premier ministre


    1. Rambo did the same for the PQ! Two "great" endorsements lol

  9. Apparently La Presse and Le Soleil have officially endorsed the liberals - reasons: economy, charter, referendum! Let's go libs! Get rid of people that want to fire personnel for wearing a head scarf to work! What in the world is this province coming to? Don't these people have real problems to worry about? Get out and get a damn job and mind your business - bums!

    And while I'm at it, it's so nice to see that the seppies have crawled into the woodwork where they belong because not even they can justify the extremism of those crazy PQ idiots! And I don't miss them in the least!

    1. I am very happy to see that most francophones in Quebec have come to realize what a dangerouns, radical, racist and destructive party the PQ are. I was concerned for awhile that enough of the rural vote would catapult the PQ into power or a split between the CAQ and the PLQ would do likewise. Of course its not over until its over but this is encouraging.

      However what is not so encouraging is once again Quebecers are falling back to a party that has shown over and over under many different leaders to be incapable of managing this province especially economically. I believe the greatest threat confronting Quebecers in the coming years will be that concerning the financial health of the province. All other policy objectives more or less rely on this one factor: you cant have good health care without money, you cant cut taxes if you are bankrupt, you cant fix schools and roads without money, and on and on. When interest rates rise within the next few years where is Quebec going to get the extra billions to cover the added interest expense on the debt? Even with a generally good Canadian economy we cant balance the budget..even with record low interest rates we cant balance the budget.

      The Liberals financial record has been a disaster. Hence we may have slayed the seperation and language dragon for awhile but the more importand and damaging financial dragon is coming and we have the most inept party in quebec for finances who will be in charge..not encouraging..

      I will say it again..we all had a chance to elect a third that I believe would have had the best chance to fix the financial mess we are all in but because of paranoia on the anglophone side and because of the fear of cuts on the francophone side not enough people were there to elect the CAQ. I think in 2-3 years we will be in financial crisis mode..

    2. It's not just the economic problems that Legault would try to fix complicated. Had he not endorsed the charter and Bill 14 with a few modifications, I might have tended to agree with you but God man, he is for these other things as well as the PQ plus again, he is a separatist and wants to fix the damn economy for "winning conditions" - not quite what I would call a great motive to vote for the guy. Sorry, libs it is because with the social damage Legault would do, this province will never recover anyway!

    3. Cutie -

      He is trying to get elected..his base is the rural francophone vote..of course he is going to support the charter to a point. He has to show that he is a tough defender of the quebecois culture to get votes. In practice I think he would have never proposed the charter to begin with and I suspect he would pass a much more watered down version. He watered down Bill 14 to the point that it was essentially pointless so the PQ dropped it. He was playing smart politics.

      If you listen to the guy..his real focus is on the economy..he was forced into a position on the charter and Bill 14 by the PQ..he cant come out and say "Oh we dont think there are any problems with immigrants and bilingualism is fine and we arent worried about the quebecois culture" cant say things like that if you want to maintain your vote in the francophone areas. The Liberals always have that 25 seat bonus from the anglophones so they dont have to compromise as much..the anglophones never gave Legault a chance. Instead they threw the old seperatism tag on him from day one even though he promised not to talk about seperation for at least 10 years.

      Instead we will have another Liberal government who will continue to rack up the debt until boom in a few years. Legault was the only person that had a chance at improving the fiscal situation here..he is the only one with business sense and the only one focusing on this PRIME issue..the real elephant in the room.

    4. Don't agree - he jumped all over Couillard when he mentioned the dreaded "B" word - that was his chance to shut the hell up but no he had to say that he felt Bill 101 had to be reinforced. If that's playing "politics" then he's playing them all wrong because at that time he may have won some of the federalist votes that he had last time around. Now the anglos have totally turned against him. Sometimes it's just better to say nothing but certainly not say that Bill 101 needed re-inforcement. He had already said he would accept a watered down version plus a watered down version of the Charter. He is stealing votes from the PQ which is exactly where he should be stealing them and that suits me fine. I certainly hope that Dr. Couillard does handle the economy better than Charest but we won't know until he's in office so I'm willing to give him that chance. $28M right off the top by getting rid of language police would be a start but he has to cut down on the size of the government also.

    5. "Now the anglos have totally turned against him. "

      Totally..were the anglos ever even in the least supportive of him. I would say no. From day one all you said cutie was that he is just another seperatist. It didnt matter that he was promising no talk on didnt matter that he had federalists in his didnt matter that the caq was the only reason that the PQ did not win a majority in didnt matter that he was focusing on all the issues that most anglos are worried the only thing that mattered to you and most other anglos is that he used to be in the PQ..from day had your blinders on about the CAQ and I would say 90 percent of anglos.

      You filter everything through the federalist or seperatist window..its black or are either totally federalist or your pure evil. There are some very competent people who are and were seperatists and there are horrible federalist politicians. Anglos complain all the time about how quebec is going nowhere..the debt is high..the taxes are high..there is mass corruption and on and on..yet what do they do about it..they vote for the SAME party that has proven over and over for decades that it is incapableof running this province. That tells me that there is some sort of mass cognitive dissonance among the anglos driven by paranoia and fear not about embracing real change and hope.

    6. The whole point is complicated that there will never be a chance for this province to shine in any way whatsoever as long as there is the political instability of separation. That's what dragging the province down and will continue to do so until people are secure enough to invest and move here. Only when there is the security of being a part of the bigger picture will this place be attractive to "others". As long as nationalism and separation are on the agenda, don't count on there being much in the way of change.

  10. I highly recommend the articles the editor links to in the further readings section. While I was aware of Marois' Châteaux, I did not realise the extent to which they engaged in profiteering using their government positions and circumventing the law with payoffs. It's shocking people elected Marois once after this happened let a lone numerous times, what is wrong with the people of Quebec?

    Also when this story broke why were there no sit in protests on the public land Pauline decided to gate off?

    1. We have some friends in Ile Bizard who told us that many people on the island cant stand Marois and Blanchet. They are angry about how they used public land and agricultural land to build this palace..breaking all sorts of rules and laws in the process. This story is what really opened up my eyes on how dishonest and dangerous a person Pauline Marois is. Essentially she acts like a queen..there are rules for everyone and then rules for her and her husband..

    2. And different rules for ethnics and anglophones - Power hungry trippers that do not deserve to be in charge of anything let alone a province! God man, they are crooks and break their own laws continuously and when it suits them! We can't afford to let these people have any say in the running of our province!

  11. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsThursday, April 3, 2014 at 12:16:00 PM EDT

    I have to admit that at the end of 2012, I felt depressed. It really was the bad guys who won and won it very dishonestly no less.

    Now, it seems that piece-by-piece the PQ is getting back everything they put out, this is going on right now:

    How does it feel Matante Popo?

    Also, don't forget to watch the resounding boos that follow Atibol's declaration that a Jewish doctor should be fired: (Skip to the 50:00 mark to watch it happen)

  12. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsThursday, April 3, 2014 at 12:52:00 PM EDT


    Marois is now trying to extend the election by one more week in order to get a fighting chance at survival.

    Yes...for real.

    1. Anonymous Buster of Shit Arguments,

      Les liens, SVP.

    2. Naw - say it isn't so! Read on FB that new polls have the liberals at 72 seats so perhaps there is some truth in what you say but really can she do that? If she can get away with that she definitely has something else up her sleeve. Where did you hear that ABSA?

    3. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsThursday, April 3, 2014 at 2:16:00 PM EDT

      IT was mentioned on an audio with Don MacPherson & Dougherty this noon.

  13. This really needs to go viral - too funny ( and too true ) for words -

  14. Just in case you don't have time to go to you tube ( but really it's best to listen to him sing the lyrics )

    Queen Pauline don't lead your sheep to the slaughter
    'Cause once you do, it can't become undone
    Instead just try to keep their heads above water
    'Cause they'll find drowning won't be any fun

    Your economy is in the tank
    But they'll still have you to spank
    Rearranging deckchairs on your New Titanic

    Misdirection with your Charter
    When in fact you might be smarter
    To treat them to a healthy dose of panic

    Queen Pauline don't lead your sheep to the slaughter
    'Cause once you do, it can't become undone
    If you take them while they sleep, your sons and daughters
    May wake up to a very different sun

    You want to build your "Poutine Nation"
    Based on your hallucinations
    Reality could bring you to your knees

    One week, Pasta's on your face
    Another scandalous disgrace
    Your on-going case of foot-in-mouth disease

    Queen Pauline don't let your Brown Shirts probe our babies
    Measuring letters and apostrophes
    Infecting us with strains of racial rabies
    Your xenophobic ideology

    You're fiddling Nero's violin
    Yet you can't see the mess you're in
    While becoming everybody's fool

    You go for "Blokes" then go for broke
    On the world stage, you're a joke
    Still you sit and sink in your own stool

    The feeble ideology
    That still fuels your strategy
    Sends people packing down the 401

    Resurrecting René's ghost
    Like Lucien, Bernie, Jacques, you're toast!
    Another relic of Bill 101

    Queen Pauline don't lead your sheep to the slaughter
    Your lemmings march in lockstep to a fall
    And when they do, don't weep, please just don't bother
    Remember that this will have been your call

    (Neverendum Referendums)
    Just like Marie-Antoinette
    Who lost her head playing "cake roulette"
    You pray your ilk will unify
    By feeding them pie in the sky

    Your Banana Republicans
    Basking in "New Cuba"'s fun
    Will find that it's too late to run
    When all is said and done

    Take "Le Québec Libre" de Charles De Gaulle
    Flush it down your half-million dollar toilet bowl

    PQ, SQ, CAQ, no more FLQ
    SAAQ, FTQ, how about FU2

    Queen Pauline you lack in substance and in style
    Once and for all, just get off our backs
    To the likes of you, we'll never "Zieg Heil"
    "Ostie d'calice de crisse de tabarnac"
    In your "De-Stink " society
    Your "Pure-Laine" minority
    Should simply just try googling "Germany"

    Look up other sinking ships
    As with most dictatorships
    There are different shades of tyranny

    You send your kids to private schools
    Unlike the plebian mass you rule
    You're superior to the folks to which you pander

    Unclear on how you really plan
    To govern your "Kébekistan"
    Why don't you just simply write Ann Landers

    Money and the Ethnic Vote
    "Les Maudits Anglais" got your goat
    Pulling the wool off of your sheep's eyes

    Instead you should attack "le Joual"
    Québec's real "Langue Officiale"
    And send in the OLF's Nazi spies

    Queen Pauline we should just put you out to pasture
    Banging pots and pans with your devout
    Someday in Maroisland, there may be Rapture
    Canada will simply vote you out
    (So Goodbye!)

    Even if you beg, plead, scream and cry
    Stop whining, promise to behave and try
    We'll never ever really will see eye to eye
    Our answer still will be goodbye
    And much to your chagrin
    We won't let you back in
    Standard YouTube Licence

  15. >>>>> Even more troubling about it, is that the idea of a Quebec that sees elections battled out by the left-center-right is still at least two decades away.

    This I totally hear.

    I admit to confusion why some are gleeful that the PQ might lose this election. There shall be a sequel and the referendum/separatist mentality will remain. Nothing will change. Nothing. Sure, Marois will be cut loose and a new face - PKP or Lisée or Drainville or je ne sais qui. Doesn't seem like a big deal really.

  16. Kevin Gould @GouldKevin
    PQ now criticizing #qc2014 CAQ candidate and bringing in

    1. What exactly does this comment mean?

    2. Twas a tweet from Kevin Gould (CTV producer) tweeting at a PQ event where Drainville was talking and making accusations about CAQ candidate Noah Sidel. Unfortunately he did not elaborate afterwards as to what was said about the blog, and I can't find any full footage of the conference. I suppose one could ask what was said about the blog in response to the post (see link) however I do not have a twitter account.

    3. Ah I believe I found what he was probably referencing from a PQ press release:

      "Lors de la campagne électorale de 2012, M. Sidel a en effet écrit, le 24 août : « There’s a guy who runs a great blog called “No Dogs or Anglophones” that I read regularly. I’m starting to feel like a PQ government might actually go as far as to start posting those signs and forcing us dirty Anglos to wear a big A on our sleeves. […] But it’s not hard to imagine a PQ-governed province in which the English language is simply banned »."

    4. Of course what is the missing text in that quote they've substituted with an ellipse?

      "I’m not even kidding – I don’t take Nazi comparisons lightly. It’s impossible to believe the PQ would ever try to kill anyone, so you can’t go too far with the comparison"

      Him saying he wouldn't actually make a Nazi comparison which is what they are accusing him of, very selective editing there PQ, real class act you people are.

    5. Good morning!
      It shouldn't be too hard to find what I meant since all you needed to do was follow my Twitter timeline.

      PQ now criticizing #qc2014 CAQ candidate and bringing in

      Drainville says CAQ candidate compared PQ to nazis during #qc2012. @noahsidel says he never did that

      Here's what @noahsidel thinks about the PQ #qc2014

      If you have any other questions feel free to look me up on Twitter: @GouldKevin

  17. I admit to confusion why some are gleeful that the PQ might lose this election. There shall be a sequel and the referendum/separatist mentality will remain. Nothing will change. Nothing. Sure, Marois will be cut loose and a new face - PKP or Lisée or Drainville or je ne sais qui. Doesn't seem like a big deal really.

    That is absolutely, positively the case. If the Liberals do win this election, even with a strong majority, NOTHING WILL CHANGE. The corruption will continue, the language laws will continue to discriminate and push companies and businesses out of the province, Bill 101 will continue strangling the life out of English schools until the very last one vanishes, the OQLF will harass small businesses and make life here a living hell, the roads, overpasses and buildings will continue to crumble and fall, hospitals ER's will be overcrowded, people will die from neglect, taxes will go up and up, Quebec's debt will spiral out of control until a Greece-like crisis occurs, etc, etc. The Liberals are going to change this? Really??

    And worst of all, the very worst, is the PARTI QUEBECOIS IS NOT GOING AWAY, and are guaranteed to come back in a few short years (or months if the Liberals get a minority). The PQ were defeated in 1985....came back in 1994. The PQ were defeated in 2003....came back in 2012. Unless we see the PQ seat numbers utterly decimated, pushing them back to numbers they had in the early 1970's, this problem is NOT going away. Plus we have other separatist parties: the CAQ, QS, QN. Certainly no shortage of parties eager to create hate and division.

    You think the Charter of Values is going away? The PQ has done its damage, whether it exist as a law or a shelved idea on paper, the hate, division and discrimination unleashed is not going to magically vanish on the morning of April 8th. It's incredible how people see the possible election of the Liberal government as a turning point, like something different is going to happen this time around. Wow, I can't believe how incredible naive people, utterly stupid.

    Just understand one thing....we never have, and never will, bounce back up. Whoever is in power, Quebec just keeps descending downwards. Until there is a party in power that is TRULY federalist and denounces Bill 101, the QOLF, the existence of nationalist hate parties such as the PQ, QS, CAQ, QN, going as far as calling for them to be abolished....we're just going to keep sinking deeper and deeper. We'll see what happens on Monday, but I'll tell you something, I still look forward to leaving Quebec as soon as possible because I see absolutely zero hope for change in this province.

    1. ‘That is absolutely, positively the case. If the Liberals do win this election, even with a strong majority,NOTHING WILL CHANGE. The corruption will continue, the language laws will continue to discriminate and push companies and businesses out of the province, Bill 101 will continue strangling the life out of English schools until the very last one vanishes, the OQLF will harass small businesses and make life here a living hell, the roads, overpasses and buildings will continue to crumble and fall, hospitals ER's will be overcrowded, people will die from neglect, taxes will go up and up, Quebec's debt will spiral out of control until a Greece-like crisis occurs, etc, etc. The Liberals are going to change this? Really??’


      Nothing will change; it will only get worse as it has for 50 straight years’ folk, that is a fact.

      Go look at the debt chart…straight up…taxes, up,up,up and away…more debt, corruption, slime, sleaze, lies…anti – English language laws…bills 22, 178, 101…

      Remember the liberals and the PQ created all of this mess together…

      A lot of us have left…we will not come back…I feel for you people in Quebec, I really do…you do not see how bad things are going to get…much, much worse…and government does not care, none of them.

      How far in debt to you think the government can go? This will end and it will not be pretty.

    2. Agreed...everyone seems to be rejoicing like quebec is entering a new awakening. Its the Liberals again who ran this place into the ground from 2003-2012. Couillard is no better than charest or bourassa or any other liberal leader.
      The CAQ might have brought some real change..but alas that chance is now lost..

    3. Everyone is rejoicing at the prospect of being rid of the hateful PQ and their awful, divisive and anti-English policies, that is all. I don’t think many people are actually dancing with joy for the Liberals.

      Perhaps you should be asking yourself why it is the CAQ, under such ideal circumstances for people seeking a third party, has failed to resonate with the vast majority of Quebecers in the last two elections…

  18. Wait... You mean the Uber-PQ website, of all websites, host a Gazette article talking about how one of the highest person among the PQ and future leader of the party is a crooked piece of scat?

    Vigile is not pro-QS, nor pro-ON. They are PQ people. This makes no fucking sense. This isthe kind of shit that should be hosted here.


    1. This not democracy. In a true democracy pro-charter advocates and uneducated PQ partisans like Mohammad should have their right to vote taken away while all the McGill students should be allowed to vote.

    2. I see that you are now resort to insulting Islam. Is there not anything too low for you to go to?

    3. Even the bottom of the barrel isn't low enough from them when it's time to reduce our rights.

    4. @Troy : I don't understand why all these people went apeshit crazy after I posted an inoffensive link...

    5. Sorry Dave! It's just that every time I hear about this Mohammad scumbag, I just can't contain myself.

    6. Watch out: Some seppie scumbag will take Vlad's and Mark's comments about PQ sycophant/correspondent Mohammad and twist them into, "Look at that awful Quebec-bashing website No Dogs or Anglophones, where anglos insult the prophet Muhammad."
      As we see from the comment by Whowhatzit at 3:40:00 PM EDT and follow-up posts, the PQ isn't above taking statements out of context and snipping off inconvenient bits to attack its enemies.

  20. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsThursday, April 3, 2014 at 6:42:00 PM EDT

    I only partially agree with Apple.

    While I see little changing under the new Liberals, I do sincerely believe that Couillard would like to mould the province's psyche and goals closer to his own personal achievements. Like Henry Rollins once said, politics is just a person's version of things should be.

    In this case, Couillard is a well-read, well-traveled and accomplished individual. He is Francophone first (very Franco, at that), however, he can't easily communicate in English. In other words, I see no reason why Francophone shouldn't aspire to the same heights.

    On the other side of the coin, you have the Bucket Crab Separatists ( ) who resent people like Couillard, Chretien, Charest, Guy Laliberte among others for succeeding not only in Quebec, but on the international stage.

    Given their lowly position in life, watching others succeed while their personal growth is stifled is punishable by a vote for the PQ.

    I don't want to get ahead of myself an predict a PQ loss - I'll only admit that it looks damn good for the Libs right now, but if the Bucket Crabs suffer another BQ-level decimation, they will be angrier than ever. And that's where Apple is dead-on.

    If these guys not only lose but alos get humiliated, come four years from now, they will stop at nothing. Just look at the way PQ separatists have treated QS separatists - it is downright animalistic. One thing's for sure, if the Libs do take over the Assembly for four years, we need to use this blog to put together a contingency plan for the next election.

    1. For sure we are going to lobby the liberals, especially if they get a majority (fingers crossed) to change some of the things that are killing us off and this blog will be a great help if people will get on their keyboards and send off some e-mails. I know there is a lot of talk about it on social media - people want REAL change this time!


    You MUST read this opinion piece, YOU MUST!