Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Caught in Couillard Trap, PQ Backtracks on Notwithstanding Clause

PQ trying to dance at two weddings
It seems that Philippe Couillard is playing the campaign end game brilliantly, keeping the PQ off-balance and forcing it to deal with election issues that it does not want to face.

For Couillard, the challenge is to keep the referendum and sovereignty debate in the limelight, a discussion which has proved to be the PQ's Achilles Heel, so much so that Pauline has publicly announced her abandonment of the option, that is, ahem....until Quebecers are ready for it.

That pregnant pause has now become known as Pauline's 'dot, dot, dot' moment, a perceived trick whereby she tried to allay fears about a possible referendum for the majority of voters who don't want one, while assuaging the resulting angst of her hardline supporters with the promise that it is all contingent on events.
I am mindful of the old Yiddish proverb that reminds us;

"You can't dance at two weddings with one ass."
'Mit eyn tokhes ken men nit tantsn af tsvey khasenes.'

The trap was rather clever, but Couillard actually had help, benefiting from the news article written in La Presse which was a gift horse, a softball pitch that he could knock out of the park. The two page spread was a devastating attack on the credibility of the PQ and its leadership;
"Columnist Vincent Marissal wrote that several notable PQ ministers, party supporters, and writers with the Quebecor-owned Journal de Montreal came up with a plan in 2007 to transform the party. Those people include Jean-Francois Lisée, Mathieu Bock-Coté, and Pierre Karl Peladeau, the president and CEO of Quebecor.
One key part of that plan was to create a Charter of Values that would violate the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, thus creating a dispute between the federal government and Quebecers. Link
Read the original article in French HERE
"Liberal leader Philippe Couillard said this is proof the Parti Quebecois has embarked on a Machiavellian plan to brainwash Quebecers into supporting the Charter of Values, and inevitably leading to support for a referendum on separation." Link
You might remember that when elected, Pauline promised us that this is exactly what she intended to do, squabble with Ottawa in order to evoke sovereigntist support.
And so Couillard brought back the referendum debate by neatly linking it to the Charter of Values, a disastrous situation for Marois who wants to campaign on the Charter, but not referendums.

This attack by Couillard was so deadly that Marois had to defuse the situation by pretending that the story about a plot to create a dispute as detailed in La Presse, was false and that the PQ had every intention of using the notwithstanding clause.
"A Parti Québécois government would use the notwithstanding clause to protect its proposed secular charter from a court challenge, party leader Pauline Marois said – the first time she has invoked the constitutional protection.
Ms. Marois said it was necessary to reassure Quebeckers that the secular charter will be enforced after hearing rumblings that the rest of Canada will challenge its validity before the courts." Link
But wait a minute, back in January, Bernard Drainville was swearing up and down that the Charter of Values could stand the test of any constitutional challenge

Charter of Values: No Need to Resort to Notwithstanding Clause
Quebec doesn't have to resort to the Notwithstanding Clause of the Canadian Constitution to shelter the charter of Values from an eventual court challenge, reaffirmed Bernard Drainville, the minister responsible for democratic institutions.

Bill 60 which forms the basis of the proposed Charter of State Secularism, rests on, according to him, solid judicial ground and therefore doesn't need the protection of the exceptional provision of the constitution.

"During a press conference Thursday morning, alongside the public consultation on Bill 60,  Minister Drainville indicated the need to address the issue by noting that the project under consideration included amendments to the Quebec Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which would normally be taken into account during any judgments on the subject.  Link
"In the past, Ms. Marois had always argued that according to the government’s legal experts the secular charter would meet any court challenge from those who argued it would violate the Charter of Rights and Freedoms." Link
So How does Marois explain her about face?
She explained that the PQ recently found out that some evil Canadians from outside Quebec, were planning to challenge the law in court. Argghh...... 

And so Couillard has neatly trapped the PQ into playing defence with the one issue that it thought would save them, the Charter of Values. (or whatever it is called)

To that end, Janette Bertrand, the 89 year-old fantasy-world dweller, didn't help with her hilariously racist rant, at a PQ breakfast promoting the charter.


Now don't accuse me of ageism for invoking her age, Jean-François Lisée no less, in a radio interview, told the audience that she might have had a 'senior moment.'

The 89 year-old warned the audience that Rich /Muslim/fundamentalists from McGill University were about to takeover Quebec.

In the room where she made her pronouncement were many PQ stalwarts, many clearly uneasy with what was being said. Go back to the video and check out Leo Bureau-Blouin, the ex-student leader now running for the PQ, burying his head in shame, down in the lower right-hand corner.
Not so for Drainville who stood stoically beside Bertrand during her entire speech.

Today's reaction was swift from the sovereigntist news journalists, humiliated at the spectacle and wondering how many more slings and arrows, the Charter could survive.
Said Sophie Durocher in Le Journal du Montreal of Madame Bertrand;"With friends like that, you don't need enemies!" Link

Thus readers, dies the 'Janette' movement... a group of pro-charter women that includes various media types including PKP's ex, Julie Snyder.
Lucky the group doesn't have membership cards, else-wise, those involved would all be chopping them up and flushing the evidence of their membership down the toilet. Suivant!

As you can imagine the Bertrand performance was fodder for much indignation, even Françoise David condemned the tirade in no uncertain terms.
But Couillard was particularly harsh in his condemnation of Bertrand, inciting Marois to defend Bertrand, demanding he apologize for his remarks.
Readers, this is how elections are won and lost.

Mr. Couillard may not be the most dynamic campaigner, but he's smart enough to let his opponents self-destruct, offering just enough encouragement and providing just enough rope for the PQ to hang itself.

It seems that La Presse is winning the proxy war between itself and the Journal de Montreal, the Demarais newspaper scoring late, but with devastating effect in its effort to undermine the PQ, with the JdeMtl seemingly out of gas after its early smear jobs on Couillard.

But I'll have more on that epic battle next post.....


  1. Liberals with majority latest poll finds. But everyone must get out and vote.


    1. Dear readers and contributors to this blog:

      After my emancipation from Quebec, now in its 30th year, I have only one thing to say:

      I TOLD YOU SO!
      I TOLD YOU SO!
      I TOLD YOU SO!

      My life partner was told by her Montreal friends how nutty and scary things are in Quebec these days. When she was hemming and hawing about whether or not to move here with me, I told her it will take very little time to be glad she did, and yesterday she was called by all her old Montreal contacts to wish her a happy birthday expressing how awful things are in Montreal and Quebec these days.

      It reinforced what I told her before moving down. Once she did so, she'd be glad she did, and again, I was right. For her kids, too, it's a no-brainer they're glad they left Quebec.

    2. Mr. S.

      If it is true Quebec cannot be rescued, and we should all abandon ship like you recommend, has it occurred to you that Canada cannot, and won't be rescued either? You don't live here anymore, but if we sneeze, you still get a cold. Some of us have resolved to remain, for now. Personally, I feel the tide is turning here. Baby boomers are in their sunset years and they have been flying this flag for a long time, but they are tired now...never in previous history have we seen the separatist movement so despicable and desperate and that tells the entire story. If you can imagine, Often when I speak to people here, they are no longer as afraid of the PQ BS as they use to be previously. They have literally become immune, you sense it. It's like..these idiots can go scare their grandmothers for all we care.

  2. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, April 1, 2014 at 9:09:00 AM EDT

    The PQ have done everything wrong during this campaign. From flip flopping, to potential scandals arising, racist connotations and false accusations...
    This party is dead in the water as far as credibility goes.
    Where are the jobs, Pauline?

  3. That silly Janette woman, presuming that because two, perhaps Muslim gentlemen, left the pool because women were there, is to say the least, paranoid. At my age, two gentlemen seeing me in a bathing suit, no matter what colour their skin is, would probably have left the pool also! Not in my younger years maybe but then who knows why they left. Like the woman talking about the zombie walk, these people clearly need some kind of psychological help. Only in quebec is this type of behaviour considered "normal" by some people - elsewhere it would be laughed at.

    1. I see in the last thread that the whole story by the Janette woman was made up anyway. Where the hell do the PQ think they are going? What a bunch of crazy people and it gets worse every hour! All Dr. Couillard has to do is keep smiling; they are killing themselves quite nicely. Let's go Liberals! Boot these nuts out with a huge majority and let's get this province on it's feet again! Give him a chance to help with the economy everyone - he is not Charest and maybe he can turn this party around to look after the economy by attracting new business and investment! No separatist parties! They only cause people to leave the province due to instability!

    2. I think a lot of the damage has already been done, and while I won't say it's completely irreversible, it will take an awful long time to repair because I'm sure a lot more Anglophones will leave, or certainly their kids will wanting to start their careers in a more stable, peaceful environment...and likely lower taxes.

      Too, be reminded Couillard, like Goldilocks before him, will not change a comma of Bill 101. You'll see!

    3. @Mr. S

      Before changing anything on Bill 101, which is highly undemocratic and violates fundamental Rights and Freedoms of EVERY citizen of this province, I concur, I will settle for recognizing that Bilingualism is an asset, and should be encouraged especially for future generations, to have a shot in Life, and overall betterment of Quebec society. I also want to see the OQLF gone from Montreal shores. It has been extremely bad for business and the economy of this city. I want to see it banished from the island, so that the island can finally breath some economic prosperity. Language laws particularly have enslaved this city, and the language police has literally been overkill. Let's get rid of it first as it serves no bloody purpose and its fanaticism of late is simply a ploy to hang on to their jobs, pure and simple. Their bloody selfishness and personal agendas however are paralyzingly us further. That is the problem we must resolve.

    4. My best advice to you MVÉ would be to continue the cause no matter who wins the election. What I would suggest is drawing up a clear proposal how Montreal would fit into the Canadian mosaic. Would you annex to another province? Form a new province? Something else?

    5. Bill 101 will be changed when francophones start demanding the same rights as anglophones.

      It won't be changed by anglo hysteria. It will be changed as more francophones realize their options are being limited by their government.

      Couillard, last Thursday in the debate, was speaking directly to those 450 residents who look at their anglo neighbours and come to the quiet realization that 40 years of cultural and linguistic restrictions have only served to produce fluently bilingual anglos while limiting their own offspring


  4. I mentioned this before on the last thread. From the tone, I believe that J.-F. Lisee's interview on CJAD is no longer about this current campaign anymore, it is more like the first shot of his bid for the PQ leadership. I think he already reads the writing on the wall. Just pay attention if more of PQ brass make remarks contradicting to the tone and the thread of PQ's current campaign.

    1. Yes, for sure he's interested in the job. They will dump Miss Piggy pretty quick after the election but I'm sure Drainville and KPK will also want the job. Either one will split the party again. I love it. I hope they implode and the faster the better. Each day brings a new revelation and they look dirtier and dirtier. Get the Notwithstanding Clause out of the Constitution and put one in that says Canada is indivisible - Would take care of a lot of our problems - do it while we have a federal premier. Only about 30% of the population are hard core anyway - these two changes would stop a lot of this nonsense and help our province get back on it's feet.

    2. First shot?
      Drainville, Lisée and PKP will be fighting hard to lead the PQ into oblivion.
      Although PKP will like pull a Duchesneau and walk away if the PQ don't get a majority. I cannot see him being a member of her majesty's loyal opposition.


    3. Hey KEV< I don't understand Duchesneau.He is a member of the "Order of Canada', why is he following a separatist that promised separation in ten years
      Peladeau is a playboy who doesn't have the maturity to handle the job. It;s obvious that all his lfe he's been surrounded by his father's old team who made most of the decisions for his approval. Ed

    4. @ED
      Oh for fuck's sake Ed, the CAQ is NOT a separatist party!

      Anglos of a certain age need to take the blinders off and lose the 'once-a-separatist, always-a-separatist' attitude.

      Seriously, how the hell can ANYONE spend their entire life in Quebec and not realize that EVERY FRANCOPHONE FLIRTS WITH SOVEREIGNTY.

      Goddamnit, it's like Anglos saying they will leave Quebec one day.

      Stop being so ignorant and LEARN something about your neighbours!


    5. Oh, Kevin, the CAQ is indeed a separatist party, but one that will react depending which way the wind is blowing on any given day. Their stated long-term goal is separation as opposed to the PQ's come-hell-or-high-water, now-or-never attitude. Buy into separation now, or buy in later.

      Even though I want Quebec out of Canada, I'm loving every moment of this rise and fall of the Separatist Empire.

    6. @Mr. Sauga
      It is not a separatist party.

      It is a party that openly says 'no referendum for a decade' so that all the francophones who have flirted with separation {IN OTHER WORDS, 80% OF QUEBEC] but now realize it was a mistake of youth can vote for a party that isn't quite as hardcore federalist as the Liberal party.

      You people really suck at putting yourself in others' peoples' shoes.


  5. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, April 1, 2014 at 10:15:00 AM EDT

    The PQ rag i.e. Le Journal de Montreal have no mention of Marois' latest problems.
    PKP did assure of his medias objectivity..


  6. The PQ brass never give any definitive answer whether physicians wearing yarmulke or turban will be terminated under the Charter affirming the values of State secularism and religious neutrality and the equality between women and men, and providing a framework for accommodation requests. Thank goodness that one of PQ candidates (in my riding, no less) provides the answer. Seek at 00:50.

    1. This is keeping with them giving no details about anything. In the last thread there was a mention of Rupert Murdoch becoming an American citizen in order to own Fox in America because they regulate against foreign ownership of media. If Qubec becomes independent will Rogers and Bell have to leave? Will they be considered the same as other foreign companies?

      Never any details.

    2. Everybody knows (except for the True Believers™) that they keep everything hazy because the real purpose of the charter is to serve to create a “chicane” with Ottawa (where it will inevitably be deemed unconstitutional) and they hope that will give them another kick at the referendum can.

      A genuine nationalist movement that had grace and class would never have to resort to such subterfuge to con people into getting their way.

    3. @R.S.

      Don't you agree that a government who goes to power to govern with bad intentions should, to begin with, be prohibited from going to power, in the first place, regardless if they got elected. And secondly, prosecuted for their bad intentions and abuse of Power?

    4. MVÉ: This is where democracy has a downside. It enables bad government to rule if people vote for it. The best you can hope for now is that enough people realize the current government is a bad government and to vote for a better option (if there really is one).

  7. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsTuesday, April 1, 2014 at 12:15:00 PM EDT

    I've been watching Twitter and FB very closely and busting shit arguments as they come along.

    Here's a prime example of the sorry state of despair the PQ faithful are in: http://screencast.com/t/tWDkmpuIRVH

    1. Long faces today over at seppie HQ.

      Scowling union members is a perpetual state of affairs.

      Obsessing over their non existant francophone first world problems.

      IE fabricated language issues for the benefit of the lowest common denominator of Quebecois society.

  8. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsTuesday, April 1, 2014 at 4:28:00 PM EDT

    Never thought I'd be so happy even at the thought of a Liberal minority.

    Let's face it, even with the opposition numbers stacked against them, no one will have the money or energy to call another election in another 18 months.

    Majority or minority the Libs are in for at least three years...unless Claude Blanchet hits up a few engineering firms, then the PQ should have the required loot to campaign with.

    Oh no wait, he'll never help the PQ after they plunge their knife in his wife on the night of the 7th.

  9. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsTuesday, April 1, 2014 at 4:56:00 PM EDT

    With nothing else left to say and nowhere else left to turn, Marois chooses to blame....Jean Charest for her getting caught:


    This woman will never take accountability for her actions.

    1. She'll be yelling "Jean Charest made me do it!" over and over again as they drag her to the curb. I wonder when she'll realize its not 2012?

      The illegal donations is a Liberal conspiracy cracks me up, yeah some guy is going to commit perjury or confess to taking a part in a crime just so you lose some vote, talk about thinking you're the centre of the universe.

  10. http://tinyurl.com/odxd8bn

    I pity the red squares after having spent so much wasted time out disrupting other peoples lives, they vote in a government that increases tuition just as much as the party they wanted out of power for the same reason!

    Of course the two student unions whose former heads are now party of that party don;t think there's anything wrong with what they're doing lol. If you can't beat'em, buy'em off.

  11. http://tinyurl.com/kgml76x

    And the hits just keep on coming, yet another shady deal the PQ made, which will end up costing 50 million dollars more for taxpayers in order to line party supporters' pockets, not to mention all of the lack of confidence and investment this move will make.

  12. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsTuesday, April 1, 2014 at 6:33:00 PM EDT


    Guys, do NOT miss this - it's a radio interview with Stephane "tete de slinky" Bedard and he completely loses his shit.

    Need a sign that the PQ knows it's goose is cooked just listen: http://bit.ly/1pJKUbU

    Bedard gets owned all to hell, and he knows it.

    1. On appel ça ....patiner! Lol

    2. Haha! Skating, indeed! He was totally smacked down and yet continued to grasp at straws. A genuine fundamentalist pequiste True Believer™!!

      I didn’t know that the PQ had also invited druids to make a parliamentary presentation about the charter, along with the Pineault-Carons describing their “scarring” trip to Morocco.

      This is the most inept, farcical government Quebec has seen in living memory.

  13. That this can happen in a country like Canada is truly disturbing.


    This is no time to be absent Mr. Harper.

    1. Its been happening in Canada for decades (bills 22, 1178, 101...) and silence from all government...just sick!!!

      You have NO rights in Quebec...the 'french' are beyond racist, bigoted...hateful to the core and proud of it. Inside and outside Quebec...wake up people!!!

    2. OK! I just woke up thanks to your comment. Now what?

  14. http://www.montrealgazette.com/opinion/Letter+What+worse+Bertrand+comments+Marois+supporting/9682922/story.html

    I say Marois supporting the old batalax is worst. They are obviously good friends and birds of a feather. But, what does this say about Mme Marois, who chose her friend, and loyalty to her friend over Quebec citizens and loyalty to Quebec citizens. Vergogna

  15. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTTuesday, April 1, 2014 at 8:23:00 PM EDT

    Where are the seppie trolls?
    student? Mate?


    Proof is that quebecois separatists talk the talk. The end.

    1. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsTuesday, April 1, 2014 at 8:48:00 PM EDT

      Aww c'mon now, Un Gars.

      They just found out today that they're at 29% in the polls.

      Can't you just let them cry themselves to sleep in peace?

    2. They can't show their faces...so to speak, too embarrassed...pinstripes has been M.I.A for a while now, not that I'm complaining, let's leave sleeping dogs lie, lol, proof they are history. You can defend the broke-ass quebec brand for just so long...before you realize there remains little to defend.

    3. student&#39;s older brotherTuesday, April 1, 2014 at 8:57:00 PM EDT

      haha fruity seperatists. having gay relations on st.denis st. haha

    4. Their hearts aren’t really into it. Even they are incredibly bored with repeating their same old tired dogma and telling people to move to Ontario.

    5. Ça rage contre la charte, mais encore une fois, personne pour dénoncer les propos homophobes de trolls comme student's older brother.

      Deux poids, deux mesures

    6. All your whining about supporting the charter and yet you don't support the homophobic remarks?
      Boy it sure is easy to win arguments with strawmen.

    7. Personne ne gagne quand des gens comme vous préfèrent laisser passer des commentaires homophones.

    8. Homophones like in homo-fun! LOL

      That's a clear Freudian slip!

    9. Respire par le nez. The Editor is going to delete it when he checks in tomorrow. Much ado about nothing.

    10. It's sad to see either side saying something I'd agree with.
      سنرى = We'll see.
      @Mohammed: The rules for the site allow posting in English or French. Not many here read Arabic.

    11. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsWednesday, April 2, 2014 at 8:36:00 AM EDT

      @Archie Bunker

      Nevermind about fake Muslim. Momo isn't a real Arab, just a white separatist concoction to give their racism less of an edge. Any asshole can go on Google Translate to whip up fake text.

      If FakeMuslim wants to resort to that, let him.

    12. It's interesting to note Mohammed is not denouncing the homophobic remarks, just that other's have not, we know where his head is at. He was complaining about people policing the internet after he posted anti-Semitic remarks, but now he wants that everyone had policed every other post? Yeesh, very distasteful.

    13. ABSA is correct, whipping up Arabic ain't rocket science ...personally I think momo is s.r, but really, who gives a crap.

      I have yet to see a seppie exhibit any form of objectivity, the movement is so perfect according to them. If that were the case it wouldn't have become the pond scum it is today. Actually calling it pond scum is a compliment.

    14. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsWednesday, April 2, 2014 at 9:29:00 AM EDT


      That's what makes Momo so intriguing.

      Let's face it, he is in fact a #FakeMuslim...but let's say he was the real deal.

      Think of what a lame Uncle Tom that makes him - to sell out his heritage and his people in order to "fit in" with a gang of neanderthals.

    15. I wonder how our so-called Mohammed feels about the raging homophobia in Muslim, Arab speaking countries.

    16. "On the upside he hasn't posted random anti-Semitic comments on this post yet."

      Je n'en ai publié à nul part...

    17. Ouf, S.R.'s multiple personality problem sure is getting bad, it started with him revering to himself as us and now it's progressed to him not knowing which personality posted what.

    18. Allez trouvez-moi le commentaire... Vous ai-je encore pris à mentir?

    19. I'll jog your memory, memories? It had to do with the hasidic community, and it was out of left field. You know for someone who claims to be trilingual you certainly only communicate in French on an English blog, reminds me of SR.

    20. "You know for someone who claims to be trilingual you certainly only communicate in French on an English blog, reminds me of SR."

      Vous mentez.

      "Respire par le nez. The Editor is going to delete it when he checks in tomorrow. Much ado about nothing."

      Vous avez menti.

    21. "Vous mentez."

      Am I lying about you being trilingual or you reminding me of SR? Because unless you lied about being trilingual neither of those are lies there fella.

    22. Je vous ai souvent répondu en anglais.

  16. I find a lot of people getting a little cocky..2 weeks ago everyone was ranting and raving. A lot of tjhings can happen..we dont know how the vote will split between the Liberals and the CAQ..the PQ could win many ridings by default if the PLQ/CAQ split just right.
    At this point I suspect another minority government..hopefully Liberal but not so sure..

    1. @complicated

      Hang on a sec, no one is getting cocky, but there have been developments that have been less than positive for the PQ and we are simply pointing them out. Do you think it is acceptable that the Premier of a province hangs out with a little racist thug and when this same openly attacks minorities with disparaging comments, she stands by same thug, rather than stand by her citizens? It is highly unethical, unprofessional and soooooo small time. The media should be all over it, but naturally in this province, the French media is just as racist and bias.

    2. Speakin' of the devil....INDEED! Nice to see we're on same wave-length.


    3. Effectivement complicated, peu importe notre camp, il est trop tôt pour crier victoire.

      @Montrél ville état : Parlant de personne biaisée...
      En voici des textes sur Janette Bertrand dans les médias :


    4. If you going to call everyone who denounced Bertand's statements as being inappropriate "biased" you're going to need a much bigger list.

    5. Montréal ville état est biaisée

    6. I am not disputing all the assinine things the PQ has done..they have been pretty loathsome and are stooping to new lows. Sadly even with that they still have a shot at winning which disturbs me even more..its incredible to me that such a racist intolerant party could still have so much support especially among the francophones. What does that tell you about the electorate?

      On the other hand a lot of people are fed up with the Liberals too..decades of mismanagement by them doesnt exactly inspire confidence. Then again anytime someone thinks about voting for another party we are then told that you are splitting the vote hence you may be helping the PQ.

      A Liberal or PQ minority government means more of the same for another 2 years..which is no joy either..

  17. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsTuesday, April 1, 2014 at 9:13:00 PM EDT

    Right now, I take this even more seriously than I do the PQ: http://bit.ly/1icBPFC

    Complicated, I understand your concern, but chose certaine, the PQ is in serious trouble right now and while the Liberals could veritably have a lower-than-expected showing at the polls, nothing changes the fact that the PQ simply alienated far too many people.

  18. More than a million voters took advantage of the advance polls this past weekend including myself. That's a staggering number. It's about 20% of the electorate. High numbers like that translate into one thing, a desire for change. Doesn't bode well for the incumbent PQ.


  19. Replies
    1. Big surprise. It is so disturbing, again that people this overtly racist and discriminatory have ascended to power in Quebec. Complicated makes an excellent point, speaks volumes of the people who live in this province. But how...HOW...has this been allowed to happen in a province within the great country of Canada? The government presiding in Ottawa at this time should be ashamed of itself, for not playing the proactive role as "national parent' and that it was elected for. I don't care what pandora box this would open, the time has come, this needs addressing. It has been completely absent ..devoid of Leadership,yet again. But notice how it has wasted no time meddling in foreign country affairs. The problem is at home, Mr. Harper, not in Russia, as far as you are concerned, FOCUS.

  20. Un partisan libéral profite de sa position et de son influence pour manipuler des personnes âgées.

    Tactique anti-démocratique

    1. This Jean-Pierre Frigon is a brave man.

    2. Hmm it would be even worse if say it was being done by an actual candidate visiting the vote locations as in Troy's article or say if the head of a union told you to vote PQ, and if you didn't you might lose your job.

      A private citizen saying their opinion on the matter within their private enterprise and making sure to highlight a persons vote is something confidential, not nearly as unbecoming, it's getting mighty desperate in the PQ ranks.

    3. ''say if the head of a union told you to vote PQ, and if you didn't you might lose your job"

      Comme votre phrase l'indique, personne n'a dit ça.

      Vous devez aussi tenir compte de la vulnérabilité des personnes âgés, ce message devrait compter comme une dépense électorale pour le PLQ. La définition est claire :

      Toute dépense ayant trait à une élection doit être obligatoirement payée à même le fonds électoral, être autorisée par le candidat et apparaître dans le rapport de dépenses électorales.

      La Loi stipule qu’une dépense électorale est le coût de tout bien ou service utilisé pendant la période électorale pour :

      -favoriser ou défavoriser, directement ou indirectement, l’élection d’un candidat;
      -diffuser ou combattre le programme d’un candidat;
      -approuver ou désapprouver des mesures préconisées ou combattues par un candidat;
      -approuver ou désapprouver des actes accomplis ou proposés par un candidat.

    4. I'm pretty certain that I didn't hear you complain about the hundreds of anglophone students (and even a candidate in the election!) who have been living here for many years being arbitrarily denied the right to vote this year, unlike francophone students from outside Quebec and unlike these residents in Amos.

    5. "who have been living here for many years being arbitrarily denied the right to vote this year"

      L'art de comparer des pommes et des oranges. Le DGE n'a rien a voir avec le PQ ou le PLQ.

    6. And ice cream has no bones...
      Were you upset about Quebec trampling on democracy?
      Why did you bring up a senior citizens newsletter then?
      You are biased.

    7. I was thinking..on a totally different subject. Quebec is bankrupt and needs new revenue..quebec is very liberal or so we are told..it seems to me this is a perfect place to legalize marijuana. Colorado is making a fortune of of this now. Lets face it..people are buying it all the time..legalize it..hence regulate it..tax it..the government could make tons of money off of it.

      It amazes me that an adult can legally go buy hard liquor..40-60 percent alcohol..but you cant legally buy marijuana. Hard liquor is in my opinion worse. Regulations would allow a tighter control of the quality of the product, the quantity sold and would give a much needed tax revenue boost.

      I also think special areas should also be set up to legalize prostitution. Prostitution will always exist but it exists int he dark, the women taken advantage of by unscrupulous pimps and so on. Legalizing it would give these women a lot more protection and again more money for the government. I know this is more controversial but lets look at what happens in the real world..prostitution has always been around..pretending its not is burying your head in the sand..

    8. Mohammed isn't worried about democracy he's worried about people expressing opinions that are different from his publicly, his idea of democracy is more in line with Mr. Putin's "democracy". It's fine for unions to support a party and have it's members work as volunteers for said party, but the sky is falling if a private citizen states his opinion publicly. By his logic anyone that has ever mentioned their opinion as to the better party in a letter to family or or posted it online should be nailed by the elections director as they were spending money (postage and internet costs) on "promoting" a party or candidate. He says he's worried about the elderly being taken advantage of yet he fully supports the PQ trotting out the 89 year old betrand. On the upside he hasn't posted random anti-Semitic comments on this post yet.

    9. imagine all those rich anglos that left in the 70s and were replace with muslims(mohammed) haitans and terrorists on welfare. thank you rene.

  21. UN GARS BIEN SYMPATHIQUE DE FRANKFORTWednesday, April 2, 2014 at 8:47:00 AM EDT

    What does the PQ & Pauline Marois really think about the quebecois?
    Back in 2003......


    Marois: "On va etre assez nombreux pour faire de la marde en masse. On va toute les ecoeurer" @0:21-0:27

    At 0:30 some aide on the left adds: "Merci a toute la population du Quebec... On va vous marcher dessus".


    1. Such despicable individuals. They basically and clearly admit Power for them means they can do what the hell they like. As for Marois saying he word..m....., I noticed it flows very easily from her mouth. Nuff said.

    2. Marois: "On va toute les ecoeurer"

      Mission accomplished!

      Unfortunately for her, her other mission, tricking the population into crowning her as the first Queen of Quebec, is not going to happen.

    3. Aide: "On va vous marcher dessus"

      And they tried...oh, how they tried!

      Unfortunately, some of her followers like it that way.

    4 SEATS - CAQ

    1. forget it eddie boy. it ain't gonna happen mate.

    2. Don't believe these polls - MAKE SURE YOU GET OUT AND VOTE - THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION IN YEARS! We can't afford to be complacent. I'm hoping the PQ lose a lot more votes to the liberals or the CAQ. Liberal majority - CAQ opposition. Everyday Miss Piggy loses ground - love to see her in third place and the whole party sidelined for a long time or never to recover - wishful thinking; hateful, racist, bigots and their nationalism - go stuff themselves!

    3. Cutie, of course voting is what the polls are counted on. The polls are accurate as long as we vote .
      IIt will happen, just the way I said iit would months ago.. Ed

    4. Geez ED..those numbers havent changed for a week since the old polls were in. Who knows what the numbers are now..I suspect we will have another poll soon. In the end it will be very difficult to predict this election given the chance of vote splitting between the libs and the caq, but also the pq and qs. The most likely scenario is a Liberal or PQ minority which means another 2 years of bickering.
      4 years of the Libs would stop all the charter and referendum nonsense. However Quebec will continue to bleed money and continue on its way towards bankruptcy..

    5. CTV poll today
      Le Devoir poll tomorrow
      Leger poll Friday


    6. I dont see any poll from CTV..when will it be released. I am still nervous..the vote splitting is anyones guess..the caq has surged higher so how much does this damage the Liberals..as long as it doesnt give the pq a win by default..

    7. Federalists that voted CAQ last time this time are going back to the liberals. Legault is no longer looked at with any kind of respect for rights and freedoms no matter his financial background. He is taking votes from the PQ thank goodness.

  23. Love it:


    1. Loved this comment especially:

      "...even the alphabet clearly states (jklm NO PQ rst...)"....

      Lol, Priceless!

  24. At last, Premier Marois admitted that all the professionals who dared to wear religious symbols would eventually be terminated under the Charter affirming the values of State secularism and religious neutrality and the equality between women and men, and providing a framework for accommodation requests. Excellent news for those turban- and yarmulke-wearing physicians and professors. However, I am still unclear about one thing and I hope that the Editor can help me, he is much more knowledgeable on health care systems, I think.

    She said that the government would help those professional finding position in the private sector. However, my understanding is that the health care industry in Quebec - and in Canada as well - is officially a government-only sector. Is this understanding correct? By intending to move health care professional to private sector, did Premier Marois allude that she was open to the idea of private hospitals?

    1. Yes Marois will help all these fired employees transition.....
      In Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary and where my son 'transitioned.... New York City.

    2. Telling the public that people will lose their jobs because of what they wear is as toxic as telling them there will be a referendum as soon as they elect a PQ majority.

      When you have to deliver such a convoluted response to a yes or no question, I hope most voters are sensible enough to understand the true meaning.


    3. She's just making room for "her people" in the right jobs.

      Anglophones and immigrants are not entitled to guarenteed civil servant for life jobs. These are reserved for francophones that vote PQ.

    4. You are not wrong and I have considered that myself. Those are the only jobs unilingual francophones can secure, as many as those as possible.