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Péladeau Hammers Final Nail in Coffin for Quebec City NHL Franchise

I don't know of any article that I've written over these last years that generated as much hate controversial emails as the one in which I told readers that Pierre-Karl Péladeau and the PQ were the reason Quebec City will be blacklisted by the NHL.
I was branded a Quebec-basher and hysteric, a nogoodnick, inciting one listener on a radio talk show to demand that I should be prosecuted as a hate-monger.

Of course I take these complaints as a compliment, I know that the barbs that I fling sting rabid separatists rather smartly, fueling my impetus to carry on.

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Nine months after I published this 'outrageous' piece, it seems that the Liberal Party and the CAQ have both embraced this idea and made it part of the election campaign.
"The Liberals and the CAQ fear that the return of a National Hockey League team to Quebec is now compromised by the political commitment of Pierre Karl Péladeau for independence.

"I'm worried about the impact it will have on the arrival of a hockey team in Quebec, I'm not sure it will be well received in the offices of the National League," said the Liberal leader, Philippe Couillard, who was campaigning in Quebec City Monday morning".

"Imagine Bettman this morning, reading a Canadian newspaper illustrated with the face of Mr. Péladeau, fist clenched, saying that he  wants to create an independent Quebec," said  the incumbent CAQ member from Chauveau, Gerard Deltell  Link{fr}

We don't want a country, we want to see the return of the Nordiques- Sam Hadad - Liberal MNA
Of course supporters of the PQ leapt to the defense, claiming that Péladeau will have no effect of the decision by the NHL to locate in Quebec City, an idea parroted by the French media clear across  Quebec;
"According to Régis Labeaume a for-profit organization cares more about the potential profits generated by a hockey team in Quebec than the independence of the province. Its only consideration is whether a hockey team in Quebec will be a paying proposition for the National Hockey League, "he said. Link{fr}
“Every decision they make is based on dollars, business, profit. They don’t care about politics, that’s it.” Regis Lebeaume
The insufferable Mathieu Bock-Côté was apoplectic that any politician would even dare contend that Péladeau could adversely affect Quebec City's chances for an NHL team.
"I cannot believe that a single individual will be affected by this "argument" which takes the electorate for a bunch of morons. Link
The popular argument making the rounds of Francophone media is that Bettman is a 'businessman' and will make a decision based on money alone.
I sense the oft repeated word 'businessman' being bandied across the French media is nothing less than code for 'money-grubbing Jew,' someone who will do anything for a buck, no matter how distasteful.

Now how Régis Lebeaume knows what is in Gary Bettman's mind or heart, I cannot fathom, I rather believe that he is espousing a bucket of wishful thinking, whilst whistling through the graveyard.

At any rate, I stand by everything I said back in June on the subject of the NHL and Péladeau, the fanciful idea that the NHL owners are men who are ruled by the almighty dollar alone, a fantasy that serves the interest of separatists who want to believe that Canadians and Americans have no honour or backbone.

For the edification of Régis, let me enlighten him as to who these owners really are and let him and perhaps readers make an informed decision as to whether money will be the be-all and end-all rationale for granting Quebec City a franchise.

Let's start with a picture of Gary Bettman and Larry Tannenbaum (Chairman and 25% owner of the Toronto Maple Leafs) posing with Shimon Peres at the Jewish Olympics held last summer in Israel.
Bettman is not a religious Jew, but observant and takes seriously the antisemitic barbs thrown at him by those opposed to his rule. He is a big supporter of Israel and active in the Jewish community.

Larry Tanenbaum (Toronto Maple Leafs) is good friends with Bettman and also a committed Jew. He was appointed an Officer of the Order of Canada in 2007 and is a founding member of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs.
In 1911, Abraham Tanenbaum sailed from Poland to Toronto, where he built a family construction empire from scrap metal.

One hundred years later, grandson Larry Tanenbaum sips vintage wines poured by Canada’s only female master sommelier at e11even, the high-end restaurant in the billion-dollar, bricks-and-mortar holdings of Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment owned, in part, by Tanenbaum. Link
Both these gentlemen hold enormous sway in the ownership pool, one which requires twenty-three out of thirty owners to approve any new franchise or movement.
I cannot stress enough how angrily Quebec's Jewish community has reacted to the PQ's proposed Charter of Values, considering themselves incidental collateral damage, having been thrown under the bus by a PQ government intent on putting a check on the Muslim community.
Observant or not, almost all Jews despise the new proposed law, feeling themselves targeted once again. The community is tightly-knit and Jews outside Quebec are equally aware, concerned and dismayed by the unfolding events in the province.

If the Quebec media and politicians think these NHL owners will hold their nose and vote for the money, they are sadly mistaken or worse still delusional, making assumptions about people they don't know.
I bet Régis Lebeaume can't name ten NHL owners, yet confidently tells us how they will react to Quebec separatism, Péladeau and the Charter if Values.

So let's shed a little light on exactly who some of these people are, those who will give Quebec City a thumbs up or down.

The NHL owners consist of at least fifteen billionaires, (out of 29 owners) the highest percentage in any professional sports league, recently adding Vincent Viola and the richest owner of all, Winnipeg Jets David Thompson, the richest man in Canada. Here are some notable owners and a bit of background.
Multi-billionaire Tom Pegula of Buffalo made his billions by fracking for oil. The conservative Republican donated $102 million to his Alma Mater, Penn State.  So my question to Régis is,whether he thinks the fracking king is a big fan of Quebec and if he will be persuaded by a million or two that the Quebec franchise will represent to him?
Billionaire Jeremy Jacobs of the Boston Bruins is probably not going to be affected by the 'money' argument in considering Quebec City's quest for a franchise either.
The billionaire, son of Jewish immigrants from Poland gives millions of dollars to assorted charities each year, including the Boys and Girl Clubs of America. A Big 'C' conservative, he's probably not to be swung by a money argument, even if he is Jewish, Régis.

Billionaire New Yorker, Vincent Viola recently purchased the Florida Panthers. Viola made news when he sold his NY mansion for $114 million!
Now Régis should take note of this interview before declaring Viola a whore who will hold his nose and vote for the money ;
Q. What plans do you have beyond hockey?
A. We have a family foundation, and it has a strategy to its philanthropy. Its principal focus is in support of our national defense, particularly in support of the United States Army and its mission, and that takes various forms. Second is our focus on education and educating those that might not in the normal course get exposed to the highest level of education from the primary grades up. The third is support of the church.
We're going to try to serve the county of Broward in that same focus. I can share a specific initiative that we're undertaking. Link  
Henry Samueli (Anaheim Ducks) is the son of Polish Jewish immigrants who survived Nazi Europe.
The schools of engineering at UCLA, where he is professor, and UC Irvine, were renamed after Samueli when he donated to these institutions, $30 million and $20 million, respectively, in the year 1999. Samueli's donation founded the Sala and Aron Samueli Holocaust Memorial Library at Chapman University, which was dedicated in 2005. Link
I don't think money considerations will motivate Samueli either, even if he is a Jew (despite the old stereotype.) I know it's getting tiresome to see all these Yid names, but Régis, these are the facts.
Billionaire N. Murray Edwards (Calgary Flames) is the 14th richest Canadian who has more at stake in the Canadian oil sands than possibly any other individual. He administers a family charitable trust.  What do you say Régis?  Think he's a big fan of Quebec.

Peter Karmanos, Jr. (Carolina Hurricanes) was born into a Greek immigrant family and did not start speaking English until he was in grade school. He made his fortune with Compuware before selling out and now regularly makes million dollar donations to charitable causes.

Josh Kroenke is the son and proxy for his father, billionaire Stan Kroenke, husband of Wal-Mart heiress Ann Walton. Josh has been made president of both the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche and non-executive director of Arsenal soccer club all owned by his father. 
The father is a regular church goer and as you can imagine a Republican through and through.
Nope Régis, with the Walton fortune behind him, I can't see the economic argument for Quebec City having any sway.
Western Canadian Tom Gaglardi (Dallas Stars) owner of Sandman hotels and Moxie’s eateries comes from a family of BC politicians. He just loves hockey and the NHL. A Western Canadian, who re-built his failing family business into a powerhouse. Keywords here Régis..."Western Canadian.'
W. Brett Wilson is a minority owner of the Nashville Predators. Wilson is a well-known Western Canadian billionaire and philanthropist based in Calgary. He is currently Chairman of Canoe Financial, an investment management firm with over $2.0 Billion in assets. He has extensive holdings in the energy and real estate industries through Prairie Merchant Corporation. 
Hey Régis,  another western Canadian oil man, think he's a fan?
Daryl Katz (Edmonton Oilers) is Canada's 11th richest man, who attended Talmud Torah Jewish day school as a child and made his wealth in Pharmacies (Rexall).
 Katz donated $20 Million to Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto and gave a $7 million donation to the University of Alberta Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Sorry Régis, another you-know-what!

Philip F. Anschutz (LA Kings) is ranked the 38th richest person by Forbes. He got his start in what else...oil.
As one of the world's wealthy billionaires, Philip Anschutz has been making a name for himself in the philanthropic community, delivering among other gifts a $100 million donation to the University of Colorado.
He is an active patron of a number of religious and conservative causes.... Yikes Régis, ya think a guy who gives away hundreds of millions will be swayed to vote for Quebec because of the money!
Craig Leipold (Minnesota Wild) is active in numerous civic and corporate organizations as well as several charities benefiting children. Leipold is a prominent Republican and was an active supporter of George W. Bush. His hockey team partner is billionaire Philip Falcone, who is the 117th richest person in the world and lives in an Upper East Side apartment in New York for which he paid $49 million. He and his wife are big time philanthropists, regularly writing cheques for up to $10 million. He played hockey as a kid in Minnesota and  has a deep love for game naming his boardrooms after NHL Teams. So nope Régis, don't think he'll be swayed by the smell of your money!
Joshua "Josh" Harris (NJ Devils), is one of the younger NHL owners, another high-achieving Jew who graduated from Wharton and Harvard, now worth about $1.5 billion. Harris is the managing partner of an investment group that also won a $280 million bid for the purchase of the Philadelphia 76ers.
Charles B. Wang (NY Islanders) was born in Shanghai, his father was a Supreme Court judge in pre-Communist China. At 31, he started a computer company with funds off his credit card and built a fortune.
He is an active philanthropist, working with such organizations as Smile Train, the World Childhood Foundation, the Islanders Children’s Foundation and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, among others. Link
Eugene Melnyk (Ottawa Senators) is a proud Ukrainian Canadian businessman who has resided in Barbados since 1991. He made his fortune in generic drugs, his companies often involved in litigation... A real  tough customer.
He is an active philanthropist, some donations topping $5 million!

Ed Snider (Philadelphia Flyers) was born to a Jewish family in the Washington D.C. region, the son of a grocery-store chain owner. Chairman of Comcast Spectacor, he has amassed a $2.5 billion fortune. In 1997, Snider was inducted into the Philadelphia Jewish Sports Hall of Fame.

Tom Stillman (St. Louis Blues)  is CEO of Summit Distributing, the “second largest beer distributor and the largest import/specialty beer distributor in the State of Missouri,” He isn't the type of person to be pushed around or easily frightened. He distributed Miller beer in St. Louis, home of Anheuser-Busch. He once stared down death threats when he refused to let the Teamsters take over jobs at his company.
Not a guy who will cave over money instead of principle.

Hasso Plattner (San Jose Sharks) is a German businessman who lives in Schriesheim-Altenbach, near Heidelberg in Germany. He's got a net worth of almost $9 billion, made in software, an acknowledged "technology guru." He is also a generous philanthropist having contributed €20 million to the reconstruction of the Stadtschloss in Potsdam, damaged in World War 2, among many other charitable projects.

Jeffrey Vinik (Tampa Bay Lightening) best known for managing the Fidelity Magellan mutual fund in the early 1990s, is only half a billionaire with a fortune estimated at $500 million.  Vinik has been active in and generous to Boston's Jewish community. When he bought the Lightning, he sold his Boston home for $17 million and departed for Tampa. Once there, the Vinik family donated $1.5 to the South Tampa Jewish Community Campus.

Billionaire Francesco Aquilini (Vancouver Canucks) of Italian descent, born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. He is a hard nosed businessman who has had several run ins with authorities. Link
Billionaire Ted Leonsis (Washington Capitals) is the son of Greek immigrants brought up in the very ethnic Brooklyn, NY.  Here's an interesting quote;
"I can only speak for myself. The base of any religion is happiness. I think becoming part of a community and finding your higher calling is key. For me, I chose to follow the Jesuit ideal. That built into me that you should be of service to man. There is some kind of biblical overtone to that. I’ve found it a positive business trait as well. Link
The nine person ownership group that recently took over the Phoenix Coyotes contains seven Calgary businessmen, and guess what Régis, they are all into OIL.
ExecutiveBiz: You were raised Greek Orthodox and are still aligned with the faith. Meanwhile, more than one-quarter of American adults have traded the religion they grew up with for another or they’re now spiritually unaffiliated. How should they begin to get spiritually plugged-in?
Ted Leonsis: I can only speak for myself. The base of any religion is happiness. I think becoming part of a community and finding your higher calling is key. For me, I chose to follow the Jesuit ideal. That built into me that you should be of service to man. There is some kind of biblical overtone to that. I’ve found it a positive business trait as well.
- See more at:
So these are some of the owners that Régis Lebeaume and other PQ stalwarts believe will be motivated by money and money alone and that they have no principles or politics and who will blithely ignore the  PQ's  attacks on Canada, oil, religion and wealth, because making money is all that motivates them.

Clearly Régis and his cohorts haven't a clue and so I choose to call them out on their bravado and stupidity.

There is an inherent misconception among Francophone Quebecers, both separatists and federalists wherein they absolutely underestimate or fail to fathom the utter disdain that Canadians have for separatists and the fact that this disdain is spreading to the entire Quebec population over the Charter of Values.

As Mr. Péledeau takes up his new job and starts shitting on denigrating Canada in public, (as do all PQ politicians,) his actions will be noted by NHL owners and I am reminded of the famous understatement made by Queen Victoria.. "We are not amused."

So Régis, please meet the NHL owners, Conservatives, Jews, Greeks, Italians, religiously devout, oil people, billionaires, Western Canadians and good ole boys.

Could you imagine any group of people more hostile to Quebec than these?
I can only speak for myself. The base of any religion is happiness. I think becoming part of a community and finding your higher calling is key. For me, I chose to follow the Jesuit ideal. That built into me that you should be of service to man. There is some kind of biblical overtone to that. I’ve found it a positive business trait as well. - See more at: there are those who will be watching and taking note.

And yes, I didn't forget about the Montreal Canadiens owner Geoff Molson, who in the secrecy of the boardroom would be an utter fool to vote for a Quebec City franchise.

So to Régis Lebeaume and his magnificent white elephant arena now under construction I have but two words.

**************** UPDATE****************

I thought this comment from BlueWhiteRed important enough to add to this post

Yup, it seems that Quebec city isn't even on a poll run by the NHL asking fans about potential franchise locations.

The National Hockey League surveys thousands of its fans through the NHL Fan Faceoff program, asking all manner of questions about the game, fan behavior and the direction of the League.

In the latest survey, two questions caught the eyes of a few of our readers; ones that specifically ask about eight cities (s/t Matt C.):  Link


  1. I just hope and pray that the PQ do not form the next government of Québec.

    1. Ahhhhh...a perfect comment under which I can appear as one of the first if for no other reason than for Mr. Ed to make one of his little diggies my way.

      But I digress. EDITOR:

      Thank you for that deliciously scathing commentary. You just made my day. I think it exceeds the one from nine months ago and it shows the Québécois and their anti-Sematism going back to Abbé Lionel Groulx

      I can only imagine another Quebec City team being allowed. If you think Eric Lindros was problematic with his snub of Quebec, just wait! Should Quebec separate (I can only hope), the tax situation will be even more ridiculous than it is now, and rich hockey players will be scooped for very heavy taxes.

      I remember Rod Langway wanting out of Montreal primarily for the taxes, so you can imagine what a severely cash-strapped Quebec today and probably of the future will do.

  2. Marois has already proposed a solution to this problem. She would legislate that the NHL must have a Quebec City franchise if they hope to continue to do business in Quebec. Much like her idea of legislating that companies must have a Head Office in Quebec if they want to do business here. This sort of Bizzaro logic is standard Separatist business practice.

    1. So...if there's no team for Quebec, she'll force the Habs to leave? Ah yes, that should prove popular. She should make that the foundation of her campaign.

    2. Well even if they still allowed to play in the NHL (which is unknown as only the states and Canada are part of the league right now) I wonder what she'll re-name the team? Humm Montreal Marois' sounds good to her I'm sure. The big MM's!

    3. @cutie003

      the team won't be renamed. canadiens is the original name of the french canadian nation. it's very pure laine.

    4. Are you referring to the English montreal canadiens student? owned by anglo and full of anglo players. I bet it drives you nuts that the announcements and music are in English and the place is full of English west islanders.

    5. @steve

      yes i'm refering to the canadiens hockey team. yes. you understood correctly mate. good job. my point is they wouldn't have to change their names as the one they have now already fits all nationalist and historical criteria. don't you agree?

  3. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsWednesday, March 12, 2014 at 11:16:00 AM EDT

    I've repeated it once, I'll repeat it again - one of the very reasons pro-Bill 60 types are so supportive of it is because they have never had any dealings with the very communities this bill punishes.

    They don't have the faintest clue of the cultural education the Jewish community is given and how they have a tendency to stand by each other very closely.

    That truly is the separatists' fatal flaw - the arrogant narcissistic belief that they can step on whoever's toes they wish without any there being any need for resentment from the offended party.

    To any separatists reading this: if Jim Balsillie couldn't get his franchise, it's guaranteed PKP won't get his.

  4. Of interest:

  5. I think the editor is bang on..there is no doubt that the Quebec nordiques franchise is at least on hold for awhile. However I did get a bit nauseous reading the editors glowing almost adulative descriptions of these rich billionaires and how generous they are. Its pretty easy to donate millions of dollars when you are a billionarie. My pet peeve is how these rich people and other celebrities always broadcast to the world how much money they donate to charity. Meanwhile they often got rich by using borderline unethical practices and/or exploiting people and governments. So lets keep these people in perspective...the media (corporate controlled) is typically overly gracious with these people. Peladeau is a mini version of them..a Quebec version but pretty small scale compared to most of them.

    I still am intrigued by why Peladeau jumped in all of a sudden and why the PQ? He is on pretty friendly terms with Harper and Mulroney is the vice chairman of the Quebecor board. Sun News has always been a fan of Harper..Peladeau himself is more right wing than any Quebec politician I can think of. The recent awarding of all those wireless licenses to videotron..something doesnt seem quite as it seems. I think the rumors abot Peladeau, Harper and Mulroney working together makes a lot more sense than Peladeau suddenly becoming a seperatist. Perhaps there is some sort of backroom deal..maybe the Nordiques are part of it..maybe some other business interests for Peladeau..remember this guy is a shrewd businessman..a deal maker.

    Harper in my opinion has been a little too quiet on Quebec..his style would suggest that he is very concerned and would take amuch more discreet approach. Peladeau maybe there to sabotage the PQ..he looked in my opinion quite awkward with Marois..his body language suggested he was not comfortable being next to her and his cries of we want a country really did not seem genuine.

    There is more than meets the eye as there usually is..

    1. "I think the editor is bang on..there is no doubt that the Quebec nordiques franchise is at least on hold for awhile. However I did get a bit nauseous reading the editors glowing almost adulative descriptions of these rich billionaires and how generous they are. Its pretty easy to donate millions of dollars when you are a billionarie. My pet peeve is how these rich people and other celebrities always broadcast to the world how much money they donate to charity. Meanwhile they often got rich by using borderline unethical practices and/or exploiting people and governments. So lets keep these people in perspective...the media (corporate controlled) is typically overly gracious with these people. Peladeau is a mini version of them..a Quebec version but pretty small scale compared to most of them. "

      Great post!

  6. not to mention, if Quebec goes so does the Canadiens so Copps coliseum may not be such a White elephant in the end but rather the Bell centre. Marois also mentioned that Quebec could still participate in the bank of Canada and that 20 billion net profit will continue in to be siphoned into the new Quebec republic.

    1. Why would the Canadiens go? It is the third most profitable team in the League behind the Rangers and Toronto. Those three teams do better combined than the other 27 teams in the League combined.

      Copps is home to the Habs' AHL franchise, the Hamilton Bulldogs and there are several shows and exhibits that take place at Copps.

      What is this $20 billion profit you speak of, with Quebec on its way to $300 billion of debt? Quebec can keep the Canadian dollar, but would a Quebec seeking independence want to have its monetary policy dictated by a foreign power?

      Substantiate or retract!

    2. Marois said The new republic would seek to participate in the bank of Canada, have an open border and keep the C$. I believe serge was using sarcasm as quebec probably want to continue with the 18 billion in net profit from equalization and provincial subsidy. Marois said Ottawa would not want to meet the demands because quebec has a "good economy"

    3. Will the problems with transportation infrastructure be solved with flying unicorns?

    4. In the early 1990s, the Czech Republic and Slovakia separated amicably with Slovakia being permitted to retain the common currency the former Czechoslovakia used. After 39 days, Slovakia had to float its own currency even though their parting was peaceful and amicable. I don't think it will take 39 days for Quebec to have to adopt its own currency--it will take less time!

  7. Its incredible to me that the federal government says nothing about Marois fantasies. She really thinks the tail can wag the dog. I mean why would Canada give Quebec any of these advantages if they want to seperate..if anything Canada will leave them with next to nothing unless Montreal and parts of southern Quebec stay in Canada. If Quebecers really want seperation then maybe they would be willing to give up parts of Quebec..I doubt it usual I beleive they want their cake and to eat it.

    1. By AnecTOTE

      I am not at all surprises Harper hasn't stepped in.

      Either..he's so completely indifferent to quebec, he will wait till the last possible minute to intervene = only if PQ is majority gov after the election and sets date for referendum. Until then, do not expect the gov presiding in Ottawa to do diddly-squat, it's soooooo disinterested. The seppies don't quite understand the enormity of such indifference by the PM & Conservatives, and how inconsequential they've become to him and government. This doesn't need repeating, but what the heck...he rose to a majority WITHOUT them, without quebec, he has no reason and no inclination to court this sad province. I think if anything weighs on him, it is the enormity of the debt on Canada's shoulder by this Have-Not province, and how do you do away expeditiously with a bad investment? The jury is out on that one, and also out on whether he'd have a problem going down in history as the PM in charge while Canada broke up. But maybe he would like that glory, who knows?

      OR, he's already made back room deals and knows exactly how it will all turn out. He's Rogue after all.

    2. I think the ROC is in for a rude awakening if the PQ win a majority and a referendum is called. International investors are not going to look at Canada in quite the same light no matter how much western Canada says. Right now we can all rest easy as there is some hope that the PQ will not win a majority but if they do then the rest of Canada will take notice.

      The ROC has been lulled to sleep by 20 years of no referendum..a booming economy led increasingly by an unsustainable real estate bubble and abnormally low and artificial interest rates. Interest rates will climb everywhere if another referendum is on the table and there goes the real estate bubble not just in Quebec but everywhere..then the economy tanks..then people will notice. There is a certain level of "pretend arrogance" going on in the ROC especially out west but things can change on a dime. If the PQ win a majority then they will want a referendum within a year because they want to deal with Harper.

    3. @montréal ville-état

      "he's so completely indifferent to quebec, he will wait till the last possible minute to intervene..."

      that's highly ridiculous. harper stays shut because he knows he's in a lose lose situation. if he threatens quebec pq gets a bigger majority. if he's nice to quebec he'll be beaten by roc quebec bashers. strange you had not understood this.

    4. Comp: I'm willing to take my chances. Canada will be a smaller nation of 27 million people, but without paying off Quebec billions upon billions of bribes, we'll be better off and the costs of bilingualism will disappear. All Francophone leverage will be bust. It's not as if Francophones won't be able to speak French amongst themselves and perhaps retain their French schools where feasible, but little else.

      Far more minority wealth and mind will leave and Quebec will be a shell of welfare recipients and low-wage unskilled workers living even more on the margins than right now. $18 billion out of Quebec's coffers is going to hurt and hurt big-time!

      Separate if you will. I dare you!

    5. If Quebec leaves Canada Harper instantly achieves his true goal: the elimination of the Liberal party.

      But that's assuming Quebec even gets up the balls for another referendum. Which won't happen because it'll be a very difficult game to play. None of this 'oh we'll be exactly the same, you won't even lose your citizenship'.

      No. If the PQ launch another referendum, there will be Conservative MPs in every corner of the province saying that a Yes vote means revocation of Canadian citizenship, the partition of the province, assumption of debt, etc....

      No, Harper is doing exactly what he wants to do: treating Quebec exactly like every other province.


    6. ...and THAT is EXACTLY the way Quebec should be seen...just another province.

  8. From: Innocent bystander

    This is totally off-side to the post but I couldn't pass up posting this gem.

    "A sovereign Quebec would use the Canadian dollar and request a seat on the Bank of Canada’s decision-making body, Parti Québécois Leader Pauline Marois said Wednesday on the campaign trail."

    1. Truedeau and the NDP would love this option.

      they would fall all over themselves to let Quebec take whatever it wants.

      The more it takes the more legitimate their own position from th epower base in Quebec looks.

      IE the fox negotiating with the henhouse.

      Only Harper and the conservatives will screw Quebec properly. It's unfortunate they arn;t getting involved already. We need to start to write letters to Harper form people inside the province. Demand that he protect Montreal for the crazy laws and illegitimate ellection run on 40% of the ridings illegal in size to the benefit of seppies.

      It's a true statement to how pathetic "Les Quebecois" are that the biggest issue to them is hockey.

      Totally disconnected from reality.

    2. By AnecTOTE

      ""A sovereign Quebec would use the Canadian dollar and request a seat on the Bank of Canada’s decision-making body, Parti Québécois Leader Pauline Marois said Wednesday on the campaign trail.""


      She should go with quebec monopoly money instead, and stick her imagine on the bills, that way every time we spend money, we can barf on cue!

    3. Doubt it. What fantasy world is this lady and her followers living in.. Gives new meaning to the "La La Land".

      Any Federal government that would even listen to a demand such as this would be relegated to non-status in short order by the voters in the ROC.

      For more on the reaction in the West with regards to the Quebec Election and Separation (yes, lets cut the BS with sovereignty or whatever watered down euphemistic term for separation they want to utilize) See:

      Ho Hum at the best. Suggest Marois and PKP read this article over a bottle of Red for a dose of reality.

    4. By AnecTOTE

      The ROC doesn't care about the quebec election and various implications there-of, which is understandable, popo and PKP are counting on it. "While the cat is away, the mice will play." They hope and pray they can run as much as possible, under the radar when it comes to the ROC, without anyone paying any real attention to to them and to what they may be up to.

      I agree with complicated that PKP doesn't look at all comfortable in his skin right now, and when he muttered the words "un pays", with (hesitant) fist up, he was hardly convincing. Popo hardly looked rejoiced herself during that news conference. Her usual brimming smile hardly brimming ...more like fake smile hiding clenched teeth. Truth be told, with such a high-powered personality suddenly catapulted into the mix, it is a clear indication of a No-Confidence vote for HER specifically, behind closed (PQ) doors.

      He's been parachuted in...WHY?

    5. HAHAHHA, ohhh poor Pauline. No wonder we've been mystified by why the lower life forms that troll this board spouting separation as the be all end all. They actually believe the PQ's line of utter BS of Quebec will have all the perks of being in Canada, and will have even more from it after separation, what next claiming Quebec will still get transfer payments after separation? The woman has gone off the deep end, the only reason Quebec gets anything is the province is being offered extras to stay in Canada, once you leave you've effectively thrown away you bargaining chips and killed the goose that laid the golden egg.

    6. Cebeuq: I sent Harper a five-page brief case about this time last year because 2014 is the year the equalization formula is up for renewal, and I gave Harper a plenitude of suggestions about significantly reducing transfers to Quebec. At this time, he raised equalization payments to Quebec more than ever. I never received a response from Harper.

      I also sent the case twice our esteemed editor because he lost it once and never went beyond acknowledging receipt. Similarly, I sent it to Beryl Wajsman, editor of the Suburban. He left me his cell #. I called twice and he never returned my calls.

      I tried, but no response. At least I know when my time comes, I can leave this world with a clear conscience for having tried to exercise my democratic right, but the more significant people I sent the case to chose to ignore it.

      If a whole bunch of people write in, maybe, just MAYBE something will happen, but don't hold your breath.

    7. @sauga

      why don't you post your letter here? we could have a laugh too along harper, editor and wajsman.

    8. By AnecTOTE

      Pssstttt ...I gotta a better one. Why don't you run and tell your quebec city friends that because of their good will in introducing the charter of no values, they'll get a hockey team when hell freezes over lol.

      ....Not to mention, they are flushing millions down the toilet building an arena that will never see a hockey game...AND LAUGH ABOUT THAT....hahahahahahahahahahahhahaahhahaahhahahah.


    Here's the money quote:
    N-H-L deputy commissioner Bill Daly says he doesn't think Peladeau's decision to run for a seat in the Quebec legislature impacts the N-H-L "at all in a negative or positive way."

    In other words: the league has already decided that no way will Peladeau ever get a team.


    1. By AnecTOTE


      You got a blow horn? I think it warrants repeating. Lol

    2. I am more inclined to agree with the editor. Bill Daly's comments are only lip service as the NHL does not want to appear political in any way, shape or form. What he said was nothing.

  10. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsWednesday, March 12, 2014 at 2:42:00 PM EDT


    Some hardcore seps found the Separatist Lies Exposed blog and are having a shitfit over at Reddit:

  11. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsWednesday, March 12, 2014 at 2:49:00 PM EDT

    "We hope to conserve a seat at the Bank of Canada"


    1. I hope to have a solid gold toilet, but it just ain't in the cards baby. lol

    2. It will be renamed: The Bank of Quebec and Canada

    3. lol Diogenes - On that note I think I'll go to bed and that's the only laugh I've had all day - thank you. I know you are right and can't wait to hear the reaction of the ROC when it occurs!

  12. If all NHL owners cared about was money, there would be a second team in Toronto - the 4th largest city in North America with the most hockey fans - far more than New York which has three teams and more than LA which has two.

    But the NHL is hard to figure out. No one really expected a team to return to Winnipeg or that a team would still be in Phoenix today. Ottawa was a long-shot and started out on shaky ground. The NHL turned down Balsillie and they also turned down Ron Joyce when he was part of the Hamilton bid.

    But TVA have partnered with Rogers on the new NHL contract, so what does that mean? TVA are competitors with Bell but Rogers and Bell are supposedly competitors and they teamed up to buy the Leafs (and interestingly, they have no non-compete clauses in executives contracts and there has been a lot of movement back and forth).
    We've probably all seen those graphics online that show how wages have stagnated since the 70s but profits increased and how more and more of everything is owned by fewer and fewer people. Some people have started to point out how the "wage gap" is nothing compared to the "equity gap," and how much more difficult it is for succeeding generations to build up any equity.

    Hard to say which way this will go. But if the Nordiques do return it's likely the cable package to watch all the games won't be cheap.

    1. Never heard about territory right?

  13. One thing among many others that makes me scratch my head about Pauline Marois and her campaign is her making promises where the crux of the promises actually lies with other party that is out of her and her government's control.

    1. Independent Quebec will be open to all anglophone tourists. Fine. However, this is what they do: relentlessly and openly crushing down all other languages than French, trying to suppress other cultures and religions other than Caucasian and Christian, openly insulting and mocking Canada and Canadians. Then they still expect that tourists will happily flock to Quebec?

    2. There will be no border controls between Canada and Quebec and Canadians will not need passport to enter Quebec, just like Schengen model. Very generous of you, Mme Marois. However, does Canada want to have open border with Quebec? Like I wrote yesterday, I do hope that New Canada not only put secured border with New Quebec, I want it to require Quebec citizens to have visa to enter Canada. Unilaterally if needs be.

    3. Quebec will continue to use Canadian dollar and to have a representative in the Bank of Canada. Now this is weird. Why on earth would Canada let someone from a foreign country sits in its central bank? What power of justification will New Quebec have to have it their way? While we are at it, why not have a Quebec representative sits in Canadian Forces? Supreme Court of Canada? CSIS? Better yet, let there be seats for independent Quebec, a foreign and independent country, in the House of Commons.

    1. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsWednesday, March 12, 2014 at 4:02:00 PM EDT

      Point three is what boggles my mind the most.

      If a sovereign Quebec opts for the Lookie, we can't stop them, but I really don't understand where they get this notion that they can leave the federation and still remain our fuck-friend.

      Non, les seppies, non.

      If you want to separate, you will have to grow a set and go it whole-hog. No concessions. No favors. No handouts.

      I know some separatists that are shaking their heads at Marois' statements of the day concerning the dollar and open borders because it makes their movement appear weak and lacking in courage.

    2. "There will be no border controls between Canada and Quebec and Canadians will not need passport to enter Quebec, just like Schengen model. Very generous of you, Mme Marois. However, does Canada want to have open border with Quebec? Like I wrote yesterday, I do hope that New Canada not only put secured border with New Quebec, I want it to require Quebec citizens to have visa to enter Canada. Unilaterally if needs be."


      If Québec becomes a country, why would Québec citizens go to Canada and cause trouble.

      I would expect that most of the troublemakers will be travelling from Canada to Québec.

    3. History dictates that quebecois are antagonists not canadians.

    4. Well Mike, hopefully there won't be any other Richard Henry Bain to tarnish Canadian's reputation...

    5. Bain is from Quebec not any of the other provinces.

    6. So he is one of the "québécois antagonists" that the Federalists are scared of...

      Your logic is completely flawed, Mike...

    7. Mike 1 Seb 0

      In all serious a border would be needed to enforce trade restrictions and the movement of illicit materials. As the separatists claim they need their own country because they're so different and want such different policies, these policies might make some things legal in Quebec while illegal in Canada (marijuana, people from organizations recognized as terrorists, cargo from embargoed countries), so Canada will want to keep those things out.

    8. Well Sébastien, hopefully there won't be another FLQ to tarnish Quebec's reputation.

    9. @Seb
      "So he is one of the "québécois antagonists" that the Federalists are scared of.."
      So if you were an independent country you'd let Bain in? Sounds to me like keeping Bain out would be a great use of a border. I guess an independent Quebec would be so desperate for outside money they'd have to let any wacko in.

    10. "Mike 1 Seb 0"

      Again? Why would Quebecois go cause trouble outside of Quebec?

    11. 'Again? Why would Quebecois go cause trouble outside of Quebec?' lol

      You have been doing it for decades, you clown...go look at Ottawa, its filled with bigots from Quebec...

    12. Why does that matter? Citizens of New Quebec might be the nicest, hardest working, smartest, most polite, most generous, highly ethical, law-abiding, friendliest, most tolerant human beings in the world but it should not matter. New Canada will be a foreign country to New Quebec. As a foreign country it has its own laws, regulations and policies. Therefore, Pauline Marois promising stuff under purview of a country that will never be under her or her party's or her supposed country's control is disingenuous to say the least.

    13. "Citizens of New Quebec might be the nicest, hardest working, smartest, most polite, most generous, highly ethical, law-abiding, friendliest, most tolerant human beings in the world "

      Non,ça c'est la description des canadiens...Enfin,c'est ce qu'ils racontent.

    14. @Anonymous

      "Anonymous wrote to Sébastien : Monday, March 10, 2014 at 9:34:00 PM EDT
      Look mate, No gays allowed on this site, take a hike until you change that gay name. merci"

      Who is the bigot?

      You might not share my political views but I've never been disrespectful to anybody on this blog.

    15. SébastienWednesday, March 12, 2014 at 4:47:00 PM EDT
      "I would expect that most of the troublemakers will be travelling from Canada to Québec."

      Seems to me that the bigot here is you Sebs.

    16. It might hurt but it's just pure logic Mike.

    17. Bigotry = Bigotry
      Seb bigotry = "pure" logic
      That is some special kind of logic right there.

    18. You are either acting in bad faith or just calling a bigot for the heck of it.

      Also while you are calling me a bigot, anonymous seems to despise gays as much as Putin yet he gets a free pass.

      Anyway, call me a bigot all you want but no one has been able to contradict the fact that Québécois have no reason to cause trouble outside of their borders once they'll get a country.

      Is it possible that some Canadians would travel to independent Québec and cause trouble because they don't want "their" country to be destroyed. It's not impossible...We've already read some threats in the comment section of this blog.

    19. Seb + Charter of Values = No NHL franchise

    20. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsWednesday, March 12, 2014 at 8:52:00 PM EDT

      Sébastien says: "no one has been able to contradict the fact that Québécois have no reason to cause trouble outside of their borders once they'll get a country."

      You're absolutely right Seb!

      While no one here (including you or me) can predict how people will behave AFTER Quebec presumably becomes sovereign, we can however assert that some Québécois (we call them separatists) have found many reasons to create problems within Quebec's borders prior to separation.

      So it's to be said that you're right, we're not likely to any FLQ attacks because you will have gotten what you always wanted, so therefore there's no need to threaten Anglos, Allos and "les autres" anymore.

      You'll finally be able to run your country without all that "nigger hating" going on.

    21. As long as the seppies stay out of our Canadian territory when it is partitioned off by those areas that are taking Canadian land with them and the natives take theirs, there will be no trouble on either side.

    22. A problem that Ottawa construction workers have is that workers from Gatineau come over to work on Ottawa area projects. Right now, I think there is some kind of inter-provincial agreement that allows this. I don't think the workers in an independent Quebec would be happy about losing their jobs if they are barred since they would be from another "country".

    23. "Also while you are calling me a bigot, anonymous seems to despise gays as much as Putin yet he gets a free pass."

      The "the other guy is as bad as I am" excuse isn't really a very good excuse for making inflammatory statements against a group of people with absolutely no basis. Fact is regardless of where people are from, some of them are denied entry into other countries based on past convictions, or histories of criminal activity, as such Canada would not want these people coming into their country, and one would hope if an independent Quebec had any sense they wouldn't want them to enter into there either.

      As to anonymous, anyone who fails to enter in a name is called this so you can't assume one anonymous is the same as the other anonymous, and the homophobic ones will be deleted by the editor so no need to even refer to them.

    24. @theo

      "I don't think the workers in an independent Quebec would be happy about losing their jobs..."

      you think so? the dudes won't like to lose their job? i had never thought of this. you are so insightful mate.

    25. Theo,

      Quebec construction workers and contracting companies work in Ottawa all the time but construction workers and companies from Ottawa and Ontario are effectively barred from working in Quebec. If they try to work in Quebec they are reported to the authorities or have their property and equipment vandalized. The Quebec workers should be barred from working in Ontario now, let alone after Quebec separation. If this is done there is a good chance that the Quebecois will behave violently...they definitely have tendencies that way. Everyone knows that the Quebecois are far more militant than Canadian Anglophones.

      In the event of Quebec separation its dairy farmers will probably demand that they keep their guaranteed 50 percent share of the Canadian market. Marois will probably say that they will keep that share, as the PQ has pronounced in the past. Good luck with that. I wouldn't be surprised to see Quebec dairy farmers try to show up at the Parliament in Ottawa to demand that they retain their preferential treatment - even after separation.

    26. An effort was made last year to ban Quebec workers.

  14. I for one am glad to see Peladeau in the race. At least he is able to handle the economy if the PQ wins. There is no question that he is there to take the lead. He sees it as an ideal opportunity to be a leader of the province and to be called same. How long do you suppose he will last as her underling, working under a leader with the mind and looks of a komodo dragon. Also the same hatred as a K D. Ed

  15. William Johnson: Hard truths for separatists. Wednesday March 12th

  16. "Now how Régis Lebeaume knows what is in Gary Bettman's mind or heart, I cannot fathom, I rather believe that he is espousing a bucket of wishful thinking, whilst whistling through the graveyard."

    Because Bill Daly said it was a non-issue

  17. Puts a smile on my face…lol

    Like I’ve been saying for years, you anti – English language bigots will get what’s coming to you, you will get what you deserve for decades of racism, bigotry, xenophobia, a la bills 22, 178, 101…

    As governments go broke across the country, transfers will be cut to Quebec, the frauds, the money laundering from Ottawa will be shut down as the rest of the country really sees what you bigots are up to…I love it.

    Go look at all the debt mounting, courtesy of Quebec and the french demands all across the country, yes the phony bilingual (french) nonsense, government jobs scam spreading all across the country while Quebec wipes out our language and culture…keep it up Quebec, you will get what you deserve…NOTHING!!!

  18. BlueWhiteRed

    Quebec is conspicuously missing from this poll....

    1. Interesting poll. Not only is Quebec City missing from the 8 choices, the list includes two other Canadian cities, Kitchener and Halifax.

    2. @bluewhitered & @laurie

      so you think it's a racist poll?

    3. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsThursday, March 13, 2014 at 9:37:00 AM EDT

      No, the poll isn't racist, but this is EXTREMELY racist:

    4. It's not a racist poll. It just acknowledges that Quebec City is rather insignificant and unimportant.

  19. As much as I don't care for Hockey. There's right and wrong in what you say. First of all saying that these people are not exclusively in the money. Yet it IS the main goal of such organization. So a Republic of Québec would not be that much of a problem for the NHL. If that Republic uses the CAD, USD or Euro, theres no problems AT ALL. If it uses a Franc Québécois, we got an issue.

    Second, you omted that this busibess relation between Quebecor and the NHL is under supervision of The Right Honourable Brian Mulroney. They may not like Peladeau, they sure as HELL like Mulroney.

    I am not a separatist. But I think this opinion is flawed. Yet this is a non-issue.

    1. By AnecTOTE

      Isn't Mulroney married to a Jewish Lady?
      Isn't Mulroney's son married to a Jewish Lady?

    2. Brian Mulroney's wife Mila Pivnicki is Serbian-Canadian.

      Ben Mulroney's wife Jessica Brownstein is Jewish-Canadian.

  20. What about the deal between NHL and Quebecor for the TV right? I think it's a good sign, I hate the PQ too, i love Canada and i'm proud of my country, and even if there's a referendum, 60% of people here are gonna vote NO.

  21. I'm surprised in all this you failed to note PK's father's notorious anti-semitism, including his comment in L'Actualité that "Jews take up too much space" in Quebec society. If Gary Bettman were aware of this, I highly doubt he would be willing hand over a new franchise to Péladeau Jr.

    1. i'm surprised too. usually the worst arguments pop up earlier here right? strange.

    2. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsThursday, March 13, 2014 at 8:14:00 AM EDT

      1 - "so you think it's a racist poll?"

      2 - "i'm surprised too. usually the worst arguments pop up earlier here right? strange."

      And our little pet still doesn't get it.

      No separatists do, it seems.

      In their rose-coloured world, you can treat people like garbage and still get what you want out of them.

      You can treat Jews like "hook-nosed kikes" and still ask them for a hockey franchise.

      You can badger Anglos and Allos in the streets over their language and (psychotically enough) even attempt to legislate the language they speak in their own homes (I'm not making this shit up - Lisee actually brought this up)...and then expect them to come to you as (paying) tourists.

      You talk about Sikhs as looking like Medieval retards for their headgear, but your views go right out the window when you're stricken with cancer and a Sikh doctor is your key to survival.

      You talk about right-wing people like des "vendus" and cold-hearted who only care about money...but the second a right-wing billionaire joins your cause, it's all good. I'll tell you one thing Student - PKP loathes people like you and S.R.

    3. By AnecTOTE

      So let's see...a seppie states that "Jews take up too much space in society" and this is considered a bad argument ..mmm. BUT, goes without saying that if a Jew, Greek or Iranian would state that Separatists take too much space in society, this would be considered quebec bashing of course. Lol, never mind that it is a true statement.

      Student, you are such a nuisance, your puppet master should recall you as you do seppies so much much harm, degrading the quebec brand further every time you reach for that keyboard, and add to its already, bad name. Lol

      You are a Troll, but a really bad one for your side, which is truly good news for us, on the blog. You do serve a purpose however, here, and that is to highlight the true neurosis of seppies. If anyone ever doubted seppies are really sick and twisted individuals, they should doubt no more as you are the poster child for the all that is massively wrong with your ilk. But thank you for reinforcing the position AND proving beyond a shadow of a doubt, that because of mentally challenged seppies like you running amuck in this province, Montreal needs to get out NOW, if it stand any chance of surviving.

  22. PQ candidate is pro Le Pen and anti-Islam

    1. It convinces me even more that Québec's PQ and France's Front National are pretty much the same ideology.
      Racism, protectionism and extreme nationalism. Always a bad mix.

  23. By AnecTOTE

    Popo is quoted as saying that the Quebec Economy is. "rich one"


    How can she claim quebec has a 'rich economy' when it is carrying a debt in the billions, worth 250+ billions$$$$, crumbling infrastructure, a grossly reduced tax payer base what with 28,000 people fleeing your province in less than a yr, and dependent on 14billion in Canadian Transfer payments????

    (A) Did she mean to say a Destitute Economy instead? Since she struggles with the English Language and all...


    (B) Was she just plain lying ? Lolol

    Mmm..likely B

    1. no it's c. truth is a gdp of 44k per inhabitant fits a reasonable person's definition of a rich economy. if we were to rely on your criteria, we'd have to say the usa's is not a rich economy. and that's ridiculous too.

    2. By AnecTOTE

      Where do you live, under a rock? Well know fact ...China owns the USA, its debt anyway..the only reason it probably hasn't made good on claiming it, is cause militarily, the USA can still kick ass and crush them in a New York minute. The US Economy is far from rich...but maybe you seppies don't really know the meaning of rich...and why would you..after all...LOLOLOLOL

      Go energizer Bunnyyyy ..lolololol

    3. @montréal ville-état

      right. in your humble opinion, usa's economy is not rich. but china is, right? please list ten countries that have a rich economy and explicit the criteria you are considering.

    4. @edward cunningham

      do you read this mate? montréal ville-état claims usa does not have a rich economy. do you agree with this? or do you side with me in considering it is a shit claim?

    5. You can be rich and still go bankrupt because you cannot control your spending.

  24. Marois vision of independence looks an awful lot like dependence. Andrew Coyne | March 12, 2014

  25. By AnecTOTE

    What a great piece, we should translate it and post it here. Popo's dreaming if she thinks she'll continue to get all the perks from she gets now from Canada. But I love the title of the piece, "marois's vision of independence looks a lot like dependence."

    Well as long as quebec is independent in name only...haha.

  26. By AnecTOTE

    In an Ian Macdonald piece, PKP is quoted as saying:

    ""Speaking to other reporters about the strong pro-Canadian bias of his Sun newspaper and TV properties, Péladeau allowed: “I’ve always been a sovereignist and I will remain one. But business is business.”"

    Ahh yesss, "..But Business Is Business" other words: Money talks and bull**** walks!!!!

    You be the judge if this guy doesn't have some other agenda here.

    1. i decrypted this very opaque pkp quote and i found what his agendas are mate. you were right there is something hidden there. he wants quebec to become an independant country, and he wants his business to prosper. thanks you for that mate it's clear to me now.

    2. By AnecTOTE

      "....and he wants HIS business to prosper.."

      No sh*t lol

      Thanks for clearing that up

    3. @ Student

      "he wants quebec to become an independant country, and he wants his business to prosper."

      The conflict between investors and employees is driving the agenda of most of the first world these days. And it's a tough fight. It will be a tough fight in an independent Quebec. It may be easier for his business to prosper in an independent Quebec, especially if he is involved in writing the laws about foreign investment, foreign ownership of the media and government funding, but that may not be best for the citizens.

      The CRTC is a problem because it is totally controlled by Bell, Rogers and Quebecor. It's supposed to be a regulator on behalf of the citizens but it always does what the big media companies want (oh, sure they compromise a little, mostly for show).

      Too much faith is required for this. It does make nationalism look like a religion.

  27. L’ancien directeur général d’Option Nationale rejoint le Parti Québécois d’Hochelaga-Maisonneuve


  28. From The Rationalist:

    A new franchise or the transfer of a franchise from one city to another, requires the support of at least 3/4 of the 30 teamowners. (Sections 3.3 and 3.5 of the NHL Constitution). That means the support of 23, and not the 20 you have indicated, Mr. Editor. l count at least 10 out of the 30 who are "businessmen" as Mayor Lebeaume so euphemistically puts it, in addition to Commissioner Gary Bettman who would have to propose Quebec City to the Board of Governors.

    A few months ago, I finally watched the 2009 controversial documentary, "Defamation", by Israeli filmmaker, Yoav Shamir, on Youtube. It follows the head of the Anti-Defamation League, Abe Fox, as he makes his rounds combating anti-Semitism, as well as a group of Israeli teenagers who have embarked on the March of the Living, which culminates with a visit to the death camps. You may or may not subscribe to the filmmaker's premise, that Jews need to put the Holocaust behind them, but he does make at least one very cogent point.

    With their embrace of secularism, spectacularly successful one might add, 6 of the 8 Nobels handed out for the sciences in 2013 went to Jews, most Jews have turned away from or have neglected their study of the Torah. They intermarry, they eat pork, they work or travel on the Sabbath ... the list goes on. And they have found another faith, another religion, which they believe is not inconsistent with being Jewish. This is especially so in the Diaspora. That faith is the battle against anti-Semitism and its shrine is Auschwitz - Birkenau.

    Nothing enrages a secular Jew more than his perception that a fellow Jew is being discriminated against. The very observant are busy followiing the Torah mitzvahs, as many of the 613 of them as they can. The secular Jew's most important mitzvah, for many his only his only mitzvah, is defending the rights of fellow Jews, especially those who are observant.

    So, what French Canadian ethnic nationalists fail to understand is that the Jews who have been most riled up about Quebec's Charter of Intolerance are not the men in black in Outremont with their beards and their Shabbos shtreimels - but Jews who least fill that stereotype. Many of whom are "businessmen".

    And if you think that secular American Jews have not been paying attention, visit, probably America's most popular Jewish website. Do a search there of the word, "Quebec" and see how many articles about the Charter come up.

    Finally, only last week the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued guidelines regarding religious garb which makes it a U.S. federal offense to refuse to hire someone or to apply sanctions against an employee because he or she wears religious garb. It is a violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act (1964). (Google search: "EEOC religious garb"). The Péladeau Centre in Quebec City will be a publicly owned building licensed to Quebecor to operate - hence subject to the Charter of Intolerance. I hardly see the NHL associating itself with a practice that if committed in the U.S. would violate the Civil Rights Act. Just think how the U.S. media would handle that!

    Quebec City's bid for the return of les Nordiques has about as much chance of happening as the second coming. In any case, it'll be a hell of a long wait.

  29. Moreau aussi rencontré par la commission Charbonneau

    Quel membre des "libs" n'a pas encore été rencontré ?Ce parti sent définitivement mauvais.

  30. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsThursday, March 13, 2014 at 8:25:00 AM EDT

    If this poll is close to correct (only 653 respondents), the PLQ looks poised to lay claim to Quebec City and surrounding regions:

  31. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsThursday, March 13, 2014 at 8:51:00 AM EDT

    This election will no doubt go down in history as one of the biggest car wrecks the PQ has ever experienced.

    It was just last Saturday, that the PQ convention voted on and approved it's campaign platform (to make Bill 60 is central issue) and the following day, PKP jacks the entire campaign and makes it exactly about what Marois did not want - a focus on sovereignty.

    Too bad they've now lost their traditional base (officially):

    The effects are already being felt by way of Couillard labeling himself (and his podiums) with the NON label and the polls reacting accordingly.

    I case you all haven't noticed it yet, the referendum is happening right now.

  32. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsThursday, March 13, 2014 at 9:13:00 AM EDT

    Holy fuck!! Ohhhhh:

    1. From the Rationalist:

      According to Louise Mailloux, fellow PQ candidate of Pierre Karl Péladeau, baptism and circumcision constitute rape. So, by choosing to have his son circumcised, Gary Bettman has subjected his son to rape. By choosing to have their children baptized, NHL teamowners have subjected their children to rape. Jeeezus! Good luck Quebec City.

    2. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsThursday, March 13, 2014 at 9:49:00 AM EDT

      You forgot the other goodie: by eating kosher food, these Jews are financing terrorism.

      Mme Marois, your thoughts, please?


    3. Que pensez-vous de l'excision chez les fillettes ?

      Barbare et révolu ou pas?Les religions sont-elles encore pertinentes en 2014?

    4. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsThursday, March 13, 2014 at 10:05:00 AM EDT

      Man, this is so brutal!

      Mailloux is getting slaughtered on social media.

      Even a few seps are calling her out.

    5. The PQ campaign is turning into a 33-day train wreck. Excellent!

    6. Anonymous Buster of Shit ArgumentsThursday, March 13, 2014 at 10:35:00 AM EDT

      Great news - Another PQ candidate just got shit-canned for posting an anti-Islam photo on Facebook. Have a feeling Mailloux will soon be going the same way. :-)

    7. Résultats dans LaFontaine en 2012

      > PLQ 59,1%

      > PQ 16,7%

      > CAQ 16,4%

      > QS 4%

      Une perte gigantesque

    8. @ABSA

      Details on Jean Carrière, loser PQ candidate for LaFontaine, with photo.

  33. I should like to ask what evidence there is that Régis LaBeaume is an anti-Semite beyond his calling a bunch of businessmen "businessmen".

    According to the OP, "businessman" and "New York lawyer" are epithets for "Jew".

    Funny, I guess Donald Trump and Bill Gates and George W Bush are all Jews. I guess my high school acquaintance Andrew is a Jew, now that he's relocated to New York as a lawyer.

    As for "wives who like shopping", that's Wilma Flintstone all the way to I Love Lucy to Arrested Development. I don't seea strong connection to Judaism. While I don't know the etymology of "nebbbish", I've heard it used to describe WASPs and had no idea it was ever construed as an anti-Jewish insult.

    The Quebec City mayor may indeed be an anti-Semite - and if so, his loss, because hatred of any group is its own punishment. However I don't see any evidence or merit to the accusation of anti-Semitism listed in this essay.

    I agree the writer is bang on; many NHL owners could very well strike votes against Les Nordiques, and yeah, easily there's a connection to the no-doctors-in-kippahs circus.

    Extending that to painting the belaboured portrait of a mayor talking about a consortium of "businessmen" in terms of calling them "businessmen" as "racist" is rather torturous.

    It's rather like how separatists torturously paint comments as "anti-French francophobia".

    (Anti-Semitism is sad and Régis may be party to other, earlier statements not recorded in the post above)

  34. Bronto, modern-day anti-Semitism tends to be expressed through dog whistles, and the ears of secular Jews (as The Rationalist points out above) are finely tuned to hear them:

  35. Find out how THOUSAND of individuals like YOU are earning their LIVING from home and are living their dreams TODAY.